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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  April 17, 2013 1:00pm-2:00pm PDT

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that's our headline of the hour. that's it for "studio b." back later tonight on the fox report. we'll see you at 7:00 o'clock eastern time here on the fox news channel. all the developments tonight and now with your world and neil cavuto. >> neil: thank you. in less than 48 hours after this, that's all their, signs today, that officials may be closing in on a suspect in the boston marathon bombings. reports today that a surveillance tape taken from a lord & taylor store appears to capture a suspect, dropping a black bag near the bomb site. the f.b.i. is denying later reports that an arrest had been made of that suspect. nevertheless, we're all over these fast changing and fast moving events. rick lech at all is at the scene of the bombing and mike tobin at the federal courthouse where they had a bomb scare themselves. we begin with our intrepid rick. what's the latest?
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>> as you mentioned, the f.b.i. now trying to caution the news media to be patient and not rush to report from sources as we heard earlier today, the local media, local paper, local television station and the associated press were reporting a suspect was in custody and was on his way to a federal courthouse here in south boston to face charges related to the marathon bombing. we are now told by the f.b.i. that no suspect has been arrested, but the important thing is the f.b.i. is holding a 5 p.m. briefing and that -- 5 -- and that is where we have been getting our best information, obviously from the investigators, from the special agent in charge of the boston office and from others involved in this massive search for whoever is responsible. as you mentioned, a key here is the video and images that have been collected at the scene. it was said to be one of the most photographed places on earth monday afternoon near the finish line of the boston marathon. we have seen some footage from
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our local affiliate, fox 25, of a cameraman walking through the crowd and it's the kind of stuff we call b roll that we shoot all the time that normally you think is inconsequential. but in this case, may have captured images of the bomber or bombers prior to them placing the backpack down on the sidewalk. that is some of the video that the f.b.i. is now closely examining frame by frame. there are other reports there is surveillance camera footage from a department store across the street, from the site of the second bombing that may, in fact, have captured images of a man placing a backpack on the ground and then walking away shortly before that second bomb exploded. we know that other footage and other images have been forwarded to the f.b.i.'s lab in virginia for close examination. we have now seen some of the crime scene photos of the two bombs after they exploded. they show that the canister, the metal canister, the pressure cooker that was used, a black backpack apparently that carried
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that pressure cooker which was also packed with nails and heavy metal balls that were then obviously spread into the crowd to inflict greater carnage on the people around it. other pictures show a battery that was apparently attached to one of the bombs and we have learned that a circuit breaker was recovered, which is believed to have been a trigger to set off these bombs. again, neil, unfortunate that so many false reports were made this afternoon. we will learn in an hour whether or not the f.b.i. has identified a suspect, whether or not a man or multiple people may be in custody. we'll find out shortly. >> neil: all right. rick, thank you. rick leventhal. now to mike tobin to the boston federal courthouse where officials ordered an evacuation. what the heck was going on? >> i tell you, all of the chaos that we saw here at the courthouse is probably an example of just how high tension is here in boston. certainly as an example of how
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high the tension is among the media. i can show you the big crush of media out in front of the federal courthouse right now. it's also an example of what happens when the general public is brought in the mix, armed with iphone cameras and security cameras and communicating fast and loose over the internet. you had all of those tips, that an arrest had been made, not been made. by that time, everyone crushed here. they were all jockeying for position trying to get into the right spot to get any kind of vehicle that came into the courthouse. then all at once, the federal homeland security police officers came out, u.s. marshals came out, pushing everybody back across the street with great haste. the marshals came out armed with m 4's, with kevlar vests and helmets, at the ready. employees came streaming out. clearly some scare had taken place inside of that building. despite the fact that we're hearing from our justice department correspondent that this bomb scare was nothing but a prank. we have soon the fire department
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with the full bunker gear streaming inside of the federal courthouse with breathing apparatus inside of the federal courthouse. that again speaks to the tension here in boston. despite the likely fact this is a prank, you have to take everything seriously, all things considered. >> neil: be safe yourself. mike tobin outside the courthouse. former cray operative, wayne simmons, obviously a lot of confusion today and i'm wondering if a lot of it has to do with so many agencies competing in this -- compete not guilty this investigation. obviously the goal is the word with each other. but sometimes one or the other preempts the other, right? >> i think that used to be the case. i think this is more likely the press trying to preempt one another. this is not the agencies trying to preempt each other. i can tell you unequivocally that the f.b.i. forensics are the very best in the world, hands down, not maybe, not 1 a.
