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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  July 8, 2013 3:00am-6:01am PDT

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more than 650,000 workers at the pentagon, the first of 11 days without pay through september because of the sequester. >> thank you so much for joining us. it is a monday, beautiful monday morning here in new york. and we hope you have a great day. thanks so much for joining us. >> there's going to be a lot of news happening including the zimmerman trial and the very latest in that horrible fatal crash that happened in san francisco. >> exactly. "fox & friends" starts right now for all of that. >> good morning. hope you had a great weekend. it is now monday, july 8. i'm gretchen carlson. thanks for sharing your time. brand-new footage of the moments of impact of that plane crash. new clues on why that plane did crash into a san francisco runway, like the pilot was in training. we're live on the scene. >>steve: hundreds survived the crash but would you know what to do if you were in one of those seats. tips you need to stay alive when that happens.
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like which seat is the safest on the plane. you'll want to know the next time you go about looking at airplanes. >>brian: the government now relying on the honor system, which is always effective, to determine who is eligible for government health care. how exactly is that supposed to work? we'll unweave it, we'll untangle it, because "fox & friends," according to to my run down, which is right here, starts now. >>steve: it's upside down. >>brian: oh. ♪ ♪ >>gretchen: good morning everybody. everyone is back here on the curvy couch. hard to believe it's chilly in the studio today when there's been somewhat of a humongous heat wave going on at least on the east coast. >>steve: it's the miracle of air conditioning. >>brian: steve, you're back from vacation. america's back from the 4th of july which could probably have been a four-day break if you were lucky. of course over the weekend the number-one story was what happened in san
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francisco. >>steve: absolutely. that is a fox news alert. brand-new video that shows asiana flight 215 crash-landed. >> look at the nose up in the air. oh my god. it's an accident! oh my god! >> oh no! >> oh my god! >>steve: it hit the sea wall and popped up in the air. >>gretchen: the video caught the plane almost flipping before skidding to a stop. this morning we're learning the pilot of that plane never landed at that airport before in this particular aircraft craft, and he tried to abort the landing just before impact. >>brian: adam howsly joins us live. we're finding out more each hour. what do we have today?
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>> it seems like every hour new information comes out. ntsb has been very open about the information they've gotten and very early on. what is peeking people's interest -- what is piquing people's interest is how the pilot only had 43 hours in a 777 and was landing for the first time in this type of plane in san francisco which is known for being a difficult landing airport because you're coming in over the water. does that mean he was at fault for this or was it a combination of pilot error and mechanical failure? still early to tell but it is something that has a lot of people talking as the time line came out from ntsb. we have new video. this video came to us last night which shows people coming down the slide, is truly remarkable as you see the plane kind of flip up in the air, people coming out of the slide, in some cases coming out of holes in the back of the plane where the tail section used
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to be. when the ntsb video comes up, you see debris spread around over 200 yards where the bay end and the runway begins. that debris field spreads to the fuselage. the time line was a couple minutes out everything seemed fine. at seven seconds out is when things began to get difficult. of course there was no warning whatsoever for anybody on that plane outside of the cockpit. take a listen. >> a call from one of the crew members to increase speed was made approximately seven seconds prior to impact. the sound of the stick shaker occurs approximately four seconds prior to impact. a call to initiate a go-around occurred 1.5
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seconds before impact. >> the insinuation is this is pilot error. again asiana airlines has come out this morning defending their pilot. we don't know if that is what happened. again passengers had no warning. first responders also had no warning. all they heard was, according to the fire station, is that there was a rough landing. by the time they got out there they realized this was a crash landing. here is another survivor talking about this unbelievable account of survival. take a listen. >> there was people hurt. there was luggage, everything fell, everything fell apart. there's people trapped climbing over stuff to get out. >> a big hole. most of the bathroom is gone. >> we're told this morning a number of survivors have been released overnight but there's still by some counts over 20 to 25 in pretty serious condition to spinal fractures to broken
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sternum. one of the other stories we heard is a woman from china, a chinese national coming here and was sitting toward the back of the plane. when the plane came to a rest, she looked behind her and when the bathroom was just moments before was a big hole, tail section being gone, she got her four-year-old son still in the hospital with a broken leg, thankfully that's all he had, she got her four-year-old son, got her carry on luggage and crawled out of the hole that was at one point the tail section of the plane. >>brian: we'll talk in a second about one woman that might have been hit by an emergency vehicle and that have cost her life. >>steve: what adam detailed is the plane came in way too slow. it was coming in way too slow. was it a rookie error? we do know more about the particular copilot who was flying the plane at the time it hit the sea wall and skidded 2,000 feet. his name lee kancook.
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he had been in training on the 777, flown it nine times. but he had a long career with this airline. he had been there since 1994, started as an intern there and had many hours experience flying other planes and in fact had flown a 747 into san francisco international on that very runway many, many times. >>gretchen: it bringing up the big, huge question, how do pilots learn how to file these new planes? obviously through similarities but at some point you've got to get on the road. it would be interesting to know is this typical. is this typical that a pilot who has a bunch of hours with other planes actually learns on the job when you're landing or is this atypical? big question that will probably be answered throughout the day. in the meantime details on the injuries, amazingly two people died, 16-year-old chinese students. there is paralysis, broken spines, road rash. some of the passengers are
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saying the seat belts kept them restrained. but because of so-called whiplash, going back and forth when the plane did that diagonal cart wheel, that may be why some of the spinal injuries happened. >>brian: 123 walked away. some people might be fine. a couple days later, if anyone has been in a car accident, that could be something coming at you today or tomorrow. the other thing which is really disheartening is according to one report, they are giving an autopsy to one of the girls that died from china that might have been run over by one of the emergency vehicles scurrying quick to the tarmac to put out the fire, as you see, was quite damaging and ignited almost immediately. they will be giving us the result to that shortly. i've got to salute the ntsb and spokesperson in san francisco. i never remember a time in a major breaking news event where the information directors and communicators
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have been so forthcoming and not condescending to the press and making the same trite statements that mean nothing saying we're still investigating. it just goes to show you what you can say if you actually want to say something at a time. and nothing was compromised. >>steve: and when it's clear what happened. because the c.e.o. came out off the bat and said it was not mechanical. there were four pilots in the cockpit at the time. with seven seconds out, one of the guys said you've got to speed this thing up. unfortunately, there was no time. >>gretchen: there is a report the navigation system at the airport itself was not operational. many experts will help us answer a lot of these unanswered questions. to the other stories making headlines, there's been another deadly plane crash, this one in alaska. an air taxi went down at the airport leeching all ten people on -- leaving all ten people on board dead.
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the charter plane crashed after takeoff and burst into a fireball. it was cloudy and slightly windy at the time but it is unknown if that played a role in the crash. the wife of secretary of state john kerry in critical condition in the hospital. theresa heinz kerry had some sort of seizure while on vacation at their home in nantucket. she was flown to massachusetts general hospital. heinz-kerry has overcome serious health problems in recent years. she was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2009 and underwent surgery and radiation. starting today furloughs began for more than 650,000 workers with the defense department. about 85% of the department's nearly 900,000 employees will be furloughed one day each week over the next three months. this amounts to a 20% salary cut for the next pay period of for someone making $40,000 a year they
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would get 600 less a month. >> elliott statistic stker, the dis -- eliott spitzer the disgraced former governor of new york says he's going to run as comptroller. he says he hopes voters forgive him and give him a second chance. one person who may not be voting for him, his wife. "the new york post" reports the two have been living apart. >>brian: what if she really likes the other candidate. >>gretchen: the other story is a lot of these former politicians who had problems are getting back into the political game. >>brian: they're like if weiner can do am i on the sidelines? >>steve: another top story, more bloodshed in egypt. dozens of people are dead in cairo. it happened during a sit-in by mohamed morsi supporters. joining us from cairo with breaking details, connor
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powell. >> this military coup is supposed to provide stability in egypt but the death toll is mounting. thaoeft -- at least 50 people were killed when the military opened fire on pro-morsi supporters. that is the place we believe mohamed morsi is being held by the egyptian military. conflicting stories about what is going on. the promorsi supporters say they were in the middle of prayers and the military opened fire. at least 50 people were killed, maybe thousands were injured. there are reports of people being shot in the back of the head. it is a very nasty situation here and could escalate the situate a lot more. >>steve: it is all messed up over there. >>brian: in ten minutes we're going to break down what's happening. >>gretchen: hundreds survived a crash in san francisco, but would you know how to get out alive? we have tips you need to know before your next flight like what may be the safest seat on the plane. >>steve: i don't think there is a safe seat on that plane. the government now relying
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3:17 am
the author of unthinkable is my guest this morning. good morning to you, amanda. >> good morning. >>gretchen: whenever we see these types of injuries, we marvel at the fact that so many people do survive but it's not that uncommon. you say, number one, know your odds. in other words, if you're thinking about being doomed, psychology can play into this? >> your odds are better than you think. like you said, most passengers involved in serious plane crashes actually survive statisticically thinking. but your behavior matters more than you might think. you have to move very quickly which is easier said than done. >>gretchen: they tell you to have a plan whether it's a fire in your house or a plane crash. you said one of the first thing to do is to count the rows. i did this simulation a decade ago. when you get on a plane, you should sit down and count the rows to the exit. >> if you count the rows, you have some tactile
3:18 am
memory for how far away the exit it. that matters because in an actual plane crash you become virtually blind within about 30 seconds. as you'll recall from that simulation the smoke fills up the cabin very quickly and you can't see your hand in front of your face. all plane crash investigators fly, they count the rows. it's a little trick. it takes three seconds before takeoff and gives you more situational awareness. >>gretchen: that path lighting, if there is smoke in the cabin, that is all you have to go on. visualize your escape plan. what should people do? >> instead of looking at the safety briefing card, you want to think through. your cell phones off, you're waiting to take off, you're bored any way. if you're near the over wing exit what would it feel like to lift a 30-pound door out of its hatch. what would you do with it afterwards? these are the things worth thinking through in advance because you won't be able
3:19 am
to function or think like you normally would in the event something happens. >>gretchen: people always say leave your carry-on luggage aside. think about your life and the people around you first. but also take action. don't freeze; right? >> that's right. in fact, about half of passengers do go for their carry on. old habits die hard. this happened on saturday. the bottom line is you want to take action. you want to think later. all the plane crash survivors i've interviewed they were making checklists in their head about what they were going to do to survive. that's how they got out. >>gretchen: what about the seats? much has been made about sit in the back, sit in the front. what do you say? >> the closest to the exits, the better. unfortunately you can't predict which part of the plane is safest until it's too late. the fastest you can get out the better. >> amanda ripley thanks much. >> they voted him in and now egyptians want a new
3:20 am
government. was president morsi that bad? we have details for you next that should make it easier for you to decide. want to know more about the death of osama bin laden? sorry. the surprising move the government took to make sure you never do. what the heck?
