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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  July 5, 2013 1:00am-2:01am PDT

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>> bill: the o'reilly factor is on. tonight. >> it's a factor special you don't want to miss. >> there are days i want the news i don't leave my house. >> it is nutsville out there, you know that. >> bill: dennis miller. >> yippee why owe, mrs. mud rutgers, looks like we got ourselves a convoy. >> bill: jesse watters? do you have any proof of that. >> tons of it. >> you have got to run? >> i have got -- >> stay loose. >> bill: it's a watters world meets miller time. >> is he shakier than a jack hammer operator playing jiang go on lunch break. >> bill: hits colorado and san francisco and tries to find out what the people think about the state of our country. [ laughter ] and the d man sounds off on
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beyonce, tiger woods, and new jersey governor chris christie. >> they are cute together. it's like danny suzuki co-and sandy in greece. ♪ we go together. >> bill: caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone, the factor begins right now. >> bill: i'm bill o'reilly, thanks for watching this special edition of the factor watters world meets miller time. hide the kids because the next hour will be very provocative, entertaining and at times a bit over the top. we begin with the d man looking at some crazy conspiracy theories.
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acted alone 25, larger conspiracy 51, not sure, 24. >> of course i vote killing kennedy and oswald they know all about him, it was a couple things i couldn't answer. so i would probably put myself in the not sure here because there are a couple of things after years i still can't answer about that assassination. >> i think he shot lincoln, i think he shot garfield. i think he shot mckinley. >> bill: he would be too old. he couldn't do that. >> i think he gave zachery taylor end rights. gave william son e he caused warn harding's heart attack. i think he shot j.r. ewing. and he think he might have knocked up january jones from mad men. >> you are going to have a lot of first kisses. >> bill: we will put you in the not sure category: do you believe and this is a legitimate poll ladies and gentlemen, do you believe media, the government adds secret mind controlling technology to television
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broadcast signals? do you believe that? 15% say yes, there are the secret things coming in your living room. 70% say no. no, they don't and 15%. nbc there might be something to this question. >> i definitely believe they exist. cause commercials. particular tach. i don't even want them. secret mind controlling? >> yeah. of course, they put that thing where they make the desert and flash the coke sign. remember that years ago? >> sure. >> what does that do? thirsty want to move to the desert. >> maybe go see lawrence of arabia. >> that's good for the movie. this is my favorite question of the poll. do you believe paul mccartney died in a car crash in 1966 and secretly replaced by a lookalike so the beetles could continue? a% do believe that he was killed. not sure, 14%. so that means 19%. do not believe 80%. mccartney, is this an alien
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pod person. >> no, there is nobody else beatles except those four beatles. i do think jerry and the pacemakers were put here to inhabit dick cheney's heart ♪ how do you do what you do to me ♪ how did -- >> bill: i think it was freddie and the dreamers. >> what's up? >> final question. do you believe that shape shifting reptilian people control our world by taking on human form and manipulate our societies or not? i love that or not. so 4% do believe there are shape shifting reptilian people and 7% aren't sure. that's 11% of the american population think maybe there is some reptiles that are influencing our lives. [ laughter ] >> are you surprised there are this many crazy people in the world? >> billy, come on. there are days i watch the news i don't leave my house. this is just the skim on the surface, baby. it is nutsville out there.
