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tv   FOX and Friends First  FOX News  April 29, 2013 2:00am-3:01am PDT

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can >> good monday morning to you. hope you had a great weekend. i am heather nauert. >> it is monday april 29th. >> just a few hours from now. the search for humane remains will begin wihere the landing gear believed to be from a 9-11 34r5e7b was found wedged between two buildings blocks away from ground zero. it was found by land surveyors taking measurements for the building's owner. one is the site of the controversial mosque. the area has been declared a
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crime scene. some are speculating it could be a hoax an the landing gear was placed by someone there. we will keep you posted. >> mississippi martial arts instructor accused of mailing ricin to the president and roger wicker faces a judge. the court appearance for james everett dusky comes one week after the charges were dropped on paul curtis. it could be a long running feud between the two men. her client may have been framed his attorney says. >> four airmen were victims on a plane that crashed in afghanistan. >> pentagon officials say the crash is not related to taliban violence. local officials say bad weather is to claim. they are investigating now.
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president obama will nominate his new transportation secretary in just a few hours. democratic charlotte mayor andy fox. he is facing criticism for lack of diversity. if confirmed fox will replace ray lahood who held that position since 2009. >> it is a royal anniversary today. prince william and princess kate celebrating two years of marriage. the two tied the knot at west snirn abby in more than 54 nations more than 2 billion people watched them say their i do's. >> hard to believe it has been two years. >> today marks two weeks since the deadly bombing in boston. this morning the focus intensifies on the suspect's mother and what role she might have played in developing her son's jihadist beliefs.
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good morning, david. >> good morning. there are questions of what in any role she had influencing her sons. her behavior has been nothing less than bizarre in news conferences. she has repeatedly denied any wrong doing by her sons even claiming the attack herself was fabricated by u.s. authorities. the chairman of the house homeland security committee speaking this weekend came out to say he believes she played a very strong role, his word in radicalizing her sons. again the extent of that relationship still has to be explored. in another development the father of the two boys who said he was planning to come to the united states now looks like he won't be coming here after all at least not any time soon.
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he is now being treated for a problem related to high blood pressure and also says if he didn't mplan to make the trip h doubts he would because it's unlikely he believes he would be permitted to see his son who is now in prison. speaking about that son, 19-year-old dzhokhar, he is in a federal medical facility 40 miles outside of the city of boston. it is a facility depending on the committee they don't have television sets. they are on 24-hour surveillance tv. lastly, ainsley, a part of this story that has been a mystery hey peers to have untraveled. reports of two relatives have
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been radicalized by maisha. they have found maisha. he is a 39-year-old rue cranian american, a concert to islam. he lives in rhode island. he would not explain in detail his relationship but he has not seen tam ber lan or any of the family in the last three years he has no role whatsoever to do with the bombing. so he says, too, that his phone and computers have been taken by the fbi and expects them to be returned. if that's true we have not been able to confirm it. still many questions. >> thank you so much david lee miller live in boston with the latest news on this monday morning. >> keep an eye on who this
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maisha guy is. the long delays so many fliers had to deal with all across the country are not expected today after congress pass a bil to end faa furloughs. it won't become official until tomorrow. peter doocy is live in washington. no big lines with the furlough but what's the deal with the typo. >> faa suspended all of the employees in place but things are back to normal at least normal as of two weeks ago. 13,000 air kroer controllers whe furloughed the piece of paper the legislation that puts them back in towers has typos on it. so president obama won't sign it. he still hasn't signed it. with the saga over for now
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republicans are already saying it was an unnecessary waist of air traveler's time. >> from the get go the federal aviation association could have implemented the sequester without this tyned kind of paine travelers. they could have made sure controls were in place where they were most needed. >> they say any blame rests on the shoulders of congress. >> you could have thrown in members of congress on the flights homeless. the delays are a problem for not just business travelers and members of congress, but for many in america. that is a real negative consequence. >> as you heard earlier later on today president obama is expected to make a change top of the department of
