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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  April 20, 2013 1:00am-2:00am PDT

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good morning. this is a fox news alert. i'm heather nauert. >> i'm heather childers. welcome to fox and friends first. captured. after a more than 20-hour intense manhunt, the second marathon bombing suspect is in custody this morning and he's still alive. a man found 19-year-old dzhokhar tsarnaev hiding in the boat of his watertown home covered in blood. >> police converging on the street on the scene on franklin street last night. they heard more than 30 shots fired and less than two hours later, tsarnaev was rushed to
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beth israel hospital in serious condition. listen to this. >> the citizens of the city of boston and this area can be confident that the threat has been removed. >> a short time later, residents pouring out of their homes. cheering police in their vehicles as they rolled away from the scene. what a tense few days of events for them. chants breaking out of "usa, usa." well, it was one of the most compelling images from the capture of tsarnaev and that is a picture of him in and ambulance covered in blood right there. this morning,esque treated as we said at beth israel hospital in boston. that's where adam housley is live with the latest. adam? >> reporter: yeah, heather. we saw some of the same scenes driving through the city over to this hospital after we learned
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he was being taken here. we followed authorities over to this direction. as you drove through boston, you could see the people coming out of the streets. in fact, at one point about 500 college students had shut down one of the streets in boston, cheering as first responders drove by. others had to turn away. then we came here where the suspect was brought. his brother was brought here as well. he died here, of course. his brother. and some of the victims from monday's bombings were also brought here and some continued to recover here. at this hour he's in serious condition. we do not know if he's out of the operating room and where that situation is. we've not been updated as you might imine. the hospital is not saying much. the fbi won't give us much until later on this morning. our contacts have quieted down a bit. a lot of people getting some rest here. the last five days have been quite difficult for many here, in fact, the hospital still has a number of law enforcement behind me right now, there's four by my count. every single entrance and exit,
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every single way you can get in or out any of the hospital buildings here, this is a large campus, beth israel, has thofrmts also inside the hospitals as well. we're told that on the floor where the suspect is located, there's also a law enforcement as well as near his room. that, of course, will be the case until he's taken into more of a custody once he's had recovery. they want to have that investigative purpose go forward, have the opportunity to interview him. number one priority at this hour is to ensure that he survives so they will have that chance hopefully to get an interview with him. we do know at least one injury was suffered during that initial shootout that happened when his brother was killed. but he may have actually had both injuries. we don't know exactly, one of them for sure was back at that point. again, at this hour, we remains in serious condition behind me in the hospital. there is security all around
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beth israel. heather and heather. >> we'll check back in on the status. >> thanks, adam. the capture of suspect number two bringing an overwhelming wave of emotion, you can say all across the country. >> certainly. especially for the people in boston around the watertown area. listen to this. >> i can't put it into words. i'm overwhelmed, excited that we have him in custody and it's done with. we can probably sleep and eat tonight, i would say. you have to thank these people. thank you! you have to. >> this is our neighborhood. this is our home. this is where we spend every single day of our lives, like three times walking down the street a day. so right now, feeling a sense of relief and as that cop drove by and gave that fist pump, it was like, yeah! it was great. >> knowing that one of the men are dead and the other one is in custody and he's still alive. we have a chance to hear what the reasoning behind it is.
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it brings a sigh of relief. >> usa, usa! >> as that resident said there, i mean, it's important, they did get him alive. >> but how frightening for all the families to have been locked up in their homes and hearing gunfire and aum these things on the street. >> while stuck inside. >> exactly. nerve racking. >> tsarnaev did not go down without a fight, though. >> check out this video a neighbor took during a confrontation with police last night in that backyard. [ shots fired ] >> fox's mike tobin was there for the takedown and he joins us live from watertown with more. >> reporter: and this, heather, is where it all finalized. the manhunt ended, the standoff ended.
