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tv   FOX Report  FOX News  June 8, 2013 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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we are on sarah watch with the latest on the 10-year-old girl battling the end stages of a lung disease. word at this hour, she has had a scare today. sarah's parents sued the federal government this week to change the rules so she could be put on the list for an adult lung transplant. usually they're reserved z for children 12 and up. that judge's move allowing 10 days for doctors to find a donor before the matter comes before a hearing. they're hoping a young becomes available before that date. later you'll hear from sarah's father in an exclusive interview. but now with a few days left,
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sarah's family telling fox news she had to be sbi baited. they have sedated here to keep her comfortable. we'll update you as we learn more. >> also tonight we now know our government has been snooping on us for years. new evidence suggests it's paying off. >> reporter: the controversy growing over the national security agency looking at the phone records of american citizens. now the push back from some in washington that argue the so-called spying is working. fox report, the latest developments on what the nsa has been doing. and new info coming out about the internal revenue service. this woman wouldn't tell the person people why her division at the irs targeted conservat e conservatives but this top agency official quickly put the blame on workers in cincinnati. tonight, some of the irs employees are furious with one
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calling leners accusations the equivalent of a strike. >> he was standing around the street with a gun and that woman came around the corner and he just shot at her, bam, bam, bam. >> that was just the start. we are live at the beach community which became a killing ground in daylight. a question tonight, is big government becoming a very big brother? concerns mounting in the wake of bombshell leaks revealing our government is monitoring the phone records and internet traffic of american citizens for years. some saying the top secret nsa program involving our phone records is an overreach that puts liberty and privacy at risk. others view the snooping as necessary to protect millions of americans from those that would wish to harm us. in fact, michigan congressman, mike rogers, chairman of the house intelligence committee telling fox news this exact
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program played a role in foiling at least one terror attack. president obama wraps up a meeting with china's president. he slooif for us tonight in palm springs california. did any of this snooping news come up in the president's meeting today? >> reporter: it did. here's why. the administration was wanting to go on offense with the chinese at this minisummit over the last few days because of all the chinese cyberattacks, not just on the u.s. government but u.s. businesses that feel like they're under assault ligright from their property from the chinese hacking. the administration wound up a little bit on defense here at these talks because of all the revelations about u.s. surveillance programs. the president is trying to make the case that they're two different issues because the chinese hacking involves stealing intellectual property but the president says this is
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about protecting americans and finding a balance between security and privacy. republican critics say this is an abuse of power. take a listen. >> we're going to have to find ways to deal with this big data in ways that are consistent with our values. in ways that protect people's privacy. that insure oversight, and strike the right balance. >> this is a dragnet. it's an overreach and we have to find out why this is justified simply because of the nsa wants to do some data mining. >> there's also the hypocrisy part for the president since he attacked the bush administration for this surveillance and now he has expanded on that. the white house pushed back on that. the top officials saying, look, they had at least 13 briefings with members of congress to tell them in and read them in on these programs.
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that's a big difference from the bush years that they offering up this information and having congressional oversight. something that didn't happen in the bush years. >> we watched in our reporting the story go from a breaking news whimper to this out cry for what is going on. now it look likes the federal government is going after whoever linked the information on these programs. >> that's right. new information today coming into fox that it appears they're in the early stages of launching another criminal investigation. that will put holder, the attorney general in the hot seat and, in fact, moments ago at a briefing here in california, ben rhodes said the administration is also doing an assessment of whether or not these leaks of classified information in recent days will make america less safe by giving terrorists too much information. take a listen. >> there's a review underway, of course, to understand what potential damage maybe done. as it relates to any potential investigations, we're still in the early stages of this.
