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tv   Red Eye  FOX News  May 2, 2013 12:00am-1:01am PDT

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landing. >> we have to go. >> stick around. special report is up next welcome to "red eye." it is like the girl with the dragon tattoo if by tattoo you mean hidden adams apple and strong, caring arms. let's go to tv's andy levy for a pre game report. what is coming up on tonight's show? >> coming u didn't nba player jason collins give his exfiancee a heads up when he came out earlier this week? we will find out. just kidding, it is just the panel talking about it. and is america held hostage by the tear raw thee of political correctness? and finally three students are arrested for helping dzhokhar tsarnaev cover his tracks after the boston marathon bombings.
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tls the brosi -- it is the brosivs for -- before explosives . >> i don't know how you haven't tweeted that yet. >> it is all i am thinking about. >> why don't you run and do it right now and then come back. >> i think i am going to, but i am not coming back. >> let's welcome our guest. cops often look for her in pawnshops. it is diane macedo. she can waive weekdays on fox business network. and he is so sharp he can slice meat with his tongue. it is "reason magazine"'s editor and a wonderful magazine i read every month. and in pittsburgh she a can opener, my repulsive sidekick, bill schulz. and sitting next to me, caw meed jean tom shillue. he has another cd and it is called "halfway there." >> a block. the lede. that's the first story.
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stay alive no matter what occurs, greg. i will find you. >> he keeps changing his moods weekly. and i mean weakly. are they scum or just dumb? and why can't it be both? three college buddies of the boston bombing suspects have been busted for removing a backpack containing hollowed out fireworks from his dorm room to keep him from getting in trouble. the fbi says one of them chucked it in the trash. they figured out from the news that dzhokhar was one of the bombers. both men, 19, the guys on the left from kazakstan and also with unpronounceable last names i won't bother with, were charged with concealing and destroying evidence. and robul -- who cares about his name? he was also 19 and charged with lying to investigators.
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the trio were not accused of involvement with the bombing itself yet. quote, the only allegation is he made a representation. fun side note, hazamat which sounds like laundromat and diaz get around with a car and it reads terror-ista-one. if there was only something to take my mind off this garbage. >> oh my gosh. >> she loves shoulder massages. >> she loves shoulder massages. you don't know that. she could be wrighting -- writhing in pain. tom, you go frequently to college campuses for your college tour. >> for shoulder massages. >> yes, for shoulder massages. you are in favor of these guys
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getting off, right? you are that kind of a sick guy. >> the story is breaking as we speak. what was it? they say they didn't help with the bombing. maybe they did a little clean up and maybe they thought the fbi was coming over so let's clean the dorm. there are pressure cookers around so let's put them away. >> are you being sarcastic. they are [bleep]. >> when i first read it i thought, okay they are guilty. i love declaring people guilty. i am not a juror. i can do that. the thing where they said we don't think they were involved in the bombing. they just lied to us. what does that mean? >> they were involved. >> it means they were covering up for their friends. that's what they are accused of doing. they are accused of realizing that this guy was involved in the bombing when they found empty fireworks in his dorm room, and instead of doing what a normal person would do which is call the authorities and say i have something you need to see they grabbed them and put them in a backpack and
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took his laptop and put it in a backpack and left. >> allegedly. >> all of the people at the community college said dzhokhar -- when we heard the news they said, we thought it was a joke. and then they saw the picture and said it looks like dzhokhar, but it could never be him. they said, of course he is not the bomber. let's just clean up the fire works. >> that's not what he said. >> then he is guilty. >> a, why on earth -- i go back to what diane said. why on earth would you try to help somebody who set up a bomb next to an 8-year-old boy which makes me think that they knew about it beforehand. you just don't decide you are going to do that unless you already knew. >> it is kind of worse in some weird way if they weren't in on the plot. if they just like, yes, it might be him so let's -- there are all of these sneakers and feet in them all over the streets of boston so let's dump the backpack in the trash. that's such a monstrous
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calculation on every level that i almost want them to be in on it instead and there to be a broader conspiracy of eight or 10 people. as it is, ever since the second bomb went off it was like first one and then second 12 seconds later you knew it was more than one person. >> i don't think this indicates that and even the authorities are saying they don't think that. you can understand it is the right thing to do, but you can understand how they can be maybe a little in denial that their friends are capable of this. you are not sure what to do and then hide evidence. i don't think it means they are in on it. >> i think maybe they could have easily thought that, well, that kid looks like him. we were joking that that kid looks like him and he has these fireworks. playing devil's advocate. >> you are being a true devil's advocate because you are going to hell for that, bill.
