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tv   FOX and Friends First  FOX News  July 5, 2013 2:00am-3:01am PDT

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and from new york to texas and everywhere in between, fireworks displays lighting up the skies as america celebrated the 4th of july. we'll show you some of the sights and sounds from across the country. >> a fox business alert. in just hours from now new data on the economy. the numbers shedding light on the current state of jobs in america. but with an already volatile market, how will this impact wall street? >> while most of us spent the holiday enjoying hamburgers and hot dogs,
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heather tried something with a little bit more heat. >> pepper sauce. >> we'll have more on heather's taste testing of whacky foods from around the globe. "fox & friends first" starts right now. ♪ ♪ >> good morning, you are watching "fox & friends first" on this friday morning. we hope you had a wonderful 4th of july. i'm patti ann browne. >> i'm heather childers. a lot of people celebrating at this hour. hopefulfully you're joining us and winding down. fireworks lit up the city all across the country
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starting at our nation's capital. ♪ ♪ >> meanwhile in new york four barges carrying 40,000 shells on the hudson river unleashed a barrage of brilliant reds, whites and blues. ♪ ♪ >> and in boston, thousands came out for the boston
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pops fireworks spectacular, the city hosting its largest gathering since the boston bombings in april. those are a few of the many incredible sights and sounds across the country last night. >> now it's time to begin your five at 5. we begin on a more serious note. seattle police are trying to figure out what a nevada man in a stolen truck was doing with guns, molotov cocktails and body armor. he was near the university of washington campus. police say he's not a student. the night before he was arrested, 21-year-old justin miles parker was questioned by police when he was found sleeping in his truck outside a dorm. they later found out that the truck was stolen. >> we have no idea what his intentions are. again, this is a very active investigation, and we're trying to rule out all -- everything at this point. >> parker was booked at the king county jail on suspicion of possession of
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incendiary devices. >> the george zimmerman trial resumes in a few hours. trayvon martin's mother is expected to take the stand today. she could testify about whose voice she believes is on 9 is is recordings -- 911 recordings on the fight between zimmerman and market. an expert testified none of martin's d.n.a. was found on zimmerman's guns. the prosecution is expected to rest its case today. >> while you were sleeping containment on the arizona fire doubled. residents are receiving the green light to go back to their home. last night residents of prescott remembered the fire fighters who lost their lives. >> wild weather across the country on this
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independence day. in alabama heavy rain caused severe flooding across the tennessee valley. last night some areas saw as much as six inches of rain. in florida, the panhandle dealing with high water. some areas got more than ten inches of rain. several july 4 celebrations had to be canceled. in north carolina rain triggered flooding, landslides, even a sink hole. >> we drive over this every day, you know, and never even think about it. and then seeing this, this is incredible. >> this all comes as a six-day heat wave is expected in much of the northeast. >> general martin dempsey is no stranger to the spotlight but the joint chief chairman got a very special honor as the nation celebrated its independence day. ♪ oh say ♪ can you see ♪ by the dawn's ♪ early light ♪ what so proudly ♪ we hail
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♪ as the twilight's ♪ last gleaming >> dempsey singing the national anthem before the nationals game against the brewers. he was joined by the army chorus since he is known for his sinatra-like voice. we're told his favorite thing to sing is "new york, new york" >> a fox news alert. while you were sleeping more than a dozen people were injured in california. this happened after a massive explosion that was at an annual 4th of july fireworks show. >> one minute they were watching the fireworks and the next chaos broke out. [screaming]
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>> they were two minutes into that show when the fireworks began shooting sideways into the crowd instead of up into the air. you can hear everyone screaming as they ran away from the massive explosion. as many as 28 people were hurt at this 4th of july celebration in simi valley, california. fire fighters set up a triage center where they treated adults and children many hitten by flying debris. some taken by ambulance to the hospital. >> police this morning say the fireworks accidentally detonated during that show and a full investigation is underway. >> horrible hearing the people scream. obviously very scary. >> now to the latest on the crisis in egypt. you are looking at live pictures out of cairo. egypt bracing for what is being called the friday of rejection. supporters of mohamed morsi vowing to retaliate against those who prayed for the
