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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  April 21, 2013 1:00pm-3:00pm PDT

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thanks for watching. [applause] ♪ >>. fox news alert. boston's police commissioner saying the marathon bombing suspects were likely planning more attacks as itself search for answers hits a roadblock. f.b.i. has their man but elite interrogation team may have to wait as dzhokar tsarnaev remains in serious condition in a boston hospital under very heavy guard and apparently unable to speak because of his wounds. >> gregg: welcome positive to a brand-new hour, i'm gregg jarrett. >> heather: i'm heather childers. they are laying out a frightening scenario. here he is on fox news sunday.
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>> they clearly had other explosives. they detonated those explosives at the scene of the arrest and shootout in watertown. we feel they had plans to use those explosives possibly on soft targets. >> heather: adam, what is going on at the hospital right now. what is the latest from authorities? >> reporter: authorities are tight-lipped. they haven't given us a lot of information. the u.s. attorneys office and f.b.i. confirm that the suspect is here in serious and stable condition. they have not had a chance to question him. that elite team of investigators are still in standby. there are a number of reports and suggestions the reason they haven't been able to question him is due to injuries. we have pictures of him getting out of the boat and surrendering on friday night. a a at that point he had two injuries, nearly one for 20 hours and had a lot of bleeding. he came here and had operations
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on him to stabilize him to make sure he survived those injuries. we don't know what the after effects of the operation and where he is at this point other he is serious and stable condition. the police commissioner spoke about the suspect with chris wallace, here is what he had to say in part. >> suspect is in serious and stable condition. the questioning is going to be done by a special team sent in by the f.b.i. as far as i know, that has not happened yet. >> chris: is he able to speak? is he in the condition to speak or are they waiting for that? >> he is no condition to be interrogated at this time. he is progressing though and we're monitoring the situation carefully. >> heather: also monitoring a news conference. let's take us there to listen in. >> it's time to move forward, move this city forward.
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the last several days, develop a plan that we open the most famous street in the world to the public. there are two priorities for this plan. make sure we do this as respectfully as we can for the victims, their families and all those impacted by last week's tragic event. without bureaucracy were affected by the attack on our city. our reentry plan, multi-agency effort to maximize all resources manpower, equipment and expertise of our city teams. the f.b.i. worked with the plan
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to open up this area to the public. to accomplish the plan, the five-phase effort that includes everything from environmental testing including building assessment, debris removal, utility restoration and full access plan. to be deliberate step by step nature of our approach is reflective of our overreaching concern for health and safety of our citizens. the patience and cooperation of our business owners and residents in the area is clear to the success to the law enforcement investigation. it will be equally important as the city works to reclaim and restore boylston street. we have been working closely with business owners to near the
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plaza and opening up a mobile city hall close to the area for visitors to have fast a access to the city. also our team has been in communication with the victims and the families who continue to work as we move towards opening the area of boston for our public once again. i want to say to my team behind me, thank you for doing a great job. last week or so, all the agencies and since friday have been working overtime to make sure that the plan works to reestablish boylston street. they have been working under all the plans. thank you. >> heather: you've been listening to a live news conference. the mayor talking about a five-step plan now to reopen
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boylston street, perhaps the most famous street in america. the area specifically affected when this bombing happened last monday at the boston marathon. let's go to adam housley who is still standing by live for us. i understand you were just in the specific area, the mayor saying this will be a strategic effort to reopen the businesses, a lot of businesses affected. they say they will check out everything five steps from environmental testing to building stability. what did you see when you were just down there? >> for those that haven't been to boston. it runs into the bostons common. it's very popular area. we drove down newberry street which is parallel to boylston street. i have to tell you in the last five or six years, it's as crowded as i've ever seen.
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people coming from all over people three and four deep to get the glimpse as the activity continued on every single block. you say authorities and white tents, but at the same time it did appear they were starting to break down some of those areas while the barricades were still up. some of the locations were starting to be put away. you can see the preparation in place to reopen some of the areas on boylston street. if anyone was concerned about that area coming back to life, that was easily erased by seeing the traffic and the people on the street. it's good to hear the mayor is planning on reopening this important area and shows the recovery process is in full swing. >> heather: thank you, adam. we want to let everyone at home to know and if the police commissioner has anything important for you to know, we will go back to it.
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>> gregg: they continue to look for answers into the deadly bombings. they are remembering the dead and injured holding candlelight vigils determined to triumph over tragedy. >> shep: as they recognize the lives lost, cardinal shawn patrick o'malley gave a mass. he preached a message of love. he encouraged the sense of community and civic awareness that was invigorated and discouragedinst muslims and immigrants. >> it's really difficult to understand what was going on in their heads, what demons were operative. what ideologies or politics or the perversion of their religion it was amazing to witness, however, how much goodness and
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generosity were evidenced in our community as a result of this tragedy. >> reporter: here in watertown, hundreds gathered on a ball field with candles lit recognizing the lives lost at the finish line. another vigil, this one to recognize shawn collier who was shot in his car thursday night as the chase unfolded. across the ocean, 36,000 runners prepared for the london miarnth but paused for 30 seconds of silence in remembrance of those that lost their lives at boston marathon almost one wk ago. >> gregg: mike tobin, thanks very much. we want to go back to the news conference. this is police commissioner, ed davis. >> removal of the barricades and the grandstands and evidence that may be incorporated in that
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or embedded in that as well as the last day or so of hitting the ledges on all the buildings with ladders. that is proceeding nicely. i've got to comment on the professionalism and cooperative spirited that is happening down there at the crime scene. it's remarkable. i've never seen anything like it in my 35 years of law enforcement. there are no turf issue or personality clashes, everything is being done properly with an idea towards jtice for the victims. so, i'm very happy with the progress. we hope to get this community back to its people as quickly as possible. thank you. >> good afternoon. i just want to echo what the mayor said about making sure as we return.... >> gregg: the cities team has a five part plan for what they refer to respectful re-entry of
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the square where the bombing took place last monday. it's been, of course, essentially a federal evidence lockdown as a crime scene as all of the debris field had to be collected for evidence in in a forthcoming trial. so once all of that is done and as the mayor said done in a way that is respectful to the family members of the victims, it will be reopened to the public. we'll continue to follow those events. >> heather: speaking of those victims, family and friends also saying goodbye today to 29-year-old crystal campbell, one of three people killed during the bombings at boston marathon. police say she was cheering on a friend. she was at the finish line when the first bomb exploded. hundreds gathered for her wake today at a funeral home in medford. she will be laid to rest at a private funeral. >> gregg: boston bombings impacting the immigration reform debate now. the attacks coming as the u.s.
