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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  June 1, 2013 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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this is a fox news alert. more heartache in the heartland, a deadly combination of powerful tornadoes and flash flooding ripping through neighborhoods near oklahoma city last night. an area reeling from devastating storms less than two weeks ago. and today we are getting our first look at the scope of the damage. hello, everyone. i'm kelly wright. >> i'm jamie colby. we welcome you to a brand-new hour inside america's mud headquarters. -- headquarters. we're just beginning to see the destruction that was left behind this very violent storm. new video to share with you of just a few of the two dozen tornadoes, that's right, two dozen reportedly touching down in the area and destroying hundreds of homes. nine people dead.
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among those, a mother and her baby reportedly sucked out of their car while trying to escape the storm. authorities saying devastation from last month's storm may have caused many of the folks there to panic and try to flee the area. that didn't work out for them. they had multiple warnings to sit tight, seek shelter, but they were on the roads. we're also getting a look at amazing video captured by storm chasers while they were driving alongside one of the actual tornadoes. take a look at this. >> oh! we got to keep going. just parallel it. >> one can only imagine what they're thinking. el reno with more from will. >> let me set the scene for you. we're in el reno, there is damage and debris just like this all over the place. i'm standing next to a technology school. take a look.
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you can see this tornado ripped off the siding of this school. one other thing i want to show you is something we've been seeing all day long. it's cars just like this, destroyed. we've seen them lining the roads and we can tell you just like you said, nine people have been killed during this storm and most were actually driving in their cars. that includes a mother and her child and we have a picture of their overturned suv. these tornadoes caused massive power outages. we're told 90,000 people are still without power. authorities just held a press conference. here is what they said. >> basically like a lot of events when these tornadoes happen, is it's pretty chaotic. there is a lot of destruction happens. we know there will be injuries and some deaths and a lot of people self-employed. we're not only talking about law enforcement, but a lot of good citizens that respond and assist with rescues. that's what happens in the beginning is you have rescues.
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>> thousands of people actually evacuated the area, i can tell from you a firsthand perspective. you couldn't get a hotel for 80 miles around this area. authorities are asking for people who don't have to come back to really stay out of the area while they continue to try to repair all the power outages. as you can see, really an area that just was hit by the moore tornado getting hit again. seems like they simply can't catch a breck right now. back to you. >> thank you very much. kelly? >> as we mentioned, there were at least 24 tornadoes that touched down over the area and now we are learning that those twisters were coming from at least three different directions, moving in and out of clouds as they tore through the area. apparently packing hurricane force winds and heavy amounts of rain and hail. meteorologist janis dean is live in the fox extreme weather center with more details. >> yeah. we're starting to get some survey reports from the national weather service. they're finding ef-3 damage four
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miles west of highway 81 southwest of el reno where we saw our reporter. 19 minute tornado warning before the tornado developed. so they had quite a bit of warning in terms of what we typically see, around 13 minutes is average. ef-3 damage reported in st. louis and charles county in missouri. so several states affected by tornadoes. what are we dealing with in terms of ef-3 damage? 136 to 165 mile-per-hour winds and ef-5 is what we found not only in joplin, missouri two years ago, but in moore, oklahoma about two weeks ago. that damage is just catastrophic. so ef 3, severe damage is what we're seeing in and around the el reno area in oklahoma. and ef-5 is incredible damage that can just wipe foundations off the map of the let's look at the radar. we have the potential for not only severe weather today, but the threat for flooding. that is imminent right now in and around oklahoma, up toward missouri, illinois, indiana, all
