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tv   America Live  FOX News  June 20, 2013 10:00am-12:01pm PDT

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when a soccer star shedum. david beckam, more than a thousand people came to see him and rushed the police bar kid. seven people were hurt. >> what you see every day. thanks for joining us. america live starts right now. >> fox news alert on live pictures from what is looking weirdly reminiscent of the white bronco chase. welcome to america live. i am megyn kelly. these are live pictures from the news chopper outside of boston. they are following a dark suv. it is a football player who may soon be a murder suspect. law officials say that the patriots tight end appears to be tied to the murder of
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20-year-old odom lloyd and with him on the night of lloyd's death. police in massachusetts searching the industrial park where they found odom's body dumped. mr. hernandez lives about a mile away in a $1.3 million mansion. they have searched his home for several hours at a time. and several hours ago hernandez drove to the gillet stadium and now left in the car. we want to make sure the police are not chasing him and so it is not like the white broncho chase. there were reports that he was about to be arrested. we haven't been able to confirm them at all. it could be news choppers trying to follow the football star in case he gets arrested. they are taking a closer look with mr. hernandez with the murder of someone who was his
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associate and he was out with him on the night of the man's death. we will have a live report just a head. >> fox news alert. breaking news on washington's effort to deal with 11 million illegal immigrants in this country. the senate killed a proposal from texas senator john cornyn that would have blocked citizenship until the border was secured. secure the border and then start the pass. that was killed. it comes 24 hours after one of the conservatives talked to rush limbaugh. texas senator tom cruz launching an attack on the bill calling it a flat- out disaster. when talked about the worries of republicans passing the bill, the cubban- american senator did
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not mince words. >> this is a crock that is solid to republican politicians that they can buy off hispanics and frankly, it is offensive and solid as pure politics. chris is our fox news editor and host of power play on fox news live. senators cruz went on from there. chris, where do things stand right now? my impression that there is a fire drill. harry reid is like it has to be passed immediately. 11 and half million immigrants get pass to citizenship and proceed from your own peril, republicans. by july 4th. it has to happen. >> you got. it you snuffed out the nature of the game down here, megyn. it has been hanging fire since 2007 when the last comprehensive
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legislation died. harry reed rode and the democrats were in control of the senate and couple of years controlled both houses of congress. but the urgency now or never and trying to create maximum pressure on republicans. they are trying to get republicans freaked out and pass the legislation and the threat is if you don't pass the legislation, your party is dead forever because you will not compete with the hispanic- american people and you will be called racist and if you don't do this, you are dead meat. it is like the 310 to uma idea. harry reid reckoning the last train out of town for republicans and if they don't get on this one, they will use it against them in the 2014 election. and the democrats don't care what passes will be more liberal. they are running the risk. >> they see themselves in a win-
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win situation and senator cruz is saying hold on. he said the republicans don't need to buy into that. they need time and that this whole notion that if the republicans don't sign on to the gang of eight bill, that they are going to lose election after election after election in the future, because they will be seen as anti- hispanic is nonsense. listen to what he told rush. >> i got to tell you, that political argument is complete nonsense. if you look at the last time we enacted amnesty, the next election republican share of the hispanic vote went down. it is not the case, hispanics are not the single issue monolithic voter. >> interesting point. >> he makes a good point. but the people, moderate republicans like the folks in the gang of eight that favor
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doing this now make a good point, too, that hispanic voters may not be monolithic but as long as the democrats will have the issue to dema going republicans, they can use it as a wedge issue as long as something will be resolved as it relates to the more than 10 million immigrants, the party will be pillared for it. you have two rising stars, both cubban- american and chairsmatic and potential leaders of their party and ted cruz and marco rub rub, and harry reid arranged a time table and schedule that is precipitating the fight. and that's what they are trying to draw out and the democrats trying to draw out how bad can they make it for republicans.
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that's what the fire drill is all about. >> they have a fight on their hands. rub rub is getting protested by conservative groups and ted cruz doesn't support the bill and that will be used against him by moderate republicans in the future if the bill goes down. politically speaking, you are the political guy, if this thing passes the senate. they believe it is a question of by big or little margins, what happens in the house? that is a conservative party and they don't answer to the country at large. they answer to their district at home. looking at the racial mack up. i don't know i don't have have the stats, but it is less than ten percent hispanics in most of these people's districts, are they going to be persuadeed to
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get on board? >> no. the short answer. the longer answer, i don't know if they said this in new york where you grew up. but in west virj, it would be nelly, bar the door, it will get crazy. if the senate can cough it up, the pressure will be open. bob, who you interviewed. the boys are moving forward their pieces of legislation. you have another clash and battle and it will be at least good television. >> in response to nelly bar the door, in upstate new york, we said huh? who's nelly. chris, thank you. >> you bet. our viewers know that we are getti getting information by ted cruz. it will be on the bill. we'll bring it to you.
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>> and new developments on the story we brute you yesterday. the investigators urnled the ntsb to open the investigation of what brought twa 800 down. now a group of whistle-blowers is questioning the ntsb's findings that the fuel tank explosion was the cause. they are suggesting that the explosion did not come from inside but from outside of the plane. >> turn to the left. >> started to look up in the sky, i see something that is going across in my line of sight. >> i can see something behind the tree line like my thumb go up in the air. >> i saw what appeared to be cheap fireworks. >> there was a streak of light. >> i saw the white light going up in the sky. >> this rocket went up in the air. >> i seen a white light.
