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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  July 14, 2013 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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my advice, wrap your meat when you are grilling. it marinate it which has anti--oxidents and use a lot of vegetables. i love barbecuing eggplant and zucchini and peppers. don't only have hamburgers. >> he has spoken. >> thanks doc. >> see you next week. in the circuit court of the 8 -- 18th judicial circuit the state of florida versus george zimmerman, verdict, we the jury find george zimmerman not guilty. >> new reaction this morning from that verdict last night. andr months of questions, confusion in those three weeks and more of intense courtroom drama as you can see george zimmerman woke up this morning as a free man. last night cleared on all charges in the shooting death of 17-year-old trayvon martin. and good morning, everyone on
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this sunday morning and welcome to america's news headquarters. >> while the state of florida has found zimmerman not guilty, the federal government may now be stepping in. we are learning the department of justice is being pressed to file criminal charges against george zimmerman. jonathon is joining us live from sanford, florida. jonathon, good morning. >> good morning to you, arthel. there were reports out of oakland, california overnight of protesters smashing windows and setting small fires, but fortunately here in sanford, florida things were much more peaceful. you had people on both sides of this heated issue staying calm despite the disappointment of dozens of protesters who were camping outside the courthouse and calling for a guilty verdict. in advance of the verdict, community leaders and trayvon martin's family called for peace regardless of what the jury was about to decide. listen.
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>> why do you think why am i crying? i have been following this case. are you kidding me? how can they say not guilty for anything? this man cannot follow the law. he was told not to get out of his car. >> so very emotional reaction outside the courthouse after the verdict was announced. the protests out here remained peaceful. the naacp says it is going to scat justice department to -- going to ask the justice department to file civil charges. they believe the nape -- the neighborhood watch captain profiled trayvon martin the night of the shooting. zimmerman's lawyers in cyst this was never a case about race but self-defense. they alleged all along it was trayvon martin who was the aggressor attacking i can zimmerman and -- attacking zimmerman and pining him to the ground. it was only zimmerman felt his
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life was in danger he filed the gun. the trial is over, but the debate goes on. back to you. >> the debate will continue for awhile. jonathon, thank you very much for that report. >> arthel, the not guilty verdict sparking rex as -- reactions of course. the legal teams say they respect the decision, they offer differing reactions to the course of the case. >> to the living we owe respect and to the dead we owe the truth. we have been respectful to the living. we have done our best to assure due process to all involved, and we believe that we brought out the truth on behalf of trayvon martin. >> we needed facts. unlike what ms. corey said, but like those who watched knew the defense put on the case. we proved george zimmerman is not guilty. the prosecution of george zimmerman was disgraceful.
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i am gratified by the jury's verdict. as happy i am for george zimmerman i am thrilled that this jury kept this tragedy from becoming a travisty. >> we are very, very, very saddened but we accept the jury's verdict in this case. first and foremost on behalf of tracy martin and sybrina fulton who are heart broken right now, we ask that you keep them in your prayers. >> so it took the jury a little more than 16 hours to set george zimmerman free. what did his attorneys do right? what did prosecutors do wrong? let's ask our fox fox news legal am list and our defense attorney and prosecutor. good to see both of you. >> thank you. >> good to be here.