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senate is holding hearings on a bipartisan bill that some critics say would put the united states borders in jeopardy. national correspondent steve centanni has more on that. steve, how exactly is the bombing affecting this debate? >> a few republicans are saying we should postpone the immigration reform bill because of the bombings. chuck grassley of iowa is one of them. he said on friday's hearing we need to be sure that people who intend to harm americans are not allowed to enter the country. republican senator dan coats of indiana is taking that go slow approach. listen. >> immigration is an issue that has dramatic economic effect on americans and national security implications. stemming back a little -- for instance, we have a bigger issue than immigration such as debt issue. >> reporter: he says that is
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bigger issue, solving the deficit. >> gregg: there are support others both sides of the aisle on this. how are they responding? >> a lot of bipartisan support. coats and grassley are outnumbered. they say this reform bill is a national security bill that will make america safer. it will have multiple background checks and for the first time to prevent people from overstaying their visas by checking airport departures. >> there are some, some on the hard right and otherwise that oppose our immigration bill from the get-go. they are using this as an excuse. we are not going to let them do that. if they have a reason or suggestion how to change it based on what happened in boston we'll certainly be open to it. we're not going to let them use what happened in boston as an excuse because our law toughens things up. >> reporter: the senate holds
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second hearing tomorrow. >> gregg: coming up, 6:00 on fox news sunday, boston police commissioner ed davis recounts in his own words the massive manhunt for the boston bombing suspects. >> heather: the only living suspect of the bombings at a boston hospital unable to speak. if he does recover, what the interrogation would look like. >> gregg: growing security concerns all over the country. how officials are stepping up security as other major running events. >> heather: plus, a show of support, how the boston red sox are helping their city through this difficult time. >> u.s.a.! u.s.a.! your doctor will say get smart about your weight. that's why there's glucerna hunger smart shakes. they have carb steady, with carbs that digest slowly
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we're very proud. thanks a lot guys. >> we did it for you boss. >> thanks, tom. >> gregg: the boss, boston mayor speaking over the police scanner thanking everybody for catching the suspect. investigators are very eager to get to the bottom of this attack and why looking into the motives
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and methods and any possible any third party involvement. the man who may know more than anybody else, surviving suspect dzhokar tsarnaev reportedly not able to talk to a gunshot wound to the neck. if the feds do get to question him, how do you interrogate a suspect like this. pat brosman, a retired detective. good to see you. he is no condition to talk right now, but how do you decide when he is? do you rely on the advice of doctors? >> my understanding that the neck wound he is intubated and he is not able to speak but perhaps they could communicate by writing. there is no interest the crime, there is only interest in tionable intelligence here. anybody else involved and where
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are they. >> gregg: we have toe concerned about miranda rights -- that is irrelevant. there is plethora of evidence and he allegedly confessed to the carjacking. so what do you want to do is fi out other planned attacks and accomplices? >> absolutely. you want to find out who was involved in a broader plan, if there is a broader plan. at were all the bombs that were thrown athe police, where were they slated for and is there anybody else lurking i the wings? the trick will be to chip to his heart and who is close to heart andse the leverage. misrepresent the facts, they will be arrested. >> gregg: the supreme court has said so. >> one thousand percent. this is the perfect scenario. all the leverage is on the side of the investigators.
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he has no idea. he is 19. he is dumb as rocks. he failed six out of seven classes in college. he forgott surveillance video existed in america by the bombing on monday. he is naive and impressionable. they can get to i am. >> gregg: you want to look at all electronic communications and personal property and his car. anybody he might have communicated with. >> it's ongoing. i'm sure they are deep into the weeds, who he said it, the content, but stuff in t head, we need to shake it free. >> gregg: one of the brothers may have had ties to a killed imam or mosque. do you try to monitor that situation? >> you want to develop the situation, what was the narrative between them. what was their involvement? werehey pawns or tools? what is the broader plan? there is plethora of evidence. there is a confession. the qeis in a separate box.
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what we want to know is there any other crimes comup, any other terrorist acts. >> gregg: peter king is slamming the f.b.i. for failure to stop e attack in principle because the russians timd off the f.b.i. two years ago that this kid may have been radicalized, the older brother, that is. king said, look this is fifth case he knows of in which the f.b.i. may have had some evidce but failed to properly detect it. >> i don't like to bang law enforcemen f.b.i. did a great job reasing the photos. how did his phos did not cross connect. whenhey identified those brothers, how did it not cross connect to the investigation 18 months earlier? >> gregg: they interviewed the older brother. >> and he looked the same. it wasn't like ten years ago. that was a simple connection. that would have given themhe date. >> gregg: it's inexplicable,
1:23 pm
older brother has a youtube page and jihadist videos and songs. how come the feds weren't on it? >> there a long and history of non-communication by the feds with the interagencies. boston pd the guys in the trenches should have had his photo in their cards. >> gregg: patrick, good to see you. >> heather: the feds meantime, promising justice will be served now as they investigate the boston marathon bombing. it's still unclear what charges the only surviving suspect will face and how he might be tried. [ male announcer ] how do you measure happiness? by the armful? by the barrelful? e carful? how the bowlful? campbell's soups give you nutrition, energy, and can help you keep a healthy weight. campbell's. it's amazing what soup can do.
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>>. >> gregg: growing calls to treat the only living suspect of the boston marathon bombings as an
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enemy of america. right now the department of justice is preparing to file criminal charges likely in federal court against the 19-year-old who was arrested on friday night. they may try to decide whether he should be treated before trial for interrogation purposes as an enemy combatant. national security correspondent jennifer griffith is live. who wants him designated that way? >> lindsay graham, congressman pete king to name a few. >> we don't know if there are other conspirators or explosives out there. where did they get the radicalization of the imams. who did his brother meet with when his brother was in chechnya. these questions we need answers to because even now there is a public safety exception. that is going to expire in 348 hours.
