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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  July 7, 2013 9:00am-11:01am PDT

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the plane crash later on today. we will have a news conference. >> jamie: you can check out the news at stick around, shannon bream, live from washington is next. have a great day, everybody. >> the moment that the -- there was bang, you know? we -- we realized, you know, that something had gone wrong. something terrible has happened. >> in your head, you think this can't be happening. you don't know if you are going to be dead at the end. >> shannon: 10 seconds of terror, panic and confusion on the runway in san francisco. two 16-year-old girls from china, their bodies found outside the aircraft. they passed away. dozens more injured. and no word on how badly at this hour, ntsb investigators in san dispran right here in washington are searching for answers toze why the asiana jetline wer more than 300 people on board, slammed into the ground.
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we continue to watch the chaos in egypt. the only certainty in that country -- uncertainty. the world super powers are sitting on the sidelines. we have the latest on crash in van fran and what happens next in egypt. we begin with the late nest san francisco. national transportation safety board investigators here in washington tell fox news that the flight data recorder and the cockpit voice recorder have arrived in their lab and they are in good condition, at least externally. asiana airlines says the pilots flying the plane at the time of the crash were veterans. and it believes there were no engine problems with that plane. so everyone is asking: what happened? adam housley is on the ground in san francisco with the latest. >> reporter: hello, shannon. that information that came from seoul. surprising, considering that the investigation is so early on. ntsb investigators have fully
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put their team into this investigation. they came in last night t. began just moments, really, after that accident or initially happened here in san francisco. the california team was called into service. they arrived arrived and helpedo secure the site. got the black boxes which are on a plane in d.c., they are going to use them to help them determine which way the investigation goes. a good idea on the ground. the massive location of where all of this took place, really, beginning of the runway, where it begins from the bay, where the jetty starts the runway, where the debris really spreads over several hundred yards and that's where they were will be a couple of hours before taking a break until this morning and the sun came up here. we had a chance to talk with the ntsb chairwoman this morning. she told us a number of things. everything from how this investigation will move forward, to after he saw the accident site, how amazing it was, so many people walked away alive.
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take a listen. >> one of the things that really is startling when you go out and you see the crash site up close is the extensive damage, particularly, you can see the external damage. the burns and the fracturing of the aircraft, but internal, there is extensive damage on the inside. we are so thankful that we have as few fatalities and injuries as we do. >> in fact, more than 180 people were transported to 11 hospitals and the fire department here at sfo, there are three stations here, had no warning. all they were told, there was a hard landing. they had no warning of any distress. so when they arrived on the scene and saw the plane broken up, they had to go into action immediately, but they were not prepared for that. and san francisco airport is running at half capacity. there is some talk they will try to open up one runway -- one major one and one minor one are
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affected. as of right now, san francisco is running at half capacity. they hope to get one of the runways open today to move this process along. the entire process here probably won't be done for 5 to 6 days as they go through the crash site and remove all the debris here, as this investigation goes forward and the investigation itself, we are told, you won't hear back for potentially 8 to 9 months before we know for sure what happened. but we will get preliminary information from ntsb, later today in a press conference. >> back to you. >> thank you very much. >> fox news military analyst joins us now. he was a pilot, commander commad strategic planner in the air force. thank you for coming in. >> thanks, shannon. >> shannon: we will get to the why. but can you tell us what happened here? >> well, when you first learn to fly, shannon, the first thing they tell you is don't get low and slow on final approach this.
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airplane got low and slow on final approach. now, we don't know why -- whether it was engine problems, pilot -- whatever it was, it got low and slow? and hit short. it's that simple. there is a wealth of information -- this will be probably one of the most documented aircraft accidents in history, available to the accident investigation board. so that won't be a problem. by the way, they will know for quickly, within two or three days, what really happened. whether they tell the american public is another story. >> shannon: it does take time and a lot of documentation. there was a passenger on board who flies into san francisco a lot. he could tell they were coming in too low, what he thought. he felt like there was a moment when they tried to ascend fwurk didn't work. does that give imu sort of clue? >> well, yes. what it does tell me, they may have had an engine problem. the 7-7-7 has had a problem previously at heathrow, many years ago, in which the fuel
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filters got clogged for certain reasons. it sounded like he made the attempt to add power and lift the nose. it looked like the landing gear caught the abutment, the break water and of course, the tail hit. that's when you got this oscillation, we call it. and the tail broke off and of course, they didn't have any lateral control. but that is an indication he was coming in, the person who flies a lot can say, hey, we are really low on final approach, coming up the potomeoc, i can tell if we are lower than normal -- i have been in the san francisco probably 15 times. most people can tell that, you know, just if they have had a lot of experience. >> shannon: i want to ask you about the instrument landing. there were reports that it was intermittently in service. it's about radio frequencies and lights to help you land. is that standard? >> pilots land every day without
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ios, instrument landing system, that's only in weather. otherwise, you are on visual flight rules. they land all the time. they have their depth perception. so not having the ios on a clear day -- it was clear at this building, unlimited. was not a problem. should not have entered into this. >> shannon: okay. somebody with the airline has said there were not engine problems on the plane -- the ceo. does that suggest to you he has had a conversation with the pilots and he probably has an initial assumption about what happened. >> i think it does, which is a little bit troubling because if it wasn't an engine problem and if it wasn't -- he said his pilots were very experienced, intimating that they couldn't have made a mistake. then where is it? it's one of two things. huan engine problem or you had a pilot error. now, it could have been a flight control problem, but nowhere along the line do they say, ear call out, we are having flight
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control problems. the way it got to the final end game, almost landing successfully, doesn't appear to be a flight control problem. so i was quite surprised to hear the ceo say that. >> shannon: how long do you think -- you say the ntsb may know pretty quickly. how long do you think tell take? how critical are the pilot interviews? do the pilots have to talk to them? >> the pilots have to talk to them. it's an accident investigation. they will because the flight data recorder and the cockpit voice recorder will have everything, shan an. they will put it in as admiral chuck nash put it out, they will put it in the stim puter and they will fly it in the triple 7 simulator. they will fly it into sfo and it will do exactly what happens what happened. so they will have all the evidence. there is no reason why the pilots will not tell the truth of what happened to them. >> shannon: it's amazing with the technology and the picture it will paint. >> yes. >> shannon: thank you very much.