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bill, you are a human gag gift. i want to ask you this question about the license plate which they claim was a gag gift, the one that said terror-ista. it had to do with his late-night partying. do you buy that considering you buy just about everything? >> no, i don't. do you see what you pay me? i barter. this is why i don't think there is a broad conspiracy because there was a lance plate that said terror-ista. >> but bill, couldn't that be the opposite reasoning? if you dress up like a terrorist no one will think you are a terrorist. >> you are giving way too much forward thinking to college kids. this guy has more resin in his head than foresight to do something like that. >> can i echo dana perino. >> the license plate from the quick shot looks like it is imprinted with the umass dartmouth. did they make that? did they go to the bookstore
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and do terror-ista one and umass dartmouth and create the license plate? >> there was nobody else involved, but there will be one more person and this is my theory. we will have one guy involved that has no vowel in his name whatsoever. it is going to be -- and every anchor will have to pronounce that word and say that -- may also be a suspect. >> i think beckle should start a visa stop on people with more than three con cements in their -- consanants this their name. this is what drives me crazy, tom, we are talking about they help somebody tee pea the delta gamma house or help a guy steal a park bench from a bus stop. it is no big deal. it makes me think that in college -- we know they don't have any realistic view of the world. this brings it home that they don't understand that there is
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a war -- am i being too hard on them? >> the thing is you have got to understand how dumb 19-year-olds are. >> but they are adults. >> they are stupid people. i know, but they are dumb adults. >> we can't smear all 19-year-olds. i have tried. >> only if they are shirtless. >> 17 to 21 it is their own classification which is stupid adults. >> they are amazing 19-year-olds in the military who do great things. they are just jerks. these are jerks. i don't know. do you think that these days the exotic extremists will be a part of the college fabric? >> yes, it is the next thing. well, actually, probably less. when we were going to college you and i together in the late 60s, you would have people of the solidarity of el sal el salvador.
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you wanted him as your roommate because he had the sweet bud and then you dplushed it when the -- flush it. there isn't much revolution left on college campuses. >> you are right. there were always people in my college who were advocating for the violent overthrow of the united states. >> and they never did it. instead they became professors. i mean that's where -- well bill ares through his clumsy bomb making ended up in the depths of many people, three or four. >> that's the generation before. through the 80s and the 90s i guess is the last of people talking revolution wearing shay shirts, but not following through on it. this stuff isn't going to stick. there is not an islamist chapter on every college campus. >> that's not the message we are trying to convey here. the only 19-year-olds that are bad are the ones that go to these liberal colleges. you should have read that beforehand. >> from fireworks to no fireworks. his preference for guys came
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as a surprise. yes, jason collins' former fiancee had no clue he was gay. carolyn, seen here, a delightful woman, says she was as shocked as anyone when the nba player came out in a "sports illustrated" article. that is a magazine about sports. i have mefer seen one. she played in the wnba herself was engaged to collins until they split in 2009 and claimed she never once suspected it he liked dudes. she tells tmz "it is emotional for me as a woman to have invested eight years in my dream to have a husband, soulmate and best friend in him so this is hard to understand." me too. i wonder if our ever modest president has something to say about jason collins and if he had a chance to talk to him. >> i had a chance to talk to him yesterday. >> but does he seem like a terrific young man and could barak not be prouder? >> he seems like a terrific young man.
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i told him i couldn't be prouder of him. >> next you are going to tell me obama thinks the lgbt community deserves full equality and them being a part of the american family. >> the lgbt community deserves full equality, not just partial equality. not just tolerance, but a recognition that they are fully a part of the american family. >> i said it before and i will say it again, brock loves accolades like dogs love perfume ads. >> i don't know what that says about that dog, but whatever it is it is going to be fabulous. >> that dog is male. that dog is gay. and i support you, dog.
