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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  June 2, 2013 9:00am-11:01am PDT

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followers. come on, people. have a great day. shannon bream is next in washington. the news rolls on. have a terrific day. >> eric: take care. >> shannon: the death toll climbs from devastating tornados that tore through the plains, leaving a path of destruction in their wake, as oklahoma picks up the pieces, that deadly storm is moving on. the next target, the east coast, where they are breaking for possible wild weather. what is likely to be a very rough week ahead for the irs, congress has no less than 3 hearings on tap for the agency. as if one scandal weren't enough, there is a new one brewing, involving your tax dollars, dance party and star trek. a fight for life, time's running out for sarah mura, she is awaiting a needed lung transplant. what stands in her way? her parents say, government
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policy. i'm shannon bream, live from the nation's capitol, the america's news headquarters starts right now. as oklahoma and arkansas clean up after deadly tornados and flashfloods, the violent weather system is now headed east. from washington, d.c. to northern maine, they are getting ready for what could be dangerous storms. we have live coverage in the fox weather extreme weather strsm but first, we will go to el reno, oklahoma. will? >> reporter: hi, shannon. we have been telling you that the storm killed nine people. of those nine, three were a storm chaser and his two sons and they were, of course, chasing the tornado that damaged much of the area. i want to show you what's left of this home. take a look at the front part of the house. the storm gutted the front part of the house. somehow, the staircase is still standing and now the recovery started and now the family is out there.
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the homeowner his friends out here and even complete strangers out here. >> this community and other surrounding communities have been... phenomenal. i can't even put into words how they have been. it's just -- people that i don't even know have showed up and offered to help, money. just anything that they can... help with. it's been overwhelming. i have had to step back and it's unbelievable. >> reporter: this morning, the governor toured the area and spent time looking at the damage, especially in a local technology school and says, first responders were well prepared because they were in the area, cleaning up with the moore tornado devastation. she has touched base with fema, which is very good for this family who decides whether to stay here, build again or move south to texas to make sure that they never endure this again. shannon, back to you.
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>> shannon: absolutely. will, thank you for the update. severe weather is threatening the east coast. we go live to the fox weather center with details on this moving and changing forecast. hello, janice. >> reporter: yes. we have a new round of storms affecting the affected areas in oklahoma early next week. we will get to that. here's the front we have been watching for the last several days. a frontal boundary, stretching across the northeast, through the appalachians and through the gulf coast with the hatch down pours. we are watching the storms fire n. anticipation of the potential outbreak, we have a severe thunderstorm watch for parts of the northeast and new england until 8:00 p.m. eastern time. we are starting to see those storms just ahead and along the front as it continues to move eastward. as we head into the evening hours, we will continue to watch this frontal boundary moving eastward with the potential for a nasty afternoon/evening and into the early morning rush hour
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across the east coast. to show you the temperature difference, we are dealing with the 80s along the coast. behind it, much cooler, dryer air with the 50s here. so we have the clash of the two air masses coming towards the northeast. we could so potentially dangerous storms with hail, damaging winds and isolated tornadoes. so the severe threat across the northeast and the mid-atlantic and tomorrow more storms will fire. this will be a low moving in from the rockies and some of the same areas will be hit again, monday into tuesday, including the areas of el reno, oklahoma, where he had the ef-3 tornado. sunday, monday, looking okay, but heading into tuesday, wednesday, thursday, more strong and severe thunderstorms in the forecast. back to you. >> shannon: the last thing those folks want to hear. but thanks for the warning. that's important. thank you.=ebç
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>> shannon: hrtionz on capitol hill, looking into various irs scandals. the first is tuesday. the house ways and mean mean committee will hear from conservative and religious group who is say they got extra scrutiny from the irs. peter? >> reporter: there is also a new taxpayer-funded irs video out that appears to show a bunch of accountants[vx cupid shufil, like they were alta skeet 16, but this was at a conference in anaheim, another with a star trek themed short t. cost $60,000 to produce. >> they finally got t. i am so proud. they are ready for anaheim. [cheers and applause] >> reporter: well, now waste at irs conferences, it is going to be highlighted at a thursday hearing of the house oversight committee. >> again, it's very clear that the culture at the irs during this period of time was one that
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didn't particularly care about whether they spent well, the taxpayers' money, that included what they paid for hotel rooms and many of the perks they showered on themselves. >> reporter: the acting irs director, danny wuerffel is calling it a vestige from a prior area and that taxpayers should take comfort that a conference like this would not take place today. sweeping new restrictions have been put into place and travel and training experiences have dropped more than 80% since 2010 and similar large-scale meetings did want take place in 2011, 2012 or 2013. but the chairman of the house ways & means subcommittee is saying that this is an agency where abuse and waste is the norm and not the exception. this is clear it's a broken agency with a broken tax code. over at the white house, they are saying that they hope the bright spotlight on the irs the
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help them figure out how to fix it. >> thereu]o taking a careful look at this. this will give us the opportunity to take a look at wlapdwpárxnd put into safeguardo make sure it doesn't happen again. >> reporter: investigators have set their sights -- 88 irs employee who is they believe may have been involved in the application of that unfair policy that targeted conservative groups. shannon? >> shannon: thank you very2iwuc. soon after the irs admitted it was targeting conservative groups, new revelations surfaced that a number of religious groups faced slfer scrutiny. one of the groups, "z" street, a pro-israel organization says the irs toldóá]iç them the reason fe red tapefj
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>> at some point, they came up with the defense that they had to look closely because, quote, terrorism happens in israel and they looked at our web site and we might be funding terrorism.
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"z" street is a purely educationalg organization, all we did is educate people. we didn't spend money or send money anywhere -- for anything to anyone. so -- it's absurd. but beyond that, you know, are they looking at every organization where terrorism happens? because at this point, i am not aware of any country on the planet where terrorism doesn't happen. >> shannon: your next step, i understand, is in july in federal court, what will happen? what do you hope will happen? >> it's our first court hearing, that we filed in august of 2010. it's a hearing on the government's motion to dismiss our complaint. so i am very hopeful that we will be able to defeat their motion to dismiss our complaint and finally move forward. all we are looking for with our lawsuit is information about how they-- the irs determined which organizations they are going to
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look at more closely and delay because it does seem from what they said to us and what we are learning from other organizations that it was on the basis of organizations' beliefs, rather than activities. >> shannon: very interesting case, please, keep us updated after you head to court and maybe finally get some answers. >> great, thank you very much. >> shannon: all right. when irs testify on the hill this week, we want to know, if you had a chance, what questions would you ask them? that's our question on twitter. tweet us your answers. we will read? of those later on in the show. issue russia and iran fueling the syrian government, as it seems to be gaining ground against the rebel forces, seeking to topple president assad? and if so, how could that affect a peace summit between ascpawd rebel forces?
