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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  June 28, 2013 3:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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bad faces and -- >> kimberly didn't get her one more thing. >> i am going to go gorgeous on donuts. have a good weekend. see you back here monday! a house committee says an irs bureaucrat that took the fifth but proclaimed her innocence can't have it both ways. this is "special report." >> good evening, i am bret baier. the problem with exercising your fifth amendment right against self-incrimination, most people assume you're guilty. irs bureaucrat lois lerner tried to get around that by proclaiming her innocence of wrongdoing, then refusing to talk at a congressional hearing. today, lawmakers investigating the taxation's targeting scandal denied that exemption. chief congressional correspondent mike emanuel has
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our top story. >> the resolution finding lois lerner waived her fifth amendment privileges on may 22nd, 2013 is approved and we stand adjourned. >> reporter: the house oversight 22-17 vote along party lines found learner a key figure in targeting of conservative groups, waived that constitutional right by defending herself. >> i have not done anything wrong. i have not broken any laws. >> reporter: both then and now, former federal prosecutor, trey gowdy offered that she doesn't get to present her side and refuse to answer questions. >> mr. chairman, i have identified nine separate specific assertions made by lois lerner on may the 22nd, and that was after she asserted her right against privilege. >> reporter: the top democratic, elijah cummings tried to argue against the resolution with a
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different interpretation of the law. >> not trying to make this more difficult than it should be, it's just that i think that when we are dealing with -- i am very sensitive to this, this constitution, because i wouldn't be here if it wasn't for it. >> reporter: learner remains under subpoena, can be recalled to testify, but some republicans appeared irritated she remains on federal payroll while on administrative leave and is uncooperative. >> lois lerner is, in fact, a poster child for thumbing her nose, a federal bureaucrat, thumbing her nose at congress. >> reporter: a massachusetts democrat defended that behavior. >> i think that is a constitutional right to thumb your nose at the government, and i think considering the fact that congress' favorability rating is about 6%, a lot of people would use a different finger for congress.
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>> reporter: in one case, things flared when a democrat accused chairman issa to keep some members from house counsel legal advice. >> i'm sorry you're offended we offered any sharing -- >> if you're not going to answer what i yielded you to answer. >> i am trying to answer your question. there are members here that you don't want to see the report. >> the gentleman's time expired. >> lame excuses, too. >> william taylor tells fox it is too bad an issue like this is put to a vote in a highly polarized forum. taylor says a party line vote does not effect anyone's constitutional rights and insists this one does not effect lerner. more than two dozen senators are calling on the country's top intelligence official to explain the scope and duration of surveillance programs that collect massive amounts of communications and data about americans. lawmakers from both parties have written to director of national
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intelligence james clapper saying misleading statements from some officials prevented citizens being able to evaluate what's going on. officials in ecuador, meantime, say russian authorities are blocking their efforts to approve political asylum for nsa leaker edward snowden. the u.s. is reviewing its calls on russia to expel snowden who apparently is still at the moscow airport. also today, snowden's father acknowledged in a broadcast interview his son broke the law, but said he did not commit trees on. the obama administration search for leakers is now targeting a retired marine officer, said to have one very important fan at 1600 pennsylvania avenue. national security correspondent jennifer griffin has the surprising story tonight from the pentagon. >> reporter: general james cartwright, former vice chairman of joint chiefs, dubbed bob woodward of having most favorable general status at the white house during the
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president's first term. the justice department is investigating him for his alleged role in top secret cyber attacks on iran's nuclear facility. >> we have mechanisms in place where if we can root out folks that have leaked, they will suffer consequences. >> reporter: the investigation began a year ago, after "the new york times" reporter david sanger published confront and conceal, obama's secret war and surprising use of american power, a book outlining the collaboration between the nsa and israel to launch the worm to destroy iranian centrifuges and stop iran's nuclear program. he was described as architect of the program. cartwright's lawyer issued the following statement. general jim cartwright is an american hero who served his country with distinction for four decades. any suggestion that he could have betrayed the country he loves is preposterous. june 1st last year, "the new york times" published an excerpt
