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tv   FOX and Friends First  FOX News  June 4, 2013 2:00am-3:01am PDT

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in mexico. he was visiting his father and uncle when armed men stormed into their ranch taking all three at gun point. they have not been heard from since. the family believes it may be relate to do a landis put the fbi is investigating the kidnapping along with the police. a military judge will decide whether a man can have three months to prepare for his trial. major hassan asking for the delay after he asked to represent himself. opening arguments were expected to start july 1st. he will say he actd in defense of others. >> what do you do with a 70,000 square foot tax funder warehouse? use it for a gym? that's what the epa did. a new report reveals they lifted weights and watched tv while it became infested with vermin and mold. they stopped working with the
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contractor and is calling for review of all of the storage facilities. that is your 5@5:00. it is time to hear eric holder speak that's after the legislative council not embattled attorney general defended his testimony about fox news's james rosen. >> in a response to an inquiry from the house judiciary committee the house department states in a letter attorney general eric holder did not lie to congress. some argue the letter raises more questions than answers. the attorney general is in the cross hairs of legislators who questioned the veracity of statements during a hearing hast month when testified about leaks about the state department when chief washington correspondent james rosen as a possible co conspirator. >> with regard to the
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prosecution of the press as exposure to the material that is not something i have ever been involved or heard of or would think would be a wise policy. >> that is what he said then but they did apro the search warrant even to the point of looking at his e-mails. the white house says holder testified truthfully. >> he has the intellect to run to the department of justice. >> he is mouthing confidence saying lawmakers claim holder is now fit between the office. >> he has not proven himself to be worthy in my judgment. the president of the united states you or me or the american people as attorney general. >> leaders claim holder still has more explaining to do. they hope to get more answers
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from the attorney general himself by wednesday. ainsley? >> thank you so much kelly write live for us in washington. now to another scandal in dc we will be hearing from some of the victims of the irs political targeting today this after the agency's new acting chief testified on capitol hill and pledge fixed the problem. doug luzader is live with the latest. >> good morning. the irs is in for another bruising day on capitol hill today. we will hear from some of the ladies and gentlemened political targeting. we will hear from a half dozen political groups that will be treated unfairly from the irs. it is em broiled in controversy. of three of the six groups represented today had the words either tea party or patriots in their name. the irs now says those were trigger words for additional scrutiny. the new irs commissioner
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certainly has his work cut out for him along with the inspector general who investigated the irs. he questioned one after the other about political targeting and hearing. the most explosive questions remain unanswered was this the work of low level employees or was there political coordination from officials here in washington? no one would acknowledge who gave the directive to do this. >> that's correct. >> yessed during the audit face of this. >> did you sign a response from that? >> no. >> would you get to the bottom of that? >> we will get to the bottom of that? >> no matter how high it goes up the chain you will find out who made this order? >> we will uncover everything. >> another report is scheduled to be released today detailing lavish spending on conferences. there's also an issue with irs bonuses. it's one thing after another but the issue of political targeting that is the biggest problem for the irs right now. >> doug luzader live in
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washington, thank you. >> a controversial decision by the supreme court the justices upholding the police practice of taking dna samples from those who have been arrested but not convicted of a crime. the court compared it to fingerprinting. critics say the decision opens the door to a major change in police powers. the nation's highest court ruling police can collect dna from suspects who have been arrested even if they have not yet been convicted of a crime. there's no warrant needed. the five justice majority saying monday taking and analyzing a cheek swab of the arrest tee's dna is like fingerprinting and photographing. justice kennedy writing it is a legitimate police booking procedure that is reasonable under the 4th amendment. anthony scalia joined three of the court's more liberal members against the practice highlighting the impact on the constitution justice scalia