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>> someone shot off a flare going up. >> and they are live in the west coast with more. >> trace? >> and now the families of the victims of the flight 800 that the weighing in on the allegations. joe lost his wife and two daughters on flight 800. he had a late business meeting and he's been involved in the investigation for 17 years and thoroughly satisfied with the findings of the ntsb and fbi but he is willing to listen. >> i am interested to hearing what they have to say, but very frankly, i am quite concerned if indeed they have new information, that they sat on this for 17 years. and shame on them for not bringing it forward before for the american people and for, and for the families who lost loved
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ones. >> as you point out, the official investigation shed the fuel thank exploded. former investigators and the airline association said that it was a missile that brought down the flight and the physical evidence was manipulated. >> they controlled the access to the wreckage and we were not allowed to see it follow the fbi looked at it and decided that we could see it. this was unheard of. >> they point to explosive residue on the wing, indicating an explosion and witnesses shed 100 of the sen hundred eyewitnesss on long island and connecticut described a stream of light moving from the earth to the explosion. this is former fbi investigators talking about that. listen. >> most of them looked up when they heard the bang and that
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bang defending on where they were was 33 seconds later or 56 seconds later. and so the vast majority of the people looked up. and the plane had exploded and they saw the plane falling apart. >> the fusel lodge went up after the nose conwent off. keep in mind they have 60 days to review the petition and they will respond on whether or not they will reopen the investigation. >> and pathologist dr. michael bowden performed autopsies on the victims of the flight. hear what he had to say about the claims of government conspiracy. don't miss that. it will be interesting. >> greg questions today as to how it was that new york city mayor mike bloom berg's antigun
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group decided to name ta tsarnaev a victim of gun violence. see your doctor and get checked out. bloomberg
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>> fox news aletter. these are -- alert. they are following this guy in the white suv with a dark sun roof. this is going on for hours. it is believed that arron hernandez, that he is the man inside and our affiliates tracked the car after the player is apparently tied to the murder of a 20-year-old man named odom lloyd. there are no police in the hernandez home. they were there earlier this week and they spent part of the
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morning near the home. we don't know what is happening in the hernandez case. we'll look at it with our panel. new york city mayor mike bloomberg holding the latest in the series of rallies trying to call the attention of gun violence. reading aloud the names of all victims of shootings. more than 6,000 names on the list. and one of them was tamerlan tsarnaev. tamerlan tsarnaev remembered as a victim of gun violence. this is the man who bombed the boston marathon and killed maimed people and killed a police with a gun before he was shot down trying to kill other police officers and now the gungroup is trying to explain how the name of the terrorist wound up on the name
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of victims of gun violence. it is unbelievable. it is really unbelievable. and now, what lares. tamerlan and his brother was coming to bomb. our mayor and the anti- gun group and honor the victims of gun violence? and now they are caught, they say it was a mistake. and the group who originally named him said we are not 0. sleep meg zin and the mayor decided to cut and paeft. and it didn't occur that the name of a muslim terrorist bomber shouldn't be a victim. in fact, megyn, he was not shot to the death by the police. he was turned into a speed bump
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by his brother who drove over him with the suv. he was not shot to death by police justifiably. he was a victim of a speed bump by his fellow terrorist. >> the mayor's group said oh, 0 we got the list. what did you have a robot reading the names? i can understand that it was a random criminal and no one heard. it is a live human being reading the names and if you get to joe snow who was accused of murder. tamerlan tsarnaev, you are telling me who ever read the name and repeated rallies, that person had no idea that it was the boston bomber? apparently not. what is crazy, every person shot
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by the police when they are shot justifiably and by their logic a victim of gun violence. what it is emblematic of is the disregard of the facts of logic. they don't care. they just oppose guns and they will use anything without common sense or decency and reading the name of a muslim terrorist. >> are they trying to inflate their numbers? >> yes. >> we have actual facts of who was a victim and who wasn't. slayed said we just listed the number of deaths. how is that relevant? mayor bloomberg arms the police to the teeth and most new yorkers are fine with that. but on the list is people who were killed by police defending innocent citizens and themselves. and so what use is this list or
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numbers? and are they trying to mislead people in the rallies? >> no use at all. megyn, by this logic, american citizens who defend themselves and shoot a bad guy are thereby creating a victim. if you go out and present a threat to life and in this case police were defending the public against a cop killer and was involved in the shooting death. they had every justi justificat for shooting. and now they are turned into victims simply because the mayor bloomberg and his fellow mayors from around america who signed on the letter went on a gihad against guns. they don't care what it takes. >> in slate's defense. they did not call them victims and they came out and said our
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list are other wrong doers killed by cops. and the mayor's group who decided to name them victims. coming up, a celebrity who was a chef in a lot of trouble. paula dean. the verizon share everything plan for small business lets you connect up to 25 devices on one easy to manage plan. that means your smartphone, her blackberry, his laptop, mark's smartphone... but i'm still on vacation... ...stilln the plan. nice! so is his tablet, that guy's hotspot, thentern's tablet. the intern gets a tablet? everyone's devices.
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fox news alert on the search for clues in the murder investigation involving to some extent nfl star arron hernandez. police returned close to the home where they found the body of odom lloyd. hernandez appears to be tied to the murder, but we don't know what that means. earlier, they said he was not a suspect or a person of interest and recommendally said
10:26 am
not cooperating and then he was. and we are looking for a update from trace. >> we can tell you that an arrest of hernandez is imminent. but the da said nothing has changed and he will let us know when it does. we believed he pulled in the prudential building and pulled in the parking garage. we don't know why he is there. we know that his lawyer is located in the building. we presume he is visiting his lawyer. and the victim has been identified as 20-year-old odon lloyd from the boston bandits and was shot to death. his body was found in the field. lloyd is an associate of hernandez and dated the sister of hernandez's girlfriend. lloyd and hernandez and two other men were in the boston bar and all four left together but
10:27 am
odon was not with the men when they a ratified back at the house. arron hernandez as throw rental cars in his name including one near where the body was recovered and another car missing a side mirror and now police are looking for the mirror, it somehow pertains to the investigation. police say hernandez is not cooperative. they have searched his house inside and out. and while the investigation is going on in massachusetts, megyn, he's being sued in florida for suing a man in the face. the only reason he didn't get arrested is that the alleged victim didn't cooperate with the police in that case. we are watching to see where arron hernandez's next is. >> and we are looking into a bomb threat. we'll tell you what the caller said and what they are doing to
10:28 am
track the man down. plus a republican congressman suggested that schools need to educate children what men and women can bring to the marriage. hear what he said and what may be driving the reaction. >> new claims about what caused one of the worst airline crashes in history. we'll speak to dr. michael boden who performed occupancies on the victims of flight twa 800. we'll ask him if he believes there was a cover up. >> they set up video surveillance in my hangar and found that three fbi agents from another office entered the hangar for purposes unknown. >> we were told there were more fbi agents. >> did they ever tell you who
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>> we are awaiting the official autopsy results of james gia danfini. by italian law the autopsy will be within 24 hours. we'll look at the obvious warning signs that those who are at rick for a heart attack like
10:33 am
mr. gandolfini may have missed and why so many don't know who they are. >> controversy erupting after a republican law maker makes a speech on traditional marriage. during his speech he said children need fathers and mothers, children need fathers and mothers and mothers need husbands and suggested that schools might want to offer gender classes. on gender roles and what men and women can bring to a marriage. >> you know, maybe part of the problem we need to go back in the school at an early age at the grade school level and have a class for the young girls and have a class for the young boys, and say this is important. this is what a father does that is maybe a little different, maybe a little bit better than,
10:34 am
than the talents that a mom has in a certain area and the same thing for the young girls. this is what a mom does and this is what is important from the stand point of that union which is called marriage. >> he was pillared by the left. joining me to discuss it is monica crowley and fox news contributor, they had that called home economics. and i learned how to stitch up a fannie pack and i never stitched one again. >> all of the boys took shop and the girls took home ec, and it didn't do us any good. >> i am making light of. it but he was critized from both sides. and the left said further evidence of a republican law makers that are out of touch and hate woman. >> he said important and true things there.