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transportation. he's expected to nominate a new secretary of transportation, charlotte anthony's mayor anthony fox. thank you so much. let's talk about severe weather. drivers in texas left stranded by weekend of heavy rains and flash floods. some cars submerged in water. strong winds and hail damaging dozens of homes and properties there. let's send it over to maria molina who has more on the storms. >> we are still tracking the storm. there's not as much of a severe weather risk along the east coast. we saw the images and we have reports that as much as 8 inches of rainfall over parts of
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southeastern texas and severe weather over parts of texas up into tennessee. very strong storms over the weekend. we have storms from atlantic down to the state of florida hel in north carolina and another storm system could produce a chance for slight storms we will keep an eye on that in iowa and wisconsin. temperature wise it will be a warm one. 88 degrees for your high temperature in dallas. 103 for your high temperature. yesterday you reached the triple dig get mark for the first thyme this year. >> maria molina, thank you. first how doctors are testing their patient's patience. joining us is lauren simonetti. >> patients have major gripes
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about the doctors bedside manner. consumer reports says the pulse of the dissatisfaction on the groip owe meter. 6 complaints by 1-0. 1 you are not bothered at all 10 you are extremely bothered. unclear explanations 8.1 out of 10. long waits for test results and long waits in the exam room. we have all been there those are 7.9 and 7.6. delays in sharing test results they have them and don't call you. getting a quick appointment when you are sick. >> or over hearing someone else's conversation in the next room doctors talking too loudly waiting in the waiting room too long could be annoying. but if you have a great doctor it is worth it. >> i was recently in the
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emergency room 3 hours. nobody was having an emergency they were just sick and didn't have a doctor. >> the next topic is everyone knows southwest and jetblue the last two airlines where you don't have to pay for bags. i understand this might be changing. southwest might start charging us, because all of the other airlines do. we might see southwest make changes. we are also coming on memorial day. the average air fair for round trip domestic flight $341 that's according to travelocity. that is downi 2 percent. fly out on thursday and back on saturday so it's a shorter trip but you can do better price wise. look for an airport that is further away. you can get deals.
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>> good to see you this morning. >> although airline fees are going up don't worry. checking the bag for free as lauren was mentioning. coming up it is 12 minutes after the hour. word that the cia handy living bags of money to ask hamid karzai for years. the shocking new report just out. while you were sleeping he stole thousands from a church safe now he's back with this message. >> i am sorry for hurting you and stealing from you. will you please for give me? >> a powerful lesson in forgiveness coming up. >> when we take a break national average 3.50 for a regular gallon of unleaded, unchanged from yesterday. ♪
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what's the rush? be happy. be healthy. >> a knocking new report that for more than a decade the cia has been delivering bags full of cash directly to afghan president hamid karzai. according to the united times they mad millions of dollars. >> only led to more corruption. the cia had no comment. >> fort collins police investigating an out of control block party to force cops to unleash tier gas on hundreds of students. detectives will review video of the clash to see if they identify the most aggressive members of the crash in order to
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start a riot. >> investigation into last week's major crash after an associated press tweet they said there had been an emergency situation at the white house. you can see where the markets went shortly after 1 pchl mchl. investigators will focus on those who profited. some investor the walked away with millions of dollars. a new york city medical examiner searching for human remains. >> today this morning the medical examiner's office is going to get an up close look at the landing gear. this amazing discovery came about friday in the most unremarkable way. the owners of 51 park place. this is a proposed site at a
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controversial islamist cultural center a few blocks from ground zero. they hired a building survey to inspect the building. there happened to be this piece of landing gear which has been confirmed as one of the pieces of landing gear from one of the two planes that crashed on 9-is 1. they went through the paining takeli takeling process. they are hoping anything here might give the family members closure. they will begin sifting tomorrow but today her setting up shop hoping to give family members closure. >> it is 18 minutes after the top of the hour. airline fees going up. but we have tips to help you save some cash the next time you are flying like checking that bag for free. and rocky balboa is back.