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obviously the justice department would have to be involved in that. so this is something i think will be addressed in the coming days by the justice department and the intelligence community. >> reporter: let's not forget the justice department already underfire for appearing to have an over zealous investigation in the case of the associated press of their phone records having gone through in a leak investigation and our own james rosen at fox news. all of that put pressure on eric holder and it appears now he'll have another media leak investigation that will be open. >> it truly say storm forming around him at this point. let's talk about the president though. he had a little dinner diplomacy last night. >> reporter: yeah, i talked to bobby flay of iron chef fame and the state department called him in recent days and asked him to come out here for this summit with the american and chinese
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president and cook an all american menu to show case american cuisine. he put together lobster tamalae and cherry pies. nothing more american than that. the white house is stressing that bobby flay flew himself out here. they didn't want to look like the taxpayers were flying the chef out. >> i understand the president actually asked him if he would like to open restaurants in his country. >> reporter: yeah, maybe there will be economic development out of these talks after all t. chinese president said it was so much he might have him in china. >> interesting. good to see you. thank you. turning to the scandal surrounding the internal revenue service and it's targeting of conservatives and other groups and one irs employee firing off claims by the former head of the agency tax-exempt arm that the targeting was a work of a few so-called rogue agents in
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cincinnati. that employee that works at the cincinnati field office at the center of the scandal said the accusation felt like a quote, nuclear strike. that person claiming there was far too much micromanagement from washington for any agents to operate. lerner has been put on paid administrative leave after refusing to re-sign. molly is live for us in washington. this irs employee said it just could not have happened the way that loislerner is describing. >> she was apauled and infur rated when rogue agents in the irs office were the ones targeting conservative groups. he said the irs doesn't work that way. he said it is absurd because the managers, they have really tight inventory control systems. i mean they get periodic prints
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of our inventory. they know exactly what cases we had. how old they are, how long they have them and stuff like that. so these two rogue agents running amuck for three years or three months would never happen. he said it was an irs lawyer in washington paperwork on the conservative groups. >> has anyone been fired? >> no, lois lerner is on paid administrative leave and the former acting irs director, steven miller, he was allowed to re-sign early but the investigation continues and some house republicans say this scandal is not going away. >> getting to the bottom of these things, government on it's own, they don't police themselves on their own. even if we're aware of abuses within them. to find out what happened and who did it and many times people will go without consequences. the irs did announce
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yesterday that it is replacing the woman, that oversees the workers that process applications for tax-exempt status. >> molly, thank you very much. three americans with time killed in what appears to be a green-on-blue or insider attack in afghanistan. it was one of two attacks in that country. a man in an afghan army uniform got into an argument with his american trainers in the east. two american service members and one u.s. civilian were killed. >> it seems to be an inside attack. we still need to wait for the final confirmation. but the individual and the uniform of the army. >> the gunman was shot dead in the west. an italian soldier was killed in a grenade attack today. former south african president nelson mandella is in the hospital in serious but stable condition. he is breathing on his own we're
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told. he's being treated for a recurring lung infection. he's been in the hospital several times. mandela is receiving expert medical care and doctors are doing everything possible to make him comfortable. news on his condition. sarah, resting, sedated after doctors inserted a breathing tube. later you'll hear exclusively from her parents. investigators piecing together an attack that lasted just minutes but changed lives forever. now we're getting new information on what might have caused the suspected gunman to go on that rampage in california and how many rounds of ammunition he had on him. a live report. and an arrest made after a building collapse killed six people in philadelphia this week. now we know who police say is to blame. stay close. i want to make things more secure.
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it was premeditated. that from police investigating a deadly shooting rampage in california. the suspected gunman accused of killing four people before police shot him dead, had 1300 rounds of ammunition on him. here's the police chief. >> i would presume anymore someone puts on a vest of some sort, comes out with a bag full of loaded magazines, has an extra receiver, has a handgun and has a semiautomatic rifle, carjacks folks, goes to a college and kills more people and has to be neutralized at the hands of police, i'd say that's premeditated. >> this began with a house fire yesterday. inside the gunman's father and brother found dead.
4:16 pm
he carjacked a woman taking her on a wild ride firing at cars and a bus. one woman whose car was hit describes what happened. >> he was so close and then of course he shot our car. my daughter says mom get down. my daughter, of course she went down under the seat, otherwise she would have -- it would have got her of course because she was the passenger. >> your daughter was the passenger? >> yes. >> there's a bullet hole in front of the passenger seat. >> that's where my daughter was out but she went down when she saw he was facing us with the gun. >> if she hadn't ducked down. >> yes, she wouldn't have been here today. >> a quick thinking daughter. the gunman's final destination santa monica college where he shot an automatic rifle at an suv. the driver hit in the torso crashing in the wall and dying all of this unfolding just three miles from where president obama was holding a fund-raiser. no connection there. dominic is live for us in santa
4:17 pm
monica. we're getting a look at the weapons this guy was carrying. what did he have on him. >> reporter: an incredible amount of ammo. we've never seen anything this much on an individual. 1300 rounds. also a.44 caliber revolver. we also had more assault rifle rounds. we also know he had tactical materials on him. knee provectors and a vest on him. police have been showing that to us today. they haven't shown us the actual assault rifle he was using or the handgun he was carrying. he was killed inside -- he was actually killed inside the library. in there she hot 70 rounds in there at a group of people hiding inside a safe room. 14 of them were killed. had he continued to do that he
4:18 pm
was armed well enough to hurt a lot of people. >> i understand fox has exclusively spoken with one of the shooting victims. >> that's right. this is deborah fine in ucla's medical center. she has abrasions and wounds at the moment. she saw the gunman holding his rifle at point blank range at a woman in her car. she shouted no outside her window as she was going past. he turned on her and that's the moment when he opened fire. take a listen at how she described the moment. >> it was so clear and ferocious and quick in his gaze and everything else. he seemed like, you know, a person on a mission and he just turned and looked at me and the next thing i knew, glass was shattering on the passenger side. i felt it go into my shoulder and my other shoulder.