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saying, quote, i doubt the proud men who wrote the charter of our liberties would have been so eager to open the mouths for royal inspection. the ruling stems from a case in maryland when a suspect was arrested for assault back in 2009. when police swabbed his cheek his dna matched evidence from an unrelated case. a judge sentenced him to life in prison. the maryland court of appeals reversed his conviction saying the dna sample was an unreasonable search. this supreme court ruling reverses that decision. after a ruling in february the two sides maryland verses king explaining the implication. >> dna is the 21st century finger print. we need to be able to solve cases, cold cases that we otherwise couldn't solve. >> the state conducted the search for admitted purpose of investigating other crimes. >> the samples are taken and then the dna is entered into the national data base even if the suspect is later released. at least 28 states and the
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federal government already allow this practice. >> bodies of four victims have been recovered in oklahoma. the death toll now stands at 18. among those victims six children. the search will continue today. what kind of weather can they expect today? >> good morning ainsley and patti ann. we are looking at a chance of showers and storms across sections of the plains oklahoma, kansas and into missouri could be looking at areas of rain. we are tracking a new storm system impacting this part of the country since yesterday with showers and storms. there is a possibility although a slight risk. there is that chance we could be looking at large hail damaging winds and isolated tornadoes with some of these storms. as we head into tomorrow parts of texas, oklahoma city and arkansas and missouri could be looking at another round of those storms. high temperatures much cooler today across sections of the
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northeast. 74 for your high today it will be a beautiful day with sunshine. cleveland only 67 degrees for your high. very pleasant across sections after we saw extreme heat out there over the weekend. as we head into the tropics we are actually tracking an area of low pressure that the national hurricane center has highlighted and does have a concern here about 30 percent chance of developing into a tropical cycle and as we head into the next 48-hours which is something to watch regardless of development we know it will be producing a lot of heavy rain in south florida 5-8 inches if possible. >> call your parents and tell them maria. >> i will. >> thanks so much. you put classified information right into the hands of the enemy putting u.s. soldier's lives at risk. those words coming from a prosecutor as the trial began for former u.s. army private bradley manning. jennifer griffin has the details on day one. >> a trial for the biggest classified information in u.s.
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history begins in fort mede maryland. first class bradley manning charged with sending hundreds of thousands of classified documents to the whistle blowing web site wikileaks. prosecutors say the sensitive documents fell into enemy hands. they plan to present evidence that osama bin laden received the information published by wikileaks. if convicted of aiding the enemy manning could face life in prison. defense attorneys say the young soldier had good intentions and thought he could make the world a better place. the leaked material included a video that wikileaks showed an apache helicopter killing civilians in 97. manning said he did not believe the information would arm the u.s. the 25-year-old choose to have his court-martial heard by a judge instead of a jury. outside of fort mede supporters of manning holding a protest. >> bradley manning did a very courageous thing he told the american people and the world
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about what was going on in afghanistan and about misinformation and distortions that were used to convince people we should be in this war. >> a white house sports person describing the obama's versiiew. >> sending classified information can be very harmful to our national security interests. >> the trial is expect to do run until at least august. prosecutors say they plan to call more than 100 witnesses. at the pentagon jennifer griffin, fox news. it is time to brew on this. a wisconsin school now going to extreme lengths to stop bullying. think plan to picket the parents. parents can face a $1,400 fine if their problem is -- child is a problem in school. >> if it doesn't change 90-days they will receive a ticket. >> they know their children the best and sometimes they are the
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ones that can reach them the most. >> teachers say they hope to work with parents before it reaches that point. the ticket is more for families that they consider uncooperative. so we want to know, do you think parents should take the blame for bullying? >> you can tweet them to us at foxfriendsfirst or shoot us an email at we will read those later in the show. >> image enjoying a barbecue with friends when all of a sudden the ground falls out from under you. what's that happened to at one building. >> what does a terrorist put on his or her i don't know application. [ lisa ] my name's lisa, and chantix helped me quit. i honestly loved smoking, and i honestly didn't think i would ever quit. [ male announcer ] along with support, chantix (varenicline) is proven to help people quit smoking.
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vietnam in 1972. [ all ] fort benning, georgia in 1999. [ male announcer ] usaa auto insurance is often handed down from generation to generation. because it offers a superior level of protection and because usaa's commitment to serve military members, veterans, and their families is without equal. begin your legacy, get an auto insurance quote. usaa. we know what it means to serve.