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>> me too. diane, nobody ever talks about this victim. it is the woman in an eight-year relationship or wasted seven years of her life. how would you feel? would you feel betrayed? >> i wonder what is more difficult? to deal with someone, a man leaving you for another woman or for a man leaving you for another man? on the one hand you feel like you should have somehow seen the signs. on the other hand they left me for someone i can't really compete with other than leaving me for another woman. >> i wouldn't take it as a blow to the ego if he is gay. you were never in the running. >> it is -- it sounds like she is confused and wishing him the best and feeling for him and what he went through during that time. i think that's the right way. >> you know how you can tell he was gay? he was lazy about finding women. he went to a wnba game. just for fun a tall lady.
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i have a gay friend who was in the closet who was a salesman and just married the other female salesman in the office. that's what he did. >> she problem whree didn't success -- probably didn't suspect. you see people laughing on twitter like she should have known. i don't know why. she was a woman. he was a man. when you are with a woman you don't do gay things. >> i am not so sure about that. i have some great new shoes. >> he is dating the woman and engaged. why would you know he is gay? you are a woman. he is a man. i take things for face value. >> you do, especially with that face. terrible joke. >> matt, do you think this is considered selfish treatment of his exfiancee? and could that hurt the media's allout love affair with this story? >> he had -- howard had a
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piece out slamming him on this. he refused to talk about and discuss and reveal that he had this relationship. well, actually he did, howard. you just didn't read the whole article. he had to recant. he was out of the closet. he did call her up a few days beforehand which is a nice bro thing to do. >> bill, when you came in on this show people were just as shocked. >> you mean i was one thing one year and then another the next? it has more to do with the word sequential than anything hemaphrodite. >> you actually had to not come out, but go in. >> i had a huge gay fan base, and i am not saying i am not. >> the other day a cop said i liked you on "red eye." he said all three of those tabis are gay, right? >> welcome to my show.
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at least i don't have a ring on my finger and then they would think i am really trying. you can't feel bad for this girl if she -- if she is angry, you could probably say she is more of a victim. but what i don't get is if you are going to be trolling for chicks for a fake relationship in the wnba why get the one het trough sexual one. you could have a easy marriage? i mean out of any sport those have the most out athletes of the wnba. there are a lot of them, but he gets the one hetero one. you could have had a relationship of convenes yens -- convenience until now. >> this is an argument for men coming out because of forgotten victims are the women who are the unknowing beards or the unknowing cats. when will andy come out to the cats? tell the cats, andy. they are not going to reject you. they have been living with you and where else will they go? are they going to care? >> in his case he staples them
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on as real beards. >> i condemn that. >> one weird comparison i want to make and i am the only one in the planet. i would like to contrast the media's treatment of sexual identity. when jason came out it was -- i think the quote was a giant bear hug. i watched cnn at the gym. there was like -- they were just so happy. i remember lolo jones, the olympic athlete. last year it came out in some show that she was a virgin. the response was opposite. it was mockery. it was like, oh my god, can you believe this girl is saving herself? to me that's what i thought of. if you accept that, why can't you accept that? am i making a false comparison? >> the only one who made fun of lola was her. >> there were a couple of people. >> she would tweet voces -- jokes all the time.
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she was the one who had a sensor humor about it. >> we did this story because so many programs made it a big deal. it was considered a huge thing. >> but in a negative way. >> she was treated like a bearded lady. >> it was negative when she didn't win and at least one was insinuating that she was like the anna kournikova of running where everyone was fawning over her because of this virginity thing which is not true. she is an accomplished athlete. far above what anna kournikova managed to do. >> how dare you? >> they tried to make it seem like she was this athlete and the virginity thing. >> and the bear hug makes sense. first male rolf athlete to come out. >> who was that we had on our show? >> well, he did it after he retired. >> what is with the centers? >> it will take over the baseball terms for positions. >> what is the secret to tom
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shillue's vibrant love life? we discuss his book, i buried him at night. you will sell millions. should tourrette's keep you from getting on a plane? you do nothing but sit there and watch our glorious advertisements.