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of these states under flash flood watches and warnings. where you see the maroons, we're seeing flooding and streams and rivers past their flood stage. six to 12 inches of rain in an hour is potentially deadly. people are asking to stay off the roads. the severe threat extending from the great lakes down through the big bend of texas, and that's going to continue to move eastward. sunday we are going to be talking about the threat for severe weather across the northeast. heavily populated areas where we could see isolated tornadoes. so we will certainly keep you posted on all of those regions and warnings when they come up. i want to make mention, it is very warm across the plains states. folks without electricity are without air conditioning, can be very dangerous for the elderly and the young ones. please take shelter, go to your neighbor's. help them out. back to you. >> good advice. thanks for the update. >> we're also getting a look now at some other stunning images, all from last night's deadly
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tornado outbreak, including this picture that was taken by storm chasers capturing the dramatic moment when two lightning bolts struck the ground at the same time. another chilling photograph to share with you shows the actual tornado reportedly wreaking the most havoc near oklahoma city. look how huge it is. reported to have been a mile wide and packed winds of up to 80 miles an hour. and there is another all too common image of the storm, cars trapped in flood waters, apparently abandoned by drivers who were trying to just get out. there is a heart breaking moment as one woman is captured standing in her kitchen, the rest of the home in a pile of rubble around her. so many of these stories to tell you about. we're going to bring you the very latest on the storm throughout this hour. then there is our other top story, concerning the irs, the embattled tax agency has turned over this video -- yeah, those
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are irs workers. they have gave it to a congressional law maker on friday and it's a dozen irs employees line dancing. it's all produced for a training conference back in 2010 and the cost was $1,600. that might not seem like very much, but there is two other videos that the irs also turned over to congress. remember these? first star trek video produced for that same 2010 conference and also a gilligan's island video seen on the other side of your screen, also produced for 2011 training conference. those films cost taxpayers, you and us, a whopping 60,000 bucks. the treasury inspector general expected to release a scathing report on these spending abuses any day now and the house ov government reform committee also taking up the issue that will happen in a hearing next week. kelly? >> another scandal that is dogging the white house. serious new questions regarding attorney general eric holder as the justice department broadens
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its defense of statements he made to congress last month, claiming he wasn't involved in the leak investigation targeting fox news reporter james rosen. all this as lawmakers on the powerful house judiciary and oversight and government reform committees gear up for new hearings next week. molly henneberg live in washington right now with the very latest on this. molly? >> kelly, the house judiciary committee has launched an investigation into whether attorney general eric holder was less than truthful when he assured that committee that he would not favor going after reporters in leak investigations. holder told the house judiciary committee earlier this month, quote, in regard to potential prosecution of the press for the disclosure of material, meaning leak investigations, that is not something that i have ever been involved in or would think would be a wise policy. but then the press got ahold of a search warrant from a couple years that holder signed allowing federal investigators to track fox news correspondent james reeseen in a leak
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investigation. rosen was named a co-conspirator in that warrant. the justice department says it never tried to bring charges against rosen and therefore, quote, the attorney general's testimony concerning the potential prosecution of a member of the press was accurate and consistent with the facts. two republican members of the house judiciary committee aren't so convinced. they want holder to come back and testify again and clear up just how he was involved in this leak investigation. the white house insists that the plan to get a search warrant for rosen did not start there. >> i think we've been clear these kinds of criminal investigations are the kinds of things initiated by the department of justice and are not subject to any sort of political or white house influence. >> congressman told the hill newspaper earlier this week that holder should resign or president obama should fire him because of this and other scandals. kelly?
