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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  July 17, 2013 3:00am-6:01am PDT

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magazine it goes too far. >> it's despicable they have him on the cover and should be pulled. >> we hope you're off to a great day. "fox & friends" starts right now. ♪ >> good morning to you. it is wednesday, the 17th of july, 2013. i'm anna kooiman in for gretchen carlson. attorney general eric holder now going after the stand your ground law? >> it's time to question laws that senselessly expand the concept of self-defense. >>anna: can self-defense be against the law? we report, you decide. >>steve: meanwhile, the rolling stone" cover shot is usually reserved for rock stars but this time it is the boston bomber on the cover of the"rolling
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stone." coming up. >>brian: he spent 20 years fighting for our country with a gun. now that he's retired, he can't buy one himself. you've got to hear this story. keep your sound up. we're going to tell it to you. because "fox & friends" starts now. ♪ ♪ >>steve: welcome back to studio e. live from the all-star game, the two of you. >>brian: you were out there selling peanuts and cracker jacks. >>anna: sore from the throwing and heavy lifting. >>brian: that explains the definition in your arms all of a sudden. as you look at the boston bomber on the cover of the "rolling stone" magazine, you know what they did last night? in a prelude to manny riviera getting a standing ovation, they played "sweet
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caroline." how about if you were one of the people that lost a limb or the 200 plus that were wounded? >>anna: last night the celebrity baseball tournament. they were telling us the wounded warriors will be playing against the first responders. we will cover that. it will be an emotional day. >>brian: meanwhile the news. >>anna: brand-new video from italy this morning where the trial for the captain of the wrecked costa concordia cruise ship started. it was supposed to start july 9 but was delayed. 32 people died when the ship capsized ññd> today on capitol hill
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the n.s.a. members will be grilled, this happening weeks after edward snowden revealed the n.s.a. conducts widespread surveillance on america's e-mails and phone records. a deadly cocktail of heroin and booze, that's what killed actor cory monteith, that according to the coroner. the "glee" star overdosed less than three months after finishing a stint in drug rehab. the report claims the 31-year-old was living two separate lives. they say cory monteith never showed up on the set under the influence of drugs and alcohol but when he went home they were always part of his life. >> the accused terrorist, the boston bombing suspect on the cover of "rolling stone" magazine. many people outraeublged, they -- outraged saying the
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cover makes him look more like a rock star than a terrorist. >> despicable. he will be the poster boy. >> i don't agree with it because it is not true to who he is, at least who we think he is. >>anna: "rolling stone tkw-gs"has -- "roelg stone" has not commented publicly. e-mail us and let us know what you think at >>steve: yesterday eric holder was at the naacp convention down in the orlando area. while he did not address the fact that the department of justice is looking into whether or not george zimmerman violated trayvon martin's civil rights, because there so far has been no evidence that he has done that, he did attack the stand your ground laws which are in about 30 states right now. he also talked a little bit about how clearly zimmerman
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targeted, profiled mr. trayvon martin, and at the same time he talked a little bit -- the attorney general did -- about how he, eric holder, was profiled when growing up. he was stopped twice on the new jersey turnpike and also pulled over in georgetown just for running after dark. >>brian: he used this opportunity, the naacp, he's the first attorney general, african-american heritage, but to talk about this in ways that could be more divisive than in ways that could unite. i thought it was interesting he couldn't look at the trial and see something blatantly wrong in which the trial was conducted, the rule of law was put forward. however, when he decides to, unlike the president, focus on guns, he focused on stand your ground. it was fascinating to see that according to reports published in the daily caller today, when it comes to the stand your ground
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rule, black floridians have benefited disproportionately from it in terms of homicides. in terms of the stand your ground claims in the homicide cases went towards, to the side of african-americans. and that is disproportionately high compared to the population in florida. so the law has helped african-americans in that state. >>steve: the fact that eric holder would bring up his own personal experience and talk a little bit about how he was profiled when he was growing up, george zimmerman profiled, he said, trayvon martin. and then he got really personal and he talked about how when he was a kid eric holder's father, who was from barbados, told him that any time you're around the police, you've got to act very carefully. here now the attorney general yesterday in orlando. >> trayvon's death last spring caused me to sit down and have a conversation with my own 15-year-old son like my dad did with me.
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this was a father-son tradition i hoped would not need to be handed down. i am his father, and it is my responsibility not to burden him with the baggage of eras long gone but to make him aware of the world that he must still confront. it's time to question laws that senselessly expand the concept of self-defense and sews danger in our neighborhood. >>anna: people are wondering why the white house is continuing to push this issue when the f.b.i. didn't find any evidence and neither did any of the jurors apparently that george zimmerman was doing any sort of racial profiling or was a racist himself. more and more african-american are starting to come out and they're frustrated with the media's push for racism in this case. let's listen to alan west. >> when we continue to have people that are saying racial profiling, racial profiling, if you continue to promulgate that phrase, people are going t it. that's where the media
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comes in. >> that jury was absolutely correct, as a lawyer. i don't want to mention names like melissa harris perry tell people i'm holding my black children tighter tonight. no, they're not. not at all because zimmerman was tried, found innocent of these charges and that woman who says god is a racist is embarrassing for me as an african-american to hear juan williams, msnbc, cnn talk about this case as a race case. the facts were decided correctly on this case. and don't try to say this case was wrong and don't use this case as a race case unless you're trying to hustle people to make money. i'm sick of this. >>steve: the whole element of the race hustlers is out there as well. you know what? when you take a look at what you do hear on some channels and you hear on the radio as well and you look at some of the headlines, it does look as if they are drumming up tension across the countries. from the baltimore sun, witnesses claim this is for
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trayvon in beating. in baltimore in the examiner, white man reportedly beaten by back youth. this is for trayvon martin. in milwaukee, you can see that. in the miami herald, police say a man claims that there was an assault after the zimmerman verdict. that was in mississippi. >>anna: these are incidents making headlines. of course there are incidents that don't make national news. a lot of that is because the liberal media doesn't want to -- it's not a money maker for them and doesn't make them hraod gook. and they have been -- look good and they have been accused here recently of making this worse. actually from the beginning, from the 911 tape that was doctored from nbc, that got this whole thing started and got the race issue on the table. george zimmerman is hispanic. he's a white hispanic, as we are now starting to calling him. but if he had been going by a different name -- >>steve: we're not. >>anna: jorge or
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something like that, his birth name -- >>brian: his family made a conscious decision not to bring up his hispanic heritage while the trial was going on. a columnist came out and had something to say. can we get over the fact that this trial is about race? in honesty it wasn't about race, wasn't about guns. it was a misjudgment. here is his quote. yesterday i was going to illustrate the perils of racial profiling but i hadn't followed the case in detail. so i sat down and watched the closing arguments. nearly seven hours of video. turned out i was wrong about many things. the initial portrait about zimmerman as a racist was completely unsubstantiated. he is a khroplist with "-- he is a columnist with"slate." >>steve: the attorney general wants to see the stand your ground laws
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changed. the problem is in those states the department of justice has little they can do over them because they are state laws. so the change it would have come at the state level. >>brian: let's see where the president goes with this. i think he's backing out. the attorney general didn't say call for a retrial. i expect the justice department to do something this week. straight ahead, have you seen it? it is the exact moment a six-year-old boy finds out his dad is coming home from afghanistan. [crying] >>brian: wait until you see what happens when his dad actually comes home. >>anna: remember when the president said we have to share the wealth? stuart varney has evidence that policy is hurting the folks who voted him into office. we'll talk about that coming up. ♪ nothing going to break ♪ my stride ♪ nobody going to
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you never miss the fun. beard growing contest and go! ♪ win! what's in your wallet? >>brian: welcome back. one left-wing advocacy group criticizing president obama in what was supposed to be the fourth year of an economic recovery but that's not been the case. since president obama's inauguration, wages of low-income workers have taken a huge hits dropping as much as 5%. with 20 million unemployed or underkphroeud -- underemployed has the president's base reached the breaking point. stuart varney is here to weigh in. >> this is a left wing group, the national employment law project run by activists and union members, run by jarrett bernstein. it is a leftist group saying, look, the president's policies have
3:16 am
not worked for the people who voted for him. low-income workers -- you saw from the graphic -- they are worse off now. 5% worse off than they were on inauguration day. >>brian: they say according to this study, the biggest hits taking from people who earn between $10.51 cents and $12.41 an hour. >> food preparation workers -- you saw the list. home health aides, personal care aides, maids, housekeepers, they are 5% worse off. it is clear that the president's policy of tax the rich and redistribute, regulate wall street, regulate the banks, regulate the health care system, regulate energy, it has not worked. >>brian: what do you say to people who say that's what happens when you inherit a mess? the economy was going down. >> he did indeed inherit a
3:17 am
mess, but the policies he put in place to fix it have not worked for the very people who voted for him. you cannot say that you've rerpbd america to prosperity -- you've returned america to prosperity when low-income people are losing ground. in fact, that same study found upper income professionals are losing ground. their wages and salaries down 2% in purchasing power. the policy of redistribution, all government, all the time has not worked. >>brian: stuart, being you say it has not worked, who do you blame? do you blame congress or the president who has not passed anything significant since the stimulus package? >> the president set the tone. all government all the time. regulate, regulate, regulate. it has not worked. i blame the president and his policies. that's me, my important. >>brian: jarred bernstein used to work for vice president biden who wants to be president biden. >> haven't heard from him
3:18 am
in the past six months. whether he is on the side of jared bernstein, i do not now. but he left the vice president and now runs this project. >>brian: varney and company begins at 9:20. that starts on the fox business network. you'll see the torso shot most anchors are jealous of. thank you very much, stuart. at 18 minutes after the hour, next on our run down, a free school lunch turns deadly. how more than 20 kids wound up dead and dozens more are sickened. >> she was told there is no room at the inn but look at this empty space. the first time i saw a sony 4k tv, it was like opening my eyes.
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>>anna: how are you feeling? we hope you're doing well. 21 minutes after the hour and quick headlines for you. 21 children dead in india after eating poison free school lunches. two dozen more are hospitalized. ten are in serious condition. they are between the ages of 8 and 11 years old and tests show insecticides were found in the food. 250 dead sting rays littering a beach in mexico, many of their wings cut. witnesses say they were dumped there by fishermen who couldn't sell them but others claim they washed ashore. cops there are investigating what happened. steve? >>steve: thank you, anna. leaders in the african-american community just gathered in orlando, florida, for the naacp convention. they are calling on the justice department to file
3:23 am
charges against george zimmerman for a federal civil rights violation. our next guests say their own civil rights were violated at that same convention. they say for being conservative. joining us is fox news contributor and author of backlash and her husband, a senior fellow. good morning. you were blacklisted from the naacp convention? >> absolutely. i've been blacklisted for a number of years because i've been trying to get the naacp to come out and take a stand when black conservatives are criticized and targeted because of our views. all i want to do was talk about people empowering themselves, how they can be self-sufficient and not rely on others, not rely on government. but on the flip side, that's what the naacp and the rest of the black liberal establishment does not want the black community to hear. they want blacks to be victims and to think there's racism and they can't get ahead and really it's a lie.
