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tv   FOX and Friends First  FOX News  June 3, 2013 2:00am-3:01am PDT

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backed down. they appeared together on 60 minutes where they praised on each other. an american soldier accused of leaking 700,000 classified military documents to wikileaks. bradley manning is charged with a total of 2 counts of espionage. he faces 154 years in prison. the case is the largest classified documents leak in u.s. history. >> a family tragedy for bruno mars with the sudden death of his mother. ♪ >> his mom bernadette hernandez died on saturday of a brain aneurysm in hawaii. she was only 55 years old. she was a hula dancer and also a
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singer. the grammy winner credited his mother to introducing him to music as a little boy. >> how sad. >> a new batch of presidential hopefuls rom fee is hoping can learn from his experiences. he will host three potential presidential candidates paul ryan and rand paul will be there with 300 supporters. >> there is more bad news for the irs this morning. a new report reveals 50 million in spending on over 200 conferences. this while round two of hearings set to begin on a number of irs scandals and new information indicating that the order to target -- in order to target tea party groups came to washington. kelly wright is live with the latest on this. good morning, kelly. >> good morning to you as well.
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the scandal will come under more scrutiny this week as two more congressional hearings take place. law americas have plenty to look into and to look at. starting with the videos of irs employees taking dance lessons. right now you are looking at them acting out scenes from star trek all of these at tax payer's expenses. investigators from the treasury department find the irs spent $50 million for 220 conferences over a two-year period from 2010 to 2012. >> the culture at the irs during this period of time was one that did not particularly care about whether they spent well the tack payer's money. >> congressman darrel issa the lead. they may have received their orders from washington the group
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seeking teax exempt status. they did an interview with one irs refused to say few agents targeted the irs. plush flush floir ee was asked this question, did you think there was something inappropriate about what was happening in 2010? fl a oo elijah cummings calls his claims reckless stating quote no witnesses who have appeared before the committee have identified any irs official in washington, d.c. who directed employees in cincinnati to use
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tea party or similar terms to screen applicants for extra scrutiny. back to you, heather. >> now to extreme weather around the northeast getting hit hard by severe storms overnight. take a look at the damage in maine. >> over 30,000 people left in the dark. more storms could be coming for the region as well. not good news maria for the folks living there. >> any time you have storms that produce flooding across an area and you have threat for more additional rain on top of that area you are talking about the potential for flooding. that's something we will keep an eye on. on the east coast we are not anticipating a severe weather threat in terms of damaging winds and hail but the thunderstorms will be firing up the lightening will be another concern parts of massachusetts and connecticut all down the eastern sea board and coast you are talking about showers and storms. travel is going to be another
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big concern. ahead of the frontal system 62 degrees for the high temperature. 74 in new york city. that of course a leaf after experiencing 90 degree heats in the great lakes and northeast. this one will be exiting the rockies this storm system has a severe weather threat with it anywhere from parts of the texas panhandle and western oklahoma all of the way north to parts of southern california. we will keep an eye on the next system. >> now to the deadly tornado in oklahoma. emergency crews continue to search for the 7 missing people there after that storm. meanwhile the death toll continuing to decline now 13. three of them veteran storm chasers trying to gather research on tornadoes. mike tobin joins us with the latest. good morning. >> good morning, ainsley.
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governor mayor mary fallon says they need to have resilience. they got hit by another tornado. you mentioned the veteran storm chasers who were killed by this last round of tornadoes. they were tim stamrous and karl young featured on storm chasers. tim had a reputation for being cautious motivated signs not youtube glory. it's not known how an experienced guy like him got caught in a round of storms. possibly he was caught on the traffic jam as people were trying to flee the storm. possibly because this tornado took a sudden unpredictable left turn. >> i honestly belief he saved lives because of some of the things and tools he deployed and developed for storm chasing. i think the bigs thing he could have done was he gave his life for others. >> the death toll has risen to
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13. but as searchs continue in the flood water governor fallon says that number could rise. 7 people are missing. we know that among the victims from this storm system there's a 4-year-old boy who was with his family trying to get shelter in a storm drain and he was pulled away from his family by the rising flood waters. >> you can't mess with mother nature she is so strong there's nothing you can do about it. patti ann, over to you. >> angelina jolie is stepping out months after having a double mastectomy as the nation's highest court is set to weigh in on access to a patented test that may have saved her life. anita vogel has the latest from los angeles. >> in the spotlight across the bond angelina jolie is doing what comes naturally in a battle against hereditary cancer. >> i am recovering great.
