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tv   FOX and Friends First  FOX News  July 11, 2013 2:00am-3:01am PDT

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in new york city. you are watching fox and friends first on this thursday morning. >> i am patti ann browne. thank you for starting with us. we show a moment a driver gets caught in the middle of a mud slide. >> oh, god. it happened in el paso, county, colorado. john says one minute he was on the highway the next he was being swept right off the road. here is another view of this terrifying incident. his was more than a dozen washed away by rushing water and mud. fortunately no one was hurt. >> that is like a river of mud. >> randy travis suffering another set back in the hospital. the singer was having a stroke while being treated for congest tive heart failure.
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he was having surgery to relieve the pressure from his brain. the 54-year-old was hospitalized on sunday after he contracted a rare virus that causes the heart to beat slower. you are also looking at brand new video of aftermath of explosion that rocked a bar in florida. around 10:30 cops got a call from someone saying quote a bomb was set off inside radio bar and grill in tampa. once officers arrived they found some sort of device that actually did go off and caused significant damage. one person was hospitalized after complaining of chest pains. we will keep you updated as more information comes into the newsroom. >> victims of boston marathon bombings and families look on as dzhokhar tsarnaev was arraigned today. he pleaded not guilty to k30u7b9s of murder and using weapons of mass destruction. he appeared in court with one arm in a cast. he appeared to also have a jaw
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injury but he smiled at his family several times. they think he even blew kisses to his sisters. it took 7 minutes but that was too long for the victims of the 19-year-old. >> i was sick to my stomach. very emotional to me. >> kind of erie and upsetting but then again i felt good i was able to be there. >> i think he should stay there for the rest of his life. >> he should suffer. >> they will look at whether or not they will pursue the death penalty. tsarnaev is due back in court september 23rdrd. >> closing arguments in the zimmerman trial agabegin today. zimmerman decided not to take the stand. >> what is your decision? >> after consulting with council i have decided not to testify,
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your honor. >> much of the testimony was by a safety consultant. trayvon martin was in better shape than zimmerman and zimmerman was not an athlete. the last witness was zimmerman's father who testified it was his son's voice on a controversial 911 call. they asked me did i recognize the voice. >> what did you tell them? >> i told them absolute there's my son george. >> zimmerman faces second degree murder charges in the shooting death of trayvon martin. jurors could consider manslaughter and aggravated assault. the jurors could decide that today. jury deliberations are expected to begin friday. >> pwe are hearing the frantic fleas of help from flight 214 minutes after it crashed in san francisco. this as we learned the pilot did not order an evacuation
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underway. >> that is a big surprise. 300 people escaped burning planes fleeing from the runway after the crash landing. we are hearing the 911 calls from passengers desperate for more medics to help the injured. >> 911 emergency. >> there's been a crash at the airport. there are people injured on the tarmac. there are no ambulances. >> were you on the plane, ma'am? >> yes, i was on the plane. we have been on the ground 20 minutes a half hour. there are people laying on the tarmac with critical injuries. we are trying to save their lives. >> we are learning there were three flight aiden tanen dan ais sucked out of the plane and survived. the pilot did not order the
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plane to be evacuated immediately after it crashed. instead passengers were told to stay in their seat. >> we talked about in order to get certified in aircraft manufacturer has to show a fully loaded aircraft can be evacuated, fully evacuated within 90 seconds. what we saw here was that the first doors and slides weren't opened for about 90 seconds. >> the evacuation started after a flight attendant saw flames coming out of the plane then told people to get out. the flying pilot reported being blinded temporarily by a bright light during the landing. the ntsb is unclear what the bright light was. >> we all know this one. obama care is certainly struggling. they are announcing this as an opportunity to delay or dismantle it. >> elizabeth pran has more.