1:29 pm
>> that is what happened to the underwear bomber, the man that tried to blow up a plane. he was a foreign citizen. the f.b.i. interrogated for 50 hints and within 10 hours he was read his miranda rights. the suspect is in super max prison. >> gregg: is there some difficulty or impediment to designating the boston marathon bomb as an enemy combatant? >> by law he can't be tried on a military commission. they were cases where he was tried military court. but in a case, they have not found a link to al-qaeda linked group overseas. therefore, no court would necessarily uphold the president as commander in chief designating him as an enemy combatant.
1:30 pm
legally they would be on shaky ground and if he is deemed an enemy combatant he still has a right to an attorney. he doesn't have to talk unless he wants to and there will are limited means that interrogators have to do so. >> the 48-hour is not a fixed time period. even in military commissions that have not secured any cone vix against anyone since 9/11. there is a right to counsel and there are procedures, too, all of which keep getting tested. >> it has nothing to do with military commissions. >> the question the justice department refuses to answer is whether the clock started ticking in terms of the 48-hour rule after he was taken into custody on friday night. >> gregg: he is not in condition to be interrogated yet. that may soon change. jennifer, thanks very much. we'll have a lot more how hely mai be tried and whether senator
1:31 pm
feinstein declaring it's unconstitutional to treat him as an enemy combatant. she may want to check an important supreme court case on that. >> heather: new homeland safety concerns following the boston marathon bombings, running events are going all across the united states this weekend. under a blanket of heavy security. a serious reaction following the boston attacks. other broader federal lawmakers that should be looking at? let's ask michael balboni and former secretary of public for the state of new york and now with red wind strategies, a security firm. thanks for joining us. these suspects they used improvised explosive devices. they ended up at the finish line. they put one of those devices right between an eight-year-old little boy, martin richards and six-year-old sister.
1:32 pm
just to cut to the chase, is there anything that could have been done to avoid that happening? >> in reality, not really. 26-mile event like this, it's so hard. you have to redouble your efforts. it's a combination of technology of reengaging the public to see something and say something. better intelligence or take a better look at what local law enforcement is seeing. this was my worst nightmare. who didn't have a prior criminal record. someone that got radicalized without a footprint and dame out of nowhere. components for the bomb can be bought at a local store. >> heather: is this something we should see from now on and how do we protect ourselves without becoming a police state? >> the 9/11 cut off the head of al-qaeda. the ability to do the same type of attack is really over. this is what they have to go to now.
1:33 pm
the challenge is how do you know when someone is radicalized? the key is in talking with commissioner kelly and his team, they switch up everything. it's not about static security. you don't have people that do the same type of patrols. you mix it up. >> heather: flexibility? >> also you use different type of technology. facial recognition is not where it ought to be. cameras are after the event but we need that kind of technology pro-active. the other key is not sit back and say we have to scrap what we had so far. if you take a look at all the events, newtown, fertilizer plant explosion in texas and this event, you have a capability among the first responders you haven't had before. that is what i refer to a homeland security dividend. we can build on that, better communications, working with public. >> heather: the lessons that
1:34 pm
were learned following the september 11th, 2001 attacks, first major event that has happened on u.s. soil since then. talk a little more about the lessons that have been learned that allowed boston to react the way they did. i know that boston had two citywide practice type runs prior to this. >> it's all about command and control, training, equipment and being able to give mutual aid and working together. you saw great combination of state and local lawmakers working together. >> heather: in new york city we have approximately 3,000 cameras we are able to monitor different areas. with those cameras in boston they got the initial pictures of the suspects and social media swept in. youtube and facebook and twitter people were able to get engaged and help investigators? >> you you basically had a digital wanted ad.
1:35 pm
that was excellent but we have to be careful about the media we get from the social media. it's not vetted. one of the big concerns from law enforcement security officials, what if someone were to manipulate that process? what if you had false tweets or use that as part of a getaway plan? this will a challenge of the time involved. you don't have a time to vet this. but it was proven that social media was a huge help to law enforcement in terms of track this guy down. >> heather: inevitable something like this will happen again? >> we all have been waiting for this. every day since 9/11, all the security have why hasn't it happened at malls or train stations? it's not about being safe, it's about being safer. >> heather: thank you so much. we appreciate it. something that will be fresh in people's minds as we move forward. >> gregg: still ahead, how the boston red sox is bringing much
1:36 pm
needed joy back to their city. >> let's get ready and go. >> it's all over. it's all over. i got season tickets, i wouldn't be afraid
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>>. >> gregg: turning your attention what happens next to the boston marathon bombing suspect. take a look, here he is in the white cap near the finish line on monday. a group of republican lawmakers say that dzhokar tsarnaev should not be treated as a common criminal, but instead he deserves to be held as an enemy combatant. let's bring in our legal panel, david schwartz, mercedes. i love it when politiciansing on natural tv and make constitutional declarations like
1:41 pm
dianne feinstein. she is not a layer. she pronounced it would be unconstitutional to hold him as an enemy combatant. she might have wanted to pay attention to a ruling back in 2006, fourth circuit, yes, you can hold an american citizen captured as an enemy combatant. >> exactly. if you read the act of 2012, it says specifically a person who is substantially support al-qaeda, taliban or associated forces that are engaged in hostilities against the united states. isn't that what we have here? >> gregg: and evidence youtube page with the jihadist video. >> exactly right. even some family members are coming forward. some family members in russia or saying, these were extremists. there had to be some sort of connection. >> gregg: is the issue, david, of miranda warnings, you have to
1:42 pm
be careful of some of the statements in the hospital bed won't be suppressed? that is irrelevant? >> i agree, totally irrelevant. there is such a big deal made out of miarnd miarnd. if the government violates the miranda ruling. they don't need the statement in the first place. there is scientific evidence. there is eyewitness testimony. there is bombs being thrown out. >> gregg: and confession as a carjacker. >> you don't need those statements. the whole point of getting a statement is a tool to see what else is out there. >> gregg: other potential attacks, other co-conspirators that may still be out there. let's talk about the charges. the president called this an act of terror. should the feds prosecute under terrorist statutes and weapons of mass destruction and can see the death penalty? >> undoubtedly. bring it into federal courts.
