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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  July 11, 2013 1:00am-2:01am PDT

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quite unusual. >> bill: the o'reilly factor is on. tonight: >> we learned that it was a contact wound with the clothing that trayvon martin had on? >> yes, sir. >> so that would be consistent with trayvon martin leaning over when he got shot, right? >> yes, sir. >> as testimony in the zimmerman trial winds up, dummies are now in play, we're not talking about the media we'll have the latest from the trial even as florida prepares for possible rioting. >> you guys are awnch before scum bags. you shouldn't be here. >> we are just trying to get to the truth. and bigotry is not evidence. >> the boston marathon terrorist makes his first appearance in court. he is facing execution if found guilty. we will tell you what's happening up there.
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also to be the the death toll in egypt continues to rise. the usa is very quiet. dennis miller will break his silence. >> caution. you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. >> bill: hi, i'm bill o'reilly, thanks for watching us tonight. we will get to the zimmerman trial in a moment. but, first, the talking points memo. congress is befuddled. in just a few moments. we will have the inside story about immigration reform bill. apparently some republicans in the house want to kill it outright and they might succeed. more secure. on the irs front an investigation is supposed to be underway. who knows? certainly not congress. the new poll says nsa
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leaker edward snowden considered a whistleblower by 55% of the american people. some believe is he a hero for embarrassing the u.s.a. all over the world. what about the nsa snooping on phone calls and emails in the u.s.a.? congress knows about as much as we do. nothing. so you can see that the situation on capitol hill is dire. congress doesn't know anything and it can't get anything done just 15% of the americans approve of the job congress is doing. those 50% are brain dead. congress isn't doing anything problems are not getting solved. congress sits in the white house knowing no matter what happens on his watch, congress is not going to get to the bottom of it. this is not the way the country is supposed to run. we elect these p protect us, solve problems, and promote prosperity theted yet we have $17 trillion debt. immigration mess, scandal
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in the irs and foreign policy that looks like it was designed by kim kardashian. idealogues always blame the opposing president. bush is an idiot. obama is corrupt. whatever. the bottom line is the u.s. congress is inept. nothing is getting done. and that's the memo. now for the top story tonight. the zimmerman martin murder trial in florida may soon go to the jury and the boston marathon terrorist makes his first appearance in court. joining us from boston rachel and from florida defense attorney michelle us is scour. headline in the scriptural trial today is that george zimmerman will not testify in his own behalf, correct? >> that's right. that's right. silence is golden. i think is really the one of the headlines here and it is not a surprise. it really is the right move. if it were my client i absolutely would not put him on. he basically has testified anyway through video and audio and he has absolutely nothing to gain by getting
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on the stand there is no much reason for that. >> obama and the jury though i want -- i want to hear what happened that night. one of two people who were there and you say he has nothing to gain. just say, look, this is what happened. this is why did i what i did. this is what i did. so i'm not so sure that that wouldn't be worthy he opens himself up to cross-examination. >> bill: if is he telling the truth, the cross-examination is going to do what? >> law enforcement officers and medical examiners who are. i'm cutting through this as i cut through everything as you know. you are looking at it from a legal point of view and you are absolutely correct. if i'm the defense attorney i say to zimmerman, you are not going anywhere near that stand, knock you are just not going over. >> right. >> because there is too many things that could happen and we think we have your acquittal in our pocket. but, from a truth point of view, if you are sitting on
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the jury, you want this guy to tell you what happened. >> there is no question. these jurors are dying to hear. everyone else wants him to testify. but the judge is going to instruct these jurors, hey, guess what, he has a right to remain silent. it's in the constitution and you cannot use his silence against him. >> bill: perception is he has something to hide and is he not up there. i want to play perhaps the most controversial thing that happened in this entire court proceeding. roll the tape. >> and you have made a decision, sir as to whether or not you want to testify in this case? >> your honor, i object to that question. >> okay. overruled. you have made a decision as to to whether or not you want to testify in the case? >> i object to that question. i think that's mr. . >> >> overruled. the court is inquired to inquire mr. zimmerman's determination whether or not he wants to testify. mr. zimmerman, you have made a decision as to whether or not you want to testify in this case? >> no. not at this time. >> bill: i think the judge did that to show the jury that shield like to hear
