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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  June 28, 2013 3:00am-6:01am PDT

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4th, we want to highlight the greatness of america. >> we want to see your pictures and stories of what you think makes america great. you can tweet them to us at fox friends first or e-mail them to us at fox friends first at fox >> we'll air them beginning monday. "fox & friends" starts now. >> good morning. it is friday, june 27. i'm alisyn camerota in for gretchen today. yet another country making a mockery of the u.s. this morning, but the president says he should not have to pick up the phone to call them. >> i have not called president xi personally or president putin personally, and the reason is because, number one, i shouldn't have to. >>alisyn: wait until you see who is worth a ring. the president's call list reveals. >>steve: meanwhile the i.r.s. chief sticking to his story: we didn't do anything wrong. unfortunately for danny
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werfel pictured right there, the facts show something very different. how does he explain that? very uncomfortably. >> he could be the nfl's very first serial killer. aaron hernandez now eyed in two more murders. the developing details in that story coming up. "fox & friends" starts right now. ♪ ♪ >>steve: live from new york, it's the doobie brothers. they are fantastic. i was out side listening.
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they are sensational. >>alisyn: it is quite the setup outside. our stage is huge. all the musicians are there. the crowd is big. if you're in midtown manhattan come on down. we'll be outside talking to the doobies. >>steve: if you want to hear them live, you've got to stick around. >>tucker: it is reverberating through midtown manhattan this morning. >>steve: come down to 8th and 6th avenue. a busy and fun day ahead. >>alisyn: let's get to headlines. a developing story. early this morning italian police arrested two other men in the high-profile money laundering bust at the vatican. a bishop is accused of trying to smuggle $26 million into italy on a government plane. the plan never got off the ground. the arrests coming two days after pope francis ordered a massive investigation into the vatican's bank. he is accused of
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murdering his own girlfriend but that is not stopping oscar pistorius from returning to the track. his family announced he plans to hit the track for a few hours a week as a way to destress but insist he has no plans to race competitively. he is facing a murder trial for the dearth of -- death of his girlfriend. >> new information about the company that screened edward snowden. they apparently did half the job. they were supposed to conduct two reviews of every candidate but from 2008 to 2011 they skipped the second review 50% of the time. the allegations so serious the fed plans to recommend the government cut ties with that agency. >> you've probably never seen a space launch like this before. >> three, two, one, drop. >>alisyn: nasa launches
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with -- the pegasis. the seven-foot spacecraft will orbit earth and study a small but mysterious region of the sun. [hums twilight zone] >>steve: this brand-new photo of aaron hernandez has surface. here he is posing with a fan. it is believed to have been taken hours after the murder of odin lloyd. the jailed nfl star is being investigated this morning for two more potential murders. >> good morning. it seems to be getting more and more wild by the day. late last night police returning to the home of former new england patriot aaron hernandez. they are look at a possible connection between the 23-year-old and a drive-by shooting that killed two young men last year in boston. the startling twist in the case coming as hernandez's second bid for bail was
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rejected. detectives are investigating whether hernandez killed odin lloyd because he may have had information about his role in these unsolved murders. the two men were killed after reportedly getting into an argument at a nightclub with a group that included hernandez. family members of the victims are now speaking out. >> it feels fresh to us. every time we get out, we remember him crying. but we miss him. >> meantime this morning, police issuing an alert for a third suspect wanted in connection with the murder of odin lloyd. his name is earnest wallace and he's considered armed and dangerous. they believe he was one of the two men in the car with hernandez the night lloyd was shot and killed. the other person in the carlos ortiz was arrested yesterday. let's talk about the news of the day, where edward snowden is.
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he applied for asylum in ecuador. ecuador is basically laughing in the u.s.'s face over this saying we don't care whatever pressure you want to exert on us. we have our own process and we're not going to listen to you big bullies. >> the raw contempt from the president of ecuador for the united states is striking. wasn't president obama supposed to make the rest of the world like us and respect us. >>steve: the president of the ecuador, we heard people go ecuador gets a lot of u.s. aid. the president of ecuador said we don't need your stinkin' money. you can't tell us what to do. you're not the boss of me, and things to that effect. he later backed off. it goes to show how the mighty have fallen. yesterday the president was in africa and he did do that joint press availability where he was asked about the snowden case and snowden is still
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holed up at the airport in moscow. the president seemed to many to be like wait a minute, they changed their narrative again. now they're backing off. rather than talking about how he's an n.s.a. guy or a government employee, instead he's boiled down to simply a 29-year-old hacker. here's the president. listen. >> i have not called president xi personally or president putin personally, and the reason is because, number one, i shouldn't have to. this is something that routinely is dealt with between law enforcement officials and various countries. and this is not exceptional from a legal perspective. no, i'm not going to be scrambling jets to get a 29-year-old hacker. >>steve: some have suggested the reason he refers to him as a hacker rather than as an n.s.a.
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employee or anything else like that would be to distance him from the government. >>tucker: he didn't hack into government computer systems to get this information. he was employed by intelligence agencies and had legal access to this information. that is the most arrogant display i've seen from this president. >>alisyn: he's trying not to elevate edward snowden. >>steve: they already did that. they elevated him earlier and now they are backing off from it. >>alisyn: it is hard to know how important edward snowden is. is he the most wanted man or if he is a 29-year-old with some sort of beef. you hear what the president is doing. he's saying this is a kid who is a hacker. the president isn't going to engage on that level. but it's tough when all these other countries are basically flouting u.s. law. >>steve: it's also tough for the president of the united states to say this guy who is regarded by many as perhaps the most significant leaker or whistle-blower in history, i'm not going to pick up the phone and talk to other
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people about it. but when you look at some of the other people the president has called not relateed to this case, but you saw a couple of days ago, he called someone in california about the same-sex marriage, sandra fluke, michael vick. the president has time to call all those people but he can't pick up the phone to try to get his hands -- >>tucker: so michael vick, who is famous because he tortured dogs to death, gets rehired after he gets out of jail and the president thinks it is so exciting that he calls the owner. that is repulsive. >>alisyn: it is not that he doesn't have time. what he's saying is there are international protocols in place and the president shouldn't have to cajole and beg other countries to give us back a suspected
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criminals. that is not how it works. >>tucker: they should be so impressed it is barack obama, president of the united states, do his will. >>alisyn: he has his process. there is a process and the other leaders should respect the process. >>steve: the problem is remember when the president went over to europe to make sure he brought home the olympics for chicago and that blew up in his face and he didn't do that. >>tucker: this is the one thing we were going to get, this and improved race relations. the world will respect us. people will do our bidding because he is the president. >>alisyn: and the most transparent president. >>tucker: sorry. >>alisyn: campaign promises don't work outs. >>steve: if he asks putin for something -- it is a power struggle. putin would love the opportunity to stick his finger in the president's eye and he is doing it with this. if the president is not
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successful in getting snowden back, it shows the limitation of our president's international influence. it is waning. >>alisyn: let's talk about what was going on on capitol hill this week where they were trying to get answers about why the i.r.s. targeted conservative and tea party groups. so the acting i.r.s. head here -- and acting is the operative word -- was not answering any of members of congress's questions. watch this exchange. >> you're not conducting interviews. you don't know answers to the key questions. yet in your report, you declare there is no evidence of intentional wrongdoing or misconduct on the part of i.r.s. personnel. no evidence of intentional wrongdoing. mr. werfel, this report is a sham. this is junk. this has no meaning. >> it might be junk, but it might be sensitive taxpayer information. >> it's not. we know it's not. you're hiding behind it. i'm telling you, i'm
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putting you on notice, this committee intends to uphold the 1998 act and follow through on it to make sure the i.r.s. is forth coming and not creating a bunch of nonsense hiding behind bureaucratic double-talk. >>steve: mr. werfel was there because it was 30 days later and they were supposed to report back, give us the names of the people who did the targeting and whose idea it was. he didn't have any names. what's interesting though is the real headline is from a couple of days ago, a bunch of democrats said look at this, according to the treasury department apparently they targeted progressive groups. and jay russell george, the i.r.s. i.g., said that they did put 6 progressive groups on a list versus the 292 tea party groups. 100% of them were targeted for extra scrutiny. and those six progressive groups were simply put on a list. >>tucker: for more than
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two years not a single tea party group received tax exempt status. >>steve: one other thing. mr. werfel had the audacity to ask the committee for an extra $1 billion. by the way, the i.r.s. needs $1 billion more to run things. and dave camp says not until you can prove that you know how to manage your money. >>alisyn: you've got to know your audience. coming up slower growth and fewer jobs. why is wall street happen about that? up next. >>tucker: one wild ride for this jockey after he's thrown for tpr* his horse. that's just the start. the horse keeps right on the horse keeps right on going with him. hey! did you know that honey nut cheerios
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with premium service like one of the best on-time delivery records and a low claims ratio, we do whatever it takes to make your business our business. od. helping the world keep promises. >>steve: the american economy is still struggling to make a comeback, the g.d.p. growing at a dismal 1.8% that was revised downward while the unemployment rate remains high. >>alisyn: that did not stop markets on wall street from rallying yesterday. stocks surged on bad economic news. star investors cashing in on a slow economy. >>tucker: that is a fascinating question. why in the world would the markets prefer, be happy
3:18 am
with a growth rate that's low? >> here's basically the deal. the fed put the stimulus in place. they have not necessarily indicated when it will be over. it indicates government confidence in the economy, or at least it's there to be of support. investors feel like that's a good thing. if you look over the last two weeks, what's really interesting is the fed last week or the week before said we may taper and roll back the stimulus and you saw the markets tank for a couple of days. now over the past three days we've had three-day consistent rises over 100 points and the dow rising, right, because traders are less scared, investors are less scared the fed is going to roll back the stimulus because this hasn't been as much talk about it lately. if you take a look at this chart, we have something to show you here. it is the fed balance sheet and the dow and they rise in lock step over the past couple of years since the stimulus has been in place. you can see that it basically is a support system. some people will say it's a punch bowl. it allows the dow to continue rising.
