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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  April 16, 2013 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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world. >> bill: tonight.... >> sharp object we found in the body, probably this bomb had metallic fragments and we removed pell's and nails. >> bill: with 200 people hurting from the attack, details of the injuries are horrible. we will take you back to boston for the very latest. >> this like a bomb explosion we hear about in the news in baghdad or israel. >> bill: fox news is reporting that the bombs used were homemade and borne earmarks of ides iced in afghanistan.
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>> for somebody to do that to people who are just innocent people is going to have a sick mind. >> bill: as reality sets in. jesse wauters have been talking to the folks. caution you are about to enter the no-spin zone. "the factor" begins right now. >> bill: i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching. terror attack on american soil. we now know that the human toll of the boston terror attack, more than 170 people were hurt, three are dead including an eight-year-old boy. some of the injuries are horrific. >> eight patients are more severe condition. they have undergone major
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operations. unfortunately because of the devastating attacks of bombs there were amputations. >> the sharp objects found in the body this bomb had multiple metallic fragments in them. we removed pellets and nails. we have performed four amputations and there are two more limbs at risk. >> the dead boy was martin richards and mother and sister suffered serious injuries. well known in odor chester, a working class of boston. his father is a community leader. >> i said -- oh, my god, bill, are you okay. he didn't answer me. my friend told me what happened. i was just in shock and horrified. he just told me that martin had
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died and other ones were in the hospital. i didn't ask any more questions. i didn't feel it appropriate. it's very sad. there are no words to describe this whole situation. >> bill: it is impossible to put things like this into context. terrorists are obviously targeting america. so far u.s. authorities have done an excellent job in protecting us but it was inevitable that someone would get through. now about the bombs. fox news is reporting they were homemade, put into a knapsack and placed in garbage cans. they contained nails and pellets. bombs like this have been used in afghanistan bucks they seem to be homemade with ingredients you can buy at any hardware store. right now there is nothing to do but wait for more information. u.s. intelligence, best in the world, f.b.i. first rate organization. talking points believe they will be found and brought to justice
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and executed, but if this is an international terror attack, repercussions will be severe. if it's home-grown, that will be another stain on american history. that is memo. now to the top story, let's bring in charles krauthammer that joins us from washington. i want to ask you a number of random questions about this situation. we're not going to speculate here. first of all, last night in my analysis, i had no beef with president obama not mentioning the word of terrorism. i said, no, he has to wait until he sees the evidence before he defines it in any way. we know it is terrorism now and president said it's terrorism. i also said he used the word tragedy in a wrong way because it's much more than a tragedy. do you agree with that? >> i agree entirely. obama is not the first to use
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tragedy in describing events like this. a bus accident is a tragedy and attack is an act of war. when fdr addressed the congress after pearl harbor, he didn't say december 7th, a day that will live in tragedy, it is a day that will live in infamy. it has to do with agency and cause. an accident is a tragedy and it has a cause and has to do with fate, accident, luck. when the agency is human evil that is beyond a tragedy. it's a crime. that is what we're dealing with. i agree it's a little early. it was obvious an attack. to call it terrorism you had to be sure that the motive was a political one. remember what happened in the tucson shooting where a member of congress was shot by
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loughner. they assumed it was a terror attack and inspired by a right wing to attack a congresswoman. >> that was false. >> so you have to establish it was a political one. probably is but we're not sure yet. >> bill: i'm glad you and i agree on those two aspects regarding president obama. here is where we disagree. i believe u.s. intelligence has done a good job in protecting the nation, but you don't see it quite that way, correct? >> they have done a very good job in protecting us from post-9/11 terror attacks. in fact one of the reasons there was such shock and dismay, yesterday as a result of this, this is the first time. this is the first time there has been a successful bombing attack
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in the u.s. since 9/11. there have been a lot of terror attacks, about ten or so but all with guns. one was a guy driving a car into a crowd deliberately. so what we had yesterday was a scene, urban scene, people screaming, a lot of smoke, people being hurt on the street. it had the resonance of 9/11. so in that sense, we've been very well protected. the place where our intelligence has really been awful is an understanding of the big issues like weapon issue in iraq where we undershot, in north korea where we're being told we completely under-shot. we learned last week hair-raising news that the north koreans might have capacity to put a nuke on a rocket that was years away. >> bill: okay.
