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tv   FOX and Friends First  FOX News  June 27, 2013 2:00am-3:01am PDT

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bars. >> she has apologized for we are learning new details something she did that was about the arrest of patriot wrong, and for the media, the public to keep continuing to aaron hernandez. pound her about this issue when >> good morning to you, good morning to everybody at home. in fact she has owned up to her, what her actions and what she 23-year-old aaron hernandez did and she apologized. showed no emotion as prosecutors i say let the free market decide accused him of the cold blooded whether her books sell and her appliances whatever else, the tv killing of his friend. show all of that. hernandez and him argued after let the free market decide if leaving a club on friday night. her career continues. hernandez monday two friends that's why there's a huge double drove to a nearby industrial standard when it comes to this issue. she is being vilified for park. loud was then shot 5 times. something she did years ago which she already apologized authorities say hernandez was for, but on the flip side we the mastermind. >> after picking him up he have millions. brought up the subject that he was mad about that incident. >> children were hearing these words on a regular basis and he then drove the victim to the acting out on what they hear. >> not all of dean's backers. remote spot and he orchestrated his execution and that's what it the cruise ships running paula was. >> prosecutors also laid out the evidence trail that led to learn deen cruise they say they are launching a second voyage next year. >> it is 48 minutes after the hour. coming up an nfl player the d hernandez's arrest tire tracks victim of a car jacking.
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that led to investigators. baltimore ravens player bernard surveillance cameras showed him pierce robbed at gun point over leaving a gun as he went to pick the weekend. we will tell you about the details of the incident when we lloyd up just before the murder. return. shell casings also matched those >> how smart is your home town. uncovered from hernandez rental we have a list that gives you car. hernandez pleaded not guilty. the 100 grain iest city -- brain a judge ordered him to be held iest cities. without bail. if the 23-year-old is convicted we have a brainiac steve doocy. he faces life in prison. >> good morning ladies. massachusetts does not have the coming up a hunting company death penalty. >> anna kooiman, thank you. owner makes it possible for >> 90 minutes after police wounded warriors. tell you all about it great arrested him the new england story. anna kooiman teams up with pro patriots dropped hernandez from surfer and peterson for surfs up the team. >> it is now time for your workout. ronny dunn tells me other famous 5@5:00. we begin with a fox news alert. stars for a big concert to the american plant boss held benefit those who are injured captive by employees in china down in oklahoma. all starts just about 10 minutes has been released. from right now right here on fox news channel. tim starn is his name. look what mommy is having. the workers barricaded him in a room and refused to release him until they gave into their
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salary demands. they wanted severance packages similar to the ones he had given employees that he just fired, except he didn't fire. he had no choice but to give in to what the workers wanted. >> it's terrible and it's not right but i don't know what else to do at this point in time. >> nearly 100 of those employees have signed new contracts. he says in the future he will do a better job of outlining mommy's having a french fry. salaries in the up coming yes she is, yes she is. [ bop ] contracts. >> all right. while you were sleeping a fighter jet crashed on a routine [ male announcer ] could've had a v8. 100% vegetable juice, training mission in arizona. with three of your daily vegetable servings amazingly the student pilot and in every little bottle. instructor on board survived. they safely ejected before the jet went down in a field. the photo shows them walk will away from the scene minutes after the incident. an investigation is underway. >> things may have taken a turn from the worse. there is no sign of the
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85-year-old american schooner that disappeared between new zealand and australia. 6 americans and one british man are on board. they left new zealand at the end of the may but the last communication was on june 4th. officials say a storm that produced waves up to 26 feet high. >> is nsa leaker snowden in ecuador? it could take months to process his request. he is reportedly now living in a transit zone hotel room at moscow's airport. the u.s. is demanding his extradition but according to vladmir putin the position he is in now puts him out of the reach of russian law. years before pking a turn quote he wrote on-line leakers should be shot this according to the "washington post". snowden ramped on-line
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criticizing groups like wikileaks for publishing sensitive information. >> he is back and better than ever. we are talking about bear the nypd police dog injured in the line of duty now return to go a hero's welcome in new york. >> the pooch getting a standing ovation as he left the hospital. bear is his name he suffered fractures to his teeth. it was a subway brawler who kicked him in the snout last month. bear is expected to be back in the crime beat in about two weeks. looks like a sweet little doggy there. that is your 5@5:00. >> the key witness in the murder trial took a stand. a friend of trayvon martin was on the phone with him shortly before he was shot and killed. he testified martin told her he was being followed by zimmerman and that he was quote trying to lose him. why are you following me for?
