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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  July 6, 2013 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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standing by that take over here. "fox news sunday" is a good one to watch. rick perry sits down with john roberts and what he says a big announcement monday afternoon. stay with us for that. thanks so much for watching, everybody. make it a great day. a fox news alert. bloodshed on the streets in egypt as the country plunges into chaos in the wake of the ouster of president mohamed morsi. couple of pictures to show you here. live looking cairo, egypt, screen left probe morsi support -- morsi. calling a brotherhood -- calling on people to protest all over the country on sunday. so this is just getting started. but as night approaches there are growing fears that this unrest could really spin out of
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control. all sides digging in for a long battle. live report on this developing story in just a few minutes. we begin with another fox news alert as we get word of a new offer asylum for edward snowden. hello, everyone. >> this is what he has been waiting for. it is bolivian president morales who is now the latest world leader extending an offer of asylum who does not have a passport anymore to snowden. it follows an incident where morales 'plane was rerouted and following reports that snowden may have been onboard. morales joins a growing list of african-american leaders helping the fugitive leak er. hi, elizabeth. >> hi. you are right on one hand the list of countries denying edward snowden's request for asylum. we are seeing a list of
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countries that are willing to accept his request. also growing. despite the fact that his passport, like you said, has been revoked. bolivian president morales joining the ranks of nicaragua and announcing they are prepared to grant the whistle blower asylum. murdoro making his offer during a speech on the anniversary of the country's independence day. he also same day recognized his predecessor hugo chavez of frequent critic of the u.s. it is not clear if there were my conditions to the offer but insists snowden can come and avoid, quite, imperial prosecution during his speech he also said that in part he's a young man who has told the truth in the spirit of rebellion about the united states spying on the whole world. this while anything would go ran president ortega told reporters that he's also willing to make the same offer if, quote, circumstances allow it. ortega didn't specific any further.
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>> we are an open country. we respect the right of asylum. we are respectful of the right to asylum. it is clear if the circumstances permit it, we would gladly receive snowden here and would grant him asylum here in nicaragua. >> according to reports snowden has applied to more than would dozen countries seeking say sigh lump while the countries may allow him to live out his days there the question is how will he get will? a country could possibly overlook the withdrawn passport. jamie, back to you. >> i suppose they would have to. elizabeth, thank you so much. the scandal is raising serious questions about oversight of classified information. how did he get all of these details in first place? and we now know that edward snowden passed two federal background checks. one at the cia and the other at the nsa. and many of those checks are outsourced to private contractors. now there are reports that a company that conducts many of the checks sunday investigation
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itself for possible criminal charges. >> back now to the explosive situation in egypt. let's take a look once again live in cairo. screen left, pro-morsi supporters. screen right anti-morsi protesters. this as deadly street battles break out across the country and are now raising fears that this divided nation is on the verge of an all-out civil war. new videotape showing a fury unfolding. fighting for control of a bridge in the heart of cairo using whatever weapons they can get their hands on. rocks, fireworks, guns, even sling shots. both groups also building barricades. sign that the battle may be getting started. greg. >> reporter: you are right on that. it is getting close to evening here. so far in cairo traffic has been
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light and security has been heavy. folks here are getting ready for the possibility of more violence tonight. right now we are watching an ongoing rally of supporters for the ousted egyptian president mohamed morsi. one place they are gathering near the republican guard military headquarters, that is where it is believed morsi is being detained by authorities. the islamist muslim brother political party is demanding reinstatement. its leaders are telling its followers to lay down their lives for morsi. we have seen more bloodshed today. a coptic christian priest has been shot and killed in a town in northern sinai. the leadership of the christian minority here has backed the ouster of morsi. and morsi's government is accused of having allowed attacks on christians while they were in power. all told, at least according to authorities we are hearing that 36 people were killed overnight. more than a thousand injured and nationwide. we watch the action all night here. but other cities were also hit hard. egypt's second city of
