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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  April 19, 2013 3:00am-6:00am PDT

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[sounds of dogs barking] [sounds of gunshots] >> there was explosions and gunfire going on down the street. [sounds of gunshots] >>gretchen: you can hear that somebody was able to capture that on the streets now in massachusetts. at this time suspect number two in the white hat on your screen there -- these photos were revealed
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yesterday by the f.b.i. -- the guy on the left still on the loose. residents of watertown, massachusetts -- a suburb of boston -- told to stay inside. do not come out of your homes. keep your doors locked. do not let anyone in. police say they believe this is men who have come here to kill people. terrorists who came to kill americans. >>brian: came here to kill people. jennifer griffin standing by. it started before 11:00 last night when an m.i.t. campus police officer was shot and killed, this after responding to a report of a disturbance on campus. a short time later police responding to a carjacking at a convenience store that led to a chase into the streets of a watertown neighborhood. there were reports of explosives being detonated. >>eric: we want to acknowledge our affiliates who are with us also. we want to go to bill hemmer. you've been there all
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morning long reporting from the scene of the boston bombings. what's the latest? set the scene. >> we are at copley square, near the finish for the marathon on morning. ten miles west of here past fenway park and kendall square is where you'd come across the m.i.t. campus and watertown, massachusetts. moments ago classes were announced they're closed today at m.i.t. classes closed at harvard. bus service throughout boston has been service. the t-service, boston commuter line, has been suspended. this is a town that is not going entirely in lockdown but going on pause for a moment to try to eliminate the potential for escape for suspect number two. but specifically in watertown, massachusetts, that town itself has been locked down for a 10- or 20-block area to prevent suspect number two from moving. brian, you were given a
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ticktock. that stolen s.u.v., it was the police who picked up the scent at that point and a police trail followed. at that point the suspect opened fire at watertown police and a transit police officer who was shot, that officer now listed in critical condition at a boston area hospital this morning. we hope he makes it. but we have not been given an indication as to whether or not he will. at another hospital, suspect number one, after the shootout on the shrapnel in the street, he was brought to the hospital, apparently died there. this is suspect number one, screen right, with the dark hat. suspect number two on the run, screen left with the white hat. police talked about that in watertown just two hours ago. >> calling on the watertown community to be calm during this time. we are talking about the east watertown, dexter, laurel street, school street area to remain in your homes. as the colonel said we're going to be doing a search.
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please stay in your homes. do not come out. if you get a knock on your door, make sure -- we will have uniformed officers there to assist with the screening, the safety of these neighborhoods. again, the watertown community has been always very good. we are asking for your cooperation to assist us during this difficult time. >> will there be controlled blasts? >> no planned controlled blasts of any sort at this time. there are teams up there in the process of recovering anything discharged from those vehicles. we're making those safe at this point. >> do we know how many? >> we're not prepared to talk about identifications. that was one of the reasons those videos were released earlier yesterday. >> where was -- [inaudible] >> i'm not going to give specifics about that. >> suspect one? >> we don't have names at this point. >> this is an ongoing investigation. we can't get into details
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on the descriptions of the suspects or the names. we're trying to get information out to the people who live here that they should stay in their homes and not open their doors unless police officers are there. there is a 20-block perimeter around the location the chief just talked about. we are concerned about securing that area and making sure that this individual is taken into custody. we believe this to be a terrorist. we believe this to be a man who has come here to kill people. we need to get him in custody. one thing that i just want to say is that there have been two police officers, one kilmeade -- one killed and one badly injured. our sympathies go out to chief mcmillan who has a severely injured in the hospital. this is a terrible tragedy. we don't want to increase it. we want to be very careful of what we do here. >> folks, we've got to get back to the incident. we'll be back in about an hour to brief you again. >> is he dead or alive?
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>> now the town of boston is waking up again to news. over the past 13 hours alone the story has taken a significant, significant turn here in boston. >> no doubt. obviously once these photos were released yesterday by the f.b.i., bill, it's apparent that everyone was looking for these two men. here's my question: is it plausible to think these two men were either from the boston area or they stayed in the boston area for the last four days knowing potentially the police would be looking for them? >> it's unclear how to answer that, gretchen, because we don't have the information yet. what appears clear, though, is that last night around 10:00 local town under the cover of darkness they decided to make a move. but they did not go silently. carjacking a car and shooting a police officer, that's not the way you escape. but that image that was captured at what we believe
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was a 7-11 of the profile of suspect number two, this is such terrific evidence that the police and the f.b.i. have. to find the man they're looking for, that they believe is responsible for killing three people and wounding more than 160 others. i know jennifer griffin is with us as well. jennifer, for a little bit of clarification on what the police said to you earlier today. they said they came here -- these terrorists came here to do harm, to kill people. does "here" mean boston, massachusetts, or does"here" mean the united states of america? do we know that answer? >> i don't think we know. i know the federal authorities are looking into not only this particular group of two suspects that we've scene the photos of, but they believe that there could be more people, and they are looking very quickly to see if they can make connections and they can track down. but there is a belief -- and you heard the police
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commissioner. he slipped it out, if you will. i'm not sure that it was something the feds out there at this moment, but that this was a terrorist. as the commissioner said, they had come here to kill. and they are trying to explain right now to the people of watertown and those five or six other parts of boston, to stay inside because that suspect and terrorist is on the loose. i can recall, bill, when i first started following the scanner traffic on the police radio earlier this evening around, just around midnight when that black mercedes, an ls-50, was carjacked at the gas station. police said at that time there was a 5'7", slightly built male of middle eastern origin that they were in pursuit of. that's when this chase began. we don't know which suspect they were referring to, but that's what we were hearing in realtime.
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we also heard other things in realtime. we heard on that police scanner, we heard that -- we heard not only a lot of gunfire. we heard explosions. mike reported that police told him that some of the explosives were military-grade. that jibes with what mike levine is hearing from his federal law enforcement sources suggesting that these individuals may have been trained overseas and that the fed are looking into that right now. a lot of questions, but certainly grave concern that these are possibly foreign-born terrorists. >>brian: just building on some of the things you threw out there. if these are -- the 5'7" middle eastern man, if people think there is more than one, dressed like a college kid in a college town, it almost looks like they picked up an outfit, an overemphasis of wanting
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to blend in until they no longer wanted to blend in. >> we've always seen this. one thing terrorists have learned over the years is that they do need to blend in. they're not going to show up -- even back as long ago as 9/11, those members were clean shaven, looking western when they got on the plane. this is not new. however, it is interesting. i was noting when you see that suspect in the white baseball cap, it is intentionally backwards. that is such an american thing to do. when he was walking, i thought he looked very american in the video. so these are very, very dangerous individuals, as the police have warned. they are telling the public they must stay inside. they must stay out of the way and allow the police to do their work. the public transportation is closed. people need to stay indoors. and they should not open their door unless they know it is a police officer. >>gretchen: jennifer, one
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other quick question before i let you go. what about the fact that they don't seem to fit the m.o. of a terrorist who has been trained overseas as far as the cameras being able to pick up their images. like they almost wanted to be seen. number two, the 9/11 hijackers all died. these guys did not follow -- >>gretchen: gretchen, i think -- >> gretchen, i think that is one of the more interesting points. my husband and i were were discussing this this evening when we were trying to weigh whether we think this is a foreign terrorist operation or maybe domestic terrorists inspired by terrorists and made their bombs here. that was the key point that these are not suicide bombers. it is not clear that we have seen the end of this cell. and it is not clear that it is just these two individuals that we're dealing with. one of these terrorists is dead, and let's remember what the doctor said at the hospital at beth israel.
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he said it wasn't just bullet wounds this suspect died of. he also had what looked like explosives in his torso area. we know parts of a pressure cooker were found at the scene. it is possible that he in the end was a suicide bomber. >>brian: we also know a lot of the hijackers didn't know they were on a suicide run. only the guys in charge, many postulated. in the big picture, we know suspect number two, he was the one who was thought to have actually physically dropped the bombs. he's the one still out and about. i just wonder on some level, knowing the cameras were there and being smug in their demeanor -- my word, my conclusion -- i wonder if that is a form of suicide, knowing pictures are being taken, knowing sooner or later they're going to get to them but still doesn't matter to them. >> it could be. a lot of this is conjecture, trying to piece
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together and figure out motivation frankly, brian. your point is taken about the first image that came out, he's wearing the baseball cap backwards. he's not smiling for the camera but he might as well be -- not this image, but the image they put out at 5:00 last night. if you know the guy, come on. i mean, if you know this guy, you know his name, and you have the tip that the f.b.i. needs. but i'm not sure it is the public that tipped off the f.b.i. last night or not. it could very well have been. based on what we've been picking up, it started at 10:30 local time after a robbery was reported at a local convenience store. that's when all this started to go into motion, a little bit after 6:00 in the morning now. >>brian: fairly brazen of suspect number -- both one and two to stay in the area. as gretchen points out, it's four days later. less than five hours after his picture is slashed
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across probably every tv screen in america and around the world, he's still in the area. you have to think -- >> you don't know what their intention was or where they were going. maybe they're from here. >>eric: or do more? >> they very well may have been plotting more attacks. they may have clearly had a lot more arsenal to distribute. or perhaps, you know, they were in lockdown for several days because this is the town they know. or perhaps what jennifer is suggesting, if they're looking for others, maybe that was their refuge and this was the only avenue they had at that point. >>eric: let me follow up on that a little bit. if in fact they were throwing explosives out the window and if in fact as the doctor from the hospital earlier said there were blasts -- consistent with blast injuries on the suspect that eventually died, then maybe there was a plot to do more. clearly you don't walk around, drive around the
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streets of cambridge with explosives unless you intend to maybe use them. >> it's possible. >>gretchen: unless, as you alluded to a couple moments ago, they decided to make a move and so they decided to take everything they had with them and decided to start carjacking and try to get a mode of transportation to at least get out of the boston area. >> which i find a bit confusing because you would think if you were trying to escape you'd have that already lined up. they planned this bombing. and they were successful in pulling off this bombing, unfortunately, with 3 dead and 160 wounded and the countless number of people who lost limbs and their lives have been changed forever. grif jenkins is in watertown, massachusetts. we have nighttime video of a man being forced on the
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ground and in handcuffs being taken away. were you there? is that the same man? what do you know about suspect number two from this video? >> from that video, we do not know. the authorities are not saying what connection, if any, that man had. as you can see from the video that i shot, we were quickly moved out of the perimeter because of the security issue. but let me just say this if i can, the last time i held a camera behind americans drawing guns going door to door with the level of gunfire and explosion that i witnessed was in fallujah in iraq. it was something here. it started at m.i.t. shortly after 10:00. it was the egress of the law enforcement. you see them still coming behind me in this scene in watertown. the egress, bill and everybody watching, the
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egress from the m.ism t. incident, that original shooting of the officer who tragically lost his life, the egress with every single police car full force. i got myself caught in a high pursuit with everything they had, from f.b.i. to the swat teams to the boston police department, and it culminated here about four blocks past me. dexter, laurel, i'm not sure which street. my car, my real car is at least 50 feet from where one of the heaviest gun battles took place. as people are waking up, this situation is fluid. we believe that suspect number two wearing the white hat could be in this area. he's certainly armed and dangerous. we know he is willing at any cost to defend himself. so they're still telling people that live in this aerowere a of watertown stay indoors -- that live in this area of watertown, stay indoors. do not go outside.
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if you are outside of the area do not try to come home. businesses are closed, roughly a 20-block perimeter shut off as we let the officers do what they do best. >> there will be a lot of reaction to it. boston is now waking up. it is a little bit after 6:00 local time. the skies are getting lighter and they will find out all the information on what is happening in their town in a moment. back to jennifer griffin in washington for a quick clarification. as we move through this, we tell our viewers at home we want to be cautious as we do it, we want to be right and certainly want to be fast. we can't be fast if we're inaccurate. jennifer, what do you have for clarification? >> what i wanted to add to what you and brian were talking about, in terms of if these two individuals are responsible, as police say, for placing the bombs, and if they came to this country from another country and they were -- they don't seem to fit the
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mold of a foreign terrorist because they weren't suicide bombers -- that is what you noted, but remember muhammad atta before he got on the plane, he almost looked directly at the security camera. this suspect who has the white baseball cap on backwards, the only thing i can think of is he is trying to preserve his image and legacy by showing his face. again, i think authorities are concerned that this was not a onetime event and perhaps one of these suspects is dead. did apparently die from some shrapnel wounds as well as gunfire. and they are very concerned that this other suspect is planning to kill and possibly go out in some sort of suicide manner. >>gretchen: great clarification. thanks so much. >>brian: by looking at the camera, everything else
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is sophisticated. could they not know about surveillance camera? it defies logic to think they weren't. and to do what they did on monday apparently also lets me think they knew they were going to be spotted somehow. >>eric: we need to point out terrorist number two in the white baseball cap is on the loose in the watertown area. he had a shootout with police. he may be continually armed and dangerous. he may have explosives. it is reported they were throwing explosives out the windows. police are searching door to door in watertown. if you're anywhere near that area, stay inside. the police said -- the police chief in watertown says we need your help. the situation is grave. if you're a business, don't open. if you're a resident, stay indoors with the doors locked. >>gretchen: the entire community is on lockdown. there are no businesses that are going to be open there, at least for the forseeable future today. people are advised not to come out their homes.
