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tv   Red Eye  FOX News  July 6, 2013 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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>> and this is a fox news alert. tragic in san francisco when a commercial jet with more than 300 people on board crashes on landing at san francisco international, two are confirmed dead and some taken to the hospital, some critically injured, all passengers are now accounted for. welcome to our special coverage of the crash of asiana airlines, flight 214. i'm rick. >> and he let's get to claudia who has the latest from san francisco. claudia? actually, right now we are going to go ahead and take the ntsb pre presser already in progress.
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let's listen in. it looks like right now they are preparing for that presser. we a we are going to get some new information right now as we said when we came in with the show. 130 people injured. and rick, you know, we were tacking about this earlier, by looking at the plane, the back of the plane gone, two people that you know, were killed. could it possibly be members of the crew who were in the back of the plane? we have not really heard anything new on that yet. two dead, dozens injured, many of them critical. >> that is right, it's a crash that took place around 11:30 this morning local time. the plane originated in south korea and was flying to san francisco. and it was on approach coming in when according to eyewitnesss. the plane was coming in a little low as it was approaching the runway, it clipped the runway
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and the tale of the plane broke off and then, you can see, it skidded quite a good distance, there's the tale, that is right where it made impact. the plane then continued to slide along the runway. finally coming to a stop and smoke began to pour from the midsection of the plane. it was during that time that they were able to get some of the passengers off the plane and to safety, a remarkable story of the first responders who got there very, very quickly and were able to save a lot of people's lives because it did not take long before the entire plane, the midsection of the plane went up in flames and burned it. you can see completely burned the section away. claudia has been following the story for us all day long. she is on the ground in san francisco, with the latest. claudia what are you learning? too bad, we will try to get claudia lined up. we are expecting to go to the news conference as well in san
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francisco where officials have been trying get us updated information. the truth is, the early hours of the story, there's a lot of misinformation, which is usually the case in a breaking story like this. at one point, there was 60 people unaccounted for and that was alarming to think that there was 60 people that they did not know whether they had survived. but then an hour or so after that, we were happy to hear the news that in fact those people had wondered off away from the plane and into the airport and that they infact were just fine. so it really is just a remarkable story in spite of the fact that two people died and so many were injured. let's try once more with claudia who has been covering the story from san francisco, claudia, what can you tell us? >> reporter: well, rick we rapped up a brief press conference, after keeping everyone up to date on the numbers. they have been giving out
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information now almost every hour and i can see the san francisco fire department chief talking to reporters as well. you know, earlier today, we heard from the mayor and he called it a tragic day, and with two dead, it certainly is. but with 305 survivors in today's plane crash, everyone agrees it could be a whole lot worse. especially when you look at the plane on the runway as it began to fill with smoke, some say it's a miracle that anyone was anyone to get out and just about everyone did. we understand the two fey tatals were found outside the plane. what caused the death is unclear. it could have happened during the eevacuation of the plane. much of the wreckage of the plane is all over the runway, 28-l so that runway and the one next to it is closed. the airport is trying resume
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operations slowly. the ntsb investigators will get to work asap, trying to collect the pieces and figure out what happened. for now that runway is closed and i understand that dozens of flights are continuing to be diverted to other airports, the fbi is investigating this. 182 people were taken to nine bay area hospitals. roughly a dozen of those pass enie en -- of those passengers and crew members were taken. a lot of credit given to 225 first responders that were on scenes in minutes helping people evacuate, a number of different agencies responded to the scene here tonight. many people were simply able to walk away from the incident unhurt. so, we understand now that 61 of those on board this plane were u.s. citizens, we do not know
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yet if any of the deaths or seri seriously injured are american citizens we hope to get those numbers out tomorrow morning and nor do we know the condition of the pilots. we do not know where they are or if any investigators have yet spoken to them. a lot of unanswered questions here tonight still, but we can tell you that everyone on the plane has been accounted for more than 300 passengers and two dead. back to you. >> claudia, talk to us about the weather, the weather conditions at the time that the plane was landing. it had been in the air for 10-1/2 hours flying from seoul on its way to san francisco and by this point, people have looked online or watched our coverage and seen how a part of this airport and especially the run way that this plane was attempting a landing on actually ju juts out into the san francisco bay, people are wondering about the weather or the wind or any