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from that book, obama order sped up wave of cyber attacks against iran. it included direct quotes from oval office meetings, leaving some republicans at the time to demand an investigation. the romney campaign accused the president's own national security team of being the source of the leaks in an effort to bolster president obama's image as having been tough on iran. the notion that my white house would purposely release classified national security information is offensive. it is wrong. >> reporter: today, attorney general eric holder was on the hill answering questions from house judiciary committee about the james rosen leak investigation. house republicans describe the meeting as frank. they asked holder about the search warrant, through rosen's e-mails and the testimony to the
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committee which some describe as untruthful. >> jennifer at the pentagon, thank you. join me at 10:00 p.m. eastern time for a special look at the investigation into last fall's benghazi terror attacks. here is a preview. june 25th. steven sends another cable, warning washington of a deteriorating situation where libyan extremists are, quote, targeting international organizations and foreign interests. >> why would state tell a special forces security team it is not needed in a place like benghazi? >> they were trying to tell about the story that was unfolding on the ground. >> he was the united states deputy under secretary of defense, foreign intelligence. >> it is because they live in a fantasy world. >> our special report, benghazi, the truth behind the smokescreen, tonight, 10:00 p.m. eastern time, reruns sunday at 9:00 p.m. eastern. president obama in south africa, the latest stop on his
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tour. there were some anti-american demonstrations today, and the country is preparing for the loss of one of its heroes. but the real trouble is 6,000 miles away in egypt where one american is dead tonight. chief white house correspondent ed henry is traveling with the president. >> reporter: president obama arrived in south africa just as speculation has reached a fevered pitch here about the declining health of this nation's first black president, nelson mandela. >> the main concern is with his well-being, his comfort, and with the family's well-being and comfort. >> reporter: enroute to johannisberg, the president made a rare appearance in the press cabin to talk on the record with reporters, while his staff would not allow tv cameras, there is audio of mr. obama making clear he will not try to meet with mandela, who is on life support, if it would further complicate an already desperate situation. >> i don't need a photo op and the last thing i want to do is to be in any way object truce i
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have at a time when the family is concerned about nelson mandela's condition. >> reporter: the president added mandela's legacy of bringing people together fits into the hopeful message he is trying to project this trip about u.s. foreign aid helping propel some of the fastest growing economies in the world. >> i believe that africa is rising. >> reporter: as the president spoke, there was violence raging on the other side of this continent in egypt, and an american citizen was caught in the crossfire and killed. some carry pictures of the ambassador to egypt and patterson with an x on her face because she's apparently too close to egyptian president morsi. protesters chanted down with the rule of muslim brotherhood and morsi leave, as they move for a
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massive demonstration sunday. aides traveling with the president say they're watching egypt very closely and are urging morsi allow his citizens to peacefully express opinions and avoid a crackdown that state department officials could lead to the situation spinning out of control. >> we do not want to see violence, we want dialogue, consensus, compromise so egypt can move forward and egyptian people can be successful. >> reporter: the american was killed when protesters stormed an off base of egypt's ruling muslim brotherhood, just in the last few moments, the u.s. state department issued an urgent travel warning for americans in egypt, a sign of how volatile the situation has gotten. bret? >> ed henry traveling with the president in south africa, ed, thank you. the administration issued its final rule exempting some religious groups from obama care contraception controversy. it sets up for them to provide coverage separately for churches
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and other houses of worship. religious charities, universities and hospitals must still offer and pay for coverage according to the administration, some of them, of course, are suing. we have another one of those stories guaranteed to get you to throw something at your television, that's later in the grapevine. up next, the state wants to throw the book at george zimmerman for the death of trayvon martin. see how prosecutors are doing. ♪
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prosecutors trying to prove a neighborhood watch volunteer murdered an african-american teenager are using people who saw or heard some of the initial confrontation between the two last year in florida. tonight, correspondent phil keating shows us how the defense is trying to fight back. >> is there somebody yelling for help? um, i am pretty sure the guy is dead out here.
