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tv   The Five  FOX News  April 26, 2013 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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we'll see you all again monday night. go to and let us know what you thought about the show. good night from washington. captioned by closed captioning services, inc >> eric: hello. i'm eric bolling with kimberly guilfoyle, bob beckel, andrea tantaros, greg gutfeld. it's 5:00 in new york city. this is "the five." ♪ ♪ >> eric: president "o" chalking up another first today. he became the first sitting president the address america's largest abortion provider, planned parenthood. watch! ♪ ♪ >> hello, everybody! >> i want to thank all of you. for the remarkable work that you are doing day in and day out and n providing quality healthcare for women all across america. as long as we have to fight to protect a woman's right to make her own choices about her own health, i want you to know
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you have a president who will be right there with you, fighting every step of the way. thank you, planned parenthood. god bless you. >> eric: okay. we know how you feel about that group, mr. president. now let's remind our viewer what is planned parenthood stands for and remember the president just said he stands behind that group every step of the way. >> if a baby is born on the table, as a result of a botched abortion, what would planned parenthood want to have happen to that child struggling for life? >> we believe any decision that is made should be left up to the woman, her family and the physician. >> what objection could you possibly have to obligate a doctor to transport a child born live to a hospital? >> what about the situation where it's a rel of health setting, the hospital is 45 minutes, hour away, closest trauma center, emergency room. there are logistical issues about. >> eric: logics? really, planned parenthood? live instant struggling to survive represents a
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logistical issue for you? by the way, mr. president, you may want to rethink the every step of the way thing, don't you think? k.g., help me out here. >> kimberly: this is not good timing for the president in light of the abortion trial going on with dr. kermit gosnell. closing arguments on monday. i will be there. this is a tricky, dicey issue. he has been consistent about supporting women. planned parenthood is not sending the right message now, on record saying a logistical issue. if you have a baby alive on the table, reminding me of that trial. the system about a baby alive on the counter for 20 minutes before the baby was killed. >> eric: bob, what about it? the president, clearly on the schedule before the gosnell trial was ongoing. >> bob: let me say one thing. that woman who testified should not have testified that way. and i'm sure planned parenthood feels that way. but one point.
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one in five women in america, one in five go to planned parenthood for healthcare every year. the idea of beating up on planned parenthood because they're just an abortion clinic is wrong. they do a lot of things, pap smear and breast cancer studies. you are beating up on a group that has been around for a long time and done good work. >> greg: saying you go to planned parenthood for cancer screening is like saying you go to the bar for the free peanuts. by the way, this event is important for obama because it's his voting bloc. fefetuss can't vote as a class so they aren't viable. this isn't a celebration of women's health. it's celebrate of euphemism. obama uses so many euphemisms when it comes to abortion it's like he invented his own language. this is not parenthood planning, it's 1-800-abortion. you can't say. they come up with the weird ways to get around it and it's the elephant in the room that people look away. >> bob: i didn't get the
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peanut thing. >> greg: you go to a bar to drink, not eat the free peanuts. you go planned parenthood for the abortion, not for the magazine. >> kimberly: over 300,000 abortions a year. >> eric: we gave them $700 million700 million or so. >> andrea: this is a window in playbook for 2014. it worked in 2012, the contraception fight. you think this is the '70s. telling women i'll fight for your rights. this is the same fight that liberals had when obama was in college. spiritual familiars. remember, they told us if we don't get roe v. wade, abortion will be done in back alleys. we have roe v. wade. look, we have gosnell and vit happening. the president doesn't not want to comment on. this is not a crisis. i don't know, kimberly, i don't know if you. do i don't know women who are struggling to find contraception, or struggling to find abortions. he is making this a crisis. but here is the troubling thing that the president said.
