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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  June 21, 2013 5:00pm-6:01pm PDT

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true blood. so monday on "studio b," we will talk about it. i wonder what bill is going to do this time? ask mr. tambourine man. i think o'reilly is coming up but i'm not sure. >> greta: the o'reilly factor is on. tonight: >> the facts are that 11 million people live in the shadows and they live here in defactor amnesty. >> we didn't secure the border back in 1986. >> i don't think it's going to happen now either. >> battle lines have been drawn in the immigration fight and a huge split in the republican party about what to do we'll have a debate. >> greatest tribute that we can pay to those who came before us is by carrying on their work to pursue peace and justice, not only in our country but for all mankind. >> laura: president obama addresses a crowd of just 5,000 people in berlin this week. so where is all the fanfare gone and what does this say about america's role on the world stage?
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>> i would trailed every detainee in guantanamo. herald backs every gitmo detainee for one american prisoner. is this a smart move? herald will be here. caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone. and the factor begins right now. >> laura: hi, everyone, i'm laura ingraham in for bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. the immigration debate unfolds. that's the subject of this evening's talking points memo. this immigration reform drama playing out on capitol hill right now really should have its own play bill that way everyone will know the members of the cast, the understudies, the members of the orchestra and all the key stage hands. as i said about three months ago, this spectacle has been directed all along by the white house and
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brilliantly choreographed by liberal new york senator chuck schumer. today the "new york times" confirms the white house's stealth campaign to run the immigration negotiation. president obama's staff has even set up shop in senate work space and has been drafting language for amendments and then they have been giving other amendments thumbs up or thumbs down. and let's not forget by the way the president's point person on immigration is none other than cecilia mumos the senior vice president of the group known as the race in spanish. the dialogue in this off broadway production is stale frankly and it needs a rewrite. this is a break through amendment. this is our time. the system is broken. latinos will punish the g.o.p. if they don't do. this we need to bring people out of the shadows. blah blah blah. cliches and generalities are what usually follow any time a tough question, a
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specific factual question is asked. for instance, about the economic impact of this legislation, especially on working class americans, today on my radio show i really got into it with the co-author of the supposed break through amendment senator john hoeven in north dakota. >> this bill will flood the marketplace with new workers and legalized workers. drive up unemployment and drive down wages for the next 10 plus years according to the cbo. how you can support that? >> my whole focus here is to secure the border first. i have tried to put forward five tough companies that must be met before any illegal immigrant gets a green card or a permanent legalized status. that's what i'm trying to do is secure the border first. >> that sounds nice but that's never the way it ends out playing out. if they aren't enforcing the law as it exists today why are they going to be enforcing tough new
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restrictions tomorrow. we in fact know the border is never going to be secured under this type of scenario. g.o.p. senators supporting the gang of 8 are already starting to hear negative reviews. calls to their offices are overwhelmingly against the bill. but, i have to say it looks like the fix is n the u.s. senate. i hope that house speaker john boehner is watching this drama carefully. knowing that la raza is co-directing this production he should announce that the house g.o.p. is done with comprehensive immigration this year and simply pass a resolution urging president obama to start enforcing the border to protect american prosperity and the national security interests. republicans can then refocus the debate on helping increase the prosperity of american workers. all legal immigrants and their families as well. that's the memo. now on to the top story reaction. brad blakeman a former george w. bush administration official. he was smiling and i'm glad i was entertaining you.
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tell me where i'm wrong. >> where you are wrong i'm not so sure that you are wrong in the process. the process may be directed from the white house by people that were not necessarily helpful in the big scheme of things. but, we have divided government. we have a democrat in the white house. we have a senate controlled by democrats and a majority in the house so it's not going to be our way or the highway. if the president finally wants to engage on important topic, then we should meet him halfway and we should create a bill that's open and honest and more importantly to your point enforceable. and right now even if the president were to enforce the laws we he have now, they are not sufficient enough to create the kind of secure border that american needs. >> laura: did you read the 63 page cbo report on this bill. >> no. i read the executive summary of it. >> 6 pages is not very much to read. i don't think most people have read it republicans started waving this around. this helps our cause. radio show paul ryan couldn't answer it two days ago in radio show. report states that wages
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and unemployment adversely affected by this legislation. both. none of that is changed by the hofn corker amendment. how do republican senators or democrats for that matter vote on legislation that is going to lower the wages of middle class workers and lower income workers and increase unemployment? how could you ever agree to that? i don't care about meeting people halfway? how is this the right thing to do for the american people. >> doing nothing is worse. we have 11. >> laura: no it's not. absolutely not. lowering wages? are you kidding me. >> worse over time. 11 million people over here. 11 million people coming in a advance of immigration reform. >> they know it's amnesty. >> they think it's amnesty it shouldn't be amnesty at all. the bill we are talking about is not amnesty. securing the borders. 20,000 new agents, 18 new drones. 300-mile edition to the fence. -- addition to the fence. metrics? >> laura: i understand those numbers.