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wait until you hear what your local fighter's next move is.
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>> colorado is dropping a law requiring illegal immigrants to federal authorities. lawmakers repealed the 2006 law. they have another bill to allow illegal immigrants to obtain driver's licenses. this is strange for the second
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time in one week every prison at a maryland jail unlocked at the same time. the doors are on computers but the doors unlocked without a human command. prison guards had to manually relack. >> wow that would have taken a long time. the airline fees are going up once again. we have the summer travel season around the corner. joining us now is courtney scott. we are paying for making a reservation at home for extra leg room, early seat assignment. >> they have ways to get them. >> they are making a lot of money. >> they are. 2 billion in last year alone just for reservation fees. >> help us avoid it. what are tips for that. >> if you were to take a person who needs to check a back you have a lot of things traveling
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with you look for an airline that allows one free bag to be checked. jetblue is one. >> are there others? >> there are others. but if you are traveling internationally with one free bag. the better option is to bring carri carry-on bag. with the exception with allegiant air lines you are getting one carry-on bag for free plus one personal item. >> your baggage can go under the seat they couldn't charge but once it goes over your head you pay a free. it does if you are part of the frequent flyer program the unique status allows you to avoid the checked baggage fees
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because it was trained. make it permanent. 300 can be a problem per mickity he is. my why from 1.50, it is 200 from 150. if you are a type of person who likes to get a deal you want to lock it in quickly but you can potentially lose owed if you have to change at that later on. >> keep in mind you have to stick to it. so expressive. >> it adds up. you give a family of four they can say healthy and eating at the flight but it ends up being $10 for a drink. you will be paving one eating healthier. thank you so much. dom will up, pleading for
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forgiveness. i am sorry for hurting you and stealing from you, will you please for give me. >> that is a formal criminal. he has a surprising change of heart. we will tell you about that. a whale of encounter will be less with the boats. first this day of history 10shgs 4 opened. test [ jackie ] its just so frustrating... ♪ the middle of this special moment and i need to run off to the bathroom. ♪ i'm fed up with always having to put my bladder's needs ahead of my daughter.
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>> good morning to you. i am ainsley earhardt. >> i am heather nauert. it is monday april 29th. thank you for watching "fox & friends first". >> the top story at this hour police in michigan say a mother who disappeared from a job at her gas station was likely kidnapped. jessica herring ga was last seen on friday night when she was proposing to leaf the store. police are now looking for a silver mini van and a man in his
2:31 am
30s or 40s. they would help yib or everybody. big heart. her straf supports her her little boy and her family. >> the gas station do not have security cameras so police are relying on tips to figure out what happened. heather, thank you. >> cuts forcing dozens of popular air shows to be canceled all around the country. 60 shows have been shut down so far mainly because the military has grounded the debt examination fee. which are often now does air thoughs bump into the economy. overnight prime minister survive will an assassination attempt comes as calls came from
2:32 am
president obama to use them cal weapons they say something has to be done in more than syria iran is taking attention to this. rio is taking options from this. some action needs to be taken. >> the white house says it needs more time to investigate the two-year war that left 17,000 people dead. a former trill begging for forgiveness. listen to this. >> i am sorry for stealing from you and hurting you. will you please for give me? >> last year ke6 vin harris stole credit cards and thousands of dollars from the great baptist church to feed a drug atipgs.
2:33 am
he couldn't live with what he had ton he finally punched himself is. he kwanted to tell in person the people that he had done wrong. he was welcome in hugs and tears. a couple celebrating pear 20th anniversary in spik. >> oh my god. >> a group of 20 killer whales giving chase. they were keeping up with the fast muffling boat. >> that is 5@5:30. >> well on this very serious news now today marks two weeks since the deadly bombing in boston. per personing brand new details.