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joining us to talk about the former vice chief of staff, general jack kean. >> good to be here. >> shannon: let's talk this over. there are new twists and turns with syria, each week that we have you back to talk about it. now there is talk about the influence of russia and iran with specific technology that appears to be fed to syrian and government troops. it does seem that there would be a turning point with the success. is it because of that assistance? >> this is true. this has been all in. they have had ground forces there. they are highly specialized force, revolutionary guard. they have had one or two top star generals on the ground. hezbollah is all in. they have the most experienced and seasoned leaders involved in this. so slowly the russians have been providing technology mostly, but other resources and supplies. this is what is keeping assad in power with the use of his air power and the momentum is on his side.
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make no mistake about it. >> shannon: all right. we are hearing from the france foreign minister, pushing for july to have this international get-together in geneva to talk about trying to move forward. but with all the information actors involved, russia and iran and others, what do you see as a possibility for peace talks? do they have any reap help? >> no. assad will stay in power. the rebels will not want that to happen. the russians, i believe have been playing us for a long time, holding out the olive branch, buying time for assad and they are providing technology and resources. they know what the iranians are up to as well. so i don't think anything will come of that. i understand why the people want to do it. but we have to go in with our eyes wide open. >> shannon: all right. there has been a lot about the u.s.'s involvement, arming rebels, trying to enforce no-fly
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zones. senator john mccain was there with the syrian rebel leaders and that sparked a conversation about who he was meeting with. his office says he didn't know any beg anything about kidnappers or accused kidnappers. but how do we know who we are helping if we decide to stope up to another level of assistance? >> look, in syria, it's really hard. thoughtful, reasonable people can disagree what are the solutions. there is nothing easy here. but the facts are this -- and we should keep our eyes strategeically on what is lapping. the iranians desire to dominate. syria is a lynch pin in the dom displaigz vital to them. they have an affiliation with lebanon. they want to dominate iraq as well. they have gained influence in that area. fly income the face of that has been the revolutionary change that has begun to sweep through the middle-east. that's the so-called arab spring, the drivers of instability are economic
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pressure and social and economic injustice. they are starting in the countries that are the most repress audio egypt, tunisia, libya and now syria. so that is a desirable thing, in my judgment, for the forces of change -- to let them play out. at the same time, we have people fighting an assad regime who want help. the crrvetion ia has -- the cia los angeles recommended that there are moderate groups they have vetted that they can supply weapons to. we should do that. but my concern, after two years of not doing tit may not be decisive. i happening we should fashion a military strategy will definitely assist the rebels in deposing assad. that is to intervene with military air power, cruise missiles, b2 stealth bombers. the lim is the air power. i think we could put together that strategy. what is the geopolitical end
9:16 am
state? we don't be. but the fact of the matter, we do know what we have now, we are leading to a regional spillover war and iranians' further domination of the region. >> shannon: jordan and lebanon and so many others are involved there. time is of the essence. thank you always for coming in. >> good talking to you. >> shannon: a 10-year-old girl in pennsylvania is in the fight of her life. tonight, a transplant she needs because of government rules. can she get the life-saving treatment before it's too late? the wife of an american pastor jailed in iran makes an appeal to the united nations. we will update his case, next. [ female announcer ] doctors trust calcium plus vitamin d to support strong bones. and the brand most recommended by... my doctor. my gynecologist. my pharmacist. citracal.
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u. even more troubleship when the department says because mr. rosen was not prosecuted, therefore the attorney general was telling the truth. >> shannon: the committee's investigation into attorney general eric holder for
9:21 am
potentially perjure himself when he testified before congress. steve centanni has more. >> reporter: pont -- mounting pressure on attorney general eric holder to explain himself and congress threatening to investigate him for possible perjury. he told congress in may, he played no role in any potential investigation of journalists. but he did sign off on a probe of fox news correspondent james rosen. was it perjury? will congress investigate? here's the congressman on "fox news sunday." >> is did fair to say that you're investigating attorney general holder for possible perjury? >> lwe certainly are very concerned about that. that was the purpose of sending the letter. so, yes, it is fair to say we are investigating the conflict in his remarks. those remarks were made under oath, but we think it's very important that the attorney general be afforded the opportunity to respond. we will wait to pass judgment on that until after we receive his
9:22 am
response. >> reporter: democrats say the republicans are changing the subject to further undermine the president's work on jobs and the come. as for the attorney general, the democrats say there is no evidence of perjury. >> i haven't seen a single accusation that prevents him from doing his job -- >> what about whether he committed perjury in front of the house committee? >> i don't think there is perjury. i don't think there has been any prosecution or attempted prosecution of any gormists. so there can't be perjury. >> reporter: the republicans sent holder a letter on wednesday, asking for a dispul accurate ofr acted ofee acrats account of his actions. >> shannon: holder was sent the letter, demang answers by wednesday. we will talk to congressman sensenbrenner next: there is an
9:23 am
end-stage cystic fibrosis patient who is under the age of 12 and she can only qualify after all adults are considered first. kathleen sebelius will review the policy. but the family says that does little for a girl who may have just weeks to live. >> i believe there is a case to be made to the secretaries that in light of the fact that they have recognized that there is a problem in the policy, it's supposed to be an equitable policy, it's discriminatory towards sarah because of her age. i believe that creates the legal basis for the secretary to act in a manner to step in without changing precedent, mind you, to direct that sarah be given her appropriate place in line. >> you can help by signing a petition to change the organ
9:24 am
donor policy. a pastor imprisoned in iran's wife will make a plea tomorrow and hopes that her remarks at the human rights council in geneval spark action. they have been fighting for the release of the pastor for months. we go live to geneva. jordan, thank you for your time. can you give us an updpeat on the pastor's condition? >> yeah. we are 250 days, which is for americans, a long time to be imprisoned in a place like iranful for iran, this is an early stage of trying as much as possible to get pastor out. he has been sentenced to 8 years, which is effectively, a life sentence. this is a very key date. june 14 is the presidential election in iran. the leadup to those elections see a lot of executions where he is imprisoned of course he is seeing people that he is in cells with, who were not
9:25 am
sentenced to death, be executed. people who were former government officials and security officials. sots so it's a nerve racking time for the family. that's a key point. one reason we are here at the u.d n. human rights council in geneva is to make the case so it's clear to the iranian delegates and other who is can be influential that the world's watching. i want to say the u.s. ambassador met with him, tweet aid photo. it sends a message to the world, especially in this very dangerous time in iran, when the government cracks down on anyone who is considered a distraction. >> shannon: i want to read what the qhiet house has to say. i know they have gotten involved in the case. part of the statement is that we have reached out to numerous international pashes to press iranian officials to provide him medical attention and to release him. he will -- we will continue to press for his release. of course, you are taking other avenues in addition to this,
9:26 am
pressing at the u.n. i know have you spoken to the human rights council. what will you say to make the difference? >> having his wife here, she was next to me on friday when i gave remarks on the freedom of assembly. there was a report on that, the whole council, 47 member states and other countries that are members of the u.n. all participate. you are talking about many countries and many languages. you can't compare this opportunity, where you are being translated for everyone to hear. she had lots of people talk. it's a big room. lots of people are working on different issues. but when i said, here's his wife, sitting next to me, the whole room turned around. you can hear it on the translation that kind of effectiveness. on monday, tomorrow, we will be talking about the freedom of expression. the idea that countries like iran are constantly in these u.n. reports. what i am going to do tomorrow,
9:27 am
which is different from what i did on friday to re-introduce the issue here, is to call on other countries to do more. you will hear a lot of times from the ambassadors from iran, i am not high up enough to handle this, i'm sorry. i feel for you, but you have to go to a higher level. there are countries there that have serious relationships with iran that iran cannot afford to lose right now. i am going to call directly on those countries to do more. and the united states -- they have done a much better job than they have done in the past at the human rights council. so i appreciate that. but we can't rely on the u.s. government, we have to be here. and nagme's remarks will be unprecedented. most people who are facing this kind of persecution are not able to come or send their wife to geneva. it puts a face on it, not just for the pastor, but so many persecuted peoplearn the world. >> shannon: we wish you the best tomorrow. please, give us an update when you can. >> could the u.s. have prevented
9:28 am
the boston marathon bombing? what russian intelligence officials are saying. senate republicans want to rein in what they call a power grab by president obamga when they have been on recess. it's our regulation segment, next. ♪ deputy deputy deputy n covered i. fight firing on six cylinders. the new ram 1500 with best-in-class fuel economy. guts. glory. ram. motor trend's 2013 truck of the year.