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>> before we get into what they did right or wrong i want to go into what they just reported on. the idea that the naacp and the rainbow push coalition on the same accord urging the justice department to pursue civil rights charges against george zimmerman. legally how far might that efforts go? >> pretty tough because it is either a 1983 action, a civil rights action or it would be some type of hate crime and the threshold for both are very, very high. so if in fact the pressure is being put on, and if it happens and i think as in this case you have to look at the political influence, these -- these organizations have. >> nicole? >> i agree. it will be difficult for them to succeed with something like that. it has been an slept example of what happens when the evidence is taken care of methodically in front of a jury without outside influence. the same result could be expected in another courtroom and different venue. it would be difficult at best. >> nicole i will stay with
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you. based on the evidence and the testimony presented throughout the trial was not guilty the verdict you expected? >> it actually was the verdict i was expecting. the defense did a good job of going through point by point and addressing the forensic evidence in the case. it is a fact. the defense said they proved their client not guilty. really what that means is they are the ones that handled the evidence in the most ma methodical way so the jurors can see how the evidence related to the law. i think that's what happened here. >> bob, your take on that. >> one thing i know from my own experience in covering these cases is honestly when we finally hear from the jury i will guarantee you -- and neck neck -- nicole will agree, they pick up with things you may never try. they come up with things so off the wall that sometimes is not even legally sound, but saying that you can't change the facts of the case. it is a devastating case for everybody. how many people have we all said there are no winners
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involved? when you take the facts of the case and the law given to them, these prosecutors, albeit they were special prosecutors and terrific lawyers, when the facts are the facts it is difficult to get a case like this beyond a reasonable duty. reasonable doubt. those who watch the case, although you don't want to second guess, were not surprised. >> in answering my first question i had, you mentioned political influence. what do you make of the charge that politics drove this case into the courtroom? >> look, my concern for this whole thing that has happened, and even some of the outbreaks we have seen, is that there is a sense refer wrens for this system. when you have a police department who investigated and you have a district attorney's office who investigated and they made a decision that the evidence is not there -- remember most of the time if they are going to prosecute they don't prosecute for probable cause. they prosecute for conviction.
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they looked at this. then we had the civil rights movement. i understand. i get this. we all get the fact that this is a problem in our country. you have to respect the independence of the offices that they made it decision and then to be candid with you, as bad as it would have been if they wouldn't have prosecuted, now even when they did prosecute and put it in front of a jury it still isn't enough. i don't know what will ever make the civil rights leaders, and i say that respectfully, ever satisfied unless there is a conviction, and that's not the way the system works. >> nicole, if politics were a a driving force behind this george zimmerman trial, would that lead you to call for changes in the justice system? >> no. in this case it worked. the reason i say that is that these jurors were kept in the courtroom and heard only the evidence without the outside influence and without
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listening to the protests and made the decision they made based on the evidence. and so in that regard the justice system worked. no matter what political pressures were brought to bear to bring the charges, in the end a jury in a courtroom heard the evidence. trials are to be heard in the courtroom and not the public opinion. if we wanted to try people in public opinion we would have an internet poll and not a trial about who would be found gill tooy and would -- guilty and who would not. trials are in the courtroom and that's where they should remain. nickel, tell me the -- nicole, tell me the biggest hurdle for prosecutors in this case? >> the biggest hurdle is the forensic evidence. the evidence speaks for itself. in this case the juror usa pride the law -- the juries applied the law to the evidence and both sides had an opportunity to present the evidence and to analyze it. the juries in -- the jurors found there was not enough evidence to find him guilty
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beyond a reasonable doubt. >> what was the most effective move for defense? >> i think all of us when the four minutes lapse happened. you sat there for four minutes and this opportunity to retreat, that they argued trayvon martin could have just run away from the situation was very, very important. then it shows that really what happened in that four minutes -- that was effective. and to be honest with you, again, when you get back to the facts of the case, it is sad that the person -- the other person is gone. they have had a hurdle that was very difficult. many times prosecutors overcharge and maybe, maybe -- i don't know. i am not in their game. i don't know. but maybe they would have been better by just charging with a manslaughter case and trying the case as a manslaughter case and leave the murder 2 gone and try it as a manslaughter case. maybe the evidence would have come in differently. maybe there could have been a different result. you argue murder 2 on opening statement and closing
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statement you argue less included, those people on the jury are not stupid. they figured it out. >> second-degree murder charge too stiff? >> i think they did overcharge in this case. i think your credibility as a prosecutor with the jury is paramount. if you do anything to lose credit belt during trial or at the beginning of trial or in a way you present your case, you are gonna have problems. that's what happened here. >> we will leave it there. nicole and bob, good to see both of you. >> thanks so much. >> thanks for having us. >> arthel, there are growing questions about the media's handling of the zimmerman trial. last night defense attorney mark omara said the media had its own agenda and turned on his client from the very beginning. >> you guys, the media, he was like a patient in an operating table where mad scientists were committing experiments on him and he had no anesthesia. he didn't know why he was
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turned into this monster. you had a lot to do with it. >> is that true? coming up, the media's role with our judge joining us later in the hour. >> and her due date has come and gone. and now we play the waiting game. we will fill you in on how kate middleton and prince williams are preparing to welcome a baby. >> and from that joyous news there was tragedy that has now hit the entertainment world. a star of the hit show "glee" was found dead in his hotel room in can gnaw daw. what we know so far about this untimely death. >> and critics playing politics politics -- the political pressure played a part in shaping the george zimmerman murder case. >> if only those who decide to condemn mr. zimmerman as quickly and as viciously as they did would have taken just a little bit of time to find out who it was they were condemning, it would never have happened.
