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tv   Fox News Reporting  FOX News  June 30, 2013 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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september 11, september 11th, 2012. that night u.s. ambassador christopher stevens and three other americans perished during eight hours of bullets, mortars and flames. the political and bureaucratic smoke screen that followed made benghazi not just a tragedy but a scandal. hello. welcome to fox news reporting. from day one, fox news has been investigating the big questions surrounding benghazi. how could americans be left so vulnerable in such a dangerous place? did their government leave them to die? did their president try to cover up what happened that night?
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voters reelected barack obama but they are giving him a pass on benghazi. a recent fox poll found more than 7 in 10 american voters want congress to continue investigating. congress has. and so have we. we begin with peter boyer who finds one piece of common ground between obama's supporters and critics. both agree to understand benghazi, you must go back a few years. >> any clear-eyed examination of this matter must begin with this sobering fact. benghazi joins a long list of tragedies and for america, hostages taken in tehran in 1979, our embassy and marine barracks bombed in beirut in 1983. khobar towers in 1996. >> she essentially said to understand benghazi, you have to understand the series of terror attacks that had occurred before. is she right? >> she is certainly right in terms of understanding the
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ideology that fuels these attacks. >> andrew mccarthy is a form he federal prosecutor who won a conviction of the blind sheikh who had plotted to bomb new york city tunnels and landmarks in the 1990s. >> islamic supreme six. >> the difference between the obama administration and its critics is the lesson each has learned. through the '70s, '80s, '90s the united states dealt with terrorism as a crime. >> i was on the front lines. >> what we found was that we were repeatedly attacked and the attacks became more audacious over time. >> and the result was the first september 11th attack. >> john bolton, u.s. ambassador under president george w. bush is a fox news contributor. >> it was that attack, tragically, that made us realize that we were in a war. and that the way to deal with international terrorism was to treat it as you would treat an
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act of aggression against the united states by a hostile power. >> but the rise of barack obama was an emphatic turning away from the bush foreign policies. bush's global war on terror vanished from the presidential vocabulary. the middle east and all its problems would be managed through smart diplomacy. >> thank you. obama began what his critics called an apology tour. in a june 2009 speech in cairo, he suggested that bush's freedom agenda for the muslim world had been a clumsy overreach. >> no system of government can or should be imposed by one nation, by any other. >> within weeks of that cairo speech came stirrings from the middle east that seemed to catch obama by surprise. america stood by as iran's green revolution was brutally suppressed. then an uprising in tunisia, followed by a popular revolt
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against the egyptian strongman, hosni mubarak. the arab spring would present with a definding crisis. in march 2011 he addressed the american people from the national defense university in washington. the president who wanted to pivot away from the middle east was now explaining why he was intervening in a civil war in libya. it was to stop a blood bath in a port city that most americans had never heard of. a place called benghazi. >> if we waited one more day, benghazi could suffer a massacre that would have reverberated across the region and stained the conscience of the world. i refused to let that happen. >> but saving benghazi from gadhafi was not the end of that story. at that moment, in a jail cell in southern california, a czech former meth cooker was working on a loopy scheme that would one day command international attention. it employed a low budget
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comically inept movie he called desert warrior. he produced it when he was paroled in june 2011. federal authorities would only allow us an interview with him over the phone. >> when you began to make this film, what was your intent? >> it just gives a message to the world. be careful. evil coming from the east. >> what was the nature of that evil? >> it is terrorism. >> when it peaked at the peak of obama's re-election campaign, this capitolic christian and his film became part of a smoke screen of what happened on 9/11. >> one of the principle unanswered questions is where did the story about the muhammad video come from? >> is it imaginable to you that the president of the united states having a conversation about what story are we going to concoct to explain this? >> the conduct of the top
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welcome back to fox news reporting. we asked the white house for interviews. we were turned down. many officials have testified about the debacle or spoken publicly like the president himself. in addition the state department and congress have released unclassified reports. from these sources and our own exclusive reporting emerges a time line of disastrous decisions and deadly consequences. we resume our story in the fall of 2011. >> october 20, 2011.