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>> shannon: firefighters in california and new mexico are battling early-season wildfires that have bushed thousands of achers and triggered evacuations. >> reporter: in california, officials ordered residents of more than 1,000 homes to leave as erratic winds pushed the wildfires closer to two communities north of los angeles. at least five structures have been destroyed so far. in new mexico, firefighters are hoping for rain to help them battle a massive fire burning in the santa fe national forest.
9:33 am
defense secretary chuck hagel is taking china to task for cyber-buying. he publicly warned beijing to stop computer-based attacks that steal data. china has denied the cyber-espionage. actor jean stapleton, best known for playing judith bunkener why the "all in the family" has died. she died at home, surrounded by family and frens. jean stapleton was 90. the evangelical lutheran church of america has elected its first openly gay bishop. reverend r.guy irwin was chosen on friday. a rule change in 2009 allowed gays and lesbians to be ordained. those are the top stories right now. back to you. >> shannon: peter, thrarchg you very much. thank you very much.
9:34 am
in the last 90 days, the federal government has posted 6489 newly proposed federal regulations at the people appointed to craft and enforce the regulations have enormous authority. two federal courts have struck down the recent appointment president obama made to the national labor relations board and the nine justices are being asked to weigh in. republican david bitter has signed on to a brief in that case. senator, thanks for jure time today. why did you sign on what? and what do you want the court to do? >> thank you. good to be with you. we want the court to strike down the unconstitutional appointments. i have signed on to the brief because i think the appointments are clearly unconstitutional and one more example of president obama overstepping his legal authority, which i think he has done in many, many cases, czars and regulations that go beyond
9:35 am
his authority and the unconstitutional so-called recess appointments. >> shannon: this administration has taken a lot of heat for doing things that makes an end run around congress and the court with federal regulations. one of the agencies we have highlighted quite a bit is the environmental protection agency. have you a dispute with the woman who is nomeinate to head up the agency. republicans walked out in the committee vote, original committee hearings with gina mccarthy. i know you have asked her to respond to a number of questions before a full vote. what do you need to know? what has she not told you? >> all republicans are very concerned about this epa overstepping its legal bounds, its constitutional authority. with regard to the gina mccarthy nomination, that's what we are focused on. specifically, we have five central transparency requests that the perks pa simply be completely open, transparent, let the sunshine in and let the
9:36 am
american people and congress understand what it's doing and the background of what it's doing. that's what the five central requests have been. they have been grudgingly responsive in a modest way. so we are looking for fuller answers. >> shannon: how much power does the environmental protection agency have? it is not unique to this administration. it's been around for a long time, across multiple administrations. it has a job to do. what's the objection to that? >> well, no objection to that, per se. the objection is when they overstep their legal bounds or when they hide what they are doing and why they are doing in a scientific basis for what they are doing. that's what our five transparents -- transparency requests. the republicans in congress has never been given the data in the studies that they ground their historic and significant air regulations on.
