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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  June 19, 2013 3:00am-6:01am PDT

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if you want vegetarian inclusiveness, go somewhere else. >> thanks for writing in. i hope you all have a great day. we've got patti ann's profile coming up tomorrow. "fox & friends" starts right now. >> good morning. today is wednesday, june 19, 2013. i'm gretchen carlson. i hope you're going to have a fantastic day. fox news alert. the taliban claiming they killed four americans hours after the united states agreed to begin peace talks with them. so people are asking this morning: why are we negotiating with terrorists in the first place? >>steve: a murder mystery hits the new england patriots. a star player under investigation after a body is found near his house. we have a live report straight ahead. >>brian: they make for some of the funniest videos on the internet but do you know how to use pepper spray the right way. we're learning. steve has volunteered to take it straight in the face. "fox & friends" starts right now.
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>>steve: brian kilmeade comes back graduation of a daughter from school. >>brian: kirsten is now officially going into seventh grade. everything went well. she has three more days to pretend to go to school. why do you have graduation and three more days to sit there and have ice cream. >>steve: i would look for them to watch at least one harry potter movie, maybe little mermaid and inconvenient truth. >>brian: what about old yeller, something inspirational? >>gretchen: my kids have been out of school for like three years. since may 31. i don't know what the school system is doing. >>brian: they probably go back in august; right? >>gretchen: no. they'll probably go back after labor day. >>brian: are they home schooled? >>gretchen: yes, in my spare time.
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i home school them when i get home. good to have you back. here we get going with our headlines. overnight we learned reporter michael hastings died. he was killed in a car accident in hollywood, california. his car crossed the median, slammed into a tree and burst into flames. hayes -- hastings was only 33 years old. another new house of horrors discovered. this one in ohio. a mentally disabled woman and her daughter kept as slave for two years. police say the woman was forced to hide her child on camera. they are accused of keeping them in a locked room guarded by dogs and
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pythons. >> frequently being denied meals. >> it is very uncomfortable to know that's going on in your own backyard. >>gretchen: police discovered what was going on when the mother escaped and deliberately got arrested for shoplifting. 17 years after the crash of twa flight 800, in a new documentary six whistle-blowers say there's evidence at least one explosion outside the plane caused it to crash and not a gas explosion. however, they stopped short of saying the plane was shot down. the experts say the ntsb told them to keep quiet about the case. the plane crashed on long island killing all 230 people on board. >>brian: the heat is on in miami. what a game. >> tie game with 5 seconds remaining! >>brian: in regulation. that's the heat ray allen forcing overtime in game six. he's the best three pointer ever. he hits it there against the spurs.
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miami comes back from 13 points down in the third quarter. many fans left thinking the game was over. fans were trying to get back in but there is no reentry policy. never quit on your team in playoffs. then lebron james makes the go ahead basks. he had a horrible three quarters but a great fourth quarter. game 7 is tomorrow. the spurs had them down. heat come all the way back. >>steve: four minutes after the hour. fox news alert. the taliban is claiming they killed four americans at the baghram air force base. they were either hit by rockets or mortar as well. the taliban has claimed responsibility. this is interesting. this happened just hours after it was announced that the united states government along with hamid karzai and the afghans are going to start negotiating with the taliban. the taliban opened up a
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political office in qatar. our president says this is the right thing to do because they have laid out conditions to negotiate with these terrorists. >> one thing that we do believe is that any insurgent group including the taliban is going to need to accept an afghan constitution that renounces ties with al qaeda, ends violence and is committed to protection of women and minorities in the country. >>gretchen: they are one cohesive group. the taliban is actually a cohesive group that is actually serious about these talks then this attack is a message maybe they are not so serious about the cuts. >>brian: they opened up a political office in that country and will be accepting peace negotiations. here's the thing. a lot of people say you have to talk and have negotiations. that's fine. but we're in no position to have talks. we've already said when we're leaving, how we're
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leaving and what we're doing. we really have almost no leverage. if these talks were going to happen, they should have happened two years ago before we knew when the exit was. part of the condition are to give women rights, to renounce violence in al qaeda? al qaeda is the easy one. in terms of women, the taliban are all about denying women rights. women are whipped in public for not having, being not covered to their ankles. whipped, beaten and verbally abused for clothes not in accordance with taliban rules. they are required to wear long veils and burkas, ban on women studying in school. listen to the chairman of the f.b.i. saying this is ridiculous. >> this is an organization, the taliban, whose closed in afghanistan over the last few months. over 500 children's schools can't have those children getting educated. the majority of those are girls schools, the same organization that just a
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few weeks ago poisoned girls, little girls, going to school to prove the point that they didn't believe that girls should be able to get an education. it's hard to understand why the president thinks that that is the right cause of action with no preconditions about what that negotiation should even look like or to negotiate so that we can check the box and go home. i think this could be a stain on our national character if we don't get a handle on this early on. >>steve: just keep in mind yesterday was the day that kabul officially took over their national security. we're going to continue to advise and support. and then our guys are coming home next year. isit looks like tomorrow, first day of negotiation what they're going to talk about is a prisoner swap. they are holding u.s. soldiers for a number of years and they want the u.s. government to send those prisoners in gitmo to
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qatar. >>gretchen: two days of a surge on wall street but today the fed could change that. stuart varney is here. it comes down to two words: ben bernanke. >> this is ben bernanke's stock market recovery, ben bernanke's housing recovery. it is not president obama's. this is ben's. at 2 p.m. today ben speaks. is he going to keep the money flowing or is he going to cut back on the money flow? and if he does, when is he going to do it? investors are doing he's got a lot of leeway to keep on pumping out that money, keep the stock market going, keep the housing recovery going. because inflation is at a 50-year low. we haven't had the inflation you're supposed to get when you pump out all the money. so the betting is he keeps on printing for the forseeable future. the stock market has gone up the last two days. it's going to start out higher this morning as well. >>brian: is the world happy about that being it is the world currency? >> the world wants this. >>brian: doesn't it devalue what that paper's
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worth? >> it does. but most investors want stock prices to go up. most people want the housing rally to continue. and they think, rightly or wrongly, they think that the way to do that is to keep on printing this money. keep interest rates low, the stock market high and housing in recovery. >>gretchen: what is he going to say at 2:00? is he coming out to give a speech, weekly address? >> answer questions. you will need an interpreter to figure out exactly what he says. everybody will be reading between the lines. does he mean this? he will never say january 1 of next year i quit printing money. he's never going to say that. so don't expect it. >>brian: nonverbal cues? twitching? >>steve: it was revealed yesterday at that hearing on capitol hill that apparently through one of the n.s.a. programs they were able to use some of the meta data for a plot to
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blow up the new york stock exchange. >> it was data mining that allowed them to uncover the plot. they got a hold of khalid, sends a report via e-mail to yemen which says how about this for a bomb plot against the new york stock exchange. the f.b.i. is watching. they never mention the new york stock exchange bomb plot because they didn't want to reveal our electronic surveillance. yesterday in congress they say this is what we did. this is how we did it. they're using it as an example of we've got to collect the data to stop this stuff from happening. >>steve: stuart varney, we're going to be watching you later today over at fox business. >>gretchen: 9:20 a.m. eastern time. how do you feel about this? is-- the police are using an
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ad to fight back against bills. it is not going to let them define or describe suspects. the police officer has a blindfold on because apparently you're not going to be able to give much of a description at all when you're in the process of looking for a suspect or arresting a suspect. >>steve: the average -- you know, when you have the cop call and you say we're looking for a 37-year-old caucasian man. he was wearing this or that. you cannot use the gender. you cannot describe the color of their skin or disability for the risk of winding up being sued for racial profiling. essentially what you're going to be able to do is you're going to be able, as a police officer, simply to describe the color of clothes they're wearing. >>brian: and usually criminals don't change their clothes so there will be no problem. don't read too much into it. here is rod wheeler who tackled this issue a short
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time ago. >> it is ridiculous. you can say the person was a male. you can say that the suspect was a female. if the person even walks with a limp, brian, you cannot say that physical attribute about that individual because that could be considered profiling. it has to be one of the most ridiculous laws i've ever heard of. police officer, even in the city of new york, they do a tremendous job. are there issues? are there problems? yes, there are, all across the country, not just in the city of new york. again, there's ways that we int-rpblly can deal with -- internally can deal with those issues. you don't handicap the police officers with a law as barbaric as i've seen. >>gretchen: racial profiling is already illegal. mayor bloomberg is saying this law would increase lawsuits because now anyone with any kind of difference can say you profiled me because i have one strand of blonde hair over the
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left side of my face. >>steve: they say this will protect people who are not protected: gay and homeless people. this is probably going to pass, so we'll keep you posted. what do you think? e-mail us friends at fox >>brian: 13 after the hour. while you were sleeping, a tight end for the patriots under investigation when a dead body is found near his home. we're live with the breaking details. >> pulling a lot in lately? >> 60 plus. >>brian: our next guest went straight to the border and what he found out will shock you. hi, i'm terry and i have diabetic nerve pain.
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>> we cannot look back years from now and wonder why we did nothing in the face of real threats to our security and our economy. >>brian: shortly after president obama's state of the union address his administration freed 2,000 of the most dangerous illegal aliens detained in u.s. jails. one film says we won't find the answer in d.c. so he went to the u.s.-mexican
3:18 am
border to prove it. >> we've got units now. everybody's lights on. he is pushing them. he is pushing them north. [music] >> 60-plus. it's plenty busy. >>brian: joining us is the director of "they come to america ii." dennis, you went back to do a follow-up on your first. why? >> i knew what the truth was, and i didn't feel as if i got it right the first time. i had to get it right the second time. i got it right. everything that you have been seeing on television -- everything -- is wrong compared to what it is you'll see in this film. it's because you would never send your cameraman where it is that i go. everything is coming through that border, brian. and when i say everything, i'm talking about terror at its worst level. that's coming from a guy
3:19 am
who witnessed 9/11 firsthand. i'm catching middle eastern people in the desert working alongside border patrol. you're finding signs written in chinese. our government is making those signs. people paying 50 grand to drug cartels to get in. >>brian: one clip you said there is no way that guy is mexican. he is not hispanic. he is middle eastern. and he had his head buried down. what proof do you have that they are? >> we're catching these people firsthand. military hats with arabic tags. look, what they're doing is they want to blend in. and it doesn't take a lot for mohammed to transform himself into miguel. they get into these groups of 50 and 60 people. it is frightening. and i'm telling you the border patrol agents and the i.c.e. agents can't do their jobs and speak to the media. >>brian: for the immigration bill to pass they say the border has to be secured. how much will it take?
3:20 am
>> it's going to take a lot. this immigration bill is the only thing scarier than that border. if this immigration bill passes, it's the end of america as you know it and i know it and these people watching know it. it changes everything and it can't be reversed. you're talking about a two-party system going down to one parties. you're talking about unemployment lines going around the corner tenfold. and you're talking about people coming in here every day, brian, who want to cut your throat, not cut your lawn. >>brian: you have rudy giuliani in this? >> this is the silver bullet that can kill that bill. >>brian: it's called "they come to america ii: the cost of amnesty." >>brian: they have to go to they come to america dot-com. you get a d.v.d. >>brian: straight ahead, good morning.
