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tv   Huckabee  FOX News  April 28, 2013 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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harris falker. huckabee starts now. >> tonight on huckabee. >> we they were not involve would. america took my kids away from me. >> the bomber's mother america. investigators say they had plans to set off bomb in times square. were there warning signs that friendly and social johar, brainwashed by tamerlan. >> and why are democrats bailing out of the senate? >> inside of the courtroom of the abortion murder trial of dr. gosnel . a tribute to legendary singer
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george jones. ♪ >> ladies and gentlemen, governor mike huckabee. [ applause ] >> thank you. thank you very much. great audience here in new york . welcome to huckabee from the fox news studios in new york city. this week, the faa implemented absurd lay offs in the air trafficking control so president obama could punish people. he blamed republicans, of course. the cost of the politically driven delays near the billions shared by airlines who are barely making a profit and the traveling public who are losing time and money and missing appointments and time with their family. the president did the only thing he is really good at. placing blame until congress
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stepped in and fixed it. being president ought to be about shepherding solution. he has shirked responsibility to play a blame game that has no winner and has 300 million american people. he had a defeat and he didn't attempt to hide visible anger. >> so all in all, it ape shameful day for washington. >> well, it employees a shameful day for not accepting realities. the president blame would republicans and era, and fail told mention he couldn't persuade the democrats to vote for it. he blame would everyone but himself. might it be the problem is the sales man and not the customer. if i sell magazines door to door and no one buys them . do i scream at people and tell
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them they are illiterate bafoons or rethink my sales pitch. the president has a bigger problem than airport delays and background checkings. when an elected official said things that are not true they lose the credibility to gov yern renders a politician powerless like sum super manstrap tod krypoonate. the costs the president said if we pass the porkulous bill unemployment wouldn't get above senpercent. hey, it never got that low. he said he would not raise the taxes on the middle class one dime. the middle class saw tax hikings of lotless of dimings. he said bengazi due to a video, and we get to the bottom of it, it not a video
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and so far he never got to the top of it. he promised green jobs and we watched capitol crony investments from taxpayers only to see the companies go bankrupt. he chastised millionaires and billionaires for not paying their fair share and his taxes were about 18 percent. that's half . rate i have to pay. >> he said republicans wanted to destroy medicare but the president raided the medicare jar to pay for a healthcare plan. the most dangerous and tragic moment for a politician is when he or she crosses the thres hold of credibility and is not taken seriously anymore. the president can't demonize those who disagree and act surprised when they don't want to be props at his press conferences. he can blame republicans but
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he pedaled productses people don't want. as a sales man he sold one too many boxings of soap that just didn't make any suds. [ applause ] well, the judge in the capitol murder trial of philadelphia abortion dr. goz nel. he faces chargings of brutually murdering four babis and one woman who a patient. the comumist of the times, he's one of the few reporters that covered the trial from the courtroom on a regular basis. jd, thank you for coming on here today. >> great to be here, governor. >> you were the one tweeted a famous photofrom the courtroom showing the press galley virtually empty. why were so few people covering this trial, jd? >> that is a great question.
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here in southeastern pennsylvania the goz nel trial perkulate would for two years since dr. goz nel was arrested it doesn't come as a shock to your viewers people in my line of work are left on social issuings, but especially abortion. there is it a number of respected media analyst who attest to that fact. i think the fact that gosnell pulls the curtain back from violence was abortion. you can't sit in the courtroom and learn about what abortion does to the unborn child and to the woman in many cases. dr. gosnell manslaughter count of a patient he overdosed with demoral. you can't listen to the
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testimony and not be change would or reconsider your position. >> jd, you have seen incredible thing in the course of your journalistic career . covered hard things. has this case shock would you beyond thal kind of crimes and the horrible things you had to confront as a journalist? >> yes, i have been doing this job for 26 yearings. -- years . this is the worst on many levelings, not only because of what going on in the doctor's clinic in west philadelphia, but also because the indifference of the common wealth of pennsylvania department of health, which did not inspect any of the state's 22 abortion clinics for 17 years. here in pennsylvania, nail salons are more tightly regulated than abortion clinicings. -- clinics. >> to sink that in to our audience. a 14 year old can go to an
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abortion clinic and not tell her parents, and nope one from the state inspected the facility, but went down to the street and had nails trimmed someone from the government would make sure it would be done properly. >> she would need permission. under the tom ridge administration, in 1995 made a deliberate political decision. tom ridge a pro choice republican. they made a decision not to inspect any . state's abortion clinics. they felt the abortion clinicings - clinicings -- clinics were on the margin . if the inspectors went in to to the clinic they would be shut down . governor ridge silent on the gosnell trial.