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>> all right. thank you. meanwhile, president obama's approval rating taking a hit amid the trifecta of controversies we've been reporting that sound his administration and there is a new poll by quinnipiac university. 25% approve of the way he's handling his job. 49 disapprove. and possibly here is why. because the approval among independents proven to be plunging. only 37% of them approve of the job he's doing. 57% disapprove according to quinnipiac. and it's important to note his disapproval rating among independents jumped, that's the disapproval rating, ten percentage points, just from may 1. joining me to sort all of a of this, bureau chief for talk radio, and the president of media speaks strategies, former senior advisor, national spokesperson to arizona senator john mccain. ladies, welcome. >> thank you. >> chitchat on this, ellen, are
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you surprised given the scandals that the president is dealing with that the approval numbers of independents has gone down and how important is that voting bloc right now? >> the voting bloc is very important. remember the reagan democrats and other people who tend to vote are in the middle and so that group is important. it's not important because the president is not going to be running for reelection, but it is important to get some of his agenda done, particularly when it deals with congress. >> what about, nancy, the other agenda items? many other things, the economy in general, these all raise questions, benghazi, the irs, congressional members, even some on homeland security don't know where the president was the night of benghazi and now james rosen and potentially other journalists having their calls and goings on monitored, even his parents. what do you think? >> essentially the muscular misuse of power here had obama
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administration doing to himself what the entire republican party could not do to him in 2012. i agree with ellen completely in that this is going to affect his ability to roll out his agenda. it's never been a strong suit. he's a guy who kind of goes out and campaigns across the country. he just doesn't have the legislative chops of past presidents. i think it is going to affect him. if this continues, if the narrative continues and more things come out that show this pattern of abuse of power, then i think it could affect the 2014 elections. in 2010, it was really the health care law i think in that intervention where you saw government touching people's lives that have independents voting for republicans and no agency scares americans more than the irs. >> and they will be tasked, someone who was involved in one of these scandals was implementing obamacare to a great extent. i want to ask about holder. how big a liability is he right
10:13 am
now and if he is a liability, why doesn't he move over or move out? >> i think he's a big liability. it's interesting, one of the middle demographics that we're talking about, the people in the middle who the independents are often radio people. they're often people who listen to radio. we called up the justice department and asked them how many radio people were invited to this. they never -- to these meetings he was having with the press. they never called us back. this is a huge demographic and you can't ignore it and i don't know how long eric holder survives. i really don't. and i'm a liberal! >> been very supportive of this administration. have your feelings changed? n my feelings are upset about the way the bless has been handled and -- press has been handled. as i said earlier, today, to many people, is look, if we, in fact, have a press that is
10:14 am
disbursed, this administration has brought everybody together under the james rosen issue and also the ap issue. press people are not happy campers. >> right. and if they brought them together, maybe not in the way that they would intend. nancy, does this all boil down to trust and can it impede the president's future agenda given the fact that we have all these unanswered questions? >> i think it has to. i mean, this feels like a betrayal, whether you look at irs agents who are selectively, basically persecuting political enemies or whether you've got the top law enforcement official in the country, eric holder, who -- this is not his first problem. we're on problem two, three, four here where he's lost a lot of credibility. and i agree again with ellen, this may be a record for us, ellen. >> it may be. >> on the fact that his attack on the press and kind of the sneakiness of it is really,
10:15 am
really troubling when taken in combination with the scandal that we've seen at the irs. again, it seems to be an abuse of power. >> i have to leave it there. very interesting points made on both sides. ladies, thank you so much. good to see you. >> thank you. >> see you again soon. kelly? >> dramatic new video of protesters taking on police water cannons. one man getting blasted, clear off his feet. the intense stand-off and what happened when these police charged the demonstrators. >> new reaction to a major leak in the case of a world famous disabled olympian accused of murder. a first look at the bloody crime scene where oscar pistorius is accused of shooting his model girlfriend. >> and new threats of tornadoes in the midwest. we have continuing coverage of this dangerous developing situation as we get new video from storm chasers on the ground. we'll bring it to you. >> turn the car around! gets -- let's get ready!
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>> jamie: welcome back. quick check of the headlines.
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government plans to build a complex in a square that has long been home to political protests. how about this one? convicted killer, joran van der sloot, plans to marry a a woman he met in prison. he's serving time for a 2010 murder of another young woman in peru. he's also the prime suspect in the 2005 disappearance of american natalee holloway. two lawyers for oscar pistorius demanding answers in the leaked crime scene photos. the pistorius, known as the blade runner, admitting shooting and killing his girlfriend, but says he thought she was an intruder. >> kelly: a saying that the only time you should be down on someone is when you're helping them get up. theresa is a woman who practices that every time she encounters troubled teens. she looks beyond their faults, sees their need, and helps them live life beyond a dream.
10:21 am
theresa is a force of inspiration. she lives to encourage people from all walks of life. theresa says the person she is today stems from her work as a young corrections officer at a boot camp for troubled teens in arizona. >> i started corrections when i was 22 working with, you know, young men that were in gangs and incarcerated. so i was on the side of locking them up. now i'm trying to keep them out. >> kelly: armed with a degree in psychology and ha heart full of love and faith, she set out to do something different, to bring hope to teens who felt hopeless. she moved to san francisco bay view area, a community that has more than its fair share of gangs, drugs, and violence. in the middle of this area considered worthless, theresa created the faith-based old school cafe, a youth-run supper club. >> youth are in charge and are looked up to, not looked down to. they are in leadership here. they make the rules.