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we appreciate it. >> thank you, shannon. >> shannon: in egypt, thousands gather for competing protests, some supporting ousted president mohammed morsi and others against him. the death toll continues to rise. connor powell is live. >> reporter: hello, shannon. there is a deep political crisis, not only between the anti- and pro- morsi groups, but heaven among the pro-morsi group. we had heard that mohamed elbaradei had been tapped to be the new interim prime minister. a few hours later, though, we heard that that offer had been rejected bry another -- by another member of the anti-morsi poll. so even within the opposition,
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there are deep political divisions. but on the streets, there are two groups, pro-morsi and anti-morsi and they are gearing up for large protests in tahrir square, where the anti-morsi groups have been filling up in the last 2 hours. we are seeing a sizable crowd. the pro-morsi groups are also in the streets. they have been holding demonstrations nonstop near the republican guard headquarters where we believe that mohammed morsi, the deposed former president is being held by the egyptian military. we understand that both groups are expecting to turn out several hundred thousand, if not millions of supporters. given the past few days and violence, there are serious concern that there could be more bloodshed. at least 36 people have been killed. more than 1,000 or so have been injured across egypt in the fighting. that's the type of fear that violence that we could see tonight, seems to be a real protential tonight. the military, as you can hear
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behind me is flying their helicopters, it's a dramatic site here in tahrir square. the military really trying to present an image that they are in control, that they support the new government here. it is very interesting dynamics here in tahrir square and really across all of egypt, shannon. >> shannon: all right. thank you, there, live in corow. >> shannon: out of san san francisco, the crash ever asiana airlines flight, boeing 7-7-7. two deaths and many, many more dozens injured and hospitalized. we are awaiting a live press conference from there. that will be live from the san francisco airport. as soon as we start to get details, we will take thru live. now back to egypt. the leadership of egypt is in flux. there are questions about what role the u.s. should or shouldn't be playing. retired general jack keen is
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here with insights. thank you for coming in today. it is changing moment by moment, the information we have about who is in leadership who, is not. what do you make of where we stand? 36 deaths and more than a thousand people injured. >> we are in a dynamic, volatile situation, certainly. it has the potential to get out of control. but hopefully, the military will not. the sooner they move to an interim government, where the islamists will participate, that will go a long way to quelling the demonstrations in the street. we have to recognize that there is a violent part of the islamist muslim brotherhood that may be in the streets, inevitably, if sometime. we have to deal with that. >> shannon: what we are hearing from the leadership, for and against president -- former president, at this point, morsi, both calling for peace, saying to their followers, don't let this erupt into violence. the military is calling for calm. here, the white house, the administration, the state department, calling for calm.
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is there a way that this peacefully plays out? >> i think so. once the new government takes hold. if we move toward a process to return of democracy -- and that is, a committee to rewrite the constitution, morsi, as you know, created almost an islamic constitution. a movement to have parliamenty elections and national elections, put in place a thyme frame to lead to that process, also. that would begin to build some confidence and this is going to be inclusive, the new president has made with different groups and he has been telling the groups that this is going to be an inclusive process that, hopefully results in an inclusive administration. morsi was quite the opposite. vinever seen somebody so out of sync with an electorate that elected him and then exclude excluded his political oppons and moved the country in a totally different direction from which he was elected.
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>> shannon: which forlsed millions to take to the streets t. wasn't just young, you know, unemployed folk who is have no prospects. these were middle-class people on the street and a lot of factions that may have had nothing else in common, except that they were anti-morsi, joining together. it seems like there is a significant push-back in a lot of spectrums to make sure he doesn't return to power. but his supporters are saying they will give their lives to make that happen. >> that's true. elections are easy. democracy is really hard. it's the most sophisticated form of government. we have been at it the longest. certainly, the new countries, particularly, coming from authorityarian regimes, they have difficulty understanding that minority must participate in a political process. it is about individual liberties and individual human rights. and those subtleties are lost.
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the people understand, they want o'clock and and social justice. egypt is almost a failed state because of its chronic economic problems. $2 a day is what most people are living on. that is catastrophic for them. >> shannon: mohamed elbaradei, there was an announcement by the now ruler, say he was going to be tapped as prime minister. the ultra-conservingative groups said, he is not going to be the prime minister. he has told nbc news that he does expect to be apointed as prime minister. how do you think that plays out? >> i don't think this is a bad process. i think that the far right and this is the alnor party, pushing back on mohamed elbaradei because they believe, from their perspective, he's unsympathetic to an islamist perspective. but he's more of a western
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egyptian leader, than an egyptian leader. he ran for election and hardly got any votes. i think the military's putting up there to get support from world opinion, probably. but people in egypt -- i don't think they have much confidence in him. >> shannon: all right, general. thank you very much. we appreciate it. >> good to see you. >> shannon: what role if any should the u.s. be playing in egypt right now? should the u.s. continue aid or cut it off? tweet back. send us your answers we will read some later on in the show. an influential member of russia's parliament is encouraging nsa leaker edward snowden to take up venezuela on the offer of asylum. nikki haley and bolivia have also offered the former government contractor asylum. but obstacles stand in the way because his u.s. pass bort has been revoked.
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he would need travel documents from one of those latin american countries in order to leave russia. fox news has obtained an exclusive interview. this has been provided by the army, a captured taliban insurgent, who said he was trained and gotten ready for his mission from pakistan. oliver north has been with this man and confirmed his identity and the circumstances of his capture with the afghan army, who provided access. here is the exclusive interview now. >> the last 11 days, the afghans have been running an offensive operation into a taliban stronghold. this is their command center. today's the last day of the operation. it's been a resounding success. as the operation wrapped up, the general held a preference conference. >> one of your brigade commanders and another commander have told us there are foreign fighters who have been captured during this operation.
9:18 am
>> [inaudible]. >> someone was captured in the fight so when we interviewed him, he said i am from pakistan. pakistan is terrorism. i came for jihad in afghanistan. >> a severely wounded afghan soldier was brought in and treated down the hall from a captured taliban insurgent. he told us how he was recruited, armed and trained in pakistan. when you arrived in afghanistan, were there people who gave you a place to hide, food, shelter, water? >> people didn't help us. there was a mosque and it was like our base station. we had food and water and sleep. and we used the mosque. >> reporter: from this afghan army outpost, oliver north for fox news. >> shannon: again, we are awaiting a press conference out
9:19 am
of the san francisco international airport. we are continuing to follow the latest development there is on the crash that took two lives and injured dozens more. we will take you there live arbitration. next, a breakdown of what happened leading up to and right after the crash. we will take a look at asiana air's accident history. let's play: [ all ] who's new in the fridge! i help support bones... [ ding! ] ...the immune system... [ ding! ] ...heart health... [ ding! ] ...and muscles. [ ding! ] that can only be ensure complete! [ female announcer ] the four-in-one nutrition of ensure complete. a simple choice to help u eat right. [ major nutrition ] nutrition in charge.
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9:23 am
as it begins. let's recap what we know. a plane carrying measure 300 people crashed while landing yesterday. two 16-year-old girls from china are dead. asiana airlines left south korea at 4:35 p.m. local time. 307 people were on board, including 61 u.s. citizens and 16 crew members. 10 hours later, the plane crashed while landing at san francisco international airport. emergency crews were there within minutes. passengers say the entire incident lasted about 10 seconds until the plane came it a stop. the sky was clear and there were light winds. following the crash, the faa suspebbedded all flights in and out of the airport. after 1:00, the ntsb sent a go team. after 4:00 p.m. local time, authorities confirmed that two 16-year-old girls, students from china ith died.
9:24 am
everyone else was accounted for. overnight, asiana airlines said engine plail faillure was not to blame. right now, we know 182 people are hurt. dozens are hospitalized. at least six near critsical conditionful a team of investigatessors arrived overnight. they have recovered two black boxes from the plane. so far, there are no signs of terrorism, but the ntsb says, quote, everything is on the table. that deadly crash is not the first for asiana airlines. it has had two other fatal incidents. we go live to the west coast bureau. do we have any answers about what went wrong? >> the asiana chief executive doesn't believe it was mechanical failure. surprisingly swift determination after the crash. he addressed it first of all alta press conference here.
