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tv   The Five  FOX News  April 19, 2013 11:00pm-12:00am PDT

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>> welcome back, a fox news alert out of boston. one of two bombing suspects in police custody this hour. >> a lot of people breathing a sigh of relief. >> i'm jamie colby. thanks for staying with us. dzhokhar tsarnaev, in surgery in beth israel hospital in boston, after police say a homeowner noticed a trail of blood in his back yard. >> the men who found him at the boat said he was covered with blood. we assume those injuries occurred the evening before. there was an exchange of gunfire at the boat. i don't know if he was struck. >> now these are some of the images taken right after his
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capture. you can see him here, well, he's out on the pavement there, or the near -- near the area of the boat. he is here in an ambulance, before heading to the hospital. adam house lie, joining us live now with more. adam? >> reporter: yeah, gregg, he was brought here under guard to this hospital, beth israel in boston, where he remains under guard. just about every entrance in and in and out of the hospital and the entire medical compound here at beth israel has a number of police officer in just about every location, across the street, like the children's hospital hospital you will find increased security. we were told he was in surgery, multiple injuries, one to his hand and one to his head. we have not been updated. as you might imagine, the hospital deferring official to the fbi and they won't be giving
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any official information overnight. we are working our sources to try to get more inform. but have you to believe that the treme is going on because we are told, they were significant injuries, but injuries he is expected to survive. take a couple of things in mind. he was brought to the same hospital they brought his brother who did not live and the same hospital, one of a number of hospitals in the boston area where there are victims from the bombing on monday, till recovering from their injuries. tonight here, as you might imagine, gregg, while the city begins to come back to life. in fact, as we drove to the hospital tonight, after the body was brought here, stores and restaurants restaurants are reopening and people going to the streets and cheering as first responders pass by. but here, it is very serious, as you might imagine, as people inside do their best to keep this man alive. they believe they will be able to do that and he has recovered, tell give authorities the chance to question him and hopefully get more information about so
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many questions that they have as this investigation continues. >> adam housley, reporting live from the hospital where suspect number 2 is in surgery, adam, thanks very much. >> of course, the hunt for the boston marathon bombing suspects did end in cheers. it was less than seven miles from the finish line. take a look at the scene hours ago. bostonnians, celebrating the capture of the second of two suspected bombers. the other one of was killed in a firefight with police, two 24 hours ago. mike tobin is in watertown, massachusetts, where the cry of we got him could surely be heard. mike? >> reporter: it certainly could be heard. certainly felt by people. this is the location, yamy, where this painful chapter in the boston marathon tragedy, one of them, anyway, closed. that's the house. you talked about the driveway, where the boat's at the end of it. it's right there.
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the owner came out, saw the trail of blood and called police. now, there was concern that dzhokhar tsarnaev was strapped with explosives, there is a gun battle that ensued. but it resolved without further loss of life. a terrific police presence was here. dzhokhar tsarnaev was charged without miranda, this is because federal authorities were able to implement the... the national threat exemption. and that will allow them to continue to question him. now, just on the other side of the police tape is a spontaneous celebration, beginning with people huddled around the radios, wanting to hear the latest information h. they got the information they wanted, cheers would erupt. ultimately, they lined both sides of the road and cheered for the emergency vehicles as they were leaving this scene. the tactical teams, the police officers, the national guardsmen, all got cheers. the crowd would erupt and chanted u-s-a! u-s-a ?ft and patriotic songs,
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as the people here endured so much the last couple of days, very glad to see this chapter of the trag fee tragedy is over. >> we will see you again. >> what is next here? joining us now, the criminal defense attorney, james shalloc, familiar with cases involving multiple murders. he prosecuted son of sam killer, david brcko wits. i have to think, the most powerful evidence may be the videotape, the day of the bombing. it not only shows the faces of the two suspected bombers, but the sequence of events leading up to the plosion, in particular, suspect number 2, putting down the backpack, moments later, it explodes. and of course, the videotape shows him abandoning that exploding device, just before the blast. pretty powerful evidence, isn't
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it? >> very powerful. the police did a fabulous job, we should all applaud their efforts. they did a magnificent job, putting all the pieces together. but now they are going to want to question him... it's been reported that the government is not going to give him his miranda right -- that he has a right to an attorney, that he can remain silent. they are not going to give him his lightsr rights, they -- going to question him under an exemption for public safety to see who else may be involved or contributed to have giving him equipment, preparing the bombs. that's going to be the biggest fight in court because his lawyer will contest anything he says and will argue he should have gotten his warnings and told he doesn't have to say anything -- >> but there are cases, are there not, that allow incriminating statements under the public safety exemption, true? >> exactly. but i would suspect his lawyer's going to say, this is not a terrorist case, this is a
