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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  June 20, 2013 5:00pm-6:01pm PDT

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and now you know the news. for thursday last day of spring for 2013. i am shepherd smith. we are back tomorrow for studio b and then the fox report right before. >> the riley factor is on tonight. much to do more to secure the border. that's what we are offering here today. >> tough new sanction against the illegal aliens. it will be enough to convince the republicans to support the immigration bill. we'll tell you what is going on. new england patriots catcher aaron hernandez under suspicion in a murder case. megyn kelly is following the investigation. >> i loved that kid like i loved my son. but he's got a drug problem and
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so many hopes tide up in the kid. >> did james guard guard change public perception in the wake of vicious criminals? we'll examine that question. caution. you are entering the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. ♪ >> i am bill o'rielly and thanks for watching us tonight. is reforming immigration the right thing to do for america? that is the subject of the talking points. controversy overillegal immigration took another turn. in order to persuade the conservatives to support the law. some senators are hoping that tough new border proposals that cost billions will be enough to pass legislation that allow illegal aliens here to work legally. basically it comes down to doubling the border control to
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40,000 on the mexican front and building 700 miles of new fence. and in addition to the e- verify system would be used and aliens who don't follow the rules can't work in the usa. the bill is complicated and would take years to pass. senator rubio said it would be 13 years before the people here illegally right now could gain full working status and longer to achieve citizenship. talking points, supporting immigration reform. the now law will be chaotic and a magnet for more people to come here illegally. and conservative americans it is a difficult one. immigration reform rewards bad behavior. please keep in mind part of that illegal behavior was encouraged by the federal government which
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did nothing to stop it. and business people who make money from cheap labor aided and abetted illegal immigration. the republican party has a lot to lose. if it doesn't compromise the hispanic voters can reject and dooming the party in the future. liberals are soft on illegal immigration because it helps their party. and the idea of compassion. foot note of all of this comes in new yorker magazine that implies that fox news colluded with republican senators on immigration reform. i your humble correspondent had private conversation with republican senators and agreed to support the bill in those conversations. that never happen. i never collude with anyone. this is a no collusion zone. and i talk with politicians to
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give me information as every analyst and reporter does. but there are no deals made here about anything. back to reality. it is time for the usa to pass immigration reform. i called for a sesecure southern border and you know. that it looks like it is in reach some what. i hope that the bill does become law. and now, for the top story tonight. reaction from washington. senator, i don't believe i colluded with you, have you? >> no anybody who accused you of colluding with anybody is off of the mark. >> my reputation on the hill is like stay away from this guy. when will we see the bill? there is debate of what is in there and could have. and when are we going to see it? >> the new language that you are referring to is an amendment offered by the senators which will be likely voted on by monday or tuesday and introduced
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this weekend. it includes doubling the border patrol and 700 new miles of fencing and the border patrol will be so thick it is 40,000 in the southern border and some are calling it hands across the border. there will be a border agent every thousand feet. >> we need it. let's face it. >> i can tell you, we need to secure the border for national security and every other reason. >> will that be enough the border security to convince people like senator ram paul from kentucky and other conservative individuals to support the measure? you must be talking to and including with, i guess, is it enough? >> it will be enough to bring we think anywhere from 8 and 13 or 14 new members along, so our goal is to have 70 votes for the bill and i think we will be close with the amendment. >> are you going to lose any
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democrats that bail because of tighter security? >> i hope not. but that is always a bit of a possibility. we'll have sufficient votes i think with this stronger border surge to pass the bill. >> and what is the time frame of the full vote in the senate to pass the bill? >> it looks like we'll hopefully be able to vote on a final passage by the end of next week and 4th of july holiday will be gone. >> and the house has its own bill by the way and they will massage it a bit, correct? >> they will be unlikely to pass a big bill. >> they will not pass your bill. the house will pass the whole bill but a portion of it? >> correct. >> and then it comes back to you guys, right? >> that's correct. we would have a conference committee and reconcile the two vergds and that's what is likely
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to happen. >> so the bill you put out in the middle of next week, there will be some changes made to it before it gets to president obama's desk if the house pass itself? >> that's right. >> and put on your prediction hat. when will immigration reform get to the president's desk? >> the house has their own schedule. we'll be working in july and i would guess september if i had to make a guess. >> this is vitally important for your state, are you going to predict it is going to pass? >> i am. it is past time for all of the reasons you outlined. we have not had a bill that had such strong border security and that will be welcomed in arizona. >> do you believe it is a solution to the problem?