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not 2 a. they're the best in the world. c.i.a. is involved in this. deu, atf, so they're going to figure this u. i think these kind of little fires get started, turn into big fires, and that's the way it goes. >> neil: what if it's already a sort head fake for us and that they have a suspect apprehended and they're just not telling us right now? >> yeah. yeah. and that's exactly right, neil. your last comment, and why should they? they are under no obligation to tell us anything, nor should they. i would tell you, neil, and you've never me for a long time, as have the fox viewers that are aware of me, i am not going to go out on a limb and start trying to look into a crystal ball and tell you who did this or who did this, but i will tell you this has, without a doubt, all of the fingerprints on it of
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al-qaeda. >> neil: if it ends up being this pressure cooker thing, that has been used by a number of domestic terrorists. i don't know, as you point out to me, a bad guy is a bad guy whether he's from this country or another country. >> roger that. >> neil: there are lots of them from other countries, it gets to be more hairy and i understand that. but what makes you think that al-qaeda's fingerprints are on this? >> al-qaeda's fingerprints are on this, especially al-qaeda ap which is the arabian peninsula. they pulled off the 2004 madrid explosion. they hit the uss cole. they tried to pull off -- this is their m.o. doesn't mean they did it. it means only if it wasn't them, it is someone who is absolutely following to the letter their m.o. to make it look like they
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did it. so, you know, this is just one of those things where guys like me in the business, and i assure you, the f.b.i. and the c.i.a. already know this. they've got it. they figured this out. they're immediately saying wow. look at the fingerprints. this is not like when my mother worked for j. edgar hoover in the 40s and read actual fingerprints. this is just that this is an imprint of an operation done by terrorists and i believe that it's going to come back to them. >> neil: then why the lack of bragging, or at least the lack of chatter posts of this incident on some of these arab sites where someone invariably claims responsibility as they have many times in the past, as though you have reminded me, not always in the past, but most of the times, as soon as there is a calamity, they're quick to take a bow. i believe even in september 2010
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times square incident, one that also used a pressure cooker that never went off, but it was the same type of deal, the pakinstani taliban had quickly taken to the internet to claim responsibility for a bomb that effectively never went off. but it didn't waste a nanosecond taking credit. so maybe unbeknownst to me, other groups are that we just haven't heard about it. but the fact that we haven't, at least publicly, does that give you any pause? >> no, neil. i think your question is a great question. it's one that has been pondered, i assure you, since the incident happened. but i would also tell you that it is so easy for anyone on the internet, as you know, as i know, as your viewers know, to go on and find anarchist cookbook, go to inspire magazine jihad, and we have a jihadi magazine that is telling people
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how to attack the united states and what to look for and how to set things up and how to make it. here is the other thing in my humble opinion, is that we all saw multiple, wonderful, wonderful bomb dogs that were all over the end line. in the boston police department did a fantastic job. they did everything they could possibly do. but if -- this is a big if -- if they have controllers like me on the bad guy's side, which you have heard me say many times is what's taking place, if they had them, then they were waiting for the bomb dogs to sweep the area and then someone, whoever this is in this picture, if it proves to be someone related to the crime, he dropped the bomb and that's what alarms me.
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that tells me and the f.b.i. that we might be possibly facing a very, very long spring and summer. these guys are not going to give up. you and i have talked about this before. but as they reflect back over all of the film on what took place on this incident, they will absolutely see that there has to be a controller who allowed this to happen. this is a multiple incident, neil. >> neil: amazing. wayne, thank you very much. i'm telling you, folks, there is no better read of the terror mindset than that gentleman. wayne simmons, friend and someone i trust to get the information right, without all that media clutter that we in the media can sometimes flutter. does that make sense? probably not. does it make sense that we were supposedly close to a suspect and now we're not.