10:35 am
he talked about how wives need husbands and husbands need wife and it is children have a father and mother and they tend to thrive better. >> he lost me when the schools need to teach the classes. those are value issues that should be taught bite parents and who ever is raising the child. the second issue is to say who is to say who the proper gender role is. should he argue that the government is the arbitrator or a local school board is deciding what the rules are? it is the party of less government intrusion. >> dan, what do you make of it? he talks about how he has three daughters and some of them work full- time and when they come over and they need a shared partner and needs to be setting it up and you need to share
10:36 am
responsibilities, even if the mother works outside of the home and he needs to step up and help her and veered off in the other weird area where he got in trouble. >> they didn't get the memo about stop being the stupid party. some of the comments are not happening in a vacum. there is a brand problem that is inkrooed cre bad to the republicans. and focus groups, what did people say? close minded and racist and rigid and old- fashioned. >> that's what the teachers are telling them. and that's what the republicans were saying about themselves. the young republicans. and that is not coming from the left or media. that is the future of the party. and they are saying, the trend lines to acceptance and social tollerance. and they are a talking working women who are a huge part of the
10:37 am
electricate. that is not an attack on the working women. >> it is an implicit attack on the working women. it is southern conservatives talking about working women are causing problems in the education system. >> who specifically. they were not law makers. that was lou dobbes. and phil bryant who made a comment both partner, working and pursuing the careers and women are in the work place and that's how he explained some of the problems and he walked that back. i am talking about two- parent working households and not putting it on the women. they make the comments and they dial them back. >> but there is a fundmental basis of truth in the essence of what they are saying. there is research that shows
10:38 am
children thrive better when there is an intact family and a mother and father. can you make that argument without turning it on a war on women. >> and the woman needs to stay at home. if there was societal changes since women entered the work force en masse. you can point to the break down of the traditional family and children are suffering as a result of not having one parent in the home. there are fantastic results of that like unleashing for half of the population and women in the work force and creativity and innovation and make both arguments and still be consistent. >> that's when they get in trouble. and they add it is the woman who needs to stay at home. and recently, i had one on my program and we had a debate about his theory. but then there is a republican governor who took it back and
10:39 am
said what i am saying one of the parents needs to be there and we need to better set up the kids. i don't know if this is a true war on woman as those with a political agenda have us believe. >> i don't think it is a war on women. that is a talking point of my democratic friends. the democrats have the advantage of the white house and megaphone and president obama sets the agenda. he has many weaknesses but he is good at seeming reasonable for the social tollerance we are seeing. and john boehner doesn't speak for the party and there is not a strong rnc chairman. there is elements that are the voice of the party. and they blow it in to this is what they stand for. >> the democrats were defined by
10:40 am
the radical left. and the republicans exploited that. and the more that we see comments like this, it reenforces the legitimate -- >> the defense of marriage act is not so much dividing the men and women but, the hetrosexuals. >> we all need to deal with the reality. the majority of the work forces 51 percent women. and both pears need to deal in the reality of where we are. trying to stuff people back and donna reed it is not going to happen. >> i will say my mother made me take typing once or twice.
10:41 am
>> likewise. and you can still. >> she did not foresee any career in law. >> and you can make powerful arguments with the traditional argument. >> thank you so much. >> and on the break right now. 50 or 60 words a minute. and coming up. a woman once described as a hot chef finds herself in hot water after paula deen made questionable comments about race. and in the middle of claims of what caused the crash of twa 800. and we'll talk to the doctor who examined the victims. he sheds new light on the mystery, next.
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>> beside are being pulled out of the water and no survivors so far one witness described a fire ball. >> i was pulling my boat back up and the guy said look at the flare and i turned around. wow, somebody must have trouble in the bay and then the thing exploded. >> i can smell the hangar, it smelled of death and it was not a pleasant place to be. it was very, it took a toil on all of us. you walked through the hangar
10:46 am
and all of the guards and it was not a pleasant work involvement. >> the new documentary on the crash of twa 800 and raising questions of a cover up. six whistle blowers say they don't believe the ntsb ruling that it was a electrical short circuit and an explosion in the gas tank. they want the case reopened and others are standing by the original findings. dr. michael bodden was a chief medical examiner. and governor patacky charged you for being investigation. >> we found no evidence that any of the bodies had any kind of fragments or chap nel that is normally produced by a bomb
10:47 am
explosion in the airplane or chemical explosive material. >> the second part is important. the theory of some of the whistle-blowers and they don't go this far in the documentary but the theory is that a missile exploded outside of the plane and bite plane and causing an explosion of the plane and not a direct hit. would you have seen that on examining of the bodies? >> only if there was a exploding missile that entered into the cabin and went through the fuselage or explosive gases that entered the fuselage. we were told it was a explosion and missile. many of the people, now, were i am sure investigated and talked
10:48 am
to back then because there was a lot of people who said they saw something going up in the air. south americas hundreds of people. and whatever it -- hundreds of people said they saw that. >> when you gave the marching orders. were they open minded to a missile strike or terrorist attack? >> absolutely. we were told it was a criminal act and some kind of an explosion caused by terrorist. >> that it was and that what they looked into? >> that's what they assumed it was. day one to get down there that a box of corneas was being is not to parents. >> corneas from the eye. >> they were brought on the airplane and they were sealed up and they were not going through security or anything and they were kept by the pilot in the
10:49 am
cockpit, and we were told that there was a bomb in the box and that's why there was an explosion in the front of the airplane. and we were looking for anything that might support that and people came and part and they were good investigators. but you were open minded to that possibility and no one steered you away from that. and never anybody and no one tried to tell us what to do. we looked closely for the thumbnail piece of evidence that was so important and looked at very we recovered and gave it
10:50 am
over to the crime lab and they examined them. were the bodies intact enough to perform a meaningful bodies we pretty much intact. they had injuries on them and postmortem. they were sufficiently intact and we were able to x-ray every one of them to get material from every one of them. if anything came from the outsi outside, even the shrapnel from the missile explodes and somebody goes inside, we would have seen it. >> before i let you go, coming up on a hard break, what was the cause of death for most? >> the cause of death was a combination of injuries a and -- mostly injuries. most were dead before they hit the water. but some of them took in some also drowned. >> dr. baden, thank you, sir.