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>> house republicans argue it just makes sense. if the white house is delaying the implementation for employers in terms of the employer mandate or the penalty it makes sense perhaps more so to delay the same for individuals. republicans predict the delay to put an even greater burden on the families. >> today i was joined by my republican colleagues urging him to permanently to delay the implementation by all americans. it is far past time to start listening to concerns of americans and less opportunities. jay carney has no intention of delaying the mandates. the affordable care act provide low income aid to families and
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is a flexible plan. >> people who suggested if there is anything unusual about delaying the deadline indication of a complex and comprehensive law are deliberately sticking their heads in the stand or are ignorant about the past process. >> they vowed to vote another this month arguing it was necessary to quote correct this injustice. as you both know this happens to be one of many attempts republicans ascribed to make a ching in the armor of the healthcare law. >> elizabeth pran in washington thank you. >> severe weather in parts of the country. maria molina is following that for us. she has more. >> what are we watching here. >> it happened not because of rainfall but because we had two previous wildfires one this year and the other past. we absorbed the water in that
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part of the country because we didn't have that in place we did have runoffs that unfortunately caused flooding in those areas. we are expecting more showers and thunderstorms across sections of the four corners of the u.s. including parts of colorado, arizona and also into parts of nevada. we need rainfall out there. heavy rain expected as well in parts of the carolinas and southeastern parts of virginia. as we head further west out here across parts of eastern montana north and south dakota that's where we are looking at risk of severe storms isolated tornadoes and large hail. keep that in mind that's across parts of the midwest. temperature wise extreme weather to tell you about in terms of temperature. 100 degrees a number of days of upper 90s. experiencing triple dig get high
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temperatures. this is an area of concern. high humidity across the central plains. heat index values will make it 105 to 110 degrees. dangerous amounts of heat. over the last several days we have been talking about tropical storm chantal. the storm system has weakened no longer a tropical storm system. it could bring areas of heavy rain to parts of florida, georgia and carolinas as we head into the weekend. keep an eye on it good news not a hurricane no longer a tropical storm. >> you got a lot of information in there. maria thank you so much. let's talk about business now. have you ever noticed your cell phone bill seems to be getting more and more expensive every time you get it? there's a sneaky reason why. lauren simonetti is here to explain that one for us. >> what are all these fees. >> hi patti ann. hi heather. you look at it you think where did they come from? it's all taxes.
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local taxes, state taxes, federal government ones, school taxes even 911 systems all adding to your monthly wireless bill. that means a $60 cell phone bill on average winds up costing you 70 bucks a month. what else is costing more. gas prices. that is because the cost of oil shot up 11 bucks on big demand in the u.s. big tensions there in the mideast. a major drawdown in american oil supply. all of that putting oil the commodity at $106 a barrel. that's the heist level in more than a year. gas prices this morning they are heading up, too. national average 3.52 a gallon. gas prices may continue to rise a little bit. most experts agree not enough to change your summer vacation plans. target has a way to record the stoppers kicking off a youtube
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campaign featuring 5 reality stars they are spending four-days in a college dorm room with target merchandise. you can interact while clicking and buying target stuff. >> that's going to cost them a lot of beer money. >> lauren simonetti, thank you so much. >> 11 minutes after the hour. still to come a shocking admission from the shooter that could mean a major black eye for the white house. what she said straight ahead. >> a terrifying moment no mother wants to see her child's stroller is involved in a hit and run. we will tell you what happened and where. the first time i saw a sony 4k tv, it was like opening my eyes.
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>> good morning to you. it is 15 minutes past the hour. a shocking admission from the fort hood shooter. major nadal hassan telling potential jurors he supports the taliban and shirea law. he has been acting as his own lawyer asked the jurors could put aside their negative views. another bombshell. the massacre was first labeled as a terror attack before it was switched to work place violence. a fort hood survivor blasting attorney general eric holder for that move. listen to this. not only am i disappo embarrassed. from holder needs to understand the repercussions of his actions so he might want to go to afghanistan to visit the troops so he can give an up close and personal feel of the reason we are doing the job we are doing before he decides to make a
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decision that he is making, that is just preposterous. >> under that distinction it is impossible for those who have been killed or injured to receive a purple heart and also additional combat pay as a result. jury selection continues today. organizers suspended the pay before they come up with a solution to the $100 billion pension crisis. the move should light a fire under legislatures. >> all statements of legislatures and salary of legislatures is removed every year. every day the pension liability grows taxpayers pay more. the average lawmaker makes 68,000 dollars a year.
