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tv   FOX and Friends First  FOX News  June 28, 2013 2:00am-3:01am PDT

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>> it is friday june 28th. stunning charges against new england patriots aaron hernandez. the fallen football star photos believed to have been taken after the bette of oden loud. details just ahead. >> rifles and machine guns are missing at our nation's capital right now. >> the flames not out just yet for paula deen despite using a
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major sponsor ship there's more on the celebrity chef. fox and friends first starts right now. >> you are watching fox and friends first on this friday morning. we have music to go with it. thank you for starting wiyour d with us. >> moments ago we have news that came in. we have a brand new photo of aaron hernandez that has now surfaced here he is posing with a fan. what is significant about this is this picture is believed to have been taken hours after the murder of oden loud. it says hot handed cold blooded. there are new stunning
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developments on the case one day after being charged with killing lo loid the folloyd he is being eya double homicide. >> good morning patti ann. police turned back to the home of aaron hernandez. they are looking at a possible connection between the 23-year-old and a drive-by shooting that killed two young men last year in boston. hernandez second bid for bail was rejected. detectives are investigating whether hernandez killed oden loud because he may have had information in the role of the unsolved murders. he was killed after getting into a fight at a nightclub. family members of the victims are speaking out. >> it is still fresh to us.
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we miss him. >> police issuing a report for a third suspect wanted in connection with the murder of o oden loud. he is wallace considered armed and dangerous. they believe he was one of the two men in the car with hernandez when he was shot and killed. the other person in the kariye loussier teaws ortiz. >> there is new reports out that show the nsa was not just collecting phone records but it also collected e-mail data in bulk for at least a decade. the internet meta data. president obama is not willing to trade the farm for snowden. >> no, i am not going to be
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scrambling jets to get a 29-year-old hacker. >> the nsa whistleblowers currently hold up in a transit zone hotel at the moscow airport. >> the u.s. park police lost track of thousands of rifles. >> they lost hand guns and machine guns that were supposed to be melted down. reports surfaced park police were taking weapons home with them. they found 1400 weapons but some may have found wound up in the hand. >> the key witness for the murder trial clashes with defense. >> it says trayvon. >> you don't know that, do you? you don't know that trayvon got a hit.
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you don't know that trayvon didn't at that moment take his fist and drive it into george zimmerman's face. >> that lady's name is rachel zontel. she was on the phone with him shortly before he was shot and killed. she admitted on the stand she does not know who started the fight between zimmerman and martin. her testimony left out her credibility because she changed her story a bunch of times. before taking the stand she had dozens of embarrassing tweets and removed tweets and references to drinking and getting high. >> rescuers say an american scooter between waters sank. they have knot given up hope for survivors. 7 people were on board the sailboat 6 of them americans. the last contact with them was june 4th during rough record. >> the last couple days
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indicated the yacht was still afloat they would have seen it in this area. we are assuming it is not in the search arir area. >> they are searching for survivor who's might have escaped in a life raft or escaped. >> paula deen book number one on the best seller list. it isn't out until october. this is good news for dean but comes as target announced it is the next company to drop her after she admitted using a racial slur. we will keep you posted. that's your 5@5:00. >> extreme weather. near record temperatures scorching the southwest this weekend. >> maria molina has been tracking all of this for us as she has more on the heat wave. >> we have large area of high pressure out west. what it is doing is keeping things on the hot site.