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(inaudible) >> while being cross examined e she became testy for the defense >> eight till the top of the hour. here are some quick team. for lying about why she didn't headlines. baltimore ravens running go to martin's funeral. back bernard pierce was robbed at gunpoint on the she said she was in the hospital streets of philadelphia. that was not true. pierce was in town visiting family when a gunman two of zimmerman's neighbors also took the stand. reportedly jumped from a >> it could have been a man who car and robbed pierce, then has a higher voice. stole his bmw. pierce and a friend riding >> sounded more like a boy to with him are reportedly shaking up but okay. do you live in one of me. >> could have been a man with a hire voice. america's smartest cities? >> i don't know. a new list reveals the >> the defense will continue to country's brainiest places. cross examination of trayvon the top three, ithaca, new martin's friend. york; state college, another top official pennsylvania; and pleading the 5th. lafayette, indiana. coming in last, cincinnati, this as we have more abuses from ohio. the agency. wonder what's up with that? >> elizabeth pran is live in >> final goodbyes take washington with the details. place today to actor james >> good morning, heather. when a senior irs member invokes gandolfini. his new york city funeral will be a star-studded the 5th amendment it was nothing
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new. >> on the advice of council i tribute. >> good morning to you. this funeral to take place respectfully decline to answer here at the cathedral any questions and invoke my 5th church at st. john the divine in morning side amendment privilege. heights at 10 a.m. it is an episcopal church and james gandolfini was >> twe are learning more about strong castle and his way of catholic, but this church doing business, castillo won two played host to noteables over the years. government minority contracts by it is big enough for immediate family members claiming his business was in a and friends as well as many disadvantaged area of dc but adoring fans. this is a very public employees, students from nearby event. last night there was a catholic university. private wake held in new jersey that was only open he also won another contract by to immediate family and friends. we got a chance to talk to some of his immediate being a disabled vet. family members to say they are truly heartbroken by this tragedy. it was almost three decades ago. the family feels lost. they can't understand how something like this happened. quickly want to mention to >> the intention of without a you, here in new york even doubt that disabled military broadway paid tribute to james gandolfini last night. lights dimmed on broadway veterans receive preference for a brief time to honor flies in the face of a small him. injury in 1984 while attending >> >> thank you so much.
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the military academy prep school it is 54 minutes after the hour. coming up, pop star justin one so minor it had no effect on bieber is in trouble once college football participation more. we'll tell you about his for years to follow. latest run-in with the law. >> another set of reports siting at first sight you may swanky irs conference being held think today's video is good but what happens next ends at the four star marriott marque up being ugly. in atlanta. mean kitty, bad kitty. some included hors d'oeuvres an open bar a dinner kate at the aquarium catered by wolfgang puck. >> let me tell you what conference i went to irs lawyer it was in florida it was in cinder block buildings no air-conditioning. there were no frills. my how times have changed. >> in response to these accusations and others about misusing credit cards wasteful spending cannot be tolerated and any employees found abusing the system will be held accountable. more to come on this. back to you.
