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tv   Bulls and Bears  FOX News  June 1, 2013 7:00am-7:31am PDT

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>> all of the damage is 30 miles to the west of oklahoma city, on i-40, the storms are us of the area and they have a -- are out of the area and they have a couple of dry days coming. >> more "fox and friends" in the after the show show at >> well, on top of the over the top storms. those via mother nature and those via uncle sam. the fall out from the deadly twister in oklahoma and a new and scary twist on the irs crackdown on conservatives, turns out it was not only groups. it was individual, individual donors. for the next two hours we are going to give you the latest on both and a lot more, because severe weather warnings are still posted for most of oklahoma and missouri, and now problems are building for obama and the white house, and the irs, we have you covered today on a mile-wide twister that left a lot of devastation. oklahoma's governor will be here in a moment.
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and a deepening irs scandal that continues to raise more questions than answers. first to the fall-out after it was lights out in oklahoma n a region that barely got back on its feet. mike, what are you seeing? >> well, neil, i'm looking a a lot of damage, typical of what we are seeing around oklahoma. this was roofing. it's a big ventilation unit that came off bolts and all. and i see a security car that was moved to the lawn. battered and if you look at the distance, you see the hut, it's the kind of instructiconstructi tornado make easy work of. and across the parking lot, a car that was flipped over from the force of the storm. i want to bring in right now, the superintendent of the
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canadian valley technology center. you were here when the tornado hit? >> no, actually, i was at my home. but we had staff and classes going omp i watched it on tv, and came over just as soon as i could get here. how many people were in here. >> 15 people that rode out the storm. >> what did they do? >> we had a night time class, a training class going on and we had the maintenance and custodial type staff here. >> we have a below ground area that is part of the original construction of the building and they were there. >> do you do drill sns. >> yes, we do drills and practice, and everyone knows where they are supposed to go and it works. >> the structure held together well, and below ground they would have been okay. >> there's areas in the building
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that are to totally destroyed. when you go through a, probably an ef-4 that this be probably was, you have to get below ground. >> you have torn up buildings and no hurt people. >> very blessed. thank you, appreciate your time. >> you got it and that typical of the scenes around here and we are seeing a lot of high water. rivers and creeks coming up over the banks. standing water up and over the road ways. the types of things that we tell people not to driver over, you never know how deep it is. >> thank you. i want to update you on images, once daylight broke we got a better idea of how bad the storm is. in el reno, where mike is reporting. when you see the vk, tru -- the vehicles, trucks cars tossed around like toys. it's a storm that involved some
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six is states and for the time being we know five dead, and 50 hurt at the least. some unaccounted for, that is always a problem, we do not have guesses on that. but it was across interstate 40 during rush hours and investigators are just now getting to the scenes. as we get updates we will let you know. we have rising flood waters, and concerns in and around the greater oklahoma city area. and this is the first chance, you can see in daylight how massive this was and the follow-up flooding. that is the big worry now and will remain, i assume for quite a while. >> that is the i am threat right now, and we will see visual images coming in this morning. a lot of the storm damage happened at night. as dawn bureaucrats and we have cameras, and helicopters in the air, we will start to see some of the incredible damage. you mentioned i-40. semitrucks turned over.
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we have skeletons of buildings, and five confirmed tornados right now in and around the oklahoma city area, including el reno, the big tornado that we were tracking half a mile wide, so, this is going to be unfortunately another devastating event unfolding just two weeks later from the moore event. flooding will be the concern, in some cases we saw record breaking floods just a matter of hours. and then, this is flooding since thursday. in some cases over a 52 of rain. and that is going to cause some major problems. people are advised to not go on the roads today. it's going to take some time for things to start to rescede, floods and flash flooding warning over a few states and we have more rain on the way. this is the radar right now, we do not have tornado warnings and
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you see the bowing effect on the radar. that is an indication that we will see heavy rain and strong winds as the cell moves move eastward. we are not done with it yet, we have a severe threat that stretches from texas to the great lakes. i do not think we will see violent tornados, it will move to the northeast, and would not be surprised to see isolated tornados on sunday in this area. we will stay on it and keep you updated on the heartland. thank you. >> now i want to switch gears to a political storm. a nasty one with the irs and white house. we talked about the irs targeting conservative groups and now it seems that it went beyond that, to individual donors. we are breaking the story out of
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washington, d.c., john, what was going on here. >> reporter: it was a situation where the irs had for a very long time not know enforcing the gift tax donations to tax exempt groups like 501-c4. then all of a sudden, they did enforce it, they sent out letters to 5 people. and it was a mystery of sorts of who was being audited, but now it turns out that all were members of freedom's watch, which was supporting bush surge strategy. >> do you know if it went beyond that, the five individuals, that it's more involved? involving more groups and or just individual donors of conservative money men?
