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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  July 16, 2013 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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and that's fine. because, you know, it has to be. have a great day. here's cavuto. >> police prepares ramping up as protesters keep it up after the zimmerman verdict, and now, businesses finding themselves the target. >> welcome everyone. this is "your world." banks, restaurants, shops, all under attack, and now amid the bashing, the boycotts, groups targeting the sunshine state where the decision came down, calling for a boycott from everything from disney to florida oranges. looks like a tsunami of anticapitalism from coast to coast. to our cochair of the project 21 in los angeles, and mike huckabee in florida, thank you for coming.
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mr. cooper, read a blog from you today that said this is all wrong. protesters fine, but boycotts, huh-uh. >> absolutely it's inappropriate to blame the state of florida if you're disappointed with the outcome. i'm not clear on how effective such a claim or an attempt is going to be in the first place, but it's misplaced anger. the resources and time and energy about youth being killed in america could be far more con -- constructsively addressed to shootings in chicago and new york and milwaukee, 8,000 a year happening and i'm not seeing much attention focused on it. for someone trying to claim that florida is the problem is completely misrepresenting the reality or they're distorting reality. >> governor, in fact, the defense used the self-defense defense in at the trial. they didn't you a florida stand your ground law. where is this anger coming from?
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the think they're frustrated but it's ridiculous. stand your ground was not a factor in this trial. they never brought it up. they could of, they didn't they went for self-defense, and secondly, why blame the state of florida? the state of florida prosecuted george zimmerman for heaven sake. if anything the people who are mad at george zimmerman ought to be happy the governor appointed a special prosecutor to prosecute george zimmerman when local authorities couldn't find enough evidence to go to trial as, by the way, neither could the fbi. >> mr. cooper, this looks a lot like the up a up -- "occupy wall street" protesters. they're breaking windows, and oakland, california, one of the epicenters of the "occupy" movement, they're doing it again. >> well, it does appear to me that some of these people are just interested in may hem for mayhem sake. no one, no one has ignored or forgotten that a young man's life was lost.
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but disproportionallity here is the point. you know who is going to suffer when these businesses are burned or attacked or destroyed? it's if those businesses aren't able to recover they're going leave the community and it's those members, those people who live in those communities, that are going to suffer. it is not going to affect the governor of florida. it's not going to affect the zimmerman family. it's not going to do anything about the whole issue that they claim. but again, i would argue that we need to have the police be vigilant, hyper alert to the cop sequences of this, because the citizens and the people who live in that community are going to be the ones who suffer the most from all of this. >> governor, let's talk about that for a second. governor scott in florida was the one who, after the police said the investigator said, we don't really have a case, the prosecutor assigned originally to the case said we don't have enough evidence to get a guilty verdict on this. they said, no.
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governor scott said, let's bring in special prosecutors willing to do it. so sounds like to me the florida -- the government in florida did everything in their possible power to do what these people are protesting. and boycotting. >> i think he went on the other side of caution to try to make sure there was never going to be an allegation like there currently is, and now you have stevey wonder saying he is never going to florida again, no state with a stand your ground law, which is absurd because that wasn't even a factor in this case. i think stevie wonder will be fine without florida, and florida will be fine without stevie wonder but when you see the national boycotts, don't buy florida products, that's really absurd. i don't understand the connection between the entire state of florida and people who operate businesses and somebody who is upset because six jurors, taking a look at evidence, applying it to the law, decided
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that the man wasn't guilty of what he was charged for. that's not something you can blame millions of people in the state of florida for. >> mr. cooper, give us -- look in the camera and talk to these protesters. what's your message? >> well, first thing is, there's absolutely no justification for the mayhem and the crime. again, it hurts the very people who live in the communities where these crimes are taking place. the second point is, people need to understand, and the media in particular, that the individuals engaging in these kinds of behavior are actually part of the problem. they're the predators that seven days a week, when there is no trayvon martin protest, that are going around harming the community. these individuals need to have the police come in, interdict them and prevent them from going forward. and finally, again, it punishes the whole state of florida for what i believe we ought to understand is a constitutional