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bombing. this is a street event. there is no evidence that they're connected with terrorists, they are going to say he should have got his miranda rights are, as any other accused criminal. >> you don't have to be committed toa a terror group to commit terrorism, as timothy mcveigh did in oklahoma city. >> that's true. but you know his lawyers will not let this go by without contesting this. >> what about the other physical evidence? there is, for example, the pressure cookers. apparently, there is an undermiter aren't laboratory serial number that may be imped bedded that could show the manufacturer and the store, the particular store that sold it to an individual. then have you circuit boards and batteries, you have wires and shrapnel, ball bearings, all of that, can it not, be traced? >> yes. they are doing it as we talk. they are going to trace where it was made, who told it -- who
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sold it to them. but the key is did anyone else help them? is more than just the two brothers? that's the key issue to make sure that this group, these two were contained. that's the key now. >> from a defense standpoint, i was talking to a former federal prosecutor on the intel committee. i said, look, you know, massachusetts has abandoned capitol punishment in 1984. the feds could charge terrorism and seek the death penalty. i said, is that the right thing to do, he said, well depends on whether it was a secondary role that suspect number 2 played and that -- if his brother, the older brother was really the leader, the designer of this act of terrorism and murder and so forth -- if you were defending suspect number twenty 2, is that you would argue, he played a minor rule? >> absolutely. that's the only way out. if he seems to be a primary player, you would think the
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government would seem seek the death penalty. so his lawyer will say the dead brother was the key player and point the finger at the brother in terms of who was the most responsible. >> yet on the videotape, there he is, this is suspect number 2, the 19-year-old... you see him deliberately put down what appears to be a bomb and a backpack tlater explodes. he does so right next to two children. i mean, i can't think of anything more heinous and despicable that arguably would merit death, the death penalty. >> i think the death penalty is the appropriate penalty, if he is convicted. it seems from the videotapes and what we know, they're both equally responsible. they both participated in this horrible, horrible event. and from what we see, it doesn't look like one's the leader and one's the follower. they both seem to be in sync, acting in concert, working together, deliberately to cause
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all of this havoc. they are equally responsible from what we know now. >> the feds could file under terrorism charges and seek the death public and the use of a weapons of mass destruction, as well. and there is state jurisdiction on murder charges, three murder challenger charges and attempted murder charges, 176 people who were -- who were injured. who's got jurisdiction first? who tries first? >> i think there will be a negotiation. obviously, they will go with the strongest case. you would think that the penalty phase will be a major consideration. if they are going to consider the death penalty, the feds will take the case. and there will be negotiations. they won't have a public fight over this. but they both could prosecute, one after theu would think, if t the death penalty, that would suffice. >> oklahoma city was so traumatized-- the entire state of oklahoma by the mcveigh, terry nichols terrorist acts and
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murders that they had to change the venue. would you suspect that the same sort of argument would be use bide defense attorneys here to move this case out of boston? >> yes. good defense lawyers will do that because boston was traumatized the most. so that would definitely be one of their motions to move the venue. but this case is getting so much publicity, no matter where they go, it is going to be hard to get a jury that never heard of it. but, yes, a good lawyer will do that. they doll everything they can to save his life and to acquit him -- get him acquitted. that's what defense lawyers are trained to do. >> with a plethora of physical, direct evidence, as well as circumstantial evidence, you know, were you to be representing him, you would sit him down and talk to him and so forth, would you encourage him to challenge the prosecution's case and plead not guilty or plead guilty? >> if they offer him a plea,
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where he doesn't get the death penalty, he gets life in prison without parole, that would be his main consideration. to take a plea to avoid the death penalty. but you don't know, if this guy is a zealot and he is a cause-oriented person who wants the world to hear about their grievances, why they did this, he may want to go to trial and use it as a soap box to talk about his cause and the chechen events that led him to do this -- >> your prosecutor hat on. you were a prosecutor many years. would you do a deal to save this guy's life? >> me, personally? no. if he did this, he deserves the death penalty. but that's a consideration in terms of jury appeal. you know, in sm jurisdictions, it's hard to get a jury to convict someone who will be executed. that's a factor, too. can we win the case? >> but what about in exchange for life instead of death, you would say, all right, have you to tell me all the people who were involved in this, who
