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tv   Hannity  FOX News  June 27, 2013 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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o'reilly. please remember, the spin stops right here, because we're always looking out for you. welcome to "hannity." tonight, full coverage of the george zimmerman murder trial and we'll hear from our law enforcement experts as they break down details of the investigation. first, today marked day four of the trial, and the prosecution's so-called star witness returned to the stand for the second straight day, grilled we the defense. rachel jeantel revealed she changed her national story about what she heard during the cell phone conversation on the night of the shooting and also admitted she lied under oath. take a lock at the highlights. >> those facts included you saying that mr. zimmerman said what you doing around here?
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>> yes. >> you do acknowledge, though, the first time that you were asked that question in your interview with mr. crump later that day, your response was that mr. zimmerman said what you talking about? >> yes. >> so it was racial, but it was because trayvon martin put race in this? >> no. >> you don't think that's a racial comment? >> no. >> you don't think that creepy [ bleep ] is a racial comment? >> no. >> again, you lied because you wanted to give a plausible answer to ms. fulton as to why you didn't go to the wake? >> yes, sir. >> but on the april 2nd
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interview, you, in fact, were under oath. >> yes, sir. >> and you knew that? >> yes, sir. >> so the prosecution's "star witness" have a credibility problem? here with reaction, fox news legal analyst, peter johnson jr. and jonah spilbore and attorney analisa sekolazi. creepy ass cracker, and the "n" word. what do you think about that? >> if this is the star prosecution witness, i don't want to see the worst witness. the case in terms of prosecution was supposed to be about racial attitudes of george zimmerman and front and center, we hear trayvon martin invoking the "n" word and another bad word, cracker. so i think it's backfired in a big way. >> and annie, the prosecutor? >> i will disagree. that's what we do.
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this is a teenager. while i wish it wasn't, this is how kids are talking. it's not so unexpected, and i say it goes toward her credibility, because that is what she said. >> you believe she was a credible, helpful witness for the prosecution? >> yeah, i do. >> writes a lie, and couldn't even read the letter? >> she can't really write very well. we're not talking about a woman extremely educated. >> she said she wrote the letter. >> you take your witnesses as you find them, and you cannot get away from the fact that this was the young woman on the phone with trayvon martin at the time of his death. agree that the -- the defense, had they kept her on the stand for a half hour or hour, a little differently. the longer they kept her on, much too long, she strengthened her position. >> every time she opened her mouth, she chipped away at her own credibility, so much so, i don't think she has any. this is the prosecution's star
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witness. you know going in, i agree you take your witnesses as you find them. the prosecution had to know she was going to be an awful witness. don't put her on first. put your case on and save her for last in case you can get away with not putting her on at all. >> i agree with her. >> here is the issue. i feel sorry for her as a person, forced into the situation. >> i agree with that, by the way. >> she can't read, has lit racy problems. >> the public comments have been cruel to her. >> she didn't ask to be put in this situation. in terms of the decedent, the so-called victim in this case, she's revealed a tremendous lot that goes beyond cultural norms. >> let's play where she reveals what anna and i were discussing, that she can't read the letter that she and the friend supposedly written and she said she had wrote about the shooting. >> and you and ms. sur talked
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about what you wanted to be in the letter and she helped write it in a way that was legible, correct? >> yes. >> but the contents of the letter are yours? >> yes. >> are you able to read that copy well enough that you can tell us if it's, in fact, the same letter? >> no. >> are you unable to read that at all? >> some of it. >> can you read any of the words on it? >> i don't understand. i don't read very well. >> credibility? >> that goes to her credibility. this is a young woman who is embarrassed, and has someone help write something. >> two people making very different women. >> i have been dealing with women like her and homicides for
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the last 10, 12 years. this is your next-door neighbor. >> did she write the letter? >> her friend wrote the letter, she can't read it. >> i want to know that she wrote that letter that she wrote, right? >> exactly. you can't enter it into evidence with any burden of proof on the prosecution if she can't demonstrate that those were her words. that that is what she was talking about. >> there's a pathos about it, a pathetic quality about it, sean. but at the same time, are you right in this part. is it a fabrication? not a recorded telephone call. all we have is her accounts, and if she can't authenticate that, then there is a problem. but i feel sorry for her again. >> a lot of her account was corroborated by other people already. have you phone records in evidence that show the call at the exact times she says. and other witness testified today. >> does any of this show that george zimmerman is guilty of