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privilege that other countries don't have, that you actually do have a jury process. i appreciate that the president said we're going to recognize and accept the outcome of this particular jury, but if these boycotts go forward, they're saying, no, we don't accept that premise. >> we're going to leave it there. honor was cooper, governor huckabee, great to see you. >> we're keeping a close watch on orlando, florida, where attorney general eric holder is set to speak at the bottom of this hour. he'll be addressing the naacp convention as pressure mounts to bring civil rights charms against mr. zimmerman. when the attorney general speaks we'll wing it -- bring it to you live. >> forget wal-mart coming-under attack. now the retailer is a nationwide target after d.c. approved a living wage bill upping the minimum make by 50% for large retailers to 12.50 an hour other. groups are reportedly considering using the same tactics to keep the big box
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retailer out of their cities. mr. orange, i have to say, what were you thinking, sir, d.c. needs jobs? >> well, let me say first of all, thank you for having me on the show and the district of columbia is doing well. we're well oiled financial machine. we just came off $800 million in surpluses. we have the highest disposable income in the nation. we have 1,000 new residents coming in on a monthly basis. >> m-orange, are in orange. >> would like to do do you know what the unemployment rate is in your city? >> it's 8.5%. it came don from 11-point -- >> do you know what the national unemployment rate is? >> yes, 7.6%. >> how are you doing gate if you're a full percentage point above the national average in
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unemployment rate? >> we have a plan for unemployment rate. we have a five-year plan that will create $50,000 and train our residents for jobs -- >> hold on you said d.c. is doing great, your words, d.c. is doing great. 0. >> yes, we are. >> let's try this one. if you're a teen in d.c., do you now what their unemployment rate is. >> no. >> it's 25%. how about 34% if you're a teen in d.c., the unemployment rate. i'm trying to figure out how you can make the statement, quote: we're at a point where we don't need retailers. retailers need us. >> it's clear. the retailers are knocking on our door. we are doing quite well. we would love to have wal-mart come into town but they must pay a living wage. that 12.50 per hour less benefits. so they can calculate their benefits. irtheir bin gets amount to two dollars the pay a wage of 10.50.
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benefits are providing retirement security, you can provide paid leave for education, and their average wage is 12.57 per hour. so let -- >> let me ask you this. why do you need a law for that if they're already averaging at the rate you want? because in your law you exempt unions from the law. >> let me tell you why. those are your words. my word are this. we have a policy in the nation's capitol that consists of living wage, affordable housing, access to health care and a good education. the first level of need and then people prosper. >> please answer the question, why the law? >> poodiscovered the nation's cl and want our disposable income. we're saying come on in. however, you will not pay poverty wages here. you will not provide those safety net benefits for the government to pay. you must pay your way. we can prosper together.
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>> last question, are all the people on the employment rolls within the city of d.c. being paid by the city of d.c.? are they paid 12.50 minimum? >> i'm not sure -- >> i can answer the question for you, no. the answer is no. >> if not well address that. >> why is the city not paying a living wage wart your requiring wal-mart to -- >> retailers would love to be in the nation's capitol. our door is open to. the they pay a living wage minus benefits and we can all prosper together. >> maybe you should clean your own house first before you start worrying about cleaning wal-mart's house. there are jobs in d.c. not paying 12.50 an hour. city jobs. >> we're not here to clean wal-mart's house. we're here to take care of the citizens of the district of columbia and we're at a point where we will have a living wage, access to health care, affordable housing and a good education. >> got to go. mr. o., thank you for joining us. i present you spending time here. you should reconsider that law.
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>> thank you for having me. >> protests against america mountness egypt, where you have it, right there, that message. message to america: egypt is not your servant, go away. senator rand paul says, fine, and we'll take our billions away with us. he's next.