1:43 pm
obviously, you don't have the death penalty, you want it in federal court and get the death penalty in this case. >> gregg: in seeking the death penalty you have to prove the actions are heinous, atrocious and cruel. when you set a bomb down next to children and he is seen on tape doing that, is that heinous and atrocious and cruel? >> there is is no question about it. his whole argument in the death penalty phase of this case assuming that we get there will be mitigating factors, which will be his age, mental state, maybe he was being coerced by the older brother. >> gregg: you can hear the defense lawyers say that he was really brainwashed by his older brother. he was manipulated. he was emotionally and mentally easily and unduly influenced? >> no juror is going to buy it. when they look at what he has done, whether he was brainwashed
1:44 pm
many jurors will listen to this with such atrocity and such incredible damage to the million people that basically were in shutdown for 24 hours, it's ridiculous. >> it's all true but it may not be that easy during the phase of the case. jury will look at the fact this is a 19-year-old kid. we don't know what his mental capabilities was at the time. coercion aspect of it, mercedes is probably right, but i do think there is a chance he may be forgiven. >> he a college student. he is 19 years old, he is not a child. >> gregg: timothy mcveigh, they had to change the venue. do you expect a change of venue because similarly, bostonians were traumatized by it? >> i think they will try to. i don't think it will be
1:45 pm
emotional but i think it will be >> the whole country was so engaged. >> gregg: and the state could prosecute on murder and attempted murder. there is no double jeopardy. different crimes. >> exactly. >> gregg: good to see you both. >> heather: dzhokar tsarnaev turning 20 in july. so i would say that is an adult. great american pastime not forgetting the bombings in boston. we will show you how baseball is stepping up to the plate and helping people heal. [ applause ] no they don't. hey son. have fun tonight. ♪ ♪ back against the wall ♪ ain't nothin to me ♪ ain't nothin to me [ crowd murmurs ] hey! ♪
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[ howls ] ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ reaching out ♪ touching me ♪ touching you ♪ sweet careoh line ♪. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> heather: neil diamond singing
1:50 pm
"sweet caroline" a proud tradition. it definitely wasn't all baseball but it was about the unbreakable american spirit. >> a week has had a share of suffering, sorrow and sadness. this week has also brought out the best in boston. [ cheers and applause ] >> volunteers rushing into the smoke, marathoners running even further to hospitals to give blood. doctors and nurses showing why they are the best in the entire world. [ applause ] >> and our law enforcement officers, pursuing every lead, scouring every place and working
1:51 pm
relentlessly and working to seek find and bring those responsible to justice. [ cheers and applause ] >> heather: an amazing moment. jim gray is a sportscaster and fox news contributor. jim, what is it about a sporting event that can bring us altogether and allow us all to heal just a little bit, maybe for the moment? >> it's always been an escape. it's a chance to set aside all the problems that go on. it brings the community together. it allows everyone to have a place where they can vent their emotions and try and get away from the realities of life. it's been a great healing in many times of crisis throughout our country's history. >> heather: you've been a
1:52 pm
sportcast terrify for many years. this was done following 9/11. in the days that followed that, liza minelli and belting out new york, new york. that was september 21st. shoe share some of your reflections and times you remember events have been able to, country has been able to heal due to a sporting event? >> i don't think when president bush took the mound at yankee stadium and he threw out the first pitch. the whole thing had just been a month. it was still so very, very fresh. here the leader of the free world out in front whatever, 50,000 people. yes, he was wearing a bulletproof vest, just the symbol of that. he threw the pitch and everybody roared and sat back and watched the game. it was terrible tragedy going on
1:53 pm
in new york and cleaning up the buildings. i have goose bumps talking about it now. it was an amazing moment when president bush did that. >> heather: as we look at these pictures coming in from boston following what happened there at the marathon. it was time for people to say, hey, we've been locked in our homes, the city was shut down. it hadn't happened before. we're not going to let you stop us. we're going to go out and continue to live our lives. you are not going to keep us from doing that, right? >> yes. that was on display. i think the most emotional moment in boston came the night that the bruins played or the afternoon. everybody sang in unison the national anthem. everybody came together. then, of course, in new york, the knicks played against the celtics, a huge rivalry but the knicks had paul pierce thank you
1:54 pm
for all the support and carmello spoke saying that new york is with you. we know what this feels like. we've been through this. i just think that when sporting events occur and we see this great athleticism and see the best in what it is, the best of us, this achievement and it allows all of us to think just for a moment that all of us can achieve something great, as well. when we have these tragedies, it's the best coming on the heels of the worst. >> heather: and other teams all across the country as you mentioned. yankees, they played "sweet caroline" -- don't know if it will happen again. everybody really coming together as one. a reflection they need to be a team, that team spirit, not just the boston red sox but americans as one and as a team working
1:55 pm
together? >> yeah, and who will forget last fall after hurricane sandy went through new york and what the giants played over in the meadowlands not not knowing if they were going to play a game. it gave everybody three or four hours on sunday afternoon the ability to sit back and not only have reflection but just for a moment or two let their minds wander and enjoy a football game. a lot of times, sports gets trivialized and sports get thrown in the toy department. there are times when it's not just grown men and women playing games. it has significant meanings. >> heather: here is the question jim. how do we extend how we feel right now in this moment, all of us in it together, all of us on the same team, how do we extend that feeling to make sure we don't forget it in the days ahead? >> well i any we're all unified
1:56 pm
insofar we love our country and wanted the best for our country. we all come together. no, we don't agree on much. yes, we probably don't have a lot in common whether you can't get a couple people to agree on the very basic differences in life. when it comes to one thing, everybody is for america. that is how we have to from try to sustain it from here. >> heather: jim gray, thanks so much for joining us today. >> gregg: the terrorists don't get it. they don't understand the american spirit. they just don't. keeping a close watch on the only surviving suspect of the boston marathon bombing watching for the slightest sign we may be closer to getting some answers. we're going to have a live update from the hospital coming up.