9:25 am
it was more interesting what he didn't say. he wouldn't be drawn on whether it was pilot error, but he did say they were experienced. we bought this plane in march 2006 and had a pw 4090 engine. we acknowledge there were no problems caused by the 7-7-7 plane or its engines. three peoples are veterans with an experience of more than 10,000 flight hours and one pilot has 9,000, almost 10,000 hours' experience. he bowed his head in apology to the families of the passenger. there is a lot of comment about the cult nurt cochpotpit, especially in asia, where there is a great difference to those higher up in the chain. recordings from the airport tower don't indicate any problem, any arguments or
9:26 am
anything between the crew as the triple 7 approached the runway. flight 204 came in much more sharply than aircraft usually do. take a look at the flight dissent path. it's the glide slope recorder the day before the crash, friday, the fifth. a gentle decline to the runway, over 6 miles in 7 minutes. now, compare that with the dissent from saturday's crash. there, you will see a much steeper decline from the same distance, but it starts at 18,000 feet, coming in 50% faster. and it's coming in at a thousand feet per minute at one point. you can see the attempt to pull up at the very end there, which is what the passengers had been describing. 50% higher and 50% faster than normal.
9:27 am
investigators, no doubt are going to be looking into that. >> shannon: canadian authorities say they expect the death toll to rise after a train derailed and exploded into a fireball in a small town in eastern quebec. three people are confirmed dead and many others are missing. the runaway train, carrying crude oil ran off the rails. up to 2,000 people have been forced to leave their homes. we are continuing to follow breaking news on a plane crash that killed two people and injured dozens of others. we will have an update coming up. and more reaction from passengers and witnesses. >> something happened before it hit. i didn't see or hear it. but it caught the other fishermen's attention and they all looked down. but what i saw, it was coming in to land at the last minute, you could see the front end pop up and then slam down. with the spark cash card
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>> shannon: we are getting an update from san francisco, where airport officials say they are experiencing nine-hour flight delays in the wake of a deadly plane crash. the the plane slam into the runway while trying to land in san francisco. we have the latest on the crash and some of the day's other top stories. >> south korean government officials say four pilots were on board flight 214 and rotated
9:32 am
shifts on the flight from seoul. investigators are scouring the crash site and the black boxes are in washington, d.c. and appear to be in good shape. those who ousted president morsi are back in the streets again today. opponents of morsi are hitting the streets near mass rallies, sparking new fears of fresh violence, two days after clashes killed at least 36 people. a homecoming for the 19 firefighters killed battling an arizona wildfire a week ago. the hotshots will be in a procession, taking the men's body on a 125-mile journey from the coroner's office in phoenix to the town of prescott. tomorrow, the third week of george zimmerman's murder trial in the death of trayvon martin is underway. the defense will get their chance to call witnesses. the prosecution wrapped its case up on friday.
9:33 am
those are the top stories, back to you. >> shannon: thanks very much. >> the military aspect has to be clear what their time table is and move to be inclusive. morsi was increasingly exclusive, he was increasingly authorityarian. >> i do think that our nation, sometimes thinks that going to the ballot box is democracy. and i do think that there is a rush from time to time to try to move countries in that direction, too quickly. >> shannon: lawmakers are weighing in on the growing unrest in egypt. earlier, i sat down with john roberts who is in for chris wallace on "fox news sunday." so much uncertain in egypt today. hutwo key guests from the senate to talk about the u.s. role -- should we have one? >> senator corker and senator reid. the one thing that is certain about egypt is the amount of
9:34 am
uncertainty. beyond that, it's anybody's guess. they could name a new prime minister to take over without one of the parties who was supportive of morsi going, saying, no, we are not going to work with this guy. you have to pick somebody else. senators corker and reid both said the u.s. should be a calming influence over the region. now, they may be able to do that in terms of the egyptian military because we give them an awful lot of money. but there is a free for all between the anti-morsity and pro-morsi forces and how do you inject any kind of calming influence, particularly on the morsi side and islamic militants who are showing their presence now when theynt to listen to anything the united states has to say. >> shannon: what we have seen are signs that are critical of president obottom aof the u.s., saying he supports terrorism or accusing the u.s. of being involved in taking sides. though he has gone to great
9:35 am
pains to say, we are not taking sides. >> no, we are not talk taking sides. but in our panel, congressman dennis kucinich makes the point if the building behind you there is almost always a presence of egyptian military. and they come and they see the members of the congress. if you are not a member of congress until you are visited by a general from the egyptian military. so we do wield a lot of influence. there is an awful lot of dialogue and discussion and contact between the administration and the egyptian military so. he posits the point that maybe we do know more about this. and we are talking about the way forward with the egyptian military. if that is the case that, could be seen as undue meddling in the process there. there is no question that this administration is believe crying any tears for morsi's departure. but there are a lot of words about what comes next. >> shannon: and you talk about obamacare and more.
9:36 am
>> we did. senator corker suggested that the employer mandate does need to be, quote changed or potentially repealed, as l. we will see. >> shannon: we shall see. >> thanks, shannon. >> shannon: you can catch the full interview with senators corker and reid and john's one on one with texas governor rick perry, talking about his future plans on "fox news sunday." 70 of 291 people on board that plane that crashed were students and teachers, headed to summer camp. 180 people from the plane have been sent to hospitals. after the break, the very latest on their conditions and details from three press conferences scheduled for today.
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>> shannon: this is a fox news alert on egypt. the country is not just dealing with a fresh wave of protest, it's contending with a suspected terrorist attack on a pipeline. suspected islamist militants bombed the pipeline to jordan early this morning. the fire caused by the explosion is under control, according to state media. this is the first attack on the egyptian pipelines in more than a year. it is not clear if it's linked to the ouster of president morsi. in another fox news alert. ntsb investigators say everything is on the table with possible causes behind the
9:41 am
asiana jetliner crash that happened on the approach of the runway at sfo yesterday. some passengers and witnesses say it came inly and may have clip aid sea wall at the end of the runway. two teenaged girls from chinear killed. 189 other injured, 89 of them, crittedically. we will get adam shiv and tray radel from florida and ask them about the role that the u.s. should play in the egyptian bloody transition. our next guest says the president's position on coal could impact america. the pickens plan is aimed at reducing our country's dependence on foreign oil. welcome, mr. pickens. >> shannon: let's start with the plan.
9:42 am
you say we have what we need to become independent from foreign sources and you say there is so much focus on energy production, but you say transportation in this country could be a key. how so? >> well, there is no question you can replace imported dec weldomestic natural gas. i would like the president to say that all federal vehicles purchased in the future will be on do do mestic fuel. that gives everybody a chance. biofuels, it gives natural gas tgives a battery -- everybody a chance. but the two countries that have bought the pickens plan are russia and china. they are both moving quickly to natural gas for transportation. fuel. that frees up oil from russia to be exported, old and use their natural gas in place of dec nel russia. china is importing oil. so they is not the case. burr they are moving because natural gas is 30% cleaner than
9:43 am
diesel. they are moving to natural gas as transportation fuel there. we are going to do it in the united states. we now have the stations that are in place, across the interstate to -- to move to it quickly, get a little bit support and encouragement from washington. it would happen much faster. >> shannon: let me ask you because this is not the first time the president has spoken out on climate change and energy issues. he has done it many, many times. have you seen specifics come from the discussions, the speeches, in the form of legislation or other things that would do what you are referring to here? get washington on board with specific actions? >> no. it's mostly obama -- on the energy. he's pretty goods on the speeches. but he has no plan. there is no plan presented, after a speech. that all has to happen.