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what zimmerman had to say too. i think that's why she did it. >> well, but you know what? it was outside the presence of the jury. the jury didn't see those fireworks. there were fireworks between the two of them last night as well. >> bill: why did the judge do that? and thank you for correcting me on that. i thought the jury heard that why did the judge do that? why was she so anxious to know whether zimmerman was going to testify when that would have exposed itself in due time anyway? >> well, you know what? it's interesting because normally, in terms of my experience, the judge will wait until the end of the defense case and maybe she is exhausted. maybe she is trying to do, you know, logistically. >> bill: you don't really know why she did it because i thought it was a little strange. >> it was. >> bill: let's go to boston. rachel, you have this guy coming in now and we don't have pictures of him, no cameras in the courtroom in boston. but from the associated press report, he is blaz say looking, using the
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a.p.'s work, is he waving, blowing kisses and actually a dozen supporters of his that he we saul of them when it open. great guy. this circus as well. is he going to play to the cameras. he pled not guilty everybody knows is he guilty. >> everybody doesn't know he is guilty. because under our system of justice you are not guilty until the government proves you guilty beyond a reasonable doubt? >> bill: do you know one individual that doesn't know he is guilty? i will put them on the program tomorrow. give me one name. >> no, he is only accused at this point, bill. that's how our system works. that's what makes us have to -- that's what makes u.s.a. so great. >> bill: let's cut through it everybody knows he is guilty. he is going it turn it into a clown posse show trial. >> no. i'm sorry. but i can't say oh no it's a load of bologna with a capital where the death penalty is on the table. is he going to take a deal. is he going to take a deal is what's going to happen. >> bill: guilty and they
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won't execute him. the trial is not a bunch of crap. okay. i understand the worthiness of the trial. >> no. >> bill: but for anybody to pretend that he isn't guilty, his attorneys, the idiots outside supporting him, anybody to to pretend, i'm just not going to brook it he did it, we saw it. >> right. >> bill: ladies, thanks very much. next on the rundown, we will have the inside story on the immigration bill, will the house kill it? later, dennis miller on egypt and how the obama administration is dealing with it up ahead.
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>> bill: in the impact segment tonight two hot stories for you how secretary of state kerry handling the mess in egypt. the immigration house may kill it? >> the house does not intend to take up the senate bill. the house is going to do its own job on developing
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an immigration bill. >> bill: all right, joining us now from washington fox news ace correspondents james rosen and carl cameron. cammeron, i understand it was a secret meeting today. now how it can be secret if i know about it. >> called a closed door meeting. >> bill: speaker boehner is in there some of his guys and what's going on? >> it's firsty, conservatives are angry and upset and worried frankly that boehner might sacrifice conservative goals on immigration in order to pass a bill if he doesn't handle this well could lose speaker. digging in the heels and think what passed the senate is too liberal and am mess city and doesn't have adequate border security. they are not going to consider it at all. much tougher version that the house conservative conference wants is not likely ever going to be compromised with the senate democrats so boehner has said he could. >> bill: what is the main thing, look, there is
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simply some conservative house members that are not going to go for any immigration bill phi said it today he said look my constituents don't want any bill and they don't trusted government and that's it. so there is nothing that they will vote for how many of those are there. >> the republican house whips office would say it's anywhere between 30 and as many as 65. >> bill: that's not that many. >> bill, it's really important to recognize one part about. this boehner has said over and over again that he thought that it was possible to get a bill done this year. he has never said it would be possible to get one done next year. 2014 election year and the likelihood of either sides of this coming together and come up with a compromise goes out the window. it's virtually out that window right now. >> do you think that boehner himself will drive a bill to the floor and have a vote on it? your educated opinion.