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>>steve: quick headlines from the control room. cuban president raul castro praising the three latin american countries offering edward snowden asylum. we're talking about bolivia, nicarauga and
3:24 am
ecuador. but castro stopped short of offering snowden asylum in communist cuba. president obama promised his administration would be the most transparent in history. remember that? now the inspector general just revealed records about the osama bin laden raid were secretly purged from pentagon computers. they were sent to the c.i.a. for safekeeping. mr. kilmeade? >>brian: breaking news out of egypt. the death toll of violence up to 42 after the muslim brotherhood accuses security forces of attacking protesters outside a military officers club in cairo. what should the u.s. reaction be now? what should it be after the change in leadership? let's ask fox news military analyst general bob scales. first general, the violence escalating. however many people are worried about should this be called a coup or not and should we cut off aid or not. how do you feel? >> i don't think it's a coup. i think what the army is doing is reacting to the
3:25 am
will of the people, and they're trying to establish order. remember, the only institution in egypt that's respected and that's seen as politically neutral is the army. they are the only ones who can stop this madness and set the country back on the path to being a democracy. the military doesn't want to rule. they just want order to be established. they are the only ones that can do it. as far as u.s. aid goes, in my opinion, brian, it should be conditional. we should say to the egyptian army we'll give you six months, a year, whatever and continue our aid to you. you're going to establish order and set up free and democratic elections sometime down the road. if you can't do that, then we cut it off. >>brian: general morsi is the one to blame for this chaos any way. the muslim brotherhood didn't put him in power. it's other factions that got behind morsi that put him over the top. what did he do? he sidelines all of them, puts muslim brotherhood people in charge, collapses the judiciary, ignores the constitution, and he
3:26 am
wonders why he's right now exiled. >> that's exactly right. the egyptian version of comedy central is having a ball with morsi. he's inarticulate, not very bright. instead of providing jobs and food, he provides an islamic ideology. he goes to the military and says let's all go to war against -- pick your country. there's syria, sudan, ethiopia. and that horrified the military. the military's point is before we do any adventurism, let's take care of our people at home and give them food and bread and jobs, and then we can worry about that sort of thing. >>brian: general, what should our role be? that's the key. we seem once again to be in danger of becoming bystanders and ignored by all sides. >> or hated by all sides as is the case right now. i think there are a couple of things the united states needs to do. we need to dangle military aid over the faces of the military and use that as a
3:27 am
subtle leverage to get them moving, to establish order, determine who the sides are going to be in the next election and then monitor the election to make sure it's free and fair. the second thing we've got to do is stay the heck out of any political confrontation in egypt, as we've seen in previous efforts to do that in the middle east, the outcome can only be bad for the united states, brian. >>brian: general scales, thanks so much. the muslim brotherhood is not in power, that's always good news for america. thank you for joining us. three minutes before the bottom of the hour. straight ahead, the government is now relying on the honor system to determine who is eligible for obamacare. will that work? you make the call. and don't mess with this guy. a hero wearing an american flag shirt takes someone down and the whole thing down and the whole thing caught on camera. [ brent ] now steve's looking pretty good so far.
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♪ if i gave one to you? ♪ >>gretchen: welcome back. new video this morning of the 777 slamming into the runway in san francisco. the video shows the jet flying too low and hitting the edge of the runway. you can hear the disbelief of the people videotaping it. it kicked off an enormous cloud of dirt. the plane nearly flipping on its side before skidding to a stop. it looks like a cart wheel of sorts. we're also learning the pilot of the plane never landed that type of plane at this airport before and had only 43 hours of experience with this type of plane. the ntsb saying the pilot was coming in way too slow for this landing. the plane signaled the problem four seconds before impact. >> it called the stick shaker but there is a yoke that the pilots are holding
3:32 am
and that yoke vibrates or shakes. and it is telling them that a stall is approaching. >>gretchen: the pilot actually tried to abort the landing 1.5 seconds before the crash, tried to increase speed to take off again. it was too late. >>brian: caught on camera, the moment a home explodes in michigan. blowing it right off its foundation. authorities think a natural gas leak is to blame for the blast. this sent one man to the hospital. his wife and baby escape without injury. can you see that little black dot that gretchen put together at the last minute, that's the family dog making a run for it moments after the explosion. you know what? invisible fence or not, i'll take the pain. that explosion a little bit too loud and that little burst of electricity on my neck. >>steve: amazing. an unexpected economic hurdle for school districts considering arming employees. insurance carriers are now threatening to raise their
3:33 am
premiums or revoke coverage altogether. supporters say guns in classrooms should put insurance companies at ease, but opponents say it puts them at greater risk for lawsuit. >>gretchen: talk about a true patriot. this independence day over the weekend we showed you this video of a 6'4 *eufrpblg man wearing an american flag said he knew he had to do something. when he recognized the inmate he wasn't thinking of himself but just about keeping everyone else safe. cooper doesn't consider himself a hero although some people might disagree with him. >>brian: he wasn't robbing the place? he was buying something. >>gretchen: i guess. >>brian: that's like looking at the pictures in the post office and taking action. do you know anyone that's done that? >>gretchen: we got an e-mail from a retired d777-200 captain of an
3:34 am
airplane. we asked would this be normal for a pilot to have 43 hours on this type of aircraft? according to the pilot, yes. there is a refresher, company procedures. the line check is the last phase which is actually done on working flights. if you're an experienced pilot out there and you have a different kind of a story, let us know. that is what might be surprising to a lot of people waking up to find out that you don't have a lot of experience when landing these types of aircraft. >>steve: there were four pilots tphe cockpit at the time. -- in the cockpit at the time. the guy flying and landing was the copilot. >>brian: the day was july 3, steve doocy on vacation, the president in the air, the president knew he had to take action. this was an opportunity. that opportunity was to say, hey, employee mandated health care, obamacare,
3:35 am
let's wait till 2015. then the fireworks go off. they didn't stop because on july 5 something else happened. >>steve: a 606-page document dump occurred while i was on vacation -- >>brian: again on vacation. >>steve: obamacare, we've been telling you it was so big we didn't know what was in it. now they put together a final list of rules, 606 pages. they dumped them on a friday afternoon. kpwoeup -- >>brian: like a memo. >>steve: people are supposed to get subsidies from the government if their employer does not provide health care. we knew that. we also knew to get the subsidies you would have to verify your income and things like that. as it turns out, the government essentially said on friday, this is a really big job so what we're going to have to do is we're going to have to trust people. we're going to use the honor system. you think you deserve a subsidy? we're not going to check on you. ask for one. >>gretchen: it's probably not going to work so well.
3:36 am
i hate to say it. we would love to have faith in the american people and think they would tell the truth but all you've got to do is look at welfare fraud to find out it is pretty easy to rig the system. if you're going to be enforcing or not enforcing an honor system, i don't know if i have much hope for this one. >>brian: where are we getting the revenue from? businesses are going to have one year suspended. now we're supposed to squeeze it out of this area. now the money will be coming from the power vested in your honesty. then there's going to be a deficit. the chicks come home to roost after the mid term election. mine is going to be coming in and out and no one will be upset until after the mid terms. >>steve: the government says there will be better verification someday. but right now because they've got to get things going, no verification. be truthful, america.
3:37 am
>>brian: 24 minutes before the top of the hour. quick look at the world of sports. patriots fans are done with aaron hernandez. more than 1,200 showed up at the patriots pro shop to trade in their hernandez. shop said they can turn in their jerseys. the team took all hernandez memorabilia off the sh*els. nasp car stars turned in their racing stripes for a hard hat. darrell waltrip was among the driver who raised the massive race. trevor bane won the chance to break ground at the speedway's redevelopment project. congratulations. she may be a wimbledon champion but that doesn't
3:38 am
mean she's getting much respect. >> i wonder if her dad did say to her when she was 12, 13, 14 maybe, listen, you're never going to be a looker. >>brian: a bbc radio announcer is in hot water after that remark about marion bartoli. he didn't even say sorry calling his announcement lighthearted. his employers reacted. he said have i dreamt about having a model contract? no. i'm sorry. >>gretchen: i'm interested to know what the context was in what he was saying. in other words, your father said to you because you're not a looker you'll never be anything in life, so by the way, you win wimbledon. >>steve: who won the men's side? >>brian: quite a looker. andy murray. where is ted? ted claims to be from serbia. he's outside. he will not come inside.
3:39 am
>>steve: it was an awesome match. what's coming up on radio? i want to know what's going to be on kilmeade and friends between 9 and noon eastern. >>brian: on kilmeadeandfriends come. the man who owns 13 apple bees will be on along with michael goodwin talking about egypt, obamacare, immigration and so much more. >>steve: meanwhile let's go outside. going to be another hot one in the city. maria molina joins us live out on the streets of new york city. >>brian: is she working with ted? >> that's right. he just confirmed to me that he is indeed from serbia. >>brian: is he upset? is he crying? >> no. he's working right now. he's responsible for the movement you're seeing on the screen right now. we do want to take a look at the weather conditions across the country including right here in new york city where right now
3:40 am
it's about 76 degrees. we will be climbing into the upper 80's. there is a lot of humidity in the air so it will be feeling little bit hotter than that. keep that in mind after a hot weekend. not as hot today but relatively summer-like. 87 degrees for your high temperature in new york city. as we head farther west across sections of the plains we're talking dangerous levels of heat. across parts of kansas we have heat advisories in in effect. you're talking triple digit heat index values. the north central u.s. could be seeing severe weather, parts of nebraska and iowa. we have our third named storm system of the atlantic hurricane system. tropical storm shantal expected to track westward. >>steve: good job to
3:41 am
toba. who knew he had serbian music at his finger tips. >>brian: i love confirmation that this is serbian music. can we get a second source. >>gretchen: there's one clear growth area in the economy right now but it may not be the kind you want. more americans stuck in part-time jobs. the stats are going to surprise you. is this the new reality? charles payne has the answers? >>steve: getting caught in a rip tide. it can turn your beach fun into a deadly nightmare in second. how should you survive? what should you do? maria molina jumps in to maria molina jumps in to show us how. hey! did you know that honey nut cheerios has oats that can help lower cholesterol? and it tastes good? sure does! wow. it's the honey, it makes it taste so... well, would you look at the time... what's the rush? be happy. be healthy.
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3:45 am
what could be the final week of testimony. we're live from sanford, florida, with more. what's going to happen today? >> good morning. let's go back to friday very momentarily. on friday we actually had the defense begin their side of the story. both mothers testified on friday strong emotional testimony from each of those mothers. each of those women testifying that they believed their son was actually screaming on that 911 call. we can listen in to a little bit of their testimony right now. [screaming] >> ma'am, that screaming or yelling, do you recognize that? >> yes. >> and who do you recognize that to be, ma'am? >> trayvon benjamin martin. >> whose voice was that? >> my son george. >> are you certain of that? >> because he's my son.
