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tv   FOX and Friends First  FOX News  June 19, 2013 2:00am-3:01am PDT

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>> it is time for your top 5@5:00. we start with a fox news alert. overnight four american troops killed in an attack on bagram air base in afghanistan. the taliban taking responsibility for a rocket attack. the united states only confirming at this point the troops were killed by indirect fire. also overnight afghan president hamid karzai suspended security talks with the united states because he says he wants one-on-one talks with the taliban. he wants to lead the u.s. out because he claims the americans are using contradictory statements about the peace talks. another horrific case of captivity in ohio. a mentally disabled woman and her young daughter kept as slaves for two years. jordy callahan jessica hunt and
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daniel brown and a fourth unnamed suspect are charged with forcing the disabled woman to do housework threatening her with pit bulls and pythons. she and the child living in a locked room under horrible conditions. >> frequently denied meals punished for toiletry accidents. >> it is uncomfortable to know that's going on in your own backyards. >> cops learning of her situation when she stole a candy bar from a store last year and that led to an investigation and investigation of the suspect. end of the career of a general. you can see him right there michael hastings has been killed in a car accident in los angeles. hastings' story for rolling stones magazine included criticism about the obama administration's plans for the war in afghanistan. he michael hastings was 33 years
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old. a scary new report out this morning less than one month after an interstate bridge collapsed in washington state. more than one in nine bridges across our country struck materially deficient that is more than 66,000 bridges we drive ore every day. we take 16 million trips each day over the bridges. an average -- on average the bridges are 65 years old and will cost 76 billion to repair them. urging congress to dedicate new funding for repairs. there will be a game 7 in the nba finals. miami storming back from 13 points down in the first quarter against the spurs. allen nailing a three pointer with seconds left in ot. police were called because a lot of fans left the game thinking it was over. the fans were pounding on the doors but there is a no re-entry
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policy there. in ot lebron james made the go ahead basket for the heat. miami wins a thriller 103-100. game 7 tomorrow night. you leave and then that happens. you miss all of that. >> if they won the first won there will be game 7. >> 50 terror plots the nsa says it prevented thanks to surveillance programs. it comes one day after the nsa director defended the program and reveals new details about some of the plots. elizabeth paintballi elizabeth prann is live for us. >> staying mostly on script the national security agency director general keith alexander says it is not only justified but has been ir reversible and significant damage from the nations resulting from the recent leak. >> in recent years these programs together with other
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intelligence has protected the u.s. and allies for terror threats across the globe to include helping prevent the potential terrorist events over 50 times since 9-11. >> alexander says 10 of the 50 he sited had domestic connections. the added foreign internal internet communications not necessarily domestic phone records amounts to those in the attacks. while he used the 2009 subway thought an attack on the new york stock exchange a plot involving david hadley tied to terrorist groups in pakistan. it is more complicated than just the intelligence they are obtaining through these specific phone surveillance methods and some congressmen believe that edward snowden did the right thing in leaking this information. >> i think he has risked his future and his career over
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something that is a belief, a belief that our records are protected and we have a right to privacy. so you can see how many might judge that as being noble to risk everything you have for something you believe in. >> now going back to yesterday alexander also testifying saying the programs are subject to rigorous over sight and intense training for those who understand their responsibilities. as far as content for you and me what does this mean? are they reading our e-mails or texts or phone calls? the nsa needs outside approval for any of those scenarios. >> elizabeth pran live for us in washington. >> never before seen video of a 2008 bombing at a times square military recruitment station has been released. for the first time the bomber may not have been acting alone. anna kooiman has all of the details. >> good morning. new information. it has been more than five years
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since the attack. this morning the fbi is hoping these brand new images and 65,000 dollar reward will help them capture whoever is responsible. you can see a person on a blue bike riding through the streets of manhattan in the early hours of the morning. the person gets off the bike in front of the recruiting station in times square and seconds later a homemade bomb explodes sending a giant cloud of white smoke into the sky. the suspect got away. while the building suffered some damage fortunately no one was hurt. a former fbi agent questions about the bomber's intention. >> i am not sure if they were out to kill somebody but sometimes that happens regardless. they were trying to make a point more than cause collateral damage. >> the fbi says the suspect likely had help. a possible team of 5 people.
