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tv   FOX News Watch  FOX News  June 23, 2013 12:30pm-1:01pm PDT

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this week's show. thanks to my panel. i'm paul gigot. we hope to see you right here next week. on fox news watch. with scandals engulfing the white house like the irs targeting tea partiers, nsa snooping on americans, eric holder and justice department going after journalists the president talks a road trip. but his charm ff falling flat and big spreech not so big. how did the media rate his performance? >> dick cheney condemns the leaker. liberal media ignore the details and attack cheney. and then slams the media for doing their job. they are tired of getting bad press so he shuts the
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press out. media have a pro gay marriage agenda. really? and nbc's chris matthews love hbo left leaning news program. did you know why? >> keys honesty and i think you said it well. >> jon: on the panel, judy miller. syndicated columnist, cal thomas, jim pinkerton, columnist kirsten powers and fox news contributor, richard grenell. i'm jon scott. fox news watch is on right now. right now. >> jon: president obama in berlin this week delivering a speech to a smaller crowd than the last time he was there. his trip to germany followed his attendance at the g-8 summit. his lie lateral meeting with vladimir putin, the
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meeting if you read the body language was a little bit chilly. president out of the country avoiding some of the scandals and dropping poll numbers at a time when according to this fox news poll, americans trust and confidence in government is very low, 63%. so this is a president who was going to hit the reset button on relations with russia? >> john cassidy new yorker, in conjunction with putin was very bland. when it dime syria, the "new york times" talked about the president's base saying he a bad diplomat. it was a tough week and capped by the speech in berlin last week. saw at difference from five years ago. >> jon: we have that reflected in a graphic. candidate obama in 2008,
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candidate obama filled up that space. hundreds of thousands of people. this time not so many. now, the white house says this is invited group. >> i know but not an enthusiastic one. that is the problem. this appearance in speeches absolutely bombed. yes the german press was kinder than others but nobody liked it. british press was savage. i think the charm has worn off. the nsa scandle has so edge raged europeans. it's okay all right to be listening in on them, but not americans -- i think it offended a lot of people. >> jon: you spent a lot of time working in the state department. does the image matter? do the pictures we see of the president, do they matter? >> they should matter but i don't think they are mattering go to the u.s. media. judy is right that the international coverage is kind of waning but not here in the united states. in the bush administration
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every problem was indicative of a larger leadership problem. we had problems in iraq but it was because bush was unpopular. what we see with the media here in the u.s. their excuse making for obama, you take jackie colmes piece in "new york times" this week she did report putin meeting didn't go well but she gave excuses as to why. she said, putin is a difficult person. there is no larger issue that obama is the problem or his reset button is not working. there is no literally bigger issue that the press is covering. >> jon: is that fair critique? >> first of all, white house had couple hundred thousand people they wouldn't have made it in invitations. if this was bush they would have been leaning more with the down side. when you read the coverage it was almost down in an
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a.p. reporting style. this is what happened. there was not as much commentary that seems to make it in the news coverage when there is somebody they don't like. >> from the telegraph wrote a blistering headline, president obama bombs in berlin. i guarantee you'll never see in this n the american press. american media that treated obama as messiah and helped usher him into office are never going to divorce them. they are going to tra signifies over to hillary never acknowledging they were wrong. >> chris matthews say the sun was in his eyes and he couldn't deliver the speech. >> he was stumbling and he had to read a speech. that makes chris matthews rage at the sun. [ laughter ] >> jon: it's often that
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domestic leaders when they are having problems here theying overseas. is that what happened here and did it work? >> i it is but as george will pointed out, the substance of what the president said in berlin, he is still disputing whether north korea has a nuclear program and wants to negotiate with putin and he says the most important issue we face is global warming. you are waiting for the president on to say where is syria fit in this context? is that less important than the polar bears. >> jon: talking about nuclear weapons, destroying nuclear weapons and so forth, president was trying to change the topic. did the media let him? >> he did succeed in changing the subject but ultimately it comes down to his performance and whether or not he is credible. a lot of people less willing to give him the benefit of the doubt. >> jon: irs scandal has not
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gotten a whole lot of coverage or so it would seem since the nsa thing broke. what happened to the media coverage on the irs issue? >> it's already done. it was viewed as really a bureaucratic messup and doesn't touch the white house even though we know that the white house chief of staff and the white house deputy chief of staff both were involved in trying to figure out trying to cover this up. jim brought up john cassidy from the new yorker. john said something very interesting which is key to the excuse making. he said that our problems may be beyond anybody. i think what we're seeing is narrative from the media, these are bigger problems and obama is trying and let's give him credit. he is not being held accountable. >> rush limbaugh has the theory he expressed he calls it the limbaugh theorem. he is campaigning
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constantly and never connected with the scandals and other things that are going wrong in washington and media are all out covering his nonstop campaign. >> jon: next on news watch the nsa leaker hits the media. >> hero or traitor? the man who leaked details of the nsa snooping operation made more news and when it comes to press relations, what do these two politicians have in common? that is next on news watch. all business purchases.