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there was an enormous amount of pressure on the prosecutors in this highly emotional case. critics say public outrage and political pressure were involved in bringing george
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zimmerman to trial ultimately. the supporters of the prosecution say it would have been a miscarriage of justice not to charge him. authorities say they were only guided by the law. >> proof based on our florida standard jury instructions and based on the facts of the case so that's why we charged second-degree murder. we truly believe the mind set of george zimmerman and the words he used and the reason that he was out dooing what he was -- he was doing what he was doing fit the bill for second-degree murder. >> and now there are calls from the department of justice to prosecute zimmerman on civil rights violations. he said his group discussed the possibility with the senior staff of attorney general eric holder at the department of justice. joining us is peter johnson, junior, fox news legal analyst who has been watching this. the verdict last night, but it appears it is not over at all. >> it is only beginning for george zimmerman.
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the naacp and other groups and other politicians in this country are now saying that george zimmerman should be the subject of a federal civil rights investigation under the civil rights act of 1968. by which under the worst scenario he could 2 to prison for life or potentially based on this specific charge brought for deprivation of civil rights be executed under a fed will ray capital -- a federal capital punishment law and that is a staggering thought. we also heard of a racial profiling component last night immediately after the not guilty verdict. she has injected race back into this issue. race was not an issue in the prosecution before the jury in seminole county. and we know in 2012 they did their own investigation and interviewed witnesses who knew zimmerman well and they concluded he was not a racist. he may have had a hero complex, but he was no racist. >> let's start with the
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capital punishment. if he is acquitted how can he potentially be found in a capital case? >> that's a superb question. there is the capacity under our constitution and under our law for federal charge, a separate federal charge for civil rights violations to be brought even if a person has been acquitted in a state court. very often when there are issues that are very often politically charged, the federal government will look at a case and bring federal civil rights violation cases and they have done so across the united states. >> the prosecution said he did profile trayvon. the defense said he profiled trayvon based on the way he looked with the hoodie and all of that and he told the police operator the word punk. is there any evidence of this type of racial classification? >> i suggest there is no objective evidence. he was not engaging in racial
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epitaphs and nothing to show anything against african-american dissent in the past. i heard the attorney for the martin family invoked most outrageously the name of emmett till. he was a boy killed in 1955 in mississippi in a true and horrific and horrible act of racist murder. it stands as a stain on our american history. those folks were acquitted. they later admitted they had done it when they denied they had done so during the trial. but to comparehe two and to bring that into the forefront in our discussion now after there has been a jury -- a trial on the merits, that is a little disturbing. >> they also compared trayvon to mega evers. why do you think that is potentially not appropriate? >> it is not appropriate because the case has been made. in fact, the trayvon martin family has received according to one published report over a million dollars from the
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homeowner's association that was sponsoring the citizens watch in that particular community. so whether it is mr. o'mara talking about whether he would be prosecuted if he was a black man or mr. crump envoking emmett till and evers, their role as advocates has ended. and now they are spokesmen. do we want race tension to go forth in this country or come together, white people, brown people, yellow people and brown people and say who can do better going forward? can our criminal justice do better? can nbc do better? cnn? can they stop fueling the flames of racial tension? how can all of us do better including the president who injected himself in this particular issue. >> on capitol hill there are moves apparently to despite the verdict have some type of action. here is senator harry reid of nevada discussing it this morning. >> is there a new racial wound that you think needs to be addressed and healed as a result of this in this