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recruited you, who radicalizedue you, who was an accomplice in teaching you to construct these pressure-cooker bombs? >> exactly. i wouldn't give him a free pass. if i give him a plea for life in prison without the death penalty, i want him to earn t. i want to know everybody involved, where they got this materials, every aspect of the case, i want to know. otherwise, no deal. >> you would want it first, also to consult with the family who is loses lost their lives and the victims. >> that's a major aspect. you want to consult with them and embrace them in terms what have they want to happen. they deserve the most consideration of all. >> thanks so much for taking the time to speak with us. >> thank you. >> if i could top for a second. my brother had a death penalty case where a mother whose son was murdered actually in an
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impact statement begged him not to give the death penalty. this was in florida, which he could have done. that made 72 violent infractions later in prison, tough decision for any judge to make. in that case when it's such a violent crime. that was a great point, brought up in your question. thank you, gregg. it was as we all saw it unfold and this is television today, it was a very fluid situations, federal and local law enforcement searched for the surviving bombing suspect, we are going to have the latest on the investigation, where does it go from here? we'll be right back. >> he walked outside and saw blood on a boat in the back yard. he then opened the tarp on the top of the boat and he looked in and saw a man covered with blood. he retreated and called us. we set up a perimeter around that boat and... over the course of the next hour or so, we
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>> welcome back to our special coverage. police in boston are waiting for their chance and they hope they get it, to question a suspect in the boston marathon terror attack. dzhokhar tsarnaev, the one suspect who is still alive and in the hospital tonight, after being critically wounded during a shootout earlier today. now the nation waits to find out what may have caused this young
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man to perform a heinous act. brian levine is the center for hate and extremism. it's good to talk to you. >> likewise. thank you. >> the fact that we need a center for hate and extremism is a very sad commentary to where we are today. is it getting better or is it getting worse? >> great question. look, statistically, we have not had that many successful attacks on the american homeland since 9/11. your risk of being hurt or killed in a terrorist attacks is far lower than 90 people who are killed every day in vehicle accidents. the problem is that extremists don't take a day off. we have al qaeda 2.0, that is not al qaeda central, led by the pediatrician who took the helm after osama bin laden died, calling the shots.
11:21 pm
we have an arabian peninsula, try recruit residents of the united states to do acts of terrorism, even if they are not on a grand scale. >> brian, you have spent, i believe, two decade, educating people about hate and extremism. at your web site at the center, you identify extremist web sites and not just... this type of extremism. it's very widespread and i bet the list has gotten longer over the years. what is the answer? that we can all get along and we don't have to have tragedies like this, based based on hate? >> you know, to engage in the thing that you are doing, i think, one of the things that is really worrisome is that on both sides of the political and ideological spectrum, people feel disjointed from community. when people opt out, particularly in large numbers that, creates a fertile breeding
11:22 pm
ground for treem extremism and violence. what we need to do is foster a relationship of people to society and these brothers -- they opted out. timothy mcveigh, he opted out -- >> not always. they accepted scholarship money for a prestigious high school in cambridge. they competed in athletic events with teammates, wrestling, the older brother. they had roommates and they had friended. in many respects, they blended in with the community for 10 years. did they do that intentionally because some day they knew they would pull an event like this off, if as they are suspected to have done, they did it? >> we don't know. oftentimes, radicalization is an incremental process. there was a horrible extremist in britain on the public dole two decades and he started the whole...
11:23 pm
internet trend over in britain. he was on the dole there. so what sometimes happens, people engage with peers, or they pick up something on the internet. and they over time, give up their allegiance to what they previously had, especially as they grow older and leave home. >> you can turn that around? if this situation plays out the way it looks on its face, and there are so many unanswered questions with respect to these two brothers, but just as an example, if as it place out, we find out that they became disaffected, whose fault is that? is there anything we can do? >> it's their fault. it's also the fault of people who foster extremism. one of the things that al qaeda in the arabian peninsula is done eye am not saying they are involved in this directly -- but have created a -- a targeting of western youth, speaking in
11:24 pm
english in a cool slang that is attractive to them. you know, when the older brother said, i don't think i have any american friends, perhaps he should have reached out some, too. i think -- we have to put responsibility for violence and extremism, squarely on the folk who is commit the violence, not blame the victims. i think you made an excellent point. >> i commend you for studying it. i commend you for teaching us about it. but in the my heart, i hope some day you don't have a center for hate and extremism. >> give my regards to gregg, of course. >> as always. good to have you with us. >> likewise. >> as it turns out, at least one of the two suspected boston marathon bombers was already known to authorities before monday's deadly attack. stay tuned to fox news for all the details after this break. ( bell rings ) they remind me so much of my grandkids.