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>> the senate failing to lower lower interest rates on student loans. this is a sign under graduates may pay twice as much as last year. it would have left rates on stafford loans at 3.4 percent another year while lawmakers tried to over all the system. the one year stopgap was met with major systems of on both sides who say they want the system to change now. the average stew p dent may have to pay an extra $2,600 coming as soon as this fall. 2600 bucks. >> the fbi is still looking for the suspects who swiped $1.2 million from a jet last month. they are offering 100,000 dollar reward for information leading to the arrest.
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the money 93 million in total was heading to a federal reserve facility in new jersey. when it arrived workers found a huge hole in one of the crates holding the cash. >> michael manasha was goileavi the elevator. a man had to jump on to help the man. don't call him a hero. >> it is anything else anybody else would have done. >> you don't think the actions were heroic. >> not really. just doing the right thing. >> he is being considered for the soldier's medal the heist peace time award. he deserves it. >> good for him. >> 18 after the hour. image driving to work through
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>> we are taking a live look outside of manhattan outside of the headquarters at fox news channel.
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>> will wal-mart stay or will it go? it's the question this morning after lawmakers passed a bill that would require employers to pay workers a minimum of $12.50 an hour. wal-mart threatened on the plan to build 3 stores in the area if this bill passed. we are learning a company spokesperson says wal-mart has called off the construction of those three stores. law americas saying they won't be bullied. listen to this. >> i don't like that tax. what they are afraid of is it may spread around the country. what they will do is stick up the company. >> a company spokesperson says wal-mart may stop working on three stores already under construction. we will keep you posted. >> thanks. the u.s. will send four f-16 fater jets to egypt despite the chaos in that country. it's part of a $1.5 billion
2:24 am
annual aid package. the jets will be delivered in august. 8 more are scheduled for december. the u.s. has been careful not to characterize it as a coup. that would cut off military aid. >> police in michigan hope this shocking video will help them catch their suspect. watch as the man backs into a mom pushing a stroller with her kid inside. the mini van knocks her over and drags the toddler over a short distance in the parking lot. she grabs her sooned the car drives off. amazingly the toddler was not hurt. police release image of the suspect taken on surveillance inside the store. >> how lucky that lady was. >> they will get that guy. i think so. >> 24 after the hour. do you know one of those people who never gets sick? we might know why. fascinating discovery straight
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ahead. >> it is a story sdhent want you to hear. how they kept the mastermind behind bars from 9-11. you might laugh at this. >> babe ruth made his ladies and gentlemen league debut. 7 innings against the cleveland indians. [ tap ] [ tap ] ♪ 'cause tonight [ tap ] ♪ we'll share the same dream ♪ ♪ at the dark end of the street ♪ ♪ ♪ you and me ♪ you and me ♪ you and me
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>> good morning everyone. it is thursday july 11th. welcome to fox and friends first. i am patti ann browne. >> good morning to you. i am heather nauert. >> incredible video into the fox newsroom the moment a driver gets caught in the middle of a mud slide. >> it happened in el paso county, colorado. one minute he was on the highway the next he was being swept right off the road. here is another view of the same terrifying incident.
2:30 am
his car was one of more than a dozen washed away by rushing water and mud. luckily no one was hurt. >> while you were sleeping a stroke while congestive heart failure. he now remains in critical condition this morning. the 54-year-old was hospitalized on sunday after he contracted a rare virus that causes the heart to beated slower. >> lawyers for james holmes admitting for the first time he committed the mass shooting at a colorado movie theater last summer he did it while in the throws of a psychotic episode. 12 people were killed 70 others shot. they say holmes should not be retrained during the trial. he has pleaded not guilty by
2:31 am
reason of insanity. how cool is this? you have never seen this before. look. >> amazing, huh? it is the first fighter jet sized drone that is piloted entirely by a computer to land on an aircraft carrier. you got all that? it landed on the uss george w. bush yesterday. this is a glimpse of the future. it flies by coordinates rather than remote control. that waves the way for around the clock surveillance launched by an aircraft carrier. >> the pilot did not order an
2:32 am
evacuation right away. >> ainsley earhardt is following up this and all of the details. >> more than 300 people escaped the burning flames after a terrifying crash landing. now this morning we are hearing the 911 calls from the passenge passengers. >> we were in a plane crash there are people who need help there are not enough medics who need help. there is a woman out here on the runway who is pretty much burned very severely on the head and we don't know what to do. >> we are also learning there were 3 flight attendants who were sucked out of the back tof the plane during the crash and survived. shocking details from investigators, they say the pilot did not order the plane to evacuate immediately after the crash instead passengers were told to stay in their seats.