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libya. moammar gadhafi is captured killed by rebels in his home town. the revolution is complete. the u.s. keeps its embassy in tripoli but quickly sets up a diplomatic outpost in benghazi. the rebels' strong hold president obama vowed to save. the violence continues there. says the state department's number two man in libya, greg hicks. >> you had assassinations and car bombings in benghazi. the assess many was this was libyan on libyan. >> the americans move into this villa on the west side of the city. inside its walls are four buildings including a large residence where a safe haven is built. you enter through a heavy metal grill with several locks on it. security at the u.s. benghazi compound consists of five nationalic security special agents and four members of the february sfeenlt martyrs
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brigade. an islamic militia group. more than a mile away is what is called the an ex. now known to be a cia facility. there's more security there. based in tripoli but moving around the country is a department of defense sight security team with special forces capability. lieutenant colonel andrew wood takes charge of the sst on february 12th, 2012. >> the spring of 2012, there was an uptick of terror attacks in libya. >> that's true. they seemed to be targeting more toward westerners. >> despite an average of two security incidents every three days, wood and his team are slated to leave libya by summer's end. march 28th, 2012. americans in libya send a cable to secretary of state clinton requesting more security. april 6th. a bomb is tossed over the wall of the benghazi compound. no one is hurt. april 19th, a return cable signed by clinton says security
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would actually be scaled back. clinton will later deny he knowing about the exchange. june 6th. an ied is placed on the compound's north gate. again, no one is hurt. the next day, the newly named ambassador, christopher stevens, asks to keep two security teams the state department had ordered to be removed. his request? is denied. june 11th. a convoy transporting the united kingdom's ambassador is ambushed in benghazi. he isn't hurt but two of his security squad are. the brits decide to pull out of benghazi. >> clearly that was a terrorist attack. >> i actually conducted an investigation and it was definitely an assassination attempt by skilled operators. >> and these skilled operators, wood realizes, are an increasingly dangerous enemy to americans. >> i can see the adversary growing stronger. we were the last thing on their target list. >> june 25th, stevens sends
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another cable warning washington of a deteriorating situation where libyan extremists are, quote, targeting international organizations and foreign interests. >> why would state tell a special forces security team it is not needed in a place like benghazi? >> they were trying to tell a better story than was actually unfolding on the ground. >> lieutenant general william g. boykin was the united states deputy undersecretary of defense for intelligence. >> it is because they live in a fantasy world. >> which brings us back to hollywood. remember, the coptick christian who made that warrior movie? he's renamed the film innocence of bin laden. in late june, advertises a screening, a divine theater in los angeles. >> i heard about the promotion of the film which i thought was brilliant. >> steve klein is an anti-islamic activist who would become a spokesman for the film. >> the fliers were designed to get the attention of the young taliban al qaeda type kids.
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the wannabes here in southern california. they had been baited for lack of a better word. come watch this video about your hero. >> instead of seeing a positive film about bin laden, they would be shown one that portrays the prophet mohamed as a homicidal gay child molester. >> we anticipated they would boil out of the theater and act angry, something of that nature. >> he waited outside in the car with a video camera. >> i died my hair and my mustache black because a lot of them know who i am. we saw nobody come into the theater. i called up mikoula and said nobody showed up. it was really disappointing. >> july 2nd. a trailer for the film is uploaded retitled innocence of muslims to youtube. though he denies it, he is sam and using an alias, violates his probation. but for now, in hollywood terms,
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he is still a nobody who made a film no one wanted to watch. july 6th. back in libya, the americans are even more concerned about terror attacks. but the deputy of security tells them they should not make a formal request for an extension of the security teams set to leave in august. >> lamb was discouraging, to put it mildly. why do you keep raising these issues? why do you keep putting this forward? >> august 8th. ambassador stevens sends another cable to washington. quote, what we have seen are not random crimes of opportunity but rather, targeted and self-incrimination national attacks. less than a week after that cable, alone colonel wood and his military sight security team leave the country. >> how did you feel about the security situation when you left? >> i didn't like it. i said as much. and my concerns were specifically for benghazi.