4:19 pm
>> terrifying moment. hopefully deborah out of the hospital at some point either tonight or tomorrow but police say today that one of the other victims that was injured is in a grave situation and the prognosis for her is grim. back to you. thank you very much. a suspect now in custody in that deadly building collapse in philadelphia. 6 people died, 13 others hurt when the four story building being demolished toppled on to a salvation army thrift store. it happened wednesday. toxicology reports now show the man that was operating a crane when that building gave way was high on marijuana. he's 42 years old. he turns himself in today. he'll be charged, we're told, with six counts of involuntary manslaughter, recklessly endangering another person and one count of risking catastrophe. >> a small time actress with two parts in two popular television shows arrested accused of trying
4:20 pm
to send ricin laced letters to president obama and the mayor of new york city. more on that. and a new development as the george zimmerman murder trial is supposed to begin in two days. he admits he shot teenager trayvon martin. he says in self-defense. a key part of the case is the 911 call. hearing this week trying to decide if they'll use it as evidence. what happened in court saturday? we'll tell you, stay close. e verizon share everything plan for small business lets you connect up to 25 devices on one easy to manage plan. that means your smartphone, her blackberry, his laptop, mark's smartphone but i'm still on vacation. still on the plan. nice! the intern gets a tablet? everyone's devices. his, hers-- oh, sorry. all easier to manage on the share everything plan for small business. connecting more so you can do more. that's powerful. verizon. get the blackberry z10 for $199.99.
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the commanding general of u.s. army forces in japan has been suspended. michael harrison failed to properly investigate a sexual assault complaint. we want to emphasize there are
4:24 pm
no allegations of sexual misconduct against general harrison. this is coming as the military is trying to crack down on a growing problem, 26,000 cases of unwanted sexual contact in the military last year alone. a florida judge suspending a hearing today for the man who admits to killing an unarmed teenager in florida. it will be held on monday, scheduled, along with the first day of jury selection. george zimmerman claimed he gunned down 17-year-old trayvon martin in self-defense. the orlando sentinel hired an expert to dissect a 911 call where you can hear screaming in the background. >> do you need police fire medical. >> maybe both, i don't know, there's just someone screaming outside. >> the hearing has been focussing on a lot of issues. including whether to allow voice
4:25 pm
recognition experts to testify at the trial and whether or not that tape will be played in open court at all. it had to be delayed today because one of the experts expected to testify was stuck in an airport. >> reporter: day three of the hearing in the george zimmerman case and we still don't know if the judge will allow state experts to testify as to who they believe is screaming in the 911 call made by one of george zimmerman's neighbors. those are the screams in question. lasting just short of 8 seconds. today george zimmerman's defense team had two expert witnesses testify why the state's experts should not be allowed to testify forever the jury on who is screaming. one state expert used video of george zimmerman's reenactment for police of what happened the night he killed trayvon martin for comparison. >> you can't say from someone's normal voice what they're going to sound like when they're under severe attack. >> the second expert to testify
4:26 pm
agreed. >> how do you get real scream data? you'd have to put someone under unethical amounts of stress. >> one state expert looped the sound twice to make it an acceptable length for testing. >> that would not be an acceptable methodology. >> it's a violation of common sense. >> one more defense witness still needs to testify in the hearing but the judge said that will not delay jury selection which is slated to begin 9:00 a.m. monday morning. back to you. thank you very much. severe weather is now on the move at this hour. janice is live in the fox 6 weather center to bring us up to speed on that. also, plenty of republicans said it is time for attorney general eric holder to step down. now, a democrat lawmaker is saying it too. [ male announcer ] running out of steam?