10:51 am
>> thank you, megyn. >> up next, big trouble for celebrity chef paula deen. we'll tell you about it. plus the crusading reporter died in a fiery car crash and up next, a conspiracy theory about that.
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10:54 am
celebrity chef paula deen no stranger to controversy. now, she's taking some heat after reportedly admitting to questionable comments a race. trace gallagher has that story. >> paula deen and her brother are being sued by a former employee for racial and sexual discrimination in the workplace. it was during her 3 1/2 hour deposition where she acknowledged using the "n" word saying a black man robbed a bank she was working at many years ago. quote the lawyer, well, did you use the "n" word to him as he
10:55 am
pointed a gun at your head and face? dean, absolutely not. well, when did you use it? dean, probably in telling my husbanden. she went on to say quote that's just not a word we use as time has gone on. things have changed since the '60s in the south and my children and my brother object to that word being used in any cruel or mean behavior as well as i do. the "national enquirer" and radar online both did some stories saying dean showed interest in hiring black waiters dressed to look like slaves for a wedding, saying quote that restaurant represented a certain era in america after the civil war. during the civil war and before the civil war, it was not only black men, it was black women. i would say they were slaves. the problem is that the quote is kind of playing fast and loose with context, megyn, because this deposition was 3 1/2 hours long. she said this about this restaurant she went to up here
10:56 am
in this top of the question and answer session, right, she said she went to a great restaurant, all the waiters were middle-aged black men and did a fabulous job. at the bottom 25 or 30 questions later the lawyer asked her what era was this restaurant from in your opinion? she said before the civil war, after the civil war. at that time, they would have been slaves. we're not defending paula deen. she has clearly said some regrettable things, we just wanted to give you the proper context of how she said that. >> that's important because when you're suing somebody and representing the other side, you can certainly spin things one way or another. thanks. big news breaking this afternoon on immigration reform and what's called the surge at the southern border next. we're investigating a bomb threat directed at the trial of the ft. hood shooting suspect. [ male announcer ] this is kevin.
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fox news alert from capitol hill, big changes and signs of serious opposition as the months long effort to deal with millions of illegal immigrants runs into trouble. welcome to "america live," i'm megyn kelly. on the floor introducing additional border security measures to the immigration reform bill. the bill's backers now ready to double the current border patrol forces to 40 thousand complete 700 miles of security fencing. an effort to apiece those who say this law does nothing to security the border for citizenship for those here illegally now. just about a half hour ago several top republicans held a
11:01 am
news conference expressing doubt even with the amendment with senator ted cruz republican from texas saying this amendment is a lot like what america saw back in 1986. >> congress told the american people illegal immigration will go away as a result of this deal. what we saw in 1986 was the amnesty occur and yet the border never got secured. here we are three decades later and instead of 3 million people here illegally, there's some 11 million people here illegally. and this gang of 8 bill repeats the exact same pattern of 1986 and the amendment that has been proposed today does the same thing. it starts with legalization and it promises border security sometime in the future, like the famed character wimpy from popeye, i'll gladly pay you tuesday for a hamburger today.
11:02 am
>> a separate news conference objecting to this bill is about to start on capitol hill. one of the men taking part, utah republican senator, mike lee. so what is it about this latest amendment that does not yet satisfy you? >> well, i have yet to see the text of it. so i have to add that as a qualifier at the outset. what i'm looking for, megyn, is some indication there will be verification these things are actually put in place. in other words, we had a number of border security measures put in place the last 10 or 20 years including the u.s. visit act and secure fence act that have yet to be fully implemented. i want to see implementation verification. that's what we're looking for. >> one of the things the critic of this amendment has said, you will double the size of the border patrol from 20,000 to 40,000. what's to stop the u.s. congress from turning around six month from now or a year from now and saying, we're putting it back to
11:03 am
exce 20,000. >> i suppose that's a concern, pretty far down my list of concerns. i don't think it's likely, if this passes and becomes part of the law i don't think we're likely to turn around and do that. i do think beefing up border security is a good thing to the degree this will do that. i want to make sure this happens. what we've been told about this "da "gang of 8" bill all along, illegal immigration will be a thing of the past. to make that happen to legalize 11 million illegal undocumented workers we have to have some documentation this has happened. >> other republicans continue to raise questions about the bill including senator orrin hatch that has introduced amendments to bar immigrants from accessing health care and social security benefits. does that remain a concern for you? >> absolutely, yes. one of the significant sticking points that still remains we've
11:04 am
been promised all along, these people, those part of the 11 million, who would become resident provisional aliens and eventually citizens, during their provisional status, they would not be eligible for means test or welfare benefits. they would still be eligible for earned income tax credit a arguably our most expensive means test out there. we are also told they would have to pay back taxes. when you read the fine print the text makes clear they only have to pay those taxes assesseded by the irs. it's been working off the books as an illegal alien would there's nothing to assess and would pay nothing. >> the argument you hear from a lot of republicans ready to sign on to this, although they'll give some lip service to we need to find a path, what are we going to do? we can't deport 11 million illegal immigrants in this country, but behind the scenes they'll tell you, this is a death march for republicans if they don't do it politically,
11:05 am
that they need to do something because we saw, it was about a 70-30 split obama, romney in the last presidential election. you won't have any more republican presidents never mind do very well in the mid-term elections if you don't have the support of hispanics behind you and this, they believe, is the way to get them. your thoughts. >> i'm glad you asked that question, megyn. it's a point that needs to be addressed very clearly. i'll attempt to do that here. the fact we need to do something doesn't mean we need to do anything, doesn't mean we need to do everything that the democrats put in front of us. this is a bill that would legalize and put on a path to citizenship 11 million people in one felt swoop without any independent verification beyond the secretary of homeland security that the border in fact has been secured. most americans are not comfortable with that, not comfortable with the fact this would all be done before we've stopped illegal immigration.