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>>brian: fox news mystery. murder misery rocking the nfl. a new england patriot player being investigated for a murder near his home. we're live in massachusetts with brand-new details. >> good morning. this is aaron hernandez' home, not far from the rhode island border. investigators were here for quite a few hours on tuesday questioning hernandez reportedly after
3:25 am
a body was found about a mile away from here. that body was that of a black man in his late 20's reportedly from boston. police don't know how it got to that industrial complex where it was found. hernandez, according to multiple sports websites has not been named as a suspect. however, he was questioned here at his home yesterday. also two men seen at his home went over to the police station yesterday, did not appear as though they were under arrest either. police did tell us here at fox 25 that they recovered a black s.u.v. they believe it was connected to that homicide and it had been rented in hernandez' name. once again, still a mystery here this morning. >>brian: we'll follow you. that is rocking the new england camp whether he is involved or not. gretch? >>gretchen: police work is no laughing matter, but in one small ohio town getting in trouble doesn't only mean jail time or a fine. criminals risk a swifter
3:26 am
repercussion. public scolding on the police department's facebook page. >>steve: it is going viral, the third most popular police page in the country behind new york city and boston. joining us is david oliver, chief of police in brimfield, ohio. chief, good morning to you. i knew he were going to be on today because i'm looking at your facebook. it says going to be on today at 6:26 from a studio in cleveland speaking with a host in new york city. remember the camera adds 100 pounds. then you've got a smiley face. signed chief oliver. there is a picture taken 15 minutes ago. you are a funny guy who knows social media is a way into your city's heart. >> you know, when we started this page, we thought if we could get 500 or so people in our community to pay attention to what was going on, it would be a success. we just passed 60,000 this morning, and what a great experience. we're just -- we engage people from not just
3:27 am
brimfield, which is a fantastic community, but we have people from all 50 states and 2 countries. it's -- 50 states and 29 countries. it's been a great experience for us. >>gretchen: it's putting three hours of work extra for you on a daily basis but you say you love doing it. i want to show people a couple of your facebook posts to give them a sense of what you're doing. here's one about criminals sleeping. we would appreciate it if you could keep the noise to a minimum for a little bit. let's allow the criminal types sleep while we have a second cup of coffee. is it true when people get arrested in your town people are like please don't put me on facebook? we've we've had incidents where i've had one person tell me particularly, he asked if i was the chief and i said yes, i am. he said please don't put this on facebook. you know, i think it's not so much for public shaming. we do it to let our community know what's going on. i think what we do is public record. we don't use names. we don't use pictures.
3:28 am
we tell a general story. we'll give you a location. but what we do is public record unless it is an active investigation. so i think the public should know what's going on. i think they should know where the trouble is coming from. i think social media is the way to do it. we have our own smart phone app. and, you know, social media is where our customers are. we're running this like a business; we have to go to our customers. >>steve: you're running it like an ordinary person. you refer to jail as your bed and breakfast. that's funny. you talk about how there is no five-finger discount in your town. and you've got a lot of pictures of the kids and cops and washing cars. it is charming. right now you've got 60,000, 31 likes. folks watching now go to e. let's get them to over
3:29 am
100,000. >>gretchen: i'm going to come to brimfield to get lessons from you so i can improve my facebook page. >>steve: don't put her up in that bed and breakfast? >> we wouldn't do that. >>gretchen: thanks. he's a killer locked up behind bars but he's still collecting $55 thousand-a-year pension and it's all legal. >>steve: ladies, do you own pepper spray but you're not sure how to use it? gretchen is about to face off with a bad guy and get advice that could actually save your life.
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>> new england's patriot owner robert kraft was visiting in russia and says russian president putin stole his super bowl ring. i think there might be truth to kraft's story. did you see what happened at the g-8 summit? roll that tape. look at german chancellor merkel, see her necklace. see what putin does. look at that! it couldn't be more clear. >>gretchen: did he give the ring back? >>steve: not yet. it's at the kremlin. >>brian: i can't believe
3:34 am
his advice to american officials is let him keep it. are you kidding? his first super bowl with his name on it? you've got to give it to him because he's running russia. >>gretchen: he should have handed over a tpaberge egg -- a faber goinge egg in return. let's do headlines. the f.b.i. releasing never before seen videos of the 2008 bombing at a times square military recruitment station. for the first time. the f.b.i. says the bomber may not have acted alone. a man seen on a bike reading -- riding through manhattan. the bomb explodes and a giant white cloud in the sky. the f.b.i. says there may have been five people as lookouts. there is an award for anyone who can help police. >>brian: a veteran fire fighter cashing in on his
3:35 am
pension, $865,000 since the murder. that money going to his daughter who defends him. >> what he did, he is serving time for. is he right he gets his pension? yes, he deserves his pension. >> someone else should be collecting that money and using it to live a better life. i feel this is wrong. in a way my mother's life was -- the passing of my mother was like a lottery ticket for some people. >> the fireman is not eligible for parole until eus -- until he is 100. >>steve: stunning revelation from former bank of america employees. in a new lawsuit employees claim they were forced to lie to struggling homeowners pushing them into foreclosure. for doing it, employees got gift cards.
3:36 am
one employee said bank of america strung customers along squeezing more money out of them before taking away their houses. bank of america says we didn't do anything wrong. >>brian: she stole the spotlight at the miss u.s.a. pageant for trying to explain why women are earning more than men. >> i think the men are being seen as the leaders, so we need to figure out how to create education better so that we can solve this problem. >>brian: a lot of pressure on her. last night for the first time since the pageant, miss utah marissa powell explained herself. >> i was so excited to be in the top five. i had all of my friend and family out there. and i hear the question and i don't process it and i just start talking. once i started speaking, i couldn't take it back. i was like, well, i better just smile. >>steve: good answer. >>brian: and she had some
3:37 am
fun last night. there is so much pressure sitting there. we've all been to pageants, all tried to win them and all flubbed a few questions. >>steve: which pageant have you been in? >>brian: we'll get to that after the break. >>steve: let's look outside. 23 minutes till the top of the hour. there's maria molina. >> good morning everyone. it is a little chilly out here especially for summertime, or at least we're heading into summertime coming up on friday. the month of june, temperatures a little bit cooler than average in the northeast. we are going to be warming up nicely into the upper 70's across parts of new york city and along the east coast. areas farther south parts of the gulf of mexico we have an area of low pressure we're tracking. it's tropical depression number 2. it is forecast to shrink into our next tropical storm system possibly named barry before making landfall across eastern parts of mexico. we're talking rainfall of up to ten inches.
3:38 am
severe weather threat from montana to parts of north dakota and across eastern parts of colorado. remember yesterday, denver, colorado, saw a tornado reported. today we could be looking at more severe storms out there. gretchen, winds calm here in new york city. >>gretchen: we all want good conditions when the attacker is coming after us. it is a dangerous scenario parodied in many hollywood movies. watch this. >> you stay away from me. i have pepper spray on my key chain. people are going to be looking for me. >> you've got to believe me. >> i'm warning you! >> please. [screaming] >>gretchen: knowing how to protect yourself and knowing the correct way to use pepper spray no joke. our personal safety expert is here to tell us why it
3:39 am
is so practical and to show me and everyone out this how to use it. good morning. are you going to tell everyone we're not going to be shooting a real target and we're going to be using water in the pepper spray. >> very important. >>gretchen: show me the contraption we're going to be learning from. >> the compact key chain spray, one of the most common to carry on the go, walking to and from your car, walking from sixth avenue to fox news when you come to work in the morning. great when you're very vulnerable. good to have it in the hand ready to use. >>gretchen: you do this with your thumb? >> you absolutely want to use your thumb. a lot of people use their index finger. it makes the can vulnerable and you're not going to have enough pressure. using your thumb, you unlock the device. you get a good grip. you spray. you can maybe strike too when you have it in this fashion. >>gretchen: you have to give it a good hit in the thumb. >> you want to spray ear to ear across the eyes and maybe give a verbal command
3:40 am
like stop, get back. you're going to take away the vision of that attacker. that is what makes pepper spray so effective. even if they can't feel pain if they are under the influence of drugs or alcohol the pepper spray will slam their eyes shut. the attacker's momentum may come toward you, you want to step to the side. slams the eye shut gives you the opportunity to escape. >>gretchen: this can work up to ten feet or so? >> give it a good blast ear 0 to ear across the eyes, side to side, step, a sidestep, then run to safety. >>gretchen: people should have this when they're going to their home, going to exercise. is it a good idea for women to have this on their key chain? >> absolutely. you want to make it accessible. it has to be in your hand. it can't be buried in the bottom of a purse. if you're an athlete that likes to run in the morning or late at night, strap one
3:41 am
in your hands so it's accessible. it is great to have in your home. you hear that startling noise in the middle of the night, maybe you want to grab that before you go see what that is. most important, you want to think about your situation, where you're vulnerable. buy the product that makes sense for that specific issue. >>gretchen: i want to take a look at the target. i think i hit him pretty well. >> i think he's good. he's not moving. our vertically challenged attacker is staying in one spot. >>gretchen: is it legal to carry this and how long does it last? >> a good pepper spray will last up to four years. pepper spray is now legal for sale in all 50 states. it is one of the most practical ways to protect yourself because it allows you to protect yourself at a safe distance. why go hands on with the attacker when they can be faster, more skilled than you. you want to keep a distance. pepper spray will protect you up to ten feet away. >>gretchen: where can people buy it? >> sporting good stores, drug stores, rite aid,
3:42 am
amazon, office depot, national retailers around the country. >>gretchen: david nance thanks for the tip. paper or plastic, that option no longer on the table. plus "fox & friends" on a mission to put money back in your pocket. today how to save on a prescription, even get some for free. [ male announcer ] with free package pickup from the united states postal service a small design firm can ship like a big business. just go online to pay, print and have your packages picked up for free. we'll do the rest. ♪
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>>steve: we have got a fox news alert. president obama meeting with german chancellor angela merkel, comes nearly 50 days to the day after president kennedy's cold war address in berlin. president obama arrived there after the g-8 summit in ireland. she is making a statement. we'll listen to the translation. then the president is going to make a statement and then answer two questions from two reporters. however, sometimes they're multiple questions, so this could take a little while. let's take you to the presidential palace in berlin. [speaking in german]
3:47 am
[speaking in german] >>steve: you know what? since she's making the statement in german, it's going to take a little while. as soon as the president is up and ready to make his statement -- >>brian: i took german until 11th grade, so let me just -- >>gretchen: he did pick up deutsche land. >>steve: in the meantime, this: tired of paying top dollar for your prescriptions? you're not alone. on average americans spend almost $760 out of their pocket every year for their meds because they're
3:48 am