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>> it is 14 after the hour. the white house says it will not stop pushing iran. the strong statement comes after he pleaded his case to the human rights council yesterday. he is serving an 8 year sen takens for his christian beliefs. he has been beaten and tortured. some evacuation orders are lifting in california allowing thousands of people to return to their home. they have the fires 60 percent contained. it burned 32,000 acres and destroyed six homes since it started last week. a judge rules the psychiatrist charged with carrying out a shooting rampage at fort hood can represent himself at his trial. the outrage doesn't stop here. major nadal hassan will get his own government office and a legal staff to assist him.
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>> the military courthouse in fort hood osborn grilled hassan for more than an hour tray to go show the major accused of killing 18 rand wounding 42 others the judge called his decision unwise said he would be held to the same rules of military law and evidence as an attorney. told him he could not make speeches and that when pros exam -- cross examining witnesses he must be courteous and cannot get personal. those who follow the law closely say the judge went beyond what is required in admonishment to hassan. >> he warned his repeatedly as he is script to do do so in the ucmj the military law book but she did go beyond what was in that basic script. she said multiple times and add monday fished him multiple times this is not the best idea for you to go ahead in a death penalty trial for this to be
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your first in court experience. >> a military doctor who examined hassan last week said his pearalysis after the shootig rampage would not keep him from wepting himself. before judge osborn ruled she asked hassan do you understand you will be better off with a trial lawyer than you representing yourself. hassan replied, i understand. what happened on post november 2009 stands as the wos shooting on military installation. jury selection is set to begin wednesday the trial to start july 1st. they will have a three month delay to identify witnesses and prepare his defense what he says will show his actions were in the defense of others. >> he is ladies and gentlemened to have attacked people while deployd in afghanistan. he was protecting people who might have faced danger in the
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>> a scary seen over long beach new york.
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a deck collapses over the second floor of a building with people standing on it. five people suffered injuries including a 9-year-old girl. everyone is expected to be okay. structural problems are being eyed as the cause of this. the area was hit hard by super storm sandy but inspectors say it was not damaged because of the storm. >> ford is recalling 500,0002013 models because of leaking gas. here are the models effected. if there is a tleekd start a fire in your car. ford says it doesn't have enough replacement parts to fix all of the vehicles until september. patti ann? >> thanks answerly. now to stories you can bank on this morning. bad news for parents. taking your family to disney world or disney land it is expensive. >> it is about to be the most expensive place on earth. universal rates adults went to
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$90. now disney is saying the heck with 90 let's go closer to $100. $95 to go to disney world resort and 92 for disney land in california. here's the rope we are going to pay. disney investing billions of dollars in their parks in recent years. in the first three months they saw record attendance. it is a good sign for the economy but it hurts the wallet especially when you have to buy concessions for the kids. >> they are pushing for the multi day passes>> you have the option if you can't to guarantee more leg room. >> they are offering a one-year subscription service where for 500 a year and up you can get guaranteed extra leg room on your flight. for 150 you can check bags every time you fly.
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t the thinking for united is customerzation. if you get more customers to pay up front you buy their loyalty. if you spent 500 bucks for extra leg room why would you fly on another carrier. we have to see if it works for united and if everybody else follows through. it's expensive. you would have to take 8 round trip flights a year to justify the 350 a year. >> and 500 for the leg room. >> how can you ensure you are guaranteed that seat. >> guaranteed it better be guaranteed. >> the time is 24 minutes after the hour. still to come some people need a little help with that their resume. what do you put as a job title if you are an accused terrorist. a crazy new class is being taught at gitmo to help folks with just that. she helped to end general petraeus military career filling in secrets about his loved life.
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a oo good morning to you. welcome to "fox & friends first". i am ainsley earhardt.
