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tv   Red Eye  FOX News  June 4, 2013 12:00am-1:01am PDT

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capabilities. he's never going to win the docks dogs contest. docks dogs contest. welcome to "red eye." it is like all my children if by children you mean shirtless body builders i hired to move a piano that i really don't v. let's go to tv's andy levy for a pre game report. what's coming up on tonight's show? >> our top story, what government agency spent $50 million on conferences between 2010 and 2012? and targeting conservative and tea party groups? i gave that one away, didn't i. we would like to thangt writer's guild for naming "red eye" one of the best 101 best written shows of all time. but we can't because they didn't put us on the list. and a new report from the college young republic shows what went wrong with the gop and young voters?
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the words dismal situation are used. >> thank you. see you at the half. >> i won't be back until later than that. >> why? >> i have something i have to take care of. >> i hope it comes back negative. >> you will be the first to know if it doesn't. >> you noy what i am excited about? >> what? >> i feel like we are the first on fox news to cufort irs story today. >> i haven't seen it at all. >> i haven't seen it. we are always there. first -- first or second. >> 12th? >> yes, 12th. >> what irs story? >> i don't know. you can know when to go out. thank you. let's welcome our guest. she is so hot that young boys use her to fry ants on the sidewalk. i am here with defense attorney johnna. and comedian tom connor. like the eyebrows. and in utah he is considered beef jerky. it is my sidekick, bill schulz. and if insightful commentary was a cavity i would drill him in a dentist's chair.
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the blazes national security editor and co host of "reel news" on blaze tv. >> a block, the lede. that's the first story. hey, greg, my two dads want you to be my third. let's talk after the show. >> i won't. can't wait to get to the story nobody heard. they blew through cash while giving the tea party sass. they have gone from worse to worser to worserrer. a report found the agency spent $50 million to hold 220 conferences for employees between 2010 and 2012. that's like one per hour. and one of them cost $4 million alone. for a 2010 gathering in anaheim, wherever that is, they enjoyed perks like baseball tickets and suites that cost $3500 a night. 15 outside speakers were paid a total of $135,000 in fees
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and one receiving $117,000 talking about leadership through art. the agency spent $2,000 for parody videos including this pile of pointlessness. >> to the left. three, four. >> it is so challenging to teachers and them even though there are lyrics to the dance. to the right, to the right, to the right. >> this is harder than doing an op review. >> i need a straight line. trying to get ready for anaheim. stay in line. >> stay in your lane. stay in your lane. >> come on. >> this isn't so bad. >> i feel bad. anyway, that video and a star trek parody cost them $50,000 to make. speaking of wasteful.
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>> i tell you, imagine that coming up through the toilet when you are sitting there, huh? >> i am doing it right now. >> seriously, bill, it is awesome. buck, $4 million for a weekend in anaheim sounds like a lot, but the memories are priceless, and it is a drop in the bucket as they say. >> it is indeed. i wanted to add a couple of dances. you could do the no you can't write that off twist. and you can do the welcome to federal prison shuffle. there are a bunch. they have a little more rhythm than i thought. it is a little above ned flanders, but not much. while they are not trying to figure out how to i can ma our lives miserable and destroy our businesses and society as a whole, they are having fun. >> it is wonderful they are having fun. try not to think about it being your money and it is great. >> $50 million for these
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parties, yet i can't deduct tequilla as a business expense being a comedian which is appropriate. and they also said mistakes happen and we have to make sure they don't happen again. try dhoog in audit -- try doing that in an audit next time. you can't plead the fifth. >> you have been audited i take it. >> several times. >> is that because are you a comedian? >> yes. you are getting blood from a stone. there is nothing there. the auditor gets 10 times more than i do. >> and your whole purpose in life is to make people laugh. the irs is coming after you while they are having a laugh on our own expense. am i yelling loud enough to convey my outrage. >> i am outraged too. i love when people i hate embarrass themselves and the irs are under seconds ogres who love to audit. it is embarrassing for them. it doesn't please me because