unaware of cheaper options. we continue our summer saving series and explain how you can save on your may medications. first explain how to get meds for free? >> like other name brand products, the cost you're paying have a lot to do with promotion, advertising and marketing. a lot of doctors get free samples. if you are prescribed a certain name brand medication, ask your doctor for free samples. oftentimes he can give you a bunch of those and that will help offset the cost of your prescription. also go to sites like mr. where you can get free diabetic meters and other health care items. >>brian: you can get drugs on-line? >> sometimes. >>brian: what about splitting it up? >> a great way to save nearly 50% on your prescription medication. the idea is that many pills cost the same as those that may have twice the dose of medicine in a spill. if you're taking a
3:49 am
20-milligram encloses tral medicine -- cholesterol medicine you can ask your doctor to prescribe 40 milligrams of that same medicine and submit the pill. this doesn't work for every pill and you want to talk with your doctor. >>gretchen: generics, we all know they're cheaper but sometimes people are skeptical for whatever reason. >> they're regulated by the f.d.a. and the f.d.a. says you can save 80% to 85% by going with generic. ask your doctor about generic or other cheaper name brand alternatives to those name brand prescription medications. >>steve: surf the internet because there are values out there as well. we're almost ready to go back to the president. let's talk about the importance of where you buy it. for instance, when it comes to lipitor. >> you can actually -- buying lipitor, name brand drugs and also generic, you can find huge price
3:50 am
discrepancy at different stores. costco pharmacy has huge savings on prescription medicine. you don't have to be a member. the f.d.a. does >> i hope so. >> thank you. >> gretchen: let's go back to germany and president obama. >> impressed with the warmth of the weather here? berlin. the chancellor and i are just back from the g8 summit, just one of the latest meetings that we've had together. during my time in the white house i've had the privilege of
3:51 am
working with her on a whole host of issues. last time she was at the white house i had the privilege of presenting her with the medal of freedom, our highest civilian honor that a president can bestow and that speaks to the closeness of our relationship, the strength of our alliance. i know that here in germany, sometimes there has been talk that the transatlantic alliance is fading in importance, that the united states has turned its attention more towards asia and the pacific and in both conversations with chancellor merkel and earlier with your president, i reminded them that from our perspective, the relationship with europe remains the cornerstone of our freedom and our security; that europe is
3:52 am
our partner in almost everything that we do and that although the nature of the challenges we face have changed, the strength of our relationships, the enduring bonds based on common values and common ideals very much remains. we began today talking about economic issues following up on the discussions that we had had at the g8 summit. overall germany is our largest trading partner in the eu, so we have a profound stake in each other's success. we agreed that there is more work to do. not only do we have to grow, but we also have to reform our economy structurally and when you look within europe, obviously different countries are at different stages in that reform and restructuring process. we're going through our own need to reform, for example, our health care system, which is much more expensive than most of
3:53 am
the developed world and largely accounts for our deficits and our debt. the good news is, though, that we have gone through the worst recession in years and we are poised to come back stronger if we take advantage of these opportunities. one of the opportunities that we spoke about obviously was the transatlantic trade and investment project. the u.s.-e.u. relationship is already the largest in the world economically. 13 million american and europeans have jobs that are directly supported by mutual trade and investment and the chancellor and i share the conviction that if we are successful in these negotiations, we can grow economies on both sides of the atlantic, create jobs, improve efficiency, improve productivity and our competitiveness around the world and by doing so, we're also raising standards for free trade around the world that will
3:54 am
not just benefit us, but benefit everyone. when it comes to our security, the united states and germany are more than just nato allyies. more american personnel are stationed in germany outside of the u.s. we are extraordinarily grateful for the hospitality of the german people. one last times i was in germany i had a chance to visit our facility where everyone who is injured in the battlefield comes through and to see the dedication, but also the hospitality the germans are providing for our young men and women when they've been grieveously injured is a strong symbol of how much this means to us. our men and women have been serving side by side in afghanistan. germany is the third largest troop contributing nation there. we're both grateful for the
3:55 am
sacrifices that our servicemen and women and their families have made in this common effort and because of those efforts, afghanistan now has the opportunity to secure itself and determine its own destiny. we welcome president karzai's announcement yesterday that they will take the lead for security across the country, which is an important milestone, one that we established in our nato summit. even as we wind down the war responsibly and nato's combat mission in afghanistan comes to an end, we're going to have to continue to invest in the shared capabilities and interoperateability pain-stakingly built by the sacrifice of our troops and i appreciate germany's interest in making sure that even after our troops are no involved in combat operations, that we can continue to see progress in afghanistan. and many of you noted that
3:56 am
yesterday there was an announcement about the taliban opening an office for purpose of negotiations in qatar. i said yesterday, this is going to be a diffict process. the parties there have been fighting for a very long time, even before 9-11. and we don't expect that it will be easy, but we do think ultimately we're going to need to see afghan talking to afghans about how they can move forward and the cycle of violence so they can start rebuilding their country. we also discussed the challenges in the region, including syria. we are united to see a negotiated political settlement to that conflict. we want to see a syria that's unified, democratic and at peace. right now we need to see an end to the bloodshed and we have to sure that chemical weapons are not used on the ground. i thought we saw some progress
3:57 am
at the g8 in reaffirming the need for a transitional governing process and a u.n. investigation of the potential use of chemical weapons there. i thank the chancellor for germany's unwavering support of the search for peace between israelis and palestinians and i briefed her on my secretary of state, john kerry's efforts to find common ground there. and finally, i want to thank chancellor merkel's not only generous invitation, but the privilege that i'll have to address the people of berlin op the eastern side of the brandenburg gate. the wall that once stood, the wall that president reagan insisted be torn down. a quarter century since then -- since then have been one of extraordinary progress. we can witness this in the incredible vibranty and
3:58 am
prosperity of berlin. one of the things i'll address today is the fact that given the extraordinary blessings that we enjoy as americans and as germans, we have an obligation to make sure that walls around the world are torn down and we can only accomplish that together. so i'm grateful for our alliance and friendship and i'm looking forward for an opportunity to answer some questions. am i starting off? >> i want to ask a follow up on your comment with the taliban talks. when you announced those talks yesterday, you praised afghan president karzai as being courageous for being willing to take that step, yet today karzai says he's suspending talks with the u.s. in response to the taliban negotiations. how is that possible for you and president karzai to be on such different pages about this key decision and is karzai saying
3:59 am
different things to you privately than he is publicly today? and chancellor merkel, you mentioned that prism came up in your discussions with president obama. are you more reassured now about the scope of those programs following the discussions and did president obama give you any reassurances that the programs don't violate german privacy rights? thank you. there were going to be some areas of friction to put it mildly in getting this thing off
4:00 am
the ground. we're in the middle of a war and afghans are still being killed and by the way, members of the international forces there are still being killed and that's not abating as we speak. but what we also believe is that alongside the process in which we are training, equipping an afghan government that can be responsible for its own security, even as we go through some, frankly, difficult negotiations around what it would mean for the international community to have an ongoing training and advising presence
4:01 am
after 2014, we still believe that you've got to have a parallel track to at least look at the prospect of some sort of political reconciliation. whether that bears proof or whether it actually happens or whether post 2014 there continue to be fighting as there was before forces got into afghanistan, that's a question that only the afghans can answer. but i think that president karzai himself recognizes the need for political reconciliation, the challenges, how do you get those things started while you're also at war. and my hope is, and expectation is that despite those challenges, the process will proceed. chancellor merkel, if you don't mind even though the question
4:02 am
was directed at you, i think it would be appropriate for me to go ahead -- >> the president of the united states gave the abc's on how not to answer a question directly because he was asked specifically, did you know that hamid karzai had broken off talks when you praised him for having agreed to represented to talks in qatar with the taliban because after he believes the attacks on -- at kabul and other things, he now no longer wants to participate in those talks. how can you have talks with the taliban, number one, and number two, without the sitting government participating? >> steve: the headline -- >> gretchen: four americans have been killed outside of bagram. usually in these type of attacks, americans are fortunately not killed. but in this case, four have been killed. so it's interesting timing that they were supposed to meet in qatar on thursday, which is tomorrow to begin these talks and what role does hamid karzai play in all this? he has not been a friend to the united states in recent years even though the united states put him in that position.
4:03 am
>> steve: right. so the united states is now going to start negotiating with the taliban. this was announced on the same day the taliban claimed they killed four of our guys at bagram air force base. what's interesting is on the same day, within 24 hours after we announced we are negotiating with the taliban, then it was revealed by julie pace of the associated press asked the president there in berlin, okay, so you're negotiating with the taliban, but the afghans under the rule of hamid karzai, are no longer negotiating with the united states. they've broken off relations with the united states, which comes on the same day -- there is karzai -- the same day that karzai took over national security from the united states. we will continue to advise and support. but this in anticipation of us leaving all together next year. >> brian: yes or no? that should have been an answer to the president if the president wanted to answer. did you know hamid karzai has refused to participate in talks when you yesterday praised him
4:04 am
for participating in the talks because they're fruitless, they're controversial and most military people say you have to talk to people, even your enemies. but you have to talk from a position of strength. we're halfway out the door and now we're going to sit down and talk? the taliban feel like they have hand. they have no reason to give in on any of these issues. >> gretchen: that's the problem with this type of form format and rephrase it. in this case, you get what you get, you get two questions to the president. she tried to get in two. she also asked about the nsa and we'll bring that you answer shortly. >> steve: you know what? had the president just simply answered yes or no, he probably would have said no, i did not know about it. once again, hamid karzai sandbagged us. instead the president said afghans need to talk to afghans. in other words, the taliban needs to talk to karzai. >> gretchen: let's do some other headlines now if you're just walking up. his story was credited with
4:05 am
ending mccrystal's career. we learned that reporter has died. he was killed in a car accident in hollywood, california. his car apparently crossed the median, slammed into a tree and burst into flames. hastings' story about mccrystal in june 2010 revealed the military's criticisms of the obama administration. hastings was only 33 years old. police in massachusettsen spent the night searching the home of aaron hernandez in connection with a possible murder. reports say he was uncooperative when questioned by cops. he's not believed, though, to be a suspect. a vehicle rented in his name is of interest to investigators. it was found near the dead body of his 27-year-old associate. update to a story we told you about yesterday. controversial rapper lil wayne speaking out this morning after sparking outrage over stomping on the american flag in his new music video.