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second degree murder? we've got to get to that point in this case. >>ith not just second degree murder in this case. we also have manslaughter and in florida, manslaughter is the killing of someone else by the act, procurement, or even criminal negligence that is not justified. so if the evidence bears out. >> stand your ground law. >> stand your ground only applies if you are not the attacker. he was the follower. >> let's go back to her admitting she was lying under oath. >> you told mr. rionda that had you gone to the hospital, correct? >> he asked me did i go to the hospital? i said yeah. >> so you -- i know you had said that earlier to mr. crump and to ms. fulton to give a plausible explanation to them for why you
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didn't go to the memorial service or the wake. is that right? >> yes, sir. >> and then when mr. del rionda asked about it, you gave the same answer? >> yes, sir. >> you knew that was a lie? >> yes, sir. >> again, you lied because you wanted to give a plausible answer to ms. fulton as to why you didn't go to the wake. >> yes, sir. >> but on the april 2nd interview, you were under oath. >> yes, sir. >> and you knew that? >> yes, sir. >> and you made a decision because of how difficult the situation is that you were just put in, you decided to lie about going to the hospital rather than say something that might be
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painful. >> yes, sir. >> a series of lies. the question, that an excusable lie. >> the truth is, a lot of people amongst us don't have the stomach or heart to attend a wake, a funeral and say i can't go. and come up with lies and excuses. in terms of lies, not a damnable lie. and again, empathy. it does prove that the witness is capable of telling a lie, even when she swears to tell the truth. >> and that's not the only instance. >> no, she actually can't keep much of her story straight. she told different stories during the investigation, on the stand giving different answers to the same question, and, again, this goes -- we can feel sorry for her, we can, but it goes to her credibility and if she is the star witness, supposedly having to prove that
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george zimmerman is the agre aggress aggressor, we can't believe what is coming out of her mouth. that's a problem. >> at one point, i couldn't hear trayvon, i could have heard trayvon, i did. they may be small, but cumulatively there are four or five instances. >> i am not saying she's a dream witness. she proved herself to lie and admitted lies on the stand. she is not testifying in a vacuum. you have lots of neighbors and other pieces of evidence that if the prosecution puts it together by the end and say, look, these couple things, whether you believe her, accept a witness, disregard them, or take parts. take the basics that have never changed and a lot of what she said has never, ever changed, the basics, and put it with the other, still end up with criminal liability, whether it's murder or manslaughter, heavy penalties here. >> mr. zimmerman says it's self-defense, and when we hear testimony that his alleged victim is engaging in this kind
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of language and thinking in these kind of terms, then it gives credibility to the notion of self-defense. >> he was being followed in the middle of the night while walking home from a store. >> by a cracker. >> that's not just the allegation. >> by a cracker. >> i don't care who is following him home. somebody shouldn't have been following him coming home from a store. you see him buying the skittles. >> let meha argue against this. nobody saw who punched who first and george zimmerman had a broken nose, lacerations on his head and when he shot trayvon martin, trayvon martin was on top of him. how do you overcome that? >> i don't think it matters. i'll tell you why. >> tell me after the break. >> later, portions of my interview with george zimmerman last july. what he told me that day that contradicts the prosecution's so-called star witness and then
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later, rudy giuliani live in studio, reacting to the disturbing story that members of the obama administration sat down with a face-to-face meeting with a very controversial muslim cleric at the white house. that same white house where your kids can't go visit. more as "hannity" continues. (girl) what does that say? (guy) dive shop. (girl) diving lessons. (guy) we should totally do that. (girl ) yeah, right. (guy) i wannna catch a falcon! (girl) we should do that. (guy) i caught a falcon. (guy) you could eat a bug. let's do that. (guy) you know you're eating a bug. (girl) because of the legs. (guy vo) we got a subaru to take us new places. (girl) yeah, it's a hot spring. (guy) we should do that. (guy vo) it did. (man) how's that feel? (guy) fine. (girl) we shouldn't have done that. (guy) no. (announcer) love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru.