11:06 am
>> the polls do show the american public favors a path to citizenship, 74-23 but want more border security, 81% to 17. i want to ask you because some in the senate are saying, we're not sure how this is going to shake out. others are saying they have the votes and a question how many votes they will get. they want 70 out of the senate to send it to the house with momentum. do you think this bill is in any trouble in the senate? >> i don't think they will get to 70. it looks some what likely they could get to 60, maybe mid to high 60s. it remains to be seen what's going to happen with some remaining amendments. >> what do you think will happen in the other body? >> it will be dead on arrival in the other body. fortunately, the house of representatives have taken the better view the view i've been evacuate advocating many months on this issue. we need to address this problem in the proper sequence. need a deal dealing with border
11:07 am
security and visa modernization to bring our visa system into the 21st century. once those programs are enacted we are in a better position to assess the needs of the 11 million workers to address them with compassion and dignity for the workers. >> thank you for being here. >> thank you, megyn. we are getting new information on a terror scare tied to the ft. hood murder trial. police are trying to track down a person who threatened to bomb a county courthouse near ft. hood unless the officials met the quote demands of major nadal hasan, the man charged in the 2009 shooting rampage that killed 13 people and injured dozens more on the ft. hood military base all while yelling god is great in arabic. trace gallagher is live. trace. >> we're just now getting a statement from ft. hood saying this investigation is going full steam ahead and the courthouse
11:08 am
security and jail security is still very much in place and very tight. listen now to the sheriff of ball county. >> we understand if hasan didn't get his request granted there would be a bomb exploded at the bell county courthouse. we evacuated the facility, a great inconvenience to everyone involved but we cannot take a chance. >> a call was made to the courthouse and the justice center was advocaevacuated. even though the caller said hasan's demands had to be met, he didn't say what demands were. and didn't say any demands were made of the jail or jail staff. he is defending himself and wanted to use a defense strategy where he claims he shot ft. hood soldiers to stop them from killing taliban leaders. a judge has ruled he cannot use that defense. he has also asked for more time to prepare his defense, megyn, keep in mind this trial is already three weeks behind schedule and all the while hasan
11:09 am
wants three more months to prepare his trial and he's getting paid by the government while this delay is in place. >> thank you. in the last 24 hours we have seen the death of an iconic actor, james gandolfini and author, vincent flynn, both dying at a relatively young age. coming up, a look at the sometimes obvious warning times these men may have missed. a patriots football player may find himself facing a different kind of penalty. kelly's court takes on this player and murder victim whose body was found near the player's home. u.s. peace talks with the taliban on hold for now. there are questions why the u.s. would even consider sitting down with the people who shot 15-year-old mullah a in the hea? and much much worse. how do we negotiate with these people?
11:10 am
11:11 am
11:12 am
11:13 am
new developments on the death of actor james gandolfini. we are awaiting the autopsy results this hour after he collapsed in a hotel room in rome yesterday. doctors confirmed the star of "the sopranos died of a heart attack while on vacation with his family. he was just 51 years old. his sudden death comes just one day after the death of author vince flynn who dead of prostate cancer. they both died of a disease that sometimes is tough to detect. joining us a professor and from the cardiac diagnostic center and adam, executive producer of a show you know and love, america's newsroom with bill and martha. at just the age of 37, he recently had a heart attack of
11:14 am
his own, which is just so scary. if you like america's newsroom, this is genius behind it, the genius behind geniuses bill and martha. we appreciate you joining us and we were all shocked when you at 37 had a heart attack. >> thanks for having me. >> i want to talk to the doctor about james gandolfini. 51 years old, massive heart attack. what would lead to this because they say he was alive in the ambulance and died at the hospital. >> frequently, the first sign of heart disease can be a massive heart attack. mr. gandolfini appeared to be obese, a major factor of heart disease, increases your risk of fatal heart attack. and we look for smoking, hyper lip py de lipidemia, diabetes. i don't know his history but these can be factors. between 150 thousand 400,000 people in the united states die suddenly every year of a heart
11:15 am
attack or electrical arrhythmia. it's not that uncommon. it's a big big health care issue in the united states. >> how do you know if you're having a heart attack? >> frequently a heart attack has symptoms and can be a asymptomatic. chest pressure, indy guest, shortness of breath with nausea and sweating, it can be silent. you can feel faint or dizzy. you need to be checked early on even if you don't have symptoms. >> allen, 37 years old. you told me you had a family history of it, you were a smoker but said you thought you had until 40 to get yourself together. >> get my act together. >> you learned the hard way that wasn't true. what were the symptoms you started to feel. >> a couple days before the actual event i felt heaviness in my chest. i know about my family history and always put it off. i thought this was something i would get past and eventually get on the diet. >> have you seen a cardiologist? >> no. i had seen a general
11:16 am
practitioner who warned me. i thought i had time. >> the night of the event, you didn't actually have the heart attack until you were in the ambulance or hospital? >> no. i had it in my living room. >> you did? >> absolutely. >> how did it go to, i don't feel well to -- oh, wow. >> i got up. we were going to drive to the hospital. my wife wanted me to call 911, we were going to drive. i got up, put my shoes on and got a fainting feeling and my wife saw me and said we will call 911. >> was it a fainting feeling zwrnchts like an elephant on my chest. on my jaw, hard to speak even, felt that bad. >> let me ask you, doc, about this, too, a lot of people talking about having defibrillators in their houses, if you get this weird irregular heart beat -- >> tachycardia. >> would there be a warning of going into defib? >> these are important to have in public spaces where people know how to use them. in an individual's house the
11:17 am