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they will lose a lot of folks if bought by the cokes. so say the employees of the l.a. times who are not keen of billionaire brothers charles and david coke buying their newspaper. the huffington post said last week half of the "times" staff raised their spindley hands when asked if they would quit if the siblings bought the rag. and a recent informal poll
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that one l.a. times writer conducted said that almost all planned to exit if the cokes took control. and that included sports writers and art writers. god forbid the art writers leave. and in case you think this is not about the horror of nonliberals daring to intrude on the terp, on tuesday they issued a statement say in part, we understand why the cokes bleed the distrust. they are a proponent of harsh right wing positions. speaking of cowards. >> i told you it would happen after gay marriage. you have dogs and lizards hanging out together. the place is going to hell. you worked at the l.a. times. can you shed light on this completely shocking reaction to a nonliberal entity purchasing a paper? >> the amazing thing is, a
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story in the huffington post reported there was a gathering of "times" journalists and they asked, okay, show of hands, who would quit if the kochs bought the paper and half of the room allegedly raised their hand. who would quit if murdoch bought the paper? and there was a sprinkling of hands which was surprising. who would quit if this guy austin butner and brode bought it and not a hand. ely brode and butner used to be a deputy mayor. he is a democratic deputy mayor of the city of los angeles running for mayor. ely brode is the biggest philanthropist in the city of l.a. he threw a. >> began nick inaugural ball for barack obama. he has his thumb in everywhere. he is getting corporate deals on property downtown. has never run a newspaper in his life. >> doesn't matter. >> and these people say these are active political proponents who don't know about objective journalism and they want to work for them
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first instead of the evil right wing. >> what does that tell you, diane? >> you are getting to that point. these journalists are already painting the koch brothers as these evil villains who care nothing about journalistic integrity. it is before they have been approved to buy the company let alone issue directives. it is the koch brothers who are bias. it doesn't make any sense. i say call their bluff. if they stage this massive walkout everybody wins. liberals are happy to see them stand up and stick it to the man. conservatives are happy to watch them kill their own liberal newspaper. and more than likely what will happen is no one will go anywhere because any sane newspaper and journalist will keep their paycheck where they can find it, especially the sports and art section. if a few do walk out they will be the most left leaning writers. it is a win for the koch brothers either way. >> i can't think of a conservative newspaper that has been -- i mean if you look at the moonies or reverend
12:26 am
moon when they ran the washington times, what are they worried about? they should be worried about having a survivable paper. >> that's the thing. i'm sure they would love working for their boss. the surprising thing is they wouldn't get spiked. they would run in the paper and then they would be sad. it would go against their world view. this was ridiculous. you don't hold a show of hands to see. when your left wing boss walks in and says how many people would resign and then looking around it is like, yes, i think i would too. i would raise my hand because i wouldn't want to be on the bad side of my boss. >> everybody at fox lives for the day you will quit. >> they don't know i am not employed here. everybody everybody says hi, intern or do you have my delivery and i go with it. the reason people have a problem with this and the reason they didn't say they were against murdoch, no liberal he is because murdoch is mostly into media.
12:27 am
you could conceive that somebody who only runs media enterprises could use other newspapers to fuel something. but it is not an agenda like the koch brothers would have. the koch brothers have their money in all different types of businesses. they could use those papers to help them. >> so can the other group. >> but the other group does have a republican, the panda express guy. there is a little bipartisan there. >> panda express? i don't want to have anything with pandases driving buses. >> because he sells pandas. the other thing is they are doing it through legitimate papers. at least he is honest about what he is doing. media matters is going after fox. it is right there in the banner. >> no, it is not. >> they only go after republican media. >> but they don't say that. >> semantics. but it is clear -- >> don't call me names. >> i will call you any racial slur i want. >> i am anti-semantic. >> that's the difference. i think that is why people are
12:28 am
in arms. >> what are you saying? are you saying if the koch buys the paper -- >> they can do what they want. >> everyone will know it is their paper. it is not like they are hiding. >> are you kidding me? do you think john lunch box cares who owns the paper? they should. it doesn't matter if they do. >> john lunch box doesn't even buy a paper anymore. >> john lunch box makes amazing lunch boxes. >> you can make the same argument for a liberal buying the paper. >> i just don't see the owner of a liberal -- there are many in the media, but i don't see them as far and devoted to the cause as the kochs are. >> bill, you have to stop talking. we are up against a hard break. this is another example -- as i start talking. every time you point out a liberal bias this happens. >> we do it a lot. >> no it underlines the fact
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that there is a liberal bias. they won't do it if it is george sorrows. >> warren buffet just bought 20 papers and nobody cares. nobody lifts a finger. >> we have to go. but anyway -- no. do you have a comment on the show in e-mail us. if you have a video of your animal doing something go to fox eye. click on submit a video. we may use it. still to come, half time report with andy levy. >> tonight's half time report is brought to you by tires, the rubber cushions that contain compressed air. thanks, tires.
