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tv   FOX Report  FOX News  April 27, 2013 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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>> this is the fox report. tonight brand new reaction from the brother and sister's whose dream vacation turned a nightmare. the story of survival after their boat sinks miles off shore . a new arrest in the poisoned letters sent to president obama and two other public officials. the person in custody facing a bige brige weapon's charge. f.b.i. agents came in the middle of the night to take this man from his home. fox report, how the bust went down and connection to a previous suspect now freed.
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also washington united, putting an end to the long delays in the airport after putting a fix on the air traffic controllers. when should flyers expect things to get back to normal? and an accused murderer out of the jail behind bars. >> this is weighed on my mind 14 years and got down here and recognized it was him, i would say it was like winning the lottery. >> why this man turned himself in. i am heather childers in for harris faulkner. we start with the ricin-laced letters sent to president obama and two other public officials. federal officials arresting a carate instructor everett dutschke. he is facing chargings of attempting to use a biological weapon.
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this comes after agents searched the home of another man who was charge clear will of wrongdoing. the two had an ongoing feud. elizabeth is reporting from washington tonight. >> agents searched the home of eflet dutschke this week and now he's in custody. the f.b.i. arrested the martal arts instructor in tupelo, mississippi. he is now in the hands of the u.s. martial service. the letters were sent to president obama and senator roger wick yer a mississippi judge. we have had no response from the attorney today, but this week she said he had no involvement and himself said he had no wrongdoing. >> it is it blowing my mind that the parinoid government
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schizophreniic wraps up me in his fantasy world and who is a patriotic american. >> this as we learn of an ongoing feud previously arrested paul curtis who was taken into custody by the feds earlier in the. the charges of placing the threats in the mail were dropped. dutschke -- the letters addressed to senator wicker and president obama were retrieved and flagged in off site mail facility. heather back to you. >> a lot of twists and turns in that case, thank you. >> turning to the latest from boston. investigators are pushing forward and following dozens of leads and following key threw clues about the people dead and injured. federal agents sifted through
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the land fill of the dartmouth campus. that is where the surviving suspect dzhokhar tsarnaev a student. the mother of the suspect, federal officials say she added to a federal terrorist data base 18 months before the attack. she defends herself and her children saying all of it is lies. rick is live in boston. rick, victims are being honored in a number of events in the city, right? >> they are, heather, this city is bouncing back and moving forward and honoring the victims and living the motto, boston strong. we saw that here in copley square and bolton street opened for the first time since the attacks. we saw hundreds if not thousands of people passing by the memorial filled with
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flowers and hand made posters and running shoes that are marked with messagings of support. one of the was a spectator who suffered a fracture of her ankle. she had three surgeries in five-days and she is a runner and her goil is've - goal is to compete in the boston marathon. >> that's who i am. i am a runner and i run a lot of races. i want to be back. first thing in my head besides making sure i was okay. man, i was just starting to get fast . my training regimin is out of the window, but i am stubborn and will be back. yanni said it means a lot for the support here in boston. >> rick, any word on whether the suspect is cooperating at this point. >> no, the u.s. are are
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marshall service said tsarnaev was moved friday morning from beth israel hospital to the federal medical center in ft. devins. investigators have plent of questions for him, including where the inspiration of the attack came from and questioning the friends who posed with him in the picture in times square in april. two of those guys were in custody and arrested five days after the bombings because of problems with the student visas. they are denying any role in the attack. that is reporting live from boston. >> right now, the community of dorchester honoring the victims of the boston attack with a live convert. it is st. mark church where a concert is about to go under way. jane richard who is badly injured is one of the members of the choir performing. all of the money raised will
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benefit the family fund and charities. a special life to remember jane richard's brother. eight year old martin richard was the youngest victim killed in the attack. people lined the streets in a parade honoring his memory. he used to play baseball. jersey number painted in the outfield. resident spoke about what a special place that field to little martin. >> we are all tied together and healing. >> first responders who rushed to the attack scene were also on hand today. several were even chose tone throw out the first pitch and kicking off the little league season. >> the now famous boat used as the final hiding spot by the bombing suspect was moved to a
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evidence storage facility. the nation watched as the scene unfolded in watertown, massachusetts. an infrared camera catching the suspect, 19 year old tsarnaev lying in the bottom of the boat. police used stun grenades before arresting him. the owner found him when he noticed the tarpd and he saw bl. an online campaign is started to raise money. but the owner said he will not take the money and he wants to see the money raised for the victims of the attack. good for him. >> and parts from a september 11th hijacked plane turn nup new york city. look at the map. it shows where the landing gear was found. police are guarding the alley. it is considered a crime scene medical the examiners finish their work. there is a rusted piece of
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landing gear wedged between the apartment building and mosque. that is at the center of a national controversy. it sits close to the site of the terror attack. part of the metal was discovered and it includes a boeing id. >> to get closer on the part. you can see the serial number and you will see the word boeing before that serial number. you can't say with certainty what that part is. but the assumption is, it is it part of the landing gear from one . 9/11 aircraft. >> of the two place hijacked by the terrorist 12 years ago, they were made by boeing and minutes ago, we heard crime scene detectives were in contact with boeing officials that confirmed that the wreckage is from the 7scen . they are telling the new york post that is owned by our parent company, that the
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serial number on the parts might not be traceable to a specific plane. right now good news for anyone planning to fly after the scow-'ve - so-called sequester led to delays, how soon it will get back to normal. remember boeing's plane of the future grounded after the problem with the batteries? they now have the green light to fly again. people in the midwest can't catch a break from the rain. there is a risk of more flooding. we'll tell you about it. [ male announcer ] dunes, desert, or trail, only rzr delivers.