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to egypt where we are clearly not buying their love so maybe it's time to stop putting a deposit down on their hate while they're burning our flag. senator rand paul say america continues to burn billions, giving them aid and the republican from kentucky says it's time to pull the plug. tell us -- no aid at all. i tend to agree with you. we don't know who we're giving money to just cut off aid completely? >> the law says when there's a military coup the aid should end. we should obey the law. the president seems to think he is above the law and can do
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whatever he wants, but we pass laws and some of us think it's important we obey the law and the president should obey the law. >> he isn't calling it a military coup. >> he is the only person in the country who doesn't think it's a military coup. it's really even beyond debating, such a ridiculous notion you can say the military evicted morsi but that's not a coup? theostat goes one stub further. either a military coup or anything substantially affected by the military, the aid should end. >> can we turn to some of the news of the day. all this talk about the filibuster, the nuclear option. what is going on, break is down in simple terms for the viewers. >> basically the filibuster is when one senator or more stands up and says you're going to speak until you can speak no more, and times it -- sometimes it happens where you don't speak, just ask for a 60-vote
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margin, which means more than 50. 60 senators have to vote to pass something. it has been used more recently, and the democrats are unhappy about it so they want to change the rules. in order to change the rules they have to breck a done break a rule to change a rule because we don't knockally change a rule in the middle of the year. all that being said, there's use for the filibuster. i used the fill buster to make the president respond, can you till an american with a drone without a trial? and he said. no i'm using the filibuster or a hold right few to hold up the fbi director because he is using drones to spy on americans but won't tell us how he is using them. so i'm using the fill buster to get information. it's an important tool. >> tell us more about that. you're putting a hold on -- explain what that means. a little political speak. maybe people don't understand. >> a hold is like a filibuster in the sense that i'm saying if you want him to be released from
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my hold, which is kind of figurative, if you want to vote on him, you're going have to end my filibuster and have a 60-vote margin and then do it again. some people say, that's ridiculous. you're just an obstructionist. my response is i'm trying to get a real truth. is the fbi using the bill of rights, are they seeking a warrant from a judge before they spy on us? that's an important fruit the only way to do it is to use my r. -- leverage as a senator, and the acknowledge way to make the president obey the law, it's an important tool and our founding fathers put it in there for precisely this reason. >> for that reason to call attention to what they're trying to do, especially if you're in the minority, you can do that. and frankly, if you didn't have a filibuster, what would stop president obama from appointing, say, al sharpton as attorney general or rachel maddow on she
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supreme court. >> if he had someone with a extreme point of view the majority can pass with 51 votes. with a filibuster, 61 votes and you're less likely to get someone with those extreme views to be nominated or approved by the senate. >> what's your hold on -- james thome wants to put him in as director of the fbi? >> i'm placing a hold on it. not because i have the intention of ultimately defeating him but i'm going to slow it down enough to see if the administration will responsible to my question. i asked the fbi 15 questions three or four weeks ago but they have not responded. i want to know when the fbi uses a drone to fly over my property or someone's house, are they getting a warrant first or just doing it willy --il nilly because they can. a drone is able to look every
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from 50,000 feet so you don't know you're being spied upon and that spying goes against right to privacy that all americans have, and i want to make sure this isn't being done without a judge0s warrant. if it is i will highly object to what is going on. >> while you have this hold on the nominee, can they break that hold? >> the way they break to the hold, bring it to the floor and get 60 votes. so a hold really isn't you stop someone indefinitely. it's that you threaten to slow down the process by -- it's sort of like -- a hold is like the beginning of a filibuster, and should they bring it to the floor and idahoes peek like i did on the drone -- i choose to speak like i did on the drone subject, as long as i speak i can stop the debate. but there are certain physical limits to how long you speak. >> you did 13 hours. what would you do differently this time?
