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tv   FOX and Friends First  FOX News  June 17, 2013 2:00am-3:01am PDT

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starting in northern ireland today. all of the nations attending were at the 2009 summit. >> new developments in the irs scandal. an irs supervisor admits scrutinizing applications from tea party groups she tells congress she reviews 20 to 30 contributions she was put on leave. some applications sat untouched for more than a year but does not think the agents were politically motivated. agents would openly talk about handling tea party cases but thought the term was shorthand for all politically active groups conservative and liberal. >> president obama appoints a high powered lawyer at special envoy. an official announcement is expected later today. clifford sloan is a dc insider.
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100 are on a hunger strike protesting harsh conditions and indefinite confinement. >> the biggest award at the emmy awards goes to -- >> the 2013 emmy award for out standling daytime drama goes to "days of our lives." >> that win marking the first time since 1975 that "days of our lives" took the top prize at the award show. george lucas picked up his first emmy and second award ever for star wars the clone wars. another big winner dr. oz. he took home the emmy for outstanding informative talk show. that's your top 5@5:00. >> president obama is expected to address the nsa spy scandal
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soon. we are learning he doesn't think the policy violated our privacy. that comes as more people to calling for whistleblower edward snowden to be held accountable for his action. kelly wright is live with more on this developing story. >> the damage from the leaks continues to escalate as well. the tough rhetoric about the man at the center of the storm edward snow again vice president dick cheney telling fox news he believes snowden is a spy for china. he left the country and revealed secret programs from hong kong. >> he's a traitor. i think he has committed crimes by violating agreements given the position he had. he was a contract employee but he had been granted top secret clearance i think it's one of the worst occasions in my memory
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of somebody with access to classified information doing enormous damage to the national security interests of the united states. >> the former vice president says he supports the nsa. members of congress and how questions about those spying on america and phone calls. they sent a letter to congress defending the program stating it prevented terrorist attacks in the united states. the president does not believe the nsa did not violate the privacy of americans. >> if there are problems we get to the bottom of it. we are also recognizing we have a fundamental obligation for the american people he also wore he
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believes we are and can doing both. there are millions of american phone calls are quote not making safer but maybe violation of the 4th amendment. heather? >> kelly wright reporting for us this morning. >> former vice president dick cheney is reacting to susan rice being named national security add viedzor. >> she does not have to be confirmed. rice is on 5 shows after the benghazi terror attack saying a video was to blame cheney saying her appointment is a huge mistake. >> she appears to have been part of the cover up. the whole notion that this is a terrorist attack which it was
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solved the terrorist problem. s she sdpoo need to be confirmed she can go there as a national security advisor. they question whether or not they are flawed they took bad information as aggressively as she did. >> he thought it was a bad idea not to send forces into libya to rescue americans at our consulate. >> time for the first degree l updates. >> in the middle of the country not to catch a break. we are tracking another possible round of severe storms. >> good morning everyone, threat
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of severe storms across the center of the country. the good news is they are bringing in much needed rainfall in the last several years. we are talking about the ongoing threat across parts of the plains. we will see more areas of rain across the texas panhandle through parts of nebraska. even parts of colorado we have had ongoing wildfires can be getting much needed rainfall winds 60 miles an hour isolated tornadoes through out the day. the threat is very small. parts of the southeast and west locally heavy downpours. temperature wise it will be a hot day across parts of southeast across texas 90 widespread dallas and san antonio. el paso 102 degrees 108 in phoenix. we are looking at temperatures today across northeast
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relatively warm will you it will be cooler. >> thanks so much maria. a fox business alert all eyes on the federal reserve this week as wall street waits to see if ben bernanke will keep interest rates low and continue to fed stimulus programs. lauren simonetti joins us with more. they wrap up that meeting on wednesday. ben bernanke says the fed could tighten their monetary policy as well as interest rates incoming months. the dow down 3 percent since he said that. >> i am hearing they should focus on healthcare with obama care. >> with this new healthcare law man knee temperaturcompanies ar back on jobs.
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those who specialize in overhaul, hospital mergers reimbursement all of these things as we struggle as things kick in next year. >> if you went to the movies this weekend you might con trib bought to the big box office win. >> the biggest june opening in history $113 million. the theater in oklahoma who is ravaged by tornadoes a couple weeks ago. that was one of the best performances in the entire country. >> really? they are rallying toward their home town guy. >> they certainly are. man of steel iron man steel they are all doing really well. >> how they became the super hero s. >> thank you very much lauren.
