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tv   Geraldo at Large  FOX News  June 9, 2013 7:00pm-8:01pm PDT

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give your severs a big hand. thank you for being with us. that is all of the time we have left. as always thank you for being here. we will be back soon for another edition of "hannity". >> we are at war defense terror. but this war like all wars must end so that america can wage war on apple? apple making massive profits overseas. >> what turns a normal fat little 8-year-old boy a vicious hate crime mal lishist? >> so we can win the war on drugs? >> this is your brain on drugs. >> start one on certain foods? america's war is on food, terror, business, drugs and hate. >> if you want to hurt another human being make sure yit's the
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right one. >> and now, john stossel. >> we started this show about america's wars with our biggest war the war on terror. first a strange question. what is the right way to kill homosexuals? now that we have your attention i will explain what i learned is the proper way to kill gays from former cia director. he says the reason the war on islamic extremism must continue no matter what the president said recently. ambassador please explain. >> john, good to be with you. when i was chairman of the board of freedom house several years ago, we had a group of american muslims come in to us who were very disturbed. the saudis had centosent imams to a number of mosques in the
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united states including theirs. they took away the instruction materials and left instead ta st of materials they had written up instead. i had written a become babout this the three-ways that are okay to kill ohomosexuals. you could probe them from a high place. you could stone them to death. >> it had to be high enough to say they would feel the pain and anxiety coming down>> right and would certainly die because it had to be high enough. the stoning is supposed to be with small stones so it takes a long time and big stone doesn't knock anybody out. the third way they were saying was you could burn them alive.
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the saudi embassy got upset about this it was a mistake it was old material you shouldn't pay attention to it but the next year it was the same. this is not an exclusively muslim problem. 400 years ago my fellow cal vannist protestants i am a presbyterian were burning witches in salem, massachusetts. >> what's your point here about the war on terror? >> it is at least really important to realize there is an ideological side to it not just random violence. we need to call it straight and stop getting bogged down in some of this nonsense cal notion of being colcalpolitically correct. that's a way not to thinking out how to deal with the issue. >> what do you want to do? kill them all?
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>> of course not. need to start out by not being politically correct. you need to start where some of the movements are coming from. some of it are some parts of islam and we need to be candid about that. >> the saudis have this big education campaign the wahhabi schools where they teach how to kill homosexuals. these people are our partners supposedly. >> between one and two percent of islamic community they are doing the writing and preaching it tends to be hostile to other religions in the form of violence in the form of jihad and so forth. we have to be clear and straight forward about this. >> we are not going to bomb all of these people. we can't convince them to be
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more open minded. what do you want to do? >> i want us to drive on something other than oil products. we need to be able to tell opec much of which is based in the middle east that we do not have to keep shipping money in order to drive or cars and our trucks. >> you say we can't kill them but we can bankrupt them. >> i am suggesting what we need to do is take away the power of monopoly that less oil dominate transportation at 96, 97 percent. that would indirectly encourage people like the saudis and others to work for a living rather than lifting oil for $2 a barrel and selling it to us for 102. >> what about what the president said from bringing the drone war down and should we be spending what we are spending now on
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terror? >> a drone is a weapon. and it think of it as a flying sniper in a way. you have i think usually a lot less collateral damage if you attack an al qaeda leader with a drone than if you attack with let's say a bomb. >> do we need to spend what we are spending? >> i think we may need to spend more. we may be able to get by with less. the point is to figure out what it takes to win and take that. >> i agree i want america to have a strong military that protects us from fan at that time ticks who wa-- fanatics tht to kill us. how big a military do we need to have that we spend 800 billion on the feds about a 35th of our budget. the vice president for defense in foreign policies, he says
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that is way too much. >> it's a lot, john. it's more than we spend at the peak of the cold war. ronald reagan was fighting the soviet union. i am glad we won that contest. >> you made this video that compares our military spending compared to our allies. >> every year the united states spends $2,300 on the military for every citizen our allies spend less to defend themselves. we pay big bucks to defend our friends and in exchange they let us. that allows our friends to spend far more on everything else. we pick up the tab for global security spending and allies free ride. >> they are freeloading on us. we are suckers. >> i don't blame them. if somebody offered to pay our
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security i would let them, too. these countries were completely shattered by war. somewhere in the decades we got rich and we didn't revisit why it is we defend them when they can defend themselves. >> they won't do all of the things we want our military to do. that list is long. we want to train terrorists and train foreign militaries. >> some countries are good at that some better than us as a matter of fact. many of the special operations have been by other organizations other militaries other countries in if cooperation with us. it is not fair to say these countries aren't inclined to defend themselves if we weren't helping them. >> people want the military to do much more to protect countries from aggression to contain china and iran.