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alexandria saw a pro and anti-morsi forces clash along with the security getting involved. back here and tahrir square the crowds are slightly building now. these are the people, remember, who are calling for change and right now there have been meetings and of the interim government and we are getting some late word unconfirmed that a prime minister, number two, has been chosen to be an interim person to get the transition back to democracy. his name is mohammed albarti. he's the former iaea chief. again, not confirmed but he is being talked about trying to bring the folks back to transition. we are watching very closely the -- to tahrir square seen here. so far at least in the square itself, there have been no clashes between both sides. of course, we saw that individually and in the past couple of years at this revolution. now we are watching a new revolution. back to you. >> as you know all too well. we will check back with you. thanks. also in egypt, in the news,
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the retrial of former president hosni mubarak has been postponed until next month. already charged with corruption and with involvement in the killing of protesters during the revolution that ousted name 2011. roughly 850 people were killed in that uprising. the former leader convicted last year of the charges but an appeals court granted him a retrial. john mccain is urging the united states to suspend military aid to egypt in light of the growing turmoil will. is that the right move? we are going to put that question to john bolton who will be joining us live in just a few minutes. the obama administration here in america's news headquarters is backing off some requirements of the affordable care act. you know, obamacare. now scaling back the rules and verifying consumers' income and insurance stat us, just days after the administration announced it is delaying the employer mandate of the health
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care overhaul, how much of this is even left? let's bring in our political panel, former president of women's media center, fox news contributor. angela mcglowen. great to see both of you. >> good to see you, too. >> you know on the campaign trail the president promised that everybody would get health insurance and then came obama care. now, little by little, parts of it are being chiseled away or delayed because of the difficulty in implementing it. where does that leave the american people who need that coverage? >> well, you are absolutely right. the american people do need that coverage and that's why it is for that we have our government operating effectively and efficiently and in making sure that this law is doing what it was intended to do. so -- if that means that things have to be tweaked, things have to be delayed, so that thises is s done correctly, i think that's something we should all agree on. but the reality is that you have got folks, republicans, who are
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just basically meaner than a mama wasp when it comes to obama care. you have got governors in texas and practice. my governor, rick perry. 25% of the population doesn't have health care and he's fighting, implement thing. >> you are getting into the weeds, my dear. bottom line is this. nancy pelosi and the mayor of chicago where i am now with dual due respect, he said we are going to get health care lou. this is going to be obama's legacy. you and i both know in washington, d.c., when you put politics over policy, and force people to vote for a bill that they didn't even read, then you are going to have this problem. it is clear that obama care is not ready for prime time. >> that's my question for you is why are we only learning now, not only that it is so complicated, the government can't figure out how to implement it. let alone the business owners who now -- it may be reported that they get a break until 2014
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to have to provide the care or report in who they are covering. but actually, doesn't it leave them more in -- a position of not mowing what is to come and won't that -- i mean is the job numbers indicate that part-time jobs are up. what about full-time employment. can't this spill over? >> this is for the businesses to have more time to figure out their reporting requirements and develop the different health care plans within their company. this is the government saying we are hearing you and listening to you and we are going to make adjustments to make sure that this law is implemented correctly. but legislating against this law, which is republicans have been doing, they have been trying to -- >> no. >> -- fight the implementation of this every day. they have passed a repeal of the obama care. i mean, more times than they have done anything else. >> sticking to the facts, what -- what -- >> let me ask you this question.