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good to see you this morning. >> time to brew on this. b think movie prices are high now? how about paying 50 bucks for brad pitt's new movie world war z. it's called the mega movie ticket only being offered at a few theaters $50. fans get to see the movie two-days before it opens custom 3-d glasses limited edition glasses and the offer comes days after george titan predicted tickets could cost 50 to $100 down the road in the future. would you be willing to pay $50 for the ultimate hollywood experience? tweet them to us at foxfriendsfirst or shoot us an e-mail at f emai >> here's my answer, no.
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>> teens caught red handed as they get into this house. the man facing police is waiting for jail time. >> a new miss usa is crowned but another contestant feeling the spotlight. >> how we are continuing to try to strive to... >> oh, poor thing. >> the question went dead. that was just the beginning of her answer. >> i would, too. >> we kickoff a week long series called waning cores away. you wake up in the anchor chair but this week we are going to show you behind the scenes off the set. how we spend friday nights or how i spend it coming up. stay there. at
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>> welcome back. it is 13 after the top of the hour. here's what you missed while you were sleeping. amateur video captured firefighters wrelsing dozens of people stranded by a broken down theme park ride in the u.k. thrill seekers many of them children were stuck on the ride for two hours. that's because of mechanical failure. we can tell you nobody was hurt. >> they tried to stave off elimination in game 7 tomorrow night in miami. i know you were watching. >> i am proud of those guys. thanks so much. a man faces child endangerment charges after police say he llo
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four boys in a closet he caught vandalizing his father in law's house. >> good morning, ainsley. this happened in an up state new york village located between rochester and syracuse. according to the times of wayne county 53-year-old jessie daniels was home watching television with his wife when he heard pounding noises. he went outside to investigate and found someone with a hammer inside his father in law's home. they called police and went to find out what was going on. that's when he found all of this. the home destroyed. we are talking about paint slatters walls covered ripped off the walls counters fixtures broken walls broke in. daniels went up stairs and found four young byes 8-10 all with hammers in hand. he corralled them into a closet and kept them there until the police arrived. that's where the child
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endangerment starts. the boys, test mated they did 50,000 dollars damage. the reason thurp upset daniel's wife told them to stay out of their yard earlier that day. they weren't real happy about that. >> wild story. >> coming up next mother nature's fury caught on camera. an incredible lightening bolt making a direct strike on this skyscraper. are you exhausted this morning because you tossed and turned all night long it may be because one of these students right here. dr. seigel has simple solutions to help you get a good night's sleep. oh, he's a fighter alright. since aflac is helping with his expenses while he can't work,
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>> 20 minutes after the hour. and we now have a brand new miss usa. >> and miss usa 2013 is, connecticut. >> 25-year-old grabbed miss usa in las vegas. however this morning there's another contestant stealing the headlines. >> here's her response to the question about income and equality. >> i think you can relate this back to education and how we are continuing to try to strive to
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figure out how to create jobs right now. that is the biggest problem. i think especially to men are seen as the leaders so we need to try to figure out how to create education better so that we can solve this problem. thank you. >> marissa powell was third runner up and snipping out cancer. new research says certain skin cells can be used to identify cancerous ones. the sensors can pick up on the difference. they can help detect tumors much earlier. heather? >> thank you so much ainsley. if a bad night's sleep is leaving you exhausted and you are dragging a little bit this morning as you get ready for
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work you are not alone. could what you eat before bed cause you to toss and turn? we are breaking it down the best and the worst foods for getting those beans. there is plenty of fiber and antioxidants. they have mel tone nan. melatonin can help calm you down. >> i didn't know cher res has - cherries had melatonin. >> the next is turkey. >> it has tryptophan in it. there are a couple glasses of wine should not be behind the wheel by the way it can make you sleep ry. >> you curl up on the couch and fall asleep watching football.