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you know that. ♪ >> bill: let's go christie obama down the jersey shore. i was looking for bruce springsteen, i didn't see him. buddies were there again. >> they are cute together. >> bill: are they? >> like danny zucko and sandy in greece. >> tell me about stud. >> bill: they are so cute together. >> bill: who is sandy? >> of course. >> olivia newton john. >> chunky in this one. he looks up. wins her a publish doll. that's exciting. and you know, obama throws like a girlie man so it's nice to watch christie. look at chris, it's tough for him to get into the reflective glory of anybody. i know he has also had the stapling done. obama likes to come in and ask him if he can figure out a way to staple biden's mouth shut. >> y'all are doing something right. >> work at that end of the canal. >> bill: why do you think the president takes time? obviously they are doing
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the sandy thing and all of that. this is photo on to help him. >> any president would do this. >> bill: you think so. >> center of the netted. ♪ we go together like ramah >> bill: i pretty much don't have anything to do in this segment, i'm going to go out and get a doctor pepper if you don't mind. you kind of begin with jay carney and go. >> well, they are going to audit dr. pepper because they don't think he wants obama care so they are going to go gilly later this week. sandra flukes get knocked up absolutely rich, gyppy yio mrs. fuddrucker, looks like we have got ourselves a convoy ♪ we got a convoy ♪ rocking through the night >> you have seen holder today? he is shakier than a jack hammer operator playing
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janga on lunch break. >> what about jay carney over there he has a worse bluff than marty feldman holding pocket aces. >> always got this time of year. >> that cat blows more smoke than a death rattle. couple more weeks like this obama is going to be claiming is he kenyan. i don't want to say anything but they asked the white house dog bo to change his name to checkers this week. [dog barking] >> do you remember obama telling us this is when the oceans start to recede you know why bs is less dense than ice. >> bill: i assume from that opening monologue that you are not really buying the white house's explanation for any of these things. >> billy, you shut out the lights and the last in the room. i'm out. >> bill: you have been out for a while. it looks like you are going to be a prophet here. let's take it one by one. the thing. >> you know something, he was a professor at the
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university of chicago. that's where they had enrique cycle low tron the particle accelerator. not only does the buck not stop with the president anymore it speeds up there. do you remember that old ride at the amusement park called the whip that would barely make it down to the end of that semi circle? that's the buck in this white house. never has the guy been more out of the loop who i am told is the center of it all. listen, forget change in the world as we know it wake up. check your file of facts. it's hitting the fan, pal. ♪ >> bill: so, miller, some thoughts on the academy awards. >> you know, billy, i was going to skip the oscars this year but i was in my office at home and i had the 24-hour a day all barack obama channel on. and there it was right between her gardening show obama momma and his in house american bandstand dance show obama roma. there were the oscars, and then of course on her way home last night she stop
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and sunk a mid court shot at halftime of the washington wiz game for $10,000 and they just announced him as one of the new cast members in "dancing with the stars." it's a good day to be obama. you see photo op.s of him in every single aspect of his day-to-day life say what do they call that governance. i never see any of those shots. >> bill: you believe he might be a little over exposed? >> listen, hollywood used to fight the power. now they invite the power. okay? you know those first five rows of the oscars? if you did to them what they do to obama, they call in a security expert. because they are stalking the obamas at this point. >> bill: were you offended when obama gave the best picture award out because that was engineered by harvey weinstein. >> i'm not offended, i'm bored. can i get a night off from these people? [ laughter ] >> that's all i'm saying. >> >> bill: watters world on deck. jesse goes down to spring break to ask about liberals
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on campus. i guess there are liberals right there. i don't know. watters is next.
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>> bill: back of the book segment tonight, yet another edition of watters world. as you may know, most college campuses in america are liberal. full of left wing professors and dopey kids, spouting left wing slogans. but recently collegesp liberalism hasou gotten out of hand almost. so how bad is it? jesse watters went to spring break to find out. ♪ ♪ ♪ >> where do you go to school. >> florida state, florida g state, florida state. >> wisconsin madison.a >> i go to the united states air force academy and this sweetheart goes toswee the university of kentucky. >> stan ford university. >> you must been smart. >> not that smart. >> university of alabama>> r roll tide. >> roll tide. >> roll tide.
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>> roll tide. >> i go to akron university. >> what's the whatty mascot th. >> zips. >> like a zipper? >> how the hell did you gethe the zipper all the way to l the top. >> like aik kangaroo. >> i go to mit massachusetts institute oftts technology. >> i know what that stands for. >> i'm smart and i want respect. >> what's your major? >> machine tool technology. >> machine technology. what are you going to workne gi on? >> machinist. >> you are a machinist? >> yeah. >> what's the school like? what's the reputation?ut >> it's just where you go when you don't want to go to a real school. >> have you ever find professor sometimes change your mind about politics.ou >> you knowt the united states air force academy they are still s very many very liberal individuals.iber >> you are kidding? >> they get a little bit>> y offended when you arey conservative it's like hey, con it's just the way i ame made. >> what does liberal mean? [crickets chirping] >> that's really dumb. >> freshman year most raging liberal you ever meet. >> how do you absorbed that. >> if you don't like at thore>> doesn't care he tells youdo to get out. everyone has their own>> opinion, if you don't like
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it you still have to grade fairly. >> have you ever encountered a situation in class where you think the professor is going a little line.r ise >> i had a terminology class and i also had religion and social and both the teachers were very very liberal. >> rick santorum came to san our school and spoke andho she ripped himol apart in the a classroom and said he didn't fund publicd education and whatnot.ucat >> i want to learn about my major. i don't feel like learningin about their own posits. >> they tried to convert the entire class to muslim religion. >> that's illegal. >> they said muslim and christianity worship the same god. >> do you think you were given a worse grade because you challenged the teacher. >> i got a b plus insteadet of an a. >> why don't you cry about it? >> did you ever try to yr change your answersg according to his political bias. >> most definitely. who were they bashing. >> mitt romney and tom akin we got up to leaf. >> when time came around to vote he had everyone pass around for registration cards and had everyonees h register. >> does he work for acorn on the side. what's your major.