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it is my money that funded their fund. if this was a training video where they were going to revamp their image with the american people, that's something else. look, we can have fun too. but that's not what this is about. this was a complete waste of money. >> it is good they acted in the star trek sketch. that is helpful when you want to go before congress and you have to say i have no recollection over. you are lying through your teeth. >> on "red eye" i looked at your expenses and you spent $12 holding a conference in near a dumpster with homeless harry 1k3* boxcar bob. >> that was the audit on how many boxcars are named bob. >> that's true. >> and it was an hour long segment. >> no one died during the segment which was nice. bill, here is my question. don't you think the problem is they chose the electric slide? if it had been the makarena or the conga because everybody
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loves watching that it would have been a different story. we would be laughing along. >> vow saying why did they do that? that wasn't good. if it was good we wouldn't have an a block story. we don't want them to have fun dances, although i don't know what that is right there. wasn't that a little racist ?r ?r -- racist? they were interviewing the black people saying look at these white people. they can't dance. they don't know what they are doing and then the goofy white guy, looks like we are doing all right. >> they really talk that way. >> in the white woman's defense she is wearing a cast. >> she had a eke broen leg. i find that kind of attractive. i have to defend them. they are not the problem. i don't think these employee rtz issue. the issue is government itself and the poe lit -- politization and turning it into something you don't like. what do you do when you go to a conference and your bosses say we have something fun to
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do. when the other option is not fun. i have been to crap loads of conferences when i was in publishing and you would do anything to try to get laid so that meant you would do stupid [bleep]. >> with girls with casts. >> i got in one of those giant wrestling -- sumo wrestling things. >> i saw that on the internet jie. it was for a private company and the taxpayers weren't paying for it. you end up doing stupid things. >> it is warm in there. it is suspiciously sweaty. >> it was in july and hot weather. it actually got violent. >> and like the electric slide it is harder than it looks in those things. if the irs was all fun and games and they were auditing you for example and they were like, come on, it is okay. people wouldn't inned moo the -- wouldn't mind the money going to it. >> the flip side, the more they do crap like this and it sounds like they were doing a lot of crap like, this the less time they are auditing you and asking you why you
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expensed your cable bill. i have a legitimate reason. i work for tv. >> i want to ask, president obama's brother malik runs a nonprofit from kenya called the barak h obama foundation. this could be a coincidence. >> not a coincidence. >> mark stein wrote about it in 2011 and they applied for tax exempt status and had their approval signed less than a month later by lois -- lois or lieu -- louise? i always get that name wrong. th was a tiny story, but i think it should be huge now. >> and she back dated the application two and a half years so it could be retro. >> i didn't know that. >> yes, she did. why is she not going to jail like a judge who fixes a ticket? how could barack obama's brother fed ex his application and get it passed like that. meanwhile tea partiers can't get their f013c designation for heller.
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>> anything with barack obama's name comes in and "hooked on a feeling" and people are high fiveing each other saying the leader has risen. >> can we see the picture again of barak and his brother? after looking at that picture, are you really going to tell me barak was born in the same place as his brother? i see some noticible differences. >> i don't know. >> the hat is very different. >> i think we can start there. >> malik by the way backwards spells kilam. and 12 wives. he has 12 wives. they are all listed as dependents for the irs which is another scandal. >> that they have to look into. i have to admire anybody with 12 wives. >> he doesn't look mormon at all. >> we are moving on. from scams to shams. they are cronie was a phony. richard windsor had it all. he was certified as a scholar of ethical behavior for three
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years in a row and he communicated with senior obama administration officials and the ceo's of environmental organizations. sadly for him he didn't exist. it turns out richard wind cor was a made up name. -- windsor was a made up name when she was administrator of the epa. not sure what that stands for. she created the secondary account because her normal address was publicly available. it is something the epa says is commonly done for internal communication. this doesn't explain where he got his ethical behavior and other certifications or why jackson used the account to communicate with environmental ago tau -- activists or why they were never from jackson. a senate committee is investigating more. for more let's go live to this dog.