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( bull roar ) ...if you don't attend the running of the bulls. ole! it's the bottom of the hour. time for the top of the news. attorney general eric holder and his future as our nation's top cop, getting more scrutiny. one prominent democrat, joe manchin joining the republicans calling for holder to step down. this happening in the midst of a still developing controversy
4:31 pm
developing how the department of justice handled leaks from the administration. investigating members of the media and what role holder played in seeking personal phone calls and e-mail of a fox news reporter. elizabeth with the latest from washington. elizabeth? >> whenever you feel that you have lost your effectiveness or are losing your effectiveness, you have to evaluate that and make a decision and i think we're at a time when decisions have to be made. >> he started feeling the pressure after the justice department seized phone records. shortly there after he said he knew nothing of the prosecution but he did sign off on investigative efforts to his personal e-mails. he told the media this week the only reason he would leave his job is if he was to become tired. >> you get to a point where you just become tired. when i get to a point that i think i have accomplished all
4:32 pm
the goals that i set i'll sit down with the president and we'll talk about a transition. >> he said he is proud of the men and women in his department and the work they have done under his leadership. >> thank you. the mayor of newark new jersey announcing his bid for the u.s. senate. corey booker is running for the seat vacated by long time democrat senator who died this week. he'll face other democrats in the primary this summer. earlier this week, chris christie appointing the state's attorney general to fill the seat temporarily until a special election scheduled for october. he passed away on monday. he was 89 years old. he was the last living senator that served in world war ii. fox weather alert. tropical storm andrea leaving part of the northeast soaked.
4:33 pm
this is america's mid section bracing for a new bout of hail, damaging winds and the possibility of more twisters. i dare not even say it outloud. >> every week we're focussing on the same area across the plains. i want to make mention that andrea is out of the way. we're still seeing shower and thunderstorm activity but unrelated to tropical storm andrea which is out to sea now. watching the central u.s. again this evening for the potential of hail, damaging winds and isolated tornadoes. 11:00 p.m. central time for both of those severe thunderstorm watches and we're seeing severe thunderstorm warnings around the border of oklahoma and kansas. we'll continue to monitor this throughout the evening. some of the same areas hard hit by tornadoes over the last few weeks and flash flooding as well. moving into sunday across the miss miss river valley so we'll continue with the threat for strong to severe storms. we're also tracking incredible
4:34 pm
heat. record setting heat. all of these areas setting or tying a record across the desert southwest. look at the temperatures, 110 in las vegas. that's the first time they hit 110 this year so far. a lot of 100, 115 in part of the southwest. 89 a little cooler in that region but it's going to continue to remain warm, or hot, across this region over the next several days. so excessive heat warnings are in place. people need to be indoors inside the air conditioning because it's dangerous to be outside and if i could, we said good-bye to andrea. this doesn't look like it's going to develop but we're going to monitor it. it's bringing showers and thunderstorms along the gulf coast. this is where we look for tropical development in the month of june. the next named storm will be barry. back to you. thank you very much. >> okay. >> protestors not listening to the government of turkey.
4:35 pm
they have been massing in instan bull and other cities for days now. the prime minister now decided he will not hold an early election as angry mobs are calling for him to re-sign. during today's demonstration, thousands of fans from the three main soccer clubs gathered in a show of solidarity. it began last week when police raided a peaceful sit in. and when that went south, rioting began. at least three people have died. reportedly thousands have been hurt in the arrest. european union officials say they want an investigation into the violence. half of the population of syria will need humanitarian aid by the end of this year. that from the united nations this week. that would be 10 million people caught in the middle of the civil war where tonight the government's military continues to march on taking control of a key village. it's our top story as we go around the world in 80 seconds.
4:36 pm
syria, amateur video showing fire and smoke in a western village. as the regime troops took it back from antigovernment rebels days after pushing the rebels out of another key town. the war going on for more than two years now. and the president there still in power. more than 80,000 citizens have died. china, a bus set on fire in the southeast during the evening rush. police confirming the arsonist died in the flames along with 47 other people on that bus. they found a suicide note at his house describing his plan to start the fire. hungary, the prime minister said the water keeps rising and could chest on monday. 55,000 people may be forced to leave the capitol. several european countries dealing with the massive flooding for days now.