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>> fashion merchandising. >> how is my collar.olla >> let's get this model onet's his way. >> it's awful.un >> what do you mean? >> put it down. it's not cool. >> why are you yelling at me. >> i thought i was hip. >> no, you are. not hip at all. >> are you sure about that? >> i'me positive. >> do people like fox news at the school there or not? >> oh,th dude, it's their favorite. >> dude? >> i'm the dude. so that's what you call me? >> have you ever watched bill o'reilly. >> no. >> you have heard of bill o'reilly. >> you have heard of bill cosby. [ laughter ] >> that's a genius at work. >> bill, i love you, man. >> i appreciate that.ppre >> what's your favorite part of the show. >> watters world. >> i don't know what that. w >> that's watters and you are in my world right now. >> i like it then.e i i love it. >> i love it. now, did you hear watters, anybody say that conservative professors were given them jazz or anything like that? tive profess were giving jabs or anything like that. >> some say conservative
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pressures were pushing anti-gay marriage stuff. i only heard one or two people say that. >> do you remember what school that was from? >> university of alabama. >> bill: conservative professors pushing -- >> -- 95 pierce is all liberal. >> bill: did i hear correctly that one of these students said even though they are ideological they always grade fairly? did i hear that? >> i don't even actually know if that is true. some people say they specifically answer wrong because they know the professor will give them a correct grade. >> bill: so they don't answer what they think is correct. they write an essay. >> indicater and pan door. >> bill: get away by saying you are satirical. i never did that when i was at mayorist college. harvard more grad school and these guys were careful. in undergrad they do browbeat you. >> they do. >> bill: if you don't spit back yourology to them many
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will punish you. >> i can't believe they tried to convert you to islam. >> bill: what school was that. >> akron university. her name is professor wane write. >> bill: do that. >> if professor wane wright at akron university is telling the kids both muslims and contributions believe in the same god. allah is going to be real offended. >> exactly. >> bill: going to be real offended. >> the university of missouri. the other example is in the criminology class they bring in democrat activists during the election and show video clips of mitt romney taken out of context and that's why a few of those kids left the will follos and he -- you are never going to stop wearing the collar very polarizing i'm noticing though. >> bill: best of miller on deck. >> talk about frightening. we put together a segment that will offend just about everyone.
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>> bill: back of the book segment tonight. as you may know the miller time segment is usually on wednesday night. we have a lot of stuff that you may want to see gotten fnt if you don't want to see it again, the swampto on another cable channel right now. but if you do want to see d them again, we begin with propaganda from north korea. they just got we are the
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world? >> bill: i should have known. i should have gotten the translation. >> why don't we send some of these domestic drones over there and smoke that b lister the next time he is doing a gangnam style video. >> wolf dom gangnam style. >> what the north korean said on the screen was we are giving you topics for dennis miller. i think that's what it said right. >> there i appreciate korea setting me up. wait a second, bill. >> bill: this is drones? is that what's going on there? >> so many domestic drones. like i said, let's sendhere, st smoking the bad guys instead of hovering over the countryside in the middle of america. >> bill: miller, everybody is talking about president obama golfing with tiger woods and you say? >> guys, on tv here. sorry, bill. dick morris with a leaf blower outside. dubbs is barking. i can hardly hear you. what did you say?