3:46 am
>> strong testimony from each of those women. it will now be up to the jurors to decide which one actually weighed more heavily in their minds. flash forward to today and this week. we're stkpw-g to hear from a -- going to hear from a lot of the same witnesses the prosecution called up over the past couple of weeks. in particular i'm talking about those neighbors. one neighbor in particular, john goode, actually testified that he saw george zimmerman on the bottom, trayvon martin on the top during that scuffle. we expect people like that to be testifying on the side for the defense throughout this week. >>gretchen: thanks for that update. let's go over to steve now. >>steve: welcome to a part-time america. it sure seems that way. according to the latest jobs numbers, only 47% of americans work full time. is that the new normal for america's job market? fox business network's charles payne joins us now. as it turns out, this latest statistic from the bureau of labor statistics shows not all jobs are created equally. >> and certainly not jobs
3:47 am
in 200,000 private sector jobs, low-paying jobs that don't move the economic needle but probably more disturbing and to your point, full-time employment, people working full-time for economic reasons, there are a handful of people who want to work part time. part-time workers for economic reasons, 320,000, that is a gigantic spike up. that's huge. >>steve: we've got a graphic that shows full time versus parts time. this was for one month. part-time jobs went up 360,000 jobs, but we lost close to a quarter of a million full-time jobs. everybody wants a full-time job. >> there's no full-time jobs in this economy is what some say. part of that goes back to the decision of obamacare where it says this employer mandate we'll push it off for a year. employers have already put this into work. late last year the c.e.o. of darton group said we're
3:48 am
going to have to move people from full time to part time because your definition of full time is hour. this is one of the most serious negative unintended consequence of obamacare. but certainly it's a shocking thing. it goes beyond that, steve. i want to point out people holding multiple jobs that went up 147,000. seven million people holding multiple jobs. discouraged workers went up 247,000, over a million people discouraged. all of this dovetails into a job market where there are very few opportunities. the younger you are, the fewer opportunities there are. >>steve: now we're going into the summer season, in the midst of the summer season. we have seasonal hiring of summer kids. what does the fall look like? >> looks like the same. you talk about young kids. if you say we created five million jobs since the great recession began, aggregate, none of them
3:49 am
went to kids, none went to teenagers. the teenage unemployment rate is through the roof. employment population ratio through the roof. the kind of stuff that sparked revolts in other countries, the kind of job situation that sparked the arab spring exists in this country among our youth. they are not out there rioting but it's the same sort of economic circumstance. >>steve: a lot of those part-time jobs kids used to have during the summer now their parents have to have them because there are no other jobs. charles payne will be doing the stuart varney show today at 9:15 eastern time. we're going to be watching. thank you, charles. straight ahead, one of the nation's largest insurance companies now warning its customers costs are about to skyrocket under obamacare. wait, isn't it called the aep -- affordable care act? one minute you're swimming
3:50 am
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3:53 am
>> gretchen: before you hit beach this summer, it's important what you might be up against, rip currents. >> brian: that might be important, right? >> that's right. we have a story about them coming up. rip currents, they're a particular type of surf that could be a problem for even the most experienced swimmer. i hit the beach to give you a firsthand account of what it takes to survive a current encounter. across america, beaches last year, almost 30 drownings
3:54 am
occurred because of swimmers being caught up in rip currents. it shouldn't stop me from having fun in the sun. >> a rip current is a flow of water from the shore line into the ocean past the breaking waves and out past the breaking sea. >> there are ways to spot one with the naked eye. >> this white foam on the top of the ocean, water here leading out is somewhat of a rip current and you can visually see the discoloration. >> when scientists study the movement of the ocean, they often pour a harmless dye into it to trace the patterns of rip currents. spotting a rip current is half the battle. just in case get caught in one, we're going to show awe few tips. right? >> yep. you ready to get into the water? >> let's go. now, getting into the water was a little tough on the strong surf day. once we got out there, i learned the three top tips for surviving
3:55 am
the risk. >> the first tip and most important is always want to remain calm. do not panic when you're in this situation. a rip current will not pull you under water. it will only pull you out further into the ocean. remain calm. >> keep your eye out for the flags. >> swim between the green flags and the red flags mean no swimming. there is an area of about 80 yards of green flag that you can swim between. >> finally, to break free, swim parallel to the shore. >> right now she's over her head and in a rip current. they should start to move parallel to the rip current. see they're swimming parallel to get out of that rip current. now they're out of the rip current area and they can start to work their way in. >> it does take a little bit of practice. >> how did i do? am i going to be a lifeguard? >> maybe not today. you might need some work. >> with a little bit of know how, surviving the rip can be as
3:56 am
easy as a day at the beach. >> steve: you're from miami. >> it was very scary that day. it was windy. that rip current. >> gretchen: what did it feel like to be inside that rip current? >> it feels like it's pulling you. you have a harder time swimming out in the direction you would typically be trying to go to. >> brian: i love this, stay calm. okay. i'm about to drown. >> probably the toughest tip. >> brian: john mcgovern, supervisor of the lifeguard, was my gym teacher in 7 and eighth grade. >> he said you were great. let's see if you're great on spotting a rip current. we have a picture of a beach where there is a rip current. let's see if you can spot it. >> brian: i would say not. >> not a rip current? no, there's a rip current. where do you think it is. >> steve: right down the middle. >> one of the tips to spot one is see the white foam right on the top of the water. so you can see it right
3:57 am
underneath that purple line. >> brian: if you go in that foam, you're not going to come out? >> steve: you have to know to swim parallel. >> you got pulled out toward the deeper part. >> steve: good job. >> gretchen: right back partner, you can do just that. with our visionary cloud infrastructure, global broadband network and custom communications solutions, your business is more reliable - secure - agile. and with responsive, dedicated support, we help you shine every day of the week. high fructose corn syrup from yoplait original and light, we were like, "sure. no problem!" and you were like, "thanks, but what about thick & creamy and whips!" and we were like, "done and done! now it's out of everything yoplait makes." and you were all, "yum!" and we're like, "is it just us, or has this been a really good conversation?"
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melt-in-your-mouth vitamin supplements. in flavors like creamy vanilla... ...and juicy orange irresistibly melty nature made vitamelts. get a coupon on our facebook page >> gretchen: good morning, everybody. it's monday, hope you had a great holiday weekend. it's july 8. i'm gretchen carlson. thanks for sharing your time of the showing the moment of impact of that deadly plane crash in california. we're learning more about what happened, like the pilot technically in training. we're finding out that could be the norm. we're live on the scene with the very latest. >> brian: chaos erupting in keough as we find out who the new leader will be and actual israeli and it's not someone we talked about before. we're live on the ground in egypt. >> steve: and president obama won the white house by criticizing president bush. but now number 43 says his predecessor might want to take those words back? we'll explain. "fox & friends" hour two for this monday starts right now.
4:01 am
>> brian: we're following a bunch of breaking stories. new video right now on the moment asiana flight 214 crash landed in san francisco. watch. >> oh, my god. it's an accident. >> you're filming it, too. >> oh, my god! >> oh, no! >> oh, my god! >> brian: wow. the video captures it hitting the runway and almost flipping on its side. this morning we're learning the pilot of that plane had never landed a 777 jet at that airport before and he tried to abort the landing 7 seconds before impact. adam housley joins us with the unfolding details at the san francisco international airport
4:02 am
where he's been parked all weekend long. adam? >> good morning. we talked about the different details have come out. it seems like something new comes out every hour or two, even overnight. ntsb continues to provide more details. you talk about the time line. look at the video, this coming from across the bay. gives you an idea of why there are so many witnesses to this crash. you have a situation in san francisco where the airport sits next to san bruno and the hillsides with a lot of homes and also there are hotels along the waterfront that look just across the bay to where the jetty is located, where the runway begins. you also can see where the crash took place. the video shows that plane coming to a rest. the slides deploying. people sliding down the slides. you can see those quite dramatic video as you might imagine from that crash on saturday morning. also we have video that's come from directly at the crash site. this comes to us from the ntsb. you can see the debris field they've been talking about which
4:03 am
spreads over a couple hundred yards. pieces of the fuselage, down to the landing gear sitting there. you can see where this stuff is basically spread all throughout the area. that runway does remain closed. as for the time line, ntsb gave us a little bit yesterday. 7 minutes out, everything seemed fine. just a couple of minutes out, everything still seemed to be fine. gradually things progressed to get worse. you talk about the fact that they asked to abort this landing and actually pull up on it. that could be the reason why the plane then hit the jetty. again, we're still very early in this investigation and while that seems to be what could have happened here, ntsb is very cautious in saying that we still have a long ways to go in this investigation. take a listen as they talk about that time line. >> they called from one of the crew members to increase speed was made approximately 7 seconds prior to impact. the sound of the stick shaker
4:04 am
occurs approximately four seconds prior to impact. a call to initiate a go around occurred 1.5 seconds before impact. >> that call for the go around just wasn't early enough because the plane was low at that point. we spoke to -- i spoke to a pilot yesterday who lands here weekly at sfo on that exact runway and said that plane should have been at least # 50 to 100 feet higher at the point of impact. we do also expect to hear from first responders today. there have been all sorts of reports how many showed up. they had no warning either this was happening. passenger high school no warning. really this was going on only in the cockpit. the first responders came out to respond to a report of a hard landing. they had no idea it was actually a crash landing and the stories of throwing exacto knives to cut
4:05 am
out some of the passengers from the seatbelts. we'll hear from more of them today. you may have heard this over the weekend that one of the fire trucks may have run over one of the two victims. that is still being talked about. they may address that today as well. so there are a number of things we should learn today. this investigation continues to go forward and sfo does say they are starting to get back to normal here, even though that runway does remain closed. back to you. >> steve: adam housley live at san francisco with the very latest. it sounds like the medical examiner will be performing the autopsy on the 16-year-old girl who may have been struck by one of the rescue vehicles. what's interesting is when you look at this particular guy, the copilot who is piloting at the time of the -- when it hit the seawall, it was dragging its tail through san francisco bay, hit the seawall. this was his maiden voyage, flying a 777 into san francisco international airport. they say that he had 44 hours at the controls of the 777, but if
4:06 am
asiana follows global industry standards, a big chunk of those 43 hours were probably in a simulator. so how many hours was he actually behind the wheel of an airplane with people? we don't know. >> gretchen: this could be the norm, according to some pilots who have e-mailed us thus far this morning. so you might want to ask yourself next time yo plane whether or not the pilots don't have a tremendous amount of experience and how do they learn? is this the only way they can potentially learn? simulator and then to the real thing. >> steve: that's how they do it these days. >> gretchen: more and more witnesses are coming forward saying they could see firsthand the plane was headed for disaster. >> steve: joining us from san francisco is one of the eyewitnesses. isabel. she saw the crash from her hotel. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> steve: tell us what you saw. >> well, it all started when i was in my hotel lobby and waiting for mir room when i saw the couple across from me get out and look out the window.
4:07 am
so curiousity got me and i looked out the window and saw this airplane coming in extremely fast and hard and when it landed, the tail end hit at the very end of the bay and it caused it to flip up nose to the ground, tail end in the air, and then hit and spin down the rest of the runway. >> steve: how far were you from the crash? >> at the marriott right across from the runway. there is a little bay right in between it. >> brian: how soon after you saw the plane almost flip and come to a stop did you start seeing smoke and fire? >> within seconds. >> brian: so when you were looking at that, you must be thinking, oh, this is going -- these passengers are in a lot of trouble. were you shocked to find out that only two lost their lives? >> oh, yeah. when i first saw the crash, i thought there was no way that anybody could have possibly survived because of how hard it hit and how much of a spin that
4:08 am
it did. miraculous only two people were killed. >> gretchen: you had the wherewithal because i imagine this could be a surreal experience. but you had the wherewithal to take some of the photos we've been seeing of these huge plumes of smoke. a lot of people who witness tragedies like this say, i'm never going to do that again. does this preclude you now from getting back on an airplane? >> no, not really. i just -- it's a risk you take whenever you get on a plane. you always want to be cautious when things -- but it doesn't happen very often. so i trust that the pilots know what they're doing. >> brian: the stats say it's like getting hurt on an escalator. that's how the chances of you getting hurt in a plane. >> steve: it's crazy. >> exactly. >> steve: isabel had a camera right there. she took some images and saw it and joins us live this morning. thank you very much.
