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tv   Studio B With Shepard Smith  FOX News  July 4, 2013 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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we'll see you again soon. >> "studio b" begins right about now. happy independence day. >> thanks so much. i'm in for shep. your july 4th edition of "studio b." right now, a huge development in egypt. another setback for the muslim brotherhood. word that the parties leader is under arrest. we'll talk about what this means for egypt and the region and for the u.s. as well. >> today, signs of progress in the six-year long search for a little madeline mccann. remember her? why police say there's no up in that the young girl may still be alive. plus, an american tradition is honored as the fireworks and parade. the annual nathan hot dog eating contest. that's all ahead unless breaking news changes everything on "studio b." >> first, from fox, at 3:00 on
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the east coast, egypt officially has a new president and the military cracks down on the political organization of the former president, the one it overthrew just in a coup. more views from tahir square. egyptians officials swore in the chief justice of the country's highest court as the new interim president. the military says he will serve until egypt can hold new elections. so far, no date has been set for that. military jets flying over tahir square to mark the swearing in. reports indicate that mohammed more si is under house arrest. and egyptian security officials say the head of muslim brotherhood also under arrest.
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conner powell is live with the latest. reporter: this is really a country divided. wind me the members of the opposition that brought down mohammed morsi. they're celebrating. partying the last 12 hours. the fireworks, being set up. the are lasae shows. earlier today the government tight 'ed the grip around the country and suspended the muslim brotherhood constitution, and swore in the chief justice of the highest court here in egypt. he is now president. he vowed to hold elections in the coming months in line with the spirit of the revolution, which many interpret as the move to limit the islamist groups in
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egypt in any future government. the chief justice has ties to the military. the muslim brotherhood is the other side of the political divide. they held large protests and sit-ins but across the country, the egyptian military moved against the muslim brotherhood, arresting their supreme leader. they also issued warrants for a members of the muslim brotherhood. now mohammed more morsi who was joan of the, his-are unknown but believed to be under house arrest in could i row. dirk clashes between the muslim brotherhood and the military, 14 people were killed and hundreds more injured. this is a divided country, and the muslim brotherhood, threatening to carry on protests and strikes. tomorrow they're expected to turn out in the hundreds of thousands. the muslim brotherhood was
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stunned, now they're angry and they're mobilizing and promising not to give up the fight. they want to be back in power here. setting up a real political showdown. >> more now on egypt's transition to a new government. theodore is a senior analyst at the advisory and intelligence firm and lived in egypt for two years and has been following the situation there very closely. what is your initial take? >> the military is trying to do things differently this time around. both in 2011 and this year it's clear it was popular protests that led to a military removal of a president. two years ago the military then held on to power during on interim period, and it was a period full of turmoil. the was a lot of violence. clearly they're trying to do things differently. they hasn't power directly to civilian government arranges interim president. i think everyone believes the military is still holding all the strings but they made the
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announcement of the coup surrounded by civilian leaders and cracking down on the muslim brotherhood leaders in an effort to get a handle on the security situation which will be very tenuous. >> they're talking bat new constitution. they're going to hold elections as soon as possible, although no date for that yet. it sounds like they want to start from scratch. >> yes, i think they do. there's one group that won't start from scratch and that's the muslim brotherhood. i may be diminished at this point but it still a tremendously popular organization in the country, and last year, during the presidential election, the islamists got near live 50% of the vote in the first round, when there were a lot of choices. morsi got a quarter, another less extremist lahmist got 20%. this is movement that is popular in the country. the groups that took to the street were angry at morsi, but they were angry at morsi years ago and weren't supporters of
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the muslim brotherhood two years ago. so what happens when their presidential elections and the muslim brotherhood participate? a wad roster spoke with her sources in the muslim brotherhood who said, what are are you going to do next? and they laughed and said we're getting ready for the next eleaks. >> the u.s. has a ton of interests in egypt and the middle east. the best way for the united states to assert itself? >> one word and it's military. the united states has hitched its wagon to the egyptian military and its best option and the best of bad options, is to stick with it. and to encourage the military to hand over power to civilian rule, to relinquish it. the liberals in that country, who i think a lot of americans are rooting for, or more ran tag is in stick to the military even more the muss lick brotherhood and they view the military as a threat to their revolution, and
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so the only way -- or one good way to brick some measure of civility is to persuade the military to real helping quiche power and that's what the relinquish power. >> theow, thank vers much, happy fourth of july. >> you, too. >> back here at home this fourth of july, the president encouraging americans to live up to the words of our founding fathers preserved in the declaration of independence. >> on july 4, 1776, small band of patriots declared we were a people created equal. free to think and worship and live as we please. it was a declaration heard around the world. that we were no longer a colony. we were americans and aridities any would not be -- our destiny would be determined by us, not for us. >> in the capitol, thousand of their patriotism on