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>> >> today four nato service members died in a plane crash in afghanistan. no word on their nationalities and what caused the crash. nato said no enemy act reported and the site is cleared for ongoing investigation upon. officials did not release the location of the plane going down. but the associated press reported that an afghan official said a foreign forces aircraft crashed in the southern province today. >> for the first time since they were grounded, the boeing dream liner is back in the sky. it was operated from ethiopia airlines and flew to nairbi. you may remember the entire fleet of dreamliners was grounded in january after battery failures caused a fire in one of the planes and smoke in another. boeing are told that changes made to the battery were
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suspect to insure the aircraft safe. >> the single most important thing is even if we don't know root cause and even if we never know root cause, the enclosure keeps the airplane safe and eliminates possibility of fire . keeps heat and smoke out of the airplane and insures no matter what happens to the battery, regardless of root cause, the airplane is safe. >> the first fire was aboard a japan airline and landed and parked in boston's logan airplane at the time the time . nine days later a smoking battery in japan. that carrier is using a test flight with a modified dream liner tomorrow. >> u.s. air travel is expected to be back to normal tomorrow.
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the faa have suspended all furulose. it is force unpaid leave started monday and caused numerous delays, it was part of the spending cut necessary washington. but now lawmakers reached a deal and they are keeping the workers on the job. molly has more on this . president obama still hasn't signed the new legislation, why not? >> heather there is a technical glitch or spelling mistake and typo that the senate will fix. tell not change the content and will go to the president for signature next week. but the federal administration is moving the money around to stop the furloughs. president obama said the republicanings are finding out the fur furloughs was a bad
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idea all along. >> we can't just keep putting band apeds on every cut. it is not a responsible way to govern. there is only one way to truly fix the sequester, by replacing it before it causes further damage. >> the president said his budget proposal would end sequester with a mix of spending tax and -- and cuts. >> how could they prevented problems this week in. >> the republican chairman of the house said that the obama administration claimed that it is "hands were tied" and in reality the faa could have cut spending elsewhere. >> the obama administration thought putting pain on the public would give the president more leverage for spending cuts and impose taxes
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on the american people. >> republicans have passed two bills to replace the sequester cuts but they haven't gone anywhere in the senate. >> thank you, molly for reporting in washington. >> still to come, the explosion lit up the night sky and killed 14 people in one town and coast $100 million in damage yet a newspaper printed a cartoon to make a point. a lot of people not find humorous at all, spantt start texas governor rick perry. we'll have that story next. >> and also back on dry land. many people may not have survived. a brother and sister left to fend for themselves after a fishing boat sank. they were within sight of the shore but no guarantee to make it back to land. >> we felt the wind behind us
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>> welcome back. this just in, reportless of an - reports of an explosion. it is in detroit no word on what caused the blast. there are no reports of any injuryings. we'll bring you the details as we get them. a deadly fire in georgia, killings a mother and four children. this happened in noonan 30 mimes southwest of atlanta. an electrical panel ignited the fire in the home's den. one child managed to escape
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with minor injuries. the mother died trying to save two other daughters and two children sleeping over. >> texas governor rick perry demanding an apology from a california newspaper after it ran a cartoon about a deadly explosion. the cartoon in the sacramento, business is booming and on the right you can see a scene from the explosion. 14 people died in the blast. 200 hurt. governor perry said it is a desperate attempt at satire. growing calls for u.s. intervention in syria. new reports suggest that president assad's regime is using chemical weapons against opposition fighters. some lawmakers are urging the
4:24 pm
administration to react. president obama announcing that intelligence shows that chemical weapons were used in recent clashes. but too little information is available to order aggressive action right now. conor has more. nu.s. officials reluctantly acknowledge that the assad regime appeared to have used chemical weapons against the fight with the rebels. syrian officials call that a flat out lie. opposition leaders called on the international community to take action. >> we'll invite investigators and cooperate with the investigators and we are certain that the evidence shows that the syrian regime used the weapons against the innocent civilian. president obama said friday
4:25 pm
that his administration would respond to the new information. essentially reduces expectations that the u.s. will intervene in syria any time soon. president obama said repeatedly that the use of chemical weapons would cross a red line and forcing action. he stopped short of saying what that action is. >> thank you. it is a black tie kind of night as journalist join lawmakers to share food and jokes it is the white house correspondent's dinner. stay tuned for that. first of all, flood in the midwest and rain and wreaking havoc in areas. when will the midwest see relief? he was on the run for a decade until he decided he simply couldn't do it anymore. why the man on the most wanted list turned himself in. [ lisa ] my name's lisa, and chantix helped me quit.