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>> neil: all right. apparently no suspect at hand or one arrested. they might be close. or they -- they might have arrested somebody. but certainly they're not saying it right now. that does raise the issue, who did they arrest? who would it be? judge andrew napolitano here, it really does depend on that person and the nationality of that person. judge, explain, 'cause that could decide where that suspect goes. >> it wouldn't depend on their nationality. it would depend on their affiliation because a person affiliated with and under the
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control of a paramilitary organization with foreign roots would be a candidate for a dispatch to guantanamo bay. >> neil: just being saudi saudi arabian doesn't necessarily mean -- >> absolutely not. to the contrary. whoever this person is will initially receive the full plea of constitutional protections that any american would. why? because the constitution protects persons. it doesn't limit its protection to americans. if the president of the united states determines that this was a military or military-like operation directed by a foreign power, either a foreign government or al-qaeda or something like that, as wayne simmons just suggested to you, the president would have the option under bush era legislation to send that person to guantanamo bay for a military tribunal. if that is not the case, and most respectfully, it appears that that is not the case thus far, then that person would go through the same unremarkable,
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ordinary, routine criminal justice procedures that anybody would in the federal courts in the united states of america. >> neil: all right. so for an american it would be the american courts. >> even a foreigner not controlled by a foreign paramilitary organization. >> neil: wouldn't we more than likely attach to a foreigner, particularly a muslim, let's call a spade a spade here -- other affiliations, even if that person -- >> here is why i don't think that would happen. first, that decision would be made by the attorney general personally after consulting with the president. president obama has sent zero people to guantanamo bay since he's been president of the united states. perhaps because of his personal objection to guantanamo bay. perhaps because of this. the military has tried three people in gitmo since 9-11, all three were convicted, all three were released -- released after conviction for time served. the federal courts have tried
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over 51 people. all were convicted and all sentenced to jail terms from 20 years to live in prison. the american courts are far more efficient than the military tribunals in guantanamo bay. >> neil: i just have a feeling that it's someone affiliated with al-qaeda or the taliban. it risks being a farce. it's my fear. that judicial process could be farcecal. >> that is a fear that animated the drafters of legislation in the george w. bush administration, which is why we have this option for the president. but for the 51 cases that were tried here and a lot of them were low level people, though some did get life sentences, the farce did not happen. the trials were real. many of these were guilty pleas.
1:19 pm
if he is charged or she is charged, they are charged with a capital crime, they can only be sentenced to death by a jury. they can not be sentenced to death by a judge. so if they plead guilty, they still have to have a trial on what the punishment should be, execution or life in prison, because only a jury can impose execution. >> neil: i'm not leaving outside the possibility of co-conspirators and lots of things. >> yes. >> neil: judge, thank you very, very much. it is sort seeing a needle through a hay stack, a lot of completely obliterated hay stacks, but it is through looking at pieces of twisted metal like this that they are coming closer to find out who was behind this. our catherine herridge on how close after this
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>> neil: we did finish under 38 points, very volatile. a lot of people say there is the money guy again, obsessed with money. i use this as a sentiment of how folks are feeling or how anxious they are or are not based on what's happening in this ongoing post-boston event. this illustrates my point perfectly, if you'll indulge my fascination with charts. that's my only nerdy vow i'll make for this broadcast. but every time there was a sign of hope, particularly this point, midday, when there was talk of a tape that might be lead to go a suspect, the dow started marching forward. when it looked like that was all for naught, and that there was no suspect, it fell back down again and the losses piled up, tick by tick, movement by movement, it is uncanny, my friends. markets moving on this event.