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really in a boat that's in a driveway of the house you see behind me here. the owner got out, had a chance to walk around, went out and had a cigarette, noticed that something was amiss. followed the direction that was given out in all of these press conferences with the state police and with the governor. he backed up, he called 9-1-1. it was a remarkable scene to see all of the different emergency and tactical vehicles racing in this direction. the helicopters overhead. there was a stand-off. there was concern that tsarnaev was strapped with explosives and ready to detonate himself. it was violent at the end. there was an exchange of gunfire. he was hit more than once much that's what he's dealing with recovering right now. he's now arrested he was not read his miranda rights. federal agents electing, instead, to invoke the public safety threat exemption. th allows them to continue questioning him. meantime, on the other side of the police tape, as everything was happening here, of the celebrations were building. people were huddled around
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radios, as they got news they wanted to hear, cheers went out from the people of this little town, watertown. and after it was all done, a great cheer went out and spontaneously the people elected toine both sides of the road. forming a gauntlet, a makeshift parade as the emergency crews and tactical teams started leaving this location. they cheered for them, came out with patriotic songs. some of the people said they're glad it's over, they're glad that the suspect survived because he can be questioned. they also said that now is the time to remember people like sean collier, the massachusetts institute of technology campus policeman who was killed in the early stages of that frenzy and chase that ensued a day or so ago. and richard donohue who is fighting for his life in the st. al ban hospital also shot in the confrontation with the two suspects, one deceased.
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heather, back to you. >> thanks, mike tobin. we'll check in with you later this morning. the stepson of the man's whose boat he hid in last night while authorities were searching for him is speaking out about that chaotic situation at the family home. listen to this. >> well, speaking on behalf of the family, the most important thing is there was a period of time that we, the family, didn't know exactly what was transpiring. it was just like y had pointed out, there's so much information coming in, we actually were notified by a friend that there was a franklin street home on the television. of course, i spun 180 degrees to the television to see literally my mother and my stepfather's home there with the boat that the suspect was found in. immediate horror just swept through me. i broke down crying because we tried to call the phone was busy
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for almost 30 straight minutes. we tried cell phones. neither one of david or my mother were picking the phone up. my sister is static. it was absolute horror. we were seeing the bullets, gunfire erupts on franklin street. everything was unif you recalling. finally as i left my home to go to my father's house to see if i could find why no one was picking cell phones up or why we couldn't figure out where anybody was, my sister notified me that my mother had contacted her and she and david were both safe. they had been evacuated after david had come across the suspect in the boat. apparently, what -- the actual what happened was, as soon as the ban on the going outside, staying in the home was lifted, they kind of went out, my
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mother's health is ailing. that's why i'm kind of speaking on behalf of the family to respect their privacy. they went out into the backyard for some esh air on a beautiful boston day finally after a long winter, david walked around, the wind had picked up. the tarp on the boat, as you've described, had kind of lifted, which he found strange. he went over to the boat for a closer look. he found a strap that had been cut. not torn or worn through. it had been deliberately cut. he then was kind of stranged out by the whole thing. noticed a small amount of like blood in this area and then he took his little stepladder that he uses to enter and exit the boat, he went under the tarp, saw a small pool of blood immediately there, looked forward and, because the tarp obscured a lot of sunlight, it was gray and cloudy for a bit here, he saw what he believed at
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the time to be a crumpled body, bloodi in the front of the boat. immediately, panicked. he dropped off the ladder, called 9-1-1 with all of the s.w.a.t. and physical police presence right there in that neighborhood and street, they descended on him. they immediately evacuated them. that's why their cell phones were left behind. whether or not they had -- the phone line had been cut or whatever, we don't know that. the phone line was busy. that's why we weren't able to find them for almost a 40-minute period. >> oh, my. how frightening for that family. if you look at the picture of the boat with the tarp over it as they refer to it, that's a shrink wrapping that boaters do to winterize their boat. it completely covers almost three quarters of the boat down to the bottom of the hull. he really had to force that thing off to get in. you can see it right there. boy, what a guy for seeing that blood and then following that
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trail. very scary for that family. it is now 12 minutes after 4:00 here on the east coast. our coverage of the boston bombing manhunt continues. including how one of the suspects was actually interviewed by the fbi in 2011 and then able to pull off this bombing. a former member of the fbi joint terrorism task force weighs in, up next.