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of that plays a role in this? >> yeah, well in fact rick, the weather was so fine and the winds were reportedly so light and the conditions were so all around fine for flying airplanes that the pilots were using what is called a visual flight rule, rather than instrument landing systems. there were many miles of visibility, clear skies here today, none of the legendary san francisco fog that we are often dealing with here in the bay area. today was a crystal clear day and it was clear when the does not accident happened. it's unclear whether the weather at the time played a role and of course, we have been hearing from a number of eyewitnesss who say, they spotted trouble with the plane before it landed. now, whether that trouble was caused by shifting winds, we don't know. it did look to many like that -- the plane even though the landing gear was down and that the pilot had not made a distress call, that that plan
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had somehow run into trouble, that it looked wobbly that it tilted to one side and was coming in as an angle. and another passenger was talking from the hospital, he said while the plane was coming down, he felt it was too low and too close to the water and that the pilot tried to correct the aircra aircraft, tried to pull up, it bounced and came down hard with a thud the second time and skidded across the runway after it lost its tail. and another eyewitness said she felt the plane cart wheeled. a lot of information for the ntsb, they will want to talk to the crew and the surviving passengers and any surveillance video that may have captured from the sfo cameras that are everywhere here, i can tell you
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that. rick. >> there are a lot of surviving passengers for them to talk to. claudia on the ground for us, thank you so much. >> and we go to one of the eyewitnesss that we were talking about. he is joining us from san francisco, tony, what can you tell us as far as your viewpoint and what you saw when the plane came in? >> sure, good evening guys. i was watching aircraft taking off and landing all morning at the san francisco international. i am, you know, here visiting san francisco on business and pleasure and have been here for approximately four days and you know, was trying to time my morning this morning to see a 380 land, i'm an aviation enthusiast and i have never seen it land i wanted to get an opportunity to see that. i was looking out the balcony
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from the embassy suites and as i do, i see the asiana flight coming in. it looked like a normal orientation for a 777, there was no wobbling, it just seemed to be coming in at a little bit of a higher angle the closer that it approached the runway. the engines were at a relatively stable pace the entire time. there was no acceleration or slowing down. but as the aircraft approach today run way, i could tell that it was going to come down on the runway at a earlier point of the r runway than most of the aircraft i witnessed coming down. when it was coming down it began to pitch its nose higher to a point that i would give an educated guess that it was a 3% or 4%, you know, pitch on the
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nose. so the nose was up, as it came down. i was kind of looking for that little white puff of smoke that you typically see when aircraft landing gear touchdown. instead of that, i heard a pop and almost immediate trying to gauge in my mind if it was before or after, but relatively with that pop, you also saw a large plume of white smoke coming from underneath the aircraft at that very moment within milliseconds, you had a fireball, a small fireball, more like a flash fireball of sorts coming from under the aircraft and you began to see what looked like the aircraft sliding. i was not sure exactly what was happening orientation wise right away, i know that the wings were still level and that the nose of the aircraft was still up. it did not appear that the nose of the aircraft or the nose
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wheel had even touched down yet. at which point, as it began to skid down further a little bit, it began to appear that the rear of the aircraft started to come up really almost at an angle where the left wing was pitched down. and looked like the aircraft was kind of going to flip over. but what it actually did, the nose appeared to somewhat, i'm not sure if it dug in, the aircraft picked up and kind of did a cart wheel over. the tail of the aircraft came up and at the top of the swing, basically the tail of the aircraft appeared to almost, what was left of it, fly off in a sling shot of sorts. i cannot remember what direction it went. my brain was tr what was going on and looking and going, my god, what have i
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just seen. at the point that the aircraft came to rest, as the it was coming to rest. almost looked like one of the wings had fallen off, but i don't believe that it did by the picture. but it was flexed, it was bent in some way shape or form the way it looked at least to my viewpoint. i was on the top floor of the embassy suites. >> okay -- >> it's about a quarter mile from the edge of the run way. so i had a beautiful viewpoint to watch airplanes land and take off at san francisco international. >> okay, anthony, what you are describing sounds h s harrowing thank you for describing what you saw. investigators are in route to investigate what caused the plane to crash. frank is the president of the national society of air safety investigators.