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i suggest that the governor stop in to 304 to see how his policy turned out. >> i hope he does. i truly do. after the prosecutor finished its case, the defense abruptly rested their own case and didn't call a witness or call gosnell to the stand. did that catch you and other observers in the courtroom off guard? >> we were execk being a week or two weekings of defense testimony. after lunch last wednesday, when the jury brought back in, jack mcman, the superk - superb courtroom lawyer said the defense rests, your honor . jurors looked at each other puzzled. after five weekings of hearing grizzly testimony, you want the man accused of the carnage to get fot stand and said this
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is why i did it and this is all nonsense. he didn't do that. it is it a dicey ploy. jack mcman gosnell's attorney must have superb to close the argument and win the case for his client. >> you used the word carnage. multiple witnesses testified that there were babies born alive. babies that were the object of an abortion that failed and gosnell allowed those babies to move arms and leg to cry for 20 minutes before having the nurses snip their head which is incred and i believe snip their final cord and take the heads off and finish the job. i don't see how anybody can sit through that and not feel
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that this was not just a medical procedure, there nothing medical about that. >> no, there testimony from steven nasaph who was one of the medical assistants in dr. gosnell's clinic and he testified when abortions were performed it would rain fetuses and blood. it is very . . there is one journalist sitting in that courtroom who writes for a local publication who has told me he's very liberal and very pro choice, but after sitting through the testimony of the gosnell trial he's reconsidered and changed his mind . that, governor, >> go ahead jd. >> that's the power of the gosnell trial. for 40 years, abortion in this
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country is waged in the court of public opinion. this is a court of law and the testimony that comes out of there is under oath and no evidence is doctored. it is for real and a capitol case . the testimony of one witness is far heavier than all . editorials and chompioning pro choice and ever appeared in the new york timings. >> jd, you have done this country a great service covering the trial when other journalist did not. a heart felt thank you for covering the trial and being here today. >> thank you, governor. >> for the people who know, the younger . suspect would bombers said he was well like social guy and he didn't show any signs of being a terrorist. one of the people who said that his former soccer coach. we'll talk to him next.
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we all heard phrase if you speak something say something. tsarnaev showed no signs of trouble yow and so how were they supposed to do. it is so nice to have you here. you knew joharand you knew the older brother with whom you went to high school. did you ever see any behavior or attitudes in them that gave you concern that they could be violent terrorist and kill people? >> nothing what so ever and that's the unfortunate part here. there were no signs or clues from the time that i knew
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these two. as a matter of fact i didn't know they were brothers until this happened. there is a lot of mysteries and we need to know what happened between now and the past three years. they never showed signs of wanting to harm people. >> did you have a suspicious they had strong religious tentedency or appear to be westernized and american in their life styles and cultural connections? >> little brother yeah. he was more of a middle of the bunch kind much guy and more outgoing than his brother. he here since 7 or eight years old. tamerlan came here as a teenager and taken out of your element and what you know can be a difficult adjustment. any ill will, he had an outlet that is great. he had box that was his passion and you go to the ring and take out whatever you feel and that's it. other than that, nothing at
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all it is very mysterous. >> when you coached johar. did he have an anger issue or. >> nothing at all. he helped to motivate others and he did the part to get the team to be better and focused on winning. >> and did you attend the boston marathon yourself? were you a part of watching. so many people line up the streets >> the timing on my end was a little fortunate on my behalf for my family. my wife begged me to go all day. we wanted go and i final lie gave in and my son had forgot to turn off the play station and i turned the tv off on the way out to the finish line and the news came on and i saw the bombings and immediately our plans changed. when the f.b.i. photos came
8:19 pm
out i couldn't put the characterings to the face. it never occurred to me it was these two guys. >> it could be you and your family. >> i ponder, but you have to think much all of the. had we gone there a few minutes and made eye contact, would he have warned us or recognized me and said anything. could i have prevented it. it is it a strong burd tone put on myself. but you can't help but consider the possibilities. >> luis, i am glad you and your family weren't there. it is an incredible insight that you share and appreciate you coming today. >> how do people like jokar and tamerlan get radicalized. i will ask a writer who spent i will ask a writer who spent time riding with an islamist.