3:19 am
>>alisyn: as soon as there's talk the fed may be rolled back, investors get scared? >>steve: the dow goes off something like 500 points. the conventional wisdom now is they wouldn't dare taper it off at this point and that is why things are okay? >> they know they will eventually taper. more talk the fed chief says he's going to do that. >>alisyn: is that all the market is based on? not housing, not jobs? >> there is a lot of mixed numbers. we had good economic data yesterday. it certainly does have an impact. consumer confidence, housing, unemployment rate and things like that. so long the stimulus is there from the fed, the stock market is feeling pretty good about it. >>tucker: it sound like the cheap money the fed is printing is better for bankers than the rest of the country? >> it is good if you're investing in the stock market right now. it is something to think
3:20 am
about because the data is something to argue with if you watch that lock step. they're in sync right now. you want the fed to roll back the stimulus, right, because you want the economy to be healthy. but if they roll it back and stocks go sliding, it could be ao short-term challenge for a lot of investors. it could hurt 401(k)s. >>steve: next up on the rundown, where did more than 1,000 guns go? it's a good question and you know what? police have no clue. russia snubbing the united states on more than just the n.s.a. leaker. putin about to ruin one of putin about to ruin one of obama's biggest dreams. look what mommy is having.
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>>steve: now quick headlines for you on this friday morning. happening today, a real-life version of weed, the horse-riding mom accused of running a $3 million pot operation in new york city. she faces up to ten years behind bars. testimony continues in the george zimmerman trial today. trayvon martin's parents and the lead investigator could testify today. jurors spent two days hearing from 19-year-old rachel jeantel, the state's star witness. she had a rough day on the stand yesterday. t.c., over to you. >>tucker: russia snubbing the u.s. on more than the standoff on n.s.a. leaker ed snowden.
3:25 am
also about building a mid-range missile, all this while president obama is calling for nuclear arms reduction. what happened to that pledge to reset relations with russia? bill joins us from washington, d.c. thanks for joining us. it sound like russia hasn't gotten the word that there's been a reset in this relationship and they are supposed to be obeying the rules. what's going on? >> this is a major story. it's been percolating on capitol hill for the past nine months. it has to do with a major violation of the i. ph-fpl f. treat -- with the i.m.f. treaty, it has to do with the russians testing a new missile that would violate the treaty. it is clear the russians are building up their nuclear forces. this is bad news for the obama administration arms control-centered agenda. >>tucker: the white house -- you would have no
3:26 am
sense of this from listening to the white house or the president himself talk about our new relationship with russia. are they aware of this? >> well, they are trying to cover it up. there is a report due to capitol hill. it was due april 15. it hasn't been produced yet. the chairman of the house armed services and intelligence committee wants that report and they want it to reflect what they have called a major violation of a treaty that affects u.s. national security. >>tucker: the president seems incredibly naive in light of this. there is word in your story that the russians are seeking to develop sophisticated space-based weapons. >> this was announced by vladimir putin, the russian president, that at a time when the u.s. is trying to ban space weapons and the chinese are building space weapons, now we have the russians also following suit. of course this is a key strategic vulnerability for the u.s. because so much of what we do is based on
3:27 am
satellites, communications, command and control of military forces. >>tucker: you really get the sense the president is caught in a 1983 time warp, you know, that mutually assured destruction and all the sort of language of arms control in the 1980's. he seems caught in that era. >> talk about a cold war mentality, most of the president's national security advisors come from this pro-arms control school of thought. and they basically think that the best way to ensure security is through arms control agreements. the problem with that is, and history has shown the u.s. usually ends up abiding by these accords but the russians and others do not. >>tucker: always a point to remember, we're the only ones playing by the rules. bill, thank you for joining us. a woman gives her kidney for saving her boss's life and then gets fired? what happened there?
3:28 am
we've got details. he was the second highest ranking officer in the u.s. military, part of the joint chiefs of staff and now he's wanted by the government apparently. you see the marine general on the screen in front of you. details from washington details from washington coming up. what makes your family smile? backflips and cartwheels. love, warmth. here, try this. backflips and camm, ok!s. ching! i like the fact that there's lots of different tastes going on. mmmm! breakfast i'm very impressed. this is a great cereal! honey bunches of oats. i hear you crunching.
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♪ ♪ >>alisyn: this is your shot of the morning. it's not a work of art. it's a wreck of art. a man's s.u.v. was packed with buckets of paint when he got into an accident and the impact sent the paint flying all over him, his car and his dog. that was previously a black lab. now it's a gray lab. i hope he got a good bath. but they're okay, i hope. >>steve: meantime, did you sleep in late one day this week or did you have to leave the house extra early? >>alisyn: no problem. here's a look back at what you missed on "fox & friends." ♪ ♪ >> here in the center square today, it's
3:33 am
model-actress-author and friend of this program, the great carol alt. >> and soon to be fox news person. we start our show in september. >>steve: how to get a better body by hangin' ten. >> here we go. there's maria molina workin' it too. >>brian: a lot of people use the thermometer. some use the barometer. people use maria molina's hair. here she is at 5:30 this morning. then here we are at 7:30 eastern time. >> leave your hair down. it looks beautiful. it really does. >>peter: -- >> thanks. >>steve: who needs the gym? get a dog. >> good to have you. >> thank you. >> has fa to my
3:34 am
head? simon cowell thinks so. in what respect? >> you were quite humble when i met you. >> i find myself humble now. >> tpho*u. -- no. you show up with an entourage. >> if you have $175,000, we're sitting in the world's most expensive bed. i'm this next to maria. i'm the envy of men across the country this morning. >>steve: i just got a text message from my wife. what does that say? >> i had the weirdest dream. you were in bed with your cohost. >> we will give a sweet reward to anyone who can dunk clayton. here to help out is a mets pitcher. [cheering and applause] >>steve: oh man. i can't believe we missed
3:35 am
that. >>alisyn: she executed that dismount so well. her hands went up, much more dignified than playton. >>tucker: perfect posture on the way down. >>steve: one other thing, my wife's text message after she made the observation she just had the dream that i was in bed with the cohost. then she said it's like the end of the bob newhart show where they all wind up in bed with the lady from the previous series. >>alisyn: i even get that. >>steve: maria molina did a great job yesterday. she soaked clayton. >> that was so much fun, yes. we had to actually hit the target and then dunk clayton. that's exactly what we did. we even dunked anna. it was a lot of fun with john franko. we have extreme weather in terms of temperatures we'll be observing across parts of the country. look at parts of the plains like texas. 106 your high temperature in dallas, 105 in el paso.
3:36 am
in phoenix, arizona, 119 degrees. the hottest temperature ever there is 122 degrees. look at parker, 122. 118 in yuma. saturday and sunday more hot temperatures expected. we have a number of excessive heat warnings here. we're talking about dangerous amounts of heat across parts of the southwest. meanwhile farther east severe weather expected. showers and storms across parts of the southeast into sections of new hampshire and also the state of vermont. let's head back inside. tucker, aly and steve. >>tucker: disturbing discovery, the u.s. park police has no idea where thousands of weapons are. the u.s. inspector general says the police lost track of 1,400 handguns, rifles and machine guns that were supposed to be melted down, but they weren't. investigators found some of those missing weapons but are kepbd some may have wound up in the wrong
3:37 am
hands. similar problems were discovered in 2008 and 2009, but they were never fixed. >>steve: colorado movie massacre suspect, that guy right there in the jump suit, james holmes, will be chained to the floor when he goes on trial in february. he's going to wear a harness under his clothes so the jury is not aware. the judge says it's because holmes is charged with violent crimes. he will also be allowed to wear normal clothes for the trial instead of that jump suit. he's accused of killing 12 people and injuring 70 others at the screening of a midnight movie in aurora last july featuring batman. he's pleaded not guilty by reason of insanity. prosecutors are seeking the death penalty. >>alisyn: a long island woman donates a kidney to her boss and then gets fired. the woman says she donated her kidney because her boss was gravely ill. but then after the donation she said she became sick and she says her boss fired her for missing too many days of work.
3:38 am
the woman now suing her former supervisor and the company she worked for. >>tucker: what's this guy's name? who needs a jockey? this horse looks better off without one. >> and they're off. stumbling at the start. lady's loner luck coming up and so is the wire. >>tucker: this happened at belmont in new york. downtown hottie -- that's the horse -- won the race but she was disqualified as many downtown hotties are. rules say the rider has to be actually on the horse in order to win the race. >>alisyn: good to know. >>steve: on to a developing story. fox news confirming another obama administration leak investigation, this time the target is a retired four-star general. joining us from washington with details elizabeth barnes. >> the obama administration
3:39 am
investigation into the leak of classified information relating to the stux net is zeroing in on retired four-star general james cart wright. he has often been referred to as obama's favorite general. the leaks release details to a "new york times" reporter and an author about the computer worm including how the virus temporarily disabled iranian nuclear enrichment efforts and what countries, such as israel, were also involved. in the past the administration voiced a zero tolerance for these kind of leaks. >> as a general matter, the president is concerned about the leaks, any leaks of highly sensitive classified information. and he believes we need to take steps to prevent classified information from being leaked because it can do such great damage to our national security. and it can endanger people.
3:40 am
it can risk the lives of americans and those who assist the united states in our efforts to protect the american people. >> this while attorney general eric holder is expected to arrive on capitol hill hours from now. he's attend a closed door meeting with members of the house judiciary committee regarding targeting and surveillance of our own james rosen. in a letter to the committee holder maintains he didn't lie to members of congress when he said that the justice department was not moving to prosecute journalists who publish classified information. steve, aly, tucker, back to you. >>alisyn: we have a fox news alert for you now. you are looking at live pictures. air force one is about to leave for johannesburg. it is president obama's next stop as part of a three-country trip to africa. he will meet with south africa's president. the trip is being overshadowed by the grave health concerns for nelson mandela. he remains hospitalized at
3:41 am
this hour. he is said to be on life support. his family is around him. president obama will also be visiting tanzania on monday. let's all just keep nelson mandela in our thoughts today. >>steve: surely. the president arrives in south africa tonight and has no public event scheduled. there is a possibility he may go to the hospital to visit him. 19 minutes now before the top of the hour on this friday. >>alisyn: coming up, we've all fallen victims to this, stuck waiting for your doctor when you've made an appointment. do they do this on purpose? dr. marc siegel separates fact from fiction in the waiting room. >>tucker: the book has women all over going crazy. a new announcement about 50 shades of grey on the big screen. screen. can you handle it? [ male announcer ] erica had a rough day.