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>> tennis shoes. got to have tennis shoes next time. >> what about -- are you allowed to eat and drink? >> yeah, probably have more food in my pockets. i had a lot of candy bars that people were bringing me, and senator kirk brought me a their -- thermos and an apple but that was against the rule and the sergeant at arms took the apple and the their -- thermos from me. >> we understand if you don't hear from president obama you're going to hang on to the old. thank you very much, senator rand paul. >> exposed the irs targeting, now the democrats are targeting him. be right back. as your life changes, fidelity is there r your personal economy, helping you readjust along the way,
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>> to russia where ed snowden wants to stay for now. the nsa leaker requesting temporary asylum. catherine herridge, on the odds he'll get aslum. >> a russian lawmaker said snowden could get the application process somewhere between three weeks and three months and will need to stay at the moscow airport. the same lawmaker confirming he helped snowden fill out the paperwork and apply for a temporary asylum on the basis that snowden fears torture or the death penalty if extradited to the u.s. snowden filling out the paper work at the airport where he has been for three week, unable to travel with no passport and temporary travel papers from ecuador being revoked. having to failed to convince president putin to send snowden home, the nsa -- >> said he should come home and have the courage to come face
1:25 pm
the charges against him. >> what would the u.s. response be if russia accepts the request. >> i think the russians know how strongly we feel and how important it is for him to come home and face justice. >> the state department nor the white house offering any new options or strategy for cop veining -- convincing the russians to send snowden home. only thing were carefully crafted claims that he would be prosecuted here. >> mr. snowden has all the rights that every american citizen charged with a crime in the united states has. and he should be returned here where he can stand trial, and take advantage of those rights. >> also in the last few minutes the russian lawmaker released a file showing the asylum application in snowden's hand writing and emphasizing he has
1:26 pm
to stay at the airport in moscow until the asylum application is dealt with. >> more and more pieces of the puzzle coming to light. thank you. senate investigating the irs, democrats targeting the inspector general who brought it to light. now they're questioning russell george over g.o.p. ties and why he didn't reveal progressive groups were being targeted too. democrats are going after the wrong guy. which guy are the going after, guy? >> they want to investigate the investigator. this is very interesting. a classic case of misdirection and in my view trying to shoot the messenger here. the lawmaker who has been spearheading this effort is elijah cummings, on the oversight committee and suffered off the sale your stages of political schizophrenia and is
1:27 pm
exhibiting this since this came out in the spring. at first represent representative cummings was outraged orphaned outrange. then when the bottom of this was getting closer and closer to potentially politically damaging places, like the administration, this became a witch hunt, in his eyes so he said, it's off. the whole issue is done. let's all pack up and go home. that was in june. that didn't fly. the american people didn't buy that. the evidence wasn't pointing in that direction. so the next stage was to say, look at these new reports that there was targeting on both sides. there's no scandal here. unfortunately that's not true either, because there's a difference between initial screening, which happened to both sides, and targeted abuse. inappropriate targeting, which only happened to the political right, and when the inspector general, mr. george, made that very explicit in rite -- writing, the new tactic is let's go after mr. george and impugn
1:28 pm
his integrity. >> there it is, mr. george -- all you heard was kind of misinterpreted. yes, both sides were brought light, they looked at both sides, but the ones that were specifically asked and forced for more information, more information, and delayed and whatnot, were the conservatives. liberal groups flew through. so it's not russell george who they should be looking for. who should they be looking into in lois lerner, i'll take the fifth? >> yes, lois lescher and her cohort at the highest level of the irs and how many people at treasury knew and whether that bled into the white house or the obama campaign, and the campaign and white house spokesman has denied repeatedly but we don't know the definitive answers to those questions. >> you're 100% right. no one has really looked deeply into the higher levels. go above the irs, where do you go?
1:29 pm
you go to treasury. maybe we should be snooping around treasury. i have to leave it there thank you so much. >> my pleasure. >> to orlando, florida, you're looking live where attorney general eric holder is about to address the naacp. a group demanding litigation against george zimmerman. hi, i'm terry and i have diabetic nerve pain.