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>> ladies, ladies, instead of this, let me ask this. the irs -- >> woe have been talking about them a lot lately. >> they are tasked with doing a lot of the employer contact and look at the situation they are in now. what's the prediction, angela, that this even gets through? forget about republicans not being in favor of it for the reasons that they know and they will pursue. >> right. >> if it can't be implemented, why is it there in the first place? are we working on plan b? >> we immediate to work on plan what the republicans have been doing but i am going to agree with you that you have some republicans that are playing politics and that want to run object obama care's failure. but they need to do their job, jamie. some republicans are putting forth efforts like paul ryan on a plan b plan because it is clear that obama care is not going to work and maybe folks in
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a democratic party really want it to do something to help the american people with health care. but clearly, the 50 million people that obama karin tended to cover is not covering them. >> is it good faith but not a good idea? >> it is an for idea. we all know that our health care system was imploded and untenable. now you look at states like california and new york who have embraced this law. their residents are going to see the benefits of it and in states where republican governors are fighting it is going the take a little bit more time. but there isn't plan b. obama care, the affordable health care, act is already helping people. young people who can stay on their parents 'plane. people who have pre-existing conditions. this law is the law of the land and it is -- >> angela, these are good and valid points. because under those two circumstances, there were benefits for people that didn't have it before. but will's uncertainty, wouldn't you agree, for employers who now
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may hesitate to hire full-time employees while they wait on the sidelines until 2014 to see if it now moves to 2015. >> administration is clearly responding to that uncertainty. being more effective in how they implement this. that's common sense. that's what the american people want from their government. they don't want this pushed lou in the way that is going to hurt businesses. so on one hand, you v have the republicans saying this law will hurt businesses and on the other hand, obama administration says how can we make the moss effective and simplify this for businesses but they are still -- you know, screaming and -- throwing their hands up in the air. >> this is -- >> health care discussions. >> you can look at states. i just want to say this. you said look at states. look at massachusetts. where they are saying that this works and -- it is not working. so -- bottom line is this. >> before we go -- >> quick response on the jobs. because -- it is true that part-time jobs are up.
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numbers are up overall. but not for full-time employment. you think there is my connection? >> if you look at red lobster and the ceo of red lobster supported president obama, he's moving his pokes down to more part time because he can't afford to pay for obama care. so even though we are having more part-time jobs the bottom shrine this. people put politics over policy and now the american people once again are suffer. >> i got to leave it there. i'm just trying to stick to the facts. we report folks to -- both sides here. thanks so much to both of you. always great to have you both here. >> prosecution resting its case in the george zimmerman rile and now the defense will have its turn. did the prosecution make its case or did they fall down miserably? our legal panel will weigh in on that. also, in the trial emotional and dramatic testimony from the mothers of trayvon martin and george zimmerman. a look at what they said. >> the fbi arresting a man for
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an alleged plot against paula deen after everything that she has had to answer to, what does she have to say this? the turmoil in egypt, we are polling it very closely. leading now to a u.s. senator calling for a freeze of financial aid to the country's military. smart move, bad move. ambassador john bolton is here to explain. mine was earned in djibouti, africa. 2004. vietnam in 1972. [ all ] fort benning, georgia in 1999. [ male announcer ] usaa auto insurance is often handed down from generation to generation. because it offers a superior level of protection and because usaa's commitment to serve military members, veterans, and their families is without equal. begin your legacy, get an auto insurance quote. usaa. we know what it means to serve. plays a key role throughout our lives.