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. . >> yes, sir. yes, sir. i had told you before having not
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knew this man was out of jail. and i remember saying that, sir. what? >> yeah, just earlier tow. >> no. >> you? >> you didn't get that from me. i called back again, sir, and i had texts, sir. if you were going to confront the man, he would have told me, i was about to confront the man. he did not tell me that, sir. he just told me he was trying to get home, sir. but the man was still following him, sir. >> we'll continue with peter johnson jr. and defense attorney jonah spillborg and anna czi sfwln za.
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>>depending on the moment, she could chaung moment, stride, and pitch. sometimes you wondered whether some of her demeanor was honest and accurate and truthful and genuine or not, because she was -- she had the capacity to be kind of sharp and actually put the defense lawyer back on his heels a little bit and kind of almost take control of the courtroom a couple of times and take it away from the defense lawyer. so that was interesting. >> there were some good moments, i would agree with that. overall, the credibility issue. >> i thought her bad attitude detracted from her credibility. take it a step further. she is supposed to betray von martin's friend. they want to paint trayvon martin as a choir boy. choir boys don't hang out with people who are defiant, calling questions retarded. she is being completely disrespectful. do disrespectful people hang out
6:18 pm
with other disrespectful people? if i'm on the jury, that's where i go. >> that goes back to the cracker comment. >> the prosecution is trying to mind him as a boy trying to get home after buying snacks for a 12-year-old boy. >> i have a question. does somebody walk not on the sidewalk, right under the eaves of homes. you have somebody getting out of the rain and there is suspicion on both sides. >> let's give george zimmerman that. i don't think he came in as the worst human being in the world by a long shot. i think he was overzealous. let's say the confrontation, let's for a moment say you believe the evidence that he is following him, and now that he
6:19 pm
turns around, trayvon martin and said what are you following me for? and george zimmerman says what are you doing here, a fight ensues. forget who throws the first punch. >> that's important. >> as a prosecutor, i would tell the jury it isn't. if it's trayvon martin, it's only because he's fearful of the guy following him. >> we have injuries consistent with the story of george zimmerman. >> they are not. >> here is the problem. here is the problem, are you not painting a picture of justification in terms of trayvon martin striking zimmerman first. he. >> he is being followed. >> the ability under florida law or new york law to strike out at someone. apprehension of loss of life? >> only deadly force used was by george zimmerman and i don't believe that george zimmerman believed he was about to be killed. >> look at those injuries. >> those injuries aren't that bad.