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the entire subway system shut down in boston. the entire busing system shut down in boston. i assume because they don't want anyone to get away but they also don't want any other major attacks potentially to happen on mass transportation right now. so it is a grave situation for people in these communities. if you're just waking up and you're joining us, one suspect in the deadly bombing monday in boston has been killed. and another one is on the loose in the water town, massachusetts area right now. swat teams on the scene. every forseeable law enforcement agency trying to find the guy in the whitecap right now. who is he? we're not exactly sure yet. but he has been labeled a terrorist this morning who came here to kill. >>brian: earlier we heard from hospital surgeons who came out and updated us on suspect number two -- suspect number one who was brought in there. it's been far too busy as of late. there is a five-year-old hoping to recover from
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brain injuries on the attacks on monday. here is what they told us. >> my name is dr. richard wolf, chief of emergency medicine here at beth israel medical center. early this morning two of my faculty actually who live close to where the events occurred in watertown heard the sounds of shots and explosions and notified our emergency department that there is obviously something happening. at that point we began to gear up, concerned about possible another mass casualty incident. at about 1:10 we were notified by the boston e.m.s., by the radio system we had a patient coming in with multiple injuries. that patient arrived here at 1:20 by boston e.m.s. by the p-1 crew who did an exemplary job. but at that point he was in
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traumatic arrest with c.p.r. ongoing. we spent about 10, 15 minutes trying to resuscitate this patient with a number of procedures being done that were unsuccessful. and at 1:35 in the morning he was pronounced. >> my name is dr. kevin tabb, the c.e.o. at beth israel medical center. as dr. wolf said, we did receive this patient, and we're ready to receive as many casualties as we would need to be ready for. we currently have about 20 patients completely unrelated to this incident. we still do have 12 victims from the initial event hospitalized here. one of them still in serious condition. we initially received 24
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patients here from the original event on monday. the vast majority of those patients have been discharged. we are open and ready for any patients to come to the medical center this morning. although we are restricting access to ensure safety for our patients' families and visitors and asking people to show patience as they come in this morning. >> was that patient brought in under police guard? >> that patient was brought in under police guard, yes. >> can you describe the injuries of the patient? >> i cannot. we want to make available the physician that initially heard the event in watertown. >> my name is dr. schoenfeld. last night as i was doing work at home and watching the news coverage of the officer involved in the shooting over at m.i.t., i
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was sitting at home and i was able to hear the sounds of gunshots and explosions because i live in watertown. when i started hearing the gunshots and explosions, i recognized that something was really, really wrong and called the emergency department to let them know and then quickly got dressed to come into work and rushed over to the emergency department. >> how quickly did you get there? >> i arrived in the emergency department before the patient arrived. >> what time did you hear the gunshots? >> some time after about 12:45. >> doctor, can you give us the name -- [inaudible] >> no. >> we don't have any information on the identity. >> age or? >> we don't have that information. >> give us the gender? >> it's an adult male. >> doctor, can you describe
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your feelings, being in watertown, hearing the noise, you come into work and then you went up -- [inaudible] >> so there's a couple of different parts to it. one, when i started hearing the gunshots and the explosion, given what had happened over at m.i.t. and seeing all the police cars rushing in, in to watertown past my house and hearing all the sirens, i knew or felt very strongly that this was related to the events from earlier this week as well as from what happened over at m.i.t. earlier in the evening. and so because of that, i felt as though something large enough was going on in the community that it warranted calling the emergency department and coming in. the emotions, you know, you sort of set aside when you come in to go to work and to do the job. >> did you -- [inaudible]
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>>brian: now we've got to go out to the streets of watertown where molly is standing by. it is pretty clear there is more police officers and swat teams fanning out. >> absolutely. watertown the epi center of what is happening. the town virtually a crime scene. no one is allowed to come in or leave. you cannot drive through watertown now. we've seen activity within the last 15 minutes. you can see the tactical units, people preparing their weapons. this is state police. we've seen multiple vehicles moving and staging and restaging and moving around throughout the morning. it happens very quickly. when they move, they move quickly. the entire community has been asked to stay inside. residents for the most part are doing that. we're not seeing cars moving around, not seeing
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people coming out of their homes. as people are waking up, hopefully they are turning on their televisions and staying inside. certainly a dangerous situation. we can see the extreme heightened presence here along the perimeters set up. this is near the area where the vehicle that the suspects fled cambridge in and came to watertown, where that vehicle was ultimately left by the suspects suspects who is believed to be here in the watertown area. you can see the presence of the state police as they continue to stage in this area. back to you. >>gretchen: i'm imagining as daybreak comes, it is obviously going to help the swat teams and every other police person on the scene there; correct? >> that is the hope, that they'll be able to get a clearer picture of what's happening here in the community. that also means people are waking up. that means that the community will be looking out of their windows and with the curiosity and having a lot more questions. they had some peace overnight. of course it was very
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quiet. law enforcement had the streets to themselves. now they're asking people to keep it that way. daylight is a good thing, but at the same time, and hopefully it will shed light on this investigation, but at the same time it means there are a lot of people that will be watching and waking and will be nervous. >>brian: thanks a lot. stay right there. at 1:35 this morning suspect number one was pronounced dead. there is a massive manhunt for suspect number 2. bill hemmer has been up all night tracking this story. bill, what's happening around you? >> it is 6:30 here in boston and we are getting ready for what will certainly be yet another day of twists and turns after the terrorist attack on monday afternoon. bring you up to date. over the past 13 1/2 hours alone, at 5:00 local time last night the images, the first image of suspects number one and number two were made public. at 10:30 local time last night, there was a report of a robbery at a local convenience store. police respond that. after that, the story goes, an s.u.v., a mercedes
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s.u.v. was hijacked. when it was filling up for gas at a local gas station, the driver of the s.u.v. escaped but police got hot on the trail of suspect number one and suspect number two. and from that point there was a shootout with multiple round exchanged, possible grenades exchanged as well. and even the possibility of another pressure cooker bomb exploding in the streets of watertown, massachusetts. at 1:30 in the morning, screen right, suspect number one with the dark hat, is dead. suspect number two, however, at 6:30 in the morning local time is still on the run. are they getting close? we certainly hope so, but right now we do not know. watertown has been shut down. watertown, massachusetts. the bus service throughout boston suspended. the t-service, boston's train commuter service line, that's been suspended as well. classes canceled at harvard, emerson college, m.i.t. residents in watertown,
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belmont, newtown, brighton, cambridge urged to stay indoors. moving from right to left on the graphic, the boston bombing site is where we are, copley square. m.i.t. across the river. watertown ten miles due west of our location which is what we believe is the center of activity at the moment. suspect number two on the run, not yet accounted for. >>gretchen: bill hemmer, who has been reporting for us all night long. we want to bring in mary ellen o' toole, former f.b.i. profiler. i'm interested in your overall take of the event overnight. you have a tremendous amount of experience in this. what do you see when you watch what's happening? >> when i watch what's happening, it appears that over the last hours, these two offenders did not anticipate they were going to have their pictures out there in the public, that they were going to very
3:32 am
likely be identified. that shootout with the police, they didn't plan that. that's very spontaneous behavior. number one, i think the photographs that went out were an incredibly successful investigative technique, but they didn't plan for it to end like this. basically the carpet gets pulled out from underneath them. when that happens, then you see even more erratic and unpredictable behavior. that's what we're seeing now. very erratic, unpredictable behavior. they really felt pretty good about getting away from this. >>eric: can you put that map you had, the location of the bombing and the location of m.i.t. will you please talk about this? see the location of the bombing site on the bottom. just literally, a couple of miles away, m.i.t., where the initial, where the terrorists were initially spotted, just a couple of miles away. this is five or six hours
3:33 am
after their pictures have been splashed over virtually almost every tv screen on the planet. what does that tell you about their intention? >> that tells me that these two individuals, after the event and as of last night, they were very comfortable in that area. and there's an arrogance about thinking we can still be here and no one is going to spot us. that's where they were comfortable. i've heard people say this, and they have different opinions about it, but based on my opinion, i don't think they thought through the fact that their photographs were going to be taken during the marathon. >>gretchen: go back a little bit. how does that gel with the fact that they -- were they trained or were they not trained by somebody else? the surveillance camera video that shows them right there, full frontal face. so what does that tell you from your experience then? >> that tells me that regardless of whether or not there's a third person
3:34 am
training them, they were the ones that walked through the crowd. it would be up to them to decide really at the last minute or even beforehand how are we going to carry this out. as they walked through that crowd there was a kick in their step. they felt pretty comfortable with what they were going to do. you can look at their faces and see that focused aggressiveness. they were having fun. i don't think they were really thinking about the cameras. >>brian: when you said they didn't expect this, the only thing we do not know is why that police officer was shot and killed. and the initial report that molly had a couple hours ago or maybe an hour ago was that he was sitting in his car and was shot multiple times. you don't go do that if you are someone who is just looking to get away. that means you're going to cause trouble as opposed to running from trouble; correct? >> right. here's the interesting point. this all came about most likely because those photographs were put out in
3:35 am
the public. this does suggest that these individuals did not have a really in place, a really sound escape plan and they are reacting now. and the reactions, kinding landing on their feet, a fly-by-the-seat-of-your- pan ts-plan. broil bill -- >>brian: bill, why was that police officer killed? do we know yet? >> we do not know. was the police officer trying to apprehend them? did he see something? was he trying to take action? the police officer that wound up dead could be seen as a significant hero throughout this story. you were talking about the
3:36 am
graphic, about the map, i want to show you here, the blue blinking light is where we are here a few blocks away from the finish line. this is the intersection of vassar and maine. that is across the charles river here. that is no more than a quarter, if not a half mile from the site of the bombing. i mean, maybe even less than half a mile. watertown is out here about ten miles to the west. i just want to make that point again about these two men, they did not go far. and perhaps it's because they knew this area and they knew this neighborhood and they were most comfortable here or is it a combination of that and the fact that they know people in this area. jennifer griffin was talking earlier about the possibility of more suspects being wanted or perhaps other individuals being involved. i just want to bring you back, jennifer, and enunciate a bit more about what you're learning about that angle of the story now. >> what we're hearing from federal authorities is that they are looking very carefully into the fact
3:37 am
that these two individuals are likely from overseas and that they may have been trained, given military training overseas. they're looking at that very carefully right now. they are not giving up any information about their identities, who they think they are. but you can -- but certainly at this point in time, if you listen to what federal authorities are telling us privately as well as what the boston police commissioner said publicly, that these are two terrorists who came to america with the intent to kill. >> jennifer, thank you. terrific reporting there from washington yet again. boston is not shut down, but they are taking precautions. a lockdown in certain areas where they believe suspect number two is or may be hiding out. guys, back to you in new york. >>eric: can we bring mary ann also in with bill
3:38 am
hemmer. these terrorists, they pull this crime off on monday. three days later their picture is splashed on national television, global television. they stay in the area. within five hours they're spotted. one of them is shot dead. the other one is on the loose. but they're carrying, allegedly we've heard from police officers, they're carrying explosives, throwing them out the windows. they are heavily armed. there is shooting, gunfire going back and forth. does a profiler tell you they had more terror planned? >> i think they could definitely had more crimes planned. but it also tells me that they are so comfortable with these weapons and anticipated that they may have to use them that they had them with them. and my sense is even had they been stopped the day before, photographs had not gone off, or out to the public. if they were stopped, they would have still had those explosives on them. that's kind of how they're
3:39 am
programmed. >>gretchen: do you in your mind think at this point that they acted alone or that now police and f.b.i. are worried that there's a bigger cell out there currently in the united states? >> right now it looks like it's the two of them together. and the reason -- they're going to look to see if there are more people involved, who helped them get all the components, who helped them do the planning and so forth. right now it looks like it's just the two of them. it's interesting because they're both pretty young. they're both pretty youthful and you do see a youthful aspect to this crime. don't let that take away from the lethality of it. but they're very youthful. >>brian: nobody thinks the lethality or the danger of these guys can be diminished. bill hemmer, it's brian. essentially at 10:20 this whole thing starts with the suspects reportedly, you know, go to a 7-eleven, an
3:40 am
m.i.t. officer is shot, minutes later a carjacking takes place. they drive around for a half-hour. whether he was let go or not, the owner of that vehicle somehow gets free. police track the car and engage the suspects. that's when griff jenkins comes into play because he alone with other officers, somehow he got in the middle of the convoy going about 100 miles an hour right there and his camera was able to roll and see the shootout that took place. just dramatic action overnight. don't you agree? >> yeah. indeed it is. we don't know the identity of this person who was on the ground and later handcuffed and taken away. maybe there is significance to the story, maybe not. i can't really answer that at the moment. this is what griff was shooting last night around midnight. there is breaking news with molly in watertown, massachusetts. molly, what do you have now?
3:41 am
>> bill, we've seen the situation in our area of the community ramping up throughout the morning. we've been asked to leave this direct area. we're told we're not in imminent danger, but at the same time we don't know where this individual is. authorities are essentially asking us to leave this radius and this sphere. we're going to start packing up to get out of this spot right now. you're obviously looking, if you can see our pictures, you're looking at state police that have ramped up. this is one of the major business districts in watertown. of course businesses will not be opening any time soon and people have been asked to stay in their homes. we've seen swat teams in this area and a significant presence. they're essentially asking us to move back from the area. bill. >> molly, i'm just watching their demeanor. they don't seem to be filled with any sort of anxiety or something. almost like they're showing a presence in that area than anything else. do i have that right?
3:42 am
>> well, i mean, we don't know how far we are from what they're particularly concerned about. we can see more vehicles coming up and coming down this street here. we may be a few blocks out from what they're actually looking at. we've seen these folks looking up the hill in one particular direction, keeping an eye on things. this seems to be the edge of something, the edge of a perimeter and that's what we're being asked to move back from. >> good point. molly, thank you. watching that in watertown. if you have to move, go ahead and do that and make sure you and your crew take the precaution you need there in watertown, massachusetts. you know, it is a good point to be made again that they carjacked one car. it's possible they could do another. and if that's a possibility, then this person would no longer be on food but would have -- be on foot but would have access to an automobile. if it is also true -- and guys, back to you in new york on this -- if they are comfortable with the area, if they knew people in the
3:43 am
area, you cannot rule out the possibility that they are getting more aid and assistance from somebody today to help them out at the moment. that is certainly a danger to police, and they don't want that to happen. >>gretchen: the point you bring up about another potential carjacking, that's why the police are asking people to stay inside their homes and not drive anywhere in watertown because they don't want that type of incident to be able to happen again. obviously molly's position, something is happening when they ask reporters to move away from the perimeter. something is going on close enough to her where she will no longer be safe. bill, one other point. i'm wondering during that shootout where suspect number one is killed, how did suspect number two get away? did he get away on foot? what happened? >> great question. i was thinking the same thing, gretchen, and i don't have an answer for you. suspect number one, though, is dead and was treated for trauma injuries at a local hospital and that's where he died. multiple gunshot wounds. too many to count was the
3:44 am
comment from the doctor at the hospital. but how did suspect number two get away? and is that individual injured? did he take a bullet? did he take a shot? that's a possibility also. >>brian: we know for sure the guy that knows the most is the victim of the carjacking who was able to get away, they were able to track down that car. they got directions about what the car looked like and where it was heading perhaps from the person who got away from, after 30 minutes of driving around with suspect one andect two. >>eric: i hate to jump in but look what we're seeing on camera. it appears to be someone -- >>gretchen: handcuffed. >>eric: and police going through backpacks. is this molly's shot? >>gretchen: this is not molly's shot. this is developing. this is watertown, massachusetts. two young men sitting on the curb handcuffed. we're not sure exactly why.
3:45 am
but obviously police believe they're involved in something. let's bring in mary ellen o' toole, former f.b.i. profiler who is still on the couch with us. what do you make of it? >> two thoughts. it makes me wonder if these two gentlemen were watching, did not take the advice of the police and put their back packs on, started to go out, go to school or whatever and they're walking down the street. and they're like what is going on here. so that's what strikes me at first. and then listening to bill talk about the suspect number two maybe getting help from other people in that neighborhood. this guy is like a pariah right now. you'd have to be living in a snow cave somewhere to know that the police are not looking for him. so no one is going to want to reach out and try to help him because that means they're going to go down as well. not just go down, possibly
3:46 am
be arrested, but maybe even possibly killed. >>gretchen: the other thing to bring into play is the fact that where this originally started tonight, near the m.i.t. campus, if that is where they have been hiding out all this time so close to the bombing location, if they had people helping them, they would probably be in that location, not all the way in watertown where this chase ensued. >> right. people who were friends with them, they blended into society for some time now. they didn't come to the attention of law enforcement. people now who say, oh my gosh, that was my friend, the person i had coffee with, they're not saying i want no part of this person. i want no part. i think these two young guys probably weren't listening to the news. and that's why they may be stopped. >>gretchen: could be. let's bring bill hemmer back in. do you have information or thoughts on the video we're seeing now? >> i don't. at the moment no new information. i want to make this point. on monday afternoon they closed logan airport for a couple of hours.
3:47 am
they sent officers there immediately after the bombing for one purpose. that was to make sure the people responsible for the bombing did not escape the country or fly out of the boston area. that goes back to the times square bombing. he was literally pulled off the plane hours after the times square bombing in new york. they closed down the airport as a precaution to make sure these guys don't get away. yet they were spotted a quarter mile from the site of the bombing on monday afternoon last night at 10:30 p.m. eastern time. that to me is remarkable. they barely left the scene. >>gretchen: i'll just bring mary ellen o' toole in for her thoughts on that. some people will say they felt some comfortable in the location like they would never be caught. and then when they saw their pictures flashed across the world yesterday they decided we've got to get out of here.