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>> he can't. he won't. he has said what he will do is put legislation on the floor for a final passage vote if it has a support of the majority majority. that is going to be a conservative piece of legislation that clears that hurdle alone it will particular off democrats which means it's a stalemate in the house. >> bill: you are saying no way immigration reform is going to pass? >> well, there is always a miracle but right now it looks like we are going to run out of time this year and it won't be done next year because it's an election year. >> rosen, let's go into egypt. there has been a the love criticism of the obama administration nor not really doing much. i don't know what they can do. i'm trying to figure it out but it's a mess over there. you had the secretary of state on his yacht, rosen is that working against kerry because he was on his yacht or what's the deal. >> there bill, you are focused rather unexxon the
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exthreatennous and trivial it doesn't matter over the fourth of july weekend when the egyptian crisis was reaching its zeent john kerry was yachting in nuclear as you know the same frivolous charge used to be aired against george bush in the modern communications. national security policy makers can be briefed and offer wise counsel from the president from pretty much in the world. the greater failure is. >> bill: come on, rosen, don't be a wise guy. the perception is that one, the president golf course and kerry is floating around and there are people being killed in cairo. >> i get the perception. i get the optics. >> bill: basically just for appearances sake. i understand your point. it's a correct point. you can do the job. i don't know whether you did k. do it on the golf course but you can do it it on the yacht. particularly kerry's yacht which has every gizmo in the world. but is it wise to put forth this kind of a face to the world that, hey, you know, it's just those crazy egyptians again steve martin going to do the little dance now?
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i mean, what's next? not as in kerry were tweeted out an image of himself on the yacht. >> the failure of john kerry with respect to egypt wasn't over the july 4th weekend. i traveled to egypt with secretary kerry in march of this year for his first sitdown with mohammed mohammed morsi as secretary of state. i wrote an article about this it occurs in the current issue of playboy magazine we heard from kerry's aids how shrewdly he was managing with morsi. how he decided at the last minute after a critical one-on-one hour long meeting with morsi to unlock $250 million from u.s. taxpayer funds frozen budget all because kerry came away from those talks that morsi was sincere. >> bill: here is what is frightening about this. so, kerry goes there and he meets with morsi. meanwhile, the country of egypt doesn't like morsi.
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our cia should be telling kerry, you know what, you better be careful in that meeting. is he losing popular support. the economy is going down the drain and his hold on power is tenuous but it looks like kerry didn't know any of that last word, rosen. >> the point is, bill, kerry and his aides and perhaps the intelligence community were wrong in his judgments about morsi's intention and american taxpayer can now rightly wonder on top of that misjudgment the u.s. treasury is $250 million poorer for the exercise. >> bill: all right. you know, 250 million that's lunch money. $70 trillion debt. all right, gentlemen. thanks very much. beckel is next. can he, beckel, fix the immigration situation? we'll find out. then miller has some advice for the obama administration on egypt and new york jets coach rex ryan running with the bulls. those reports after these messages.