only reason to have one if you have a history of heart disease and somebody who knows how to use a defibrillator. there is a certain process to use it. sudden cardiac death is frequent. it's important to get scanned and tested to see what shape you're in. >> i don't mean to make this personal but i lost my own father at 45. he didn't have warning signs, a smoker, slightly overweight, didn't exercise, a meat and potato irishman. this is in 1985. the medicine has advanced since then. he had had a normal ekg not long before that, so what is the test out there that can tell us right now? >> exactly. the ekg only shows something after there's been damage. we introduced a new test in our office around two or three years called the endo pad test, that looks at the blood vessel lining and endothelial dysfunction and
11:18 am
good for who's at risk to develop plaik que in their bloo vessels. if somebody is at risk they should undergo blood testing and you should get checked and we can find your risk level. >> smoking is really bad and drugs are bad. allen doesn't do drugs. but frequently in younger heart patients you can find there are drugs involved. we don't know. i'm not suggesting anything about james gandolfini. let me talk to you about james flynn, prostate cancer. 47. you're not supposed to get screened for prostate cancer until 50 or 55? >> right. that's part of the problem. we see a lot of these young guys that go under the radar and they come up with this kind of prostate cancer. the perception of prostate cancer is everyone has presented it as this slow going disease, you will die with it, not from it. we see it's not always the case. about 30,000 men die from prostate cancer. i want people to know there are
11:19 am
many different types of prostate cancer, some slow growing, some moderate and some very aggressive. >> what are you supposed to do now if you're a 45-year-old guy or 40 year-old guy and hear about this from vince flynn and not supposed to get checked for this officially until you're 50 years old? >> i think that's dangerous. i think the the association said go with 55. they're talking about mass screening, there are a lot of financial issues behind this. for people at high risk they should get a baseline screening at the age of 40 and if really low you can start at 45 every year after that. it's a simple blood test. we know it's not prostate cancer specific but prostate specific. the large prostate and prostate cancer can give you a high level. >> what would be the first sign of prostate cancer especially for younger men not expecting to find this? >> completely the same way as the heart attack. silent killer, no symptoms
11:20 am
whatsoever. a lot of men that come to my office, they question why am i even here because there are no symptoms. that's why screening whether for heart or prostate cancer is extremely vital. you look at the trend of the psa and see how fast or the velocity over the years will go up. my tolerance for biopsy is low. if i see the psa is really taking taking a jump i'd rather know what's going on. >> what about vince, 47 years old, dlgecades with stage three prostate cancer not good but not the worst you can get. >> i think younger men like this should get surgery. the reason is number one, you get the cancer out. you always can get radiation after surgery. if we radiate him, as happens over here, you can do surgery after radiation. it's very difficult. >> you can? >> exactly right. this is important a lot of people don't know. 47-year-old who has many decade is a head of him, get the cancer out. your psa after surgery should always be zero so you know
11:21 am
exactly where you are and you are in control. cancer comes back, i still want to have a plan b for someone this young. >> i don't know what his situation was. obviously men have performance concerns when anything with the prostate gets diagnosed. is that not an issue with raysiation and with surgery? >> no. both may have side effects. with surgery in the hands of experienced surgeon, your sexual function will return. you pay the price in the beginning but your quality of life will improve after surgery. with radiation at the beginning you may not have any symptoms but as time goes on those side effects will kick in. >> baseline test at 40, see where you are, take et from there and pay attention. you can have this test you said. do most cardiologists do it? >> no a relatively new test. >> what do they need to ask for? >> endopa trt.
11:22 am
e >> thanks for coming on. >> thanks. one of the top generals died in a car crash and troubling claims about what he was working on when he died. hoo-hoo hoo. sir... i'll get it together i promise... heeheehee. jimmy: ronny, how happy are folks who save hundreds of dollars switching to geico? ronny:i'd say happier than the pillsbury doughboy on his way to a baking convention. get happy. get geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more. chantix... it's a non-nicotine pill. i didn't want nicotine to give up nicotine. [ male announcer ] along with support, chantix (varenicline) is proven to help people quit smoking. [ mike ] when i was taking the chantix, it reduced the urge to smoke. [ malennouncer ] some people had changes in behavior, thinking or mood, hostility, agitation,
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the sudden death of a reporter this week is now giving rise to some conspiracy theories. journalist michael hastings wrote big stories writing about the cia and pentagon. his cover for "rolling stone" magazine led to the resignation of general stanley mcchrystal. he died in a high speed car crash two days ago and now some are asking if there was more to his death than meets the eye. trace gallagher with more. >> you talk about a high speed car crash, megyn, police say he
11:26 am
was going more than 100 miles an hour down highland avenue in hollywood at 4:15 in the morning. you can see right there, this was a very violent crash. the conspiracy theorists say the accident needs a closer look. they point out his body has not yet been identified because it was so badly burned in that crash. not only did he write the story that brought down general stanley mcchrystal but hastings also wrote in his book he once got a death threat from someone on mcchrystal's staff. he has also written on cia operatives and working on a story about the david petraeus affairs, specifically jill kelley, the woman involved in it and also a hard hitting journalist that wrote about the cia and wrote stories people clearly did not want him to write. the final story he was writing was the nsa spying case. even glenn greenwald the guardian, the paper that broke the spying scandal and edward
11:27 am
snowden wrote on his twitter account michael hagustings fina article was on democrats and the final story why democrats love to spy on me. police call the accident exactly that. they say it was nothing more than a tragic accident they are now in the process of trying to identify his remains. michael hastings died at 33 years old. >> thank you. coming up, u.s. peace talks with the taliban on hold for now. some critics are asking why the united states would even consider sitting down with the taliban that has taken credit for be heading children, stoning women, and shooting 15-year-old malala yousufzai, just because she wanted girls to get educations. we will investigate how on earth we're supposed to negotiate with these people coming up? jochlt plus, kelly's court takes on
11:28 am
the reports of tlinking the pats football player. my doctor. my gynecologist. my pharmacist. citracal. citracal. [ female announcer ] you trust your doctor. doctors trust citracal.