4:09 am
>> thank you. >> gretchen: the other stories making headlines. believe it or not, another deadly plane crash. air taxi went down leaving all ten people on board dead. the charter plane crashed after takeoff, then burst into a fire ball. the flames initially keeping firefighters from getting to the wreckage. it was cloudy, but it's unknow known if that played a role. secretary of state john kerry is in critical condition at this hour. theresa heinze herry had some sort of seizure while on vacation in nantucket. she was flown to boston. heinze kerry, 74, has overcome health problems in recent years and diagnosed with breast cancer in 2009 and underwent surgery and radiation. starting today, furloughs will begin for more than 650,000 civilian workers with the defense department. about 85% of the department's nearly 900,000 employees around
4:10 am
the world are going to be furloughed one day each week over the next three months. this amounts to a 20% salary cut for each pay period for the rest of the income year. for somebody making $40,000 a year, they would get about $600 less a month. when president obama was running for office, he heavily criticized president bush, mostly for the war in iraq. fast forward to today and president obama has maintained many of president bush's national security policies. what does president bush think about that? he sat down for this rare tv interview on that topic. >> i think the president got into the oval office and realized the dangers to the united states and he's acted in a way that he thinks is necessary to protect the country. forgetting the country is the most important job of the presidency. >> gretchen: president bush added his father, former president george h.w. bush, that he's doing great. and you could see him sitting there with the former first lady as well. >> steve: that's right. down on the smu campus. it would be great for the current president to say, hey, you know what?
4:11 am
he was right. think that's going to happen? >> brian: en at any time. the only thing he said at the library is it's impossible to know president bush and not like president bush. but it would help him a lot to say something positive because i think president bush this week who weighed in on immigration reform will help the president get it across. >> steve: 11 minutes after the top of the hour. breaking news out of egypt. the muslim brotherhood's political party calling on egyptians to rise up against the army. joining us from cairo right now, conner powell. conner? >> the tensions here are rising as the political crisis deepens after the military here in egypt opened fire on pro-morsi protesters, demonstrators who were peacefully gathering at the republican guard headquarters, which is the area we believe the former president, morsi, was being held. now there are conflicting reports about what exactly
4:12 am
happened. we know about 50 people were killed, more than 1,000 injured. the military says they were attacked by terrorists as they're calling the pro-morsi supporters, while the pro-morsi supporters said they were there peacefully praying as they've been for the last four or five days when the military began firing. the conflict in cairo is one of the largest slam okay groups part of the anti-morsi coalitions, has pulled out of that coalition, making it very difficult for this new military-backed regime to form some type of coalition government. only will deepen the political divide here, steve. >> steve: that's putting it mildly. conner powell live in cairo, thank you. rise up against the army? that's tough. >> brian: it's impossible. >> gretchen: yeah. chaotic at this point. hopefully this transition will be quick so there will be some sort of election coming up. we know the pilot in that san francisco crash was technically training on the job. is that the norm? a retired navy pilot with a
4:13 am
perspective you won't hear anywhere else coming up. >> brian: elliott smith's former governor of new york taken down by a call girl scandal is mounting a comeback. will voters put him back in public office my name is mike and i quit smoking. chantix... it's a non-nicotine pill. i didn't want nicotine to give up nicotine. [ male announcer ] along with support, chantix (varenicline) is proven to help people quit smoking. [ mike ] when i was taking the chantix, it reduced the urge to smoke. [ malennouncer ] some people had changes in behavior, thinking or mood, hostility, agitation, depressed mood and suicidal thoughts or actions while taking or after stopping chantix. if you notice any of these, stop taking chantix and call your doctor right away. tell your doctor about any history of depression or other mental health problems, which could get worse while taking chantix.
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4:16 am
>> steve: fox news alert. lack of pilot experience could be to blame for this weekend's plane crash in san francisco that left two people dead and 182 injured. look inside that plane. not was it -- it was not the pilot's first time landing a plane in san francisco, but it was his first time landing that particular kind of plane. he only had 43 hours experience behind the 777. captain chuck nash is a retired navy pilot and a fox news
4:17 am
military analyst and he joins us live. good morning to you, chuck. >> good morning, steve. >> steve: we know now the reason it was dipping its tail in san francisco bay and hit that seawall is because it was going too slow. and you have drawn up a diagram that essentially shows what happened. >> yeah. steve, if i could, i'll hold this up. what happened is you start -- here is the glide path that takes you to the desired point of touchdown on the runway. if you start too high and coming downhill, it's like rolling downhill in your car where you just take your foot off the gas and you roll downhill and trading altitude for air speed. but then all of a sudden, you fly below the glide slope, now you're low. it's like in the car rolling up the hill, you come to the bottom, now you're going up. so you're trying to climb back up. if you think that you're on cruise control, you're waiting for it to automatically bring on the power. well, if the throttles were at idle like the chairman of the
4:18 am
ntsb said yesterday, what probably happened was they got low, tried to convert that air speed back to altitude, 7 seconds out, somebody saying, we got to go faster, more speed. three seconds later, the stick shaker goes off and then all of a sudden, about a second and a half prior to impact, somebody says go around, go around. but at that point you're out of air speed, altitude and ideas. >> steve: and that's what happened. let's talk, apparently this -- he was copilot on this. essentially was his maiden flight in the 777 at san francisco. he had flown the 747 in there before. apparently had 40-some odd hours behind the wheel, although many of the hours probably on a simulator. do you have a problem with the way that particular airline handles essentially rookie pilots to a particular plane? >> not really because it's pretty much industry standard. what you have, especially on
4:19 am
transatlantic flights, long haul flights, you'll have crm, or cockpit or crew resource management where everybody has a role in the operation. for example, you have these are the terms, pilot flying. in this case, was the first officer that you just described. then you have the pilot monitoring who is, in this case, the captain. and then you have the relief flight officer who is a very experienced aviator who is sitting in the jump seat watching the operation. so you have all these people coordinate to go do this. what happened was there was a breakdown in that coordination, in that crm and all of a sudden, you have a situation where you're in a decelerating situation, you're at low altitude. the nose keeps getting cocked up, cocked up, and the stick shaker going off is the last thing where that thing is trying to shake you awake to say hey, you're about to stall. they saw the ground coming up, pulled it, smacked the round
4:20 am
down and the rest is history. >> steve: it sure is. all right. chuck nash, who knows a thing or two about airplanes, thank you very much for your per executive n -- perspective? n my pleasure. >> steve: one of the nationest largest insurance companies warning customers, costs are about to skyrocket under obamacare. isn't it called the affordable care act? that's coming up next. and start your engines. you're about to see today's best athletes like you've never seen them before. naked the boys used double miles from their capital one venture card
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>> brian: quick headlines. cuban president raul castro praising the three countries offering a edward snowden asylum. castro stopped short of offering snowden asylum in his communist nation that his brother used to run. elliott submits spitzer is mount ago comeback. he's running for new york comptroller. he resigned adds governor five years ago after being busted in a prostitution scandal involving ash lee dupree and his black so may not be voting for him? his wife. it's reported they've been living apart. still with us, gretchen. hey, gretch. >> gretchen: thanks so much. democrats promised health care reform would save money. the president himself said that it would save money. but it's already costing many americans more. aetna customers, for example, now getting a letter in the mail that says this in part: the affordable care act is changing
4:25 am
health insurance. due to these and other changes, many people will may more in 2014 than they do today. one customer who got that letter, kristen, joins me with her thoughts. good morning to you. >> good morning, gretchen. how are you? >> gretchen: doing great. thanks so much. i know that you thought it was a little ironic that it was called the affordable care act and yet in the same sentence, it said now you're going to be paying more. right? >> yeah. i thought it to be ironic, husband noticed the fact that aetna themselves couldn't even call it the affordable care act in that second sentence where they started it was also increasing health care coverage. aetna at least is being very honest and forth coming with the people they provide coverage to. so that i appreciate. but just in itself saying that the affordable care act is going to increase the cost of health care coverage is just -- baffles me. >> gretchen: so break it down for us because i know you joined etta maybe three years ago -- aetna maybe three years ago. break down how the premiums
4:26 am
increased and how ha affects you as just the amount of pay you're taking home and what you're pay not ing in rents. >> three years ago i was paying approximately 450 or so dollars a month for my plan that i'm still with. i have been very pleased with aetna. their coverage, their customer service. they provide a great benefit. and now at this point i received a letter earlier this summer that basically stated that starting august 1, my health care coverage premium that i've been in for three years would increase to $668 a month. that's just for myself. no family members, no children, no dependents, just myself. at this point it's basically forcing me to choose between a plan that i've been happy with for years, but have become less affordable, or forcing me to go to one of the lower premium, high deductible plans that if i were to ever get sick or injured, would really be something that would hurt me financially just because the deductibles are so high and
4:27 am
co-pays are so high with that lower premium plan. it would really limit my access to going to the doctor just because of the financial obligation, every office visit with incur. >> gretchen: i know so many people are nodding their head saying i know exactly what she's talking about because we've all sort of faced these dilet me mas over the past --ly let me mas did she problems over the last couple of years. is it true you're working two jobs to pay this? >> i work a full-time job, regular business hours. then i've started a side business. what that business is allowing me to do is have the flexibility to work hours other than business hours and it also allows me to have the extra income because in a year where my income is going to stay the same and my taxes went up, finding an extra $83 a month for health coverage is hard for a single working woman. it's something that's very difficult to come up with. >> gretchen: yep.
4:28 am
single women, married women, family people. a loft people getting -- lot of people getting hurt now. did you follow the health care situation over the last couple of years when it was being passed by congress and president obama introduced it? were you following it and if so, did you actually think wow, my health care expenses might be going down or at least staying the same? >> i have followed it. i don't claim to be an expert. i can see what it's done in the last few years with my own personal health care coverage, higher co-pays, higher premiums. morocco pays and deductibles. i didn't think it was going to get cheaper. when you take away underwriting which is basically what it does, it's forcing an industry to provide a good and service, but also forcing everybody to purchase that good or service. and that right there just sort of raised a red flag to me that it wasn't going to all work out the way that it seemed it was going to. >> gretchen: kristen, aetna customer, thanks for your
4:29 am
explanation and so many other people are probably relating to you this morning. have a good week. >> thank you. >> gretchen: the exact moment a home explodes. watch this. blowing it right off its foundation. this is the aftermath. we're going to show you the video all caught on camera coming up next. and another weekend, another hollywood blockbuster bombs. now one of the biggest name in the business says tinseltown might be cursed. could things be changing? ♪ (announcer) at scottrade, our clients trade and invest exactly how they want. with scottrade's online banking, i get one view of my bank and brokerage accounts with one login... to easily move my money when i need to. plus, when i call my local scottrade office, i can talk to someone who knows how i trade. because i don't trade like everi'm with scottrade. me.