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welcome back. time for a quick check of your headlines. good news for one family. the remains of a pyre fighter killed on 9/11 finally identified. merely welfare years after the attacks. jeffrey wall was inside tower
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one of world one raid center. it has given the family some closure. his name is etched at the memorial at ground zero. more than 1,000 victims are still unidentified. colorado's coping with more extreme weather. can you imagine major flooding now shutting down roads and highways after the recent wildfires left them bare in many areas. making them more vulnerable to flooding. the new england patriots are now allowing fans to return aaron hernandez merchandise. that's right. you can get your money back. many say they can no longer support the former player in light of the murder charge against him. extreme weather now. dangerously high temperatures and humidity across the northeast making it peel close to 100 degrees in some places like here in new york. and boston. and in the mean i'm another day of potential flooding stretching from the southeast to the ohio valley. meteorologist janice dean is
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li live in the weather center. >> we have humidity which makes it feel oppressive and we are worried about the young ones and elderly. please p check on those folks and make sure they are indoors and air conditioning and well hydrated. looking at the temperatures, fourth consecutive day of 90-degree heat for boston. up to 90 in new york, 91 in philadelphia. with the humidity what it feels like outside, you just can't breathe. feels like 96 in new york. and 9 philadelphia. 99 in washington. those heat index values are going to continue to be on the rise throughout the afternoon. we had this blocking pattern in effect. bermuda high in the atlantic and we have this trough across the great lakes. ohio river valley. a blocking pattern here. not only giving tuesday high humidity and hot temperatures but also lots of moisture. working its way in from the gulf of mexico. leading to flash flood watches and warnings. look at all of the rainfall we received over the last 48 hours. in some case as foot to foot and a half of rainfall. over areas like the panhandle of
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florida. over a foot of rain in panama, city. this is going to continue. unfortunately, today, and tomorrow and then things will start to subside a little bit as we get into the new workweek. flood advisories posted for over a dozen states right now. those areas that you see shaded in green where -- looking for potential for flooding throughout the day, throughout the afternoon and sunday. also looking at the severe threat today across portions of the morning plains and upper midwest and could see large hail, damaging winds, and even isolated tornadoes. and we are also, of course, monitoring the wildfire that's almost all contained. yarnell hill fire that killed the devastating firefighters, a few day ace go. good news is that it is almost all contained. we are also get something cooler temperatures and some moisture into this area. back to you, greg. >> all right. janice dean. thanks very much. it was dramatic day. and you i monitored the developments all day yesterday. the george zimmerman trial and
10:22 am
jurors have plenty to think about. prosecutors went ahead and rested their case and defense started to call their first witnesses. what happened when the mothers of both trayvon martin and george zimmerman took the stand. they gave contradicting testimony. we are going to have a live report. all the latest that next. new developments in the fireworks disaster in california. platform suddenly collapsing. sending pyrotechnics shoot into the crowd. what we are now learn being the fireworks company's past safety record. >> started out smaller and got bigger and bigger and bigger. and -- it was within 20 seconds. but when it went across and hit into the crowd, that was about when it settled down. >>. [ whimpers ]
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. fox news alert. growing fury in egypt. let's take a look at pro-morsi supporters at one raly and anti-pro-testers at another. back in the united states, republican senator john mccain is urging the united states to suspend military aid saying that egypt's military is defying the will of the people by overthrowing a democratly elected leader. john bolton joins us. ambassador, good to see you. we will get to financial aid in just a moment. do you envision the muslim
10:27 am
brotherhood escalating the violence here and will the army respond by trying to essentially dismantle the muslim brotherhood? >> well, it certainly seems like the brotherhood is determined to keep the confrontation going. they have just -- within the past few hours called for demonstrations again tomorrow and did -- and -- that they have to understand that the risk of more violence just grows every time this happens. the military must say at this point does not seem to be backing down. they have gone after the muslim brotherhood before. they don't have any hesitation in doing it. so -- i think we are -- on the verge of this possibly getting much more serious and unless there is behind-the-scenes negotiations we don't know about at this point. >> well, the united states certainly has strong economic and strategic interests in egypt and yet the president has essentially issued one statement. i have a copy of it right here. it is would pages long. and it really doesn't say --
10:28 am
much of anything except we are committed to the democratic process. ambassador, under the circumstances i'm not sure i know what that means. do you? >> well, it even -- at worse, i'm not sure the president knows what it means. i think this is a reflection. not of a conscious decision to remain silent, not to provoke either side with public comments but a reflection that the president simply doesn't know what to do. doesn't know how to come down even behind the scenes. i think that almost certainly will encourage the various factions to believe they have to operate in their own self-interests. i think that -- increases the risk for more confrontation and more violence and more killing. >> if the president is -- either uncertain or unclear, it would appear as though republicans are conflicted. for example, senator ted cruz. he said the u.s. should stand firmly with the people and against morsi but now have you senator john mccain today criticizing the military for
10:29 am
siding with the people and removing mors write and, in fact, mccain said we should now freeze the 1.3 billion in aid we give to the egyptian military. is he wrong? >> yes. i think that -- that in the circumstance, we want to continue the aid to the military. there are varitek any cal things that may have to be done to do that. but i think that our leverage is with the military and enserve -- senator mccain himself said it is the most stable of all egyptian institutions and the one that can uphold egypt's international obligations. maintain camp david peace accords with israel and keeping the vital suez canal open. >> "the wall street journal" and editorial accused morsi of not only incompetence but what it referred to creeping authoritarianism and then they said this about islamists. quote, the uprising shows that the worst fate for islamists can be to take power.