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bill pill unresolved problem segment tonight, can anyone fix the immigration mess. here now the man who might know how to do that, one of the stars of the five bob beckel. first of all you just heard cammeron say he doesn't think anything is going to happen. it's just going to be like the gun control thing. nothing going to happen. just continue along. is that what you think. >> no, not at all. i will tell you why. unless the house members really don't care about the presidency. but without an immigration bill, the republicans have dealt themselves out of the presidential race. one. two, there is a lot of power behind this bill coming out of the senate when i mean power i mean republican constituency. the chamber of commerce, a bunch of others. >> bill: yeah, rove and mccain and. >> the farmers. >> bill: bush the younger. let's face it it's all up to boehner. boehner can drive it up the floor for a voting nothing could happen. lookshink if boehner at these pieces coming out
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of the committees and it's a strong republican bill bring it to the floor it will pass and then it will go to the conference where it will be whittled down. now, there will be a move by the republicans who instruct their people that go to the conference don't move on this language. and that's happened all the time. i have been in those things all before. they move. >> bill: this is a very public debate here. what troubles me is i don't know how many members of the house just simply won't vote for any immigration bill. do you have any idea, beckel? >> i would say about 35 or 40. >> that's the same estimate that cammeron has given us. now, the immigration bill that the senate passed you like that, right? >> yeah, i think it's a good bill. >> bill: when people say we don't trust the government, they are not going to do what they say they are going to done 00 border. they're not going to secure the border. reagan said he would and he didn't do it. reagan didn't do it, bush didn't do it, clinton didn't do it. how do you answer that? >> they didn't do it because on the other side of the equation the people who hired them were not given the kind of sanctions they were supposed to be given. this time around there are a huge sanctions for people
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who hire them. they are going to make this fence a lot longer, a lot more expensive and 600 new border. >> bill: all right. so but i think there should be litmus tests as far as apprehensions on the border, drug seizures, that kind of thing. and then kind of escalates so. that we know the federal government is doing what they said say they are going to do. you agree with that right? >> i do. they have exported 465,000 a year since obama has been in which is what congress has appropriated for it. so they sent back. there is rules in this bill that say if you have done anything, any kind of crime, anything else, and if you haven't gotten by 2011 you have got to go back. >> bill: bill there is loopholes in the bill. this has got to go. if you are illegal alien and you have got multiple dwis on your sheet you are not automatically deported it's ridiculous. >> it will be gone. >> leahy in vermont. the senator wants the illegal alien gay boyfriend thing to be brought in. >> gone. >> even you say it has to
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be gone, right? >> sure, it's got to be gone. any time you have big bill like this. special interest attaches itself to it right now you have farmers who don't have a farm bill and they need these people who harvest for them which is why texas. >> bill: you have got plenty of people in here already that are doing that kind of work. >> not enough. not enough. >> bill: i don't know about that you have got about 11 or 12 million illegal aliens in here doing menial labor those kind of jobs. i don't know how many more you need. >> you need a lot of those during harvest time. a lot has not come in. not as much as influx in the united states. there are a lot, first of all, you can't vote for 14 years. even the best of circumstances. >> well, good. >> so what they said was. >> you don't object, do you. >> i don't object to that the. >> now you are importing democratic votes. 14 years from now i hope i'm around for at least part of that. >> you are not going to be beckel. >> o'reilly, i'm not sure and i are not going to go to the same casket. >> bill: we may go to the same casket but we ain't going the same place
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afterwards, huh? how about that. >> i would say if i'm a betting man about that i would be much more worried about you going than me. >> bill: you see betting is frowned upon by the deity. once again, i'm trying to save your soul and he is resisting. >> if i had to pick one person to save my soul it would not be you. >> bill: there you go again, good irish catholic guy. >> when you are in the soul saving business, o'reilly that is not your word. >> this g. they let more illegal aliens in save their souls too. complicated. >> down to the border everyone's soul is saved here and got trite place. >> bill: i have no idea what he said in the last three minutes. plenty more as the factor moves along this evening. florida preparing for riots in the acquittal of george zimmerman. we will tell you what's going on down there. mexico being the fattest nation in the world and football coach running with the bulls. hope you stay tuned to those reports.