2:33 am
>> we talked about in order to get certified in aircraft manufacturer has to show a fully loaded aircraft can be evacuated fully evacuated within 90 seconds. what we saw her was the first doors and slides weren't open for about 90 seconds. >> the evacuation started after a flight aiden tant saw flames coming out of the plane and told the people on board to get out. new information from the pilot interviews the flying pilot reported being blinded by a bright light. it is a huge dust storm and it is caught on camera in phoenix, arizona. at one point this massive cloud was at least 20 miles wide and
2:34 am
1800 feet high. these are common in middle eastern countries where there is sand and dust. >> dust storms hit arizona during the state's monsoon season. maria molina is here with more. >> you know the breeze you feel right before the heavy rain picks up. that breeze in the desert area picks up the dust and the sand and produces these sand storms that are called dust storms. heather just mentioned they are typical in arabic regions from the word meaning winds. it is ahead of advancing thunderstorms. some wind gusts can get to 60 miles an hour. take a look at the forecast over parts of arizona parts of the four corner's region. we are expecting more showers and thunderstorms. we could be potentially seeing more activity. otherwise across the southeastern united states expect showers and storms across
2:35 am
carolinas and into virginia. it is summer it is supposed to be hot. we are expecting temperatures into the 9 0z across the plains. parts of texas 100 degrees as far north as rapid city. it can get dangerous at times when you have the humidity. >> republicans are seeing an opportunity to display dismantle or delay it all together. >> doug luzader has more. >> the white house says obama care should be delayed for businesses republicans say individuals deserve a delay in this as well.
2:36 am
this is the most controversial part. image knee say the government is struggling to establish the health insurance changes. some may not be completely ready in time republicans are calling for a delay. >> individual mandate is set to kick in on january 1st of next year. that will give 6 million americans on average $1,200 tax increase. >> the white house delayed the employer mandate that provided insurance by a full year. kritd ticks say the evidence of the entire plan is not ready for prime time. >> now what happened late before holiday a weekend the administration on a blog post essentially whispers it's not working. >> despite accusations the president is violating the law by delaying some deed lines
2:37 am
while planning to enforce others the white house says this is all within his authority. >> people who suggest there is nothing less than a delay are sticking their heads in the stand or are ignorant about past presidents. >> we will see. we expect a vote in the house later this month to delay the individu individual mandate. >> doug luzader lye from washington. thank. let's talk entertainment. they are back. grown-ups ii rather. the hit series this weekend. it is sure to be full of old friends and a whole lot of laughs. >> i stole it. >> put your hands in the air.
2:38 am
swing them like you just don't care. >> more with michael samaro. chris rock adam sandler david spade. >> they all get along they are friends in real life and on the screen. they are reprising the roll of the comedy smash "grown-ups." this is adam sandler's first sequel which is surprising. he is the hollywood agent who relocates his family to the town he grew up to be closer to his friends. we had hall pass earlier this week to see if they had any reservations. >> i turned it down five times. oo we were excited to work together again. we stayed in touch through out the break. i actually did another movie with him that he produced in the
2:39 am
meantime. we were so shocked because we didn't think it would have a sequel when we did it but so happy. >> tomorrow nationwide it is pg 13. >> i always say to my husband if i had a choice i didn't marry him it would be adam sandler. he is so funny. >> very nice in person, too. >> minnesota twins a new york yankees fan and fox fans. >> you guys over 1,000 people would turnout to fox this saturday and sunday. there's a party starts at 12:00. >> yankee stadium. >> if you were unable to get tickets you can still kind of partake in this weekend's festivities. it is very big this year part of the whole event. you can follow us at hash tag
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fox fan weekend on twitter and insta gram. you can follow all of the events. >> basically a party get some t-shirts and stuff. >> michael, thank you so much. exclusive interviews on your web site. >> you can follow me on twitter@fox friends michael. >> it is 40 minutes after the hour. how do you keep the 9-11 master minds occupied when he is behind bars? a secret clening project the cia never wanted you to hear about. >> and you will not see this on the discovery channel. a wild animal escapes his predator by helping him into the family car. goodnight.