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we are back. let's see if we got anything wrong so far. starting to surprise you there, andy. >> no, i wasn't aware i was going to be on tv tonight. >> you were just hanging out in the fish bowl in the suit. >> it is cool. i have to call the family. >> you don't have a palm. >> iment the cats. i meant the cats. diane, you said correctly that the three students are not being accused of being involved in the bombing. here is a weird thing though. one of the things they got rid of was it was involved in bomb making was vaseline. others including jake taper has pointed out, a, why would they think -- why would they even think that? >> i don't know actually. i would have no clue that
12:34 am
vaseline would be involved in something like that. >> here is my theory. he is embarrassed of his obsessive with chronic masterbation. >> but here is something else they took the glass top -- sorry i am glossing over here. the friend with the backpack said the reason he took the laptop was because he didn't want his roommate to think it was weird he was just taking the backpack. >> that he was stealing the backpack. >> so he thinks you are stealing the computer? i didn't understand that. >> unless it is like, oh hey he asked me to pick up a few things. something doesn't make sense here. >> i agree. >> tom, they said they didn't help with the bombing, but they did a little clean up afterwards. maybe there what is a pressure cooker lying around. according to the authorities there were not pressure cookers lying around. >> maybe that was a bit of levity from old shillue. >> old shillue?
12:35 am
you don't even use the third person, just put old with it. >> greg, do you think they had prior knowledge? >> i'm like mat. i'm like matt. when you see such horrifying events unfold you would be like the person who caused that unless you were aware of it and had mentally prepared yourself to help. that's my feeling. >> i am crossing you off the list of people i will call. >> i can imagine what you would call me about. it happened. my whole experiment with the flying cat. oh my god. it is a blood bath in here. >> bill, you said it is possible they thought the guy looked like dzhokhar and they threw away empty fireworks without thinking it is him. >> yes. >> i am not buying that. once it happened they put two and two together and realized it was him. >> i don't know. i remember seeing a bunch when
12:36 am
they were interviewing friends of his and they said to a t we thought it was so funny and joked around that it looked like him. it seemed to be a running theme with a lot of people they knew. maybe they took it to the next level. >> even if you think that at first and then you go into his room which first of all why would you do that if you didn't think it was him? well that's possible. then once you saw empty fireworks and stuff like that, are you saying that they just thought oh this might look bad, but we don't think it was him. >> i know for a fact that at that aiming i would mott have associated fireworks with a bomb that would do something like that. >> the affidavit says, and it is not a quote so it could be the police putting in their interpretation, but when they saw the fireworks that's when they realized that he was the bomber. then they took them. >> you can imagine that there would be say it is your pal and then oh my god it could be him. and if you with him maybe you smoked pot
12:37 am
with them. you want to make sure none of your fingerprints were around. so you would go in there and then something after another. >> you go to the [bleep] cops. >> yes, they should have of the. >> it seems to me, like i said before i would love to convict them right now. i would love it. i suspect they may have had doubts or been in denial as his parents obviously are. >> we are not all shrinks. just put them away. >> they are a team of investigators trying to get to the bottom of this. >> we are all investigators in life. >> i feel like in situations like this do you want a team of investigators or panelists on a late night show? >> it is fair to say we are investigators of the soul. >> jason collins' exfiancee
12:38 am
didn't know he was gay before he came out. you said you don't know why people were giving her grief for not knowing. she also didn't know he was black. >> what? >> that too. >> maybe she was so incredibly open minded she didn't see or orientation or color. >> i just think for you guys out there if you are looking for a woman who would believe you when it says it happens to other guys, she's the one. nobody got that. >> i get it. >> andy is one of those people who is giving her grief there. >> i am playfully joshing. >> matt, thank you for bringing up the awful column. just because any chance to talk about what a hideous hack he is is a good one. >> the cop that came up to you and said he loved you and then said all of those guys are gay
12:39 am
, was he cute? >> he was a good looking guy. >> are you sure he was a cop and not going to a bachelorette strip party? >> no he was a full on cop. it was like the white cop outfit and the white baton and the long, long blonde hair. >> he was a cop at xanadu. >> the chaps. >> a law man. >> the thigh highs, you know. >> greg, i think a better comparison or a contrast for the story instowed of lolo jones i think it is tebow. people seem to be happy to see him fail mainly because he is openly religious. >> maybe that is a better comparison. i kept it in the sex reel -- the sex realm, but you brought it to the religious realm.