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in 2008, listen to this. do you remember this? the president said this about his own daughter. >> i've got two daughters. 9 years old and 6 years old. i'm going to teach them about values and morals. but if they make a mistake, i don't want them punished with a baby. i don't want them punished with an std at the age of 16. out doesn't make sense to got -- it doesn't make sense to not give them information. >> i don't know what president would talk about their daughters having sex or abortion in private. >> kimberly: punished with a baby. >> andrea: most people think babies are blessing, not punishments. >> bob: you are comparing other abortion clinics and planted parenthood with gosnell. that's ridiculous. i'm not for abortion. that is not the point. you can't lump gosnell for planned parenthood. >> andrea: they're not
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condemning him. neither is the president. >> greg: they use the phrase "safe, cheap and rare." it's now safe, cheap and celebrated. you get the idea the modern progressive, planned parenthood movement. girl scouts could get a badge for this. gosnell could be on the postage stamp. >> eric: let's not forget, planned parenthood spent $15 million helping president obama get elected. >> kimberly: they are a powerful force. >> bob: the majority of the people in country believe in roe v. wade. >> eric: turning to another abortion issue in the news. i called planned parenthood ask for the stance on the murder trial of kermit gosnell we are talking about right now. they never got back to me. but check out this poll, the fox news poll, asking why has the gosnell trial not garnered more media fort 41% says it's media bias. >> andrea: absolutely! the "new york times" was embarrassed by the gosnell trial. they had to issue a story
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where they said we are sorry we didn't cover this. there was chaos in newsroom. this is not some kind of conspiracy. to greg's point, this is the opportunity for them to use that line "safe, legal, rare." president obama said that, the left said that. now is the time to stand up and say that line and there is silence from planned parenthood, the president on this awful -- i don't want to say doctor, because he is not really a doctor. >> eric: you spent time there. you are going to spend more time there. wouldn't it be good for planned parenthood to denounce everything going on? >> kimberly: why wouldn't they? it's murder, infanticide. these were performed over the legal limit of 24 weeks in pennsylvania. some 28 weeks, some 30 weeks. why wouldn't they say this is not legal, not right. not a respect of life and we take a stand on that. >> bob: it amazes me that organization under attack like planned parenthood don't take an opportunity like this and say we're against this. it would seem to me to buy you good will.
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but yet they keep quiet. i strongly recommend they come out on this. i don't see any downside to it. the upside is you say we don't do it this way. >> kimberly: that is the point. >> greg: the equivalent is when there is a horrible gun tragedy, you is organizations that come out and say you know, as gun owners, the nrabe will say this is a horrible thing. you should do that. planned parenthood doesn't. >> eric: or a muslim terrorist that blows people up and they die, you wait for someone, you wait for the moderate muslim group, wherever they are to come out and say we denounce that. >> bob: you are going to wait a long time. we waited 11 years since 9/11. >> andrea: if you're pro-choice or pro-life you should be offended and disgusted by this. safe, legal, rare abortions because this is none of the three. >> eric: the defense rested at the gosnell trial. >> kimberly: they did. that is one thing we mentioned last week. dr. gosnell didn't testify. bob pointed out there is no
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expert testimony on his behalf in the defense case because who will abide by the obvious labor violation, breaking the law with the babies? monday we hear closing arguments. >> eric: will the mainstream media catch up to speed when we hear the closing arguments from the jury? >> greg: they will do one hit and move on. can i change the subject completely since we have a minute? you know why we do this show? we have a green room where we have all this food. the food is there n there for the guest and for us. it's like cheese. you know -- >> kimberly -- chedder.we leavee and the food is often missing. this has been going on for a month or two months. we don't know who it is. until yesterday. where he was caught. eating the food. his name is bill schultz from "red eye" has been going in while we do show and stealing all the food. a dumpster diver.