10:22 am
they do the hiring, firing, discipline. they're the chef, waiters, the hosts, the entertainment. not only do they get employment, but they're believed in. we think they're amazing 'cause they are. >> kelly: in addition to learning how to run a business, the teens are encouraged to develop character, as well as share their artistic talents from poetry to music. ♪ . >> kelly: the theme of the cafe is a 129 40s style supper club, capturing the essence of the harlem renaissance. >> even though there is a lot of hard things going on at that time in the world, there was something about how people stuck together and even if you were poor action you were still going to come out dressed. if you had one outfit and that's all you had, it was going to be clean, pressed, your hat would be on and you would carry yourself with pride. >> kelly: when she looks at troubled teens, she never views them as lost causes. she looks at the potential of
10:23 am
greatness within them. >> i totally believe in transformation and restoration and healing and i believe that when they begin to see themselves for who they truly are, the way god sees them that they are valuable and precious and created for a great purpose, then they start to act that way. >> i was living the fast life and doing drugs, smoking and stuff like that a lot. and it caught up to me. old school gives me my faith back for one. i feel like other things take control of me. >> since i've been involved with old school, i would say the thing that changed the most is back then when i was 15, i had no self-respect and she taught me how to have that self-respect. i did drop out of school after i met her twice. but she helped me get back in to being a part of old school, education is first. >> old school cafe is now a five star restaurant offering a more
10:24 am
than just good food and entertainment. but offering a hope to a community often marginalized. >> if you don't have hope, then it's like you might as well shut injure doors and forget about this part of town, or any other town similar to this. this is one of the things that opens the doors to hope, to change. >> it's an answer to a dream and a vision of seeing young people with the opportunity to change their lives and increase the possibility of them learning and doing greater things beyond what they could ever imagine. >> kelly: that's always very good to hear. and the food, by the way, is delicious. so many talented teens are involved in the cafe right now and we will hear more of their stories in part 2 of our focus on how old school cafe is changing the lives of at-risk youth. >> jamie: the idea is five star, too. at this hour, an active search for survivors, still hoping to find folks after a series of tornadoes that struck the nation's heartland.
10:25 am
we're monitoring dangerous new weather threats as well. we can only begin to see the scope of the destruction. plus, attorney general eric holder facing frustrated lawmakers over the media spying. we'll speak to a lead republican on the house committee that's preparing to grill the nation's top cop. questions he needs to answer and the potential for any perjury charges next. >> with regard to the potential prosecution of the press for the disclosure of material, that is not something that i've ever been involved in and heard of or would think would be a wise policy. the kyocera torque lets you hear and be heard even in stupid loud places. to prove it, we set up our call center right here... [ chirp ] all good? [ chirp ] getty up. seriously, this is really happening! [ cellphone rings ]
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>> kelly: fox news alert out of the nation's heartland where a brash of violent storms that ripped through neighborhoods near oklahoma city last night have been moving north towards central missouri, prompting multiple flash flood warnings there and new fears of even more
10:30 am
destruction. this as we learn more about the scope of the storm from preliminary reports showing at least 24 tornadoes touched down across the midwest last night, killing at least nine people in oklahoma alone, including a mother and her baby who were sucked out of their car while trying to flee this storm. dozens of others were also injured. we have continuing coverage of this dangerous developing situation. >> jamie: the f.b.i. investigating multiple ricin attacks. in the past six weeks, there have been poison-laced letters sent to numerous political figures, including president obama and new york city mayor michael bloomberg. the search has been on for answers leading investigators to washington and texas. molly line is joining us live in our new york news room with the very latest. are they getting any closer? >> inch by inch. the f.b.i. and the u.s. postal inspection service are working several different and very
10:31 am
dangerous cases trying to track the deadly poison ricin that's being sent through our mail system to numerous public officials, including president obama. let's start in texas. federal law enforcement officials have confirmed to fox news that a new boston man has been questioned in connection with three letters sent to the president, michael bloomberg and the gun control advocacy group co-found by bloomberg named mayors against illegal guns. f.b.i. officials say the three letters tested positive for the presence of ricin, but at very low concentrations. the man is not in custody. he has not been charged. officials confirm that they were acting on a tip from the man's wife alleging suspicious activity. now to a threat originating in washington state. five different letters were sent, three confirmed contained active ricin toxins. they were mailed to the president, a federal judge in spokane, a local post office, the fairchild air force base near spokane, and the central