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muslim leader to be removed from power. >> certainly another day filled with tension. on one hand, islamic supporters of mohamed morsi aren't going down quietly. they plan to hold rallies to express outrage at the army's move to overthrow the president. the military on the other hand plan to issue a statement supporting the right for peaceful protest but blocking roadways would harm social peace. >> we are camped out here in the square until morsi is back as president. we are here until mohamed morsi is back as our president and the president of all egyptians, god willing. >> morsi, the country's formerly, the country's first elected leader, placed under house arrest. president obama keeping an eye on tensions in a statement released by his
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security team: members have been keeping an eye on the officials and reap leased the importance to return to a quick and responsible return of full authority as soon as pop. a transparent political process inclusive of all parties and groups avoiding any arbitrary arrest of president morsi and his supporters. the obama administration has not criticized the egyptian government directly. he has not used the word coup. it is possible he is avoiding the law that bars aid to countries where the military does remove democratically elected leaders. >> here's what we would like for you to brew on today. all week in celebration of the 4th of july we asked you at home to send in your pictures about what you thought signified the greatness of america, and we received so many amazing pictures here at "fox & friends first" , we picked three of our favorites and
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now we want to see which one of these were your favorites. first up, take a look at this one. this picture came from henry. it is of a little boy waving an american flag. how precious is that. >> we have a picture from nick in tennessee from a 4th of july picnic back in 2004 apparently. you can see the patriotic outfits that everyone is wearing there. good old-fashioned american fun. >> i love the dancing. from debra, she sent this picture of her son and daughter-in-law. her son is a marine currently serving overseas. yesterday his wife gave birth to their first child. i believe her name was deb. we brought you that story. how fitting for this baby to come on the 4th of july. >> congratulations. send your comments. tweet them at "fox & friends first" or e-mail them at "fox & friends first" at we'll try to get more later in the show. >> the time is ten minutes after the hour. coming up, mysterious crop
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designs. they're taking shape in one town. what is causing it? >> a man falls on to the tracks in front of an on coming train. good samaritans jump in. we'll have the incredible rescue next. as we go to break, more sights and sounds from the celebrations across america last night. ♪ beautiful like diamonds ♪ in the sky ♪ shine bright ♪ like a diamond ♪ ♪
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>> welcome back. it is 14 minutes after the top of the hour. here's what you missed while sleeping. a 12-year-old boy was airlifted to the hospital after he slipped and fell on the deck of the carnival sensation. the accident happened as the cruise ship was heading back to port canaveral. the boy has since been released and is expected to be okay. crews calling off the search for an american
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schooner missing at sea. seven people were on board including americans. the boat sent an undelivered text message june 4 warning that its sails were shredded. the message also says it was traveling at four knots. investigators believe the ship sank that same day in a storm. >> very sad. now to a fox business alert. new jobs data out just hours from now, and investors from wall street to main street are keeping a close watch on those numbers. joining us from fox business network is lauren simonetti. good morning, lauren. >> good morning. we call these wall street's fireworks. they come in three and a half hours. the june jobs report expected to show 165,000 jobs were added and the unemployment rate fell to 7.5%. this is considered the most important piece of economic information all month. and with all the talk of the fed, interest rates and stimulus, this number
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absolutely critical. timing a huge problem here. the report comes sandwiched between a national holiday and summer weekend. many trader are on vacation. that means we can see an overreaction to the data whether good or bad. volume is going to be low. volatility can be very high. another story this morning, apple sued by boston university in a patent case seeking to halt iphone as well as ipad sales. this is a big one because the school is seeking to ban the tech giant from selling these devices claiming patent infringement. b.u. said one of its professors invented a semiconductor patent apple violated. >> start checking labels in your clothing. more are going to say made in the u.s.a. major retailers like brooks brothers and saks says quality is better and wait time shorter. they are hiring american workers but have a long way to go to return the 800,000