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>> bob: i caught him with a bag in there. it's unbelievable. >> andrea: in there shoving almonds in his mouth listening to you, greg. >> kimberly: should run in the studio. doing th makeup yesterday and then wait a second! did you hear that noise? leave it there. coming up, details of the boston terror attack investigation today. dzhokhar tsarnaev was moved from the hospital to a military base. there is a whole lot more. greg has thoughts. next. ♪ ♪ ♪ oh ♪ this love has taken its toll on me ♪ ♪ say
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♪ ♪ you're not the one i've been looking for ♪ ♪ you're not the one i've been looking for ♪ ♪ you're not the one i've been looking for ♪ >> greg: so it's true, the bombers wither here on a terror visa. a terror visa is made available through a government fearful of accusations of profiling, a media fearful of accusation of profiling, academia fearful of accusations of profiling. let's take that last one first. the terror occurred in the ultimate college town. now that the dorm room utopia has been punctured, as one student went from raymen noodles and broiler to ball bearing and pressure cookie, the rest of the socialists face two choices. do you still keep a world view that all cultures are equal and extremism is part of the rainbow that includes violent professors? or do you wake up an recognize the poison in your system? by the way, enough with calling them kids. they're adults. one killed an 8-year-old boy. why we can't rely on the campus, we can also not rely
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on the f.b.i. old school agents would have crushed the twerps. now they are more like social workers, risk averse and scared to identify evil. they have been infected with the same virus, islamophobia-phobia. terror of the mind to seek to blind you to objective reality around you, in government, media, the schools. who is left to protect us? us. you and me. it's our job to remain symptom-free and quarantine our families so none of us succumb to the disease. it's going to get worse before it gets better, the only vaccine we have is our spine. >> eric: smith and wesson. >> greg: not in boston, though. >> kimberly: shout out to the second amendment. >> greg: i know i'm losing this battle but still in my monologue not going to show a picture of the terroristsor mother. instead we'll show this lovely picture of dog poop i had.
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>> andrea: steaming. >> greg: yes. mike rogers the house committee intelligence share believes that terd boy had his rights read too soon. >> i heard several pundits around say oh, well the f.b.i. was done, they left. no big deal. it was a big deal. the f.b.i., folks on the ground say they needed more time. they were finding inconsistencies in the statement. as you know, that is time you start building rapport to put pieces of the puzzle on the public safety piece in. when they showed up, it was over. all done. that is unfortunate. >> kimberly: are they afraid not getting votes for prom night? they are putting american lives at risk and they have a responseability to protect and serve. it's well bee within the law. they should have continued to question him and mirandize later. to make the big show -- who are they more interested in protecting an impressing? this isn't a popularity
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contest. there is terrorists out there who want to kill us. all of us. >> greg: quell your coughing with a question about the crazy mom who looks like marty feldman on meth. why are we constantly listening to this women? why are we showing here? >> bob: i don't know. we could go the bellevue the psychiatric ward and get more information. one thing about the f.b.i. guy doing the investigation, this was a federal judge who did this. the f.b.i. said they didn't want to stop investigating or asking him questions. why didn't they go and say to the judge we are not buying this. we have rights to investigate the guy and call eric holder or the f.b.i.? >> kimberly: they had someone from there the d.o.j. and the federal magistrate. they big footed him. that is the problem. they didn't need to do that. why wouldn't you still get information. we knew. not only are they wanting to carry out a terror plot in new york. instead of asking relevant questions like where did you get the money for the stuff, for the weapons and -- >> andrea: they question him -- they can go back and question him. i assume that the prosecutors
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and the f.b.i. agents were told, the f.b.i. agents want intel. it can be used in court. the prosecutor wantbes to put the guy away. the kid was admitting all of this stuff but they couldn't use it in court. they are thinking mirandize the guy to get him on the record. >> eric: he is going away forever. it doesn't matter. we had the opportunity to get more -- more -- >> kimberly: intelligence matters. >> eric: he is gone anyway. they might have waited. they didn't need extra information. they need the intel. who else is involved? >> there is a time limit how long you can question them. >> bob: i don't know -- >> andrea: i don't agree with it. [ overtalk ] >> bob: the f.b.i. says judge, we are under our rights of the rules -- >> kimberly: but they are. they had -- listen, this is going to be solid legal ground. they had public safety. they could have treated him as enemy combatant. still questioning him now. the point is they had enough
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solid evidence, physical, forensic, stuff on tape, everything to put this guy away. what mattered is to gather the intelligence. you need -- this is somebody who is, you know, wacadoodle mom on the terrorist list in 2011. are you kidding me? this is ridiculous. >> bob: i assume the judge held him in contempt but they said judge, we are not going along with this. >> kimberly: why is the department of justice obstructing justice for the american people? that's what i want to know. >> andrea: terrorists are unbelievable. they bungled this leading up to both of these and blamed benghazi on a video. misguided use instead of saying radical islam. both are under investigation. no answers, no answers. we have can't question him. blame romney now? they blame the american people. >> bob: let's not bring the video back in. >> greg: i want to ask you about snore this is a great one. so much to talk about. deviedward deveaudeveau -- devas
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what they got in welfare is privacy issue. they won't divulge that. >> bob: deval said that. >> eric: freedom of information act they could turn it over but he holds that information. >> kimberly: file a foia. >> greg: if these were nazi skinheads would it be a different story? >> kimberly: that is so sad. we have become so soft. >> greg: up next, should young women have a right to go strapless at the school dances? should it be for parents to decide and not the principals? the dress dama ahead at "the five" -- drama ahead at "the five." ♪ ♪ ( bell rings ) they remind me so much of my grandkids.