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somebody clearly framed them. i don't know who exactly framed them but they did. they framed them and they were sow cowardly that they shot the boy dead. >> that man was the suspect's father claiming that his sons are being framed. but now we've learned that an unknown foreign government had asked the united states to investigate the deceased brother, tamerlan tsarnaev back in 2001 and the fbi did, in fact, interview the family and
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him and look into his background. peter doocy is following that story in washington. what did the fbi do back then? >> heather, the fbi says they spoke to suspect number two, tamerlan tsarnaev two years ago at the request of a foreign government who thought he might have possible extremist ties. the fbi combed through databases looking at phone calls, internet activity, travel history, known associates. they also say they did interview tamerlan and some family members, although at this point we don't know which ones and after all that, they found nothing. at the beginning of 2011, he was clean. no evidence of terror activity, foreign or domestic. so case closed. although the fbi did tell this foreign government who reached out that if any further concerns came up, check back in and they would circle back with this amateur boxer in boston. but this foreign government never did check back in. although we have interesting information to fill in some of the gaps between the time the
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fbi cleared tamerlan two years ago and the time he allegedly bombed the boston marathon with his brother on monday. because we know that tamerlan traveled to russia at the beginning of last year, apparently to spend some time with his father in chechnya, he stayed a few months, came back to boston in july of 2012. after a few weeks home, he started i you-tube channel on this past august 17th he used to post and pro promote radical jihad i videos. >> peter doocy live in washington. we'll have more on that angle throughout the morning. thank you. let's go to you, heather. >> we are going to talk to our expert to talk more about this, steve rogers, he's a former fbi agent with the joint terrorism task force. he joins us now to hopefully answer questions. a lot of people waking up this morning, hearing about this, unnamed at this point foreign government asked that the older brother, tamerlan be investigated for possible ties
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to extremist groups. nothing was found. what would the fbi have done? what would have been involved in that search? >> to begin with, we have to keep in mind that they did a lot of questioning, a lot of groundwork. i liken it to a good analogy, if you commit a crime, okay, and the fbi or the police take your fingerprint. if you've ever be arrested before, there's nothing going to be in a data bank to grab on to. no known terrorist groups, no crimes committed. as a result, he never showed a red flag anywhere. >> what about the trip that peter doocy was talking about, that happened recently where he takes a trip out of the country, goes to russia, we don't know where he went after that. he's gone for six months, but he's in the middle of applying for citizenship. wouldn't he have been on someone's radar at that point? >> if no crime was committed, no probable cause, we go back to the fact that there's this -- this is a free country. you can move back and forth freely. had there been a red flag, i'm
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sure that, without any doubt, they would have kept their eyes out. >> another country asking that he be investigated for extremist ties wouldn't have been enough of a red flag? >> they did check. it's not that they ignored it. they checked. they did a thorough investigation and found nothing. >> he returns and all of a sudden this you-tube channel starts to pop up. again, he's in the middle of applying for citizenship. no one was looking at that or saw that? >> think about this. i ran into this as a police officer. you found out later that a lot of these people had things on you-tube or facebook and had messages via social networks. unless there's a red flag, unless there's a clue leading you to that, you'll never know it's there. >> it seemed like there were a lot of clues on social media. maybe it's something we can take away from this case. >> what you see happening now, a lot of police agencies are having social media task force to filter what we see today. >> thanks for joining us.
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>> i wasn't an fbi agent. i was attached through mitary intelligence. >> thank you for correctin that. the time is 19 after the top of the ho. coming up, with every law enforcement agency in massachusetts involved in the manhunt for the younger brother, how did officers make sure that it was successful? i former nypd detective joins us up next.
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we set up a perimeter around that boat and over the course of the next hour or so, we exchanged gunfire with the suspect who was inside the boat and ultimately, the hostage rescue team t fbi made an entry into the boat and removed the suspect who was still alive in the boat.
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>> the hostage rescue team did work in trying to negotiate him out of that boat. they did try to talk him out. from what i understand, he was not communicative. >> that right there was the boston police commissioner. his name is ed davis. he was talking about that successful manhunt. with all of boston and neighboring suburbs on lockdown, almost every law enforcement officer in that state and so many federal officials as well searching for the suspect. what were the last 24 hours like for the officers. joining us is former nypd and president of cmp group investigations joins us now. good morning. a lot of federal officials there as well as state, this couldn't have happened at a better time. they were all still there. >> correct. >> what were the hours like for them? >> the hours after they had the press conference? >> during the manhunt. >> listen, law enforcement was very successful in this terrorist search. it was less than four days until they identified the person and put pictures of the two suspects out to the public.