9:44 am
if it doesn't happen, private industry will do it the federal country. >> shannon: a lot of those in private industry, whether it's coal or elsewhere saying that the growing amount of regulations from this particular administration are taking it tough for them to do their job and to develop clean energies and options, if it doesn't meet and line up with what the administration want, they are being regulatinged out of the chance to do it. what's your take? >> i agree. when you -- when you pile on the regulations, it's going to cost the consumer, is where you will go. i can tell you that -- there have been more regulations pult pult -- pult it, it slows everything down and runs up the cost. >> shannon: what about the state level ?r you getting a good buy-in from governors, folk -- focusing on natural gas? >> have you old laws out there that are against natural gas and favor diesel. those are being cleaned up,
9:45 am
pretty fast by the states. i spoke to the -- the western state governor association last week out at -- out at heber, utah. no question, theyor board and they are getting rid of the regulations they are switching away from diesel. that's all happening in the states. >> shannon: what would be your message to president obama and to the administration, about the federal level and encouragingitous get off dependence on foreign countries that may not like us too much? >> well, look at the strait of hormuz. you will see 17 mill barrels of oil pass through, protected by the fifth fleet of the united states. how much of that 17 million barrels comes to the united states? 10%. only 1.7 million barrels.
9:46 am
we don't need to protect the strait of hormuz for ail for the united states. we do it, really, for the rest of the world. most of that oil, 17 million barrels, 15 million of it goes to europe and to china. so if we had an energy plan, we could clear a lot of this up and get more for our money. >> shannon: always thought provoking. t. boone pickens, thank you. >> thank you. >> shannon: ntsb is on the ground in san francisco, trying to piece together what caused the deadly plane crash. more from passengers and witnesses from the terrifying moments they knew something was very wrong. >> were you scared? >> the moment, the hard impact, bang. we were pretty sure that something, you know, had gone wrong. [ male announcer ] imagine this cute little orange blob is metamucil...
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the aircraft was -- the bottom of the atlantic ocean. the investigation should be easier. any accident, you top conclusions or you make mistakes so i could assure you the ntsb many of which are probably already in san francisco on o the field or en route they will do a thorough investigation and the way these things work is ntsb will have a number of investigative groups. more than a dozen investigative
9:52 am
groups they will break the accident down into. experts in every field from the atc program where they will look at the interaction with the flight crew and air traffic control system. obviously the cockpit voice recorder and flight data recorder. my understanding is they are already in washington, d.c. they will be going through those thoroughly. the human performance group and power plant group will be important here. the systems group. there is a group that studies human factors that is the crew themselves. issues such as fatigue. obviously this is a long-range international flight. was the crew long rested. were they in the best mental and physical condition. what kind of kwamefications did -- qualifications did they have. weather probably didn't play a factor. they will leave no stone unturned and investigate every aspect of this and i'm certain they will come up with the conclusion. >> shannon: in the traffic between the pilots and air traffic controllers no one
9:53 am
indicated yet that as the plane was coming in they indicated to the tower they were having trouble. you though, the rescue crews say they weren't notified until the plane was on the ground and had had trouble. does that suggest that the pilots did not know that they were too low or there was something going wrong with the flight until after it already crashed. >> probably until a few seconds prior to that. certainly was not a planned emergency. if for instance they knew they had engine troubles they would have radioed ahead and had the crash fire and rescue teams available and passengers prepped through the flight attendants. this is something that happened at the last few seconds of that flight. >> shannon: thank you so much for giving us a bit of your experience as we try to figure this out. thank you, sir. >> you're welcome. >> shannon: stay with us for continuing coverage of the san francisco plane crash. next hour we talk to two members of congress with special insight into the tragedy. first, an act of heroism recognized which the united states gets a medal of honor
9:54 am
this world war ii veteran received has been missing for nearly 70 years. new developments in the case and what the fbi believes happened. ♪ when you experience something great, you want to share it. with everyone. that's why more customers recommend verizon, america's largest 4g lte network. ♪ i'm a loving husband and a real good dad ♪ ♪ but weeds just make me rattlesnake mad ♪ ♪ now roundup has a new sharp-shootin' wand ♪ ♪ i'm sendin' them weeds to the great beyond ♪ ♪ roundup yeha! [ whip cracks ] ♪ ♪ no need to pump, just point and shoot ♪
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9:57 am
>> shannon: this just if from the world of sports. andy murray has become the first british man in 77 years to win wimbledon. he beat top seeded novak
9:58 am
djokovic. now, a story about two acts. hundred herone heroic and one . a man's great achievement and his great loss. >> it was an almost superhuman act of heroism. in the 1944 battle art jackson saved the 7th marines by single handedly taking out 12 japanese bunkers. one with a backpack full of plastic explosives. >> the roof of the whole big bunker, boulders, earth, i thought well, i was done in my my own stupidity. >> he was given the medal of honor but it was stolen from the waldorf historia hotel.
9:59 am
>> i left it on the bed in my room and when i went back there that was the first thing i looked for and it was gone. >> the military gave jackson replacements but the original went missing for 42 years until 1987 when jackson got a call that the metal was on display at a tv repair shop in chester, south carolina. the shop's owner told me he bought the medal at a gun show in charlotte, north carolina for $300 and agreed to give it back to jackson. what he got back in the mail was not his real medal it was this one, a fake. >> for 25 years the fbi believed shockley either kept the original or sold it. jackson's wife is outraged. >> it makes me angry that somebody would lie and cheat for what? i mean what is it giving him? >> in a series of phone conversations shockley repeatedly insisted he did the right thing back in 1987. >> is it possible, joel, that
10:00 am
you gave him a different medal but held on to the original? >> no, it is not. i swear to god and i'm christian, that is the medal. only one i ever had and that is the one that i sent him back. >> sources close to the investigation say the fbi is now considering the possibility that the medal shockley bought from the gun show was a fake which may mean art jackson's real medal of honor is still out there somewhere. jackson, just one of two surviving world war ii medal of honor recipients is too modest to ask for its return. >> medals, what the hell. i know what i did and what i got for it and i'm proud of that. >> but the fbi is hoping whoever has it will do the right thing and get it back in the hands of a true american hero. in atlanta, john roberts, fox
10:01 am
news. >> shannon: questions abound in egypt. will protests turn violent again into the who will be in power when the dust settles and what role will the u.s. play? america gives egypt a billion and a half dollars a year and now some in washington say we need to stop sending money until we know who we are giving it to. i'm shannon bream live in washington. federal investigators were trying to figure out how a jetliner crashed while landing in san francisco, killing two teenagers and injuring more than 180 others. for now, the ntsb says everything is on the table. get to adam housely live. >> the press conference this morning now postponed until 1:30 local time this afternoon. that will be with san francisco officials and the ntsb. they were originally going to have separate conferences and now they will have it together. i just saw investigators inside the terminal. they headed back out there this morning. they were there again last night late.