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>> there is a very interesting element of this. long before the grizzly boston marathon bombing, the fbi had already had a brush with one of the suspects. the agency saying now it was alerted of tamerian tsarnaev's possible extremist ties. we are going to discuss that contact with fox news' peter doos newashington. peter, what did they know? >> reporter: jamie, a little more than two years ago,s in the beginning of 2011, the fbi said a foreign government called them and told them, tamerian tsarnaev is someone that should be on their radar as having possible extremist ties. so the fbi checked u.s. databases for any records of derogatory phone conversations or online postings about radical activity or associations with known radicals and they dug into his travel history and education background and came up with nothing. so at the beginning of 2011 issue the fbi found, suspect number 1 to be clean.
11:30 pm
so they closed the scpais told the foreign government who had been inquiring that they would be happy to check again if any red flags popped up, but the unnamed foreign government never contacted the fbi about this man, suspect number 1, the man on the screen in the black hat. we are getting a sense of why he was able to continue plotting undetected. >> these are hard people to find. they are hard people to detect. no matter what age we live in, whether it's social media or we have all kinds of public health, these people often stay to themselves and we don't hear about them until the day they do something terrible like this. >> the suspect here, who was interviewed by the fbi is the older brother who was killed last night, not the one who was captured goffed a few hours ago, jamie. >> i am sure there will be a follow-up to see if they anything about him as well. >> what do we know about the
11:31 pm
tsarnaev family? we have fox news national security analyst who, has some pretty interesting background information on the boston marathon bombing suspects and the entire tsarnaev family. your daughter goes to st. ann drews, or did -- >> just graduated. >> one of her classmates -- >> right. >> spent five years going to the tsarnaev home for facials three times a year. >> you can't believe this. my daughter tells me, one of my classmates from st. ann drew's knows the family. i talked to alissa, and she is a lovely young lady -- she posted an article online today about her experiences. she and her mom and her sister went to facials at the terrorist's mom, who turns out to be a great cosmoatologist and would give great facials itch the family became -- >> became radicalized. alissa had seen the family over
11:32 pm
five years, would go every couple of months, they would go, it was in the woman's living room, the younger terrorist was in the next room, baby-sitting. she saw them go from a typical, what you would think of as an immigrant family, the kids were doing well in school. there were two sisters. and slowly, but surely, the mother, giving the facials, started talking about her spiritual adviser, the older son would come, he was violent, he would argue with mom. dad was in rushia. they slowly but surely started going down this path, where about a year ago, the mother said, the woman who was giving the facials, said, well, september 11 was just a plot by the americans to make war on the muslims. >> let me read this. she started quoting conspiracy theories, telling me she thought 9/11 was purpose leefully created to make america hate muslims.
11:33 pm
it's real, he said. my sons know all about it, you can read it on the internet. >> it sounds like there was a lot of warning signs. the young girl i know, she and her mother and sister stopped going to the place, they felt uncomfortable. they saw something was going on. i know that they have been cooperating with the fbi in the last couple of days -- >> let me read something else here. the mother who, gave the facials, went out to put a parking pass on the client's car. quote, i notice that she first put on a burqa before going outside. she had never worn a burqa working at the spa. i was really surprised. >> i don't think it was a burqa. that's a cover from head to toe. i think what it probably was was a head scarf. all of a sudden, they have gone from a typical family, to to talking about conspiracy theories, mom was part of it. dad was in rushiasm the older son, the one getting more violent, angry, going to russia.
11:34 pm
i think that this is not just two young men who went online and decided to go hurt people. i think there is a much bigger pattern here and other connections. >> first one daughter and then another was set up in an arranged marriage. >> arranged marriages. >> one of them was badly beaten and filed for divorce. she talked about allah, a lot. >> the mother, yeah. >> and the lessons of the koran, which is not unusual. it doesn't mean you are radical. >> no, no, no. of course not. but when you add the other things, the conspiracy theories and the september 11 thing, america wants to hate muslims and go to war against islam. i know, it's all the signs -- >> she and her husband had been political activists in russia. >> that's what the mother said. when my friend said, why did you leave chechnya, my husband and i were political activists and my husband did some bad things and so we had to come here.