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country? >> i heard the mayor. i think he should continue on the path that he outlined. >> and the president, does he have a role in speaking about it as he did after the shooting? >> of course. and the justice will look at this. this isn't over with. that's good. it is our system. it has gotten better not worse. >> the justice i will will look at that as they should in any type of case. what will the justice department do, do you think? do they just say send a letter? what type of review? >> it is a travisty and a tension producing wound if they go on with weeks and months. they have done their investigation. if they believe that in fact that mr. zimmerman engaged in a racial act and racial actions that resulted in young trayvon martin's death, then go to the grand jury and bring an indictment this week. if we are opening up racial
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wounds in the name of emeliorating them, i don't believe that. not only senator read, but -- reid, but a lot of congressmen are doing that today. we need to be pulled together and not apart. >> what if the department of justice says they don't have any evidence here. can they decline to take it? >> they candy klein to -- they can decline to take. it based on the evidence and the report there doesn't appear to be any evidence. what are we going to do to bring ourselves together? what are we going to do to make sure there are not political prosecutions ? what are we going to do to make sure that people don't die unnecessarily in these situations? >> and finally, no matter what the department of justice does, what about a potential civil case? he has admitted that he did shoot and kill trayvon. what happens civilly? any damages? >> sure, i think there will be a self-case brought by the estate against mr. zimmerman. it is a different standard and an easier case to win and there is an offset based on the million dollars they have
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gotten. they have to achieve more than the million dollars to achieve a profit in that particular case. all i'm saying is the rule of law has prevailed here. we can look at it and let's see how we can do better. let's come together. let's not come apart. >> thank you. thank you so much. >> good to see you. peter and eric, there are still growing questions about the pressure some critics say allowed this trial to even happen and whether or not the mainstream media convicted zimmerman long before the jury found him not guilty. judge alex joins us in a moment to break it all down. >> i think the prosecution of george zimmerman was disgraceful. >> i am gratified by the jury's verdict. as happy i am for george zimmerman, i am thrilled that this jury kept this tragedy from becoming a travisty.
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in the circuit court of the 18th judicial circuit in seminole, florida. the state of florida versus the george swremmer man, we the jury find george zimmerman not guilty. >> reaction pouring in this morning following last night's not guilty verdict in the george zimmerman murder trial. the former neighborhood watch volunteer is now a free man after being cleared of all charges in the shooting death of 17-year-old trayvon martin. jonathon is joining us from sanford, florida with more. jonathon? >> arthel, you mentioned legally george zimmerman is a free man. in practice he may face more of an uphill battle. you can see the naacp leaders
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say they will ask the justice department to seek civil rights charges against zimmerman. the organization alleges zimmerman racially profiled trayvon martin when the neighborhood watch captain followed him the night of the fatal shooting in 2012. that and similar allegations are what are driving the protests during and after the trial. while demonstrations in sanford, florida remain peaceful, there were reports overnight of protesters smashing windows and setting small fires in oakland, california. zimmerman's lawyer said there are concerns about his client's safety. all along the defense has been maintaining that zimmerman acted in self-defense shooting trayvon martin while the teen had swremmer man pinned to the -- zimmerman pinned to the ground and punching zimmerman against a sidewalk. a jury found zimmerman not guilty, but we may find that he faces more of an uphill battle in the court of public opinion which, arthel, at this point seems polarized.