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>> right. >> they knew the day before what these guys looked like because they had gone through the hundreds of hours of video and pulled down these two guys' images and basically had tracked their moves. >> i'm trying to think about hat live was like for them behind the lines. you hear stories about crazy gunfire taking place, the kind much stuff you see or hear in a war zone. not in the united states. how terrifying it must have been for them. it appears that these young men could have hadilitary type training or training of that sort. >> the joint terrorist task force, the fbi, the local police departments did a phenomenal job in not only coordinating the efforts with each other, but basically having teams of edts. >> what's that? >> explosion detection teams. >> yep. >> s.w.a.t. officers. they basically had themselves protected. and they basically did a phenomenal job at locking down that area even though this guy was only a block and a half
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outside of the perimeter and basically bringing him to justice. >> how do you think they likely subdued him? he was in the boat, had injuries. how do you think they got him out? >> i think the helicopter played a role. with the infrared. they could tell if he was moving around and could tell he was bleeding supposedly from the helicopter and the infrared sensors. >> they wouldn't have known if he was armed or not. >> no. but they could detect if he had bombs, some kind of explosive device with him an ied and basically at a certain point in time, you let the hostage negotiators who are part of the team do part of your work. >> we got to leave it there. tom, we'll talk with you throughout the morning. tom ruskin, former nypd detective. it's 27 minutes past the hour. we'll return live to boston and that's where the younger suspect is in the hospital this morning and investigators are waiting to talk to him. and then our next guest says that al qaeda has been trying to pull off an attack like this for
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welcome back. this is a fox news alert. i'm heather childers. i'm heather nauert. it's been a week of terror in the boston area and finally last night coming to an end. boston bombing suspect number two is now in custody and currently undergoing surgery at a hospital in the boston area. his brother killed in a shootout with police.
1:31 am
>> here's a look back at how all this unfolded. >> this is a fox news alert. there are reports of gunshots on the campus of m.i.t. >> the building is surrounded by responding agencies. the situation is considered active and extremely dangerous. nothing to indicate that there is a connection between what happened here on boylston street and what is going on, on the campus of m.i.t. but the chronology is all there. >> . there's a big chase under way still in boston following a police shooting that happened on the campus of m.i.t.
1:32 am
an officer was shot and killed there. there were two suspects on the run earlier. we're hearing that one is in custody and there's still one that police are trying to find. >> these guys apparently are under the coordinates of -- hand grenades, improvised explosive devices. >> what you're seeing now is the back end much a perimeter of a crime scene that goes at least four blocks down there. we know that they are looking for a suspect. they know that they will use explosives, they know that they will fire. as we heard mark if you remember man, a police officer himself before, whether this is a larger scene, whether it was the m.i.t. scene or just a robbery, these guys are playing for keeps and they're not afraid to shoot. >> we're trying to get information out to the people who live here that they should stay in their homes and not open their doors unless police officers are there. we believe this to be a terrorist. we believe this to be a man coming here to kill people. >> boston police say that one suspect is dead, another suspect
1:33 am
is on the run and not accounted for. that second suspect would be the person described as suspect number two wearing the white hat in the images the fbi put out, as you see screen right. >> at large now, according to state police, is the individual identified as suspect number two, had the white cap on when the fbi released the video. released the images. now they've just released the most recent image of him with that gray hoodie on. >> suspect number one, age 26, with roots out of chechnya and russia, is dead. suspect number two, said to be his 19-year-old brother, is still at the moment on the loose and there is a massive manhunt throughout the city and surrounding communities in and around watertown, massachusetts to find that 19-year-old and to take him into custody. >> we are progressing through this neighborhood, going door to door, street to street. we do not have any development to tell you in terms of that search up there.