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>> gretchen: dramatic new images this morning. look at this photo of that jet crash landing in san francisco on saturday. take a look. a passenger on that plane taking this picture minutes after the crash. flames consuming the cabin. we're also learning the pilot of the plane had never landed a 777
4:33 am
plane at that airport before and only had 43 hours of experience. although he had thousands and thousands in the air on other aircraft. 747s and such. the ntsb now saying the pilot coming in too slow for the landing. the plane signaled the problem four seconds before impact. >> it's called a stick shaker, but there is a yoke that the pilots are holding and that yoke vibrates or shakes and it is telling them that a stall is approaching. >> gretchen: so the pilot tried to abort the landing just 1.5 seconds before the crash. that was too late. >> brian: caught on cam remarks the exact moment a home explodes in michigan. blowing it right off its foundation. authorities think a natural gas leak is to blame for the blast that sent one man to the hospital much his wife and baby escaped without injury. and can you see that black dot? in that black dot is a black dog. he made a run for it moments after the explosion. but took the roadways.
4:34 am
>> steve: high tailing it out. >> brian: easy to find him eventually. >> steve: i think it happened on a sunday at 11:19. >> brian: how do you know everything? >> steve: just guessing. meanwhile, a 13-year-old girl hiding in a closet helps bust a burglar breaking into her house. ex-kahn william wilson broke in through the window and was allegedly stealing video games and jewelry while the young teen-ager hid in the closet. she called her mom who then called the cops. >> it just happens, someone sees an opportunity, they're going to take it. they kind of went in the wrong house that day. >> steve: they did indeed. cops swarmed the house and wilson escaped out the back door, but later that same day, he tried breaking into another house and that is where police eventually arrested him. >> gretchen: caught on camera, a surfer has an encounter with a whale. it was circling bondy beach when all of a sudden, it rose up through a group of surfers
4:35 am
throwing several into the air with its tail. only one knocked unconscious. >> he flips his tail. it was so quick and that was it. >> gretchen: the surfer was only out for a few seconds. expected to be fine. luckily. wow, that's kind of a sporting event, brian. >> brian: that's why i don't surf. whale tails. that is the main reason. all of a sudden, the balance thing. standing in the waves, in the water. sports headlines, it's of newsy, patriots fans are done with aaron hernandez ace tight end, so are the patriots. they had a chance to show up and return their hernandez jerseys. after all, when they got a $40 million contract, they thought he would be around a while. then he looks like he's implicated in this murder, at least one. last week the patriots announced they would replace the jerseys. they took all his memorabilia off their shelves.
4:36 am
let them exchange it for anyone except brady and tebow. tennis, she may be a wimbledon champion, but that isn't getting her respect with announcers. >> i wander if her dad did say to her, listen, you're never going to be looker. >> brian: wow. i'm sure he didn't. but the radio announce service in serious hot water after that remark about bartoli. he didn't even say sorry. calling the comments light hearted. bartoli saying, quote, have i dreamt about having a model contract? no. and i'm sorry about that. and start your engines. espn, the magazine, releasing its naked athletes. gracing the cover is funny card driver, courtney forth. next up, denver nuggets
4:37 am
favorite. and collin kaepernick. and kerry walsh-jennings. three names, one body. and one little stripe. and ufc fighter misha tate. >> gretchen: you have to buy the magazines to see the rest. >> brian: right. i think that's the goal. >> steve: let's go out to maria molina who is joining us live right now on the streets of new york city. >> good morning. today we're going to be talking about more summerlike weather across sections of the plains. east of the rockies, you'll be feeling like summer. temperatures climbing into the middle to upper 90s in parts of kansas, parts of oklahoma, and even down into texas. a lot of heat across the plains. even in new york city, you're talking upper 80s. it is a little cooler than what we had to deal with over the weekend out here. we were talking temperatures well into the 90s and it was so humid, that it did feel like the upper 90s and triple digits at times across the northeast. showers and storms also expected
4:38 am
across sections of the east coast. even severe storms could be possible in sections of the north central u.s., including states like minnesota, north and south dakota, into nebraska and iowa. damaging winds, large hail, and isolated tornadoes will be the main concern. later on i want to mention tropical storm chantal, 40 mile-an-hour winds, impacts coming up shortly. >> steve: thanks. >> gretchen: is there a dark cloud closing in on hollywood? another weekend, another multi million dollar movie rejected by audiences across america. the "the lone ranger," which cost $250 million made 29.4 million at the box office. what gives? michael joins us live. the "the lone ranger" got panned by sop of the critics and i think the audience listened. >> although it did get a b plus which is actually pretty good in terms of word of mouth.
4:39 am
but it's another monday and another bomb. steven spielberg and george lucas were talking about this a couple weeks ago at usc on how there is going to be an implosion. i think we have maybe of half a dozen mega budgets will go crashing into the ground. they were talking about summer 2013. follows in the steps of "white house down." >> steve: i think we've got a graphic that shows how much some of these big summer block busters cost and how much they took in. "the lone ranger," a stink bomb, cost a quarter of a billion dollars. brought in a tenths of that. >> a tenth of that and hoping to recoup some of the money overseas. westerns are a tough sell overseas and tough sells with younger audiences. >> brian: too much tonto and not enough lone ranger. >> my mother has a way of nailing it. she said, it was too long for something so unimportant.
4:40 am
>> brian: how do you really feel? thank you. >> she's fine. she's a fine-up standing citizen. >> gretchen: let's talk about soap operas. we keep hearing they're dying. what's happening now? >> fans of "all my children" and" one life to live" have something to celebrate. they're both coming back on the oprah winfrey network. new especially receiveds come out every wednesday. it's a limited ten-week run engagement. we sat down with the actor who plays dave vickers on "one life to live" and credits the comeback to the fans. >> i really didn't think it was coming back. and after i made several public statements, look, folks, it's over. it's done, we all need to move on, i got a phone call that said, hey, you want to be on
4:41 am
"one life to live" again? i was surprised and a tribute to the grassroots movement of the fans. a lot of grassroots movements don't work out. but this one really did. we really do owe it onto fans. >> the rest of the interview on-line. she's a big fan of "all my children." >> steve: when is "secret storm" coming back? "dark shadows request --" >> we'll see? >> steve: the administration promising transparency, what are they trying to hide? we'll tell what you we know. >> brian: then. >> gretchen: he predicted the nsa scandal in a book that was supposed to be fiction. now the author says his sources told him about the next big scandal on the horizon and he's here next. will he spill the beans? >> brian: i can't wait to find out. i'm talking to him oh, he's a fighter alright.
4:42 am
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4:45 am
>> gretchen: 45 minutes after the top of the hour. quick headlines. an unexpected hurdle for school districts trying to arm employees. insurance carriers threatening to raise premiums or revoke coverage completely. supporters say guns in classrooms should put insurance companies at ease. but opponents say it puts them at greater risk. military files ordered about the navy seal raids on osama bin laden's hideout to be purged from defense department computers and sent to the c.i.a. where they could be easily shielded from ever being made public. so much for president obama's promise to be the most transparent administration in history. let's go over to brian. >> brian: thanks. everyone thought it was fiction in his last book. last summer's best selling book
4:46 am
"black list" warned us of the nsa spying scandal months before it actually became a huge scandal and mess. now the author has a new book and a brand-new scandal to discuss and he claims this will blow the nsa story out of the water. this time the focus is on the federal reserve. best selling author, maybe the best in the country, brad thor not only has a great imagination, you have great sources and resources, so it's based on fact. congratulations on "hidden order." >> thank you very much. comes out tomorrow. and as we have talked before, i'm a beach freak guy. so i want you to have this guy and have fun. i'll competing with chancily, patterson. but if you finish it and say i learned something, in addition to the great thrill ride, then i think that's icing on the cake. >> brian: when it comes out, you talked about the nsa and people say, i loved the book but i don't think it's that big of a deal, but it is. but you believe prism is just scratching the surface? >> it's just the tip of the iceberg. there is so much more to what the nsa is doing. what we're not hearing about is
4:47 am
everything that the dhs is doing. there is an amazing amount of money that they've been pumping into technology and nsa so it's beyond phone calls and beyond e mails. it's you on the street. it's you going into a sporting events, how do -- >> brian: is this way to stop terrorism? >> in 1975, senator frank church went on "meet the press" and said if the nsa ever turns its giant listening ears on the american people, he said the government will be able to run amuck and there will be nothing citizens can do. what happened after 9-11? those giant listening ears, now we're all suspects until proven innocent. that's not 4th amendment and that's not okay. >> brian: the intent of this is -- >> of course. >> brian: you write "hidden order" and bring up another concern. the fed. what operates them, how much power do they have? >> when i researched this book, it was like the pages of a spy novel. just the real life stuff about the fed. the federal reserve is 100 years old this year. they love the fact that there is the james rosen scandal, irs,
4:48 am
nsa is nobody is looking at the fed because the fed is -- we've got the stock market. it's up, up, up. but i guarantee you the next big scandal -- this book is not about the fed. it's woven in. but it's fat nateing. when you start peeling back the layers of the onion what this group really does. >> brian: the new guy coming in. they've been pumping money into the system at a dizzying rate and they decided in a one-man show, ben bernanke, to do it. now he's pulling it back, we're falling apart. the market is somewhat unsteady and not believe the economy's comeback. what do you believe the fed can do that you didn't know before? >> i don't want to give the full plot away, but i was fascinated that the first thing, one of the first things the libyan rebels did when they were trying to get rid of gadhafi before he was gone is set up their own central bank. for a thriller writer, the real life stuff that's going on there, the purpose -- listen, they're trying to distract the american people. they pretend like they're part of the federal government.
4:49 am
they're as federal as federal express. >> brian: is there a better feeling than brad thor walking and seeing everyone reading his "hidden order" on the beach? is that the feeling that you want? >> that's what you want as an author. >> brian: on facebook, what did you do? >> we let the fans pick what cuff links were going to get worn today. >> brian: your fans had three choices. >> they chose the hand grenades. >> brian: i did not know they sold that. >> they said the book was going to be the bomb. >> brian: this is from the nypd. it gets me out of speeding tickets. you're way to productive. what was it like inside the plane that crashed on the san francisco runway? up next, we have an eyewitness' terrifying account. they'll be joining us live. then superstar turned super hero. craig morgan knows how to save lives. he'll be here to weigh in on how to handle a crisis. country music style so then the little tiny chipmunks go all the way up...