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back to you. >> indeed. thank you very much. live from sanford, florida. and there are some new questions this morning over the role of the media after this verdict. certainly a lot of controversey about that. mr. zimmerman's team accused of of not treating the case properly. >> two things he can't understand. you guys, the media, he was like a patient in an operating table where mad scientists were committing experiments on him and he had no anesthesia. he didn't know why he was turned into this monster. you guys had a lot to do with it. you just did. you took a story that was fed to you and you ran with it and you ran right over him. >> trayvon martin will forever remain in the anils of history
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next to evers and til as symbols for the fight for equal justice for all. >> how did the media play a role in this case? he is the host of the syndicated show "judge alex." thank you for coming. >> thank you. >> was he convicted in the court of public opinion before they even picked a jury? >> way before. i am not minimizing the allegations of race. some people say it never should have been a factor. when you have a 17-year-old blackmail who is unarmed and killed by an older white male, race better be an issue you think about. otherwise you are acting leak racism never happened. once there was no evidence to support it, it should not have been continued to be fueled. i know a lot of people of failure to be arrested is further evidence, but that happens every day when police
8:33 am
show up and one person is telling their side of the story. they can't arrest the individual. they subject themselves to civil liability without probable cause. the media took that and exploded it into a clear sign of racism. you remember there was a major network that edited the police tape where he says to the dispatcher there is a suspicious guy here. why is he suspicious? because he looks like he is walking in the dark between houses and looking in houses, out of place. is he white, black or hispanic? he is black. they cut that up and played it as there is a suspicious guy here. what is suspicious about him? she black. if you heard that and didn't know the real tape was edited you have to assume he was racist. >> there were some people fired for that. there were other examples where they called zimmerman white and there were racial epitaphss used. there was no evidence of that. what did they do wrong and right? >> it doesn't help when you are dealing with something as
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sensitive and explosive as an allegation of racism. there was plenty of evidence had they looked problem steve evidence that george zimmerman was anything but a racist. he mentored african-american children. he took an african-american girl to the prom. he went out and fundraised for an african-american homeless guy that was abused allegedly by a cop's son and fought for his cause. this guy was anything but a racist. on the other hand the media perpetuated this itch meg of -- this image of trayvon -- i am not saying trayvon was a bad individual or anything like that. but the media painted him in a certain light by continually using a picture of when he was 12 years old and using george zimmerman's booking photo from an altercation in another case and showing a totally diverse view of the two individuals. that had to be intentional. you can't tell me the media didn't have any other access to other pictures pictures and trayvon's family didn't have pictures of him since he was
8:35 am
12 years old? there were pictures from his twitter that were circulated, but we saw the same image painted. the media benefits from ratings. we see it over and over again where the stories are slanted a certain way because it is explosive and the ratings shoot through the roof. there are networks that make a living off high-profile cases like this. as long as they report it fairly that is great. the public should know both sides and should know a fairview of it. it is when it is given a particular slant like this they don't do us a favor. there is an image of racism when anybody who watches the trial realizes if race was an issue it is only because trayvon fit the description of young black males who are burglarizing houses. i guarantee you if it was young hispanic males burglarizing the houses and he saw a young hispanic man walking between the houses in the rain and the dark, this guy so attentive to the crime going on in the neighborhood would have called him in too.
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that's not racism. it is a description. >> we know and we have acknowledged as you have here, judge, that in fact racial nerves were touched by this trial. moving forward, is there a conversation that the media could forge to try to mend the fences here? that was the most disturbing part of the trial to me. to see how we are still so divided, so unnecessarily divided in this country. it is a travisty. it is horrible trayvon martin is dead. it is horrible george zimmerman's life has been altered. regardless of how you feel, if he add right to defend himself or not. the bottom line is his life has been altarred. that's the part that has made me sick. >> absolutely. i feel this prosecution should never have happened. not by any means it is not aen mooing less crime. it should have been investigated intensively, which it was by seeing the evidence. and we learned why the original police department and state attorney's office did not pursue the case.
