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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  July 18, 2013 1:00am-2:01am PDT

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right now, in this moment, wherever she is. art: now is the moment. if we work together, we can stop this epidemic. grace: contact brightfocus and learn more. right before bill o. >> bill: the o'reilly factor is on. tonight: [explosion] ♪ get your picture on the cover of the "rolling stone." >> bill: some outrage over this magazine cover that makes the boston bombing terrorist look like a rock star. why did "rolling stone" do this? we will have the inside story. and he does get acquitted mary katharine. you are expecting people to run out and cause trouble. a far left writer on cnn distorts that quote to make me look racist. we will expose what happened here. >> [inaudible] stand your ground law abolished in florida i will never
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perform there again. >> bill: now some celebrities are speaking out against the zimmerman verdict. we'll have analysis on that. also tonight, dennis miller on the verdict. caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. >> bill: hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. the winds may be shifting in the zimmerman verdict. that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. as we have been reporting, the american media is heavily invested in a race-driven story line concerning the acquittal of george zimmerman. while almost everybody admits the murder trial was fair, the press is still pounding the drum that somehow trayvon martin did not receive justice because of his skin color. when asked how that can be so, if the criminal proceedings were honest, the question goes unanswered. but there is no question, there is fear furor over
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the verdict in african-american precincts and the far left is trying hard to exploit that. here is an example. shortly before the verdict i said this. so if the prosecution did present a weak case and that, again, is the consensus of the media following it, even the liberal media. >> yes. >> bill: and he does get acquitted mary katharine, are you expecting people to run out and cause trouble. >> some people will react emotionally. >> bill: on cnn's web site my exchange with mary katharine was reported this way: bill o'reilly wondered the other day if after an acquittal black people would run out and cause trouble. after all, you know how those people are. of course, i never said black people. the writer paul waldman fabricated that in order to make me look like a racist. today cnn corrected the record writing the article incorrectly stated
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while i appreciate cnn correcting the record i'm perplexed while they would allow a radical leftist like paul waldman to write for them at all without identifying him as a radical leftist? he was a senior fellow at media matters the far left smear web site. is he a dishonest zealot. does cnn really want to be associated with an extremist like him? and on the subject of extremists, there was this exchange on david letterman last night. >> you know that they want to give george zimmerman a gun now, the florida state law is that he can get his gun back. i say if he gets a gun, casey anthony gets a baby. [crowd booing] >> what is with the booing tonight? [ laughter ] >> owner, one of the met's owners. >> yes, i am. >> mr. big shot, nice going. >> well, minority owner, of
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course. >> still you get free tickets, right? [ laughter ] >> better than being a minority in florida. [crowd booing] >> why are they booing? >> bill: they are booing because folks know cheap shots when they hear them. talking points believes the tide may be turning in the sad case of trayvon martin. i hope so anyway. that's the memo. now are to the top story tonight, i hope you saw my interview last night with tavis smiley who contents that black hen in america are held in, quote, contempt it. he initially said that on abc news this week. >> i think this is for many americans, george, just another piece of evidence of the uninconvertible contempt had that this nation shows and displays for black men. >> bill: joining us from the abc news studios good morning america anchor george stephanopoulos. why didn't you question him
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on that. >> when he finished i said that wasn't the question in the courtroom. i tried to get his back to the facts at hand and matter at hand which was the verdict that had just come in hours before in that florida courtroom that found george zimmerman not guilty. it was all preceded by a discussion whether or not the justice department should bring civil rights charges against george zimmerman. one of the things i pointed out just before that as well is how difficult it would be to even bring that kind of a case given the fact that they would have to prove that race was a factor which there was no evidence of in the trial. we have heard the jurors say, at least one of the jurors say that so far. it wasn't something that was discussed if in the courtroom. they would have to prove this was not an accident, not negligence, that he was deliberately trying to shoot travon martin because of his race. i said that's a very high bar. i think if you look at the facts right now it's going to be very, very difficult for the justice department to bring that kind of case which was one of the things we were discussing in and around tavis smiley's comment right there.
