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tv   FOX and Friends First  FOX News  June 21, 2013 2:00am-3:01am PDT

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>> it is friday june 21st. it certainly was a nail biter. but the heat once again crowned nba champions. we are live where celebrations are going to continue this morning. murder investigation focusing on the home of an nfl player. this as we learn aaron hernandez tried to destroy a possible piece of evidence before giving it to police. it is revealed we know the name of kim and kanye's baby. is it actually for real? we will tell you what it is. you definitely want to stay
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tuned for that one. >> it is the first day of summer. thank you so much for getting up early on this day and joining us. i am heather chilleder. >> thank you for watching fox and friends first. >> and we are going to say hello to you again. patly a patt -- patti ann brown joining me this morning. >> the miami heat winning their second straight nba championship. >> puts it in. it's back-to-back titles for the heat. >> the heat defeating the spurs 95-88 in game 7 of the nba finals. lebron james leading the way scoring a game high 37 points.
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pulling down 10 rebounds. duane raid 10 points and 20 rebounds. >> everything we have been through we have been able to persevere and win back-to-back championships. it is unbelievable. >> james says this title is more special than last year's because they had their backs up against the wall so many times this season. >> the nsa whistleblower says the agency is spying onna and blackmailing top officials. >> this thing is incredible what the nsa has done. they have turned themself noose a rouge agency that has j. edgar hoover capabilities and a mondays strus scale on steroids.
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>> he was the key source for the new york times report that blue the lid off of the bush administrati administration's use of warrantless wiretaps. they are used for all levels of congress to the state department. the firm hired to conduct background checks for nsa employees including edward snowden is under a criminal investigation for a systematic failure to adequately conduct investigations. that is a quote. federal investigators say there may have been problems with background checks. >> foul play is ruled out in michael hastings. he was researching socialite bill kelly before his death. he is being sued for breech of privacy after she reported getting e-mails traced to paula broadwell. a witness who caught hastings'
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accident on camera says the journalist ran a red light moments before the accident. hastings was reporting for general crystal who resign in 2010. one of the most beautiful national parks. two of the employees they have been sickened by the norovirus or the stomach flu. it all began june 7th with several people on a tour bus complained about being ill. they are trying to disinfect all public areas. autopsy results for james gandolfini. new details about the italian doctor's bid to safe the life of the 51-year-old doctor. they battled 40 minutes to revive him after he suffered a heart attack in the hotel room. they honored the actor before their game with a moment of
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silence. that is your 5@5:00. >> for more now developments we will tell you about a murder investigation rocking the new england patriots. they are not ruling out aaron hernandez in the murder of his friend lloyd. we have more on the story. >> nfl star aaron hernandez finds himself in the middle of a mur deaf inve murder investigation evolving every day. hernandez allegedly destroyed evidence including surveillance tape. he reportedly had his house scrubed by cleaners hours before lloyd's body was found. according to the fox tation in men were out together after loud's death. the four men got into a car driven by hernandez. his body was found less than a mile from the tightened's home. there is video evidence of hernandez and two other men
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wearing hooded sweatshirts walking into hernandez' home within minutes of neighbors hearing gun shots. hernandez is seen as loud tells one hour earlier. yesterday loud lloyd's mother sd her grief. claer clear oo (inaudible n. ( >> they don't plan to comment during the police investigation. they plan to search hernandez' home later today all after hernandez is being sued for suing a man in the arm at a strip club in miami. >> that's an odd one. that man was shot in the arm and somehow lost his eye. we will continue to look into this and we have arthur aidala coming up in the second half of the show with more. appreciate the update. >> now a fox business alert
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stocks suffering their worst sell off of this year. ben bernanke saying the fed stimulus program will end. will wall street bounce back today? lauren simonetti joins us to break it all down. >> some relief for world markets thank goodness. the dow tumbled 560 points giving up everything they gained in the month of may and june. this selling over two-days since november of 2011. quickly at the same time investors had nowhere to go. sometimes selling be gat selling. bonds the highest since 2011. for those of us who really want to use those gadgets on airplanes even during takeoff and landing there may be good news? >> a committee is expected to rule relatively soon in the next couple months on whether we can
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bring electronic devices and keep them on during a flight. perhaps soon you can use your e reader the entire flight and other electronics can be used at low altitudes. the rules the faa uses the standard they set with what you can and can't do on a flight was set back in the 1960s. everything has changed dramatically since then. the faa is listening to the flying public at this point. >> they are saying cell phones -- >> you cannot talk on a cell phone most likely during the flight. >> someone is putting oo monetary price on your bad habits. >> don't eat and don't drink -- i am sorry. don't smoke, don't drink and eat healthy. now we are telling you why you might want to listen. the cost of smoking for a woman 106,000 ore a lifetime 220 k for a man. the cost of drinking if you have
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$56 drinks a week it will cost you $1,500 a year. i know a lot of people drink smoer likely higher. a major problem in america can cost up to $4,800 a year. so this is a message from several studies to think about how much we are spending to smoke and do bad things for the body a year. >> if you invested that money you would be hundreds of thousands of dollars richer. >> that is true. >> it is the first day of summer but we are kicking it off with extreme weather. maria molina is tracking heavy rains. >> parts of the upper midwest and sections of the great lakes with large hail.