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i am grateful for all of the thoughts. >> she tested positive for the gene. >> there are many different genes brca 1 and brca 2 cause the prep pron drans of these breast cancers. >> a single test can range from a few hundred to 3,000 dollars. in april the supreme court justices heard arguments on whether human genes can be patented centering around the brac attest. they have the braca 1 and 2 mutations since 1990. th myriad made 100 million off of cancer. the price of braca testing is a hurdle. >> while the test of technology to analyze has gone down the cost of this test has gone up. i don't think there's a good justification for that.
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>> the decision on this case is eminent. she is happy her struggle opened up a dialogue. >> i am happy to receive the discussion about women's health expanded. >> jolie admits the cost is a burden for many. after losing her aunt to cancer last week they are working for a charity to fund such tests for people who need one and can't afford it. in the month of may in the upside. will there be a june soon or will you see fox slide? lauren simonetti is here to answer the questions for us. >> you have seen enough trends over the last 7 or 8 months. >> so far this year s&p up 700.
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friday the final day of may was a disastrous day. the dow was down more than 200 points people are nervous investors are nervous we have come too far too soon and now we might see the traditional june swoon. >> a few years ago people were flipping houses i hear this trend is starting again. >> flipping homes is a good thing for the market. when you buy a home fix it up right away and within 6 months put it back on the market you make a lot more money on it than what you paid for. we are seeing it in many markets. flirps are back out there particularly in california. these flippers are making 50, 75, 100,000 dollars. the problem is when you are a legitimate home buyer you don't want to flip the home you are looking for a good deal. how do you compete? you don't have as much cash as these flirps do sometimes it's on the market the next day it's off the market and 5 or 6 bids came in in 24-hours.
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>> i thought it was so hard to get a loan. >> coming up he is at the center of the scandal in the white house now eric holder breaking the law with the scandal. what happened to one person being number one? those days are they gone for some high schoolers which has now dozens of valedictorians. obviously i wasn't one of them. in one class. what? e verizon share everything plan for small business
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>> it is 14 after the hour. here's what you missed while you were sleeping. the massive wildfire in california has forced 3,000 people from tlaer home. the place has already destroyed
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6 homes and damaged 15 more. summited hi u.s. health officials are on alert after three more deaths from the corona virus. 30 people died from the virus since last year t. attacks the respiratory system. it includes fever and cough but could lead to pneumonia. >> eric holder accused of lying under oath while testifying. wanted james rosen monitored. now calls are out there are him to resign. >> pressures are mounting onner rishg holder to explain why he told congress one thing but did something different. on may 15th holder testified in congress that he played no part in any potential criminal probe
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of reporters but the justice department says he signed off on the investigation of fox reporter james rosen. the attorney general committed perjury and are demanding he explain himself. >> is it possible you are holding attorney general holder for pos isible perjury. >> we are concerned about that. it is fair to say we are investigating the conflict in his remarks. we want the attorney general to respond. we will wait to pass judgment on that until after we receive his response. >> they sent holder a letter last week asking for answers but so far received no reply. all of this more trouble for president obama as it makes it more difficult to focus on public attention for his agenda. he has a variety of issues including the investigation of
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journalists. they say it is politically motivated and there is no evidence of perjury by holder. no i don't think there's perjury there's been no prosecution of any journalists. there can't be perjury. the warrant is a tool to get information. i don't think the two were contradicted. holder's testimony before congress was truthful but many have doubts. in washington steve sen tony fox news. what ever happened to one person being the best? not one but 21 valedictorians will graduate at the top of their class at south medford high school in oregon. the grading system allows all seniors who earned a 4.0 gpa to claim that title. >> other schools are doing the same as well at enterprise high school there are 34 valedictorians there. smart kids. we want to know should there be more than one valedictorian?