8:37 am
they have an ethical obligation not to pursue a claim they cannot prove beyond every reasonable doubt. they do it in counties all over the country every day. but the public doesn't see it. in this case a made and it seems very political to me, let's qel the anger out there by bringing charges. we will let it work itself out later. >> judge, i am not talking about that part and not discounting what you are saying, but i am telling you it has highlighted the racial divide that exists in our country. >> i agree. >> what can we do to move forward and bring everybody together? what is the conversation? >> i think the conversation has to be about on the one hand not ignoring racism because it is out there. every time somebody claims racism as a potential motive, there are people out there who say they are always claiming racism. that's because racism does exist. on the other side you have people who claim racism when there is no evidence of it. it hurts the real cases and there are real cases where there is racial anamous.
8:38 am
it hurts them because it hurts the credibility of those who actually need the public to believe i have been a victim of this. we need to get away from race baiting and denying racism and deal with the realities. look at a case like this and say, okay, it is possible. let's see if there is evidence of it. if there is, pursue it to the end. if there isn't, let's not keep fueling that fire and dividing people further and further. >> what happens now? that's why the feds had the authority to pursue them afterwards. an individual is not. >> even if you are a
8:39 am
nightwatch map? >> he was not employed. he was not depp -- deputized. i can get with anybody and say we are a neighborhood watch. the police will train us and say this is what you do. he was not operating under the color of law. there may be a race hate statute out at the federal level, but as i said, the evidence in this case if anything not only didn't support it, it actually disproved he was a racist. i would imagine that the department of justice would not give this two thoughts. despite the obvious tragedy of the loss of a 17-year-old, but as i said it happens all the time. you have hard cases leak this where the prosecutor looks at it and has to have a difficult conversation with the victim's family and says, i feel your pain. we cannot bring a case that we cannot prove. the evidence is not there. sometimes because there are no witnesses and perhaps because it happened how george zimmerman said and he was within his rights. but it has to live up to a case.
8:40 am
otherwise you are creating more wounds down the road. >> judge alex? judge alex, thank you for your insight. we get the lawyers, but not always from your side of the bench. >> thank you, judge. >> thank you. sad news out of hollywood the death of a talented tv actor sending shock waves in los angeles this morning. a star of the show "glee" passing away. coming up, what we know about his final hours.
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a shocking death in the world of television. canadian actor cory monteith best known as one of the stars of the television show "glee" has died. the 31-year-old's body was discovered in a vancouver hotel room saturday afternoon. hotel staff had gone to check on monteith after he missed
8:45 am
his checkout time. police say the cause of death is not immediately apparent, but they have ruled out foul play. and now for a look beyond the news and a major washington, d.c. name. here is liz with her sunday commentary. >> washington is really a very small town with big town am begses. ambitions, mostly full of people from somewhere else who can see the bright lights of the white house and set their sights on power. there used to be a quaintness about the city where lincoln walked. the headquarters for liber tee, the place where well-meaning patriots made public policy for the good of the nation. they even share cabs there, say hello to strangers where hometown -- wear hometown pink and green year-round. but some wrote now you have people in washington who have no interest in the country at all. their interest in there companies, their corporations,
8:46 am
grabbing caspian oil. the american people have caught on to the money grubbing and lobby loving culture change in washington. now more than ever it is strictly a place where the important thing in life is getting the next big job and getting recognized for it. there is big money to be made here. so it is with the obamas and in particular with the woman the media has tritetel dubbed. a friend from obama from chicago and his senior aid. she learned her trade in the office of chicago mayor richard daly and despite some shady activities of the chicago public housing business has been called the most influential business in the obama administration. virtually nothing is published about her activities since she doesn't talk to reporters. as the media shamelessly shies away from reporting any unflattering news about her,
8:47 am
she represents the ultimate access to the president which they will not endanger. what we do know of her reveals the portrait of a woman who is a product of the black aristocracy. an apostle to the hard left and issues of race and entitlement and who like her boss brings no experience of world affairs to the job. perhaps that is why her appearance in the advanced tidbits or another washington insider book have made such a splash. a new york times reporter says its title is as gross as its subject. this town, two parties and a funeral plus. plenty of valet parking in america's guilded capitol. the book is a bible of deliciously inside gossip from the dc cocktail circuit, but none is more entertaining than the valerie jarod scoop.