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we saw this in nebraska f-parts of iowa and take a look at the weekend starting off saturday more severe weather in the states. we have a multiple day event out here. we are not talking about a severe weather outbreak by any means but any warnings for the county and concerns being damaging winds and hail. otherwise across the southwestern u.s. guess what we are talking low humidity hot temperatures and strong winds gusting 30 miles an hour at times. so fire danger continues high today. we have a number of fire weather watches. 107 in phoenix in the four corners of the region hot in texas we are talking temperatures into the 90s 93 in kansas city. in terms of hot temperatures we have the heat finally winning the championship.
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definitely know you are excited about that one. >> very, very happy. >> the heat throwing their second nba title. >> 95-88 was the final score there. in miami with the latest the atmosphere is pretty exciting down there right now. >> incredible. it slides down the boulevard which is the main street which is where people were out of control but not in a bad way. controlled chaos if you will poured out of the stadium. they banged on their pots and pans which is tradition by the way after a championship win. this is a special time. back-to-back championships here. this was the biggest and now the best championship game and games
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in general in the city of miami ever. when you think about it there has never been a home game with the exception of 1997 that was the florida marlons. this comes with a back-to-back title. it is fantastic in miami the energy is palpable. we are live in miami fox news. >> thank you. there are a lot of people out on the streets of new york city when we were coming to work this morning that were still out excited about the game as well. >> the time now is 12 minutes after the ptop of the hour. as you heard maria in from miami they won. today is the last day for the aping cores away series we head to her home town to meet the molina family. >> ready to begin the george
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zimmerman trial. who are they? >> details on that coming up. frightening new information about how smoking can change your dna after impacting those who don't smoke or inhale secondhand smoke. vo: traveling you definitely end up meeting a lot more people but
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>> good morning. it is 16 after the top of the hour. one of the presidents of all time may get out of prison early. jeffery skilling could have ten years knocked off his sentence today. it is part of the proposed sentencing agreement with prosecutors. he could be out by 2017. he has been in prison since 2006. telling you about the victims of the bernie madoff ponzi scheme. they cannot sue big banks for billions of dollars on behalf of
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madoff's victims. the court claiming there is not enough evidence that the banks were aware of the scheme. >> all female juries will consider the murder case with george zimmerman. laura inge gals has the latest. >> a jury has been selected in the second degree murder trial of george zimmerman. prosecution and defense teams officially meeting the 6 jurors in central florida. the decision combing on day 9th high profile case. >> stand up and raise your right hand. do you solemnly swear... >> they are made up of women
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five white and one hispanic. five of the six have at least one child. out of the four alternative jurors one is a white male in his 50s one a hispanic mail in his 50s. two females one middle aged the other in her 20s. they reached a pool of w40 potential jurors. defense attorney mark omara asked point blank whether they agree he was innocent until proven guilt without a reason of doubt. >> it is not reasonable doubt it is forced doubt. what does it mean to you to speculate about something? >> the court also hearing more
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about whether voice experts will be allowed to testify in the trial. at issue the 911 case and who is screaming in the background. >> 29-year-old zimmerman is on trial for fatally shooting trayvon martin an unarmed 17-year-old last year. he is pleading not guilty claiming he acted in self defense. for complete coverage of the trial go to foxnews.c neck on the rundown what terrorists left behind after attacking and killing 4 americans in benghazi. wait until you hear what the proceeding says. they are being called the worst landlords ever using a chain saw and toxic chemicals to get tenants to leave. now the landlords are getting a new home of their own. ♪
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>> the man convicted of murder in the blink of an eye for shooting chandler was in bad shape. before he died jurors watched him blink his eyes three times to identify ricardo woods as the man who shot him. thirdhand smoking can cause genetic damage. what is thirdhand spoke? this is the residue that links to places like carpets and drapes long after smokers left the room. researchers say the longer that residue sits the more dangerous thirdhand smoke becomes. >> the state department the first time releasing brand new photos that shows the aftermath r attack in
2:24 am
benghazi. elizabeth pran is live for us in washington, d.c. with those details. >> of the scam these photos are the first being released by the state department. the photograph is shown after the judicial watch. they show remnants of birds and destroyed buildings. at least two-cars have graffiti with islamic slogans are also in the pictures. according to initial reports of the translations at least one of these likely reads ala akbar meaning god is great. judicial watch president tom fin ton said in a statement it took six months to release the photos tells you all you need to know about the obama administration's benghazi stone wall.