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send those xhoefrnts to us. you can tweet them to us at foxfriendsfirst or shoot us an e-mail to next on the rundown, do you get headaches when you don't have the morning cup of coffee? is there something really wrong with you or is it all in your head. dr. seigel explains next. >> congress wants to bend the law to keep more flights at washington, d.c.'s airport. it may not be what the taxpayers want.
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>> welcome back. it's 21 minutes after the top of the hour.
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don't mess with our convenient flight tone from reagan national airport. they are urging regulators to keep all of their airports blocked if the american airlines and u.s. airways planned merger is done. >> it is a spelling bee controversy. many yiddish people say he spelled the word wrong. they say it should be spelled without the i. spelling bee officials say it's correct he spelled it like the western dictionary. >> if your whole morning falls apart when you don't get your coffee you are not alone. it classifies caffeine withdrawal as a mental disorder. dr. mark seigel is here with this and other caffeine facts and fiction. what do you think about the dsm
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in caffeine was always in there now withdrawal is added. >> the tame president was to say there are real symptoms you have when you stop drinking coffee or caffeine. you can get your heart racing get irritable all of that is fair for it to be a mental disorder i have a problem with that. it is a physiological problem and doesn't deserve to be along with that category. >> it is under control. >> it is temporary. medical more than internist thing than i think ewings at trick. one thing we hear is caffeine dehydrates you true or false. >> in 2002 they carefully looked at this and said it is about as dehydrating as water is. i am not saying you should use it to hydrate you but it is not dehydrating as we thought it was. >> number two, three cups of
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coffee a day can help your memory. fact or fiction? >> that is fact. that came out of austrian researchers. it takes you attend better your attention is better and your memory is better. especially in women. >> i don't drink soda but i drink caffeinated soda. >> studies don't prove that caffeine helps you with weight loss. when you use caffeinated bev rajs it gets you not to eat other things. caffeine itself though a stimulant does not do it itself. >> caffeine can give you heart tease. >> caffeine does not give you heart tease. it is a stimulant it can raise your blood pressure. if you have a tendency toward preexisting heart disease it can stimulate it. i would watch out if you have the underlying tendency.
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watch how much you have. >> dr. mark seigel lots of interesting facts. good to know. thanks as always. >> i still have my cup of coffee every morning. >> he's a doctor if it's okay for him it's okay for us. >> good stf. >> we already know they aren't the best of friends. did bill clinton make a deal in order to support barack obama's last presidential run? is it a baby boy or girl? kim kardashian revealing the gender of the baby with kanye west. of course the cameras were rolling. the kyocera torque lets you hear and be heard
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that's the idea. before you have any work done, check angie's list. from roofers to plumbers to dentists and more, angie's list -- reviews you can trust. i love you, angie. sorry, honey. >> good morning. welcome back to fox and friends first. it is 5:29 year on the east coast. it is time for your 5@5:30. we start with a fox news alert. the search continues for a california teenager swept over a oughter fall at yosemite national park. after hiking one of the popular trails he went swimming in this river which runs adjacent the trail that is when tragedy struck. there is a water fall there and park employees are saying the teenager should not have been swimming in that river in the
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first place. >> president obama made a deal with hillary clinton if she runs in 2016. in exchange bill clinton agreed to announce obama's nomination at the dnc which was weaken thus yam. obama had second thoughts about not remaining neutral about a hillary run. bill clinton reportedly threatened to retaliate and president obama backed down. u.s. lawmakers on a mission to russia say they have found nothing respect that could have prevented boston bombings. the two countries need to work together better to fight the delegation. they met with security officials u.s. officials said russian security officials ask the fbi about the older brother back in