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display in the independence day parade. molly is live at the national mall. a major security event. any new measures in place? >> there they are always revising their security efforts. some we see, some we decent, officials will here before the sun came up and be here after midnight. they were setting up security checkpoints and searching the grounds. and also a text-message system they tested last year and they're bringing it back. they can send text messages to people who celebrate here with information on the weather or changes in plans or details on a missing child. and speaking of missing child. and officials give advice to families tending a big event. >> in case you get separated from your child, we all have the technology to take a quick photo. that way it will assist us,
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meaning law enforcement, emergency services, trying to locate your child and we'll have a real photo, clothing, height, everything. >> they have the parade. they're going to have concert here with neil diamond and barry man low and others and then fireworks today. >> i understand one of the monuments looks a little different. >> the washington monument. it's going how to a little bit of a transformation. all 555 feet of it. it's encase in scaffolding and engineers are making repairs to the stones damaged or shifted or cracked in the august 2011 earthquake. this is a $15 million project so on this fourth of july you can't get close to the washington monument. there's a fence around you. can't watch the fireworks from underneath it but it will light up tonight as it has every night. >> mollie, thanks so much. enjoy the holiday this: the
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prosecution expected to rest tomorrow in the george zimmerman murder case. ahead, we'll look at the evidence presented so far, and what to expect next in the trial as the defense takes over. >> plus, how members of the u.s. military in afghanistan are marking this independence day. >> i'm from south carolina. i'm a member of the third u.s. infantry regiment, the old guard. i'd like to fifth a shoutout to any family and friends back home and happy july 4th. i stepped on the machine, and it showed me the pressure points on
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you'll be a believer, too. learn where to find your number at welcome back. ready to see if trayvon martin's mother takes the stand tomorrow in the murder trial of george zimmerman. the judge revealed that the prosecutors are close to wrapping up their case. we got an up-close look at the lasting image from the shooting. the dark hoodie that trayvon martin was wearing, and you can see single bullet hole right in the chest area. a crime lab anis testified that the evidence suggested this was a contact shot. that means the barrel of the gun was actually touching the teenager others chest when zimmerman pulled the trigger, and a second analyst said he found dna belonging to george zimmerman on the pistol grip but no dna belonging to trayvon martin. that could be crucial because zimmerman said he fired in self-defense.
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prosecutors call it second degree murder, and the analyst said it was possible trayvon martin touched the gun but left no dna. we'll take to our panelists, keith sullivan, dan schur. you got the sense that maybe the prosecution was holding back, they were going to sort of end with something big, but now it appears that maybe trayvon martin's mother takes the stand and then that's it. >> when she testifies and says she can hear her son and recognize her son's voice calling for help right before he is killed that would be emotionally powerful and a good way to end. however, on an evidentiary level it's not persuasive because she is not an objective witness, through no fault of her own. and they have not met their burden which is to disaprove the self-defense. >> i wonder how much of the case the defense feels they have to present? >> in this case, it's proving
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the defense of zimmerman by the prosecution because that is what happened. you have to apply the stand your ground rule at the moment of fillity, and there's no one who can refute no tim or evidence can refute the statements of george zimmerman that were recorded and put into evidence by the prosecution, that trayvon martin attacked him. that irrefutable. >> what do you think of the possibility of lesser charges being considered here? the jury being given the option of convicting zimmerman of something other than second degree murder. is that where we're headed? >> i expect the jury will consider man -- manslaughter and that's a victim for the prosecution. however if they believe the self-defense claim or think there's a reasonable doubt he might have acted in self-defense they can't convict him of manslaughter either. so it's hard to see them convicting him of that. >> if you're on the defense team
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you have a plan for that eventuality where the lesser charges get thrown into the jury applications? >> these lesser clued charges are as dangerous to george zimmerman as second degree murder since trayvon was under the age of 18 ask the homicide took place with the use of the gun. the sentence would be the same as second teague murder. >> bit as far as planning your defense strategy, around the jury might be able to consider something else. >> i think you'll see the defense hammer away at the professor's testimony. the second -- last friday i said the best witness for the defense -- >> what was so key? >> he was turned into an expert witness on stand your ground law. explained it so thoroughly. attorneys can not explain the law to the jury and this witness said that. >> another example of prosecution witness being used by the defense, to benefit the
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defense. the jury is sequestered. they can't talk to anybody about this but the lawyers can. take us behind the scenement you're a prosecutor and your case is not going well. what-under your discussions in. >> it's hard to predict what they're thinking because they're calling witnesses that seem to end up being defense witness. it's unclear whether they knew the case was going like this. did the thick their witnesses would come off better? it's hard to tell. >> good stuff, guys. keith, dan, we'll be watching. trial resumes again tomorrow. enjoy the rest of your holiday. >> coming up, british police say they have in the evidence that young madeline mccann might still be alive. after she went missing at the age of three on family vacation. it prompted a worldwide search and a plea from the parents. cop's cleared madeline's mom and
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dads a suspects but today british police launching a full investigation based on new evidence. they're looking into 38 different persons of interest. a spokesman for the girl's parents call it, quote, a big step forward. >> donald trump may be getting a little richer after a court case went his way. judge says a former beauty contestant has to pay trump millions. [ male announcer ] this is kevin.