3:48 am
would that be your line of thinking? >> i would have to consider that. i know it sounds ridiculous but that happens in other cases way too often where the offender gets away with it. the offenseer is arrogant, thinks they are smarter than law enforcement, smarter than f.b.i., they are not going to get caught. they are in the neighborhood they are comfortable with so they have control. a lot of people like to monitor their own crimes. they really get something out of it. i have to ask myself: is that what is going on here because they could have left the area but they did not. >> mary ann, yesterday at around 5:17 when the f.b.i. released the video and made that statement, they said suspect number two, the terrorist in the white hat, was seen on video placing a backpack which later detonated, a couple minutes later detonated. they never referenced who placed the second bomb -- or the first bomb, whichever one went off first, i'm not sure which one detonated first.
3:49 am
they never referenced who placed the other bomb. is there any indication that these two are responsible for both of the bombs or just the one do we know based on what you heard from the f.b.i. yesterday? >> what they put out yesterday is what they knew and what they were comfortable with. that's more than likely why they put it out there. they knew that everything that would be put out there would be scrutinized and looked at 300 and 400 different ways. i think at that point they wanted to be very careful. i think they also wanted to be limited so they could really keep the public focused. and i think in the end that strategy was very effective. when you put out too much information, people go all over the place with it. >>gretchen: especially after yesterday where there were all those other erroneous photos out there. i think they have one photo of that suspect putting the second bomb. they probably don't have an image of anybody placing the first bomb. we're going to pause here for a moment and we'll be right back.
3:50 am
: >>gretchen: we wanted to pause to go on delay because in case something would happen on your screen, we would not show that if that was a concern. 6:50 a.m. if you're just joining us, breaking news, huge breaking news overnight. one of the suspects in the boston marathon has been killed. that is suspect number one, who as you recall from the photo yesterday was the one in the dark cap with the sunglasses. he has been killed overnight, pronounced dead at the hospital in boston. suspect number 2 in the white hat still on the run this morning, the entire community of watertown, massachusetts, has been shut down now. there is no subway service,
3:51 am
no train service, no bus service, no mass transportation happening in boston today. people are advised to stay in their homes, keep it locked. do not go out in your car. there's been carjacking overnight with these two suspects. they are now on the scene, the swat team and every other police personnel, trying to track down that suspect right now. let's go back out to bill hemmer who has been up for the majority of the night, doing a fantastic job covering this for us. we're looking at live pictures of watertown, massachusetts, where molly was asked to move back from the perimeter a few moments ago. >> gretchen, we have significant news. mike levine covering the department of justice for us, now passing along the name of the suspect number two. suspect number two on the loose is named jokar sonarev. it is t-s arc r-n-a-e-v.
3:52 am
-- both suspect number one and suspect number two are said to be brothers. frame-up the camera here. i want to show viewers on this ipad map again one more time while we're starting to piece together here, if you've got the image, let me take you through it. this is the site of the lord and taylor shot with the red dot here. that would be near the finish line. this is boylston street. at 10:30 last night they were spotted across the river at the intersection of vassar and maine. why is that important? the suspects could have walked west after dropping both bombs, cut down a couple of these streets and literally gone across this bridge over into the area of m.i.t. which is where they likely sought refuge the past four or five days. i make that point specifically because listening to your guest talk there, when you think about criminals who commit crimes, they want to get attention for it, they want
3:53 am
to see the after effect of what they have done, that is position a from where we are here, about a quarter mile, no more than half a mile from the scene of this terrorist act on monday afternoon. we have the name and jennifer griffin with us in washington with more on all this. jennifer, hello again. >> mike levine, our justice department producer has confirmed the name, jokar saronev. what i know, jokar is a chchen name. we believe the brothers are believed to be chechen. jokar, in the white hat, believed to be on the loose, armed and very dangerous, he is 19 years old. we're told from authorities he and his brother have been in the country for more than a year. federal authorities are looking into whether they were trained militarily. they are believed to have been trained militarily
3:54 am
overseas. americans may be wondering why chechens may be involved in terrorist acts against the united states. we know chechens left chechnya. it is a muslim republic similar to afghanistan in feel and nature and many chechens go to fight in afghanistan. it is likely these chechens, young as they are, may have gone to either pakistan or afghanistan for training as part of a larger foreign terrorist network. we have seen chechens involved in that in the past. again, mike levine reporting tonight from his sources at -- federal law enforcement sources these two suspects that we received the pictures of from the f.b.i. earlier today are chechen. one of them, their names, the one on the loose right now jokar saranev.
3:55 am
we understand they have been in the u.s., a resident of cambridge, massachusetts, for more than a year. >> residents of cambridge. that's where they have been? is that right, jennifer? >> that is what mike levine is hearing. that would make sense because both m.i.t. and harvard are obviously located in cambridge. these two young men being 19 years of age appeared very comfortable in a student environment in boston, and they have been here for over a year. >> jennifer, thank you. m.i.t. and harvard, they share a similar town and they share the same river. they are on opposite sides of the river, m.i.t. on the north side and harvard on the south side. we're watching screen left, watertown, massachusetts, ten miles from where we are, about ten miles from the m.i.t. campus. we're not quite sure what police activity is taking there but something is up there screen left. come out to me quickly here
3:56 am
where we are in boylston. i want to give our viewers a better sense of the geography of where we are. behind this truck and down the street that would be boylston street. you go down two city blocks on the left-hand side is where both explosions occurred at 2:50 monday afternoon. the runners would have been going down boylston in that direction. at this point in the race they are running from west to east, if you recall some of video we were showing you from the end of that race. but we were told by the f.b.i. that after the explosion bags were dropped, that both of these individuals were moving westbound on boylston street. >>brian: bill, if i could just interrupt you for one -- bill, if i could interrupt you for one second. then we'll go back to that description. we understand molly has new information. when we saw her they were moving her from her location. molly, what do you have? >> we came all the way down on auburn street, the
3:57 am
entire length of the street is being lined on both sides by various state police. we're seeing a lot of a.t.f. agents. it's all hands on did he all has on deck. we will passed an enormous squad in tactical gear. military uniforms. it is pretty clear. essentially we tried to stop for a moment maybe to get pictures or ask what was happening. but they asked us to move from the perimeter. the perimeter is very, very large. it is almost like it grew up around us from where we were previously located, a massive circle in all directions. this perimeter has really grown. every street corner is lined with these state police officers all the way down mount auburn street. we've just come to the end of it. at this point we're at least a mile away from where that tactical gear was gearing up and where the dozens upon dozens of people, probably a good 50 or 60 people were gearing
3:58 am
up. the body armor and tactical gear and automatic weapons. it is unclear exactly if they have a specific location that they're going to, if something is imminent and about to happen or if they are just getting ready for something that they expect could possibly happen in the coming hours. but it's clear that they have widened this perimeter. people are still in their homes. we have seen almost no one come out of their homes to take a look around, to take a peek around. we've seen no one heading for their cars. apparently there are a lot of folks glued to their television sets now and are aware of what is happening. otherwise people would start heading to work at this point in the day. but it is quiet. >>gretchen: molly, can you see the screen we're broadcasting now? >> i i can. >>gretchen: what do you make of this gentleman? what is he setting up? >> we've been asked to move away from the area. i can't see the tactical teams anymore. we're at the edge. perimeter that still has state police. mostly state police where i
3:59 am
am now, as far as i can see. essentially we were asked to leave the area. we took a short drive past where this enormous team of people are tkpwraoerg -- people are gearing up. >>gretchen: you can't see what we're seeing? >> no. >>gretchen: mary ellen o' toole could it be somebody is working with a bomb? >>brian: definitely looks like bomb gear. it looks like something you would see in afghanistan or iraq. >>gretchen: let's go to jennifer griffin. you have experience in this. what do you think it is? >> i think we just saw, it was an e.o.d. specialist, explosive ordinance specialist who just detonated, looks like a controlled explosion. that was probably a suspicious package. we just saw it move slightly. he definitely looked like he was part of an e.o.d.
4:00 am
team. >>gretchen: was this near we t pe handcuffed? >> that's hard for me to say from this angle. >>brian: can't see here. if they detonated a package and it didn't have a secondary explosion, logic would tell you there was nothing in there. : detonated by the specialist. let's bring in jennifer griffith who has been watching this. what do you make of what's transpired over the last 30 seconds? >> i think what you're seeing looks to me like an e.o.d. specialist, a bomb specialist carrying out a controlled explosion. this used to happen all the time in jerusalem when we were covering suicide bombers. if there was a package left or something left, they had to
4:01 am
dispose of it. this is the kind of unit they would call in. what we know earlier is that they called in the robots because they didn't want to put a human being such as this specialist when they found some of the explosives overnight. don't forget that these two terrorists, as they were making their way through watertown trying to evade the police in that high-speed chase earlier tonight, they were throwing what were being described as a grenade, dynamite, explosives. we heard from some of the hospital doctors who treated the one terrorist who was killed that there was definitely some indication in his torso that some sort of bomb had exploded. it was not just gun fire that had killed him. so they are going to be -- these units, these e.o.d. units will be looking for unexploded ordinance at this time. >> brian: as we look at this and we see what these packages are bombs and we're trying to close in on suspect number two and we
4:02 am
indeed have his name and just learned they're brothers, i just got off the phone with former chairman of homeland security and that's peter king who believes to him, according to his sources this was a part of a second wave. the minute those pictures went public, they knew they had to act because their time was almost up and it's conceivable that the shrapnel that was in suspect number one when he was brought into the hospital and died a short time after his arrival not only with gunshot wounds from the police, but could have been some type of self-inflicted wound from a vest. >> absolutely. and we also heard reports from the police overnight as we were monitoring the message traffic that there was some evidence of pressure cookers at the scene where that explosion occurred earlier tonight. so it is possible that he carrying another bomb and that they were going to place other bombs. i think that is the only explanation for why they weren't suicide bombers on the day of the bombing. >> gretchen: stand by. i want to bring in bill hem who are have been live on the scene for much of the night.
4:03 am
the suspect is a 19-year-old man who lived in came edge about, massachusetts, a chechen, apparently. dzhokhar tsarnaev. tell us what you know. >> 19 years old from overseas, been in the u.s. for more than a year. both suspects said to be brothers. as we watch that. i want to make one last point here, if i could, come out live here to our location on boylston street. i want the audience to understand just how easy it would have been for these two people to simply walk away from the scene. runners were coming down eastbound here on boylston street. the explosions are dropped at quarter mile down the street. both bombers are walking west on boylston street. it's an easy thing to duck into gloucester or newberry street or com avenue and then cross the river, which is only a quarter mile away and that takes you to the intersection of vasser and
4:04 am
main, which is where police were called in last night at 10:30 p.m. after the report of a robbery at a local convenience station. that's really -- that seems to be the best tip yet that we have gotten, to notify authorities that these guys were in the area and they were the people that the f.b.i. were looking for. so now you have -- the compression of information over the past 14 hours that has been absolutely astounding. the f.b.i. comes out with the two pictures at 5:00 o'clock last night, report of a convenience robbery at 10:30 p.m at 1:30 a.m., suspect number one is dead from multiple gunshot wounds. now at 7:00 o'clock in the morning, eastern time here in boston, suspect number two is on the loose, but now we have a name. the question is where is he? and when will they get him? >> eric: just a quick update. suspect one, black hat, has died in the hospital. suspect two, as you point out, white hat suspect is on the loose. watertown is on lockdown,
4:05 am
suspended public transportation services in the surrounding area. molly line had to move back. they actually expanded that perimeter with quite a bit of stepped up police activity. police have said stay in your home. stay in your homes. businesses, don't open. we need your help. the situation is grave. but it's breaking and then we see in boston where we just saw a bomb squad actually try to detonate a suspicious package likely. that's where we stand right now. it's really, really breaking as we speak. >> gretchen: i think we'll look at the video now. sorry, bill. that was what eric was alluding to a few moments ago, bomb specialist did, in fact, make sure or detonate, maybe it was a bomb or wasn't, but get rid of whatever it was on the streets of boston. mary ellen o'tool is joining u former f.b.i. profiler. what we know now of these
4:06 am
gentlemen -- not gentlen, men, terrorists -- making a move last night either for wave number two, maybe preplanned, hey, when they figure out who we are, let's go out and do another wave, or caught off guard and trying to make a get away. where do you see it? >> i see it as them being basically trying to make a get away. because of the kind of behavior that you see, it's not planned, it's spontaneous. behavior that will likely result in what we see now. but that's not to say that they didn't decide beforehand that if it comes to this, we'll get all of our stuff together and we'll go out in a blaze of glory. i think some of the behavior we're seeing here now is not that dissimilar from what we saw in the case in l.a at a certain point these suspects are planning and they're fighting and really putting a lot of fear in people because they're on the move. and they're the ones that are in
4:07 am
control. but the moment that they go on the receiving end of that, things change. >> brian: bill hemmer standing by to update us. we're starting to get an account of the convenience store owner that sat there and listened to the carjacking victim who managed to get away run into the store in a panic talking about what it was like being held by suspect one and two. suspect one is dead timberwolf was able to get away when the shooting started. >> he's described as a 45-year-old man. i don't know what his nationality is. but he says and was quoted as saying with our unit from the team, quote, they're trying to kill me, they're trying to kill me. that's the guy that was at the convenience store who was caught up in all this. so where are we right now? m.i.t. is closed. harvard is closed. emmerson college is closed. bus service throughout the area
4:08 am
has been suspended. the t line, which is the train commuter line throughout the city has been suspended as well. trying to limit the possibility that this guy could get any movement at the moment. in watertown, you have ten to 20 blocks that have been sealed off. we're getting reports that poli by the bus load is now pouring into watertown, massachusetts for a bit of back up. mike tobin is there live. what do you see and what do you have from your location now? >> what i s and i can step out of the shot right now and let you -- let pete zoom in and show you. we have throngs of police officers arriving by the metro, boston transit authority. bus loads and bus loads are coming. i see what looks like municipal police officers. i see state troopers staging in this particular parking lot. before they arrived, what we saw and we've got video of this, there is a long column of what appeared to be up armored humvee s senseled on the side were the words "military police." a long column of them pulling
4:09 am
into what now appears to be a growing staging area. we've seen this kind of thing before at different locations. what this is when they start drawing in the big numbers of officers, they start drawing in the big numbers of military police, all hands on deck. that means they're digging in for the long haul. if they can surround the area and just wait for him to come out, this means they're preparing to stay for an extended period of time if they need to do it, bill. >> these images are stunning, mike. do we believe that they have this man surrounded? >> well, that would seem to be the technique. if you can bring in all the forces, make sure you got enough manpower to keep little town surrounded and make sure you can replace the guys when they get tired and keep other guys watered and well fed and then move them into service when the time comes, that would appear to be the technique they're engaging right now. you would do that if you believe you've got the suspect surrounded. the speculation we've heard and when you think about it, it
4:10 am
takes five miles is a 10 k and takes someone an hour in shape to run that. if he was on foot, it would have taken him two hours to get out of this perimeter, that they're assuming is about ten miles. so he didn't really have that time between the time we showed up on the scene and between the time the great numbers of police officers arrived on scene. i'm seeing a water truck being brought in. that would keep the officers well watered, well fed. looks like they're also bringing in some places for them to go to the bathroom. so again, more evidence that they're planning to stay here for a long time. seeing more police vehicles. that looks like a prisoner transport vehicle i saw that went by. again, all the resources are coming to this area out here by the mall. every indication that the police are setting up for the long haul, getting ready to surround this town, wait this guy out. >> i don't know if you can see the channel, if you can, let me know. but i want you to know that screen right opposite of you is
4:11 am
a -- >> i cannot. >> okay. let me describe it to you. that is a three or four-story brick building, red brick building surrounded by members of the boston police department or the swat team and they've been looking up toward the upper floors and some of them have their weapons trained on some of those windows. i don't know, mike, how far that is from where this police staging ground is. do you have an indication of that? >> no, i really don't. as much as we drove around, we've hit about three or four different locations throughout the night here tonight, bill, and have kind of lost my bearings and i don't really know specifically the building that you're talking about where it is. i show you live pictures of a column of motorcycle mounted police arriving. this is kind of typical of what we have seen. they drive out to this location, turn around, slow down, and stage. again, they're bringing in all the resources, bringing in a
4:12 am
great number of police officers from just about every jurisdiction, sheriff's departments are out here, state troopers are here. the different municipalities are out here, every indication they're going to stay here for the long haul. as you've indicated, if there is a building that's surrounded it could be that they've got a good idea they've got him somewhere. what we're seeing here at this location, indications they're going to wait him out. >> this could very well be the case, mike. gretchen, eric and brian in new york, screen right here, this might be our best image of the day. if they've got this guy surrounded, they'll wait as long as it takes to get him. >> brian: yeah. we understand this is where molly line's vicinity. she told us that that red brick building, and they're look toward the upper floors, that's where they're surrounding and i believe where the two men were handcuffed and sitting on the curb about 15 minutes ago. so we'll have to see. this is where the center of the
4:13 am
action is, which is where we find molly line. i'm not sure if you're in transit or can hear us right now. >> we can hear you. we've actually just pulled off to stop here at the edge of this perimeter. we were literally maybe a mile or so down the street, not that long ago when they asked us to move back. this perimeter is significantly expanded. as we were driving out of that particular block radius where we had been staging throughout most of the morning, we saw tactical teams gearing up, armored humvees. and then as we were leaving that neighborhood, virtually on every street corner there were state police team of three or four people. many heavily armed, lining the entire street, mount auburn where much of the staging happened. up and down the blocks in all directions we could see on the street corners state police or other atf agents standing. so there is a tremendous
4:14 am
presence of law enforcement in this area of watertown. it's really locked down, locked down and there are law enforcement officers on the corner of every street. eric? >> gretchen: molly, you can imagine that authorities would like to try and take this terrorist alive. >> absolutely. they have said this individual, this terrorist is armed and dangerous. they're asking people to stay inside their homes. it's really an erie feeling as we were driving out to see nothing but law enforcement in all directions. people in their homes, no one coming outside. it just seemed almost as if it was an abandoned neighborhood, when in reality we know that people were waking up this morning and are still in those homes right now. they just can't leave. everyone has been asked to lockdown. there is some anecdotal reports from the far side of this perimeter that maybe a few people have been asked to leave their homes, but at this point, the majority of these folks in this neighborhood are being told
4:15 am
to stay put. >> eric: we're going to keep you right there, but we want to go to mike tobin who has the latest now. mike? >> the very latest is that the police have just announced that at another location in cambridge, norfolk street, they're about to close down a section of norfolk street, you had asked earlier about the potential that this individual had gotten outside the perimeter. this speaks to that. there is some indications -- i don't know exactly what they are -- but coming through the state police representative, that the suspect number two, the chechen name that we were just talking about, may have slipped the perimeter and they believe he got to this location. norfolk street in cambridge. they're asking people to pull back from that area. they're about to pull back from that street. no confirmation that he's there, just suspicion that somehow he might have gotten there. that's why they want to shut down that street. they say it's a very dangerous area. any civilians should try to get out of that particular area.