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( crowd chatters and groans ) hunger creeping up on you ? stash a ritz crackerfuls. made with real cheese and whole grain. don't get caught hungry. ritz crackerfuls. >> this is it a fox. i am hearth childers in for harris faulkner. we begin in the southeast. in the path of a powerful storm and large hail and heavy rain and damaging wind and threats was tornados, meanwhile the midwest is facing severe flooding.
4:31 pm
in missouri alone the river could top 16 feet. family and frends working side by side filming sand bags. but for some areas too close to the bankings it is damage done. >> i went on facebook and literally begged for help. >> meteorologist janice dean is in the fox extreme weather. janice, where is the danger. >> we are lookingar hail, damaging wind and flood threat. but the immediate concern across texas up toward portions of arkansas and mississippi and in tennessee and then in alabama and georgia where we have severe thunderstorm watches in affect and a tornado watch and including, tennessee until 11:00 p.m. local time.
4:32 pm
we are seeing the severe thunderstorm warning. we are seeing indication of large hail and wind gusts in excess of 70 miles per hour and certainly we'll keep yoed throughout the evening. that severe threat from big bend of texas all the way to mississippi and arkansas and into tennessee it is an ongoing threat as it moves east ward and toward the eastern sea board by monday. back to you, heather. >> janice, where is the worst of the flooding. >> along the midwest where we have rapid snow melt and the storm system that we saw early last week that dumped incredible amounts of rain and all of the flash floot watches and warnings for areas shade in green and ohio river and down to mississippi river, and all of tholce tributitaryings. it is this weekend and next week and the week after that. we have storm system that we watch moving in the region .
4:33 pm
touch on the red river flooding that continues this week and next week. we have snow and rapid snow melt that will occur with temperatures in the 60s and 70s. we are talking about the flooding in the record-breaking areas for this region . lookingalt the snow we are dealing with on the ground. over a foot of snow, that is going to melt and feed into those tributaries again. the red river a record crest in the weekend and next week as we expect it to be 38 feet. that would be the top five record crest. you can see the temperatures tomorrow, i am sure they are welcoming the warm air, but the problem is, the snow melt will be rapid and filter in to those very swollen rivers. we'll keep you posted on all of the areas in the evening and watches and warnings will
4:34 pm
be in affect. >> when you see the water rising, there is nothing to do but bad and watch. >> it happens every spring but this one is very extreme. >> thank you very much, janice. >> you beat. >> supreme court justice steven dryer is recovering from shoulder surgery in washington. he fell justice. justice bryer is expected to make a full recovery. he suffered broken ribs and a punctured lung in 2007. two americans survived a caribbean vacation that turned into a nightmare, the brother and sister landing in miami and they are talking about what they endured in st. lucia. they were fishing in a
4:35 pm
chartered boat when it sank. they jumped into the water and they swam. it took them 14 hours but they did amazingly reach land and then they had to hike three hours before they found someone who could call for help. here's what they had to say about the ordeal. >> it has been a long road and we are excited to be back. >> it a series and difficult challenges and we are happy to be here and be back and visit with family. >> both of them were treated for dehydration and other injuries. no word yet on what caused the boat to sink. >> it is it a yearly tradition that generates a few laughs at the president's expense. it is the annual white house correspondants din are when they laugh and joke with the journalist that cover them every day. >> this year's host conan
4:36 pm