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>> quick headlines for you. 18 months after $1.6 billion vanished under his watch, former m.f. global c.e.o. jon corzine has been charged. the trading commission wants the former governor of new jersey also a former senator banned from the futures industry from life. we learned the fifty
3:46 am
shades of grey movie will debut on august 1, 2014. no word on who's been cast for those roles. >>steve: she's used to sharing her life with the fans of real housewives on beverly hills but model yolanda foster has been opening up and sharing more lately about her difficult battle with chronic lyme disease. she was recently awarded for her efforts by the lyme research alliance. yolanda foster is here in our new york studio. good morning to you. we were just chatting and i'm a little surprised. i would figure since you're on "real housewives" and because they've got a number of franchises, they've got new jersey, atlanta, stuck like that, you don't really keep track of the other shows, do you? >> no, i don't. life is busy with my children, my husband. there's a lot of real-life things going on.
3:47 am
watching tv is not one of my favorite things. >>steve: i understand. i would think if you were to tune in, and i think right now we're in the new jersey housewives cycle, look, they just flipped another table. we're going to have to do something like that. let's drain a spa out in beverly hills. >> i guess we all try to stay true to our own, you know, our own city. >>steve: you've been facing a real personal drama, and that is along the way you got really, really sick. and nobody knew what it was. >> i was struggling for about two years before i finally was diagnosed. it started with, you know, losing my brain function like not recognizing people, not being able to pull, you know, words and memory -- >>steve: what did you think it was? a brain tumor? >> no. i always thought i had an infection in my brain. i kept saying to the doctor there's something going on in my brain. they started giving me
3:48 am
antidepressants and all those sort of things. >>steve: you saw best doctors in this country but it wasn't until you went where? >> to belgium. they figured they would do an old-fashioned test to diagnose lyme. it takes six weeks. they called me back and said the doctors in america didn't chronic you with chronic tick system but you have chronic lyme disease. >> chronic lyme disease is when the disease has been with you for a long period of time. if you get bitten by a tick today and go on antibiotics, quite often you can nip it in the bud. >>steve: you don't remember seeing a tick on you? you didn't have the bull's eye? >> no. i'm kind of a tom boy and live in the barn most of the time, i could have been stung and not know it.
3:49 am
>> is there anything we can do to protect ourselves? >> when you go outside, check yourself, check your children. if you see a tick on you, go straight to the doctor, a doctor that understands lyme disease because a lot of doctors don't understand lyme disease. and just be cautious. >>steve: i think you warned a lot of people be careful when you're out there. yolanda foster from "real housewives of beverly hills" thank you for joining us. >>alisyn: remember how fired up senator joe manchin was earlier this week about the president's climate change plan? >> i should not have to be sitting here as a u.s. senator fighting my own president and my own government. that's ridiculous. >>alisyn: democratic congresswoman debby wasserman schultz will be here to respond. >> sick of sitting in the waiting room waiting for a doctor. do they keep you there on
3:50 am
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3:53 am
am. >> alisyn: we can all agree nothing is worse than your doctor keeping you waiting when you're sick. is your doctor really that busy or what is he doing that's making him late? is he really out on the golf course? joining us to separate fact from fiction is dr. mark siegle. hi. >> great to see you. >> alisyn: why are doctors always late? if you have a 2:00 p.m. appointment, why does it never happen then? >> the answer is paperwork. it's a myth that they're out on the golf course. we used to be out on the golf course, but now we're under
3:54 am
piles and piles of it. 50% or more of our time is spent on paperwork. half of that on nonclinical stuff. but for those that are on the golf course, 87% are being asked medical questions. so we can't escape it. >> alisyn: you never get away. in other words, doctors now adays are not playing golf? >> definitely not. they don't want you waiting. 'cause when you wait, more pressure on the doctor. >> alisyn: the next question is, are doctors deliberately keeping patients waiting? you're not doing that to gin up interest? >> that's definitely a myth. that varies on why in the country you are. in denver, it's short. about 15 minutes. mississippi, 25 minutes. the difference has to do with probably the paperwork and the culture of the area. but it's very variable. even 15 minutes is too long to be waiting and people are nervous when they're not feeling well. i'm sympathetic, but i also have the paperwork. >> alisyn: do doctors like it when patients ask questions or
3:55 am
is that just more time consuming? >> patients think we don't like it. good doctors like it 'cause when you ask a question, it tells me something about you. it tells me what you're worried about and i can filter it. i can say, well, that's something you should worry about or shouldn't. stuff from the internet that comes in, i'm used to and i know how to handle it. >> alisyn: here is a common conception. that is that doctors order a lot of tests, we're being overtested because doctors are afraid of being sued. >> i think overall that's a myth. most of the time doctors are ordering a lot of tests 'cause we have a lot we can be looking for. we'd rather not miss something even if it's only there 2 or 3% of the time. you don't want me to miss something. rather that i test and find something rare than miss it entirely and something bad happens later on of the it's in order to get it early. >> alisyn: let's talk about your salary. [ laughter ] there is a conception that doctors are loaded, that doctors make a lot of money. are they being paid as much as we think? >> i don't want people out there
3:56 am
to be feeling sorry for doctors. but the truth is, doctors are making less than you think they're making. they're making less and less all the time and being asked to do more and more. more regulation under obamacare. nobody is going to cry for this. the average income of a doctor is somewhere around 150 to 200,000. that's a lot. but there is a lot for that and a lot of training. >> alisyn: it's less than we think that is. >> that's right. >> alisyn: always great to talk to you. >> great to see you. >> alisyn: president obama says he should not have to deal with national threats like nsa leaker edward snowden. but courage ollie north says that's just dangerous. >> this president in his description of a, quote, 29-year-old hacker has set a new standard for imcompetence. >> alisyn: we have more from the colonel at the top of the hour. and you love the music. we're bringing it to you. the doobie brothers are live and rocking on our plaza. ♪
3:57 am
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>> alisyn: good morning, everyone. it's friday, june 28. i'm alisyn camerota in for gretchen this morning. thank you for joining us. a 29-year-old is making a mockery of the united states, hiding in airports and foreign countries. but our president does not want to have to call world leaders. >> i have not called president shief or president putin personally and the reason is because number one, i shouldn't have to. >> alisyn: but wait until you see who the president says is worth a ring. the president's call list revealed. >> tucker: and the nation's top tax man gets toasted, crushed, spanked on capitol hill. watch this. >> that's something that we need to -- >> this is junk. this is junk. it has no meaning. >> tucker: it went on like that. why danny werfel continues to say the irs did nothing wrong
4:01 am
even though the facts tell a different story. >> steve: don't we have video of him saying thank you. alec baldwin, pictures right there, at it again, accused of tweeting during james gandolfini's funeral and the fight that followed shut down mr. baldwin's twitter account. america is safe. "fox & friends" hour two for friday starts right now. ♪ >> alisyn: everyone knows this song. everyone knows "what a fool believes." this is such a popular song. the doobie betters are live with -- brothers are live with us all morning.
4:02 am
they're going to play live in a second. we hope you'll come down to midtown for some barbecue and doobie brothers. >> steve: tucker carlson, this is your first time on a friday in the summer. look at your breakfast. >> tucker: unbelievable. nothing i like better for breakfast on a friday than meat and lots of it. >> steve: you came to the right place. you were in michigan yesterday. you said you're starving. >> tucker: great food in michigan and pretty women and nice people. it's a great state. >> alisyn: wow. you should work for the chamber of commerce. >> tucker: my wife is from michigan. >> steve: you've been married close to 30 years. >> tucker: quite some time now. >> alisyn: tell us more. >> tucker: no. >> steve: congratulations. it's great to have you today in brian's place and you for gretchen. >> alisyn: thank you. that's better. let's get to your headlines. aaron hernandez is now eyed in two more murder cases. police are looking at a possible connection between hernandez and a drive-by shooting that killed two men last year in boston. this bombshell coming as the
4:03 am
judge has denied him bail yet again. authorities believe odin lloyd, the man hernandez is accused of killing, had information that linked hernandez to that drive-by shooting. earlier this morning, italian police arrested a bishop and two other men in the most high profile money laundering bust at the vatican. the bishop is accused of trying to smuggle $26 million into italy on a government plane and that plane never did get off the ground. the arrest coming two days after pope francis chris ordered a massive investigation into the vatican's bank. we have brand-new information about that contractor paid to screen people for top secrete clearance, including edward snowden. they apparently only did half the job. they're supposed to conduct two reviews of every candidate. but from 2008 to 2011, they skipped the second review 50% of the time. the allegations are so serious, the fed will recommend the
4:04 am
government cut ties all together with that agency. alec baldwin issue ago profane twitter rant after he said baldwin's wife tweeted during james gandolfini's funeral. during the service, tweets were sent from her account, asking followers for wedding anniversary ideas. oh, my gosh. alec denied the allegation, saying they were sent from someone else. shortly after his account was taken down. the first thing he tweeted is this: i'm gonna find you, george sar, you little toxic blank and i'm going to blank you up. i can't imagine what that said. >> tucker: completely out of control. >> alisyn: he shouldn't operate any social media. >> tucker: kind of hilarious. >> steve: meanwhile, it appears it's out of our hands to get our hands on edward snowden. once again necessary a moscow airport and the stalemate continues. what's interesting is we heard
4:05 am
that wikileaks had apparently obtained a temporary safe conduct pass for him to go down there, but apparently there is a -- there is trouble with that and maybe authorized by someone who was not authorized. the united states is putting back door pressure on ecuador, reminding them, you get some financial aid from us. you better not take us. the president from ecuador said you're not going to tell us what to do, united states of america. there is the president of ecuador. he said we don't need your money and turn down trade benefits we give them to the tune of $23 million, although he kind of backed off that a little bit, even though that particular program was about to expire next month. good politics for him. >> tucker: it is one of the great unwritten stories of the past five years that latin america, under this president's watch, has become more disorganized, way more anti-america, a lot of leaders out there, with the exception of maybe colombia and more violent,
4:06 am
crazier, disorganized. it's really kind of collapsing. what is our plan for latin america? >> steve: we don't have a plan. >> alisyn: the "washington post" pointed out the irony or at least the contradiction that ecuador, while they're saying yes, we can grant political asylum, we don't need the united states. you can come here, edward snowden, at the same time, the government is pressing down on press freedom. the very story that we have all been privy to courtesy of this leak, they would not broadcast or print in ecuador. >> steve: wait until edward snowden finds out there is no wi-fi in quito. the president of the united states yesterday was meeting the press briefly. he was along with the president of one of the african countries he was visiting. he said he would not scramble the jets to go get edward snowden and then essentially, well, why don't you call putin? why don't you call the presidents of these other countries and put pressure on them? and then the president extraordinarily said this.