4:06 am
♪ >> gretchen: he tweeted the scene was not meant to be disrespectful. saying, quote, i didn't step on the flag on purpose. just the scene where the flag drops behind me. >> brian: maybe you shouldn't drop the flag anyway and you wouldn't have to worry about taking a tenths of a step back and standing on it. >> gretchen: something about the flag and the ground that is also offensive. >> steve: absolutely. we understand the president of the united states in berlin just said that he's confident that the united states has struck the appropriate balance between intelligence gathering and civil liberties as well. and there is the president right now continuing that answer right there. it's interesting, that's pretty much the same line that nsa director general keith alexander had yesterday up on capitol hill. he said we're not breaking any laws. you can trust us because the surveillance we have used so far
4:07 am
has helped lead to busting up 50 terror plots, ten of those here in the united states. some are wondering, why did -- in fact, dana millbank writes in the "washington post" t sure seemed like it was a cheerleading session with a lot of the congressmen saying, we trust you. we're on your side. >> brian: because the intelligence committee was informed the whole time. this was not new to them. if the other members of congress wanted to get a briefing, they could have gotten a briefing. >> gretchen: no doubt. none of them apparently showed up when this happened. i know they have busy schedules and a low approval rating, but when something like this important comes up, maybe next time congress will become informed and not criticize later on of the here is the republican from michigan saying this morning that we've been receiving an inaccurate picture of exactly who was being spied upon. this is why from the beginning we were pointing out how careful you needed to be about all the information that was coming out. were they really looking at every american's e-mail?
4:08 am
were they really listening to every american's phone conversation? it turns out now that people in the know on the intelligence committee are saying no, that maybe there were 300 e-mails, not millions, that they were looking at, and only looking at if they had a connection to say, for example, the country of yemen. really has anything changed over the last ten years between what was going on after 9-11 and what's going on in 2013 if you believe members of congress from yesterday and this gentleman, general alexander? no. >> steve: it's curious because i talked to -- when i was doing brian's radio show yesterday, i talked to former c.i.a. guy -- >> brian: is that going to count as my plug? >> steve: pretty much. he said it's clear that the united states has exceeded what the patriot act, how it was written. also you had on your show a whistle blower, bill benny. >> brian: why did i call in sick yesterday? >> steve: the united states has definitely exceeded the patriot act. yesterday it seemed so chummy where everything, there just
4:09 am
wasn't -- there is a lot of trust us, trust us, we're not breaking the law. and it's curious why more lawmakers didn't question the just trust us assurances because it was three months ago that james clapper said that none of these programs existed, which we know is a lie. >> brian: only 22 people, 22 nsa officials have approval to even make queeries to the fisa court to listen in. they said they're not reading your e-mails without getting permission and not listening to your phone calls without getting permission. >> gretchen: that was the other thing i forgot was that because remember, edward snowden said hey, it's as easy as logging on and watching your conversation with your mom, gretchen, or your conversation with your dad, steve. and it turns out that they're saying -- remember the first interview we did right after this broke, i think it was with senator from south carolina. >> steve: lindsey graham.
4:10 am
>> gretchen: he said the information you're hearing is erroneous, trust me. the information you're hearing is erroneous. >> steve: there is that trust me again. >> gretchen: i think if these people sit on the senate intelligence committee, that at some point you have to trust some members of the government who are saying, look, some of the information you're getting is erroneous. snowden said hey, you can pick up and listen to anybody. turns out you can't. >> brian: the thing i look to, the body language where these people are coming from, james clapper has a record of, even though his career and resume look fine when he got the job, he's looked less than reassuring when he appeared on camera. especially lately. general alexander, i think he has an impeccable record. i don't know what party he belongs to and it's somewhat encouraging that senator feinstein, next to congressman rogers, a conservative republican, who says i'm looking at it, you're okay. >> steve: a lot of people are watching saying if the irs targeted conservatives, what's the nsa to keep them from doing
4:11 am
something like that? it did seem chummy. listen to this. here is the guy who runs the nsa in a little exchange with the number two guy at the f.b.i. >> gretchen: what did he say? >> brian: give me another beer 'cause they were grilled for hours. >> gretchen: i think the irs thing is different. just in my own mind personally. i think that's different situation. i think that was obvious targeting. i think this was just a general surveillance of all americans and now it's turning out, maybe they weren't even really looking at all americans. just terrorists. >> brian: the president's reputation, antics over the last month in his administration poisoned the well for the nsa talks. that's flat out it. >> gretchen: a good way to put it. >> steve: to your point, i think general surveillance of all americans, that's what people don't like. ben franklin, i looked this up this morningness he said once
4:12 am
upon a time, he who sacrifices liberty for security deserves neither. >> brian: right. i remember ben franklin also just released a statement -- we got to go to break. >> steve: we do because it's 7:11. >> gretchen: my favorite store growing up was ben franklin and penny candy. >> brian: fourth grade, i auditioned. i was ben franklin in a play on him. i'm the guy. that's why that sounds so familiar. >> gretchen: stand outside with the handlinger? >> brian: right. and the problem was, the kid who played my son was one of my friends. during rehearsal was no problem. but evidently on actual show day, he showed up with his mom's wig on, so i walk on the stage, my friend wearing the wig, i laughed through the whole scene. >> steve: brian, this is going to seem like this is your life because not only were you ben franklin, but once upon a time, you worked in a bennigan's didn't you? >> brian: absolutely. >> gretchen: that was number 3586 in brian's book that's coming out of brian's stories.
4:13 am
>> brian: sadly, all true. based on a true story. this is a great storm remember bennigan's, the restaurant was in the middle of a comeback for the new health care law could change that. the ceo explains when we come back. i still have mica keys should i -- my khakis should i be needed. >> gretchen: we'll let you guess who is coming to breakfast. this former miss teen usa who shares a birthday with her boy band husband. ♪ after a workout, i had a heart attack here in this gym.
4:14 am
4:15 am
luckily an emt gave me a bayer aspirin.
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4:17 am
including the fact that a preferred risk policy starts as low as $129 a year. for an agent, call the number that appears on your screen. >> steve: it was once an iconic american restaurant left for dead. but after a new ceo and new business plan, bennigan's made an unprecedented comeback. >> brian: now it's opening one location every month within 30 more are in the oven and ready to go. but that trend may come to an end thanks to the new health care law. >> steve: yep. the ceo is here and president of bennigan's and the author of "return to relevance." thank you very much for joining us. >> my pleasure. >> brian: as a bennigan's alumni, i'm relieved to know you're coming back. >> we have on its way to you the
4:18 am
abc d pin, which is above and beyond the call of duty. you are our eagle. >> brian: thank you very much. >> steve: lifetime achievement. >> brian: i got to get through the segment and keep my emotions in check. i got to tell you, on the health care law this matters because you were not giving me insurance when i was a part-time waiter at bennigan's. are you now? >> you know that we do provide it for most of our employees. it's funny. i don't think anybody really matters or cares about the ability to be able to the goal of providing some insurance benefits to our employees. i think the issue is the government overreach to make it a mandate. >> steve: too much for you? >> i think it's too much for a lot of us. having something else mandated on top of already the tough economic challenges that we're facing for the last five, six years. >> steve: would you expand big for it wasn't there? >> you know this, brianment we're a tenacious tough group so
4:19 am
we're going to push through. wouldn't it be nice if the government would help us and provide some economic relief for us. health care benefits were the highest in the world. our corporate tax rate is the high nest the world. so why can't it be just a little bit of relief, especially to small business owners that really make up our franchisees and brian, to your point, held together through chapter 7. >> steve: we got to ask you about this, it started, a guy walks no a bennigan's about a year ago down in texas and orders a beer, takes a picture of it. now you have a wall of heros program. >> it's adjust fabulous story. it starts out like that joke, a guy goes into a bar. but he really did and went and went to texas where we have a great franchisees.
4:20 am
he orders two guiness and the bartender says hang on a second, is your friend coming? he goes no, just go ahead and do it. then he writes on a napkin. part of it is in latin that's above the naval academy chapel. so that means not for self, for country. so his friend actually gave his life and so the bartender took a picture of it. i'm trying to go real fast -- took a picture and posted it on her facebook page so not only did a lot of people look at it, but two million likes later, i thought that bennigan's and again, we stand for cultural platform as well. so what we want to do do was not let it stay there. we want to do expand it. >> steve: you've blown it up and now with your wall of heros, bennigan's going to donate a dollar to the coalition to salute america's heros. >> david walker, down with the coalition, he's been very helpful in helping us get the whole program rolling.
4:21 am
>> brian: good luck. it's a great group of restaurants and i'm glad you're coming back. >> get your friends to come. >> brian: absolutely. >> steve: did you guess who is coming to breakfast next? here is another clue. >> we've been conditioned to accept less and less. impeccable design, and more than you've come to expect from a luxury vehicle. the lexus es350 and epa-estimated 40 mpg es hybrid. this is the pursuit of perfection. lets you connect up to 25 devices on one easy to manage plan. that means your smartphone, her blackberry, his laptop, mark's smartphone... but i'm still on vacation... ...stilln the plan. nice! so is his tablet, that guy's hotspot, thentern's tablet. the intern gets a tablet? everyone's devices. his, hers, oh sorry...
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for the first time. >> steve: it's about to? >> no. >> brian: a new mom? but we have the graphics right. that was the thing. we're talking about vanessa lechay. >> breaking news. >> gretchen: the breaks news is you would like to become a mom for a second time. >> that's the best job in the world. i hope to have a little posse one day. one is good for now, though. >> brian: you have nine months, your baby is nine months. >> i'm like, is there more breaking news? yes. he's nine months old. he's still in that little nugget stage where i want to just enjoy
4:26 am
him. he's got four teeth. i feel like it's going by way too fast. >> steve: there you are with your husband, nick. >> yeah. >> steve: i bet he's a good dad. >> he's a great dad. that was one of my characteristics when finding a husband was good dad and he definitely checks out. >> brian: i understand you and your son were on the road with nick on tour. >> literally yesterday, i got off the road, three weeks on a tour bus with nick and my brother-in-law, drew lechay. good time. [ laughter ] >> brian: i sense sarcasm. >> steve: those kind of close quarters, was it benjamin franklin, to quote him, after three days, just like fish -- >> family is family. tight quarters, no big deal. he's so easy to get along with. but then i get off the road and my sister-in-law gets on with her two kids. >> gretchen: i think when nick
4:27 am
was on the show recently, didn't he change diapers? maybe that was going to be part of it. >> he would. >> gretchen: he was always game for anything. so let's talk about speaking of family, you have a new show coming out called "dad." >> i know. i get to play a wife on tv and a mom. not too much of a stretch. i'm excited. it's from the guys who brought you "family guy" and" ted." >> brian: so it's a drama. [ laughter ] >> it's a comedy, for those who don't know the star sam. it's coming to fox this fall. >> steve: we've got a clip. here she is in "dad." >> that was a total disaster today. >> would i be celebrating with your last beer if i thought that? [ laughter ] >> look, dad, this is really difficult for me to say, but i'm going to say it right now. camilla thinks you ruined the deal today. [ laughter ] >> steve: there you were watching. >> typical.