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>> i think china is big bogeyman. military spending is second in the world. far behind the united states. you discourage neighbors to defend themselves and their neighbors. >> iran threatened to have a nubbing liar bomb. >> many other countries luckily not many a few others have nuclear weapons. iran does not. iran is tiny as opposed to the threat by china. >> we want the navy to protect sea lanes. >> they defend sea lanes from interception of being disrupted. the question is the 3 c's are benefit to many people. a few we would like to close them. >> instead of 800 billion we would spend -- >> quite a bit less.
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>> what we were spending about $450 billion around that. that's a good start. if we stop doing that we could spend less than 450 billion a year. that's a start. >> we would be safe? >> absolutely. >> thank you chris brem el. up next more wars, like the war over what you will eat. >> we don't want them labeled we want them gone. and the war on hate itself. with the same laws and same punishment for the same crimes. >> the department of justice confirming it confirming a man claimed he was the source for the "washington post" and guardian stories on
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government snooping. 129-year-old edward snowden is an nsa contract employee. he was part of the national securi picked through america's cell phone records for information. he's in long tonghong kong whic extradition treaty with the u.s. he could be returned for prosecution. and large have been heard on the military side of kabul international airport in afghanistan. the cause of that explosion is not immediately clear. right now it's monday morning in afghanistan. insurgents usually carry out attacks in the early hours of the day. i am marianne rafferty. we will be returning to stossel after the break. you hurt my feelings, todd. i did? when visa signature asked everybody what upgraded experiences really mattered... you suggested luxury car service instd of "strength training with patrick willis." come on todd! flap them chicken wings. [ grunts ] well, i travel a lot and umm...
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john: did you see headlines senators blast apple. congress went to war again that evil technology company. >> apple is one of the biggest tax avoiders in america. >> most of your profits worldwide are sitting this three irish companies that you control that don't pay taxes. john: so on. but wait. apple created maybe 600,000 jobs in america. moreover seas. a huge aim of new wealth. apple tries to avoid paying
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taxes, their account anes tell them to because american taxes are crazy, they and i avoid legally, won't any politician stand up for a business that makes an apatrol yeah, the appropriate response to big intrusive government, one senator spoke up. >> i am offended by tone and tenor of this hearing, by spec able else was dragging in executives from an american company that is not doing anything illegal, i say instead of applicatives -- executives we should have brought in a giant mirror to look at the reflect of congress, this is created by awful tax code. >> way to go. senator rand paul joins us now. did you take drive for saying that rom your colleagues like mccain? >> they may not have been too happy with me, i was not happy
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with the proceeding. it is an insul to make corporation officers come in raise their right-hand, and read them the riot act for doing what everybody else does, who wants to come forward and say you want a chief financial officer who maximized your tax bill, i asked a professor, do you take deducts on your taxes do you minimize your tax bill legally, they all answered yes, it was insults to apple, they are largest corporate taxpayer in our country, we should give them an work war for paying so many -- award for paying so many taxes and creating so many jobs. john: i am glad you complained about this attitude of bringing in the ceo to kneel before congress, apple popular, but if you have a company that makes pespesticide and an oil company,
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they try to destroy you. >> they say we didn't subpoena them. but quietly they say, if you don't come in we will. that committee, is one of few committees in congress that has power to subpoena, no one the say no. but i thought it was insulting they are great innovators that have created jobs and pay a lot in taxes if you want them to bridge home worldwide profits from sales overseas let's make the tax code fair. there are examples that are working. john: and when your colleagues chew out companies and complain about their profit with aer. snear . >> i told them they need to bring a mirror, i imagined how funny it would be to have a 12 by 12 mirror, and have them look