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>> it is monday. they can't all be winners. tom, i'm sure you use fake names going across country trying to check out of the holiday inn express. >> i am windsor on many chat rooms. secondly, looking at this woman, and i hate this stereo type, but is it shocking she wanted to be a dude? >> you are an awful person. >> thank you, bill. thank you bill for saying that. >> first of all it is identity theft and second of all it is a fake name with the epa which also global warming and fake issue. and she wants to be the dude because she gets 75 cents on the dollar if she is a woman. >> now that is a good joke. they are commenting on the inequality between men and women. >> does it make up for the
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dude reference? >> maybe. you are an attorney and a lawyer. >> right. >> it is fish yes, sir than the kitchen -- fishier than the kitchen at long john silver's. >> how can you work for a government agency and pretend to be somebody else? let alone pick your porn name as your alias as the town you grew up in and your dog. what is yours? >> there is something about working for government agencies and a porn name and is it possible to do both. >> you have a porn name buck sex ton. what is your real name? >> i had to get in front of that one. >> that's as real as real gets. as a former federal employee richard windsor, the fake employee, complained the least of all federal employees and was among the most productive.
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if you knew the contributions richard made to the epa softball team we wouldn't be mocking him. it was quite the guy with the ladies. >> the mystery. the mystery of dick windsor. he is like the don draper. he is getting the high marks and the accounts. he is always at the movie with his kid. bill, i'm sure you have nothing to add to this conversation, but i will let you have a shot anyway. >> so you are projecting right now? >> i will give to the other bill. >> all right, so while i have you here -- >> stop before he throws you off the show. >> if i am going to pretend to be somebody else, it is to get illegal pharmaceuticals on-line. this seems like a waste of a fake name. >> you can make so much money doing it. look what she did the entire time while she was pretending to be this guy. she started taking one after another after another of those
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horrible ethical tests we all have to take from hyper sensitive companies she enjoyed it. she clearly loved doing this. was it dick wind cor? dick windsor should sell those to everybody and sit there saying yes, no, i won't look at his belt. >> these are people in the monotone and they say bill, that was my buttocs. >> she or he which makes it freaky like doing that stuff. hire yourself out dick windsor. >> nobody wants to do it. >> we have to move on. from phonies to tonies. do you need a gun to be number one? the writers guild of america has released its list of the best 101tv series ever. others in the top 10 seinfield, the twilight zone and "all in the family" and" mash" and "the mary tyler moore show" and" cheers," "the wire" and" the west wing."
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my favorite, what is up with hiccup, the pup. it didn't even make the list. >> that's still better than two broke girls, tom. what should have been on the list, but wasn't? >> clearly wwe smack down. i go with "jerry springer show,"" jerry shore" and "petty coat junction" and" joni loves chachi." >> oh, scott baio, one of the greats. he was just on "arrested development." did you like courtroom shows? >> i kind of did. "boston legal,"" l.a. law," remember that? >> which was the most realistic? >> "ironside." >> raymond burke walked though
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so it was totally funny. what is that one with what's her face on that night? >> oh with what's his face? >> yes the guy that is in it. no, can't think of the lady from "er." >> julie anna margo lease? >> yes. you know what -- >> it is not on the list. >> what is your favorite show of all time? >> "sex and the city" number 39. >> have been 69, am i right, dude? terrible joke. i am mocking a terrible joke so don't think i am making a terrible joke. though at times i have made terrible jokes. most of the time. buck, as far as the top 10 were concerned, were there any real surprises here? we know "the wire" and everybody likes" the wire" without seeing it. >> everybody sees "the wire" and think it is a documentary of the streets. they feel like they have been there. i don't actually have to go to a scary neighborhood. i can just watch "the wire." and one that didn't make it "miami vice"?
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no other show on its contribution to fashion alone, you could wear a turquoise blazer and a pink shirt together and that was cool for like five years. >> and also by the way the soundtrack which i believe was yon hammer -- >> what? >> let's just move on. >> here is the problem with what just happened at the table. you are out to get me. you referenced what i am wearing and you mentioned "joni loves chachi" and i know i look like erin moran from" happy days." leave me alone. i did nothing to you guys. >> "red eye" did not make the list. so i called them and they told me why. they said it is because of you we would have been in the top 10. >> wait, michael your production manager? why bring him into this. he makes 10,000 a year. "cheers" and" sign -- "seinfield" are the only ones i saw with regularity. i don't know if that says something about me or how they
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grade. i have never nor do i now own a tv and can i afford one. i do go to signings as erin moran. >> no wonder she is broke. it is you who was stealing. >> mary tyler moore was in dick vandy ce. >> i loved the mary tyler moore show. you had ted knight. and that was when ed asner was likable. >> absolutely demanding a recount for "charles in charge." >> she didn't age well, nicole. coming up,een drug abuse is on the rise. heavy marijuana use among teens is up 80% with one in 10 reporting they use it at least 20 times a month. that's a story we are not doing. first, was "game of thrones" too bloody or not bloody snuff? bloody enough?