4:07 am
>> i have not called president shaif personally or president putin personally and the reason is because number one, i shouldn't have to. >> alisyn: what he means by that is that there are international protocols in place for when you have a suspected criminal that you want back from other countries. normally the presidents don't have to pick up the phone. but you have these treaties in place. you are supposed to respect the extradition treaty and the fact they're throughouting it and not doing so, they are making more of an international incident of it than it should be. >> steve: a couple of days ago, the administration was making a really big deal out of it. we really got to get this guy. john kerry on tuesday warned there would be consequences if they don't hand him over and the next day said, we're not look for confrontation. this administration has said because of the secrets this guy released, people will die. but now the president, i'm too
4:08 am
busy to pick up the phone. what he's saying is -- be a leader! pick up the phone. >> tucker: the 2008 campaign, his whole pitch was, remember in the debates, look, i'm not too busy or arrogant to call our enemies. personal diplomacy works. this president has been very quick to make tons of calls when he's actually interested in something. he called the plaintiffs in prop 8, as you remember in california. sandra fluke when rush limbaugh said something mean about her. collins when he came out as gay. i'm not clear why. he called the owner of the philadelphia eagles after michael vick got rehired after spending time in prison for torturing dogs to death. the president was so excited that he called the owner of the philadelphia eagles. but he won't call on this? >> alisyn: i think the problem is, and you can like this or not, is that what if he calls and then they won't turn him
4:09 am
over? there are these protocols and then if the president does make the call to these presidents and then they thumb their nose, then what? >> steve: it's smart politics for putin 'cause putin would love to say no. but at the same time, snowden is a distraction. the real issue to a lot of people is we have just discovered, thanks to mr. snowden, that our government is spying on us in a very large and profound way. >> tucker: thank you for saying that. that is the story. >> steve: that absolutely is the story. he's eventually going to be brought to justice, or wind up in a country. but now we all know what's going on with our national spying apparatus. meanwhile, back to snowden and the president not going after him in a more aggressive way, ollie north weighed in on "america live" yesterday and said this. >> this president and his description of a, quote, 29-year-old hacker, has set a new standard for imcompetence,
4:10 am
misfeesan, mal feesance that, is now at the level of an art form. it's obviously beneath him to engage in the tough work of diplomacy and things like that. that's clearly the message you got from both his body language today and the statement that he made. this is not a hacker. this is a person who has been at least in the extradition paperwork that we've all seen, he's been indicted or going to be indicted if they get their hands on him, for the crim espionage. that's not hacking. that's not break into somebody's bank account or using a false social security number. this is a person who could well have put the country at great risk by virtue of the information he's taken, stolen, by the way, and revealed to others. >> alisyn: we would love to hear from you, what you think the u.s. or the president should be doing now about edward snowden. >> steve: and to your point, absolutely, there are rules in place. we don't have an extradition thing with russia. but then again, the other countries don't always do the right thing. meanwhile, is the irs doing the right thing?
4:11 am
are they really trying to figure out the core of the scandal where that agency targeted conservatives? yesterday danny werfel, the acting commissioner, we want before the congress -- went before the congress yesterday and said so far, they have not found anybody responsible and nobody at the irs, to the best of his knowledge, has done anything wrong. >> alisyn: from there it turned moo an investigation. a very thorough investigation. >> tucker: kevin brady is a legislator from texas and went on this rant with werfel and said, quote, mr. werfel, this report is a sham! i would call it a white wash, but it's too thin and unsubstantial even to meet that definition! it's so bad, i won't even call it a white wash. >> alisyn: charles krauthammer had a great line that we're about to play and he used one of my favorite expressions. word salad. >> steve: delicious. >> this is stonewalling 101.
4:12 am
every tactic in the book is now being rolled out. look, the irs was caught red handed. scrutinizing, harassing, delaying, clearly one kind of group based on ideology. there is no way to explain it away. what do you do? werfel up there who speaks in word salad. i mean, the guy is a master. if he showed up in the e.r., he'd be considered either psychotic or disturbed. he speaks, but there is not any ounce of meaning coming out of it. but he's excellent in doing that. he's practiced. >> steve: which is curious because dr. charles krauthammer is a psychiatrist. he knows word salad when he sees it. >> alisyn: we're not getting a lot of answers right now from the irs. but we do have a few more hints as to exactly how they went about targeting applications for tax exempt status. basically all sorts of applications came in and we now know that they did give extra
4:13 am
scrutiny to all of the applications that had the word tea party in them. 100%. that equaled 292. they gave a little bit of extra scrutiny to some that had the word progressive. 30% of those, which equaled six. >> tucker: the democrats are looking at this saying, it really was a bipartisan thing. everybody kind much got knocked around. really? that's not true. for over two years action not a single tea party group got tax exempt status. not one. >> steve: we'll keep you posted. remember how fired up senator joe manchin was earlier this week about the president's climate change plan? >> i should not have to be sitting here as a u.s. senator fighting my own president and fighting my own government. that's ridiculous. >> steve: democratic congresswoman debbie wasserman schultz here to respond coming up next. >> alisyn: then who wears it better in a bikini? cindy crawford nearing 50 or kate upton in her 20s? how can you decide between these
4:14 am
two? i think -- >> tucker: we're going to help. >> alisyn: we have the stunning results. >> tucker: we do. look what mommy is having. mommy's having a french fry. yes she is, yes she is. [ bop ] [ male announcer ] could've had a v8. 100% vegetable juice, with three of your daily vegetable servings in every little bottle.
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>> alisyn: welcome back. time for news by the numbers. $1 million. that's how much men's warehouse owes fired chairman and founder george zimmer. a spokesman says they will pay him that money so they can
4:18 am
continue using his popular ads. next, number one. you can find paula deen's new cookbook on the best seller list. it's not even out until october. finally, $7.7 million. that's how much winnebago has made this quarter. the company reporting profits up a whopping 94% compared to this time last year. why the sale spike? the company executives deciding the recovering housing market. >> steve: and a developing story this morning. the aaron hernandez murder case is getting bigger. this brand-new photo of him has surfaced. here he is posing with a fan. the picture believed to have been snapped just hours after the murder of odin lloyd. meantime, hernandez now eyed in two more murders. it's been suggested it could be the first serial killer in the nfl? >> alisyn: i don't know if that qualifies. i think he could be a mass murderer. serial killers have ritualistic things. but nevertheless, there is a
4:19 am
drive-by shooting that killed two men and they are now wond -- there was this past year and they're wondering if hernandez was somehow connected to it, and in fact, if that's the motive for odin lloyd, maybe he had some information about it. >> tucker: police knew that hernandez was in a bar with these two men when an argument broke out later that night they were both killed in -- at a red light. killed by someone in a car with massachusetts plates. late last night police returned back to the home of aaron hernandez. the former new england patriot. they're look at a possible connection between him and that drive-by shooting we just told but last year in boston. >> alisyn: it's a startling twist in the case because it's shocking enough that he is now the prime suspect and charged with odin lloyd's murder, but this one is just -- had would show an incredible history of violence. we do know odin lloyd murder was premeditated. the prosecutors say he actually got other guys from connecticut
4:20 am
to drive up and assist. at least that's the case they're building against him. >> tucker: it's sad, the details. lloyd apparently was shot first through his forearms. he was killed by five shots from a .45, big rounds shot in the chest on both sides. executed in a pretty awful way. >> steve: and hernandez apparently asked for bail again yesterday. he was denied. this morning police issuing an alert for a third suspect wanted in connection with the murder of odin lloyd. his name is earnest wallace and he's considered armed and dangerous. they believe he was one of the two men in the car with hernandez the night that mr. lloyd was shot and killed. the other person in the car, carlos ortiz, was arrested yesterday. >> alisyn: call your local authorities at 911 if you have any information on where he is. >> steve: coming up, it's a controversial story. human babies being created with dna from three people. that story straight ahead. >> alisyn: remember how fired up senator joe manchin was earlier this week about the president's climate change plan?
4:21 am
>> i should not have to be sitting here as a u.s. senator fighting my own president and fighting my own government. that's ridiculous. >> alisyn: up next, republican congresswoman and democratic congresswoman is here [ female announcer ] caltrate's doneven more to move us. because vitamin d3 helps bones absorb calcium, caltrate has the highest level of vitamin d3. more than any other brand, to help maximize calcium absorption. so caltrate women can move the world. when you experience something great, you want to share it.