10:30 am
and thus be accountable for results. fair point? >> yeah. i think -- a lot of the people in the street who wanted morsi removed are people who would be perfectly happy with the muslim brotherhood style islamist government. they didn't disagree with mors i don't the ultimate objectives and disagreed on the priorities. they wanted the economy fixed before moving to anise lambist estate. morsi didn't seem to understand that. the economy deteriorated during the year he was in power and that really was what fueled the massive people in the streets. there were others who were proper concerned about -- his push to -- help keep the brotherhood in power andesly forever. i think it was xiks that was at the base of the protests. >> you are right incredibly high unemployment which doubled the -- during morsi's tenure and anemic gdp, currency essentially collapsing. have you energy shortages with rolling blackouts and -- you know, long, long gasoline lines.
10:31 am
i mean, that -- i suppose ambassador is the real challenge now but -- i mean, how does the military accomplish that? i suppose they can try to put together some sort of a -- coalition tech knowcratic governme -- technocratic government. >> that's what they have to do in order to have elections again and this really gets to the philosophical disagreement. i think that you see being debated here. mine -- personally, i don't think democracy is the highest ideal. i think liberty is the highest ideal and liberty the brotherhood is threatening and true they won an election but -- liberty and democracy closely associated with it are much more than winning one election. they were going after the very possibility of preventing themselves from being turned out of office. and that's why i think the military essentially had no choice. there were millions of people in the streets and -- the -- the -- the risk of conflict was high and now we have the conflict, unfortunately, but it shows the
10:32 am
lengths that the muslim brotherhood is prepared to go to hold on to power. >> yeah. we are -- we are looking at it right now and, in fact, the -- muslim brotherhood is leading a coalition of islamists calling for on sunday protests not just in cairo but everywhere in egypt. where do you see this thing going, ambassador? is it going to -- it is going to get more and more violent? >> i think that's the most likely course. as we know from the time when hoss my must -- hosni mubarak t power in 1981, he then led a violent bloody crackdown on the muslim brotherhood which assassinated sadat for negotiating camp david with israel. so -- i think that -- the military has been will, done that before and i think that they are very likely to continue. this really has nothing to do with the -- people who are talking about democracy of western journalists.