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jobs lost to foreign clothing factories over the last 20 years. ladies? >> lauren simonetti, thank you. the time now is 16 after the top of the hour. wait till you see this story. a rough ride for one puppy who was trapped under the hood of a car. how did he get in there to begin with? and how did he make it out without a scratch? >> also as the nation celebrated the 4th of july, this couple celebrated their 70th anniversary. so what is the key to happiness? you'll hear from them next. >> as we go to break, a look at how america celebrated on the 4th of july. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> folks out early on the streets of new york city. i don't know; i wonder if they have been home yet from 4th of july celebrations. regardless, they look happy. we hope you're starting your day good too. you're starting it with "fox & friends first" and we appreciate it. the time is 21 after the hour. time for quick headlines. a dramatic rescue caught on tape. surveillance video showing a man falling on the tracks in downtown atlanta during rush hour. bystanders rushed to help him, some jumping into the path of an on coming train to lift him up. police say the man was drunk. he claims to have had a bad reaction to pain pills. fire crews rescuing this dog trapped under the hood of a couple's p.t. cruiser. they had been driving for about five miles before they realized the pup was there. the animal made it out
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without a single scratch. we don't know how the dog got there or if the animal has an owner. >> these mysterious crop designs have many missouri residents wondering if they were playing host to unexpected visitors from another planet but in fact they are manmade. part tyson research center, a 2,000 acre outdoor lab. scientists use the space to study ecosystems. the designs are areas of exposed bedrock containing cacti, even scorpions. >> they are found here and nowhere else in the world. they are unique species. they are part of our natural heritage. >> although these circles and stars look like they might be of an alien nature, they really contain plants and animals native to missouri. scientists say the unique species found inside would become extinct if they
2:23 am
disappear from this region. >> that's really interesting. the jersey shore was one of the hardest hit areas during superstorm sandy. the storm reduced blocks of homes, boardwalks, businesses all to complete rubble and tourism at the shore is an extremely part of new jersey's economy especially during the summer months. we recently visited the jersey shore to see where the recovery stands. >> the boardwalk is back having gone from this post-sandy to this today. >> i would say everybody's excited to be back, but everybody's a little nervous. >> this is one of the many boardwalk business owners in bell mar we met in march as she prepared to reopen her business, hoping for the best. >> i have the right attitude, the right energy and the people are here and i stay on top of it, it could be the best ever. >> after a lot of work and
2:24 am
a few tears, her temporary store, a tricked out trailer, is back on the boardwalk. >> we did it in 48 hours with a crew of energetic employees. there were nine million boxes in here. we couldn't see straight, but everybody was organized and working together, and it came together in 48 hours. >> are you proud of it? >> yeah. >> her faith in that endeavor is wavering slightly with profits down 29% compared to the same time last year. >> i hear a lot of amazing, good for you! and they keep walking. they don't realize it took a lot of effort, a lot of time and a lot of money to get back here for all of us in business. we need the support. pick up the bottle of lotion, the t-shirt, the umbrella instead of going to wal-mart, target, wherever you're going, try to get that one item here to support the locals. that is what we really need. we love the encouragement, but we need the support. >> in many senses this is
2:25 am
of course a very different summer for businesses right along the jersey sure. but in one sense it's skaebt the same as -- exactly the same as every other summer. it depends on the weather. having delivered the crippling blow of sandy last fall, the weather gods are still not smiling on the jersey shore. >> i'm talking to mother nature on a daily basis and she's not listening to me. we're trying. get the information out to her. help! >> she and her fellow business owners didn't give up post-sandy and they're not about to give up now. they even have a new slogan for the summer. >> i'm jersey girl. i'm sure of myself. i've been stirred. i'm not shake *6 -- shaken. we just need good weather and need everybody to show up. >> shaken, not stirred. the time is 25 after the
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hour. she vanished six years ago from a portugese resort and now authorities say madeleine mccannn may be alive. >> imagine careening off a bridge, we have the amazing story. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> lots of people out on the streets of new york city this morning, the day
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after celebrating independence day on july 4. it is july 5, and it is friday, so that alone is reason to celebrate. welcome to "fox & friends first" . we hope that you had a happy 4th of july. i'm heather childers. >> i'm patti ann browne. it is 30 minutes after the hour. fireworks lit up the sky in cities across the country on this independence day including, of course, our nation's capital. ♪ ♪ >> and in new york, look at this. four barges carrying 40,000 shells on the hudson river unleashed a spectacular show. brilliant reds, whites, and blues.