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in this mirror to find the problem. two leaders of that committee, republican and democrat, they have been up here for 30 years, they preside over the tax code it their baby, if it forces money to go overseas,. john: am i being unfair when i against business.ave a war >> there is an attitude, like a hearing on apple. we should do, if we had a president who was a great leader, he should fly out to apple headquarter, congratulate them for being a great american company and company, say what can you do to help you, to allow you to bring more money home, what tax rate would help that. we should do that to every successful american company instead of dragging them into washington. and excoriating them, saying they are not paying their fair share, the same with wealthy people in the country, instead
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of saying how do we punish you. john: thank you, senator rand paul. >> thank you, john. john: coming up, another kind of war, a war on certain kinds of speech. speech. even thought oh, he's a fighter alright. since aflac is helping with his expenses while he can't work, he can focus on his recovery. he doesn't have to worry so much about his mortgage, groceries, or even gas bills. kick! kick... feel it! feel it! feel it! nice work! ♪ you got it! you got it! yes! aflac's gonna help take care of his expenses. and us...we're gonna get him back in fighting shape. ♪ [ male announcer ] see what's happening behind the scenes at [ male announcer ] see what's happening behind the scenes ♪ nothing says, "i'm happy to see you too," like a milk-bone biscuit. ♪ say it with milk-bone.
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as in never ever. now about that parking ticket. [ grunting ] [ male announcer ] to apply for the citi simplicity card go to it's the only card that never has late fees, a penalty rate, or an annual fee, ever. so apply today. >> whenever i hear about a hate crime i am shocked and sad. i give a damn. do you? >> i am horrified when i hear about people being victimized. on the surface i should be glad america wages a war on hate. hate crimes bring longer sentence. they should be. the genre runs the fighting discrimination program at a group called human rights first. but jimmy lasalw salve a republn
7:24 pm
gay efficacy group. he says wait a second hate crime laws are not useful. but how can you say that? you have been a victim yourself. >> absolutely. i was on a bike about a year ago and a guy came out into the street and punched me and called me an anti gay name as i was trying to collect myself off the ground i was reaching into my back tapack for my phone. one of the other kids asked him is he going for a gun. i just let him thatink that tha it was that thought that i might have a weapon that turned the tied of that situation and prevented me from being a victim of a horrible crime. >> why not more protection with hate crime law? >> i just don't think there's any evidence they are preventing crimes before they happen. that's what we need to focus on.
7:25 pm
they can't ignore the fact that they are simply targets because of who they are. we have to prevent that rather than giving them a false sense of security that they are going to be the victim of a hate crime. >> i don't believe they are the soul answer to hate crime. the criminal justice response. let me step back for a second. we are all in agreement with the first main point. that is the violent attack the target because of their identity runs fundamentally contrary to american values. ra hate crime is an important one to understand. >> hate is so many crimes. >> why is it? >> they are targeted because of their identity. what hate crime laws do they embed in the justice system the
7:26 pm
notion of a hate crime it requires them to document them to understand them and identify them and prosecute them including in some cases they have penalties. it requires them about the level of the hate kiem. that creates a broader understanding of society about what needs to be done. >> we are grounding in laws. already we had the civil rights act hate crime religion national origin. we have the violent crime act which increases the penalty matthew shepherd was killed. they expanded that. the justice department says victimizations have been stable since 2004. >> stable but perhaps stable at a high level. >> does the law make a difference? >> the law does make a difference. >> i can tell you i had a conversation with a transgender women in california and she said