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>> sometimes you ask how young people like the tsarnaev brothers get recruited for radical ji had. we have a writer here. it is a pleasure. it is fascinating. you wrote being with someone who is a radical islamist and you were surprised as i think that there were no visible outward indications that this person was radical and capable of terrorism, and it syncs with what we heard from the former soccer coach. >> that's what i thought when i warched that segment.
8:24 pm
we have a stereo type much what a jihadist should look like and behave. that comes from the fact we ink of osama bin laden, and we think of a guy with a long beard in a cave somewhere in afghanistan and. in reality, things are more complex. you could be well adjusted on the surface like dzhokhar tsarnaev but hold the ideas that are violent. >> it seems a crazy person who does the horrors was aurora or sandy hook elementary. versus a jihadist but is not crazy but intentional and . s to hide his or her identity and intentions. >> absolute this is it an argument of jihadist being
8:25 pm
crazy is a red herring. it shifts responsibility. these people are not crazy. they are motivate have a belief system. we don't like the belief system but it is our duty to understand and counter it. they are not crazy at all but they are rational according to their own beliefs and they are dangerous. >> it seems they are play acting the roles and listening to pop music and going tolt gym and hanging out. they are all characteristicings, we don't expect it from the jihadist. is that an act or are they able to turn the switch on and able to do something heinous? >> i don't think it is it a act. human beingings are complex. at a surface level to be familiar with hip-hop like joharor speak in society. but what does it matter your beliefs. both the mother and the kids,
8:26 pm
they were 9/11 troopers . that doesn't sound on the surface. no one wore a t-shirt saying i am a 9/11 truther. but that is a better indication than the music and accent you speak with. >> i want to show a clip from the mother. i am assuming you know a 9/11 truther is someone who believes it carried out by the u.s. government it is a radical but strange position but nonetheless some people hold it here is the mother of the tsarnaev. >> my oldest son is killed. i don't care if my youngest son is killed today. i don't care if i am going to get killed too. i will say allahu acbar. that's what i am going to say. >> that sounds radical and that fits the stereo type we have and that is not at all
8:27 pm
what we are hearing from her sonings-- sons. do you think she had a major role in influencing them. where did these guys get the idea? it tamerlan's trip to russia it is hard to understand. >> it doesn't help if you have a mom like that in the mom. >> right. [ applause ] >> as i say the nut doesn't fall far from the tree. i don't mean to make light. but we would like to believe that we are walking down from 7th avenue in new york and see a radical islamist there is one we better report it. but you are saying we will not be able to tell by outward appearance? >> they are not always going to be like the crazy momless we just saw. anybody here in the studio can tell that is it a problem.
8:28 pm
it is much more sophisticated. guy who tried to do the times square bombing, he a regular job. he had a mortgage and a financial an lirst. but what he believed in these dangerous ideas and that is the dangerous. you have to distingish between the outward appearances and they are sometimes give aways but not always. >> it is great to have you here. thank you very much. the book again is "my friend the fanatic". i hope you get a chance to read it. why are an increasing number much democrats in the senate calling it quits. a bunch of them are. i have a good idea about that. we'll explain when we come aw this is tragic man, investors just like you could lose tens of thousands of dollars on their 401(k) to hidden fees. thankfully e-trade has low cost investments and no hidden fees.
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to huckabee. >> on thursday all five living presidents gathered in dallas
8:33 pm
to honor president george w. bush at his library and museum. the honoree got emotional in his speech. >> i will always believe that our nation's best days lie ahead, god bless. [ cheers and applause ] >> say what you will about president bush, he always brought a sense of optimism to his job and never blamed people for what he inherited or issues that he faced and even in those moments, he loveless his country and has great hope for it frankly, that is it one quality we love in a president and why his approval ratings when he left office 23 percent have more than doubled at 47 percent and equal to that of the current occupiant of the white house. dana perino who served as
8:34 pm
white house press secretary under president bush has exclusive behind the scenes access with the president in his new library. you can see the special call would up close with 43. it will be following our show sunday night at nine and midnight eastern. i hope you will watch. >> earlier this week, max bacchus announced he will not seek reelection. the announcement comes less than a week after he critized obama care while speaking to health and human service kathleen seblis. >> i just see a huge train wreck coming down and you and i have discussed it many times and i don't see results yet. >> we see results, senator, and they are not good. people's healthcare bills are going up and doctors are quitting medicine . you are right about it being a train wreck and we are remind
8:35 pm
happened that you were a lead sponsor . instead of facing voters over obama care you are calling it quit. iowas and west virginia and south dack's all bailing out . now if harry reid to bail out and maybe, maybe we'll get things back on track. this week, defense secretary chuck hagel said there that syria used chemical weapons against its people. that is important. president obama said if chemical weapons were used that would be a game changer. here is the president friday on the new revelation. >> i have been clear publicly and privately for the syrian government to utilize chemical weapons, on its people, crosses a line that changes how the united states will approach these issues.