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>> better than driving. >> fortified cereals have ca carbohydrates in them that metabolize easy. this is the kind of cashes that you want. >> what do you mean fortified? >> it has all grain and fortified. the more fiber it has>> i am a big fan of bananas. they have a lot of fiber in them. they have magnesium and potassium in them. they also have tryptophan. comfort food. >> these foods may appear to be comfort food but they do the opposite. >> because wine helps you fall asleep better. a couple hours later it is wearing off. that's the reason you wake up in
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the middle of the night. don't do it. have it earlier. >> a lot of reasons not to this, though, before you go to sleep. >> this is unbelievable, bacon cheese burger heartburn, fat. you have that when you are driving along at had o'clock in the morning you are going to fall asleep at the wheel get that. it will keep you awake every time. >> everyone knows you shouldn't brew a cup of coffee and then trying to to sleep. >> it has caffeine and it is acidic. makes your stomach feel acidic. that also gives you heartburn. the number one is caffeine. you don't want to have coffee toward bedtime. don't have it after dinner. you should have it in the late afternoon. >> those are good tips. i am going to incorporate some of these tonight before i get
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up. still to come claims engulf a car and a driver trapped inside. what happens next you have to see it truly a miracle. plus we are kicking off the week long series anchor away where we show you what our lives are like outside of fox news. ainsley starts with a look at how she gives back on friday night. first this day in history on this day back in 1965 i can't help myself by the four tops. made it to number one. hey mom, is there a dressing room around here? no. hey mom! dare me to do a back-flip? no. whooooooo! no, no!
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>> it is a beautiful morning. there's a nice shot 6th avenue our studios we are inside there. good morning, june 17th. i am ainsley earhardt. >> i am heather nauert. it is half past the top of the hour. it means it is time for your 5@5:30. >> we begin with this an indiana woman who brutally murdered a bible schoolteacher when she was just 15 years old will be released from prison today. paula cooper was initially
2:30 am
sentence to do die after they stabbed this woman 33 times inside her home. but her sentence was lowered to 60 years in prison after the supreme court ruled minors could not be executed for their crime. her grandson for gives cooper because he knows his grandmother would have. >> i am convinced by a shadow of a doubt my grandmother would have compassion for this girl on death row. >> she served 28 years. she is being released early for good behavior. >> looks like the bush family is divided on whether jeb bush should seek the presidential nomination in 2016. >> i have to ask you, your mom said she probably shouldn't run the nation has had enough bushes does your dad think you should
2:31 am
run? >> i think we have a split ballot amongst the bush senior family. >> that will ultimately be his decision. they predict he would be a serious contender for the gop nomination. >> the irs scandal. an irs supervisor admits problems with tea party groups. she reviewed between 20 and 30 applications. that contradicts initial claims you will remember only a small group of agents in cincinnati were responsible. she has been put on leave she says. some applications have been untouched for more than a year. she does not think the cincinnati agent was politically motivated. agents would openly talk about handling tea party cases but thought it was shorthand for all
2:32 am
political groups conservatives and liberals. >> 7 police officers risking their own lives to save a father trapped inside a burning car after a crash. the man was unconscious and wedged under the dash board when they got there. >> he was coming with us we weren't coming out. >> we have to get out of here we are not going to watch him burn. >> we got about 10 feet back we collapsed and looked up when we looked up the entire car was engulfed in flames. >> they saved this man's life. he only jufrsuffered minor inju and is expected to be okay. a texas woman pulling punches to protect their kids from a car jacker. she was driving with her young son when the suspect appeared in the back seat. he threatened her with a knife and demanded $200. when she refused he attacked.
2:33 am
baker fought back knocking the knife out of his hand. >> i took my fist and i hit nhi in the face. i said you get out of my car, you don't come after people with kids. i said you don't mess with the wrong... >> she followed him and ended up running him over. he is recovering at the hospital and faces felony charges. edward snowden is still leaking intel. it could create awkward moments for the president today. doug luzader has the story from washington. >> edwards knows the leak goes beyond the phones and internet records. he insnared the british government. this goes back to 2009 and the g 20 summit.
2:34 am
according to the guardian newspaper the nsa contractor still in the running said british intelligence agencies hacked into the phone call and e-mails of foreign diplomats. >> i worry about the high permbly from him and others involved in this debate. it is the very dedicated work of people that go through the day many of them putting their lives on the line to protect americans. the buying program has been safeguarded. >> i don't pay a lot of
2:35 am
attention to what president obama says. i don't know what he did to the program. the program obviously what has been released is still in operation it's good in operation but it has saved lives and kept us free from under attack. >> u.s. ingenls has -- u.s. ingenls have thwarted the attacks. 100 numbers in the data base has been given extra scrutiny. a north carolina medical exam near resigning for not letting police know soon enough about a carbon monoxide leak in a hotel room. he received the toxicology report proving carbon monoxide killed an elderly couple at the hotel. he didn't turn it over to police
2:36 am
until 2 days after an 11-year-old boy died of poisonous gas in the same room. incredible storm video. >> whoa. >> i would say that's lightening striking the at&t building in downtown atlanta. no word on the damage it caused. >> speaking of weather before you leave the house this morning let's get the first degree weather update with maria molina. >> she is tracking possibly another round of severe storms. >> that's right. actually the city of atlanta could be looking at more thunderstorms not just today but even through thursday. you have several days of weather ongoing across parts of the southeast. we are looking for a threat of severe storms in the form of damaging winds large hail and isolated tornadoes with possible in parts of colorado, parts of nebraska into kansas and oklahoma and sections of texas.