10:33 am
this reflect as fundamental divide in egyptian society and it has been around since the brotherhood was founded 70 years ago. and it is -- it is going to have to play itself out. >> and we will be watching. ambassador bolton, as always, good to have you here. >> thank you. probably the most dramatic day in terms of testimony is a new chapter begins in the george zimmerman murder trial when both mothers, trayvon martin's, and george zimmerman's, both took the stand. prosecutors also rested their case and the defense starts to present theirs. wo we have the latest from sanford, florida. >> 911. fire, police or medical? >> maybe both. i'm not sure. there's screaming outside. >> it was the martin family versus the zimmerman family as relatives testified whose voice was yelling for help in the background of a 911 call. try vonn's mother was the first
10:34 am
person to take the stand. >> that screaming or yelling, do you recognize that? >> yes. >> who do you recognize that to be, ma'am? >> trayvon benjamin martin. >> george zimmerman's lawyer was sympathetic but the state objected. >> apologize for your loss -- >> objection p.m. improper. >> trayvon martin's older brother jahvaris also testify. >> you recognize any voices on that tape n. >> yes. >> whose voice do you recognize? >> my brother. >> trayvon's? >> yes. >> but the defense played an interview jahvaris did with a reporter last year saying he was not sure. >> i'm not completely positive that is him. >> george zimmerman looked emotional as his mother, gladys, took street stand. >> do you know whose voice was that screaming in the background? >> yes, sir. >> and whose voice was that? >> my son, george. >> are you certain of that? >> because he's my son. >> zimmerman's uncle also
10:35 am
testified. >> i felt the scream like my nephew is screaming for his life. it was george screaming for his life. >> prosecutors questioned him. >> you never had heard george zimmerman crying out for help before, had you? >> not the way it did that year. >> associate medical examiner dr. bao said trayvon martin had been alive one to ten minutes after the shooting. he changed his opinion about that and also said martin may or may not have been affected by some marijuana found in his system. but it was his demeanor in court that caught the eye of the jurors as he argued with the defense over his notes. >> i'm going to request that we have a copy -- >> no, you can not. >> of the note. >> it is my note. >> judge nelson rejected a motion for acquittal. at a news conference o'mara requested the opinion. >> i don't think it is pandering
10:36 am
to say i'm sorry for your loss. it is -- i'm not going to be not human. >> jurors had plenty to consider. remember, they are sequestered so they are just thinking about it. did the prosecution make the case for second-degree murder? matthew rosengard is a former federal prosecutor and monitoring the case as closely as we have. we appreciate that. i have a ton of questions. greg and write on live yesterday during some of the most riveting testimony. a lot of inconsistencies in this case, first of all. i have to start with the medical examiner who didn't know if he was there, if he did this, what the protocol was. forensics can be very for in the case. did it sound like it was botched to you? and who would do what with that? >> i think botched may be a little bit too strong of a term. i think it is highly problematic for the prosecution as have many witnesses in this case been. if i were to sum up this case in two words they would be reasonable doubt. even the casual viewer of law
10:37 am
and order knows that -- in order to convict would -- to convict someone criminally it is a high burden of proof reasonable doubt. i think the forensic issue is particularly for in this case because what i call -- the csi factor. jurors think that there -- will typically be forensic evidence that will be convincing beyond a reasonable doubt. and i think that's lacking here. >> they want that a ha moment. what about the fact that george zimmerman first says that he is aware of the stand your ground law in one instance and then he says that he was -- never heard of it or knew about it beforehand. >> i think that is an ink inconsistency as well. to the extent the government is trying to argue that that's sufficient circumstantial evidence to meet their burden of proof and fails there as well. >> what about the fact that the -- defense is arguing self-defense in this case and haven't gone the stand your ground at this point. but in florida, it is peculiar and i practice there. i just want to raise this with you that then the prosecution
10:38 am
has to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that it isn't self-defense. do you see anything in their case that would prove that beyond a reasonable doubt? >> it is a very interesting and for question. before this trial began, as you know, we heard so much about the stand your ground law or stand your ground defense. we haven't heard a lot about that or anything about that yet from the defense team. and i think that the reason for that, stranges that may sound, it is arguably irrelevant. one thing we know, all know none of us were here, is zimmerman was on the ground. i think that this becomes a standard classic self-defense situation. the question is -- did george zimmerman believe in his mind subjectively that he was in danger of imminently bodily -- imminent death or grievous bodily harm. will is a fight will and, again, i think there's sufficient evidence for the government -- excuse me the defense to argue that there there is that standard that man met. >> what about as well the moms? both of them get on the stand and predict predictably say
10:39 am