12:40 am
>> stacy dash, that is a good one when she came out for romney. >> she got attacked. >> l.a. times staffers threaten to quit the paper. you don't understand how the time staffers could quit the koch brothers out to destroy journalism. which part do you not understand? >> they don't seem to care about anybody who is a harsh political opponent of left wing propaganda and they haven't said anything as far as what they will do with the papers if they take them over other than to say they respect journalistic integrity. >> mat, i think the funny part here is that the time stampers think it is up to them if they stay or go if they take over. >> i would take the under on that 50% or even a 10% or a 5% there. >> the nuss room has been -- the newsroom has been deaf pho
12:41 am
indicated over the years. they time you can get a job somewhere else you would because then you get a buy out and then you get to have a new job. >> i just think the idea the coke brothers who are -- who have a pretty good track record would come in and say well this thing has been losing money for a longtime. your jobs are safe. >> we will leave it as it is now. >> that's true. the newspaper journalists have been looking for decades for their ideal ownership model. it worked great for everybody. it was a great deal for everyone but the reader. and that all broke up, and they don't have anything to replace it with. they are pining for somebody to ride in on a white horse and that person doesn't exist. >> there is no way he is buying these to make money. 90% of the papers are owned by
12:42 am
really rich people who want a hobby and a pulpit. papers don't make money. >> yes, they do. >> wall street journal, new york times, chicago tribune. >> you can make 10 to 12% profit margin which is higher than what wal-mart makes. they were leveraged like crazy and their evaluations have tanked. no one wants to buy it because nobody will sell it. if you want to buy and hold -- that's what warren buffet is doing. awesome. that's a money printing machine. you just fire enough journalists to keep the 10 to 12% profit margin. that is one of the most profitable business models in america over the last half century. >> maybe it is the writer's way of saying prematurely you can't fire me. i quit. >> perhaps. >> but if you quit you get no unemployment benefits. >> that was a great summary of the newspaper industry. andy? >> yes. >> goodbye. goodbye to you.
12:43 am
goodbye to you? motel? it may have been the hotels. coming up, where do broken hearts go? can they find their way home? your heart can't come home, not back to me. and can money really buy you happiness? can happiness buy you money? the answer, carpet.
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his verbal ticks got him 86. last thursday a maryland teen, is there any other kind, was prevented from entering a flight from dc to puerto rico because he said bomb several times because of his tour re tte syndrome. >> with all of the stuff in the news with the boston bombings and stuff i started ticking bomb. when i get nervous and
12:47 am
anything on my mind will come out. so and the things you are not supposed to say. >> the 19-year-old who was traveling with a pal to take part in a weekend revolutionary war enactment in puerto rico alerted jetblue and the tsa about the ticking and he didn't have any trouble with passenger screening. >> we went through tsa and saying bomb the whole time. no one stopped us. that one said anything. they were aware. >> the pilot kicked him off the plane. and jetblue said in a statement, he was deemed a safety concern by the pilot in command after using the word bomb. that was a long story. not a lot of payoff in that one. the passenger keeps saying bomb. the pilot is within his right to boot him off, right? >> i feel bad for the kid, but the kid is going bomb, bomb, bomb on an airplane and you will get kicked off. >> you can't have everything,
12:48 am
diane. sometimes you gotta take one for the societal team. in this case, you know, he didn't miss his war ren -- he did miss his war re-enactment and that is a tragedy. >> it is unfortunate. if there was a way for him to prove that this is not me being an idiot or trying to insight any sort of emotion here. i am just -- i have tourett's and i can't help it and the pilot could have been more understanding. i can see both sides of it. we already talked about how mill lant -- militant these aircrews can be. i also can see the pilot knowing this and exercising his authority. >> tom? >> yes. >> when i want to get out of doing my civil war re-enactment that i have already committed to, i just bring a fake grenade in my lug -- luggage. >> there were no grenades in the civil war. >> i am saying, you just bring the fake, plastic grenade and it kicks you off the flight
12:49 am
and you call and say i can't make it. >> and you were actually trying hard for the re-enactment by bringing weapons from the future. bill, passengers would rather sit by a guy saying bomb than you any day. >> as a fellow reenactor i don't understand your theory. why would you want to get out of any re-enactment, particularly all of the famous battles battles in puerto rico. i remember george washington said after the battle of san juan, which we lost, muy sado. it was after the battle of san juan. that was very big for the germans in the revolutionary war. we almost lost. if you read a book -- you call yourself a reenactor? "the joy of hate" g that's me.