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let's take a his spoon attorney general eric holder who is addressing the naacp in orlando, florida. >> most of all, as parents, this afternoon i want to assure you of two things. i am concerned about this case. and -- [applause] >> and as we confirmed last spring, the justice department has an open investigation into it. now -- [applause] -- while that inquiry is ongoing, i can promise that the department of justice will consider all of available information before determining what actions to take. but independent of the legal determination that will be made, i believe this tragedy provides yet another opportunity for our nation to speak honestly, honestly, and openly about the complicated and emotional charged issues that this case has raised. years ago, some of these same issues drove my father to sit
1:34 pm
down with me, to have a conversation, which is no doubt familiar to many of you. about how as a young black man i should interact with the police. what to say. and how to conduct myself if i was ever stopped or confronted in a way i thought was unwarranted. so, i'm sure my father felt certain at that time that my parents' generation would be the last that had to worry but such things for their children. since those days our country has changed for the better. i stand before you as 82nd 82nd attorney general of the united states, serving in the administration of our first african-american president, proves that. [applause] yet for all the progress we have seen, recent events demonstrate we still have much more work to do and much further to go. the news of trayvon martin's death last year, and the
1:35 pm
discussions that have taken place since then, reminded me of my father's words so many years ago. and they brought me back to a number of experiences i had as a young man, when i was pulled over twice, and my car searched, on the new jersey turnpike when i'm sure i wasn't speeding. or when i was stopped, by a police officer while simply running to catch a movie at night, in georgetown in washington, dc. i was at the time of that last incident a federal prosecutor. [laughter] [applause] trayvon's death last spring caused know sit down and have a conversation with my own 15-year-old son. like my daddied with me. this is a father-son tradition i hoped need not need to be handed down but as a father who loved
1:36 pm
his son and more knowing in the ways of the world i had to do this to protect my boy. i am his father. and it is my responsibility not to burden him with the baggage of years long gone but to make him aware of the world that he must still confront. this is a sat -- sad reality in a nation that is changing for the better in so many ways. as important as it was, i am determined to do everything in my power to assure the kind of talk i have with my son isn't the only conversation we engage in as a result of these tragic events. in the days leading up to this weekend's verdict, some predicted and prepared for riots. and waves of civil unrest across the country. some feared the anger of those who disagreed with the jury might overshadow and obscure the issues at the heart of this case, but the people of sanford
1:37 pm
and thousands across america rejected this destructive path. [applause] they prove wrong those who doubted their commitment to the rule of law. and across america, diverse groups of citizens from all races, browns, and walks of life, are making their voices heard as american citizens have the right to do through peaceful protests, rallies and vigils, designed to inspire responsible debate north incite violence and division, and those who conduct themselves in a contrary manner do not honor the memory of trayvon martin. [applause] i hope -- we should be proud of
1:38 pm
trayvon martin's parents. they suffered a pain that no parent should have to endure. and one that i as a father cannot begin to conceive. as we embrace their example and hold them in our prayers, we must not forego this opportunity to better understand one another and we must not fail to seize this chance to improve this nation that we cherish. today, starting here, and starting now, it's time to commit ourselves to a respectful, responsible dialogue about issues of justice and equality. we can meet division and confusion with understanding and compassion and ultimately with truth, however hard that is. it's time to strengthen our collective resolve to combat gun violence and also time to combat violence involving or directed
1:39 pm
toward our children. so we can prevent future tragedies. [applause] >> and we must confront the underlying attitudes, the mistaken beliefs, and the unfortunate stereo types that serve too often as a basis for police action and by the judgments. separate and apart from the case that has drawn the nation's attention, it's time to question laws that senselessly expand the concept of self-defense and so dangerous conduct in our neighborhoods. [applause] these laws try to fix something that was never broken. there has always been a legal defense for using deadly force if, and the if is important --
1:40 pm
if no safe retreat is available. but we must examine laws that take this further by eliminating the common sense and age-old requirement that people who feel threatened have a duty to retreat. outside their home, if they can do so safely, by allowing and perhaps encouraging violent situations to escalate in public, such laws undermine mcsafety. the list of resulting tragedies is long and has victimized too many who are innocent. it is our collective obligation, we must stand our ground to ensure -- [applause] -- we must stand our ground to ensure that our laws reduce
1:41 pm