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so i think that, you know, we can have lots of different debates coming out of this case, but one ever the things i think you and i can agree on, bill, is that we first have to pay attention to what was at issue in the courtroom, what was discussed in the courtroom, what the evidence was in the courtroom, and what the law is in florida. >> bill: all right. but i think we're at the point now, not only in this case, but in just in general, where -- and i like tavis. he is stand up guy. >> is he a smart guy. >> bill: i don't think you can allow him to say that black men are held in contempt in america, that american society is contemptuous of black men. that's false. and i told him to his face last night it was fallacious. it was wrong, it's irresponsible of him to say it it i think when people start to say these things that you and me and all the other people who have responsibility to run our programs in a fair manner have to say hold it, hold it.
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i don't see it that way. all right? you may see it that way, but i don't see it that way. >> i think that's sort of like criticizing for a book they didn't write. i take your point though. because you can have so many different debates coming out f this incident, i think it's fair to say that is one -- >> bill: all right. >> discussion at that point. >> bill: it's not even a matter of journalism. it's a matter of operatism. you operatism. you patriotism. >> there is some cases where they hold them in contempt: i was going to say on the other hand you can point out the fact that america is now elected and reelected an african-american president as a general matter is not true. >> bill: i want you to answer the question. do you believe america in general holds black men in contempt? yes or no. >> i don't like the way the question is posed, to tell it you the truth. >> bill: that's what tavis smiley is asserting. that is what he is alleging. >> it sounds like you had a good debate with tavis
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about that. >> bill: you don't want to answer it, you don't want to answer it. my responsibility is not just as a commentator. it's basically to stop propaganda that's what i consider that to be cold. you know, look, everybody has a different style, you can understand why people, like me, would be -- why didn't you stop him there and say back that up. what are you talking about? you can't back that up. smiley tried to back it up last night and we have that posted on bill o' >> i challenged that in a different way. i said right after that sentence that wasn't the question at issue in the courtroom. let's talk about that. >> bill: i understand what you did. i'm trying to raise the bar at the network level. cable is the wild west compared to you guys. you are the establishment. you guys have been around. i worked for you. i know how it goes down. but i think that in this country now, that there is a strain of hatred towards the united states of america. i think that strain of hatred has to be challenged
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by responsible news organizations. i want to hear what tavis has to say. i wouldn't have put him on if i didn't. i don't mind him saying that. but i'm going to get right in his face. >> all i would say is that, you know, you are looking at one provoke a debate. i don't dispute you on that at all. if you look at the 10-minute debate we did have with five people on that show that morning where tavis is one of the participants, it was a vigorous debate about the facts in the case. it was a vigorous debate about whether the justice department could bring a civil rights case against george zimmerman which gets to the question of race as well. and that the broader points were all challenged. you are right. i will take your point. that specific statement from tavis did not create its own debate. and -- but we covered a lot of other ground where -- and we had a lot of contentious exchanges there >> bill: all right, george. it's always good to talk to you. >> good to talk to you, bill. >> bill: thank you for
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taking the time. next on the run down, some people very upset with the magazine cover "rolling stone" kind of glamorizing accused boston terrorist dzhokhar tsarnaev. even making him like a rock star. doesn't he look cute and cuddlely that guy? he we'll have the inside story. later dennis miller on the zimmerman verdict and obama care. and we are coming right back.
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>> bill: in the impact segment tonight the magazine "rolling stone" causing controversy. their cover boy dzhokhar tsarnaev looking like a rock star. hard to believe the late jim morrison the lead singer of the doors. obviously they put the terrorist on the cover to get attention. joining us from washington kate observer shayne and
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kirsten powers. what do you think about that kirsten? >> i thought it was terrible. actually, kind of sick to be honest. if you go back and look at past covers of "rolling stone," who do they have on it? they he have famous people like the president, for example or movie stars or singers but peel people who are very much glamorized. this was glamorizing a terrorist. >> bill: all right. but "rolling stone" is a counter culture paper concentrating on music. business has not been great for them. they want to get attention the article they did, kate, was basically about him and how he arrived at the point where he wanted to kill innocent people. they used the word monster in the article, so did they do anything wrong well, they also point out that the article, we haven't seen yet, it hits the stands on friday. >> bill: i have -- i saw it i have it.
