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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  July 18, 2013 3:00am-6:01am PDT

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the possession of a suspect. >> patti ann, nice working with you. hope you all have a great day. "fox & friends" starts right now. >> good morning. it is thursday, july 18, 2013. i'm gretchen carlson. thanks for sharing your time today. remember the magazine, the one that took down the united states general. now "rolling stone" has a accused terrorist on the cover. >>steve: an alternate juror speaking out and says what others have not. >>brian: remember when the vice president said this. >> if there is a problem, walk out on the balcony, put that double-barrel shotgun and fire two blasts
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outside the house. >>brian: it's being used -- >>steve: the biden defense. >>brian: yeah. "fox & friends" will have that story and more right after this. ♪ ♪ >>steve: i can always tell it's going to be a hot day when i wake up, it's early and the air conditioner is running already. ran through the night. >>brian: i went to take my dog out for a walk, the only thing he looks forward to besides drooling. he looked out and said don't worry about it. it's all right. >>steve: you have a talking dog? >>brian: we took a few steps out and he said i'm fine inside. >>gretchen: i'll just hold it. hopefully -- we've got headlines. a massive explosion rocking a fireworks store.
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it happened in rochester, indiana. an incredible picture shows fireworks in the air. at this hour no reports of injuries. police still investigating how this took mace. another juror in the george zimmerman trial breaking his silence. this time it is an alternate who didn't deliberate but agrees with the verdict. >> the witnesses, the ones who heard the voices, they helped me fill the gap in. i think the one thing that stands out the most is the injuries to mr. zimmerman. >>gretchen: he says the injuries stood out the most. that juror speaking to our fox affiliate saying the most convincing evidence came from the head wounds zimmerman received in his struggle with trayvon martin. he was one of four alternate jurors in the case. the royal baby now five days late apparently. no one more eager to meet
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him or her than grandma. yesterday the queen herself urging the heir to england's throne to hurry it up. >> i'm losing my mind. [laughter] >>gretchen: reporters from around the world remain camped outside st. mary's hospital in london waiting for the baby to arrive. it was apparently due on july 13, although you have some saying that date was erroneous to begin with. we'll stay tuned. washington state man accused of illegally firing a shotgun to scare people off his property invoking what he's call the biden defense saying he was just following the vice president's advice. >> if you want to protect yourself, get a double-barrel shotgun, have the shells of a .12 gauge shotgun and i promise you, as i told my wife, we live in an area that's wooded
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and somewhat s.e.c. -- secluded, i said jill, if there is ever a problem here, walk out on the balcony, put that double-barrel shotgun and fire two blasts. >> the man faces one count of illegal aiming or discharging of a firearm. so far no comment from the white house. >>steve: the anger at "rolling stone" magazine growing over that cover featuring the accused boston bomber looking like a rock star. this morning major retailers are boycotting "rolling stone" and american retailers are fighting back. >> here is the big headline: retailers are refusing to sell copies of that controversial "rolling stone" issue which goes on sale tomorrow.
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so far at least nine companies are now boycotting it. they include wallgreens, k-mart, stop and shop, and those are big in the boston area. boston's mayor weighing in saying the cover sends a terrible message. listen to this. >> [inaudible] the survivors and first responders. why are we glorifying the guy? >> the cover is out of taste, i think. >> to say the least. but the magazine is defending its decision saying -- quote -- "the cover story we're publishing falls within the traditions of journalism and rolling stone's long standing commitsment to serious and thoughtful coverage of the most important political issues of our day. the fact that dzhokhar tsarnaev is young, the same
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age as many of our readers, makes it all the more important to examine the complex ities of this issue and gain a more complete understanding of how a tragedy like this happened." a lot of musicians including tommy reand john rich are disgusted. rich tweeted you always think as an artist if i get on rolling stone i've mated. that is until they started promoting terrorists. the other one tweeted but too many swear words to put that up. >>steve: thank you. remember once upon a time "rolling stone" used to manufacture popeye cons. and now -- pop icons. now they have become tiger beat for terrorists. >>brian: i remember that disturbing story about general mcchrystal that cost him his career where he was never directly supported. next thing you know the
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general has to meet with the president of the united states. that story took the general down. it's amazing how many people do have a problem with this and many people don't have a problem with it. slate magazine defends saying the editors were aware that tsarnaev had a bizarre fan base of young women but it iss to assume the magazine was playing up to a strange cult. they point out this picture was seen in other publications. >>gretchen: they said it was in "the new york times" before and "time" magazine in the past put the columbine high school killers on the cover but there was no outrage but could it be because that is a news magazine and this is
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supposedly a music magazine. for their defense they claim we need to see photos like this on magazines because he does look normal and we need to be aware that normal people become monsters. >>steve: then you've got "politico," that regional block based in northern virginia, says there's nothing wrong with the "rolling stone" cover and "the washington post" says rolling stone detractors: please. are you bothered by it? e-mail us at >>brian: if you insist on using that, you split the screen with three or four of the 30-plus people who lost limbs. you split the screen with some of the explosions at the scene and say there's the guy pretending to be a sex symbol. here's exactly what he does. that would get your message across if you want to
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explain, as they say, a normal kid with a lot going for him becomes a terrorist. that was not explained by that picture. i think this is the time in which attention is not going to work in their favor. people are walking away from this magazine. they are turned off permanently from this magazine. we're talking about it in a negative way. >>gretchen: which is the only reason why they would consider putting him on the cover is to sell magazines. that would be the first reason, to create some hype. this is what magazines are doing more than ever before today because their sales are way down. this is one way to try to gin up people's buzz about it but as brian said it could come in the opposite direction. >>steve: the internal revenue scandal, oh boy, it looks as if in testimony we're going to hear later today, darrell issa has information that will link the scandal to the white house according to carl cameron. remember how it all started where we heard initially it is just some low-level
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rogue agents out there in cincinnati? that was not true. somebody in cincinnati was upset by that and started talking. we're talking about elizabeth hofacre, based in cincinnati, going to be testified today. she is going to say she was targeting people based on advice given to her by a d.c. lawyer named carter hall. carter hall, we told you his name a couple of weeks ago showing it was bigger than cincinnati. apparently carter hall who is about to retire at age 72, he's naming names. later today he will implicate the i.r.s. chief counsel's office who is a barack obama appointee by the name of william wilkins and lois lerner. >>brian: the "wall street journal" writes now we understand why lois lerner is taking the fifth because she had a role in the i.r.s. targeting of conservative groups. i watched carl cam ran on
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bill o'reilly who indicated today he might directly tie this to the white house. >>steve: he says he has information that will link this directly to the white house. >>gretchen: interesting. what is being reported this morning is that william wilkins, they needed to bring everything to his attention or his subordinates to review these applications, the tea party applications. if it comes out today that there was a leak between williams and the white house that would be the linchpin. >>steve: there is definite targeting. we told you a couple of days ago about how the department of justice opened up a tip line for more information about george zimmerman. if you've got any dirt to prove it was a civil rights violation, e-mail us. where exactly was the department of justice tip line on the i.r.s.? after all, they did say regarding the d.o.j. tip line on mr. zimmerman, it's
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standard procedure in dealing with high-profile investigations. a lot of high-profile investigations. where are the tip lines for -- benghazi, where's the tip line? fast and furious, where's the tip line? n.s.a., where's the tip line? actually the n.s.a. is listening to us right now so they don't need a tip line. >>brian: in the case of the i.r.s. you had hundreds of people affected that never got off the ground so we don't know who applied because they never went forward because they got frustrated so it would be invaluable to have a tip line. they did set up one in boston when they couldn't find out who bombed the marathon. >>steve: certainly those things we detailed are interesting to a lot of us. what other tip lines should they have in e-mail us, friends at "fox & >>gretchen: the senate
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has reached a deal on student loan interest rates. stuart varney will be here. ♪ ♪ ♪ what makes your family smile? backflips and cartwheels. love, warmth. here, try this. backflips and camm, ok!s. ching! i like the fact that there's lots of different tastes going on. mmmm! breakfast i'm very impressed. this is a great cereal! honey bunches of oats. i hear you crunching.