violence and take a hard look at laws that contribute to more violence than they prevent. we must also seek a dialogue on attitudes about violence and disparate -- >> you're going to jonathan right outside that room. jonathan, some reaction. >> yeah, there was a big reaction when we talked about the florida stand your ground laws. there was standing ovation, half of the people in the room stood up. everyone was applauding help is speak about laws enhe canned at- enacted at the state level which state you feel you're in a threatening situation, no longer if you're outside of your home do you have to try to find a retreat. traditionally you have to be backed into a corner but under the stand your ground rules you don't have to move if you feel threatened and you can use lee that force but attorney general holder was questioning the validity of these laws saying that rather than preventing
1:42 pm
violence, suggesting they were even encouraging violence. that resounded with many of the anymore attendance at the convention. many of them have vowed to try to work to overturn these laws, not only here in florida but similar laws in other states. now, speaking about the trayvon martin case, eric holder injected himself very personally in that story, said the story of trayvon martin reminded him of his own childhood when his father gave him a lecture and told him very cautiously how he needed to talk to police as a young black man. at the time he thought that he would perhaps by the la -- the last generation that would have to deal with this type of lecture from a parent but this situation sadly is still true today, and so he brought up trayvon martin, saying he is very concerned about the case, and when he said that, once again, another ovation, some resounds applause. in fact, when he walked into the room there was a massive
1:43 pm
standing ovation, so obviously the attorney general a very popular speaker at this time here at this convention. eric? >> thank you, jonathan. just to wrap it up. attorney general. stand your ground laws, look at laws that try to fix something that wasn't broken, look atlases that undermine the public safety. we have to take a quick break. we'll have that debate when we come back. >> after all, we come together today in -- ne, my doctor and i went with axiron, ne, the only underarm low t treatment. axiron can restore t levels to normal in about 2 weeks in most men. axiron is not for use in women or anyone younger than 18 or men with prostate or breast cancer. women, especially those who are or who may become pregnant and children should avoid contact where axiron is applied as unexpected signs of puberty in children or changes in body hair or increased acne in women may occur. report these symptoms to your doctor.
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you just heard attorney general eric holder take aim at florida's stand your ground law. two legal eagles. let me start with you. i mentioned towards the end of what we were listening to, attorney general eric holder referenced "stand your ground," we should look at laws that try to fix something that wasn't broken and laws that undermine the public safety. pretty dramatic stuff.
1:47 pm
>> i think what our attorney general is saying is that the laws that were prior to these "stand your ground" laws where you had a duty to retreat in self-defense case, that is what worked and we had a law like that in florida, trayvon martin wouldn't be dead today. zimmerman would have had to retreat and would have had to listen to the instructions given to him, which stated do not pursue him. he had an opportunity to get away. >> but dana, in fact that wasn't even a defense used in this case. they went with the self-defense. the more broader self-defense which every state has. >> actually, the "stand your ground" was not even an issue in trayvon martin case, and truthfully, stan stan -- if there's anything that came out we can now examine the "stand your ground" laws like in florida and other states. they only rely solely on self-defense, and there is no duty to retreat in a self-defense case if you -- >> why didn't the attorney general bring up "stand your
1:48 pm
ground" laws when that wasn't even the -- >> i think what he is saying, if those laws were not in existence we wouldn't have issues of violence like we have in this case. i believe that's the point i believe as well. i know a lot of race issues have come out. >> come on. has nothing to do -- "stand your ground" wasn't even a defense. almost like he is using the "stand your ground" laws because people are outraged but it didn't apply here. >> i think there was a problem with the prosecution of the case so therefore it was easier for the defense to say, we don't have to use that defense. we can say, he was being beat up but i say had the law been different no one would have been killed. everybody would have been fine. >> unfortunately, i completely disagree with you. originally when this case first came out, everyone focused on "stand your ground," and when all of the facts and evidence was apparent to everyone, even the initial prosecution, they first came out and said, we
1:49 pm
don't have enough here to even prosecute this case. governor scott came in and said, i am going to appoint a special prosecutor to look into everything and bring forth the evidence and they did. so "stand your ground" onlily was brought to the forefront but when the looked at everything it was pure self-defense case. >> what happened is the defense realized they had the -- the prosecutor didn't have a case so they went with self-defense. we have to leave it there. i'm trying to figure out why the attorney general brings up "stand your ground" when it wasn't included and he inflated the two issues. coming up. >> he knees help, and you know what? everybody here has a vote. if we go back and keep the eye on to the prize, let's face these [bleep] out and get america back to where we belong. >> thates the teamster president then. why is he speaking out against one of his signature achievements now? the good doctor knows and he is in the house next.