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>> bill: personal story segment tonight is getting very personal in texas over abortion. as you may know, the lone star state is trying to impose new restrictions on abortion banning it after 20 weeks unless the mother is in immediate danger. that has upset some pro-life people. >> this is how they a big a fraud you are for being proud of these proceedings it's a low bar that you hold yourself to that you simply allowed us to speak and i will speak against an ophthalmologist who says everyone on the internet can see what you are doing
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right now. this is a farce. the texas legislators is a bunch of liars who hate women. >> bill: all right. joining us now from washington republican kate obenshain and democrat kirsten powers is a fox news analyst. why did they remove that woman her time was up, is that what it was? >> that's what they have said? i have seen plenty of congressional hearings where people go over their time and they're not dragged away. even though i might not -- maybe i might not agree with everything that she was saying, i think it's completely outrageous that they would come and drag her away that way and she has every right to say what they have to say. they work for her. >> if they give you a certain amount of time and you go over othe time and you are -- >> -- you get dragged away by state troopers? i haven't seen that happening a lot. >> bill: how do they stop them. >> people go over their time sometimes, bill and they don't. >> bill: how long would you have allowed -- >> -- i would have let her finish. >> bill: what if she wants three or four hours? she wanted wanted to harang. >> i don't think she was going to talk for three or
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four hours. let her finish. if it goes on for extensive amount of time fine, the woman barely said anything. it was completely outrageous and they should apologize for it. >> i wasn't there so i can't render an opinion. can i render an opinion on this, kate. most countries in the world have the 20 week threshold and we have some states don't have any. you can just kill the baby or the fetus however you want to describe it any time you want for any reason, you know, women's health that's any reason at all. but, you know, it's 20 weeks after that that's five months. babies start to feel pain, i mean, the fetus starts to feel pain. so it seems to me in a civilized society that this is a legitimate point. yet, many feminists like the' woman we just saw and the state senator in texas who filibustered for hours, they don't seem to see that point. do you understand the mentality there. >> no. it's ironic that the woman dragged out her last statement was the texas legislature is a bunch of
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liars who hate women. she is say ing that to the republican woman committee chair about the republican woman who is sponsoring the legislation. very interesting. you know, 20 weeks is the standard in 12 states. this is not some outrageous legislation. the texas house of representatives passed it originally by 2 to 1 vote. this is not something that is extremely controversial in that you are right, babies do feel pain at that point and the other part of this legislation that's getting a lot of push back is the notion that we should raise some basic safety standards in abortion clinics. this is a woman's health provision protecting women's health. i would say that the onliening republicans are doing wrong here is that they are so much on defense they need to be getting out there and saying, look, we care about women's health. >> bill: challenging the mentality in a very personal way. what is your beef, lady? i mean 20 weeks, five months, i mean, unless there is immediate danger to the woman, you know, that's it. i mean, this is -- you are dealing with a potential human life here and to many
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americans a human life because they believe that you are human being upon conception. now, powers, when you wrote a column on, this you were kind of sympathetic to that 20 week line, right? >> oh, i think it should be much sooner, frankly. and it you look at european countries it's around 12 to 14 weeks, actually. i think -- well, we know for a fact from polls that most americans absolutely would support the texas bill, but the texas bill isn't even remotely radical. in europe, it's 14 weeks. 12 weeks in certain places. >> bill: what is the mentality dragged away in the texas state senator, what are they thinking? >> there is two separate issues. they might say it's about the restrictions that are going to be put on the abortion clinics. they might say i would support of the ban but i don't support the restrictions on the clinics that's all in one bill. the other is, lack, they are like the nra when it comes to the constitutional issues. they say you give an inch and they're going to take a mile. so if we agree to the 20 weeks. next thing you know it will be 12 weeks. it should be 12 weeks,
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frankly in my opinion. i think after that, that is more than enough time to get an abortion and after that, we're dealing with something that i think pretty much everyone can agree is a human being. >> bill: the european nations are 12, 14 weeks. they are the most liberal countries in the world. yet, the united states we're 27 and some states, you know, in new york here there is a proposal don't want any limitations on anything, that's crazy. >> the current status quo in texas that these people are fighting for, who are fighting the bill is to be able to abort your baby up until the third trimester. >> bill: yeah, for any reason, women's health. >> for any reason. >> bill: i sprained my hand. >> part of the mentality behind this and i think we have to point it out is this is a billion-dollar industry and planned parenthood is the one that is stoking the opposition. they are sending in the opponents. they are sending in the people to protest. and they have a vested financial interest in this. this is a mega industry.