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3:17 am
student loan rates. students going to college in fall taking out a new loan they will pay an interest rate of 3.85%, only slightly higher than what was being paid last year. and caps have been imposed so that in the future the rate will never go above 8.25% for undergrads, over 9% for graduate students. if it's the parent taking out the loan, just over 10%, 10.5%. that's all the good news. we've rolled back the recent spike. to answer your question, we have not solved the underlying problem which is we're subsidizing all of these loans at great cost to the taxpayer. we have not solved the problem of the very high cost and rising cost of college. and we haven't solved the problem of highly indebted students leaving college with a load of debt around their deck, no good-paying job to go to. we have not solved the underlying problem. we have basically punted. we've given students a low
3:18 am
loan rate for the forseeable future but not solved the problem. >>guest: i know we've -- >>gretchen: we have talked about this becoming an economic bubble. i know we've talked about we might be looking at a federal bailout down the road. that is happening for some students who say they can't pay back their loans eventually? >> the crisis is right now we've gotten 11% -- an 11% delinquency rate on outstanding student debt. you've got $1.2 trillion worth of student debt out there, much greater than credit card debt and you've now got an 11% delinquency rate. that is 11% of outstanding loans are at least 90 days late with payments. that's a real problem. and you've got a new survey. wells fargo did the survey. it's quoted in forbes which shows one-third of millenialing say i wish i -- millenials saying i
3:19 am
wish i hadn't gone to college because i'm saddled with debt. it's good news students will get a low rate, but you've not gone near the underlying problem of subsidies, high costs, no jobs. >>gretchen: you summed it up. the good and the bad. i guess you'll have more of that at 9:20 a.m. on the fox business network where you can see varney and company. thank you kofplgt up -- thank you. coming up, a conservative blogger catches comments and tracks to a senator's office. >> the question nobody else would dare to ask. [inaudible] >> is the president go to take action for that security or are they on their own? >> i would refer you to
3:20 am
florida authorities. i'm not aware of that story. >>gretchen: what did carney do next? that intern here to explain. that's what's making headlines. ♪ [ female announcer ] when you asked us to remove high fructose corn syrup from yoplait original and light, we were like, "sure. no problem!" and you were like, "thanks, but what about thick & creamy and whips!" and we were like, "done and done! now it's out of everything yoplait makes." and you were all, "yum!" and we're like, "is it just us, or has this been a really good conversation?" and you were like, "i would talk, but my mouth is full of yogurt." yoplait. it is so good!
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>>brian: quick headlines. lawyers for the captain of the ship wrecked costa concordia are expected to ask the court for more time to gather more evidence from the wreck. this comes after a judge rejected the captain's second attempt at making a deal. the 52-year-old faces charges including manslaughter in connection with the january 2012 accident that killed 32 people including two americans. a democratic staffer
3:24 am
gets caught red handed anonomously patrolling a conservative website. a republican blogger says he was attacked for praising mike brown's bid for the senate. it says this explains your constant rate for round. i'm sure you'll start being a lot more friendly to bosworth, rhoden. he was quoted as saying the staffer did a stupid thing... >>steve: an intern asking jay carney at yesterday's white house press briefing, asked a question nobody else would. >> [inaudible] being received by george zimmerman or his parents, are they going to receive security or are they on their own? >> i would refer you to florida authorities.
3:25 am
i'm not aware of that story. the president has called for echoing the statements of trayvon martin's family. he certainly would oppose any violence of any kind. >> they're on their own? >> you can editorialize all you want and i have no doubt that you will but that is a ridiculous statement. >>steve: joining us from washington, d.c. is the daily caller intern, gabe. how are you? >> doing okay. >>steve: the zimmerman family which has received a lot of death threats, on their own? >> i'm not going to say one way or another whether the federal government should get involved in that. but the president was very earln this case. >>steve: that's right. >> he can't abandon it now. >>steve: why did you ask that question? the first time it's come up at the white house. >> as an office, we sort of
3:26 am
decided i was the one going that day. as an office, we decided that would be a good question. >>steve: okay. because you were the intern that day, you got to ask the question. you know what? i know reporters who have been at the white house for a very long time and never gotten to ask a question. your first day, you get to ask a question? >> i know, it's crazy. i positioned myself well. i was sitting down and then someone told me to get out of the seat and stand where i was standing, which actually was a blessing in disguise because it got me right in carney's line of sight. >>steve: and he answered your question. but what did you think of the answer? >> you know, i didn't have a big problem with it. when a 16-year-old intern asks you a question, anything at that point is ridiculous. >>steve: it's still a good question because a lot of people are looking at the george zimmerman story.
3:27 am
they're shocked the family would receive the death threats. so your question seems to be something people are talking about; right? >> yeah. i stand by my question. i think it was a good question. but, you know, it was a typical white house briefing response. you tpho, i'm not bother -- you know, i'm not bothered by it. >>steve: you are now famous gabe finger because after mr. carney said that was a ridiculous question, you've blown up over the internet. >> a little bit. >>steve: what's your reaction? >> it's crazy. i was walking back to the office. i thought i would be a minor office celebrity, but i never expected this. the twitter followers started piling up, then "politico." i'm shocked by it all. >>steve: you got a lot of attention. as soon as you got back everybody said atta boy and tucker carlson said please go get him a cup of coffee.