10:02 am
had the spot lights on the fuselage and went back to the hotel for a few hours with the idea they would go out when the sun came up to give them an adewhat they can could do here. right after the crash the california ntsb scene was called here and secured the site and the black boxes secured and shipped to washington, d.c. they are now at the offices there in d.c. and already being looked at. it will help the ntsb really form late the investigation. they have an idea by the time they net out there and look at the debris field which is several hundred yards long and the fuselage but the black boxes will give them altitude to speed. but the important communication amongst the pilots in the cockpit. we had a chance to talk with the chairwoman and she said when she walked out there last night and saw the fuselage it was amazing to see that so many people made it out of there alive. unbelievable in her words. take a listen to one of the survivors we have heard from.
10:03 am
>> and real illinied wized we o low. i thought we were about to land in the water. the guy just totally unestimated. no warning no, nothing. just going down and we were too low but i said oh, we will make it and then concern but not thinking it was going to happen, right. and the guy start pushing the throttle again to try to go back up i guess because he realized he was not going make it. there was a lot of water splashing around and i think we almost land in the water just before hitting pretty hard. >> you heard the passenger say they had no warning. also the fire departments here in san francisco, three different stations at the airport had no warning. they had no idea there was a plane in distress. they were told there was a hard landing. when they got out there they saw it was not only a lard landing it was a crash landing. more than 180 people taken to 11 area hospital os.
10:04 am
still some in critical condition. we expect at 1:30 press conference to hear who has been upgraded and who has been down graded. the two victims, two 16-year-old girls, part of a group of 29 from china going to southern california as part of a christian summer camp in the san fernando valley. their bodies were found outside the fuselage. we don't know what the cause of death was and when we asked the ntsb investigators this morning they said they didn't know either. that would be handled more by the first responders. in the airport here some delays up to nine hours. right now san francisco running at half of its normal operation. they hope to increase that if they can get one of the major runways open. one is still shut down of course, because of its proximity to the crash site. ntsb says they will be here for a few more days for sure going through that and then gradually removing all that debris as this investigation goes forward.
10:05 am
and it could include them going to korea as well. shannon? >> shannon: adam live in california there. thank you. those in power in egypt and world leaders everywhere bracing for the fact that protests in egypt could once again become violent. the streets are fille filled wh some supporting ousted president mohamed morsi and others opposing him. greg palkot is live in cairo with the latest. >> welcome to a very noisy tahrir square. for those who demanded the ouster of egyptian president muhammed morisy and those who got it making their presence known. one facca ou this is one phak n out on the free throws. hundreds of thousands of supporters of morsi are also out on the street. they are demanding reinstatement. so far the two sides tonight
10:06 am
have not come together but we are watching it because in the past couple days dozens have been killed in clashes across the nation. more than a thousand have been injured. this amid some confusion inside the military-led interim government here after confirming to fox news and others that in fact the former u.n. agency chief muhammad albaradei would be the new prime minister. he is quote quoted as p. sayine believes he will be the new prime minister. we spoke to his office a couple of minutes ago and they have no word. the united states a taking heat from both sides. we have seen it on the streets of cairo and we saw it in alexandria the second city in egypt where there was a noisy protest outside of the u.s.
10:07 am
consulate there. those favoring axing president morsi feel that the u.s. must have okayed the -- must have okayed a military takeover. and those who have backed the change feel that the united states has held too long with morsi and might be holding on to him still. and again, we have seen antiu.s. banners out in the streets just below our position here tonight. finally, burial today of the top christian priest in the sinai peninsula. he was shot and killed over the weekend. there are fears that there could be an outbreak of sectarian violence during the morsi-led government's reign. they have been accused of allowing violence against christians. also islamists allegedly hitting a natural pipeline in the sinai peninsula as well. a fear of an outbreak of islamist terrorist activities.
10:08 am
a noisy seen here. air force planes rushing overhead. show of support for the action of ousting the government, the egyptian presiden president mod morsi. a couple of miles away, those who want morsi back. back to you, shannon. >> shannon: thank you very much. senator john mccain is calling for the u.s. to stop giving military aid to egypt saying the military is not abiding by the people's vote that actually put president morsi into office. the obama administration is watching this ongoing situation closely but proceeding cautiously. california democrat congressman adam schiff joins us and trey radel. congressman schiff, what do you think of john mccain's decision? he said it was a long thought out one but says for now we need to stop aid to egypt? >> a popular coup but
10:09 am
nonetheless it as coup. i think congress and the administration need to work together to provide a vehicle to allow the presumption of the aid when they restore a temptally elected government. the administration is right not to pick sides here but ought to be pushing for the release of journalists and opposition figures and a swift return to a democratic process. a difficult tense situation. we can be a restraining influence on the violence there. we don't want to pick sides but we do have to follow the law and that means at least for the meanwhile a suspension of our aid. >> shannon: congressman, where to you come down on this because there is another school of thought if we stop the aid to the military we lose one of the only connections the u.s. has to treeing to be able to push them towards stability and getting the elections scheduled and ready to go? >> i think that we can maintain a strong relationship with the military. i agree with representative
10:10 am
schiff. i agree with senator mccain we should suspend the aid until the people of egypt do a few things including heedership stepping up and saying they will restore their constitution and have free people, a free press and ultimately free economics to work with us. we want opportunity and prosperity for egypt as much as anyone and this is where i also agree with representative schiff who a few years ago before i came into congress sponsored legislation when mubarak was being removed to reach out through legislative means saying we want to share our economy with you and we want to be able to make sure that we have a free prosperous egypt and willing to work with you legislatively. we need to understand a few things. number one, egyptians know what is best for egypt and number two, we cannot be the police of the world but we can work with you where it is appropriate. >> shannon: congressman schiff how worried are you by the signs saying that they don't
10:11 am
trust the u.s. and they are pointing fingers or blame to us? >> it is popular to be antiu.s. no matter where you are in the poe let cal spectrum in that is an unfortunate reality that has been true for decades. all of the parties will be around for some time. the future government has to be inclusive which means that the muslim brotherhood as much as we might not like it is going to have some role in egypt. we he have to be careful. it is going to subject us to criticism no matter what we do. after all this is the conspiracy capital of the world in the middle east and in egypt. so we are going have to confront that. but at the same time we want to make crystal clear our support for democracy. our support for a free press. our support for restoration of a popularly elected government and constitution that is inclusive and that is where i think we can play an important role. >> shannon: congressman radel i
10:12 am
want to shift to the other top story today which, of course, is the deadly crash in san francisco. you sit on the transportation committee. there will be an extensive investigation underway. what lessons do you think we might be able to learn in the tragedy that cost two lives and left many other people in critical condition? >> first and mother most thoughts and prayers with the families of the loved ones who lost the victims and families of those critically injured and being treated right now. my subcommittee is aviation. i look forward to hearing the report. we need an extensive investigation to this. all signs right now at least what the experts on your program said there might be pilot error here. we know that boeing is a great company that makes a safe product. this is very, very rare. we need to allow the investigation to play out before we jump to any conclusions. >> shannon: and congressman schiff, this is your home state. any closing words from you? >> well, you know, i think trey is right. it is a miracle more people weren't killed and we he have to let the investigation take its course. the good news is with the
10:13 am
pilots alive, with the flight recorders in hand, with all of the evidence on the runway there is going to be no shortage of facts here and we will get to the bottom of what took place. >> shannon: congressman schiff and congressman radel we thank you both very much for your time. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> shannon: president obama insists the u.s. is not taking any sides in egypt. how fine a line can the u.s. walk? the president is also facing pressure from some in both parties in congress who say as you just h heard in our discussion there it is time to end eight that we give to egypt. let's talk about it with digital politics editor mr. power play chris stirewalt is here with insight. >> happy sunday. >> and to you as well. a tough one for the administration. just days ago the president was placing a call to then president morsi. some thought that was a tacit endorsement of him as a legitimate world leader. the state department and white house says we are not taking any sides. should we or shouldn't we as this plays out?