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in iran and north korea, the secret stuff may be a lot better has been shaky but on terrorism front, the drones have been very effective in really disable the central terror core. that all comes from u.s. intelligence, c.i.a., nsa, they pinpointed, they go. they are dead. i think they have done a magnificent job. i thought petraeus did a great job. i in the thought out in california, leon panetta did a good job. i really admired -- the final thing i don't think we can stop terrorism hundred percent. >> i agree with you. there is a difference between operationally they have been incredibly good, in terms of assessment of our enemies, every since the russians exploded the bomb in '49 we've got it wrong
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every single time. >> bill: we will talk with a doctor, next, that tried to save a terror victim's life. a very emotional interview as the factor continues all across the u.s.a. and all around the world. there is breaking news out of washington tonight. i'm greta van susteren. a letter sent to u.s. senator roger wicker testing positive for ricin. letter never made it to capitol hill or lawmaker's office. the letter was intercepted as an off-site testing facility in maryland of them learned about the poisonous letter about the boston marathon bombing. at this point there is no word of a suspect or motive. we are told there is nothing to indicate the letter that was addressed to senator wicker is connected to the deadly bombings
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in boston. stay with fox news for more information on this developing story out of washington tonight. o'reilly factor will be joining us after the break. do not go away. ♪ [ male announcer ] this is a stunning work of technology. ♪ this is the 2013 lexus es and the first-ever es hybrid. this is the pursuit of perfection. and the first-ever es hybrid. all stations come over to mithis is for real this time. step seven point two one two. rify and lock. command is locked.
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♪ 50% more yeeeaaahhhh!!!! ♪ 50% more yeah yeah [ male announcer ] the capital one cash rewards card gives you 1% cash back on every purchase, plus a 50% annual bonus on the cash you earn. it's the card for people who like more cash. ♪ 50% more boogie ♪ what's in your wallet? cashhhhh!!! >> bill: he found himself 30 feet from the bomb blast. the doctor joins us now from boston. so first, the woman who eventually died, doctor, were you first on the scene there? >> i was one of the first. i don't know if i was the first one. several people converged on the mass of bodies. we pulled a gentleman are out
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from under her and begin working on her, too. she was basically in arrest at the time. we thought we had a faint pulse. we started cpr we weren't sure of the pulse. we started using an ambu bag and transferred to the medical tent where unfortunately she expired. >> bill: she went into cardiac arrest. did she have other injuries from the bombings? >> she had injuries on the lower extremities but no obviously injury to her chest or abdomen. there was no evidence of shrapnel wounds in her chest in a cursory exam that we did. it was kind of puzzling. i don't know it was the blast effect or what that caused the arrest. >> bill: you are an emergency room physician. when you are on the job, you are prepared for people coming to
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see you with various injuries. you are in the mind set. here you are in boston and watching your wife complete the marathon. all of a sudden you are thrown into where you are a life saver, literally. did it take you time to adjust to that? >> not really. i had no choice. basically people next to me went down. the bystanders also rushed in and those are the people that deserve a lot of credit. they came from all around in to the scene and started working. you can't say enough for that. >> bill: because they didn't know there would be another bomb. did you work on anyone else? what were the extent of the injuries? you were only 30 feet away and you were very lucky to not go down in this blast. >> that is exactly true. the people to my left absorbed the impact.
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basically they went down and i stood there. extent of injuries were lower extremities. a lot of blast injury to lower extremities. the gentleman we removed out from the lady that expired had no legs under the knee. they had lot of fractures. did not see that many injuries to the chest or thorax from the first blast i found. >> bill: the bomb, debris from the bomb and it was lethal went low and maimed these people. this is like combat, what you experienced yesterday. 24 hours later, what kind of an effect does it have you on, doctor? >> it's been hard to digest. i haven't slowed down to know. i'm at work tomorrow, i'm sure
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it will start sinking in. >> bill: last night, did you sleep? any look back on it at all? >> somewhat, i was very proud. i told my wife, the people on the street rushed to help. the medical tent, they had everything covered. they had so much help they could turn people away. that is what you need in this situation. massive aid both from the staff and from the supplies. you couldn't ask for a better picture, open that medical tent and see doctors, nurses, gurneys. they had cots. they weren't prepared for blasted injuries. but they were prepared medically what they could do there, fluids >> bill: do you get angry about this kind of stuff. you saw people die and the other man lose his legs.