8:36 pm
so, you know, this is not an on or off switch. it is an ongoing challenge that all of us have to be concerned about. >> you know, i come to realize something. every time president obama said i want to make something clear, he doesn't make it very clear. it is ineffable when he said let me be clear. be prepared you see a fog coming over. here is a president who took the initiative in saying that if there is chemical withins that is a game changer and a red line and we'll really do something. in all of this, the president reminds me of the united nations. the un has a wonderful history of someone acting up. the un will say we'll send them a letter . most countries who are engaged in the contempt of international law don't regard
8:37 pm
letter un. if they don't respond, we'll send them another letter, and this time a strong worded letter. as if that is going to change the bihaver . then we send them a strongly worded letter, all bold in all caps. the reality is, when you are dealing with a nation willing to use chemical weapons on its own people, you are not talking about any kind of government that you can sit down and have a copy of coffee with and reason with. they understand one thing and the president has to realize only thing worse than a nation using chemical weaponos its own people, is the rest of the world standing by watching and saying we promise we'll do something and proving that those promiseless are empty. i guarantee you they are watching that in iran right now. america has a lot of important issues to tackle.
8:38 pm
syria and homeland security and helium . yeah, helium. the house passed the responsibility helium administration and stewardship act. i am nopt going to bore you with the detailings, but the remarks from democrat congressman of georgia said it all. >> imagine mr. speaker a world without balloonings. how can we make sure that the injustice of there being no helium for comedians to get that high pitched voice that we all hold near and dear to our hearts. >> we do hold it near and dear. i would love to inhale helium to pay tribute to congressman johnson. he probably being sarcastic
8:39 pm
there. i want to remind you, this was the same guy who talked about the overcrowding of guam and a few yoors ago and he said myy -- my fear is that the whole island will be so overly populated that will tip over and cap size. we don't anticipate that. >> no, we don't. >> you know who i admire the most who ought to be joint chiefs of staff chair is admiral wilard who able to keep a straight facilitying the u.s. congressman who thought if 79,000 people got on guam it would capicize and tip it over. you wonder why our country is in trouble. that's why.
8:40 pm
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>> eacher day hear the huckabee mike huckabee show on the details at >> while president obama used the smeech in the dedication.
8:44 pm
george bush library and musime to push for immigration reform. a federal judge said the policy is probably violating the law. the administration can't refuse to arrest illegal immigrants just because they are not considered dangerous criminalings. homeland security janet napolitano said that she's concerned with the morale of the border agents. could their low morale have anything to do with the fact they are not allowed to do their jobs. joinings me is chris crane. chris, it is it a pleasure to have you here and thank you for joining us today? >> thank you for having us on, governor . thank you for all . support for immigration agents, we appreciate it greatly. >> you are on the front line and asked to do a job to protect the integrity of our law and your union sued the federal government which in itself is remarkable. balse you say you are not
8:45 pm
allowed to do your jobs, explain. >> well, there is a lot going on. the first thing i have to say is that the american public is misled by the administration in regard to the interior enforcement of our national immigration laws. our ice agents who work guam and puerto rico we have our hands tied by the president and not allowed to arrest almost anyone it is a roller coaster since 200 8. it is just one example. immigration agents can no longer enforce illegal entry or visa overstay on two federal laws that because of those violation put us in a situation where we have 11 million illegal immigrants in this country. we are not allowed to enforce those laws. ice agents can't make street arrest f. we see an illegal alien on the street, if we
8:46 pm
believe that person to be a gang member or criminal, we are not permitted to make the arrest of the alien. we have to wait until that person is committing a crime or arrested by another law enforcement agency and placed in jail. >> chris, you have been told and other ice agents are told not to arrest these people, that is an order begin from above and only get involve would if another law enforcement agency first took action, is that what i am hearing you? >> that's correct. >> that is unbelievable. >> absolutely. it gets worse from there, governor. now we are restricted to enforcing the national laws inside of jailings and prisons. as an ice agent going into a jail, it is not enough to be in the united states illegally once we encounter an individual. they have to be convict would of three or more crimes
8:47 pm
immigration agent to make an arrest . illegal alien. the president of course, is establisd dam act that did not pass congress. when we go into the jailings, we apply the dream act not to kid in the school but adult inmate in the jailings . they tell us that they went to college and high school and have a ged, we are required under the president's policy to take their word for it. no or requirement for them to provide us proof and our officers and agents are forced to let these criminal to walk out of the jails solely basod their word. >> chris, i am an american citizen and if i am arrested or suspected of a crime, i can't just say i am a good guy and you can trust me and law enforcement officers say we'll take your word for it. you were not speeding or you didn't pull the trigger. this is amazing.