2:31 am
♪ ♪ beautiful like ♪ diamonds in the sky ♪ shine bright like a diamond ♪ >> and in boston, thousands came out for the boston pops fireworks spectacular. the city hosting its largest gathering since the boston bombings in april. those are just a few of the many incredible sights across the country last night. >> the rest of your headlines. seattle police are trying to figure out what a nevada man in a stolen truck was doing with guns, molotov cocktails and body armor near the university of washington campus. police say he is not a student at the university. the night before he was arrested, 21-year-old justin miles parker was questioned by police when he was found sleeping in his truck outside a dorm. they later found out the truck was stolen. >> we have no idea what his intentions are. again, this is a very active investigation, and we're trying to rule out
2:32 am
all -- everything at this point. >> parker was booked into king county jail on suspicion of possession of eupbd send kwrarry -- incendiary devices. >> british police launching a new investigation into the disappearance of madeleine mccann. detectives say it is possible mccann who vanished six years ago from a portugese resort is alive. they have 38 persons of interest. 12 british nationals believe to have been in portugal when the three-year-old went missing. >> a son's heroic act takes a surprising turn. joshua garcia was driving with his father in the middle of the night when his dad crashed the car. the car ended up in a river but the brave boy swam to shore and got help for his dad who was trapped inside the car. >> just to come out of that bridge -- i don't know where he climbed but i'm really happy. he's an angel. i know god was there. >> now the boy's father is
2:33 am
facing charges stemming from the incident. massachusetts police say they believe the man may have been speeding. >> here's an unfortunate story. a marine who risked his life during world war ii is hoping to get his medal of honor back. art jackson was awarded the medal by president truman back in 1944. sadly, he only had it for a few weeks before it was stolen from the waldorf astoria hotel. >> i left it in its box on the bed in the room. i knew when i went back there, that was the first thing i was looking for and it was gone. >> here's the thing. back in 1987, jackson received a call telling him his medal was on display at a tv repair shop in south carolina. the store owner said he got it at a gun show. but when he mailed it back, jackson realized it was fake. the f.b.i. believes the man never had jackson's medal after all. so it's still probably out
2:34 am
there somewhere. >> heather, it's a love story 70 years in the making. as you celebrated the 4th, an arizona couple celebrated their 70th wedding anniversary. they met in the early 1940's. paul said he met phyllis right before he left to serve in world war ii. >> when i got ready to go, i grabbed my sister and kissed her. she was standing there so i grabbed her and kissed her. i told the sister i'm going to marry him someday. >> the two say they hope for many more years together. that is your five at 5:30. >> taking a look at the monthly jobs report, what will the numbers mean for an already volatile market? doug luzader is live in washington, d.c. with the latest on that story. >> we may learn today that june was another month of positive job growth but nothing spectacular. economists think we added
2:35 am
about 165,000 jobs last month. not bad. probably not enough, though, to make much of a dent in the overall unemployment rate. after taking a day off, the stock market is going to pop back to life today, or maybe we will fizzle. today's jobs numbers have been eagerly anticipated to see if job growth has been keeping pace with other encouraging signs. >> i think the news is improving. the american economy is starting to slip into a higher gear. >> there is no question that low interest rates are helping fuel rebound and housing purchases and car sales. consumer confidence is on the rise, the best it's been in more than five years. but much of that may be due to the federal reserve which has been juicing the economy every month. if the unemployment rate falls and the economy shows big signs of growth, the fed may begin dialing back on all of that cheap money causing interest rates to spike and investors to run. still, one bright spot may be energy.