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producing hot temperatures across parts of nevada, california. we are not just talking hot temperatures but dangerously hot temperatures looking at heat strokes and severe hydration across the area. stay safe and stay indoors for as long as you can through out today and the next several days. 122 degrees will be the high temperature today in parker 118 in u.s. take a look at phoenix. 119 for the high temperature. it will remain hot out here over the next several days saturday into sunday. those warnings continuing into the weekend. otherwise quickly patti ann and heather want to show you more triple digits as well. >> maria molina thanks. >> fox news confirming justice
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department is firing james cartwright. the second highest in the military in a leak investigation. >> this comes hours before eric holder will meet about spying on fox news reporter james rosen. elizabeth pran is following this for us. she is live. >> there's a justice department investigation the highest ranking officer in the military retired james cartwright for alleged leaks and author. the investigation is said to be about a year old often referred to do as obama's favorite general could have leaked classified information in the f nuclear program. the operation olympic games president obama ordered the cyber attacks back in 2010 also
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released was information about the cooperation of israeli intelligence. in the past president obama has said he had zero tolerance for these types of leaks. he voiced that in 2012 and most recently with edward snowden. this information ends up being dumped out willie nillie without regard to the risks of the program risks to the people involved. in some cases on other leaks risks to personnel and in dangerous situations. it is hard for us to be as effective in protecting the american people. he is participating in a meeting
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about james rosen and leaks in korea. holder maintains he didn't lie to members of congress when he said the justice department is not moving to journalists with classified information. congress failed a solution to keep borrowing costs down. here with details is lauren simonetti. >> good morning. congress left for july 4th recess and did not reach a bipartisan deal to prevent stafford loans taken out by 7 million students a year. the interest rate gone from the current 3.4 percent doubling to 6.8 percent. that will happen on monday. they could reach a deal in a couple weeks or so and then have
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it be retro active. that would naming borrow $2,500 more in payments. >> another rate going up mortgage rates the highest in 26 years. >> yup. the 30 year fixed rate this week 4.46 percent. the highest, biggest increase, biggest jump in a week in 26 years. the popular refy option 15 year also rose to 3 and a half percent. what is this doing? we are seeing two things happen. number one a lot of potential home buyers are saying let's stay on the side lines for now the rates are too high. others are saying let's rush to get into the home market measure of home sales came in at nearly a 7 year high last week as investors and home buyers said okay might be time to buy now. >> jon corzine more trouble with ms global? >> more trouble. the head of that broke ridge
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that made bad bad european detmar ket he was charged with misuse of customer money. with the assistant treasurer of course corzine's camp is saying the charges are meritless. this shows the administration and regulators are going against financial misuse of customer money. >> lauren simonetti fox business network, thanks. >> there was a frisky feline. he shes him hanging around the top of the stairs he pushes them all of the down the stairs with his paw. bad kitty. >> 8-year-old has impressive ball handling drills. finally this pooch is having a tough time handling the sweltering heat. there's a bit of a problem.
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that bucket a little too small for him. which one is your favorite. send your comments to us fobbing you can vote in our poll at fox friends it is 13 minutes after the hour. coming up we have details for you in the irs investigation. targeting conservative groups. they face more scrutiny. it turns out he was lead ago double life. he was collecting important information for our government. we will explain that one next. ♪
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a the plan wrongly puts amnesty before border security. the plan is expected to meet strong opposition in a republican controlled house. a stunning claim one of julian assange wikileaks was actually an fbi informant. an 18-year-old says the fbi paid him 5,000 bucks for 3 months of spying. he was in charge of wikileaks chat room. he turned over 8 hard drives. interesting stuff. >> new numbers just released by the inspector general 292
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different ptea party groups wer targeted. six were. the irs internal investigation which claims no one intentionally did anything wrong. that led to a heated hearing on capitol hill. >> this reported the shan. i would call it a white wash. you don't work wore the irs you work for the american people. your job isn't to cover up it is to open up the agency. >> i am serious about getting to the truth and serious about doing it consistent with the rule of law and procedures. in order for me to over come the criticism i would have to violate the law and procedure. >> another lawmaker outraged how
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much was retacted from the report. >> there is a notion and a person that there is over reaction. >> you are hiding behind it. >> he will head to capitol hill next month as soon as it's available. >> another day another scandal. >> it is 19 minutes after the hour. why were billions of dollars handed out with false claims. the story of the government waste coming up. >> explosive find from one home dating back to world war ii. the bomb squad had to be called in t. uh-oh! guess what day it is??
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>> 23 after the hour. $23 billion are doled out every year. testifying on capitol hill says it threatens the entire program. a makeshift bunker and world war ii ear vau hand grenades. the bomb squad blew up those explosives right outside of the home says they are too unstable to transport to another location. a caregiver found a grenade in the box inside the home while cleaning it out.
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>> 5:23 now. the abortion battle is getting heated and personal. a filibuster from wendy davis helped to seat legislatidefeat legislation that would have stopped abortions after 20 weeks of pregnancy. it sparked a major backlash with governor perry. robert gray has more. >> the apportion battle in texas is getting personal. a filibuster helped defeat legislation banning the procedure after 20 weeks of pregnancy. speaking of the national right to life convention texas governor rick perry took aim at her and others who prevented the bill from passing. >> what we witnessed tuesday was nothing more than the hijacking of the democratic process. they demonstrated that even if they lose at the ballot box they will resort to bob tactics to force their minority agenda on the people of texas.