3:24 am
>>steve: you guys wanted to at t-pbd and perhaps speak -- attend and perhaps speak and at least have a table and what were you told? >> we work with freedom works and wanted to be part of the exhibit hall. we were willing to pay as a nonprofit to have a booth there. we were told there was no room for us. clearly when we went there, we took shots, there was a lot of rooms. since when does a nonprofit reject money? >>steve: how could you possibly skaoez into that exhibit hall -- squeeze into that skpeubt hall. -- exhibit hall. >> it is concerning because a lot of message we heard was victimization. our country is an exceptional country. we have a wealth of opportunities available but it is up to people to work hard and pursue these opportunities. but the message that was communicated from the naacp and others on the liberal side is not about empowering one's self. >> they were trying to roll back the block to the
3:25 am
1950's to keep blacks concerned. they complained about the supreme court decision on voter rights. trayvon martin as another example of bias and race in america. >>steve: explain why. here we are in 2013. we have an african-american president. the biggest stars in the world are african-american here in the united states. is the naacp essentially -- >> it's a liberal front group and i find them to be irrelevant because they continue to push the same mental of moving people back -- the same mind set of moving people back. >> they are advancing policies that's going to harm the black community. ben jealous, the president was excited coal fired plants are closing. that means a loss of jobs. the black community has already been devastated with high unemployment and lower disposable income with higher energy prices. >>steve: i was paying
3:26 am
attention to what was going on down there yesterday. it was clear they are trying to use the trayvon martin death as a rallying cry for change. when you look at it, do you see this as a racese? >> no. it wasn't. because they're both minorities, first of all. you had the media and those on the left who injected race into this issue early on when in fact it's been decided by the f.b.i. with their investigation plus with the ruling that he was not a racist. this is a horrible tragedy. my heart goes out to the parents of trayvon martin. but it was not an issue about race. >>steve: but when you watch some of the channels or listen to some of the radio or read some of the blog, it was clearly racist, they say. >> they tried to carry that narrative. at the end of the day this is about the 2014 election coming up. the black vote was extremely important for president obama. he's losing some of the unions because impair is imploding -- because impair impair -- because obamacare
3:27 am
is imploding. what we saw at the naacp is a massive brain washing session and it is outrageous. >>steve: thank you. coming up, terrifying moments in space. an astronaut nearly drowns when water starts leaking inside his helmet. where did that come from? and what happened next? we've got details. then smile for the cameras. you're on fire? a bride's wedding gown goes up in flames. the story coming up. it will be hard to return that now. that now. [music playing] what makes your family smile? backflips and cartwheels. love, warmth. here, try this. backflips and camm, ok!s. ching! i like the fact that there's lots of different tastes going on. mmmm! breakfast i'm very impressed. this is a great cereal! honey bunches of oats. i hear you crunching. ♪ you like to keep your family healthy and fit. and now there's a new way to do the same for your dog.
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>>brian: time for your shot of the morning. smile, you're on fire. a bride's wedding dress is lit on fire. the woman then bolts toward the ocean -- who wouldn't -- in an attempt to put out the flame. how interesting this song was playing at the same time. it's all part of the so-called trash the dress ritual, women all over the world hiring photographers to capture their wedding gown being destroyed in the name of art. let's hope it is not symbolic of the marriage. >>anna: this is becoming a true fad. spray painting is another one or splat terring the bride's dress with paint. >>steve: can i just say
3:32 am
stupid. >>anna: so silly. >>steve: what about the tradition of handing down the wedding dress just in case one of your children could possibly wear it someday? coming up in just moments, ladies and gentlemen, i didn't think i would ever say this, but brian kilmeade is about to get a lifetime achievement award. >>brian: right. steve, i think you complimented me. [music playing] >>steve: usually a young man, you would not be saluted so early in your life. and yet moments from now lifetime achievement award. >>brian: we'll see. i can't wait to see what happens. i've got to read the rundown. >>steve: in the meantime, stories making headlines on this wednesday morning. police make a shocking discovery, a man who disperiod three years ago was found -- who
3:33 am
disappeared three years ago found in his front yard. now his wife charged with murder. >> how do you get away with something like that? >> the police department had dogs looking everywhere. i don't know why they didn't find him. >>steve: a major break led investigators to the texas cum's home. -- texas couple's home. >>anna: nasa trying to figure out how an astronaut nearly drowned in space. [inaudible] >>anna: it only got worse from there. about an hour into a repair mission, an italian astronaut noticed water pooling at the back of his head and started getting into his eyes and keeping him from hearing. >> fish bowl. go stick your head in a fish bowl and try to walk around. that's not anything you take lightly. certainly it is dangerous
3:34 am
already and he did a great job of keeping calm and cool. >>anna: that astronaut is said to be okay. about a quart of water leaked into the helmet believed to have come from the cooling system. >>brian: a jury chosen for the trial of army major nidal hasan. the jury has nine colonels, three lieutenant colonels and a major. two have said they have doubts about giving has san the death penalty. has san is facing 13 counts of premeditated murder for the massacre at fort hood. the trial begins august 6. >>steve: talk about tears of joy. look at what happens at the exact moment a six-year-old finds out his father is coming home from afghanistan. >> daddy's coming. [inaudible] [crying]
3:35 am
>>steve: young tegan breaks into tears when he hears his dad will be coming home from afghanistan in just minutes. his dad had been deployed overseas 12 times. despite the tears he and his brother made welcome home signs and then they headed out front and welcomed home their father. beautiful. money while, a dangerous -- meanwhile, a dangerous heat wave hitting the east coast for a third day in the row. temperatures climbing into the 90's. this week is usually the hottest of the year but now temperatures in the northeast are five to ten degrees hotter than normal. new york city experiencing the worst of it. this guy not able to handle the heat even installing an air condition in his s.u.v. maria molina has not gotten to that point.
3:36 am
>> we have four of them, consumer reports, best buys. i'll be doing that report in about 20 minutes. we'll let everyone know air conditioning units they can buy affordable and effective in keeping you cool. the heat wave continuing today. today is day three across parts of the northeast. look at the high temperatures we're expecting today. very widespread high temperatures into the 90's. we're not talking record-setting high temperatures but the problem out here is when you factor in the humidity it feels so much hotter. we don't care about the actual high temperatures. we care about this. your heat index value. this is what it's going to feel like when you head outdoors. 101 your high heat index value over in memphis, tennessee. 98 in chicago. 97 in cleveland and surrounding areas. new york city could be talking triple tkeubts. the reason we are -- triple digits. we have an area of high pressure out here keeping the skies clear so we get a lot of sunshine and a lot
3:37 am
of humidity. take a look at friday. that system approaching us is going to be a cold front. that area in yellow could be looking at showers, thunderstorms and possible even severe weather. by saturday the cold front continues sinking south ward. behind it by sunday across parts of the northeast it will be so much better finally sinking down into the 80's. we're talking high temperatures into the 70's for some areas of the great lakes and midwest. good news coming up shortly but the bad news is some of those storms could bring severe weather. we will be keeping an eye on that. back inside to brian. >>brian: i'm going next to you, maria. i'm tired of staying indoors. at the all star game m.v.p. yankee closer rivera. watch. listen. it was incredible. getting a two-minute
3:38 am
standing ovation on international television from the crowd. players on both sides stayed off the field to give him that touching tribute. he pitched a perfect eighth inning for the american league. they beat the national league by 3-0. he got the m.v.p. here's the controversial part. the only superstar left standing outside gets hit by mets superstar matt har v.i. what is going on here -- matt harvey. what is going on here? this morning there is a warrant out for his arrest. i'm talking about a wrestler named rick flair. he owes more than $32,000 in child support for his wife. he says he was out of work with a blood clot and will pay today. his ex-, jacqueline, has been charged with making harassing phone calls. sounds like a mess. nike was forced to pull carolina t-shirts. they have the letters n.c. for north carolina but they actually show the state of
3:39 am
south carolina which i believe is different. that's a tkweubg look at what -- that's a quick look at what's happening in sports. coming up later, alan west swells bill hammer. meanwhile, we're going to tell you what else is coming up as anna comes in to play. >>anna: this is the moment we've been waiting for, where brian gets the lifetime achievement award. >>brian: so to speak. >>anna: he didn't know he was a soccer star in college. today he's being honored by the ncaa. >>brian: join us noise is the coach of l.i.u. anna, you're nice but i was not a star. also the associate director of division 2, the commissioner of the east coast conference. i understand, guys, this is the 40th year of division 2; right, bob? >> yes. the east-coast is a member of division 2. this award that you're receiving, you're one of 49
3:40 am
recipients of being honored for participating in division 2 institution. >>anna: the idea behind this award is that you need to have a life of balance. we've got some great shots of brian. we're embarrassing him. >>brian: i played at post. i'm that guy in the middle. there's the drop shot. >>anna: really, being a soccer player, a football player, whatever sport, there is so much off the field which is translated professionally for brian. what message are you trying to send? >> division 2 athletics is about that balance between academics and athletics and preparing our students to go on for a great career in whatever they may want to do. brian wrote you want to be an anchor adored by millions. look, here he is adored by millions. >>brian: that was in 1984. when you took over the program, you made it into a
3:41 am
national power? >> we've done a nice job the last couple of years. ranked number one for a long time. hopefully we can go all the way this year. >>brian: i accept is this award for one reason: on everybody that tried extremely hard and was just okay or good, we watched the final 4 and the tournament and the national championships. but i think most of us play in college and know we have to do something else after. >>anna: you described yourself, brian, as an average player. we don't believe it. we saw you in the celebrity baseball star game as well. we want to see what you've still got. we've got another shot of you and your brother playing in college there. andre, can you run us through some drills? >> sure. i know brian still plays a little bit. i thought maybe a little juggling. >>brian: you can hold it. wait a second. are you judging me? >> there we go.