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11:31 am
should we negotiate with terrorists? big news in the effort to end the 12 year long war in afghanistan as americans are struggling to save peace talks with the taliban and afghan government. they were scheduled for today but now critics are saying why would america sit down with the
11:32 am
taliban, the same group earlier this month beheaded two boys 10 and 16 years old on charges they were spying for police. they were found scavenging for food in trash bins near police headquarters and never mind the shooting of 15 ideological ma malala yousufzai, that got headlines, the 15-year-old girl advocating for education for girls. and 17 people went to acoed party, they were beheaded because they attended a mixed gender party. a strategic analyst and author of "hell or richmond" and former speechwriter for president george w. bush. you tell me, ralph. i know you be head people because they go to a coed part. i there's no judge or jury. you're just the executioner. we try to make progress with
11:33 am
them on american policy and things important to the united states? >> megyn, if this were not so tragic, it would be the perfect skit for a monte python reunion. the united states does not negotiate with terrorists. okay, we're going to negotiate with the taliban. now the administration is arguing maybe we should declassify them as terrorists. maybe the taliban aren't really terrorists despite everything you've just listed. it's really just perverse. the bottom line of these negotiations is they're not about afghanistan, they're about giving the administration a fig le leaf, a piece of paper guaranteeing peace in our time so obama can complete the pullout of the surge troops he ordered in, clean up the mess he created and come home and when afghanistan returns to the civil war to which we stepped he can say, but they promised they wouldn't do that. pathetic. >> mark, we were going to have our meeting with karzai and there was a dust-up with karzai
11:34 am
and the taliban and who had power and who didn't. in any event, what the taliban is now saying it wants from us is the release of five prisoner esat gitmo, according to the associated press and in exchange they are reportedly saying they will release one american soldier that they have, bergdahl is his name, from idaho. they will release him if we release five prisoners from gitmo. this is the first agenda item on their list before they even open peace talks with us. do we go. >> there zbl. >> we should definitely not go there. >> these five people in guantanamo they want released are five truly murderous dangerous terrorists. they include the deputy defense minister, the deputy -- former acting interior minister, deputy minister of intelligence. many of these five have been accused of war crimes by the united nations. they all have ties to al qaeda, according to our intelligence officials and that they are
11:35 am
assessed, all of them are assessed as going back to the fight if they are released. so what the taliban is doing here, they're trying to do two things, one, trying to get us to release their top commanders we hold so they can go back to the fight. two, they're trying to wait out an administration where the president has said in a speech that the afghan war is about to end, they're trying to give him cover to withdraw all of his troops so they can take these new commanders, go back to the battlefield and take over afghanistan once we've left. this is all about getting the u.s. out and take over the country and undo everything we achieved that americans bled and died for to achieve in that country since -- quite frankly invite al qaeda their friends. a very very dangerous dumb move. >> there is a reason we have this normal policy of not negotiating with hostage takers, particularly not terrorist hostage takers because the belief is it will only encourage more hostage taking. >> yeah.
11:36 am
certainly. but we have a lot of policies. we have a policy the irs doesn't spy on americans. we have a policy that we protect our diplomats on the ground in places like benghazi. this administration rarely keeps a promise. as we've talked about, megyn, it's always about politics and political effects, not about strategy and barely about security. when i look at the situation in afghanistan, i think mark summed it up very very well, they're going to wait us out because they know we're going. i have to say that i know personally the left is not criticizing any of this. the right will always criticize obama, it's politics. we lost by far the majority of our soldiers killed in afghanistan under obama. he sent a surge and then he called off a surge and took credit for calling it off after announcing he was not going to stay in afghanistan. if you made a checklist how to screw up afghanistan, the obama
11:37 am
administration's checked every single block. >> i think it's not just the left. a lot of folks on the left and right want out. they want this 12 year war over. they don't believe necessarily in its winnability any more. if this is a fig leaf the president is after, these talks with the taliban, what do you think, mark? will the american people stand behind him if that's the route he wants to go to give himself cover to get out. >> let's look how serious the taliban is about negotiating. not only are they holding an american hostage, on the day they opened their office in qatar they launched an attack at bagram air force base that killed four americans on the very day they were to -- and the network the obama administration a few months ago designated a terrorist organization. if we negotiate with this delegati delegation we are literally negotiating with terrorists. the clinton administration
11:38 am
already tried this. they even sent bill richardson to afghanistan. in april, 1998, the taliban promised they would not allow afghanistan to be used as a base for terrorism. four months later al qaeda blup our embassies in east africa and the clinton administration continu continued negotiating and while those were in full swing, bin laden was planning 9/11. they cannot be trusted and plan to take over the country and invite al qaeda back in. >> what kind of fig leaf do we get if we negotiate with these people? the be heading of children. this is who's going to be across the table. they make these promises likely to be very empty. we leave, they break them, we're not going to go back in. why even go through the ruse. if we're out, we're out. why do we have to have peace talks with them? >> it's sort of what we did at the end of vietnam although this
11:39 am
is shaabier, we wanted peace with honor to rescue america's image. in this case, it's about obama's image. no question these peace talks if they go nowhere are greatly to the taliban's advantage. it's the recognition, in fact the recognition of the taliban as a serious player in the afghan struggle. i think karzai has been a treacherous, treacherous sem semi-lunatic. for the first time, i'm finding myself in sympathy with him because he's the president. we let him steal the election, let him have power in the election and said we supported him, then went behind his back to the taliban and what we're doing to leverage him into the talks. this is an utter mess, we do not have clear strategic goals. the obama administration i will repeat myself wants a piece of paper in the president's hand guaranteeing peace in our time come what may. >> mark, on the subject of
11:40 am
sergeant boweburg dal. they want him out and believe he has not been well cared for. he is an american soldier. that -- if we have the opportunity to get him out in exchange for these guys, i mean, your thoughts on it? i get it. it's -- does it only encourage somebody else's -- another taliban faction to take somebody else's son or daughter? on the other hand he's served our country and he's there and they're saying you can have him back. >> it's an absolute tragedy whenever an american soldier is captured. we should not rest until that person is returned to us or we rescue them. releasing five brutal murderous terrorists from guantanamo bay is not the way to do it. if you look at their military files, their own military assessment of these guys, all of them are listed as having deep ties to al qaeda. all are assessed as high risk of returning to the fight. several have been accused of war crimes, killing thousands of
11:41 am
people, thousands of shiites by the united nations. so releasing these people is not a solution. but this is what they're doing. they know that obama wants to close guantanamo, so they're offering him a way to do something that's a win-win, get a u.s. soldier back, reduce guantanamo. they know he wants to withdraw from afghanistan so they will behave nicely a while to give him cover to withdraw as many troops as they possibly can. they're playing the obama administration and it's tragic to watch. >> thank you. >> thank you. we have heard reports a well-known nfl player could soon be arrested in connection with a murder. now, we're getting new forecourtcy of "abc news" on a -- new information, courtesy of "abc news" of a security system at mr. hernandez's how and was it allegedly destroyed? we'll discuss the possible case against aaron hernandez in kelly's court, right after this break. look what mommy is having.