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>> i am patti ann browne. time for your 5@5:30. we begin with a fox news abert. overnight a south african judge postponed blade runner oscar pistorius' murder trial until august 19th. you are looking now at new video of pistorius. he only said two words, yes, sir. it was his first formal public appearance since released on bail in february. he is charged with murdering his model girlfriend. they promised to build a new missile defense system. they have thousands of pages of information so contractors could bid on the project. it included information about heating and cooling systems as well as wall thickness. they said it basically became a how to guide to attack the facility and called it shocking.
2:30 am
the pentagon defends the process. >> the florida socialite who came in service during the investigation of david petraeus' apair fair is suing the fbi and defense department. they leaked damaging information about her and her husband. kelly contacted authorities after she allegedly received threats from paula broadwell with whom petraeus had an affair. it led to speculation about the two. but allen was cleared of any wrong doing. >> what do you put on your resume as a job title if you were an accused terrorist. hundreds of detainees are now able to take resume writing classes. there are even classes being offered to help them with the interview process as well as computer skills. gitmo cost taxpayers 900,000 dollars per detainee annually. >> a middle schooler keeps his cool when a performance of the national anthem goes wrong.
2:31 am
♪ >> many republican law americas even more outraged this morning as embattled eric holder the justice department legislative council and not holder himself just released a statement defending his testimony about fox -- spying on james rosen. >> the justice department's response is insulting law americas say and raises more
2:32 am
questions than answers. the statement the attorney general made testifying about potentially prosecuting journalists about leak investigations which targeted james rose enas a possible co conspirator. >> with regard to the potential prosecution of the press for the disclosure of material that is not something that i have ever been involved with or heard of or would think would be a wise policy. >> that's what he said last month but the justice department as of yesterday say his official response that holder quote, did approve the search warrant for rose enbut added it was important to know the difference between an investigation and the prosecution. added at no time during the evidence or dependency of this matter prosecutors sought approval to bring criminal charges against the reporter. holder testified truthfully and president obama continues to support him.
2:33 am
>> the president and his team at the white house believe the attorney general has the intellect experience and integrity to officially run the department of justice. >> some lawmakers claim he is not fit for the office. >> if you have got confidence in him, fine. i just want to know what happened with james roserosen. he needs to reconcile the statement he made to the how is that he had no knowledge of a potential prosecution. >> leaders claim he still has more explaining to do. >> kelly wright live for us from washington. thanks, kelly. >> to another big scandal rocking dc. today is the second of three hearings of irs targeting conservatives.
2:34 am
this after capitol hill. >> in more major heat today there is now reports coming out detailing the lavish spending going on at irs conferences. which will hear from one alleged victim of political targeting after another each getting an opportunity to tell their story. a new acting commissioner of the irs had to admit that his agency faces a big fresh step. >> do you feel like the irs be trade the trust in the american people? >> i do. that's why i am thinking of this in terms of my primary mission is to restore that trust. >> that may get more complicated today after half dozen groups claim they were unfairly targeted for the irs when they claimed tax exempt status. three of the words from patriot
2:35 am
or tea parties in their names. the irs admits those words used by conservative groups were trirgs for extra scrutiny causing months or in some cases years of delay. >> in an arrogant and abuse of power the irs singled out groups and individuals based on political philosophies for extra scrutiny. they were harassed, they were intimidated they were bullied this went on for almost three years and no one spoke up. we know that. there is a lot we don't know. it's time for the irs to come clean. >> will all involved come clean? we will see. >> doug luzader live in washington. thank you. >> the death tole from friday's tornado in oklahoma has now reached 18. among those victims six children. the search for the victims will
2:36 am
continue through today. what kind of weather can they expect today? maria molina is tracking it for us. >> more showers and storms expected across sections of texas oklahoma and kansas even parts of the midwest. we are talking not just showers and storms but we may see the storms turning severe large hail and damaging winds. wi the threat is still expected today. showers firing up especially after the afternoon hours especially after the evening. take a look at the great lakes and the northeast. across the weekend temperatures are in the 90s 70s new york city and 60s for you in the city of cleveland. it will be a beautiful day. as we head into the tropic southern golf heating up.