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you see the numbers wow there is going to be all this new border enforcement. latino groups are already talking about the coming militarization of the border and already beginning to put pressure on the white house over this militarized state that they foresee if indeed that happens. >> how can we send american troops to afghanistan and pakistan to defend their borders but we are not willing to secure our own? this is crazy. >> i always love having this conversation with george w. bush officials because you all have this incredibly naive approach to the way things actually work. janet napolitano has been calling off the border patrol. you know that they have been calling off the border patrol. the union stated as much you can't deport people today. but tomorrow if this thing passes if it passes you are saying knap and obama are good faith actors or border enforcement and immigration? they are not going to be waiving these people across the border. it's a welcome wagon if this thing passes. >> the current secretary of homeland security has been less than helpful.
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>> we should hold their feet to the fire create bipartisan bill. >> hopefully the american people. >> laura: do you think chuck shuman. >> 2014 is coming. immigration reform is needed both in the 11 million ha that are here and border security. >> laura: why do you think poll shows marco rubio and jeb bush trailing hillary clinton. they are b and e big immigration reform matters. >> i tell to you with polls that do matter people that believe immigration reform is necessary and should hatch now. there is two polls where something needs to be done. if congress doesn't do it, i think there is going to be hell to pay. >> we have a situation where this hoeven and corker amendment pretty much know it was written by chuck schumer. >> don't give him too much get. >> he was busy in the back room last night. he rejected hard trigger
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position. up have to turn 90% of the people trying to come back across the border back home. have them in formal deportation proceedings or resists them right away at the border. schumer said absolutely not. that might interfere with the pathway to citizenship. that's the golden goose for them, the pathway to citizenship. they don't want anything to interfere with that they nixed that from the hofn amendment. >> over a 10 year period. >> when hillary is running against rubio or general 2016. >> there is a presidential debate. hillary clinton says you want these people to be perpetual second class anyones in this i'm going to make them january 21st? what do you think they will say? you think the la dean knows aren't going to say i'm going with her. >> if we have a good bill that's bipartisan he have a perfect out. this is a bill that democrats and republicans and democratic president
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signed. >> bill: when hillary says that what trump card is that. >> hillary is not going to be a factor. >> i glil. >> laura: anyone on the left -- >> -- 2016. that's the new tragedy, hope hillary doesn't run. all right mr. blackman good to have you on. the democratic ad is racist and offensive to muslims? new ads. more bombshell allegations about the federal government spying on americans. we're going to have a special report coming up. [ male announcer ] erica had a rough day. there was this and this. she got a parking ticket... ♪ and she forgot to pay her credit card bill on time. good thing she's got the citi simplicity card. it doesn't charge late fees or a penalty rate. ever. as in never ever.
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now you can give yourself a kick in the rear! v8 v-fusion plus energy. natural energy from green tea plus fruits and veggies. need a little kick? ooh! could've had a v8. in the juice aisle. >> laura: in the impact segment tonight. democratic congressman jim mcdermott is upset over this fbi ad shows the mugshot of international terrorists. he says the poster is racist and offensive to muslims.