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or supplementing what you already have, call now and ask one of their representatives about a plan that meets your needs. so, what are you waiting for? go call now! we'll finish up here. ♪ ♪ >> andrea: well, should teenage girls have the right to bear arms?
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the arms on their body, that is. up for debate in a school district in new jersey and a lot of parents are not happy that the principal at reddington middletown wants to ban strapless dresses because she thinks they're too distracting for boys. here is what a mom has to say about that. >> the issue here is having someone interfere with my right to raise my children a way i think is appropriate. this is not about dresses. this is about the issue behind it, about government official making a unilateral decision, which is different from past practice. >> andrea: so really is it about the little boys? greg, 10-mile-per-hour wind and boy could get distracted? >> greg: curb of couch leg was enough for me. i never stop at pier 1 imports. society is changing. they're not wearing strapless gowns, they'll be wearing
11:28 pm
gownless straps. >> andrea: what do you think? >> eric: look. kids have their whole life to wear strapless dresses and be distracted. it's eighth grade. let them have a dress code for eighth grade. >> andrea: proposing a halter dress? is that more -- >> eric: it's okay. >> kimberly: i was going to say they have rules, i went to be a catholic school. the straps will cut in your neck. forget about that. >> eric: it's a health issue. >> kimberly: you can wear strapless dresses. they're gorgeous. >> bob: in eighth grade? before the show i talked to one of the best educators i have met in my life. he said look, you have to set dress codes at some point. you to draw a line, because otherwise these school kids,
11:29 pm
the boys look like they have got out of prison and girls look like they're walking -- >> eric: you know if there is no december code, you know what they request do? right? c'mon. >> greg: what about guys who want to wear gowns? >> eric: guys have a dress code, too. >> kimberly: what if they want to wear their shirt unbuttoned all the way down like that? >> bob: you are not looking at them. >> andrea: move this one along. this is more outrageous, the last one wasn't that much. listen to this, in red hook, new york, some educators wanted to have an anti-bullying session so they brought in instructors from bard college. they had lyndon avenue middle school had a session were young girls were asked to kiss each other, lesbian activities to teach acceptance and cultural relationship and learn to say no to boys. can you believe that? >> greg: you know, the funny thing is, bullying is bad.
11:30 pm
but the new anti-bullying movement is basic listen an early on set course of brainwashed kids. new kind of bullying. they chose girls to do this because their college kids, barred college kids, they're idiots. but they chose girls because they -- why didn't they choose boys to do it? they didn't have the guts to do that. >> kimberly: too many katy perry songs. >> andrea: a different exercise for the boys. they had the boys try to identify what makes a flood and what doesn't? fascinating conversation for eighth grader. >> bob: go back to my friend here. he said you don't have to teach people about these things. no means no. that is what you know of the things you said. teach them say no. you don't say kiss, so you say no. no is no. >> andrea: what do two 14-year-olds kissing each other in a classroom -- >> eric: i have no idea.