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4:24 am
>> tucker: president obama calling for more regulation to help combat climate change. but members of his own party aren't buying it, some of them anyway. we talked to senator joe manchin of west virginia earlier this week. watch. >> i should not have to be sitting here as a u.s. senator fighting my own president and fighting my own government. that's ridiculous. i want to work with them. i have reached out. i will continue to reach out. but i need a partner here. i don't need an adversary. i need a partner and an advocate. >> tucker: so where is his partner? joining us now is republican congresswoman shelly capito of
4:25 am
west virginia and democratic congresswoman debbie wasserman schultz of florida. thank you for joining us. congresswoman wasserman schultz, you just saw senator manchin, it seems like he fits into the category that the president described as the flat earth society. is he a flat earther by the president's definition? >> no. i think that senator manchin perhaps hasn't had enough opportunity to talk to president obama and the senior members of the administration about the importance of focusing on his all of the above energy strategy. we certainly need to recognize that we have fossil fuels. we need to make sure that we are striking the right balance between the fossil fuels that we have, making sure that they aren't adding to our carbon foot print, making sure they're not continuing to harm sea level rise. tucker, we've had nine inches of sea level rise since the 1920s.
4:26 am
what that means is that communities like mine in south florida and coastal communities all across the country are facing dangerous sea level rise which ultimately will cause homes to be under water in a few short years. he's got to strike a balance between investing in renewable alternative energy, as well as our fossil fuels. >> tucker: so congresswoman capito, what kind of effect on your state, on west virginia, would this plan have if enacted? >> this would deal an unrecoverable blow to the state of west virginia. the president's picking winners and losers here. and i've implored the administration to look at what the intent of his administration is on the jobs and the economy region. west virginia would lose significantly here and he says all of the above, but then he goes out on tuesday and puts forth a policy that basically disenfranchises my entire state and i'm very concerned about this and i think that we're going to fight to keep these
4:27 am
west virginia jobs, keep the economy of west virginia, not even to mention the rise in power prices for our most vulnerable populations, our elderly and others who are going to bear the brunt of this expensive and really wrong-headed policy. >> tucker: congresswoman becauserman schultz, there is no scientific consensus on the fact that the president's plan would halt global warming. why -- there is no consensus on that. why is the president pretending otherwise? >> what the president is doing is saying one, that we need to recognize that fossil fuels are a finite source and shally moore capito and i have a special relationship at the risk of harming her by saying that and i have a lot of respect for her. but we have to recognize, there are -- we've heard for years that coal community representatives talk about the importance of clean coal technology and that that is possible and that we need to make those investments. you can't on the one hand say
4:28 am
that we can have clean coal, yet on the other hand, when we're trying to make sure we can get to that point that it's going to devastate the industry and eliminate jobs. and will create millions of jobs with the president's investment in alternative renewable energy, while also recognizing that we have to reduce the carbon foot print that is harming our environment and quite frankly, not just threatening jobs, but threatening entire communities. i will eventually represent orlando. if we don't do something about making sure we can reduce global warming and climate change, we have had the ten warmest years in human since 1998. that's causing things like super storm sandy, coastal flooding, heat waves, and those are very serious issues that need to be addressed. >> tucker: the question is whether we know what we can do about it and the answer is, of course -- >> we certainly do know. >> tucker: congresswoman capito, most coal in the world is burned
4:29 am
by the developing world, by china and india. is it unilateral disarmament to end it here. >> the exports are up. we have exported not only to china and india, we're export to go europe now. germany is buying west virginia coal. i think the problem here is coal provides over 30% of the base energy load in this country. renewables cannot get us there. so further investigation and research into clean coal and a better way to burn it, absolutely we need to go this direction. but i would invite my friend, debbie, to come to west virginia and have her learn about the economic effects of this policy to communities all across the state of west virginia. this is not just a -- we're going to harm a few people. this is an entire region of our country. we have 94% of power generation in our state is through coal. >> tucker: as vehemently as you
4:30 am
disagree on this subject, you are united in softball. tell us about your efforts to increase breast cancer awareness through softball. >> debbie is a breast cancer survivor and she started this five years ago and this is where we get together as republicans and democrats, members of congress, women members, and we try to beat the press, the common enemy, and so i'll let debbie talk about her dedication. that was me at third base right there and debbie played second. we had a great game wednesday night. >> shelly is my co- captain. we call her rocket arm because she's a phenomenal athlete and also an incredible teammate. but what we do is focus on raising awareness and raising funds for the young survival coalition. i was diagnosed with breast cancer when i was 41 and fortunately, caught my breast cancer early. but too many young women don't realize that they can and do get breast cancer and too many health care providers don't realize it and dismiss young women when they come in with a
4:31 am
problem. we raised $125,000 the other night. our best year ever. the women members play together. the baseball team are republicans versus the democrats. but women work together and our team is bipartisan and bicameral. >> tucker: we support that. thank you both very much for joining us. >> thank you. >> tucker: it's one of the most anticipated movies of the summer. "white house down." is this latest white house flick a flop? our favorite movie critic, kevin mccarthy up next. plus they're one of america's greatest rock bands, the doobie brothers right outside right now. we're coming back with them in just moments. ♪ hey! did you know that honey nut cheerios
4:32 am
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4:36 am
>> this is from the one who did "independence day". tatum channing is in it. the white house is taken down bay paramilitary group and he has to protect the president, played by jamie foxx. you did see a similar movie three months ago. but that's happened over the course of history and the movies. you had two snow white movies last year, you had armageddon. it happens all the time. but this particular film is too cheesy. it's overlong. i didn't feel that danger element that i wanted to feel in the movie. i found myself not engaged. there wasn't enough channing tatum or jamie foxx. it's too heavily focused on the villains. i ended up giving it a two out of five. it was very disappointing to me. emrick is over the top with his direction. one of the interesting elements about this film is this whole idea of being judged about your past. i sat down with channing tatum and jamie foxx to find out what element of their past do they feel they're judged upon when
4:37 am
going out for new movie roles. check this out. >> you know, i'm not an educated person. i didn't go to college and stuff. i think that i probably would have a harder time doing like a lawyer, you know, doing the whole doctor lawyer thing in a movie. i think people are i'm not sure if we want to see the eloquent speaking person guy. >> i would go see that. "magic mike 2", but the lawyer version. >> your honor, may i approach the bench? yes, you may. [ laughter ] >> steve: you have the junket overlooking the white house. >> yeah. i want to see "magic mike 2" with lawyers. i would say wait fort rentals. >> tucker: ouch. you're an enthusiast. two out of five. that's not good.
4:38 am
>> steve: give us your grade for the heat. >> this is sandra bullock. listen, i'm a huge fan. i really want to see more female-led films in hollywood when it comes to raunchy r rated comedies. i want to see more females in action movies and raunchy comedies. that's what was done with "bridesmaids." i loved it so much. but this particular film, sandra bullock playing an f.b.i. agent paired up with a boston police officer played by melissa mccarthy. it felt annoying in the first two acts of the movie. they were so over the top. i gave it 2 1/2 out of five. i think the third act does work. but i would wait for the rental. if you're a fan, check out a matinee. but 2 1/2 out of five. >> alisyn: how can melissa mccarthy not be funny? she's so great. >> steve: she is. >> i love her, but identity thief wasn't that great either. she's great in "bridesmaids," but wasn't a fan. >> steve: thank you so much. >> thanks. >> steve: we got some headlines.
4:39 am
a discovery disturbing at that. u.s. park police have no idea where thousands of weapons are right now. a report by the inspector general says the police lost track of 1400 hand gun, rifles and man guns that were supposed to be melted down. investigators found some of the weapons, but are concerned some may have wound up in the wrong hands. similar problems were discovered in 2008 and 2009 and never fixed. >> tucker: apparently not. british lawmakers may allow doctors to use a technique to create babies using the dna from three separate people. the process would help stop women from passing on faulty genes. it works, if it does work by taking the healthy parts of the mother's egg, transferring them to a donor egg that has its key dna removed, if it passes, the u.k. will be the first country in the world to use this science fiction-like procedure. >> steve: you think kate upton wears it well in a bikini? stunning news. the 21-year-old stunner is
4:40 am
nowhere near her magic age for feeling confident in a bikini. a brand-new study conducted by the tucker carlson institute -- no. finds women get more confident as they get older. cindy crawford nearing 50, clearly confident. the study finds women are most confident at the age of 59 because they care less about what others may say. >> tucker: she's wearing a one piece in that picture. season 2 of "magic city" is heating up. we have a sneak peek at tonight's episode entitled "adapt or die." >> i assume you'll want to take over for your father, become a king. >> i don't know. >> it's your plan, your dream. >> yes. >> sure. >> ike is a young and vie bran man. that will be in what, 20, 30 years? >> whenever the time is right, i guess. >> whenever the time is right i
4:41 am
guess. >> you know what i think? i think the time is right now. >> tucker: don't miss a new "magic city" tonight at 9 only on starz. >> steve: now this. >> alisyn: you know how it works. i'm out here with two members of the doobie brothers, pat and tom. great to have you guys with us. >> thank you very much. >> alisyn: you guys have been doing this a long time. >> we don't want to think of it that way. >> alisyn: well, i mean you have been successful for all the decades that you have, that is quite an accomplishment. >> we're very fortunate. >> alisyn: how has the music changed or your process changed? >> our process really hasn't changed at all. >> it hasn't changed at all for us. >> tucker: what do you do? when you come up with a new song, how does it all work? >> you're talking about the recording process? >> alisyn: yeah. >> basically go in the studio where everybody comes up with a part for us ask we work it out and put it down.