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we will deeted bait that in a second. what's clearly offensive is what defense secretary chuck hagel said this week that the university of nebraska at omaha. >> okay. so who has a way up in the back there? you are not a member of the taliban, are you? >> mr. secretary, i'm robin grande, an assistant professor at uno. >> laura: whoops? that professor was of indian dissent. joining us from dallas the president of the america together foundation. so, mr. gowts, why has this the there not been any outrage about secretary hagel's remark there? that was pretty interesting. >> it should have. and by the way i'm an indian too and it was very offensive remark as if he is calling me taliban there should have been outrage. i'm glad you are taking this up, laura. people should ask him to take that statement back. >> laura: i think,
5:15 pm
mr. ghouse probably if a republican tea party type guy had said that, there would be candlelight vigils now outside of his house or at the white house or something. there is always, you know, who's objection -- ox is gored. hammered some slip of the tongue or something incorrect was said. terrible motives are imparted on them. hagel, because is he a member of the obama cabinet, he basically got a pass. >> well, is he a fellow -- republican, moderate one. and you are right he got a pass and we should take it up. we cannot let him go like that. >> laura: let's move on to this ad that mcdermott has such a problem with. it's an fbi most wanted ad, the global faces of terrorism. there you see it pictures of all the terrorists. now we're told it's racist to actually show someone's picture on a, basically a wanted ad for terrorists. what gives there?
5:16 pm
why is that racist? >> >> well, first ever of all i'm going to address robert mueller of the fbi take that poster down, that is not a good poster for many things. the responsibility of the civil society to safeguard the safety of every citizen is the primary responsibility. the fbi recently posts pictures in public places and that's fine. >> how do we know where he they are? >> if they are here in the u.s. u.s. -- the fbi's responsibility to get them. they cannot hide and run. get them here in the u.s. so this poster should be really in yemen, saudi arabia and afghanistan. that's where those guys are got office or a public place. if i see some picture, i will report. but i'm going to see no
5:17 pm
american will see these guys. >> laura: i understand. i'm kind of confused mike they are actually prirk pictures of tears. presumably we are worried about these terrorists making their way into the united states to do harm to americans. that's what we are worried about. it's a public education campaign. are you saying that can't have wanted ads, wanted, the fbi's most wanted. we can't have pictures posted of anyone with dark skin or someone that might look like they are of arab or muslim dissent? i don't understand that? muslim, look asian so there is no way of looking like a muslim. how is this in any way profiling or anyone? >> laura, that is not the issue. 16 terrorists. shown of exclusive muslim guys, there are terrorists in every religion, race, ethnicity.
5:18 pm
there are drug lords out there. if they had mixed all those posters i would accept that exclusively targeting muslims is wrong. the congressman is absolutely right, jim. and i think this poster needs to come down. >> mcdermott is completely nuts. is he a colorful character but on this issue i think if you like polled this issue in the united states it would be 95% of the country would say you have got to be kidding me. good muslims in the united states. working people. hard working people, wonderful law abiding people. they hurt themselves by calling something like this racist. because other people kind of say wait a second, y'all -- why are you making it harder for us to raise awareness by complaining about it i don't think it sits right with folks. i really don't in the end. i think you are well intentioned but i don't think it sits right and well with people. >> let me tell you why, way back in september last year, right here on fox news, i had warned the fox news that the posters put in the subways was dead
5:19 pm
wrong wrong and dangerous to fellow americans. what is a catholic woman coming out of a church muslim woman or hindu bombing coming out and attacked and arrest. it did happen. hindu woman was killed in subway train because of those posters. >> laura: these are wanted terrorists, global terrorists they happen to be mostly islamic. that's the story. i don't think we can get rid of every wanted poster. i appreciate your point of view. running late thank you mr. ghouse for being with us. directly ahead another whistleblower coming forward. this time workers spying on each other, snitch factory. has a worldwide obsession with president obama faded? judging by the lackluster response of his speech in germany it has. what does it mean for america on the world stage? we'll have a report coming up. everybody has different investment objectives,
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>> laura: in the factor follow up segment tonight, there are new allegations that the government secret security efforts are more widespread than previously thought. the mcclatchey newspaper is reporting that in an effort to crackdown on security threats, the administration has taken unprecedented measures to stop leaks including asking federal employees to spy on fellow workers. joining us now from philly to explain, privacy and business law attorney scott vernick. this reminds me living in the old soviet union when i was in college communist. people are always looking out to snitch on others whether you are in a hotel or in a work place. it was like tattle tale society. everyone wanted to get points with the boss or with the government chick down the road. are we encouraging that with this new brand new stop the leaks program in the workplace?