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thank you for joining us. >> you are welcome. >> what can you tell us about where the investigation is right now? >> i think you heard you say that the safety board is in route. they will be arriving there within a couple of hours i'm sure. it may be a little bit too late, but the first thing they will do either tonight or early tomorrow morning the have an organizational meeting. that is when they will assign all the parties to it. such as the korean government, the asian airline, the airport authority, the federal aviation administration. bowi boeing and maybe a few others and then they will break into teams, such as a operational team, a human factors team, systems structures and so forth. and those teams will have to be run by ntsb group chairman and they will have people from the faa and all the other parties i said on them. and those teams will work independently, each day, and at the end of each day, they will have a progress meeting with the
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group chairman and they will share what the team did or didn't do and what they plan on doing. and this is how the investigation is run and the facts will start to come out. and two days, five days, two weeks, five weeks, they will be finished with it. >> and frank, we have been hearing all day about that glide slope that the pilots did not have that was broken. can you tell us how important that will be in the investigation? is that something that they will be focusing on first? >> well, i would not think so. because i heard when i was listening before, someone said the weather was 10 mile visibility and so forth. i'm sure the pilot was on a visual approach. the glide slope is most important when the weather is bad and he has to good on full instruments. but it will be investigated though. >> talk to us, frank, about the black boxes that everyone has become so familiar with over the years when these terrible accidents take place. the search for them, where they might be as you take a look and you have seen the footage of
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where the plane came to a rest, where it made contact on the runway and then what kind of information investigators will be able to get from those -- those devices once they are found? >> okay, first of all, they are really not black. that's a mistake, they are orange. you have a cockpit recorder and a cockpit voice recorder. so i'm sure, they will have a diver go down and get them and the plane that took the ntsb out there i suspect is the faa's plane, they will wait until the boxes are retrieved and brought back to washington. this is a new airplane, and so they will be able to tell the position of every flight control at every second and the cockpit voice recorder will be recording the voice -- excuse me, all the sounds in the cockpit, including the talking and radio ands so
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fort. so the ntsb will cleverly put it together with time sequence and you will be able to actually see the full flight coming in. >> frank, how long do you think it will take to get some of what you were just describing, know, seeing what happened. are we talking weeks or months? >> what happens when the boxes get back to washington, i'm going make an aassumption that they are back by tomorrow late afternoon. the ntsb will listen to them and try them out to make sure they work. if there's anything really shocking on there, then they will be bring everybody in. but if there's nothing shocking on there, teams will be formed like the withins i described for. there will be a team for the cockpit voice recorder and one for the flight recorder and they will work at disseminating that information. >> frank -- >> that would probable take four or five days. >> all right, well that is --
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that's encouraging. in that it's not that long of an amount of time until we might perhaps get answers in to exactly what caused today's crash. frank, the president of the international society of air safety investigators. thanks so much for joining us. >> and as frank just said, it could take a few days to get some of the information before we can really find out exactly what went wrong that caused the deadly crash in san francisco. representatives are on their way from washington to get the investigation started. >> we will speak with the president of international society of air safety investigators coming up next. as our coverage of flight asiana flight 214 continues. >> all i have is text messages from my family, saying that everywhere is all right. so thank god for that. >> how hoold is your son? >> 19. >> how long was he in korea? >> ten days taking parts in a martial arts tournament. >> how do you feel right now, in
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your heart, emotionally? >> i'm extremely thankful that he is all right. so, from what i can tell, all the passengers have been all right. but, i'm scared for the flight crew, i don't know anything about them either. i've heard there could be a problem there. >> you shaky? >> a little bit, yeah. father of a 19-year-old that almost died on a crash land. so, that's pretty scary.
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>> we are back with the breaking news coverage of the plane crash in san francisco, right now let's go back to the immediate moments following the crash. >> and 214, approaching san francisco.