9:37 am
gina mccarghtsy in particular has been head of the air section. they have acted very aggressively in the last four years. so we simply want to happened and had the alleged scientific data behind this very, very aggressive rule making. >> if you get the answers, let us know, we would like to had -- to hear them. >> shannon: sequestration was designed to cut government spending, but some furloughed government workers may be finding a way to get the tax theres back. a fair and balanced debate, next. it and chantix helped me quit. i honestly loved smoking, and i honestly didn't think i would ever quit. [ male announcer ] along with support, chantix (varenicline) is proven to help people quit smoking. it reduces the urge to smoke. it put me at ease that you could smoke on the first week. [ male announcer ] some people had changes in behavior, thinking or mood, hostility, agitation, depresd mood and suicidal thoughts or actions while taking or after stopping chanti
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9:42 am
some furloughed government workers may be collecting unemployment benefit this is summer. they are using creative scheduling to make sure they are eligible for that assistance. but if the idea of the furlough is to save but not spend government money, is the practice legit? we have mark levine and chris planted. welcome both. >> thank you, shannon. >> shannon: if they are off work, unemployment benefits? -- >> that's the law. have you unemployment insurance. if i have a fire and i get my mire insurance. the premiums are paid. it is for when people are laid off without any problem on their part. they didn't do anything wrong. that's true for the government. it's required by state law. i don't see the issue here. why shouldn't people follow state law? >> reporter: chris, should they get punished for sequester? >> look, this defeats the purpose or contributes to
9:43 am
defeating the purpose of the sequester. the idea is to save money, want to play a shell game. we are talking about decreasing the rate of increased spending 2%, and if we can't sustain that -- which apparently we can't -- without a shell gaming of other pies of government moan, the sequester thing has been a joke from the good luck. but this is tomorrow -- turning out to be absurd. they are not losing their jobs, they are being -- cut back by a couple of days. in the private sector, this is happening all over country -- >> people get unemployment there too. >> no, you don't. they are not losing their jobs. they are take a few days off. we are talking about lech days off. a lotted of them have taken cuts in pay in the real world. there is not another pie to go to because in corporate america, we are dealing with real money, want somebody else's money. >> this is done under state law. government om ployees are treated the same way i. i
9:44 am
understand that it's the law. the law is the problem. >> some states only give you benefits if you are fully laid off. all of these government employees are having the same rights and benefits of private employees. >> shannon: mark, let me ask you. the employees are getting creative and getting laid off in chunks of time and not -- furlough them for a few days. they will come back, but taking the blocks of time in a specific way so they qualify for unemployment. >> people get creative to get legal benefits. people were complaining about apole, with $100 billion in cash but they are using debt because they don't want to repatriot the funds not to pay u.s. taxes. it's legal. if you don't like it, change the law. the same is true for all kinds of people with a tax expenditure on january 1 for tax reasons. it is not their fault. if republicans are playing games in washington, it is not the
9:45 am
fault -- [overlapping dialogue] >> now you went off the rails here. listen, we have major problems in this country with spending, with debt, with deficit. we have a $16.8 trillion national debt. we are passing the buck to another gen scpraigz other people. you think this is cute, you think this is fun i. i think -- >> you are losing this. we have a record number of people on food stamps. we have a record number of people on disability. >> i understand the purpose of that -- listen -- >> we have nearly 11 million people on social security disability. if disability were a state, it would be the eighth most populous state. we are gushing cash. to pretend that this is cute to game the system by taking from this pie instead of that pie is honestly, outrageous, it's disingenuous. they are gaming the system i. they are not gaming the suggests. >> you just described apple as gaming the system i. are you saying that apple should be taxed --
9:46 am
[overlapping dialogue] >> yeah, we should have a flat tax, yes. >> jamie: we put this out to our twitter followers and one of the questions that i thought was interesting, they say, if they get government money, why not keep them working? >> i'm all for that. >> shannon: if you apply for unemployment, instead, stay at work. >> we need to be clear, unemg ployment benefits do not give you all the cash back, it's only a small portion. it is not a 1 for 1 thing. i say, absolutely keep them working. if we feel employees are doing a good job, we should keep them working. >> it's easy, democrats on the raft. it's other people's money. we have to address the real problems and to pretend that this is nothing but a gaiment is a continuation of the absurdity of washington. >> shannon: we love your spirited debate. come back. thank you very much. a group of lawmakers back from a trip to russia to talk about the boston bombing and talk about what they learn and how that may have been prevented.
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>> shannon: could the boston marathon bombings have been prevented? russian intelligence officials say yes if u.s. authorities acted on warns about tamerlan tsarnaev according to blocketting a member of the u.s. congressional delegation that just returned from a trip to russia. molly line with more on what the group learned. >> led by a republican representative they spoke today from russia about their visit marathonnto the bosto bombings. they said nothing specific could have helped to stop the
9:52 am
carnage of april 15 but that counter parts in the u.s. and russia should work more closely in the figurer saying that russia and america face the same major challenges, radical islam is at our throats in the united states and it is at the throat of the russian people. in 2012, russian intelligence -- in 2011 russian intelligence officials warned the cia about tsarnaev believing he was about to join islamic militants. regarding the bombing he said the whole situation would have been different with a much higher level of cooperation. >> yes, it could have been averted not just by one mess take made be the united states or one mistake made over here in russia but instead by making sure that both countries were working together at a much higher level. >> and shannon as you mentioned, bill keating a democrat who also took a trip
9:53 am
to russia held a press conference at boston's logan airport reviewing that they believe a closer tracking of tamerlan tsarnaev may have led to a different outcome preventing the attack in boston. russian officials offered cooperation. answering questions freely and thus far shared more specific information than the u.s. counter parts. shannon? >> shannon: thank you very much. >> thank you. >> shannon: did attorney general holder perjure himself and should he resign. wisconsin representative jim sensenbrenner joins us, next. [ male announcer ] this is betsy. her long day of pick ups and drop offs begins with arthritis pain...
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9:57 am
>> shannon: critics say the culture of dependency is on the rise this america but others claim ted ral programs like food stamps may save taxpayers more money in the long run. steve harrigan has more from miami.
9:58 am
>> milk. bread. >> by the third week of the month, marisa's $240 in food stamps has run out leaving her $9 in cash and 7 people to feed. >> the food stamps and child support. that's what i got. >> yet the 50-year-old single mother who entered the u.s. by swimming across the rio grande has government funded housing, medication and $700 a month in social security. she has been on assistance for 20 years and wants others to know help is available. >> when you real le need it look for help before it is too late. >> that message is h heard in florida where expert navigators now help cry apply online for multiple federal aid programs at the same time. the goal of the recruiters who say they are privately funded is to increase federal aid to florida by $1 billion a year.
9:59 am
using a single-a pp they are able to test someone's eligibility for 1 different federal pro grams. they make two arguments in support of increased federal spending. people deserve to receive the benefits for which they are eligible and in the long run they say many of the programs especially assistance for mothers and children are cost-effective and save the community money. >> to provide prenatal care is penties compared to the costs it takes to care for a newborn that is born with health concerns. >> others say efforts to expand uncapped federal aid programs threat ton create a culture of dependency. >> it has broken down a traditional american reservation to not want to go on government handouts. >> one thing is clear about removing the significantma from federal aid it makes fraud easier. the manatee county sheriff was
10:00 am
puzzled when raids on drug dealers kept turning up stacks of food stamp cards. >> they went away from the actual food stamps and went to the cards, the credit cards just because of that, because they felt like that there was a stegma attached but the bottom line is now there doesn't appear to be much control at all over it. >> the florida governor is try exert more troll over the program. he signed a bill that would ban the use of electronic benefit cards in strip clubs and casinos. in miami, steve harrigan, fox news. >> i really didn't know what was going on. i knew most likely i would not have a home to come home to. >> shannon: more heartbreaking stories from the heartland as we get a better look at the destruction caused by the
10:01 am
latest round of tornadoes. ten lives claimed in oklahoma and five others in arkansas and missouri amid the testers and flash floods. i'm shannon bream. hour number two of america's news headquarters with wild weather not just in the midwest but happening across the country from wildfires in california and new mexico to wicked windy weather along the east coast. meteorologist janice dean in the fox extreme weather center. more trouble now hea heading td the east? >> we will talk about that certainly but deal with the temperatures warm across the southwest where we are dealing with wildfire danger not only in california but extending into new mexico where we have several wildfires burning. temperatures on the raze and unfortunately no storms to help out in terms of rainfall for the foreare seeable future. i know we will talk with that in the next segment. across the east coast over the last several days dealing with severe weather. the frontal boundary associated with the severe weather is
10:02 am
moving eastward. the potential for strong storms across the northeast. already a severe thunderstorm watch in effect until 8:00 p.m. local time for parts of the northeast up toward new england and already starting to see these thunderstorm warnings fire across upstate new york and new england. we could see large hail, damaging winds, even isolated tornadoes. a warm air mass ahead of the front as it continues to press eastward. a look at your travel forecast. look at the temperatures behind the front. in the 50s. even into the 40s. snow up in canada. the front continues to move eastward and with it the potential of severe weather not only tonight but into tomorrow's rush hour. anywhere from d.c. up towards bangor maine and the threat for strong to severe storms across new mexico and texas. heading into the air le workweek monday and tuesday look at the area for the potential of strong to severe storms into wednesday. some of the same hardhat areas
10:03 am
unfortunately that we have been dealing with -- hard hit areas we he have been dealing with tornado damage the last few weeks. busy obviously in the fox news extreme weather center. >> shannon: sure is. janice, thank you very much. oklahoma governor mary fallin says the death toll from the storms could rise as emergency workers search for missing residents. ten people died in that state including two children. will is live in el reno where residents are trying to pick up the pieces. hello, will. >> we do have new information. they are still looking for some people in the area like you just said. we know the death toll is now at ten and includes a popular storm chaser his son and a man that they were traveling with while they were chasing the tornado that leveled homes just like this all throughout the area. i'm standing where the front of this house used to be. check out the door. the storm pried the door off of the hinges.