11:35 pm
>> does that connect the dots? >> it is starting to. is there a connection to chechnya? thereis there a connection to r? they lived in central asia several years before coming here. the older brother goes back to russia. the mother went to russia a few -- several months ago. did she know something was going on? these are all just unanswered questions and speculation. but, you know, it doesn't smell right. >> the chechens and they advocate... separation. they fought two wars. and in the first war, they separated as many provinces did. you would think that the family would be grateful to the united states for taking that position against russia? >> yes, but not if they decided there is a bigger cause. i mean i. jihad. >> jihad! i mean, look at afghanistan,
11:36 pm
chechens were fighting in afghanistan. what are they doing there? they are not arabs. they are europeans. but they are muslims from a radicalized part of the sort of international jihad movement. so, yeah, i think that -- as you can see, some of the terrorist attacks in russia, done by chechnyans, they are violent. >> the other issue of gratitude, here's a family that is arguably being persecuted in russia and the chechnyan province and they seek asylum here in the united states. this government gives them asylum. and they make the younger son a citizen -- >> and give him a scholarship to a prestigious school. >> yet, they turn against america and engage -- allegedly -- in these horrible bombings, acts of terrorism. >> see, this is the thing that we have prided ourselves on the united states, by the second
11:37 pm
generation, everybody's an american. great britain has seen that second generation become radicalized, where mom and dad may have come from pakistan, the second generation doesn't fit in, they become ripe recruits, especially the young males. we have not seen that in the united states. that's where i think this is the beginning of a much more dangerous period for us, that way. >> all right. you are going to be with us in the next hour again. jamie. >> we watched it all unfold. a quiet boston suburb, erupting in a hail of bullets, when it becomes the hiding place for a suspected terrorist. we will show you more of this gripping manhunt. how it unfolded for the alleged boston marathon bomber. >> students and my ex-wife's school, so, you know... that's gunfire.
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>> we are learning just a bit about the two suspect, the brothers that emigrated here from southern rushia. according to family members, they had ties to chechnya, an area of the world most of us have not thought of as a threat to our national security. >> i think it's vitally important that -- [inaudible] this is really a new venture as far as the ralradicallization. this seems to have been planned for quite a while. this is not a spur of the most thing. this was very detailed, very planned, very deadly and very vicious. >> congressman peter king there. here to shed more light on the situation, national security analyst, good to have you here. thank you so much. >> thank you for having me. >> you are joining us on the phone, obviously, it's lait late
11:43 pm
in the night, early in the morning. but i did want to ask you because i read -- an interview that you did where you talked about how important it was to find; capt and you are have alive the younger brother to be able to ask him certain questions and one was the chechnyan connection. why is that important? >> well the chechens, i should say that chechnya has one stable export product. it sens jihaddists to fight in foreign lands. we have seen this in iraq and afghanistan, especially in afghanistan in large numbers. and as representative king just noted in the comment you played, if they have started to be part of an export pipeline and people are coming to the united states from chechnya, we are going to
11:44 pm
have to find out about it because the chechens in the kind of terrorism they practice are much more focused on causing casualties among civilians than anything we have seen from al qaeda or anyone else. they're especially brutal. >> are they a branch of their own? there is no connection to any al qaeda affiliates? >> operationally, it is not that al qaeda directs them. it is that chechens lend themselves very easily to support islamist activities in other countries. if you look at hathey have done within russia itself, go back to 2002, when they took over a theater of l.a., 158 people died. in 2004 in russia, 330 school children murdered, shot in the
11:45 pm
back of the head. the chechens have shown a special taste for this maniacal brutality, focused against soft targets, against population centers, against the innocent. not going after military targets -- >> understood. >> anything of that sort. >> we have seen them in afghanistan as well. you also raised the poign, i am quoting from the article, the rebel group has been known to use pressure-cooker bombs. what's their beef against america? want that we know that these brothers are affiliated with that group, we don't know what their motive or intent was, it could have been beyond what happened, if they're charged and quicked or the one surviving brother. but what would be their beef with america? generally, their issues are with russia? >> yes, exep the chechens who fight in foreign lands look at the west as the principle enemy
11:46 pm