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>> welcome back. as we honor the men and women now serving our nation across the world, dozens of our bravest overseas became u.s. citizens during a ceremony in afghanistan. they became citizens having already served what is now
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officially their country. others taking time to celebrate the independence day. ♪ >> they're rocking in afghanistan. of course, when american troupes -- troops eventually huron home some will have trouble adjusting but one program helping to make that transition easier by placing veterans on assignment to serve their home communities. we're live on the west coast with more. >> very recently we have seen a dip in the number of jobless of post post-9/11 veterans. but still tough going for many returning vets. one organization is giving a helping hand to those vets who still want to serve their communities here at home. >> from working to defend our country, to battling to find a job, sometimes the transition is
12:23 pm
not easy. >> difficult when you come out of the military and you don't have the big giant networks beyond measure military franz. >> has was a they'vey mechanic but found it tough to adjust to civilian life. >> people think veterans and military are alien species, and it's hard to convince people, we're just like you. we just had a different job. >> that's where the police continues comes in, an organization that helps veterans transition. >> when they come back home the police continues helps them to rebuild the sense of community. connect to other people in their community, and help them to rebuild that sense of purpose. >> veronica serve three years in marine corps. she paired up with a law center that provides free legal victims of human rights violation. >> looking for an opportunity to
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give back. >> the mission continues gives veterans a way to do that by taking on a new challenge at home. >> i worked in environmental sciences. another way to give back to the world, and do it in a way that a little more calmed down and relaxed. >> and just wrapped up his fellowship with a group that promotes water conservation. and the group has placed almost 700 vets with a different nonprofit agency. study found that three-fourths of them find better jobs. >> what a great organization. thank you so much. >> a former miss pennsylvania must bay donald trump and his myrrh america- -- miss u.s.a. pagent -- five million dollars for claiming the pageant it rigged. she lost in 2012 and then said
12:25 pm
another contes tenant had seen a -- contestant had seep a lest of the five finalist and said it was trashy and lack morals. trump suedes, and a jump upheld the decision the former beauty queen must pay the money, though she says it will financially devastate here. >> coming up ex-more on the stop story. the overthrow of the government in egypt. president obama weighing in on the situation. the president is choosing his words carefully.
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>> thanks for spend part of your holiday with us. this is "studio b." a live look again atta heir -- at at tahir square in egypt. today the jeff justice of
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egypt's top court sworn in former president mohammed morsi under house arrest and officials say egypt's generals arrested the leadership of the muslim brotherhood and warrants out for hundreds of other members. president obama calling on the military to quickly return power to a democratically elected government. the coup could affect more than a billion dollars a year in military aid the u.s. gives the country. wendell is live at the white house. what is the removal of morsi mean for u.s. aid to egypt? >> it's unclear right now but the president worded his statement very carefully. he avoided criticizing the military and daytona use the word "coup" which suggests he may by trying to work around a u.s. law which says the government must suspend support to any nation who is president
12:30 pm
is removed in a coup d'etat. the president said, quote, i am also directed the relevant departments and agencies to review the i can mix indications under u.s. law for our assistance to the government of egypt. mr. obama may not get measure pressure from capitol hill where there was no love lost for president morsi and the muslim brotherhood. >> what about international reaction? we know what washington is saying. >> the arab world was deeply divided. turkey and tunisia against it. many think egypt is a leader in the world, a successful democracy, huge implications for other countries just as democracy's failure may has eave big implications in israel there
12:31 pm
was hope. >> israel would like to see the new people, the new leadership in egypt, restoring law and order in egypt, trying to bring back stability in egypt in again, and in sinai in particular. >> many experts say the muslim brotherhood should be involved in forming a new government and say putting faith in egypt's military is not a long-term answer sense military don't tend to be inclusive and that was the brotherhood's problem. >> let's get more now on what the coup could mean for our diplomatic ties with egypt. ned walker, former u.s. ambassador to egypt, israel, and the united arab emirates. the lesson here in the finer point office diplomacy. how this president doing.