8:48 am
we are not talking anything transformational. it is strictly a report into the vanity of vanities. it started with the new york times profile on ms. jarod that that appeared last september. so uptight about the contents the obama white house put out a 33point memo to staff dictating to them what they were to say publicly about valerie to defend her. the memo was called the imagine geek valerie. that is just the -- the magic valerie. and that is just the beginning. they say the magic is her intau elect and her heart. can you imagine anybody saying that about karl rove? the memo goes on, valerie has taped into people's experiences and their good times and bad. she expects people to work their hearts out and for the president and never forget where you work and the magnitude. the memo continues, single mother, woman working to the
8:49 am
top in a competitive male dominated world, african-american working for change from the grassroots to big business. best of all from a white house that cannot stop its employees from running for the exits the memo claims that valerie is some here who other people inside the building know they can trust, parenthesises, need examples, close parenthesis, close quote. so far, no reports of examples have surfaced. >> the british royal family could soon grow by one. how long before the duchess of cambridge, kate middle son, is expected to give birth. that's coming up next. announcer: you're on the right track
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oh, yes, we're on royal baby watch. duchess of cambridge kate middleton is expected to give birth at st. mary's hospital in london. but she's now reportedly one day past her due date. her husband, prince william, reportedly rushing back to london late last night after participating in a charity polo event, in order to be by his wife's side. amy kellogg is in london with
8:54 am
the story. when is the baby girl going to be born, amy? that's my prediction. >> reporter: you sound awfully confident. but that's what people are betting on, that it's a girl. that may derive from a perceived slip on the part of the dutches of cambridge who said, i will give this gift to my da -- then she stopped. then she backtracked the on that. saying they do not know the gender of the as yet to be born baby. we felt that it was substantial enough of a rumor or tip to go with it. the world's media all decamped here for quite some time. this headline really sums up the sentiment "the time has come." now, in this expected period, of course, there are lots of distractions and diversions around london. it's led to really a big burst of nostalgia.
8:55 am
a lot of old photographs, baby pictures of former royal infants have emerged. they've been displayed. the way they looked, the way they dressed. here's one of prince charles as a baby. prince charles now about to become a grandfather. this dovetails with what happens to be the 60th anniversary of the coronation of queen elizabeth. the display of r clothes at the museum of london. heirlooms dating back as much as 500 years. >> the lovely little dress here that we have on display is actually embroidered with prince of wales feathers which means it was born by queen victoria's eld ets son who later became edward vii and prince of wales. today the royal baby would wear things purchased in shops, and that's what makes this
8:56 am
different. >> reporter: if it is, in fact, a girl, which people seem to think, but of course we don't know, that little girl likely to be a bit of a flags plate like her mother, i would guess. for people who fear they'll be missing out on the action, there's lots of memorabilia out in shops already. there will be more when we know the gender of the newborn, mugs in pink and mugs in blue. but in any event we understand catherine, the duchess and her parents are in berkshire right now. >> exciting times there in london, amy kellogg. we'll be right back. hey linda! what are you guys doing? having some fiber! with new phillips' fiber good gummies. they're fruity delicious! just two gummies have 4 grams of fiber! to help support gularity! i want some... [ woman ] hop on over! [ marge ] fiber the fun way, from phillips'.
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that's it for us and, arthel, good to be with you this morning. >> good to be with you. we the jury find george zimmerman not guilty, so say we all, foreperson. >> as happy as i am for george zimmerman, i'm thrilled that this jury kept this tragedy from becoming a travesty. >> we have done our best to ensure due process to all involved, and we believe that we brought out the truth on behalf of trayvon martin. >> the verdict is in after more than 50 witnesses and 16 plus hours of deliberation, a jury has cleared george zimmerman in the death of trayvon


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