2:25 am
>> governor perry then lost a harsh personal attack on senator davis and her up bringing. even the woman who filibustered the other day it is just unfortunate she hasn't learned from her own example that every life must be given a chance to realize it's full potential and that every life matters. >> senator davis shot back saying his demeanor is unbecoming of a governor. >> it would ban apportion -- abortions after 20 weeks of pregnancy and all abortions take place in a surgical center. >> i am bringing lawmakers back to austin texas to finish their business. >> the special session will take place on monday it will bring the republican controlled
2:26 am
legislature 30-days to pass the proposed real limit on abortion. >> the time 25 after the hour. susan powell you may remember went missing back in 2009 her husband questioned in her disappearance now for the first time we are seeing a nervous and defensive josh powell being questioned by police. >> i already told you i have everything i can think of. >> do you not want us to talk to you and not talk to anybody? >> we will have more from the newly released interrogation tape of josh powell who . >> it was supposed to be a tree house for their 8-year-old daughter but instead one family is facing a huge push back from their neighbors and they may have to tear down. they may actually have to tear it down. we will tell but that. a french .
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>> good morning everyone. >> i am patti ann browne.
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>> i am heather nauert. >> it is time for your 5@5:30. newly released interrogation tapes show a nervous and defensive josh powell being questioned by police about his missing wife. >> you guys are already trying to trap me on things. >> you have a wife who is missing. that's the issue. that's the concern. that's why i understand why you are worried about having an attorney. >> you may recall powell's wife susan went missing back in 2009. last month police closed their investigation suspecting powell killed his wife. last year josh powell killed himself and two children in a house explosion. his wife's body was never found. >> the key witness in the george zimmerman murder trial clashes with attorneys for a second straight day. >> tell us exactly what it says?
2:32 am
>> says here trayvon. >> you don't know that, do you? >> no. >> you don't know that trayvon got hit. you don't know what trayvon didn't at that moment take his fist and drive it into george zimmerman's face. >> she is the prosecution's star witness. rachel she was on the phone with him shortly before he was shot and killed. she admits on the stand she does not know who started the fatal fight between zimmerman and martin. her testimony leaving doubts about her credibility because she is changed her story so many times. the night before first taking the stand she reportedly scrubbed dozens of tweets from her twitter accounts. they included references to drinking and getting high. >> dzhokhar tsarnaev faces 45 state and federal charges in connection with the april boston bombing. the 15 state charges are for the
2:33 am
death of an mit police officer and police shoot-out>> today's charges reflect a serious violent nature of the events that occurred on april 159 and the tragic sieries of events tht followed. the conduct for err changed lives. >> for his brother accountability will begin right here in the district of massachusetts. >> the indimes also reveal what dzhokhar wrote while being caught. he scribbles i don't like killing innocent people and the u.s. government is killing our innocent civilians. i can't stand to see such eel go unpub punished. we are one body you heard one you heard us all. stop killing our innocent people we will stop. >> the contractor hired people
2:34 am
for top secret security clearance for nsa leaker snowden misled the government about the thoroughness of the background checks. they are supposed to conduct two reviews of each potential employee federal investigators say from 2008 to 2011 half the time they skipped the review. no word if anything unproper was done with the background check in 2007. >> one tree house is considered an eye sore by neighbors. it is complete with a staircase a deck and a bunk bed. last year a neighbor said it was too big. they are work to go apply for the right permits to keep the structure. a judge has given the family 30-days to come up with a solution or risk having it torn down. that is your 5@5:30. >> while you were sleeping this brand new photo of aaron
2:35 am
hernandez surfaced here he is posing with a fan. it is believed to have been taken hours after the murder of oden lloyd. >> in the meantime there are new study developments in the case one day after being charged with killing loud the jail football star is being eyed in a double homicide that took place last summer. anna kooiman is following the developments for us. police returned back to the home of former new england patriot aaron hernandez. sources say they are looking at a possible connection between the 23-year-old and a drive-by shooting that killed two mowning men last year in boston. the startling twist in the case coming as hernandez second bid was rejected. detectives are investigating whether hernandez killed bowyd because he may have had infoation about the unsolved murders. they got into an argument with a
2:36 am
group with hernandez. family members are speaking out. >> still stressful every time we get out we remember him crying. >> issuing an alert for a third suspect in the mir der of oden lloyd. they believe he was armed and dangerous in the car with the two men the night he was shot and killed. the other person in the kariye lows ortiz was arrested yesterday. >> fox news contributor arthur aidala. >> anywhere in the 50 states when you are charged with killing someone and the prosecutor lays out the detailed case the way they did two-days ago a judge isn't going to let
2:37 am
them face life in prison. >> it seems like a solid case the prosecutes cushion has against them. >> that's the beauty of having a celebrity or someone as easily recognizable as the target as the suspect. they built up the investigation. he is not going anywhere. it's very hard for that guy to disappear the way everyone recognized. >> bullet casings in his car the bubble gum the rental car person also the tax from the victim. the victim sending a text to his sister expressing concern he was with hernandez and also he was with nfl or hernandez. i was minutes ago thinking like does he have a screw lose? >> because he was so sloppy? >> no. there's no motive.