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>> i do. e- verify, mandatory nationwide and an entry and exit system for everybody who comes here on a legal visa and overstays and that accounts for 40 percent of those. >> how dow catch them if they overstay by e- verify. >> if they can't produce documents to work and they overstay and run around and a terrorist can hide out. >> that is a flaw but what can you do in a free society to let them visit. >> it is tough to stay long if you don't have a job. >> it is not perfect but it is the right thing to do. if the republicans don't do it. change the name to the mug wuchls or something. >> it is the right policy and good politics follows that. and next time we'll run down and will laura ingram support the
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proposal. and actor james gandolfini dies. did he change the perception of criminals in america? >> and megyn on the jury trial and a star football player under suspicion in a murder case. w50e8 -- we'll be right back. and bayer back & body are proven to be effective pain relievers tylenol works by blocking pain signals to your brain bayer back & body's dual action formula includes aspirin, which blocks pain at the site. try the power of bayer back & body.
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>> the segment to miss laura joining us in washington. they were uproarously laughing. you got to be kidding me. bill, first of all, there is no bill. it is dead on arrival in the house of representative and never going to be law and it was a pipe dream and the late in the game moment of we have a corker bill and this will be border
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security. i had marco rubio on my radio she and he said this was the toughest immigration enforcement we are ever going to have and people read the bill, i read all 847 pages and you can drive a truck in the loop holes and the wafers that janet napolitano gives. today, we find out corker and holden they are putting 40,000 new agents on the border, one problem, when asked how they are going to pay for it. we will use the money we say due to deficit reduction in the cbo report because of the bill. john cornyn was incredulous because his amendment was turned down. >> we'll have to in the final thing, they are going to have to say we'll pay for it this way. look, instead of ripping up
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something we don't have in front of us. >> they will ram it through, bill. that's not good. >> i say this, we need the reform, if they are indeed doing what they say on the border and pay for it, then that's a good thing. >> they are not going to do. it they didn't in 2006 when they man dated the 700 miles of fencing and in chuck shumer and dick durbin and janet fap nap and president obama are cheering on the bill which i imagine they will sign on to, that is a clue that it is not good. >> i disagree. i don't think you can vote against it. >> no, no, bill. that is one side point. >> you say they will not. and rubio and mccain say they are. >> how do you believe mccain? he doesn't believe there should be a border. >> i believe it. i don't think he is a liar.
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i don't think john mccain is a loyar. >> no spin zone. mccain and rubio was saying it is the best bill we could get. they didn't read the own bill. chuck shumer's staff wrote it. you look out for the little people. >> if they have loop holes, i will report it and so will you. what we know. the cbo report that was waved around as a reason to like the bill, for the next ten years, cbo reports that unemployment will go up and wages will go down because of that. >> you have a black caucus woman on who said the same thing. >> the cbo said it. >> but it seems to be. >> the senators vote on legislation today that raises unemployment and put more pressure on black american and middle class american. it is a hypothetical. >> it is a hypothetical.
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they have the people now and you got them here anyway and most are working. >> they don't have to compete in every economic sector. the middle-class will be hammered. they will not compete for your job. >> they are here and working anyway. >> they are not working in every economic. >> they are working anyway. you can see them every day. >> you are in favor of lowering wages and increasing unemployment. you can't be. i know you are not. >> the republican party adopts your stance, they will lose the hispanic vote. >> could be yesterday and hillary clinton trounces jeb bush and marco rubio in the state of florida. >> that can change. >> the republican party will win more support in the latino and black and female and young people sector if they put
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forward a pro growth agenda in the middle class. >> i disagree. i think the republican party is deemed by the hispanic voter as anti- hispanic. >> if you spin it that way. >> i am not. >> don't buy into the >> i live in the real world. >> so do i. i read the bill. >> laur a i disagree with you. i think the bill should go through. just a head the jury was selected in the zimmerman murder trial. and a football star under suspicion for murder. and tonight, tony soprano a character. is that a good thing. the report is up coming. you hurt my feelings, todd.