2:37 am
you can heed the warning we have the risk for severe storms even though it is a slight risk for today. we are in an ongoing drought so we need the moisture. we will be getting much needed rain out here not just across the plains states but into sections of the southeast. heather and ainsley temperature wise another hot day in texas also triple bdigits into arizon and new mexico. >> it will be a scorcher. >> every morning we help you start your day by bringing you the news. there's a lot more to all of us. in this week weigh wanted to give you a glimpse of our lives outside of fox news. we are kicking off the series "anchor's away." >> my faith is an active part of my life and play as big role in my schedule when i am not here covering stories. to get away from the hustle and
2:38 am
bustle of this city we live in i go to church to volunteer. >> this is my neighborhood and my church behind me where my husband and i spend a lot of time. we come on friday nights becatok with the youth group was we help the less fortunate in the community. >> come on in. >> this is the kitchen. this is some of the youth. this is our youth group leader. say hey everyone. >> this is my husband. >> this is will proctor. >> will, what are we doing? you are putting me to work. >> we are opening these bags of broccoli. putting them here. >> gilbert is one of the reasons we have this his dad was the founder 30 years ago? >> yes. >> what are we having for dinner? >> baked zit at this witee with
2:39 am
sausage and parmesan with broccoli on the side. >> it's a three course meal. they sit at the dining room table. >> what does this mean to you? >> i do it for the community. it's something i look forward to every week. i have a bad week or bad day i look forward to doing this on a friday night. >> you feel like so much is given so we want to help those who are less fortunate and pay it forward. >> we have ways to give back. dinner program here at our church is a great way to do it. >> it is such a pleasure to serve those that live in our community. >> great job, guys. >> thank you so much. faith tell us what we are doing with these toiletrietoiletries? >> in our parish we ask people who they travel to collect the sample toiletries every quarter we make up the kits 7 things inside and put them on the
2:40 am
chairs. >> dessert is here. will and i made the brownies for tonight. we ordered ice cream and chocolate sauce. so brownies for all of the guests. >> i hope they like them. i hope they are edible. i didn't burn them this time. >> ready? ready? >> the lord be with you. >> and also with you. >> thank you for spending some time with me away from the office and seeing what i do on the weekend on friday nights here at my church. now i am going to feed our guests hot meals and allow them to eat in peace. peace be with you and your family. >> our church teams up with a lot of synagogues and churches around the city we feed homeless they have a place to go every night we do it friday nights. >> your husband will did a good job. >> he is very cute. i think evidences excited. 15 minutes of fame. but he's a great man. nice to have a partner that wants to volunteer with you.
2:41 am
a lot of guys, you know. >> and living faith as well. >> tomorrow we are featuring you. >> i am going to head to my home town of charlotte, north carolina and find out how ainsley and i passcrossed paths early on in life. still to come a series of paparazzi photos put a celebrity chef at the center of domestic abuse scandal. why police are investigating nigela and her husband. >> and cameras in your cable box? that shocking way advertisers want to keep track of what you are watching. the boys used double miles from their capital one venture card
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2:46 am
official complaints to police. >> did russian president vladimir putin steal a ring? putin says it was a gift. craft claiming he toll it. the ring sits in the kremlin library. he is ready to buy craft a new ring with his own money to settle the issue. >> thanks, heather. cameras in our cable box. marketers want to watch your response to ards with microphones and cameras. what is up with this? >> first they started monitoring our likes and dislikes through the internet they consider watching what you do. aol has partnered up with software that measures people's emotional reactions as they watch video ads. verizon filed a patent application that would allow the company to use cameras
2:47 am
microphones thermal sense tors to have ambian action during media content program select an advertisement associated with the protected ambian action. snuggle up to the couch you might see a romance theme have a snacks you might see a food ad. while the monitoring hasn't been deployed yet congressman has introduced a new bill that would stop companies from being able to use it that would express commission from consumers. it would require that viewers be notified with the we are watching you message on the screen every time they are being honored and are kept apprised of the information used by republican congressman walter jones. it has bipartisan support ladies. >> thank you so much. diane macedo. >> we are watching you. >> big brother every where. >> it is 47 after the top of the
2:48 am
hour. just when you thought he was through tell us what we could eat and what we could drink. new york city mayor has a new nanny stake idea. what he wants to regulate next. >> and do you have a then that needs telling. the high-tech ways catholics can now confess. now let's check in with brian kilmead kilmeade. >> start downloading. >> speaking of that. >> i am going to follow your show with some really important people. >> i have a new show coming your way. i get to go behind the scenes on their live show. megyn kelly is here live this morning. june cruise joins us. that will be live. ian searing will be here from 90210 and stories of deadliest catch here live. former vice president candidate
2:49 am
for an entire hour only on fox and friends. now we are going to gradually get rid of me and go to commercial. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] if you can't stand the heat, get off the test track. get the mercedes-benz you've been burning for at the summer event, going on now at your authorized mercedes-benz dealer. hurry, before this opportunity cools off.