2:31 am
2011 about his terrorist ties. >> i believe that that would have been one of the types of things we could have thwarted at a hire level of competition between our countries. >> dzhokhar tsarnaev is still in prison awaiting trial. >> an evaluation will hold out teachers and be watched nationwide. teachers will be ranked on a four-tier scale. 40 percent of the ratings will come from state assessments and 60 percent from principal observations. some teachers would be measured students surveyed. a utah woman couldn't wait to have her twins. she and a friend were on the way to the hospital when they had to pull over on the side of the highway. she had gone to labor and in the back seat of the car she delivered three pound jj. the newborn was not breathing
2:32 am
they began cpr until the police arrived. >> got the baby breathing a short time after that they delivered the second baby. when the second baby was born it gave out a good healthy scream. >> that is great news. jj and aj and mom are doing well this morning. that's your 5@5:30. >> congratulations to them. thanks. more bad news for the irs. they had thousands spent on hearings. there are a number of irs scandals. the order to target tea party groups came from washington. kelly wright is live for us with more. >> two more congressional hearings get underway and lawmakers have plenty to look
2:33 am
into or to look at starting with these videos irs plies acting out scenes from star trek or taking dance lessons at tax payer's expense by the way. they reported investigators from the treasury department will show the irs spent 50 million for 220 conferences over a two-year period from 2010 to 2012. >> the culture was one that did not care whether they spent well the taxpayer's money. he may have received money to target groups. employees refuse to report that a few rouge plies are responsible. it is impossible as an agent we
2:34 am
are controlled many many people. we have to submit many reports. the chance of two agencies going rouge can never happen. investigators asked another irs employee did you think there was something inappropriate about what was happening in 2010. the employee replied yes the inappropriateness was not processing the applications fairly and timely. it alls ice saw's claims reckless. they directed plies to use we are going to stay with the irs scandal with "look who is talking. >> karl rove and david met going head to head yesterday hearse
2:35 am
their exchange after he insists this was not a political pursuit by the irs. >> there is no suggestion the independent -- the inspector general said there was no politics involved in it. no one indicated at all the white house is involved. the irs director was appointed under president bush served under both presidents this was not a political -- >> bologna. >> if it is not political why are only conservative groups being targeted. >> there was. >> name one. >> what other group had tea heart or patriot in its name was targeted. not a single liberal group -- >> this was not an effort driven by the white house. it would be the dumbest political effort of all times. >> i didn't suggest it was driven by the white house but i suggest -- >> i think people sitting in cincinnati, laguna baltimore and
2:36 am
washington, d.c. listen to people like senator max baucus senator schumer. when president obama goes out in 2010 and calls these a threat to democracy. >> he says the irs was targeting conservative groups was not driven giem kratz. now to extreme weather damaging winds heavy rain and hail pounding the east coast over night thousands waking up this morning without their power. >> this same area is stlet tened by more storms today. >> good morning everybody. we are talking more storms across sections of the northeast and specifically impacting big cities on the i 95 corridor connecticut, rhode island, new york city, new jersey all of these areas will be looking at areas of heavy rain. the same storm system will
2:37 am
impact areas on the east coast all of the way down to the state of florida with areas of heavy rain. other parts of south dakota damaging winds large hail and isolated tornadoes. oklahoma city you are going to be looking at strong to severe storms and into wednesday the same goes for you across parts of oklahoma into the texas panhandle. patti ann, ainsley several days across the area and possible severe storms. >> maria molina. thank you. >> more on the extreme weather in oklahoma. the deadly tornado claimed the lives of 13 people including young children and three veteran storm chasers. they will comb the area searching for missing people. >> mike is live with more. >> good morning, mike.