3:42 am
>>anna: for those of you who don't know, brian is a soccer coach of his son, young brian, during the weekend during the week. >> there we go. anybody else? >>brian: josh, i appreciate getting this. this is a 40-year team, 49 members on it. there's plenty of room on my trophy case for it. i truly appreciate this award here. thanks so much for coming up. >> welcome to the 40th anniversary team. >>brian: is there a party with this? [buzzer] >>brian: this guy is going to win a national championship this year. >>anna: congratulations, brian. this is exciting. >>brian: thank you very much. there is the athletic director, brian collins, in the background. he's also the football
3:43 am
coach. thank you very much. i understand you dug out meijer is i? >> yes. we have your old number 19 jersey. >>brian: wow. >>anna: unfortunately now he's going to try to wear that. steve, back to you inside. >>steve: very, very nice, brian. congratulations. meanwhile, straight ahead, coming up, he defended our nation for 20 years but now he's being denied the right to own a gun? that army vet and a crazy story up next. plus, is it hot enough for you out there? we'll show you the best air conditioners on the market that won't break the bank. ♪ in the summertime ♪ when the weather is ♪ high ♪ you can stay ♪ in touch ♪ with the sky ♪
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a a
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>>brian: quick headlines now. the niece of jewel ra roberts finding herself on the -- the niece of jewel
3:47 am
ra roberts on the wrong side of the law. she allegedly gave her boyfriend a bloody nose during an argument. he is not pressing charges. the former daughter of vice president dick cheney announces she's running for senator in wyoming. she is challenging republican mike enzi who is friends with her dad. >>anna: 47 minutes after the hour. a retired army veteran who spent 20 years protecting this country recently tried to purchase a gun, but the government shot him down over a minor high school drug arrest some 42 years ago. joining us now to explain the story is army veteran ron kelly himself. good morning to you. thanks for being with us today. >> good morning. >>anna: essentially this happened back decades and decades ago. it was a minor drug arrest back in north carolina for marijuana, and you served probation and then you enlisted. now you're going to wal-mart to try to buy a gun and what happens? >> well, in january of this
3:48 am
year i went to the wal-mart because i was getting a little worried about the restrictive gun laws that are going to be passed. i filled out the on-line electronic application, and it came back telling me i was delayed for some reason. there are only three categories that you can have in this. you can either be denied. you can either be granted. or you can be delayed. >>anna: right. how did this make you feel when you say, you know what? i've served the country. i've been firingrom tanks, cannons, guns and now you won't let me have one here on my home soil. how does that make you feel? >> it's sort of like that thing when you see people standing in line and they're writing a check and their check comes back and says you've been declined. your check's no good. you're standing in line, there are people around you, you get embarrassed because you've been turned down. people automatically assume something bad about you.
3:49 am
>>anna: you tried to make an appeal and it seemed to be falling on deaf ears. but because of this media attention, what is the f.b.i. doing for you now? >> well, the f.b.i. sent a houston chronicle reporter who broke the store in houston got an e-mail from the f.b.i. and they forwarded it to me. basically what it said is, wow, we didn't know this record you had back in durham, north carolina, the city police department can't even find it anymore, and we think that if you contact us, we can review your case and find a resolution. pretty much a cover your you know what type of thing. >>anna: initially, you wanted the f.b.i. to give you a waiver. but you're thinking this could be happening to more people. so what's your ultimate goal now? >> actually i do know it's happening to other people. i read -- and i hate to
3:50 am
give a spiel for this, but i read glenn beck's the blaze, and he quotes two other people where the same kind of thing has happened to. so i know it's happened to a bunch of people. and i know that the f.b.i. is doing this. this may have been with the thank you so much for your time today. good luck getting that firearm in your hands as you rightfully should have and thanks for spreading your message this morning. >> thank you. >> anna: ten minutes before the hour. coming up on "fox & friends," don't lose your cool in this heat wave. we'll show you the best air conditioners for your money next. look at maria. come on, make it blow. let's see the hair blowing in the wind. oh, yeah. to benefit cancer research i rode across the atlantic.
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♪ >> hot out air. much of the country in the middle of summer's heat wave. >> steve: if you're in need of a good air conditioner to keep your cool, listen up because "consumer reports" senior editor, dan, is here with his top picks for you. good morning to you. >> great to be here. >> steve: i remember growing up, we had an air conditioner in the window, but it was huge, 220. that thing, you turn it on, the lights in the neighborhood would dim. these are much more energy efficient and pretty -- they don't cost that much. >> manufacturers have got better at designing these. we tested about 40. they all do a good job of cooling, but you have to size it correctly. we have a frigidair. this is how powerful the machine is. this one is very powerful.
3:55 am
650 square feet it will cool with no problem. a couple of rooms, a living room, a family room. a little bit noisier than some of the other models we'll look at. so not ideal for a bedroom. >> steve: this goes for $320. >> the next one. >> this is a mini version of the frigidair, $170. about half as much and half as powerful. 6,000 btu's. better off in a bedroom. it's quieter. it will give you 400 square feet of cooling power. so any good size bedroom you'll be fine with this model. >> steve: just 170 bucks? >> yes. these are all cr best buys. >> mid-size and this will cool the air. >> steve: here is one from lg. >> a mid-size category. 400 square feet. again, a bedroom, a smallish living room. 170 as well. it's got 6,000 btu's. so similar to the frigidair in terms of the cooling air. did very well in our brownout
3:56 am
test, where we lower the voltage. some models conk out. this kept its cool. >> this is good not just for cooling, but moisture removal? >> yes. a good ac will keep the air dry while cooling it. >> steve: this is 220 bucks. the final kenmore, $170. look at that. >> just over 40. so you'll have no trouble putting it in and out. at least 300 square feet. any bedroom, very quiet. it won't keep you up at night. >> steve: if you want more information, go to install it correctly. >> the left side is better, right? >> some distribute air better to the right. "consumer reports" will tell which you ones. >> steve: thank you very much. >> thank you. >> steve: let's go inside where it's actually warmer than it is
3:57 am
outside here standing next to the air conditioner. >> anna: i've got ice cold water for both of you. kim kardashian and stevie wonder have something in common. they're being slammed for what they're saying about the zimmerman verdict. details next fish when it's foggy. the fish are more active and they're easier to catch. (fish splashing into water.) tony! we need more fog! (engine starting. wheels screeching.) now that's a good fishin' buddy! announcer: check out huge savings this weekend at bass pro shops' storewide clearance sale.
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>> anna: come in and stay a while. it's wednesday, july 17. i'm anna kooiman in for gretchen carlson. attorney general eric holder says the zimmerman case shows racism is still alive and now it's time to change the law? >> it's time to question laws that expand the concept of self-defense and so dangerous concepts in our neighborhood. >> anna: can self-defense be against the law? we report. you decide. >> brian: then this cover shot is usually reserved for rock stars. this time it's the boston bomber on the front of rolling stone. your e-mails pouring in. they just trying to sell a magazine or really believe he's
4:01 am
cover worthy? >> steve: probably both. and talk about a man's best friend. this pup sticking by his owner's side, even in midair. this looks like something anna would do with baxter. they stopped by with their story. "fox & friends" hour two for wednesday starts right now. >> steve: i have a personal question. when you're at work, do you turn on the tv at home so the dog can watch it? >> anna: he's listening to me right now. hey baxter bear. >> steve: she's not kidding! >> anna: he watches every day. >> steve: animals love television. >> anna: i keep the ac on for him. >> brian: every two years, steve does ask animals to send him pictures and they do. we get a loft pictures of pets watching our show. >> anna: you know what's really sick? remember it when was take your dog to workday.
4:02 am
>> steve: and you did. >> anna: yeah. he's been on the show a couple of times. we watched it on tv. >> steve: together? >> anna: yes. >> steve: have you ever come back home and he's watching it by minimum self? >> brian: right. that would be the crazy thing. >> anna: no. >> brian: how do you hit rewind on this thing, mom. >> steve: we've got a great story about a hang gliding dog. it's great to have you here for gretch. >> anna: thanks. here are the headlines on this wednesday. this is new overnight. a victory in the war on terror. number two leader of al-qaeda in yemen dead after an american drone strike. security officials in yemen say he died from he suffered in a strike last november. he was a former detainee at guantanamo bay. he reportedly survived another drone strike last september. and a live look from italy now where the trial for the captain of a costa concordia trial was delayed.
4:03 am
he's expected to make a new request for a plea bargain. he risked up to 20 years behind bars if found guilty of charges of manslaughter, abandoning ship and causing the ship wreck. a cocktail in booze killed cory monteith, that according to the coroner. the star overdosed less than three months after finishing a stint in drug rehab. new reports claim the 31-year-old was living two separate lives. sources saying he never showed up to the set under the influence of drugs or alcohol, but when he went home to vancouver, drugs and booze were always part of his life. shoppers at a supermarket getting a shock when a woman was struck by lightning. it happened as she was in the checkout line paying for her groceries. >> steve: what? >> stinging, burning. my eyes were burning. it was something i never experienced ever, ever in my life. >> anna: meteorologists are calling the event a one in a million occurrence.
4:04 am
the strike came through the building's roof, traveled along the store's sprinkler system and then struck a metal plate on the floor where she was standing. those are your headlines. >> steve: just another good reason not to go shopping again. >> brian: another good reason. yesterday we told you about how you're being surveilled wherever you go and what aisles you spend time in. the justice department wading deeper into the george zimmerman case in many respects. eric holder now calling for a national review on the stand your ground laws. peter doocy live in washington with the attorney general's message yesterday. >> and brian, the way the attorney general sees it, people who feel like their lives are being threatened should only be allowed to kill an attacker under the law if no safe retreat is possible. that's what holder told the crowd at the naacp convention in florida yesterday. he also said he thinks stand your ground laws like the one in florida just gives people an excuse to be violent.
4:05 am
>> perhaps encouraging violent situations to escalate in public. such laws undermine public safety. the list of resulting tragedies is long and unfortunately has victimized too many who are innocent. >> a million people have now signed an naacp petition urging the doj to seek federal charges against george zimmerman. over the weekend the justice department announced they were investigating to see if george zimmerman ever violated trayvon martin's civil rights. but his brother, robert, told us yesterday he doesn't think the attorney general has much of a case here. >> i think eric holder is being pressured by some groups who are calling for initially just an arrest. these same groups keep moving around the goal post. the naacp, al sharpton, rainbow/push coalition. first they want add simple arrest and that's it. and have his fair day in court and whatever the verdict is, we'll respect it. >> four of the zimmerman jurors
4:06 am
who have not yet given anonymous interviews issued a statement asking for privacy and saying the death of trayvon martin weighed heavily on their hearts, but in the end, they did what the law required them to do and one final point, it is important to remember that the state of florida versus george zimmerman was not a case that hinged on stand your ground. the defense never asked for the case to be dismissed on those grounds, although the arguments all did center on whether or not zimmerman was right to defend himself. back to you. >> steve: all right. peter, thank you very much for that. also the brother yesterday talking to i believe when he found out about how the department of justice was soliciting the public for information that might show his brother, george, was a racist, he called it a witch hunt and says the witch hunt has got to stop. meanwhile, you watch the channels at night and you see a lot of people saying his death was racially motivated. there is a great column at written bay fellow
4:07 am
named william slaton and the title of it is "you are not trayvon martin. his death wasn't about race or guns or your pet issue. it was about misjudgment and overreaction. exactly what we're doing now to the verdict." that was the title of the piece. >> anna: that's right. here is an excerpt. it said yesterday i was going to write that zimmerman pursued martin against police wishes but i hadn't followed the case so i sat down and watched the closing arguments, near sleep hours of video. it turned out i had been wrong about many things, the initial portrait of zimmerman as a racist wasn't just exaggerated, it was completely unsubstantiated. >> steve: that's right. >> brian: shortly dr. ben carson will weigh in and we'll get his opinion. quick thing that the daily caller points out today, that black floridians made a third of the state's total stand your ground claims, we understand, in homicide cases. it is double the black percentage of florida's population. the majority of those claims have been successful.