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they walked away from the scene with a group of people. the blue bike walked away as a possible eyewitness. both turning out to be not helpful. the witness refuses to testify. if+++ brought to a complete stand still after a tornado was spotted thousands of people there forced to take cover in the bathrooms and also the stairwells at denver international airport which is++
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large hail and also isolated tornadoes. temperature wise it will be hot yet again across arizona 1 -- 93 in the city of el paso. in the northeast temperatures widespread into the 70s. 76 for your high temperature in new york city. ainsley and heather we could be seeing our next system coming up in the next 24-hours. it would be tropical storm barry. right now tropical depression number 2 expected to touchdown across parts of eastern mexico coming up through out tomorrow afternoon. the biggest concern is the heavy rains. >> maria enough about that. i am not happy with you this morning. >> i know, your big birthday. >> game 7 even better. >> we are going to beat you in game 7.
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>> relief from the government for user's personal information. here to explain all of this is lauren simonetti from the fox business network. >> this surveillance program reaching new heights. google speaking out again to save its reputation in the pr image a little bit. they are asking the court to share information about the public so they can and we can understand the scope of the information it gave up to the nsa. they want to differentiate between criminal data and surveillance national security data that makes the public feel a little more comfortable here. they are one of nine companies giving up this information. >> also this morning we have a list of the topicup trucks. >> we do. these are the topic tup trucks under 3545,000 dollars topping t -- under 45,000 dollars. the ford f150 coming in second place the ram slt and gmc sierra
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1500. >> on to golf this morning phil mickelson keeps coming in second. he did it again this week or i guess last weekend. i hear this is good news for him in sports. >> sometimes coming in second pays off in the end. the fact that he came in second we broke down the numbers for how much he could save the answer is 400,000 dollars on taxes because california has the highest income tax in the nation over 13 percent. the difference between first and second place was 76,000 in taxes. if you count all of those sponsors and the bonuses you can get from locroll lek and exxon mobil that is estimated at 2 and a half million dollars. he didn't get them. all in all he's 400,000 dollars richer i guess.
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>> thank you lauren. good to see you this morning. over to you, heather. >> a good way to look at the bright side. >> it is 12 bhiminutes after th hour. they are known for their burgers, why is a popular burger taking so much heat for this ad? >> with 24 different burgers red robin caters to a lot of different tastes. they have a garden burger even if your teenaged daughter is going through a phase. >> sounded pretty accurate to me. >> a pro football player questioned in a murder investigation today after a body is found minutes from the house. we are live there. >> we will tell you what i do every day after i leave the set. is involves kids and poopy diaper changes. this bible changed the world.
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>> good morning. it is quarter past the hour. the drug ambien is supposed to help you get sleep. the drug may be a nightmare for those who suffer from anxiety or post traumatic stress disorders. resefr researchers say it can cause people to remember bad memories a lot stronger. she smuggled her canadian boyfriend into the united states. colleen shannon faces jail time after shannon helped him illegally cross the border in the new york state. police say he has a criminal record. thanks, heather. a murder investigation rocking the new england patriots. one of the star players questioned after a body is found
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near his house. wxsp reporter katherine parada has details for us. >> still a lot of histomystery surrounding the story. i am in a subdivision a newer one at that. this is haaron hernandez' home. this was the scene of an investigation on tuesday after police discovered a body about a mile from here monday afternoon. that body was discovered by a 15-year-old jogger. he was going by the industrial park. he found the body and called 911. police came to question him on tuesday because they found an suv with rhode island tags on it. they believe that was rented in hernandez' name. they were here in his home which is not far from rhode island or not far from fox borough. as far as we know nobody is
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under arrest. as far as we know he is not named as a suspect. they were here talking to him and it's still a developing story. we will keep you updated. live in north adelle borough, massachusetts. >> thanks so much, katherine. >> next on "the rundown"" it is as simple as an internet search. buying illegal drugs on-line. this morning the government is demanding more action from internet giant google. >> he wraraps while he stops one american flag. lil wayne sing ago new tune.