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[ inaudible ] >> make contact -- departure. >> united flight 85. >> united 85. we may need a few more minutes, just a heads up. >> united eight 5, rodger, hold the shorter runway to the left. >> visual 28 right. clear lane. >>. [ inaudible ] >> sky way maintain 3,000. >> 214 heavy emergency vehicles are responding. emergency respond iin ining
8:24 pm
[ inaudible ] >> contact san carlos. >> contacting san carlos power. >> horizon 6 -- asiana 214 heavy, an fran power. -- san francisco power. >> 635 go around. >> all right, maintain 300. >> asaina 214, heavy, emergency vehicles are responding, we have everyone on their way. >> that is what it sounded like with the air traffic controllers talking to the various pilots around the time the plane
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crashed. the gentleman you just saw is live outside of san francisco general where several of the injured passengers were brought, john, what is the latest? >> let me tell you, first of all, this is san francisco general, this is the trauma center. it's where the most serious people come in times of crisis, the first ten people injured in this accident this afternoon, most seriously injured, credits cal -- critically people injured came here, eight adults, two children and since then the very good news is that 5 of them are upgraded to serious condition or better. and also, beyond them, there's been another 42 people brought here this afternoon, so in total, 52 people injured in this crash, this afternoon, at san francisco general hospital, or at san francisco airport, had been brought here to san
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francisco general. we were told by the folks here at the hospital, that the people who were injured, who were brought here, suffered a variety of injuries. the kinds of things that you might imagine would happen in a plane crash, a lot of burns and broken bones and a lot of internal injuries and among the injuries, spinal injuries and neck and head injuries and possibly manufacture those, including brain injuries as well. so a lot of difference kinds of things have happened here. just a few minutes ago, one of the treated and released passengers who have through the whole process here, he is a venture capitalist lives in san francisco and he said that there was not until the last second that they realized something was wrong just before impact. they are coming in towards the glide path, toward the runway and he said that he said he is a winds surfer and he knows the area well.
8:27 pm
he winds surfs in the water. i don't know if the viewers realize, the runways are surrounded by water in san francisco bay. this individual, he said that he gets out there and wind surfs so, he knows what the end of the run way looks like and he said, as they are coming in, he is looking out the window and he is thinking, wow, we may be coming up short, we are close to the water. that is when he first started to think something was wrong. and indeed the back end of the plane hit the run way. there's wooden pilings at the end, sticking in the water, and that it seemed as though that is what the plane hit. that busted off the back end of the plane and the plane started to come off the ground a bit like they were going to take off again and then slammed down again, and it was a bit chaotic and then everyone calmed down and got off the plane. that is what he told us.
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>> thank you for the update and stay tuned for the latest on the investigation into the cause of the crash of flight 214. >> at this. point in time, there's no indication of terrorism involved. we will work to determine the cause of the incident. accident. and let's say you bought cut rate insurance and you weren't covered. oh, and your car is a time machine. [ beeping ] ♪ would you go back to when you got that less than amazing policy and go with esurance instead? well, they do have tools like coverage counselor to help you choose the coverage that fits you. it's like insurance from the future. actually, more like insurance for the modern world. thank you! esurance. now backed by allstate. click or call.
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>> an alert in continuing coverage, in our reporting, the coverage of the crash of asiana flight 214, took place at san francisco international airport. he is a former chair of the sub committee on aviation and joins. >> our domestic carriers, particularly large aircraft, since november of 2001, we have not had a major incident. now, this is you know, a foreign carrier, asian, and we have had some problems. people have to remember when they get on a asian or international carrier, it may not always be the same as
8:33 pm
getting on a u.s. domestic carrier. >> this particular airline, the asiana airline has had a couple of incidents in the past, but they have a good track record. i wonder is congress doing enough to make sure that carriers both domestic and foreign, when they are carrying american passengers and landing in american airports that they are up to snuf? >> it's something to look at. we changed about a dozen years ago, i went to san francisco and looked at the inspection process at that airport and incidentally, they have an incredible operation. john martin is one of the best airport directors in the country. so, very fortunate to have people like that in charge out there. but, on the safety issue, we went to risk-based system instead of checking every
8:34 pm
tuesday and certain items we went, we have gone after folks and tried to make certain our domestic carries, the international carries like this particular one, have to comply, it will be interesting to see again, the pilot that they are -- they are training and their condition, and you he know, the mechanical aspects on of this, if something failed, we need to find out. and then, if necessary, change the law for the international carries and come down hard on them. >> as you mentioned this is the first major incident involving a passenger plane -- >> large aircraft. >> large aircraft. >> since the year 2001, not far from where our studios are. rockaway, queens. i am trying to remember what
8:35 pm
congress did in the after math of that incident. what can we expect to see in the days and weeks after this incidents? >> again, faa and we have had good leadership there. but we have switched again to risk-based, where we go after any potential problems and where we see them repeatedly, and the large aircraft, that has kept us out in the smaller aircraft, the commuter airlines we have had three or four where we did have multiple deaths, lexington, charlotte a couple of others, we went back and of course, the one in buffalo, but we went back and rewrote the laws, you know, the pilots and the training and also, the hours that they could arrest and get things of that sort. so it's sort of a continual thing, the foreign carriers is the new challenge.