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holy [bleep]. >> reporter: john good made that 911 call the night george zimmerman shot and killed 17-year-old trayvon martin. on day five of the second degree murder trial, prosecutors used good's testimony and original stick figure sketch for police to challenge zimmerman's claim that martin repeatedly pounded his skull into the sidewalk and suggested his use of deadly force was not justified. >> did you ever see the person on top slamming the person on the bottom's head on the concrete over and over and over? >> no. >> did you see at any time the person on top grab the person on the bottom's head, slam it into the concrete. >> no. >> reporter: on cross examination, zimmerman's attorney scored getting him to identify martin as the one on top and identify the person yelling for help. >> you now believe that was george zimmerman's voice. tell us if you think that was george zimmerman's voice screaming for help, the person on the bottom. >> that's just my opinion.
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>> reporter: also on the stand today, a neighbor that took the first photo of zimmerman's injuries, minutes after the shooting. he described zimmerman as calm and matter of fact. >> these [bleep], they always get away. those were the words in that grown man's mouth. >> reporter: in a forceful hoping statement monday, prosecutor john guy unloaded f bombs before the all woman jury. while the defense attorney, don west, began with a knock knock joke that bombed. >> george zimmerman. george zimmerman who? all right, good, you're on the jury. >> reporter: by far, the most memorable witness of the first week of testimony, 19-year-old rachel jeantel, she was on the phone with martin as he walked home from 7-eleven. she rolled her eyes, often hostile during cross examination, considered the state's star witness, she's the only person to say zimmerman was
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the aggressor. >> he said why are you following, and i heard him -- >> reporter: a witness relived her 911 call as someone screamed in the background. >> you keep hearing it? >> yes. >> reporter: judge deborah nelson dismissed the first juror, an alternate for what she said was personal, unrelated matters. in court all week, the jury appears very focused, attendant, taking a lot of notes, like many in the courtroom tuesday morning, appeared visibly distressed as closeup crime scene photos of a lifeless trayvon martin were put on the big screen. >> phil keating live from florida, thank you. now to a story of a spectacular fall from grace, professional football star once heralded as a role model for hispanics now accused of murder.
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molly line has the latest from boston. >> reporter: police in miramar florida say earnest wallace turned himself in spotting himself on the news, wanted by north attleboro police department for accessory after the fact for otis lloyd. the man aaron hernandez is accused of killing. and from connecticut, he was arraigned in attleboro court, facing a weapons charge. according to court documents, carlos ortiz told police he possessed a firearm on or about the morning of monday june 17th. prosecutors say lloyd died shortly before 3:30 a.m., shot in the side, chest, and back, his body discovered roughly a half mile from hernandez's home in north attleborough. he was texting two friends to head north the night before.
3:19 pm
hernandez is behind bars, denied bail by two different judges. >> facts as i understand them, as they have been presented to me, believed by a jury that this gentleman by himself or with two other people, that he requested come to the commonwealth, basically cold-blooded, in a cold-blooded fashion killed that person because that person disrespected him. >> reporter: our boston fox affiliate reports hernandez is being looked at in connection with an unsolved double homicide last summer. three shot, two fatally, as they sat in a car at a traffic light in boston. a gray or silver suv with rhode island plates was seen leaving the scene. for now, in the death of otis lloyd, police say he pled not guilty. the new england patriots have dumped him and you have a chance to dump the jerrinjur injury --.