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>> still, stevens is being pushed to increas the diplomatic presence in that city and soon, says hicks. >> according to chris, secretary clinton wanted benghazi converted into a permanent constituent post. timing for this decision was important. chris needed to report before september 30th, the end of the fiscal year. >> september 6th. charlotte, north carolina. the democrats' national convention. >> today without a single american casualty, moammar gadhafi is gone and the people of libya are free. >> the same day, an egyptian american coptic christian, koran burning pastor terry jones. the e-mail includes a link to the you tube trailer. september 8th. cairo. a popular islamic broadcaster airs portions of that trailer.
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outrage ensues. cement 9th. as ambassador stevens gets toward leave tripoli for benghazi, alec henderson, a diplomatic security officer in tripoli, warns that the february 17th martyr's brigade can't be trusted to protect it. september 10th. benghazi. ambassador stevens arrives in the city though his movements are supposed to be secret, local media are there. and that is cause for grave concern. on the eve of the anniversary of 9/11. coming up, america suffers another blow on another 9/11. after the break.
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in the days after september
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11, in the days after september 11th, 2012, obama administration officials would claim that benghazi was a spontaneous attack carried out by a mob outraged over a youtube video. as you're about to see, nobody but nobody in libya was thinking that on this fateful day. september 11th, 2012. 6:43 a.m., benghazi. a libyan police officer atop a building next door is caught photographing the inside of the american mission. the idea that a libyan cop might be casing the case rattles information management officer shawn smith. around noontime, he messages a friend on the internet. quote, assuming we don't die tonight, we saw one of our police that guard the compound taking pictures. 12:11 p.m., cairo. u.s. embassy staffers release a statement about the video which
9:22 pm
has been shown on egyptian tv. quote, we firmly reject the actions by those who abuse the universal right of free speech to hurt the religious beliefs of others. by late afternoon, the cairo embassy is surrounded by protesters. voicing a variety of grievances, says andrew mccarthy. >> the video was part of a much larger demonstration that featured open brandishing of the al qaeda flag, a chant of obama, obama. >> 6:45 p.m. the egyptian crowd storms the embassy. watching from tripoli, greg hicks, america's number two man in libya reaches out to his boss, ambassador chris stevens, in benghazi. >> chris, are you aware of what's going on in cairo? and he said, no. so i told him that the embassy had been stormed. they were trying to tear down our flag. and he said thanks very much.
9:23 pm
>> no sign in benghazi of protests. over the video or anything else. 9:00 p.m. ambassador stevens and shawn smith retire for the evening in the main residence. four diplomatic security officers joined them including lead officer scott wickland. another officer, alec henderson is at the nearby tactical operations center. >> was there any awareness of the youtube video? >> the you tube video was a nonevent. >> 9:42 p.m. agent henderson hears shots and an explosion. he yell into his radio and sounds an alarm. it is 3:42 p.m. in washington. charlene lamb is on duty at the state department. >> he also alerted the quick reaction security team stationed nearby. the libyan's 17th brigade, the embassy in tripoli and the diplomatic security command center in washington. >> the armed attackers enter the main gate. without warning or resistance
9:24 pm
from the february 17th martyrs brigade. in tripoli, a diplomatic security officer runs into hicks' villa yelling. >> greg, greg, the consulate is under attack. >> he calls stevens who is hiding with shawn smith in the safe haven. >> we said greg, we're under attack and the line cut. >> the attackers set the main residence ablaze and the safe haven fills with thick, dark smoke. more than a mile away, at the cia annex, the former navy s.e.a.l. tyrone woods get their weapon ready. >> they were mobilizing a response team there to go to our facility and provide reinforcements to repel the attacks. >> 9:59 p.m. as an unarmed surveillance drone heads toward the compound, hicks places a call to washington where it is just turning 4:00 in the afternoon. >> i called the operations center at the state department to report the attack. >> did you report to anyone in