2:25 am
they haven't addressed the most recent comments arriving in tiply yesterday. jones was killed in the benghazi attack along with three other americans. >> elizabeth pran live for us. >> it is time to brew on this. it is friday and we want to know which viral videos were your favorites this week. >> i love this segment. up first 3-year-old grayson's reaction being able to hear his dad's voice for the first time. >> next a retiring junior high school principal gets a sendoff performing a flash mob outside of school. >> he climbs up a tree right next to a hunter. which is your favorite video. you can send us your comments tweet them to us at foxfriendsfirst or e-mail us at >> you can vote at the poll at
2:26 am >> 25 after the top of the hour. still to come the department of agriculture hasn't heard there is no such thing as a free lunch spevenltding your tax dollars on food. >> that isn't lunch for some people. we are heading to florida to meet maria molina's family. you don't want to miss that. on this day in history back in 2004 spaceship one became the first privately funded man spaceship. [ phil ] when you have joint pain and stiffness...
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>> good morning everyone. it is friday june 21st. >> thank you for joining us. it is half past the top of the hour. that of course means it is time for the top 5@5:30. >> the miami heat win their second straight nba championship. >> puts it in. it's back-to-back titles for the heat. the heat defeating the spurs 95-88 in game 7 in the nba
2:31 am
finals winning a game high 37 points. the game was close virtually the entire way they pulled away in the 4th left behind clutch baskets by james. it is more special than last year because they had their backs up against the wall so many times this post season. >> nsa whistleblower says the agency is spying on and blackmailing top officials. >> this thing is incredible what nsa has done. they have basically turned themselves in my opinion into a rouge agency that has j. edgar hoover capables and a monstrous scale of steroids. >> he was the key source in the 2005 new york times report that blew the lid off of bush administration's view of warrantless wiretaps. he says they are being used at all levels of government from members of congress to the state department. this as we learned the firm
2:32 am
hired to conduct background checks on potential nsa employees is under investigation for quote a systematic failure to adequately conduct investigations. >> the obama administration rallying those of a-- girls of ages. the emergency contraception will be made available over-the-counter and without a prescription. the government thought lifting age restrictions but quickly gave in after several lawsuits in court. they are being called the landlords from hell and now they are sentenced to four years in prison. kit and nicole maisie had beds clothes and electronics in toxic chemicals and used a chain saw to cut holes in the floor. >> my wife already had a gun
2:33 am
they would shoot you. i feel sometimes they are happy and they see them coming. >> they were trying to force tenants out so they could sell the apartments off as condos. >> big story here i know you have been waiting to find this out. the secret finally out kim and kanye revealing their baby girl's name. here it is. northwest. according to family friends they will call her norie for short. she is believed to be recovering at home now. this cannot be the name, but with kanye west you never know. >> patty an i am going to call you heat. >> okay, whatever. after suffering the worst two-day selloff this year wall street poised for a partial bounce back today after a
2:34 am
bruising session thursday. doug luzader has more. >> overall it has been a pretty good year for the dow. all of this volatility today may have as much to do with losses as wall street. stock traders live across the finish line yesterday. the numbers were bleak. >> it is like a storm out there this week. >> ben bernanke a suggestion they may buy back bonds later this year because the economy in their view could be improving. this has all kinds of implications especially for interest rates.