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you can trade it in for another. >> that's a first. thank you. the man accused of killing 12 at a colorado theater will be anchored to the floor during trial. a judge ruled james holmes must be restrained because he is accused of violent crimes. he will wear a harness under his clothes so jurors don't see the cable attached to the floor. still ahead, sounded like a good idea at the time. a plan for millions of your tax dollars in afghanistan that just is not working out. first, the secret weapon in the gun control battle. tony used priceline to book this 4 star hotel. tell 'em why. free breakfast with express deals, you can save big and find a hotel with free breakfast without bidding. don't you just love those little cereal boxes? priceline savings without the bidding.
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wall street week that started badly for just about everyone ended badly for many, the dow lost 115, the s&p 500 was down 7, the nasdaq gained a point. but for the week, the dow gained three-quarters percentage point, s&p 500 was up .87, nasdaq gained 1.37. congress got out of town without fixing the student loan problem, rates are set to double july 1st. the house passed a plan, but the senate has not and will not in time. senators say they will make any solution retroactive. gun advocates are trying to use upgraded ammunition against guners. talking about new taxes on weapons and ammo that some perceive as another assault on the second amendment. here is correspondent molly henneberg. >> reporter: it may be legal to own a gun, but in some states it may cost you more to buy one and to buy the ammunition to go with it. at this point, seven states and one local government have added
3:25 pm
or are considering legislation to tack on more taxes to guns and or ammunition. for example, cook county, illinois, added $25 tax. connecticut where newtown shooting happened is considering 50% tax on ammunition. california may enact a 5 cent tax on every bullet sold. maryland looking at $25 tax on gun licenses and 50% tax on ammunition. there's also an effort by congressional democrats to place a federal 10% tax on individual handgun purchases, and then use that money to fund gun safety and violence prevention programs. >> it is a known fact that guns are responsible for homicides and death and lots of violence in our society and there's a price our society pays for that. so i don't think it is unfair to link those things with prevention programs. >> reporter: critics say this type of legislation is a
3:26 pm
roundabout way to get at gun control, by hitting gun owners in the wallet. >> make no mistake about it, it is meant to do nothing more than infringe on people's right to keep and bear arms. that's what this is about. they're trying to slow down the sale or stop the sale in some cases of folks being able to purchase a firearm, and it is just wrong. >> reporter: they introduced counter legislation, which under the commerce clause prevents states and local governments from adding extra taxes to guns and ammunition. he contends new taxes unfairly burden people that are not wealthy but still want to, quote, protect their family, their property, or themselves. congresswoman sanchez maintains local police agencies need the extra funds to combat what she calls the epidemic problem of gun violence. bret? >> molly, thank you. those of you out west are bracing for an incredibly hot weekend. look at this. a strong high pressure system is settling over the region, and it will bring extreme temperatures to the already blazing
3:27 pm
southwest. death valley is forecast to go even higher than it is right now, up to 130 degrees. phoenix at 116, las vegas, 113. we are learning tonight that the 12-year-old girl whose family had to go to court to get a lung transplant has now had a second transplant procedure. parents of sarah murnaghan say the first didn't work, the second is doing better. doctors are weaning her off the ventilator and two chest tubes were removed today. an obama administration that promotes gun control apparently isn't doing a good job of controlling its own guns. we will explain. liabke it or not, you are putting in a huge bill to have children sell obama care. the grapevine is next. to help replenish key eye nutrients. ocuvite has a unique formula not found in your multivitamin to help protect your eye health. ocuvite. help protect your eye health.