7:27 pm
to me, it doesn't matter what the law says, no law is going to change the fact that when some people look at me they see a man in a dress. that is only going to change with time and understanding. that is the difference we are having is we are not disagreeing over the fact that there's a problem. we are disagreeing over the fact that the government put the solution on this. >> the example remind me of the contortions the police go through to be politically correct about this. the fbi has a hate crime manual. they say avoid offense i have terms like sexual preference, trance fest tights. what are they supposed to say? what do we gain from this? oo people often fear when they are a victim of a crime they want a society in which they feel comfortable going to law enforcement. victims of hate crime often comes from marginalized activity. they don't trust them to
7:28 pm
understand the victimization and ensure them their crimes will be taken serious. >> i am for being sensitive to victims. i think that's important. i don't think it matters what you call somebody let's focus on policies and things we could do to prevent from calling them a victim. >> let me bring in this issue in the anti hate crime actress wanda sykes says this. >> image walking down the street and wondering if this is the day you will get beaten up or even killed simply because of who you are. >> i would say is passing a law going to change the fact that some people walking down the street and wonder if they are going to be attacked simply because of who they are. i don't think the law has anything to do with it. it is about raising awareness and not penalty. >> it may not be that every potential victim of a hate crime walks down the street in perpetual fear. religious people may not go to
7:29 pm
mosque or synagogue as frequently as they might like. immigrants may attack they limit their movement. i think it runs contrary to our freedom of movement which is a fundamental principal in the united states. >> you think we have too many? >> i don't think we have enough laws. i want to end the segment with my point of view. here it is expressed by america's greatest philosopher, the kids from south park. >> cart man throws a rock at token a black student. >> ouch. >> the school planned to give him two weeks detention but the fbi came to say... >> i am afraid it's a bit more complicated than that. the victim in this case is african american this is considered a hate crime. >> what turns a normal fat little 8-year-old boy into a vicious hate crime committing
7:30 pm
racist? >> he is lectureed by the judge. >> you want to hurt another human being you better make sure it is somebody the right color. >> if somebody kills somebody their color it is a crime. if you kill somebody with another skin it is a hate crime. >> right on, kids. i wonder what they would say about the war on drugs. >> this is your brain on drugs. any questions? >> that war on the war on certain types of food next. ♪ [ male announcer ] everyone has the ability to do something amazing. ♪ some just do it, on a more regular basis. ♪
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john: the war on food. food? , what war? i can eat what i want? except raw milk and 15 states, in my town, tran fats are illegal, the bigger fight is war on something that sounds scary,
7:35 pm
gmo foods. >> we don't want them labeled we want them gone, people are getting sick. john: people are getting very sick? gmo stands for je genetically modified. most corn is. you eat is already, this is a product of years of selective breeding, corn was much smaller than this, and less juicy, but, it means that scientists figured out a way to change food by manipulates individual genes. they have a gene that makes it taste bad to insects. here is an example of a genetic modification that may not be sold in america, these fish are 18-month-old salmon. but the big one was modified to
7:36 pm
grow twice as fast. allowing this would mean cheaper salmon, we don't have that, company that engineers fish is waiting for approval are regulators, they have been waiting 20 years. keep it away said jeff smith. who runs instead for responsible technology. >> and let it in said jason lusk author of the food police. >> there is the version of natural food is a mystery, we've been modifying food since humans have been on the planet. the ear of corn, ancient ancestor is no bigger than your them. only selecting and planting -- >> but gmo is monkeying with the gene?