9:25 pm
washington that there was a protest in connection to a youtube video? >> no. the only report that our mission made through every channel was that there had been an attack on a consulate. >> 4:05 p.m. washington time. an internal state department ops alert reports that the benghazi special mission is under attack. >> i was notified of the attack shortly after 4:00 p.m. i spoke to the national security adviser, tom donlan. he was my first call. i instructed our senior department officials to consider every option to just break down the doors of the libyan officials to get as much security support as we possibly could. >> state department counter terrorism official mark thompson wants to immediately dispatch the u.s. foreign emergency support team called fest. >> it is on alert to do just this mission. i notified the white house of my idea. we needed to act now and not
9:26 pm
wait. >> at the annex, they said they told them to stand down twice. while an independent accountability review board pointed by the state department concluded the cia officers were, quote, not delayed by orders from superiors. either way, 10:07 p.m. benghazi time, the cia team leaves the annex bound for the compound. what about help from the pentagon? 10:45 p.m. >> i asked the defense attache if anything was coming. >> the short answer, no. >> i said thank you very much and we went on with our work. >> 10:54 p.m., benghazi. the six-man response team from the annex drives the attackers out of the compound. by that time, shawn smith is confirmed dead. but nobody can find ambassador stevens. it is now 5:00 p.m. in washington. defense secretary leon panetta attends his weekly meeting with the president. >> he ordered all available
9:27 pm
d.o.d. assets to respond. >> but none outside libya will. >> the quickest response option available was a security team that was located at the embassy in tripoli. >> but the americans have no plane in tripoli. >> we agreed that we would move forward with chartering a plane to fly a response team to benghazi to provide additional reinforcements. >> 11:10 p.m. benghazi. a u.s. drone armed only with cameras begins circling above the compound. five minutes later, a second wave of attackers arrives. >> the annex team with drew from the facility and the second wave of attackers took it over. >> did anybody leave any base anywhere to go to the aid of the people under attack in benghazi, libya, before the attack ended? >> no. because the attack ended before
9:28 pm
they could get off the ground. >> okay. >> as senator graham pointed out, this is an attack that lasted nearly eight hours from start to finish. >> there was this initial attack on the facility at benghazi. er frankly, we thought that was the end of what had occurred there and we had no intelligence that a second attack take place at the annex two miles away. >> coming up, the obama administration is tragically wrong about what's happening on the ground. and more american blood will spill in benghazi. [ whispering ] uh! i had a nightmare!
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as september 11th turns into the 12th, benghazi becomes a modern day alamo. a handful of brave americans facing terrible odds, with no help on the way. 5:30 p.m., washington. defense secretary leon panetta finishes his regular weekly meeting with president obama in the oval office. once back in the pentagon, he summons carter ham, martin dempsey and other senior staff to discuss benghazi. that meeting will last more than two hours. back in tripoli, gregg hicks has neither hope that help is on the way, nor time to dwell on it. >> we're on our own, we have to try to pull this off with the resources we have. by midnight, 6:00 p.m. washington time, the annex is
9:33 pm
now under attack. >> the second phase of this, after the teams have returned to the annex, they suffer for about an hour and a half probing attacks. after a two-hour scramble, team tripoli secures that charter plane. among those aboard, glen dogherty. meanwhile in washington, mark thompson wants to know why the foreign emergency support team or fest has not been deployed as he requested. >> the reason i was given was this was not the time for the fest. it might be too unsafe for the fest. >> how do you react? >> we live by a code. you go after those in peril that are in service of their country. >> 12:07 p.m. 6:07 p.m. washington. the state department issues an internal ops alert that al qaeda-linked answar sharia. is claiming responsibility for benghazi. twitter posts are calling for attacks of the embassy in tripoli.