1:24 pm
and fears that it is not quite resolved. we still tonight know when is behind it and then you had the letters to a u.s. senator and the president of the united states that raised fears that something were growing more worrisome. who would know better than on all of the above than our catherine herridge who has been piecing together experts piecing together what caused everything that happened on marathon day. what do you got? >> thank you. a short time ago the f.b.i. taking the unusual step of releasing a statement that there are no arrests and warning of unintentional consequences for the investigation. a short time ago the former secretary of homeland security, explained. >> first of all, actually alerting a person who is under suspicion that they were to flee or do something to impede the investigation. and you also mislead the public in terms of expectations. >> fox news is told bomb components from the blast scene are at the f.b.i. crime lab
1:25 pm
where they're being analyzed for dna, fibers and to learn more about the bomb parts. fox news is told the circuit board has been recovered issues a sign that it was some kind of cell phone detonation and other components are relatively intact. this bodes well for the investigation. this f.b.i. bulletin obtained by fox news, confirms that they just know that one of the bombs was a pressure cooker, the shrapnel was nails, ball bearings and bb's. the second device is so badly fragmented, it's described as a metal container, it's too broken up to know for sure. >> neil: this whole back and forth as to whether they had a suspect, was a lot of that based on conflicting signals out of authorities, some way apart from the f.b.i. or just confusion within the media? >> well, it's probably a little bit of both. just to kind of lay out some of the data points, we had information earlier today that the nctc felt there was very
1:26 pm
promising intelligence and some of the video and images that had been providing leading up to the attack and then we had confirmation that there was at least one image possessed by the feds that had a young man with a backpack that may have been dropping it off at the blast site. so you start connecting these things and there is a certain amount of expectation. i can't speak for why some sources involved in the investigation indicated there was an arrest. but that is apparently not the case. >> neil: i know you're a modest person, but your reporting has been amazing. >> it's very kind of you. thank you. >> neil: no, thank you very much. catherine herridge, has connections like nobody, incredible. allall right. who better than that guy, because that guy is next ♪
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1:31 pm
these things always take longer than the public would like it to take. i was in london when the bombings took place in london. it took them a couple of days, i think about a week, to actually get the people, figure out all the people who did it. i'm just surprised by the false reports. i don't know exactly why somebody would leak an arrest that's going to be made and then somebody else deny it. >> neil: yeah. >> that happens. >> neil: it does. and i can only go on information we get, mayor, and when news is delayed or conferences are delayed, for example, just getting word right now that an f.b.i. presser scheduled about a half hour from now has been pushed back. normally i could remember a lot of your press events right after 9-11, you would wait until you had the information you needed that was going to be the source of the presser to begin with. what are we to read into that?
1:32 pm
>> i'm going to go on a limb and say i think they're getting close. i think they're getting close because probably those leaks come from people that aren't right immediately on the inside, but they're watching what's going on and they must be getting close to somebody. they're probably put off 5:00 o'clock because they've got maybe three quarters of the information, but not everything that they need. but it sounds like they're zeroing in on somebody. >> neil: what if it more than a somebody? does there -- is there a difference, mayor, if it's a network of bad guys or -- >> yeah, sure. >> neil: or one lone wolf guy? >> it makes a very big difference in how you handle it. if it's more than one person, and you only have one, maybe you don't want to announce that arrest right away because they're going to alert the other people to take off. and that would be a consideration. if it's just one person, and you're sure it's just one person, then you make the arrest and get it over with.