1:24 am
[ laughter ] >> bill: tiger woods, president obama, go. sorry i was just dreaming about going to europe with john kerry. must feel like bringing stonehenge to them. nice to see obama actually hook a ball behind some shrubbery and blame an actual bush for once. that's what i'm happy about when i see. listen, i don't mind if he goes golfing. i wish he would stay golfing. it's when he is done golfing that i have trouble. now, tiger said he was a good putter, and that surprises me because in real life it seems he is always asking for gimmes, i guess some days you are out there on the course, billy, and the hole just looks as big as the area whereby den's brain is supposed to be. some days you just can't miss. >> it's in the hole. >> bill: so you don't have any problem with the president recreating with mr. woods who dubious resume. you don't see any problem there. >> what business is it of obama's? he doesn't care. >> bill: i say, look, if
1:25 am
the litmus test is the president can't hang around with nobody with personal problems is going to be real lonely in washington. >> seal yourself in carbon night like hans solo. ♪ >> all right. talking about one of your favorite guys. mayor bloomberg of new york city, he says that college students who really aren't that bright are up against it. roll the tape. >> the people who are going to have the biggest problem are college graduates who aren't rocket scientists, if you will. not at the top of their class. compare a plumber to going to harvard college. being a plumber actually, for the average person, probably would be a better deal because you don't spend four years 40, $50,000 tuition and no income. >> bill: now that i think about it i should have been a plumber, miller, did i spend the 50 grand up there and you say? >> i think what the nanny state is telling the kids here is if you are going to live in your parent's
1:26 am
basement for the rest of your life, why not know how to work on the pipes while you are down there. one thing about a plumber they can recognize a drip that keeps you up all night and that's mayor bloomberg. no doubt once he does get these kids to be plumbers, he is going to come in with a ruler and measure their exposed butt crack and each end so you can see above the jeans. >> lean, used to call that a lien. miller is right it's a le-an. >> especially talking to the other region you have to go to the french pronunciation down there. >> bill: jesse watters in >> bill: jesse watters in any last requests mr. baldwin? do you mind grabbing my phone and opening the capital one purchase eraser? i need to redeem some venture miles before my demise. okay. it's easy to erase any recent travel expense i want. just pick that flight right there. mmm hmmm. give it a few taps,'s taken care of.
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>> bill: incredit i can bably the colorado legislature failing to pass a driving under the influence of pot law so, everybody in colorado can continue to get as stoned as they want and then get
1:31 am
behind the will. not only that last weekend about 10,000 people showed up to celebrate the legalization of marijuana in colorado. among them, jesse watters who wanted to find out how dialed in these pot heads really are. ♪ ♪ >> you smoke a lot? a little? what's your schedule here? >> man, a little, man. >> did you smoke before you got here? >> no comment. [buzzer. the sequester, no i never heard of that. >> like the federal reserve and the monetary system. >> some of the things that they have been talking about is, i don't know, i'm tired. >> i have to rest for just a minute. >> you don't think you might want to know some
1:32 am
information so you could maybe make some decisions, you know? >> i'm just really -- hi. >> i think that the federal government definitely needs their part. i wouldn't say that. no. >> what's that? >> are you a pot head, faulker? >> no. >> are you worried about this ricin situation? >> no. >> you are not worried about ricin? >> no. >> do you know what ricin is? >> no. >> rising? >> ricin. >> ricin. >> i don't -- i don't know. >> it was just in the news. >> i don't know, a bomb. >> bombs and stuff in boston were they made of ricin? >> no, they weren't. do you know who gabriel giffords is? >> nope. >> she is that congresswoman that got shot. [crickets chirping] >> yes, the congresswoman. >> right. >> you are a gun girl. >> i am. >> are you packing heat. >> not right now. i'm at a weed convention. that seems like a bad
1:33 am
convention. >> people running. >> shots fired, two down. >> the iranians, what are they doing that's disturbing everybody? >> i don't think they are doing much. i think we're over there. making them mad, man. [ laughter ] >> maybe you should worry about the north koreans first. [crickets chirping] >> i don't know who they are. the uranians. >> iranians. >> yeah who are they? >> are you worried about them having nukes. >> we have nukes too, don't we? >> they pose a threat to us, us being people but i guess we do too pause we have more nuclear weapons than they do. >> i'm concerned. actually, i'm not [bleep]. >> whoa, bill o'reilly, you know him? >> i do. >> he has been number one.