4:08 am
success rates that exceeds that for florida, whites. so upon drilling down on the stand your ground in florida anyway t seems as though the attorney general would benefit from those facts. >> steve: meanwhile, after those six women in the jury room found george zimmerman not guilty of murder, a number of celebrities outraged. stevie wonder made it very clear he will never go to florida again as long as they have a stand your ground law there. he said he won't perform in any other state with the stand your ground law, which could actually limit his appearances in the united states of america because right now about 30 states have stand your ground laws on the books. >> anna: this is interesting because the attorneys for george zimmerman did not use that in his defense. they claimed self-defense. they did not claim this because they claim he didn't have an opportunity to flee from the scene. but a lot of starlets and stars are coming out on this.
4:09 am
rihanna, kim kardashian coming to twitter saying trayvon martin hash tag no justice. she had this tweet she put out there and of course, you'll remember who her father is. there has been some backlash. it says thoughts and prayers being sent their way. hash tag, no justice. >> steve: and then another one, to kim kardashian, how ironic. remember when your father helped o. j. simpson walk free? no justice there either. of course, her father, robert kardashian. there he is right there with the defense team before o. j. simpson was exonerated in the murder of his ex-wife and ron goldman. >> brian: by the way, in an interview, kim kardashian said, i don't know if o. j. simpson is innocent like my dad's defense team. he was a member of the defense team, then couldn't be questioned because the whole thing was blood evidence and o.j. being there.
4:10 am
>> steve: why is kim kardashian famous, aside from her father. >> anna: come on. you love her, hate her. she's made a lot of money. >> steve: she certainly has. all right. let's talk about -- >> brian: ike ian. he made a loft money off his money. >> steve: i hope there is no porn tape. >> brian: we don't know. there is so much sketches. >> steve: he would probably be standing up if there was. that's a whole nother story. >> anna: moving on. >> steve: house of representatives later today is going to vote on perhaps obamacare delays. remember the administration announced now a couple of weeks ago that there would be a delay in the businessmandate. >> brian: july 3 and 35. but no one is paying attention. >> steve: a document dump saying businesses would not be required to provide insurance for a year, give people a break. so the house will say, it's not fair just to give the break to
4:11 am
businesses. you should give them to individuals as well. >> anna: right. jay carney is still spinning this thing that this has nothing to do with companies hiring or firing. take a listen to him. >> what i can say is that the data reflects there is not support for the proposition that businesses are not hiring full time employees because of the affordable care act. >> steve: contrary, mr. carney. the data does reflect that businesses are not hiring. in fact, take a look at this brand-new poll from the u.s. chamber of commerce. small businesses ready for obamacare? no. 74% of them will fire workers or cut their hours because of obamacare. 61%, a majority, do not have plans to hire anybody next year because of obamacare. so if mr. carney would like to go to the podium later today at the white house and amend his comments, it would be
4:12 am
appreciated. >> anna: right. all these business owners are trying to make decisions and sitting on their hands waiting to make decisions because they don't know how things are going to be turning out for them. >> brian: 12 minutes after the hour. here is what's straight ahead only on this show, unless someone has our same run down. should the united states boycott the olympics in moscow if they grant asylum to ed snowden? we just report. you decide. also whether he's a whistle blower or not. >> anna: and then don't try this at home, kids. a diver with a knife free has giant whale. he's going to be joining us live to tell us what the heck he was thinking coming up. >> brian: who hasn't done that what makes your family smile? backflips and cartwheels. love, warmth. here, try this. backflips and camm, ok!s. ching!
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4:16 am
>> steve: the zimmerman verdict sent the nation and the media into a frenzy with both sides vying for air time to analyze the trial and what the verdict meant overall. eric holder yesterday in orlando saying this about the justice department's investigation. >> as we move forward together, i want to assure you that the department of justice will continue to act in a manner that is consistent with the backs facts and the law. we will not be afraid. we are committed -- [ applause ] we are committed to doing everything possible to insure that in every case, in every circumstance and in every community, justice must be done. >> steve: so what will the department of justice do with the information they collect on mr. zimmerman? according to my next guest, nothing. joining us retama is dr. ben carson, columnist for the washington times and former director of pediatric neuro surgery at john hopkins
4:17 am
hospital. good morning to you n good morning. >> steve: what do you make of the feed o'clock frenzy since the verdict? >> the media loves this kind of stuff. the ability to whip people up into a frenzy and polarization. but i think it would do us all well to step back and do something that i always suggest before rushing to judgment, put yourself in the place of the individuals involved. >> steve: good idea. >> if you look at it from the point of view of trayvon, particularly -- and i can speak from experience growing up in an inner city, at nighttime somebody is following you, that's usually not a good thing. and you get ready to fight or for flight. that's basically the survival mechanism. you look at it from zimmerman's points of view, you're on duty as a a night watchman in a neighborhood where there has been some crime recently. you see somebody that you don't
4:18 am
know walking that late at night or early in the morning, and of course you're going to be a little suspicious. he did the correct thing by calling the police. perhaps he would have been wise not to have pursued him. but to listen. the other thing we should ask ourselves, is there anything we can learn from these kind of situations? i think if people maybe had tasers who were night watchmen, this kind of situation simply wouldn't occur. >> steve: yeah. >> we need to be saying whack can we learn from this rather than aloying ourselves to be whipped knew a frenzy with no evidence from what i can see that this was preplanned or that there was malicious intent. there was an accident. it resulted in an altercation. unfortunately, mr. zimmerman happened to have a gun on him. none of us knows what we would do if somebody is getting the best of us in a fight and we have a gun.
4:19 am
there are a lot of implications here that need to be talked about. >> steve: surely. doctor, do you see what george zimmerman did as being racially motivated? >> well, you always have to go back and look at a person's life. and here is a man who had associated with lots of black people, took a black girl to the prom. i don't see him as being a racist, quite frankly. that's a term that's perhaps thrown around a little bit too easily and we really should look at all the facts before we start impugning people with that name. and also i think it's kind of hilarious that people say he's a white hispanic. why are we throwing terms like that around? why don't we call obama a white african-american? this is craziness. why do we get so involved in superficial words when we should be looking much deeper at people and at situations.
4:20 am
>> steve: wise words. but of course as you know, it's all part of the feeding frenzy that happens after a big story like this. dr. carson, thank you for joining us on one of your retirement days from baltimore today. >> thank you. >> steve: it is exactly 20 minutes after the top of the hour. coming up, she was headed for the border with nearly a million bucks stashed in the gas stank. wait -- tank. wait until you hear how he was sniffed out. then. she's a gold medalist and he is a super bowl champ. what's it like to walk in their shoes? they're peeling back the curtains on their lives. good morning, folks hey! did you know that honey nut cheerios
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>> anna: grab another cup of coffee. news by the numbers. $750,000. that's how much money was found stashed in the gas tank of a car. border agents say the woman was trying to smuggle it to mexico, but was busted by a dog trained to sniff out currency. next. 55. that's how many people paid it forward at a drive through in massachusetts. one customer paid for the driver behind her and that kicked off the chain reaction. and finally, 75 million. that's how much the highest paid actor makes, according to forbes. that actor, robert downey, junior. channing tatum made 60 million and hugh jackman made 55. >> brian: you talk about a power couple, sonya richards ross, winning gold in the olympics, while her husband aaron ross, nfl star, he took a batcal from the giants for a year, but he's
4:25 am
back there. this husband and wife duo now finally teaming up in a reality show. watch a clip. >> i know you like the ocean, but after olympic gold, i think it's fitting you jump in there with this. >> not going to happen. >> you know what? i dare you to jump in the ocean. >> if the spirit moves me, then i might do it. i was born to be on land. i wasn't born to be in the water. >> you can't be this tough nfl player running people over on the field and afraid of the ocean. >> that has nothing to do with land. >> brian: what a happy couple. is that what we'll see in the reality show? joining us now, that happy couple, aaron and sonya. thank you for joining us. >> thanks for having us. >> brian: what are we going to see, aaron? are we going to see two people just hugging each other all the time? >> you're going to see a mixture of everything. crying, a little excitement, a little hugging, arguing. >> brian: how hard is it to be an olympic champion with that type of discipline, be a
4:26 am
defensive back with the giants and still work on your relationship? >> it's challenging, but i remember when we dated for three months and i went to the world championships for about a month. so we've definitely gotten used to the rough schedule, the tough schedule. i think it makes our relationship more special. when we're together, we really enjoy the time. >> brian: aaron, it's nonstop, right? when you're with each other, you talk about each other's careers, but they never talk about aaron ross without mentioning your wife. >> i'm used to it. at the university of texas, i've been with her since my freshman year. that's all coach brown talked about was sonya, he'll ask about her before we get in a deep conversation. >> brian: so we put this together. whose idea was it to bring this to life while you're still in the prime of your athletic careers? >> this is my idea. this is something i wanted to do for a couple of years. i had to convince my honey. but everyone got on board. it was a great family experience. i think the show is awesome.
4:27 am
>> brian: in terms of the relationship, do you think it's important to portray a relationship that's not as nutty as some of the housewives and crazy as the kardashians? >> i think so. we have a really strong bond. we've been together for ten years now. so i think -- >> brian: what is the key? what is the key, sonya? >> the key to our relationship? we put each other first. any time one of us gets too busy, we always say, hey, hey, don't forget the main person. so we prioritize each other. >> brian: scenario, 2016, you're training for the summer olympics. aaron says, i don't want to be alone this summer. do you say i stay home? the answer is no! you know it's no. >> he would every say that! super bowl champs don't say stuff like that. >> brian: he asked me to ask you that. he's scared of you. [ laughter ] i want to be in episode 7. that's my goal. can i be the friendly neighbor that comes over and stretches out? >> any time. >> brian: i'm so glad on behalf
4:28 am
of my son, i'm glad your back with the giants. make sure he doesn't leave again. >> we're not leaving. >> brian: i can't wait for the series. a positive family experience up close and personal, just like your neighbors next door who are olympic and super bowl champions. reminds me of my neighbor, who is a comptroller. we're going to watch you, six episodes done. begins july 25 at 10:00 o'clock. buy. >> thank you. >> brian: coming up, e-mails are pouring in on this. should rolling stone be giving the boston bomber the cover? your reactions next. then he was hoping to catch a blue fish but westled with a -- wrestled with a shark instead. this should be on your show [ female announcer ] it balances you...