12:32 pm
>> pretty well so far. he hasn't come out strongly or in a legal way to condemn the takeover of the morsi government. he recognizes the stakes are very high for the united states, and for egypt. but he also has to have been looking at all those pictures of the thousands of million0s of people sitting on the street and wonder, do we want to get on the wrong side of the egyptian people? that's what it would appear to be if we came out strongly saying that this was a, quote un-unquote coup and that morsi should be restored. >> morsi was not very popular in egypt. 93% felt he was trying to take over the government and install the islamic rule of law. >> we heard the president's public statements and what he has said and has not said. but take us behind the scenes.
12:33 pm
what is the u.s. doing right now to try to assert itself, assert our interests in egypt and around the world? >> well, first of all, what we're undoubtedly doing is we're in close contact with the egyptian military. we have very good relations with a number of the key officers in that. we have been working with them for many, many years. this is not a hostile organization in terms of the united states or our interests, and it's been very important in maintaining the relationship with israel and retaining stability in the sinai. so we're not going to be walking away from that if we can possibly help it. but at the same time, we do have influence. we do have an aid program that is essential for the military in egypt and the egyptian economy. and that gives us some say, some influence, and what can do now is influence the military to do what they say they're going to do, which is turn this thing over back to civilians as
12:34 pm
quickly as possible. >> the irony here, got to be some relief among u.s. officials that somebody like morsi is gone and that perhaps somebody more western, more secular, could eventually be democratic include elected. right? >> i think that is actually true. i can't speak for my former colleagues at the state department and elsewhere. i know when i was ambassador in egypt we were highly skeptical of the muslim brotherhood and did not think it was democratic organization. it is autocratic, rules from the top, and does have broad agendas to take over the middle east for the islamic faith. so i'm quite sure we're quietly and secretly breathing a big sigh of relief. >> at the same time i was speaking with former four star general jack keene earlier today, who said it's essential that the muss lick brotherhood
12:35 pm
be brought into the political process so their supporters feel at least they're'll have some kind of say going forward. sounds like a tricky balancing act. but do you agree that is essential? >> i think it's essential. what the military said they're going to bring in all of the components of the political spectrum, they will be talking to the religious authorities, and they would like to brung the muslim brotherhood in. i doubt if you can bring morsi back. i don't think the would could part of this depends on what the brotherhood says it is willing to do. in the first instance, morsi, the army is going to say, look, we're opening the door. we're giving them a chance to come in and be a part of this effort, which includes a lot of other factors in the egyptian political structure. >> thank you, mr. ambassador, ned walker, form arer adobes to egypt, israel, and the united arab emirates. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> court documents show that
12:36 pm
former south african president nelson mandela is facing impending death. and some of mandela's relatives filed them last week as part of a family legal battle and this is getting messy. the document confirm other reports that a breathing machine is keeping the civil rights icon alive. and 9194-year-old has been -- the 94-year-old has been in the hospital for almost a long with a recuring lung infection. >> here at home, crews battling a deadly wildfire in central arizona say they're beginning to finally make some major progress and now have it 45% contained. they though allow folks to return to their homes sometime this weekend. the fire killed 19 firefighters last sunday. investigators say at one point the flames raced four miles in only 20 minutes. thanks largely to dry brush and winds topping 40-miles-an-hour.
12:37 pm
>> the president of bolivia lashing out at the u.s. after what his government calls an act of aggression. all after his airplane was diverted over suspicion that the nsa leaker, ed snowden, was on board the plain. catherine her ridge is up next. dad. how did you get here?