10:04 am
damage, destruction everywhere for the family. like you said the governor did' dress people in the area a short time ago and had a strong message for everybody. she said oklahoma will rebuild. >> it has been hard to handle this magnitude of disasters throughout the state but we will recover. we have just seen people spring to action just like they did a couple of weeks guy in moore. >> if you are looking for positive news here there are good samaritans all over the place helping families like the family that lived in the house right behind me. i spoke to one man who came all the way from vermont and he says that he will do anything and everything he can to help. >> with the hope that volunteers come and help. it is that hope that really gets people through it. neighbors and doesn't matter the distance. you know, we are still neighbors. >> and the family who lives here says that all of the help that they are getting is really
10:05 am
overwhelming. a true silver lining in the disaster. shannon, back to you. >> shannon: and the goodness of americans when they step up to help each other. always inspiring. thanks, will. >> yes, it is fair to say we are investigating the conflict in his remarks. those remarks were made under oath but we also think it is is important that the attorney general be afforded the opportunity to respond so we will wait to pass judgment on that until after we receive his response unless, of course, he is not forthcoming with that. >> your point is the attorney general is saying they weren't planning to prosecute this reporter either. that is is the whole issue you here. that they were never intending to prosecute him. >> shannon: republican leaders of the house judiciary committee want to know about eric holder may have perjured himself back on may 15. they sent the attorney general a detailed letter asking him to clear up what appears to be to many people a conflict. the deadline for the answers is wednesday. joining us from wisconsin, one of the authors of that letter,
10:06 am
congressman jim sensenbrenner, a republican from washington. thank you for your time today. >> good afternoon, shannon. >> shannon: and i wanted to first ask you, first of all, let me outline what the attorney general said in case folks don't know exactly what he said on may 15 before the committee. with regard to the potential prosecution of the press for the disclosure of material that is not something that i have ever been involved in. went on to say i have never even heard of that. where is the conflict for you in what we now know about the attorney general involvement in some of these cases? >> well, i guess the answer to that is about nine days after the attorney general said that the justice department said that the subpoenas against fox news correspondent james rosen were approved by the highest levels of the justice department including participation by the attorney general. now, the subpoena or the
10:07 am
warrant more properly called accused rosen of being a common criminal. it accused him of violating the espionage act and also calls for a lot more tant december closure of material relating to mr. rosen's contact with steven kim who has been indicted for violating the espionage act. and if i can quote to the application it says that mr. rosen would have to provide any document image record or information concerning the national defense and any other department of defense, u.s. military and or weapons material and any communications concerning such documents, images, records or information. expedition.shing ex-pa that is much broader than merely going after mr. rosen for material that he might have had with the information that mr. kim gave him. and remember mr. kim is under indictment foveolating the
10:08 am
espionage act. i can't think of a more chilling effect on the news media and vie latinoing the first amendment by having that kind of februarying ex-petition and say -- fishing expedition and saying we are accusing you of being a common criminal unless you comply. >> shannon: knowing what he told you on may 15, do you personal le think he misled you or perjured himself? >> well, getting a perjury rap is really hard to convince a jury that he perjured himself. he may have done so and i think that we need some more information. though, first of all, i think the attorney general should be given the opportunity to clarify what he did. even if he makes that clarification i think he has lost the confidence of the american people and definitely of the congress. he ought to resign. the president ought to appoint somebody else to replace him
10:09 am
who can start with a clean slate. that will restore the confidence of the people of this country and the justice department. now, there are a few other departments of the government that need a little bit of confidence restoration starting with the irs. but let's go after this cabinet official and make sure that he comes clean and if he won't do that then we are are going to have to need an independent counsel because if we don't have an in dehe pendent counsel then the justice department will end up prosecuting their boss and that is a doozy of a conflict of interest. >> shannon: absolutely would be. he has a deadline, the attorney general, set but you and congressman goodlatte until wednesday. if he does not answer what is the next step for the attorney general? >> i think we ought to subpoena the attorney general to come back and answer those questions specifically. this is congress fulfilling its constitutional obligation to provide oversight over the executive branch of government.
10:10 am
now, oversight is tough. and when you receive an oversight letter there are consequences for not complying. i was the chairman of the judiciary committee during the bush administration and i had a lot of fussles with attorneys general ashcroft and gonzalez about them complying with things that were under our jurisdiction and the implimentation of laws that we helped write and manage on the floor that got passed. mr. ashcroft wasn't happy about the fact that i canceled a hearing on him at the last minute because he didn't submit the information so that the members of the committee and our staff could get to the bottom of it. but, again, congress has some responsibilities and what mr. goodlatte and i are doing are discharging the responsibilities in the spirit of the framers of the constitution. >> shannon: congressman sensenbrenner, republican from wisconsin we will see you when
10:11 am
you are back in town this week. thank you, sir. >> thank you. >> shannon: new black eye for the irs involving the agency using your taxpayer dollars for this. a conference where your money was spent on what was reportedly a team building exercise that included learning to dance. maybe is that the electric slide there. congress is back in town this week and has three congressional hearings on tap for the irs. chris stirewald. a man of many gifts. >> i have been to enough weddings in the ohio valley to say that that is the electric slide. i may be contradicted but the ohio valley in me says it looks like it. >> shannon: it is not the macrae that. macarana. >> that is in your part of florida.