8:36 pm
unfortunately this is one of the biggest carriers in asia and i'm sure that they are complaint. you know, the investigation will reveal what happened exactly. and as i said before, if we have to change the law, look harder at any of the emerging international carriers that are landing in the u.s., we will do that. >> i have heard that it's standard practice when a foreign carrier is involved in a plane accident like this on u.s. soil, that officials from that country will c -- will come over and be a party to the investigation. they are not running the investigation, that is u.s. officials, but should americans have any problem with officials from south korea coming over and taking part in the investigation in. >> no, no, no. ntsb will take the lead as it should happen here and we send folks to look at, you know, crashes around the world. so, but this will be taken
8:37 pm
apart. this is a sophisticated piece of equipment. so we will know exactly what happens. we used to put out recommendations, now we changed the law on that too, if we find again, mechanical or other operational problem, that has to continually be brought back out and addressed, so, we don't want these things just to lie on the shelf. but, you know, we will get to the bottom of it and i think that the american people, again, can feel fairly confident that, when they get on a particular domestic aircraft, it's one of the safest things they can do in their day or their life. >> congressman john mika represents florida, he is on the transportation committee and chaired the aviation committee. great to have you. >> great to be with you.
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>> it's a fox news alert. an international flight from seoul to san francisco crashed. >> we are live from the l.a. bureau with more. dominick? >> some details onasiana i took a few hours for them to respond, partly because it's 3 in the morning there. very soon after they possibly could, they tweeted our thoughts and prayers are with all the passengers and the flight crew on the flight and then the management took a couple of extra hours to get together an
8:42 pm
official statement and that is how this read, we are currently investigating the specific cause of the incidents as well as any injuries that may have been sustained to passengers as a result. asiana airlines will continue to fully cooperate with all the government agencies to facilitate the cooperation, has established an emergency response center at its headquarters. unsure how they are reacting right now. we believe they are dealing with the security board here in the united states and obviously with the authorities elsewhere in california. it's confirmed that the total nationality break down of the passengers, 291 in total. 19 in business class and 61 of the passengers were you see citizens and 77 were koreans a large number of chinese, 141 in total and 12 other nationalities in total.
8:43 pm
well, flight 214's aircraft is in fact, one of 12 triple 7s and the fleet has a low record of incidents just 5 significant ev events in the last two decades. it had a cargo flight after it had taken off and that boeing 747 crashed into the pacific ocean in south korea. it apparently had a fire in the car cargo compartment, two of the crew died and now flight 737, crashed in weather, short of the runway after making multiple landing tammy ining attempts at and in that crash, 66 passengers and two crew were killed. we believe that executives are on their way on corporate jets cardios the pacific to meet with officials here, rick, back to
8:44 pm
you. >> dominick, thank you so much. >> earlier, news conference was held at one of the hospitals treating the victims, here is a clip from that. >> as i informed you earlier, we had ten patients come in the first wave of critically injured patients. they were eighted ed adults and children i do not have an update on the status, as far as i know, they are still critical. after the first wave of critically injured patients, there was a second wave that came in from the scene, we received approximately 17 of those patients. i do not have a full break down. they are krunbeing assessed and being taken in. they range from critical to good condition, they will not all be admitted to the hospital, some have minor injuries and others have more serious injuries and they are being assessed now. the types of injuries include fractures, abrasions and
8:45 pm
possible internal injuries which are being evaluated. we are not sure of the full spectrum yet of the care that the additional 17 will need. but the grand total that we are treating is 27. we have been informed that there's a third wave of patients that are expected who will be the least injured. and we expect that that amount will also be the smallest amount, so less than 10. less than 17. but a third group are expected. we called in additional staff from every discipline. meaning physicians, nurses, social workers, ralab people, w also had a spontaneous outpouring of staff coming and showing up to get to work and that is not surprising here at san francisco general. we are fully staffed and then some. we have about nine korean speaking people working in theer
8:46 pm
a -- in the er, and icu, and that is a combination of interpreters and bilingual staff. >> i can only. -- to know the big picture of the whole airline who is on airline, how many people were taken where, i will refer you to ems and the airport. >> last count, it was 230 victims that were not critical. >> that is the information that was given to me from the airport, and that was a mistake for me to share. i cannot answer follow-up questions except say what is going on here. >> family members? >> we had set up a special place for family members which is staffed with korean speaking
8:47 pm
folks and a sheriff's deputy that speaks korean, and he works here at the hospital. and we are keeping family members at the bedside wherever possible. one detail about the second wave, most if not all are english speaker. i had mentioned the ten more critical are all korean speakers. but the second group is not. the second wave came from the field. everyone is coming from the field. i don't have any information on the ten critical. as soon as i have it, i will share it. >> i know you listed off the difference staff that -- nurses? >> nurses, physicians, radiologists, social workers, we have chaplins here, it's the whole team. labs. >> do you know how many more came in? >> i do not know that. if i get that information i will share it. >> do you know how many family
8:48 pm
members will be available? >> not today. i know for certain not today. >> we are see aing a lot of peoe were chinese as well. do you have chinese interpreters here? >> we do have interpreters for them. >> of those 17, you said some are critical, do you know how many in. >> i do not know, i'm hoping to have more information at the 5:00 update and that is all i have for now. >> that was an official from one of the hospitals to where some of the wounded were taken. clear skies today in san francisco. a wide debris field after the crash, a fast and steep descent, what caused flight 214 to crash, those clues are beginning to counts. >> and what the pielots were facing as the the plane crashed in san francisco.