3:28 am
gabe finger, 16-year-old intern down this washington. thank you very much. it is now 28 minutes after the top of the hour. coming up, the woman tapped to be the next united nations ambassador trying to defend comments that the united states has a lot to apologize for. >> do you believe the united states has committed or sponsored crimes? >> i believe the united states is the greatest country on earth. i really do. >> well, that's -- so your answer to whether we've committed or sponsored crimes is that the united states is the greatest country on earth? >> it is a leader in human rights. >>steve: more of that awkward exchange straight ahead. plus a basketball trick that will put the harlem globetrotters to shame. watch that, watch that, watch that! ♪ ♪ ♪ [ female announcer ] it's simple physics... a body at rest tends to stay at rest... while a body in motion tends to stay in motion. staying active can actually ease arthritis symptoms.
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>> 103 in washington, d.c. yesterday. it was so hot, joe biden became delirious and actually started making sense. that's how hot. >>steve: that is hot. meanwhile, getting hot on capitol hill for the 38th time the republican-controlled house is taking a stand against obamacare. this time they voted to delay key parts of the health care law despite the fact the move will not likely pass the senate. peter doocy in washington this morning with more. >> the reason the house
3:33 am
held votes yesterday to delay penalties for employers and individuals who don't have health insurance is because the obama administration already delayed the penalties for businesses, and republican lawmakers think individuals and businesses should be treated the same. >> if the government mandate to buy insurance has been postponed for business and labor unions out of fairness shouldn't it be postponed for families and businesses as well? while the white house continues to suggest obamacare will be ready october 1, the stunning delay on the mandate calls that into question. >> during a hearing on the hill yesterday a treasury department official's testimony suggested that the obama administration considered delaying the individual mandate as well but they decided not to. >> the individual responsibility provision, how it would be affected and how it might interact if transition relief was
3:34 am
given on the employer responsibility reporting provisions and the other employer requirements, consideration of the -- >> so there was discussion? there was discussion on it? there was discussion on it? >> the white house is standing firm saying if republicans get their way, premiums would stay higher and americans with preexisting conditions would be discriminated against. >> congress passed a law. the president signed the law. the supreme court upheld the law. and we're about the business of implementing the law and making sure it provides the benefits, the many benefits to the american people that they deserve. >> about five hours from right now president obama will make remarks about his health care law from the white house. at 7:15 you'll get the other side right here on "fox & friends" from eric cantor. >>brian: 26 minutes before the top of the hour.
3:35 am
some headlines. glee star cory monteith has services in vancouver. not on the guest list, cory monteith's father who has been estranged from his son. cory monteith died from an overdose of heroin and alcohol. >>steve: president obama set to replace susan rice as united nations ambassador. samantha power said this in 2003: we need a historical reckoning with crimes committed, sponsored or permitted by the united states. >> i think this is the greatest country on earth. we have nothing to apologize for. >> so you don't have any in mind now that we committed or sponsored? >> i will not apologize for america. i will stand very proudly if confirmed behind the u.s. placard.
3:36 am
>> i understand but do you believe the united states has committed or sponsored crimes? >> i believe the united states is the greatest country on earth. i really do. >> that's -- so your answer to whether we've committed or sponsored crimes is that the united states is the greatest country on earth? you get the idea. >>steve: the senate foreign relations committee is expected to approve power and send the nomination to the full senate by next tuesday. >>gretchen: a small colorado town considering creating drone hunting licenses and offering bounties for unmanned aerial vehicles? a deer trail resident is behind the idea. >> i would like to be known for the first place in america to have a drone hunting license. >> wouldn't that be a federal offense? >> i'm going to shoot it down, yes or no. >> have you ever seen a drone flying over your town? >> this is a very symbolic ordinance. >>gretchen: if passed the town of 500 would charge
3:37 am
$25 for drone hunting licenses valid for one year. maybe he got the idea from joe biden. they would also issue a $100 reward to anyone who shoots down a drone owned or operated by the government. >>steve: it's basketball tricks that will put the harlem globetrotters to shame. watch. wow. several teenagers scoring with a seven-pass, alley-oop dunk into a fisher price hoop that most families have. the boys do it all sliding down the slide, jumping off the pool and soaring into the air. the video now going viral. those are the headlines. they've got a lot of time on their hands during the summer. >>gretchen: luckily they're doing that instead of technology all the time. that was a sports transition to you, brian. >>brian: i'm afraid of the guy who looks like he's going to hit his head on the side of the pool but he
3:38 am
didn't. game over for ncaa's electronic arts deal. no longer allowing its name and logo to be used in video games. this comes as a fights a lawsuit for former players who say the ncaa owes them. meanwhile, vladimir putin made a surprise cameo last night. listen. >> a lot of people here think you stole it. >> of course i stole it. you know why? because i can. i'm vladimir putin. >>brian: poking fun at the controversy between robert kraft, who had his ring stolen by the russian president. and michael phelps making waves for his stunning date last night. golf channel personality wynn mcmurry. the two of them have been
3:39 am
together secretly. i would say she's a winner too. when your segment comes up, i will yell it. lebron james the big winner taking home three trophies. the miami heat won the espy for the second straight year. now i will physically toss to maria. hi, maria. you now have the ball. >> let's take a look at weather conditions across the country because we're expecting hot temperatures to continue across areas in the northeast, the midwest and also into the great lakes. i want to show you some of the high temperatures that we saw yesterday. widespread 90's from philadelphia to minneapolis. when you factor in the humidity, it felt like 105 degrees. in detroit it felt like 100 in new york city. today more of the same. widespread high temperatures into the 90's. add in the humidity and it will feel like 104 in washington, d.c., 102, st. louis and 101 in little rock. the good news is we have
3:40 am
relief coming up in many of these areas as we head into the weekend. let's head to brian. >>brian: honoring service members with the wounded warrior kickoff into high gear with a program we always tell you about. it's called soldier ride. nick krause, cofounder and wounded warrior jason who took wounds and is now fighting back to get the message out. welcome, jason. great to see you again, nick. you started here in 2004. where are you heading today? >> being a big loop around new york city. starting right here. >>brian: all wounded war skwrors will get together -- all wounded warriors will get together, hop on bikes and take over the city? >> saturday you have more riding and friday. >> that's right. go to our website and you can join us.
3:41 am
>>brian: what's going to be happening during our show today? people are going to be gathering here? >> we're going to rally here. we've got a bus full of warriors, about 40 more warriors who will show up with bikes. about 9:00 we're going to kick off and ride through the city, over the brooklyn bridge. >> jason, you yourself are a wounded warrior. a year into your deployment you got injured by a roadside bomb? >> if it wasn't for wounded warriors influencing me during those first initial days it would have been an exponentially worse situation. then step by step every year they helped honor and empower me one way after another. >>brian: we love talking about soldier ride. we're going to make an announcement behind how to get ahold of wounded warriors. the place is going to be packed. we'll have free food. jason and nick, we'll check in with you in a little while. back to you, guys. what's coming up next?