obrian and lawmakers are there and so is harris faulkner who joins us by phone. are you there? >> hey, hethser, yeah. i would say the only seat hotter than the one you are seating in now is the ones of the people in the party. it can be uncomfortable when you are meeting your sources up close and personal and peppering them with questions as we are. but it is a light evening and it has been interesting, this event has taken heat because of the celebrity cross over. we saw katie perry walk by . a lot of politicians it is bipartisan and you see everybody. this year it seems to have a more serious vibe. i wonder if that could be felt in the big room. it is it a huge room by the way. >> actually harris, i was going to ask you if you have
4:37 pm
been there before. this is coming on the heels of the bombing in boston and explosion in texas. how will they deal with that? >> people are talking about it here. you have so many journalist who are stationed on the east coast and went to boston and covered that . you and i were in the throes of that network coverage for fox. it is on their mind and hearts and west, texas . conan obrian will be speak host making fun yewhatever. there are things that are heavy and i have seen people talking serious issuings. attorney general eric holder walked past me and he was in a serious conversation with the senators and they are talking immigration. you don't put it on the shelf especially when you have the opportunity to ask the questions. but on the flip side of that, it is it a fun event and
4:38 pm
people kind much let their hair down and fun to see people at their best. alicon cammerota is with me and looks good . as does marketa and we have a huge fox contingence e. we miss you and you are doing the important part in fox. >> you look beautiful in the yellow dress. who else is with you. i saw alyson. we have a shot of four of you. geraldo rivera. >> he's not there. these are all in dresses unless he's wearing a dress. uma is there . yes, so i kind of look like big bird in my dress in yellow. >> it looks fantastic. >> finally harris, the politicians look forward to seeing this. celebrities look forward to seeing politician. who has more fun? >> i think we do as a journal i felt.
4:39 pm
we do what we love to do watch it all play out. they don't want to talkitous. they want to talk to each other. that's the truth. >> have fun, harris and get back tomorrow. don't have too much fun. >> all right, just cause you i said so. >> you look are the beautiful. >> tonight at 10:00 p.m. eastern. we'll have live coverage of the white house correspondant association dinner hosted by conan obrian. ed henry is the master of ceremonies and so do not miss it. it is a lot of fun. >> still to come, the coast guard making a major drug bust on the high seas. how they manage told seize a mountain of cocaine . a cat managed to sneak outside of his owner . she thought she would never see him again. this story has a happy ending. you will not believe where
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i wouldn't trade him for the world. who matters most to you says the most about you. at massmutual we're owned by our policyowners, and they matter most to us. if you're caring for a child with special needs, our innovative special care program offers strategies that can help. >> welcome back. listen to this story. after 14 years on the run, an oklahoma fugitive is back behind barrings. david lee kemp is his name. he escaped from jail in 1999. he was about to go on trial for the murder of his ex-wife and boyfriend. he alluded his police but last friday he turned people in. he was too tired of running from the law. >> miserable from talking to people. it is it a miserable life looking over your shoulder and worrying about the knock on
4:44 pm
the door and looking for an exit to get out of a place just in case. from me talking to people on the run before, it is a miserable life. >> apparently he agreed. he appeared on america's most wanted and unsolve would mysteries. he is expected to be arraigned next week. >> a major drug bust on the high seas. the coast guard stop happened a massive shipment of cocaine in the u.s.. that is our stories in fox across america. florida, the crew of the cutter gallaton seizing cocaine shipment worth $twen million. more than 2200 pounds was found on the fishing boat. three people a under arrest. authorities are not saying where it came from. california, a 19 year old suspect going to great lengths to escape police.