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>>heather: we have a fox alert. the boston police commissioner laying out a chilling scenario saying the bombing suspect may have intended those attacks only as a prelude to others. welcome to brand new hour inside america's headquarters. >>gregg: investigators are very eager of course to question the only surviving suspect but it is unclear when they will be able to do that. we are told the 19-year-old dzhokhar tsarnaev is under armed
2:01 pm
guard right now inside a boston hospital in serious but stable condition. he is unable to speak. his capture on friday night from a tarp-covered boat leaving him wounded, and now the feds say an elite interrogation team is waiting to find out everything he knows about the attack. adam is live at both israel hospital. adam, what is the latest? >>reporter: he has been under heavy guard for going on two days. as you mentioned, that elite team has not had the chance to question him. there are a number of reports of his condition. they all vary. what we know, according to the united states attorney and the f.b.i. he is in serious but stable condition. we do know he has multiple gunshot wounds one to the head or neck. we do not know how it came about. we know one injury came from the initial shootout that would kill
2:02 pm
his brother pronounced dead. he is sedated. that makes sense considering he was under significant surgery after he arrived on friday evening. the injuries are said to be significant especially since he was pleading from bump them at least one, for almost 24 hours by the team he was taken into custody. authorities say that he will survive. as we heard from the governor, there is some concern about how much he will be able to talk and how he will recover once he does recover. >>gregg: adam, this is the very same hospital where some of the victims were taken after the bombing. how are they doing? >>reporter: we are getting a couple of different feedbacks. some victims were taken not from where the bombing was, a mile or so as the crow flies. a lot of them arrived here. some were released. there are some still here
2:03 pm
involving. the hospital, of course, keeps those records private. when you bump into someone they will tell you it is unusualing to see people recover here, to see people get better every day because of the fantastic care they are getting. you mention on friday evening in this hospital you just had his brother pronoun the day before and all this was going on they are work to save his life and officers protected his security in his room and his floor and outside the hospital, at the same time, you had the people that suffered allegedly from his bombs being treated here and recovering so it is quite a scene. security is very, very tight, both inside and outside the hospital. it will remain that way as long as the suspect is here. >>gregg: thank you, adam. >>heather: reflection today in the city of watertown where an intense manhunt for the suspect ended and that bloody stand off involved police. now the people are remembering
2:04 pm
the victims determined to triumph over tragedy. mike has been following this story 24 hour as day from the beginning and is in watertown, massachusetts, with what is going on. >> now with the immediate threat gone the community moves toward heal and the cardinal is performing enter faith services in boston. he talked of a culture of love against a culture of violence and death and encouraged this since of community, a civic awareness which has blossomed and discourages are sentiments against muslims. >> we must be people of reconciliation, not revenge. the crimes of the two young men must not be the justification for prejudice against muslims or against immigrants. >>reporter: in watertown,
2:05 pm
hundreds gathered for a vigil, remembering the people who lost their lives at the finish line a week ago today when they came up to view the boston marathon or participate in the boston marathon. in wilmington, remembering the life of the police officer from m.i.t. campus killed sitting in his car on thursday night at the gun battle and subsequent chase flared. what we have seen is an outpouring of appreciation for the police in the neighborhoods people have walked up to the police officers and handed them flowers and we hear some people are baking meals or different sorts of goodies and bringing them in to the police headquarters. >>heather: mike has been reporting live for us. >>gregg: family and friends saying goodbye to the 29-year-old woman, krystle campbell, who lost her life that terrible day in boston. one of three people killed during the bombings during the marathon. she was cheering on a friend at
2:06 pm
the finish line when the first bomb exploded. hundreds gathered for the wake today at a funeral home in medford. she will be laid to rest tomorrow at a private funeral. >>heather: other huge stories this week. a memorial service will be held thursday at baylor university, in ten, to honor the firefighters and resident whose died in a fire resolution fertilizer laboratory. there is no sign of wrongdoing that killed 14, injured 200 people. some families are actually returning home. dominic is following this story that would also have been the big stories of the past week but did not get reported a lot as a result of the post bombing. what is the latest in texas? >> people are able to return home. they have been waiting to do
2:07 pm
that. but only small numbers. not many people are getting back to see the legal of disaster or legal of damage to their homes. we have fresh pictures that have come out in the past couple of hours of what is going on at the site with a small number of media allowed access. the pictures show the 50 or so apartments completely floored because they were so close to the blast, 200 meters away. this is another view of the town. we have not seen pictures this close up since the blast happened on wednesday. i believe what you are looking at is the school that was close by. font that school was over when the blast happened. the wheelchairs belong to people living in the retirement home which you can see. it is astonishing we did not lose so many pensioners. the retirement was she'ded. there was a train with a car full of chemicals with no rail
2:08 pm
service going through the town at this time and they are trying to restore the union pacific. we hear that while people are getting back to the homes something much more important is the investigation which is a greater priority. take a listen. >> our priority today is the line of duty, the investigation for the firefighters and first responders who who lost their l. >> it is not being treated at a criminal scene -- it is, rather, but that is protocol. they are looking where the explosion began, by tracing it back and hopefully in two or three days they will have more information on what caused the original fire that led to the blast. >>heather: dominic, isen now accounted for? is there anyone still missing?
2:09 pm
>>reporter: we have all the names, two that were not available late yesterday and the authorities have been cagey about releasing names and no one has officially from the police or a.t.f. released the names but from facebook the names are actually out there. at some point they will, but the number of dead at 14 is where they are staying the they will not shift on that. they are being cagey. >>heather: we hope it does not rise. thank you dominic. >>gregg: police are asking for the public's help to find gunman who opened fire at a crowded festival. two people were injured and neither suffered any life-threatening injuries. this is at the pot rally in denver and others were hurt from
2:10 pm
being trampled, the first pot rally in the state since colorado legalized marijuana. it is still against the law to smoke weed in public. all festival-related events were canceled for the remaining weekend. >>heather: now the weather alert. deadly floodwaters rising on the upper mississippi riff, a high water forcing evacuations and closing roads and drenching hundreds of acres of farms. three people have been killed, record flooding is expected after 7" of rain and melting snow in the upper midwest. our meteorologist janice dean comes live from the fox extreme weather center. look at the map behind you. >> over 7" of rain in 24 hours to 48 hours. chicago, o'hare, has close to 6", and henry, illinois, 7.25".