4:42 am
>> alisyn: my co-host inside, steve doocy, wants to know what's the origin of your name? >> no one ever asked us that. >> alisyn: i'm sure. i really have never heard that story. >> let's give the guy credit. >> willie nelson named the band, i think. >> alisyn: i don't understand that connotation. go on. >> willie and snoop were sitting around one day and enjoying themselves and said, i got a good name for those guys. >> alisyn: i do understand that. that's great. so you guys are going to play a lot of songs. you have a huge crowd out here to see you. they're super excited. what are your personal favorite doobie brother songs? >> that's a really hard question to answer. any given day -- >> he loves them all. >> alisyn: yeah? >> we love every song. [ laughter ] >> most recent one right now. >> alisyn: so we'll be back out with you shortly. the doobie brothers coming up very soon. i'll go back inside to the guys
4:43 am
for what's coming up next. >> tucker: thanks very much. >> steve: he was the second highest ranking officer in the u.s. military and now he's wanted by the government. peter johnson, jr. here with breaking details about that guy. >> tucker: and then she drowned in a kayaking accident, but says the angel sent her back home. a woman is here to tell us about her incredible journey to heaven and back, coming up. ♪ ♪
4:44 am
4:45 am
4:46 am
4:47 am
>> steve: he was the second highest ranking officer in the u.s. military and now he is wanted by the government apparently general james cartwright is being probed for perhaps leak classified information about a secret u.s. cyber attack on iran's nuclear program. but this one doesn't add up completely right now. >> tucker: so says fox news legal analyst peter johnson, jr. >> good morning. this is a very strange and really blockbuster announcement that fox news has confirmed, that the department of justice through the u.s. attorney's office, is looking at general cartwright. as you point out, the second most powerful general in the united states, being involved
4:48 am
with something called stucknet. our plan to disable centrifuges in iran. it was leaked to the "new york times" and then subject of a book by david sanger. and so there has been a lot of okays by republicans and others in the congress saying where is this all coming from? so now we see this allegation that general cartwright is being investigated. there is no proof of guilt. all we have is this bare allegation and story at this point. but the larger issue becomes if in fact it's true, why is he doing it? who is he doing it for? is there someone in the white house that had directed him to do this for the white house's own purpose? >> steve: at this point we don't know? >> yeah, because a lot of people said this makes the white house looks like it's strong. it looks like it's engaging in a foreign policy way, that it's standing up for america's rights. the problem is that the leak outed israeli intelligence officials who apparently went crazy about it, pushed back on
4:49 am
the c.i.a. the c.i.a. pushed the doj and now we have this investigation that i'm sure is giving a lot of gray hairs to the white house. >> steve: absolutely. and it is curious because when it comes to this administration, the biggest leaker in the country has been the administration. the white house itself. the president. >> this is really kind of historic and unprecedented if it's true, that a high ranking general would, in fact, be outed for providing classified information. so we're talking about the same act that we're talking about with snowden, the same act that we're talking about in the a.p. case and the fox case, the espionage act. so to have the second highest ranking general of the united states accused of a violation of the espionage act is not only disturbing, but it's confounding and really something that's unthinkable and incredible. we're going to have to see where it goes and who else is
4:50 am
involved, if anyone at all. it's a very uncomfortable day fort white house and for america to see this, a general ensnared in this kind of investigation. >> steve: indeed it is. thank you very much for bringing it to our attention. >> have a good weekend. >> steve: i will. she drowned while kayaking. pronounced dead for 14 minutes. but it just wasn't her time. she says she went to heaven and came back with a message. so what is that message? hear from that woman coming up next. first on this date in history back in 2000, enrique iglesias' song, number one. ♪ ench fry. yes she is, yes she is. [ bop ] [ male announcer ] could've had a v8. 100% vegetable juice, with three of your daily vegetable servings in every little bottle.
4:51 am
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4:53 am
>> tucker: to heaven and back. this week we're bringing you
4:54 am
stories about people who say they have seen life after death and today it's the story of dr. mary neil. >> alisyn: she has an incredible one. in 1999 while kayak not guilty south america, she got trapped under a waterfall and she drowned. she says for the next 14 minutes, she witnessed her soul leaving her body and she even met with angels. >> steve: dr. neil miraculously survived and shays her story -- shares her story in a book "to heaven and back" and joins us today. >> thank you. >> steve: what a story. what a great book. you're a doctor. you knew what was happening to you when you were under the falls and drowning and yet extraordinarily, they sent you back. the spirits gave you essentially three tasks, didn't they? >> yes. my kids would say i was kicked out. when i was sent back, i was told a number of things about my return because i really didn't want to come back. it was so beautiful and so all loving that you didn't want to come back. >> yes. i was absolutely overcome with the sense of being home. of being where i belonged.
4:55 am
where we all belong. and when i was told that it wasn't my time and i had more work and i had to go back, i said no. i'm not going back. but they did tell me some of the things i still needed to do. some of it had to do with my oldest son's future death or impending death. and how i was supposed to behave during that time and help other people use that as a way to reconnect with god. but a lot of was this mandate of sharing my experiences with other people. >> steve: and protect your husband's health. >> that was in there also. and that did come about. but really this mandate of sharing my experiences was the overreaching mandate in sending me back. >> alisyn: why do you think that was important? >> because everyone is born with a spiritual longing and then we go through life and we become so distracted that we forget about it and we feel that longing with all sorts of things.
4:56 am
but if people can be inspired to put out the effort and it takes time and effort, but if you put out the effort to look for god working in your life, you find god working in your life. and it allows this transformation from a faith that, okay, maybe there is a god. maybe there is life after death, to this absolute trust that yes, the promise of god are true and if you get to the point where you say yes, that really is true and i accept it, then it radically changes the way you approach every day, every moment of every day and every challenge. it radically changes the way you deal with loss. >> steve: it's a fantastic story and it's life affirming and it tells you about what's waiting for you. it's called "to heaven and back." thank you very much for joining us. >> thank you so much. >> alisyn: we love having you on. >> really a privilege. >> alisyn: our privilege, too. >> tucker: aaron hernandez being investigated in two more
4:57 am
murders. how did he go from football star to accused mass murderer? geraldo here with a theory on that. >> alisyn: and the doobie brothers are rocking the summer stage. we'll be listening to them. back in three minutes itching for relief? preparation h offers the most maximum strength solutions for all hemorrhoid symptoms. from the brand doctors recommend most. preparation h. don't stand for hemorrhoids.
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>> alisyn: good morning, everyone. it's friday, june 28. i'm alisyn camerota in for gretchen today. he was the second highest ranking officer in the u.s. military and now he's wanted by the government for leaking classified information. was he just following orders? >> steve: meanwhile, he killed to cover up two more murders? why police now say aaron hernandez could be the nfl's very first serial killer, mass murderer. geraldo rivera weighing in on that promptly. >> tucker: and a woman gives her kidney to save her boss' life and then she gets fired. that's what she says. we've got details ahead. "fox & friends" starts right now
5:01 am
♪ come on people let the music play ♪ ♪ what the people is a way to make them smile ♪ ♪ everybody sing the song ♪ oh, listen to the music ♪ whoa whoa, listen to the music ♪ ♪ whoa, whoa listen to the
5:02 am
music ♪ ♪ all the time ♪ . >> steve: the very first rock row file geraldo did on "20/20" was of those men who are providing the sound track of my childhood, the doobie brothers. they are our summer concert series performance today on this friday here in new york and they sound great. >> alisyn: they sound great. they sound the same. clear as a bell. >> steve: we're all a little grayer. >> alisyn: speak for yourself. they sound great. we'll tell you all of the songs you grew up with. >> steve: geraldo is in the on deck circle. tucker and ali are in for gretchen and brian. >> alisyn: we have a developing story overnight. fox news confirming another obama administration leak investigation to target this time is a former second highest
5:03 am
member in the military. he was once called president obama's favorite general. he's accused of leaking secrets about a stealth computer virus used to damage iran's nuclear program back in 2010. and brand-new information about the contractor paid to screen people for top secret clearance, including the nsa leaker, edward snowden. they apparently only did half their job. usis is supposed to conduct two reviews of every candidate. the federal investigators say from the years 2008 to 2011 they skipped the second review 50% of the time. the allegations are so serious, the fed will recommend the government cut ties with that contractor all together. italian police arrest ago vatican official and two other men early this morning in the most high profile money laundering bust at the vatican. he is accused of trying to smuggle $26 million into italy on a government plane. the plan never got off the ground. the arrest coming just two days
5:04 am
after pope francis chris ordered a massive investigation into the vatican's bank. new luck for a duck named buttercup. she was born with a deformed too. now the buck is getting a new one thanks to 3d printing technology. come on! what next? a company donated its time and energy -- >> steve: look at that. >> alisyn: two prototypes will be used until a flexible silicon prosthetic is ready. the lucky duck will get his new foot in two weeks. the future is now, is it not. >> steve: it's everything it's quacked up to be. geraldo rivera is here. >> good morning. >> steve: how about this aaron hernandez case? >> so heart breaking. >> steve: he might be involved in two more murders. >> aaron hernandez, the 23 yearly, all pro tight end for the new england patriots, one of the best young players in the
5:05 am
league. he was the future of the franchise. ironically, a college classmate at the university florida was tim tebow. ironic. why? because tim tebow the most religious straight shooting ball player in the league and aaron hernandez an ex hoodlum, you can take the kid out of the hood. you can't take the hood out of the kid. he was a bristol blood. he was a gang banger, pictures of himself holding a gun and so forth. he just never walked away from a beef. he's the kind of guy, not only is he charged with this brutal assassination of odin lloyd. why did he kill the 27-year-old allegedly because they had a nightclub beef. odin lloyd, a friend of aaron hernandez, was talking to some guys in the club that disrespected aaron hernandez previously. so for that reason, they think aaron hernandez with this bizarre gang ethos went and had odin lloyd kill him. now comes word that one of the
5:06 am
reasons lloyd perhaps was killed is he knew a lot about aaron hernandez' past, which included apparently or allegedly this drive-by shooting a year ago in boston that's still unsolved and the shooting in february down in florida where he shot a guy in the face and took out his eyeball. so aaron hernandez, all in all a kid, his dad died when he was 16. >> steve: he had a $40 million contract. >> $40 million, lived in a mansion h. a great fiance, a child. actually his fiance was the sister of odin lloyd's girlfriend. so they were all incestous. he's got the gang tattoos all over him. the bitter irony now, the patriots lose aaron hernandez, their future in many ways. now aaron hernandez could well be, as the "new york post" suggests, the first serial killer from the nfl. >> alisyn: not really a serial killer. a mass murderer of the he's not
5:07 am
ritualistic. >> steve: maybe. >> not particularly ritualistic. look at his motives, though. that's the thing. it wasn't like he was robbing. it wasn't even in the heat of passion. it wasn't a beef over a girlfriend. what it was is you have offended my macho pride. now i'm going to, you know, do this kind of jungle otho is -- ethos. how dare you disrespect me? so many youngsters from the inner city, from the ghetto go down that road where meaningless deaths just pile up like in chicago. this whole gang thing. i don't know why the league that recruits these kids from the inner city, how they don't have minders, how the agents who are collecting 10% of $40 million, where are they in all this? why aren't they mentoring these young men who are fatherless men, many of them. ray lewis and all the rest. michael vick. you can count them.