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>> bill: it is big industry but they. >> it is big industry but not making money off of it. they are not enriching themselves. they are a nonprofit. not enriching themselves. >> i'm shocked when you say that when you are so reasonable on this issue. they are the imat the tis tus for. this they're the ones that want babies born alive to be for women and their doctors to make the decision on that. >> bill: 20 seconds, powers, go. >> i'm addressing a specific fact that there are pro-choice people in this country who are pro-choice not because they are being enriched by it because they really believe it's a women's right issue. >> bill: planned parenthood is an industry. >> they are not being enriched by it. >> it's a radical progressive we are talking about here. we are not talking about your average pro-choice person. even people who believe in the right to abort babies think there should be some limitation based on when a child can feel pain or when a baby is born alive that they should receive medical care. planned parenthood has been
1:36 am
again and again against that all for financial profit. >> bill: all right, ladies, thank you. when we come right back, it will be miller time, egypt, chubby mexicans, and running with the bulls. miller is next. u headed?
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uh just gonna hang out. it's a school night. with gary and todd? yea. not sure about those two. i've been meaning to ask you - this is tougher than i thought - is there any drinking going on in this crowd?
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no. i hope not, because alcohol can lead you to say things and do things you that you really wish you hadn't. isn't this what you're supposed to say? i know. so if any of your buddies ever pressure you to take a drink, just tell them you promised 'd do anything to keep you safe. ok. i will. i hope this is working. i promise. i love you too dad. they really do hear you. brian? yea? so start the conversation even before they're teenagers. good idea. for tips on what to say visit a message from the substance abuse and mental health services administration. >> bill: thanks for staying
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with us, i'm bill o'reilly in the miller time seeing want tonight. we have lots to talk about. let's get to the sage of southern california who joins us from santa barbara. so kerry on his yacht. egypt blows up. rosen says got the gizmos, no big deal. and you say? >> well, first off how is kerry's wife? i don't even know. >> she is in stable, theresa heinz kerry is in stable condition. i think she had a stroke but i'm not sure. she is in boston and, that was a good point. we all wish that she gets better fast. >> listen, i am no fan of long jaw silver if his wife or bride is in trouble right now. i don't really want to weighed in on him. it's more about the middle east than it is kerry for me. if you are looking for the one, five second period every millennium where they are not nuts over there to take a boat ride, you are going to to wait a long time. they are nuts. they are the kind of crazy people in egypt and really crazy people in egypt. it's always going to be
1:41 am
crazy. so i don't mind them being on the boat. you know, this is what is happening in this country. it's become so split down the middle. such a schism that we now niggle about crap like this should he be on the boat or not when we should all be on the same basics spend less, kill the bad guys and pave the roads and everybody else wouldn't be on each other's nerves. i don't care if he is on the boat as long as he has a way to blow up crazies when he is on the boat. >> bill: what about the president playing golf? again, it's the perception. >> i don't care about any of it. >> bill: perception that obama administration isn't engaged. they weren't engaged on libya and benghazi. not engaged on morsi. >> he isn't. billy, it's a job observation. he stinks at it the more he is on the golf course, the less he can stink at it. stay on the golf course all the time and let me get my country back together. i wish the guy would joint senior tour for god's sake.
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[ laughter ] >> bill: all right. they do a ranking of fat countries. and the united states used to be the fattest because i think a third of americans are overweight. but now mexico has passed us in obesity. >> yeah. >> bill: what do you think about that? >> i think it's a shame that we're too lazy to be the fattest people anymore. [ laughter ] >> i don't even know if that makes sense. listen, we got -- >> bill: we have to work harder at being fat. >> we have got to get back into it and fight, fight, fight, fight. we need a buffet line with a barely perceptible curve in it they get their advertisers in mexico and they start falling with the cafeteria trick. they pick up an on tray down in the southwest united states. and then we just curve it just a little and they make their own back in mexico. nobody even notices because
1:43 am
everybody is fat and half asleep in the afternoon from the tryptophan or put the game show wipe out down at the southern border so the fat mexicans have to bounce in off the big muddy balls. for god's sakes, billy, we should be the fattest. where is our energy? [ laughter ] >> bill: maybe they should consider of some of what you just said in the new house immigration bill. tray line and buffet. >> i read the small language on that says two is i pados lettuce cheese on sesame street bun that's what's happened at the border. >> bill: next year recapture our chubby mantel. >> god bless america. we used to be the best obese people in the world. now we are just kind of half ass -- oh, sorry. full buttressed people. >> bill: thought new york jets people rex ryan used to be obese. >> sorry. [ laughter ] >> i can't believe i said