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the brand is damned. according to young republicans the state of the gop is dismal with a capital d. a new report from the college republican national committee picked apart what went wrong in the 2012 election and paints a picture that much like bill's face is ungodly and ugly. political report -- politico based the study and says it rips on making governments smaller and lowering taxes. other complaints include candidates used a at polarizing rete rhetoric and the party's efforts on out reach. as for words that undecided voters associated with the party, quote, the responses were brutal, closed minded, racist rigid and old-fashioned which oddly enough do not mirror the professions of those on campus at all.
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let's look at tape of liberal and conservative college inmates agreeing. >> ♪ party rockers in the house tonight ♪ ♪ everybody just have a good time ♪ ♪ shake that >> i really missed out on the college life by not living in a dorm. i would have had a guy like that where we could do stuff with and who knows where it would lead? a big surprise at what they found polling under grads. >> this is the propaganda on campus seeping in a little bit, but that will dissipate when they start paying taxes and then they will be loud and proud gop. and also being a republican, part is about striving and they haven't seen that part yet. but eventually they want to be in a place where they are fueling up their private jet and all they care about is jefes making -- jeeves making sure the champagne is flowing
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on time. >> i agree. you are a woman. did this report shed light on how republicans can woo lady voters, or is this as buck might say, propaganda that floats around on campus? >> it is hollywood. republicans can't appeal to the younger crowd because brad pitt and jay-z aren't republicans and they cannot relate. they are too young and dare i say stupid. i agree with you. give them time. get them in the workforce and they will change their little young moldable mind. >> they will change their tune with obama you are cay. >> young folks loved voting for obama, but the poll now shows the ratio of happiness -- i did it on "the five" and i have already forgotten it. people are less happy now and primarily among the young because they are unemployed. go ahead, bill, call them young and racist. >> it is 18 to 29-year-olds.
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>> they are still not making money at 29. that's the problem. >> you didn't see me at 29. compared to the bill now i was swimming in it. i am seeing what is going on at this table and you are absolutely right to blame everyone else. if that keeps going for republicans smooth sailing. >> is bill right? is there a reality check for republicans? it can't be campus bias and just young stupidity. >> they once said if you are not a liberal when you are young you are not at heart. if you are not a conservative when you are older you have no brain jie. why bring israel into it? >> anyway, the problem here -- what kills me, the irony is democrats are a wash in a tri scandal yet it is the republican party that needs the makeover. second of all, there is just
12:27 am
not any -- the republican party does need to get its act together. they are too spread out. i went to a zoo recently and they had a moderate republican next to a white sprinter. it was shocking to me. remember when they did oldsmobile tried to rebrand and said this is not your father's oldsmobile and then went out of business i'm afraid? >> once you try to cater to a specific demographic, the demographic hates you and you see that you see the advertising extreme. >> they haven't had to feel the full fury of statism. when you are in a college campus you have the meal plan, but it is essentially socialism with a lot of beer. >> that sounds like fun. it depends on how you look at it. and then you have beautiful blonde ladies. >> i think you have converted. >> the problem with catering
12:28 am
to the flip side of the demographic is they will die soon. >> was that directed at who? >> anyone not in the first demo. older people. >> but it is like dorritos. as these move on other ones are being made. everybody moves into this demo, but i think there is a little bit of truth on both sides. most of the truth comes from me. >> have i to move on. i have to move on. me flexing in the mirror. that's how i cool down after the show. first, is room service dead? i blame our kenyan born lady hetting president -- lady hating president, barak hussein obama.