5:08 am
there's a ton of them. they sign them because they're superb athletes and do nothing at all to preserve their character and put them on the right road toward manhood. >> tucker: you've been following the zimmerman case. >> 16 months now. >> tucker: how significant was this exchange between the defense attorney and trayvon martin's friend, this witness yesterday? >> rachel. i thought it was very significant, but tucker, in a larger sense, i think what's happening in the zimmerman case is we're look at this, it's almost like a racial rorschach test. i think black people looked at her testimony, the 19-year-old semi literal girlfriend in a sympathetic way. she used words, some offensive, like the white cracker stuff, allegedly uttered by trayvon about george zimmerman who was tracking trayvon that night. she had some statements that if
5:09 am
you put yourself -- i said this, here. let me full stuff. this is the opposite of the o. j. simpson case. in the o. j. simpson case, you had a black accused of killing two whites before an all black jury and it divided the nation racially. this is different. here you have a white, or hispanic, white in the minds of many, a white accused of killing a black with an all white essentially, all white jury. and i think -- i can't imagine how the five white ladies on that six-lady jury can look at rachel and identify with her in the way that i believe a lot of the supporters of trayvon martin are relating to her. her testimony was rambling in some ways, defiant and defensive. it was in some cases incoherent, but in other ways, it was sincere. it was earthy. there was credibility to a certain extent despite the fact that she's distorted and told
5:10 am
little lies along the way. how the bottom line impact of don west came off as a grumpy old man and annoying nag when he was cross-examining her, i think he went too far. but i still believe that how you see this case and how this case is developing depends on whether you're white or black. i hate to say that. but i think this case will be decided, as i said, the racial rorschach test, people will look at this. what would those five white ladies on the jury have done if they saw trayvon trayvon with the hoody on that rainy night, a dark stranger, never -- george zimmerman had never seen him in the hood before. the hood had been burglarized by similar teen-agers, similarly dressed from the neighboring community. you know, i just think that this will be -- will result in a very unsatisfactory decision regardless of where you stand and i believe george zimmerman will be acquitted. >> steve: and i believe you will be talking about both cases this weekend on your program. >> i certainly shall. >> steve: thank you very much.
5:11 am
>> tucker: thanks. >> steve: go outside and swing down memory lane. >> i will indeed. my first big profile, i'm so excited. >> alisyn: i'm sure they remember you. >> they say if you can remember it, you weren't really there. >> steve: so true. >> alisyn: listen to this crazy story. coming up, she gave her kidney to save her boss' life. so what did she get in return? a pink slip. what happened? >> tucker: and he signed off on a search warrant to track james rosen's e-mails and today eric holder, the attorney general in the hot seat about just that. what does james rosen think? he joins us next [ female announcer ] it's simple physics...
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other allergies to aspirin, nsaids or sulfonamides. get help right away if you have swelling of the face or throat, or trouble breathing. tell your doctor your medical history. and find an arthritis treatment for you. visit and ask your doctor about celebrex. for a body in motion. >> steve: a top story we've been telling you about this morning. the once second highest ranking officer in the u.s. military now wanted by the government apparently. >> alisyn: james cartwright now being probed for leaking classified information about a secret u.s. cyber attack on iran's nuclear program. >> tucker: joining us to weigh in, chief washington correspondent james rosen. >> alisyn: hi, james. >> good morning. nice to be with you. >> steve: what can you tell us? >> fox news has confirmed that this federal investigation into general cartwright began about a year ago. it is focused on reporting by the chief washington
5:16 am
correspondent for the "new york times," david sanger, of about a year ago in the "new york times" where sanger disclosed that cartwright conceived and implemented a secret covert operation to introduce a computer virus into the computers that iran was using to run its nuclear centrifuges. this was successful in 2010 in disrupting the operations of about 1,000 of iran's centrifuges. but this was classified information apparently and the reporting by the "new york times" in identifying cartwright has made him the center of another leak investigation by the obama administration, which has already prosecuted or charged eight individuals in those kinds of investigations. more than all of the president's predecessors combined. >> steve: i notice you just mentioned another leak investigation, another near and dear to you, not only today are you on the news, but you're in the news because eric holder is going up to capitol hill. has eric holder, have you been in contact with him? have you talked to him about
5:17 am
your situation? >> no. >> steve: okay. why is that? [ laughter ] >> in a word, not to put too fine a point on it, no. >> steve: all right, fine. >> alisyn: maybe we'll have more information after he meets with lawmakers on capitol hill today. though it's behind closed doors. >> steve: not only are you a great reporter, but you've got some breaking news, fox news special coming up tonight, benghazi, the truth behind the smoke screen. right? >> yeah. this is going to be great and for all of our viewers who have been very concerned with benghazi and i hear about it every day on my twitter feed, you must watch this program tonight. we bring you up to date on the benghazi investigation. it's been months since we last gave you a comprehensive look. this last week, four more subpoenas were thrown against officials in the state department. may 8, we had a blockbuster hearing where whistle blowers smoke in dramatic terms about what actually happened on the night of the benghazi attacks. we have heard from whistle
5:18 am
blowers who told us about the so-called stand down orders that were supposedly issued by the military. and also for this special, we have the first ever interview with the film maker who made that anti-muslim film that was wrongly placed at the heart of the benghazi narrative by the obama administration and who himself was then placed at the heart of a jail cell in connection with the making of that film. so there is a lot of information here. new updates and i think everyone who is concerned with benghazi should see it. our own fox polling shows a majority of republicans, democrats and independents all believe that president obama should have done more by way of a military operation on the night of benghazi. this issue isn't going away. this special is important to watch. >> steve: the special, you can watch it tonight at 10:00 o'clock eastern time. james rosen, chief washington correspondent, thank you very much. >> alisyn: sounds great. we'll be watching. thank you. >> tucker: here is a question, where did more than 1,000 guns go? turns out the park police that had custody of those guns don't
5:19 am
have a clue. they have lost them. disturbing story coming up. >> alisyn: then did you know the coffee you're drinking can help you find your dream home? like this one. it's under $200,000 and there are more like it. we'll tell you about the coffee connection next. >> steve: first, it's the friday in the summer. here are the doobie brothers performing live "depending on you." ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
5:20 am
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5:23 am
quick friday morning headlines. new this morning, rescuers believe an american schooner that went missing in the waters between new zealand and australia sunk. but they haven't given up hope in finding survivors. six americans and a british man were onst known contact with the ship was june 4 during rough weather. and this woman donates a kidney to save the life of her boss. you know what? then she got fired. she says she got sick after the donation and her boss fired her for missing too many sick days. she's suing the old boss and the company she worked for. that's a quick look at the news. >> alisyn: let's talk about the other news this morning and that is where edward snowden is. you may know he's attempting to achieve political asylum in ecuador and ecuador's president this morning has weighed in and basically thumbed his nose at
5:24 am
the united states, saying that we have no clout over what his decision will be. >> tucker: as was pointed out to him, ecuador could lose the benefits of a free trade agreement. we don't care, said the newly installed left wing president of ecuador who by the way, like all leaders in latin america outside of almost colombia, very anti-american. they've become much more anti-american since president obama took over and kind of gone without much notice here in the united states. but it's a big deal. >> steve: it takes a backbone for the president of ecuador to say that because there are millions of dollars worth of american aid. he says, you know, you're not going to tell me what to do. he has back pedaled a little bit, but he looks strong and some have said our president doesn't look so strong because, as we heard the president say yesterday, you know, why isn't he calling putin, asking him for him back? the president has a really good reason. he shouldn't have to. here he is. >> i have not called president
5:25 am
sheif personally or president putin personally and the reason is because number one, i shouldn't have to. this is something that routinely is dealt with between law enforcement officials and various countries and this is not exceptional from a legal perspective. no, i'm not going to be scrambling jets to get a 29-year-old hacker. >> steve: i shouldn't have to call? >> tucker: it's beneath his concern. a 29-year-old hacker? >> alisyn: we have extradition policies, not with russia, but with other countries. they are supposed to turn over, when we say we have a suspected criminal somewhere, they're supposed to turn them over and so are we. we do the same for them. >> steve: you know what? we don't have an extradition policy with russia. >> alisyn: that's a bit of a problem. >> steve: that's the problem
5:26 am
right now. >> tucker: when he says, i'm not going to scramble jets for a 29-year-old hacker. two things, this kid was not a 29-year-old hacker. he was an employee of the u.s. government with a high level security clearance. he took it because he was entitled to it. second, it suggests the president just can't be bothered with small things like that. i want to remind you, he called sandra fluke after rush limbaugh. >> steve: we have a whole list. >> tucker: he called the owner of the philadelphia eagles after michael vick got out of prison for torturing dogs. what a creep. the president thought that was significant enough to call him. he called jason collins after he announced he was gay, like that was earth shattering news somehow. >> alisyn: he's trying not to turn this, or to down play it from being an international incident. it pretty much is an international incident, but he's trying to say, this is a law enforcement incident. let's handle it the way we do often when we have law enforcement incidents. he's trying to deescalate it. i don't know that it's successful, but that's what he's trying to do. >> steve: they've clearly
5:27 am
changed course because in the beginning of the week after the news was, he's in moscow, well, let's pull out all the stops to get him. let's extradite him. lights do this. let's do that. john kerry on monday was rattling that saber. next day, not so much. >> tucker: i wish this was the emphasized in favor of the real story, which is the u.s. government is spying on its own citizens. loyal americans, you, me and everyone else getting phi spied on. we're getting that because of this edward snowden. >> steve: details. it's a controversial story, human being babies being created with dna not from two people, but with three people. that story straight ahead. >> tucker: did you know that coffee you are drinking can help you find your dream home just like this one? it's under $200,000 and there are more like it next. >> alisyn: first, the doobie brothers are performing live on our stage for the all american concert series. here is "china grove."