4:16 am
>> gretchen: mike, it's interesting that you say that because the location we're seeing on the right of our screen, looks like the swat team is now leaving this red brick building. so whatever they were doing there, appears now they're making another move, that nothing was going on there. >> well, quite possibly they were checking out that building, they wanted to search it. they surrounded it for whatever reason they decided that that location was cleared, or they wouldn't stand down. so they reached a conclusion that that property was cleared and they're moving to another location. you're getting a lot of suspicions and probably get a lot of sightings. i bet we'll go on more than one wild goose chase before this is over. right now the latest location is norfolk street in cambridge. a good clip away from here, about kind of in the area where the chase all got started. >> brian: thanks a lot, mike. stay there as we watch looks to be 25 swat agents mounting on a car on the rim. bill, before we recap five hours o'clock let's go over the last five minutes of what is
4:17 am
unfolding. suspect number one is dead. his brother, suspect number two, on the loose. >> and suspect number two, we now have a name. dzhokhar tsarnaev, age 19. he and his brother, the two suspects in the marathon bombing. suspect number one is dead, as you mentioned, as of 1:30 approximately this morning in a massive shootout with police in new town, massachusetts, later dying in a hospital with multiple gunshot wounds and possibly explosive injuries as well. suspect number two, we don't know if he was involved in that gun fight or how he got away or if indeed he sustained injuries from that. but suspect number two, the best information we have now through boston police, is that he is alive and he is on the loose, age 19. the community of boston reacting because the police have essentially put a lot of mass
4:18 am
transit on pause for the moment trying to lock down different parts of the city and prevent more movement on behalf of suspect number two. it is still stunning to me that we're a quarter mile away from where he was first seen last night at the intersection of main and vasser near the college and campus of m.i.t. that is just a stone's throw from the charles river where we are, just a stone's throw away from the finish line at the boston marathon. but it has been a rapidly moving story as of 5:00 o'clock last night when the f.b.i. put out those excellent pieces of photography, video and still pictures of the two suspects. i mean, they were remarkable, brian. i will tell you that just talking with numerous reporters throughout the city of boston who have been here for the past week or so, the past five days, anyway, those images, they were not the ones that many people expected. i'll just leave it at that. when they came out, it was like holy cow! in which direction are we going
4:19 am
now? now this is the way we have moved some 14 hours later. >> gretchen: a couple questions come it mind with your recap. if people are just joining us, during this shootout where suspect number one was killed, you and i have been postulating, but nobody really knows what happened to suspect number two. how did he get away? and now mike tobin reporting, now it appears police are back in cambridge thinking suspect number two has made it back there. >> yeah. i tell you, they're not big communities. they're pocket communities throughout the boston area. one kind of links into the other. the roads kind of roll from cambridge into newton. that's the way the city is set up. if you move east and west and back again across the charles river. but i'm telling you, these guys know the area a that's why they stayed close and it's possible that they were given
4:20 am
help and assistance and aid from people who live here. maybe they're friends of them or maybe family members for that matter, who gave them a bit of cover. jennifer griffin ready again out of washington, d.c let's get to her quickly, brian. i apologize. >>rian: no problem. >> what do you have now? >> yes. we have interesting information about suspect number two still on the loose. dzhokhar tsarnaev, as we've reported. it appears that he won a 2011 city scholarship in cambridge. this was for the elite cambridge ridge and latin school where apparently he was a student and he won a $2,500 scholarship from the city, from contributions, from citizens and businesses. that was in 2011. that suggests that he has been in the cambridge area for at least two years, that he may have even before a -- been a student at the cambridge latin school. that's where this scholarship money came o appears there. it's a unique name and it'ssort
4:21 am
of unusual for it to be onth list. maybe that is why he's so comfortable in that watertown, cambridge area, because he grew upthere. it's not clear when he arrived in the country but what we do know from federal authorities is that he and his brother may have had military training overseas. he is chechen in background. he's 19 years old. and he's on the loose and armed and extremely dangerous right no bill. >> thank you, jennifer. jennifer griffin in washington. brian, back to you. >> brian: we have fox reporter, janet winter has exclusive information about the man that escaped from his carjacking. turns out according to this story, he did not escape. he was pusd out of thear. he's the kid who owned the car, in his 20s. he ran into theveonnience store all upset obviously and shaken up. at first the convenience store thout he was -- owner thought he was just drunk. he said no, they phed me out
4:22 am
of the car. he says, he within inside and cled the door. he was shaking and nervous. i only believe him. he knows the cops -- he knew the cop's name. the cops came and took the surveillance camera of the car pulling up and they took it from him. he said he was relieved, t young man who was carjacked that one is dead. he said, i hope they got the other one. >> listen that, could have been the break they needed, brian, frankly. that happened again last night right around 10:30 local time. it was at that point when police were hot on the trail of these two men drivingway in that man's mercedes suv. >> eric: another point about the suv, at some point when the cops were chasing that suv, they were throwing explosives out the window. the thought has to be, where did they get the explosives? were they walking around with the explosives when they decided to carjack the mercedes suv and
4:23 am
go to do whatever they were they were armed, they wereeing dangerous, they wereing explosives for a reason. >> indeed. and what is that reason? frankly, we don't know at the moment. but were they planning to drop yet another bomb? that is still a possibility until police tell us otherwise. >> brian: if jennifer is still there, are you still with us? >> yes, i'm here. >> brian: i just had achance to talk to peter king about ten minutes ago, homeland security, he's chairman. he believes this is clearly, after the pictures went up, that was their go sign for a second wave. you're so experienced in this. do you get some of that sense? >> i certainly have heard from sources that that was the concern all along and they w worried that is one of the reasons the f.b.i. was moving slowly in releasing that imagery that they had almost immediately because they were concerned about what was coming next. again, we've mentioned how unusual it is for this kind of
4:24 am
attack not to have been a suicide bombing. that indicates that there were more plans. if you look at this carjaing tonight, it's very clear that this car was hijacked over at m.i.t. where the shootingf the policeman occurred on the m.i.t. campus. they were taking this, it was a black suv mercedes. they were stoppingy the convenience store trying to get gas to get out of town. that's when they pushed t owner of the vehicle out. that's when he ran in, as was reported, into the convenience store and began his tale and said, call 911. call 911. this was a huge break. it's not clear wre they were headed. but we do know that they were heavily armed, that they had grenades, dynamite and some are suggesting they may have had other pressure cooker bombers. >> brian: right. it's amazing that you would kill a cop reportedly, unmotivated and yet, let this guy who owned the car live and tell his story. >> look, terrorists make mistakes. that's how law enforcement gets
4:25 am
these kind of breaks. >> gretchen: let me take you back for some breaking news information that you just reported a couple minutes ago, which was that suspect number two, who is currently on the run, if you're just joining us, the suspect in the white hat on the screen there, that he had received some sort of an elite scholarship in 2001 to cambridge latin school. i'm looking at that on the internet. it appears to be part of the -- did she part of cambridge public schools. ostensibly he was in high school here? >> well, that is certainly someone of the same name appears on the scholarship list at the elite cambridge ridge and latin school. i'm familiar with that school in cambridge and he is listed somebody by the same name is listed, dzhokhar tsarnaev, received in 2011, a $2,500 scholarship for higher education. those were donations from the local community. he was one of i think 50 students who received this and it's curious because federal law
4:26 am
enforcement sources told mike levin that they believe he and his brother had been in the country more than a year. and that would make sense in this case. >> eric: stand by. we have molly line, who is at the scene of the pictures that you're seeing on the left side of the screen right now. molly? >> eric, i don't know if they're just walking out of the shadow around the corner, but there is a tactical team just two blocks from me. this is the edge of the perimeter, really they're about a block outside of what's been blocked off as the perimeter and we saw the tactical team with an armored humvee walking down the street, peeking into cars, walking around buildings. they're fully decked out in all tactical gear, full body armor. clearly doing a door by door, car by car stroll through this neighborhood peeking into all the nooks and crannies trying to find this individual, this terrorist that everyone is searching for. just outside of the perimeter. so essentially the entire
4:27 am
community of watertown remains this massive crime scene. eric? >> brian: i just don't know how long they can secure a crime scene this long. the mass transportation has been shut down. cities have been basically shut down. people are staying off the streets and countless numbers of police officers, all levels, atf's, all skills, swat and training led by the f.b.i i just don't know how much longer they can do this. but i guess every minute counts at this hour and coordination is key. >> yeah. i think the hope is that they won't have to do this too long, that this area is locked down and the hope is that this suspect is nearby and will be caught shortly. the tactical teams are clearly ready. there is a tremendous law enforcement presence here and they are ready for action. every piece of law enforcement equipment you can imagine that you see at any situation, law enforcement situation on the streets in boston we're seeing
4:28 am
here. units from all over the area. we've seen police departments from lincoln and cambridge, and police who had unifier down this morning. tremendous presence. >> eric: can you give us a sense of the size of the perimeter that we're look at right now? there are a lot of people inside that perimeter that are frankly locked down as well. >> you know, initially we were being told it was 15 to 20 blocks early this morning. clearly it is much, much larger than that. it's hard to say because we were at the one edge of it and we were pushed out to this edge. so it would be impossible for me to say how far it goes in the other direction. this is literally miles that we're looking at here that are being lined with officers in every direction. we've seen the k-9 units drive past. we haven't seen any of the dogs out in this area at this point in time, but we've seen the officers staging and blocking off and the motorcycle, the state police officers coming in,
4:29 am
tremendous state police presence here in particular as far as the street corners and the blocks are concerned. then these tactical units with the black atv's around the corner here, in green military garb and heavily armed people are walking the streets this morning. >> brian: wow. we're continuing to follow this as we try to follow number two, suspect number two, and if you're just joining us, we found out a short time ago that these guys were both brothers and they've been in the area for at least a year. and let's just go over exactly what got us up early, got you up early and glued to all this coverage this morning. gretchen, it really began at 10:20 last night. >> gretchen: it did. that's when there was some altercation at a 7-11. an m.i.t. police officer, unfortunately, shot and killed by these two terrorists. they then carjacked a person who -- he was with them for 30
4:30 am
minutes in the car. he had them stopping for gas where he was able to get away and give a firsthand account of the fact he had been with these two terrorists. we're not sure if he was able to get away or if they released him. but he was able to get away alive. then there was some sort of massive shootout and huge car chase that ensued with police and the two terrorists. one of them, suspect number one. if we have a photo of him with the dark baseball cap based on the photos released yesterday, he was shot dead. they're brothers. suspect, maybe possibly the younger one, he's only 19, still on the run now. he's known as dzhokhar tsarnaev. >> brian: for that terrorist who is pronounced dead at 1:35 in the morning. they did try to revive him. we had the press conference at the hospital, but he did die not only from bullet wounds, but shrapnel wounds. some people believe it was some of the shrapnel that was in the victims on monday might have ended up in him, intentional or not. there is also a belief maybe they were begin ago second wave. somehow number two has gotten
4:31 am
out. it was still dark when he did get out and he is still out at this hour. police have told the entire community essentially of cambridge and the surrounding region of boston and other towns, no school, no mass transportation, no subways, no buses, and telling everybody not to go to work. business is to stay shut down as they try to find this one guy, at least one. this 19-year-old before he's able to strike again or get away. >> eric: we're going to send it back to bill hemmer who is standing in boston. go ahead, bill. >> 7:31 local time. good morning again. this is what we can add. fox news reporting that these two guys, these two terrorists have been in the u.s. for, quote, several years as legal permanent residents living in massachusetts. we can also report that authorities believe they are originally from chechnya and borders russia or from turkey. we're still working to nail that down in boston. throughout the city of boston, the mass transit system buses
4:32 am
and trains, the entire commuter rail line has been shut down. officials advised not to congregate at bus stations or train stations. amtrak service has been shut down between boston and providence, rhode island. the various towns up and down the charles river, watertown, waltham, belmont, newton, cambridge, brighton, they're urging people to stay indoors. businesses are told not to open. again, 7:30 local time here. it's about 90 minutes before the business day gets underway. watertown, all vehicle traffic has been banned. colleges. here is the list, harvard, m.i.t., bran dice, boston university, emmerson, boston college, suffolk, northeastern, excuse me, emmanuel, tufts, boston conservatory, all closed. classes called off for today. boston public schools, they've canceled all activities. other closures, hall
4:33 am
marketplace, a well-known area here in boston for many bostonnians and many tourists who come to the area. it's not as if the city is frozen. but you could say much of it has been suspended, at least for now. they got their first guy. suspect number one is dead and accounted for. suspect number two, though, is not. 19 years old, either from chechnya originally or even turkey, is on the run somewhere here in cambridge, massachusetts. guys. >> gretchen: all right, bill hemmer reporting for us live on the scene. been doing so for much of the night. time to bring in our guest, a middle eastern expert. good morning to you. >> good morning. good morning to you. >> gretchen: hard to believe the event that have unfolded in the last 12 hours. if you've been up and watching or just rewatching this morning, your initial thoughts? >> well, i think that now we have moved from the level of
4:34 am
just a team that provided support for an operation that was bombing to a frightened team. if we couple that with the fact that they have a chechen background or any other background that has international connections, we are dealing at this point in time with a possibility of international terrorism. that moves the file from home-grown to international level. >> gretchen: so what do you make of the fact that new reports now, fox reporting that these two brothers had been in the united states of america for several years now? as your expertise would tell you, would they come here initially at such a young age to be terrorists or is this something that they decide to do once they're here? >> it's not them who decides. if they have been indoctrinated, if they have been radicalized or recruited, they are moving with that cell or that network that trained them. what we see right now is very clear on the screen.