2:35 am
they kept artificially low fuelling the rebound of real estate prices for instance they helped fuel the slow recovery. >> i think the market is saying the fed believes this economy to be stronger than we do. but we don't believe you that if you take away the stimulus this economy won't be able to stand on its own two feet. until we see otherwise we are going to be concerned that this low trajectory economy can be at risk of dangerous down draft. >> we knew it would impact sometime that the fed would have to dial back on the bond buying spree 85 billion a month taking the foot off the it was pedal. the food news these can lead to buying opportunities. may be something of a rebound today. dow futures are up. >> doug luzader live in washington, thank you. >> it is the first day of summer
2:36 am
and we are kicking it off with extreme weather. >> maria molina is in our weather center tracking heavy rains in parts of the country. hi maria. >> good to see you. thank you for having me in the studio. which are talking about extreme weather across parts of the north central u.s. including states like minnesota, the dakotas and as we head into parts of iowa and nebraska large hail damaging winds and isolated tornadoes being a concern. take a look atom. we kickoff the weekend with similar conditions. more showers and more storms with heavier rain and the threat for severe weather continuing not even tomorrow but as we head into sunday. several days out here of unsettled weather. across the southwestern u.s. the big story over the last several days has been the elevated fire danger. we have had a number of fires across states like colorado and across the rockies. the fire still in place with low humidity and strong winds gusting over 30 miles an hour. meanwhile climbing into the 80s
2:37 am
across parts of the northeast. patti ann, heather back to you. maria molina is not going anywhere just yet. all week we have been taking you off the set and showing you our lives outside of fox news. >> all part of our series called anchors away. today it is maria's turn. >> in front of the green tree delivering weather reports. i had a trip to fort lauderdale florida where i am from and celebrated by mother's high school graduation i went down there and brought fox news along. >> hi everyone. >> hi. >> hey mom. this is my mamma rh-- mom maria this is my dad. and my little brother alex. graduating high school. way to go. and my cousin jocelyn. >> let's go eat. >> some of this is typical nick
2:38 am
r would nick r nicaragua food. >> we speak a lot of spanish. the way my mom spoke spanish was by first grade i was learning how to speak and write in english she would make sure when i went home i would write in spanish as well. one of my favorite dishes grew up on this. oh, rice planteen. >> this is a story. maria would go to school and she brought it to school. >> everybody had crackers ham,
2:39 am
cheese and a little juice box and a fruit that their mom and dad packed for them. i had this. >> we moved from nicaragua when i was 1. >> there was a war about 10-day brothers i have to leave my family and go and fight. i had to get out. we are looking for freedom and this is the best country in the world. >> any time i miss behaved he said i was going back to nicaragua. >> maria has been very successful, she wants to get anything she wants to get she will be able to do it. >> this right here is excellence in science. my favorite topic or subject growing up. i was captain of my major receipt squad there's my name
2:40 am
and this is the baton i used during pep rallies. thank you so much for stopping by. hope you had as much fun i did reliving my memories at home in fort lauderdale. buy everyone. >> that was really fun. it has been wonderful. we have a picture of my brother's high school graduation after the high school graduation outside. they didn't allow cameras inside the celebration. so it's outside in nova southeastern university. you can see my parents my cousin sglos lynn and my little brother on my left. >> that is so nice. >> beautiful family. >> great seeing everyone's stories. so interesting seeing everyone behind the scenes how every little decision growing up or every little part of our lives have shaped us to who we are today. >> absolutely. all about family. >> i noticed when you congratulating your brother you
2:41 am
hugged him then you punched him. >> that's our relationship. >> thank you maria. >> all of the guest contributors they did their own behind the scenes video you can see them on the fox and friends first facebook page. the time 41 after the hour. still to come apparently the department of agriculture has not heard there's no such thing as a free lunch. spending your tax dollars on things like food we will have more on that. >> it is the apology that brought a family to tears. why a firefighter says they were sorry for saving a home from wildfires. flush [ male announcer ] the mercedes-benz
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>> it is 15 minutes until the top of the hour. a colorado firefighter protecting someone's home left this note apologizing for tracking mud in the house after they saved it. it reads this way, sorry for tracking the up stairs carpet. needed to close windows to keep fire out. they saved the house from the flames. the homeowner posted the note saying they cried for about 10 minutes after reading it. >> looking out maybe for a laundry detergent that will get the grass stains out of your kid's clothes or maybe your own? whisk deep clean ranks number one. martha stewart's clean detergent was the worst in case you were
2:46 am
wondering. >> there is no such thing as a free lunch, right? that rule does not apply to the department of agriculture. it is being held over the stove for shelling out massive amounts of money on some cities for fancy island homes vodka and celebrity chef desserts. they have used your tax money to fund free lunches for people who don't seem to be in need. diane mass can heed doe has more. >> tom coburn outlined four he says since his sec ster the agriculture department has grbln 45,000 on a west virginia bloody mary mix company and helps thousands more to help vineyards across the country. he asked him to explain why he threatened to cut off funding for food for more than 500,000 needy men and women as part of the sequestration but had no