6:20 pm
an inch cut to the head. >> lacerations to the back of the head. >> hardly close to death. >> for example, i asked him, who was screaming? here is the answer. >> we heard the screams on the one recording from the neighbor calling the police. and there's been some dispute whose voice that is. was that your voice screaming or trayvon martin's voice? >> it was my voice, absolutely. >> that was your voice? >> yes, sir. >> well, does that -- that's his claim. anyone going to dispute that? >> let's say that it's george zimmerman saying help. because someone is getting the better of you in a fight, you cannot take out your gun and shoot them. >> no, no, no. unless you believe that person is going to kill you. >> yes. exactly. do you think he really thought he was about to die? >> you've dealt with cases in the criminal realm, and i've dealt with cases in a civil realm. where there isn't a mark on a
6:21 pm
person's head and is he suffer a subdural hematoma and they die. he said that you are going to die tonight, is what he said. >> the crux of the case is what george zimmerman believed. does he have a reasonable believe belief. he didn't have to get harmed, he to reasonably believe he would be harmed. >> with no witness, how do they get to second degree murder, peter? how do they get there? >> if this is their only witness, an ear witness based on eyewitness testimony, it's difficult, difficult, difficult to do. and the testimony we heard does not help the prosecution. >> what do you think? >> i think the prosecution is doing a great job of proving reasonable doubt for the defense. so far that's what we've got. reasonable doubt. >> i disagree. i don't know that they are going to get second degree murder. but they charged it based on the belief of the evidence that he was on top and pull out the gun
6:22 pm
and shot. that zimmerman would be on top, shot, and it would be depreyed. >> the injuries, the fact that trayvon was on top of him, i don't see any way how he should be found guilty. >> i see criminal liability, i don't know to what degree. we haven't seen all the evidence. >> mark fuhrman and rob wheeler will weigh in. and later on tonight, looking at visual proof that a man with ties to radical muslims was invited to the obama white house. what's even worse, now that they've been caught red handed, obama aides are defending the decision and america's mayor, rudy giuliani has a message for the president as he joins me live in studio as we continue. y. y. but your erectile dysfunction - itld be a question of blood flow. cialis tadalafil for daily use helps you be ready anytime the moment's right. you cabe more confident in your ability to be ready. and the same cialis is the only daily ed tablet
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so the last thing you heard was some kind of noise like something hitting somebody. >> and trayvon got hit. trayvon got hit. >> you don't know that, do you? >> no. >> you don't know that trayvon got hit. >> because he had -- >> you that trayvon didn't at that moment take his fist and drive it into george zimmerman's face. >> please lower your voice. >> do you? >> so the prosecution's so-called star witness, rachel jeantel claims trayvon martin got hit first with the first punch. i sat down with george zimmerman last july, and he told me a completely different story. watch this. >> at this point, trayvon is -- all of a sudden, you turn around, and there he was. >> yes, sir. >> what happened next? >> he asked me what my problem was. >> expletive problem?
6:28 pm
>> yes, sir. and i was wearing a rain jacket, and i put my cell phone in my jacket pocket as opposed to my jeans pocket, where i normally keep it, and i immediately went to grab my phone to this time call 911 instead of the nonemergency, and when i reach into my pant pocket, because that's where i keep it out of habit, it wasn't there, and i was shocked. i looked up, punched me, broke my nose. >> one shot? >> yes. >> he said to you, you have expletive, you have a problem. those are the exact words. >> do you have a problem? what's your problem? >> what's your problem? and you said to him, i don't have a problem. >> yes, sir. >> you reach for your phone. >> i reached for it, as i was saying. no, i don't have a problem. >> at that point, you got hit? >> he was already in arm's length of me.
6:29 pm
>> yes, sir. >> and that's whthe punch that broke your nose? >> yes, sir. >> the difference between jeantel and zimmerman is that zimmerman is there. who is more credible? mark fuhrman? >> absolutely. the prosecution's star witness, at every opportunity, she was trying to interject something that she never told anybody ever before, or enhance something that she thought or should be there. and, you know, the credibility of this witness, when we talked today on the radio show, i mean, it is so low, i'm not even sure how the jury could consider this witness. >> what do you think, rod? >> i agree with mark to a certain degree. we also need to understand, sean, it's not jeantel on trial there. it's zimmerman on trial, and as a result, we need to understand