4:29 am
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it fills you with energy... and it gives you what you are looking for to live a more natural life. in a convennt two bar pack. this is nature valley. nature at its most delicious. crossing an ocean with your body as the motor, it hurts. so my answer was advil. [ male announcer ] paul ridley chose advil. because nothing is stronger on tough pain. real people. real pain. real relief. advil. relief in action. >> the guardian newspaper in england now claims that the leaker edward snowden has more damaging documents that will embarrass the u.s. government. really? embarrass. you know we already have something to embarrass the u.s. government, it's called the u.s. government. >> steve: it keeps keeping on. >> brian: putin, if he accepts
4:33 am
edward snowden, who says i'll come there on your terms, it's going to be amazing 'cause he could lose us in the olympics. it will be 1980 all over again. >> steve: that would be a big mistake. >> brian: to boycott the olympics? >> steve: yeah. >> brian: i think so too. >> anna: the cover shot is usually reserved for rock stars. but this time it's the boston bomber on the front of rolling stone. wsxt reporter katherine is live in boston. good morning. >> good morning. a lot of people here in boston outraged by this. many of them can't even walk by this area where the marathon finish line is without remembering what happened here on april 15. now rolling stone magazine saying that in their next edition, they will be featuring an article about suspected boston bomber dzhokhar tsarnaev. his picture will be on the cover. the headline says, a bomber, how a popular, promising student was failed by his family, fell into radical islam and became a monster. that's verbatim. here a lot of people reacting to
4:34 am
this. we spoke with some people. shear what they said. take a listen. >> it's despicable. he's now going to be the poster boy for all the kids who read magazines. >> i don't approve. it's not who he is. at least who we think he is. >> of course, there has been a movement ever since he was arrested. they want to see him out of jail. so far none of those people have been reacting to this. most of the reaction we've gotten here in boston has just been very, very outraged at the magazine. i've gotten some tweets. one person saying shaman, rolling stone. another person saying, rolling stone is getting the publicity they wanted. but he believes it's irresponsible. so people are very, very upset in boston. live in boston, back to you guys. >> steve: all right. thank you. >> brian: here is what you're saying. paula says, how would anyone think putting a terrorist on the cover of any magazine in our country. it's disgust, unacceptable.
4:35 am
>> anna: sandy says this, the glamourization of terrorism needs to stop. this does nothing but encourage our youth to participate in such activity. >> steve: steven says, it's like we're giving terrorists and criminals a free ride to the top right next to our celebrities. keep the e-mail coming. meanwhile, other headlines for you making news a. white man says he was attacked because of the george zimmerman verdict. christopher simpson says he was walking home from a friend's house in milwaukee when he was jumped. at first it was just one attacker. but then more joined in. witnesses say they were yelling their support for trayvon martin. >> i think that they seen me and they instantly just rage took over. i get hit from behind and spun around and then i get tackled and knocked to the ground. >> i just jumped on the guy. got up before the policeman comes. >> steve: simpson has a broken hand and injuries to the chest.
4:36 am
the attackers ran off before police arrived. wouldn't that be a hate crime? >> brian: sounds like it. >> anna: place for healing turned into an absolute nightmare. a patient sitting up in her hospital bed hit in the stomach by a stray bullet. doctors immediately operated on the 62-year-old woman. she's expected to be fine. should be fine. the medical center is in a high crime area. >> i'm like wow. that's the only thing i could say is wow, like, it's unbelievable. >> very unusual. kind of shocking. i understand where people would be concerned. >> anna: kind of shocking. it's possible for bullets to travel for a full mile and still go through the glass. >> brian: check this out. incredible video. a man wrestling a 7-foot shark off the coast of nantucket. elliott was fishing when he noticed the shark was biting the catches off his line. so he rushed back to his car and grabbed a heavier reel.
4:37 am
he needs a bigger boat. once the sand shark was on the line, he battled it for 45 minutes. that's a guy a free afternoon. when it gets close to shore, he charged into the water and grabbed the 200-pound shark by the snail. after snapping picture, he released it back into the ocean. that's a summer for me. let alone an afternoon. >> steve: right. meanwhile. >> anna: he's not the only one taking on water animals. a man wrestles a whale tangled up in a fishing line and sets it free. >> steve: pat foster and his first mate, adrien who saved that whale join us now. captain pat issues so you see this whale struggling and it was an unusual whale that you've
4:38 am
never seen before and it was dragging something, right? >> that's correct, yes, it was dragging a bunch of commercial fishing gear. >> steve: you call it commercial fishing gear. it was 20 or 30 lobster traps from where? you were in virginia. where were the traps from? >> the commercial bowl had a big md on it, so i'm assuming from maryland and swam into our water. >> anna: these are protected species and it's something that you don't see every day. what on earth would make you jump in the water, though, with an animal this large and do the right thing by setting him free, and videotaping the whole thing? what made you do that? >> i felt like it was something that just had to be done. it was horrible to see an animal struggle and suffer like that. he was definitely, you know, in a lot of stress and you could tell that if we didn't do something, she probably would have died. or if we didn't take action at
4:39 am
that time, it wouldn't have turned out too good for her. we just felt like it be done. >> brian: adrien, is that you that jumped in with a knife and went to work? >> yes, sir. >> steve: and when you got next to this endangered whale s true that you felt that she was kind of looking at you, saying, hmm, help me, or thanks for coming or something? >> yeah. i mean i know that sounds kind of corny or cliche. but we watched the whale for 30 minutes while we were topside before i got in the water. she steadily was moving in a pace this a particular direction. so when i got in the water, she did actually slow down when we came face-to-face and actually gave me the opportunity to do what i did. as you see her tail kicking off in the distance as i finish cutting the rope, she wasn't moving before that. when i made my dive, she was actually pretty still and gave me that opportunity, which is kind of amazing.
4:40 am
but yet it did happen that way. >> brian: with the damage already done, is it your belief that that whale survived? >> oh, yeah. the whale -- we didn't see it after that and all the gear wasn't being dragged. i think the whale took one big breath and was resting after that. i don't think the normal person should go out there. it was a situation that was rarely unique to us and the opportunity presented itself for adrien to do what he did. but normally we wouldn't try that. >> steve: plus, it's against the law to get close to these animals. you need a permit to get close. has anybody suggested that you guys are in trouble for doing this? >> no. there is a little clause in there if he's entangled. but i don't know the details. i'm not a fisherman. not to my knowledge. >> brian: they would have to get
4:41 am
the whale to sign an affidavit and that's not going to happen. we can't even recognize him. pat and adrian, thanks for sharing your story. >> anna: we're going to hand it out to maria molina taking a look at the weather. good morning. >> hi, good morning. it's day three of our ongoing heat wave. we're expecting the hot temperatures to continue not just in the northeast, but even farther west. south dakota, rapid city, 93 for your high. 94 in kansas city. 97 in the city of memphis. i don't think it's the actual temperatures that are a big deal. i think it's the heat index values. in memphis, it will feel like 101. it will feel like 97 in cleveland and 98 degrees in chicago and i want to toss it back inside. the heat index value means the temperature and the humidity combined. that's what it feels like on your skin. >> steve: it will be a hot day. good day to stay inside and watch cable tv. >> brian: and stay inside and toss to your weather person. coming up, planning to take a
4:42 am
vacation this summer? i'm going to talk again. there are two things you should not do because they could cost you big time. dave ramsey with the mistakes we make next. >> anna: and then, you could be attracting unwanted attention that will bite you in the back. literally. wings and teeth, you may not want to have one of those. we'll tell you why pooches and puppies... we are tired of being fed on! we want k9 advantix ii! it not only kills fleas and ticks, k9 advantix ii also repels most ticks before they can attach. the leading brand kills, but doesn't repel. a tick that isn't repelled or killed may attach and make a meal of us. infected ticks can even spread lyme disease. so let's put our paws down in ptest! till we all get veterinarian recommended k9 advantix ii! join us at!
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4:45 am
>> steve: we got quick headlines now. could the edward snowden saga have major implications for next year's winter olympics to be held in russia? lindsey graham says the united states should consider boycotting the games if russia gives the nsa leaker asylum. and talk about a bad buzz. if you're a beer drinker, mosquitoes are more attracted to
4:46 am
you. >> brian: yep. >> steve: brian knows about this. a new study confirms what brian has known for a while. if you have brewsky in your blood, you're 20% more likely to be bitten. >> brian: because mosquitoes like pabst blue ribbon. >> anna: e-mail us, is it worth it? is it worth the mosquito bites to have the beer? >> brian: right. meanwhile, don't let money mistakes ruin your family vacation. before you head off on that much needed trip, that break that you savor, we're going to break down the financial dos and don'ts. personal finance expert dave ramsey claims to be here to help us out over in nashville. what shouldn't we do on vacation? >> there is a lot of things we shouldn't do. one thing is we need a budget and obviously stick to it and not overspend. but one of the big deals that comes up is the credit card. and do i need to take a credit card with me? do i need to have that in case something happens? those kinds of things. you can really get in a mess
4:47 am
with that because on vacation, you tend to let your foot off the gas a little bit and so put it on a credit card is a big don't. don't do that. >> steve: all right. meanwhile, we do have some e-mail from people. we had one for somebody regarding that. but let's move on to the next one, whether or not you should do it. mike from texas says, i recently canceled my time share. they continue to withdraw money from my checking account. what can i do to get out of this? buying a time share, a do or don't? >> time share is a don't. 98% dissatisfaction among people who buy time shares. it's a disaster. a lot of people get a little bit of a free vacation or free dinner while they're on vacation in return they get put in a room until they buy something. really dumb idea. these things are -- it's a high pressure thing. you can't get out of them. you're stuck in them like that e-mail is saying. they're very difficult to get rid of once you get in one. >> steve: i don't know what you're talking about. we've had one for 20 years.
4:48 am
there were a couple of pina coladas before weasands. >> steve: it does seem they make that hard sell. how do you get out of it if you're in it? >> anna: some people think that i go to this specific beach every year. it's going to be worth the money. how do you get out of that? >> you can always a lot cheaper go to the same beach over and over and rent somebody else's time share or condo. it's a lot better deal. they're very difficult to get out of. sometimes you can go back to the original company and pay them to take it back. some people had some luck selling them on ebay for almost nothing, at least you're out of the maintenance fees going forward. some people have been donating them to charity. do not pay one of these list services to list them because all they do is take your money, list them and never sell. >> brian: wow. it sounds like a brutal business. haley from oregon asks this, we're going to hawaii for our honeymoon. should we get travel insurance?