5:24 pm
laura, good evening. there is no doubt that the obama administration for the last few years is encouraging government workers to be highly sensitive and highly attuned to things to go on in the workplace that might ultimately be a threat to national security. there is no doubt that they are putting incensives in place. the real fact of the matter is, laura, is that the administration has had a problem. i mean, you have bradley manning, you have snowden, you have others before him. you have 5 million people today that have access to classified material. you have a half a million more or less contract workers that have top security clearance. the administration, i think somewhere around october 2011 wanted to put in place programs and incentives to make sure that national security secrets and classified material are being kept well within the government. i think we have to take a serious look at that. >> it seems like this is kind of an effort to
5:25 pm
reassure the public that the government is doing something. the heat is on them for this big dragnet for put out for information. unless you are talking to a harden terrorist, we are not going to be looking at your emails and stuff. they try to reassure us. public uncomfortable with what's going on to say the least. i don't think it's right the government should have so much access. doesn't this seem like a three card monty here? we are doing this to protect you and the government secrets and in the end people are usually looking out at what's going on in the workplace anyway. what does this really amount to? what i think it amounts to is the government has difficult challenge on its hands. no question that the american public realizes. programs recently come to life meant to strike a balance between national security and privacy and the collection of data and the collection of data for fighting against the
5:26 pm
terrorist threat. i mean, that's the point of the verizon order. that's the point of spying and collecting data on foreign citizens. now, with -- because the government has been routinely embarrassed by leaks. the government is trying to find a way to address that problem. >> laura: we know what the program is but, scott, it seems like they don't want to be embarrassed for political reasons. they think it looks bad for them versus it looks bad or it hurts or national security with snowden, tears know they are being listened to and monitored. they know that already. i'm not sure what they heard that we didn't already know. the administration itself doesn't want sitsself to be embarrassed. maybe that's why they put this snitch program in place. workers kind of look out around them. i used to. i was in the federal government. you are aware of what is going on around you. to me, this is just a lot of show with, you know, with little bang for the buck that we're getting
5:27 pm
here. more of a pr move than anything else. >> well, you know, laura, i think it's hard to tell whether it's simply a pr move. i think the president for what it is worth does believe that he needs tone courage government workers to take a more active role in the security of classified material in the workplace. now, listen. >> laura: we don't want to be embarrassed anymore. couple, we have got to go. i'm sorry we are running late. all right. thanks so much. plenty more ahead as the factor moves along this evening. president obama speaks to just a few thousand folks in germany. so what's happened to the glow bama. later should the u.s. hand over dangerous gitmo detainee for american prisoner of war? herald says yes. he will be here. we hope you stay tuned to all those reports. the tide's coming in!
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[ male announcer ] if you can't stand the heat, get off the test track. get the mercedes-benz you've been burning for at the summer event, going on now at your authorized mercedes-benz dealer. hurry, before this opportunity cools off. >> laura: in the personal story segment tonight, you may remember during the 2008 campaign when barack obama gave a rocket address over 200,000 berliners came to listen and the world fell deeply in love with him. fast forward five years, president obama returned to berlin this week and it looks like his star has faded. >> it's so warm and i feel so gd that i'm actually going to take off my jacket and anybody else who wants to feel free to. [cheers we can be a little
5:32 pm
more informal among friends. >> laura: such a small crowd. just 5,000 people were at that rather lackluster speech. with us now to analyze gardner director of the margaret thatcher center for freedom at the foundation. nile, i was laughing it was like a coffee "the columbus dispatch." small crowd there what happened? >> i think the whole speech was a bit of a disaster, frankly. even berlin's leading newspaper described his speech as elm bear racement as a leader of the free world. it was that bad. >> laura: why was it bad. >> it was pure unadulterated muff. no substance at all. a usual laundry list. >> laura: global warming. >> riding the world of nuclear weapons. >> he was having problems with teleprompter that was the excuse.