2:11 pm
a lot of the rivers and streams cannot take this much rain. we have had flood advisories in place for half a dozen states right now. state of emergencies in effect for six states. more rain on the way. this kind of thing happens each spring but with five, six or seven inches of rain that exacerbates a dangerous situation. more rain in the forecast, unfortunately but not the deluge early, from earlier in the week. but it is more salt not wound. we have another storm bringing snow, several inches of snow. monday and tuesday, look at the darker shades of blue where we could get, really, heavy significant snow from the rockies to the upper midwest and more heavy rain to areas that for not need to see it, take, a look at a computer model, you
2:12 pm
can see where the rainilies the vulnerable spots with flood warnings. look the snow, 6" to 12" to up to 18" and denver and east of minneapolis, another snowstorm. here is minneapolis, in some cases we have temperatures 30 degrees below average with more snow in the forecast. i british i had better news. >>heather: the question says it all: spring or winter? >> we don't know! >>heather: thank you. >>gregg: bizarre weather. >>heather: i don't know what the calendar is. >>gregg: new questions after the boston marathon raising new questions on the future of immigration and how the attacks have an influence on that debate. >>heather: and now the legal process for the 19-year-old bombing suspect, with calls not
2:13 pm
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>>heather: the boston bombings are impacting the immigration debate. lawmakers from boat parties calling for immigration reform to move failure but in light of the terror attacks, will the legislation look the same?
2:17 pm
here is senator durbin, one of the gang of eight senators, who crafted the bill. >> the worst thing we can do is nothing. if we do nothing leaving 11 million people in the shad degrees be not making our borders safer, not having the information that comes from employment and the visa holders, we will be less safe. >> i don't think it should have a severe impact on immigration but we should focus whether it should be refined and if people are coming from a country where has terrorist background, a strong terrorist element if that country, there should be have a vetting for people from that country. >>heather: a professor of law and political science and a g news contributor, and, boston strong, born and bred, so, i want to ask you, do you think that the events, the terrorist attack that happened on the streets of your hometown should influence the debate on immigration. >> i don't think it should
2:18 pm
influence it in the sense of does terrorism by these two men with all the questions it raises and one was a united states citizen, both have been here legally for years, neither were even involved in the check -- chechen war there is nothing to make these kids any different from any two kids in the neighborhood i used to live in. we have a lot of questions but i do hope we are making progress on immigration. we are talking about people who have been unlawfully in this country, who have been working hard in this country and done nothing wrong and want to open themselves to investigation and have a path to citizenship and i hope we can keep our eye on moving forward at the same time as we obviously ask the tough questions on what happened. >>heather: there is something that made them different. they immigrated here from a
2:19 pm
country with known terrorist ties on radar for a while. should we do something like peter king was talking about, at the least, have extra vetting when people want to come from people like chechnya? >> we do, but they came when they were boys. i think the danger here, they came when they were little boys. their father said, we moved away to avoid that war. they grew up upper middle class or middle class in russia and came here. the danger is we not, because it is the next day, in effect, take one set of problems and look to a very challenging area. we have a challenging immigration issue. it has a lot of issues it needs to solve. one issue it doesn't need to solve is what happened at the boston marathon. the cardinal said, i think, that
2:20 pm
we cannot let the act of these two young men change or views about muslims or certainly not about immigration. >>heather: they were not little boys, dzhokhar tsarnaev was not a little boy when he became an american citizen. that happened september 11 of 2012. prior to that, his brother, we know, from january of 2012, returned in july of 2012 and then began posting the islamist extremist videos on youtube in august of 2012 and a month later his brother becomes a united states citizen at the age of 19. that is when he became a united states citizen. he was not a young boy. >> no, but he came here, the provisions under which he became a citizen were based that he came here as a young boy but had
2:21 pm
been here legally and violated no law --. >>heather: so the events --. >> no one is talking about changing that. what in that story -- i am not -- something went terribly wrong here. something went horribly wrong with the kids. i don't think we should be treating this as an immigration problem because nothing in the law we are talking about, nothing in the changes being proposed, has anything whatever to do with the situainvolving t. their situation involves terrible crimes of something going terribly wrong but i suggest it wasn't the immigration law. we have 11 million people waiting in line to take care of. >>heather: a word quickly to your hometown. >> be strong. >>heather: thank you, we appreciate it. >>gregg: new questions about
2:22 pm
u.s. security in 9 wake of the boston marathon bombings. is our government doing enough to keep us safe? >> the 19-year-old system is accused in one of the deadliest recent terror attacks on american soil but who is pushing if him to be treated as a common criminal? the answer and growing controversy next. with the spark miles card from capital one,
2:23 pm
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>>heather: it is the bottom of the hour so it is time to take a quick look at the other headlines making news. in massive clean up and an apartment building destroyed at a texas fertilizer plant that killed 14 people and injured 200 others. the cause is still unknown but officials say the remaining fertilizer is not a danger. several communities along the
2:27 pm
mississippi river are in trouble with floodwaters. crews have been able to contain the dikes but more rain is on the way. >> two more people are in trouble in china with the total number of deaths at 20 because of bird influence. the justice department preparing to file charges again the only surviving suspect in the boston marathon terror attack. that sets the stage for a major legal battle as a group of republican lawmakers are urging he be treated as an enemy come budgetant and not a common criminal. national security correspondent jennifer griffin is live in washington. jennifer, who wants hip designated enemy combatant? >> senators john mccain and congressman peter king and lindsay graham. >> are there other conspirators? where do they get rod -- radical
2:28 pm
ization? i believe we need to obtain these answers if he does not get the rights because even right now there is a public safety exception which will expire in 48 hours but he can lawyer up and stay quiet. >>heather: that happened to the underwear bomber who tried to blow up a train on christmas day in 2009. he was a foreign citizen and he was interrogated for 50 minutes and in ten hours he was read his rights. critics say the intelligence community was unable to mine him for information as to how the plot developed. he was convicted and is in super max prison in colorado. >>heather: why is it difficult to designate the alleged boston marathon bombing and enemy combatant? >> he is an american citizen so he cannot be sent to gitmo or tried in a military commission. there are cases where americans were deemed enemy combatants and
2:29 pm
tried in federal court. padilla was convicted of trying to use a dirty bomb but authorities have not found any link with dzhokhar tsarnaev and no court in the united states would uphold the president as commander in chief designating his an enemy combatant this would be shaky according to experts and if the alleged bomber is deemed enemy combatant, he has the right to an attorney and ask nut have to talk unless he wants to. there are limited means the interrogators have to make him do so. the 48 hour thing is not an absolute fixed time period and by the way, even this military commissions which have not secured any convictions, really, against anyone since 9/11, there is a right to counsel and procedures which keep getting tested. >> treating him as an enemy combatant has nothing to do with a military commission.