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are meals in your room soon to be doomed? the new york times reports that several major hotel chains are reducing or discontinuing room service. the new york hilton midtown that sits in the heart of the big orange is getting rid of it citing a decline in demand. and other big hotels are cutting back due to the high labor costs like the hilton who is ditching room service in favor of soup in the basement. actually they are installing a 24-hour cafeteria restaurant. experts expect the trend to continue with some hotels making arrangements with local restaurants to deliver food to their rooms. discuss -- >> lightning
12:33 am
rooooouuuunnnnnddd. lightning round. >> so, who loses more here, the waiters who get extravagant tips from drunk men like me, or people having affairs who now have to leave the hotel to eat? >> it is the people having affairs. and it is those who enjoy spending $40 for a grilled cheese sandwich. i won't miss. it i would only order it when i was too drunk to leave the room anyway. >> it was for when you are lazy and spinning and then you end up not eating half of it and putting it outside and somebody like bill would walk by and eat the rest. and then he would throw up and track the vomit into the elevator. isn't the whole point of staying in a hotel that you can order food and answer the door in your robe, perhaps open? >> why insert the robe into the equation. honestly, this forces the question, are we even in america anymore? it is my right to spend $50 on eggs that resemble mucous and
12:34 am
a muffin to be used as a hockey puck. >> yes, we are in america. i understand your outrage. tom, you travel. >> i do. >> you are a traveling kind of guy. this has no bearing on your life. >> i occasionally stay in a nice hotel. i steal stuff, the shampoos, the bars of soap and the bedspread. the room service for me is the final step. i am hammered and that's the only time i can justify $60 on a grilled cheese sandwich. it is the last step before i vomit in the ice bucket. it is fun to go to the door wearing clown shoes and a thong and make the guy blush. >> did you ever leave the door half open and say dude, sorry and then put the robe on like it is courtesey. >> the other thing is when they leave it outside the door i have a collection of the dwarf salt and pepper shakers i have collected over the years and i love those. >> i like the mini tabasco sauce. i don't eat them. >> the hilton can do that because they are in new york city and you can get any food
12:35 am
any hour of the day. when you are in the boonies and the zip code is e-i-e-i-o. >> the room service is a goat that wanders by and you butcher it. then you split it with the other guys. bill, you lived undetected for three months. >> i am going to miss all of those guys. i don't think you understand what arguing your point means. >> i am going to miss this overpriced food. i was too drunk to know any better. stop thinking about your drunk version and think about your sober version knowing you would buy a burger, a bagel some bacon and paid for it all and didn't eat any of. itth is saving you from yourself. >> it is true. you spend way too much -- like
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spending $80 on something when you are wasted is like -- and you wake up in the morning like why did i do that? >> and adult movies appear on your bill or so i am told. >> that's the thing you can argue adult movies, trust me, but you can never argue a room service bill. >> you can't argue the mini bar either and that is worse. >> you know what people do, and everybody knows this they fill them with water. that upsets me until i started doing it. peta is asking the white house to stop the practice of boiling lobsters and crabs and other crustaceans. they say a hot pot of water can take three minutes to kill shellfish. they are asking the executive chef to use something called a custa-stun. the lobsters are put into a tank and stunned with electrical current causing death within 60s. is this a genius mark ceght ploy by makers of the gun or do they mean it? >> i was on a date once when a
12:37 am
girl used one. you wake up and wonder what happened. i think we could make this lobster thing -- forget high-tech devices. it could be a test of manhood. you have to bite the head of the lobster off. it is like drinking it in college. like you can vomit and then hookup with somebody. >> interesting. is is peta right to make a fuss? they are being boiled. >> peta always makes a fuss. but i love this idea. i love lobster. i can't cook them because it makes me sad. >> this is going to encourage you to kill more lobster. >> but the humane way. have you ever heard a lobster scream when they go in the pot? >> it is just the air from the body. they don't scream. >> that's not true. that's a big lie. >> you are talking about the disney cartoons. i don't want to be in the pot. don't boil me alive. that's not real. the first two minutes of the three minutes of boiling they
12:38 am
think they are in a jacuzzi. they are dancing. >> you put a little champagne bottle. >> have we gotten to the point we have to taser our shellfish because that is the humane thing to do? does the lobster find a humane way to kill its prey? >> i think lobster eat slowly and painfully. >> lobsters are vee agains -- are vegans. bill, you own a crust a stun, but for private use. >> here is the thing. it used to be calvin kline boxer griefs and now they are custason. i can't eat lobsters. i find them giant insects. i don't know how you can eat something as grotesque as that. before they were cool they were fed to prisoners. >> that's so true.