3:42 am
>>steve: thanks very much. soldier ride got started on this program fine years ago. -- on this program nine years ago. >>gretchen: they'll kick it off a little more than two hours from now. in the meantime, the judge -- judge napolitano -- says eric holder should pursue civil rights violations in the zimmerman case but not against the person you think. >>steve: cops across the country may be tracking your car even if you didn't do anything wrong. what's that about? details ahead. ♪ amen ♪ we're going to spread ♪ easy down the ♪ road i go to benefit cancer research i rode across the atlantic. crossing an ocean with your body as the motor, it hurts. so my answer was advil. [ male announcer ] paul ridley chose advil. because nothing is stronger on tough pain.
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a a a a >>steve: quick headlines for you on this thursday morning. in just a few hours texas
3:46 am
governor rick perry will sign a new law banning abortion after the 20th week of pregnancy. republicans in the state legislature pushed through the tough restrictions after a filibuster by democrats. police across the country are scanning and tracking all license plates, even if the driver did nothing wrong. and the records are being held indefinitely. now the aclu is calling for records to be destroyed if the drivers are not linked to a crime. good luck. >>gretchen: the verdict read not guilty and the f.b.i. confirmed there has been no evidence to support that george zimmerman was a racist. yet the justice department continues to investigate him for possible civil rights violations. should they pursue a hate crimes case? judge napolitano says yes, but here's the twist. it's not against george zimmerman. okay. so who should the justice department be going after? >> if the justice department concludes that
3:47 am
george zimmerman was prosecuted because he was not black and to satisfy the howling of the crowds -- same crowds that are still howling for his prosecution -- then the people who made the decision to prosecute him violated the federal civil rights laws and the government should prosecute them. this is not going to happen. the prosecutes did the federal government's bidding. they blew it, didn't charge him with the right crime, didn't even raise the issue of race. but if the government decides to prosecute him on the federal level in order to placate the howling mobs that are howling for his neck, howling for a year and a half ago, that would be highly inappropriate and they'll lose the case. they'll lose the case because his witnesses, george zimmerman's witnesses will be the f.b.i. agents who investigated him a year ago and exonerated him. >>steve: you're talking about the howling crowds. is it your premise that he was prosecuted because -- george zimmerman -- because of his race?
3:48 am
>> he was prosecuted because of the howling crowds. if he had been the same race as trayvon martin, i don't think he would have been prosecuted because the evidence simply wasn't there. professor dershowitz has been making this argument all week and i'm one hundred percent with him. the prosecutors, lawyers for the government, if they don't think they can prove their case, they have an obligation to tell the judge. they don't go forward with the case. these are intelligent people that prosecuted him. they knew or must have known they didn't have the evidence to succeed. they had no right to put him through that prosecution. >>brian: what does it mean to you the justice department is opening up this 1-800 tip line. anybody who had experience with george zimmerman please call in. >> it means tom perez, the deputy attorney general of the united states of america in charge of civil rights, and president obama's nominee to become secretary of labor, is going to be in a lot of hot water in his confirmation hearing because he is the win -- one ginning up animosity against the
3:49 am
verdict in florida. the justice department is arguably fomenting the crowds. >>gretchen: certainly it is not tom perez's idea. >> not his idea but he admitted he's been making these calls. >>gretchen: if race were a factor in the case, would not the prosecution have used it? >> absolutely. the prosecutors in florida -- again, intelligent people but they broke the law by prosecuting a case they couldn't prove. we're aware of the f.b.i. reports that exonerated zimmerman and they prosecuted him any way. this is not going to go away. >>steve: no, it's not. it's good to have you on retainer. >>gretchen: as long as we're not paying the bill. thanks, judge. coming up, it was the same magazine that took down a united states general but now "rolling stone" propping up a terrorist bob dylanish. >>brian: we have a guy, a 24-year-old guy who loves sharks. he actually wrestles them out of the water. that man here next to tell
3:50 am
us how he does it. better yet, why he does it. better yet, why he does it. [music playing] hey! did you know that honey nut cheerios has oats that can help lower cholesterol? and it tastes good? sure does! wow. it's the honey, it makes it taste so... well, would you look at the time... what's the rush? be happy. be healthy.
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[growl] we used to live with a bear. we'd always have to go everywhere with it. get in the front. we drive. it was so embarrasing that we just wanted to say, well,
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3:53 am
>> brian: watch. here we go. a man battling a seven foot shark gets him close to shore and says, why don't i just grab him and drag him to shore? in fact, it's not the first time he's done that. he's done it before. shark wrangler himself elliott joins us right now. you're a 24-year-old guy who loves catching sharks. what made you set -- set the scene which had you pull not guilty that sand shark in nantucket. >> all right. first of all, i go fishing every day.
3:54 am
it's my favorite thing to do. and my cousins were in town. i wanted to show them a good time of the we went to son set beach -- sconset beach, and we were catching blue fish. they were getting chomped in half as i was reeling them in. so i knew there was sharks around. i got my shark rod and hooked on half a blue fish, big old hook. yeah, threw it out ten feet offshore. i hooked into this shark. seven foot sand bar shark, 200 pounds. fought him for 45 minutes and then grabbed him out of the water when he got near. >> brian: after that you do not have to hit the gym, i imagine. so the thing that's amazing, number one, you hook him, good. number two, when he gets close, forget the net. why don't i grab with my hands. do you this all the time. don't you know it's dangerous? don't you watch the movies? >> yeah, absolutely. but it's like a rush. it's like anything else. why do people sky dive? why do people do stuff like that? i don't know. it's something i enjoy doing.
3:55 am
>> brian: tell me the technique. he gets close, he's in shallow water. take your shirt off. then number two, go to the shark? >> pretty much. sort of just try to find a time when there is not a big wave crashing and run down there and grab it and drag it backwards. i don't know. you just sort of black out and go for it. >> brian: i'm trying to get your formula down for people at home. essentially don't grab the mouth? grab him by the tail? >> yeah. get as far back as possible. you don't want him to spin around and bite your foot off or something like that. >> brian: you said it's an adrenaline rush. don't you feel the danger? is that part of the adrenaline? you know how quick they are and how hard they bite. >> yeah. i've been joking that i should take up a safer hobby like smoking heavily or something. [ laughter ] >> brian: sky diving without a parachute. how many sharks have you caught already? >> caught about 100 sharks in the last eight months down in florida. there is more sharks there.