4:35 am
these are terrorist fighters, urban fighters that have been able to create those bombs. they've been able to fight against law enforcement, kill a policeman. one is on the run. we're talking about a fighting unit. when that happened, we don't know. most likely they have gotten the indoctrination first, came to the united states, planned that activity, and then decided or somebody decided for them to engage in that activity. this is not just two individuals who made that decision. they're part of a network. >> eric: can i ask you, to be very careful and very clear about this, i'm watching the twitter feeds. npr is reporting a third man has been arrested. now, if that is true, if that's true, and i emphasize that because there has been a lot of misinformation, but if that's true, how big can this be? can it spread to more than just the third, maybe a fourth or fifth or more? how big is this cell likely? >> what i need basically is to understand really if the nationality has been confirmed.
4:36 am
that would tell us a lot of stuff because the chechen jihadi network is very extensive. they have a huge network inside russia and chechnya, but they have involved if other battle fields. they have gone to afghanistan, our government has reports about jihadi chechens trained in afghanistan. they were found in pakistan and in many other countries. and we know that chechen jihaddists traveled to the united states back and forth. so if that is the case, then it will be most likely that those two individuals have logistical and even tactical support within the united states because the one who is loose right now, he was fleeing, fleeing to where? to leave the country or to join some hideout within the united states? >> brian: what do you believe, from what you know and knowing they're in the area, they know about surveillance camera. they're here at least a year. they have to know the level of security in the major cities, the fact is when those pictures went up, that was their go sign for a second wave. does it look to you, the earmarks of a second wave?
4:37 am
>> look, we don't know. it all depends on what was the initial mission. the initial mission was to strike in boston and as someone has mentioned, i think jennifer mentioned, the fact they did not act as suicide bombers, although chechens have done suicide bombings in the past, it means they were to do a second wave or to join another team for a second wave. that's the tactic. if you don't kill yourself in a suicide bombing mission, it means you have another mission. now, the way that they were trained for bombing and fighting means to me that they are part of a fighting unit and therefore, they could be a support for them. i don't think that the support will now try to save them because they don't want to uncover themselves. >> brian: it's amazing that chechnyans who love to fight and been in that area and i understand that they teamed up with the taliban and teamed up with al-qaeda in different scenarios. but they would actually come over here and try to perpetrate, if they are chechnyan, they're already on russia's hit list.
4:38 am
>> look, nationality is irrelevant at this point in time once we know they are jihaddist, meaning al-qaeda, and i'm using the term al-qaeda because chechen jihaddists are connected to al-qaeda. al-qaeda whose strategy as we read in inspire magazine, as we read on-line, in the chat rooms, picks and choose what kind of nationality that can fit with the land, with the country they're going to send them to. so the fact that these persons could be from india, syria, chechnya or american born is irrelevant at this point in time. what is relevant is are they jihaddists? too they have a connection internationally? >> gretchen: all right. walid, interesting insight from somebody who knows, expert. if you would, please stick around. we're going to go live to bill hemmer who has been live in boston for us all morning of the you have new information? >> yes. just a little bit here. i want to add what's happening in watertown. the boston police department has done a pretty good job over the past five days of alerting the
4:39 am
public by way of their twitter feed when they need to get news out. they just sent this out minutes ago. a community alert, door to door search for a s watertown continues. again, they said watertown. that wasn't cambridge. i just -- two different communities. i want to keep that straight. also uniformed officers searching community consent is critical. think about the last thing that they end. community consent is critical when you put that with all the closures that they've announced already today, be it the bus or the train or various businesses they've encouraged not to open just yet, as the camera swings around, we'll try to keep you updated, but the community consent is critical. based on everything i have seen in boston since monday afternoon or late monday evening, this is a community that wants this story resolved and they want it done right. i would not use the word revenge
4:40 am
at this point, but bostonnians are ticked off about what happened at their town and their marathon and the tradition this town had for more than 100 years. they want this thing taken care of. and i bet if you asked a lot of the folks in this street, they want this person alive and i think the police want that, too, try and get answers to why. why did they do what they did on monday afternoon and from where did that motivation come? >> eric: bill, why did they do it? some of those answers, some of those questions may be answered if they get the address of this guy. now you have a name. there is likely an address for this guy. i got to think one of these perimeters being surrounded by cops would be his home address, his apartment to find out what was going on inside there, an indication of that happening? >> eric, if he slips this noose, he's good. i'm not saying he's going to. in fact, we hope for the
4:41 am
opposite outcome here. but this police presence has been significant and i find it highly unlikely that he will be able to get much movement out of here. just based on what we've seen coming out here today, the police department or the swat team. we hope it is a question of time. we await that at 7:41 a.m. eastern time here in boston, massachusetts. when the police brief, we'll bring that to you. >> gretchen: i can imagine that if you're just joining us, you can see the police are about to brief. they've been up for the night as well. it started at 10:30 last night in boston. one of the suspects if you're just joining us, in the boston marathon bombing has been killed. the other one, suspect number two, a 19-year-old man of chechen descent, possibly turkish is still on the loose. apparently in watertown, massachusetts. a huge perimeter. people ordered to stay inside their homes. no mass transportation
4:42 am
operational, no one on the road in that vicinity. he apparently had received some sort of a scholarship to an elite public school in cambridge, massachusetts in 2011. fox news confirming that both of these brothers had been in the united states for several years. one has to assume they're residents -- their residence was in cambridge. earlier mike tobin alerted us to the fact that there was an address that police were surrounding. no doubt that would be the home of these two brothers. >> brian: right. you think guys this young would not be alone. you don't really get 19 and maybe his brother a couple years older wouldn't be living by themselves through this time. where are the parents? where are the uncles? who was raising them? could they possibly be involved? it's some of the questions when you think about if there is indeed as npr is reporting, a third person arrested. >> gretchen: let's go back out to bill hemmer now to give us insight on what you expect the police now to announce. what do you expect them to say
4:43 am
at this press conference other than they're still looking for suspect number two? >> i tell you, frankly i was surprised that we got the press conference we had at 4:30 in the morning. i think that's really forth coming on behalf of the police because they didn't have all the answers at that point. but they had to inform the public of something and the media along with that after that wild shootout that happened around midnight last night. we will share that with our viewers a bit later this morning. it is something to watch when you hear these bullets ricochet and that sound just reverb rates off the asphalt and the sidewalk and off the houses on both sides of the street. they had to say something after that. they did. i thought it was tremendous police work, too. i really -- as i think about the story and as we've been waiting news from the f.b.i., i cannot help but be impressed by the amount of control the f.b.i. exerted on holding information
4:44 am
until they were ready, until they were firm, until they were sure with this. we get impatient, but that's our problem. what the f.b.i. has is a major terrorist problem on their hands and they're trying to solve. so they went to ground for two days. what they emerged with, i really compliment them because what they emerged with shocked a lot of people and stunned people into action in all likelihood led to the apprehension of suspect number one, now dead. now this 19-year-old on the loose and on the run, but hopefully not for long. >> gretchen: aptly said, bill. the idea that the f.b.i. came out yesterday, i sat there dumb founded by the fact they've been able to capture the images of these two terrorists with so much of their face to be identifiable. the idea that they had come across this from looking at hours and hours of videotape and photos that people had given them was unbelievable. now it's resulted, as you point out, that one of the suspects,
4:45 am
two brothers, one of them dead, the other one still on the loose in a massive manhunt right now. we're hoping to learn more when they come to the podium. hopefully we'll learn where they are in this search and where they think suspect number two might be. >> brian: on top of all you've said, bill, and the speed in which they put this together and coordinated branches of law enforcement, the other thing i get is how much respect they have for the public and media and how candid they are and less cagey than you would expect when it comes to this. i also saw the outwardinger and sadness over the death of a police officer this morning. that started this whole thing at 10:20 today. you got to realize, too, we all feel bad and horrible when a cop is shot. but for those who serve, for those who too it, are on the job on a daily basis, it really hits home. when that happened at 10:20, the carjacking soon after, that really heightened the alert and the awareness about how lethal these guys are.
4:46 am
>> sometimes the first impression is the lasting one. my first impression at 6:30 p.m. monday evening when i first arrived in boston was listening to the marathon runners tell me about the police response and the fire department, how they responded here in boston. they talked about police being everywhere, surrounding the race scene, surrounding them, and truly a response that was so remarkable that the people who called boston their home took note of that. i think that's significant. >> brian: yeah, absolutely. we are waiting there. we see the police also lined up at the streets stopping people from leaving the area. it's not a message to the citizens. it's a message to suspect number two, the terrorist, you're not getting anywhere. and as cops stream in, people who -- it would be a normally really busy friday, business
4:47 am
owners, do not open up, students, do not go to school. we're looking for one guy at least in particular. when i find -- what i find also intriguing is if they find more people involved and the parents of these two brothers, where are they? how do two brothers get radicalized and the family or whoever they're staying with not know about it? and the one we're looking for is just 19 years old. >> to that point, i think we have so many questions still. we are really in the early stages of this. when you think about the hyper speed the story has been on overnight and into the morning hours and we're not clear how this is going to end. but it will end if the police department and f.b.i. have their way. >> gretchen: i'd love to get your comments on the fact that in this case, i'm sure the police would love to be able to get suspect number two alive, apprehend him alive. suspect one is dead. they obviously would like to garner as much information as possible if they could possibly bring in suspect number two.
4:48 am
your thoughts? >> indeed. i think the american people are looking for that, too, frankly. sometimes when you see these stories and you see suicide by cop, their intention is to go out and harm as many people as they can and allow the police to take them out and let the police put them out of their misery and do it in a public way. i don't think people want to see that here and i think they want to get answers to get to the why for what happened on monday afternoon. the only way i think you can do that is if you get this 19-year-old and you find him soon and you take him alive. >> brian: i was wondering, what they showed you photos earlier where we elected not to have you -- you elected not to describe those, were they of these guys? >> no. listen, my jaw dropped yesterday when we were watching that news
4:49 am
conference at 5:15. it was one of those head turners where you were like, whoa. now, this is a curve ball. but that's the curve ball that only lasted for a few hours. they were hot on their trail last night at 10:30 just across the charles river. >> gretchen: yeah, what's still unknown is whether or not these terrorists then saw their photos on international television and decided boy, we got to get the heck out of here after apparently hanging around for four days, or if they were just waiting to be found and then they were going to start some sort of a second wave of terrorist activity. we don't know the answer to that yet. >> you're right about that, too. we don't know that answer. maybe that's some of what will be enlightened throughout the day today once police see they start talking or start taking some of these questions. brian, you asked whether or not they were informed about these images. there was someone within the
4:50 am
investigative unit to the story that has done the f.b.i. a huge disservice. >> gretchen: exactly. >> because what they did, they took images, many, many images, i'm talking dozens of images and they set up web sites that just about every american has the ability to access and they made it seem and appear as if, while they were in search of other individuals, maybe two, three or four others, and those images, they went around the ether and people looked at them and they thought, well, obviously these must be the guys. who was it on the inside that would even take those images, think about establishing a web site and put onto misinformation? and i think one of the stories that will be talked about when this is resolved is how the f.b.i. and the boston police go back and look at their own investigative personnel to find out who had access to it and who had the motivation to put out bad information to make it public? >> brian: bill, stand by because
4:51 am
joining us shortly or right now ambassador john bolton. >> gretchen: he'll be coming up in a few minutes. i don't think he's exactly ready yet. but he's the former u.n. ambassador for the united states who has information about the possible chechen connection. bill, back to your point about the way in which the investigation has ensued, that is why i had so much respect for the f.b.i. yesterday when they came out and said -- actually all those photos you've seen on-line are not accurate at all. here is the two guys we're actually looking for. look where we are today. >> what they said was, any other photos you see do not consider them credible. these are the only two suspects we're after. the only two suspects in the image and video they played yesterday. again, the police will brief in a moment. clearly a number of the members of the media are getting ready for that. >> brian: and with us right now is jennifer griffin, too. jennifer, i know you're standing by, trying to put together the clues. as we look at the last names,
4:52 am
they seem to indicate to you of chechnyan heritage. do you find it atypical that somebody who is 19 and a brother who is perhaps a little older would be radicalized while living here the last couple of years? >> look, there are a lot of things we don't know. it's not atypical in the sense that we don't know where these brothers -- were they born oversea as soon as did they come here in recent years? what we do know is they were residents of cambridge for several years, going back to 2010. there is somebody by the name of dzhokhar tsarnaev who was enrolled at cambridge ridge and latin school. this is a prestigious school in the cambridge area. he received a scholarship, $500 to study and apparently he may have been studying at m.i.t. and that places him -- that's one of the reasons it seems that these brothers look so comfortable walking around a student environment in boston and so there are a lot of loose ends to
4:53 am
this case. i don't think that we can say for sure. we do know that the federal authorities are looking into whether they were trained militarily overseas, but does that mean that they were young kids here and went overseas for training somewhere and then came back? or did they simply build a bomb off the internet as you can do because of inspire magazine? there is a lot we don't know. but we do -- we're trying to confirm the name of the older brother and i'll throw it back to you. >> gretchen: no matter what, americans will be extremely angry if these two were educated here in america and decided to invoke this terror on american soil. let's go out to mike tobin, our other reporter on the scene who has new information. >> the development at this location now is that we've been given a one minute warning that governor patrick will come and give a very brief set of comments. he said it's going to be extremely brief and he's not going to take any comments and
4:54 am
he's going to get out of here very quickly. presumably this is going to be a message to the people of boston and boston area to stay at home for their own safety. that's been the message we've heard over and over again from the state police as they're making their comments out here. right now we're waiting to hear from governor patrick at this location and looks to me now like we have a couple of vehicles pulling up and that's our warning. he's going to step right up to the microphones and make his comments. once again, probably trying to reassure the people in this general area and make certain that they heed the warnings that they respect the idea that this individual is armed and dangerous and that they shelter in place and respect the amount of danger there is. you still are someone at large. i'm just glancing over my shoulder. we have more throngs and motorcycle officers coming up, as we have this terrific police presence at this location.