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♪ >> what do you think of edward snowden? >> i think he is traitor. i think he has committed crimes in effect by violating the agreements given the position he had. he was contractor employed but granted top secret clearance, i think it's one of the worst occasions of my memory of somebody with access to classified
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information doing an enormous damage to the national security interests of the united states. >> jon: former vice president dick cheney calling nsa leaker edward snowden a traitor for his actions. he went public again reacting to cheney's comments. part of what he said, unfortunately the mainstream media now seems far more interested in what i said when i was 17 or what my girlfriend looks like rather than, say, the largest program of surveillance in human history. >> welcome to celebrity -- for better or ill. he has become a genuine folk hero to a lot of people under 30. if you look at the 17-point drop among popularity. edward snowden is responsible for that. he is not going to like
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what is written about him. >> jon: he thought there was going to be adid you live laying in the -- adulation in media? >> he is on to be philip who got americans killed in the process and living out his life in cuba where he died under castro. >> jon: the former vice president's comments got this reaction from snowden. he said being called a traitor by dick cheney is the highest honor you can give an american. >> i think his complaint is valid that people are focusing on things whether she high school dropout or his girlfriend things that have nothing to do with the issue in an attempt to smear him. this narcistic thing, i guess he should be tv or something.
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sitting around point go fingers at guy who basically gave up everything and fled the country because he thought it was so important to expose this information which has not caused any damage to the united states. that the other thing this alleged damage that has been done, a lot of good has been done. >> jon: go ahead, rick. >> i was going to say, kirsten he signed up as a spy. nothing changed. >> what do you mean, as a spy? >> he signed up to work with the nsa to do a job exactly what he was going to change. what changed his comfort level with spying. >> that is not what happened. rick, i'm sorry. just because you are working in the nsa means that you are signing up for what the administration is doing in terms of surveillance. >> none of that surveillance changed.
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no he is not a whistleblower. he a blower of his integrity. he was no loer comfortable with spying. >> i think the media has one hand attitude, they are happy to have the information because they like to find out things that are secret. on the other hand agents of the federal government have been tapping phones and looking at emails and revealing secrets. i think they have a dual personality on this. >> bob schieffer says he admires people that take stands against the governor but i don't remember martin luther king or rosa parks hiding in china. >> right. whistle blowing is embedded in liberal media thinking but snowden challenges that because the portrait of him somebody who is giving secrets to the chinese and running from the country to do that. meanwhile, the larger
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context about the insider threat program by the obama administration. that is further scaring of people that something really ominous is happening beyond snowden. >> i have to say schieffer used history of the world because rosa parks didn't have the government casing them giving away secrets. this is ridiculous. no, government was harassing them. he did something against the u.s. government and had to flee. it's a completely different situation. >> he did sign a contract. he violated that contract because of that what people do. he has information and he has a platform. >> rick about s about this. three months into the job he is leaking stuff. >> jon: next on news watch a lesson in the press.
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>> maine's governor takes a page from the obama playbook in dealing with bad press. cbs news anchor scott pelley makes the news watch list again. find out what he did next on news watch. [ male announcer ] you've reached the age where giving up isn't who you are. ♪ this is the age of knowing how to make things happen. so, why let erectile dysfunction get in your way? talk to your doctor about viagra. 20 million men already have. ask your doctor if your heart is healthy enough for sex. do not take viagra if you take nitrates for chest pain; it may cause an unsafe drop in blood pressure. side effects include headache, flushing, upset stomach, and abnormal vision. to avoid long-term injury, seek immediate medical help for an erection lasting more than four hours. stop taking viagra and call your doctor right away if you experience a sudden decrease or loss in vision or hearing. this is the age of taking action. viagra. talk to your doctor.