4:50 am
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4:53 am
>> steve: fox news alert. we're hearing stories of heros who ran into the plane wreckage from the firefighters trying to prevent an explosion. police officers who tossed knives into the cabin so crew members could cut seatbelts of trapped passengers. >> gretchen: someone who knows a thing or two about that kind of bravery, finding themselves in those kinds of situations and knowing how to act is country singer craig morgan. last month he pulled a trucker from a firey crash. remember we had him on the show right after that. he's taken similar risks many times before and he joins us live from nashville. good morning to you, craig. >> good morning. >> gretchen: so that was a recent one we talked to you
4:54 am
about, the firey truck crash. tell us about the other one about two little girls in a burning house. >> my sons and i and my wife, i had just got in off the road again and we were traveling over to visit some family and my wife and one of my sons noticed the house was on fire. actually i had passed the house and i didn't even notice it. they caught it. we pulled into a service station and it was happening. my other son and i took off and ran over there to assist and ended up pulling a couple kids out of the house and doing what anybody in my neighborhood would do, i'll be honest. >> steve: a lot of people see trouble, they run from it. you run toward it. that's part of your background. you were in the army for a long time and you were trained as an emergency medical technician. >> yeah. and i think that's what's important to understand. i have a skill set because of experience and i did that for a long time. so that's a big part of who i am. but the reality is, i think anybody can lend a helping hand. the problem these days is
4:55 am
everyone is so concerned about the negative repercussions of helping someone. >> steve: i might get sued! >> yeah. but i'm just not going to worry about that. i'll worry about that after the fact. i'd rather sleep at night dealing with the fact i may be sued than dealing with the fact that someone died because of my lack of initiative. >> brian: we know last night was a big night for you. it was craig morgan all access outdoors, the fourth season of the show. what's going to be different this year? >> there is a lot more personality stuff in the shows. this is an outdoor show. we hunt, fish, sky dive, scuba dive, all kinds of stuff in the show. what we found is people like to watch a lot more of the behind the scenes stuff and if you watch the show, you see there is a lot of comedy in our reality. it is a reality-based show. we're making fun of our band members and our crew and myself included. there is a lot more of that, a lot more of the family stuff.
4:56 am
>> brian: is it true if you do it on the tv show, you don't have to pay for it? >> it's true, for the most part. there is some stuff we have to pay for. >> steve: didn't you do some dancing at your daughter's wedding? did they wind up for the wedding? >> no, i wish they had paid fort wedding. >> steve: no kidding! >> holy wow. no. i'm just like everybody else. i do the same stuff everybody else does. only difference is, we film it and everybody makes fun of me. >> gretchen: i just saw that photo of you fishing in the bahamas. that was a big catch. we'll tune in for this season and i know if you had been out in san francisco, you would have lent a helping hand. thanks, craig. >> thank you. >> steve: he should wear a cape. he is almost a super hero. >> brian: i know. ten years in the military certainly helped. coming up, don't mess with this guy. he's a hero -- he's a hero wearing an american flag shirt. takes down a suspect. >> gretchen: what would you do if you get caught in a rip tide?
4:57 am
would you survive? maria molina got caught in one and she survived and will give you your life saving lesson straight ahead when you experience something great, you want to share it. with everyone. that's why more customers recommend verizon, america's largest 4g lte network.
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5:00 am
>> gretchen: good morning. everybody. it's monday, july 8. hope you had a great holiday weekend. i'm gretchen carlson 6789 thanks for sharing your time. fox news alert. new information on the plane crash in san francisco over the weekend. the pilot apparently in training with that kind of a jet during the botched landing that left two people dead and more than 100 injured. we're live on the scene with the very latest details. they're coming in right now. >> steve: and chaos in cairo overnight. not sure what it means to you or what it means to me or whether you should care and wait until you hear about this. bret baier is here to break down the crisis like you've never heard in american terms to make it kind of easy. >> brian: he'll let you know why it's important for you to care. and the government now relying on the honor system to determine if y government health care.
5:01 am
some subsidies could be coming your way, as long as you promise to be honest. how exactly is that supposed to work? will it possibly work? could it work? i know this, hour three of "fox & friends" is coming up right after this pricey animation. >> gretchen: fox news alert right now. more details about that deadly crash landing in san francisco. dramatic new video of passengers running to safety moments after the crash. we've also learned the pilot had never landed a 777 jet at this airport before. he only had 43 hours of flying experience with this type of plane. the ntsb now saying the pilot was coming in way too slow for this landing 7 seconds before landing. the crew called to increase the speed, but four seconds out, the stick shaker, that's what the pilot is holding to, sounds an alarm that the plane is about to
5:02 am
stall. 1 1/2 seconds before impact, the pilot tries to abort landing, but it was too late. now inspectors will try to determine how much pilot error played a role in this crash. >> steve: our next guest had a clear view of the runway from his nearby hotel when he witnessed the crash. he joins us live from san francisco. anthony, thanks for being with us. >> certainly. good morning. >> steve: good morning to you. so you were, as we understand, at your hotel across the channel from the runway where the crash occurred and you're somebody who loves to watch airplanes come in, land, take off. this one, though, seemed different, didn't it? >> this one did. i was there that morning. i choreograph my entire morning to watch large commercial aircraft come in. never seen it before. out of the corner of my eye i caught the asiana flight and i
5:03 am
could tell it was a triple 7. and just opened my curtain to watch it. nothing seemed out of the ordinary as it's passing by my window. what i do notice is i said to myself, looks like the pilot is trying to bring the nose up a little bit more than most of the average planes i've seen here. and as it's getting closer toward the runway, i'm noticing wow, he's really going to be coming in pretty close to that runway. certainly hitting the runway a lot sooner than most of the other aircraft. so as it's coming down and getting much closer to the ground, you could see the nose pitched up even more. i want to say at least three to five degrees. and at that point i was kind of waiting for the puff of smoke you typically see when landing gear touch the ground. when i didn't see that, i did see large plume of white smoke and immediately following that large plume of white smoke you see a small fire ball just shoot out from underneath the left
5:04 am
side of the aircraft and at that point, my first thoughts are, he blew a tire, you know, something small happened with landing gear. as it is starting to make its way down, you could start to hear a distinct noise of scraping. sounded like a multi-car accident starting to occur. you could see more white smoke just really enveloping almost the entire center of the aircraft, top to bottom. and you could see that the aircraft was definitely in trouble because it began to look like it was about to start to spin and at that point in time, you could begin to see the tail starting to just come off. but coming down the runwayers, parts of the tail were still intact with the aircraft and at that point then you saw the aircraft actually begin to pick itself up and begin to do what i call a semi cart wheel and it
5:05 am
started to spin around to land in the final position that it's at right now. my immediate thoughts after that were my god, what has happened? >> gretchen: it must have happened so quickly. you're describing it in such amazing detail, but this is all happening within a matter of a couple of seconds. based on what you saw, did you expect that there would be so far only two deaths? >> well, no. i actually was hoping there would be no deaths. i said that looks like a very survivable crash, assuming that the tail section had broken off far enough back that there were no -- that there would have been no passengers or crew. i said this seems to be a very survivable crash. we've got past the explosion. but then we started to see the large plumes of black smoke and we said okay. that's going to be the next problem they face. >> brian: thanks so much for your eyewitness account of that tragic story in san francisco. >> steve: very thorough.
5:06 am
>> brian: thanks. breaking news out of egypt right now. the muslim brotherhood's political party calling on egyptians to rise up against the army. bret baier joins us from washington, d.c., sure to be on "special report" tonight and possibly be the lead. bret, welcome. first off, it's not like morsi didn't get a warning that it was all coming to a close. correct? >> right. this was clearly millions and millions of people taking to the streets saying that they were not going to put up with mohammed morsi and what had happened. it's interesting to point out that the u.s. is having a tough time framing how they want to respond and the president's response is a little vague. on the streets of egypt, there is no doubt about it. they had enough of mohammed morsi and they used the military to get him out of power. >> steve: right. i understand, bret, i saw your e-mail yesterday. you got a great nutshell from somebody who understands that region expertly on how we can
5:07 am
all understand what's going on there in american terms. so the way they describe it, you're about to describe the president, but in the president's place actually is morsi. >> right. say this is from someone in egypt trying to say why this was not a military coup. they're trying to say what was happening with mohammed morsi. they say he gets elected with just over 51% of the vote. the first five months are uneventful. but then he annuls the constitution. he then takes out the u.s. supreme court, dissolves the u.s. supreme court. he let's terrorists out of jail. anybody who opposes this is automatically beaten down, some are killed. the stock market tanks, the economy tanks. gas and oil price and everything you pay in day-to-day living shoots through the roof. this gives you perspective if
5:08 am
that happened here what people would think about it. >> gretchen: where do we move forward? you have your finger on the pulse there in washington with regard to the united states response to all of this. but morsi is gone, which many people say here in the u.s., that was a good thing. but now we've got the million tear in charge -- military in charge, or do we? what about the transition period? >> i think privately there are messages being sent that this has to go quickly. that you have to get this interim government set up and you have to get to elections as quick as you possibly can because that's the issue of why it's so vague. there is a camp here on capitol hill that says you need to support democratic processes you and need to not be supportive in any way of a military takeover. what the egyptians on the ground are saying is this wasn't that. this was the people rising up and they're going to get to elections as soon as possible. if they can avoid the violence before that happens, that's the
5:09 am
trick. >> brian: we got a pattern. in syria, assad is going to go. we don't do anything. we have mubarak, he's got to go. then we don't coo anything. i'm curious, are we going to have a follow-up this time or bistanders again? >> that's a great question, brian. i think a lot of people in the middle east say the u.s. needs to be more active, at least just present in a lot of these different things. >> steve: stand by for that. also classic document dump on friday between the holiday and the weekend where regarding obamacare and what's interesting is, people were supposed to get subsidys if their employers did not provide health care benefits. but as it turns out, the government is not going to be able to verify whether or not you have the right income standards, so they're going to trust people. what could possibly go wrong? >> amazing. the hhs and they have thousands and thousands and thousands of pages of these rules tied to obamacare. but this one came out on friday. that's a normal thing, the
5:10 am
document dump on friday. this is a holiday friday, july 5. 606 pages come out from the hhs saying we're not going to qualify, we're not going to check if anybody qualifies to receive benefits. this is a big, big deal. it will become a big story in the initial implementation of obamacare because you could see taxpayer dollars going out the window. >> gretchen: we got to let you go. but we already see so much fraud in medicare and welfare and everything else. we can't imagine they're admitting this up front and what the repercussions might be. thanks so much for joining us. have a fantastic week. >> see you. >> brian: we'll watch person special tonight. they dump 606 pages. the health and human services says we're not going to look over anyone's shoulders. we decided in order to raise revenue to make obamacare work, is tax medical devices. so now that you have 2.3%
5:11 am
medical device tax, you know what they're doing? nothing. all these funds are drying up. no one is investing because we also like to make a profit in this country. you tax me on taking a risk on something that we don't know is going to work or not? >> steve: if you're just going to trust people to tell the truth, how is that going to work out when it comes to fraudsters if you look at the earned income tax credit. many people who get them don't deserve them. they should not be applying for them. but they get them. so if you use that same metric, you could probably lose over ten years, a quarter of a trillion dollars to fraud on this program. >> brian: i give you, if you want to know american people in honesty, i give you the newspaper defense. we don't see them as much, but you're supposed to put in a quarter and take one out. how many people walk around and resell the usa todays after you put in your dollar -- from inside the airport?