4:49 am
>> hawaii for the honeymoon is awesome! travel insurance is -- well, a do, a don't, depending on where you are. it's kind of a consider idea. if this piece of travel is very, very expensive for you, you may want to consider it to be travel. if it's inexpensive portion of your budget, then i wouldn't go to the expense of the travel insurance. >> steve: great advice. by the way, are you interested in buying a time share? [ laughter ] >> anna: give him a drink first. >> i think there is beer and mosquitoes involved. >> brian: absolutely. >> steve: it's a different kind of pain in the butt. [ laughter ] dave, thank you very much. >> anna: coming up on "fox & friends," do you fight to get your kids to go to sleep? heather nauert says she does. >> steve: look at that! >> brian: is that live? >> steve: it's about 3:00 o'clock in the morning at heather's house. [ laughter ] >> steve: then a man and his dog
4:50 am
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4:53 am
>> anna: his name is shadow and according to his owner, dan, he lives up to that name. following him almost everywhere and doing everything dan does, including a favorite pastime. you got to come close to the tv ask check this out. they even hang glide together. how did this special service dog learn how to fly the friendly skies? let's ask dan now who is here
4:54 am
with his wife and the famous dog, shadow. good morning, guys. thanks for being with us. >> good morning. nice to be here. >> good morning. >> anna: dan, i know you've had an anxiety disorder for quite some time and you had a hard time figuring it out and now shadow helps you do everything. but the one thing that would get you out of it was going hang gliding. but what would happen with shadow when you were up there in the sky? >> he loved to follow me everywhere. he lives up to his name, shadow. so when i'd be launching, getting ready to go, he would be right there nipping at my heels. he's a heeler. it seemed as though he wanted to go and wanted to go flying. i thought, let's see if he's ready for it. we built him a harness and took him flying and he took to it. he loved it. i thought he'd either be afraid of it and not chase me anymore or he would like it and not
4:55 am
chase me anymore. but yeah, he loves it. he still chases up and down the hill all the time. >> anna: this is just a trip to look at. how is it the harness work? how do you get him in there and make sure he doesn't squirm out? >> well, i really took everything into consideration in that regard because that would be a tragic thing to happen. so the harness wraps around him completely. his legs poke out of two leg holes in it. it's all reinforced so that there is no possibility of him getting out of it backwards, frontwards, rearward. he's basically in a mummy bag at that point. then he's strapped on to the hang glider and he kind of likes to hang on to me. >> anna: i could watch this all day. does it ever make you nervous having them up there together? do you ever worry about them? >> not at all. no. those two, they belong together and shadow is totally relaxed at his side and just puts his paws
4:56 am
on his arm and they just are totally natural. >> anna: dan, would you recommend this for the average dog owner, pet lover? >> it takes a special dog, i think, or a pet lover for one thing. we're just best friends and he wants to be with me everywhere. so you had a dog that was that way, i have taken a friend's dog that wanted to go. they had a great time. but yeah. if a person was into hang gliding and it's almost like taking your dog in the car. >> anna: very cool. just like how they all love to hang their head out the window with their tongue sticking out. >> absolutely. >> anna: thank you so much for your time today. have a great wednesday. >> thank you so much. >> anna: thank you so much. 56 minutes after the hour now. coming up, bill o'reilly making a stop on the curvy couch. he has a message for the attorney general eric holder. and then have a hard time getting your kids to go to
4:57 am
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5:00 am
>> anna: you sure are looking good. thanks for being with us on this wednesday, the 17th of july, 2013. i'm anna kooiman in for gretchen carlson. attorney general eric holder says racism is alive in america, so it's time to change our laws on self-defense? >> it's time to question laws that senselessly expand the concept of self-defense and so dangerous cons look in our neighborhood. >> anna: is that really the right response? we report. you decide. >> steve: meanwhile, kim kardashian under attack for her comments on the zimmerman verdict. what she said and reaction from the king of cable, bill o'reilly, within the half hour.
5:01 am
>> brian: all right. is this what bedtime looks like at your house? you're not alone. our own heather nauert fights to get her kids to sleep. this morning she's here with some sure fire ways to get them to bed. >> anna: so awesome. >> steve: nighty night. >> brian: "fox & friends" starts now, chris chulo. >> steve: what a morning we've had so far. sky diving dogs, a guy saves a whale, even though you're supposed to stay far, far away from it. and brian kilmeade winds up with a lifetime achievement award. >> anna: congratulations. that was great. >> brian: lifetime achievement? my life ended at 22. >> steve: the thing about you were honored for your soccer work in college. it's amazing, at the conclusion of the segment, there is brian. can you pick him out? look in the back row.
5:02 am
look fourth from the left. there is brian kilmeade. what's extraordinary is your university has some sort of closed archives where one of the coaches presented with you your jersey from back then. >> brian: what about honesty with me? i gave my uniform back. >> anna: photos only in black and white. >> brian: that's my coach on the corner. that's my sophomore year. i couldn't grow facial hair 'til three years later. they gave me a very nice award. >> anna: the award was for everything that you've achieved professionally as well. >> brian: right. >> anna: when you first told me about it, i said what's it for. >> brian: he said well, this little thing called "fox & friends," i have a radio show. >> brian: you're filling in for gretchen and we have one one left. >> anna: here is your wednesday morning headlines. he's been rumored dead more than anybody else. we're talking about al-qaeda's number two man in yemen this
5:03 am
morning. confirmation he is dead. american drone strike last november took him out. he was a former detainee at guantanamo bay and he reportedly survived another drone strike last september. happening today on capitol hill, in less than two hours, the nation's intelligence community will be grilled over the nsa spying scandal. the witnesses include nsa deputy director and attorney general james cole. this happens weeks after snowden revealed nsa conducts surveillance on americans' e-mails and phone records. a deadly cocktail killed cory monteith. the glow star overdosed less than three months after finishing a stint in drug rehab. new reports claim the 31-year-old was living two separate lives. sources say he never showed up to the set under the influence of drugs or alcohol, but when he went home to vancouver, drugs and booze were always part of his life. the state of new jersey cutting off disability pay for a
5:04 am
former cop turned reality star. he stars as a repo man chasing down drivers on bare swamp recovery. one problem? he was collecting almost $70,000 a year for a leg injury and declared permanently disabled. the police retirement declared him fit to return to work and stopped his pension payments. you think? >> steve: he looks okay there. let's talk about this. eric holder yesterday before the naacp convention in orlando, florida, so far what we heard of the trial of george zimmerman, no racism involved. and we heard from juror number b-37, i think that was her designation yesterday. racism had nothing to do with it. and yet you've got the attorney general of the united states talking about how this is a racist nation, how when he was growing up, he was pulled over twice on the new jersey turnpike. he also was profiled in georgetown because he was running through that part of washington, d.c. at night.
5:05 am
and then he told a personal story about how when he was younger, his father, because he was living in a racist nation, his father from barbados said whenever you're around the cops, be careful. here is the attorney general. >> trayvon's death last spring caused me to sit down v a conversation with my own 15-year-old son, like my dad did with me. this was a father-son tradition i hoped would not need to be handed down. i am his father and it is my responsibility not to burden him with the baggage of eras long gone, but make him aware of the world that he must still confront. it's time to question laws that senselessly expand the concept of self-defense and so dangerous cons look in our neighborhood. >> brian: he chose to focus on stand your ground. the president chose to focus early on on guns. stand your ground evidently did not, if you look at the court case, did not come into play in this case in particular. number one.
5:06 am
if you think about it in the big picture, to give think scenario, an african-american 17-year-old is in a neighborhood doing nothing wrong with nothing on him ends up dead. somebody is to blame. but if you watch the case day by day and you watch it play out and see the scenario, then understand how possibly understand how the court case came out the way it did. and now all of a sudden people are going, well, i'm going to pull back from that case and go back to my original thought before i got details. race is involved. some aren't having it. some of the african-american community aren't having it and they sounded off. let's listen. >> when we continue to have people that are saying racial profiling, racial profiling, then if you continue to keep that phrase going on, then people will believe it. that's where the media comes in. >> that jury was absolutely correct as a lawyer. i don't want to mention any names, telling people i'm holding my black children tighter tonight. no they're not! they're not at all because zimmerman was tried. he was found innocent in these
5:07 am
charges and that woman who said god is a racist, it's embarrassing for me as an african-american to hear juan williams, msnbc, cnn talk about this case as a race case! the facts were decided correctly on this case. don't try to say that this case was wrong and don't use this case as a race case unless you're trying to hustle people to make money! i'm sick of this! >> steve: leo was talking about there, he mentioned in one place the woman who said that god is a racist. it's actually comments from a university of pennsylvania professor who said that god is a white racist, given the verdict in the zimmerman case. >> brian: by the way, leo also orders on drive through the same way with the same tone. i've never seen him -- he's always on the edge of his seat. >> anna: there are a lot of african-americans i've spoken with who automatic friends with who feel like their race has been slighted in this and believe that in their hearts and yes, there have been other headlines, whether it be black on white, black on black, crime,
5:08 am
whatever it is, they feel like this is different because trayvon was unarmed. he had skittles and an iced tea in his hand. just happened to be wearing a hoody and they believe he was targeted just because the color of his skin. it's something that they're having a hard time forgetting about. however, if you do listen to the seven hours of closing arguments, you may start to realize that in this case in particular, george zimmerman does not appear at all to be a racist. >> brian: even talk to his ex girlfriends. >> steve: in fact, that's what the f.b.i. said. they talked to about 30 people. they couldn't find any evidence of it. we're going to talk about race with bill o'reilly who is going to be joining us 20 minutes from right now. there is the king of cable right there. >> brian: he doesn't have to get up until 2. so this is great to get up early. >> steve: meanwhile, let's tell you the story about an army vet, ron kelly, served this nation proudly, retired from the army back in 1993. it was estimated he had fired close to 100,000 rounds of government ammo during his life serving in the u.s. military.
5:09 am
so recently he went in to a wal-mart to buy a gun and he was declined because 42 years ago in high school, he was caught with a bag of pot. he served probation, never served a single day in jail. >> anna: i talked to him. let's hear from him earlier this morning. >> i was getting a little worried about the restrictive gun laws that were going to be passed and i filled out the on-line electronic application and it came back telling me i was delayed for some reason. it's sort of like that thing when you see people stand in line and they are writing a check and it comes back the check is declined. you're standing this in line, there are people around you. you get embarrassed because you've been turned down. i know it's happened to a bunch of people. i know that the f.b.i. is doing
5:10 am
this wrong. this law may have been with the best intentions, but they've messed it up really bad. >> anna: it's so wild. it was a pot bust that happened when he was in high school decades and decades ago. this guy is fired from tanks, cannons and guns and now he can't own his own firearm. the f.b.i. said they're going to do this expeditiously and he should contact them for an appeal and this and that. but now he's saying, this has happened to so many other people, some sort of law needs to change. >> brian: right. >> steve: let's see. >> brian: to change gears. i heard it was hot outside. we refused to go out as anchors. so we did the next best thing, we sent maria out. is it true it's hot? >> yes. it is true, taas very hot. actually i found the culprit to the heat we've been experiencing in new york city. we have a family right here from tampa, florida. you guys brought the heat from florida up with you. so how much different is this been feeling? you've been here since monday,
5:11 am
that's when our heat wave started. thanks a lot. how different is this compared to what florida feels like? >> not very much. it's very humid, very hot. >> so we're expecting the hot temperatures to continue at least through friday out here in new york city. keep that in mind as you go around new york city. stay safe and hydrated and again, we're expecting the hot temperatures to continue for several more days. by the time we head into saturday, we'll begin to see some changes across the northeast. first, what temperatures are we expecting today? 97 in memphis. 94 in kansas city. 92 in new york city. the temperatures aren't really the big story. the problem is when you factor in the humidity, it feels so much mortgage, like in chicago, 98 degrees for your high. your heat index. 101 in parts of tennessee. incredibly hot out here. all thanks to a high pressure system that's been sitting in place producing a lot of sunshine, a lot of humidity and take a look at friday and also into saturday. a cold front finally moves through. it will be producing some
5:12 am
thunderstorms. there is a potential for severe weather already several days out. that's coming up on friday and saturday across parts of the great lakes and also the northeast. back inside, steve, an -- anna. >> steve: we have a question for you, maria. were you just blaming one of our viewers for bringing this national heat wave? that's what can kind of sounded like. >> i'm look for someone to blame. >> steve: as we all are. >> anna: new york just stops. >> steve: and it's summer. >> that's where you go to stay cool. >> brian: i blame whoever decided to rotate the earth. right? if we're not rotating fast enough, that explains why it's so hot for so long. got to pick up the speed, axis. >> steve: if it stopped spinning, we'll fall off the earth. >> anna: 12 minutes after the hour. coming up on "fox & friends," eric holder looking to get rid of the stand your ground law. so is self-defense about to
5:13 am
become a crime? peter johnson, jr. is on the case next. >> steve: then forget just tossing the bouquet. how about tossing the bride! [ laughter ] i do!