4:55 am
every indication that they're prepared to stay here for the long haul, if that's what they need to do. if they need to wait this individual out. >> gretchen: is it only going to be the governor giving a short statement? will police officers be giving us an update of any sort of the search for suspect number two? >> i think it's just going to be the governor. in fact, we had one state trooper indicate that it will just be the governor giving his message. i'm open to speculation as far as what exactly he's going to say. but you have to assume he's going to repeat what we've heard from the police thus far, urging the people to stay in their homes and take the situation very seriously. >> brian: i also think he's going to take the time to talk about, or at least mention the officer that lost his life reportedly while he sat in the car before this whole struggle started at 10:20 last night. and i think that can't be overstated that another first responder lost his life? what could be the latest chapter in the war on terror.
4:56 am
>> you make an excellent point because there has been so much going on and so many developments, so many exciting and terrifying developments out here that the humanity of this particular officer has kind of been swept away through all of this. we've seen the excitement of the bullets flying with that initial contact on campus. not paying much attention to the fact that someone died during the course of that, someone who sworn his life to protect and serve and his life was snuffed out in that exchange that we've now seen on video. the subsequent chase, so many officers put their lives at risk as these individuals fired at them and went as far as to throw grenadiers explosives out the window. the explosives, quality enough that some of the officers in the scene here in watertown warned us and my crew that what we were doing with was military grade explosives. we have seen e.o.d. teams on the
4:57 am
scene. we have seen the bomb disposal robots on the scene. one of the ways they can try to get rid of some of these explosives and not put e.o.d. officers at risk. we do see some of the state police officers and some of the different police officers who have been speaking at these briefings. pausing now waiting for the governor himself to show up. we got a one minute warning and as the is so fluid, nobody is really obliged to stick to that. >> gretchen: we should also mention there was another police officer who was gravely wounded as well who is in critical condition, it's my understanding right now. so you have one m.i.t. police officer who was killed. you have another one who was injured during that massive shootout where suspect number one was killed. and now we're waiting the governor's statement to the people of watertown and surrounding areas in massachusetts while suspect number two is still on the run. >> brian: remarkable press conference. two press conferences have taken place in the middle of the night. boston police commissioner ed davis cape out. that was the first time. he indicated to us that he felt
4:58 am
as though that this might be, if you look at his words from somebody on the outside, he said, we believe this to be a terrorist who came here to kill. that's what he said earlier. then we had under secretary curt schwartz come back and him talk about what we need to do locally, what they need to do locally in the boston area in order to best fuel the investigation and the manhunt and the massive manhunt going on and that is stay home if you're in mount, waltham and mostly the suburban neighborhoods and told the college kids you're not going to school today. the business owner, we don't need to you open today and basically mass transportation will be shut down until we find at least the second suspect. >> and brian, amending what i said earlier, the state police just announced we will also hear from commissioner davis of the boston police when these comments are made. >> brian: that is mike tobin there on the scene.
4:59 am
you've been watching fox news continuing coverage of the situation in boston. it's dramatics. some fox stations will be leaving us. others will be staying. for those of you on fox news channel, our coverage continues right now. >> gretchen: you are watching continuing coverage of the situation going on in boston, massachusetts this morning and overnight, brian kilmeade and gretchen carlson here with you this morning. police and swat teams converging in several places in and around boss continue with riot gear after a stand-off with the boston bombing suspects, dramatic car chase and a lot of gun fire and here is the governor. >> a point i want to make and i'm going to ask commissioner davis from boston and then colonel alvin from the state department to make a statement. we are not going to take questions at this point. i know you have a lot of questions. but obviously we've had a very rapidly developing situation of
5:00 am
course through the night. i think you know the basics, that suspect one is dead. suspect two is on the run. we have an nbta officer who was seriously wounded and in surgery right now. we have an m.i.t. security officer who has been killed. there is a massive manhunt underway. lot of law enforcement involved in that. to assist that, we have suspended all service on the mbta, our public transit service and that will continue until we think it's safe to open all or some of that. we have asked people to shelter in place, in other words, to stay in doors with their doors locked and not to open the door for anyone other than a properly identified law enforcement officer and that applies here in watertown where we are right
5:01 am
now, also cambridge, waltha, newton, belmont and at this point, all of boston. all of boston. this is a serious situation. we're taking it seriously. we're asking the public to take it seriously as well and to assist law enforcement by following those simple instructions. we've got every asset that we can possibly muster on the ground right now. they are doing a terrific job in working in concert with each other, but we are going to need the public to help us help them stay safe. >> thank you. as the governor said, this is a rapidly developing situation. within the last half hour, we received information that i have communicated to the mayor. he's asking to come here and to tell you that the shelter in place recommendation has been extended throughout the city of boston. there is a lot of information
5:02 am
coming in. we're working very closely with federal authorities in washington. we are examining all databases, all potential leads and there are officers that are moving around the city right now. please be patient with us, work with us. if you see anything suspicious, let us know. we are trying to make it as safe as quickly as possible, but this is an ongoing situation. i want to stress that. this is an ongoing situation. >> colonel alvin, first i want to start by saying thank you to each and every one of you. you've gotten the message out there to the neighborhood. i have to ask you to continue to do that. our number one priority right now is with these neighborhoods here in watertown and making them safe and finding this individual. that's what we're committed to. we need more time. we're making significant progress out there. but it may take hours to do this. so please bear with us. i know that there is a lot of questions and we'll have plenty of time to address those after this. so for right now, this is about
5:03 am
public safety. this is about watertown neighborhoods. so employees give us that leeway. we'll be back shortly. thank you. >> gretchen: you've been listening to a press conference there. it was the governor and also the police official there just giving a basic update of what mike tobin said they would, which is to assure the public that they are on it, they're in search of suspect number two, but they need the public's help in staying inside their homes and staying off the streets. you don't want to get yourself in the middle of this situation because we know this man is armed and dangerous. he may have explosives with him. his brother was killed in gun fight, but also, brian, with explosives on him. >> brian: absolutely. as we welcome in martha mccallum and bill hemmer right there, just to note the governor came out and cited the fact that we have an officer killed, m.i.t. officer killed at 10:20 last height and another severely wounded, clinging to life at this hour. and overall, he salutes the
5:04 am
public because 400,000 people have been essentially asked to stay in place. let us find this guy and so far, we have. between the media, the public and the law enforcement, it's been pretty impresssive, wouldn't you say, bill? >> oh, very much so, brian. very much so. but the headlines were pretty stark there. one m.i.t. officer is dead. another officer wounded, being treated at the hospital. we're told that man is in critical condition. suspect number one, dead. suspect number two, age 19, dzhokhar tsarnaev, on the run. officers moving throughout the city because there was a lot of information and data coming in. no questa briefing. i thought that was rather telling. it tells us even they don't have all the answers and you can reach that conclusion because based on all this data coming in and the large area that is being searched as well. i want to bring my colleague, my co-anchor, martha mccallum in
5:05 am
as well. good morning to you back in new york. >> good morning, bill. i'm so struck when you look at that map of the universities that are shut down today and you think back to september 11, a huge hit on the pentagon and on the financial centers of this country. this is one of the most prestigious areas in the united states of america and it is littered with some of our most storied universities and the potential, the possibility that this young man had been enjoying his education here. we don't know whether or not he was attending m.i.t. that is just one of the stories that is out there right now. but you have to ask yourself about the shooting of this m.i.t. police officer, which appears from what we have learned so far, to have been unprovoked. he was sitting in his police car and you start to think about these two young men as brothers and a lot of questions surfacing now about how wide their family may be in this area and a lot of hope at this moment that this young man will be taken in alive
5:06 am
so that more can be learned about his story and plot. >> brian: the whole night starts as of now, we understand, with the killing of that officer, with multiple gunshot wounds while he sat in his car. then they end up carjacking this unsuspecting 20-year-old and driving around with him for 30 minutes. at which time he's able to go to a convenience store when they filled up for gas. he says he was pushed out of the car, at which time he goes in, tells the 45-year-old behind the counter what's going on. the guy behind the counter originally says this guy must be drunk or something. then he realized what he was saying was the truth and then the pursuit ensued. suspect number one gunned down. and suspect number two still in pursuit. let's go back out to watertown for more. >> 33 years of age and he's been a transit police officer for three years. he's currently in the hospital. thank you. >> gretchen: that was just an update on the police officer in the part of the story that brian
5:07 am
was recapping because so much happened since 10:30 last night that there was another officer then in this dramatic car chase that went to watertown, massachusetts, as police followed these two terrorists. one of these officers was wounded and he's a 33-year-old man who is currently at mass general undergoing surgery, as you heard from the governor a bit earlier. richard h. donahue, junior is apparently his name. another m.i.t. officer, unfortunately, killed at the beginning of the event that happened overnight. so in the meantime, after this car chase, you have suspect number one who is killed, but he's not only killed by gun fire, he apparently had explosives on him and they were throwing explosives out of the car as they're going through in chase. the surgeon who tried to revive him at the hospital said he had multiple gunshot wounds, but also had shrapnel in his torso. so the question is whether he was trying to go out with glory with a suicide vest, or if he got caught in his own wave of
5:08 am
throwing explosives out trying to get the police. it's unknown how suspect number one in the white cap got away and he's still on the loose. >> brian: we know he was not wearing a vest. we know that for sure. but we do know that some of the shrapnel that has been described to have got noon some of the -- into some of the victims on monday got into him as well. he was pronounced dead at 1:35 in the morning and those great surgeons at boston -- in boston at the -- was it mass general or beth israel hospital? they were the ones scrambling to keep that officer alive to make sure the fatalities tonight are held at one. i'll tell you, martha, i don't know what it was like from your perspective, but for the fifth straight day in the middle of the night, something brand-new happened to a story that has rivetted the entire world. >> it's been an unbelievable series of developments here. when you think about when we heard the doctor earlier this
5:09 am
morning, brian, talking about the efforts that they underwent to try to keep suspect number one alive, no doubt they wanted very much to hear what that young man had to say. the cpr failed, everything else failed and they lost him. now the clue and the key to finding out the rest of this story rests with that man in the white baseball cap whose name we now know and whether or not he can be brought in alive. you just have to wonder wherever this young man is right now, what is going through his mind? how did he get himself to this point to be in this deep and how large is the web that supported these two young men? so many questions out there right now. you look at that picture on the left, watertown, massachusetts, historic new england town where the finest in their department is lined up. they have already lost one officer, an m.i.t. officer and another one as they just explained in the hospital having undergone surgery just an incredibly emotional and tense
5:10 am
moment in this very central and prominent area of our country. >> gretchen: we don't mean to interrupt, but we want to bring in john bolton because he has some information about the chechen connection. these were two brothers, apparently from chechnya, originally, but had been in the united states for several years. are you on the phone? >> yes, i am. >> gretchen: what can you tell us about any kind of a chechen connection and terrorism in general in that part of the world? >> if these two young men are chechens, they come from a region where terrorism has been a way of life especially in recent years, motivated by two factors. one islamic radicalism and two, a desire for independence from russia. the chechens, you may recall, were responsible for the massive hostage taking at the theater in moscow about ten years ago, over 100 hostages dead because of the overreaction, 40 chechen terrorists killed. a few years later, about six or seven years ago, the school
5:11 am
seizure. over 1,000 children taken hostage. 300 or more killed. the chechens got their start in terrorism by bombing subways in moscow. so it's significant that the boston transportation system has been closed down, very prudent thing to do. if underlying if, these men are chechen, they could well be supported by a significant international network. and the continuing risk that massachusetts authorities have been talking about is very real. these people are killers, make no mistake about it. they're not misguided youth. they are terrorist killers. >> brian: not known to be necessarily enemies of america, yet they fought as part of islamic terrorists with the taliban in afghanistan. but when you think of chechnya, their natural enemy is russia and that's who they're perpetrating their terror on. am i right? >> originally. but as i say, there is not a lot of separation from russia you're going to get in the boston area.