7:37 pm
>> all selection is playing with genes whether you pick this one and put it together, that traditional plant breeding involves many thousands of genes we don't know what is going to happen. modern biotechnology is picking one or two genes, to put to an ear of corn, it is more precise. >> it should make it safer? jeffrey? >> well, fda scientists were clear in memos made public from a lawsuit, they said process of genetic engineering is different, and leads to new and defense risks new smyrns newalld toxins, but person in charge of policy at fda was michael taylor, mont monsanto former attorney, and now president. >> monsanto captured the fda . this agency, and they are just in the tank with big business? >> month stan to has capture --
7:38 pm
monsanto has done the same to many countries they have their people -- >> that makes me sense cal skepf you not them. you look the every scientific authority on subject, whether u.s. national academy of sciences, and world health organization, food and these are all independent bodies of independent scientists, every one of those has confirmed that basic safety of biotech food, there has not been a single scientisticly confirmed case of illness or a annaller join. >> since gmos have been introduced a whole news set of
7:39 pm
diseases and disorders on the rise, these are the what parents and doctors say, they take them themselves or family off of gmo they get better, but when they take livestock off of the soy or corn, and shift it over, livestock get better, that corn in your hand for example, does not taste bad to insects it pokes holes in their cells and killing them, new a study, finds that same toxic inte insecticide pokes homes in human cells and causes leakage. >> you are doing is throwing in a lot of corporational analysis -- justin bieber songs are correlated with a rise in
7:40 pm
autism, of course, not, if it is true they are so bad for livestock or livestock producers must be stupid. john: they must be dumb but beyond bands there is an in between point, a commercial from a group who said if it is je genetically modifies label it. >> put it on the label, made with gmos. >> jason that seems reasonable. >> right, i have no problem with companies voluntarily labeling food, great thing for consumer choice, if you want to avoid a gmo you have opportunities, buy organics. but there are a lot of companies that make nongmo claims do we want to main -- mandate, require companies, trouble is that fda
7:41 pm
mandates putting a label. john: it would scare consumers. >> it is misleading consumers to believing something that is false. john: whole foods said they will do it voluntarily. jeff is this enough for you? >> no, i think we need to actually ban gmos, evidence is clear from independent scientists, however, when speaking about labeling, it is not responsible to force gmos on the population, right now for example, wic program gives 2 million children, infant formula, every one of those is geneticallally engineered and parents do not know. >> one of most gmo activists, came outo at a conference in
7:42 pm
oxford, and said he dug into the scientific literature and he was wrong. john: thank you, to you both. coming up, war on drugs. new scare is over meth. and the psa the kids keep watching television while their friend convulses on the floor. >> this isn't normal. plan but but on meg, it is. -- but on meth it is. >> really? is that normal? what you think you know. may not be so. i want to make things more secure. [ whirring ] [ dog barks ] i want to treat mo dogs. ♪ our business needs more cases. [ male announcer ] where do you want to take your business? i need help selling art. [ male announcer ] from broadband to web hosting
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monsanto. >> this is your brain on drugs. any questions? >> that was one of the first commercials that warned people about drugs and they amped up the message. >> wait. it's not over yet. this is what your family goes through. your friends and your money and drugs and sex and future. any questions? >> i have some questions. i know it's true that some drug
7:47 pm
users put themselves and their families through hell. if illegal drugs are as horrible and addictive as we have been told how come the government's own statistics say millions of americans have used the drugs but only a small percentage still use them. the author of high price the journal of self discovery that challenged everyone about drugs and society says drugs are not as addictive or as dangerous as the government and media made them out to be. heart why shoul believe you? you look like a drug dealer. >> drug dealers must be as attractive as hell these days. you should believe me in part because i have been doing this for twenty-some years. i have been studying drugs studying the effects of drugs in people. >> at columbia university. you bring people in for tests. >> at columbia university that is right methamphetamines crack
7:48 pm
cocaine and so forth. as you pointed out the data shows the vast majority of people who use these drugs don't go on to become addicted. in fact some of these people who have used these drugs dwoe on to be president, the current president. the president before the current president george bush bill clinton all of these guys have used illegal drugs at some point in their life. >> all we know for sure is they used weed and maybe dabbled in cocaine. the message now is crack and methare getting worse and they automatically hook you. >> the same thing was said about marijuana in the 1930s. you go on to use this drug you go on to commit murder. >> refer madness. >> one of the reasons that was allowed to happen is there were few people who used marijuana.
7:49 pm
the same is true when we talk about crack cocaine and methamphetamines. not as many people use those drugs so these incredible stories can be made up about these drugs. i have given thousands of doses in these drugs in my studies i am here to tell you that the public has been misled. >> in your laboratory you get these drugs legally the dea let's you have them and you add ties and bring users in and then you recruit? >> absolutely. we jump through all of these levels of approval and recruit participants via craig's list. we advertise in the village voice. >> crack users come on in. >> we say people who used cocaine before, yes that's right. >> i am looking at the government statistics here. the number of wheem who ever tried drugs and used it in the last months.