5:17 pm
do you react with anger about the people that did this? >> my wife would say i react with anger quite a bit. it pisses me off. >> bill: all right. we appreciate you coming on. >> ahead, jesse will talk to the folks in boston gauging their anger there. president obama has filed his income tax, paid 18% to the feds. are you kidding me. that is moments away.
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>>. >> bill: tax day, yesterday was the deadline to renderer to
5:21 pm
caesar is one hungry guy. he wants our money especially if we have a lot about it. president obama made $600,000 and paid 18% but they donated 25% of their income to charity and you add it up, they parted with 43% of their income. therefore the president is paying his fair share in my humble opinion. some on the left don't care how much you give to charity. they want it all to go to the feds so the government can expand and nanny state can be more powerful. president obama is among those people. so he is being slightly hypocritical with the 18% rate. americans well understand the tax situation is out of control. they are thinking up new taxes all the time. they will do almost anything to get our money. in maryland, they interested in new attack on rain -- that is right -- rain. if it falls on your property,
5:22 pm
you have to pay money to the state. that is called a storm water management fee. it may cost maryland taxpayers $300 million every year. how does the state how much water runoff you have on your property? it's going to be monitor you using satellite technology. that sounds like the twilight zone? it is. next up, they will be taxing the internet. monica crowley, taxing the rain, are you right with that? >> we don't have enough money from the federal government because federal rates are lower since the '50s. states depend on it and make it up in order to pay what they have to pay. >> bill: you are okay with taxing the rain? >> i'm okay with local municipalities need what they need to do which is why more fair tax rates. >> bill: coming ps is okay.
5:23 pm
are you with tax on clouds. if it doesn't rain enough in maryland, you know what, too many cloudy dates. i got your point. >> can i counter what alan said, this year the federal government will take in a record $2.7 trillion in revenue. wait a minute, it's never enough for the left. we have a monster federal government and frankly government at all levels. once you build this monster, it's ever growing so it constantly needs to be fed. government at all levels is completely out of control. you have crazy estate taxes like the rain tax because states can't printed money. >> bill: it's maryland's fault because they elect these crazy people. look it's a beautiful state. you put o'malley in there. you wanted o'malley. now she taxing the rain.
5:24 pm
next week he is going to tax the sun. [ laughter ] >> bill: you monica, have a beef with president obama paying 18%? >> two things. first of all. >> bill: it's 43 combo. >> waited a minute. he takes aggressive deductions which is what all americans do but his talk about paying your fair share never pays one cent nor. >> bill: we don't know any politicians that do that. he has paid a lot of money to charity. >> two points. number one in terms of charity, that is nice, i'm glad he does it. he should be voluntarily setting an example bumping up his contributions --. >> bill: i like the charity thing. >> money we pay in taxes is percentage of how much money we
5:25 pm
make is lower that is spent since 1955. >> bill: there is more money coming in to the feds than ever before. >> that is not the issue. you are complaining about people paying too much in taxes. we are paying less in taxes than we paid in decades. >> bill: because there is more individual taxes. you are doing as you always do, sleight of hand. i will pay for a little card table and you go out in front of fox news on sixth avenue and three things and take all the tourists money. >> i believe you are ignoring the percentage. >> bill: there is more taxes on everything. that is for people pay more on everything even though your rate may be lower. >> you were talking about the '50s. >> you are focused on federal
5:26 pm
income tax rates. what bill and you are focused on all the other taxes. you open your phone bill, there is plenty of taxes there. they are taxing gas and they have to feed this huge nanny state. >> bill: there you go. >> we're taxed enough already. >> bill: the factor moves ahead, we'll take you00 the scenes of the terror investigation. and is it legal to investigate the investigators. and jesse wauters talk to the folks in boston. >> what should happen when we catch the perpetrator? >> crucify him i turned 65 last week.
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>>. >> bill: on the segment. marco rubio and several other senators are unveiling their new him immigration plan. the border with mexico secure. at least 90% of the people crossing the border are aapprehended in high risk areas. and expansion of a program that make sure that businesses don't hire illegal eight experience and then the 11 million undocumented aliens will have a chance to get citizenship after a ten-year probation period. no illegal alien can receive government benefits. i like the plan.