4:28 am
>> gretchen: martin moll is your husband's dad? >> i have to pinch myself of my co-stars. >> brian: you can't wait for thanksgiving. >> i can't wait. >> steve: the story is the dad moves in with you. >> along with seth green's character, moves in with him. it's about these two childhood friends whose lives get turned upside down when the old man wants to move in. hence the name "dad." >> steve: you're going to do more shooting. first you got a busy day today. >> i'm excited. i've been working with p and g for years. today we're launching the everyday effect program right here in new york city. it's the largest consumer event in p and g's history. >> steve: really? >> we're giving away over 40,000 products. actually i got some for you guys today. >> brian: really? >> i have to share the love with you. >> steve: i just saw -- >> we got big blue boxes that people can experience the products and just get free give aways and then we've got people
4:29 am
roaming the streets. >> brian: to be part of this, what you have to do is just come to manhattan? >> you could also go on-line to n. manhattan, we're launching it just to kind of, you know, life is lived in the everyday -- oh, wow. life is lived in the everyday and p and g is there to help. from gillette razors. >> gretchen: i love these things! >> letting people know all the amazing products that they do. so today we're going to let you know. come join me and celebrity ambassadors. >> gretchen: is there any fa breeze in here? >> steve: i got a venus, thanks a lot. >> gretchen: i'll trade you. >> steve: okay, fine. [ laughter ] i'd rather have bouncy hair. >> brian: good luck with that on fox. >> thanks. so good to see you guys. >> steve: have a great day.
4:30 am
straight ahead, all eyes are on the federal reserve today with interest rates perhaps could go up. if they do, is your family ready for the financial fallout? could be some of that. financial guru dave ramsey is on deck. >> gretchen: trying to score an awesome internship? you might want to avoid doing this. >> did you get that research i need? you wanted me to do that? >> steve: wa, wa. >> gretchen: the list of intern dos and don'ts, that's coming up. hey! did you know that honey nut cheerios
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d with a few clicks, this mission never happened. uh, what's this button do? [ electricity zaps ] ♪ you requested backup? yes. yes i did. what's in your wallet? >> gretchen: let's get to your headlines. 34 minutes past the top of the hour. bombshell, 17 years after the crash of the twa flight 800 in a new documentary, six whistle blowers say there is evidence at least one explosion outside the plane caused it to crash and not the gas explosion. >> brian: wow. >> gretchen: however, they stopped short of saying the plane was shot down. the experts claim that the ntsb told them to keep quiet about the case. the plane crashed off long island, killing all 230 people on board. >> brian: they reconstructed the whole plane. >> gretchen: that was 18 years ago already. >> steve: some wondered whether or not it was hit by a missile. remember that story.
4:35 am
>> brian: imagine hearing your child flank eighth grade because officials lost the english exams. it happened to kids in brooklyn. a school, their dreams of a fun summer over when they learned they couldn't attend graduation. they know won't be promoted unless they attend summer school and pass the city-issued english exam in august. no school if the school will reconsider that stupid decision. >> steve: it's one of tv's most iconic commercials and slogan. >> time to make the doughnuts. dunkin doughnuts are always fresh. i made the doughnuts. >> steve: love that guy. that ad campaign won't be coming back any time soon. top executive at dunkin' donuts announced there are no plans to bring it back. it's time to make the doughnuts, it ended back in 1997. the chain's motto since 2006 has been, america runs on dunkin. and it's focused on beverages and breakfast sandwiches. they have profit margins higher than 75%, so if it's working,
4:36 am
why change it? >> brian: bring back the charmin guy, too. >> gretchen: mr. whiffle. let's go outside to maria. >> good morning. a chilly morning here in new york city. we're only going to get up into the 70s as far as high temperatures go across the northeast. not really feeling very summerlike. keep in mind, it's the official start of summer coming up on friday, june 21. as we head farther west, we will be seeing areas of showers and thunderstorms and some of those thunderstorms could actually produce severe weather, damaging winds in excess of 60 miles an hour, large hail and isolated tornadoes will be possible. the good news is that these storms will be bringing in much needed rainfall across sections of the western plains. so across parts of western kansas, even into the texas and oklahoma panhandle. again, we are in a drought ongoing out there. we do need the rain. we will be getting some of that today. temperature wise, in the 70s across the northeast. take a look at texas, another hot day, 91 in dallas. 95 in san antonio.
4:37 am
even rapid city, over in the dakotas, 88 degrees for the high temperature. let's head back inside. >> steve: all right. today all eyes on the federal reserve and chairman ben bernanke, the fed head. the fed set to perhaps reveal whether or not they will raise interest rates. >> gretchen: how should you and your family prepare for this news? >> brian: i'll take it from here. dave ramsey is here. hi, dave. >> good morning. >> brian: what are you expected to say, ben bernanke to say and how should we react? >> well, i don't know that he'll say a lot. just the fact that they floated the idea out there that something might happen indicates that somewhere in the near term, we're probable will he going to see some bump in the fed rate. and that will move the markets around. there is a the love things that started moving up and rising interest rates slows things down. >> steve: okay. so if they do go ahead and raise interest rates, you got to get yourself prepared. first up, you say get rid of credit card debt and that is something you're famous for.
4:38 am
but this -- if you haven't done it yet, this is a perfect time to do it. >> well, absolutely. any kind of consumer debt, for that matter, because the fed funds rate is the rate at which banks borrow from each other. it's their cost of goods sold. so if their costs go up, they're going to pass those on to you. so your bank tied interest rates will be affected the fastest. >> gretchen: then that fall noose buying a home. if you're ready to buy a home, they've been saying it's a buyer's market because the interest rates are so low. but if they're going to go up, you want to lock it in now, right? >> absolutely. you and i have been saying on this show for the last two to three years, buy a house, buy a house. the rates are down and the prices are down. the market is starting to heal and so if you are in a buyer's position, certainly lock in your interest rates and for those of that you haven't refinanced, what are you waiting on? now is the time! >> brian: you say never borrow money for anything except a mortgage. so the loan shark, going down to the docks trying to work out a
4:39 am
deal, you think we should not do that? >> well, yeah. that was insightful, brian. absolutely. we just teach people to stay away from debt. you're not concerned about interest rate moves if you don't have debt. the only concern is my savings account might start paying something for the first time in four or five years. on the people that have money in the banks saved, they're going to like this increase. we do need to keep in mind mortgage rates are not directly tied to the fund rate. they generally track with the fed rate. >> steve: meanwhile, we've got an e-mail from nathaniel. he writes in, i owe $600 on credit cards and $11,000 on student loans. i'm on track to have to have $10,000 in savings by the end of the year and plan to use this on a down payment for a home. but with interest rates going up, do you think buying a home is a smart decision? >> i've got a real unpopular stand on that 'cause everybody
4:40 am
wants to run out and buy a how many times i love real estate. i want you to go buy a house. but i want you to own the house. i don't want it to own you. so we teach people to be completely debt free, brian, and have the emergency fund and the down payment in place before you buy. so you're not ready to buy yet. you need to use that money to get out of debt with and finish up your rainy day fund and then start talking about buying a home. there will always be a chance for to you buy a home. if interest rates aren't 3, instead they're 5, you'll be okay. >> steve: okay. >> gretchen: have a good rest of the week. we'll see you next week. >> thanks for having me. >> steve: thank you. >> brian: straight ahead, taco bell giving their menu an overhaul. they're going healthy. you heard me. healthy. >> steve: and he usually answers your e-mail. dr. keith ablow diagnosing real problems from people on the street. what could possibly go wrong? the doctor is on the street next. >> gretchen: with brian, a lot could go wrong. oh, my gosh.
4:41 am
>> today? this kind of weather? >> not this kind of weather. >> got it. if id said is all we humans get. we spend them on treadmills. we spend them in traffic. and if we get lucky, really lucky, it dawns on us to go spend them in a world where a simple sunrise can still be magic. twenty-five thousand mornings. make sure some of them are pure michigan. your trip begins at do you remember when you could actually see shooting stars? and your nightlight was a jar full of fireflies? then keep the tradition going at bass pro shops' family summer camp. where kids can try our casting challenge, make a craft and more. all for free.
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4:44 am
>> steve: quick headlines for you on this wednesday morning. taco bell going healthy. fast food chain will begin testing a power protein menu next month. it's going to feature burritos and bowls with double portions of chicken or steak. they have less than
4:45 am
450 calories. taco bell also testing a new zero calorie drink. all right. and los angeles now the biggest city to ban plastic bags from stores. the city council there approving the measure. customers who want paper bags will have to pay a dime apiece. allall right. now let's go out to the streets of new york city. >> brian: are you normal or are you nuts? that's the question we ask ourselves every day. we go over different e mails. today we have a different take on this. we are hitting the streets of new york city to find out who out there could use some street therapy? >> the truth is, everybody out here can use a little therapy because people want to tell the truth. >> brian: right. so you -- >> nobody wants to hide. >> brian: you said this to me yesterday, last week you said, brian, go i out on the votes and talk to people and they open up to me. >> of course, so we have people ready to go. >> brian: all right. 30 seconds. you know nothing about the people you just found.
4:46 am
>> mary. >> brian: where are you from? >> chicago. >> brian: mary from chicago. >> from frankfort, illinois. >> brian: i knew that. first off, so mary, have you ever been to therapy before? >> no. >> brian: okay. this will be the first time. >> so listen, i believe everyone is struggling with something. other people can resonate with it. what is it for you? >> my weight. >> what's going on? what is it -- how long have you struggled with it? >> all my life. >> here is the question i would ask you. what else, because food can be a drug. what haven't you done in your life that you very much wanted to do? a gift that you wanted to pursue? a passion? what is it? >> that's a good question. i don't have an answer. >> brian: do you want to be an anthropologist? >> an artist, a physician. what did you leave behind? >> i wish i had an answer.
4:47 am
i don't. >> your daughter, you nodded when i said that. your mom, what else should she be doing with her life, because she's eating instead of something. >> i have a very full life. >> yes, i know -- >> i'm not missing anything. >> i know, but if it's that full, we have to have you not fill up. right? >> right. >> i don't know. i ask that every time. >> brian: what's she missing? >> i think she should have had eight more kids. >> okay. >> that's it. it would have kept me busy. >> you love nurturing. >> yes. >> you have to nurture yourself now. you can't let yourself stay out of shape. >> why is that hard for me to do? >> brian: this is a longer session. it's a lot more money! >> it's hard for you to do that because you put other people first. maybe people didn't put you first enough. we're going to do that. >> tomorrow. >> brian: do you put your mom first? >> i do put my mom first. i brought her to new york. >> brian: does she put you first? >> yes. >> in the about pre interview, it took 30 seconds, she said,
4:48 am
'cause you dropped your other daughter off at a camp, right? right away, her grandmother said, i don't know about that camp. i don't know if i could have dropped off my daughter. why? 'cause you're always thinking about others. >> that's true. >> you got to invest in yourself. right? >> that's very hard to do. >> it is hard to do. >> brian: why don't you just go out and do your own thing. can you give her 100 bucks and let her go out and just -- >> we're going to give you my number so you can call me and we'll get started. >> brian: street therapy, very successful. >> you're next. >> brian: you owe him $4,000. great meeting you. have a good time in new york city. he'll satisfy your deductible. let's go back inside for street therapy session number one, an overwhelming success. >> i think we're a good service. you're the key to this. >> brian: thank you. back inside. >> steve: now mary has a to her to tell when she goes back to illinois. >> gretchen: no doubt. all right. she got a trip to new york and some therapy on the side.