5:33 pm
>> endless list of hopelessly idealistic causes espoused by the u.s. president. absolutely no substance whatsoever in his address and contrast this address with ronald reagan's speech in berlin in 1987 or john f. kennedy's speech in 1963, speeches with tremendous substance. speeches which challenged an entire evil empire. reagan's speech ushered in the downfall of the soviet empire which he uttered those famous words tear down this wall. >> we see what happened a couple of weeks ago with the visit from president ji the chinese leader where pech he got everything he wanted. pretty clear we didn't get anything out of that meeting. the president got rolled in that old putin shows up at the g 8 and he imagines to block any mention of assad hitting the high road in syria. putin gets his way at the g
5:34 pm
8 on that. and because republicans are all obsessed with immigration reform. they haven't exploited this issue for their own political gain, frankly or for the public's edification back at home. as far as can i tell the president has gotten pretty much a free ride after this trip. >> it's astonishing actually. president obama had one single policy i think when he went to the g 8 summit a policy of surrender. needless to say a broader policy of appeasement. president putin it i think views barack obama as extraordinarily weak kneed figure. president obama simply did not stand up to putin at all. >> laura: he didn't ask him about the poor kids in the international adoption being blocked. >> exactly. >> laura: thousands of children languishing in russia. obviously have two russian sons so it's important to me. hey vlad let the kids out. no mention on that. >> u.s. president there simply unwilling to stand up to dictators on the
5:35 pm
world stage. those who oppose u.s. interest and extremely weak je. president here. >> laura: quite a just given the optics of what it looked like five years ago and what it looked like this week, it was -- i almost felt bad for him but not after what we have gone through here in the united states. >> this is clearly a president who has become an embarrassment on the world stage. he is a weak kneed leader at home. is he a weak leader abroad. there is declining respect i think for u.s. power on the world stage. >> laura: i don't think he minds that. >> he spoke like a european commission official rather than a u.s. president. >> laura: that's below the belt now. barackgeraldo rivera wants the united states to hand over gitmo detainees for a captured soldier. is he going to be here to explain coming right back. ♪ roundup
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>> laura: thanks for staying with us, i'm laura ingraham for n. for bill o'reilly. fridays with herald segment tonight. taliban officials have offered to hand over american soldier bo bo berg he disappeared from base in 2009. he is believed to be held in pakistan. obama administration was not comentle committal
5:40 pm
about the proposal. joining us from new york is geraldo rivera. i think about this sergeant being held for all this time, all these years. his family, it's heart breaking. but, does this kind of deal make sense from, you know, a long-term progressive and does it give incentives to terrorists that capture more of our soldiers or maybe even american citizens overseas? >> great questions, laura, let me just give you a little historical context. remember what the israelis have done in the past when it comes to prisoner exchanges. i know that this one seems lopsided to people. giving up five. would be giving up five of these gitmo detainees in exchange if for one of us. they have given up 500 in exchange for a single israeli pow. i'm absolutely full heart warmingly endorsing this proposal. i want sergeant bergdahl
5:41 pm
home. these five detainees, however hideous they may have been when they were fighting their enemies in afghanistan prior to the united states, when they were fighting against the northern alliance and so forth, you know, we make peace with enemies, not with friends, let's get this deal done. let this poor man home. we are pulling out of afghanistan. we will be gone, basically by 2014. let's not leave this heart-breaking reminder of this bitter experience. let's make this deal and, you know, i think that enough safeguards, first of all you know i hate guantanamo. i want guantanamo closed. >> laura: that's killing two birds with one stone. if you could exchange all the prisoners for other people that would be good by you. >> fine with me and please separate my desires from the president of the united states because he has not yet endorsed this deal.
5:42 pm
i endorse it full with full vigor and enthusiasm. i think it would be a great deal. >> you don't think it incentivizes terrorists to try to target not just soldiers or marines but americans overseas so we'll take u.s. citizens traveling in countries where maybe they are in the middle east or maybe they are in africa. we will target americans for kidnapping so we can get other terrorists out. i mean that is a possibility, is it not? once you start doing it it incentivizes people. >> what is the incentive? these five have been held since the fall of 2001. they have been held 12 long years. they have never been charged with anything to think that their relief after this grueling. >> laura: they will probably come back to fight us on the battlefield. >> they have never confronted americans on the battlefield these seven. >> laura: new few or could know that some of these individuals might actually be joining the jihad fight
5:43 pm
allies in the future would you feel differently. i imagine some of them would join the jihad. >> you are asking speculative question. let me submit that the whole idea is that they will be no americans in that part of afghanistan come 2014. they will have some fortified basis where the drones can still operate. harmid karzai presumably the afghan army. >> laura: how do you know they will stay in afghanistan. pakistan is a breeding ground. >> don't you want him back for goodness sake. >> laura: i want them all home. >> let's have this man home we want to see what you have done to him. if you have tortured him. if is he psychologically abused him, if you have done any of the things we imagine they have done to him, then r. then we will think about it? >> columbians have dealt with the rebels to bring
5:44 pm
people home. you deal with that. you don't deal with it bring this poor man home. >> i approach great it geraldo, thanks so much. when we come back, another professional football star in legal trouble. this time it involves a possible murder when we come back. from capital one, bjorn earns unlimited rewas for his small business take theseags to room 12 please. [ garth ] bjors small busiss earns double miles on every purchase every day. produce delivery. [ bjorn ] just put it on my spark card. [ garth why settle for less? ahh, oh! [ garth ] great businesses deserve limited reward here's your wake up call. [ male announcer ] get the spark business card from capital one and earn unlimited rewards. choose double miles or 2% cash back on every purchase every day. what's in your wallet? [ crows ] now where's the snooze button?