1:34 am
there has been no apprehension at this point. >> we do not have an apprehension of our suspect this afternoon. >> right now, we're in downtown boston. there are police and s.w.a.t. vehicles as you can see streaming in that direction. i see two men in the front of that. they're flying past. >> shots fired and a suspect is down. again, this is according to a state police source. a suspect is down. >> suspect number two, if you are just turning on right now, suspect number two has been arrested after a long negotiation and a standoff outside franklin street in watertown. it was really amazing to watch it all unfold. one of the most captivating images to emerge from the capture of suspect number two is this picture. this is him in an ambulance covered in blood. >> that taken last night after he was captured. this morning he's being treated at beth israel hospital in boston and adam housley is there
1:35 am
live. do we have any idea of his status? >> reporter: we don't. we have reason to believe he might be out of surgery at this hour. but we've been given no updates, of course. that was the last that we got a few hours ago. we do know that he was injured at least twice from gunfire. one of the injuries came from that initial shootout when his brother was killed. this is the same hospital his brother was brought to and was officiallily pronounced dead here, beth israel here in boston. also a hospital where a lot of the victims were brought on monday. we do know he's under heavy guard not only inside the hospital but outside the hospital, throughout the campus here at beth israel which is a large hospital campus. there are police officers at every entrance and exit. they have dialed back the numbers significantly. there were about nine or ten behind me, now there are four. not worried that he's going to get away, but ensuring that nobody gets in, no way to get in contact with the suspect. they want to do everything they can to it keep him alive and get
1:36 am
as much information out of him. the investigation has a long way to go. with the one brother killed, the other one here, there's a lot of work to be done and of course the interview is the integral part of that. that's why he's being treated here. that's what we do in our society. >> another interesting note, as we were coming here several hours ago when he was brought here, as we made our way through boston after the body was brought here of the second suspect, you could see people coming out of their houses, businesses reopening, the restaurants and bars. as it came towards this hospital complex, there were a number of college students that had shut down one of the streets here. so you could see them cheering and as emergency vehicles drove through, giving their signs of appreciation. heather and heather? >> adam housley in boston. we'll check in with you later. please let us know if we get any updates from the hospital. as the police zeroed in on dzhokhar, neighbors heard dozens
1:37 am
of shots and explosions. >> one caught the dramatic scene on camera. listen to this. [ shots fired ] >> holy, holy. holy, holy, holy. >> the day of terror started late friday night with a deadly shooting on the campus of m.i.t. believed to be connected to a robbery. so how did police unravel this to be a chase after the marathon bombers? fox's mike tobin has been there since the beginning and he has that part of the story for us. mike? >> reporter: heather, it was very interesting, because, as you mentioned, it first came across as reports of a robbery. but as the officers responded to the robbery, it was at a 7-eleven, one of the things they had was security video. a spokesperson for the state police, when you asked him what was it that indicated that possibly they were dealing with the boston marathon bombers, he said it was obvious. the obvious thing being that's where they released a still picture from the video showing
1:38 am
the man that they were calling at the time suspect number two. no longer wearing the white ball cap, this time wearing a gray hoodie. you go beyond that. you get to the carjacking, the victim of that carjacking, according to state police spokesman, said something that made them believe, indeed, the bombers were in that car that they had just stolen from the man. some reports indicated that the two of them bragged about being the boston marathon bombers. then when there was a pursuit with the police officers, a police officer made visual confirmation saying the guys that they were chasing looked like the two people in the video and the pictures that were released earlier that evening. finally, when the older brother was killed and identified at the hospital, police made visual confirmation that that indeed was suspect number one with the black hat. the older brother. and they indeed were on to the one brother who was still missing. ultimately apprehended at this location when the manhunt came
1:39 am
to a close. heather? >> mike, you have done a great job covering this for us throughout. i know it had to be a scary situation for you as well. >> reporter: thank you. >> hearing all the gunshots go out last night. mike, thank you so much. we'll check in with you later this morning. let's go to the other big story this morning. the death toll continues to rise as a result of that huge blast at a fertilizer plant in texas. 14 bodies have now been recovered from the wreckage of this week's explosion that leveled everything within a four-block radius of west texas. by the way, nearly 60 people who are still missing in that explosion. many of those bodies that have been identified as the deceased are first responders. last night, president obama reminding all americans to not forget about this community despite the terror attack. listen to what he had to say. >> our thoughts, our prayers are with the people of west, texas where so many lost their lives. i pledge that the people of west
1:40 am
will have the resources that they need to recover and rebuild. >> a vigil was held last night in west, texas, to pray for those still missing and remember those who had been lost. >> still pray for texas for sure. the time is 39 after the top of the hour. coming up, our coverage of the boston bombing arrest continues. our next guest says al qaeda has been trying to pull off an attack like this for years. tony shaffer explains after the break. how do you track a suspected terrorist who has been trained to blend in? we have a former fbi profiler who joins us coming up next. used a contractor before and didn't know where to start. at angie's list, you'll find reviews on everything from home repair to healthcare written by people just like you. no company can pay to be on angie's list, so you can trust what you're reading. angie's list is like having thousands of close neighbors where i can go ask for personal recommendations. that's the idea. before you have any work done, check angie's list. from roofers to plumbers to dentists and more, angie's list -- reviews you can trust.