10:32 am
intelligence agency. that letter, addressed to the c.i.a., has yet to be located. this man, matthew ryan buket, 389 years olds, has been arrested, charged for mailing threatening communications. authorities are still actively searching for that letter believed to be addressed to the c.i.a. these two investigations follow the arrest of a mississippi man in april charged with mailing ricin-laced letters to the white house, a senator, and a mississippi judge. jamie? >> jamie: thank you so much. we'll check back to you. >> kelly: thanks. more now on one of our top stories. the calls growing for eric holder to resign as the justice department vigorously defends his testimony before a congress last month. at that hearing, you may recall he claimed he did not know anything about the leak investigation targeting fox news reporter james rosen. but it was later revealed that holder is the one who reportedly signed off on this search
10:33 am
warrant allowing the seizure of rosen's personal e-mails and even phone records. meanwhile, lawmakers on the house judiciary and oversight and government reform committees are all gearing up for new hearings on this topic next week. joining me now on the phone is republican congressman louis gohmert from texas, congressman, thank you for joining us today and coming in on a saturday to talk to us. this is getting more serious by the hour. what do you anticipate next week to take place on the house judiciary committee? >> well, we'll have to see what develops this week, but kelly, what really concerns me is now that the doj itself has put its credibility in jeopardy by coming out and saying that the attorney general didn't allow anything. how in the world can we trust the department of justice to have any kind of investigation with credibility when they are
10:34 am
now going in to criminal defense mode for the attorney general? i mean, they've become his defense attorney. when you look at what he said before the judiciary committee and then you look at what he signed off on, he said in that request, there is probable cause to believe the reporter has committed or is committing a violation of 18 usc, unauthorized disclosure of national defense information as an aider, abettor, and/or co-conspirator. he says that it may cause subjects to flee, that individuals may destroy evidence and otherwise -- i mean, this is the way you begin a prosecution. if they didn't believe that, they should have never signed off on that affidavit and that request for warrant. >> kelly: congressman, to your point about the doj playing defense attorney here, one of the statements that the department of justice has released reads this way: the attorney general's testimony
10:35 am
concerning the potential prosecution of a member of the press was accurate and consistent with the facts. well, the bottom line, if you look at it on the surface and even underneath it, it looks like there is a loft inconsistencies here. >> it scares me that the department of justice itself has now put all of the credibility of its entire department on the line as defense attorneys for the attorney general. it's unbelievable that they could do this. but i tell you what, it makes very clear, there can be no firewalls in this department of justice. they can't investigate themselves. we have got to have a select committee, a special prosecutor, some outside source because they cannot do it themselves. >> kelly: what do you want done? what do you think the attorney general should be doing and to that end, what should the president do? i realize that the attorney general is a close friend of his. they're good ally, good friends. but what should be done in this
10:36 am
particular case? >> well, the attorney general doesn't need to be the attorney general. we felt that. we saw that with fast and furious, when so many of us requested his resignation back then. that's also what i did when i called the white house back when bush was president because when there has been an egregious violation in the department, whether or not the attorney general knew about it, in this case, he knew well more than he told us, he needs t. you got to have a change when the credibility of department is harmed this much and it really has, especially with doj now becoming defense attorneys. >> kelly: congressman gohmert of texas, next week you get it started at the judiciary committee. a loft us will be watching closely. thank you. >> thank you. >> jamie: new developments in the ongoing civil war in syria. government troops and hezbollah guerrillas battling rebels for control of a key border town and
10:37 am
the united nations is issuing a stern warning for all the parties involved in this continuing bloodshed. ambassador john bolton joins to us weigh in next ♪ i wanna screa ♪ boy, but i just bite my tongue ♪ ♪ this one's for the girls messin' with boys ♪ ♪ like he's the melody and she's background noise ♪ [ volume decreases ] thanks, mom! have fun! you too. ♪ ♪ to fly home for the big family reunion. you must be garth's father? hello. mother. mother! traveling is easy with the venture card because you can fly airline anytime. two words. double miles! this guy can act. wanna play dodge rock?