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>> laura: in the unresolved problem segment tonight, the nfl has seen its share of stars get in trouble with the law. the most famous case of course being oj simpson. tight end aaron hernandez has been implaintiff's exhibited in the death of his friend oden lloyd who hernandez had been out partying with the night lloyd was killed. joining us have fox news contributor and sportscaster extraordinaire jim gray. all right, jim. now, the details of this are very murky.
5:48 pm
you are hearing leaks from various sources. but what do we know about hernandez himself? have there been any concerns in the past about his associations, his behavior, any criminal activity? >> well, no known criminal activity. but his associations and gang-related activity going back all the way to his high school days when he grew up in bristol, connecticut, that shied a lot of people away from him then in 2010 when he was drafted he dropped considerably in the draft because of marijuana i. he admitted to the use of marijuana. so he didn't go until the fourth round when he was picked by the patriots. i spoke to a couple of personnel directors from the nfl who said they intentionally stayed away from him because of these issues and because of the marijuana use. now it comes to light just within the last couple of days that he shot another man in february down in florida in the arm, traveled to his eye, he lost his eye. the man was in the hospital for two weeks. when he filled out the police report and spoke to the police, he refused to identify hernandez as the
5:49 pm
man who shot him but then in this civil suit, which was filed yesterday in florida, did he name hernandez. and he is asking for $100,000. well hernandez signed a contract extension for $40 million. and he wouldn't name him with the police but now he has named him in. this yes, there appears to be trouble for aaron hernandez on several fronts. much of this now coming to light in the last few days. the problems with the past and gang-related issues it had seemed had past throughout his first couple of years in the national football league. >> laura: jim, i think a lot of people see these stories and you don't know what to believe until we get more details. there seems to be this sense of entitlement, that a lot of these players have. there are a lot of great guys out there playing and it's a tough sport and i interview them on my radio show and they are good guys. there is this element, in professional sports, that it feels like they can do -- they really can't do any wrong. they can act a certain way and they are not going to be held accountable and they waive off questions when they feel like it.
5:50 pm
and it rubs people the wrong way. they make a lot of money for playing a game. that's fine. that's the free market. but is there kind of a different standard sometimes that seems to protect these guys for way too long and it is interesting that you mentioned that gunshot to inte mention that gunshot to the arm and eye issue. >> well, i think there's a certain sense of entitlement, but i think that goes with celebrity and with politicians, entertainers. and i think it's across the board. when you say with athletes, yeah, probably, but i think that entitlement ends when you get a table without waiting in a restaurant. or perhaps maybe a speeding ticket, maybe the police will let them go. so maybe they think they are above that, but i don't think that any of these guys, laura, think they are above the law when it comes to murder or rape or doing some of these heinous things. so yes, there's a little sense of entitlement. they are coddled since they are young. someone sees that one of these guys can hit a ball, catch a
5:51 pm
ball, make a bat -- exactly. >> then you get kids who come from a lot of times not a lot of money, of course, they get cars thrown at them, women thrown at them, jewelry, but you're right, it's the celebrity culture more than anything. and it's sad for the guys who play the game with verv, vigor and strength and are great family men. and i feel bad for them because when we have these conversations it is not fair to their example and oftentimes they set a great example. >> correct. and that's the large, large, large majority. that's in the high 90 percentile, those guys, but the few ruin it for the many. >> what's his relationship with the other patriots players? is he considered one of the guys? very popular or -- >> they considered him a good teammate and have not had any trouble with him. he's a very hard worker and been responsible and on time. they have had maturity issues
5:52 pm
with him, but you can say that about a lot of guys who are 23 years old. they have not had any red flags. there's been nothing with his teammates, i have texted his teammates and opponents in the past few days, and none of these guys have said he's been of any trouble to them. that he's been a very hard worker and very diligent on the field and has performed well on the field. they have not had these issues. all of this is off the field and away from football. that's where all of this seems to be happening, but a lot of the guys that i've been in touch with were not aware of this. >> a few weeks ago it was the tebow story dominating for new england and i'm sure they would rather us talk about that than this. thank you, jim, for the update on this. >> good to be with you, laura. up next on the rundown, tom brokaw with his scathing commentary on the xheed ya. we'll show you what he said up next. hi, i'm terry and i have diabetic nerve pain.