9:34 pm
>> we have to take care of ourselves. >> 1:00 a.m. benghazi. someone using wickland's cell phone redials hicks, the caller says the ambassador is at the benghazi medical center. >> we learned that he was in the hospital, controlled by shari'a. >> hicks suspects a trap. 1:15 a.m., libya. the american chartered plane arrives at the benghazi airport. there is a hitch. >> the tripoli team had to stay at the benghazi airport, because it had no transport and no escort from the libyans. the delay would give the terrorists time to set up another lethal assault. 2:00 a.m., tripoli. hicks gets a call from washington, where it's now 8:00 p.m. >> secretary of state clinton called me, along with her senior staff, all on the phone, and she
9:35 pm
asked me what was going on? >> i spoke with tripoli. i talked with the then libyan national congress president to press him on greater support. we were reaching out to everyone we could find to try to get an update about ambassador chris stevens. >> 8:39 p.m., washington. five hours after the attacks began, secretary defense panetta, wrapping up the two-hour meeting at the pentagon, officially authorizes a military response of sorts. >> first, we ordered a marine fleet anti terrorism secure team to prepare to deploy to benghazi. a second fast platoon, ordered to prepare to deploy to tripoli. a special operations force, training in central europe, was ordered to prepare to deploy to siganella. >> prepare to deploy, prepare to deploy, prepare to deploy.
9:36 pm
it's not deployment of going toward benghazi. >> why did it take almost 4 1/2 hours to start the clock to prepare to deploy? we had people being killed, ambassador missing. we didn't know when the attack was going to end, and the american military did not respond. so what about the house republicans' own interim progress report that concluded that department of defense officials and military personnel reacted quickly to the attacks in benghazi? i asked chaffetz about that. >> as i read the house joint committee report, it says there were no helicopters, armed drones, nothing could save the lives of benghazi. am i reading that correctly? >> the report is an interim report. the discussion about what the military did and did not do is not yet complete. >> 3:00 a.m., tripoli, hicks gets a call from the prime
9:37 pm
minister of libya. >> it was the saddest phone call i ever had in my life. he told me that ambassador stevens had passed away. i -- i immediately telephoned washington. >> 4:00 a.m. benghazi. 10:00 p.m. in washington. >> i spoke with president obama later in the evening to, you know, bring him up to date to hear his perspective. >> it's the only call between the two that night. >> the secretary of state should have been on the phone to the president constantly, saying we've got people at risk. >> at 10:08 p.m. washington time, clinton issues a statement. despite the months of security warnings in benghazi and claims of responsibility by an al qaeda affiliate, clinton links the attack to the anti muhammad video produced by nikoula. some have sought to justify this
9:38 pm
vicious behavior as a response to inflammatory material posted on the internet. the united states deplores any intentional effort to denigrate the religious beliefs of others. back in benghazi, the seven-man tripoli response team finally gets to leave the benghazi airport, bound for the cia annex. >> within 15 minutes of arriving at the annex facility, they came under attack by mortar and rocket-propelled grenades. >> the accuracy was terribly precise. first mortar round was long, the next was short, the next three landed on the roof. killing glen and tyrone. >> form he navy glen dougherty and tyron woods become the third and fourth americans killed that night. hicks, still in tripoli, knows he has to send another plane to benghazi. >> people in benghazi had been fighting all night, tired, exhausted.
9:39 pm
>> with hicks in tripoli, a special forces team led by lieutenant colonel steve gibson. >> i told him to go bring our people home. that's what he wanted to do. colonel gibson, and his three personnel, getting in the cars, he stopped. and he called them off and told me that he's not been authorized to go. >> how did the personnel react to being told to stand down. >> i will quote you lieutenant colonel gibson. he said this is the first time in my career that a diplomat uk has more balls than someone in the military. >> lieutenant colonel gibson later tells congress that he was not ordered to stand down but stay in tripoli due to threats against americans there. and africon commander, carter ham, at the pentagon, declined to speak us with, but met with congressman chaffetz, about the overall lack of military response that night.