5:14 am
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it fills you with energy... and it gives you what you are looking for to live a more natural life. in a convennt two bar pack. this is nature valley. nature at its most delicious. >> brian: regardless of who started the fight between george zimmerman and trayvon martin, everyone in florida has the legal right to use deadly force if their life is in danger. in the wake of last week's not guilty verdict, eric holder wants to change that. >> it's time to question laws that senselessly expand the concept of self-defense and so
5:17 am
dangerous cons in our neighborhood. unfortunately, has victimized too many who are innocent. it is our collective obligation. we must stand our ground. >> brian: can they really consider that self-defense? can self-defense be considered a crime then? joining us right now to weigh in, peter johnson, jr. stand your ground, 30 states say that's okay with me. >> 30 states say it's okay. it allows people to stand their ground. there is no obligation to retreat in the face of serious bodily harm or a risk of death. and it didn't even become an issue in terms of this case. that was not the defense in the zimmerman case. the defense was straight justify final homicide based on self-defense. there was no ability to retreat based on the evidence in the case for george zimmerman who said he was down on the ground mma style being pummeled and that mr. martin went for his gun, his lawful hand gun and
5:18 am
then he fired it as a result. but what we're seeing with mr. holder is really a grand distraction. what we're seeing is an effort to distract americans of all colors from the real issues that cause violence in this country is high unemployment. particularly high unemployment in communities of color. when you have unemployment of 20 or 25% for the last five years, when off sense of hopelessness in our cities, when you have a sense of hopelessness in many of our communities of color, when there is no ability to move ahead based on a lack of jobs that have been created by this federal government, then you say okay. the real risk that you have, african-american community, is white folks engaging in lawful murder. and it sets a tone in our country that's divisive, that's confrontational and that in the end, unfortunately, leads to
5:19 am
violence between groups, intergroup violence. >> brian: i listened to a lot of the naacp speech yesterday to read between the lines. they were talking about stand your ground or not a retrial. do you think in the end the feds are not going to retry this case? >> they might. oh, i -- >> brian: you think they might? >> even though the evidence shows there is no racial animus. it's a phony issue. the feds should be staying out of state law. issues they have no place in it. eric holder should be saying is, let's talk about the verdict. let's talk about the rule of law. but most of all, let's respect it. not let's gin it up under the giise of bringing people together. this is not bringing people together and it's not constructive. absolutely not. >> brian: it will be interesting what's happening tomorrow. this is not going away. peter johnson, jr., thanks so much. >> thank you. >> brian: 20 minutes after the hour. kim kardashian and stevie wonder have something in common. they've been slammed for what they're saying about the zimmerman verdict. what they said and reaction from
5:20 am
bill o'reilly who i've met coming up. then have a hard time getting your kids to sleep? this is the video of the day. our own heather nauert does. she discovered some sure fire ways to get them to bed. that's next my name is paul ridley.
5:21 am
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announcer: announcer: you're on the right track to save big during sleep train's triple choice sale. for a limited time, you can choose to save hundreds on beautyrest and posturepedic mattress sets. or choose $300 in free gifts with sleep train's most popular tempur-pedic mattresses. you can even choose 48 months interest-free financing on the new tempur-choice with head-to-toe customization. the triple choice sale ends soon at sleep train! ♪ sleep train ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ >> steve: headlines now. video of the captain of a costa concordia cruise ship in court trying to make a deal with prosecutors. he wants to avoid a possible long prison sentence if he's convicted for abandoning the ship as he did when it capsized
5:24 am
back in 2012 leaving 32 people dead. and new developments overnight on the seized north korean ship carrying missile equipment. cuba says the materials were, quote, obsolete weapons that needed repairs. >> brian: exactly. >> steve: good one. why did they hide it under thousands of stabs of sugar? huh, cuba? >> brian: everyone knows you mix a missile with brown sugar. anybody knows the business. >> steve: that's the news. >> brian: if you're like every other parent in america, bedtime could mean battle time. but when it comes to kids getting enough sleep is more important than you can imagine. >> anna: research shows 25% of children don't go the recommended amount of sleep for their kids. how can you get them to go to bed without the stress and hassle? heather inaugurate took the challenge. we had a hey day with this video. >> yeah. it's no easy task trying to get any kids to bed, let alone
5:25 am
toddlers. my kids use every trick in the book. it's tantrum, i got to feed the fish. i want one more book. >> brian: we don't have fish. >> it comes out of nowhere. exactly. but i did find a couple of tips that will hopefully help you. take a look here. like all parents, i love my kids. and i want to be with them every second of the day. except maybe when -- you getting sleepy? >> no. >> it's time to get them to bed. this process has taken close to 40 minutes. we've had two books, three songs and i've had to put him back in his crib twice and -- three times actually. he's still crying. the struggle to get kids to sleep with be a bit of a laughing matter. but the facts the kids need to sleep is no joke. a study found sleep can seriously affect a child's brain power and that inconsistent bed times can impact cognitive ability. >> it's now about 8:30 at night and we just got him to bed.
5:26 am
my youngest son has been crying for over an hour. so finally i had to close the door and let him cry it out. but as any mom would know, you just feel so awful doing that. hearing your kid scream and cry for you and then yet not going in to get them. so i need some help. there comes a time when professional help is needed. enter laurie, aka the toy insider mom who knows how to parent and has the products to prove it. we went to bye-bye baby to check them out. one thing that's key is getting your kid's room quiet or house quiet enough for them to go to sleep. hard when you got dogs or a neighborhood. >> or if your children are still up making noise. >> exactly. you got a possible solution. >> i do. basically we have white noise. shut the door, shut the window, put this on. it's a soothing sound. every parent needs a good baby monitor. we're going to talk about the angel care. sound and movement monitor. it's really great when you have an infant because there is a sensor pad right here that goes
5:27 am
under the mattress. and detects baby's movement. there is video on this and there is actually this two-way talk feature. so not only can you hear your children when they're not going to sleep, but you can talk to them and say okay, boys. i. >> i love that idea because you can say, get back into bed right now. >> don't make mommy get up. >> or no cartoons tomorrow. that's a relief. now when i hear this (crying), i'll be able to see what's going on in there. but what about parents on the go? >> this is the journey bee by parent lab. it's so portable. and lightweight. you can take it on an airplane. it goes in the carry bag. let me show you how quickly you can open this. all die is unattach this. it's set up. any parent -- >> i have this. when i saw this, i'm like oh,
5:28 am
it's so easy. i love it. at any age, kids need sleep to nurture their development. although it can be a challenge, a few quick buys could help everyone get some z's. finally i got them to go to bed. it took forever. you remember pack and play from when you had kids and they take forever. it's tougher than obamacare. and this thing, that product i showed you, journey bee, that thing is awesome. it pops right open. >> steve: the problem at your house is you have to go to bed before your kids. >> we all go to bed together. we're all in our pajamas together, 6:30 at night. i'm like, you have to go to bed because mommy has to go to bed. they don't care. >> brian: tell your kids, have the courage to tell your kids, no more coffee. [ laughter ] and they'll understand and go to bed. no coffee in the nipple. [ laughter ] >> steve: thank you, dr. spock.
5:29 am
>> brian: just telling you. trying to help parents. >> steve: heather, good job. somebody is embroidering that pillow right now. >> anna: have you seen this? it's the exact moment a six-year-old boy finds out his dad is coming home from afghanistan. ♪ crying) >> anna: wait until you see what happens when his dad actually does indeed come home. >> steve: i bet he had trouble falling asleep that night. plus, kim kardashian under attack for comments on the zimmerman verdict. what she said and bill o'reilly's reaction coming up next mine was earned in djibouti, africa. 2004.
5:30 am
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[ cheering ] >> steve: i love that! the bride!hot of the morning. >> brian: anna's next shoot. >> steve: she's becoming a human sling shot off the back of an all-terrain vehicle. >> brian: to the moon, alice.
5:34 am
>> steve: tossing her bouquet. but the fun didn't end there. her husband, jake, was up next, so he could toss her garter. there he goes. >> anna: a couple that laughs together, stays together of the i believe that. that's a great picture. this is awesome. >> steve: that is nuts. >> brian: bungee equals happiness. >> anna: we have some headlines. >> brian: her tone makes me think i should read. nasa trying to figure out how an astronaut nearly drowned in space. >> my head is wet and i am feeling it. >> brian: about an hour into a repair mission, an italian astronaut noticed water pooling
5:35 am
in the back of his head. it start getting into his eyes and keeping him from hearing. >> you're in a fish bowl, so stick your head in a fish bowl and try to walk around. that's not anything you take lightly and certainly it's dangerous already. he did a great job just keeping calm and cool. >> brian: the astronaut is okay. about a quart of water leaked into his helmet which is believed to have come from the cooling system. if he stayed out there, he could have drowned. >> anna: talk about tears of joy. look what happens at the exact moment a six-year-old finds out his father is coming home from afghanistan. >> daddy is coming home. (crying) >> anna: tears of joy. he breaks into tears when he hears his dad. frank greg will be home from afghanistan in minutes.
5:36 am
his dad has been deployed overseas some 12 times. despite the tears, keegan and his four-year-old brother made welcome home signs and then headed outside to welcome their dad home. >> steve: meanwhile, you could call it up with of the worst proposals ever. a comedian guy pops the question to his girlfriend after having a police officer pretend to arrest his girlfriend. >> right now saved me over $2,000 or 30 days in jail. >> could we have an agreement where we agree to waive the fine, let you go, if you take his hand in marriage. >> oh, my god! >> anna: that's cruel. >> brian: terrible. >> steve: relieved and overwhelmed, the girlfriend said yes. the couple entered the proposal in a radio station contest in hopes of winning $20,000. winner not yet selected. it's amazing that she would say yes after that.