that's my boy screaming. i had taunt on the fox report to talk to judge alex who is a death penalty qualified judge. i asked him about whether the moms cancel each other out. he raise ad good point and i want to ask you what you think about this as a former federal prosecutor. you probably never heard your kids scream at that -- as he said decibel level. screaming for their life. is will testimony -- is their testimony reliable, relevant? do they cancel each other? >> i think they cancel each other out. i think it is relevant. i think it is compelling. i think this is a good example where a jury can say, you know what, i believe both of them. any mother is going to want to believe that it was -- that they were -- that it was her son crying out. and i think that they cancel each other out and i don't think the jury needs to think that either mother was lying in that particular circumstance. >> as difficult as it must be for them to listen to that. the other question that i really have is the jurors have this
10:40 am
long holiday weekend. they are sequestered and can't really talk about it. they can't watch any of the reporting or the media. but had did see george zimmerman yesterday for the first time get emotional. this is the video that we just showed. did that make him more relatable? more real? how did jurors respond to that? >> i think it makes him both more relatable and more real. for the government to prove its case, they have to prove that he acted with malice, with some sort of evil intent or depraved heart. the jurors will be asking themselves based on the videos they have seen of him and his demeanor in court whether that's the type of person who had that malice, malicious intent or depraved heart. i think that he does come across as somewhat relatable and even if he doesn't, again, i keep coming back to reasonable doubt that very high standard and whether or not the government met it here. >> the other issue is the video or lack thereof. one of the sanford police officers, serino, says when we
10:41 am
were questioning george zimmerman, we told him that it was likely caught on video and he reacted oh, good, i was hoping that someone would see what happened and serino said on the stand that men he had nothing to hide and he wasn't guilty. the judge disallowed that. have you seen judge nelson tight court. the jury heard it anyway. they can't consider it under jury considerations. will they? >> two points that. first, i don't know about you but i have never seen a detective actually vouch for the credibility of a defense witness. that said you are right. judge did tell the jury though disregard it and you can't unring that bell. jury heard it and heard a detective vouch for the credibility of a defendant. that's very powerful. secondly, i think that george zimmerman's reaction to that trick and perfectly appropriate, police are allowed to engage in those -- that sort of trickery, again, is very, very compelling. why? because it goes to his state of
10:42 am
mind. this isn't a who done it. we know that george zimmerman killed trayvon martin. the issue is what was his state of mind? >> at that time. >> at that time. and if he reacted and saw the -- thought there was a video, to me, that shows that he had an argue innocent state of mind. >> jury is not hearing you and -- that opinion, either. they are not supposed to consider serino. these are points we have not had a chance to talk about yet. thank you so much. it is great to meet you. >> my pleasure. >> good to have you here. feds busting a new york man for an alleged plot targeting paula deen of all people. details coming up on how she almost became a victim. plus, brand-new details on a fireworks celebration gone wrong and now there are new details of another firework accident involving the very same company. ♪
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hose folks were running for a reason and was the scene in simi valley, california, where fourth of july fireworks show turned terrifying. there are new details now of another pyre works accident
10:47 am
involving that same company. we have the latest from los angeles. how are those folks doing? >> well, some of those were taken to hospital in from the simi valley incident and we understand everybody is going to be okay. they t fireworks the company that conducted simi valley's disastrous fourth of july display was involved in another accident on june 21. dozen spectators at a minor league baseball game in lancaster where the fireworks malfunctioned. that's the video you can say spre the june 21 incident taken by a witness that told fox news she heard what sounded like an explosion in the box launching the pyrotechnics and then saw an incredible scene. >> supervising the fireworks. he starts running and he's -- you know the fireworks blows up behind him and literally flying and his arms are swinging and legs off the ground. and -- then he lands and then
10:48 am
one blew up in of us. >> people there treated for minor burns on site and, fortunately, no one was taken to hospital despite the incredible scene holly described there. but this thursday was really truly disastrous for bay fireworks not only at simi valley, 36 or so people get hurt. the company's display at laguna hills was over in minutes because of malfunctioning equipment. another show they did was ruin bid long pauses between fireworks making people wonder where when the fireworks was show was over. they regret the event yesterday saying public safety has always been a major priority of bay fireworks. our equipment has been inspected and approved by the authorities. they will conduct a thorough and complete investigation of the incident and make our findings available to the public. simi valley authorities who are investigating thursday an incident have said that no suspicion of foul play, jamie, and it looks like an industrial accident.