5:31 pm
i think if the republican party gets behind it they may heal the breach with hispanic americans. others disagree like steve king whom i spoke with yesterday. >> what is main beef with the proposed bill? >> i have many. it just won't work. all it takes is a president to determine he is going to enforce the border and you could have operational criminal of the border. you don't need legislation to do that. that comes along later. e-verify piece of this, even i support that to make it mandatory, it requires the executive force to enforce it. it also has instan us on legalization to everyone here illegally and we have more people coming over the borders come over. >> you said it's a ten-year period and they can apply. you have a probation period for ten years and that doesn't kick
5:32 pm
in unless certified that 90% are being apprehended. barack obama is going to be out of office in three and a half years. he may be a lame duck if he loses the senate in 2014. isn't it time now that the republican party may bend a little and get back in the game with hispanic american voters. if you don't, you never going to prosper here. the demographics are set against the republican party. you got to bend here. >> that may or may not be true the demographics are moving against us. that is an instan us on egalization, they will be allowed to stay here legally until such time as this whole process. >> bill: they are not rounding people up people now. look, you say that may or may not be true. every single poll shows 75% of the hispanic voters are leaning
5:33 pm
democrat. if you are digging the heels and i'm never going to compromise on this issue, can kiss it goodbye. 25-30% of the voters are not going to vote for you. african-americans and hispanic americans. they are not going to vote for you? >> that is what the president told us in a closed-door session. he said you are never going to win another national election unless you do this. he said i'm trying to help railroad republicans. 75% of the hispanics in this country want more government and more taxes, more government services. that is not what we're selling. we're selling the rule of law, individual responsibility and equal opportunity. i don't see that republicans can gain electorate by sacrificing the rule of law in order to start a conversation when that
5:34 pm
topic is on the last of six among hispanic voters in the country today. >> bill: it may be last but the perception is the democratic pear the is going to give them stuff and going to be more lenient on the border. therefore, you have to win hearts and minds. i would wo would always say, if i was a poor mexican, i would come to america and send money back. i think it's our fault and mexico, of course, and exploiting people in for years. ronald reagan promised things would change. that a series of republican and democratic presidents didn't do anything. you can blame the illegal alien but in that spirit you might want to compromise? >> ronald reagan let me down two tiles, 1986 when he signed the amnesty act, he was honest enough to call it that. he could not follow on his word to enforce the law.
5:35 pm
each succeeding administration has enforced it let's and less. now, the president has lawlessly announced he is not going to keep his own oath of office with regard to immigration. we are destroying the rule of law. we are blowing it up. what do we expect to have for a country if we don't have the rule of law and this won't be the last amnesty. it will be the most recent and biggest promise to the next amnesty. it doesn't solve anything. >> bill: i know what you are saying, congressman. i don't think it's realistic. i think you are involved in a perception deal here. if hispanic americans don't open up a little bit towards the g.o.p. they are shot. >> the dignity of every human person, let's respect the dignity of every human person. i think most parties believe that. >> bill: when we come back, federal investigation into the boston terror attack. what is going on behind the scenes and how will they be
5:36 pm
punished, is it legal? after these messages. >> greta: greg news out of washington. mail service has been suspended after a letter to roger wicker tested positive for ricin. it never made to his office. federal law enforcement sources telling fox news, the letter was intercepted at an off-site testing facility in maryland. lawmakers learning about the poison thousands letter about the boston marathon bombing. mccaskill say they do have a suspect but we have not confirmed this. there is no word on an arrest. there is also no indication the letter to senator wicker is connected to the deadly bombings
5:37 pm
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♪ [ male announcer ] sixty-two horsepower. fifty-three miles per hour. the gator rsx 850i. it's a whole new species of gator. >>. >> bill: i'm bill o'reilly. f.b.i. running a criminal investigation into the boston
5:40 pm
marathon bombings. they could be executed. terrorists could not be executed because the commonwealth does not have capital punishment. here now our legal team. timothy mcveigh last person executed. >> 2001. >> bill:. the crime was 1995, the trial was 1997, pretty fast and in that case, he rode that truck in 168 people, eight federal officials killed. he was gone. his accomplice. >> bill: terry nichols was a friend of mcveighs. what was the incident between mcveigh did and nicholss did? >> very simple. mcveigh was the one that took that reyder truck and detonated it. >> bill: they were the hands on guys. nichols, life in prison.