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segment, former anchor tom brokaw is no fan of the media these days. >> clearly, journalism has gotten faster, has it gotten better, bear in mind the answer is no. >> if you work harder at it, you can pull out a lot of remarkably reliable and highly incredible information. the problem is everything moves at warp speed now and the screen is so covered with chaff and people who just want to make as much mischief or vicious attacks as they possibly can. >> joining us from baltimore is john gainer, he works at a conservative media group. dan, look, i've noun brokaw for a long time, and he's a nice guy. i mean, you can't help but like tom, but it is kind of ironic that tom brokaw speaks about the media and makes these comments about viciousness and so forth when he's on "the daily show," right?
5:56 pm
>> yeah, i couldn't decide whether it was ironic or moronic. but either way, he goes on the show that exists to bash conservatives. we did analysis a while back, they bash conservatives 4-1 over liberals and he's talking to john oliver, a guy who famously joked about shooting tim tebow before he'd shoot osama bin laden. >> that's like two elites talking to each other. and in this tiny narrow space. i think tom would probably do himself well by going back to his roots, right? in middle america sees the coast and the coastal elites as pretty much disdainful of their family values or their values in general. and kind of looked down on them. and i think they are uncomfortable with the media for general bias reasons, not necessarily for, well, they are vicious but just bias. i guess if brokaw were saying that, i wouldn't really care about the viciousness comments,
5:57 pm
but it's not like "the daily show" is spending inordinate amounts of time ridiculing nancy pelosi. >> in the very episode, which is particularly funny, right before brokaw came on, you had a parade of jokes by oliver bashing paula dean because, not because of something she said, but bashing her for her weight. so this is a show that we are going to go on and talk about people being vicious. this is vicious central. >> interesting given what he's saying, i guess it's mostly about the cable news networks, he goes on msnbc a lot, which i'm sure they are never vicious over there, but that's fine, but the most receipt poll, i think you guys might have written about it, the public policy polling group did the poll about public trust in various media organizations. fox actually ranks at the top of that poll. i think about 34% say it's the most trusted news organization and some of these other cable outlets, 6%, cbs was 5%. comedy central and nbc, both got
5:58 pm
5%. so fox gets 34%. and the network he's on gets 5%. okay. >> but you know the media people reflectively hate fox because they're used to, if you read between the lines of what he said, they are used to controlling the conversation. that's what they miss, controlling the conversation. >> i think you hit on it, dan. fox or talk radio, whatever it happens to be is vicious because it dares to ask questions of kind of the left wing elite who just want to monopolize the conversation and the universities and the high schools and politics and the culture. they don't want any questions. obama never liked to be questioned. so when there are people asking tough questions, that's really annoying, i think, to people like -- maybe not tom so much, but just the left in general. they want to be dictators for the day. they don't really want anyone to question them. >> and that's the essence of this show, where they take -- they walk this fine line where they pretend their comedians
5:59 pm
when they want to make a joke. oh, we are just making jokes about fox or conservatives. then we'll have a serious discussion in the future of journalism. talk at the problems of journalism, you know, "the daily show" is one of the big problems. too many people watch that for news. >> the good news is that plurality of the folks trust fox the most and the rest of the cables and so forth way down on the list. so that's fine by me. dan, thank you for the insight on this. we'll keep tracking it. >> thanks. talk to you soon. >> all right. that's it for us tonight. and before we go, bill would like to remind you that if you buy any of his three best-selling books, "keep it pithy," "killing kennedy" or "killing lincoln" he'll make a $1 donation to my favorite charity. also, check out his latest book "kennedy's last days." and to find out more of my radio show, become a member of 365.
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