2:38 am
there is this whole thing they were in a club 2 days before and he didn't like lloyd kill someone two-days later. maybe it was a heat of passion. >> now he is reporting he's under investigation for two unsolved murders in boston that took place at a stoplight. what do you make of this? >> which made me think maybe he's taking too many blows to the head and something happened in his brain. >> oh, boy, arthur. >> sounds like he's a psych pathic killer. you are at a stoplight you bought a gun you shoot two people. you don't like who your girlfriend's sister talks to. two-days later you execute him. >> i go back to hot heads if he is guilty of this. >> i have to defend the guy. come on. >> arthur you will come up with any excuse. thanks heather.
2:39 am
this morning the obama administration is battling one leak after another. overnight we learned the latest investigation mainly do criminal charges against a retired four star general. live in washington with the latest on this. >> what we are seeing this morning from the administrations to a national second leak as the investigation reaches close to the white house. once called president obama's favorite general is now retired james cartwright is suspected of leaking secrets about a computer virus used to draj iran's nuclear program in 2010. first reported by nbc news "washington post" now confirmed by fox it comes as the white house has been under increasing fire over the leak cases. eric holder is sending it to capitol hill for a closed door meeting.
2:40 am
controversial targeting. eric snowden he remains hold up. they spent a week bee moaning snow dans leaks about the warning programs with the dire consequences now the president is playing it all down. >> no, i am not going to be scrambling jets to get a 29-year-old hacker. >> it was a flip response about a serious matter. it is a routine law enforcement issue. >> it may reflect a faith saving measure dealing with the reality of the fact there's not much we can do to persuade russia or china to cooperate. >> doug luzader live in
2:41 am
washington thank you. >> they are scorching the southwest out there. >> maria molina has the latest on the heat wave. >> we are talking low temperatures only into the 90s and during the afternoon hours across parts of the southwest. in phoenix arizona 119 degrees. that's today. take a look at saturday and sunday in phoenix continuing in the triple digits. we have a number of heat warnings in effect out here. we are talking badangerous leve of heat. in oklahoma new york city not bad only in the low 80s. we are pektsing more areas of rain and thunderstorms across the east. if you are traveling northeast you could be having issues at the airport. speaking of traveling heather nauert going over to montana.
2:42 am
here is a look at your forecast. slight chance for a thunderstorm out there. overall a relatively dry weekend for you. >> it is now 42 minutes after the hour. >> very nice. >> moving on to news now. there is good news for hobby lobby this morning. the company has been firighting the federal birth control mandate. >> oscar pistorius, the reason he's getting back into a training routine coming up. i'm phyllis and i have diabetic nerve pain.