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you can get a fabulous hotel without bidding. think of the rubles you'll save. with one touch, fun in the sun. i like fun. well, that went exactly as i planned.. really? now save up to 60% during summer hotel sale. use code "summer" on priceline's. >> tough talk from the latest nation to get caught up in the manhunt for ed snowden. a jet carrying the president of bolivia was rerouted to austria on tuesday. bolivian officials say it's because of rumors that snowden was on board the flight. there was no sign of the fugitive surveillance leaker. the plane was supposed to to bolivia from a summit in moscow. the president got home last night. catherine herridge is live in d.c. i gather the bolivian president didn't like this?
12:41 pm
>> getting a hero's welcome in the capitol of la paz after his private jet was recrowdded and searched. based on suspicions the nsa leaker edward snowden might be on board. snowden was not found there,. >> translator: an open provocation to the continent. the use the a little 0s of u.s. imperialism to scare us. we are people who have dignity and are sovereign. >> the state department was pressed by reporters at the briefing yesterday on thaw they would react if mr. obama's jet was involved. >> it would be -- >> i'm not getting into a hypothetical. that's not something that is happening. that we're currently discussing. >> germany is the latest country along if it with italy to turn down snowden's request asylum.
12:42 pm
>> this morning the u.s. ambassador to russia telling reporters that moscow and washington are working on the snowden problem. >> we hope to resolve this in a way that is the way we want to have it end and so far we're happy with our specific -- interactions with the russians. >> the white house saying mr. obama spoke by phone with angela merck -- merck kell now. we have new nsa leaks that allege the u.s. is sky spying on allies' private citizen and governmentss. >> spying on institutions in the european union is not in line with being friend. we're not in the cold war anymore. >> we could see a meeting here in washington between u.s.
12:43 pm
officials and other northwestern officials about the issue of spying on european citizens through a program that collects internet traffic overseas and also the valid craigs the spying of european union offices in washington. >> joining us now former state department senior advisor, christian whiten. thanks for joining us. >> great to be here. >> what do you make of the latest developments? >> well, it's interesting. with morales it was reasonable to suspect he might have snowden on his plane help is an antiamerican icon in south america. trying to take the mantle of going hoe chavez, -- hugh yugo
12:44 pm
chavez. and austria took a look at the request of the u.s. and other nato allies cooperating, which is a good sign. ultimately this guy is a fugitive and law-abiding countries should want him to be arrest. >> the fact some of our allies are trying to help out and seem to be on the side of the u.s. government, you say this is a good thing. >> it's a positive thing, especially in light of the hubbub over alleged u.s. spying on the e.u. the fact all of these governments, first of all, engage in intelligence gathering themselves. it was most humorous seeing france complain about u.s. intelligence gathering, but germany is a country that had benefited from u.s. intelligence that helped keep west germany free for years during the colored war. and countries realize that governments have secrets that need protected and it's not up to a 29-year-old punk to decide
12:45 pm
which secrets get out. >> we're told another bombshell is coming. explain to the viewers what damage has been done by this information being leaked out the way it has been? >> i think it's been getting slowly worse. at first, frankly, i didn't think it was big deal from a national security point of view. the fact that the u.s. is spying on half of all of americans' phone records are was revealed. terrorist know they're being monitored but snowedden and greenwald have motived into garden variety anti-american. the process of receiving classified information ising there for reporter to receive tidbits. it's thing for reporters to receive computers full of classified information, the documents themselves, and then to process those and repost those. it makes them part of the crime, frankly. so the developments have been
12:46 pm
betting worse. we have been talking about sources and means. this is becoming embarrassing for the u.s. and the e.u. so it's gone from questionable and a whistle blowing exercise to something at some is criminal espionage. >> we'll see house plays out. en joy the rest of your holiday, christian. thank you. >> thanks, rick. happies independence day. >> as we mark this independence day, some history buffs remembering another major turning point in the history of our country, the battle of gettysburg. july 4th wouldn't be complete without the annual nathan's hot dog easting -- hot dog eating contest. stick around. the thing is bee,
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>> broken records and indigestion. look at joey chestnut. dominating the competition. chomping down a record 69 dogs in ten minutes the first competitor to win the mustard yellow championship belt seven times. but it was a nail-biter on the women's side. that's sonya the black bid dough thomas -- black widow thomas, downing 36 and 3/4 dogs. her challenger only was able to muster 36. >> this fourth of july could be a wash you unfortunately for
12:51 pm
part0s the eastern u.s., thanks to the threat of strong storms. >> we it's -- it's getting wetter. here's arizona, and we're seeing something on the map and that's good news. we had some rain around the yarnell area and prescott and that's a good news for the fire. they're 45% on contained. but winds gusting up to 25-miles-an-hour. the rain you're talking about. look at this stream of moisture. this has not budged for days and some areas have seen 12 inches of of rain and some areas arease west possibly up to 17 inches. you have massive flooding. so a big area of the southeast. alabama and georgia, stretching up to around parts of the ohio river valley, flashflood potential and where you see the red it's flashflood warnings.