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>> i don't have your access. >> bill: the article was basically a tracing of him and his family and how he got into the terrorist circle. how he saw his mother, his brother, his father. it doesn't glorify him. but it does put him in a position of being somewhat sympathetic because is he a quote, unquote, dysfunctional family. >> rolling stone itself said that the article is heart-breaking and riveting. and i was really struck by that because i think the truly heart breaking riveting stories that would sell "rolling stone" magazines but also be sympathetic to the people of boston would be that of little richard martin, the 8-year-old who was killed and his family. little sister lost a leg. the two brothers who lost a leg. >> bill: maybe "rolling stone" would be part because they do mention the people. i would have to say i found the story neither heart breaking or riveting. it was okay. all right? >> bill, the other point that i think we have to -- i look at when i see
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articles like this is the temptation and the tendency of the mainstream media to have some degree, frankly, of sympathy with terrorists to blame america for our ills. >> bill: that's the story right now. the governor of -- the mayor of boston that manino he says he is appalled and shocked. the governor of massachusetts, of the commonwealth, he says he is not so offended. you know. could have been -- that kind of thing. so, i guess it's in the eye of the beholder, powers. >> i guess. look, the problem is, it would be one thing to put a picture of him, i guess. but they chose a picture that was sort of glamorizing him a bit. >> bill: sure. absolutely. they could have had him in some other way. there he is and he looks like one of the maroon five or whatever they are doing. i don't know. >> it's just rewarding a
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murderer essentially. >> bill: i'm sure he loves it. >> glorifying him for something that, you know, was terrible. i just don't -- i think it was a very bad judgment. it was six days. >> bill: readers are tweeting that this is bad. even their hard core subscribers don't like it. again, it gets rolling stone attention which they haven't had in quite some time. go ahead, kate. >> there has been a massive backlash, actually on social media this is the free market. people don't have to buy it. it is striking that just six days ago. the guy smirked at the victims and the families of victims in the courtroom. and that rolling stone didn't show a little more judgment. but they are actually playing into this rising sect status symbolism that he has particularly among young girls. it's disgusting what is happening. they are playing right into it just to sell their magazine and give sympathy to the terrorist. >> bill: freedom of the press means that you can do stuff like this as kate pointed out it is in the
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marketplace and, you know. >> c.v.s. boycotted it. >> bill: 70,000. subscriber and advertising base they about. we are living in an age where we saw it outside the courtroom, powers. where they were people actually sympathizing. and i got letters. oh, not enough proof, you can't say is he guilty. come on, you know. i mean, let's go. i don't have time for that. it's nonsense, we all know he did it we all know is he going to be convicted. he is he going to go to life in prison because he will probably plead it down at the last minute. last word, powers. >> we agree. >> bill: oh my god, oh, no. this means you can't go out for the weekend in d.c. >> he can accused. so what. if he is just accused. why put him on the cover. really. that's just a silly argument. and if there is something very twisted that anybody would treat this guy as a hero including rolling stones. >> bill: do you think devol patrick would come on the
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program and talk about this with me. >> i highly doubt it. i would advise him against it. >> bill: he is -- the governor is not offended. okay. he would be offended by me. i will tell you that all right, ladies, directly ahead. very liberal unions are now objecting to obama care. we will put that fact to bob beckel. what should president obama do if putin spits in the eye of america and gives whistleblower snowden asylum?