3:56 am
yeah. >> brian: so what other types of sharks have you caught? >> my biggest shark was a ten foot bull shark that i caught. bull sharks, memen sharks, sand sharks, spinners, whatever is around. whatever is in the water, i'll try catch it. >> brian: keep your camera man rolling. i want to keep finding out what you're catching and pulling in. he does it for the rush and makes it look easy. he catches sharks with his bare hands. thanks for sharing with us your passion. >> thank you for having me. >> brian: what i learned is pull them in, tire them out and grab them by the tail. straight ahead, two days after the pentagon began furloughing employees, they found nearly 100 grand for tv's at gitmo. how are they explaining that one? lurks the video -- plus, the video that took the country by storm.
3:57 am
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>> gretchen: good morning, everybody. it's thursday, july 18, 2013. i'm gretchen carlson. i hope you're gonna have a great day. do you remember when rolling stone magazine took down a decorated united states army general, stanley mccrystal? now it's propping up a terrorist. check out this front cover. some say that's completely fine, so what do you think? let us know. >> brian: the irs scandal gets you closer and closer to the white house. the bombshell testimony expected today on capitol hill. could it be the reason lois lerner pled the fifth? >> steve: and have you seen that picture, a photo shopped dr. martin luther king wearing a hoody in support of dr. trayvon martin. what does his niece think about
4:01 am
that? we kick off this hour of "fox & friends" for this thursday. >> gretchen: good morning, everybody. hope you're gonna have a fantastic thursday. right? okay. >> steve: it's a hot day in the city. kind of a weird day, too. i was just in the green room, there is a gigantic kool-aid pitcher in there. >> brian: right. i just hope no one walks through the wall. you never have a big pitcher of kool-aid without somebody walking through the wall. and i'm concerned about it. >> gretchen: so i think we're going to get cooled off by kool-aid coming up in 29 minutes or so. >> brian: nothing better on a hot summer day than a sugary drink for your child. >> steve: we like to give it to them just before bedtime. >> brian: right. when you're out of cotton attend. >> gretchen: now overnight, an explosion rocking a fireworks store in am rochester, indiana.
4:02 am
this shows fireworks shooting into the air and tons of black smoke surrounding the building. there are no reports of injuries luckily. police still investigating the cause. another juror in the george zimmerman trial break his silenc his. you're asking wasn't it all female? yep. he was an alternate who didn't deliberate but still agrees with the verdict. >> your witnesses, the ones i heard, they helped me fill the gap and then some eyewitnesses. i think the one thing that stands out the most is the answers. >> gretchen: he talked about ear witness, people who heard what was going on that night and what you're looking at now on your screen, the injuries. he spoke to our fox affiliate in orlando and said the most convincing evidence came from the head wounds that zimmerman received. he was one of the four alternate jurors in that case.
4:03 am
cory monteith cremated in vancouver after a private viewing with his family and girlfriend lea michelle. his father, not there. he divorced the actor's mother 20 years ago, was estranged from his son apparently upset that he was not able to see the body. monteith died from an overdose of heroin and alcohol last saturday. charlie sheen has a new title this morning of the grandpa? his 28-year-old daughter just gave birth to a baby girl. sheen tells tmz, it's impossibly a most wondrous day. my bucket list is a thimble. and those are your headlines. >> steve: can you imagine charlie sheen's bucket list? >> gretchen: i can't imagine. >> brian: i know. my goodness. he's following other people's buckets and saying you need anything done 'cause i've done mine. the anger at rolling stone magazine, which we told but yesterday and many of you replicated our anger by tweeting back over this cover featuring accused boston bomber looking
4:04 am
like a rock star. this morning major retailers boycotting, saying don't bring that magazine here. and americans are fighting back. heather nauert is following the backlash as we slowly zoom in. when it stops, she talks. >> good morning to you guys. this morning major retailers out there are now refusing to sell copies of the controversial rolling stone issue which goes on sale tomorrow. so far at least nine companies are boycotting the cover. they include walgreen's, cvs, cumberland farms, rite aid, k-mart, stop and shop, and shaw's star market. those last two, big retailers in the boston area. boston's mayor weighing in on this, saying the cover sends a terrible message. listen. >> first responders or survivor, why are we glorifying a guy? >> the cover is out of taste, i
4:05 am
think. >> to say the least. but the magazine is defending its decision, saying, quote, the cover story that we're publishing falls within the traditions of journalism and rolling stone's long-standing commitment to serious and thoughtful coverage of the most important political and cultural issues of our day. the fact that dzhokhar tsarnaev is young and in the same age group as many of our readers makes it more important for us to examine the complexities of this issue and gain a more complete understanding of how a tragedy like this happened, end quote. musicians, including tommy lee, and john rich all agree they are simply disgusted by this. rich tweeting this, you always think as an artist, if i get on the cover rolling stone magazine, i know i've made it. well, that was until they started promoting terrorists. country singer brad paisley tweeted, i have to say the rolling stone magazine cover with the bomber is in poor taste, which shouldn't make rock stars out of murderers. we've got a lot more of these. a lot of people so angry,
4:06 am
they're swearing, so we can't put those on tv for you. >> steve: good idea. >> gretchen: it's interesting because it seems like we're kind of seeing a cross section of people upset. thanks very much. it's not just republicans or democrats or young people or old people. it's crossing through all different sects of people who find this very offensive. >> steve: remember, this is the same magazine, rolling stone, that essentially with that scorching profile back in 2010 of stanley mccrystal called the run away general, they ended his career. and now what do they do? he's an american hero. they're glamorizing a terrorist now. but you know what? you look at some of the liberal media, nothing wrong with that. politico, the lefty blog, says there is nothing wrong with the rolling stone's cover. meanwhile, the "washington post" , detractors, please with your tedious outrage machine. and finally, slate, rolling stone cover is good journalism.
4:07 am
>> brian: really? here is the issue, if you want a cover the interested younger people have in getting this tsarnaev brother off which is staggering and not rolling stones' problem, that's of interest. if you want to talk about his life, what led up to this and how it is for a kid that should be so thankful to be here to go to this private school, to be an outstanding athlete and decide he hates america and wants to kill innocent people, that's journal. but if you want to glamorize him, put him on the cover as if he's jim morrisson and not split that cover with how much pain and destruction he caused and how many lives he has ruined, i think that's flat out irresponsible. if you look at the mccrystal cover, that's a good shot of him. you have no idea of where that story is going. >> gretchen: i didn't think he was on the cover. >> brian: yeah, that's true. who can argue with that? but if you take tsarnaev there, you can get him in other places. you can find him in a jump suit, you can find his mug shot or split it with there he is happy,
4:08 am
here he is today. looking at the death penalty. that is the right thing. that is a cover shot. that is not something to lure people in. the one they use makes it seem like a sexy thing to do that and there are a lot of impressionable 18-year-olds who think that's their guy. >> gretchen: their defense is they're trying to write more newsy kind of articles. not just do music stories. and that they also called haim monster on the cover, although i couldn't really see in the fine print if that was accurate. slate magazine says look, the reason they're defending it is because they say that they should show covers like this to show terrorists actually can be somewhat attractive young people and don't just look like these horrible people that you wouldn't just see walking down the street. not sure that's a good defense or not. >> brian: a lot of you are mad and saying why are we giving rolling stone so much publicity? we're pointing out there has to be a line. where you're an american first. don't buy it.