1:33 pm
but if you're still going to be look for two or three people, you might want to time that so you don't alert the other people to run away. >> neil: it comes out at the same time, mayor, even though they're told to be disconnected, the risin letters that went to a u.s. senator and the president of the united states, we're going to get into that more with mike emmanuel shortly. but there was a sequence of events spread out a little bit more after the 9-11 attacks that harkens back to that time. >> i remember it well. >> neil: i'm sure you do. i'm wondering whether you're drawing the same analysis. >> well, when anthrax hit, which was approximately a month after september 11. >> neil: right. >> we were being warned of chemical and biological attack by the f.b.i. for weeks. we had internal private seminars on getting ready for anthrax and getting ready for sarin gas and that sort of thing. so when it happened, i have to
1:34 pm
tell you, i was 100% sure it was connected. now over the years, it looks like it wasn't. but at the time, it sure looked like there was a connection between the two things and i guess right now they tonight seem to have any connection. but you can't rule that out. the coincidences are too great. you're going to have to keep that in mind while you investigate. >> neil: mayor, thank you very much. mayor rudy guiliani. >> take care. >> neil: buffalo, new york at this hour. all right. two death threats, risin incidents, one targeted at a u.s. senator, the other at the president of the united states. mike emmanuel, that's what we know for now. have you learned anything else since? >> a developing situation. we've got these two suspicious letters addressed to president obama and republican senator roger wicker and law enforcement sources say they have a person of interest, so we expect the investigation is moving forward. it's important to note both of
1:35 pm
these letters were stopped at offsite facilities, so they did not get close to the white house or the united states capitol. at the white house, jay carney says the president's been briefed and offered this update. >> the f.b.i. has a lead for determining whether a suspicious powder is a dangerous substance such as risin. and those take place at accredited facilities and they take a certain amount of time, as the f.b.i. has indicated. these procedures are in place. the procedures are effective and in operation now and we are in the midst of that process, which the f.b.i. is your taking at this time -- undertaking at this time. >> heightened security has brought heightened security activity on capitol hill, suspicious package was delivered to the office of alabama republican senator richard shelby. it was cleared. the bomb squad was sent to the heart senate office building, a loud speaker told senators and staffers there was a suspicious package and avoid until further notice. that situation was cleared. bottom line, everybody we talked to says they are following the
1:36 pm
rules to the letter, those two letters have certainly gotten a lot of attention on capitol hill. neil? >> neil: all right. thank you very much. we want to bring you to this developing story on capitol hill. the senate just voted 54-46 in favor of expanded background checks as part of getting a gun, expanded check on whether you really should have a gun. that is in favor. but it needed 60 votes to pass. so because it didn't hit that 60 vote threshold, it's essentially failed. to former ny detective pat rosnin on what he makes of that. >> very, very disappointing. we conduct thousands of background checks across the country. they're quick, inexpensive, they're concise, and as the courts have become more compliant in conveying information relative to arrests and convictions and dismissals and so forth on individuals, they're much more thorough and fact based. so the factual accuracy of these background reports, which again, are quick and easy, very, very
1:37 pm
disappointing. >> neil: i guess the argument against them is it starts with a background check. the next thing you know, they're taking the guns and it creates this furor. how do you allay gun owners or prospective gun owners that's not the case. >> you tell them it starts with the background check. if you're compliant, law abiding, it ends there. if it doesn't end there, that's a whole nother matter. but there is no issue at all, one the background check -- it's a lightning fast -- >> neil: what do they do now when you want to get a gun? >> you submit the finger print. it goes to the state and the state and national repository where they identify whether you've been arrested or convicted. a range of different dispositions on the criminal side. then they ascertain whether you have a history of at all of a mental illness. is there any mental illness history at all. and then if your pedigree data
1:38 pm
is factually accurate. if you're a citizen, is your birthday accurate? what we call pedigree validations. >> neil: we have that at various state levels. >> absolutely. >> neil: what would have been the difference with this federalized one? >> it would have been not subject to individual municipalities' interpretation of the background screening for the individual municipality. it would have been a standardized national, federal policy and protocol. >> neil: okay. how much do you think the post-boston developments develod this atmosphere has affected this vote? >> that's a terrific question. i think it has affected it significantly in a negative way. >> neil: explain. >> well, it's actually a reversal because what's going on with the risin, what's going up in boston, all these different horror shows, it would be very easy for them to dove tail or tag on to the train, in other words, they're taking the opposite position because they're so adamant on it. so in other words, saying it's a
1:39 pm
knee jerk reaction if they had said, for instance, that you had over 60, well, that's because they're getting on the run away freight train, lock the guys up, the wheels of justice, things are getting out of hand, you know, what you just discussed with the mayor. my sense is that they're hedging on the side of the reverse position, which is unusual, but how else would you explain it, if ever there was a time to get the 60 votes? it's today. it's right now, 4:30. this is the time for it. logically, rationally. intellectually, pragmatically. this is the time. >> neil: they haven't given up on this. there is still time. but on boston, while i've got you here, who do you think is behind this? >> i think it's home grown. i think it's an individual home grown fanatic. i think it's one of our own. i think it's a radicalized ideologue from america who is in america. i don't know -- i can't cobble -- >> neil: a single? >> i don't know.