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>> jamie: another huge story you may not think matters. it sure does. there are major developments in war torn syria, including this brand-new amateur video coming in showing just a portion of the violence raging across rebel held parts of the country. so many civilians in the way. we are also getting reports that a russian armed manufacturer announcing plans on russian tv to sign a new agreement to ship at least ten fighter jets to the embattled assad regime. secretary of state john kerry is con depping that move, saying it threatens peace and stability in the whole region and definitely puts israel at risk. john bolton, former u.s.
10:42 am
ambassador to the united nations, the person to ask about this. comes dor -- good afternoon. >> good afternoon. >> we have migs and missiles that russia is bragging about send to go assad. what's the risk, first of all, to israel and is there anything anyone can do to stop this? >> well, obviously assad has lost some of his fighter capability during the course of the hostilities because they can be used for close ground support for infantry as well. so this bolsters his air force and the missiles, part of a sophisticated air defense system known as the s 300, greatly enhanced the assad regime's ability to protect itself and possibly also protect hezbollah arsenals of weapons in lebanon. so just as a military matter, it's a big, big improvement for the syrians. as a political matter, it
10:43 am
signals russia's determination to keep the assad regime in power. >> jamie: is russia playing both sides of this, where the united states is concerned? >> well, i think it certainly is playing the united states. the obama administration for 2 1/2 years has believed that we share a common interest with russia in stability in the region and what the obama white house means by that is getting rid of the assad regime. the russians like stability, that's for sure. but their idea of stability is keeping assad in power. so i think they've been very clear. they vetoed, along with china, three separate sets of security council revolutions against the assad regime and even while they've agreed to co-sponsor a peace conference, i think these military sales and other signals demonstrate they have no intention of allowing assad to be pushed out of power or negotiated out of power. >> jamie: as long as he stays in power, a lot of innocent lives are going to be lost.
10:44 am
these are brutal massacres. there is no other way to put it. and the u.s. has said all options are on the table. what options are we considering actually?fective would any of >> well, certainly a number of people such as john mccain have recommended supplying weapons, lethal aid to the opposition, some have called for no fly zones along the border with turkey, for example, to protect opposition base camps. others suggested other kinds assistance. no indication that other than humanitarian assistance, which we've provided from the outset, that president obama has made the decision to do anything. britain and france say they will supply arms to the opposition if a peace conference that may or may not be held this month fails. but again, they have not actually supplied arms to the opposition as far as we know. so the prospect is, at least in the near term, that the civil
10:45 am
war grinds on. >> jamie: which country can get this done and save these lives? why hasn't it happened yet? this is -- tens of thousands or more have been killed, maybe it's even underreported. >> right. the u.n. estimates at least 70,000 civilians killed. i think that number could be higher. in effect, this civil war is a surrogate battle between the iranian-backed assad regime on the one hand and the sunni opposition backed by saudi arabia and qatar on the other. i think a problem for the obama administration and the west as a whole is that terrorists, including al-qaeda, are very prominent in the opposition. senator mccain was actually photographed with two al-qaeda affiliate leaders on his recent visit. so i think there is a real and justifiable reluctance to provide arms to an opposition that could end up in the hands of terrorist. i think that's one reason why as grim as it seems, the most likely prospect in the near term
10:46 am
is that the war simply continues. >> jamie: ambassador, i have 15 seconds. was that trip by senator john mccain worthwhile? >> well, i think it demonstrates the continuing problems of trying to aid the opposition. i'm afraid it may have caused confusion in their minds as to who exactly is running the united states. >> jamie: very interesting perspective. ambassador, thank you. we will see you tomorrow morning in our 10:00 a.m. hour. >> thank you. >> jamie: have a good day. >> kelly: a stunning new medical discovery. could high blood pressure be affecting your brain power? dr. samati checks in next e verizon share everything plan for small business