5:12 am
so one has to ask if the other motivation of radical islam and their connections with terrorist networks around the world isn't what's motivating them here. >> brian: bill hemmer is standing by we know in cambridge. bill, we're just going over what could be a chechnyan connection. your thoughts for the ambassador? >> yeah. i tell you, mr. ambassador, the comment you made about that school hit in russia, that was one of the more heinous acts of terror that the world has ever seen. and you wonder why that was carried out the way it was, because the killing was so indiscriminate and when we had the newtown tragedy a few months ago, many people remarked on that because that was really a turning point because when you go after children, it goes to a new level. >> right. the chechens, the terrorist chechens, let me underlined
5:13 am
that, have shown no compunctions in the victims they go after. that's why i think just as a matter of basic prudence, we need to be concerned that this is not isolated to the boston area, that there may be supporters of these two individuals up there or there may be plans for other attacks elsewhere in the country. i think this is really a time when everybody needs to be vigilant here. >> gretchen: ambassador, let me ask think about the idea of a sleeper cell. what do you make of the fact that these two brothers stayed in the vicinity, as bill hemmer has been reporting because he's on site there -- as short of a distance of a half mile from where these bombings took place is where they were first spotted late last night. what do you make of that? >> well, if they've been in the country for several years, i hate to put it this way, but it's good terrorist trade craft. they have completely scoped out the boston area and they took a lot of preparation to do what they've done and that's why i think we need to be concerned
5:14 am
that there may be others who have come to this country as students or under visas of one kind or another who are simply waiting for the right moment. i think as walid said earlier, these people are taking direction from others overseas and i think it shows their communication security was good. we had no advance warning of it. and it demonstrates that the threat of terrorism, i'm afraid, is still very much with us. >> gretchen: yeah. martha mac -- >> martha mccallum here. you think to the 9-11 terrorists and the relatively short period of time most of them had spent here and then you go back to the video we saw yesterday and you think about these two young men and the confidence with which they strolled through that square as waiting for the end of the marathon. it just speaks to sort of a fear that arose right after 9-11 that the greatest fear we might have would be american born or perhaps people who were raised at least in the united states of america who would turn to terrorism and yet be so
5:15 am
comfortable on their own turf. i'm reminded if they did, obviously they have stuck around in the zone where they dismissed where this original crime took place because they're comfortable here. it seems to me a real melding of the different sort of forms of this heinous act that we have seen and where we are in 2013 on all of this. your thoughts? >> yes. i think many people have been worried about just that. if you recall, the london terrorist attack in 2007, all of the terrorists were british citizens. their been immigrants, with you they had grown up in britain. they had seen the advantages of a free society and still radicalized to the point of committing terrorist acts. this is not a case of deprived people or people who are in poverty or oppressed. these are people who have seen the freedom we have and are still proposed in cold blood to kill innocent people. >> gretchen: exactly. so many american also wake up this morning and be so angry as they learn more information if, in fact, they were educated
5:16 am
here, if in fact they took scholarships and took them away from other people in america who could have been educated and not become terrorists. let's go back out to bill hemmer who is live on the scene in boston. he'll give us a recap of what has happened since last night. bill? >> so much has. 8:15 eastern time here in boston. you go back eight hours to midnight. you can go back to 5:00 o'clock when the f.b.i. came out and put out the images that rocked this investigation and rocked this story. i want to show you where we are here. we're a quarter mile from the finish line behind me on boylston street. all right? this is the lord & taylor department store across from the finish line, if you can see that okay. the blue dot is where we are. across the charles river b a quarter mile where this purple dot is located, that's the intersection of vasser and main. at 10:30 last night, it was around this intersection last
5:17 am
evening when the first call came in about a robbery at a convenience store. that was the first tip that police had that something was going on. so there is a robbery at 10:30 last night. a short time later, an suv, a mercedes suv is carjacked. the driver of that car got away. somehow he's alive today after he ran into that gas station saying they're trying to kill me. they're trying to kill me. police are hot on their trail in that suv and that's where we moved from that area of vasser and main on the other side of the charles river, to ten miles west of watertown, massachusetts, ten miles west of our location here. it was about 1:30 in the morning where you had a massive shootout between these two suspects and police, swat members, the f.b.i. on scene there, and suspect number one was announced by the police commissioner at 4:30 this morning, that suspect number one was dead, but suspect number two somehow got away and was on the run and that's what brings us to
5:18 am
the time that we are right now. a little bit after 8:00 o'clock here in boston, massachusetts, and moments ago, the "boston globe" put out an alert that police are telling everybody in the city to what's called shelter in place, basically stay where you are. that's easier said than done in a major american city, including boston, massachusetts. cars are out today, maybe not as many as you would see on a normal friday at 8:15 in the morning. but at least in this part of boston's back bay, there is still activity, there is still life. behind me, that's a no go zone. you see the metal barricades behind me. to my left shoulder, you can see a makeshift memorial that's been set up a bit earlier today. that was in my right shoulder as you see the streamers and some of the teddy bears and flowers have been erected here on that metal barricade. hyped that area about two city blocks is where the finish line was. what's remarkable based on the information we have right now, the runners are coming eastbound
5:19 am
on boylston street. according to the f.b.i., these two bombs were dropped near the finish line and the two bombers, the two terrorists were coming west on boylston. they could have easily ducked into any of these streets, gloucester or hereford, worked down to newberry, or even com avenue and then taken the bridge across the charles river to the area around the campus of m.i.t., which is where this all started at 10:30 local time last night. that is ohm by my guess b a quarter mile, no more than a half mile from the finish line of the boston marathon. it is clear they did not go far and had no intention perhaps, to go far. at least geographically. last night what were they up to? what did they have inside that car? what were they carrying with them? if they had a pressure cooker bomb, was a second attack set to go? that's something we can not answer. but when the police answer questions and we expect that sometime very soon, perhaps we
5:20 am
will be further enlightened. a 19-year-old man on the run here in boston and it is all hands on deck to find him immediately. back to you guys in new york. >> brian: let's factor in martha in. we're getting much more information on suspect number one who is dead and we're going to get to that shortly and then over to jennifer griffin. >> we're getting all kinds of information coming in on him. we will get to that in just a moment. it appears that he was the big brother and as you watch the two of them move through that crowd the other day, he did appear to be the leader. but the younger brother is very much at large right now. we've seen a couple of times this morning where it looked like police, swat teams were closing in on a potential area that they thought he might be. we also heard from the boston police moments ago and one of them commented, it may take hours before we have more information. that tells us that they do believe that they are close and that they've got that area cordoned off and there he goes, you can see on the right-hand side of your screen, young man
5:21 am
in the white cap who right now is hunkered down somewhere in the area that has been cordoned off. it is an unbelievable situation. just to go back to this once again, the city of boston basically is in lockdown. this is the likes of which we have never seen in a major american city to protect itself from one man at this point. at least that's what we believe. and we're going to find out more about how far the tentacles of this group may extend and just how deeply ingrained they were, potentially this family, to this family in cambridge. >> gretchen: let's hope they have an indication of where he maybe in watertown because right now the perimeter is pretty large and people in that community have been told not to come out and not drive and not go anywhere. let's bring in jennifer griffin, who covered her fair share of these types of situations with terrorism. i know you have more information now on the brother who has been killed on the right of our screen, the one who was in the black cap. what can you tell us?
5:22 am
>> well, the information i have right now, gretchen, i'm just looking now at the facebook page of the younger brother, who is still at large, the one in the white hat. dzhokhar tsarnaev. and what's interesting about this facebook page is on the page, there are many clear pictures of him, it's a law enforcement official tells us that they do believe this is his facebook page. he does claim to be muslim when asked what religion he is. it's clear that he is young. he's about 19 years old. he's going to turn 20 or would turn 20 on july 22. we know that from other research we've done, he appears to have received a scholarship of $2,500 from cambridge ridge and latin. that is the high school that he apparently attended, if it's the same person. it seems unlikely it's not given the uniqueness of his name.
5:23 am
but seeing this facebook page is really quite chilling, seeing some of the posts. i was just reading some of the russian post, most of the posts on this page are in russian and a lot of it is expressing hatred toward russia. there is some nazi propaganda. it really seems like this is a very angry young man from what i'm reading here. we are trying to get confirmation about -- of the name of his older brother, the one who was killed earlier today. other news outlets are reporting his name and we are speaking to law enforcement authorities about that. but the facebook page is very interesting in terms of the terrorist still at large right now. >> gretchen: social media has become so important as they track focus terrorists in this country. by looking at that facebook page, would you think law enforcement had any indication that they were watching this guy? >> well, it's interesting, and
5:24 am
for this facebook page to still be up and running, these terrorists didn't use very good trade craft, if you ask me. the fact that they were so blatantly using, up until the last moment, social media, and the fact that it doesn't appear like they had an escape route planned from cambridge. they felt like they could stay behind. that carjacking at m.i.t. suggests they were in a hurry to get somewhere and they didn't have a car to get there. or if they did, they didn't want to use their car. so there seems to have been an arrogance and some mistakes made that have allowed for some very key breaks in this case. >> brian: the older brother, if it's the same guy, tamer lynn, they say he's a boxer. he had a chance actually, originally from chechnya, we've been going over that. he's, quote, didn't have a single american friend. 196 pounds. he was also the new england in the heavyweight category of the new england golden gloves and he
5:25 am
was heading to the national golden gloves with the hopes of making the olympic teams. when asked who he wants to fight for, he said chechnya if they get their sovereignty. he would fight fort u.s. olympic team if he was to actually win this event. he was bulkier than the other guy and it might be the case that he was an expert in martial arts. >> what we can tell from the facebook page of the one of the younger brother is that he was a champion wrestler from cambridge ridge and latin in high school. he was a championship wrestler. so both of them, very physical and also remember, given their chechen background, they hated russia. that is -- you heard am boss dor bolton outlining the terrorism that chechens used to carry out against russians. it is a break away republic. it's a muslim republic. when i was working in moscow, we
5:26 am
used to receive videotapes in the mail showing the most gruesome kidnapping tapes of russian soldiers who were being held in chechnya underground and being tortured. this is a very, very brutal place and group of people. but again, it's a little odd that they are carrying out their attack against the u.s. when for most chechens, russia is the enemy. >> gretchen: that's my question about do americans have to obviously worry about a whole new group of terrorists who we thought were only against the russians? >> no. i think that -- look, our law enforcement types and certainly our military -- they have encountered chechens in war zone s from afghanistan to iraq to kosovo. chechens have been a common theme. they just have been disbursed a little more readily. our military has been fighting chechen war fighters who teamed up with al-qaeda for years. >> brian: so just to review, there is a police officer who was killed, campus police
5:27 am
officer, 10:20 last night. another one is clinging to life right now at beth israel hospital. so our thoughts are with them. i don't know if you noticed ten minutes ago, gretchen, you pointed out on the left of the screen, you see the officers in formation. and then marching through the streets because they stand by each other, even if they didn't know this man, if you serve, if you're on the job, you're our brother. two of which are in the line of fire, one is clinging to life and one lost their life. martha mccallum standing by, also reflecting on what's going on and leaning forward about what we're doing next in the hunt for suspect number two. >> so many questions. and a fascinating discussion about these chechen terrorists and the fact that they have always been focused on russia. you think back to al-qaeda and its origins and up until 9-11 and up until really the '93 bombing at the world trade center and a couple of other incidents that led up to that, their attention at that point began to turn to the united states for a specific reason and
5:28 am
that's something that we'll be looking to in terms of determining any kind of motive, why boston? other than the fact perhaps, than that these young men were potentially in school here and you talk about how ingrained in society, golden glove boxer, and you wonder how they became radicalized and who may have had that sort of ability to turn them or whether they were turned at all, whether they were sort of raised in this environment. but appears in so many ways they had assimilated to society, at least to some extent. boston on lockdown. very much an active search for the young man in the white hat who you see here who we now know is dzhokhar tsarnaev. there are no taxis going anywhere in boston this morning. it's an isolated environment as they try to seek this man. we also want to talk a little bit about the response that we're getting in washington, what the president is doing this morning in terms of how he is keeping apprised on this situation. and bret baier joins us with a
5:29 am
little bit more on that. wrong. >> good morning. it has been a long night, obviously in boston as this hunt continues and as we should reset everything. suspect number one killed in a shootout and a chase of suspect number two, basically the hunt continues for him, as you've been talking about. he, the president, has been briefed, we're told throughout this entire time. president obama getting briefed by the homeland security advisor, the aston to the president, in counterterrorism, lisa monaco has been keeping up to date minute by minute, overnight getting the latest which included the information abou boston and watertown getting locked down this morning. we don't have any information about any briefings that are happening. however, i have talked to a number of people up on capitol
5:30 am
hill and lawmakers are being briefed early this morning. that includes the current situation in boston as well as what they know about these two brothers and the history. there may be some history that the f.b.i. knows about these two men and how much they know about them, how long they may have been watching them, or they may have been on the radar screen i think is part of some of the things we may learn in the next few hours. it's interesting, and you pointed out with jennifer griffin about chechnya and the islamic radicalism that really has flourished from there. we've heard russia talk about this terrorism from chechnya. but we haven't really talked about how it has been exported from there, used by a number of different elements, extremist elements around the world.
5:31 am
there have been zschech chechnyans involved in a number of attacks and jennifer mentioned that. we are getting -- my phone is ringing here with some briefing, i think up on capitol hill. so i'll send it back to you. >> gretchen: thank you very much. >> brian: we also know the older brother is 26 years old. in an interview after one of his fights, one of his bouts, he does say he has a girlfriend who is half portugese and does say that he is a muslim. he says i stopped drinking and smoking years ago to focus on this, focus on what he thought was his athletic career, i guess. but in reality, it looks to have been something entirely different. >> gretchen: so we're watching now on the left of your screen the police and the f.b.i., still huddled together there. this is now cambridge, massachusetts. ostensibly this is where this young man lived. there is an address linked to his name there, so they're obviously looking in cambridge right now. but the search continues in watertown, massachusetts, where
5:32 am
a huge perimeter has been set up. we had reporter molly line on the scene this morning. she was asked to move at least a mile away from where she was initially stationed and so they continued to search there. hopefully they had some indication of where suspect number two may be. let's go back out to hem who are has been live on the scene in boston since last night. bill? >> hey, guys. i'm just trying to call up this image here, the boston police department has just sent out another image, an updated image of the 19-year-old. gregory, just frame up right here on the photo that has just been made public by the boston police department. this is an image of the 19-year-old, dzhokhar tsarnaev, the 19-year-old that they are now looking for. i don't know if this is a recent image or if this is something that was taken a year or two ago. but this is what the police department just sent out moments ago. boston police now with that. with an attachment on that particular picture, boston police identify 19-year-old
5:33 am
dzhokhar tsarnaev of cambridge, a suspect considered armed and dangerous. that from the boston police department a moment ago. this is something that's fascinating to monitor and watch because what the town of boston is doing is that they're urging everybody to stay where you are. don't go outside. don't move. shelter in place. this is easier said than done when you've got millions of people on the move on a friday morning during the morning rush hour. businesses have been urged in watertown, massachusetts and cambridge and newton not to open, stay closed for today. that is a remarkable thing to say -- >> gretchen: we got to jump in. there seems to be activity right now in watertown, massachusetts. as you can see, the camera was shaking up and down as our photographer tries to get back in place. police were running into an apparent building, now into watertown, massachusetts. let's watch. >> brian: it looks like it
5:34 am
popped off the tri pod and now trying to get closer, then you watch the camera settle in. we do know this, too. along with 400,000 people told to shelter in and that's the term they're using, they also created a no fly zone above. that obvious israeli okay. we're trying to find out if police, the police activity is indicative of them getting closer and closer to suspect number two who has been missing since really about 1:00 o'clock in the morning. >> gretchen: the police now running to this one side of the street. apparently activity going on right where our photographer happens to be. guns drawn. >> brian: clearly an active site right now. bill, i don't know if you can see from your monitor and your location, how close is this to where you are? >> gretchen: i don't think bill can hear us. this is in watertown, massachusetts a suburb of
5:35 am
boston, a couple of miles to the west. >> okay. yeah. i apologize about that. i thought that was directed toward molly line or perhaps mike tobin. watertown, massachusetts is indeed about ten miles from where we are near copley square and the back bay of boston at the finish line from the boston marathon. you're right to point this out. there is definite activity here as these unmarked cars now move into position. you see what looks like police officers behind and now there is a sound. >> gretchen: yeah. i just heard it. sounds like some sort of an explosive either detonated, going off. >> brian: i thought i saw a fire in one of those windows as we panned over to the right. >> gretchen: there is obviously gun fire explosions going off at this time.