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i love you, angie. sorry, honey.
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we were not that concerned about the chechen community. i've been getting top secret brefgs for nine years and never heard any threats from the chechen community. this kid had the american dream. he came here, apparently has asylum. his family came here as refugees from the war in chechnya. doing well in school. had everything going for him and he turned into a mass murderer. >> so are we looking at the new face of terrorism? is the threat now right in our own backyard? joining us now from d.c. is colonel tony shaffer. he's a senior at the center for advanced defense studies. thank you for joining us. >> thank you for having me. >> i want to talk about chechnya at this point and their ties to the taliban. it was in fact the taliban that was -- when they were in power,
1:45 am
the only government to recognize the chechnya's independence. so there have been ties that the united states has been looking into in this region of the country. >> absolutely. i think we have to look deeper at all the different relationships behind the scenes. the seven degrees of kevin bacon if you will. look at who is talking to who and who has a motive. as congressman king just said, we didn't look really in this area. frankly, we probably should have. they used a pipeline, the asylum pipeline to actually allow these people to get in. now, we need to figure out, were they sent in? was it a preexisting bad act planned? or was he radicalized, the older brother radicalized once he got here? either way, we had to look at this. because al qaeda and the affiliates are going to look at this as a method of putting people in here. remember, we have watches, they have time. they are very patient and we've been looking at this for several years. >> they've been here at least
1:46 am
ten years. should this be a new concern that we have people living in america, americanized citizens turning on their own. >> there's been issues regarding this in classified reporting going back to the '90s. again, this is not a new idea. what's new, heather, they're trying to get people light-skinned in under the radar to plan things like this. my fear is once they've got this success under their belt, they may look to do others. we have to double-down and look at this. i'm not saying profile everybody but they met a profile like the 9/11 hijackers did. the older brother came up on the radar at some point. whatever we were looking at wasn't adequate to actually identify him as a potential threat. >> he did come up on the radar. he was not declared a specific threat. he was cleared. but then he took this trip back. we talked about this earlier. back to russia. we don't know where he went exactly from there. do you believe that he did get training by extremists while there on that trip?
1:47 am
>> oh, my. absolutely. there's absolutely no doubt based on what happened in the firefight, the fact that these bombs were effective. let's remember, the underwear bomber failed because the technology failed. in this case, the technology was correct. they got it right. these things are very sensitive, they're not the easiest -- they're easy but they're not. you got to get it just right to make it work. they made it work. that tells me he had some level of training and probably paramilitary training as well. we have to look at that as a major indicator that someone is doing something or up to no good. >> can i ask you two quick things. you can answer quickly. >> sure. >> do you think there are others involved living here and why if they were tied to groups overseas has no one declared their involvement in this? do you think after these arrests they will? >> two reasons, they're changing their tactics. katherine harris did a great book that details some of this. secondly, i think we'll come to find they have a network in place. it's just that maybe we didn't
1:48 am
fully detect it yet. it's important to do the detailed forensics to find other links. >> tony shaffer, thank you very much for your insight. we appreciate it. >> thank you. >> the united states was warned one of these brothers may have extremist ties. so why didn't we see this attack coming? a former fbi profiler is up next. card hassles?