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elizabeth pran, thank you so much. >> now an extreme weather alert another show of severe weather marching through the midwest and the northeast bringing heavy rain and flash flooding. >> heat waves and storms are threatening millions of people from chicago to new york. maria molina is here with details. talking to friends of mine in the midwest they talked about how much rain has been coming down. >> the same storm system we have been talking about it for days has been producing showers and storms across areas of the midwest. i have good news and bad news. it is finally on the move. you have to deal with more showers for today. take a look at this map. across parts of the i 95 corridor in the northeast seeing showers and storms parts of the plains and across the midwest. widespread area that could be seeing storms. they could produce severe weather. heavy rain with the storms as
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well. we have flood washing watches across sections of the atlantic and west virginia. we mentioned the heat wave. it will be very hot across parts of the plains. 100 will be the high in phoenix, arizona. that's hot even for people in arizona. take a look atom 118, 104 in dallas. in san antonio 102 degrees. >> they are always saying it's a dry heat. >> it's good for the hair but s 118 anyway. >> paula deen's empire crumbling beneath her. more companies dropping dean after the racial comments. lauren sim monetti she went on "the today show" and made some sort of apology yesterday. >> a lot of big companies that deal with her dropped her. first it was the food network not renewing their contract but
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now wal-mart. they operate about 4 of her restaurants and smith field foods which services them. that's a pork producer. we have companies about nine that dean's camp are saying they come to her support. those are big names. >> she is not exactly getting rave reviews for that apology. >> let's talk about this one. delta airlines finally fined for bumping passengers and not offering the money they are supposed to do something to accommodate you. >> when your flight is over sold, if you get bumped tip clooe y -- typically you get compensated. delta fined 750,000 dollars because the transportation department said that they would pump people who did not volunteer to be bumped and not compensate them. >> it certainly happened to a lot of us. they think of it as the cost of doing business. >> second fine of this type in
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four years. >> it's peanuts for them. >> a minute and a half before the hour. >> apple loses 100 million class before you leave the house here's what's happening today. nfl star aaron hernandez action lawsuit all because of sitting behind bars this morning without bail. he's charged with murder. kids. >> yes. it might have happened to you or prosecutors say he some parent out there a kid orchestrated the murder of his friend odin lloyd. takes hold of your iphone or n.s.a. leaker ed ipad and they buy all of these snowden still stuck in virtual goods by playing certain moscow. he's holed up at the games but the virtual goods cost airport there while he awaits word on whether real money but they seem like ecuador will grant his request for asylum. it's free you check your bill you are like hundreds of dollars much of the country bracing for extreme weather today. dangerous record-breaking racked up by my child i didn't heat forecast for much of the west and it could last aut rides any of these purchases. at least into next week. in a class action suit apple temperatures near 130 settling paying 100$100 to the degrees in the southwest. time to look at the good, the bad, and the parents. the breakdown is $5 if the ugly. first the good. a california man getting a charges were under $30. shock of a lifetime this week after 69 years, two submit your claim you can get letters that were written by his father while he more money back. it is the trial lawyers who do served in world war ii that one now the people finally reached home. a stamp collector found the themselves. it is 11 minutes after the notes and tracked down the hour. in his last living work, we are soldier's son. next the bad.
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talking about the diary of this photographer slapping ambassador chris stevens it has justin bieber with a been revealed. lawsuit claiming the singer we will tell you the chilling kicked him and punched him warning that he wrote about in while he was snapping terms of the state of libya and pictures at a california where things stood there. shopping center. the suit seeks unspecified and a scare in the sky as 15 damages. finally the ugly, a cat caught on camera giving his passengers get ill aboard a delta flight. curious buddy -- what a we will tell you about what might have happened there. we will be right back. i'm phyllis and i have diabetic nerve pain. mean little kitty. >> shoving him down the when i first felt the diabetic nerve pain, stairs. >> everybody have a great day. "fox & friends" -- while she laughs i'll say of course i had no idea what it was. i felt like my feet were going to sleep. goodbye -- starts right now. >> good morning. today is thursday, june 27. it progressed from there to burning i'm alison camerota in for like i was walking on hot coals... to like 1,000 bees gretchen. prosecutors say it was a that were just stinging my feet. well-planned execution. i have a great relationship with my doctor... nfl star aaron hernandez he found lyrica for me. charged with murder in the death of his friend. [ female announcer ] it's known that diabetes damages nerves. lyrica is fda approved to treat diabetic nerve pain. >>steve: another i.r.s. official stonewalling the american people by taking lyrica is not for everyone. the fifth in front of it may cause serious allergic reactio congress. he's also got a $500 or suicidal thoughts or actions.
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>> former south african president nelson mandela on life support. jacob sglzuma canceled travel ps to be by his side. family is being told to be prepared for the worst. passenger ons a plight getting sick from istanbul to new york.