4:49 am
are you trying to score an awesome internship? you might want to avoid doing this. >> listen, elizabeth, i've got a lot of work to catch up on this weekend. i'm going to need to you come in this weekend and help me out. >> i don't think i can do that. >> gretchen: cheryl casone is here with intern do's and don'ts. >> steve: first on this date back in 1999, "living la vida loca" by rickey, numero uno. ♪ look what mommy is having. mommy's having a french fry. yes she is, yes she is. [ bop ] [ male announcer ] could've had a v8. 100% vegetable juice, with three of your daily vegetable servings in every little bottle.
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4:53 am
>> gretchen: more than 1 million college students will accept a summer internship this year. but are they doing everything right when they walk into the office? cheryl casone is here with tips on what interns should never do. oh, oh >> this is a job. you need to think of an internship, especially with unemployment, as an entry level job you and got to dress the part. take a look at what happened with our intern. hey, melissa, i need you to go to a meeting for me this morning. never mind. i'll go. he probably -- she looks great. obviously loving the jewelry. wear that at night. go club not guilty that outfit, but don't come to work in that outfit. that's the worst thing to do. you may love that t-shirt, don't wear it at work. >> gretchen: okay. so don't be a walking wardrobe malfunction. number two, don't complain once you've gotten the job. >> yeah. you are there to work. this is serious. we're not bringing you in for an
4:54 am
internship, to come in and hang out and eat bonbons all day long. >> what do you think of the internship so far? >> i thought it would be more glamorous. i keep going to work and think when is it going to be interesting? [ laughter ] >> gretchen: that's what i tell young people all the time. tv is not glamorous. >> yeah. you're there to work. don't complain about your internship. that's another don't. you don't want to practice when you're in the office. >> gretchen: what about a little yammering? let's watch this. >> oh, my god, that's insane. that's crazy. >> melissa, you're never going to believe who is getting divorced. >> look, we all love a little bit of gossip and a little bit is okay. maybe towards the end of the internship. but you got to deal with people that you trust and tonight be
4:55 am
going to the wrong people and talking about especially the boss, getting a divorce. that's the wrong thing to do. >> gretchen: don't pass up the opportunity to show you're an asset. >> watch this mistake. >> listen, elizabeth, i've got a lot of work to catch up on this weekend. i'm going to need you to come in and help out. >> i don't think i can do that. >> i am sure you have plans to go to the beach this weekend. it is the summer, yet get rid of those plans. if i need you to work another weekend, you need to come in and work on the weekend. i need threw, sorry. that's the way it goes. fastest way to not get a job offer. after internship. a lot of these interns are coming in looking for a job at the end of the internship. i won't be hiring her after that attitude. >> gretchen: our final tip is, it's all about your attitude. >> it is about the attitude. listen to what not to say to me as your boss. >> melissa, did you get that research i need?
4:56 am
>> you wanted me to do that? >> yeah, i did want you to do that 'cause i asked to you do it. don't pass off your work to other interns. don't leave things unfinished. you can't sit there and act like, well, i don't have the time for that. i've got places to be. it goes back to not offering a to work a weekend. you need have a positive attitude and be there to work because this is an entry level job. you don't want to blow the internship. that's the fastest way to be fired before you're ever even hired. that's the biggest mistake they make. >> gretchen: this is so helpful because there is so many people coming out of college who are looking pour internships, high unemployment rates with these groups. >> youth unemployment is higher. we're at 7.7%. but the youth unemployment rate is well over 10% right now. so cut the attitude, dress appropriately, show up and try not to party all night. that would be my advice to interns out there. >> gretchen: all right. we'll see you again tomorrow. the taliban claiming they killed four americans.
4:57 am
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>> gretchen: good morning, everybody. today is wednesday, june 19, 2013. i'm gretchen carlson. thanks so much for spending part of your day with us today. the taliban is claiming they killed four americans hours after the united states agreed to begin peace talks. so some people asking why we're negotiating with terrorists in the first place. the president just answering that live in germany. >> steve: and a murder mystery rocking the nfl. a star new england patriot player under investigation after a dead body found near his house. breaking details coming your way. >> brian: all right. then cops no longer allowed to describe suspects anymore because it might offend them. so somebody stole my wallet. doesn't matter who they are, male, female, i can't describe it. we're reading your reaction. they're classic because "fox & friends'" third hour starts just
5:01 am
about now. ♪ got to love this american pride ♪ >> steve: well,. >> brian: did she get her keys locked out. >> steve: we're continuing our series about made in america. these are some of the best vehicles built in the world right here in the united states. anna kooiman will drive one right up 6th avenue live on camera. she can go a couple blocks, which is new technology. >> gretchen: i'm glad we don't have to parallel park those today. look at that one in the middle. >> brian: you wrecked the bike fences, so we can not cure anna's safety. >> gretchen: come on, there wasn't even a dent. all right. >> brian: you didn't dent it. you bent it. >> gretchen: dent, bent.
5:02 am
fantastic. i never got that bill. send it my way. anyway, we've got a tough morning for president obama right now in german, he found himself defending plans with the taliban. the taliban says they had killed four american troops in afghanistan and afghan president karzai announced he's ending talks with the united states. joining us now live from the white house with all the breaking details and a convoluted story, ed henry. good morning to you. >> good morning. the bottom line is the president had a news conference with the german chancellor and did get a question about the situation with the taliban, the controversial move to sit down with the taliban directly to try and end the war. the president acknowledged there is going to be bumps in the road in these talks. he also acknowledged there will be friction with president karzai, but he said he sees this as the best hope of finally ending that war in afghanistan. he's also taking some heat in germany because he's going to give a speech later on today at the brandenburg gate, possibly
5:03 am
historic speech. but the german people are upset about various issues. remember the speech he delivered to the german people back in 2008 as a campaign. he promised to close down gitmo. that hasn't happened. they're upset in germany as well about the u.s. drone policy. they're upset about u.s. surveillance programs, how that might affect computer users in germany. today the president gave a vigorous defense, though, at a news conference of the u.s. surveillance program. take a listen. >> we know at least 50 threats that have been averted because of this information, not just from the united states, but in some cases, threats here in germany. so lives have been saved and the encroachment on privacy has been strictly limited by a court-approveed process. >> another tough issue the president was confronted with
5:04 am
was seery. he was asked in the name of transparency if he would detail the arms the united states is sending the rebels. he said he would not comment on specifics. obviously that's something he's facing pressure on back home as to lay out just how deeply the u.s. is getting involved in that war in syria. guys? >> brian: how would you characterize the relations going into this meeting with germany? was there a little tension going in, ed? >> i don't think direct tension with merkel, the president host here at the white house a few months ago. they have a warm relationship. where there is tension is with the german people. that's why merkel is walk ago fine line and when pressed on the surveillance programs, she said what you heard from the president today about not spying on the german people was a good start. but she's clearly still skeptical of these u.s. surveillance programs. on issues like that where merkel is facing heat back home about whether the u.s. is going too far with these surveillance programs, that's where there is friction. but personally, they get along pretty well.
5:05 am
>> steve: ed henry on the north lawn, we thank you very much. ed also just touched on the fact that now the president was asked about the taliban. fox news alert, the taliban is claiming that they just killed four americans at the bagram air force base hours after the united states agreed to start talks with the taliban. taliban apparently has opened an office in qatar. karzai, furious, we are told, is upset that the united states would start dealing with the taliban directly. he was upset about the announcement and mr. karzai has just said no peace talks with the taliban unless only afghans are involved, meaning the united states needs to pull out -- and the taliban stops all of the attacks. >> gretchen: the president was asked about that at the press conference recently within the last hour. but he gave a long winded answer and it wasn't a yes or no about whether or not karzai knew the united states was going to
5:06 am
negotiate with the taliban. >> brian: we know the taliban, the sect that will be represented, the guy who is the one eyed guy, for some reason still alive. his sect will be represented there. then karzai said i'll do that. he seems more concerned with -- totally coincidental. it makes no sense for him to have this stance now. who is giving the president his messaging, 'cause the president was placing car -- pleasing him for coming. yesterday's message was totally wrong! >> steve: the other part of the message is, we're now negotiating with terrorists, the taliban are terrorists. they just killed four of our guys. congressman mike rogers was on with hannity last night and addressed how we're now dealing with these terrorists directly. >> it's hard to understand why the president thinks that that is the right cause of action
5:07 am
with no preconditions about what that negotiation should even look like, we're going to negotiate so that we can check the box and go home. i think this could be a stain on our national character if we don't get a handle on this early on. when you tell them what you're going to do, when you're going to leave, you've absolutely empowered those who are seeking to do you harm. >> brian: when we left off, the taliban were in power. the women had no rights. they were not allowed to work outside the home or go to school outside the home and affiliated with al-qaeda. they wouldn't back off al-qaeda, so we had a war. there is no indication that they're going to back off either one of those things, give the women the rights to even have a living because that is one of the things that we're doing. we're allowing that society to take root once we leave. >> gretchen: there is so many things they're doing that are not what we do in the united states that you could only imagine if you were to negotiate, how would they ever give up all their points. brian, earlier you rattled off seven. >> brian: having noncovered
5:08 am
ankles, no women study not guilty schools, publicly stoning accusing women of having relationships outside of their marriage. >> gretchen: even if they gave up two, it's still not a good deal. >> steve: they're not going to give up violence because a taliban representative said that the insurgents have no intention of laying down their arms as they pursue some sort of political agreement. quote, there is no cease fire. that's what you get when you deal with terrorists. >> gretchen: the other stories breaking this morning, a murder mystery rock the nfl. police in massachusetts spent the night searching the home of a patriot star for a possible homicide. police not considering him a suspect, but there are reports he was uncooperative when police questioned him. a vehicle rented in his name is of interest to the feds. vehicle body of the 27-year-old victim. overnight we learned reporter michael hastings has died. he was killed in a car accident in hollywood, california. his car crossed the median,
5:09 am
slamd into a tree, burst into flames. hastings' story about mccrystal in june 2010 revealed the military's criticism of the obama administration. hastings was ohm 33 years old. bombshell, 17 years after the crash of it, wa flight 800, there is a new documentary now, six whistle blowers say there is evidence an explosion outside the plane caused it to crash and not a gas explosion. however, they stopped short of saying the plane was actually shot down. the experts claim the ntsb told them to keep quiet about the case. the plane crashed off long island, killing all 230 people on board. the heat is on in miami. >> rebound! back out! five seconds remaining! >> gretchen: call that exciting. the heat forcing overtime in game 6 against the spurs. miami stormed back from 13 points down in the fourth quarter. fans left thinking the game was over. when they realized it wasn't,
5:10 am
they started pounding on the doors to come back in. but there is a no reentry policy. police had to be called in actually. in o.t., lebron james makes the go ahead basket. he played every minute of the second half. and miami wins 103-100. game 7 tomorrow night. down to the end. >> steve: all right. it is called the community safety act, the city council of new york is considering it and it looks like the pc police are running rampant once again. a new ad, we want to show awe new ad that will run here in new york city tomorrow. sponsored by the new york police department captains association. it says, how effective is a police officer with a blindfold on? why? because under this safety act, if a cop is describing a suspect, he can't use the guy or gal's age, gender, disability, color or fear of being accused of profiling. >> brian: wow. so how deal about that? chuck from massachusetts says, i have been a police officer for over 25 years. we are a weaker country when the police become too weak to insure
5:11 am
your safety. let alone stop and frisk. now we can't identify. >> gretchen: claude from saint thomas says, i would love to hear a description under this proposed new law. be on the lookout for all persons. you might be able to say they have like a blue dress on -- i don't know if you can say dress, because then that would be a woman. >> steve: not necessarily. >> gretchen: well, not necessarily. but could you actually say a dress? that's interesting. a blue garment. maybe that's what they would have to say. >> steve: richard e-mailed this, please tell us who is proposing that crazy bill to blindfold police officers. those lawmakers need to be exposed. voters need to know. i know the speaker of the council, christine quinn, apparently has supported it. but she's actually going to vote against it. she's running for mayor and it looks as if, according to everything i've read, this thing is probably going to pass. >> gretchen: making it more difficult potentially for the police officers out there. coming up, they say everything is better -- they always say bigger in texas.