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and now from the political grapevine. forget reading, writing, arithmetic, you are paying to train public school students how to promote obama care. the plan involves outreach calls, class presentations, and meetings with eligible staff. the students part of a pilot program to see if they can convince adults they already know to enroll in obama care. officials are promising or threatening strict enforcement of the grants with monthly, quarterly, and annual reports,
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field monitors and funding based on performance. the u.s. park police has lost track of an arsenal of handguns, rifles and shotguns. in a scathing report, the interior department faults staff for having no idea how many weapons they control and says the department has no clear policies or procedures for investigating missing weapons. it says top managers, including the police chief, have shown a, quote, lack daze cal attitude toward firearms management. investigators investigating armories found 14 extra unassigned weapons intended to be destroyed, and nearly 200 handguns meant for the atf being stored but not listed in an inventory system. the national park system apologized. an immigration service officer was indicted for taking thousands of dollars in cash
3:33 pm
from three immigrants seeking either citizenship or lawful permanent status and also receiving, get this, 200 egg rolls. 200 egg rolls. they must have been really tasty egg rolls. a story tonight about how your tax dollars are being spent as the u.s. transitions out of afghanistan. chief washington correspondent has more on what started as a plan and has a problem. >> reporter: in the next 18 months, the u.s. will provide 30 mi-17 helicopters like this, and 18 fixed wing aircraft to an elly afghan unit known as special mission wing, smw, a special forces team dedicated to counter terrorism and counter narcotics missions. total costs will exceed $770 million. >> afghan forces will take the lead for security in mid 2013. >> reporter: a new audit by the special inspector general for
3:34 pm
afghanistan reconstruction found they have neither the personnel nor expertise to fly and maintain the planes and choppers. as of january 23rd, the afghan special wing had just 180 personnel, less than one quarter personnel needed to reach full strength, the report said, adding as of january 16, only 7 of 47 pilots asiensigned were qualified to fly with night vision goggles, a necessary skill for executing most counter terrorism missions. sigar says the contracts, including 550 million for a russian firm blacklisted from congress be suspended. >> if you have a problem with man power, you don't need to compound it with delay of arrival of airplanes. >> reporter: spokesperson for chuck hagel agreed said delaying contract awards would unacceptably delay our efforts to develop the smw into a capable force. with u.s. forces set to leave afghanistan by end of 2014,
3:35 pm
afghan police pa control and afghan army units take the lead in most combat operations. but high tech, logistics, medical capabilities are inadequate to counter insurgency tasks. they will benefit from hardware the u.s. is not shipping state side. >> we want to push them as hard as we can to be ready end of next year, recognize we're not going to get to the finish line in each and every area. >> reporter: also complicating counter narcotics effort of the special mission wing are flourishing poppy fields, which reclaimed its position as the leading producer and cultivator of opium. >> thank you. a house committee tells an irs manager she can't have her fifth amendment cake and eat it, too. the fox all stars will react when we return.
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>> the resolution finding lowens learner waived her fifth amendment privileges may 22nd, 2013 is approved and we stand adjourned. >> it was a tough week for the irs, as you look at all of the different things, investigations going on involving that agency. one poll from our new fox poll out this week, which would you fear more, a knock on your front door from the irs or the local police. you can see who wins there, 55%. with that, bring in the panel. welcome john stossel of the fox business network. kirsten powers, columnist from daily beast, and columnist charles krauthammer. what about this? compounding it for the irs. >> i love tammy duckworth about the contractor feeding off the va. it is just a good symbol of when you have too much government, people will cheat and
3:41 pm
increasingly people claim all kinds of back pain, stress disability, and this feeds into the i'm taking from the state attitude, and where better to work than as a contractor ripping off the irs. >> what about danny werfel going up with this report that at one point a lawmaker crumbled up saying this is junk. is there a sense you think that this is going to keep on rolling, that this investigation is going to be a big deal? >> hope so, but is the irs different from all other big government agencies? it encourages people to cover up problems and they have an impossible job, the tax code is so complex. >> today, kirsten, lois lerner decides she can't have fifth amendment rights, that's what the committee decided. listen to the exchange, what she said and trey gowdy.