6:30 pm
we just began this trial and there is a lot more witnesses and evidence. we're not at the point where we should convict nor quit zimmerman. we have a long way to go. >> i agree with you. but give me some evidence, something we know in the public at this point that gets us to second degree murder, because the injuries are consistent with zimmerman's story. >> that's excellent question. we need to wait to hear to the lead investigator, from the sanford police department. he has a lot of direct physical evidence, which could actually make this case a case of second degree murder. >> what could the physical evidence be? we know that trayvon was on top of zimmerman, right? >> we know trayvon was on top of zimmerman. zimmerman came prepared for a gun battle. we don't know if trayvon came prepared for a gun battle. >> wait, wait, wait. prepared for a gun battle. he has a license to carry per t
6:31 pm
permit. i have a license carry permit, i never want to get in a gun battle, ever. >> you can't project intent by something that's a lawful act. no different than zimmerman following somebody in his condo complex is not a crime, so you can't make that intent. the intent and the act would come when somebody has a choice to form an intent at that moment. when you look at this whole situation, the lead investigator is not going to forensically dispute zimmerman's statement. they are consistent. the only thing i think the lead investigator will be able to offer is statements that zimmerman made at the walk through or at the station, but i have a feeling they are much more consistent that the prosecution's case, that zimmerman lied or trayvon martin did not do certain things that zimmerman said he did. >> should the defense allow
6:32 pm
zimmerman to take the stand? >> absolutely. zimmerman should take the stand, sean. and the reason is because zimmerman is the person on trial. let us, let the people hear from the man himself that's being accused. we know that trayvon martin is not here. he can't take the stand, he won't have this opportunity. >> i -- i did the only interview with him. >> right. right. he needs to be in front of that jury, sean. absolutely. >> mark, what do you think? >> well, i think he should testify, it's self-defense case, and that's what is expected. the jury expects it, everybody expects it in the courtroom, but that being said, first they need to get to a prima face ya fasaa let's get the prima facie case to establish manslaughter first. >> i agree with that. the doors of the white house
6:33 pm
may be closed to schoolchildren and the public, but wide open to people with ties to radical islamic extimism. why this man was invited to meet with top obama aides, steps from the oval office. rudy giuliani, not happy about it, live in the studio with reaction. who poses a bigger threat to america? islamic extremists or the tea party? the results of a new poll will leave you stunned. go to to comment. how can you get back pain relief that lasts up to 16 hours?
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[ agent smith ] i've found software that intrigues me. it appears it's an agent of good. ♪ [ agent smith ] ge software connects patients to nurses to the right machines while dramatically reducing waiting time. [ telephone ringing ] now a waiting room is just a room. [ static warbles ] welcome back to "hannity." last week, the white house said it was willing to sit down with the taliban. now another disturbing story. earlier this month, members of the national security council met with this man, abdullah bin bayyah, vice president of the
6:38 pm
international union of muslim scholars. a group that openly supports hamas and calls for the destruction of israel. an egyptian cleric called for the death of americans and jews and is banned from ever stepping foot in the united states. this highly controversial meeting with bin bayyah, exposed by the investigative project of terrorism. and provided us with this photo. the sitdown reportedly requested by gayle smith, senior director for development and democracy. a senator administration official says it was intended to "discuss a wide range of issues, including poverty, global health efforts, and bin bayyah's efforts to counter the al qaeda narrative. ms. smith stated she thaw she looked forward to working with him and with other faith leaders on issues of mutual interest." joining me now, rudy giuliani. kids can't go to the white house, but he can?