4:09 am
if you salute the stores walking away from it, make sure people know if they're reading it next to you who is on the cover and what they're supporting. >> steve: the other component is, extremists are trying to recruit young people for jihad. that is just a known fact. and this could give jihad another recruiting tool. 72 virgins, that's interesting to some. but the cover of the rolling stone, that's delicious. >> gretchen: the irs scandal is coming back and it could be closer now to the white house. there is going to be testimony coming up today. the retiring irs lawyer. we talked about him a few weeks ago. there was somebody in the cincinnati office who said she received directive from carter hull. now he's retiring. but could it be that it was actually carter hull's boss, a gentleman named mr. wilkins, who was the one who wanted to see these particular applications from tea parties. now it would go up to the chief counsel in washington.
4:10 am
today could we find out that there has been a link between that person and the white house? that is the $25 million question today. >> steve: so when we heard this story in the beginning, oh, it's just some rogue low level people, rogue agents in cincinnati, some of those agents in cincinnati are going, wait a minute. we're not rogue. we were just following orders. in fact, elizabeth hofacre is one of the agents in cincinnati. she will be testifying. carter hull will be testifying. what's different about what they're going to say than lois lerner is reportedly mr. hull is not going to take the fifth. he's going to name names and tell people what happened. >> brian: according to the depositions, they're indicating they're going to name names and show that lois lerner slow rolling the tax exempt status of conservative groups. you say what's the big deal? we had an election. we had an election and the most organized groups that sprung up organically turned the midterm
4:11 am
election toward republicans. now the gap in the senate, they were on a roll. people thought they were gone. now we know they could have been jammed up at the starting gate. >> gretchen: not only that, not only an election, but people are upset about the fact that the irs could be targeting people 'cause we're already scared of them in general. stay tuned to see what happens with that. in the meantime, department of justice moving to the other big story. the george zimmerman trial, trayvon martin situation. now they're asking for -- they're gog have a tip line for people to call in. did you ever have a racist experience with george zimmerman? looks like they could be moving forward with the civil rights violations and try to build some sort of case. some people are asking, should there be tip lines for these other stories that remain unsolved in our society, like benghazi, fast and furious, and the nsa, just to name a few. >> brian: which is unbelievable that you have the f.b.i. investigation come up with nothing. they had the prosecution come up with nothing. and then said, by the way, before we get out of here, could i set up a 1-800 line where you
4:12 am
can use your free time to tell me anything you might have seen george zimmerman say at a starbucks line or driving bay dunkin' donuts? now they're calling out to everyone before they let this story drop. >> steve: you know why, though? the department of justice says it's standard operating procedure in a high profile investigation like that, like the zimmerman case, to have a tip line. so this certain israeli high profile. all these other scandals. so we were wondering where are those other tip lines? the e-mail machine, we asked you to suggest some of them. eaten up. >> brian: like yesterday with the rolling stone got you going, this has got you going. >> steve: we'll share some of them promptly. in the meantime -- >> brian: okay. >> gretchen: it's a long one. maybe still typing while we tell you what's coming up. another blow to okay obama administration the house votes to play the bill. what does this mean for the tutor of the employer and individual mandate as soon as eric cantor here
4:13 am
next. >> steve: and first it was salt. then it was soda. now nanny mayor bloomberg is targeting -- wait for it -- elevators. >> brian: about time. >> steve: what? he wants you to walk. i'm on the 18th floor! >> brian: i'm on 17 [ female announcer ] it balances you... it fills you with energy... and it gives you what you are looking for to live a more natural life. in a convennt two bar pack. this is nature valley. nature at its most delicious.
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4:16 am
>> brian: the president set to tout his health care reform bill as a money saver for americans. but last night the house voted again to delay the individual mandate. businesses got a break. why not you and i? joining us right now, house majority leader, virginia congressman eric cantor. do you think this will get traction? we know it will pass the house, but will it stop there? >> well, i think what happened is the administration took a step a few weeks ago which match what had a lot of us have been saying for a long time, that
4:17 am
this obamacare law is fundamentally flawed, the administration began to see and finally admitted that it wasn't ready to be implemented, and just this week, what we saw were democratic union leaders write a letter to nancy pelosi and harry reid pointing out that there were going to be devastating effects of obamacare in terms of job prospects and people's health care. in fact, they called and predicted nightmare scenarios to the working families of america and they say as well, affordable care act is not ready. it is flawed. we've been saying all along, brian that, this is not a law that we want for this country. >> brian: by the way, this is a letter, not exactly cantor supporters, that represents 3 million people traditionally anyway. what do you say to people who say, well, the same uproar was on george bush's part b to medicare and later it's become popular even though it's pricey.
4:18 am
what do you think, is this just the early problems with this part of the legislation? >> i think there is a fundamental difference here. the part b benefit was an additional benefit that was designed to provide seniors with access to prescription drugs and it was a newly-designed benefit and confusion over what it all meant, how seniors would choose. the obamacare legislation is a total rewrite of the kind of health care that we can expect. these union leaders say it not only is going to be bad for health care, but they say it's going to be bad for jobs. it will actually harm the 40-hour workweek that the union community has been about for so long in this country. it is going to be bad for working families. we've got common ground now between democratic union leaders, between the white house who says this thing is not ready and republicans. so let's move forward with this common ground. >> brian: i also know you're not just talking about this. you're also pushing for public
4:19 am
school choice legislation, giving kids and parents a choice regardless of your economic means. >> giving parents choice to me means giving kids more opportunity. i just visited here in the district, two rivers charter school, along with chairman john klein and members of his committee to see exactly what's going on here in the district of columbia. it's been a laboratory for choice. about 43% of the students here in this town actually go to a charter school and what these charter schools have done is said to parents, we'll hold ourselves accountable. and the larger bill that we'll see come to the floor this week is a bill that has been written by chairman klein and his committee, and it takes the steps to say, we've got to hold our schools accountable. it's fort good of our families, our kids, and it really goes a long way towards empowering teachers and providing that future path for kids that right now so many don't have.
4:20 am
>> brian: right. so many are very pleased when they get into these charter schools. busy day on capitol hill, irs is going to be on the oversight committee. talking about obamacare again and school choice. always great to talk to you, thanks for your time. >> good to be on. >> brian: still ahead, two days after the pentagon began furloughing employees, they found nearly 100 grand for tv's at gitmo. how do they explain that? we'll ask. so, do you think you can let's see if steve and gretchen can. the judge and executive producer of "so you think you can dance" roger lithgow is here to judge steve and gretchen on prancercize. so good of them to volunteer (announcer) born with a natural energy cycle... cats. they were born to play.