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>> bill: more chaos obama care. according to the chamber of commerce 74% of small business owners will fire workers and/or cut hours because of obama care. also, three very progressive unions now say that the national healthcare law will hurt their members and they don't like how things are
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developing. the largest union the teamsters headed by uber democrat james jr. says quote we can no longer stand silent in the face of elements of the affordable care act that will destroy the health and well being of our members along with members of the hard working americans, unquote. with us here to reply one of the stars bob beckel. you still support obama care. but it's starting to look a little shaky now. >> listen, jimmy hoffa and these guys are negotiators. trade hacks. got a five year extension, so did everybody else, to 18. now they are starting to negotiate another five years. >> bill: they don't have to go by the obama care mandates. >> these guys helped write this thing. >> i know they don't like it. maybe what jimmy should have done is have somebody read it if that's a big problem. >> bill: politics aside. let's put politics, are you capable? politics aside? >> i think i'm capable of doing a lot of things. >> bill: it's chaos. the president pulls the mandated for a year and
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says okay we are not going to have the small businesses enforce it the unions, as you rightly pointed out who supported it and were involved with it now they don't like it. costs are going up for most people. so what is the benefit to the nation in this? >> i don't know about the nation. i can tell you i'm a beneficiary. i had a precondition. heart bypass surgery i got on healthcare because of obama care. >> bill: for you it's pretty good. >> for me and for a lot of others. 6 or 7 million people are benefiting from it right now. >> bill: i can't argue with that because preconditions are now covered by obama care. >> that's right. >> bill: was it it the original intent or is it the original intent to give poor people free healthcare? wasn't that really when you strip it all down that's what they really want? >> give them healthcare. affordable healthcare. yeah. >> bill: that's what it is income distribution play to take the americans who can't afford health insurance because it's expensive in this country, just give it to them, you are poor but you should have equal opportunity to be healthy. >> take the burden off the rest of us. because that healthcare
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cost is paid for by everybody else, including you. >> bill: it's not taking a burden. actually adding more burden to the rest of us because the economy is being hurt so badly. >> listen, these health insurance companies are raising premiums and taking advantage of obama care. one of the biggest scam artists in the country. >> bill: i don't agree with it at all. federal government is impotent in the face of that. >> they are not so impotent. wait until the insurance companies start getting hit by few of these people. >> bill: wait when it happens. >> i don't want to you miss it. i will fill you in. >> bill: finally, the ghee economy -- unemployment is not going to go down with the businesses not hiring full timers because of this law. >> how do you know that? crystal ball? >> bill: i'm pretty accurate. >> i will put it this way. i listen to the small business chamber of commerce polls about as much as i listen to sometimes you when you start arguing with me. >> bill: you don't listen to them? >> no. i think they are off -- >> bill: if the unemployment rate hasn't moved in four years under
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obama. >> it has moved. >> bill: not really. >> yes, really. >> bill: if you look at the people who have given up looking for jobs it's in double digits. >> a lot coming in looking for jobs right now. >> bill: they won't find them because small businesses won't hire them. >> it's scare tactics. have you ever sat around and listen to a bunch of business guys? >> bill: chamber of commerce, i said in the leave 75% say they are not going to do it? >> what's a chamber of commerce poll, isn't it? >> bill: yes. >> come on o. >> bill: you dent believe it it? >> i don't believe the chamber of commerce. >> bill: s did it the sun go down. >> not on the chamber of commerce. >> bill: straightforward question. are you ready to answer it. >> yes, sure. >> bill: if putin gives this snowden asylum in russia and you are the president, what do you do? >> nothing. that doesn't matter. >> bill: doesn't matter. >> if the shoe was on the other foot and somebody h. somebody from russia would we give them asylum. >> bill: we wouldn't. this guy is a weasel. >> we would take them like