10:49 am
back to you. >> thank you. overdose deaths. rising now among middle-aged women in the united states. when we come back, we are bogey to tell you all about their drug of choice. and why it is happening. it. the ones getting involved and staying engaged. they're not afraid to question the path they're on. because the one question they never want to ask is "how did i end up here?" i started schwab for those people. people who want to take ownership of their investments, like they do in every other aspect of their lives.
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we are seeing a sharp rise
10:53 am
in women's deaths from an overdose of painkillers. in fact, more women now reportedly die from overdoses than from cervical cancer or homicide. let's bring in dr. david a member of the fox news medical a-team. chair of the neurology, profe professor of urology, hofstra north shore lij school of medicine. good to see you. i picked this out because it was just so stunning to me. 400% increase in a number of women overdosing in the last decade. 400% increase. >> incredible statistics. and also what you just mentioned, the fact that there are more women dying from this than cervical cancer and homicide is just beyond belief. i -- actually got surprised by the number because just don't think about women taking this kind of medication and -- overdrug. usually it is men.
10:54 am
when i give the prescription, i'm more careful when i give it to the women. we immediate on work on that. >> why is this happening now? are doctors too quick to write out a prescription? or what's -- what's going on? i don't want to blame the doctors. >> we are a little bit at fault. but it is all behavioral changes that's going on among women. so -- there's a lot of knee-jerk reaction medicine going on with doctors. horrible kidney stones. post-surgical pain. rotator cuff. spinal stenosis. all of those, vicodin, oxycontin. what we have is we have more dying niece for women. chronic disease, back pain. doctors are quick to just get the patient out and write them. that's a big mistake. the other thing is that we see more of these among women that are single, financial problems, poverty. used to be among african-americans. but now whites and hispanics are also catching up with and all of that pressure is pushing them in taking these medications.
10:55 am
we have to be at least aware of this. >> 18 women die every day from taking prescription painkillers. what are they taking? what are the -- >> biggest ones are this -- oxycontin, percocet, vicodin. they are extremely dangerous when you take them for a long period. in a short term if you take it for a week, for a real surgery, et cetera, not a big deal. when you start to mix it with other anti-anxiety, antidepressants, valium, xanax, then run into a major addictive problem. >> 70% of prescription drug abusers first got them from friends or relatives. >> so, look, i think that this -- report by cdc is extremely for. state is obviously tracking down all of our prescriptions and want people to know that this is a real entity and what is going on. the gap among women and men is closing. and that's really sad news over here. the sooner you intervene the better it is. >> the question i'm getting here is to ask yourself what else you are taking, not just prescription but supplements and
10:56 am
let your doctor know before you take those pain medications. doctor, thank you. >> i know you will have much more on "sunday house call" tomorrow. >> 10:30 a.m. with dr. mark seagal as well. i will see you then. thank you for coming in. >> we will post all of this on our facebook. lot of people that -- >> you are tweeting and facebooking. yes. i know. fantastic. everyone should be in touch. thank you so much. >> i will be back in another hour. 3:00 eastern time. stay tuned for that. we will have the latest what's happening in egypt. violence is escalating there. >> as if you have not done enough already. thank you, greg. pleasure to be with you. nice to be with you, too. take care. ♪ but weeds just make me rattlesnake mad ♪ ♪ now roundup has a new sharp-shootin' wand ♪ ♪ i'm sendin' them weeds to the great beyond ♪ ♪ roundup yeha! [ whip cracks ] ♪ ♪ no need to pump, just point and shoot ♪ ♪ hit 'em in the leaves, and it kills to the root ♪ ♪ 'round fences, trees, even mulched beds ♪
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