4:21 am
to eat. then rest. i.
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4:24 am
>> brian: prancercizeing, the horse inspired workout is the new dance phenomenon sweeping -- it is not! it's just for this woman. and even the judges from "so you think you can dance" put their own spin on it. watch. look at these guys. nigel, watch yourself. >> based on the movements of a horse. the only animal -- keep on trotting. when galloping, look as relaxed as possible. >> you're doing it! >> brian: that was adam shankman, the other producer. >> i can't tell you how beautiful beth is and this terrible wig and the teeth and everything that they gave her. >> brian: you wore the tight outfit and you danced. could you show me just a little bit of this 'cause i'd like to get in better shape. >> i think it's -- the big one
4:25 am
is one, you've got to do like that. look at that. look! see in white men can dance. >> brian: there you go. nigel, go over there. that's the first time we've pranced to the couch. >> i hope it's the last. >> steve: you put that together for a very good cause, because we had national dance day come on. >> that's right. the whole idea was to do it, funny or die in order to get recognition for national dance day. >> brian: what is that? >> national dance day is really a day for america to just get up off their backsides and start moving. not to be a professional dancer. the idea is to get fit and enjoy yourself. >> brian: really? because i think it's better for america if i don't dance. [ laughter ] don't you notice there are people that are born to dance and born not to dance? don't you agree? >> yes, i do. >> gretchen: but you give
4:26 am
everybody a chance on "so you think you can dance." you might judge more harshly. >> the crazy thing is as kids, put a piece of music on, we all dance. and somewhere along the line, we just got a little bit nervous and now we need a little alcohol to get up there. >> brian: this show has been on for ten years. how do you explain the success of the show? sometimes you have rotating hosts hosts, judges. aaron andrews this weekend. >> yes. i think it's more the fact now that people recognize how athletic you've got to be to be able to dance. years ago it was put down and it was somewhat embarrassing if you said i'm a dancer. but now people see the hard work behind it. they see what these kids go through and they also see the background stories of these kids and how dancers really help them either get through family problems or drug problems, and give themselves a new life. >> steve: saturday, big deal. you got a gala. >> dizzy feet foundation is putting on a show at the music center in los angeles.
4:27 am
the kennedy center now is taking on a full day of this in washington. >> steve: prancercizeing? >> not prancercizing, no. real dancing. >> brian: how do you handle both jobs of executive producer and judge? >> i got a really great team and i just sit back and let them do it and take the credit really. >> steve: there you go. take a bow. >> gretchen: do you something tougher than being director and judge. you taught him how to dance. >> brian: right. i can prance. >> gretchen: he can. great to sigh. continued success. >> thank you. >> gretchen: coming up next, have you seen this picture? a photo shopped martin luther king, jr. wearing a hoody in support of trayvon martin. what does dr. king's niece think about that? she responds next. >> brian: plus. >> steve: first salt, then soda. now nanny mayor bloomberg strikes again. this time he's targeting elevators. i guess i'll just have to walk up those 18 flights to brian's radio show.
4:28 am
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>> steve: oh, yeah. it's your shot of the morning. the kool-aid man's look has changed through the decades. this morning kool-aid man's got a new look and debuting it here on "fox & friends." >> brian: are you kidding?
4:32 am
>> steve: it's true, with the world exclusive, maria molina outside for the big reveal. maria? >> hey, good morning. that's right. we have the brand-new look for the kool-aid man. so we have the exclusive live debut. he made his first appearance in the year 1954 and since then he's gone through several looks. this is his seventh look. the last makeover was in 2000 where he wore pants, sneakers and also an open button down shirt. are we ready for this? >> steve: yes, ma'am. >> the live debut. hey, kool-aid man! hey, kool-aid man! oh, oh he can't hear me. >> oh, yeah! oh, yeah! >> the original. >> that's right, it is the original. he's back to his classic look. so he's a delicious pitcher of kool-aid. he's done wearing something he's not. also i want to point out he had some ice up here on the top. you want to show them? can you guys see?
4:33 am
>> steve: ice, ice baby. look at the kool-aid. >> so, so cute. of course, as you all know, he's been ongoing with a heat wave and we do have refreshments that we'll be handing out to alt wounded warriors and members of the fdny that are already here and they also just launched kool-aid liquid. these are little drops that you can actually add to your water and turn it from water to kool-aid. very easy. >> steve: just drop it in your bottled water. >> brian: almost like magic. >> it is almost like magic. that's right. so now let's talk about the heat wave that's ongoing. we're cooling off with kool-aid and you may want to do the same if you're home across parts of the north reaction great lakes, or even into parts of the midwest. look at some of these hot temperatures. 97 will be the high in new york city. 95 in minneapolis. 96 in kansas city. and then you factor in the humidity and take a look at how hot it's going to feel. it will feel like 100 degrees in new york city. 99 is the heat index we're expecting in chicago, minneapolis, and also kansas city. but we do have a relief coming
4:34 am
up soon as we head into next week. look at that. low 80s for new york city. that's all going to be associated with the cold front that's headed eastbound. we're going to send it back inside and that cold front can produce severe weather. we'll keep you updated on that coming up over the next several days. i'm going to hang out with the kool-aid man. >> gretchen: all right. >> steve: today is the day you need it. >> gretchen: see if you can get him to talk. >> he can't talk. but 2003 have the sound effect. i can do it. oh, yeah. >> oh, yeah. >> steve: very nice. >> gretchen: we'll how about there in a bit. thanks so much. >> brian: steve, it took you four years to realize the mascots couldn't talk. so maria is way ahead of the curve. a serious e-mail has come in. ted and claire both claim to have p std, prancing stress traumatic disorder. and they want us to stop. i promise to never do it again. this is a medical disease already. >> steve: can we have a pledge right now? >> gretchen: no, no, no.
4:35 am
>> brian: by the power vested in me. >> gretchen: he can not possibly promise to never dance again. >> brian: that is claire screaming. >> gretchen: can i make my personal assessment? i felt like you prancercized better than the cheerleading. >> brian: thank you very much. it's a very low bar, but i'll take that. >> gretchen: remember the cheerleading? >> brian: yes, i do. >> gretchen: that was his cheerleading. i shouldn't talk because better than any cheerleading i've done. now the ship had missile equipment packed under brown sugar. north korea is demanding panama release the cargo ship and release the crew. it came from cuba which claims it was obsolete weapons. but panama says no way. it's asking the united nations to help. north korea is banned from importing and exporting most weapons. >> steve: they were just sending
4:36 am
them out. talk about cutting edge surgeons may soon have a new way to instantly detect cancer in the operating room. the intelligent knife or i knife analyzes the smoke produced when doctors cut through tissue and can signal whether or not the tissue is cancerous or healthy. right now surgeons have to send the tissue to labs and wait for the results. so far the i knife is just being used in clinical trials, but could soon be used in an operating room near you. >> brian: mayor bloomberg at it again. he wants people to take the stairs instead of the elevator. new legislation proposed by new york city mayor would require all new buildings and ones being renovated to give people access to a stairwell, as well as put signs near elevators pointing to the closest stairs. you know, i'm not really against that because sometimes i could never find the stairs and i can't get an elevator. >> steve: you've only got six minutes to get up to your radio show.