1:40 pm
i think that's difficult to say. >> neil: if the coordination of this, how does one guy pull that off? >> that's why. you have to remember that three factors are always, always around. the three factors are this is how we've escaped the last 18 just in this great city is our luck, their imcompetence and nosey civilians. nosey civilians are everything. 1,000 years when i was up in the bronks doing god's work, it was all about your snitches and network of people on the street, the people you knew, the people that would give you information. we need to deputize everybody. everyone in north america has to be in theory. but they have to be convinced that it's critical that they look, listen, note, convey. you have to. there is just not enough. our resources are finite. we only have a certain number of law enforcement people out there. it's not enough ears. >> neil: again, your gut is thinking less al-qaeda, more likely like a terry nichols?
1:41 pm
>> that's my sense of it. my sense of it based on the facts we know. we hope that it's a phone notification because then those hits on a cell towers, you have a finite pool of targets. in other words, if that was activated with a cell phone. >> neil: i see what you mean. >> the hits on that, we know the time, we know the tower, just knock your way through that list. >> neil: thank you very, very much. you've been a great resource. meanwhile, the very latest from london. they're preparing for a marathon of their own this weekend. you think they've been beefing up security? i think so [ male announcer ] how do you measure happiness?
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every six months without an accident, allstate sends a check. silence. are you in good hands? >> neil: ahead of their big marathon on sunday, a lot of brits were worried about how the margaret thatcher funeral would go today. security was extra tight. it went okay. to john brown, a former member of the british parliament on how the british folks are getting ready for this weekend and how tight security is already now. john? >> yes, it is. of course, we've got to be alert to the fact that terrorism has been around for centuries. but the oxygen of terror is public limelight and public events which create public limelight. but there is a key difference between terror, the atmosphere of terror, and actual terrorist action. even failed terrorists action
1:46 pm
can aseed terror, like the underwear bombing in the airplane created great disruption to transport. american counter terror is very good, but no nation, britain or america, can protect everybody. and the key is how we as a nation respond. first of all, we must remember that we look at death, we see everyone is going to die and some brutally, unfortunately. but there are roughly 42,000 people died in 2001 in america on the road accidents. hundreds of thousands die of cancer and heart disease every year. and when terrorist action comes, suddenly there is a massive thao those other deaths. >> neil: you're right. but john, there is a difference with how british people handle it. maybe through the whole ira bombing period, you had multiple attacks. i'm not even sure of the total body count. but i bet it would rival what we
1:47 pm
lost on 9-11. so there is a sense that your city, your home was on guard and is on guard and has a sort of not expectancy, but a way to deal with this. >> yes. >> neil: what do you think? >> you're absolutely right, neil. it's almost like battle hardening was in the first world war. the first soldiers were all pals and grouped together. they suffered terribly with each death. but as the slaughter went on, people got more accustomed and hardened to death and i think that's sort of this happened. but i think boston is going to follow london in keeping calm and carrying on, which lessens the oxygen for the terrorists. >> neil: very good. >> i think that's the first thing we have to do, get it in perspective. we have to separate terror from terrorism. and we have to practice individually enormous situational awareness. i think that will happen in boston, just as it does in london. and the government, just as
1:48 pm
mayor giuliani, prepare to take prudent measures. but all of us should make an effort to play down the theater, the oxygen of terrorism. >> neil: you're right about that. we don't always do that. john brown, thank you. it's always good seeing you. >> thank you very much, neil. >> neil: while the search for a suspect continues, details behind the deadly devices are now beginning to emerge. they're not pretty
1:49 pm
are you still sleeping? just wanted to check and make sure that we were on schedule. the first technology of its kind... mom and dad, i have great news. is now providing answers families need. siemens. answers.