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♪ >> jon: this week yahoo news published a tally of all the way jay carney has dodged reporter questions starting with his first briefing. i don't have the answer was tops. 1095 times, i refer you to was second and list goes on and on. favorite no comment used 429 times ending with the president won't tell me -- as 117 times. had which brings us to
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maine's governor taking a page no comment to go three newspapers which cover him portland presents harold and morning sentinel. papers coverage of his administration not so flattering and so, he just decided he will stop talking to them. in fact that is new way in this era? >> that may be the new way but it's a stupid way. it's a policy that he will come to reconsider. i would suspect withdraw when he thinks about it. papers come out every day. >> yeah, it's incredible. this is very bad judgment. first of all, it looks bad. i think to the average voter you can't publish newspapers that you don't like. he set himself up for a bad situation. >> jon: more bad news for the media biz if you believe the polls. according to the newest
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gallup poll only 24% have faith in united states. tv news bounding bounced up from the all-time low 21% from a year ago. rick, what about that if the media don't have the trust of the people they are serving, what does that say? >> i think things are really changing. the game is over so to speak. you look on social media, people are going around traditional newspapers. they are really dying. you can get better information from bloggers inside syria and people on twitter that is part of the process. you don't have to wait for a mainstream reporter to file a article in a newspaper. people are looking for that better information. >> jon: i since that judy disagrees with from the body language. we have another poll we have to talk about. [ laughter ] >> jon: this from would pew research center, the media
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coverage of gay marriage, 47% of the stories showed supportive points of view, 9% not supportive, not fair and balanced coverage? >> i think for example the "new york times" has wholly subsidiary of the gay advocate. every front page story and editorial page, all of them 99-100% pro gay marriage. and growing secularization of america so all of that combines. i think the media that is done a very, very bad job of giving something of the other opinion, whether you agree with it or not. >> jon: do those statistics surprise you, 57%? >> most news rooms are located in urban environments where people tend to be pro gay marriage and have certain views. news rooms reflect those views. >> most reporters are
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liberals but most the rest libertarians and you combine them you get this type of editorial point of view. >> jon: then scott pelley who made our list this week. in an interview with deadline hollywood he took shots at fox news and made this comment about cable news. not a lot of people watch cable news. they just don't. if you look at the numbers, cable channels have a few hundred thousand viewers at any given moment. cbs evening news has 7 million viewers. that is different order of magnitude. he fudged his numbers. cbs news averages around 6 million coming in third and comparing coverage of big events, cbs had just over 5 million viewers for the g.o.p. debate. about a month later, fox news had a larger audience. on election night, scott, take note 11.45 million
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viewers at fox, cbs had 7.9 million. next on news watch, chris matthews fails the truth in advertising context. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] for dad's first job as dad. nissan tests hundreds of child seats
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♪ three, two, roll it. >> in is news night. >> hbo series newsroom gets a second crack to try to build an audience this summer. the program tries to depict a news operation with
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hollywood drama thrown in. chris matthews seems to be a huge fan of the program. >> let me ask you about, what you have done with newsroom. i talked to you before the show, my son has a part of the show. you are man on the show. kind of like keith olbermann or other people in this business. what is newsroom going to be like this season that starts coming out this sunday. it's the more organic shoe that seems to come out of itself. it seems to grow like a human being that makes it so unpredictable and fascinating. >> my panel is wincing? we heard matthews' son is in the cast. he also adds that the program is fascinating but what he didn't tell us she paid consultant for the newsroom. that according to the hollywood reporter which lists matthews along with whole stable of liberal media types who help focus the point of view on that
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drama show. something to keep in mind. that is wrap on news watch. thanks to our panel. i'm jon scott. thanks for watching. keep it right here on fox news channel. >> gregg: this is a fox news alert on edward snowden, pulling another surprise, emerging from his hiding spot from hong kong and traveling to russia. hello, i'll gregg jarrett. welcome to a brand-new hour. >> heather: i'm heather childers. thank you for joining us. russia state media reports that snowden is in moscow, one day after the u.s. government launched an urgent effort to extradite the nsa leaker from hong kong. snowden is wanted for stealing and then revealing details on highly classified programs but destination, ecuadoris may


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