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welcome back. we have now learned that an unknown foreign government asked the u.s. to investigate the deceased brother, tamerlan tsarnaev and in 2011, the fbi did interview him. peter doocy following this part of the story for us live from washington this morning. good morning, peter. >> reporter: good morning,
1:52 am
heather. that's right. fbi started digging into tamerlan's life in early 2011 because a foreign government asked them to. all we really know is another country thought he might have extremist ties. so the fbi used u.s. government resources and databases to comb through phone logs, internet records, known associates, travel history, travel plans and education background. the fbi also then interviewed tamerlan and some of his family members, although we don't know which ones at this point. after all that, the fbi says they found no evidence of terrorism activity, domestic or foreign. we're getting a clear idea now of why that might have been. >> these are hard people to find. they're hard people to detect. and no matter what age we live in, whether social media or we have all kind of public help, these people often stay to themselves and unfortunately, we don't hear about them until the day that they do something terrible like this. >> as soon as the fbi wrapped up their investigation two years ago, they provided their results
1:53 am
to that foreign government who requested them and told them that, if any other red flags surrounding this guy who we know as suspect number one or the man in the black hat popped up. they should call and they would circle back and check again. that government never called back. we know in the time since that investigation, tamerlan traveled to russia to see his father. he spent several months there and returned to boston this past july. he's now dead, his brother is in the hospital. heather? >> all of that happening while he was applying for full citizenship. thank you, peter. heather? >> thank you so much. how did the signs of these two brothers go undetected? let's asked profiler pat brown. she joins us this morning in washington. pat? >> reporter: good morning, heather. >> we can't see you. there you go. right there. tell us about this. there's certainly some red flags that popped up here, especially when the u.s. government heard from a foreign government about concerns about the older brother. so shouldn't we have done more
1:54 am
to have looked into his backgrounds after those calls? >> i don't think so. they probably did exactly what they should have done. we have to remember, this probably wasn't the only call they've gotten from somebody that creeped somebody else out. there's a lot of psychopathic individuals running around setting off red flags for people. when they don't find them connected with anybody. what can they do? they're not connected to any terrorist cell. >> this isn't a call from betsy jones down the street. this is from a foreign government. they must have been pretty darn concerned to have contacted our government. shouldn't we have done more. >> apparently we did do that but didn't find anything. certainly when it first came off, i looked that the and said this looks like a terrorist we' about pressure cookers, the kind of bombs i've seen over in india and in a lot of parts of the world, very, very popular with terrorism. looks like a terrorist attack. but then nobody claimed this.
1:55 am
nobody said there was a political motive. we ended up what appears to be to me, wanted a day in the it sunlight like in connecticut and aur. just because they used bombs doesn't mean they're terrorist. >> you say they look more like mass murderers. but they had an affiliation or at least an affiliation of the heart with jihadists, if you will. they were into the stuff. they posted jihadi videos on the internet and so forth. it sound like they're terrorists, their motivation was terrorist. >> terrorist motive is to have a political aim. something you're trying to achieve. when we look at the attack in india, mumbai, what we had a terrorist group running out of pakistan, they want to get india out of kashmir. what was the point of this? i don't know. when we look at timothy mcveigh,
1:56 am
he had white supremacist ideas. but that's not a terrorist. >> they had become islamic fundamentalists. a previous guest started talking about this. i said it was very interesting. he said we're looking at the changing face of terrorism. terrorists no longer claim responsibility for things and that really try to go under the radar as much as possible. what do you think of that? >> i think we're overexaggerating psychopathic ways of thinking. some people wonder why i'm doing this show today because i took a stand back in aurora not to take -- when we use their names. i believe in a way media is radicalizing these guys, inspiring them to commit crimes and they get a lot of attention. aurora pushed connecticut, connecticut pushed this. that's something we have to worry about. >> i have to disagree with you there. >> media is huge in the promotion of -- >> i don't think we had a hand in in whatsoever. pat brown, thanks a lot, criminal profiler. moving on, you heard
1:57 am
shepherd smith ask a question live during the press conference. why wasn't the suspect arrested last night and read miranda rights? is he really headed to trial or a military tribunal? that story coming up. @@
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