11:31 pm
>> andrea: parents are furious. >> eric: what is anti-bullying telling a 14-year-old girl to kiss another girl? kilit's likes sexual indock industry nation. >> andrea: the superintendent said it was designed by building leadership to have eighth graders treat each other with respect and develop in the young adolescent res fect for personal dignity. >> eric: so i see. the way you say no to a 14-year-old boy is make out with another 14-year-old girl as a girl. >> greg: could it be whoever organized this is a big pervert and wanted to watch 14-year-old girls make out? think about that. why put it on the kids that they are bullies. why don't i accuse you of being a pervert? >> bob: who whole education
11:32 pm
system -- >> greg: the assumption of children are dim. >> bob: i agree. i don't think they said you had to kiss each other. it's not appropriate. that's where you say no. >> kimberly: but they were also telling 14-year-old girls it was okay to have sex and keep it from your parents. perfectly normal. the parents could don't anything to intervene. crossed a liberal area. >> andrea: coming up, jon stewart takes on five and take -- wait, and "the five" takes jon stewart on. we will tell you what that is about up next. keep it here on "the five." ♪ ♪
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♪ >> kimberly: one of the constitutional rights of all americans is the right to a trial by jury. and jury duty is one of the privileges of u.s. citize u.s. citizenship. but in callous that could be extended to foreigners away. the state is considering allowing non-u.s. citizens to sit on juries if they're in the country legally. the california assembly passed a bill to open up the pool and now moves to the senate. good or bad idea? >> great idea! >> better them than me. they are truly taking jobs that other americans don't want. >> kimberly: you just don't want to go. pretend the weird infectious disease. >> greg: i get called for jury duty but they furn me away when they find out where i work. >> bob: that is not why. >> eric: these people are
11:38 pm
here on visas and they haven't gotten citizenship. hear me out. you have to understand the laws and know what the constitution says but they can sit and make decision whether i'm guilty of something, a crime? >> kimberly: i suggest you not commit crimes. >> bob: i'm against it as well. two reasons to be against it. they are having a difficult time getting juries. >> andrea: in a big state like california. >> bob: we allow foreigners to join the military. and go off and fight. and so i'm not so sure that -- >> greg: good point. >> kimberly: you say there is a legal parallel to allow it? >> bob: i don't think you should take classes in american citizenship and jury pool. >> kimberly: but you say there is a legal precedent -- >> bob: if you allow --
11:39 pm
>> greg: jury pool sounds like more fun than it is. >> kimberly: being on a jury is good. >> greg: i always want to do it, but they look to me and always -- i don't wear pants when i show up. >> bob: who served on a jury? >> kimberly: i have. >> andrea: it's a privilege for citizenship. it's a huge mistake, just like voting. you can see where the conversation is going. they work among us, they sit on juries with us. so they should vote. just like we do. i think that this is by design. unless f we don't get the immigration bill, then piecemeal we can get what we want through immigration doing -- >> bob: i think you should wear a strapless dress and go in jury pool. >> eric: let me get this straight. they can -- i'm assuming these are all type of trial? am i right? they can decide whether i'm -- >> kimberly: if you are in the pool you can get criminal or civil. >> eric: it's too onerous to bring an i.d. to go vote. is that what i'm understanding?