5:37 am
>> brian: cruel joke! >> steve: joining us is bill o'reilly. good morning. >> here i am. >> steve: how are you? >> brian: cruel or not? >> ridiculous. ridiculous. >> anna: what about the bride and the sling shot, that was all right? >> i loved that. i want to do that myself. >> steve: let's talk a -- i know last night your lead story was all about the trayvon martin and george zimmerman case. what did you make of attorney generic holder at the naacp calling for, okay, we haven't found racism involved in the case yet b. we're going to try to change the law. >> he doesn't like the law. you know, holder is more of an activist than a law enforcement official. at this point i think everybody would agree with that. he's got an agenda. he doesn't like the law. he has a right to say it, but not a right to interfere in florida politics. that's for sure. >> brian: you asked him to come o. he came on to his credit. he thinks that society, american society is targeting the black male. >> absolutely. and this is -- he sincerely
5:38 am
believes that and you're not going to change his mind. he believes that black males are persecuted and singled out for scorn and scrutiny and i'm saying to him, listen, you know, there is a reason why these things happen. it's not always justifiable. we have to be honest about the history in this country of race relations. but now i mean, the evidence is the evidence. you know. you can't use past historical injustice to complain about a verdict that was clearly a fair -- clearly a fair trial. he said it was a fair trial. then they hedge, this could have been happening. and i'm saying to myself, listen, problems are problems. you got to solve them. i'm sorry that trayvon martin is dead and i'm sorry his family has to go through this hell. and it should have never happened. but you don't convict a guy of murder unless you have overwhelming evidence that he's guilty and they didn't, period! >> anna: are you sympathetic to their viewpoint at all?
5:39 am
>> sure i am. of course i'm sympathetic to it. if you lose a child, that is the worst thing that can happen to parents on earth. of course i'm sympathetic to it. >> steve: earlier on the program we had a black conservative and a fox news contributor. she was weighing in on the naacp convention. she and her husband tried to get in and speak. they would not allow it. she says they've got an agenda that seems to essentially want to keep blacks as victims. here is the sound bite and bill's reaction. >> that's what the naacp and the rest of the black liberal establishment does not want the black community to hear. they want blacks to be victims and to think that there is racism and they can't get ahead and really it's a lie. they continue to push the same message of moving people back with the mindset and what they do versus moving people forward. >> steve: what do you think? >> i think it's true. it's an industry and the grievance industry. that's what i call it. there is a lot of money in it and power in it.
5:40 am
so why are the naacp -- i think they should be watchdogs and looking out for their crew. but they're not going to basically say okay. yeah, we're going to hear another point of view and we want to see this because it's a business. they're in business. that's what they do. that's how they get paid. same thing with the liberal commentators and the main stream media. they're never going to go against who they believe their audience is. and the right does this as well. but not as much. so you got to understand that there is a grievance industry and that industry is going to kick in whenever there is a minority controversy. >> steve: so as long as -- according to the f.b.i., no instances of racism in -- >> they investigated and they came to the conclusion there wasn't anything there. >> steve: during the court case, no evidence of racism. yet, a lot of channel, they're talk being look at this terrible racist country we're living in and george zimmerman, exhibit a. >> and the people who do that are dishonest. flat out dishonest.
5:41 am
>> anna: a lot of celebrities could be coming out, outraged about this. from rihanna, stevie wonder saying he won't be perform not guilty florida. >> and why do you think they're doing that? because they want to sell product to people who feel that way. >> anna: a lot of people say the liberal media is doing the same thing. >> of course. it's all business. as i said last night on talking points memo, it's bad for business to go against your crew. if the minority crew believes this was an injustice, a guy like stevie wonder or rihanna or whoever it is isn't going to say you're wrong. it's bad for business! they don't know what happened. >> steve: but what about the fact that stevie wonder says i'm not going to go perform in any state where they have stand your ground laws. >> i don't know how much demand steve gee in right now. >> brian: right. >> anna: he's all in demand, come on. >> genius. but i don't know if we're going to miss him. >> brian: right. >> but it's his right. if he feels that strongly about it, don't perform there. i don't have any beef with
5:42 am
stevie wonder. i do have a beef with people who are dishonest and playing to a certain sentiment to make money. that's what it's all about. >> anna: do you think people are hypocritical, too? kim kardashian coming out on twitter saying, my heart goes out to trayvon martin's family and loved ones. thoughts and families being sent their way. hash tag, no justice. but then on the flip side, a lot of people are coming out saying this. >> steve: somebody else tweeted, someone who watches your show, says how ironic. remember when your father, kim kardashian, helped o. j. simpson walk free? no justice there either. >> i think everybody takes kim kardashian very seriously. [ laughter ] you know, again, this is frustrating to those of us who want a fair play. all right, because the media isn't fair and it's all about the money. it's all about the money. it's not about trayvon martin. it's about the money. and then the politicians use the poor boy's death to push gun
5:43 am
control or whatever they want to push. so trayvon martin is being exploited now. they're exploiting him and it's wrong. and been doing this for the last column. we're going to call them out. >> brian: now you also have -- you have two books, both best sellers "killing kennedy" and" keep it pithy." who are you rooting for? >> "keep it pithy" is a cool pilings of what -- compilatinon of what i've said over the years. and "killing kennedy" is just killing kennedy. it's a phenomenon. kennedy's last days is the kid book. and i want everybody to lock in on that. it's a beautiful book. it will arrest the attention of even the dimmest you work rchins. if you want to get them involved in history, check out that book. >> anna: as we go, can we see
5:44 am
keep it pithy? like this? that's the only time you'll ever see that on the fox news channel. >> brian: if i asked -- >> steve: you need a beach book? check out one of them. thank you. >> all right, nice to see you. >> steve: next, we're off to london looking for a baby.
5:45 am
5:46 am
5:47 am
>> beth: good morning to you. all eyes on london as the world awaits the arrival of the royal baby. so what happens when the baby actually comes? >> steve: martha mccallum is live on royal baby watch in london on the banks of the thames. all right, tell us the very latest on this kid. >> you know, waiting for a baby is one of those things, right? i've done it myself three times. everybody wants to know when it's coming, when are you going to have the baby? there isn't much you can do about it short of being induced, which i don't think we're in that territory yet for the
5:48 am
duchess of cambridge. let's look at sort of the different maps that may come into play here once we do get the word that the royal baby is on the way. the first one we want to show you is what it would look like from buckle berry, which is where her parents live. they've got a nice spread there. they have air conditioning, i'm told, which is something they do not have at lovely kensington where she was staying before that. so she'll go from buckleberry, about 50 miles into the city here to saint mary's hospital where prince william and prince harry were born where you see some of the reporters there. the other route would be if she does come back and she stays at notingham cottage, which is a two bedroom cottage at kensington while waiting for the bigger digs to be renovated that, will happen in the fall, she would go from there just a couple of miles across hyde park over to the hospital from that location. then once the baby is born, they
5:49 am
will notify everybody by putting an easel, very old-fashioned, in front of buckingham palace and it will have the baby's weight and the baby's gender. not necessarily the name. the name could come days, weeks later. but my guess is that they're going to name this baby right away because they know that people have been waiting for this for a long time. i'm pretty sure they've got the name picked out. >> steve: they probably do. >> brian: how disappointed are they that the kardashians picked north west. >> that's kind of a disappointment. i'm sure they spent a lot of time pondering that, brian. but when you take a look at this, the succession and what will happen next. so this puts prince charles obviously is next in line after queen elizabeth, and then you have prince william. this baby has got a bit of a wait. but this baby moves automatically, whether a boy or girl, and this is an historic first because queen elizabeth changed the law. she thinks if it's a girl, it should be in the succession
5:50 am
line. this child will be number three. prince harry gets bumped down another notch to the fourth spot on the succession list. but he says he's perfectly happy. he likes his life, i think. he's happy to be fourth in line after the baby is born. >> brian: we'll count the moments 'til you're back to the states. >> steve: she's our own princess. martha mccallum live from olympian done ten minutes from now here on the "fox & friends" show. straight ahead, he's accused of blowing up the boston marathon finish line. why is rolling stone putting the accused bomber on the cover like a rock star? your e-mail pouring in. we're going to read some of them coming up. >> anna: and then it's unlike any reality show we have ever seen before. that's because the focus is family. imagine that.
5:51 am
the stars of the family ranch are here next. yee-ha. ee.heok bacon?! gotta get that bacon! bacon?! bacooon! smokey bacon, meaty bacon, tasty bacon! bacon? ohh la laa. i say, is that bacon? oh! good heavens! bacon! bacon! who wants a beggin' strip?? me! i'd get it myself but i don't have thumbs!! mmm mmm mmm mmm mmmm it's beggin! mmm i love you... (announcer) beggin' strips...made with real bacon. there's no time like beggin' time!
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5:54 am
>> i'm rusty bullock. >> steve: unlike any reality show you've seen before focusing on good friends, family values and above all, faith. joining us right now, the stars of bullock family ranch, rusty and julyly bullock. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> steve: you got quite a story. in your lifetime, how many children have you raised? >> two biological children. >> steve: and? >> we've had 30 young people 18 and up in age come and live with us. >> steve: who are those 30 other kids? >> it's really strange. we often get asked where do we find them? it's like we feel god puts them in our lives. we just run across them. >> steve: sure. having had three children, raising three children myself, along with my wife, i know that
5:55 am
at age 18 when you get a lot of these kids, that could not be a worse time to start with discipline in that department. but that's when they land in your lap, isn't it? because they come from where? >> all walks of life. we've had young people come from homes that are broken, young people come in from single family. >> steve: and you're pretty much the last stop. you act adds foster parents. who do you have at your house right now? >> right now we have a young man, wilson, that he just got into some financial problems. he actually lived with us early on. his parents went through a kind of a rough divorce and he chose to live with us to stay on track. >> steve: you're changing his life. you've changed dozens of people's lives. why do you do it? >> he says why not? that's his statement. >> steve: but why not -- it would be easy to turn away from them. but instead, you open your doors and open your heart and your
5:56 am
wallets. >> well, we live off the land. we have a garden. we hunt. that helps a lot with the food. so you just learn how to live on a tight budget. >> steve: i bet. in your lifetime, have you ever been able to save any money, put any money aside while you're raising 30 other kids? >> not really. but god is always taking care of us. >> we've never gone without a meal and never missed a payment. >> steve: that is wonderful. that's what you're going to see in bullock family ranch premieres tonight on up tv. thank you very much. >> thank you. >> steve: good luck to you and god bless you. >> thank you very much. >> steve: straight ahead, coming up, it's got many you outraged this morning. rolling stone putting the bomber on the cover like a rock star. your e-mail in a couple of minutes (girl) what does that say?
5:57 am
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6:00 am
one person says there should be a boycott of rolling stone magazine. >> steve: another viewer says they always push the envelope. but that is a slap in the face of civilized society. thanks for the comments. we'll see you back here tomorrow. >> brian: after the show show. bill: republicans in the house with a big target aimed at obama-care. and they may have a stronger wind at their backs. martha: good morning, i'm martha maccallum live in london where the royals and great britain await for the new heir to the throne. bill: the white house delayed the mandate for businesses only. that left a lot of


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