8:48 pm
i can understand why they are upset. you are not just complaining and talking to me. you have sued the federal government. there is it a lawsuit against your union and the bosses and the federal government and you are asking for what? >> we are not asking for a penny of the taxpayer dollars. all we are asking for is one, protection for our officers and agentingscurrently what we do with the agency under this administration, is they threaten to fire our officers and agents who attempt to enforce the laws we have on the bookings. we have to provide protection for these law enforcement officers only trying to do their jobs. promise more importantly we are questioning the president of the united states. we are saying it is your job to enforce the law, if is congress' job to enact the law and so president, you have overstepped your boundaries
8:49 pm
and we are hopeful that the judge will rule in our favor on this. it is extremely important to our country and our way of government that we get things back on track and put everyone back in their perspective places and let our law enforcement officers do their jobs. >> chris, can you tell me, there is it a difference between border patrol agent and an ice agent. 20 seconds or less. make sure we understand the difference between the two. >> border patrol agents stand on the border and keep people out of the country and protect us at the border. once they cross in the united states, they are the responsibility much ice agents. they work the interior enforcement and enforce immigration laws in 50 states and guam and puerto rico and quickly we do that with 5000 officers and agents nationwide and compare that to the los angeles police department with 10,000 officers and we are set
8:50 pm
up for failure from the beginning. >> you know, it is it a remarkable story. your story needs to be told in every network and front page of every paper. i am amazed that people are not listening to the front line people who are supposed to enforce laws and specifically told by own our government not to do it. it is a stunning revelation. chris crane, thank you very much for joining us today. >> thank you, governor. [ applause ] >> george jones passed away on friday and we pay tribute to the legendary country singer, next.
8:51 pm
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>> several weeks ago, i received an invitation from
8:54 pm
george jones and his wife of 30 years nancy inviting me to his final concert in nashville. now the i wouldn't missed it but he will be a no show. he will share the stage with johnny cash and hank williams and patsy kline. george jones died friday at the age of 81 in nashville. his death stunned family and friends and friends like me. george the guest on our show in september 2009. people ask me about the memorable moments hosting the show, having george jones as my guest and play music with him that is one of the most cherished moments of my life. my own dad didn't live to see me sworn in as gov goch. i am not sure my dad would
8:55 pm
have been impressed that i was a governor or ran for president or hosted a national television but if my dad knew i stood on the stage with george jonings, he would have been impressed. a music producer said 10 of the greatest singers sang the same, the one you would remember is the version by george jonings. i helped to put together a album to get musical instruments for kids. george agreed to do a song for it. his version of amazing grace on that cd is amazing. he an original. many people perform and entertain but only a few take to the stage as if it were a canvass and artist. george jones an artist. our prayers go out to nancy and his family and his command before the creator, this time, the possum will show up.
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we leave you with a bits of the george's performance on this show from 2009. [ applause ] ♪ ♪ all you want to sit around pout. ♪ now i got i am taken out. ♪ i'm leaving town. ♪ i am long, gone. ♪ going to leave you anyhow. ♪ well i vehicle in the dog phonehouse so dog gone long. there is something wrong. ♪ i'm leaving town. ♪ i'm leaving town.
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>> hello. i am dana perino. welcome to "up close with 43" george w. bush. i am at the george w. bush presidential center. i had the pleasure to serve with the bush administration the last two as his press secretary. many think of him as straight forward unapologetic. those are true as his press secretary i got to know him in a more personal light. tonight i will show you. up first the importance of sticking to principles. >> mr. president? >> welcome back to the oval


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