2:34 am
they we have in a small shell. his father delayed a trip from chechnya because the father is sick and is unable to travel. that mysterious clearance who the family has blamed for their son's radicalization has been found. he lives in rhode island. while in boston he had no contact with him it will he left. heather, there is a larger lot. doug with the latest investigation. oo one of the most political questions about that expend beyond the tsarnaev brothers in the united states or in russia.
2:35 am
it has been two weeks since the attacks the boston's resolve lirnging is quite troubling. while there's confidence the sarnia brothers tear idea out the attack. soming in the administration there's mow porn porn sl condition nexts. noose i don't know why that is the case they rushed to judgment. pch of the cleblg spags and whether he took a control inial cal rad toidz ry's son. now per in the second phase to find out who the bomb twofrner bombers xhin kited where. how to become ir radicalized the
2:36 am
pressure our couldn't c-- booke. russian dpoef states to tors as they try to term any one else wasn't there any one here or russia or elsewhere. ainsley? >> doug luzader live for us. thank you, doug. >> you know this one. we have seen a lot of spring snow this year. this year it turns out to be the second coldest start to the spring in all of u.s. history. the last time we had a cold like that was fwh in 1975. >> good morning. good to see you. with all of the snow we received across the midwest and a cold late season temperatures are we are now sealing the snow melting braer lick which.
2:37 am
another area per tanning along the area. cl includes floodling itself. 50s and 70s across the area. enport natalie ping pminnesota, south dakota. we are asking the riverer level the to continue but forting to see results. a complete lp sit store row ngs i go. got up into thip prell brig bits yesterday. meter and meansly off pish
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hal musical rpgs "the rocky (canni(." >> sylvester stallone hopes the show based on herbie loved 1994 blocking fill p could be addressed. payne a pain and ghaiven 20425 million and 43rd from in which ared with 10 upon the bringing together high powered politicians journalists poll wood alisters tyke. he talked with top of the sores come will erk men dove lee.
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>> that's to you great this study had we may to the know p. ow expected to hit this year. the heat advancing the second round of the nba playoffs 057. round two speet of this steak the orioles took a 3-0 lead after me won. sell dicks meeting bait ins the 30s david beckham gets stop on the bask for it to step on. over came his ineks and is-0. take a look at this take a mick
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tour of each other iksnally in mer pinks she yelled heads up. good for you. >> it is now about 20 minutes before the hour. coming up maybe this is why our country is so broke. the government is hcaught handig out unemployment tax po dome in who warrant ovlts. will you did this truck get if you can pined then chlor chlor we're here! we're going to the park! [ gina ] oh hey, dan!
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>> 15 minutes to the top of the hour. bangladesh rescue workers have given up hope of finding survivors in the rubble. 181 people were killed. the building's owner was arrested while trying to flee to india. finally five new cases of bird flu were found this weekend.