2:16 am
delta officials say they are looking into it. >> the situation in benghazi is now coming in from the ambassador chris steven's diary entry. he warned of never ending security threats in his final entry written on september 11th. that is the same day that he and three other americans were killed. stevens also allegedly wrote about being a target on an islamist hit list. these entries coming to light as the man in charge in africa on the night of the terror attacks told his side of the story. mike emanuel has the details. >> in a closed door classified briefing looking into the military response of the benghazi attack last september 11th carter ham who was a commander of africom was not consulted when they prepared for a 9-11 anniversary. >> the biggest take away is no
2:17 am
amount of heroic effort could over come the white house's lack of preparedness on september 11th the day that these attacks took place in again zi. >> the white house put out a statement on september 10th on white house counter-terrorism advisor john brennan giving meetings about security measures and steps taken for u.s. persons and facilities abroad. they heard from former head of special ops forces in africa and army lieutenant colonel steve gibson in libya september 11th. in addition to what went wrong there was a focus on lessons learned. >> our priority is making sure whatever steps weare made they don't happen again and we learn from the actions. >> much of what is known about the military response came from whistleblower testimony in front of the house over site committee last month. >> how did personnel react to being told to stand down? >> they were furious.
2:18 am
i can only say i won't quote lieutenant gibson he said it's the first time in my career a diplomat has more balls than somebody in the military. >> there was no stand down order but they had to protect tripoli instead. >> those places in a position of harm potential harm and ultimately harm in benghazi and american lives. we learned today he was not told to stand down but in fact he was told to stay. >> in response toh ham the pentagon and chiefs were consulted before the 9-11 anniversary. typically combatant commanders like ham would not participate in those meetings. on capitol hill mike emanuel, fox news. >> 18 after the hour. a mid air collision a hand glider and paraglider crossing
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>> while you were sleeping texas executed the 6then hundred -- 600th inmate. kimberly mccarthy was convicted of the murder of her elderly murder. she is the first woman to be put
2:23 am
to death in the u.s. in three years. >> two gliders colliding in australia both sent plummeting to the ground. one was able to deploy an emergency chute moments before they hit the ground. it took crews 2 hours to put them out. fortunately nobody was hurt. >> thanks, heather. >> the economy is still struggling. we want to help you find a job. we know it's tough out there. we especially want to help our nation's veterans. cheryl casone is here with three military friendly companies hiring right now. >> you know patti ann we have 12 billion jobless right now total in the country. but so many of those are our nation's veterans. more vet tan -- veterans are slated to be return to go the united states. they have a tough job situation. several companies are out there trying to get these jobs to these veterans and trying to help them become enter paren newers. the first one is allied barton
2:24 am
security services. if you have security clearances in particular they hire security personnel for businesses, for some government work as well. they have 2100 jobs. if you have the right security clearances you could really do well. this is a franchise opportunity all of these are. military friendly spouse employer rated top 100 by gi jobs. >> this is electrical. you never want to be the person trying to do your own electric work. at a residential commercial installation they need electricians shockingly enough and customer service representative. this offers benefits medical life insurance. they have 187 officeses. they are going to be opening up 9 more. tho they have 120 new jobs. they work with military veterans
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and they have incentive programs a discount if you are opening up your own franchise. a lot are thinking what do i do having your own business is a great way to transition into the work force. >> they have a lot of skills. they are going in a different direction. >> what do you think this is? motor t mosquito treatment. it's mosquito control treatment they have 15 new locations. a lot are return to go the virginia area. they should reach 30 locations by 2013. they want to get to other cities. dc, north carolina texas atlanta, baltimore are the main ones. everything will be listed at ca you can work at one of these or open up your own franchise. i will have everything listed there.