2:38 am
>> good morning patti ann. oklahomans are in cleanup mode after the 1-2 punch of dead stloirm after dead stloirm. you can see the airplane behind me tossed around like it didn't weigh anything. what we saw over the weekend is neighbors coming together sifting through the rubble of destroyed homes piecing together mementos that could be salvaged of people's lives after homes were destroyed. >> house is 117 years old i was like we are okay it's going to be fine. it's just not. >> this round of storms did claim the lives of three veteran storm chairses. paul samarsa his brother and paul young were featured on the discovery channel. tim samaras was known for being
2:39 am
cautious. it is not known how the veteran storm chairses were caught and got in trouble in this particular storm. quite possibly it was the graphic jam that built up on i 40. >> mike tobin live in california thank you. >> it is time to entertain this. angelina jolie making her red car fepet return in london. the event marks the first public appearance since she revealed she under went a double mastectomy since decreasing her risk of getting breast cancer. >> i have been praying very, very grateful. >> i have been very hap pea to see the discussion about women's health expanded and that means the world to me. >> jolie has less than a 5 percent risk of getting the disease. another woman joining the
2:40 am
kardashian clan? >> i am thinking it's a girl. >> how exciting. girl. >> what is the percentage? >> 99 plus. >> 99 plus. so i can tell people it's a girl. >> kim kardashian and kanye west on last night keeping up with the kardashians. >> a surprise winner at the fed-ex 400 tony stewart winning for the first time in nearly a year. his 48th career win. the three times cup champion only led for the last three laps of that race. >> corner back antonio blah more than 5 million bucks on things like bmw's and piles of jewelry in his first nfl season. he since learned his lesson. he's in the 4 year contract with the new york jets. he's giving up that laugh vish
2:41 am
lifestyle and is more about saving money. he's monitoring rookie players on how to be responsible. good for him. finally, blame it on the rain. >> getting a little nervous yankees and red sox trying to wait on the rain yesterday in the dugout. the thunder is loud and pretty scary. it sent several scurrying for shelter. the game was called after 67 innings they won 3-0. 41 after the hour still to come could evidence in the crime scene where oscar if is tore why yous was killed. we will have latest developments. >> apple in the middle of a book battle they are accused of charging you too much. [ lisa ] my name's lisa, and chantix helped me quit. i honestly loved smoking, and i honestly didn't think i would ever quit. [ male announcer ] along with support,
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mommy's having a french fry. yes she is, yes she is. [ bop ]
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[ male announcer ] could've had a v8. 100% vegetable juice, with three of your daily vegetable servings in every little bottle. a friend under water is something completely different. i met a turtle friend today. avo: whatever you're looking for, expedia has more ways to help you find yours. is>> it's quarter till the top of the hour. wrecked crime scene photos may reck it against oscar pistorius. the leaked photos were taken days after pistorius allegedly murdered his girlfriend model steenkamp. he shot her because he thought she was an intruder. a simple vinegar test can prevent cervical cancer. they use a vinegar swab which
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makes abnormal cells change color. it is cheaper than a paps mere and just as effective. cervical deaths are down 32 percent since the tests became popular. >> apple going to court now authorities are claiming they have conspired with publishers to raise the price of e books. diane macedo has more. >> apple piers to be facing an uphill battle as it repairs to go to trial against the department in a price fixing scandal. apple group simon and shoeser fiset and mcmillan worked together to raise prices set byam zon which at the time sold 90 percent of all e books and kept prices low it in order to promote kindle sales. as the justice department is going against apple, apple says that the court filing in may that the publishers on their own received an agency biusiness
2:47 am
model where they would set the price and retarryls would get a commission for each sale. they also discussed raising wholesale prices for e books. the publisher settled agreeing to stop preventing discounts and paying $164 million to benefit consumers. apple refused to settle with the judge presiding over the case indicating the pretrial hearing believes they have enough evidence to prove the case here. he is only seeking in order to block apple from tsimilar condut in the future. the company could face damages in the separate trial against state attorney general and consumers for shooting class action pofrnlt pointing out harbor collins is owned by news corp. which is the parent company of fox news and the fox business network. back to you. >> thank you, diane. still ahead we will explain why the prescription med inyicine y take could be putting your children in danger. >> now eric holder accused of
2:48 am
breaking the law while testifying against the scandal. the accusations you have to hear. first let's go to brian kilmeade to hear what's going on on "fox & friends." >> if you want me to tell everybody i will do it. in 13 minutes new interviews with irs plies, tea party targeting came state from washington, d.c. who would have thought. donald trump weighs in on other things including china reaping the benefits of iraqi oil. say it ain't so. senator john mccain live. he's talked about maybe accidentally meeting with terrorists in syria. we will set the record straight. kerri walsh jennings plays volleyball on the plaza because she is very good at it. the hit so jessie and e is back behind camera one. not the camera.