4:37 pm
19 people dead and $19 people d billions of dollars in damage. sweden, a royal wedding. princess madeline marrying christopher o'neal at the royal palace in stockholm. 600 guests treated by a performance from phantom of the opera. big crowds trying to get a glimpse. that's a wrap on this fox trip around the world in 80 seconds. a house on the edge of falling into a river. we'll show you where this is happening. plus, the parents of a 10-year-old girl asking for your prayers tonight. we are on sarah watch. sarah needs a lung transplant to live. we have been on the story since the beginning. you'll hear from her parents exclusively from the philadelphia hospital where he is tonight. >> we're asking for them to do what her doctors say is appropriate and best for her. it's the government deciding what is best for her when they have never seen her. i love to eat. i love hanging out with my friends.
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sarah needs a lung transplant to live. she endured a scare today. doctors had to put in a breathing tube and sedate her and keep her comfortable tonight. she is one of two children that have at least five days to try to find new lungs from the donor organ list for adults. a federal judge issuing a temporary order this week and sarah and this 11-year-old
4:42 pm
little boy are on that list. sarah's parents filed a lawsuit to get that ruling just a couple of days ago saying their daughter had to be on the adult list because there's so few child donors and doctors feel sarah is a candidate for an adult transplant. a hearing on the matter for june 19th. they spoke exclusively in the hospital room in philadelphia. we want to play a little of the interview for you. >> do you have any doubts at all that sarah is going to make it? >> now that we have the opportunity to get lungs, it is exciting because a week ago, we questioned it. >> and again, of course, they are hoping that sarah can make it. tonight sarah's parents are asking for your prayers. fox and friends in the morning will have much more of the interview starting at 6:00 a.m. eastern right here on fox newschannel. an actress from the vampire
4:43 pm
diaries and the walking dead television shows was in the courtroom today. she is charged with sending the potentially deadly poison ricin to the president. shannon richardson, a pregnant mom of five from texas is admitting she sent them to the president and new york major michael bloomburg. but she claims her husband made her do it. that ended when she failed a polygraph. the husband faces no charges apparently in this. meanwhile, postal workers finding a fifth ricin laced letter linked to a different case. this one in the state of washington. the fbi and u.s. postal inspection service discovering the envelope to the cia. three others were mailed to the president. fairchild air force base and a
4:44 pm
postoffice. the fbi is not aware of any illnesses or injured caused. >> four hot air balloons crash landed and injured six people. it happened outside denver colorado. strong winds pushing the balloons off course and slamming them into the ground in different areas outside the city. in some case dragging a basket packed with travels for several miles before they could stop. they were able to deal with it quickly. no one was seriously injured. well, as we check on oklahoma tonight, the tornado dropping severe weather has sub decid sided at least for now. behind the last system, end lick flooding. the plight of one homeowner gives a taste of what they're dealing with. our first stop on this fox trip across america. oklahoma, the family home in a small town just east of
4:45 pm
oklahoma city on the verge of being overrun by a raging river. the homeowner and his wife getting out fast. >> we're packing up. we're getting out of here. i mean, i'm not going to live here with one more rain and the river is going to take me while i'm in bed. >> the couple says they have lost nearly 40 acres of land to erosion from all the rain. arizona, a little boy and his dad visiting a friend's home when the child stumbled on to a gun hidden in the living room. police say the little boy accidentally fired one shot hitting his dad in the chest. paramedics took him to the hospital but he didn't make it. the dad, an iraq war veteran with the army special forces. o a crowd of people on a busy sidewalk in midtown manhattan. at least six people hospitalized including an infant that has a head injury. >> the father got hit and hit his head. the baby got the stroller destroyed and we pulled him out.
4:46 pm
>> police say it was raining heavily at the time, and that likely played a factor in the crash. florida, a soldier home from his fourth tour of duty in afghanistan embarks on his most important covert operation yet. surprising his daughter sofia at her miami beach preschool. family members, except day, filed into her classroom. hey baby. hi. >> sofia is three. the family now together again. dad says it's time for a long overdue vacation. that's the fox watch across america. he's no friend to america, iranian president known for his flaming rhetoric against israel and the united states is about to step aside. who will replace him? and will it really matter? i want to make things more secure.