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>> the file segment a murder mystery in new england involving a star football player and a new jury in the zimmerman murder trial. here is megyn kelly. aaron hernandez a tight end, a very, very good player and now rumors are and may happen while we are on the air that he will be arrested in a murder case. 23 years old and out at a bar with three associates and one of them are dead. they will not confirm when they were in the bar and when the guy died. they say that man was dating, hernandez has a girlfriend and the girlfriends were friends. and that is a connection. abc new system reporting, and we knew that the police went to hernandez' house and now they are reporting that they have recovered his home security system smashed.
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it was intentionally smashed and a cell phone used was handed over in pieces by his attorneys and they say a team of house cleaners was hired on monday to scrub his mansion none of which bodes well for him. >> he's in trouble for a shooting in miami. >> he's sued in a sufficiently lawsuit by a guy who said hernandez shot him in the arm and head and he lost an eye. in any event he claims that hernandez did it and filing a sufficiently lawsuit declining the criminal charges. >> the guy in new england was shot to death? >> yes, they found his body. >> hernandez played in the university of florida and he was known as a trouble maker there. some of the teams and draft decide not to go for him. he admitted to using marijuana which is a problem for the teams
5:23 pm
and known to affiliate with gang members and some of the nfl teams cited as a reason not to recruit him. >> we'll not hang him on television but it is not a good day? >> no, if that abc news report is true, it is very problematic. >> the zimmerman jury intact. six all women. >> i like it. >> they picked the four alternates and there are two men on the alternates. >> the judge chooses the alternates. >> no, first qualified six jurorors. >> i know that. they say they need an alternate and who picks it. >> 1 through 4. >> number one comes in. and so there are six women and one is hispanic and the other five are white and all different age and is tell you the headline coming out of the jury is that the prosecution tried to strike
5:24 pm
twoft sitting six and the prosecution didn't want two of the sitting six. and the judge said -- omarasaid i want them to make you give a nongenteder reason for the challenges. >> oh. >> he couldn't do it. >> the woman are fine. snbs the prosecution stuck with two jurorors he doesn't want on the jury. >> that is interesting. and the trial starts in earnest on monday. and there is a question. and they can't go now. and as of today they go behind closed doors. and the family will watch the media coverage. and the odds of winding up with an all female jury was high and it is not great for the defense that they don't have one african-american on the jury.
5:25 pm
it was not a particular surprise. >> you lived in new york city for a while. it is a chaotic city and 8 million people living here and the city council is insane. you know they are totally insane. >> they have an agenda. >> and there is a proposal in new york city to bar the police for calling in reports describing people's gender, race, or physical characteristic. >> no. no. >> yes. >> that is not true. >> what is it? >> there is a law against already against racial profiling. they say the cops can't arrest based on the race or take action against them based on race and now trying to say gender or homeless or the fact they are gay and trying to expand. >> it is a description of a fugitive or a suspect. >> no, that's what the police are saying but it is not true. >> you are saying the police are
5:26 pm
not honest? >> they are stretching it. they have a case to make and also added an enforcement mechanism and allows them to sue the city and individualine if it is unintentional. and we'll have to spend all of our time and money. >> this is so crazy. >> what the cops are saying we can't put out a description of race or gender is not true. >> let the defense attorneys get a hold of that. you are misguided. >> double. >> you didn't pay me last time. >> i didn't want to and this time. >> i don't care if you eat with me. i will take it to go. i will take it to go. >> cops will have the description. >> i think everybody knows who the honest person is. the actor james gandolfini died. and what about his character tony soprano. and bernie goldberg and i will
5:27 pm