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>> gu out there leaning against the car, the sun is coming up. quick headlines as you get ready to start your day. it is a change of course for chrysler. the auto maker will recall 2.7 million grand jeep cherokees and liberty suv's that could be at risk of fuel tank fires. the 2003-2004 jeep grand cherokees and 02-07 jeep liberties. >> the george zimmerman trial 40 jurors are moving on to answer in-depth questions about the feelings on this case. lawyers will have to agree on 6 final jurors and 4 alternates. >> all of that streaming on-line at several states are taking aim at
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google and they are demanding more actions on the internet to prevent legal sales of drugs on-line. the company could be facing a major court battle. mol molly lion has more. >> it is too simple to get prescription drugs without a prescription according to a group of national attorneys general and int naet safety access. >> we cannot find a position where bad videos show up mrther is publicity google releases them and they come back. >> mississippi attorney general jim hood says google isn't doing enough to stop searchs and putting consumers at risk. he encouraged colleagues to do the same. >> there is a complete under world operating out there in cyberspace. they have bit coins, they have trays we can't track the money. that under world is being financed through actions like google by not stepping up and
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being a good citizen and cutting off the supply. >> google says the company has explained to attorney general hood how they combat rouge and policies and counter drugs are enforced. in the last two years we removed illegal ads for the pharmacy. we removed videos flagged for u tube guidelines regarding dangerous or illegal contests. >> google continues to work on the partnerships with pharmacies which is nonprofit founded by e-commerce companies including google to address the problem of ill legitimate pharmacies. molly line, fox news. molly, thank you so much. it is time to brew on this. red robin taking heat over their new commercial vegetarians are calling offensive. >> 24 different burgers red robin karts to a lot of
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different tastes. they even have a garden burger just in case your teenaged daughter is going through a phase. outraged vegetarians took to social media saying that ad is insulting their lifestyle and young girls. many threatening to boycott the restaurant. >> kind of funny because that's what teenagers say i am a veg tarrylian. red robin apologizing we value all of our guests including those who want vegetarian options. do you think the commercial is offensive to vegetarians or vegans. we will get some good ones. >> we will. 25 after the top of the hour. they moe more about it than any one else. now the investigators say the plane did not crash by accident. >> plus it's anchors away. we will show you what i do every day after i leave the set. it involves screaming kids, a lot of craziness and every day
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people. >> every day people, right? >> first on this day in history back in 1865 it was announced slavery was apobolished in the state of texas. the day now is known as june 10th -- 15th, excuse me, or freedom day. the kyocera torque lets you hear and be heard
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abbreviation. >> the new york post there along 6th avenue. good morning to you. it's tuesday june 19th. welcome to "fox & friends first". thank you for starting your day with us. i am ainsley earhardt. >> i am heather nauert. looks like it will be a nice day out there. it is half past the hour it is time for your top 5 stories. >> 17 years after the crash of twa flight 800 investigators are coming forward claiming it was not a gas tank explosion that brought down a plane on long island. all 32 people on board were killed it is part of a documentary in the whistleblowers were saying. they were saying there were one or two explosions outside of the plane that caused the crash. they stopped short of saying the plane was shot down.
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the experts claim they told them to keep quiet about the cause. >> lil wayne sparking a lot of outrage. after he stomped on the american flag in his music video. ♪ he continues to stand there after the flag fell. the scene was not meant to be disrespectful. he says quote i didn't step on the flag on purpose. there's a scene in the video it dropped behind me after it dropped it's just there as i perform. >> a three month trial delay denied. shooting suspects in the nadal hassan trial. testimony will start the beginning of august at the earliest. hassan asked for that delay so he could have more time to prepare for his defense. he planned to tell jurors he
2:32 am
killed u.s. troops because they were a threat to the taliban. the judge banned him from being able to do that. the federal government giving teachers who aren't making the grade some extra wiggle room. arnie duncan says the states will now be able to seek waivers to shield for poorly performing teachers wefrom being held to n higher standards. these evaluations are known as common core. they are part of a major overall to the no child left behind law. critics say it is the latest example of the obama administration over reaching and trying to control american schools. there will be a game 7 in the nba finals. miami storming back from 13 points down in the 4th quarter against the spurs. ray allen nailed the three pointer with seconds left in over time. police were called in because many of the heat fans left they thought the game was over. the fans were founding on the doors to get back in. there's a new re-entry policy.
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miami wins 103-to-100. game 7 tomorrow night thursday night. heather that's our 5 at 5:30. >> can't blame them for wanting to get back in there. an all out defense of the agency's controversial surveillance program. he is doing this in front of law americas. >> they could hearn more about dozens of terror plots they were able to stop thanks to the programs in in place. doug luzader is live from washington. >> they are making them well worth what they cost us in terms of lost privacy for the normally secret national security agency there's a spotlight of congressional hearings may be jarring. but the head of the nsa was one.