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e-mail us at it's 25 after the hour. still to come first it was lois lerner now another irs official taking the 5th amid new allegations of scandal and abuse by the agency. we will have details. a bank robbery goedz bus bust. a crime stopper the marine. how he foiled the plot. in this history route 66 in 1985 was removed from the highway system. with the spark miles card from capital one, bjorn earns unlimited rewas for his small business take theseags to room 12 please. [ garth ] bjors small busiss earns double miles on every purchase every day. produce delivery. [ bjorn ] just put it on my spark card. [ garth why settle for less? ahh, oh! [ garth ] great businesses deserve limited reward
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>> good morning to you. taking a live look outside we are sitting as the sun comes up today. it is thursday june the 27th. welcome to "fox & friends first". i am heather nauert. >> i am patti ann browne. it is 30 minutes after the hour. one of the top stories we are following he went from a rising star in the nfl to an accused killer possibly facing life behind bars. prosecutors say aaron hernandez who had just inked a $40 million contract extension with the patriots through away his
2:31 am
promising career with what prosecutors say was the execution of a friend. anna kooiman is here she has the latest details. >> hi there everybody at home. 23-year-old aaron hernandez showed no emotion while in the courtroom as prosecutors accused him of the cold blooded killing of his friend lloyd. he was dropped by the patriots. hernandez and lloyd argued after leaving a club on friday night. monday hernandez and two friends drove lloyd to a nearby tristil park. lloyd was shot three times. hernandez was the mastermind. >> after picking him up he brought up the subject that he was mad about that incident in boston. he then drove the victim to the remote spot and then he orchestrated his execution. that's what it was. >> prosecutors also laid out the evidence trail that led to his
2:32 am
arrest detailing tire tracks followed by investigators. surveillance footage from outside of hernandez's home showed him leaving with a gun just before the murder. shell casings from the scene match those uncovered from hernandez rental car. hearn b hernandez pleaded not guilty. if the 23-year-old is convicted he faces life in prison. massachusetts does not have the death penalty. >> a lot of developments in that story. >> it is time for your 5@5:30. dramatic moments during the murder trial of george zimmerman. trayvon martin's friend a key witness shows the final minutes of his life. she told jurors martin said he was being followed by zimmerman. she heard martin shout get off twice before the call ended. he said why are you following me
2:33 am
for? (inaudible (inaudible) i heard trayvon saying get off get off. she calm under fire for never reporting the incident and for lying while about why she didn't attend the funeral. they are passing restrictions on abortions. lawmaker also meet on monday. this after lawmakers passed a measure the lieutenant governor said didn't count because it happened after the midnight deadline. it would ban abortions after the 20th week of pregnancy. >> developments in the west virginia scene arrested for wearing an nra t-shirt at school. jair road mar come faces a year
2:34 am
in jail and a $500 fine for an obstruction charge because he refused to change his shirt. he agreed to drop the position if they waive about the case. they need the waiver because markum is a minor. >> they are trying to block out your individual voice and the press should be a red flag to realize base you cancally got something to hide. >> a reporter working the case was arrested after being thrown out the courthouse twice. he was trying to order a petition opposing the gag order. >> once a marine always a marine. a 65-year-old veteran stops a bank robbery. it shows eugene story springing in action after an alleged robber pointed a gun at a teller and demanded money. he says he wrestled the gun away from the robber then the guy ran out of the bank. he didn't think twice before
2:35 am
acting. >> i figure if anything has to come down he shot me he shot me. i would rather stake my life than somebody else's. they found the ladies and gentlemened robber in woods and took him into custody. i like that marine. >> let's take a look at this. it's the amazing moments a daredevil surfer rides a waves created a 300 foot tall glacier. you can see garrett mcnamara on his surf board. mcnamara the first and only person ever to ride such a as well. he said it was hair raising. that is your 5@5:po. >> let's go to the story we have been following for quite sometime now. there's a new mess for the irs this morning. officials are pleading the 5th we learn more from the agency lavish spending on another conference. doug lieu zahered is live from
2:36 am
washington. >> as if the irs needed more problems. dan near w he will have to talk about liberal groups as well. all of this coming on the heals of what happened yesterday. >> i intend to invoke my 5th amendment right. >> yet another high level irs employee deputy director in fact gregory roseman pleading the 5th protecting himself by refuse to go answer questions yesterday about a growing contracting scandal abot the irs he's accus of helping steer irs contracts to castillo who secured hundreds of millions of dollars of contracts and his problems of his own for starters and the neighborhood followed by business for special treatment. castillo may not have broken any laws but claims a prep school