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the kgb taken this guy. he has nothing to offer. >> bill: give them asylum after the united states made a big show of saying we don't want nil nation to give him asylum and they have scared a whole lot of nations away from doing that if putin decides to spit in our eye -- >> -- two months from now nobody will remember who snowden is. >> bill: i will remember him. >> it must be a burden to carry all that around. >> bill: not a burden somebody has to do it because guys like you don't care. >> i don't care about snowden and i don't care about putin. >> bill: on the record, if putin insults the united states, you say fine? >> i don't say it's fine he insults him. go ahead and do it what do i care? you are over there i might worry about it i don't know. i didn't think about that if the shoe was on the other foot we would take him and give him asylum. >> bill: that's speculative and i don't agree with that for a minute. >> you are the king of speculation. >> bill: give one russian we have given asylum boris
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and natasha don't count. not one russian we have given asylum to. >> don't pull that crap on me. typical o'reilly question which is why you are good with what you do. >> bill: you can't answer it? >> it doesn't matter because it's a ridiculous question. >> bill: i want to recap. you say we do the same thing if a russian was over here. >> that's correct. >> bill: all right. then i say name one russian we he have given asylum to and you can't. >> boris rageski. >> bill: that was way out of the 10 year zone. >> i don't know who boris is. >> bill: you don't know who that is? i thought it was a chess player. >> you are right. >> bill: plenty more ahead as the factor moves along this evening. some celebrities sounding off in opposition to the verdict. you will hear what they are saying. then dennis miller has thoughts on the acquittal as well as putin and what he is doing with the whistleblower. maybe he will be different than beckel. should be interesting.
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>> bill: watts beat segment tonight, a few beats off the washington scandal cranks up tomorrow as more hearings will be held before the house oversight committee. joining us now from washington ace fox news correspondent carl cameron. so, if this doesn't reignite tomorrow, i think it's done. americans are starting, you know how we are. you know how we are. concentration is small. kind of like flitting away. >> you will get plenty of
1:33 am
grist for the tomorrow. russell george is going to testify tomorrow about the targeting of the conservative group that seem to originate in cincinnati, ohio, but then absolutely did involve headquarters in d.c. republicans want to know who was involved, when, why, and what they did. and we expect to hear new evidence that lois lerner, the woman who ran the irs department at the center of all of, this ordered tea party cases to go through a very strict multilayer review process in d.c., including by the top irs lawyer. now, lerner has denied any wrongdoing and the irs here in d.c. has been down playing its role in all of this. lerner you will remember also took the fifth amendment after she began testifying in congress and said she wasn't going to say anything else. we all know long before the scandal got public, treasury department officials had increased their visits to the white house, a remarkable spike in the number of times treasury department folks went into the white house
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to talk with people and that the president's chief of staff and white house legal counsel at a minimum were aware of the misconduct before it came out o. so, all of these things tomorrow are going to be hammered out. >> is this going to be jay russell george investigative arm of the irs? is he going to put the white house involved in this thing? is he going it do that? i mean, look, with all due respect, lois lerner is guilty. i think she is guilty, justifying her testimony and her dodging and all the evidence. they -- the obama administration would love to have the buck stop with her. that everything goes on her head. she is the villain. she ordered the tea party to be scrutinized. it's her, her, her. are they going to be able to up it to the white house? because that's the story. yes or no? >> the inspector general and going to testify tomorrow. he has some things is he going to testify about. is he also under fire. you have got to understand, this too, bill. democrats are now trying to discredit russell george as a partisan inspector
1:35 am
general. >> bill: which democrats are trying to do that. >> elijah cummings. >> bill: cummings is the point man. cummings, for the white house, i guess, i don't know. try to discredit george. >> think about it he is he saying because he was a republican and was appointed by george w. bush when he was president, that his findings should somehow into not be given full credibility. the government has already acknowledged the wrongdoing and begun disciplining staffers. so, whether or not the inspector general uncovered it is a republican or a democrat or giraffe doesn't matter. the republican chairman of the committee has said they have new testimony, they have interviewed new witnesses who have evidence that issa claims tomorrow will reveal that this goes way higher up in the government, that the irs in d.c. was ultimately calling the shots, even if it did originate in cincinnati. it was taken over by lois lerner and the peru democrats and denying it.