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>> about eight minutes until the top of the hour. a new study finds more than 70,000 kids go to the e.r. for prescription drug poisoning. specifically drugs prescribed to adults for conditions like diabetes and high blood pressure. teens and kids under five were at the greatest risk. it's been two weeks since a lottery ticket worth $590 million was sold in florida. nobody has claimed that prize yet. the winner has 60 days from the date of the drawing to claim a lump sum payment. after 180 days the money will go to the state coffers. patti ann? >> attorney general eric holder is being investigated now for sworn testimony he gave to congress last month. after an affidavit surfaced showing holder wanted fox news reporter james rosen monitored. fox news correspondent doug
2:53 am
luzader joins us. >> good morning, attorney general eric holder is on a deadline to explain remarks he made to congress that may be, let's say inconsistent with the facts. holder was asked by the house judiciary committee last month about potential reporter prosecutions in leak cases. he claimed it wasn't something he was involved in. in fact, he said he never heard of it. but it's now clear that he signed off on a search warrant back in 2010 that named fox's james rosen as a potential coconspirator in a leak investigation raising a tough question: did holder commit perjury? >> we're going to give him an opportunity to respond. the chairman of the subcommittee, jim sensenbrenner, i sent him a letter giving him until next wednesday to ask pointed questions about the conflict between his testimony under oath before the committee and the language that you just cited in the request for the warrant.
2:54 am
>> democrats argue that just because rosen was named in the search warrant doesn't mean there would have actually been a prosecution. but that doesn't mean that the justice department ever intended to criminally prosecute rosen. i mean, not at all. people fill out affidavits as part of cases where they're trying to collect information. >> i think in these kinds of cases -- >> holder's critics say he can't have it both ways. either he misled congress or he misled a judge in seeking that search warrant that targeted rosen's phone records. >> thank you. it's your last chance to answer our question of the day. earlier we told you about high schools that select 5, 10, 21 valedictorians or even more. we want to know should there be more than one valedictorian? we're going to have some of your responses. what has this little guy so upset he's gone
2:55 am
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2:58 am
>> time to look at the good, the bad, and the ugly. first the good. an amazing dog rescue. a woman tries to take her dog on an elevator but the doors close on his leash. scary. but this stranger luckily removed the pooch from his leash which saved the dog's life. incredible. >> now the bad. an atlanta hospital patient
2:59 am
steals an ambulance with two paramedics in the back and then crashes it into the side of a building. the patient jumped out of the ambulance and fled the scene. the paramedics are expected to be okay. the ugly. a four-year-old's temper tantrum caught on camera. [crying and screaming] >> that's aden. he is crying because the mets beat the yankees. never mind. he's a mets fan, a little confused about his allegiance there. time for your brew on this responses. earlier we told you about a high school in oregon that has 21 valedictorians. we want to know should there be more than one valedictorian. here are your opinions. matt tweeting. schools are too soft. having 21 i am please no one student is the -- having 21 implies no one student is the best. >> this is more garbage of
3:00 am
no exceptionalism. >> there is nothing wrong with competition. >> thanks to everyone who responded. have a great day, folks. "fox & friends" starts right now. >> good morning. it is monday, june 3. i'm ainsley earhardt. the white house is claiming it wasn't just conservatives targeted but liberals as well and karl rove is telling it like it is. >> if it is not political why are only conservative groups being targeted? name one. >> he says baloney. more of the faceoff coming up. >>steve: bill clinton raised eyebrows when he came in at the 11th inning to save mr. obama's reelection. now we know why. a secret deal was hatched so that mr. clinton would help


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