2:37 am
there's a moderate risk 30 percent chance out here that we could be looking at tropical development that may be our next system the first one of the hurricane system. regardless of whether it is a tropical storm or not heavy rain across florida. some of these areas could be looking at flooding and up to 8 inches of rain over the next several days. >> thank you maria. >> it is time now to entertain this. has james bond found his latest love interest? oscar winning actress penelope cruz the new bond girl. by the time filming starts next summer she will be 40 years old making her the oldest bond girl ever even though that's not old. >> the best written television series of all times... >> focus on the good things. isn't that what you said one time? try to remember the terms over good. >> i did.
2:38 am
the sopranos taking the top spot on the list. they voted seinfield in second place and "the twilight zone" in third. hillary clinton making a special appearance at the cfpa award. it honors american fashion de sirens while there she jokingly pitched a project called project pant suit. >> now for your starting lineup the top sports stories sad news hall of famer david deacon jones passed away from natural causes. the defensive end plays for the rams charger and redskins. he is credited for terming the word sacked for taking down a quarterback. the nba finals are set the heat beat the pacers in game 7 of the eastern conference finals.
2:39 am
that's the third straight conference title for miami. game one of the finals against the spurs is thursday. >> tiger woods and nike are close to signing a new deal to take them as the endorser. he just turned pro in 1996. it is now about 20 minutes to the top of the hour. it might look like just another ugly tattoo but this ink is more than meets the eye. everyone could still have one. >> one is being operated without a pilot.
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test. test.
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>> tit is 43 after the top of te hour. a german drone narrowly missing a passenger plane carrying 300 people. you can see the drone fly under the king. the long-awaited trial for reputed mob boss james whitey bull ger gets underway in a few hours in boston. he was on the run for more than 16 years before being captured in california two years ago.
2:44 am
patti ann? >> thanks ainsley. u.s. auto sales fuelled off in may with cars and pickup truck sales. they saw better sales were t before the recession. diane macedo has more. >> small businesses replace the aging trucks they held on to during the recession. scar buycar buyers are lureed b interest rates. 1 million vehicles in may up 8 percent from the same time a year ago. ford motors since 2005. porsche only once has it posted better sales. nissan set a new record all together. only volkswagon reported a drop in sales since last may. the annual case fell 6.3 million
2:45 am
vehicle up from 14 million and up 10 million during the recession. these results follow a weak april. they are hoping auto industry will remain a bright spot for the economy and help sustain job growth. january through april they hire 14,600 workers and the center for automotive research expects them to add 35,000 over the full year and car dealers and experts agree borrowing something a jump in interest rates says this trend is likely to continue. good news for you patti ann. >> diane macedo, fox business network. >> still ahead, you just graduated college and you might have gotten your first job, why should you be thinking about retirement? it's never too soon. our personal finance expert explains that coming up. >> teachers are supposed to be willing to educate everybody. but one university professor's restrictions on some potential students landed him in hot water. who he won't teach next.