10:14 am
>> if you think american politics is terrible. egyptian politics is like 300,000 times worse. the sides are not wonderful. there are not a lot of wonderful choices for the president but we have to remember the context. when what was then called the arab spring began the president was a big proponent this is good he said, tunisia, libya, we helped nudge the arab spring forward in libya, helped depose momar ghadaffi there. people were going to have muslim theocracies for a period of time and they would give way and then we would have the new thing. morsi was in for less than a year and he was pretty serious about theocracy. now, we are back to where we were 45 years ago which is hey military is there a way to keep the nation of 90 million people which is the keystone of the nation keep it together for us
10:15 am
and the president is sort of having to back-pedal his way back there. difficult for him. >> shannon: and there has been criticism maybe some in the administration were not as engaged in this as it was unfolding. secretary of state john kerry took a little hit. he was in nantucket on his yacht which was initially denied by the administration and later on testimon on the ps surfaced. >> the yacht got him in trouble in 2004 because the bush people loved to make fun of him for beg the helmsman of the scaramush. and the administration especially given what happened with benghazi when stuff is going on with the arab spring and things aren't going the way the president wanted it to be in libya it was the allies in libya were killing an ambassador and stuff like that to have mix up as you said a
10:16 am
chronological mixup. they were quick to put out the photo that the president and his team were talking about libya. where is john kerry. oh, he is busy and -- >> we are looking at an ad from the republican senatorial committee which is not going be flattering. >> they are taunting h him. >> secretary kerry. what does the administration do with all of the new threats about the criticism about how they are handling this and whether or not what happened with the green revolution or didn't happen with the green revolution in iran wakened of message we can send to the egyptian people where by and large the americaned a a menstruation right now is not popular. >> we succeeded in egypt which we already did in syria to make everybody mad at us. all sides. we don't have a lot of friends and we have fewer good options and foreign aid is hugely unpopular. people like the bipartisan duo, nobody wants to be the one that says we want to send money to the military junta in egypt.
10:17 am
the president sort of barely there leading from behind kind of whisper quiet leadership style he is put iting forward here is going to find a lot o of foes in congress. >> chris stirewalt. we can watch you break it down. >> i dig it. >> we do, too. >> thank you very much. good to see you. did you leave through a regular door or through a hole in the plane? >> through the hole. >> how big was the hole? >> was it the left side kortright side of the plane? >> the right-side. >> shannon: and that video just in to fox news. an amazing story of survival from a woman who managed to save herself and her baby in the wreckage of the plane that crashed in san francisco yesterday. she carried her child through a
10:18 am
hole in the plane to safety. they were taken to the hospital to get checked out and doing well. two lives lost there and dozens still remain in the hospital today. story ares like that show the confusion after the crash. we are following the story where investigators are trying to piece together what happened. what new information they hope to get from the plane's data recorders which have now arrived in washington. that's next. mine was earned in djibouti, africa. 2004. vietnam in 1972. [ all ] fort benning, georgia in 1999. [ male announcer ] usaa auto insurance is often handed down from generation to generation. because it offers a superior level of protection and because usaa's commitment to serve military members, veterans, and their families is without equal. begin your legacy, get an auto insurance quote. usaa. we know what it means to serve.
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10:21 am
>> shannon: investigators are hoping that the plane's data recorders from the crash in san francisco yesterday will shed light on what happened. the inflight recording devices in the asiana airlines flight 214 have arrived in washington. they have been taken to the
10:22 am
national transportation safety board's labs here in washington 9:00 our time this morning. that includes the flight data recorder and cockpit voice recorder. the ntsb is working to extract the information and analyze the data. from the externals the boxes look to be in good shape. >> shannon: in the last 90 days the federal government has posted 6,603 newly proposed federal regulations at check it out. the supreme court ruled in a regulation nation case we told you about earlier this year. it involves a landowner who was told if he wanted to develop his own land he had choices and one included paying thousands of dollars to develop a different piece of land not connected to his miles away. joining us is attorney paul beard of the pacific legal foundation who argued the case in front of the supreme court and won. paul, congratulations to you and what does it mean?
10:23 am
>> shannon, thanks for having me again. this is a huge, huge victory for property owners across the country. for so long, regulators, land use permitting agencies have been using property other thans as atm machines asking for more and more money in exchange for their right to build on their land. this case stands for the proposition that governments must now prove there is a connection between the money demands that they make and the impact of the given project on a particular piece of land. >> shannon: and paul i'm sorry i have to interrupt you there. if you can stay with us for a minute. we have breaking news. the police excuse me the fire chief in san francisco now answering questions and updates on what we know about the deadly crash from yesterday. >> i think they had a well trained crew and they maintained the professionalism and composure. the passengers deserve credit. people were trying to help each other and as orderly as
10:24 am
possible evacuate into the chutes. i couldn't be prouder of the men and women of my department but also in san matteo county and the men and women of the police department and colleagues at the airport and sheriff's department and hospital workers. everybody in a crisis rises to the occasion and that is what i witnessed yesterday. >> there were report that's coast guard pulled some out of the bay. >> i have heard that and that has not been confirmed. the coast guard did respond and we have marine assets. the fire boat down there and one of the other vessels. p.d. put a boat in the water. from what i underand it we did not pull people from the water but you that is to be confirmed. >> and they were not in the water or weren't pulled from the water? >> i don't believe there were people in the water. key did have reports that you talked about earlier of people near the water or coming out o of the water but we don't believe that they were in the water due to the plane but they might have gone over to douse
10:25 am
themselves with water. >> can you talk about the status of the victims once more? the remaining victims? >> so we had two ta fatalitiesd 182 transports. 123 able to get processed. processed and took them awhile but basically walked away without injury. i'm trying to get the other are ten hospitals. sf general there were 53 transports and this is 19 that remain here at the hospital. six in critical condition. >> talk about the inside of the plane upon impact. can you tell us about that? [ inaudible ] >> seats were moved. the buckling of the seats and parts of the plane that were badly damaged and sort of collapsed on to the end of the seats. >> describe the end of the runway and the seawall and how high that many coulds up. >> not professionally i
10:26 am
couldn't. that is not my area of expertise. >> did the passengers get out of their own very politician? >> i don't know he for sure. a number were able to self-evacuate and some needed assistance. >> a major training exercise at the airport before this and did you learn anything new from this different or -- >> we have what we call the lower level drills at least quarterly and then annually we do an exercise that would simulate something exactly like this. >> when was the last time? >> it was in 2012 in the last year. and it is all hands on deck. the airport personnel. fire and police. very comprehensive and takes months to plan and we do that annually under the direction of our department and the director of the airport, john martin. [ inaudible ] >> i don't. i can't comment because i have
10:27 am
no expertise in that. i know that ntsb they came, i know that it is about 3:00 yesterday we turned the scene over to the fbi and then at 5:00 the fbi turned it over to ntsb. there was one person from ntsb there at 5:00. a whole team came out about midnight and their investigation is ongoing. i couldn't comment on that. >> do you know if there have been issues with that seawall before in the past? >> i don't know. [ inaudible ] >> the part of the tail section separated from the plane, yes. >> okay. and i believe there is -- that members from the general hospital staff will be out at some point to address you on the status of their patients. thank you everyone. >> shannon: you have been listening live to the san francisco fire chief whose crews were on scene and handled
10:28 am
the aftermath of the deadly crash that took two lives and left dozens hospitalized. she said for now reports that her are crews had retrieved people from the waters there in the bay area right where the plane landed in apparently by most accounts had clipped the sea wall. she said as far as she knows that is not accurate but said that this is something that her crews train for on a regular basis and had done so recently and they were prepared and executed as planned yesterday. >> coming up, even though it has been a year some people still scratching their heads over the president's healthcare law. next, senator mike lee breaks down the legalese, what it means and why he thinks the chief justice got it all wrong. it's a brand new start.