4:47 pm
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attorneys for the cleveland, ohio, man accused of abducting and torturing three women say their client will plead not guilty. ariel castro indicted on 329 criminal charges including kidnapping, rape and murder. prosecutors say they're consi r considering pushing for the death penalty if he's convicted. amanda berry, gina dejesus and michelle knight and berry's
4:51 pm
little daughter were rescued from castro's home last month after berry escaped and called police. ariel castro is being held on an $8 million bond. he's due in court next week. one of the most brutal regimes on the planet is about to replace a leader that was no friend of the united states. that's an understatement. iranian president mahmoud ahmadinejad is set to leave. he's infamous for his criticism of the west and israel. no matter who replaces him, there's no doubt the islamic republic supreme leader, the ayatollah ali komeny is still running the country. the last time iranians headed to the polls in 2009 widespread violence erupted after it was claimed elections were rigged. henchmen were sent out to crack down on them. a country suffering from political and economic turmoil. amy kellogg takes a look. >> reporter: president mahmoud
4:52 pm
ahmadinejad made his mark, from questioning the holocaust to suggesting the american government was behind 9/11 to firing up iran's centrifuges after the country had voluntarily suspended its program. the u.s. government believes now that iran could be just a year away from having a nuclear bomb if it decided to build one. but there were a few missed opportunities for compromise possibly blocked by iran's supreme leader. >> the irony of the situation is that the president of iran, ahmadinejad, was the one politician in iran in the last couple of years who has said he wanted a deal. >> reporter: at home plenty of iranians made fun of ahmadinejad's bombast, but sadly, some say, the joke was on him. >> he turned out to be such a big leader. so that i'm just definitely the fact that he ruined the country. he did not allow for diplomatic relations with other countries to come about. >> reporter: he won elections on
4:53 pm
a promise to spread the oil wealth to people's tables. the price of oil in those years was high but the economy tanked. >> he is leaving the presidency with the iranian economy in a very miserable state. the inflation rate is officially about 30%. and unofficially about 60%. >> reporter: in this system ultimately controlled by the supreme leader this, too, cannot all be blamed on the president. whoever takes ahmadinejad's job will have to answer to the same man but will likely face even graver challenges. in london, amy kellogg, fox news. today is the final leg of the triple crown. orb and oxbow in the stretch. the winner of the belmont stakes, next. mine was earned in djibouti, africa. 2004. vietnam in 1972. [ all ] fort benning, georgia in 1999. [ male announcer ] usaa auto insurance is often handed down from generation to generation. because it offers a superior level of protection
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palace malice pulling away from the pack to bin the belmont stakes. >> it is going to be palace malice and mike smith. >> palace malice outracing 13 other horses in the field. jockeys preparing for a muddy track after yesterday's rain, but it dried out in time for them to race. with a mile and a half loop, belmont is the longest of the three triple crown races -- say that three times. rounding out the top three, preakness winner oxbow and orb took third. serena williams wins again
4:58 pm
today at the french open. it ended with a racket crushing ace. williams picked up her 16th grand slam and welcomes the oldest woman to win the french open. maria sharapova came out firing. it was a battle from way beyond the baseline from the very beginning. beats maria sharapova in two sets. at one point serena's serves were -- and i was watching this, 118 miles per hour and then 121 miles per hour. this is the second time the two have faced off in the french open. williams beat sharapova in 2002. before we go, fox top sto stories, sarah murnaghan sedated after doctors inserted a breathing tube just a few hours ago. she's one of two children who have at least five days to try to find a new set of lungs from a donor organ list for adults. tomorrow on "fox and friends" more of the exclusive interview with her parents.
4:59 pm
fox news confirming the obama administration will open a criminal investigation into the leaking of highly classified documents which revealed the secret surveillance of americans going on at the national security agency. and thon day in 1966, the national football league announced a blockbuster merger with its rival, the american football league. for decades, the nfl was pretty much the only game in town, but in the late 1950s, the son of an oil tycoon decided to create another league. so he expanded into cities where the nfl had no teams, and at first it seemed to work out. but before long, the rival leagues began competing for the same players. more importantly, for the same fans. when the leagues finally merged, teams split into two conferences. we know them today as the afc and the nfc -- da, da, da -- sorry. at the nfc had its first super bowl. but the gridiron got even greater 47 years ago today.
5:00 pm
that's how fox reports this saturday, june 8th. my saturday night is just getting started. see you halfway through "huckabee" which starts in about six seconds. tonight on "huckabee" -- >> i'm extraordinarily proud to announce my new national security adviser susan rice. >> screw-up, cover-up, move up. the obama administration rewarding good soldiers who toe the company line while treating those who call out corruption like enemies of the state. >> not only are they losing their job and their livelihood and their income, they are actually facing jail time. >> government whistleblowers on why they risked everything to reveal the truth. >> i could not stand by and simply be eyewitness to the subversion of our own constitution.


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