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until you know how lyrica affects you. those who have had a drug or alcohol problem may be more likely to misuse lyrica. having less pain -- it's a wonderful feeling. [ female announcer ] ask your doctor about lyrica today. it's specific treatment for diabetic nerve pain. to hear more of phyllis's story, visit >> let's span the globe to see what stories are making headlines today. to south aafia where oscar pistorius is returniplanning on to go the track. running recreationally helps him to cope with the trauma of killing his girlfriend. he shot her because he thought she was an intruder. next pakistan the hero doctor
2:47 am
who helped find osama bin laden? he gets to meet with his familiar lip and lawyer once a month. he poke to fox news about how pakistan spy agency captured him and his love for america. after months of intensive searching crews find the missing plane of the fashion executive. they were on a plane that miss tier justly disappeared off the coast of venezuela. >> a big win for hobby lobby. the company has been fighting obama care and a judge ruled in its favor. fox business network diane macedo. >> a federal appeals court ruled that hobby lobby won't have to pay millions of dollars in fines for not complying with the birth control coverage mandate. they decided yesterday the arts and crafts chain can proceed with the case that aims to
2:48 am
establish violate the faith of greene. the subject won't be able to find. they send the case back to the lower court which ruled that as a for-profit company they should not be granted an exemption. the appellate judges indicated that the case has merit saying religious conditions could find connection between the exercise of religion and pursuit of prophet. would a butcher have no claims to challenge a regulation regulating nonkosher butchering processes? th the justice department argues exempting companies of requirements that violate religious beliefs would be allowing the business to impose religious beliefs on employees. they head back to district court for more arguments. >> the time right now 48 after the hour. still to come a mom and her two
2:49 am
kids crapped into an aartment by the fire. the heroic move unleashing a profane twit errant? what is the latest outburst? it involves a funeral for james gandolfini. first let's check in with steve doocy on "fox & friends." >> you have the don't be de brothers. >> those are the juicy brothers. >> the dooby brothers are on the show. stick around for that. are doctors ordering all of the tests to cover their own behind? your burning doctor questions and answers today. plus how the starbucks you are sleeping on right now might actually help you find a perfect house and yolanda foster from the real housewives of beverly hills is here. summer concert series continues. the dooby brothers live on that stage. they are doing a sound check this weekend.
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>> seven till the top. an arizona mom is forced to throw her kids out the window after her family was trapped inside a burning second-story apartment, relying on strangers to save them. >> please catch my babies! they're everything i have. i was just glad to get out of there. i couldn't believe it. it was the most horrific -- just horrible. >> thankfully those kids are okay, but the family lost everything in the fire. alec baldwin unleashing a profane twitter rant after a news story said his wife tweeted after the james gandolfini funeral.
2:54 am
shortly afterward the actor's twitter account was taken down. >> writing on a funeral? not nice. a bird is blamed for bringing down an f-16 fighter jet wednesday in arizona. two pilots were practicing landings and takeoffs when this happened. look here. >> shortly before the accident the pilot reported a bird strike. shortly after takeoff. he was actually doing a touch and go, so he kind of landed, continued to roll. they do that for practice. shortly on the takeoff leg he reported a bird strike. >> both pilots were able to eject safely. that jet burst into flames and crashed into nearby farmland. it is the world's largest f-16 pilot training base. it is 54 minutes after the hour. coming up, your last chance to vote on our viral video
2:55 am
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>> good morning. it is now two minutes before the hour. before you leave the house this morning here's what's happening today. nfl star aaron hernandez is reportedly being eyed in a double homicide from last summer. this one day after he was charged with murdering odin lloyd. attorney general eric holder meeting with the house judiciary committee over the d.o.j.'s probe of fox's james rosen. lawmakers are investigating
2:59 am
if holder lied under oath about that case. the federal government charging jon corzine over $1.6 billion in customer cash that just vanished. >> time for your brew on this question of the day responses. earlier we showed you these viral videos from the week. the naughty kitty pushing down his fellow feline, the amazing eight-year-old showing off double dribbling and the tiny cooloff in the puckett. >> that's terrible, the naughty kitty. >> aaron e-mails. she's got nice skills. hard to teach that. maybe she'll be the first female point guard in the nba. >> annie wrote our dog does the same thing. >> the winner of our poll is the hot dog getting 46% of the vote. thank you of course to everyone who responded. >> as we approach our
3:00 am
country's birthday on july 4th, we want to highlight the greatness of america. >> we want to see your pictures and stories of what you think makes america great. you can tweet them to us at fox friends first or e-mail them to us at fox friends first at fox >> we'll air them beginning monday. "fox & friends" starts now. >> good morning. it is friday, june 27. i'm alisyn camerota in for gretchen today. yet another country making a mockery of the u.s. this morning, but the president says he should not have to pick up the phone to call them. >> i have not called president xi personally or president putin personally, and the reason is because, number one, i shouldn't have to. >>alisyn: wait until you see who is worth a ring. the president's call list reveals. >>steve: meanwhile the i.r.s. chief sticking to his story: we didn't do anything wrong.


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