1:36 am
>> bill: he has not said to you or anyone else, i don't think, that he can tie it into the white house. not at this point. >> well, what he has said to me today was make sure we watch tomorrow's hearing because is he going to present the evidence to prove it. >> bill: all right. to prove what? >> that he can get it all the way up into the white house before it was all revealed. >> bill: we will be here and we will watch. karl, thanks very much as always. when we come right back it will be miller time. zimmerman verdict, putin and obama care. miller is next.
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>> bill: thanks for staying with us, i'm bill o'reilly in the miller time segment tonight, lots in play, let's get to the sage of southern california who joins us now from santa barbara. all right, first up, the zimmerman verdict and you say? >> well, you know, bill, i don't watch court cases since the o.j. thick. i realized it was madness. i stay away from it. this one seemed a particular mine field because you have got guys like sharpton and jackson. they deal more in code than people who worked on the enigma projected in world war ii. i stay away from it let me say. this i always think justice is done when it goes to trial. then if i am not paying attention to the trial and six people and i see it with six women, i like that. i always think motherhood, five of the women were mothers. i think that trumps color.
1:41 am
i think most fair people would say that i assumed those six people paid attention and they rendered this verdict. i didn't go into it thinking justice had to be done if one guy or the other won. and obviously the one guy's family. the kid can't win. i don't go in that way thinking this is my definition of justice. i think they pick the jury. they are paying attention. i'm not. so, the jury said not guilty, now, i will say this: i don't think the martin family was served by those prosecutors. they did not exactly do a crack ajack job as i go back and read on it. that angela corey woman, she looks like a piece of work. you know the one i mean, the white hispanic looking chick. she looked white hispanic. i don't know that existed the "new york times" paper of record they didn't exactly look like jean geniuses. if you want to bring color into it the lavender hill gang the gang that couldn't shoot straight. as i watched angela cory.
1:42 am
i will put it this way i will put in this way she is heavily litigious. let me say i wrote it down. she appeared to be a genius and a nice person. and sincere. she did a great, great job, that angela corey woman. sorry, i had to make some notes. listen, the pundits all had their opinion, i would say the lady justice not only is she blind, but she is deaf. and probably apropos. six people needed to pay attention to this. i will abide by their verdict. >> bill: all right earlier in the program beckel says he doesn't care if putin spits in the eye of the u.s.a. and gives snowden sanctuary or asylum and you say? >> this kid wants asylum, he ought to stay here in america because this whole joint is a nut house right now. all right? this kid has been in that moscow airport more frequently than a comey hairy krishna.
1:43 am
i know he wants to take him into close. i understand if they do take him in he has to have a no leak policy. at age 59 i could tell i would last an hour and a half with that no leak policy. >> bill: are you angry about it though if putin gives us a little tweak because he knows beckel is right that nothing is going to happen? >> i believe that putin is an exkgb will do that kid eventually more than we would do that kid. go ahead, kid, enjoy that ride. date perino oswald while you are there. keep your head on a swivel. >> bill: russia is such a lively place to be. >> putin can turn on you in a moment's notice. >> bill: there has got to be some response putin is out of control somebody has got to tweak him. >> who is going to do that? barack going to open a big can of whoop nuances on him. >> bill: maybe we boycott the olympics as senator graham wants to do. >> the only thing that
1:44 am
could bring this country back together is if the russian bear got back together. you reform the soviet union. maybe we all come together at that point. >> bill: now obama care, beckel loves it because he is getting insurance, because he has a preexisting condition, but it seems to be chaos. jimmy hoffa jr., he doesn't like it now and you say >> bob's preexisting condition is one day at a time thing. the pursuit of the european model by the liberals is maddening to me. i have to give bill clinton that when he said he dug european models. he actually meant you're mean models. obama care the people who championed it the most all have waivers to it. the only decision that is going to be made when it stinks too high it's no longer going to be obama care it's going to be biden care they will push it over on plugs mackenzie and throw him out the door. i am hoping the items do obama care in when they realize you might need a photo i.d. to participate
1:45 am
in the program. >> bill: that's right. they're not going to go for that. >> that or when the long knives come in inside the tent as roger says. >> bill: miller, you covered a lot of ground. we would like to remind you only two bolder fresher shows left this year where tickets are available. jacksonville, florida saturday, september 12th. and caesar's palace saturday, november 15th. spokane and nashville all sold out. thank you very much. zimmerman verdict weigh-in, it is not pretty. right back with it.