11:40 pm
>> kimberly: you a problem with the justice department, then. voter identification. >> eric: i know you think they're all -- >> bob: i know you think they are all mexicans, they're not. >> greg: this is good for california. jury tourism. you fly dand a jury. it's great and you leave. like disney land but slightly more boring. >> andrea: c'mon, what else they going to start arguing? >> kimberly: california has enough, right? 10 million californians are summoned for jury duty each year. ultimately 3.2 million complete service. district too many lawsuits. that's what it is. not that we don't have enough jurors. >> kimberly: we have enough jurors. perplexing. still ahead -- a tiger on the golf course, but in new orleans there was a gator on the green. surprise visitor to pga tour. we'll tell you what happened when the big guy showed up. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> bob: world of country music lost the beloved family member today. the legendary george jones passed away at age 81 after being hospitalized with a fever and irregular blood pressure. the superstar was known for his barratone voice and songs about hearth break. garth brooks called him the greatest voice to grace country music and dolly parton says he was her all-time favorite singer. i met him. we were drunk, both of us but a long history of alcoholism and drug abuse. he had difficulty sometimes making it to his concerts. that's why they called him, said a concert without george showing up, nobody was surprised. but listen to this, the people who consider him one of
11:46 pm
greatest, franksy that tri, pete townsend, james taylor, countless others. waylon jennings said if we could all sound like anybody it would be george jones he was in country music hall of fame and he will be missed. anybody else have anything to say? >> greg: there is a silver lining to this. he was a boozer. took a lot of drugs and got in a lot of fights. was arrested but he still passed away at 81. >> kimberly: right. >> greg: an amazing revelation for somebody like me and you, bob. that maybe you can make it in the eighth decade living an interesting life. >> bob: it's about genes. there are a lot of people i know who made it. >> greg: that's a country music song. >> bob: this guy had, he played in every decade, four decades. he made contributions and he was a guy with a difficult time. look, he was -- his band, his bus once crashed. a lot of people were killed. he had to take a plane at the
11:47 pm
last minute. any thoughts about george jones? you weren't out of diapers when he was around. >> andrea: that is true. i did cover this on radio today i'm starting to listen to his music. it was unfair to people as talented as george jones, if you didn't grow up with him in your generation, he becames famous because people are driven to his music now. we missed out. >> eric: in 198 -- toto be honest, i don't know george jones. maybe this is why he lived until he was 81. in 1983, jones married his fourth and final wife. >> kimberly: see, bob. >> bob: that is a requirement, since '18? i'll cut it off. >> eric: still got time. tremendous is a fact. sometimes you do the medical segments in the "e" block. it's true. that can help prolong your life if you're married. >> bob: since you should live to be 110. >> kimberly: my gosh. >> bob: after all of these marriages. >> greg: do you like -- >> kimberly: that's why i look so youthful.
11:48 pm
>> greg: do you like music that makeos you weep? >> bob: i like it better than the stuff you play i can't understand anything or crap like that. george jones said wonderful music. when we hear the songs come >> n here, you make fun of me because i don't know any one of them but you can't understand them. >> kimberly: he was married to tammy wynette. >> bob: good choice. >> andrea: this is the first artist you know who it is. >> bob: i understand that. we're kindred spirits. before we go to a break, a special programming note. don't forget to set dvrs for dana perino's one-hour spial. "up close with 43, president george w. bush." she got entire the former president. it airs sunday at 9:00 p.m. eastern. preview. y'all should watch it. ♪ ♪ >> the last day of your presidency. >> yes. >> i was there.
11:49 pm
i came in to say goodbye. you said something i thought maybe you could repeat. it was about coming in to office on the first day. wanting to make sure that when you left you could look yourself in the mirror and say i stuck to my principles. >> i think that is important in life. and it's definitely important as president to have a set of principles that one is willing to defend. so when i left midland, i told the crowd, 30,000 friends, "i'm leighing with a set of principles." >> i am thank thankful for the lessons and the principle i learned in midland, texas. i'm thankful for my friends. i have come back to see you soon. god bless. >> when i came back in front of the same 30,000, i looked older. i didn't sell my soul. the principles are still an important part of my life. >> bob: i notice that howie
11:50 pm
curtis of cnn took a shot at dana from doing this. keep your mouth shut. she is doing fine. she has every right to do this. she was the press secretary. one more thing is next. >> kimberly: right, bob. you tell him.
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>> if 10%, 5%, 1% are radicalized would kill us. >> that's the problem. >> 1 1/2 million people who are radicalized to the point where they would want to kill you. can i see a footnote citation for those figures?