5:41 pm
>> life in prison in colorado. >> bill: that is where the big super max prison. here in new york, a guy drove a truck full of explosives. you remember the guy. >> that was may 1st, 2010. he was a naturalized american citizen but originally from pakistan. this individual pled guilty, ten counts. is also doing life without possibility of parole. he was able to avoid the death penalty. >> bill: where is he. >> kimberly: he is stated penitentiary, florence, colorado. >> bill: he is in the federal pen. >> knock also on you mean. >> bill: i'm sorry. is he where nichols is. >> same facility.
5:42 pm
>> bill: the other guy, underwear bomber. >> he is also an individual that pled guilty in october of 2011 to eight counts. he is also doing life without possibility of parole. of course, this is the famous case where he tried to detonate it. he is still charged with all those acts of terror. >> bill: he didn't kill anybody but they both got life. >> he is in the same penitentiary in colorado. >> bill: shoe bomber, he tried to blow up a plane on christmas day. richard reid? >> he got on plane from paris to miami. he tried to blow up the plane. passengers got on him, thwarted his plan. he serving a life sentence. he pled guilty. he is in the same colorado prison. >> bill: john walker lindh?
5:43 pm
>> he got 20 years. he was convicted of conspiring to use explosives against americans. >> bill: that was in afghanistan c.i.a. guy was killed and lindh has been involved in muslim stuff. >> it was a big difference. >> if you can't prove a murder. >> he also has projected release dated, 2019. he is federal correction institution in indiana. >> bill: i'm thinking of collection he can go to mecca right away. >> he might like it. >> unibomber, ted kaczynski. >> he pled guilty in sacramento. he murdered others and this...
5:44 pm
double how many did he kill? >> he killed three people and injured about three. >> bill: where is he now? >> he is also why n colorado. >> bill: he is serving life? >> he pled that is the problem. when they plead guilty they cut a deal instead, i would like to proceed with the death penalty in some of these cases. >> bill: if it were me, i would try them. i don't believe in capital punishment. >> if we going to have death penalty. >> eric rudolph. he was caught and on the run for years and they finally got him. >> right. he is in florence, federal, in colorado. >> bill: so they are all except for lindh in indiana. >> he is serving life. >> bill: they catch these guys in boston.
5:45 pm
>> that is the point. >> bill: they will be executed, you can't do that. >> it's to send a message. >> bill: jesse watters is talking to the folks. we'll be right back. are you still sleeping? just wanted to check and make sure that we were on schedule. the first technology of its kind... mom and dad, i have great news. is now providing answers families need. siemens. answers.
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>>. >> bill: in the segment tonight. watters living in boston, knowing it very well. people get angry about injustice like a cowardly attack. we sent to jesse watters to boston to talk to the folks. ♪ ♪ ♪
5:49 pm
>> reporter: emotionally, how do you feel about the bombing? >> i feel really unsettled. it can happen anywhere but here and then i'm not going to feel that way. >> i was pretty devastated. it was a family event. something like that happens. >> it kind of ruined the boston marathon. >> reporter: how do you process the event? >> i'm been trying to figure that out. >> i didn't think we were this soft. could never think of where it happened. >> you had tons of protection but anything can slip through. >> something we have to keep in mind, terror and heartbreak and confusion that we all feel is what is happening in afghanistan every week, every day. >> i thought they were like doing some demonstration, what did the other runners thought? >> you saw a huge poof of smoke. >> we stayed in boston until
5:50 pm
about 10:00 last night. a friend of ours was able to get our car. now, we're trying to get back to our hotel, but we can't. >> are you angry about what happened? >> i regard it as a hazard of life these days. >> i was shocked. >> reporter: are you angry about it? >> i am angry about it. >> things like this is going to continue happening and going to be continuously manipulated to remove us from our civil liberties. >> president didn't use the word terror, do you agree with that? >> after new york city and what we are seeing around the country and the world, you have to be extremely careful. >> me sms spoke. this was a terror attack. >> it's apparent to the eight-year-old and the girl that had a leg amputated. >> that is loaded word. i don't know how to answer that. >> i really didn't think who it would have been. after like the shooting in
5:51 pm
connecticut you really don't know whether to think. whether it's muslim terrorism or upset person or people. >> this day and age you can't overguess who it could be. it could be somebody off the street. >> reporter: what do you think should happen to the perpetrator? >> crucify him. >> we have laws for a reason. >> even with some of the people that lost their lives, lost their limbs. >> hang him upside-down and let people beat him to death. ♪ ♪ >> bill: joining us from boston is jesse watters. subdued i think is the word, right, in boston today? there is a growing anger. you could see it in some of the people you interviewed and ideological zealots like the kid with the dreadlocks. but folks are trying to figure
5:52 pm
out how to react, right? >> it's complicated because 9/11 you immediately knew it was bin laden and al-qaeda. you could get vengeance right away. here, they haven't identified even a suspect. you really don't know who to punch back at. first was saudi arabia national and could be a white male shooter. >> bill: they could abe line by any fringe group or a foreign hit on the united states but both are acts of wars. some of these people don't think it's an act of war. they want to give the guy a lawyer and afford him constitutionality rights. >> bill: he will. he will have constitutional rights because the crime was committed on u.s. soil. they are not wrong in cambridge. the fringe is the fringe.