debate. it and bill versus dave earlier this week. >> were you surprised about how engaging and intelligent bill was? >> i was surprised how intelligent david was. >> oh, yeah. stay tuned for those reports. ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] if you can't stand the heat, get off the test track. get the mercedes-benz you've been burning for at the summer event, going on now at your authorized mercedes-benz dealer. hurry, before this opportunity cools off. at od, whatever business you'red in, that's the business we're in
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[ male announcer ] moving object detection. ♪ blind spot warning. ♪ lane departure warning. safety, down to an art. the nissan altima with safety shield technologies. nissan. innovation that excites. ♪ >> personal story segment. as you may have heard actor james gandolfini was found dead in italy with an apparent heart
5:31 pm
attack. mr. gandolfini was a brilliant performer and became famous for his portrayal of tony soprano. >> i was not 90 percent sure. >> how about your brother, does he know? >> i think so. >> there was a time when the italian people didn't have a lot of opgs. >> you moan like marry? 0. you know i put food on the table. my father and uncle was in it and maybe i was too lazy to think for myself. >> the program of the sopranos criticism he made the vicious crime boss look like a decent human being. joining us to discuss the pervayor, mr. goldberg. gandolfini undeniably
5:32 pm
a brilliant actor and i believe he humanized the guy to the point where it may not have been a positive for the country, because impressionable younger people in particular look at this guy who murders people and sells drugs and does all kinds of terrible things, but he's not all that bad and you say? >> well, tony soprano clearly was a horrible human being. but what made him interesting, he paid for his sins. he was torteured despite the money, house and cars and the women, he was never at peace. here was a guy who could have anything he wants and he was going to a psychiatrist and taking prozac. look, bill, what makes this great high art, the sopranos is that the producers looked at the
5:33 pm
human condition and they did what great art does, they shined a light in a very dark place. it was a moreralitty play. people not paying attention, maybe not the people you referred to, but anybody would see that tony soprano lost in this play. >> the writing was subtle in the program. >> right. >> it was week to week, his sister, and mother and uncle and everybody turned against him and his wife in the end, they all turned against him, and you are right, they didn't glorify his situation, but gandolfini himself, and it is an impossible position, he's so good, that you are drawn to him, you are drawn to him. yeah, i would like to have a spaghetti dinner with tony soprano and so much so, that people who loved the she, they kind of lost the darkness that
5:34 pm
you point out, they kind of lost it. >> i think two kinds of people who think that way. real- life gangsters who liked the she. yeah, he is a good guy, he's like me. and basically guys who want to think that they are tough so they think yeah, i want to be like tony soprano and in a big country, you are going to have losers that think that way. there is not a shred of evidence that this affected the culture. >> let me challenge that. the gangsta culture is not just black. there is a lot of whites that want to be gangstas. go. >> yes, if you are one of those people who see just the surface of the she and you say just like you said, he is a gangster and i love him and i want to have dinner with him.
5:35 pm
and i would like to kill people. yes, i am acknowledging bill, that there are people like that. but people who watch the she with a bit of intelligence, saw how miserable. >> he had a wife who was bad as he was in her own way. she knew what he did and she was willing to put up with that because she liked the jewelry and that. >> did you see the movies the untouchable with deanio. >> >> he played a l capone. and in the movie, kevin costner against capone. and dianio made capone in a monster and he is a charmatic actor and he took a different way with capone. capone was charming to a lot of people. but he made him a monster and i admired that portrayal. >> and you know why tony soprano
5:36 pm
was not that kind of mobster. he was vulnerable and torteured and going to a psychiatrist and there was nothinged in of him. i don't expect kids to see that and those are the people we'll have to worry about. grown ups who paid attention, no. this did not change the culture for the worse. it was a masterpiece. >> our condolences to the gandolfini family and also the family of vince flynn was succumbbed to cancer. we'll miss vince a lot. we'll be right back. and the rapper little wayne, stomps on the american flag. he's stomping on the little guyr in just a few minutes. copd makes it hard to breathe...