10:29 am
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>> shannon: ntsb investigate hes here in washington tell fox news that both the flight date a recorder and the cockpit voice recorder from the right there that crashed in san francisco have arrived in labs here. in good condition at least externally. asiana airlines says the two pilots were veterans and they believe there were no engine problems with the plane. that leaves the question we are all asking what happened. prann with theo rican with the latest. >> the fire chief mutin putting rumors to die. there were not folks rescued from the water. initially there were reports of
10:33 am
people arriving on scene and plucking people from the water. she said that is not the case. 19 people remain in the hospital and six in critical condition aabbreviated some of the efforts yesterday. said initially the fbi was on scene and there were no reports of any terrorism and so they then turned it over to the ntsb. as we speak those investigators are coming through data and from the scene of the crash and they are releasing a couple of new photos particularly of the plane's back boxes. the cockpit voice recorder and flight data recorder. all of those devices are now in washington, d.c. for lab analysis. but they have said based on outside appearances that both devices do appear to be in good condition. and at this point it is too early to say whether there was a mechanical issue tac factored into the accident. the former ntsb director said with the technology we will get a lot of answers from these materials and also learn if the pilots were using glide path.
10:34 am
a navigation system that helps pilots make a safe descent. as the afternoon goes on we will learn more and there is a press conference scheduled for 4:30 eastern time. we will bring you the latest if we hear anything before hand. >> shannon: thank you very much. and because of the last press conference we had to cut short a segment. let's bring back paul beard. a case dealing with a property owner who wanted to develop his property but because there were wet lands involved he was given options by the government. one was you have to pay to develop land unrelated to yours miles away. days ago the supreme court said you can't do it. the landowner since passed away. tell us what this means to the family. they kept up the legal fight and what it means to other american property owners throughout. >> a case that will impact every single property owner in the country across the country. now, when you go for a permit to build on your property or make an improvement the government if it wants to
10:35 am
impose a financial obligation what we call monetary exactions, the government has to make a showing and love there is a connection between the financial obligation or monetary exact axion and impacf what you want to do on your property. now, we have that obligation in place and the governments will find it a lot more difficult to extort money to use permit applicants essentially as atm machines. huge win for property owners and for the family. >> shannon: bottom line of the opinion, you can't coerce people into giving away their constitutional rights. >> precisely. and that practice has been going on for years. glad to do away with it finally. >> you fight a lot of these battles. keep us updated and congratulations on your victory. victory. >> thank you so much. >> shannon: who officials believe is responsible for the latest blast in egypt. we will talk to an arro aerospe
10:36 am
engineer who says some of the technology that exists on the plane that crashed in san francisco may have saved a whole lot of lives. when you experience something great, you want to share it. with everyone. that's why more customers recommend verizon, america's largest 4g lte network. do you mind grabbing my phone and opening the capital one purchase eraser? i need to redeem some venture miles before my demise. okay. it's easy to erase any recent travel expense i want. just pick that flight right there. mmm hmmm. give it a few taps,'s taken care of. this is pretty easy, and i see it works on hotels too. you bet. now if you like that, press the red button on top.
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>> shannon: this is a fox news alert. the country of egypt isn't just dealing with a fresh wave of protests, it is also contending with a suspected terrorist attack on a natural gas pipeline. egyptian security officials say suspected islamist militants bombed a pipeline to jordan early this morning. the fire caused by the
10:40 am
explosion is under control according to state media. the first attack on egypts pipelines in more than a year consideration it is not clear if it is linked directly to the ouster of president muhammad morsi. the plane crash in san francisco killed two teens and injured 182 other passengers. the next guest says if it wasn't for special systems on the plane the death toll could have actually been much higher. joining us, aerospace engineer oliver mcgee. thank you for joining us today. >> good afternoon, shannon. >> shannon: tell us about the technology built into the plane that you say actually kept it from being much worse. >> kudos goes out today to boeing. boeing knows how to teach us how planes fly but also how planes crash and we have to celebrate the day that so many lives were saved yesterday because 99% of the people walked away from this tragedy. condolences go out to the two
10:41 am
young 16-year-olds who perished in the crash to their families. faa says we certify aircraft like the boeing 777 to evacuate people in 90 seconds. yesterday's evacuation took place in two minutes. when the tail section tore off. so seats were jumbled and might have been obstructions and people were exiting the aircraft from one side to that probably delayed the regulation time. but two minutes to evacuate an aircraft is exciting for aerospace technology. and particularly for the flight crew that did a great job in evacuating people so quickly through the chutes. it tells us all when we get in the aircraft pay attention to the flight crew and read those cards, folks. i'm going to do that today when i fly to san francisco today. and more importantly, faa
10:42 am
certification also says that the seats that are lock on to these aircraft flooring are designed to withstand 16 g's of forces so when the plane impacted the seats were tied to the the floors which left the avenues of exit available to the passengers. that is very, very important. 25 years ago when planes crashed suddenly like this, seats were jumbled all over the place. think of an aircraft cab bin as an auditorium in the sky. a fire in the theater so we all have to have the aisleways available so people can exit the aircraft. this is a great day for faa safety regulations and more importantly the global competitiveness of boeing's aircraft. the hull stayed together. >> shannon: let me ask you, how much credit do we need to give here to the crew of the plane because we do all need to pay better attention and i always look around to the exit. i hate flying anyway so i'm one of the ones who pays attention.