5:28 am
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>> oh! that was a perfect score right there. >> tucker: your shot of the morning. 20 college students competing in 17th annual belly flop competition. event taking place at water world in denver. the winner pocketed $1,000 scholarship to what, it's not clear. he also has belly flop bragging rights, such as they are. >> steve: where indeed. to what is this. >> alisyn: so does a cape help with a belly flop? >> steve: only if you put it on the front.
5:33 am
after about 12 beers, the cape is a good idea. >> alisyn: this guy -- >> steve: that was beautiful. congratulations to the big winner. >> alisyn: good. let's get to your headlines. very disturbing discovery. the u.s. park police have no idea where thousands of weapons are this morning. a report by the u.s. inspector general says the police lost track of 1400 hand guns, rifles and machine guns. they were supposed to be melted down. investigators found some of the missing weapons, so they are concerned some may end up in the wrong hands. similar problems were discovered in 2008 and 2009 and were never fixed. >> steve: meanwhile, he's accused of murdering his own girlfriend, but that's not stopping oscar pistorius from returning to the track. his family announcing the blade runner plans to hit the track for a few hours a week as a way to destress. but they insist he has no plans to compete in any sort of race.
5:34 am
he's facing a long murder trial for the death of his girlfriend, reeva steenkamp. >> tucker: it's a controversial story. human babies created with dna from three separate people. british lawmakers thinking about giving that a green light. the reason in they say it could stop women from passing on faulty genes. it takes the healthy parts of a mother's egg and traveling them to a donor egg that had its key dna removed. if it passes, they would be the first country in the world to use this procedure. >> alisyn: wow. a dog finds a unique way to beat the summer heat. >> get in it. [ laughter ] >> steve: awesome. >> alisyn: you can see, there is a small problem. the bucket of water is too small for him, but that does not keep the dog from going back for more, alternating between drinking the water and climbing in it. there you go.
5:35 am
you can use that water for a lot of things. >> steve: yeah, a good way to keep cool. >> tucker: like you've never done that. >> alisyn: in a pinch. >> steve: it is a -- it's going to be a warm day today. it's also a noisy day in front of our building. i was just outside singing along to "china groove" as ali calls it with maria molina. >> good morning. there were amazing. they've been playing. the doobie brothers are out here. and the weather has held up, right? [ cheering ] >> we were expecting some rain, but thankfully it's not raining. it's staying dry in new york city. mostly cloudy skies, we are expecting a shower or maybe a thorpe, especially as we head into this afternoon. that is the story pretty much for everyone along the east coast. as we head westbound, you mentioned the heat, that dog, basically trying to get into that little tiny bucket and we're looking at extreme heat out there with probably more dogs that will try to get water. you can see the high temperatures across parts of arizona and phoenix. 119 degrees.
5:36 am
122 for your high temperature in parker. that is very dangerous. you actually need to drink a lot of water. make sure that you stay hydrated and you can see that video on the left. so cute. heat warnings in effect across parts of arizona and also in california because of those very hot temperatures. quick shot of the east coast. that's where we're expecting showers and storms and maybe even some severe weather with damaging winds, large hail and isolated tornadoes possible. now let's head over to alisyn. >> alisyn: thanks so much. if you're in the market to buy a home and looking to save money, wake up and smell the coffee. because that cup of coffee might lead you to the home of your dreams. here to explain is real estate expert and author of "find it, fix it, flip it," michael corbett. hi, michael. >> good morning. >> alisyn: somehow starbucks going to help me buy the right house? >> you know what? here it is, when you're look for a neighborhood that's a transitional neighborhood or
5:37 am
neighborhood on the rise, you want to look for two key factors. one is new businesses coming in and crime going down. believe me, when a starbucks is coming into a neighborhood, it's a very good sign. they do a lot of research. they spend a lot of money deciding where to go, where the trends are going. piggy back right there on their research. then check the crime statistics. go to something like's crime watch and look and see downward trends for crime. you put the two of them together, a great cup of coffee and lower crime, you got a good neighborhood and a great place to shop for deals. >> alisyn: that is great advice because you always hear that you want to buy in an up and coming neighborhood, but you could never really tell what's an up and coming neighborhood. but you say those are the tell tale signs. let's talk about some of the houses that you fond. the first one in jackson, mississippi. >> yes. absolutely. this is one that's in club park. again, this is a neighborhood where we see a great starbucks
5:38 am
location, as well as a lower crime. this one is about $174,900. four bedrooms, two baths, 2500 square feet. a custom home. updated kitchen. it's got a wonderful sun room, purgola, lush landscaping and close to the jackson business hub. and your mortgage payment on this would end up being about $773 a month, including taxes and interest. >> alisyn: looks beautiful. let's move on to dallas, texas. you found a home in a neighborhood that is transitional. tell us about it. >> absolutely. a great deal. for $123,000, this is a two bedroom, one bath. in oak cliff. it's about 1,000 square feet. it's a wonderful, beautiful, tudor that was built in 1928. hardwood floors, updated kitchen. it's got a fireplace, big backyard. it's also got really great curb appeal with a wonderful wood arbor in the front. this is a really nice house and
5:39 am
your mortgage payment on this, including your interest your insurance would be about 552 a month. >> alisyn: okay. meanwhile, tell us about charlotte, north carolina. >> another great neighborhood on the rise. this one is -- it's called eastfield. this price on this, 199. it's four bedrooms, 2 1/2 baths. it's a two story home. again, great curb appeal. updated kitchen. granite counter tops. beautiful bathrooms, center island fireplace. new paint with lighting, carpet. all brand-new. lots of built ins. this one will cost you 866 a month, plus a homeowners association fee, about 176. so all of it around 1,000 bucks a month. a great deal in a great neighborhood on the rise. >> alisyn: excellent. thanks so much. and for awful you who like more information on these homes, go to, click on the link for michael's blog.
5:40 am
up next, the u.s. government is flying american flags made in china? should they be allowed to import patriotism on your dime? the man with a plan to stop it next. first, the doobie brothers performing "black water". ♪ ♪ ♪
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>> alisyn: here are three things you need to know before heading out this morning. in about 15 minutes, testimony continues in the george zimmerman trial. trayvon martin's parents and the lead investigator could take the stand today. and check your medicine cabinet.
5:45 am
there is nationwide baby aspirin recall. it affects rugby label and tara coated aspirin. one bottle contained acetaminophen. an overdose could cause liver failure. make sure you don't have it. finally, nasa just launched this satellite into space. it's going to watch the sun in hopes of improving weather forecast. rick reichmuth will be happy. >> tucker: thank you. it's the greatest symbol of american patriotism, but being imported from china. communist china. that's right. the u.s. spends about $3.3 million a year importing american flags from the chinese. but our next guest has a plan to stop that. joining us now is congressman of iowa. really appreciate you joining us this morning. tell us what this bill would do. >> tucker, my bill is a very simple bill. you've been featuring your all american summer promotion on the program.
5:46 am
my all american flag ad would simply require the u.s. government to purchase all flags with 100% american made materials and manufactured here in the united states. many of those flags drape the caskets of our veterans when we send them home. it's important to me and many of my colleagues that those flags be truly representative of america by being made in america. >> tucker: is there any reason that you're aware that the u.s. government would be buying american flags from china? >> the only reason is that the current law only requires 50% of the materials in flags purchased by the u.s. government to be made here in the united states. so i'm sure that that's one of the reasons why chinese flags are being purchased is because it's possible. my bill, which is a bipartisan bill that's already passed once in the house, once in the senate, but not in the same congress, and co-sponsored by congressman peter king of new
5:47 am
york would require 100% of those materials to be here in the united states. >> tucker: who is against this? >> i can't imagine anyone who would be against it. for me, it's a very personal issue. my father was an 18-year-old marine when he landed on iwo jima. the morning the flags were raised. and last year when i made a trip to iwo jima with 12 world war ii veterans who served there with my dad, i carried the flag that draped his casket up to the top and i know that the flag that he was buried in was made in the united states. i think other veterans want to make sure that that flag is a representative of our country and made by american workers. >> tucker: interesting. it's interesting you said this has already come up twice in two separate congresses, passed, but not yet law. of course, we're rooting for it and it looks like with no opposition, it will be. thank you for joining us this morning. i appreciate it. >> thanks for having me on the show.
5:48 am
>> tucker: up next, the doobie brothers perform "world gone crazy." first, let's check in with martha mccallum. >> good morning to you. we will go back live to the zimmerman trial this morning where more fireworks are expected today. we'll be there live for it. nfl glory to now being investigated in the murders of three people, the tragedy falls on all sides in this aaron hernandez case. and there is new information that we have for you minutes away. also the emigration fight -- immigration fight heads to the house now where the debate is expected to get hotter than arizona today. bill and i will see you right here at the top of the hour ♪ when you experience something great, you want to share it.
5:49 am
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>> steve: who's ready for the doobie brothers! [ cheering ] >> steve: i think this is our biggest crowd yet. here they are! ♪ working real hard in the city ♪ ♪ getting hot and sweaty ♪ trying to make it fun ♪ working real hard for the summer ♪ ♪ ♪
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>> steve: well, it's hard to believe that the doobie brothers have performed today. they'll have one more song in
6:00 am
the after the show show. >> alisyn: make sure you tune in tomorrow, tucker and i will be on "fox & friends." thank you for joining us. have a great weekend, everybody! thanks for coming out! bill: good morning, everybody. welcome to friday. what you are watching is the beginning of the george zimmerman trial. we'll bring in new witnesses for the prosecution including the former lead homicide detective on that case. welcome to america's newsroom. i'm bill hemmer. have a good trip? martha: it went well. west coast and back. good morning, i'm martha maccallum. you have both sides trying to piece together what happened on that fateful night in florida. taking the stand late yesterday was jennifer lauer.


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