9:40 pm
>> he told me, they had proximity, they had capability, but they were not ordered to go. and he was sitting as far as you and i were sitting. >> why were they ordered not to respond? why? >> that's the big question. i think a lot of levers that the president had at his disposal were not pulled. >> coming up, benghazi and the muhammad youtube video. was the administration trying to get out the truth or create a smoke screen? after the break. after the break.
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back in the back in the barack obama and hillary clinton famously sparred over who was prepared to handle that 3:00 a.m. emergency phone call. as we've seen, the call actually came after 3:00 in the afternoon, from benghazi, libya. now, four americans are dead. and a new election is just weeks away. chief washington correspondent james rosen reports. >> on september 12th, the nsa intercepts communications between two al qaeda terrorists claiming they participated in the attack, and libya's cia station chief report back to washington on the involvement of militants with al qaeda ties. finally, that same day, beth jones, a top aide to secretary of state clinton e-mails
9:45 pm
victoria newland and sheryl mills. i spoke to the libyan ambassador and i told him that ansar al sharia is affiliated with islamic terrorists. >> there is no mention of a video. >> we told the libyans we know who did it, and it was these terrorists. >> 10:30 a.m. the rose garden. president obama links the youtube video to the murder of four americans in benghazi. >> we reject all of the religious beliefs of others. >> they thought they could get away with it. it is not the failure of american policy, or the american president. it was simply something that got out of control because of a video. it doesn't wash. >> clinton again links the video and the benghazi attack. >> the united states government had absolutely nothing to do with this video.
9:46 pm
it appears to have a deeply cynical purpose. to denigrate a great religion and provoke rage. >> i think she understands this. >> back in california, nikoula is surprised to find him the center of the story, but is grateful for the publicity. >> i tell her, mrs. clinton, thank you very much. thank you very much. >> september 14th, 2:30 p.m. joint base andrews, the bodies of >> we have seen the heavy assault on our post in benghazi that took the lives of brave men. we've seen rage and violence directed at american embassies over an awful internet video that we had nothing to do with. >> the father of slain former navy s.e.a.l. tyron woods says clinton then approaches him.
9:47 pm
>> she mention that had thing about, we're going to have that person arrested and prosecuted that did the video. >> 13 hours later cerritos, california, nikoula is hauled in on violation of probation. meanwhile the cia is circulating an initial draft of talking points about benghazi that administration officials and capitol hill lawmakers can use on the upcoming sunday shows. the agency states flatly, we know that islamic extremists with ties to al qaeda participated in the attack, and the talking points notes that ansar al sharia claimed credit for the attack, and cia warned about the worsening security environment in benghazi. september 14 and 15, after two days, 100 pages of e-mails, untold phone calls and meetings, the state department, cia, and white house agree on the 12th and final version of the talking points. all references from al qaeda and warnings from the cia have been
9:48 pm
delete from the final product. david petraeus dismisses the scrub talking points saying he would just as soon not use them. lastly, there is in the final talking points, no mention of the video. only a reference to earlier protests in cairo. 10:32 a.m., sunday september 16th, the president of libya's general national congress appears on "face the nation" and says benghazi attacks were anything but spontaneous. >> it was planned, definitely planned by foreigners. >> on the same day, susan rice, u.s. ambassador to the united nations, makes the rounds to all five talk shows and contradicts the libyan president directly. >> what sparked the recent violence was the airing on the internet of a very hateful, very offensive video. >> he was insulted in front of his own people. his ability to lead his own country was damaged. he was angry. i was stunned.