1:44 am
that. >> bill: as parts of his exercise routine, miller, he went to run with the bulls. roll the tape. >> bill: i got so much bull coming at me every day i don't need to go to spain for more. i don't really know what this is all about over there. >> like says this guy is so full of bull by gored are i no longer mean getting a gored you have up your go zoo. i don't know what rex's deal is all i know is his team is going to hell in a hand basket and is he lucky
1:45 am
that this bull has had his stomach stapled and it wouldn't feast on him. during the race the reason he almost got run down is because he kept stopping down to take pictures of bull's hooves. is he a foot guy, rex. >> bill: nothing sacred on this program. dennis miller, everybody. there he is. >> theresa heinz kerry, get well, baby. we are saying prayers for you. >> bill: just a moat. miller and i have only three bolder treasurer tours this year nashville, approaching a sell out on friday october 11th. next day october 12th we will be in jacksonville florida at the more ran and november 15th caesar's palace in vegas. bill o' has details on deck. florida authorities planning for the worst in the zimmerman trial. we'll be right back with that report. at farmers we make you smarter about insurance,
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>> bill: back of the book segment tonight. florida authorities have released a public service announcement called "raise your voice, not your hands." in response to the zimmerman-martin murder trial. >> raise your voice. >> and not your hand. >> we need to stand together as one. >> no cuss no, guns. >> arrest easily end up arrested. >> i know your patience will be tested law enforcement has your back. >> back up and choose not to act up and deputies are with us so no need to act up. >> let it roll off your shoulders as water off your back don't lie composure one instance be over make the choice to raise your voice and not your hands. >> i'm sheriff scott israel and law enforcement does have your back. >> here now to explain the always perspicacious juliet hudy. >> the what? >> >> bill: perspicacious. word of the day for huddy. [ laughter ] >> bill: i didn't really understand that did you
1:50 am
understand it? >> believe it or not, yeah, did i understand it this is a psa, it's the broward county sheriff's department. they're basically trying to send a message out to kids, teenagers, just calm down with teenagers, calm down with the zimmerman trial, the verdict coming up. >> they don't actually say that. why don't they just say, hey, listen, calm down. >> they are trying to talk to kids the way kids understand. >> you can't say declarative sentences? >> you have to rhyme. as in rap. >> you can't say, look, don't destroy anything, let the justice system work. >> but then it would be boring and only 2,000 people have hit on this one. >> i don't think this is really going through the roof. >> trying to do something. >> that's the perspacious point, at least they are trying to do something. in tennessee, a student stopped at a dui checkpoint in rutherford county. here is what happened.
1:51 am
>> how you doing tonight? >> pretty good. >> roll down your window, please. >> it's fine. >> yes, sir. >> it's fine? >> that's fine. >> because i can hear you. >> right there, right there. >> am i being detained? >> pull over to the side right there. >> am i being detained? >> pull over to the side right there. okay. step on out. >> but he's perfectly innocent and he knows his rights, what the constitution says. >> all right. so -- you know, i was rousted in georgia. one of the most notorious speed traps in the country. i know what happens there. in this case, are there other extent waiting circumstances? >> there are extent waiting circumstances. this kid in the car, 20 years old, a member of the libertarian
1:52 am
party, it is what it is. >> okay. >> knew there would be dui checkpoints, on the 4th of july. he kind of went in, if not wanting to test the authorities, to challenge the authorities. >> to see how he would handle it. >> who took the video? >> he had it on a phone or camera. >> he had it mounted. >> he did. but the police didn't do notice it at first. and then when they notice it, you hear the muddled voice. >> did police do anything wrong? >> most say he stepped his grounds. no need for any kind of search. the kid didn't do anything wrong. >> the police officer has the right to ask the driver to pull over to the side without explaining why? >> the checkpoint especially. but he also has the right to roll the window done. they need to know if they can smell anything. >> any legal action, anything
1:53 am
happen to the kids? >> it's unclear. the sheriff's department or the police department there is looking into the investigation -- they are investigating. >> i want you to follow the case. >> i will. really interested. >> i agree. i think the kid went there, mounted the camera and wanted to create something, and he did. >> huge hit on the internet. "factor tip of the day." my favorite tv show when i was an urchin. what it was like, and why i liked it, next.