6:39 pm
>> this is completely impossible to understand. why you would have this person in the white house, talking to people on the national security council, a person of the vice president of an organization that calls for the destruction of the state of israel, an organization whose president has advocated killing israelis and killing americans, and he is the vice president of the group. so we have somebody sitting in the white house, part of an organization that has advocade the killing of americans. what is going on in the white house? what planet are they on? >> i -- i got to be honest. >> what could they learn from this man? >> nothing. this is scary this is like the most radical people at the highest levels of our government. >> could it be -- could it be incompetence? did they not check him out properly? >> there is google, wikipedia, something. >> the president found out about a couple of things from the
6:40 pm
newspaper. it could be we have a white house so darn incompetence that they haven't figured out that they have a high level official that is advocating the overthrow of the state of israel, that advocated the killing of americans, to have someone like that sitting down in the white house, is a very frightening concept. >> that just followed the -- we didn't tell afghanistan -- the afghani president, karzai, we were going to meet with the taliban. you think meeting with the taliban is a good idea? >> of course not. of coursith not a good idea. the reality, whatever hope we have to work out of a status of forces agreement with karzai, which we fail to do in iraq. nobody has any idea how bad iraq is right now. how much iran controls iraq, the obama administration completely blew the whole status of forces agreement. biden blew that. for right now, we have an iraq
6:41 pm
really your honor contr really under control of iran. and if we're not careful, we'll have an afghanistan the same way. >> syria? >> the president has waited so long with syria, we'll follow rather than lead, we're in a situation where there almost isn't a good choice, so we're going to see iran having tremendous amount of control over iraq, where we've lost so many lives to liberate iraq. control over syria. if we're not careful, they will have a great deal of control over afghanistan as well. >> are you saying the entire middle east will be radicalized. >> every single thing you look at foreign policy, america is in much greater danger. our relationship with china is worse. the reset of our relationship with russia is a joke. the reality, we reset it, and things are much more dangerous. the middle east is considerably more dangerous. we've got this guy snowden who
6:42 pm
is a fugitive. china won't give him to us. russia won't give him to us and ecuador and cuba are just waiting to stick it in our face. >> if you were president, i think i know you well enough. fine, you play games, i will deploy the missile sites in poland and the czech republic. >> he and hillary clinton gave up the nuclear defense of a lot of eastern europe in order to reset the relationship with russia. this has become a total failure, they never, never should have done that without -- first of all, theyer in should have done it but you should have gotten concessions in advance. they gave away their leverage and now they have no leverage. putin looks at them and laughs at them. when i watch putin sitting there, i see a man, head of the kgb, very tough, strong, probably totally amoral human being, but tough as nails, and looks at obama and says i can
6:43 pm
roll all over this guy. >> and we look weak. >>ith not just obama that looks weak, the united states of america looks weak. >> maybe they could have learned a thing or two when you kicked out of our country. >> bullies and tyrants only respect strength. i kicked arafat out. >> didn't take the money from the arab princeling or whatever the thek he was, to use it to try to criticize america's relationship with israel. said keep your $10 million. people who are bullies and tyrants respect only a respect of strength. when they see weakness, they roll all over you, and president obama has shown a large a. weakness. the tea party equals the threat that radical islam poses to america? i'm not kidding.
6:44 pm
i didn't make it up. when we come back, name names, expose people responsible for demonizing the tea party movement. that and more, straight ahead. [ male announcer ] running out of steam? ♪ now you can give yourself a kick in the rear! v8 v-fusion plus energy. natural energy from green tea plus fruits and veggies. need a little kick? ooh! could've had a v8. in the juice aisle. ♪ ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] if you can't stand the heat, get off the test track. get the mercedes-benz you've been burning for
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welcome back to "hannity." a disturbing new poll that should worry every single american. a new survey by rassmussen reports, those who aproof of president obama's job performance, when asked about what the bigger threat to the united states, 29% said radical muslim, 26% say the tea party. why do people have such a negative impression of the tea party. maybe because of comments like liberals like this has made. >> this country has been driven
6:49 pm
by the tea party the last number of years, doing everything they can to throw a monkey wrench into any form of government. >> the placards up there, the hitler mustaches, the black face superimposed on the face of barack obama. >> i think they -- you be the judge. symbols like that at a town meeting on health care. >> despite lack of evidence of tea party groups with the president. republicans are using it as the latest weapon in the war against the black man in the white house. >> real concerns, let us all remember who the real enemy is, and the real enemy is the chief -- >> t. >> aren't they trying to steal the election with violence, intimidation and fearmongering.