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>> welcome back. we're eight minutes till the top of the hour. the judge in the colorado movie massacre might summon as many as 3,500 prospective jurors. james holmes pleaded not guilty by reason of insanity. prosecutors are seeking the death penalty. feeling the need to confess your sins? there is a new app for that. a wisconsin priest developed the my inspector. the app includes explanation of the sacrament and prayers for those who want to participate. heather?
2:53 am
>> the unanimous my mayor is at it again apparently. he's tried banning large sodas and salt and now mayor mike bloomberg wants to mandate recycling food waste. we're live in new york city. >> good morning. the mayor is calling this the organic recycling program which is a fancy name for food waste program. one of the buildings on the west side is already partaking in this. residents got this flier which is self-explanatory. they take their food, scrap food, soiled paper or plants and put it into a brown bin given to them by the city and once or twice a week the building puts it on the curb and the city comes and picks it up. this is a pilot program, will transition into a voluntary program and eventually be mandated for all residents. when it is voluntary we're told it will affect 150,000 family homes, 100 high
2:54 am
rises and 600 schools and the mayor says it will save about $100 million just from diverting the waste from landfills. he says it is a good thing. we'll see what residents have to say later on. >> they'll let us know what they think. thank you. six minutes till the top of the hour. a hollywood comedian not laughing this morning. he's sitting in jail on assault charges. it's your last chance to answer your question of the day. we told you about some theaters charging $50 to see brad pitt's new movie "world war z." would you? e-mails next. vo: traveling you definitely end up meeting a lot more people but
2:55 am
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>> two minutes till the top of the hour. here's what's happening today. the woman who murdered an elderly woman inside her home in 1985 will be released today. st. paula cooper served 28 years behind bars. federal investigators will begin to search for what caused the colorado wall fires. the fires are 65% contained. jury selection resumes today in the george zimmerman trial. this marks the second week of narrowing down a pool of hundreds of potential jurors. >> time to look at the good, the bad, and the ugly. first the good. crews successfully rescuing a dog in distress in arizona. the 90-pound pup eventually made it down the trail and seems to be doing okay. next the bad. phil mickelson falling short once again at the u.s. open coming in second
2:59 am
for the sixth time. he has never won the event. justin rose taking the trophy. the ugly. been jailed for vandalism on a car. >> people paying 50 bucks to see world war z. fans get to see the movie early, get a movie poster and digital copy of the film. >> would you pay 50 bucks for this so-called hollywood experience? brian tweets don't we already spend $50 or more at the movies. i can't remember the last time i spent less on a movie date. >> keith e-mailed us i just quit smoking so i might burn my weekly savings on something this silly. >> along with the cost of going to sporting events further justifies the money i spent hooking up my home
3:00 am
theater. thanks to everyone who responded. we appreciate it as always. "fox & friends" starts right now. we will see you back here tomorrow. have a great day. bye. ♪ >> hi. what am i doing here? it's 6:00 a.m. good morning everybody. it is monday, june 17. it is so early. i'm meg again -l kelly -- i'm megyn kelly. >> now that our secrets are out, does the government have to stop? >>steve: we're going to talk about that. it appears the white house has not been honest about the i.r.s. scandal. shocking. what a supervisor in washington -- not cincinnati -- just admitted to. >>brian: then miss utah did not win miss u.s.a. pageant.


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