10:12 am
>> it is not a good time to have to answer the questions. >> not a good time to answer the questions but here is the interesting part in a scandal like this. so you have the shock and awe of the revealation and in this case it was more shocking and more awful, pardon me, because they tried to leak it in a fake leak in a staged thing and came out and made it ten times worse and lois lerner ends up having to plead the fifth in front of the house and that is when republican and democrat said oh, boy, we are bad here. then team obama said it is just some rogue agents down in cincinnati. probably bengals fans there, down there being cincinnatiians but abused their power and got mixed up and made some mistakes. what is interesting is those folks who are suppose supposede the scapegoats in all of this get their chance to talk and their chance to say. we will get to hear them or hear what they said and my guess is that they are not going to agree with the notion
10:13 am
that they were the only guilty parties in this. they will say you guys did this, too. >> shannon: to that point the house oversitting committee which has interviewed some of the cincinnati irs employees is releasing a little bit about what they sad to say. did your supervisor tell you to look for certain things. yes. and it wasn't just about since that the. you were told to prepare applications and told to send these to washington, d.c. this employee says correct. and they said that washington wanted copies of the applications. >> well, lordy day, you saw what the "wall street journal" had over the weekend the reporting about the targeting not just of the 501 c group but also actually other groups. this grows and expands and as it expands it is harder to say it was those four guys down in cincinnati they got all mixed
10:14 am
up. and then we know about more than 100 visits to the white house and executive campus by the former irs director douglas shulman who gave dreadful testimony at the house. phase two is where those who are supposed to take the fall decline to do so and that sets us up for stage three which is when it starts trickling up. the blame stops trickling down and starts trickling up and we start to see who knew and this is the whole question who knew what inside the obama administration when. not that they directed it to be done necessary le but that they knew about it before they sade i'm just as shocked as anybody to hear what lois lerner had to say. >> shannon: and when the video hes surface and you throw in the taxpayer money used for are dance lessons and all that on top of it. >> electric slide. >> shannon: you should know how to do it. >> if you you want people to pay their taxes and you don't know the electric slide like they are going to listen to you. >> next time i will just learn at a wedding.
10:15 am
we will see you tomorrow morning at 11:30 a.m. eastern on the internet. irs officials are expected to testify this week at a house ways and means committee hearing. that committee is investigating the targeting of religious and conservative groups and we have been asking you if you could ask the questions what would you ask the irs. you have been tweeting back answers to us. we will read a few of those later in the hour and you are pretty fired up about that topics. good questions. we first told you last week about senator john mccain's surprise visit to syria. but now some are claiming two of the rebels he met with had terrorist ties to al-qaeda. >> i think a problem for the obama administration in the west as a whole is a terrorists including al-qaeda are very prominent in the opposition. senator mccain was actually photographed with two al-qaeda affiliate leaders on his recent visit. >> shannon: but you in a statement released late last night a spokesman for mccain
10:16 am
said this is so false and outrageous it is hard to fathom. the senator never met with or took a picture with any one from al-qaeda. that is is just outrageous and never even been alleged. more signs that that syria's bloody war is spilling over its borders and battling militants inside of lebanon. connor mo powell with more on e growing unrest. >> the bloody self-war appears to be spilling over into the borders of lebanon with bloody effects. reports at least a dozen people killed in the fighting today in lebanon. violence between pro and antiassad fighters and groups has been on the rise in lebanon. this is by far the largestout break of violence in lebanon. in recent weeks hezbollah fighters have poured into syria in support of the assad regime. they are firing rockets at hezbollah strongholders in
10:17 am
lebanon. the united nations said today that several thousand civilians caught in the cross fear and called on all sides to stop the fighting. that appeal however appears to be widely ignored. efforts to end the two year long civil war appears to be going no where. russia blocking a u.n. resolution calling for an end to the violence in syria. moscow along with tehran two are the biggest supporters. russia and the u.s. are moving forward at launching wider peace talks but syrian rebels are threatening that they may not attend the meeting that is supposed to take place in the next two weeks or so. it is unlikely to produce much because of failed past attempts at conferencesnd dialogue. u.s. officials are insisting they he must continue to press for talks and this really does signal just how unwilling the obama administration is right
10:18 am
now, shannon, to engage in any type of military intervention in syria. right now they are saying it has to be talks because the united states just doesn't want to get involved militarily in syria. shannon? >> shannon: connor powell, thank you very much. wildfires blackening thousands of acres across california and new mexico and mother nature is not helping firefighters in their efforts. dominik has more on that. >> yes, here in lake hughes at wild fair has jumped four fold in a mat aer of hours. i will view the very latest on the other side of the break. [ stewart ] this is the kind of food i love to cook. i'm very excited about making the shrimp and lobster pot pie. we've never cooked anything like this before. [ male announcer ] introducing red lobster's seaside mimatch. combine any 2 of 7 exciting choices on one plate for just $12.99! like new cheddar bay shrimp lobster pot pie, and new parmesan crunch shrimp.
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10:22 am
>> shannon: wildfires continue to in fence few in california and new mexico. officials have ordered evacuations and issued health warnings in both areas. five structures just north of l.a. destroyed and about 1100 more homes being evacuated. fox news dominic di-natale is near aineles national forest which is where officials believe the fires began, the one in california. hello, dominic. >> hey there, shannon. is acreage expected to increase according to authorities.
10:23 am
yesterday high temperatures and strong winds. we saw the fire in the lake hughes area leap four fold to 19,500 acres. you you can probably hear some of the planes going as they go to collect more water and douse the flames here. an intense fire. is rushed across the hillside and the firefighters had difficulty suppressing the rates that the flames were coming crossing canyons in a matter of minutes they were saying describing how the fire was spotty that is when branches of trees that are alight literally explode off the bows fire across canyons and the fires start to spread. the communities of lake hughes and elizabeth lake under mandatory evacuation. a thousand homes affected there. the los angeles county sheriff's department at palmdale was telling us that green valley may be next. no idea of how many homes might be affected there. we hear that type one teams will be brought in. they should be able to make a
10:24 am
greater effort as they face another battle against the flames today. >> we had such a large fire spread last night that we will probably be going back there this morning and doing structure assessment and see how much damage was done and make sure we don't have injuries to civilians and fire personnel and gathering ourself and getting ready for the heat that is still going to come. >> the website wildfire .com says that the air attack was over the area last night as late as 11:45. air attack is a fixed wing aerial plane that supervisory aerial assets. helicopters working late into the night using night sight to douse the flames. they haven't seen a fire in many years and it is a massive tender box which is why the firefighters expect the acreage to increase quite a lot today.