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women? that sort of thing? >> reporter: you know, it's still up in the air. the irs said at the time that there were five of the audit letters that went out. there was a cry in congress and the irs said it shut down the effort in response. but there certainly have been questions about why the irs was so interested in finding out the donor lists of a lot of the tea party type groups that were, you know, in the news recently. the irs sent out a lot of letters to those groups that were applying for tax exempt status, asking them who their donors were. some of them are sensitive about the issues and the irs wanted to find out about the data and some of the questions are unanswered as of yet. >> amazing, amazing, jon, "wall street journal." thank you very much. this is now getting to the
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point, charlie where it's tough to sort out. >> what is fascinating is so much of it is legal. the irs wants to go in there, most of the activities of those groups are supposed to be you know, nonpartisan and then they find all the other stuff. but it's the targeting that is illegal. >> it does follow a theme that people are suspicious about last yoor this time. i remember when it was a very powerful financial donor, to mitt romney. when i caught up with him, when this was brewing and he talked about how to deal with the multiple audits coming from mul agencies. it was a little dicey. this was him talking to me last week. >> they were after my taxes. >> you did not have to pay extra? >> no changes, no fines, no
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penalties. >> you had to spend how much? >> $80,000, to defend myself. >> $25,000 per audit. >> think of the chilling effect that has, to bring the guy in front of the irs, he tells the people -- they are all in the same network. >> he is not linked at all to this group that is supposedly donors were being targeted. it raises questions. >> it does and it's a huge scandal and like i said, i have said to you, it would not be so bad if they targeted all the groups. i do have a problem with political groups getting tax breaks. it's an issue, but what makes it a scandal is when they did it, they did it at certain times. they did it in certain political expedient times. and it's scary, i would think that, that eric holder the attorney general should be blown out at this point. >> why hasn't there been? is it a fear that if he leaves
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now, you have to go higher up the food change. >> why wasn't tim geithner fired? i know he is looking for a job with black rock, or he is writing a book. the economy was terrible. he is the man at the top, why wasn't he fired and now he is getting a big job on wall street. i think that the president says, no, we are not giving in. one thing about barack obama, he does not know anything about the economy, but he knows about politics, and he has sharp elbows. i think he will fight this one, and he will say, what that woman from the irs said, this is legal. this is what they are supposed the to do, you know, obviously the targeting is illegal, but they are supposed to investigate these entities. >> when you target one, that is the scandal here. the targeting. >> you think it has legs insofar as the president's off-puft reaction.
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in other words, i did not know anything about this, and we know his chief council avoided telling him. so there's plausible denial, is that a plausible excuse? >> i hate to compare it to watergate, at first, nixon had plausible deny ability too. my gut is it's not that. the market fears that it will accelerate that will upset -- >> the markets will like this. it puts him back on his heels and he cannot spends as much. the republicans do not lose the house. and they are more concerned with ben bernanke. ben bernanke suggested that he may raise interest rates as you know. and we had a 200 down day last friday. they are more foxed on ben and their mother focus-- they are m on and -- maybe they are happy
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that he is neutered. breaking live today, news, we are trying give you the latest developments here on this because we want to keep up with this for you and the latest business developments in the meantime, i just want to show you what some of the images that we are finally getting out of oklahoma, the morning after. and as you can see, this is just, the tip of the iceberg here. a lot of flooding, a lot of damage. does not mean that five dead is anything to write home about. but it could have been a lot worse. the governor and left to deal with this, and she will be with us after this. ng an advertising spokesman i have to look my best on camera.
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>> already, this was the storm that hit last night, the toer tornado, that knocked everyone for a loop in a region of the country that had already been knocked more than a week prior. now this latest tornado was quite as powerful as that storm, but what it lacked in intensity, it more than made up for in the shear breadth and how many communities and states it affected. including this one, oklahomat city, and illinois, it was massive in that respect. the latest we have is that five people were killed and more than 50 hurt. which is sizeable enough in and of itself. it could are have been a lot worse. the governor is on the phone with you. what is the latest you are hearing? >> it was a monster and it hit
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at rush hour, so, you know, a small, you know, it could have been worse, it could have been? >> no, it could have been a huge tragedy for our state. our prayers go out to the people that, there were a massive storms yesterday. and multiple vortices with the tornados themselves and a lot of heavy rain, some areas are up to 11 to 12 inches of rain. and last year we were facing a tremendous drought. this year we had tremendous rain. so we have a lot of flooding going on right now. and as you said, the storms came through right about rush hour time. we had prepared people in oklahoma by telling them the last several days that the conditions would be right that later in the afternoon, we could see super cells pop up and it's been kind of interesting that the storms come up really,
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areally quickly. it's not like you see a storm and it's kind of moving along for a couple of hours, it is just all of a sudden, within 30 minutes, it will move up fast. and the clouds go up high and then you have a storm come up and we had a lot of people that i guess because of what had happened in moore, that had taken to go somewhere, taken to the highways and a lot of them left the homes. so what we ended up was the major interstates, i-35 and i-40, that crosses oklahoma to other states, were clogged up tremendously bad. >> they were trying to get out of the area, but they themselves, to your point, could have been trapped? >> it could have been worse and that is where we did lose life is people on the highways. and i called our highway patrol and our national guard and i said you guys have to do