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>> bill oriley and what the heck just happen segment tonight and get to our contestants this evening. and all right. so that was not too intellectual what bernie and i were doing. >> i couldn't follow any of it. >> i know. i am 0. and so do you see where i am trying to go with us here? i could be wrong on it. i do believe that a lot of people brought in the soprano evil; you could be wrong.
5:41 pm
no, you are wrong. sopranos have seen every single episode and it was not somebody you wanted to be. he was not a protagonist but a contaganist and a miserable guy and it is in new jersey, with the strip clubs. and all of the cheep horrible bars and it was a degloriction of the mob and not like the god father. i saw him as a miserable guy. this is how it really is. did you so him that way? >> i saw him as chasmatic and wise and total opposite. >> i saw him as a strong male personality and in a tv dominated by bungling of nitwits and king of queens and everybody loves raymonday.
5:42 pm
>> the fact he was a mass murderer and drug dealer. >> they solid drugs. >> he didn't himself. >> his crew did much to his consternination. >> he put the money in his pocket. you admired him. >> it refreshing. >> see what i am saying. it is the deebs like on the big bang three. the men and women loved him. he was great. >> i have a point. >> and father knows best. >> i hate to do the segment. i know he is a fan of little wayne. roll the tape. ♪ ♪ (singing) ♪ he is a bundle of talent, isn't
5:43 pm
he? >> really s. flag pole is down and i don't think he's smart enough to what happened with all dow respect to little wayne but people were upset because he stomped on the flag. >> he could have stopped doing that. >> i don't think he can. i think he has to do that. >> and it is not a positive song either about the flag. it just goes to she you that patriotism is outdated and the kind of behavior is elevated. >> you can see the kids looking at him. >> cursing and swearing and a little five-year-old there. >> the lyrics on his song would make your jaw drop. >> the lyrics would be the dialogue that tony soprano went on hbo. >> not exactly. he raps about america sweat tis of three kill them all. he came from nothing and makes
5:44 pm
millions and women throw themselves and he has diamonds in his teeth and he is be kissing the ground instead of stomping on the flag and rapping. and stay away from the bitter social commentary. >> you are not a fan? >> i kind of was and i liked him. >> you liked little wayne. >> now i think he is a skafrngy ingrate american. >> that about said it all. >> i like soprano to deal with him. >> now you like the soprano. >> useful at time. >> he was a strong male personality. >> what about little wayne. >> we have a little something for you. >> he went to the david letterman taping and dave and i shoot it out to get reaction. the factor continues all across the usa and all over the world.
5:45 pm
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>> it was earlier this week and supported the kennedy's last days and i visited david letterman. the infamous leaker snowden came up. >> he's in china. china is not the place you run when you want freedom. >> right. i might go ton gilla or someplace like that. >> and so after the taping, we is not waters out to talk to some in the letterman audience.
5:49 pm
♪ >> they both handled themselves well. i was expecting hot la va. >> you had a lot of good information. and he combined serious and funny part of the time. >> they are addicted to the internet. >> and he was funny. it was funnier than we expected. (laughter) bill was the teacher and dave was the student. >> it did come out that way. njust being a traitor he would be abetting the economy. >> you can make a case releasing all of this stuff make its harder for the nsa to track terrorist. >> i thought someone was trying
5:50 pm
to restrain you. nprobably someone else in the audience. >> bang, zoom. >> i can arrange a meeting with you and bill can set a meeting you and bill and you could pick his brain about some stuff. >> yeah, sure. that would be a dream. >> i don't think that dave was hanging on bill's every word. >> when have i ever been wrong? >> you think dave buried a hatchet because he realized bill is right about most things? >> i think he was just being positi polite. >> a lot of kindness, handholding. >> a little later we'll sing kumbaya. >> some intelligent points about the nsa. >> yeah. it's kind of common knowledge really. >> you can't really say i want
5:51 pm
to read the e-mail of everyone in iowa, you can't do that. >> you know, that's not a bad idea. all right. >> really delivering the goods tonight. >> made a lot of assertions and seemed really confident. >> when you are that right all the time, it's easy to be confident. >> or when you think that you're right, it's even easier. >> did bill teach some things? >> the 20% of all muslims are radicals, you know, i would love to know how he quantifies that. >> i think that was through painstaking analysis we did at fox news. do you find you really learned a lot from bill's presentation? >> no. >> welcome to the no-spin zone. >> is the whole world is the no-spin zone. >> this is watters world.