1:34 am
>> sugar. >> do you ever feel like you want to put the dope down and watch more tv maybe the factor. >> i could probably keep smoking the dope and still watch tv. >> he is very honest which i can appreciate. >> do you ever feel like maybe i shouldn't smoke so much dope? i'm so wasted. >> >> okay. here is waters had a glip there there was violence. >> i was at the can can cannabis. the gang unit taken over investigation. thousands of people at the event. two rival gangs crossed paths during a rap concert, exchanged words, fists started flying, one guy got shot in the leg and another woman got shot in the leg and bullet grazed a juvenile. they still haven't found the guy yet. >> is this part of the
1:35 am
marijuana exposition the rap concert. >> there were multiple events going on. one of these events downtown was this huge free concert in the park. >> bill: so they attracted these people into this expo center and about 10,000 is that how many showed up. >> yeah. >> >> bill: did they sell marijuana there because it's legal. >> free samples. >> entertainment. >> free entertainment. >> rap concert shots fired. >> shots fired. they think it's a top black male. >> would it be fair to us to say that this kind of element that goes into that would be a violent element at some point? i think some of these large attract a criminal element to that so chaotic and thousands of people. free drugs. >> thought interviews that you did made them look like morons. but did you just go hunting for morons. >> it wasn't hard to hunt for morons, bill, i probably interviewed 12 people. just two were able to answer a majority of the
1:36 am
questions. everybody else failed. and these are really easy questions. this is what is ricin? ricin? >> bill: what's a sequester? who is gabriel giffords. >> yeah. >> bill: that kind of thing. >> they were peaceful at my rally. the only time there was any trouble when they handed out free donuts then everybody started tackling and then there was a rite over the donuts. >> bill: maybe they will legalize donuts at colorado. more from the d man coming up. >> it tastes good. give it a shot.
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>> bill: thanks for staying with us, i'm bill o'reilly in the miller time segment. plenty to talk about. let's go to the sableg of southern california who joins us now from santa barbara, very pretty place. president obama launching a drone on us. okay. because basically the president told the world, look, i'm going to get whoever i want if i think
1:40 am
they are terrorists and you and i probably in his opinion fall under that category and anybody else around get blown up and that's that, right? >> well, listen, let's face facts, the unman droned, the new hot tech item. used to be the iphone now it's like, what the die phone or something. and, you know, everybody should have one. i kind of like how efficient it is. it's bloodless, it makes nonsubjective decisions. i think we should turn our healthcare plan over to the unmanned drones. you would get a hernia test from an unmanned drone. >> i see that the president has a kill list this week. i was a little angered to find out i was moved on to number three. you are at four. biden has been moved into the number two slot. that's ironic because biden's veto service name unmanned drone if i'm not mistaken. number one position continues to be hot blooded by foreigner four weeks in a row at the top of the chart
1:41 am
♪ hot blooded ♪ catch us and see. >> bill: celebrity couples, forbes magazine making a lot of money together. all right? number one, beyonce and jay-z apparently makes $78 million in a year ending may 2012. and you -- do you believe that first of all 78 million these two? >> well, probably. i'm sure, billy. i don't know much about him. might as well call them jay zzz he is a bit of snooze. people trying to sing like alicia keys sounds like a nice song answered starts talking >> long live the. >> i'm in state building ♪ new york. >> if is he making 78 million off that is he a freak of genius. and the two slot you have got tom brady who is a complete merrill lynch. and you have got the woman who next to my wife is the hottest woman of this
1:42 am
generation gisele. they deserve whatever they are getting. >> bill: 72 million. most of that has got to come from her. i think brady is in for 15 or 16 with the patriots. so she is the big bread winner there then we have victoria and david beckham. >> this one i don't get. >> bill: 54 million. >> the last time he hooked the goal was, you know, back in the early 60's, i believe. >> baby back up. >> and the simple fact is she appears to be one of the four or five least interesting people that ever lived in the history of the planet earth. she has that pinched look on her face like she tried to bite a xanax in half and didn't like it. i don't think anybody tightened the lid on that spice girl getting old. one chief harpooner on the p quad. the one slot two slot i don't get him.