1:54 am
"factor" tip of the day. my favorite tv show as a youth in a moment. summer reading assignment. "keep it pithy," killing kennedy," "killing rincon" and "kennedy's last days." all best sellers. i'm a tough grader, but knowledge is its own reward. become a bill o'reilly premium member, get "killing kennedy" or "killing lincoln" free of charge. now mail. bill, have you fallen victim that chicago is more dangerous than afghanistan. we have enough problems, don't pile on the phony murder rate story. facts are facts. last year, there were nearly 2,500 -- 2,500 -- shooting incidents in your town. more americans are dying there right now than in afghanistan,
1:55 am
period. mr. o'reilly, you need to be acknowledged for raising the bar on america's race discussion. but it's an uphill battle against a pa ternalistic media. >> i believe the media doesn't want the black community to look back. any represe union, new jersey. bill what makes you think blacks will act inappropriately after the zimmerman verdict? that presumption on your part is part of the larger problem. this is a new presumption zone, rod. remember the rodney king teal? i do. i was right in the middle of those riots in l.a. kaiser, oregon, bill, we
1:56 am
have been given the great commission to spread the gospel. the preacher in london who told gays they are going to hell is doing what god told them to do. nonsense, lori. nonsense. after a year of researching and writing "killing jesus," i can tell you with certainty that the nazarene was not big on civilians committing people to hell. and another, i am gay and don't believe the preacher should be arrested. >> you say that people don't have the right to tell people they are going to hell, but your parish priest does that every sunday. folks decide to go to church. but people walking down the street deserve to be left alone. wise up, man. "factor tip of the day." in 1959, the "many loves of doby
1:57 am
gillis" debuted. it became my favorite show. >> oh, now, just a minute. you and i had a date after school. >> did we? >> you are darn right we did. >> i don't remember you asked me. didn't i come up and ask you to go to the ice cream parlor after school. >> yes, i believe you did. >> and what did i say? >> you said yes. >> well, youmated. >> what were my exact words? >> no. >> correct. >> i don't believe that she wishes to speak to you anymore. >> how would you like to knocked right on your fancy pants? >> take it easy, dob. he'll kill you. >> that's right, dob, i'll kill you. >> that's right, you'll kill me. >> maynard g. krebs was
1:58 am
hysterical. now out on dvd for the first time. in my library already. "factor tip of the day." check out the factor website, different from spout off about the "factor." o' name and time. word of the day, do not be gormless. almost like clueless. do not be gormless. >> again, thank you for watching. i'm bill o'reilly, remember, the spin stops here. definitely looking out for you. >> it is thursday july 11th.ou. overnight incredible video coming into fox.
1:59 am
a massive mud slide washes away cars. >> the dramatic ending to that terrifying scene. a serious medical set back for country music star randy travis. he is in the hospital in critical condition after suffering a stroke. we will have the latest on his condition. that's straight ahead. >> you have been planning a vacation for months dreaming of the relaxing beach get away. before you get through airport security you have been scammed. what you need to know before you travel. fox and friends first starts right now. >> good morning to you. we take a live look outside here
2:00 am
in new york city. you are watching fox and friends first on this thursday morning. >> i am patti ann browne. thank you for starting with us. we show a moment a driver gets caught in the middle of a mud slide. >> oh, god. it happened in el paso, county, colorado. john says one minute he was on the highway the next he was being swept right off the road. here is another view of this terrifying incident. his was more than a dozen washed away by rushing water and mud. fortunately no one was hurt. >> that is like a river of mud. >> randy travis suffering another set back in the hospital. the singer was having a stroke while being treated for congest tive heart


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