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>> neil: you ever watch these guys who go through wreckage and sort of reassemble to try to find out what led -- i remember covering pan am flight 103 disaster and how they took pieces of metal and ultimately brought that whole thing back to moammar gadhafi and libya.
1:52 pm
remember that? just pieces of wreckage. as the investigation continues in boston, they're doing just that. and they're moving pretty fast. we turn right now to former chicago superintendent and former f.b.i. bomb technician, jody wise. what are they doing? what do they look for with each and every piece of twisted metal they goat their hands on? >> they're look for clues and it's amazing how much remains from a bomb when it actually detonates, the fusing system, although it will be fragmented, much of the container, there can be residue, there can be fragmentation left over. but they're look for clues. you can have a circuit board. there might be a partial fingerprint. you may have a serial number that could be found. so they're looking at clues that are going to link those components back to the bomb maker. that hopefully will end up in a successful prosecution in court. >> neil: this may be a dumb question, but i know the circuit
1:53 pm
board they uncovered, how do they know it's connected to this thing? >> well, you look for things that are not common to the area. a broken up circuit board is probably not going to be laying around normally on the streets of boston. so when they find something like that, they'll look and start comparing it. now, the good thing, the f.b.i. laboratory has comparisons to everything you could possibly imagine, batteries, wires, pipes, circuitry. so they'll look and try to determine was that a circuit board from a cell phone or a timer, and then that will help them determine how the device functioned. you might get very lucky and actually get a piece of evidence like a fingerprint off that circuit board. it really helps to find out how the fusing was made, how it functioned. >> neil: it's interesting, but we did it to the media. i proudly put myself in that list. we're very impatient, right? and yet, i remember when it came down to look for the atlanta
1:54 pm
look bombers. that took seven years. and they did track down the guy behind that. is this going to be like that? what do you think? >> well, i certainly hope not. we go back to the unabomber. that took a very long time, too. >> neil: sure. >> i think the amount of clues we have here, and if you look at this from two ways, i think my guess the case will be solved through the enormous amount of video evidence that the law enforcement, public safety folks are going through right now. that, i think, is what's going to be the greatest value to determine who actually planted the device. proving that in court is another matter. i think that's where you're going to get all that forensic evidence that comes into play now that they're examining. >> neil: thank you very much. good seeing you. >> thank you. >> neil: all right. within seconds of the marathon disaster, our bill hemmer was on his way to boston. he's still there. still investigating. and he's next ♪ [ male announcer ] just when you thought you had experienced performance
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at od, whatever business you're in, that's the business we're in with premium service like one of the best on-time delivery records and a low claims ratio, we do whatever it takes to make your business our business. od. helping the world keep promises. >> real quickly, we know the fbi has put off planned 5:00 p.m. conference. boston officials might have a separate one. that one too might be delayed. the president is going to address the nation in an half an hour on this failed gun vote. bill hemmer, keeping track of it all in boston. bill, what's the latest? >> a lot to keep track of, neil. there was a scare at the local courthouse about an hour ago. and for that reason, just a scare now, just a panic
1:59 pm
call in the end it was all clear. but for that reason, that's why the fbi is saying that this press conference that had been scheduled for 5:00 has now been postponed does that mean postponed an hour or several hours or even to today, tomorrow, that's something we don't know. great source of information. we in the media here in boston and folks all across the country have been waiting for this briefing. for the moment it will not happen and we do not know when it will happen. as for the information, we can report right now we do believe that investigators have an image through a photograph or web cam or surveillance camera of a person they want to talk, to described as a young man, what age is not given and an identity of that person has not been given. we do know that no arrests have been made. we are watching each part of this puzzle come together. perhaps in the coming hours it will, neil, here in


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