5:12 am
we need verification in this country. >> gretchen: you make a huge profit. >> brian: i love it! i'm not saying i do it. >> steve: here in new york city, the sunday paper, five dollars. that's a lot of quarters. >> brian: right. i have a layover plan. i just bid a -- i just bought last week's sunday paper. >> gretchen: hopefully these headlines are from this morning's papers. the ntsb is on the scene on another plane crash in alaska. all ten people on board are dead. the charter plane crashed after takeoff and burst into a fire ball. the flames initially keeping firefighters from getting to the wreckage. it was cloudy and slightly windy at the time, but unknown if that played a role in the crash. the wife of secretary of state john kerry in critical condition at the hospital right now. theresa heinze kerry had an apparent seizure while on vacation in nantucket. she was flown to massachusetts general. she's 74 and has overcome
5:13 am
serious health problems in recent years. she was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2009. she underwent surgery and radiation. talk about a true patriot. this independence day over the weekend, we showed you this video of a man wearing an american flag t-shirt tackling an escaped convict. now that man is speaking out. the 45-year-old says he knew he had to do something when he recognized the inmate. he put the safety of everyone else in the store first and doesn't consider himself a hero. >> brian: i think he should be in the olympics. >> steve: very nice. coming up, calls to abort the landing coming just seconds before the plane hit the ground. so what really happened inside that cockpit? a former faa official has a stunning explanation you're going to want to hear. >> gretchen: what would do you if you got caught in a rip tide? would you survive? our own maria molina did. her own life saving lessons straight ahead. >> brian: next.
5:14 am
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>> gretchen: continuing coverage of a fox news alert. pilot inexperience could be to blame for the plane crash in san francisco that left two people dead so far. 182 injured. not only was this his first time landing a 777 in san francisco, the crew didn't react to the problems until a few seconds before impact. is that because the computer navigation system at the airport was turned off or did that matter at all? here to help us understand how everything works, former faa senior official and vp of gephardt government affairs, scott brenner. let's start with the navigation system. it was turned off at the airport? what is that and what do we make of it? >> sure. that system is designed to help pilots land in really poor weather. it's kind of a supplemental navigation device. most pilots on a clear day like
5:18 am
we had the other day when this plane crashed, most pilots don't like to use that. they've got technology in the aircraft to help them. but they want a visual. they want to see what's going on and take the plane in. >> gretchen: you don't think that's a big problem in this whole thing. let's move on to any kind of warnings that may have happened. what we're hearing is that at 7 seconds before landing, there was some sort of an attempt to ask to increase speed or to lift up. but what about at 30 seconds or 45 seconds? >> you know, unfortunately, no. there is not -- you're not going to get a speed indicator until that stick shaker, they call a stick shaker, which is basically the plane warns the pilot that this plane is about to stall. so it actually shakes the stick. and most times to recover from that, you have to dive to pick up speed. when you're only a couple hundred feet off the tarmac, you really can't do that. i guess my biggest question in all this is yes, this guy was
5:19 am
inexperienced, but you have inexperienced people landing planes. you've got to get the first flight in. what was the senior pilot doing? you are approaching the most critical phase of flight when landing an aircraft, especially with a pilot landing it for the. what was that senior pilot doing? why was he not watching what the air speed was? the air speed is critical. >> gretchen: so that appears to be the problem here because then the plane stalls and we see what happened as a result. put it in perspective for us because we've all gotten onto airplanes and seen the cockpit. you're saying this pilot who was doing it for the first time is in the left hand seat, the more senior pilot with more experience is in the right hand seat. and maybe a third pilot in the jump seat. and that maybe two other pilots inside that cockpit did not notice there was something going on? >> yeah. it's troubling. it is troubling because pilots are trained, when they are going into a landing, they have to maintain a minimum air speed in case something happens, you've got a car runs across the runway or you need to divert, that you're going to have enough power to lift that plane up out of the danger area.
5:20 am
for them to allow this airplane to get to such a low air speed and as we heard from the ntsd, it wasn't just off by a little. it was off bay lot. so this plane is going probably around 100 miles an hour, which is ready to stall. that stick starts shaking. they try to lift up and it's too late. >> gretchen: wow. based on what you're telling us, it's amazing there wasn't more of a tragedy there. scott brenner, former faa senior official. thanks so much. deborah, the chair of the ntsb who you've seen all weekend, she'll be joining us live coming up in 20 minutes from now. also coming up, the exact moment of impact caught on camera. what caused this home to be blown right off its foundation? you have five minutes to live after getting caught in a rip tide. what would you do? would you survive? our own maria molina did. her life saving lesson coming up next
5:21 am
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>> steve: monday morning headlines. starting today, furloughs begin for more than 650,000 civilian workers with the department of defense. 85% of the department's nearly 900,000 employees around the world will be furloughs one day each week over the next three months. other news, elliott spitzer is mounting a comeback. the disgraced former democratic governor of new york is running for new york city comp patrolling. he resigned famously as governor five years ago after being busted in a prostitution scandal involving that woman, ashley dupree. one person who may not be voting for him, however, is his wife.
5:25 am
the "new york post" reports the two have been living apart. >> brian: millions of americans are hitting the beach this summer and it might be you. before you make that trip into the water, it's very important to know what you are up against. >> gretchen: maria molina just went to new york's nearest beach to face the rip tides. >> that's right. rip currents are particular type of surf that can be a problem for even the most experienced swimmer. i hit the beach to give you a firsthand account of what it takes to survive a current encounter. (whistle blower). >> across america's beaches last year, almost 30 drownings occurred due to swimmers getting caught up in rip currents. while it may seem scare yerkes it shouldn't stop me from having fun in the sun this supper. >> rip current is a water from the shore line into the ocean past the breaking waves and out
5:26 am
past the breaking sea. >> there are ways you can spot a rip current with the naked eye. the first thing, surfing the beach from an elevated level. >> this white foam on the top, water right here leading out is somewhat of a rip current. you can see the difference in the color of the water. >> when scientists study the movement of the ocean, they often pour a harmless dye into it to trace the patterns of rip currents. spotting a rip current is half the battle. just in case you get caught in one, pat and i are going to show awe few tips. right? >> yep. you ready? >> yes. let's go. >> now, getting into the water was a little tough on the strong surf day. once we got out there, i learned the three tip tips for surviving a rip. >> the first tip and the most important is you always want to remain calm. do not panic when you're in this situation. a rip current will not pull you under water. only further into the ocean.
5:27 am
remain calm so you can swim back in. >> tip two, keep your eye out for the flag. >> green, swim between the green flags and the red flags, no swimming. also signified by the symbol on the flag. there is an area of about 80 yards of green flag where you can swim between. >> finally, to break free, swim parallel to the shore. >> right now maria is in over her head and she's in a rip current right now. they probably should start to move parallel. they're swimming parallel to get out of that rip current area and get into calmer water. now they're out of the rip current area and c start to work their way in towards the shore line. >> it does take a little bit of practice. how did i do? am i going to be a lifeguard? >> maybe not today. you might need some work. >> with a little bit of know how, surviving the rip can be as easy as a day at the beach. >> steve: hasselhoff would be very proud. >> brian: special thanks to teacher swimwear -- keefeer swim
5:28 am
wear. that was the beach i grew up in. january mcgovern was my gym teacher. if there was a rip tide today, would you jump in knowing you could swim out? >> no, i wouldn't even get into the ocean if it were that rough. i would typically not. but he wanted to give you the tips. we have a photo of a beach where there is a rip current and we want to see if you at home can find the rip current. we gave you a couple of hints. we said that one of the ways to spot a rip current is when there is some white foam on the top of the ocean. you can see the rough surf. so we have some waves. where do you think the rip current is? >> steve: the couple part between the white part. >> brian: i was told not to play because i screwed up the last time. >> gretchen: is this the same picture we saw an hour ago? >> yes. >> brian: i messed it up. i didn't see it at all. >> the waves crash on the shore -- >> brian: you group up in the ocean in sweden. >> steve: i did. iowa. >> there is a lot of oceans
5:29 am
there. [ laughter ] >> steve: if you see the white caps on both sides and it's relatively calm in the middle, don't go in the middle. >> yes. because the rip current kind of forms because you have the ocean coming onshore, the waves. and a little tunnel forms. a little river that pulls you back out. that's the area shaded in purple. that's really why it's so dangerous. you get pulled out. you get tired and we actually had two people killed last week on the beaches in north carolina. so this can be very dangerous. we want everyone to take it seriously. >> steve: if you ever get caught, swim parallel until you're out of the rip tide. >> brian: good luck with the don't panic. that does help not to panic. thanks a lot. >> steve: good job. >> gretchen: coming up, president obama was not shy about criticizing president bush. so what does president bush think about all that? he sits down for a rare interview and you'll see it next. >> brian: then this video going viral this morning. but is it real or hocus pocus?
5:30 am
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5:33 am
with everyone. that's why more customers recommend verizon, america's largest 4g lte network. >> gretchen: fox news alert. details about what may have caused that jet to crash land in san francisco. the pilot of the plane was in training, it never landed a 777 jet at that airport before. adam housley joins us with the very latest. learning more and more as each hour goes by, right? >> yeah. we are. that plane was basically flying too low and too slow. but it's still to early, according to the ntsb, to blame it on pilot error. was it that? was it a combination potentially of also some sort of mechanical failure? but what they can tell us, too low and too slow. that's why it came down the way it did. the video we're seeing, new
5:34 am
video in, showing people jumping onto those slides and down escaping the plane and the tail of the plane gone. we're hearing more details of what happened inside from some of the flight attendants who were there talking about how one of the slides actually opened up inside the plane and they had to use an ax to deflate it as two of the attendants teamedded to get to it the ground. others had to cut off seatbelts. quite a remarkable story when you think about how many people made it off the plane. we do know two people were killed, two 16-year-old girls, and there may be an update today on one of those girls. there have been reports that one was run over by an emergency vehicle. we may hear from the coroner talking about that. ntsb, as we wrap it up, will be talking to some of the crew today. they have talked to a couple of the witnesses and also some passengers. but today they're going to start talking with the crew as they map this whole thing out and the voice recorders are in dc and
5:35 am
they hope to have some of that information as well. back to you in new york. >> steve: thank you very much. by the way, the ntsb chair, is going to join us live in a couple minutes with new information from san francisco. as people looked for someone to blame, they're expecting lawsuits. who could be held responsible and for what? joining us is peter johnson, jr. >> good morning. welcome back. yeah. we heard adam housley talking about too low, too slow, elements for lawsuits, unfortunately, for claims against various parties. we don't know the true cause of what brought this airliner down. so potentially, the airliner and its pilots, but also boeing. in 2008, there was a crash at heathrow airport in great britain where the plane landed too early, touched the edge of the runway and resulted in some injuries. not obviously in deaths. that was because of ice in a
5:36 am
fuel line. different type of engines here than that particular crash. but we're hearing about the potential for pilot error. we're also hearing, and adam housley pointed to it, this is quite interesting, that at least two, according to one wire service reports at least two of the slides opened inside of the plane, not outside. so it didn't deploy to the ground, but deployed inside. allegedly trapped one of the flight attendants and it took an ax to cut it away. >> steve: it's so interesting that you bring that up because when we've looked at the aerial shots, it's like why are the slides all off on the left side and nothing on the other side? now if that is true and apparently it is, the slides opened inside. that sounds like some sort of malfunction. >> a product liability claim could be brought. that goes to defective equipment. it goes to faulty design. it goes to structural problems with the 777.