2:34 am
>> let me start by saying i would much rather be here debating this point than trying to explain how we failed to prevent another 9-11. >> those programs by millions of americans and monitor international internet abuse helped plot some 50 terrorist attacks since 9-11 including one that targeted the new york stock exchange. the majority of these appear to be overseas. while they do need a court order to listen in on telephone calls the decision to collect data whom you are calling and when is without any outside over sight. >> only 20 analysts at nsa and two managers for a total of 22 people are authorized to approve numbers that may be used to require the data base. >> the nsa has defenders in congress. some question whether the agency has gone too far. some were not aware these programs existed before a former
2:35 am
nsa contractor edward snowden revealed them. >> is it constitutional for the court to take records would you tell without the permission without the warrant targeted by the individual. my reading of the 4th amendment is our person and our things are ours and only a judicial warrant with probable cause can take them. >> we are talking about two different programs here one that looks at the phone records for just about all of us or can look at those. the other deals with international pipelines that float through this country. it does appear they rely more heavily on that internet monitoring more so than the phone call. >> doug luzader in washington. check back in with you later. >> our week long series anchors away continues. we give you what's a glimpse of
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our lives. today it's heather's turn. >> for years you have seen me deliver the news from the anchor's chair a lot of serious news. once i leave my job my other job begins and that is wife and mother. >> come on, sweet tee. these are my boys peter and gabe. peter, how old are you? >> 3 and a half. >> and this is gabe he's 2 and a half. picking them up from school now. come on, peter. >> every day we pick them up it's the cutest thing. the kids sing god bless america. the first time i heard it it brought tears to my eyes. they do this every day at school. we are going to head home now and grab some lunch. these guys are 13 months apart so life gets a little crazy around our place. come on peter, let's go. >> not back there. into your own seat. >> we live on long island.
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most people think of long island they think of joey buttafuoco they think of the mob but it is a really nice place. we have lots of green space. we used to live in manhattan but a couple kids and three dogs later you need the space. >> why don't you carry these out. >> no. all right let's go make some lunch. now it's about 1:00. so from the time i wake up at 1:30 in the morning, crazy all day long. >> you say you are sorry. >> sorry. >> you are going to go to the naughty room now. okay? >> whoops, can you clean up for me please? >> no. >> nonstop as any mom would know. you go, go, go. >> this is our naughty little
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girl. and jo-jo come. you guys must be hungry, huh? what do you say we play outside when we are done. >> okay, let's go, guys. >> let's go to the playground. this is my husband scott. say hi. >> he's not so excited about being on camera. >> so scott built the clay ground after super storm sandy. it knocked down some of the trees. my husband scott loves a chain saw. i am a tolerant wife we have one rule in the house. what's the one rule? >> no drinking beer when you use a chain saw. >> there we go. >> thanks for spending the day with me. this is pretty much what a typical day is after work. it never stops never seems to let up.
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my little guy he still naps so i am going to put him down for a nap right now. i think i am going to need one, too. >> come on sweetheart. >> no. there's a lot of crying that goes on in my house with two little kids. >> they are adorable. >> such a great mom. >> and no beer and chain saws. >> that's the one rule. >> my mother will say oh, heather, oh heather. >> thanks for coming home with us. >> your boys seem so happy. that little gabe. >> not all of the time. not all of the time. >> tomorrow patti ann browne will tell us how she spends time on the weekend with her husband and son. >> in just a few weeks every college kid will be paying more for student loans except for government employees that is. we will explain. >> dauf individual be-- david b
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>> good morning. taking a look outside in new york city. national headlines at 5:44 as you wake up this morning. first let's go to kuwait where at least 100 americans have been trapped for months on army bases. the americans were working as translators but their company ended the contract and they refused to transfer their visas then they claim the americans were run aways. we will keep you posted on that. >> thousands of people packing the streets of brazil and protests just raged on. look at that right there. a photographer giving you a look at the chaosen side as you have never seen before. capturing the first hand account. the protests started after a hike in bus crisis in the city.
2:45 am
>> thank you, heather. congress might let student loan interest rates double on july 1st. it turns out us the taxpayers have been shipping millions of dollars to help government employees pay down their debt. diane macedo has more for us. >> good morning ainsley. for more than a decade taxpayers have been shelling out millions to pay off federal worker student debt to help government recruiting. the most recent data shows they spent $72 million to pay down student loans. with so many other government programs getting dialled back and considering raising the rates many think this one program should be next in line especially for prestigious positions like professional staffers that have no shortage of applicants. since they started being included in the program in 2003 the office of personnel management records show it has
2:46 am
grown from a $3 million program to $85 million program at the peak in 2010. congress makes up 20 percent of the expenditure. spokesman for harry reid says the program is needed to help attract talented people to careers and public service since they can find higher salaries in a private sector. congress will be better off eliminating the program adding quote student loan assess tans programs are a circular subsidy that offsets the costs that makes education affordable. it is fixing one failed subsidy with another. you have another topic dede baited on capitol -- debated in capitol hill. still ahead a murder mystery at sea. the surprising way that police s solved one case involving a woman over board. is it really worth it to splurge on some of the brand name prod tucks you see in the store? paper products, trash bags.