2:30 pm
>>heather: the justice department is not saying if the clock starts ticking on the 48 hour rule when he was taken into custody. healthment ironic he became a naturalized citizen on september 11, 2012. thank you, jennifer. >>gregg: the boston marathon bombings and the revelations of the suspects have raised new questions about how well the u.s. government is keeping us safe. according to the latest fox news poll a majority of americans think homegrown terrorists are the greatest risk to our national security. 26 percent think islamic terrorists are the greater threat. that was an april 16 poll and the bombing was the 15 so i do not know if it fullly takes into consideration the bombings. john boot boot -- john leboutillier, former house of
2:31 pm
representatives member, and doug schoen pollster for bill clinton and pat caddell former pollster if jimmy carter. >> now there is a new category homegrown terrorist whose may will be islamic terrorists, as well. put another way, the issue of terrorism is back on the radar screen. the issue of domestic security, and the issue of immigration. bottom line, questions that have largely been on the back burner are now front and center. >> there will be a lot of finger-pointing at f.b.i. for failing to connect the dots when they were tipped off by the russians that this older brother may have been radicalized and spent six months over there, maybe engaging in training. >> we don't know everything. the years of self delusion this country has had which we have seen remarkably, we saw it on
2:32 pm
monday when we had axelrod say the ready things it could be related to tax day. it reminds me of someone, bloomberg saying it could be -- look, we have had this political correctness where we are not allows to see, peter king had hearings on homeland security on homegrown terrorism and three was attacked and i was involved in a poll, 3-1 said we should do something. the problem is the f.b.i., they missed the story. they still coughing up benghazi as they did 40 years ago with watergate. it all points to the same: everything we said has been ignoring whether ft. hood or domestic workplace violence, that is crap. we are dealing with homegrown islamic extremists and we better get used to dealing with it for real.
2:33 pm
>>gregg: the president said al qaeda is on the run, whether these guys are radicalized abroad or homegrown there is a connection to radicalism. >> for all three of us, we would say that the president did a marvelous job on thursday and from the minute the bombing happened, the police and the f.b.i. were fantastic to identify these guys in 72 hours --. egg greg that is not the issue. >> the issue is, to prevent the attack from happening. >>gregg: did the president who said we are beyond on, as if he suggest it ain't going to happen. >> it is worse than that, we have the f.b.i. taking islamic terrorism out of their manual and firing f.b.i. agents who are not sensitive enough on the issues but this is self defeating. >>gregg: a couple of polls willing to give uppers natural freedom to reduce the threat of
2:34 pm
trim. look at the differential, in october of 2001 americans were willing to give up just about everything now only 43 percent. >> there has been a sea change in public opinion before and i emphasize before what happened in boston. that is going to be revisited. bottom line, there are questions now about tradeoffs between security and liberty, that our politicians and american voters are going to have to take into consideration. put another way there are huge new issues on the political landscape that are just be --. >>gregg: john, a rasmussen poll, another terror attack in the next year, 71 percent, taken after the bombing, 71 percent say i is at least some what likely. >> why wouldn't it be? i go back to this other point, the f.b.i. did a great job catching them. they did not did a great job when warned by the russian intelligence services what did
2:35 pm
they do? this is what we need to get to the bottom of, not just the well crafted questions about benghazi, the same disease. those questions have not been answered and the people have a right to know what the f.b.i. is doing and not doing and why not. >>gregg: they are very secretive and there is not a lot of confidence in the u.s. government whether it be the f.b.i. or capitol hill. look at this associated press poll. how much do you think you can trust the government? washington, dc to do what is right? 67 percent say only some of the time. >> it, really, is so bad, 21 percent say basically a positive answer, part of the time. it is abusiness mall. 78 percent say, basically, not most of the time. bottom line, this is going on in the context where people do not trust our government to do the right thing most of the time. that is a fact. >> one of the reasons, and, by
2:36 pm
the way, it is not just the government. look at the media. you cannot get over monday when npr says there are counterterrorism experts saying we know it must be someone who is domestic right winger. >> and someone said, let's hope it is a white american. >> you guys pay attention to that? >> we pay attention to a media that is not responsible to the real word problems. >> killing children, i don't care whether it is newtown, ought to be a big issue, but the mainstream media because it involves an abortion clinic, do not cover it. this is wrong. we have to give the american people --. >>gregg: when we come back from the break i want your opinion on a couple of other things and how it could impact the immigration debate and the reform proposal on the table and how it could affect any further
2:37 pm
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>>heather: the latest headlines on the boston marathon bombings, no charges will be filed again the lone surviving boston bombing suspect, 19-year-old dzhokhar tsarnaev today. he remains in a boston hospital in serious condition following his capture on friday. >> boston's top cop believes the two suspects were likely planning other attacks. the commissioner says they found an arsenal of homemade explosives after a gun battle between police and the suspects. >> a wake was held for 29-year-old krystle campbell one of three killed during monday's bombings. 8-year-old martin richards and a graduate student from china died, also. boston university is homing a memorial service for their
2:42 pm
student tomorrow. we should clarify that no charges today. no charges being filed today. >>gregg: now, the boston bombing, and any impact it could have on future mission debate now that there is a bipartisan proposed deal that is on the table. gentleman, there have been a lot of calls the last several days for tougher rules on visas and background checks for people immigrating to the up. will this accelerate the call service. >> it has to. look, personally i am for comprehensive immigration reform. we have to get it done. we need a pathway to citizenship. but you would ignore political reality not to say that given the horrific events of last week that people were able to legally live here, become american citizens, have jihadist websites and evade detection. this is a problem.