12:39 am
>> you have been discussing this thing about you and seafood. you compare them to little insects of the sea and you don't want to be anywhere near them. where did you go last weekend? >> i went to boston. you went to the lobster capital of the world. you can walk down streets in newbury and hear them screaming. >> i plug my ears. i don't need lobsters. until america realizes they are giant insects. they are disgusting. >> they are bottom feeders. >> they eat the waste of other creatures. >> anything dumped in that much butter -- >> i would like to congratulate this entire table for taking the bottom feeders farther. it is because you didn't. time to take a break. when we come back, we will talk about something, the joy
12:40 am
of hate, if you haven't bought it yet, you are no longer my friend.
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so some people are unhappy with sunday's episode of "game of thrones" the second to the last of the season. the final scene was a blood bath. several main characters including a pregnant woman were brutally stabbed and throats slit. some sample tweets from the raging masses includes "nobody watch" game of thrones" and it will make your soul crush into pieces and you will forever be crying." and here is another, "sometimes i hate tv writers and their f-ing god complexes. ". and finally "f game of throne. fhbo. h of cable." amazing when my mom is angry. you and i are the only one that watch this at the table.
12:44 am
how did you take it? >> it was something of a gut punch. it was so horrific and unexpected that i feel like quinten tarn tarantino was sitting at home going whoa, that was messed up. there is a lot of blood there. the other part is after you go through the stages of grief you are sitting there and go to hop on twitter and you say man that was messed up. and people are like, shut up, you idiot. you are on twitter reading a "game of throne" thread. >> i agree. the whole i haven't watched "the bachelor" yet. don't ruin it for me. no, i am. i watched it. if you are on twitter it is on you. there are no spoiler alerts on twitter. i am going to tell you what happened and i can't remember. tom, i know you didn't watch it. >> have i heard about it and read about it so it sounds to me like it is a metaphor for all weddings, horrible, soul
12:45 am
crushing, disturbing and i actually did see it and the part that disturbed me the most is the wolf. i didn't care about the humans dying as much as the wolf. >> then are you a monster. >> i wish they had tasered the wolf first humanely. >> there were people that said they were more upset about a wolf dying than a pregnant woman that blew my mind. both think it is wrong to kill and i am going out on a limb. i have to say, how can you get outraged over a fantasy? >> it suks you in. this has not been the only show fan tau sizing or roman tau sizing death. the notion on tell vision -- television used to be sex sells and now it is death sells. >> good point. >> i don't like it at all, but it is not the only show to do it. >> great point.
12:46 am
if there is as many cereal killers, right now we would be talking and somebody would come in and kill us. it would probably be bill's dad. >> there are so many we are making them good guys. >> hannibal. >> bill, i actually got tired of the blood, bill. is it just something for people to get pissed off about? >> no, greg. no greg and as i repeat, no greg. i was offended when the talking swamp goat revealed the existence of the third portal which gets you into -- this is a book. guess what happened in the book. that exact saying. these people who claim to be so into this stupid show were really that into it and they would have some knowledge about the fact that this is a part of a series. and so far every claim you say you are too close, is in a book available on-line and you should have known about it. >> are you aware that part of
12:47 am
that isn't? in the book the scene is there, but i think there was changes and andy knows. andy read the books and he likes to collect -- correct us. >> we have to take a break. do you have a comment on the show? e-mail as you. and do you have a video of your animal doing something. click on submit a video. stay right there. we will close things out with the new post game wrap up that incorporates half time and is nice and long if features andy levy. >> tonight's post game report is sponsored by astro turf. the artificial surface used in lieu of grass at football stadiums. thanks, astro turf.
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time to go back to andy levy for the brand-new post game wrap up. hi, andy. >> hi, greg. hopefully this goes smoothly. we have a hard out. >> i should probably get started. tom, you said were you audited several times and what is the point because you can't get blood from a stone. maybe you should take it as a compliment that they think are you so funny that you are not making more money than you are. >> true that.