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thanks, olivia. thank you. so you can make a payment from your cell to almost anyone's phone or email. (speaking french) so you can express your gratitude... in the moment. chase quickpay. so you can.
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>> the raising of the flag this morning outside fox news headquarters in new york city. in the news a shocking admission to the fort hood shooter. nadal hassan telling potential jurors he supports the taliban and shirea law. he also asked jurors if they could put aside their negative views. meanwhile another bombshell this morning a former top security official has just revealed the 2009 massacre was at first labeled as a terrorist attack before it was changed to work place violence. former new york city mayor rudy giuliani calls the decision dangerous. >> it is damaging to engage in
2:45 am
this fiction that the attack at fort hood is workplace violence. there is a certain reluctance to describe someone as an islamic extremist terrorist for fear you are going to make a mistake. it played a role in the case of major hassan that it was so obvious this man was a possible terrorist. >> under this distinction it is impossible for those killed or injured to receive a purple heart. jury selection continues today. >> how do you keep the mastermind occupied while he's behind bars? outrageous story while he was confined in a secret cia prison in romania the cia decided to let khalid shaikh mohammed to pursue his dream redesigning the vacuum cleaner. ksm has a bachelor's degree in mechanical engineering after years in custody the agency had no plans for him but then they decided it was best to try to
2:46 am
keep him sane so they tried to fund ways to keep him entertained. redesign ago vacuum cleaner taking it apart and putting it back together that kept him occupied. >> turns out it does matter what time of year you are born at least when it comes to your health. according to a new study there's a higher rate of prematurity of babies born in may. it may be because moms hit their third trimester around flu season. it is a known factor in early delivery. it contributes to higher risk of asthma and learning disabilities. >> a wild animal escaped from his predator and it is all caught on camera. >> it's in the car. it's in the car. >> that was an impala being chased a cheetah. it narrowly escaped death by jumping into a family car. it happened on a safari.
2:47 am
the driver let him outright after the cheetah gave up. >> let him stay in the car. very nice of them. >> share your car with him. >> it is 40 minutes after the hour. when a store clerk hands you change do you stop counting? >> burglar busted in such an embarrassing way he might wish they had called the cops. fist let's check in with brian kilmeade coming up on fox and friends. >> good to know that deer is okay. we are just about out of deer. >> impala that's different than a deer? >> it's kind of like a deer but it is in south africa. >> i know ian still drives an impala. he's behind camera one still for some reason. coming up straight ahead george zimmerman does not testify as the defense rests.
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george napolitano weighs in. nontoxic diets do they really work? anna kooiman live from the exhibit at the kennedy space center. a 2-year-old basketball phenom has more trick shots. what is he ever going to accomplish in life? titus joins us live on fox and friends. somebody has the exact same show plan. this is greta. she works in quality control. she makes a nifty living sleeping on mattresses pioneered by engineers whose singluar devotion is not stopping until they have given her the best sleep of her life. that's not greta. save up to $500 on the tempur-ergo collection and get your best sleep possible. visit to find a store near you.
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>> it is our fourth installment of our week-long series about scams, all different kinds and how to prevent them. today is about travel. we brought in travelo
2:52 am
city's senior editor. we have some scams that you want to warn us about? the first is the slow count. >> this can happen at cashier used to dealing with tourists domestically or internationally. they are counting your change for you and you may be distracted. they're slowly counting it in hopes that you will walk away before you have your complete change in hand. this is really something that you can prevent by simply being methodical about your money at all times when it's in an exchange situation or at a cashier. >> know the currencies. they'll try to slip in smaller bills for bigger ones. >> keep a note of all the exchange currencies and what the rate is. >> and what the bills look like. >> exactly. >> the invisible scammer, this might be the worst one. people are so comfortable with wi-fi. >> i love getting wi-fi.