10:25 am
>> shannon: dominic di-natale on the screen for us. thank you. the national oceanic and atmospheric administration canceled plans to furlough 12,000 employees. the head of the agency says it was able to secure an increase in flexibility. plans still in place for the agency to continue a hiring freeze tortion limit travel and cut training costs. coming up, two years later a family still searching for answers in the disappearance of their daughter. there have been no arrests and no suspects. the family says they remain hopeful. coming up, their story exclusively on fox news. ♪ there's a new way to fight litter box odor. introducing tidy cats with glade tough odor solutions. two trusted names, one amazing product.
10:26 am
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10:29 am
>> shannon: attorney general holder said he never heard of the idea of potential prosecution of the press for disclosing material. but the justice department has confirmd that the decision to apply for a search warrant into fox chief washington correspondent james rosen's personal e-mail was vetted at the highest levels including
10:30 am
"discussions with the attorney general." that search warrant was based on allegations that rosen had potentially committed a cream. is so the attorney general telling the truth technically or not at all? joining us live, congressman peter king, republican from new york. sensessman, what is your seps of where we are in the dispute? the attorney general does have outstanding requests from the judiciary committee and maybe that will clear things up. >> he think the chairman will do an outstanding job of getting to the bottom of this. the best we can say about eric holder reit now is he technically may have been accurate. i don't think he was. that is the most he can hope for is that technically he can be accurate. clearly not telling congress all that he knew. certainly giving the wrong impression. whether that amounts to a crime or is actually perjury is what bob goodlate will be looking
10:31 am
at. he is not being open with congress and forthcoming. that is the type of attitude that really breeds a disrespect and for me it will be hard for congress to trust anything that eric holder says. >> we had jim sensenbrenner from wisconsin and he said if the attorney general doesn't answer responsively to the requests by wednesday the deadline that they set they may subpoena him. would you support that? >> i would you have you sport whatever bob goodlatte and jim sensenbrenner do. bob goodlatte is not going to be taking a cheap shot. if he feels a subpoena is necessary i would support it, absolutely. >> shannon: the top democrat on the judiciary committee has spoken out saying that he does not think the attorney general misled the committee when testified on may 15 and says that people are now trying to basically put, you know, the
10:32 am
label of misconduct on something that maybe there were policy agreements or issues that these republicans may have with the administration and essentially hinting they are playing politics with this. >> no, i meaney on mean, any oe objectively look at what the attorney general said he made it clear he was not involved with anything involving prosecution of reporters. but in the affidavits they save they said he was a coconspirator in criminal con delawarconduct. that is a distinction without a difference and clearly eric holder was misleading congress. whether or not that rises to a criminal level chairman goodlatte committee should have a lot to say about that. no way eric holder should be proud in what he said in the testimony to congress. >> shannon: i don't know if you had a chance to see the piece
10:33 am
written by former prime minister tony blair in which he talks about islam and tough conversations that we need to have. i want to read just a little bit of it. he said there is not a problem with islam for those that have studied it there is who doubt about the true and peaceful nature and not a problem with muslims in general. there is a problem within islam from a ideology we have to put it on the table and be honest about it. are we having that conversation? >> unfortunately not. i agree totally with tony blair. he is one of the most outstanding leaders of our time and he is addressing the issue head on. these people don't commit the who are run douse terrorism acts because they happen to be must mihm. muslim. it is because of their per verse interpretation of islam. we are kidding ourselves when we say they are acting on their
10:34 am
own. they are acting pursuant to what they leave believe is a legitimate form of islam. they are doing it because of what they believe their religion is. and there are people within the religion that believe this. even 2 or 3% when you have 1.5 billion muslims in the world is an awful lot of people. in the u.s. we had a poll a too you years guy that 27% of muslims said that suicide bombing could be accepted. it as per verse strain but it is there and has more than a handful of followers. tony blair, fully outstanding leader. >> congressman peter king. thank you, sir,, for your time. >> thank you, shannon. >> shannon: it has been two years since lauren spirer vanished. on the second anniversary of the disappearance the case remains a h mystery. fox news spoke to her parents in an exclusive interview.
10:35 am
>> two years have passed since lauren's parents rob and charleen last heard their daughter's voice or enjoyed her smile. >> lauren was leak a very outgoing child. she loved to pretend. she loved to use different accents. >> the 20-year-old indiana university sophomore dis' peered june 3, 2011 after a night out with friends and fellow students. >> some days you kind of think you are making it through that day and then something will happen or you will -- which kind of brings it all back. >> no arrests. no suspects names. police say they "continue to pursue all avenues in the investigation." mike harkins retired from the fbi in 2012. his 22 year career focused on finding the missing. >> you have to be open to all theories here. i think, you know, you take -- you go where the evidence takes you. >> why don't we split up three and three? >> the main theories of
10:36 am
lauren's disappearance are simple. was she taken by a strange or were the students last seen with her involved? fellow students corey rothman, meek bass and jay rosen balm are among the last people to see lauren alive. they have not been named suspects and maintain innocence. rothman claims he remembers little of what happend that night but he did spend time with lauren. according to witnesses they he walked from a popular bar to her apartment at 2:30 a.m. 12 minutes later the two left after he was punched by another student. witnesses say he was helping lauren walk. it is not clear how drunk she may have been or if she had taken drugs or been slipped something without h her knowledge. later, lauren is seen on surveillance video at roughly 3:00 a.m. accord. she ended up in the apartment the men shared. they claim they tried to get her to stay and sleep on the couch but you she refused. at about 4:30 a.m. rosen balm
10:37 am
who lived in an apartment down the hall says he watched lauren bare foot and without her cell phone walking home alone. her apartment was 6 minutes away. >> i have my doubts. >> rob and charleen spierer aren't convinced lauren ever left the apartment building. >> she was barely able to make it to corey's apartment without his physical help. for her to recover in such a short period of time call it an hour or more, doesn't make sense to me. >> i know for a fact that the police would like to speak with the young men and that they continue to refuse to speak with the bloomington police department. >> rosman and rosenbaum declined our requests for an interview. >> someone has information out there and they need to come forward. >> if it is true that lauren walked home alone in the dark did that make her the perfect target for a predator.
10:38 am
>> obviously her petite size and condition she was in would have made an easy target for someone looking to commit that type of a crime, no question. it could have happened in this instance. but, overall they are rare. >> the rarity of strange abductions and the apparent lack of evidence suggesting foul play at any of the places lauren was that evening make this a complex case. >> it is difficult to dispose of a body like that and then not have it come back or be traced back to the individuals. that is difficult clearly. so yeah, you got to wonder what happened here. >> any information, however, small it may seem, could break this case. the bloomington police department tipline is 812-339-4477 and their e-mail is policetips @ >> i can hear h her voice. and hoe is just such a loving
10:39 am
girl. >> in new york, cristina corbin, fox news. >> shannon: student loan interest rates set to double next month. republicans and democrats want to avoid any increase but they can't agree on how to do that. what is a student to do? we'll ask our next guest. ounce] research suggests cell health plays a key role throughout our lives. one a day men's 50+ is a complete multivitamin designed for men's health concerns as we age. it has 7 antioxidants to support cell health. one a day men's 50+.