2:47 am
problem funding asian chef competition march 26th. spending social media for pickles marketing of pizza and ice cream and researching fish food also made coburn's list and also takes issue with subsidizing island homes in martha's vineyard saying this is not the type of community that would need public asinsistance would be negatively impacted by sequestration. a two-bedroom condo listed as 260,000 dollars. it goes on not in terms of agricultural spending it is one of a dozen letters he fired off that he thinks are wasting tax payer money. as for what the agencies have to say made three calls for comment yesterday but none of the calls were returned. social media for pickles. >> still ahead new details in the murder investigation involving new he can land
2:48 am
patriot. aaron hernandez may have tried to destroy his cell phone before handing it over to police. arthur aidala weighs in next. >> check in with brian kilmeade to see what's coming up on fox and friends. >> before we tell you what's coming up i want you to pan down. it is take your dog to work day. this is fake grass not treated like real grass. when it comes to ac how to safe yourself some money. we are going to welcome to our show a special celebrity guest try to guess who it is? geraldo rivera will be here and kit moore will be on the stage because it's the friday summer concert sear res. he will take care of things. "fox & friends" starts in about 12 minutes. i'm tony siragusa
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we've got to assume that -- we call this circumstantial evidence. if your personal cell phone, the police ask him to turn it over. his lawyer turns it over to the police i believe in three or four pieces. there is a presumption that he's the one who broke it
2:53 am
in three or four pieces. when the security camera is at his house, when the hard drive and the device to record, people coming in and out that's destroyed, we presume the owner who has control over it did it. when a cleaning crew comes in and scours your house, we presume it's the owner of the house who hired the cleaning crew. that does not a murderer make. there's also the association with the car, the rental car. >> so far that is the only hard evidence? >> right. that is the only thing police are saying connects him. police are saying he is not a suspect. he's a person of interest. et cetera, et cetera. his attorney is doing what his attorney should be doing. telling his client shut up. he is the attorney, i believe, who is cooperating with authorities to a degree. i believe there was going to be a new warrant on the house. they do now, unlike 20 years ago when i was a prosecutor, they are looking for minute drops of
2:54 am
blood, pieces of hair. he lives in a huge mansion. these guys have people coming in and out. they have their crew, gang, buddies. maybe somebody with was with him that night, maybe said can i sleep over. he doesn't know somebody just died. they're talking about the boston police department, they're pretty sharp. >> beyond the car contacting him to the victim, there was a connection between hernandez' girlfriend with the girl who dates the victim. >> you said it better than i can. they worked together earlier that night. i think that is undisputed, the deceased and aaron. >> hernandez has had trouble in the past? >> he's got charges of shooting somebody in florida. that is not too cool, having a suit filed against you for shooting somebody the same time period when you're under investigation, or at least in the same car with the desaoesd who was
2:55 am
murdered, and you're scrubbing your phone, scrubbing your security device, if you're the defense attorney you're like i don't know what to do on this little matter here. he's far from a criminal defender. >> we appreciate it as always. >> have a great weekend. >> still ahead, brand-new details in the death of james gandolfini. also it's your last chance to vote on the viral video of the week. we'll have some of your responses coming right up. hey, look! a shooting star!
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>> two minutes till the top of the hour. before you leave the house here's what's happening today. moments ago a new report revealing the autopsy on the body of james gandolfini confirms "the sopranos" actor died of a heart attack. ex-enron chief jeffrey skilling could have ten years knocked off his prison sentence today as part of an agreement with the prosecutors. the miami heat celebrating their second straight nba championship. they beat the spurs in game seven. >> time for your favorite viral video of the week. was it the little boy hearing for the first time? the principal's loving sendoff? or a bear getting too close for comfort. >> sarah tweeted i cried watching that boy hear for the first time. sharon tweeted i thought it was pretty cool -- this is a different one -- what those kids did for their principal. they must really love him. couldn't say that about my principal back in the day. >> jan says my husband's a
3:00 am
hunter. i can't imagine what he'd do if a bear got that close to him. mixed reviews. the winner was the little boy receiving 75% of the vote. >> the bear climbing up the tree got 16%. the principal came in third with 8%. >> "fox & friends" starts right now. bye. >> good morning. it is friday, june 21.m alison r gretchen this morning a nfl star left the bar with three friends and only came home with two. aaron hernandez accused of destroying evidence in a murder case. details ahead. >>steve: does the n.s.a.'s spying go deeper than we think? another whistle-blower saying it keeps records on everybody, including government officials, and could they possibly use it for blackmail? has this agency


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