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>> bill: back of the book segment tonight, zits weighing in on the zimmerman acquittal. now i know some of you don't care, but the truth is that famous people do have some influence among less informed americans.
1:49 am
>> i decided today that until the stand your ground law is abolished in florida, i will never perform there again. >> [inaudible] back home. justice for trayvon martin. >> you defend yourself if something is coming at you. so now, when i look at my son, what do i say to him? because apparently everything i will be teaching him gets thrown out the window because you could be killed for that. >> if george zimmerman had a right to defend himself. when don't trayvon martin who was just going home had a right to defend himself? >> yes. >> i don't see how the trial. they did a slick thing. they turned this thing around. >> bill: here now to put those comments into perspective if possible. juliet huddy. so, stevie wonder, he has got a problem because 30 states have a version of stand your ground laws. he is not going to be doing a lot of concerts.
1:50 am
>> no. the thing is, i don't know if he is actually going to hold true to that. these were pretty tempered comments compared to a lot of the comments that were made by celebrities out there. but the fact is, i mean, they say it over and over again. there are six people on a jury who heard the case. >> bill: they are not going to buy that anyway. bruce springsteen -- >> -- they are not going to -- the argument that a lot of these celebrities are making is that -- the argument that they're making is justice failed and the fact is that, again, six people who heard -- it wasn't -- race was not on trial. the trial was about whether or not he was guilty of manslaughter. >> not the verdict they wanted so justice failed. springsteen over in europe, sends a song back to the trayvon martin family. then harvey, he does a talk show, right? >> yeah. >> talk show people. >> on "the view." >> i don't mind them saying what they're saying. >> i don't have any problem with it at all. >> i draw the line start attacking the fabric of the nation and the fix was in and
1:51 am
all of that. harvey, harvey did kind of push it in to that direction. i'd love to talk to harvey about it. he'd never come on. go ahead. >> people get frustrated. i love the piece you wrote in a paper and said something that resonates. these people have a right -- they have a platform. lucky them to speak out and encourage people but inviting them on show they don't show up. >> yep. >> are they actually researching? do they have the facts? do they know what they're talking about? >> i can answer that question. no. >> you can't say that. a lot of people know -- >> no. i can say whatever i want. i'm just like them. i can say it. you know martha? >> love martha. >> over in london running up a huge tab. >> very jealous. >> this is the biggest con in the world. >> oh please! >> over there, running -- >> working hard. >> waiting for the baby to pop out. this royal baby. >> very -- looks nice. >> roll the tape on this. >> the royal contraction watch,
1:52 am
george, is what i'm on. no sign of baby, no sign of kate. and to say that people here are anxious is an understatement. one person tweeted here, altogether now, push. >> it also appears that kate's baby must be coming any second because sources tell us that william suddenly canceled plans to hang out with his friends last night. cameraman tony day said they extra careful to avoid missing the excitement. >> you have gotten dressed to come down thinking there was a baby on the bay? >> absolutely, absolutely. >> betting is a very lucrative business with all things royal baby, especially picking the names of the future king or queen. >> seymour. that's what i bet on. >> they could have sent attractive people to cover that. >> oh, that's catty! >> clearly joking. what's wrong with you? i'm clearly joking. gorgeous women over there. >> should i care about this? >> you should because let me explain why. >> i have 90 seconds. >> i'm a cometer.
1:53 am
the dream of most chicks, marrying a prince, kate is a commoner. she went to university. she majored in art history. >> all right. so -- >> she married a prince. >> because you're a commoner, i should care? >> aren't we friends? don't you care about my life? >> i will. i will. i don't want to miss a second of it. miss juliet, everybody. atheism, gone wild. the tip two minutes away.