6:50 pm
thuggish behavior from the right is erupting all over the country. >> i thought he got canned. >> joining me now is dana bash. >> who knew, sean, that people who show up with lawn chairs and coolers full of capri sun packs could be so terrifying and intimidating. if you adhere a limited government and adherence to the substitution. i wonder how many of those 26%, 29%, work for the irs. >> food point. >> i think it is 26%. and you can get 20% of people to say almost anything. a poll 20% of republicans think that obama is the anti christ, for example. i won't read too much into what democrats think. but the tea party has been unfairly demonized, no question about that, and i think people who follow them closely, and
6:51 pm
understand what they are really about will realize they are about limited government. i don't agree with them, but they are not what they've been portrayed as by a lot of democratic leaders. >> two specials now with the horrible treatment of black conservatives in america. let me give you the latest example. i ask again, is tom brokaw and matt lauer, proud of their news network, saying this about clarence thomas. >> clarence thomas' actions, though consistent and tragic to me, are even more so in light of the bulk of decisions he rendered in the name of a judicial vote on the supreme court. a symbolic jew has invited a memet meta phoric hitler to genocide his own people. >> what's your reaction to that? >> i'm at the point where
6:52 pm
really? i am just at the point where i'm throwing up my hands and asking really, especially when it concerns clarence thomas. a democrat in minnesota who called him an uncle tom on twitter and turned around and had to apologize for it. this white anglo saxon protestant knew more about what it is to be black than clarence thomas growing up in the segregated south. and i do disagree with kirsten a little bit this is what democrat voters have been hearing, not just from the media, but you heard the speaker of the house, nancy pelosi saying we're basically nazis, people on competing networks that nobody watches sit here and demonize the tea party. day in, day out. the thing that gets me the most, the 26% that people who strongly approve of barack obama's job approval and think that the tea party is a bigger threat than
6:53 pm
islamic terrorism. occupy cleveland, had five men charged with plotting to blow up with the cuyahoga bridge out there. par with the course and only ended up with 2% of fear. this is a media fabrication. >> i'm not surprised -- i would frankly expect a higher percentage of democrats to disapprove of the tea party because they are so demonized. what's more troubling, it's equated here with islamic terrorism, and there is this idea pushed by a lot of people on the left, that the real threat to us are these alleged right-wing extremists, operating like al qaeda, that's not really -- >> that's important. >> i'm set up, it's really disgusting, despicable. clarence thomas, his entire professional career on the
6:54 pm
supreme court had to put up with the garbage. >> it is racist. >> completely racist. >> the left tolerates it. >> no, it's patronizing, and i think that -- i'm in the a person who agrees with it. >> i know you don't. >> you know, but it is absolutely out of bounds i think. >> thank you, both. good to see you. welcome. >> thanks. >> tomorrow night, a special show focusing on a controversial documentary about the cost of amnesty especially in light of the bill passed in the senate today. a sneak peek of that as we continue. alec, for this mission i upgraded your smart phone. ♪ right. but the most important feature of all is... the capital one purchase eraser. i can redeem the double miles i earned with my venture card to erase recent travel purchases. d with a few clicks, this mission never happened. uh, what's this button do?
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6:59 pm
america too." its focus is on immigration and the cost of amnesty. a sneak peek of the cob to versial film. a man, unemployed as a construction worker, protesting for eight years against what he says is illegal immigrant day laborers taking jobs from americans. >> earlier in the day, instead of driving past that guy like i had a million times before, i decided to stop. >> a bunch of greedy son of a guns, trying to do better for themselves, but not looking out for this country, and that's wrong. it's country first and everybody else's wallet second. we have guys dying for us right now in iraq and afghanistan, how dare we just let these guys take our citizenship as if they got it out of a cracker jack box. >> 9:00 eastern, we'll look at all of the aspects, impact, and the threat of terrorism on a level you have never heard
7:00 pm
before. you will see that documentary, we'll play large chunks of it tomorrow night. that sais all the time we have left. let not your heart be troubled. greta will go on the record. we'll see you back here tomorrow night. tonight, a sizzler in the courtroom. >> at that point, he decided to approach this man and say why are you following me? >> yes, sir. >> and he could have just run home. >> he was already by his house. he told me. >> of course, you don't know if he was telling you the truth or not. >> why you need to lie about that, sir? >> maybe if he decided to assault george zimmerman, he didn't want you to know about it. >> that's very retarded, sir. >> pardon me? >> that's very retarded to do that, sir. you don't know the person. trayvon did not know him. >> when you


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