11:42 am
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11:45 am
fox news alert. there is breaking news in the george zimmerman's second degree murder trial as they went from zero to six just like that. this morning they didn't have any jurors picked. now, they have all six of them and they have selected a jury in the george zimmerman case. you are seeing live pictures from inside the courtroom right now. we know not the names of the jurors but profiles of them, if you will, facts about them. they will remain unanimous throughout this trial per the
11:46 am
ruling of the judge. they are now in search of the four alternates less one of the jurors disqualified for some reason. they now have an injure r jury case. some speculated this could go on for weeks the jury selection process. we will take up kelly's court in the next block. but i want to bring in the former prosecutor now defense attorney, marking now. six jurors, they're all women. not one man on the jury. one hispanic, the rest are white. forgive me my audience. this is how lawyers look at it. they want stats, gender, race, age, looks like one is a hispanic nurse on an alzheimer's ward with seven children. one its a white middle-aged womn and one is a middle-aged white woman works for a chiropractor
11:47 am
has many pets. one is a retired white woman who has a dag, a 20-year-old cat. not 19, not 21, 20-year-old cat. one is a white woman and mother who used to work in financials services who used this case as example to tell her adolescent children not to go out at night. one is a white woman in her 60s who lived in iowa at the time of the shooting. that is that. they're working to get the four alternates. your thoughts. >> so interesting, so different than the ideal jury i was picturing for zimmerman. i thought more men than women. you're talking sequestration for five, six weeks. there has to be hardship. maybe many men in that pool said i can't take six weeks off from work. >> taking time off work. are they going to be sequestered? i thought they were going to be an unanimous jury? they are going to be sequestered? >> they are going to be sequestered. the biggest part of this story to me is something you haven't mentioned. the prosecution struck four of
11:48 am
their jurors using peremptory challenges. o'mara, zimmerman's lawyer said, judge, let them articulate a gender neutral reason why you're striking them. they were able to successfully give a reason for two not the other two. that meant the prosecution was stuck with two jurors they did not want on this jury. >> obviously, they were trying to get rid of a couple of these women although we don't know whether it was a gender thing or a background thing. your thoughts on the fact that they're all women because the conventional thinking and viewers should know this is what you do as a lawyer, you sit around with a jury consultant and whisper and say, do we want women? do we want men? some of this is not really appropriate but all lawyers do it. do you think that zimmerman's side, mercedes, would have preferred to have men or women? >> i think truthfully, men. because men are the ones going to be out there and understand these circumstances. they're the ones the protector,
11:49 am
policing the neighborhood, they're the ones policing their homes. they understand these quick decisions. not to say women aren't doing the same. proportionately men generally have that role. when you think of zimmerman, males are better. >> what do you think, mark? >> i would agree. the prosecution wants people who will think logically and less emotionally. i won't generalize. you can substitute which gender falls into which category. that's my concern, that the prosecution, they want emotional thinking people who will look over at trayvon martin's family and feel that emotional connection and the prosecution, they're pretty happy, i think, with primarily women. >> the prosecution's happy? >> definitely. >> yet zimmerman's lawyers, o'mara, we're seeing here, would have had to be okay with this juries. there's only one hispanic on the jury. we have a murder case in which the victim, alleged victim, because there will be a dispute
11:50 am
whether trayvon martin was the victim, the decedent is black and the defendant fact?0j% it's all white but one)gue[z hi@ challenging visiteds on what i want to ce challenge them ethnicity beingjnd one, gendere other. he has tobgh articulate a reaso, and this is a quick --?3 gettg the jury together in a case like this? it wasko2 quick to guessvom thi@ considering they had to weed somevod individuals out. >> so)-r i think -- >> it waskirñ quick and i'm > one thing i recall the judge said in response togob o'mara,d said, the prosecution is striking all thesefn women. the judge made a point of saying, the panel, the amount of jurors that were going to be considered, itó7! was like a two one ratio of women. so there would be more that were having to be struck, and thence
11:51 am
@bnre tv4 would#vz beumonu. t. >> we're until tomorrow and i'll keep you guys on zimmerman after the break. don't go away.
11:52 am
this is a captioning test, please stand by.ísñ?ñ?ñ?ñ?ñ this is a captioning test. please stand by. this is a captioning test, please stand by. this is a
11:53 am
11:54 am
>> megyn: back on the news there has been a jury selected in the george zimmerman murder trial. they're now working to get four alternates. just a little more detail on these jurors. again, there is, as i mentioned, a young white woman, who is a mother, used to work in financial services. she used this case as an example to her adolescent children, warning them to not go out at night. this is the kind of thing both sides could interpret to be potentially good for them. right, mark?
11:55 am
>> absolutely. and i want to make a point, any trial lawyer who says, all women are not good for my jury, or all men -- that's silly. i always like to look at them in the eyes and get a sense how they'll feel and whether they'll buy what i've got to sell. so bought sides thought to i would be more simple the tech to their argument. >> mercedes, as the female lawyer on the panel, how is a woman likely to assess evidence in a case like this versus man. >> women are more critical in the detail. women weed through it. it's funny, not so much the emotion, let me dig deeper into this analysis, dig deep -- i tried 50 trials, and so it's certainly been my experience that the women tend to be much more detail oriented and habit explanations why. >> i think it's interesting that the woman said, by the way, this
11:56 am
is a lesson. i was fearful of that as a prosecutor, this woman is saying, this can happen. does that mean by accident or because you were targeted? there's a lot of things that come out. >> we have a hard break in 30 seconds. the fact there are no black jurors on the jury. >> not surprising. without question the defense did not want that to happen, and they -- that's a victory for them, quite frankly. there were some, they can't live with them in this case. >> a very small black population. >> 30%. >> megyn: be right back and, holy cow. look at the dow. laxative tablets. dulcolax provides gentle relief overnight unlike miralax and metamucil that can take up to 3 days. for predictable relief try dulcolax.
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>> megyn: thanks for watching. here's shepard. >> shepard: there is breaking news now on fox news channel. it's the final hour of trading on wall street, and the markets are in an absolute freefall. the dow is off 351 points. dropping a good 75 the last few minutes and there's no stopping it. down 2.31% as he begin this final hour of trading. the answer is simple, and the ramp fix indications -- ramifications are widespread. every dow industrial stock is in the red. every single one. the s&p 500 and the nasdaq are also down about 2%. a lot


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