5:53 pm
boston liberal town and fox news is enormous there. i was there on sunday. everybody watches fox even if they are liberal. how were you treated when you asked these sensitive questions? >> no one got angry with me. this is the first time i was in cambridge and wasn't verbally abused. i think people are putting the partisanship thing aside. bush started the war on terrify -- i didn't hear any of that. there are so many police officers around here. they would have come right to my rescue. >> bill: all right, wat tergs, we appreciate it. factor tip of the day, when you die what will you regret? the tip moments away. it doesn't matter where a good idea comes from,
5:54 pm
it only matters that it shows up and makes things better. in that spirit,
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verizon is proud to announce the powerful answers award. 10 million dollars in prizes for the best ideas. ideas so big, they have the power to change everything. whether it's our inspiration, or yours, the world's biggest challenges deserve even bigger solutions. the powerful answers award from verizon. that work the way you wish they would. like a front-end loader you can detach from your seat? or a mower deck you just drive over and cut through knee-deep grass no problem? yep. we thought the same thing you did. that's why we build them this way. that's how we run. nothing runs like a deere. visit your dealer or to see the new signature series and 1 family tractors. >> the tip of the day, what to do about regreat.
5:56 pm
this is the last day you get a free copy of the boulder dvb starring miller and me by buying one of my books on my website. they make great gifts so check it out. and the live shows are sold out everywhere. only tickets that remain are for the plant fay in spokane and on june i. now the mail. mail from new york. >> i see it differently, dave, the word "tragedy" is too casual and lessens the impact of the terror action. if generated by foreigners, it is an act of war. if generated by americans, it is high treason. i want the commander in chief, barack obama, to be precise in
5:57 pm
his language and i don't think him using the word "tragedy" accomplished that. >> from new york. >> from rhode island. >> i'm not going to call you a liar, fred. that would be uncharitable. but your description is absolutely false and you need to wise up fast. richard carleton from massachusetts. >> i disagree, richard. the authorities in boston did their jobs. you simply cannot, cannot stop every act of terror. we've been lucky since 9/11. rachel from vero beach, florida.
5:58 pm
>> josey from newcastle, australia. >> we appreciate friends like you, josey. from las vegas. >> not for a while, john. both hardback books are still best sellers. lincoln a year and a half on the list and kennedy six months. we thank everybody for making that possible. and finally the tip of the day. whenever folks die suddenly, like in the boston attack, mortality comes into play. my father died at age 62 from melanoma and on his deathbed he told me his greatest regret was not living up to his potential. i told him that he gave me the opportunity to reach my potential because he worked hard and lived a responsible life. after he passed, i began asking senior citizens about their
5:59 pm
regrets. two themes emerged. the potential deal, not living up to it, and failing to help people. some seniors told me they deeply regret not helping people when they could have. so the tip of the day is this. respect your god given accounts and go do good things with them and help everybody you can. do that and you will have no regrets >> we would like you to spout off about the factor from anywhere from the world. name and town, name and town, name and town. if you wish to opine, word of the day when you are writing to us, do not be banal.


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