12:52 pm
so flashflooding going on at this time. we have been seeing hot and humid conditions across the east. this big area of high pressure has not budged, causing call cool temps across the plains and pulls this moisture here up in towards part parts of the southeast. that won't change until monday or tuesday. if there's any bright side to this, it's across the coastat areas where we have seen persistent showers over the last couple of days. the high pressure moved a little further west. we're going to see clearing in places from d.c. to philadelphia, boston, new york city, everybody tonight for the fireworks, and everybody is going to get off without any rain showers. that's some good news. >> we'll take it tens of thousands of visitors flocked to pennsylvania to mark 150 years since one of the bloodiest and most important battles fought on u.s. soil.
12:53 pm
the battle of gettysburg. almost 8,000 troops died between the two sides, and while the civil war continued for two more years after this battle, a lot of historians consider gettysburg the battle that turned the tide and saved the nation. doug, they're fire something real weapons out there. >> they are. the vast majority of weapons are shooting blanks, obviously, but we did get a chance to see a real live fire demonstration of civil war era mortars a little while ago. we're talking real gunpowder, real mortars, real cannonballs. it was uncanny how accurate they were. gave you a tremendous appreciation of the high trajectory of these things and how they can traverse walls. the park service calls those who
12:54 pm
do this reenactments living historians and most of them are thrilled be reliving this part of american history. >> my great grandfather was a captain for the texas rifles, and just didn't want to miss this experience. >> that guy came all the way from texas. first time participant here. people are here literally from all over the world. in fact, rick, i met a guy on my first day here, i saw him driving very slowly past the hotel, drive 55:00 chevy convertible, slicked back hair, dressed just like elvis. i said, where are you from? he says, i'm from sweden. a guy from sweden dressed like elvis driving a '55 chevy here to see asive war re-enactment. it's a great country. >> what a country. talk to us about these re-enactors. they're dressed in the
12:55 pm
appropriate uniforms. do they pick one side or the other? do they have an allegiance? >> i wondered that myself. is this a continuation of the civil war? i don't think so for the vast majority of participants. we spoke to a lady dressed in period cost stomach. she is from buffalo, new york, and she has been on both sides. >> we're from new york and we always had the union side but now we're with the 17th 17th virginia so we get the perspective of the south. >> so she was absolutely thrilled to know she was going to be on fox news. she was going towater her -- letmer -- let her friends know. >> hopefully they got to see her a couple of seconds ago. say hey to the reenactors and the elvis empersonnators. live for us.
12:56 pm
thanks so much. >> if you spot a would-be burglar trying to get into your home, you can call the police, you can try to scare them off yourself, or you can tackle the guy and hog-tie him by the hands and feet. coming up next, the home owner who apparently knows his way around a rope. don't go away. >> i'm from the third united states infantry ridge shout out to my hometown, world series --
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a would-be burglar got a taste of cowboy justice after a home ownerring to-tied him. the home owner woke up after hearing glass shattering. the husband hid behind the door and ambushed the suspect and called the police. she says once the job was done he had to go to work and she says her husband learned the ropes by working with horses. guy picked the wrong house. >> a bald eagle in louisiana, celebrating the holiday by declaring its own independence. the bird got out of the baton rouge zoo by -- burrowing a hole. the zoo keepers were stunned. they're asking people in the area to report any sitings of
1:00 pm
the patriotic fugitive. >> i'm in for shepard smith. that does it for "studio b." jamie is here with the fox report, 7:00 p.m. eastern. join the rest of your fourth. >> it's independence day and going to declare our independence from the irs. >> we find the irs lock the door and turn off the lights. >> i mean to obliterate it. it is too powerful to burcratic. >> we need to abolish the irs. it's time for them to go. >> welcome. i'm in for neil cavuto, this is "your world." on this day this, fourth of july, what would our founding fathers think about a government agency so out of control, targeting conserv


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