2:45 am
they are trying to keep the public informed. unemployment insurance is supposed to act as an important bridge in between jobs. but billions are going to people who are still working. diane macedo has more. that's not supposed to happen. how is it happening? >> it is to hold them over until they get a new job. of the money they shelled out nearly 3.3 billion was spent on over payments due to fraud. that's according to an article by the st. louis fed. some include prisoners collecting benefits. the most dominant form of unemployment insurance fraud by far is concealed earnings fraud. people collect unemployment benefits while they are earning
2:46 am
wages. it accounted for more than 2 billion in 2011. the good news while 2011 is the most recent years, 20 percent is expected to be lower because payment declined and benefits. the unemployment roles declined. the department of labor is reducing the incidence across the message. the unemployment insurance program is notified when a new employee is highered. based on state progress reports those efforts seem to be paying off. the next report i hope comes up better still betting their unemployment. working out every sij day taking a couple breaks running fast taking it slow. exercise myths from the facts. >> soccer fans never saw this coming. the score board going up in
2:47 am
flames. we will tell you what happened. >> first let's check in with brian kilmeade at the top of the hour. >> not a lot of people at the soccer game. no one could get hurt. there were 500 people there. how are you doing? >> great. i want you working out twice a day let me ask what's coming up on tocks and friend now. mow more need to argue. she was crowned miss america's outstanding teen for 2013. she is here to perform with her high school choir. also donald trump is here, of course you have another great appearance on celebrity apprentice and boxing legend mike tyson all coming up at the top of the hour. please put something on. i don't make any decisions about who to hire
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>> a democratic lawmaker introducing a homeless bill of rights. it would stop them from harassing panhandlers. the ban controls city streets. soccer fans hoping for their team to catch fire. instead it was the stadium score board that was sizzling. the blaze started after the speaker system short circuited. firefighters were able to put that out. >> thanks, heather. whether you want to lose weight or reduce stress in your life, we all know exercise plays a vital road le in long-term heal. with so many fitness myths out
2:52 am
there getting the right path can be a chal leveng. what is true and what is folklore? what's fact and what's fiction? let's ask dr. mark seigel. >> hi, ainsley, how are you? >> immigrate. let -- i am great. >> fact or fiction, your body needs days off from exercise. >> that's a fact you need days off. here's why you need days off. your muscles get exhausted they get worn down. you can have more injuries if you exercise 7 days a week. i also think exercise is addictive if i tell people they are going to plan their days off two-days becomes three-days becomes 4 days. shoot shoot for 7 days you will never do it. >> you won't do 7, you will do 6. >> fact or fiction, the best way
2:53 am
to work out is going hard every time. >> you actually injure your muscles. you build up free radicals and muscles wear down. exercise tends to wear down your muscles and it's the recovery that builds up your strength. >> take an tins cardio class or a pilate's class? >> you want to go in your zone increasing little by little. you don't gooif a car or your body 100,000 dollars. >> ymuscles get stronger? >> exercise stresses muscles. when you are recovering from exercise that's when they repair and get stronger for the next time. >> does it repair the next
2:54 am
workout? >> in between workouts it is when your muscles get stronger and stronger. >> that's absolutely --- -- you don't get the same results by doing the same routine. you want to cross train and exercise different muscle groups. they don't realize the same won the same bike ride is the elliptical. if you go backwards it's enormous el group. >> change or you will hit a flat toe if you wasn't. people who work out to look good stick with her lovenger. it is what makes you come back. that's the purpose of exercise to build up stronger muscles.
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>> before you leave the house this morning, here's a look at what is happening today. the mississippi man accused of mailing poison-laced letter to lawmakers in washington faces a judge this morning. he's charged with sending those letters to president obama, a mississippi senator and a judge. it could be smooth sailing for fliers across the country today, the f.a.a. ending last week's furlough for air traffic controllers. today marks the six-month anniversary since hurricane sandy, but despite relief efforts thousands of people still remain without their homes. ainsley? >> it is now one minute till the top of the hour as we look at the good, the bad, and the ugly. first the good, today the last two sections of the concrete fire will be placed on top of one world center. next the bad, this truck winding up in a tree in oregon found wedged between branches about ten feet up. the driver nowhere to be
3:00 am
found. she was eventually found. she was not hurt. finally the ugly. this hurdler on the left deciding the best way to make up ground in this competition, by running through over the hurdles, not over them. his plan didn't work. he lost the race and took a little spill. "fox & friends" starts right now. >>gretchen: good morning. hope you had a great weekend. it is monday, april 29. i'm gretchen carlson. thanks for sharing part of your day with us. the u.s. in syria using chemicals on its people. could it be to get a reaction. should is it time now for a response or should we worry about the economy first? >> here's a sign of the times. congratulations on your unemployment. one student's graduation announcement getting a lot of attention. next stop for her, opening envelopes with cash. we'll give you details. >>brian: mike tyson like


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