3:42 pm
>> i have not done anything wrong. i have not broken any laws. i have not violated any irs rules or regulations and i have not provided false information to this or any other congressional committee. >> i have identified nine separate specific assertions made by lois lerner on may the 22nd, and then, mr. chairman, she authenticated a document, all of this, mr. chairman, after she invoked her right to remain silent. >> we must respect the constitutional rights of every witness who comes before this committee. >> now, lerner's attorney said it was a highly polarized forum and she believes she still has her fifth amendment right. what about this? >> i am not a lawyer, i can't rule or judge,n that, but i think there's something unsavory about her invoking that when she's a
3:43 pm
certificate vanservant to the a there are a lot of questions that need to be answered and she should want to answer them to clear up the air so we understand exactly what happened. and it seems she provided a defense of herself. she wanted to remain silent to protect herself, then she should have remained silent. instead, she went on at great length about how she had done nothing wrong when the evidence points another direction. >> charles you want to see her given immunity so she speaks out. where do you think this goes? >>let me say, i am not a lawyer, but i will make a ruling. >> you play one on tv. >> absolutely, won't make a diagnosis but will make a ruling. i think the committee is right, she waived her right, but nonetheless because of the democrats trying to do everything possible to slow down the investigation, pretend it shouldn't exist, pretend it is all over and solved, you can see that point and say let's just --
3:44 pm
grant her the fact that she had waived it, and we give her immunity, because you've got to get somebody that will speak. she obviously is resistant. when you give use immunity to a witness that they cannot remain silent after that because it can't hurt them, beyond that, anything that's said under use immunity cannot be used against you in later proceedings, so it gives every incentive to actually speak the truth, and of course there's risk of perjury if you don't, but it has incentives and also has disincentives. i think if you ever want to crack the case, get it back on track, you need somebody who will speak. everybody is covering up, reluctant. if she speaks, it can open up a lot of other stuff. >> do you sense, john, you talk about big government, do you sense that people across the country have similar views in the wake of all these scandals
3:45 pm
adding up? do you think it is changing public opinion? >> maybe. david axelrod seemed to change his opinion, say look, the government is too big, my man obama can't supervise it all. that's true. no one can. that's a start. >> how do you fix it. >> you have less of it. when you have all of the deductions, at least both parties are talking about eliminating deductions. you have all of these rules, give 22 million people that work for the government, federal, state, that's hundreds of thousands of people that can be a petty tyrant in your life. next up, the friday lightning round. your home and auto insurance together. i'll just press this, and you'll save on both. ding! ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, llllet's get ready to bundlllllle...
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each week we ask you to vote online in the friday lightning round poll. you chose the latest on the benghazi investigation. back with the panel. charles, this week, general carter hamm, then africom commander, testified behind closed doors. take a listen what one representative said she took out of it. >> the day before the white house sent out a press release bragging about how prepared they were to protect on a very important anniversary of 9/11. what we also know as a result of today's hearing is that they did not even confer with the combatant commander in that part of the world to make sure he had everything he needed. >> what do you think of that. >> rather astonishing, general hamm, in charge of africom, he is the one that would prepare
3:50 pm
the preparedness, and all you get from the white house and you see it is a theme through all of this, including the talking points, is trying to make the appearances look good, trying to explain all of the behavior of the administration, why would you cover up, why would you tell a story. they want it to look as if they were not responsible, everything had been done because it was an election year. that i think is the root of all of the distortions analyze. >> carter hamm also said behind closed doors that there was no stand down order, there was a stay there order for special forces in tripoli to not go to benghazi. what about this story and where it is, where it is going? >> well, i mean, stay there and stand down are -- it is a little bit of -- there's not that much difference there frankly, you could say it casts some question, gregory hicks said there was clearly a stand down order, so that needs to be reconciled in some way. >> i understand, in the
3:51 pm