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new research from the university of chicago finds there thr is no lip mitt to how much -- no limit to how much happy your money can get you. as people are richer they feel more satisfied. it de bunks the idea of the satiation point, ie, after a certain income earning money won't make you happier why. does this ring true, diane? >> i think people compare themselves to who they are around. it is not a matter of how much money you have, but how much
12:54 am
money you have compared to the people you are associating with. rich people associate with other rich people and so they are not satisfied. >> tom, it must be terrible news for stand up comedians. >> no, now that the revenue stream is coming in for the pod casting, it is going great. >> you are making hundreds. >> the problem is people -- it is the expectation. when you have no money and then you get money you think you will be happy, but you are not. the things they show you, riding on the boat with the woman in the bikini, it is not that fun. riding in a boat stinks. all of those rich things they picture it is not fun. >> you are absolutely right. that's what we want to tell people so they don't get rich, right? we tell people not to -- we don't want them to engage in the free market. >> people have been telling us for 30 years that the end of the road of capitalism is unhappiness and we will be trying to out scramble one another. it ain't true. it is self-evident that if you are not starvings and poor and hungry and you get some money you will be happier.
12:55 am
i am glad this thing exists and i am shocked that people are surprised by it. >> bill, your satiation point is around $1.50. >> yes. i am unbelievably poor. recommer you. you have to stay high. >> all day. >> we will close things out with a post game wrap up. go to fox eye.
12:56 am
12:57 am
12:58 am
back to andy levy for the post game wrap up. >> greg, do you have something you want to say? >> i want to read a letter from my mother. it says dear, darling people, i love you all for thinking about a stranger like me. it is comforting we can remit thoughts and prayers for each other, and i certainly will remember and love all of your
12:59 am
darling cards and notes. keep praying for me, please. love to you all, jackie. >> very nice. >> my mom. >> i have an announcement too. >> what? >> i have decided i hate this tie and i shant wear it again. >> can i have it? >> nope. >> come on. >> thoap. nope. matt, who is sexy and 45? >> "reason magazine" this month, this day. we started in may, 1968, the magazine i am fortunate enough to edit. 45 years old. >> i applied for a job there. >> imus? >> imus every morning from 9:00 to 9:15. >> what do you have? >> the sixes of my -- the six of my 12 albums albums is coming out. tweet me or e-mail me and i will send you a free one. >> wow. >> just mention this exchange. >> that's a great way to make money.
1:00 am
>> this is the gravy train. >> money is over rated. >> that's why you are happy. >> can i please have your tie? >> don't give him your tie. >> all right, everybody, dye n a -- diane, schulz, matt, me. caution. >> bill: the o'reilly factor is on. tonight. >> a fox news alert and three more suspects arrested in connection with the boston marathon bombing. >> bill: three men arrested by the fbi for apparently helping the terrorists dzhokhar tsarnaev. we have details and explore the muslim angle on this case. >> why it causes me trouble is because fighting for the marriage generally involved lying about what we're going to do with marriage when we get there. >> bill: gay activist says that gay nuptials will wipe out traditional marriage all together. wait until you hear this. >>'m


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