5:37 am
then there is something called a common negligence claim, pilot error or other human mistake that may have occurred that caused this airliner to go down. we've also heard about, unfortunately, it appears one of the 16-year-old victims may have been run over by a response vehicle, but clearly that's tied back to either the airline's failure or to the airliners, the boeing company failures, if there are any. we don't know. we won't know for a while. but when you hear about it, too low, too slow, almost going into that bay and the eyewitness reports that we've heard about the miraculous nature of what occurred and what occurred in terms of some of the flight attendants. there was one flight attendant who was the last person off that plane. >> steve: heroic. >> and had a broken tailbone as well, but didn't know it and continued to fight for people's lives on these planes.
5:38 am
these are lawsuits that will be settled. there are technical niceties in terms of international conventions and treaties and like that. but obviously these are claims that will be resolved. it's more interesting to know whether there are any product issues here. i would hope not. safest plane in the world. >> steve: there you go. peter johnson, jr., thank you. >> good to see you. >> brian: happier note, peter, your suit reminds me of summer. it's official. >> thank you. >> brian: it reminds me that summer is here. >> let's go for ice cream. >> brian: 22 minutes before the top of the hour. talk about a problem, cable nsa uses to spy. we spoke to an asian firm. the united states strong armed the company called global cross so long it could keep spying. the company also must have a network operation center. the government can access within 30 minutes on american soil.
5:39 am
global crossings network connects 27 countries and four continents. >> gretchen: when president obama was running for office, he criticized president bush. >> brian: i don't remember any of that. >> gretchen: fast forward to today and president obama maintained many of president bush's security policies. so what does president bush think about that now? he sat down for this rare tv interview on that topic. >> i think the president got into the oval office and realized the dangers to the united states and he's acted in a way that he thinks is necessary to protect the country. protecting the country is the most important job of the presidency. >> gretchen: president bush added his father, former president george h.w. bush, is feeling great, obviously he was asked that question as well. >> brian: caught on camera, the exact moment a home explodes in michigan, blowing it right off its foundation. authorities think a natural gas leak is to blame for the blast. sent one man to the hospital. his wife and baby escaped without injury. and can you see that black dot? that's the family dog making a
5:40 am
run for it moments after the explosion right down the path. >> gretchen: she may be wimbledon champion, but that isn't getting her any respect. listen to this. >> i just wonder if her dad did say to her when she was 12, 13, 14 maybe, listen, you are never going to be a looker. >> gretchen: a bbc radio announcer is in some seriously hot water after that ridiculously stupid remark about wimbledon champ marian bartoli. he called the comments light hearthed. his employer was quick to apologize. bartoli took it in stride. listen to what she said. have i dreamt about having a model contract? no. i'm sorry, but she gets the last laugh because she's the wimbledon champion and i doubt that guy will ever amount to anything that great. >> brian: i agree. 20 minutes before the top of the hour. on our rundown, we're about to get a live update on the plane crash investigation from the
5:41 am
head of the ntsb. then -- >> steve: this video going viral this morning. but is it real or is it magic? we're going to tell you what we know. >> brian: i think it's magic.
5:42 am
5:43 am
5:44 am
>> gretchen: quick headlines. cuban president raul castro praising the three latin american countries offering a edward snowden asylum. bolivia, nicaragua and venezuela. he stopped short of offering him asylum in his own country of cuba. is this guy floating or is it hocus pocus? or magic? word is this viral video is him sitting on a board that's being held up by the pole and covered up by his pants. see the board underneath.
5:45 am
>> steve: if it's magic, have him release the pole. probably not. >> gretchen: then he would be aladdin. >> steve: meanwhile, quarter before the top of the hour. fox news alert. a cockpit voice recorder recovered from asian in -- asiaa airline says the pilot attempted to aboard the landing a second and a half before it hit ground. who is responsible? we're joined by ntsb chairman, deborah hersman joining us from san francisco. thank you very much for being with us, deborah. >> good morning. >> steve: we're learning a lot about the guy who was at the controls of the plane at the time. it was his first time ever behind the wheel of that particular kind of aircraft flying into that airport. is that troubling to you? >> you know, there is always going to be upgrades. there is going to be airplanes that people are going to check out in.
5:46 am
you're going to be coming into new airports. these pilots and these airplanes fly all around the world. you want to make sure they can do it safely every time and safely the first time. really a lot is focused on the crew's experience, their training, crew resource management, the way they communicate and how they divy up their responsibilities. >> gretchen: you would assume if this was the pilot's first time in this aircraft at sfo, then that's why you have more than one pilot in the cockpit, because then the pilot with more experience would do something before seven seconds before that crash landing? >> right. we know seven seconds before the landing that there is a conversation in the cockpit that they are too slow. they have a target approach speed of 137 knots and they talk about that they are below that. so there is a recognition of
5:47 am
that. four seconds before impact, they get a stick shaker activation. it's an oral and a vibration in the yoke of the wheel that they're holding that's basically telling them, you are about to have a stall in this airplane if you don't take measures to avoid it. then 1 1/2 seconds before impact, they call for a go around. that means they're communicating with each other saying they want to abort the landing and go around and try again. we know that they didn't achieve that. we want to understand what was going on not just in those seven seconds, but in the critical seconds leading up to that point. >> brian: have you had a chance to talk to the man behind the wheel? >> we are hoping to interview the pilots. there were four pilots on this flight. there's a crew that flies out. there is a relief crew 'cause it is a long transpacific flight. we do want to interview all four
5:48 am
of those pilots. we want to understand who was the pilot flying, who was the pilot in command at the time of the event, and what was going on. >> brian: are they giving awe problem with that? why haven't you talked to them already? >> we hope to interview them today. so far we've been getting good cooperation. we don't expect to have any problems, but we do want to make sure we are able to talk to them. it's important for our investigation to do that. in the initial hours after an accident, we know that people are shaken up. some people are injured. some people are getting medical treatment. but we're looking forward to interviewing them in the next 24 hours. >> steve: the key is it was just going too slow as they approached and it's your job to figure out why. deborah hersman joining us from san francisco, thank you very much for making us part of your day. thank you. >> thank you. >> gretchen: just a week to go to the mlb all-star game. it's going to be in new york. next, we're live on the plaza
5:49 am
grilling kansas city ribs with former major leaguer george bret. >> brian: i think he was an all star, at least he claims. >> gretchen: he was pretty good. >> brian: first. >> steve: gregg jarrett is going to be taking the helm of this channel in 11 minutes. what do you have prepared? >> i want a spare rib. so hang on to one of those for me. >> steve: you're so demanding. >> i know. we're also going to be talking to the pilot about what went wrong in the cockpit of that jet liner that crash landed in san francisco. in egypt, deaths continuing to mount. what the u.s. can do to get egypt back on track to a civilian government. president obama's approval ratings continue to sink. is his second term going nowhere? brit hume will join us. see you at the top of the hour
5:50 am
here to take your lettuce from drab to fab with lean cuisine salad additions. just byol. first, thaw your dressing. next, steam your grilled chicken and veggies. then, dress it. add your crunchy toppings. and voila. enjoy. ( bull roar ) ...if you don't attend the running of the bulls. ole!
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>> brian: baseball fans are getting ready for the all-star game here in new york city. this week we'll be out there. we're getting in the spirit by talking with one of the greatest of all times, george bret, and doing something america loves. that is grilling ribs. >> that is right. >> brian: with meat mitch. >> i love his slogan actually. >> nice to meat you. >> brian: very nice. what brings you down here besides to see us and meet maria? >> i'm down with the royal, i'm the hitting coach. mitch is a good friend of mine from kansas city. i've known him for years and years and i started eating his barbecue last year, he catered everything that we did at royal stadium, he catered it with his ribs. the players went crazy. every once in a while, he'll come in and do ribs for our team and the visiting team. the yankees love him. so he came out this weekend, made ribs at home and burnt ends and brisket. so now we're in new york and
5:54 am
he's feeding the yankees and royals tonight. >> brian: it must be killing you because the yankees like you yet? 21 years later? >> i'm sorry? >> brian: do the yankees like you yet, george? >> let me just say this, i don't like them. [ laughter ] >> brian: all right. fine. let's get the magic. >> go ahead. do the magic. >> the first common mistake that people make is not removing the membrane. so we trick this up a little bit to make it easier 'cause we might be here 'til tuesday. you pull this off. you get rid of that yucky part. >> brian: does anyone want membrane back there? >> so i've got my meat mitch rub. you got to love that. >> brian: anything confusing yet, george? >> no. i've done this numerous times. >> we do a liberal amount, as much as you can. >> liberal amount. >> get it all in. we put it in the smoker. we have a smoker that we set at 225 degrees. >> brian: pick it up, we're not in the midwest. we're in new york. >> we go 4, 4 1/2 hours. we load it up with sauce.
5:55 am
we wrap it in foil and then we have finished product that turns out like this. >> brian: maria, step up and give it a try. >> i'm going to be trying this. i do want to mention the 5 k coming up on saturday. >> i did that last year. it was a lot of fun. they were hoping to get 5,000 people. we had 10,000 people running. it was unbelievable. >> it's benefitting sandy people. >> right. >> okay. finished. perfect ribs. >> it looks delicious. on your beautiful white dress. >> i know. let's hope this goesell. >> let's have an innocent bystander. >> brian: all i got was bone. calm down, chris chulo. >> nice to meat you. >> very, very good. >> brian: let's go right down to the next generation of meat
5:56 am
eaters. what's your name? >> do you like them? >> what about abbey's sister. you can't just give abbey. >> we need to cut some more for you. >> delicious, right? mmmhmm. >> came to new york city o eat kansas city ribs. >> brian: we're back in a few minutes. george is going to stick around with meat mitch, a round of applause for us. [ applause ] >> nice to meat you my mantra? trust your instincts to make the call. to treat my low testosterone, my doctor and i went with axiron, the only underarm low t treatment. axiron can restore t levels to normal in about 2 weeks in most men. axiron is not for use in women or anyone younger than 18 or men with prostate or breast cancer. women, especially those who are or who may become pregnant
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♪ you and me ♪ >> steve: tomorrow talk show host and kardashian mother kris jenner joins us live. >> brian: don't forget meat >> that's how we find out how to
6:00 am
cook like you and get these ribs. >> gretchen: we'll show you how to get a workout in your car. are we parking? >> hopefully not. >> steve: thank you for joining us today. we'll see you back here tomorrow gregg: we are getting our first look inside asiana flight 214. the national transportation safety board on the scene releasing these pictures to the public. you can see the charred interior of the plane, the seats crushed together and the oxygen masks hanging from the ceiling. heather: we are learning new details about the pilot who had just flown 43 hours an a boeing 777 when he tried to land this aircraft.


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