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fox news alert our continuing coverage now on just what caused the crash of a boeing 777 at san francisco international airport earlier today, joining us on the day is dj frost a pilot and flight instructor he joins frus
8:53 pm
detroit. dj you've learned more about the story as we have from your vantages, what are the questions that you have? >> big question is what is going on in the cockpit prior to the event happening. where they under flight and proper altitude? where they wanted to be? it just came to a matter of was there a problem with the airplane or with within the cockpit of the procedures they're following? >> i heard there is a possibility there is some lights on the runway help to guide the pilots as they're making an approach letting them know whether or not they're on the right slope and those lights perhaps were not working. we've heard there was maintenance going on at the airport that may have led to the lights not being functioning. talk about whether or not that would have made a difference on a clear day. >> well, they have the path device, red and white lights
8:54 pm
you do use for visual approach. there is also the instrument landing system we tune in certain frequency and get a ground basic. i understand those were out of service since they we did construction there in san francisco. our pilots usually use a rule of thumb of being 320 feet per mile from the runway. that is a great cross check to do especially in san francisco. >> what about familiarity? there was a foreign flight originating overseas have you to wonder, i know pilots are used to flying around the world but would it have made a difference if the pilot or the flight crew didn't have a lot of experience flying into san francisco international airport? >> possibly. usually on visual approaches you come in higher over the bridge then a steeper decent then in san francisco airport. if someone was not familiar or
8:55 pm
just behind the airplane or being unfamiliar, yeah, it could lead to a situation like this, usually it's brief head of time. especially the captain on a wide body aircraft usually has more experience so they'd have a good idea of what to suspect going in there, though. >> talk to us as we take a look at this airplane. it's quite jarring to see a giant commercial jet looking the way this one does. and yet, we're only talking about two fatalities. there are dozens of people injured and some critical. but the fact that the death toll and number of injured given the state of the aircraft right now, what are your thoughts about that? >> my thoughts are i'm sure the flight attendants did a fantastic job in that aircraft. i applaud them and the training. it shows everybody no matter
8:56 pm
how experienced you are as a flyer you need to pay attention to that safety briefing and know how to get out of the aircraft in case of an emergency. >> you're right. we did see pictures taken by passengers before the fire engulfed the top of that fuselage there was time and effort getting everybody out to safety. i'm sure lives were saved today. dj frost a pilot and flight instructor, thanks for joining us. >> you're welcome. >> any time. >> we'll continue our special coverage at the flight of asiana 214. two confirmed dead. scores of others transferred into other hospitals. >> we have another hour of live coverage. don't go away. we'll be right back. >> we're deeply saddened and our hearts are with our friends and families of those that are affected. ladies and gentlemen this is still a fluid and active scene.
8:57 pm
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hassle, time, paperwork, hair-tearing out, and yes, especially dollars. esurance. now backed by allstate. click or call. this is a fox news alert asiana airlines flight 214 with 307 people on board crashes as it attempts to land. two confirmed dead, 49 seriously injured. hello welcome to our special coverage of the crash in san francisco. >> thanks for joining us. claudia cowan has been covering this story live from san francisco international airport with the latest from there. claudia? >> rick and marianne, good evening. condolences pouring in from the governor to the white house. officials are expressing their sympathyes to families of those passengers and crew members on board asiana flight 214 and


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