9:49 pm
my jaw dropped, and i was embarrassed. >> on september 25, the president addresses the united nations. >> the crude and disgusting video that sparked outrage throughout the muslim world. >> two days later, nikoula was arrested and held without bond. the hunt for perpetrators makes scant progress. the obama administration wants to send the fbi, but they are unable to gain access for a critical two weeks. hicks believes the libyan president, angry over susan rice's false account over the attack, orchestrated the delay. >> a friend of mine told me he was still steamed about the talk shows, and that negatively affected our ability to get the fbi team quickly to benghazi. >> election day, 2/3 of american voters called benghazi troubling. 44% believing the obama administration had willfully misled the country. yet, barack obama handily wins election to a second term in the white house. the next day, a judge sends nikoula back behind bars.
9:50 pm
he remains in custody. coming up, benghazi, boston and the end of the war on terror. [ male announcer ] let's say you had an accident. and let's say you bought cut rate insurance and you weren't covered. oh, and your car is a time machine. [ beeping ] ♪ would you go back to when you got that less than amazing policy and go with esurance instead? well, they do have tools like coverage counselor to help you choose the coverage that fits you. it's like insurance from the future. actually, more like insurance for the modern world. thank you! esurance. now backed by allstate. click or call. when you experience something great,ou want to share it. with everyone.
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fox news confirming 19 firefighters have been killed battling a wildfire in central arizona. all of them were members of an elite group. the prescott granite mountain hot shots. the fire chief holding a press conference moments ago from arizona. >> as a result of circumstances that i'm not aware of or had not been informed of yet, our entire crew was lost. we lost 19 people in this wildfire. one of the worst wildfire disasters that has ever taken place. i don't have a lot of
9:54 pm
information for you. i can only tell that you right now we're an organization in the city that is in grief. we respect the media and we wish that we will respect the grief that we're going through also. in some cases, it is very difficult to get ahold of family members. some family members found out about it before we had an opportunity to notify them and we sincerely apologize if that took place. sometime information gets out faster than we can control it. what i would like for you to do is bear with us. hopefully we'll have more information tomorrow morning. at 10:00 there will be a briefing. the mayor will be statements. we'll be statements. hopefully we'll have more information for you. right now what we do know is that 19 firefighters were killed in probably the worst disaster taking place in wild land history here in the state of arizona. we grieve for the families. we grieve for the department. we grieve for the city.
9:55 pm
that's all the information i really have. please once again bear in mind that the families are in terrible shock. fire departments are like families. so the entire fire department, the entire area, the entire state is being devastated by the magnitude of this incident. so if there is any questions that i can answer, i will. other than that, i really don't have more information than i can give you now. >> was there ever who survived? >> there was one that survived. he was not there at that time. >> he was not there? >> he was not at the location at that time. he was in another -- >> in a different location. >> in a different location. >> when do you think you'll have -- >> we will not give names until the appropriate time. i don't have an answer for you there. we will not be giving out names until it is an appropriate time. >> [ inaudible ]. >> say it louder? >> can you tell us how many
9:56 pm
families you have been able to contact at this time? >> no. we think we contacted all of them. some were contacted by e-mail inappropriately and some of them were contacted the proper way, which was for us to send a representative to the house, to the families to talk to them personally. that's our preference. we don't like information to go out under these conditions unless it is personal. >> can you tell us any circumstances -- >> don't knowledge. >> you are just listening to dan, the fire chief talking about losing his entire crew. 19 firefighters killed fighting a raging wildfire. we'll certainly have more on this story. stay the w fox news for the very latest. allstate.] with accident forgiveness, they guarantee your rates won't go up just because of an accident. smart kid. [ voice of dennis ] indeed. are you in good hands?
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10:00 pm
♪ >> children. >> you save. john: in 1984 come to america. >> this big brother has gotten creepier. >> when you call grandma in nebraska, the nsa knows. >> nobody is listening to your telephone calls. >> but government officials do lie. >> does the nsa collect any type of data at all? >> no, sir. >> my fellow libertarians are mad at me. they say i'm not angry enough. >> you know, i don't think this is john stossel. i think it's an imposter. >> but i'm angrier than she is. >> i don't mind. it's not like it's going to be on tmz.


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