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>> shannon: reform was the topic at the white house on friday. next month loan rates are set to double for students unless congress steps in. the house has passed a bill but president is not a tan. >> it fails to lock in low rates for students next year. that is not smart. it eliminatess for lower income families. that is not fair. >> shannon: minority leader mitch mcconnell says here is one issue where two parties should and can find quick agree
10:44 am
innocent envelope, the president appears more interested in needlessly stoking interest in the policy than interest in student loans. we. thank you so much for coming in. >> thanks for having me. >> shannon: you hear about the president talk about this years ago he said he was still paying off his student loans. it is not easy for anybody to tackle. do you think they will find common ground in time because july 1 is the deadline? >> i hope so and for 7 million students and families it is critical that they do. congress was able to come to a bipartisan solution last year. the president was supportive of that and governor romney supportd that and congress found a way to get it done. hopefully that will happen again this year. we are not there yet obviously. >> shannon: they agree on the bottom line proposition they need to find a way to keep the rates from doubling but can't find the frame work to get there. different proposals tieing this and it would tie it to the ten
10:45 am
year treasury note. what they don't agree is the percentage of points to add on top of that. meantime, how do too yo studeno about planning and increased higher education costs will you can get a loan or not? >> students and families need certainty looking ahead to the coming school year about is your interest rate 3 about .4% or 6.8%. a big difference. equals a thousand dollars extra in student debt for every single year of school. you are right there is an underlying problem of college costs that we have to address. not just about student loans. student costs going up 4%, 5%, 7% every year and we to address the underlying problem. >> shannon: you mentioned last year the two sides did come to an agreement at the last minute which seems to happen a lot here in washington now. where do you think there is room for a compromise? >> i think there are some broad similarities. i think young invincibles from our stand point it is important
10:46 am
to have a long-term solution and i think both the house republican proposal and president obama's proposal looks at that. there are some disagreements. one of the big points here is that the federal government actually makes about $51 billion this year from the student loan program. and we need to make sure that we are not adding paying down the deficit on the backs of students and families that is not the way to go about it. we need to have a bill that actually lowers rates for students and keeps them low, number one but also provides a long-term solution. there are some short-term solutions being discussed as well and right now with about a month left before the interest rate is set to double we are looking at those seriously, too. >> shannon: do you think it would be important that more private entities with be in the mix here because this seems to be a drive to letting the government handle all student loans. isn't competition a good thing? >> the private student lenders have had a role and ten to have a role in student loans. the problem is that they he don't have the same motivation.
10:47 am
part of the idea of education is that any one has a shot to get a college degree and this is important. that is one of the things that makes america great. and so private leppedders are going to be trying to make a profit and i think they have a role to play but also there is need for regulation on private lenders because sometimes they are taking advantage of borrowers. certainly there is a mix and competition is important. >> shannon: aaron thank you so much for coming in. and while a window washer was behind you the whole time doing the interview. it happens. the windows have to get cleaned. starbucks is banning smoking within 25 feet of its cafes. they want to keep the outdoor seating areas smoke free it says but you just in case you are wondering ba ric wonderingl not be patrolling public streets to enforce it. find out about the sneaky new fees airlines are
10:48 am
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gestarting may 20th atts participating bay area stores. ♪ >> shannon: if you plan to hop on a plane for a vacation this summer you may be shocked by some of the new fees the airlines are charging. even for a cup of water? let's ask your travel expert chris mcgin nice. air fares are also going up across-the-board this summer. what is happening, chris? >> the airlines have learned they will make a lot more money on fees this year than they are are on fares. getting about 30% of their revenue now from fees. to change a ticket now it costs $200 from $150 a month ago. a couple of airlines are now charging $2 to get a drink on the plane. even water. so airlines really are sticking
10:53 am
the fees to travelers. another thing you may want to consider this summer in you want to get around the airline fees is a driving vacation. gasoline prices are actually going down. the government now says that the average price for gas this summer are should be between $6.50 and $3.60 a -- 3.50 adds $3.60 a gallon. europe this year about be very expensive. their currencies remained resilient. still expensive for americans. one way to get around that, though, is to put all your charges overseas on the card like the chas sapphire preferred card that does not charge foreign transaction fees. you save 3% off the top there. another thing you may want to think about this summer is timing your trip. the most expensive time of year this year is going to be between june 20 and august 10. basically the whole month of july is going to be the most
10:54 am
expensive time. fit your summer vacation in this early june or late august you will save some money. and remember, summer doesn't really officially end until september 21. if you can take your vacation in september and have that flexibility that is a great time of year to get in a good vacation. >> shannon: chris, i know there has been talk of doing things like charging fees for overhead bag storage and -- >> right. >> shannon: i'm one of those people who when you are getting on the plane and they are all jammed up by the time you get there. it is not going to be popular but i don't think that is such a bad idea. thank you forgetting us updated and good tips for the summer. good to see you. >> thanks for having me on. >> shannon: in the military or maybe getting out and looking out for your next adventure? either way check this out. rally point an online networking site for are active duty military and veterans. lets you explore are job opportunities within the mill tare arery by unit, rank and
10:55 am
specialization and helps you translate the skills you obtained while in service to get you into the private sector. we asked, you answered on twitter what would you like to ask the irs under oath. your responses, next. [ male announcer ] erica had a rough day. there was this and this. she got a parking ticket... ♪ and she forgot to pay her credit card bill on time. good thing she's got the citi simplicity card. it doesn't charge late fees or a penalty rate. ever.
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10:59 am
>> shannon: investigations in the white house scandal continue this weekend as irs officials prepare to testify on the hill again. we wanted to know what you would ask. a lot of them frankly i can't read on the air. but john wants to know how many times did former irs commissioner douglas shumman visit with campaign advisers. pat thinks they should be asked to answer all of the questions they pose posed to those they targeted. for example, who did you vote for? ryan's question is when will you guys be resigning. we will watch the hearings to see if any of your questions get asked. "fox news sunday" is next.
11:00 am
and then, rnc chair reince priebus defends his rewanding effort. i'm shannon bream here in washington. proud and fearless. thanks for watching. >> chris: i'm kri chris wallac. is eric holder telling truth? >> the fee cuss should be on those people who break their oath and put the american people atesque not reporters who gather this information. >> is it not too much to ask that the attorney general give straight answers when comes before congress? >> chris: the attorney general must now explain the contradiction between his testimony and his role in calling a reporter a potential cohe conspirator. we will talk with lawmakers demanding answers. the chairman of the house judiciary committee, bob goodlate and congressman kris


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