4:45 pm
they tried to stop the man after learning that the car was stolen. the suspect jumped out of a moving car and ran to a nearby neighborhood and managed to change clothes and blend in with homeowners. >> the suspect pretended to water the lawn. >> the neighbor noticed him in the yard and told police leading to an arrest. >> in pennsylvania, recognition overdue for a 92 year old world war veteran. he served until the end of the war and never received any of the medals that he earned until his wife of 65 years stepped in. >> i told her not to worry about the ribbons and medals . she ins on it. >> you wouldn't take no for an answer. >> no, he has a square head and i follow. >> it was attended by his family and friends, including his son an air national
4:46 pm
guardsmen who served two tours in iraq. nin arizona curiosity didn't kill this cat. it took him on a journey from tucson to wisconsin. that is where ace was found 10 months after he disappeared. a large group was on hand to welcome him at the airport. the owner said he will not escape again. >> i have a leash and i will do this if i have to. >> and that is the fox watch across america. ace has quite a story to tell. >> in other newings, a psychiatric hospital in nevada under investigation for allegation wills of so-call would patient dumping, a california lawmaker looking for answers following reporting that the facility improperly released patients and bused them acrossitate lines. federal authorities warned the hospital to fix the problems now or risk losing millions in
4:47 pm
funding. they are live in the west coast with more. dominic, tell us what is allegedly happening to the patients? >> heather, an investigation by sacramento beat a man was leadlet go from the psychiatric hospital in las vegas and given a one-way ticket to sacramento and handed three days worth of meds and went on his way. he turned up in a confused state. his meds were gone and he had no dime on him and he had no idea why he packed off to california. that is distressing. the nevada authorities think it is outrageous. >> that is enough substance to get you throughout the day and dumped off on the street that is not acceptable and inhumane that this is happening. >> reports say that patients were sent places where they
4:48 pm
didn't know anyone and didn't know who to contact when they arrived. >> what do we know about the patient's condition? >> this is a bit of a problem. the los angeles city attorney said up to 1500 people in a variety of mental conditions. >> we don't know the condition of the patients or need for medication or anything about them. we know they were taken on a bus and put here n if -- if those allegations were true. >> the hospital may be trying to save money by violating the federal and state laws. theythere is three investigations in place and put in additional oversight to make sure the hospital follows proper discharge procedure. >> saving money by shipping off the patients. , don nick. a new concern oust north korea. an american is held on charges
4:49 pm
to overthrow the government. that will further complicate the tense relationship between washington and pyonggang. a member figure in italy, nabbed. wait until you hear where he was caught. ♪
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>> welcome back. an american jail would in north korea for six months is set to be tried in the country's supreme court. the announcement came today as north korea said kineth bay confessed to plotting the to overthrow the government. he could face the death penalty. this complicates the situation
4:53 pm
with pyonggang and washington. also developingolt korean peninsula, the last remaining group of south korean managers left to run the jointry run industrial park. long seen as the last symbol of cooperation between the two nations. the south korean government ordered all of theirs out after north korean threatened to shut it down. the factory is caught in the fire as tensions flare. the park's future is unclear. it is a matter of time before the site closes for good. >> 7 people found alive after a building collapse kills hundreds. also today an arrest in the disaster and we go around the world in 80 seconds.
4:54 pm
>> bangladesh, rescuers pulling survivors from a mangle would mess of concrete and metal. they have been trapped days . at least 3 50 people were killed and today 8 people were taken into custody including the owners of the factories where the victim's worked. it is the worst cas trophy. >> and 15 wreer old suspect tramping with a fake idea when he was caught near bogata. he will be faced with a prison sentence when extradieted to europe. >> south africa is dancing in the street to mark freedom day. south africa celebrating 19 years since the first democratic elections in 1994. it marked the end of apartheid.
4:55 pm
to germany an international beard comp. 140 people sporting facial hair and dressing nup costume. prices were awarded in 18 different categories. one man bringing his basher just in case. that is a wrap for the fox trip around the world. >> some of tholce were artistic. we are not done yet. federal agents making an arrest in the poisoned letters sent to president obama and two other officialings. we'll recap all of the top stories for you . giving new meaning to space race. teams from all over the world competing in the home made noon buggy. alright, another one just like that. alright, right in the old bucket. good toss! see that's much better! that was good. you had your shoulder pointed, you kept your eyes on your target.
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4:59 pm
nasa holding the finals of the 20th annual moon buggy race in huntsville. nearly 100 teams building buggies to carry them over a half mile course of what they say is lunar stilted terrain. they are pedaling in a track with man made crators and rocks and lunor soil. they made it over. before we go. look at fox top stories, federal agents arresting a mississippi karate instructor. everett dutschke faces upon charging of illegal use of a biological weapon . the faa ending the furlough program that in since monday causing delays all over country. air traffic controllers will
5:00 pm
be back as early as tomorrow. furloughs were the result of automatic spending cuts in washington. that is how fox reports this saturday. i am heather childers in for harris falker. huckabee starts now. >> tonight on huckabee. >> we they were not involve would. america took my kids away from me. >> the bomber's mother america. investigators say they had plans to set off bomb in times square. were there warning signs that friendly and social johar, brainwashed by tamerlan. >> and why are democrats bailing out of the senate? >> inside of the courtroom of the abortion murder trial of dr. gosnel . a tribute


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