11:55 pm
>> okay. here is some new hampshire math. what do you know? professor comes up with the exact same number as my freedom math. 1.57 million world wide would be radicalized to the.of wanting to kill us. or how about this one? pugh research who says 13% of americans polled, muslim americans they polled are cool with suicide bombing innocent civilians. that's 357,000 potential tsarnaevs walking around. johnny boy, pull up a chair right here between bob and me and let's debate this thing. come on of the you got the cahones. >> john, let's play this thing you said about me on this funny little piece you put up. you got that? >> we really have to consider given the fact so many people hate us that we're going to have to cut off muslim students from coming to this country for some period of time. >> yes! the religious litmus test.
11:56 pm
holy (bleep) what's left? >> i'll tell you what's left, john. i was a liberal activist in a progressive before you were out of your pampers. and you may get on a tv show and talk liberal politic, i've been registering voters and other things. maybe you want to bring your credentials up here. do not suggest that what i was saying here was a litmus test. i was simply saying that there were people we needed to take a two-year hiatus and check out those in this country who came on a student visa and cannot be found. the f.b.i. is trying to find them. it seems it's legitimate we do that before we let more in. you want to call that a religious litmus test, mine is when you do something, you quote somebody, do you it right and you obviously don't have the sense to do that. >> you had the sense of not dropping that bomb or anything. go ahead. >> saturday, "red eye,"
11:57 pm
11:00 o'clock, new episode, whatever you call it. nick depaulo. mike baker returns, should be fun. 11:00 o'clock. look at you, kimberly got excited. and you do like mike baker. >> i do like mike baker. >> who is mike baker? >> mike baker is a former c.i.a. agent, very good look guy who likes to pop his collar. a little weird. >> i never pop my collar. jesse watters pops his collar. >> why pop your collar? >> i don't know. >> you mean pop up? >> yeah, pop it up. >> i have no idea. we have like three minutes left. >> go ahead. >> another talk show host e jimmy kimmel, very funny. he sends these reporters out on the streets to interview people and you may have heard of this cocella music festival. you can learn about it if you read people magazine or us weekly in the supermarket checkout line of the he sent one of his reporters to do interviews on how these hipsters
11:58 pm
feel about these bands. the problem? the bands weren't real. but listen, these hipsters would rather look like liars than look uncool. very funny. listen. >> one of my favorite bands is dr. shlomo. do you like their album? >> yeah, actually, i had a radio show on community radio station up in canada and i used to spin them all the time. >> one of my favorite bands is called "get the (bleep) out of my pool." >> yeah. >> used to spin that. >> of course the guy was trying to have a little bit of a rap. even bob said she was cute. >> she was cute. >> you're up. >> all right. what has three legs and is really big? [ laughter ] >> don't go there, man. >> correct the record.
11:59 pm
so you saw the gator he got in on the pga, i guess it was the z classic in new orleans, came on the course while the guys were golfing. did you know that alligators are cannibalistic? that means they eat each other. maybe another alligator ate his leg. i don't know. bob? >> first of all, i was going to do this segment. who knows where it is. somebody ate it. >> it's a little stub. talk about a handicap. >> aha. golf humor. >> i've seen these things. they scare the hell out of me. why they stuck around. >> because he has three legs. they can outrun them. >> you try that. >> i have, many times. >> that's just because you were hung over and you thought it was a three legged -- >> i think that's really cool. >> you think we could get jon stewart to join us? >> i don't think he would have the cahones to show up. >> what do you think? >> i think he would come. he goes on o'reilley. >> we'll have to leave it there.
12:00 am
that's it for "the five." see you back on monday. "special report" is next. have a fantastic weekend, everybody welcome to "red eye." with 60% more sprinkles. fyi, sprinkles are what i call by biceps. now to andy levy for a pre game report. andy, what is coming up on tonight's show? >> thanks, casual guy. coming up, were the boston marathon bombers motivated by their religion? some say -- to hell with that. yes, they were. plus, an eighth grader arrested for wearing an nra shirt to school? the shocking story that -- you know what? the hell with that. and who is the most hated celebrity in hollywood? the answer is in the box. greg? >> i don't get it. >> you will. >> will i? >> you will when you do the story. it is called a tease, greg. >> oh, you are teasing


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