2:36 am
u.s. oil reserves are putting the country on a path towards energy independence. >> we have the potential to produce upwards of 50% of the entire increase on a global scale. what that means is the united states is becoming the new epi center of oil and gas production in the world. >> as far as the overall economy is concerned, we're seeing sparks of life here and there and bits of goodws. but the economy itself is growing at a pretty sluggish rate, and that's expected to continue for some time. >> still very tepid. thank you, doug. >> this morning egypt remains very much on the edge. supporters of ousted president mohamed morsi are vowing to retaliate today in what's being called the friday of rejection. live in cairo with the latest. >> while the new government here in egypt is only about 24 hours old or so, they
2:37 am
will face a very tough challenge today. members of the muslim brotherhood and pro-morsi supporters, initially they were shocked. now they are angry and now they are expected to turn out in hundreds of thousands in the streets today in cairo and across the country. yesterday they held peaceful sit-in protests but now they are going to hold traditional protests. they plan to turn out in tahrir and other places in cairo and across the country. the military has begun moving its troops and equipment into key areas. they want to try to limit the amount of violence. the muslim brotherhood has called for peaceful protest, calling it a day of rejection, but continually said they want these to be peaceful protests. but already we are seeing signs of violence across the country. there were attacks in the sinai desert at military and police check points. we're told at least 16 people have been killed in violence across the country in the last 36 hours. hundreds have been injured. the pro-morsi supporters
2:38 am
are angry. they believe they have been cheated by the democratic movement here. they also feel as though they have been cheated by the military here. tahrir judiciary is fairly quiet right -- tahrir square is fairly quiet but we expect it to be packed with people later today. how much violence erupts across the country and here in tahrir is a big unknown but it will be a real test for this new government. they tried to project an image of control and stability, but if things break out here it will be very tough to continue with that image of stability and control. a lot of big questions coming forward in the next two or three hours. >> connor powell, live in egypt. thank you. >> switching gears, time now to entertain this and the minions are raking in the millions. [screaming] >> you know this guy? >> yes. >> he's one of my minions. >> despicable me 2 cashing
2:39 am
in on $33.2 million in the box office wednesday. sharing the 4th of july picks, check out heidi klum. she posted this one of herself celebrating. here's mariah carey showing off her peroxide, -- her patriotic side in a bikini. john daley tpho in a bikini, wearing american flag pants. they didn't prove very lucky. he shot five over par in the first round. >> the time right now, 39 after the hour. still to come, we are waiting for new jobs data. if you're one of those looking for work, cheryl
2:40 am
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♪ ♪ >> 43 minutes after the hour. a lot more people on the streets of manhattan than we usually see at this hour. people enjoying their day off, many of them in new york city on the day after the 4th. >> some news right now. twitter announcing it will start tracking the websites you visit. the site plans to use browser cookies -- small files that are put on your computer each time you visit a web page -- to track on-line movements. twitter says the tracking will provide users with advertisements they're
2:44 am
actually interested in. you will be able to turn off the tracking feature. >> a system revealed one of the best ways to relieve stress? new research confirms walking can calm you down by sparking nerve cells in the brain that relax your senses. there are some people doing it right now. >> if you're looking for work, we've got some companies hiring based right here in the good old u.s. of a. fox business network cheryl casone joins us with three all-american companies hiring right now. thanks for joining us. >> still recovering from the fireworks displays from last night, but yes, all american companies hiring. the first one you'll know very well especially if you take prescription medicine. c.v.s. caremark, they run about 21% of the retail market when it comes to pharmaceuticals. they are hiring. 2,000 open positions, 150
2:45 am
new stores they are going to be opening this year and also opening these minute clinics. whether it's a sore throat or something more serious, you can get to see someone right away. that is a booming business as well. arizona, illinois, pennsylvania, rhode island and texas. 718 million prescriptions are filled, written through c.v.s. care mark. >> next, u-haul. >> if you've got to move, you probably know the name u-haul, but you can work there and get benefits and managerial positions given to you. customer service, g.m.'s, mechanics, 3,669 jobs. they are vet-friendly, career builder. also good work from home opportunities as well. you don't have to go into
2:46 am
the office to have a job. >> my very first job in tv news, i rented a u-haul and drove from albany, georgia, to north carolina. finally, buy low and win dixie supermarkets. >> you're from the south and i'm from texas. you know winn dixie. they are hiring and expanding in the northeast part. this is bi-low holdings based in jacksonville, florida. 3,600 jobs. these are jobs that have benefits, medical, dental, 401(k). again, they are one of these companies that is big in the south. if you think about the winn dixie, who didn't go to the winn dixie in the 1950's? a lot of people did and they know the name very well. >> in the spirit of this week, these are all american companies hiring
2:47 am
americans who need work. >> with all the jobs data we're going to be giving out, it is crucial people are very specific in their job hunt. you can't give up. go to you can e-mail me and i will certainly reach out and do what i can for you. >> thank you for joining us, cheryl. it is 13 till the top of the hour. still to come, while most of us spent the holiday enjoying hamburgers and hot dogs, our own heather tried something with a little more heat. >> scorpion pepper sauce based on the new hottest pepper in the world. the scorpion pepper. >> more whacky foods and heather's whacky reactions coming up. first let's check with clayton morris and see what's coming up on "fox & friends." >> good morning to you guys. coming up on "fox & friends," we're going to
2:48 am
help our heroes get back to work from the battle field to deployment, back here in the united states. more on the show. plus regulation nation, how the u.s. has gone from the land of the free to the land of the regulated. we will break that down for you. and the monthly jobs numbers out. how did we fare this month? we're live from from the new york stock exchange. look around. it is our summer concert series this morning. we'll be barbecuing. few minutes, folks. hang on. few minutes, folks. it's four times the detail of hd. colors become richer. details become clearer. which for a filmmaker, changes everything. because now there are no more barriers between the world that i see and the ones i can show you. the sony 4k ultra hd tv.