5:12 am
>> technology. >> we have over half a million women-owned businesses. >> 1400 people move here every day. >> texas is calling. your opportunity awaits. >> gretchen: while other states are losing jobs, governor rick perry is creating them. he's here live with the secrets to his state's success. >> brian: another celebrity coming to breakfast this morning of the can you guess who it is? shear a clue. he's no stranger to hard work. he's done over 300 jobs that most people would avoid. >> steve: good clue. >> brian: got a major endorsement. ♪ look what mommy is having. mommy's having a french fry. yes she is, yes she is. [ bop ] [ male announcer ] could've had a v8. 100% vegetable juice, with three of your daily vegetable servings in every little bottle.
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5:16 am
>> more jobs and businesses have moved to texas than any other state. >> because we're leaders in technology. >> we have over a half million women-owned businesses. >> and 1400 people move here every day. >> texas is calling. your opportunity awaits. >> gretchen: they say everything is better and i'm going to say having lived there, bigger in texas. governor rick perry wants to make sure everyone knows it. he's taken that commercial up and down the east coast now. governor rick perry joins me this morning. good to see you. >> good to be here. >> gretchen: you're really talking about california and
5:17 am
illinois, i think specifically. now you're in new york and new jersey and connecticut. why come to the east coast? >> you fish where the fish are. and the fact is, there is economic policies in those states that are counter -- this is two things really. it's about going out and recruiting businesses, telling the great story about texas, regulatory climate that's fair and predictable. legal system that doesn't allow for oversuing and a very skilled work force. those are the four things that businessmen and women really look for. so tell that story and at the same time, drive a discussion, drive a civil discourse about blue state versus red state policies and which of those really work for america, because if we are competing against one another, if new york and texas are competing for jobs, whether on the financial or weapons manufacturer, creating an environment where they can flourish and grow is good for america.
5:18 am
>> gretchen: yeah, because taxes especially, i think in new york, there is a 7.1 corn income tax. connecticut 7.5% tax rate. i'm interested to know -- >> that would be zero in texas. >> gretchen: exactly. i would be interested to know from you whether or not these governors have placed a little phone call to you, governor cuomo, governor malloy -- >> governor malloy was very gracious, came by a little meeting we had at a restaurant a couple of days ago at noon with some businessmen and women from connecticut and texas. we bring texas businessmen and women with us as well to kind of share real time what it's like to do business in the state of texas. but he was very gracious. i great -- he didn't have to come. but he did. shook my hand and said, welcome to connecticut of the he said spend some money. [ laughter ] >> gretchen: before you take all my jobs and all my people. let's talk about california because you got into a bit of a tiff with governor brown there. he didn't like the fact that you were advertising for californiaians to move over bum that's what's happening. >> i got great respect for
5:19 am
jerry. it's a tough tate to govern. but again, this is about competition. i'm pretty sure that rick scott in florida does not mind coming in to texas trying to recruit jobs and get some wins for his miami heat, i might add. that same competition, that same spirit, i hope we always do it civilly. i hope we do it with very positive discourse. but that's how america should be set up is for states to compete against each other for that business climate. >> gretchen: so you said in that ad, 1400 people move every day to the state of texas. maybe this is one of the reasons. texas versus california, with regard to unemployment. texas at 6.4%. so is it a configuration of all of these elements that you're talking about, low regulation, no taxes, et cetera? is that what keeps the unemployment rate down? >> it is. an interesting phenomenon that happened back in 2011 was the unemployment rate in texas
5:20 am
ticked up and the people went, see, your economic policies don't work. what we found out after you drill down, were there were so many people moving to texas in minding that job that even we weren't keeping up with the mass of people moving in. now obviously that has turned around and unemployment rate headed back down. but it is an indicator, all of those tax policy, regulatory policy, legal environment that you live in, and a skilled work force, those are the four legs of that foundation, if you will. that's how you hold up the chair of economic development with those four things. you get those right, then get out of the way and let the private sector coo what it does -- do what it does best. >> gretchen: keep us posted how many jobs you take from connecticut and new york. we'll see you soon. great to see you. the story is creating controversy. a killer collecting a boat load in pension from behind bars. should he be able to do that? we report. you decide. can you guess our next celebrity
5:21 am
coming to breakfast? here is a clue. he's the voice of "deadliest catch" and a ford spokesperson. who is it? find out next. can't tell from his shoes our landing time got moved back another hour.
5:22 am
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>> great applause and everything. >> steve: fake applause. great to have you. on this show we talk a lot about how many people don't have jobs. as it turns out, there are a lot of people who don't have jobs, but if they had a skill, they could be working right now. >> to me, the scarier statistic than unemployment is the skills gap. 2 1/2, 3 million jobs available right now. i've heard this for eight years from virtually every dirty jobber i worked with who looks to employ people. it's really, really hard to identify the right mix of skill and willingness in this market. it's just not there. >> steve: for instance, when i was in college, one year i was a
5:26 am
plumber. one year i was a roofer. those are hard jobs. as you have said famously before, i would wake up clean and go home dirty. in fact, you were talking about your grandfather. when you were in front of the u.s. senate where you made this appeal about two years ago. watch this. all right. >> i found it pretty compelling. >> steve: but you did. you were there in the senate talking about how there is a skills gap and if people were interested in going out and getting a job, they'd become a plumber. >> it's so tempting. what brian was just talking about, the amount of student loans, right now it's north of a trillion dollars total. you've got more kids with degrees who are unemployed and so many that had jobs are in fields they didn't even study for. there is a huge disconnect and it's one of the things that we're trying to talk more and more about. i don't think those things are problems so much as reflections
5:27 am
of what we value. that was basically the message to congress and if you don't mind me showing this, i think i identified the source of all the pain. the worst advice was on my guidance counselor's wall 35 years ago. this whole notion of work smart, not hard, you know, and promoting one specific type of education at the expense of the other. and then portraying these stereotypes that are still with us. we're still clinging to the idea that the diploma is more important than a wrench. most of the jobs that are available right now require a skilled degree. so what we did was turned it around and, you know, made a slightly better poster for our time. >> steve: can we zoom in to that? 'cause that guy right there is familiar. >> i assumed the role of the graduate. all right? so i'm the guy in debt. i can't get a job. i'm living on my mother's couch. this fellow over here, far more aspirational figure who has no debt, who has a job, and maybe a future. so -- >> steve: you got a diploma. he got a job.
5:28 am
>> we make choice, right? >> steve: we do. interesting stuff. you got a web site, right? >> we just rolled it out. we've got big companies help. caterpillar has been amazing. in vegas right now, the cat dealer has like 20 heavy equipment jobs available. these are great jobs. 14% unemployment. can't find them. can't find the people. >> steve: need skilled labor, which is something he would know about. mr. dirty jobs himself. >> you're very kind. >> steve: thank you very much. >> my pleasure. >> steve: 28 minutes after the top of the hour. news alert. after two days of a stock surge, big announcement from the fed could change all that. we're watching that coming up next. and we're continuing our made in america series today anna kooiman testing out best cars made in the usa.
5:29 am
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5:33 am
but the students surprised him with a flash mob holding up signs that say, thank you for believing in us. very nice. hence, the song by journey. >> steve: that's right. fantastic. >> gretchen: that's so sweet. >> steve: they loved him. meanwhile, now your headlines. fox business alert. less than one hour away from the start of trading on wall street, which is on a two-day tear and all eyes are going to be on the federal reserve later to see if that continues. the fed is wrapping up its june meeting and in less than six hours, we're going to hear from ben bernanke walking in that door right there. analysts expect the fed to keep interest rates near zero for now. they've been that low since 2008 to encourage investing. >> gretchen: another new house of horrors discovered in ohio. a mentally disabled woman and her young daughter kept as slaves for two years. police say majory callahan, jessica hunt, daniel brown forced the women to hit her own
5:34 am
child on camera. they told her if she escaped, she would show the tape to police officers and accused of keeping them in a locked room guarded by pythons. >> frequently being denied meals, access to bathroom visits. they were physically punished for toiletry incidents. >> it's very uncomfortable to know that's going on in your own backyard. >> gretchen: police discovered what was going on when the mom escaped and deliberately got arrested for shoplifting. so the whole story would come it light. >> brian: wow. this story is creating controversy. should a convicted killer be allowed to collect pension? a former firefighter is accused of beating his wife to death and still cashing in on his pension. that money now going to his daughter. >> what he did, he is serving time for. is it right he gets his pension? yes, he deserved his pension. >> for someone else, from what i understand, to be collecting that money and using it to live a better life than most people
5:35 am
do, i feel that's wrong. in a way, my mother's life -- the passing of my mother was like a lottery ticket to some people. >> brian: wow. the fireman's annuity and benefit fund says there is no choice but to abide by illinois law and keep paying the man who won't eligible for parole until he's 100 years old. >> steve: and it's kind of a big announcement. the first full length trailer for "anchorman 2". >> we're starting a 24-hour news channel and we want you. >> do the thing that god put us on earth to do have salon quality hair and read the news. ♪ ♪ don't stop believing >> the news team is back! >> steve: journey is getting a workout. the whole cast are back and this time kristen wiig joins the team. the movie hits theaters on christmas. it looks hilarious.
5:36 am
>> gretchen: what was that shot? did you see that? >> brian: briefs? >> gretchen: yes. woo. it looked funny. >> steve: stay classy. >> good morning, everybody. we're talking about relatively chilly conditions for sections of new york city and the rest of the northeast. it's going to be a beautiful afternoon out here. we're talking sunshine, temperatures making it into the 70s. very pleasant out. if you have any outdoor plans, it looks good. in texas, it will be a hot day. widespread 90s. 95 for the high in denver and colorado. we do have a chance for some showers, for some storms and some storms could actually produce some severe weather in those areas shaded in yellow, including parts of montana and also parts of the plains. main concerns being damaging winds and also large hail. we do need the rain, though, from those storms. that's good news across parts of the plains down into texas, ongoing, we'll get a little rain. back inside. >> steve: they need it.