2:37 am
football injury gives a leg up for federal contract proves too much for congresswoman tammy duct worth who lost both of they are her legs while serving iraq. >> i am so glad you would be willing to play football again to protect this great country. shame on you mr. castillo. shame on you. >> something else the new commissioner will have to answer questions about new disclosures about a lavish irs conference in atlanta back in 2008 and sent taxpayers back about $2.4 million. that's a lot of money. doug luzader thank you so much. let that guy have it. we will hear more of that. >> meanwhile before you leave the house this morning an extreme weather alert another show of severe weather marching through the midwest and northeast. >> maria molina is live for us with all of the details. what's going on today? >> the same storm system we have been talking about already for several days across the midwest is introducing showers and
2:38 am
storms and areas of flooding today is going to be on the move. you are expecting showers and storms across sections of the midwest in chicago and surrounding areas across wisconsin and illinondiana and state of illinois. there will be severe threats as well northeast southeast and parts of the plains. the storm system finally picking up and heading eastbound producing scattered areas of storms. flooding another big concern across parts of new england into the northeast and down into the state of west virginia heat wave is also underway. i want to direct your attention into the southwestern u.s. phoenix, arizona you are talking high temperatures at 118 degrees. through this weekend we have a number of excessive heat warnings in effect. patti ann and heather only in the low 9 0z. we will stay hot during the daytime and during the nighttime.
2:39 am
other areas expecting triple dig get temperatures as well in states like oklahoma and also new mexico. >> maria molina thank you so much for that update. it is time to go with michael ram mir ramiro. a new movie opening up this weekend. tell us about this one. >> we were right off the plains from the world premiere of the new 20th century dreamer movie called turbo from the creators of the crew and madagascar stars ryan reynolds samuel l. jackson and snoop dogg. it is about the ultimate under dog story of a snail who wants to win the indianapolis 500. we have monstersve snails. we caught up with the stars in space. >> questiwe always feel like th underdog. are you going to get there?
2:40 am
are you going to continue to be a viable part of this world. >> you can't help it. in this industry there's much success you perceive these people they are successful there's a lot of rejection. >> hard to feel sorry for them. they can make just as much money doing the voiceover. >> this is ryan reynolds second animated film. he got the offer while evidences still in the krudz. jam soule jackson is the highest grossi grossing. the latest adventure with two women starring alyssa mccarthy and sandra bullock. they have such great chemistry. we sat down with them over the weekend and talked about what it was like to work together. >> i think it was wildly fun
2:41 am
that we got along so well the second we met. that just doesn't always happen. i don't know if the world needs two of us. >> at least we now found the other one. so our oddities are things that we find no one else does. >> do you complete each other's sentences. >> she had me at (bleep). >> she does. it's a little baudy r rated it's a little family oriented. they are a little behind and celebrity buzz you can check me on twitter. >> thank you very much. it is 41 minutes after the hour. paula deen's companies haven't stopped people from dropping the endorsity deals? will the celebrity chef stop all of the backlash? think driving in your town is
2:42 am
the worst? there is a new list it is compiled the worst of the worst driving scenarios in america. find out if your home town made it. ♪ test.
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>> a long island teen pleading guilty to terrorism charges admitting she tried to join al qaeda. justin khaled said he wanted to wage jihad against the united states. he was arrested in january as he attempted to get on a flight to the mid eels. he was planning to go to yemen. he faces 30 years behind bars. think you sit in too much traffic or have it roof on the roads the city who's have nightmares for drivers have been released. han lulu coming in first place for traffic. washington, d.c. home to the country's worth speed cameras and texas has the worst reputation for tickets because of the record number of speed traps. >> hate the speed traps. >> let's go down to the scandal surrounding paula deen that causing her career despite a
2:47 am
cause sgla apology that asked for forgiveness and a second chance. >> if there is any one out there that has never said something that they wish they could take back, if you are out there please pick up that stone and throw it so hard at my head that it kills me. please. i want to meet you. >> not enough for a few more companies now cutting ties after she admitted to using a racial slur. wal-mart will stop selling her products. caesar entertainment stripped her name from four restaurants.
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