2:43 pm
>>gregg: senator coats said we need to go slow on immigration reform and grassley said we first need to focus on who we let in. >> we have a lot of immigration issues that are already emerging. this will do real damage to the drive for immigration. it should. we don't do a very good job -- a week ago i thought, well, we are on the right track. this is the real world reality. if we said something that said the -- something should happen to the president the secret service would be on us like that. if you say, kill all the members -- it is a joke. >> we were talking during the commercial break not only tipped off by the f.b.i. this guy could be a radical jihadist he was a website. >> we have to look on immigration, part of the deal that the gang of eight which worries me when eight guys get a
2:44 pm
room and craft a solution, 800 pages worth, that part it is the 11 million people who are here illegally, will have a background check before they can get on track, right? if the background check is anything like the one that was continue on the older brother here, where the f.b.i. came and this was in the "new york times", they interviewed him and asked, are you a radical and he said no, so, end of investigation. that is good enough for us! see you later, have a great day. >> we have to look at homeland security, the f.b.i., their job is to protect the country. >> there is another question raised by this. you can start and not be a jihadist, you can leave the country, and become a jihadist. there have to be follow-up interviews. >> they went for jihad central near chechnya and other islamic areas. >> we have had the assumption that immigration would be
2:45 pm
wonderful with open borders. that ain't going to work anymore. >>gregg: now the exact on the movement for greater gun control, background checks and assault weapons. here is the president after he lost just a few days ago. >> do we really think thousands of families would lives have been shattered by gun violence don't have a right to weigh in? do we think their loss is not relevant to this debate? all in all this was a pretty shameful day for washington. >>gregg: because people dared to disagree with the president. a that was all an act i don't think he applied himself the right way to get this passed. the book that came out last year said he was an amateur, sheehan amateur for passing bills.
2:46 pm
>> you have to work every senator. these two guys i am proud to share the stage with have said all along obama would rather have short-term defeats and give him an issue to beat the republicans. >>gregg: are you saying he was sort of happy? >> i think so. >> if he doing his job on any of the issues, it is the same story, the fiscal cliff, everything. they could have gotten a deal. he didn't work to it. he went out and starting railing against everyone. we have a political crisis in this country, you saw it with the data that shows government doesn't work. we did not get a deal on guns, miles per gallon is a problem, terrorism is an issue. >>gregg: bill clinton would have been on the phone in the middle of the might and gotten this passed. >> he was a can do president and gingrich a can-do speaker.
2:47 pm
>> that is a democratic president getting things done with a republican congress. this guy has a democratic senate and he can't get the bill through. >> he doesn't apply himself. he looks for political issues. i didn't say he was lazy he does public posturing and thinks he is doing something. >> no one puts the greater good first. >>gregg: he is addicted to the teleprompter. >> he should go see his idol "lincoln" where he would dig up dirt on congress and squeeze them. but he achieved the end through whatever means necessary. >> right now the end is not being achieved. >> thank you, gentleman. you can catch our policemen insiders each monday at 10:30 a.m. eastern and they will be
2:48 pm
back here next none. you can follow them on twitter, as well. >>heather: the suspect in the boston marathon bombings now in serious but stable condition posing a hurdle for investigators who are waiting to question him. we will talk about his medical condition next. rque lets you hear and be heard even in stupid loud places. to prove it, we set up our call center right here... [ chirp ] all good? [ chirp ] getty up. seriously, this is really happening! [ cellphone rings ] hello? it's a giant helicopter ma'am. [ male announcer ] get it done [ chirp ] with the ultraugged ocera torque, only from sprint direct conct. buy one get four free for your business.
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2:52 pm
>>gregg: charges will not be filed today against the 19-year-old suspect in the deadly boston marathon bombings. >>heather: according to boston police commissioner the teen is in serious-but-stable condition at a boston hospital raising concerns over when authorities will get their chance to talk with him. >>the suspect is in critical but stable condition and there is a special interrogation team from the f.b.i. standing by to talk to him but that hasn't happened. >>heather: the doctor add the louisiana state university health science center joined us now to clear up some of what we are hearing from medical professionals at this point. the bottom line is, everyone wants did know, is he going to survive and when is he going to be able to talk? author calling him critical but stable and usually critical
2:53 pm
means maybe your vital signs are not stable and he probably is in a critical care unit so he may have a tube in his throat and be on ventilation. at this point, they are also saying that adding "stable "is not so technical the categories. he probably has stable vital signs but a wound to the check is a small structure, and there is a lot of critical blood vessels, nerves, your jugular vein, you can plead out from those and he cannot talk your voice box is there and it depends how much damage was done to the structures. >>gregg: one of the wounds, it happened 24 hours earlier, we know that, so there could have been a considerable loss of blood. can that cause brain damage? >> it can if you start to go into shock and the fact for the length of time and there is a
2:54 pm
very good chance if he is on a ventilator, see daylighted so he cannot speak. he might be unconscious. we don't really know. it is hard to say. >>heather: interesting there were reports that there was, in fact, the shootout that happened in the area of the boat so he was at least aware enough that he needed to do that. in terms of the recovery that will happen following this, when do you expect to get to that step? >> they want to stabilize him enough so he is not on life support or figure look that and depending on how were damage he did have to his neck and things like that, it will really depend and as gregg said you can have a stroke from a loss of blood.
2:55 pm
>>gregg: forget the miranda and suppression of the statements i don't think they care because there is so much incriminating evidence. they want co-conspirators of a future attack. he could be sedated but you can still be loose said while sedated, right? >> yes, you can be somewhat lues side while on a ventilator and people that cannot talk, they can write and there are people that are on ventilators that can communicate with you. absolutely. you don't have to be completely out. the fact that they are saying he cannot communicate makes me thing he is heavily sedated or maybe he is unconscious. >>heather: any other injuries he could be suffering from? you heard about the two gunshots one to the throat area and one to the leg and we know his brother who died was displaying injuries all over as a result of
2:56 pm
the explosion and shrapnel. >> there were explosioned related to it and in explosions there are three injuries. one injury is being thrown. there is flying shrapnel, that creates another injury. there is the air movement that can rupture your lungs, your eardrums, people complain they cannot hear. the little girl in texas yelling i cannot hear daddy because the air moves and it can rupture your ear and there are many different levels of injury. and gunshot wounds, the high velocity, it leaves a lot of damage. >>gregg: we are out of thank but thanks for being with us. that does it for us. >>gregg: have a great week, everyone. [ male announcer ] it's simple physics...
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