5:37 am
thank you. >> gretchen: today in our made in america series, we're talking about buying an american car. >> brian: anna kooiman is live testing out the very best ones made right here in the united states of america. anna? >> good morning to you, brian. good morning to everybody at home. american university did a study to find the most made in america cars. everything from where the headquarters is to the research and development, to interior, exterior, body, chassis. we're going to be looking at three of those. i'm joined by james. we're talking about the chevy traverse. this is tied for number one. assembled in lansing, michigan. >> that's right. engine comes from flint, michigan. >> i'm going to pop the trunk so you can see inside. it's got all the bell and exhibits. it seats eight people? >> it has eight passenger seating. i was on a family road trip in a car like this, i sat here, i had my legs croats there. it's a wonderful place to sit. it's got things to use pandora.
5:38 am
gets great gas mileage, even though it's a big car. >> that plant in lansing, michigan, ememployees 3500 people over three different shifts. joined bilgiest s the dodge avenger. i'm going to get in the driver's seat in this. thank you for that. it's about $19,000, the controversies up there is -- the traverse is $30,000. it's got a lot of bells and whistle blowers. >> lot of safety features and technology. we like to think of it as america's most affordable mid-size sedan. if you hit the menu button, you can see all kinds of features. sit sirius travel on the bottom. it will give you the latest movies, where they're located, fuel prices, all kinds of things. >> the fuel prices, even our viewers see radio city music hall outside. there it is. >> absolutely. it's also made in america, obviously, in sterling heights, michigan, as well as the transmission made in kokomo, indiana, and our engines made in
5:39 am
america. lot of stuff produced right here at home. >> affordable mid-sized sedan there. it's not only the f-150, my brother had one of these back in the day. boy, have they come a long way. 36 years this has been the number one selling american truck. good morning to you, mark. great to see you. you're going to let me drive this thing, huh? >> that i am. >> you sure you can trust me? the last time i drove a truck was a monster truck and i crashed into something. >> i'm going to let do you this. we'll try to avoid crashing. >> tell me about it. it's also 31 years for what? >> so it's been the best selling truck, f series has been the best selling truck for 36 years. best selling vehicle in the united states for 31 consecutive years. >> what do you attribute that to? >> it's the best truck out there. so when truck customers are looking for the best combination of capability, power, and fuel economy, i mean, the f-150 is the logical truck to go to. >> and tell me about it being made in america.
5:40 am
you're actually employing 3,000 people? >> we mr. the f-150 at two manufacturing locations here in the united states. in michigan we're located in the dearborn truck plant. we've got over 3,000 employees at that plant. >> also missouri, too. >> missouri, that's correct. >> we've got to leave it there. we're apparently in the traffic. but gretchen, brian and steve, here we go. >> steve: all right. you turn on the car and you sit in traffic and she's about to make a left-hand turn onto 6th avenue. >> brian: which i don't think you should be able to do. >> steve: next stop, central park. >> brian: that's the cable news axiom. that's the left turn and those are the people you barely missed. so those people survive. so there is a story. we'll get eric shaun on that. >> i can't believe i'm in a truck. i feel like i'm in a luxurious
5:41 am
vehicle. thank you so much. >> you're welcome. >> brian: we want to see the air bag work. bang into something. >> steve: stop it. >> don't egg me on. >> brian, you're fired. >> steve: made in america on the avenue of the americas. good job. >> brian: i never had a camera in the back seat. what is anna's budget? it's huge. >> steve: it's unlimited. that's why we're cable news, the number one television show. >> gretchen: coming up, push homeowners into foreclosures get a gift card? standing revelation. the new details coming up next. >> steve: and parents, grab the kids because this woman has an awesome message about overcoming hardships. up next, the first woman to compete in the miss america pageant with a disability
5:42 am
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>> steve: quick headlines for you now. we were told to lie. that is the claim of six former bank of america employees who say they were given cash bonuses and gift cards for pushing struggling homeowners into foreclosure. bank of america denies that claim. and this 53-year-old landmark at jfk airport used to be the home of pan am airlines and later delta. now it's going to be knocked down because of asbestos. the empty terminal topping the list of america's 11 most endangered historic places in hopes they can preserve it.
5:46 am
>> gretchen: everyone is extraordinary. that's the motto of the annual miss you can do it pageant, which spotlights young girls with disabilities from around the country. now their brave stories are being told in a new documentary. >> this gives them an opportunity like why be nervous to be in front of people? or why limit yourself? i really hope that the parents get out of this a huge wake-up call and huge learning experience. i adore my parents to death, but i know that because of my cerebral palsy, they're more concerned and worried and don't want me to get hurt. i'm sure it's the same with every parent of a child with a special need or challenge. >> gretchen: that was abbey, she was miss iowa 2008 and the miss usa system. she started that pageant in 2004, the woman we were just talking about and she's our guest this morning. good morning to you. >> hey, thank you so much for having me on the show. >> gretchen: so tell us about the documentary. >> it is just a dream. it's bigger than a dream come
5:47 am
true for me. i started this pageant ten years ago. was just trying to get contestants. ten was huge. now in our tenth year, tenths anniversary, we have a waiting list and accept the first 50. so i'm so excited. with the documentary, i've been getting e-mails and tweets and all of this stuff just since we had a premiere in chicago yesterday. >> steve: it does make sense. i understand that you feel your personal motto is two words, i'll try. that's the message. if you want something, try. >> exactly. i think that you never know unless you try. why would you want to sit home and think what if? why not give it a try. if you lose, if you don't win your sports game, if you don't make your dream job, at least you know that you gave it your best shot and you don't have to wonder what if. >> brian: where does the confidence come from? a lot of people don't feel they have the right pants or jacket don't have the courage to go to school. where is your courage to go on stage and motivate others? >> i just don't care anymore.
5:48 am
like, i could care less if you hate my outfit today. >> steve: good for you. >> what does it matter in at the end of the segment, i'm going to go home, i'm not going to see you again, or if i do see you again, by tomorrow you're going to forget about what outfit i was wearing anyway. so i just think that who cares? everyone has their own opinions and that's what makes the world unique. >> brian: are your parents the ones who motivated you? >> i think so. i think my parents made me really determined and always told me that i could do anything. >> gretchen: it always comes back to your family. i have to ask you before you leave, what did it feel like for you to be able to capture that miss iowa crown knowing that you were not like the other contestants there? >> it was actually, again, bigger than a dream come true. i literally went numb when that happened because i had been competing at the fairs and i know that i lost year after year after year. i didn't even place first runner up, second runner up. so to lose all those years and the next pageant i do, i take home the miss iowa usa crown was
5:49 am
so surreal. >> steve: check it out. her documentary is called "miss you can do it" premieres monday, june 24 on hbo. >> brian: congratulations. >> thank you so much. >> steve: very nice to meet you. >> a pleasure to be here. >> steve: thank you. >> gretchen: they were unfairly targeted by the irs. today the tea party fighting back and senator rand paul helping lead that charge. he joins us live next. >> brian: first, let's check in with martha who is charging up something, i'm sure. hey, martha. >> hey there. good morning. what a great story. the tea party wants to be sure that the irs scandal does not go away. so far nobody involved has been fired, if you can believe that. but there is a dc rally today that hopes to put them back on the map. will it work? and the nsa story continues to get bigger as questions mount this morning. we're going to talk to former homeland security secretary michael chair to have is here and peter king. what about the nfl football star questioned in a murder case? that coming up at the top of the hour with bill and i will see you [ female announcer ] a classic macaroni & cheese from stouffer's
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>> brian: the obama administration starting to feel the effects of all those scandals coming out of washington. look at this poll. shows americans trust the federal government plunging big time. when asked how much trust they have in washington, 41% say not that much. 22% say none at all. can the government win back our public trust? how to do it, joining us, a man who is skeptical about the entire process, but a member of the government, senator rand paul. senator, first off, let's begin on the irs. when you talk about the irs targeting tea party patriot organizations, we have a man coming forward who says i talked to all these people. you'll see when the underling transcripts are released, there is no higher ups orchestrating this, let's move on. >> i think the woman who took
5:54 am
the fifth amendment, it turns out she also worked at the sec and threatened republican candidates as much as a decade ago. so i think really there has to be from top to bottom a house cleaning at the irs, as well as an examination of whether or not the union, which gives to democrat candidates and opposes the tea party, whether or not there is a union policy in the irs to attack republicans as well as tea party members. >> brian: you think there is a culture right now in washington that's anti-tea party, anti-republican. do you believe it came in with the president? >> i don't know. but some of these employees are very, very partisan. so you have government unions running these large bureaucracy ies that tend to have more power than your elected representatives. they write the regulations. they enforce the regulations. but they're also partisans in the sense that their ruin is supportive of democratic candidates. i think there really is a
5:55 am
problem that we've got employees throughout government by the millions who may be using their office. you remember the epa guy who said, let's just crucify a few businessmen like the romans did. you got to wonder about how widespread this is in government. >> brian: i just want to see if anyone in the senate is ever going to do an investigation. you would think the democrats would be just as curious as the republicans. it's only in the house. it's very disappointing. i want to move on to the nsa. yesterday general alexander says, we don't tap phones without getting legal go ahead. only 22 people have top security clearance. and we don't look at e-mails without going to the courts first. do you feel better about the nsa? >> i guess the problem is ever since clapper lied in march to us and said that they weren't collecting any data on americans, there is a credibility gap now. it's hard for us to really trust the intelligence community because the head of the intelligence community directly lied to the senate and said they were collecting no data from americans. so i'm not sure when i'm being
5:56 am
lied to and when they're being honest. are they now saying that because i'm not at a top secret level that it's okay to lie to me in public? i don't know when i can be lied to and when i'm being told the truth now. >> brian: i understand there is a tea party rally today? >> yeah. we're excited about it. glenn beck is going to be up here, your old colleague from fox, as well as many other conservatives and tea partiers. we're going to be talking about basically this culture of corruption and what we're going to do about it. >> brian: edward snowden a hero to you? >> i think it's a complicated situation, but i think that you have to compare and contrast a government official on one hand who leaked and a government official on the other hand who lied. so i think the history will determine that. >> brian: senator rand paul, we'll see you at the rally today. we'll be covering it on fox news channel all day. senator paul, thanks so much. >> thank you. >> brian: more "fox & friends" in just a second dad. how did you get here?
5:57 am
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bill: fox news alert. we are back in berlin. president obama set to speak at the iconic brandenburg gate. but he has been dogged with questions on the nsa. martha: good morning, bill, good morning, everybody. president obama has gone back to the german city he first visited in 2008. the president looks a lot


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