2:53 am
if you see an open network that doesn't have a password, be wary of it. that could be a lure for you to come in, put in your information and someone will be hacking into your account before you know it. use reputable wi-fi hot spots. even verizon has a jet pack where you can do your own hot spots. >> if your hotel offers it, find out their code name. these hackers will call themselves free hotel wi-fi. dangerous. number three, airport security scams. >> this one is tough. you're going through security, and someone in front of you will intentionally put medal on their body or keys in their pocket or something like that that would hold up the line. therefore, your belongings could be going through the conveyor belt and you could be stuck and someone on the other end could be taking your precious items. keep your valuables close to you before you go through. go through together with your belongings through security. >> even if you have to hold
2:54 am
up the line. >> a couple seconds could make the difference. >> travel insurance? >> travel insurance policies are sometimes quite confusing, convoluted and oftentimes a scam. you want to read the fine print and rely on friends, word of mouth. who had a great experience at the travel insurance company in the past. use that company. or for travelocity we have a guarantee built into our bookings protecting you on your vacation. >> the last one, deceiving appearances. >> you could see someone who looks like an authority figure or very elegant and that could allow you to drop your guard and not be savvy, as savvy a traveler. just a general tip. always be on your best guard and be aware of your surroundings and the people who you're dealing with. >> courtney scott, thank you for joining us from travelocity. senior editor. make sure you tune in tomorrow when we talk about medical scams. heather? >> thank you. it is now 54 minutes after the hour. coming up next on the
2:55 am
rundown, a burglar is busted in such an embarrassing way, he might wish that they called the cops. we'll explain. this morning the kid's probably grounded. how can get famous like the actor zach braff? ♪ ♪ ♪ [ brent ] now steve's looking pretty good so far. [ herbie ] eh, hold on brent, what's this? mmmm, nice car. there's no doubt, that's definitely gonna throw him off. she's seen it too. oh this could be trouble. [ sentra lock noise ] oh man. gotta think fast, herbie. back pedal, back pedal. [ crowd cheering ] oh, he's down in flames and now the ice-cold shoulder. one last play... no, game over! gps take him to the dog house. [ male announcer ] make a powerful first impression.
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>> two minutes till the top of the hour. before you leave the house here's what's happening. randy travis taking a turn for the worse. the singer suffered a stroke last night. he underwent surgery but still remains in critical condition. closing arguments in the george zimmerman trial begin today. jury deliberations could start as early as friday. finally, you'll soon be able to read the books that were once owned by our
2:59 am
country's first president. mount vernon will announce today its plans for the george washington presidential library. it is set to open in september. >> it is time to look at the good, the bad, and the ugly. first the good. the actor zach braff helping a fan propose to his girlfriend. >> my good friend matt would like you to please consider being his wife, being his bride. >> very cute. matt got in touch with braff through his kick starter campaign and got the actor to make that creative introduction. it was followed by family and friend to encourage his girlfriend to say yes. she did. next the bad. a seattle woman taking an unusual approach to finding the person who broke into her car. after discovering the suspect's cell phone she called the contact labeled mom and then realized the alleged thief was a teenager. finally the ugly, a major oops on a florida state
3:00 am
championship ring. inscribed on it s.c.c. championship. the problem? it was the a.c.c. oh boy. have a great day, folks. "fox & friends" starts right now. >> good morning everybody. it is thursday. july 11, 2013. i'm gretchen carlson. thanks for sharing your time today. fox news alert. while you were sleeping country singer randy travis taking a turn for the worse. a stroke. emergency surgery. we have the details. >>steve: a wild day in court in the george zimmerman trial ending with questions about the judge's behavior. >> on mr. zimmerman's behalf -- >> i'm asking your client questions. please, mr. west. >> i object to the court inquiring of mr. zimmerman as to his decision about whether or not to testify. >> your objection is overruled. >>steve:


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