1:54 am
"factor" tip of the day, atheism out of control n. a moment. but first, i'm still contempl e contemplating firing the bill o' e o' guys, you get a 20% discount on top of the sale prices. that's just madness! madness. in addition, you get either "killing kennedy," "killinglinc coming out in september. are we nutds? yes, we are. now the mail, bill, your talking points on how the media is dealing with the zimmerman verdict was delivered with laser-like precision. i appreciate that, bill. the memos posted on bil
1:55 am you acted as if you were scared of tavis smiley. you were a wimp. after allen west spoke and i delivered the talking points, i felt he deserved to make his points so i gave him some room. goes to fairness, sheila. danny -- albuquerque, new mexico -- o'reilly, you gave semiy a lesson, the more he talked the more he revealed himself. bill, i can't believe you let west get away with saying the trial wasn't about stand your ground. a juror said that was specifically talked about. the charge was to determine self defense, brian. stand your ground was a small part of it. matt, singapore, i'm not surprised trayvon martin is dead. i'm surprised it doesn't happen more often because america is awash with guns. you live in an interesting country, matt, where guns aren't needed because the government controls every aspect of your life. little crime in singapore because it's dealt with in a
1:56 am
draconian fashion. here, in america, freedom can be used to harm others. thus the need for self protection. gene, florida, grand "slumdog millionaire" on "cbs this morning." you made them squirm with your description of the nan ty state. i was there to promote "keep it pithy" and that's a big part of the book, nanny state. a marine corporal i know will soon be receiving a track chair from the independence fund. he lost both his legs and needs help. hope everyone sends a donation. i just did. now, the independence received more than $8 million in donations from "factor" viewers, diana. i hope you enjoy the signed picture you get if you donate $25 or more. an amazing campaign we are undergoing. getting every vet that needs it
1:57 am
a track chair. finally, the tip of the day. in berkeley, california, christian holding a sign urging folks to reject atheism and just standing there. then another guy came jogging by. >> i'd be a lot freer if people like you were put in prison. as retaliation for the collective crime of racism, anti-semitism and homo phobia. all you [ bleep ] are war criminals! and liars! and shar latins. atheism forever! >> ahh. all right. now the christian guy was smart in not replying to the loon. you can never win with irrational, hateful people. walk away. avoid confrontation. it can only hurt you. my newspaper column is about that. this week. it will be available tomorrow evening. "factor" tip of the day, avoid
1:58 am
confrontation with loons and there are legions of them. that's it for us tonight. check out the website. also, we let you spout off. name a town if you wish to 0pine and i only use the word because i like to say. no weltschmierz. it is not a restaurant chain selling sausage. that is not what it is. all right? again, thanks for watching "the factor" tonight. i'm bill >> good morning to you. it is july the 18th. rolling stone magazine is facing a firestorm of fury over this cover with the boston bomber
1:59 am
looking like a rock star. major retailers are boycotting that publication and americans fighting back. with the latest on the backlash that's straight ahead. >> another blow to obama care. house republicans completing their bid to othe bill. >> instantly detect cancer. it is latest technology doctors say will help in the fight against the disease. >> fox and friends starts right now. ♪ >> it is too hot in new york city only getting hotter. good morning. you are watching fox and friends first on this thursday morning. i am patti ann browne. >> i am heather nauert. >> that's the theme of the week,
2:00 am
hot weather. thank you so much for starting your day with us today. it is the top story. rolling stone magazine ignite ago firestorm of protests. a rock star cover shot of the accused boston bomber. the magazine defends its decision. major retailers are refusing to sell the issue. lauren green has been following the backlash. she joins us now with the latest. >> good morning patti ann and heather. many say it is a slap in the face. an accused murderer charged with a deadly terror attack now getting rock star treatment from rolling stone. they defended the decision to feature dzhokhar tsarnaev. >> the cover story falls within the journalism and rolling stone long standing


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