5:36 am
in the. >> brian: our camera ma is being told to back off. that explains the jumpiness of the picture. the man in the f.b.i. jacket is saying to back up. now you see rifles out and we did hear, gretchen, what sounded to us like gun fire. >> gretchen: or some type of explosion going on f you're just joining us, this is watertown, massachusetts, this is live video happening right now. police on the hunt for suspect number two in the boston marathon bombing. it appears, it appears they may
5:37 am
have cornered him in a house in watertown here, or somebody associated with these crimes. tremendous amount of police activity happening right now as they surround a perimeter there. they told all people to stay in place. look, guns drawn. police centering in on a home in watertown, massachusetts. >> brian: the shooting has not seemingly not come from anybody that we're watching on camera and they're well armed. there might be a line above that and closer to the house that we have not been able to see 'cause we are not given that angle. i'm amazed, martha, how these officers are streaming through the houses, through the neighborhood to fortify the position. >> yeah. they have obviously focused on a section of this block. you can see the sign, willow park, on one of the street signs on the corner here. it looks like we have a lot of local police that have come to this scene. in instances this morning, huge swat teams much it's possible that -- now we've got somebody
5:38 am
walked out of the front door. >> gretchen: with a red jacket on. >> being brought down the steps by police. so we are going to wait 'til we get around the corner of this angle here and see what's going on. >> gretchen: they're hidden behind the fence t. looked like the police officer pulling somebody out with dark hair and a red jacket. waiting to see if they come around this fence. obscuring our view about what activity may have been going on inside this house in watertown, massachusetts. >> this is a woman who has been brought out. we've seen on another shot here, a woman in red with dark hair was just brought out and around the corner. and the other police have stayed in place. >> gretchen: obviously it's a woman, then this is not suspect number two. but as we've been reporting this morning, there may be other people that they want to talk to. >> they're clearly still trained on this building. this may be a neighbor they wanted to get out and to safety
5:39 am
who came out first. but clearly they're still very trained on this building. >> brian: this is watertown, massachusetts. this is where most of the action has taken place. a small vehicle in place. bret baier rejoins us. brett, we don't know what's happening next, but clearly they're on to something. >> yeah. let's just set the scene here. there is concern about suspect number two, one, because he is obviously armed and dangerous and he may have explosives on his body. he may be wearing an explosive vest. suspect number one, the doctor said had an explosion of some kind. he may have had a vest or some explosive on his body as well. authorities are saying that these men may have arrived in the u.s. as early as 2003 with
5:40 am
family members. now, if there is family, you could have other relatives involved here, perhaps we're seeing some of that. i don't want to speculate about this. authorities are saying there are other people here and they have a list of names from the same last name in the same area in boston. and until we get it officially from authorities, i don't want to speculate that that's what we're looking at here. but they may be concerned, we're told, with relatives of suspect number two. >> brian: yeah. that could be the case also if you're to believe the interview that the 26-year-old who has lost his life already gave. there is also a girlfriend that he was close to, half part geese. they could be pursuing that angle. you also have to think of a 19-year-old who came here a couple years ago, it's hard to imagine he came here without
5:41 am
family, or stayed with his older brother. there might be somebody in the house, somebody to pursue, at the very least to question. >> gretchen: ingrained in the community if they've been here since 2003 as was reported earlier. it was apparent that the young suspect still on the loose may have received a $2,500 scholarship to a public school in cambridge, massachusetts and may have been a college student at this time. we're focused on a house in watertown, massachusetts. not in cambridge right now. watertown, massachusetts, which is where these two suspects initially fled in a high-speed chase that happened last night where one police officer was seriously wounded. another was killed, an m.i.t. officer, and then the first suspect, suspect number one, was shot dead. now this manhunt has been underway for the better part of 12 hours now for suspect number two. a 19-year-old by the name of dzhokhar tsarnaev, apparently of chechen descent at one point in time. but as we're now reporting, has possibly been in america as long as the last ten years.
5:42 am
as we continue to focus in now on the police activity with swat vehicles, armored vehicles outside of this home in watertown, massachusetts. >> brian: still giving us unbelievable coverage, mike tobin, jennifer griffin. let's go now to bill hemmer who is able to watch this along with us. him ten miles away watching on the monitor using his sources. bill, the guns aren't drawn like they were about four minutes ago, but still a high alert and that black vehicle has just come into the picture. >> yeah. clearly an exchange of gun fire, you're right to point out the gun fire stopped for the moment. frankly, we don't know what's inside either that house or maybe it's around the other side of that house. i saw those two people being led out the front door. in all likelihood it's the couple that lives there. looks to me like it could have been a husband and wife. no verification of that. but that looked like a possibility to me. you think about this now, this has been a ten-hour manhunt
5:43 am
going back to what, 10:30 last night when the first call came in about an officer being shot and a robbery at a service station and then the hijacking of this mercedes suv, or carjacking, i should say, and that moved to a shootout around 1 or 2:00 o'clock in the morning. then at 4:00 a.m., we were told suspect number one was dead. at about the same time, the police put out another image, that clearly showed these two men at the boston marathon. their faces not covered with much anything more than maybe a pair of sunglasses on suspect number one who is dead. suspect number two now on the run. age 19, dzhokhar tsarnaev. griff jenkins has followed this as well, following the steps of the police and the swat teams throughout the night. griff, you are in watertown, massachusetts. where are you? i understand there is a helicopter overhead. >> that's correct. we have a helicopter overhead. we have come full circle.
5:44 am
when i originally gave the high chase pursuit, which ended up in the killing the suspect number one in the terrific fire fight that we got into, we are in the same location in watertown where i got out of my car. this police helicopter, we know it's a police helicopter because it's a no fly zone, it's hovering over the area where the first fire fight took place. when i got out of my car, the helicopter is right in that location. since we have been watching this, i have seen nine city buses full of police officers go in there. authorities tell me they're bringing in relief and also intensifying the search. so to recap, we are now full circle, back to the same location where i originally got into the fire fight that ended up in the death of suspect number one. we have not heard gun fire. we have not heard explosions. that hasn't happened since i got out of my car at 1:00 o'clock. but we're watching this helicopter canvassing this one spot. paul, if we can go back up on
5:45 am
top. the perimeter that we've been pushed back to, that we're calling a 20-block perimeter, we're on the edge now. the helicopter is directly above us. that's interesting because when i first got out of my car, my riddled car is in the middle of the crime scene, probably four or five blocks straight ahead of me and the helicopter will move there. the helicopter is right above us. there is a happenedful of reporters that are wondering why it's above us. we do not see any swarming or swat or f.b.i. guys like when it was a very hot and fluid situation. but they're looking at something here right now and they have an awful lot of police officers on location. we know also that there were at least three or four bomb trucks, the trucks that go in, that have the bubble looking, almost like a submersible thing you would put the bomb in to secure it. we have seen two or three of those go in in the last several hours and again, we are back to
5:46 am
the same location where the original fire fight began. >> griff, thank you. griff jenkins reporting on the scene. back to bret baier also with us in washington. you think about the testimony of janet napolitano in front of that homeland security committee and the pieces of evidence that she offered, not a lot, but just a little bit about confirm to go suspects wanted, but not giving nationality or not giving identity clearly during that hearing. at the same time, james clapper, the director of national intelligence, was testifying on the senate side and you wonder how the focus for homeland security changes or could change as a result of this investigation. as we say, we don't know how this is going to end. >> bill, that's a great point. we also don't know how interconnected this is. we don't know how big it is. we don't know really if it could
5:47 am
be a much bigger plot that involves a lot more people. talking to a few more lawmakers, they believe that more than just these two people were involved, but they don't know that for sure. until we hear that from law enforcement and authorities, we don't want to make that jump. but they're getting briefed about hyped the scenes as we look at the stand-off outside this house in watertown right now. >> brian: the a.p. is reporting, just to give more information about this, the uncle of the brothers is talking. says that up with of the officials asked the uncle and he confirmed that the older brother, the 26-year-old's name is tamarind. he said they lived together near boston and been in the united states for about ten years and they traveled here together from russia, russian region near chechnya. ten years. that means the guy we're looking for came when he was nine years
5:48 am
old. >> yeah. that would confirm what we had from authorities a few minuting ago. that they came in roughly 2003. also that there are -- is a significant family presence in the boston area, so there are a lot of different elements of relatives that authorities are concerned about and talking to and obviously the a.p. is talking to the uncle as well. >> gretchen: this is gretchen in new york, it would be hard pressed to think these kids would come here on their own at age nine and 15 ostensibly and not have parents to come with them or some sort of relative. and you have to wonder as well as we're looking at live pictures in watertown, massachusetts, whether or not the home that they're currently canvassing, the police, whether or not this is a person of interest or a family member or the suspect number two himself who may be holed up inside. let's go back to martha mccallum who is also in new york.
5:49 am
>> that's a great point. when griff jenkins points out this is where the chase began last night and we see this time and time again where criminals go back to a place that they know, a place they're familiar with and that may very well be what happened as all of this started to explode, for lack of a better word, once again last night. the focus on watertown, massachusetts. and all of the information that we're all looking at right now in line with the social media, the pictures, all of it that you don't want to go with because it is social media and we know the nature of it. however, you look at pictures of this young boxer who seemed in every way to be enjoying life here in the united states, was filing pictures under something called row box for passport at one point, if indeed this is connected to him and it certainly appears to be the young man that we've seen in these pictures. but we'll wait for further confirmation on all of this. i want to bring in jennifer griffin as we talk about this connection and this sort of
5:50 am
unique american chechnyan link that seems to be emerging in this story, jennifer. >> what's interesting, martha, is it looks like these brothers actually grew up -- if you look at their -- up with of their facebook pages, it talks about a school they went to in a section of russia on the edge of chechnya. so they are of chechen heritage. they came here as bret was reporting ten years ago, according to authorities. but they went to this school that is well-known in a part of russia. so how they migrated here and why they came, they clear -- clearly one was nine years old. he came with his parents. but then during that time, if we're to believe the reports that we've had so far, the younger one that is still on the loose attended a prestigious school, a public school in cambridge called cambridge ridge and latin. he was a very good wrestler, we're told.
5:51 am
he won a scholarship for $2,500. this is an interesting case in terms of either this is a very long-term thinking sleeper cell that's been in the united states since 9-11 or these boys were radicalized in recent years and perhaps went overseas for training. >> you look up the school, it has a very impresssive web site. it appears that ben affleck and matt damen and patrick ewing all attended the same school that this young man attended. so it's remarkable when you start to dig into what may have radicalized these young men, jennifer. >> absolutely, martha. and what is interesting is watching the chase that took place tonight. we were monitoring this on the police scanner from about midnight as they were -- as griff jenkins was chasing behind the police through the streets
5:52 am
of watertown, the gun shots that were going to 50 police vehicles, the explosives that were being thrown out of that car. this is a very heavily armed pair and very interesting. >> gretchen: jennifer, you know -- >> brian: you know law enforcement the way they branch out dissemination of duties and follow terror lines. if we're putting two and two together to find out what's happening with suspect number two, if i'm worried about terrorists in the u.s., where am i looking to make sure this is locate -- this problem is located only in this area and this house perhaps in watertown? what kind of go sign could other cells, if they do in fact exist of chechnyan heritage or might have links to them, what might they, what might law enforcement be looking at to make sure this isn't more widespread? how do they file the line that they -- follow the line that we up covered? >> i think the real problem is given the fact that this pair
5:53 am
chose a soft target like the end of the marathon and given that they have not shown a pattern, i don't think there is any way of knowing that they have this contained. that's why it was so surprising to hear secretary napolitano two days ago testify on the hill that this was now contained. >> brian: i know. >> many course sources i'm talking to in the intelligence and law enforcement community who never believed it was contained and always believed that once the pictures were put out there, once these terrorists believed that the gig was up, that that could trigger other cells to act. >> gretchen: okay. we got to break in, we have breaking news from our correspondent on the scene in watertown, massachusetts. molly line, what can you tell us? >> hi. we were just saw the vehicle, the stolen vehicle, the carjacked vehicle go by, the mercedes that was absolutely littered with bullet holes, the back window blown out. you can see clearly that this had been in a major, violent
5:54 am
exchange. it was taken out by a tow truck from the edge of this perimeter at a pretty rapid rate. of course, they're going to want to look that vehicle over thoroughly and that will be part of the investigation as well. but just a few moments ago, we saw that fly by. we've also seen a tremendous amount of law enforcement activity that had been staging here at the edge of this perimeter heading into the perimeter and we've begun to hear the choppers going. we're beginning to hear more sirens and possibly more folks headed in this direction right now. a big increase in activity and they have been taking what appears to be a pretty major piece of evidence in this case, that vehicle that was carjacked as reported by the attorneys in our area, leaving this scene, leaving this area. >> gretchen: any other information about the scene that we were seeing maybe 20, 25 minutes ago in watertown, massachusetts, as police swarmed that particular home there, still there are the armored vehicle and they appeared to take a woman out with a red coat on? >> i don't have any further
5:55 am
information on that. i'm not close to that scene, so i wasn't able to see it. i'm not around the block from that, so i wasn't able to see it from the ground level. really i saw the same things that you saw broadcast. >> brian: and the last person getting in -- direct contact was the man who drove the car. he was let go at a gas station in front of a convenience store, 20 something. he said they were trying to kill me. they're trying to kill me. and urged the convenience store owner to call 911. he did. and we know what's happened after. we've been chronicling it all night long of the we know suspect number two is 19 years old. jennifer griffin, what do we know about suspect number one who was killed, pronounced dead at 1:35 this morning? >> we now know, thanks to the excellent work of mike levine, our justice department producer, that the name of that, we can confirm with law enforcement officials that the name is tamarlin.
5:56 am
he is the brother of the suspect being pursued by the police. he was the one killed earlier this evening, taken into beth israel with not only bullet wounds in his body, but also we are told some sort of sign that explosives and a possible belief that maybe some sort of bomb belt was on his body when he died, causing some sort of injury. we also know that the authorities are very concerned that this second suspect, his 19-year-old brother, may be wearing some sort of bomb belt. >> gretchen: as you can see right here, there is a tow truck carrying away the car that appears to be the one that molly line was just telling us about. that was the last car in which the 26-year-old terrorist -- >> brian: or could be this one. >> gretchen: there are several cars coming by, all evidence in this investigation, as we continue to look for suspect number two. bill hemmer, who has been on the ground in boston for the last several days and up for the majority of the night, bill,
5:57 am
what can you tell us in. >> you know, it is interesting to see how those gun shots were exchanged 20 minutes ago and then it was 30 seconds later and they stopped. i don't know, but perhaps this has been resolveed. it may not, however, end in the apprehension of this 19-year-old on the run. it may have ended in a much different way. we don't know, because it seemed to me the way the police were walking away from that home, there wasn't a pep in their step. there didn't seem to be a lot of anxiety in their movement. that's why i say that, just based on their physical reaction. >> gretchen: they also took a woman out of that house and there was an interesting flag that was being flown in front of that house. it was an american flag that looked like it was altered to a certain extent. one has to wond builder this is a relative or maybe these brothers were going to watertown for a purpose in the igh-speed chase last night. let's go back out to bret baier. >> i will say no ambulance followed the shooting.
5:58 am
that could indicate something. bret in washington. >> just quickly, we were talking about when these two men came in to the country. authorities are saying that dzhokhar tsarnaev likely came in with his family in 2002, 2003. that's what they're saying. now, we are not confirming, however, when tamarlin came in. there may be a difference in time there. and they are actually looking that perhaps he was more of the leader in this operation. in fact, when you look at the video, you can kind of see that he seems more of the leader and dzhokhar tsarnaev, the younger 19-year-old, seems as the follower. he's following behind. authorities looking at that. so i just want to make sure we're on the same page about entry into the country. >> brian: great point because he would follow the older brother. it says suspect number two, the
5:59 am
one we're looking for, is the one who dropped the bombs. >> gretchen: at least the second bomb that was in front of the restaurant. they actually had imagery of him doing that. how the first bomb was dropped, i don't believe they have pictures of that. so it remains unknown. as we continue to watch live coverage from watertown, massachusetts, of police surrounding some sort of a house here. but they don't look like they have guns drawn like they did a half hour ago. >> brian: one thing to note is we did hear shooting. it does not have to be bullets. it could be rubber bullets or some type of tear gas, but it seems rapid. and i thought it was indicative, too, that they pulled out two people alive and there was no ambulance. so if there was someone shot or if this thing is over and they're just making double sure and they're making sure they're safe to go in, usually you have an ambulance on its way. >> gretchen: so a lot remains unknown as the entire city of watertown, and basically boston on shutdown right now as we continue to look for suspect number two, a terrorist on the run. continuing coverage here


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