2:47 am
fist let's check in with brian kilmeade. >> great show as usual. you can sit in the green room and watch. are you worried about personal safety? she is here to tell you how to use pepper spray. we are telling you ways to save hundreds of dollars on your medication. anna kooiman is getting mind the -- they are all coming up on fox and friends. please put something on.
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>> ten minutes till the top
2:51 am
of the hour. a florida man being charged with his ex-wife's murder after he allegedly strangles and then threw her off of a cruise ship seven years ago. the two were divorced at the time but they were sharing a cabin on a cruise. an investigation began after he started taking money from her bank account. a brand-new report says david beckham was offered a shot to be on a very different top of football field. the nfl. the daily mirror reports the soccer star was offered to try out to be a kicker last year. we don't know what team but beckham is -- since retired from soccer, the other football. >> that is interesting. you probably debated whether or not you should splurge on a brand name item or if genetic brand is just as good. we have a discussion on what to splurge on or save on. >> go for the brand names? >> the generic and store
2:52 am
brands offer staoeuplgs the same protection. -- sometimes the same protection. as long as the product says u.v.b. raise and look at the ingredients list. you want to see if it has avon benzone. also spf-30 or higher. save your money on this. >> here's one where you say you've got to splurge and it's condiments. in some restaurants they'll substitute the good brand and you can tell. >> you have your favorite condiment. stick with it. it's not going to cost that much more. studies have been done and the consumers always go back to their favorite brand same, mayonnaise, steak sauce. stick with it. it's going to make dinner more enjoyable. >> over the counter medication, do you go with the tylenol, advil or save
2:53 am
a few bucks? >> you can save 80% to 85% going with the generic store brand over the counter medication. the f.d.a. requires those generic brands work asesquively as the name brand -- work as effectively as the name brand alternative. you can save a bundle. >> let's talk about this. do you save or scrimp when it comes to paper products? >> when it comes to paper products and trash bags, go with the name brand. there's nothing worse than starting your day and taking out your trash and it rips over your kitchen floor. paper towels, name brands have more fiber and they will absorb more. the first week of every month at the grocery store they offer a huge sale and get trash bags from the
2:54 am
warehouse store. >> good to know. i found one tip. you can substitute laundry detergent for the cheaper brand. arm and hammer versus tide. i think i learned that from you. it is your last chance to answer our question of the day. earlier we told you about the restaurant round robin coming under fire for an ad about their veggie burger. we want to know if you think it is offensive to vegetarians. your responses next. a student sendoff that left one principal in tears. we'll tell you what we'll tell you what happened. [ male announcer ] the mercedes-benz
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won't last forever. mmm. [ male announcer ] see your authorized dealefor an incredible offeon the exhilarating c250 sport sedan. but hurry. offers end soon. >> it is time to take a look at the good, the bad, and the ugly. we're going to start with the good. ♪ ♪ >> a beloved principal getting a very special sendoff from his middle school students. he's retiring after 36 years, so the students came up with this huge flash mob and surprised him with that. look at this. holding up a sign that says thank you for believing in us. next, the bad. a drunk 13-year-old leading police on a wild chase
2:59 am
through a neighborhood in iowa. he eventually loses control, crashes into a tree and is now being charged with drunk driving. finally the ugly. a hunter in a tree gets an unexpected visitor. a black bear. you can see that animal climbing all the way up. the bear eventually climbs back down without hurting the man. thank goodness. >> time for your brew on responses. earlier we told you about restaurant red robin's new commercial and some vegetarians are calling this offensive. look at it. >> 24 different burgers, red robin caters to a lot of different taste. even have a garden burger just in case your teenage daughter is going through a phase. >> people say that ad insults their vegetarian lifestyle. do you think it's offensive? becky e-mails they shot themselves in the foot. >> the commercial is funny. because it is true. >> give me a break. red robin is a burger
3:00 am
joint. if you want vegetarian inclusiveness, go somewhere else. >> thanks for writing in. i hope you all have a great day. we've got patti ann's profile coming up tomorrow. "fox & friends" starts right now. >> good morning. today is wednesday, june 19, 2013. i'm gretchen carlson. i hope you're going to have a fantastic day. fox news alert. the taliban claiming they killed four americans hours after the united states agreed to begin peace talks with them. so people are asking this morning: why are we negotiating with terrorists in the first place? >>steve: a murder mystery hits the new england patriots. a star player under investigation after a body is found near his house. we have a live report straight ahead. >>brian: they make for some of the funniest videos on the internet but do you know how to use pepper spray the right way. we're learning. steve has volunteered to take it straight in the


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