1:43 am
>> bill: brad pitt. jada pinkett. >> big heros of mine. brad pitt and his wife angelina jolie big, big heros of mine. i think they always do the right thing. i think they do the right thing. i admire them immensely. >> bill: you think this story is going to have a happy ending? >> happy ending are stories that haven't finished yet. >> bill: i have to confess. i don't eat a lot of french food because i heard if you do then you are compelled to wear a beret and i don't like the look. frogua what is that. >> it's a goose's liver and shoot the goose with food and make his liver fat and you eat it. can i tell you? it tastes great. now you can't have -- you can't have frog g.p.s. ua ua -- frogua in california. i know when my head hits the pillow i shouldn't be able to sleep because daffy
1:44 am
the self-served getting fed grain out the wazoo. we are talking about a world where they are taking kids in some of these countries and doing the most atrocious things to them. i'm sorry, they are geese at some point. it tastes good. give it a shot. that's all i say. >> bill: let me get this straight. california has outlawed frogua because the goose is misfed. >> yeah. well, listen. >> bill: jerriy brown sign that bill. >> the goose is too full of grain. everybody else in california is full of something else but the goose has too much food. >> bill: it's worse here because a goose in new york city can't buy a 16-ounce soda. did you know that? and the geese are outraged. they are flying out going give me the big gulp right now. >> have you ever been goosed on the subway. >> affleck. >> trust me, it's worth a lot more. >> jesse watters goes to san francisco to find out why some people there don't like fox news and the factor. that should be interesting.
1:45 am
>> just like -- i don't know. i don't know. like this, i don't know. just like, i don't know.
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>> bill: back ever the book segment tonight. watters world in san francisco. why is that city so liberal? we sent jesse out west to find out. >> >> define the city of san francisco for me. >> very liberal. very mixed culture. >> it's the most accepting and the friendliest city i have ever lived in. >> the place where liberal people have taken over the world and people can get away whatever the [bleep] you they want. >> isn't that typical? >> the healthy city, the fun city. >> the one spot of the world where people who are outsiders can be who they are. >> that is correct. >> i am semiretired trying
1:49 am
to model. >> what kind of modeling gigs are you looking to get. >> any kind. >> any kind, yes. >> why do so many people hate fox news here. >> because it's conservative. >> that's because you are terrible. >> what? me? >> not you personally, jesse. you seem very nice. you have a nice smile. >> can i get a hug right now. >> i don't even have a television. >> i'm sorry to hear that. >> are you? >> do you consider yourself a male or female. >> i'm both. >> technically, how does that work. >> for me it works fine. >> i don't know what to say. ♪ >> it seems like a lot of people hate fox here. what's up with that. >> i love fox news, man they tell how it is. >> it seems that sometimes the news is slanted more toward the dark. >> wait a minute. >> just like, i don't know, i don't know, probably like, i don't know. it's just like, i don't know. >> i don't know. >> he is on third. we are not talking about him. >> i don't hate fox news. >> that's so nice to hear. >> why does it seem like so many people hate fox news here? >> because they lie all the time. >> and do you have any proof of that or any example.
1:50 am
>> oh tons of it. >> but you have got to run? >> yes, i have got acupuncture appointment. >> stay loose. >> i actually don't hate fox news. and i feel like that's hate fo feel like that's a minority here. >> liberal friends confront you about your fox fan dom. >> liberals don't vote. they don't get [ bleep ] done. idealism doesn't work unless you work hard at it. >> you said it, man. >> i'm feeling it. >> we are the music makers, and we are the dreamers of a dream. >> american news doesn't get that. you give scandal to get ratings. >> you are currently single? >> yes. >> good luck with everything. >> i hope he has better luck than i had. >> fox, the first people that would hire you after your dad made a phone call? >> oh! >> oh! >> bill o'reilly?
1:51 am
>> that's the worst of them all. >> when bill gets a little crusty and cranky, that can be entertaining. >> he makes really good points. >> i don't like o'reilly, talks outside of the neck too much. >> he's a bad ass. >> eat a lot of vegetables, cut out processed foods. >> tip of the day? >> tip of the day. >> bill o'reilly, you're the man. san francisco, long hairs love you. don't trip. >> all right now. was everybody nice to you there? you have the logo on the mike, so people know right away. >> well, they hate you, but they love me. they love me. >> but that's not just san francisco. >> that's true. you know, the one thing you did tell me, i want to remind the audience. if anyone ever punches me in the
1:52 am
face, lean into it, because then i'll be famous like geraldo and sue for 100 grand. >> get the nose right over here, and it's 2 million at least. when you go out on the street, it's a walking city, a lot of people around. anybody give you jazz? >> i found more in san francisco. when i'm doing interviews on the street, people walk by and say f fox news and then the cowards will run away. the haters don't have a clue. they call you a bigoted homophobe. why would the president of the united states, barack obama, your guy, invite this bigot into the white house for an interview? and they are shell shocked. >> you hear that, that fox lies business, that's from the internet. so this guy with the little mustache there. he has tons of them, but he can't give you one. >> i have all day. i'll sit there, i have all day. the acupuncture appointment. he was a little tight. >> maybe you should have given
1:53 am
him your address. he could write you or e-mail. >> i'm not giving that guy my address. >> and asking about press bias in america. "back of the book" watters world. pal jesse got to go to the correspondent's dinner on saturday night. before that, we made him work. question of the night?