7:50 pm
it seems like 95 percent give it up. marijuana and pain relievers where 86 percent used it in the last month. >> i guess when you say most of the people give it up, i don't know if it's the way to really talk about this. you don't necessarily have to give it up. the vast majority of people who use drugs like crack cocaine use it on the weekend or use it on a monthly basis or use it on every six months. >> and hold jobs. >> and pay taxes and those sorts of things. in a similar way like we used drugs and alcohol. the body doesn't recognize a psycho active drug is legal or illegal. >> crack and methare no worse than alcohol? >> the problem that makes crack cocaine and methamphetamines is dangerous the things they are cut with the illegalality of the
7:51 pm
drugs. where alcohol we are sure what you get with alcohol is pure alcohol. >> the most accurate is the no teeth. the other drugs were over hyped this drug meth is horrible and horribly addictive. earlier we showed part of this commercial where methusers,d while others are on the floor. >> this isn't normal, but on meth, it is. >> little meth? it is. >> propaganda? >> that is pure exaggeration. that does so much harm, because people actually think they are getting a drug education by watching those types of commercials, i can't say this strongly enough, there are few things that has done harm to our drug education in commercials like that. >> people tune the government
7:52 pm
out they do believe any more? >> not only do they tune the government out they tune out people like me. they have drug education they think it's untrue because of the lack of credible we have as a result of the government with these hysterical commercials. >> what does more harm to america drugs or the drug war? oo now one of the things i want to make clear here. drugs whether it's alcohol or crack cocaine, they should be taken seriously. they can produce some harm. the drug war is unquestionably the drug war has done more harm to spechth communities. the reason it has allowed to continue is the harm that it does or the major portions of the harm is happening in communities that we don't really care about as a country.
7:53 pm
>> dr. karl heart thank you. next my take on the government's wars and the irs scandal. both are symptoms of the same disease. e verizon share everything plan for small business lets you connect up to 25 devices on one easy to manage plan. that means your smartphone, her blackberry, his laptop, mark's smartphone but i'm still on vacation. still on the plan. nice! the intern gets a tablet? everyone's devices.
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john: our last guest said t >> our last guest tuned out the message about drugs because the government lost credibility. for years they told kids if you do drugs you are going to die. but then the kids saw their
7:57 pm
friends and mostly do okay. so kids got skeptical and they should. it's the oxy clean guy tells you oxy clean gets things out. >> it's like magic without pleading plead bleeding. oxi clean man will go out of business. government will never go out of business. they try ghen in iraq. the war against hate. >> this is consider rat. >> the war on drugs. >> this is your brain on drugs. >> it wages war against certain foods. it goes to war against almost every business. apple pays taxes but the car -- as cartoonist big government wants to take much more. politicians demand more of our money. they say we all accomplish wonderful things with it. we can't. there has been so much fuss
7:58 pm
about eric holder. who in the irs targeted tea party groups will they be fired will there be a special prosecutor. my colleague to my colleagues but i don't much care who is fired or punished. it will be given to another democrat. our much bigger problem is government now employs 22 million people. 1 million if you subtract the government and post office. that's millions and millions of people who are people. most are good but some are bad. people in government have a legal right to use force. big government gives millions of people immense power over parts of our lives. most won't abuse it. power does corrupt. some will be bad people and they will use their power to torture people they don't like people
7:59 pm
who hold the wrong beliefs or people who talk back. some of you won't get building permits. maybe you will be audited or denied a tax exemption. firing an attorney general won't change that. only smaller government can. we don't have smaller government we have big government. we have it because when there's a problem people instinctively say, yes, we can. that's why i wrote, no. they can't. because government cannot. it shouldn't try. the more things it goes to war against the more it grows the worse off we are. but while government can, we can't. millions of americans give up drugs most without help. scientists experiment with food and we live longer. temperatures try to minimize their tax. individuals do that we can't.
8:00 pm
no, they can. that is our show. thanks for watching. tonight on "huckabee" -- >> i'm extraordinarily proud to announce my new national security adviser susan rice. >> screw-up, cover-up, move up. the obama administration rewarding good soldiers who toe the company line while treating those who call out corruption like enemies of the state. >> not only are they losing their job and their livelihood and their income, they are actually facing jail time. >> government whistleblowers on why they risked everything to reveal the truth. >> i could not stand by and simply be eyewitness to the subversion of our own constitution.


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