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>> kelly: pay close attention. there is a new health concern for people diagnosed with high blood pressure. a study now linking hypertension to declining brain function. dr. david samati is a member of the fox news medical a team. chief of the division of robotics at mount sinai hospital and joins us to weigh in on this. when i was reading this, i was really shocked. this is a stunning new report that talks about how high blood pressure can affect our cognitive skills and even cause dementia. but this is a different kind of high blood pressure that you're talking about. can you explain? >> this is a fascinating story that's coming from australia. what they're trying to
10:52 am
distinguish is blood pressure versus central blood pressure. when you go to your doctor, they put the cuff on your arm and they measure it. that's a peripheral blood pressure. now they're talking about the central one, the big artery, the aorta, which is the main one and certainly the artery that goes to your brain, which is the carotid one. they think that's more sensitive. what they did was they looked at 400 patients from australia and they compared the peripheral one versus central one and what they realized was that with the peripheral one, there is visual disturbances, if you have for a long period this kind of blood pressure, you're going to have affecting your vision. what they found on the central blood pressure, high blood pressure, is that it affects your vision burks in addition it affects cognitive skills, memory and reprocessing. so something about the central pressure in your aorta. how do we measure that? there are many companies that are coming up with this kind of new blood pressure measures which we will post on-line for people to visualize. but what's important is, usually
10:53 am
the artery is very flexible when we're young, 20s and 30s. that's why when the heart contracts, they flex, so there is a nice flow to our brain. >> kelly: elasticity. >> right. over time, as we age, as a result of high cholesterol, smoking, many other risk factors, those tubes become very stiff and therefore, you build up the pressure and that's high blood pressure in central. that seems to be extremely high risk factor for memory and of course, we have covered this discussion later on with alzheimer's and dementia, et cetera. so if you have any risk factors, now you should really think about lowering it. >> kelly: what do we do about it? >> well, again, going back to previous segments, we talked about intake of salt. you have to limit how much amount you take. that's directly going to increase your blood pressure. cholesterol and forming those plaques can really cause high blood pressure as well. and exercise, all of that can
10:54 am
clear the path to the brain and those are all simple things we can do, making sure if you're a diabetic, just by diet control, you can reduce your sugar. those are all risk factors and would make those arteries very stiff and that's -- you don't want that. that's really important. >> jamie: what about people whose blood pressure can't be controlled with medication? let's say they do the things you say, diet and exercise, but they're resistant to blood pressure medication, is the risk higher? >> well, as long as -- it seems like as long as you have blood pressure hitting and moving up toward the carotid, toward the brain, something changes physiologically in the brain. i think if you can't take those medications, if diet and exercise is not helping you, then certainly you're absolutely right. taking those medications to lower that, at least for the short period is the way to go to protect -- what it does, it delays alzheimer's, delays cognitive impairment and improves your memory. it's a fascinating story.
10:55 am
>> jamie: those are all things we want to do. i wonder how young can you start to treat someone that shows high blood pressure? do you see it in teen-agers? >> it's interesting, there are a loft genetic factors. when you see someone at a very young age with high blood pressure, those are genetics. over time, as a result of our diet, our lifestyle and everything that we do, that's when we build up the blood pressure. and all the things that you do, i know, nutrition, exercise, good lifestyle and i know kelly -- >> jamie: and laughter. >> and also great. >> jamie: we will see you with many more topics tomorrow on sunday house call at 10:30 a.m great to have you here. kelly, great to be with you. i'm jamie colby. we don't want you to go anywhere because the journal editorial report is next and boy, will they have topics to debate today. >> kelly: quite a few. stick around right here on the fox news channel to watch that coming up next. have a great day, everyone. and for those of you in the paths of those storms, our prayers are with you. >> jamie: absolutely. too what you can.
10:56 am
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