1:50 pm
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he needs help, and you know what -- >> teamster pred james hoffa rallied the troops for president obama then, but look at now. hoffa and others are against the health care law. dr. carson, i think you mentioned this might happen awhile ago. what's going on? >> it is quite apparent that the requisite types of studies were not done. usually when you roll out a big program, you roll it out bit by bit, determine what's working, you can change things. to try to roll out something this massive without really knowing what the intricacies are
1:54 pm
is quite foolish and very predictable that this is going to happen. it is going to be a lot worse than this. this is just the beginning of the collapse. >> trippy, nancy pelosi said you have to pass the bill to find out what's in it. she wasn't kidding. unions are finding out what's in it and are not liking it. >> i think doctor is right, this thing is complicated, there are going to be a lot of things people like and don't like. it will take a long time to implement. you're already seeing the administration delay the employer mandate. a lot of calls to delay -- >> what was the -- >> they did it when they had the votes. frankly, they wouldn't have had the votes today. there have already been 37, 38 attempts to repeal it. they got it passed when they could. that's what politics is about. now they have to fix it. >> that's what politics are about but that's not what health care should be about, right? >> that's a problem.
1:55 pm
before it was passed, i talked to a high administration official, i said it has a lot of good things in it that i would agree with, most republicans would agree with, democrats would agree with. why don't we start with those things and build on the program in a logical way. if you just jam it through with one party in a rush, rush way, you create animosity, the answer was this is washington and this is politics. that doesn't work for us as a nation. >> let me stay with you, one sixth of the economy, trillions of dollars at stake and our health, forget the money, our health at stake, too. >> well, and what we really need to be thinking about is not so much repealing or defeating this or ascribing blaming, what we need to do is sit down, admit this is not working, and work together this time. maybe learn from what's happened and put something together that works for the american people. i know we can do so.
1:56 pm
we spend so much money. >> joe, doc makes a lot of sense. >> look, it got passed the way it got passed, now it is about making it work. it is not going to get repealed, that's not going to happen. republicans can vote in the house to do it over and over again. the president is not going to sign it. it is not going to pass the senate. it is now about are there pieces that need to get fixed, and with any program this big, there are going to be pieces that need to be fixed. i think the doctor is right. do it by working together. >> don't have a lot of time, joe. let me ask you this. must be on everyone's mind for mid terms. >> oh, no, look, that's part of the other thing going on now, it is all about posturing for mid terms, both sides. republicans want to repeal the health care plan, all the good things about it, then the republicans want to knock it off. >> i don't want to go against a republican that's going to bring obama care right down, right to me. joe, got to leave it here. thank you to you both, a lot
1:57 pm
more on that coming up. meantime, i am going to see you in three at "the five."
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hello, i'm andrea tantaros with bob beckel, greg gutfeld, eric bolling, dana perino. this is "the five." some of the peaceful protests turned into riots three days after george zimmerman was acquitted in florida. in los angeles alone, at least 14 have been arrested. rioters broke windows, attacked people on sidewalks, even raided a walmart store and more. as violence escalates, george zimmerman's parents fear for their lives and for the safety of the rest of their family.


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