10:43 am
we get complacent. we watch the stuff and fly a lot. how much credit do you give to the crew who you never think you will need the training but they put it into practice yesterday. >> global crews on aviation safety should be saluted. when we sit down and listen to the regulations stipulated for us. i for one am reading a book on the aircraft and not necessarily paying attention. i will pay attention tonight. are giving us ways to be able to be safe, fasten our seatbelts. be able to look closely with the exits are, how to get to them, have a plan of attack when the exit procedure takes place. is 90 seconds, folks. we have to really almost be in automatic mode and the cards in front of you are basically the guide path just like the plane needed a guide path into its landing. passengers need a guide path to the exits so that they can be
10:44 am
able to follow the procedures and these flight crews are really shouting out orders very, very quickly. go, go, go, go. fire in the auditorium. and basically what we witnessed on television yesterday is how people were able to exit before the flashover took place. that is the biggest problem. as i said before, the 16 g bolting of the seats has really controlled the interior of the cabin for that exit procedure. >> shannon: oliver magee, we appreciate your experience and insight into this and hats off to crew members who did a hero heroic job. thank you so much, sir. >> thank you, shannon. >> shannon: after the break we will take a look back at how quickly that crash played out. . ♪ [ female announcer ] when your swapportunity comes, take it. ♪ what? what? what?
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>> shannon: we are awaiting a news con tense on the tragedy on the runway in san francisco. we will bring you that as soon as it happens. for those just tuning in here is what we know about the crash. a plane carrying more than 300 people crashed while it was landing yesterday. two 16-year-old girls from china are dead and this is how the crash unfolded. asiana airlines flight 214 left south korea at 4:35 p.m. local time. 307 people were onboard including 61 u.s. citizens and 16 crew members.
10:49 am
ten hours later are at 11:28 a.m. pacific time the plane crashed while landing at san francisco international airport. emergency crews were there within minutes and passengers say the entire incident lasted about ten seconds. the sky was clear, there were light winds. following the crash, the faa suspected pended all flights in and out of the airport just after 1:00 local time there. the ntsb announced it was sending a go-team. 3:30 p.m. two runways reopened at the airport. after 4:00 p.m. local time authorities confirmed two 16-year-old girls, students from china were dead. three hours later police confirmed everyone else was accounted for. overnight, asiana airlines said engine failure was not to blame. right now we know 182 people were h hurt. dozens are still hospitalized. at least six of them we are told are in critical condition. a team of ntsb investigators arrived there overnight. they have recovered two black boxes from the plane which have been returned to their labs here in washington. so far, no signs of terrorism
10:50 am
but the ntsb says quote everything is on the table. religious leaders pleading the obama administration to reconsider the contraception mandate connected to obama care saying it violates their religious beliefs and the constitution. they say the latest version of the contraception mandate is unacceptable. one southern baptist leader called it nothing more than word games and accounting tricks. liz trotta agrees and why she thinks the healthcare law is yet another attempt to stamp out faith in america. >> the fireworks roared. the white house lit up. and the statue of liberty, a victim of hurricane sandy reopened in splendor. against the background of patriotic fervor the
10:51 am
president's team avoided questions about why they are delaying the employer mandate of the plan until 2013 after the mid term elections. this isn't the only part of obama care social engineers are pace facing. the u.s. catholic bishops and leaders of other faiths told the administration the latest rewrite of the so-called contraception mandate is not acceptable. what the obama people don't get is that forcing people to buy into a plan that subsidizes contraceptives, abortion inducing drugs and a sterilization is a brazen violation of the separation between church and state. it is, above all, a matter of conscience. a moral standard foreign to obama's secular creed. this is an administration that routinely runs rough shod over the sanctity of human life.
10:52 am
many others appalled at the president's mean audacity. it is alled religious liberty and it is the bedroom o bed ros country's founding principles. archbishop william lawrie told congress last year and i quote this is not a matter of whether contraception may be prohibited by the government or not a matter of whether contraception may be supported by the government. instead, it is a matter of whether religious people and institutioned may be forced by the government to provide coverage for contraception or sterilization even if that violates their religious beliefs. the obama administration has made several bad faith attempts to fiddle with the contraception mandates punitive character by juggling the bookkeeping methods but the stern consequence remains. these who don't agree and refuse to sign up must be
10:53 am
punished and pay the exorbitant fines. driving obama care is an to play kate perpetually outraged feminists. their zeal to sam out insurance to faith and conscience is extraordinary really. difficult to imagine any past president taking such a license in this matter of faith and morals. consider the diocese of pittsburgh which has filed one of the more than 60 lawsuits against the obama white house. pittsburgh church officials want to know how the department of health and human services developed the onerous regulations and they have been stonewalled at every turn. the feds told them that responding to freedom of information requests as to how the obamacare architects created the new rules will cost about $2 million and a wait of
10:54 am
five years. a lawyer for the diocese rightly calls it a shocking disregard for their obligations as government officials. some would add that such disregard is deepl deep rootede extraordinary deepening paganism that makes a mockery between the separation of church and state. small wonder the "wall street journal" calls the affordable care act a fiasco for the ages. how does the president utter the words of the national anthem while pursuing a blatant attack on our birth right and how do vice president biden and nancy pelosi both loudly professed catholics defend their schilling for that violation of church teaching. biden went on record saying obama care is no threat to religious liberty.
10:55 am
as for ms. pelosi she famously said "i'm a devout catholic and honor my faith and love it but they have this conscious thing." reread our cat kis catachism nd by the way, stay out of my local church. yes, i saw you. >> shannon: coming up, we asked, you answered. what role if any should the u.s. be playing in egypt right now? your twitter responses are next. and i have a massive heart attack right in my driveway. the doctor put me on a bayer aspirin regimen. [ male announcer ] be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen. go talk to your doctor. you're not indestructible anymore.
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>> shannon: at 4:30 eastern the ntsb will hold a news conference to update us on what they learned about the deadly plane crash in san francisco yesterday. right now investigators are looking over the data from the flight data recorders. we understand they both are in good condition. two teenagers from china were killed in the crash. 182 other passengers were injured. the federal aviation administration says all flights into and out of san francisco international airport are experiencing roughly nine hour delays. we love hearing from you at home. we have been asking you about the crisis in egypt what role if any should the u.s. be playing there right now. continue aid or cut it off. carlos says the u.s. need needo stay neutral. aid to egypt should continue to reenforce that we aren't involved in the political process. mike says the u.s. should stay out. all aid should be conditional or none at all. thanks to everyone who tweeted in this weekend. that is it here in washington. i'm shannon bream.
11:00 am
"fox news sunday" is next. thanks for watching fox where we remain proud and fearless. >> i'm john roberts in for chris wallace. turmoil and transition turned deadly in egypt and expose a deep divide in the arab world. >> john: the country's first democratically elected leader forced from office. the military now in control and the path forward unclear as the u.s. walks a fine line with our largest arab ally. >> we are on the side of the egyptian people. we want their voices to be heard. we want all sides to engage with each other and work through a political solution. >> john: we will discuss with two key senators. republican bob corker and democrat jack reed. then, the battle over abortion


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