1:54 am
is the press bias in america? >> you think there is bias in the press at all? >> bias in the press? i have no idea. i don't know. >> no! bias? >> the weather channel goes right down the middle about what the forecast is. >> what do you think? >> i think it's a little left. >> i hear you, i'll go right then. >> do you think there is bias in the media? probably both sides, yes. >> you think overall the media title a little liberal? >> no, i wouldn't say that. >> this is a stupid exercise or people who work at all of these places who are bias? absolutely. bias as a whole. that's just dumb. >> you seem a little angry. >> i'm not angry. i think it's silly. >> you still look angry. >> you guys think there is bias in the mainstream press? >> yeah, i'm biased toward
1:55 am
claire. >> i hope you could do better than that. >> oh, god. really? this is what you throw at me. i'm raul dressed up. this is what you want to know. >> i think because of the very question you are asking me. fox puts forth the notion that there are two sides of every story, and i agree with that. >> i think there is bias everywhere. >> oh, yeah? >> i'm leaving. >> now, whose call was it to myrrh andize the boston bomber in the hospital so quickly? >> it was congress' decision when they passed the law. the magistrate followed. we didn't give anybody miranda rig rights. >> you guys need to look at the law. >> are you a big man, huh? >> mr. bill o'reilly has a quick question for you. >> oh, thank you very much.
1:56 am
have a good night. >> the chubby checker dance, have you ever seen that? >> checker dance? >> chubby checker dance. it's similar to your dance. you sure you have never seen it. >> are you a factor fan? >> is he a factor fan? oh, my goodness. every night. >> i'm honing in on my debate skills. i said, hey, i'm not debating bill o'reilly here. you need to tone that down. >> the think thing about bill o'reilly. when he talks, i love the way his mouth moves. >> i came to the america the first time last year, watched bill o'reilly every night, and at the end, he said i love this guy. >> he's a good guy, he's a good guy. >> you listen to npr. >> what about "the factor?" . >> you want to take the gloves off and go? we can do that.
1:57 am
>> ding, ding. >> you watch the show? >> no, but when i do, i'm taken with it. an irish cop back there. >> what is the favorite part of the show? watters world? >> i don't know that i watch it enough to know what watters' world is. >> i'm watters. >> oh, my gosh. >> my two favorite parts, norah o'donnell, she hates me. >> apparently too. >> it's by extension that she hates you. >> what did you do to her? >> never, ever, ever had any -- i don't even think i had a conversation with her. but that was funny, and psy, the dopey guy from korea, he absolutely ripped off chubby checker. don't believe it. >> and then they ushered him off right after the question. >> 1960-61, chubby checker the
1:58 am
biggest thing in the world, doing the twist. got a dislocated hip doing this thing. this guy is a genius, or his people are. 52 years later, comes back, makes a fortune ripping chubby off. >> he's out of shape. he is sweating profusely on the red carpet. >> long ride from seoul. give the guy a break. watters, you are gaining in popularity mock the swells. >> you think so? >> matthew perry wants to hang with you. >> right. chandler. >> again, thanks for watching tonight, i'm bill o'reilly, please remember that the spin please remember that the spin [playing "star-spangled banner"]
1:59 am
2:00 am
>> it is friday, july 5. and from new york to texas and everywhere in between, fireworks displays lighting up the skies as america celebrated the 4th of july. we'll show you some of the sights and sounds from across the country. >> a fox business alert. in just hours from now new data on the economy. the numbers shedding light on the current state of jobs in america. but with an already volatile market, how will this impact wall street? >> while most of us spent the holiday enjoying hamburgers and hot


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