12:52 am
>> good point. >> you asked why lois lerner is not going to jail. probably because she hasn't been charged with anything. >> she will be. >> stick leer. >> none of this matters by the way because the new acting irs commissioner says it is an unfortunate vestige from a prior era. >> so is the irs. >> bam. >> you liked that? >> i did. >> epa's fake employee. you said you were richard windsor in many chat rooms ? >> none of your business. >> i chatted with you once. i was ashley staple ford. >> oh, ashley. that thing you do that was amazing. >> i remember it being a productive chat. your porn name is your first pet and last night was the street you grew up on and not the town. >> pet? >> the name of the first pet and the name of the street you grew up on. >> my porn name would be
12:53 am
captain hair ball. the hamilton institution for troubled boys. >> just shorten it to the captain. probably the most productive employee at the epa. >> would we have to pay them? there wouldn't be anyone. i am surprised they wouldn't call me with a porn star name. >> it is a fair point. wga's best written show. the legal show was "the good life"? >> it is on the list tied for 51st with the british "the offers." >> the all time greatest show ever is the british "office." and "sports men" and" mad men"? kidding me? young people see gop as
12:54 am
racist. you said it is propaganda seeping in. it wasn't of college kids. kids are getting older and older in college. they can share their kids insurance until they are 26. they are people that want to get a date and they think it is cooler to say i am left wing. get them out in the workforce and it will change their mind. >> really now? jay-z fans. >> i find it weird you have a survey done by republicans and instead of looking at it and saying wow maybe we have a problem you are all just sitting there knocking it as if it was a survey. balderdash. >> i did not. i said it was half and half. >> they are done by republicans. >> what part of everyone else's fault are you not getting.
12:55 am
>> enjoy president clinton in 2016. >> when i find out who did this i will have them kicked out of the country. >> hotel is getting rid of home service. john, you said you only ordered when you are too drunk to leave the room. how about hung over? >> well, it takes that long to actually get the food. >> the worst thing is when you order food and you are really drunk and you can't stay awake and you try to stay awake for the food to come and then they ring the door bell and are pissed off. >> door bell at your hotel? >> i only stay at the finest hotels. >> you said the whole point is to order food and answer the door in a robe. you have to be excite betted possibility of a 24-hour cafeteria. right? >> yes. >> that's a lot more people. >> i want to be known as the
12:56 am
guy in the cafeteria. >> they do not have to stay in the room. there is no law. >> and you can bring people back up. >> i think it is a great idea. i will stay there even when i am not staying in hotels. >> peter wants them to knockout the lobster. maybe the crews crustacean is walled the -- is called the crustacean. >> maybe. i have a problem pronouncing stuff. >> i'm sure that they don't scream because they have vocal cords. >> that makes me sad. >> and there is debate over whether they feel pain. some say they have a simple nervous system and can't process pain. lastly "game of thrones" red wedding and in the book rob starks wife wasn't at the wedding so she didn't die. >> how does she die and tell everyone? >> i am not telling. i wish "entourage" ended that
12:57 am
way. >>y didn't hear what he said. >> he wanted "entourage" to have dragons in it. >> i love turtle. thank you, andy.urre wow. it's not rocket science. it's just common sense. from td ameritrade. folks have suffered from frequent heartburn but now, thanks to treating with prilosec otc, we don't have to suffer like they used to. [ bell dings ] ♪ [ horse whinnies ] getting heartburn and then treating day after day is a thing of the past. block the acid with prilosec otc,
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and don't get heartburn in the first place. we've surcome a long way. ♪ [ le announcer ] one pill each morning. 24 hours. zero heartburn.
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bigger. i don't know. o'reilly probably has thoughts on this and other things. >> bill: o'reilly factor is on. tonight. >> are these actually watergateesque? >>. no watergate was a constitutional crisis of the highest order. >> bill: not so fast. the irs investigation is just beginning. and things are looking very shaky for the federal government. we'll advance the story tonight with bob woodward. >> this is not a political pursuit. >> bologna. bologna. >> if it is not political why are only conservative groups being targeted? >> good question. how the press will likely cover the unfolding situation. >> he is still making up things. >> bill: is that a fair assessment of white house


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