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something right now. those lines of cars are way too deep on the highways and we have to get that traffic as much as we can moving. and they did have local law enforcement and highway patrol running up and down the highways, trying to block people from even going to the area where the storm was heading during that time. our best guess and tracking it on the weather news. and they did certainly try to help people get off the highways. but the fact of the matter was, there were just a lot of people that did that. i heard one story that at the airport, which also took some hits, and had some damage, they had 2,000 people, 300 people in the airport, and around, guestimated that 200 people were in the tunnels of the airport, and had taken shelter. and that created another problem, you had people trying to get underground. the storms were not as bad, we estimate that we had 3 tornados
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that hit in the central part, close oklahoma city, and hit around the moore year. lots of flooding. there's damage and cars that are on the sides of the highway. they have been overturned and we had one the major career technology schools that got hit good. a lot of the homes, not anything like moore. but homes that were damaged also. but the flooding is a huge issue today, we are not used to flooding in oklahoma. so we are encouraging people to stay off the roads and stay off the highways. and let us do our job. which is to assess the damage and to see what we need to be doing. >> right. govern you had a huge couple of weeks. great on all sides you have handled it. and probably without much sleep. governor thank you very much. the governor by the way, will among others be dressing the press to update us on all of the
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above. and we will hear from the mayor and get a sense of how bad it was. and why over the last couple of weeks it got so bad period and a little later. it's day one of hurricane season. more after this. e verizon share everything plan for small business lets you connect up to 25 devices on one easy to manage plan. that means your smartphone, her blackberry, his laptop, mark's smartphone but i'm still on vacation. still on the plan. nice! the intern gets a tablet? everyone's devices. his, hers-- oh, sorry. all easier to manage on the share everything plan for small business. connecting more so you can do more. that's powerful. verizon. get the blackberry z10 for $199.99.
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>> welcome everyone, repor repoo you live, and updating you on the widening irs investigation, they were not just targeting groups, they were going after conservative donors as well. as for the individual shows, they will be airing in their entirety as planned, certainly
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on fox business network, you can catch them tomorrow between 8:00 a.m. and 10:00 a.m. and we are trying see if they can air later on here. we will keep you up to date on all the developments and certainly keep you in tune to the web and the various stock picks and insights. for fans of the show, i hope you have fox business network, because that is the place to go to get all the shows. in the meantime, we are keeping track of what happened in oklahoma yet again. a week after a deadly storm, another one hitting that region of the country, and this time a lot more states to boot. including missouri and illinois, and iowa, and kansas and so badly that they cancelled the cardinals game in st. louis. it was that severe and widespread. on the phone, congressman, what are you seeing from where you are? >> quite a bit of damage.
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we had extensive flooding and wind and hail damage. of course, we had a lot of piles of debris all over the place from the may 20th event. a lot of that has been scattered and people that were trying to salvage what little they had left, obviously this complicates that enormously for them. and we were, i guess, fortunate last night, because we had tornados to the west, and immediately to the east and just to the north. so, we had three all around us, but the winds, the hail and the rain, have been the damaging enough in and of itself. >> i know we were talking before, it looked like a very calm tornado season up until may 20th and then it was literally katie bar the door. and i wonder what happened? were residents shocked abrupt end to that and then a week
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later you get hit again? >> i think probably they were a little bit concerned. now, we did get, as i say, terrific warning from the national weather service, not just in the immediate storm. alerts to all of our first responders and told that it would be a difficult day. they cannot say where or when, but there was a high likelihood and they saw yesterday as a more dangerous day overall. so i do think that because of the earlier, people made a mistake. a lot of people went to the roads, they absolutely should not do that. you are almost always better off to stay where you are at and move to an interior room, it's dangerous to be on a highway that is choked with traffic. >> that was the case yesterday. congressman thank you, be safe yourself. we have michael, former fema
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director, what is the procedure for this sort of thing. a lot of folks, just clogged interstate 40 trying get out of that neck of the woods but they were sitting ducks when it touched down. what is the rule of thumb with this stuff? what do do you? >> shelter in place. there's a lot of story on the news wire this is morn background people that were literally going into bathrooms and getting in the bath tub and pull a mattress over them and pillows and blankets, but often times it's not the human instinct, it's to flee from these things. people have to understand trying to out are run a tornado, you will clog up the highways and make it more difficult for the first responders and that natural instinct to flee needs to be overcome and instead shelter in place. the other good thing that is, i
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think pretty unique about oklahoma having grown up there, is the ability of the meteorologists in oklahoma city, particularly to track exactly almost block by block where niece storms are. so, once again, the smart thing to do is shelter in place. >> you know, i wonder, you know, you always talk about trying build stronger facilities, or shelter to withstand a storm like this. i heard some say, it maybe was a category four storm, just shy of the more severe one that hit on the 20th. but was more widespread. given the aerials that we were looking at, it's so damaging that i wonder if, if the strongest iron and concrete facilities in the world can absorb this type of beetding? >> you know what? they can. and of in fact, there are stories out today of some of the safe rooms that have been built in that part of o


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