2:46 am
>> now let's check in with steve doocy to see what's coming up on fox and friends. >> hey ainsley and patti ann. good morning to you. marco rubio on the irs scandal and why he says the irs's role in obama care is chilling. then author is here on secret deals and supports hillary in 2016 senator joe biden. wwe star randy horton and super model miranda carr. we are celebrating food week under that tent we have chairs and steel drums. "fox & friends" kicks off live from new york city in 13 minutes. ♪
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eye >> motorola announcing plans for an electronic tattoo that can be used for identification. the sticker like tattoo can be worn for a week at a time. >> ainsley? >> interesting. >> thanks, patti ann. >> they thought college was the hard part but thousands of new graduates are about to find out managing their money when they have a small paycheck to pay off all of the student loans is even harder. personal finance expert vera gibbons is here with money
2:51 am
information everybody needs to know. welcome to the real world. >> it's tough. 60 percent of students take loans to pay for their educations. this year's class graduating with 27,000 dollars on average. it is a phenomenal amount of money. >> the only way to make due on this debt and to have the credit impact is to have the credit payment plan. you have to find oun that works for you pofor your budget that allows you to come from a pay as you go plan program. you can fiddle around on a site to see which repayment fund is best for you. you have to pick the one that is best for you. >> you have six months after you graduate then you got to start. >> you say number two, tip number two, prioritize your debt. this is if you have a few credit cards. >> the reason i mention this is two-thirds of grads have more than 4,000 in credit card debt on average. this debt is not as flexible as
2:52 am
student loan debt. with student loan debt you can defer payments like you don't have a job for example. credit card debt not as flexible. you might consider as far as the student loan debt goes extending that outgoing for a longer period so you can free up monthly cash to pay the credit card debt. >> thinking of college you are not thinking of retiechlt. >> you have to start as soon as possible you get the first job sign up for the 401 k you reduce tax liability saving for your future. matching 50 cents on the dollar up to 6%, free money. you at least want to contribute enough to capture -- >> a man stopped me and was talking finances. he said you're never going to miss the money. start now. >> the effects of compounding interest, better start as soon as possible. >> there are some tax
2:53 am
benefits. >> you can deduct as far as student loan interests goes. really important, i emphasize the importance of having a budget, one survey counted three-quarters of students who borrow have to make financial sacrifices. they put off buying a house, a car, getting married, having kids. there's all sorts of financial sacrifices they make. in order to prevent yourself from becoming a statistic, important you choose your payment plan, have that budget, stick to it as your dad is always saying. you've got to live within your means. you don't want to assume a lot of debt. >> if you want to talk about my dad, at the football games they had stands that offer free t-shirts if you sign up for a credit card, kids, do not do this. >> father knows best. >> he does. next, your last chance to answer our question of the day. earlier we told you about a town that is fining parents if their kids are accused
2:54 am
of bullying. do you think the parents are responsible? we're reading responses next. >> talk about a failure to launch, this boat not quite ready to set sail after all. what went wrong here? whoa!
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2:56 am
2:57 am
>> two minutes till the top of the hour. before you leave the house here's what's happening today. a san francisco judge
2:58 am
postponed blade runner oscar pistorius' murder trial until august 19. the olympian appeared in court for ten minutes this morning. in a few hours a judge in colorado will decide if the suspected movie massacre gunman james holmes can plead not guilty by reason of insanity. finally britain's queen elizabeth ii going back to the scene of her coronation. a special celebration happening today to mark the monarch's 60 years on the throne. >> time to look at the good, the bad, and the ugly. first the good. superheroes bringing smiles to young cancer patients in chicago. captain america and spider man took on the tough job of washing the windows at a children's hospital there. >> that's the bad: a visiting professor in hot water. jeffrey miller tweeted this: fat students lack will power and wouldn't be able to complete a doctoral
2:59 am
dissertation. he has apologized. the ugly. a ship launch going horribly wrong. you can see it tumbling sideways into the water there. it creates a "titanic"-sized wave and sends debris towards a camera. one person suffered a broken leg. >> time for your brew on this responses. earlier in the show we told you about a wisconsin school that plans to ticket and fine parents $114 if their kids are bullying. >> do you think parents should take the blame for bullies? charlie e-mails us parents delegated authority to others too long. we must take responsibility for our kids. >> mandy tweets bad idea. use current laws to prosecute kids and parents. we don't need more laws. >> norm writes this should only be done if the parents refuse to acknowledge and deal with the problem. bullying behavior would have to be proven to a high degree. thank you so much to
3:00 am
everyone who responded. isn't that funny? $114. that's an odd number. >> sort of a random fine but certainly hefty. >> maybe there's a reason. "fox & friends" starts right now. ♪ >> hey morning glory. it is tuesday, june 4. i'm anna kooiman in for gretchen carlson. congress wants answers from the i.r.s. but what kind of answers are these? >> what is your definition of accountable? >> that's a good question. to answer the question, again -- >> yes or no? >> more of the fallout ahead. >>steve: is his last name werfel or waffle? he admitted to killing soldiers while screaming allah akbar. not only is he still making a six-figure behind bars, now he's getting his own office and a big staff. we'll tell you why straight ahead. >> the bomb building and terror training may hurt


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