5:52 pm
>> you went with watters world, a reference to one of the most loathsome movies of all time. >> but i use two "ts." >> should i get that little thing on the head? >> the bun? i think he was smuggling something in there. no idea what that was. tried to do that, it hurts. >> that guy -- what would you say to the people you interviewed, how many like us, and how many don't like us? >> i think it was about 60/40 and then apolitical people. people line up and buy tickets and don't know who the guest is going to be until a week later and i can see some of the liberals when they see bill o'reily is the guest i'm going to, they are thrilled. >> 60/40 against us or for us? >> 60/40 against us, but you might have moved some minds there. the dick cheney line, that really won them over, bill. when you quote dick cheney to a
5:53 pm
bunch of liberals at dave letterman, they love that. >> all right, watteres. they didn't assault you or anything? >> no. tom schafer tried to chase me off. >> he was baiting them, like you used to do with a bear and carrot when he was saying those nice things. tip of the day, where are you going on vacation this summer? the tip, moments away.
5:54 pm
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back to hip of the day for vacation, and my book on fire, ladies and gentlemen. number one book nonfiction for kids in the usa. and we thank you all. this year marks the fifth anniversary, all american children should know the story and many don't teach history anymore. this is amazing.
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three adult nonfiction books in the top 20. doesn't kirsten powers know that permitting a kror done nitare around terrorists hiding behind civilians know that's terrorism? >> and you were zinged by kirsten, bill. how would you like it if drones were fired at your house? my house is terror free, brian. i had the exterminator come in. if i was harboring zawahiri, i would expect the drones to my house. bill, you spend too much time writing books to stay current on world affairs. powers right on. drone ware far creates more terrorists than it kills.
5:57 pm
>> it would behoove kirsten to step off the bus whether it arrives in realitiville. and one of the poorest school districts in new hampshire hired me to bring order to classrooms. imposed discipline on unruly students. very soon, some disgruntled parents tried to get me fired, they failed. >> after retiring from the military, i began teaching, i lasts two months. kids in any fourth grade class cussed me and were disrespectful, the administration didn't care. it always goes back to parenting. if we kill the gud, who will show us the path? there are legions of bad doctors and teachers try to make that up. it's a very tough battle. and warren, michigan, bill, are you and miller ever going to come to destroit? looking at michigan next year?
5:58 pm
the last two bolder fresher shows in nashville, jacksonville, and caesar's palace, las vegas. maybe cher will open for us. if the president would cut his african trip in half, every amputee vet could have a track chair. that aside, sean, we are making great progress for getting wounded vets high-tech wheelchairs. eight highest donors will win this picture. please make donations on bi billoreilly.c if you don't get a picture, you're not on hook for the donation. top eight get the picture. if you would like a fak sim leah picture, donate $25 to independence fund.
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so far doing great. couldn't have a bigger cause, to give the lives back to the vets severely wounded. >> t >> the factor tip of the day. you need a vacation. some are heading to ireland to alaska, to excellent places, where i can wander around and not worry about stuff except leprechauns and bears. factor tip of the day. i hope you can do the same. have some fun, get a little rest, do something you like. that is it for us tonight. please check out the fox news factor website, different than the website. o'reily@fox do o' the word of the day, welischmerz. german word.
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again, thank you for watching us tonight. please always remember that the spin stops here. definitely looking out for you. hawelcome to "hannity." a deal struck between two united states senators and the gang of eight on a border security amendment. i will ask a couple outspoke n senator s what they think. as we reported last night, conservatives on capitol hill held a news conference yesterday, slamming the senate's current immigration bill for not adequately addressing america's porous borders, and bob corker and john hoeven campered out a board surge agreement. here are the details. the amendment would add an


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