military, stand down means do nothing. they were given a mission to stay in tripoli. >> which in effect is keeping them from, we assume, everything i know about the military is that they would do anything they could, if any one of their people are in harm's way. so, you know, but again, it is hard to know exactly if he is saying as we understand it to be or if there's something more. >> more on this tonight at 10:00 p.m. we will tease that in a bit. john, the nsa story, you have this -- we will see it now. 10:00 p.m., this special we have. john, the nsa story, you have edward snowden apparently still locked up in this moscow airport. you have all these different leaks coming out that everyone says are really, really damaging to national security. what are your thoughts? >> i'm still trying to get my brain around it. this is one of those where there are two sides. i am not that upset by the data mining because i think the intentions are good and it may
3:52 pm
be useful, and i lost my only friends, the libertarians who now call my disgusting, a lino, libertarian. >> i put on my web page a list of 100 other things i was angrier at the government for, so i am out of the club. >> in the club, a lot of people watching the zimmerman trial, today an interesting exchange in which the prosecutor's witness said this. >> the person you now know to be trayvon martin was on top, correct? >> correct. >> he was the one reigning blows on the one on the bottom, on george zimmerman? >> that's what it looked like. >> the beating happened on this sidewalk. charles, this witness is saying it was trayvon martin on top of george zimmerman and the defense there using that. >> prosecution didn't have a good day. star witness, i feel sorry for
3:53 pm
her, didn't want to be there, she is not the witness you would want on the stand, she isn't that well prepared, and when she gets -- contradicts herself unintentionally, i think, it weakens the prosecution's case. i say the defense had a good couple days. >> quickly, winners and losers. winners first and losers? >> my winner, barney frank. not only does he want to legalize gambling, but he now says drugs like cocaine and heroin should be legal. the economy and poor people because of obama's global warming push will wreck the economy and people's lives. >> the gay rights movement, anyone that supports gay marriage, having terrible unconstitutional discriminatory law, the so-called defense of marriage act struck down, and losers are people who oppose gay marriage who just don't realize the fight is basically over.
3:54 pm
>> charles? >> winner, constitutional propriety, with striking down of voting rights act, this anomaly for 50 years, a deserved good one of identifying the southern states for separate treatment as a result of discrimination in the past is now over, and we return to the constitutional norm of all states essentially being treated equally. the loser of the week, and say this with some sadness, rusty the red panda who newly arrived from nebraska, tried to escape from the washington zoo. he left no note, so we're not exactly sure why. i think after three weeks of bickering and gridlock in washington, he had had enough. unfortunately he didn't make it to the corn husker state, his native territory. found him asleep in a tree, he
3:55 pm
is back in a zoo, hasn't spoken a lot since. >> wow. this was the lightning round at one point, it is good to get the panda update. >> it is a long story. rather poignant one. >> it is. thanks for being here. that's it for the panel. stay tuned for some words of wisdom. look what mommy is having. mommy's having a french fry. yes she is, yes she is. [ bop ] [ male announcer ] could've had a v8. 100% vegetable juice, with three of your daily vegetable servings in every little bottle.
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finally tonight, having
3:59 pm
wisdom teeth pulled is not a fun experience. a 15-year-old coming off the anesthesia when he left the dentist office, his brother got in on all of it. >> you just had your wisdom teeth out. >> i am not wise any more? oh! i want to be wise. >> do you want some java juice? >> what's that? >> to drink, a smoothie? >> what's a smoothie. >> you're going too fast. >> no, i am not, i am going slow. >> you're going too fast. he waved right back to me! he didn't wave back to me! >> brothers are so mean.
4:00 pm
that's it for this "special report." fair, balanced, unafraid. don't forget, 10:00 p.m. tonight, special look at benghazi, the truth behind the smokescreen. this is fox report. tonight, the george zimmerman murder trial. three prosecution witnesses help the defense. and new details of the final confrontation before george zimmerman shot trayvon martin. >> the person you know to be trayvon martin was on top, correct? >> correct. >> tell us if you think that was george zimmerman screaming for help, the person on the bottom. >> that's just my opinion. >> but he says he did not see trayvon martin smashing zimmerman into the ground. >> did you ever see the person on top slamming the person on the bottom's head on the concrete over and over and over? >> no. >> in moments, what this man's testimony could


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