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>> nine till the top of the hour. dozens of flights in to and out of mexico have been canceled because of a volcano. it's spewing ash, steam and glowing rocks. several airlines have canceled flights. it affects flights to or from houston, dallas,
2:52 am
chicago, and denver. check out this shocking cell phone video. two teenagers capture a tornado ripping the dome of a sports stadium right off. it happened in connecticut on monday. the owner of the stadium said he was never worried about the sports world dome because tornadoes never hit connecticut. never say never. >> many americans spent this holiday weekend enjoying hamburgers and hot dogs on the grill but not heather. >> had a hot dog last night but wanted something more adventurous and went to the 59th annual summer fancy food show at the javitz center in new york. 3,000 square feet filled with food and i tasted some of the more unusual ones. if hot is what you're after, we have the spice
2:53 am
meister, dave. >> we have the scorpion pepper sauce based on the new hottest pepper in the world, the scorpion pepper. you're going to try it and we're going to be entertained. >> i can't talk. it makes you lose your voice. wow. my goodness. we've all seen a lemon or lime, but you probably have never seen this. finger limes. james here is the first to grow these trees in the united states. tell us about this. >> finger limes were found growing in the wild in australia. goes great on all kinds of fish, seafood, sushi, salads, cocktails. >> they have the consistency, if you remember when you were a kid, of pop rocks. kind of tastes like that. pretty simple. squeeze it between your fingers. it looks like caviar or pop
2:54 am
rocks. i happen to like a tart, sour taste. that is what this tastes like. tell me what this product is? >> this is the world best umami paste. it has a sexy flavor. anything you squeeze, it is going to taste delicious. >> i'm going to taste this right here. very good description. that was very tasty. one of my favorite things was jumping jack apple splash spice cream. it is vanilla ice cream mixed with a fruit-based hot sauce. the creator, david letterman -- no relation to the other david letterman,
2:55 am
late-night host -- drove all the way from state college yesterday to bring us some and make sure everyone could try some of it. here it is, patti ann. it was not like that first, that scorpion sauce that actually took my voice away. this is really good. what do you think? spicy and sweet. >> that's good. i got the kick. it takes a minute. >> that was fun. >> fun to watch. thanks. the time right now -- hard for me to talk now -- five till the top of the hour. still to come, a sports reporter takes some hard hits while on the job. >> your last chance to vote on our favorite pictures of the greatness of america. your responses up next. ♪
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>> some final headlines. first an ohio sailor gives his family the surprise of a lifetime. he comes home a few days early to surprise his parents at abbaseball game on the 4th of july. he had been gone nine months. >> this reporter gets tackled during a sideline interview. a wide receiver makes a great catch but can't stop his momentum in time. he end up slamming into her. fortunately she is fine. >> all week we've been asking you to send in your pictures of what you think signifies the greatness of america. earlier in the show we showed you three of our favorites. one of them is the little boy waving an american flag. also tennesseeans enjoying a 4th of july picnic. and a marine kissing his wife's pregnant belly, and she gave birth fittingly on the 4th of july. >> we wanted to know which was your favorite. annie tweeted how cute is that kid. glad he appreciates his country at such a young
3:00 am
age. >> tom says the only thing better than fireworks on the 4th of july is the food. >> sammy writes it was destiny they would have a baby on independence day. thank you for your service. thanks to all of you for sending in your pictures. they will be posted on our website. >> "fox & friends" starts now. >>anna: good morning. it is friday, july 5, 2013. we start with a fox news alert. a 4th of july fireworks show goes terribly wrong. [screaming] >> oh my god! >> several people injured. so what happened? we've got the details coming up. >> muslim brotherhood promising a day of rejection. where does the u.s. stand? does the president even know? a surprising answer


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