against the spread of islam. it is the kind of political islam nwhich they have an interest. so you do have people who are motivated by the al qaeda worldwide jihad. and that is their principle interest. go back to this. something that -- i have been watching the program with walid fares and others. one of the thpgs we have to ask ourselves is why is it, especially in the case of the younger of these two, someone hocomes here at age of 9 or 10, or 8 or 9, actually, spends a decade here, has tremendous opportunities, wipeds up enjoying the kipes of benefits that even some native-born americans don't have access to. they have this great path toward life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness and decides one day, you know what, i am not going in
11:47 pm
that direction. i am going to kill some people at the boston marathon and fight to the death -- >> why is that? do they do that because someone is in touch with nem? or they are some touch with someone else. >> i would sug that there is hardwired within them, at an early age, a disdain for the liberties of the west that can be awakened with proper motivation. >> at the same time, i have to ask you because i find this interesting -- it does not appear -- although i appreciate it when authorities don't tell everything in ongoing investigations, that they're not looking for any other suspects. although they did -- round up three people today to question. do you think there are others associated with a group that participated in this act, or does if your expertise appear that two brothers could, if in fact, they are convicted of the
11:48 pm
crierm have done this all by themselves? >> i think we have come full circle now, in terms of your questions. the real hard part for us is going to be if we found out that operationally they did get some form of support because that will suggest that there are others like them that can be motivated to do similar things. >> other cells. what's your prediction? >> i will -- i think we have to be very careful about that. that -- this is why we wanted to get one of them alive and if huto pick one of the two, i think you want the one you have. the younger one, who is more impressionable, led by his brother. there may be something that can be salvaged there so that over time, they will wind up providing information. >> edturzanski, i imagine if the police work that was done in this event that we have watched
11:49 pm
unfold over the last couple of days is as good as what we will see in terms of questioning and prosecution, we will get those answers that you have so smartly and brilliantly raise. we don't want to imagine our neighbors are capable of this. thank you very much. >> thank you for having me. >> gregg. >> it is five violent, shocking, numbing and angering days thattenned in celebration, just hours ago. we have to lock at all the events that led up to the killing of one terror suspect and the capture of another, just hours ago. stay with us. it ike a score alert♪ ♪ beep beep what? ♪if you set your phone to vibrate ♪ ♪ then it might alert your button flies all the ♪ ♪ girls and the guys wanna keep that credit score ♪ ♪ high like a private jet free-credit-score-dot-com ♪ ♪ don't forget! narrator: offer applies with enrollment in
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president obama getting briefed all day friday as the events unfolded on boston. the president saying, now an important chapter of this tragedy has closed. he urged people not to rush to judgment about entire groups of people. >> tonight, our nation is in debt to the people of boston and tote people of massachusetts. after a vicious attack on their city, bostonnians responded with resolve and determination. they did their part as citizens and partners in this
11:54 pm
investigation. boston police and state police and local police across the commonwealth of massachusetts responded with professionalism and bravery over five long days. and tonight, because of their determined efforts, we have closed an important chapter in this tragedy. whatever hateful agenda drove these men to such heinous acts will not, cannot prevail. whatever they thought they could ultimately achieve. they have already failed. they failed because the people of boston refused to be intimidated. they failed because as americans, we refuse to be terrorized. they failed because we will not waiver from the character and it is compassion and the values that define us as a country. >> well, the president is right, jamie, when he says this chapter is closed, but the book is far from completed. the most burning question has to
11:55 pm
be why? why would you do this? >> absolutely. they lived a normal life, these two brothers, going to a prestiewjous high school, the older brother that ben affleck and matt damon had gone to on the wrestling team, getting scholarship money, the father in russia said that the younger son was a medical student, potentially. we'll get a lot of answers over the next couple of days itch the older brother was quoted at one time, long ago, as saying, wais great about america, there are jobs. you can work hard and succeed. which speaks volume this about s country and its greatness. and yet! he and his brother, allegedly committed this heinous, despicable act that targeted women and children. the other questions are, you know, who were the others? if there are others? were they recruited? were they trained and so forth? then in the end, what are the feds going to did? will they seek death? >> we are going on talk about that with a federal prosecutor
11:56 pm
coming up from the department of justice. but the other question i find interesting is how did boston do it? they took the orders, they stayed off the streets. more people didn't die. we'll be right back
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