4:37 am
>> brian: i need an elevator. >> steve: okay, good. meanwhile, new tv's and dvd's for prisoners at gitmo. that's right. the army spent $81,000 on the new equipment. the purchase was made two days ever the pentagon furloughed 650,000 civilian workers. earlier this month, defense secretary hagel penned a letter to the senate armed services committee warning that the sequestration will cause serious damage to the military. none the less, they've got plenty of money for tv's at gitmo. >> brian: wow. 23 minutes before the top of the hour. gretch? >> gretchen: thank you so much. have you seen this photo? it's photo shopped, an image of the late dr. martin luther king, junior being used to protest the george zimmerman verdict. s it's martin luther king, junior in a hoody. looks just like trayvon martin. the image, the work of artist nicholas smith quickly gone viral. our next guest, dr. king's niece, is not happy about it. joining me now, good morning to you, doctor.
4:38 am
>> good morning, gretchen. how are you? >> gretchen: i feel for you this morning because to have your uncle put in that kind of a photo, it makes -- it immediately puts you into this controversial situation and almost forces you to have to respond to it. number one, what is your response? and number two, how do you feel about somebody using your uncle's image in this way? >> i'm not angry about the art or the artist, nick class smith. i think it's actually very creative. but i'm very saddened because it makes a controversial debate and it takes away from many of them. so when i see that particular image, i don't immediately think of him saying, we must learn to live together as brothers and i add in this sentry as brothers and sisters. so when i see that image, i don't see the love. i don't see the reconciliation.
4:39 am
i don't see the harmony of knowing we're one human race. none of his message is conveyed there, the compassion is not there. and yet, the anger and the hurt for trayvon is there. and so i believe that there is much more room in an artistic picture to show the message and compassion of the man that was missing. >> gretchen: what do you think the message of the artist was? for example, would your uncle be wearing the hoody in 2013? >> well, 2013 at his age as a mature man definitely not. i don't believe as a teen-ager he said wear one because i grew up with his father was my grandfather. and he always said when you go out of that door action you represent jesus. you represent your family and you represent your community. and so there was just a standard of dress that we had. so our clothing was always in that manner and even in this century, many members of our family still carry out what
4:40 am
daddy king established. but the message that is there, i do understand that the artist was trying to purvey, to give us, to convey and say, pain, trayvon is dead and his dream died with him. we understand that and then -- but i say you know, zimmerman's dreams were deferred as well. so i'm saddened. i'm not angry. i'm not upset. but i'm very sad that much of martin luther king, junior's message is missing in that particular image. >> gretchen: what has been your reaction over the last week or so since the verdict was rendered? personally, how do you feel about it? >> i personally feel, i have three adult children who are attorneys and i'm a former state legislator and so as i looked at that case very early i said they will be able to establish reasonable doubt. unfortunately, it just wasn't as simple as that because trayvon should never have been killed. and i'm very saddened by that and i stand in prayer with his
4:41 am
family. but justice did prevail. human justice in our human court. i say now, justice has been served. but we need to serve god. we have to have a message of nonviolence, of peace, of resolution. i admire trayvon's family. from the very beginning they said we don't want violence. they don't want this type of conflict. we want justice. so as we continue to pray for his family and also the family of george zimmerman, i believe that two lives, two families and a global community and at least a national community, we've been very much harmed by the death of trayvon martin. >> gretchen: dr. king, thank you so much for your thoughts with us this morning. have a good rest of the week. >> thank you. >> gretchen: coming up on this show, should u.s. boycott the olympics in russia now if putin grants asylum to nsa leaker edward snowden? michelle malkin here top of the hour. and it's one of the most talked about tv events of the year. "shark nato."
4:42 am
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>> gretchen: 45 minutes after the top of the hour. teen faces charges of interfering with professional sporting events after running onto the field. that was a quick take down, wasn't it? it's tough to explain to your kids. the 18-year-old tweeted that he pulled the prank and it was retreated 1,000 times. dad thought he was at the concession stand. oh, oh butter cup. that's some prancercizing.
4:46 am
the duck getting the royal treatment walking the red carpet. a prosthetic foot, named an honorhas ry duck. fantastic. guys? >> steve: i think it's closer to the disco duck right there. >> brian: right. >> steve: it's one of the most talked about tv events of the year "shark nato." >> sit back and watch this. (screaming). >> tornado heading toward the airport! we need to destroy it before it gets to them. watch out! >> sharks bearing down on us! [ laughter ] >> brian: catfish walking and sharks flying. >> gretchen: just as you thought it was safe to go back to the streets, the sci-fi hit has got the green light for a sequel. for more, we're stepping with michael, thank you for joining us. i have to -- >> good morning. >> as a meteorologist, i was a
4:47 am
little upset when this first initially came out, but then i got the joke. pro-shark tornado. >> brian: what is this craze? what's going on? >> welcome to the sci-fi monster machine. it's cheap, stupid, and hugely successful. they pour out 24 of these movies a year, each with a budget of a million and a half. basically this one is a tornado over water, sucks up sharks and destroys l.a. >> steve: and the headline this morning is they've decided to green light another one. this one is going to be set here in new york city. but maria, we called you in. "shark nato," is it meteor logically possible that a tornado could scoop up a bunch of sharks and spit them out? >> it would be the actual shark that creates the tornado, obviously, in new york city. >> brian: 'cause that's where they have to travel on land, steve. everybody knows that. >> they're reairing it tonight. it wasn't that big of a success out of the gate.
4:48 am
but it blew up on the twitterverse. 5,000 per minute. mia farrow was tweeting about it. >> brian: here is a dumb question. how does that happen? how does 1,000 people -- how do people watch it get a low rating and become this big? >> it creates the impression that everyone is watching. it's kind of like everyone watching in one living room and kind of tweeting about the experience. >> steve: and the thing about we were watching it at our house. the reason we were watching it, it's not like it was artful. >> of course not. >> steve: it was so bad, it was funny. >> so bad, it's so good. >> steve: from something so bad to something that was so good, we're talking about fox fan weekend this year at yankees and this past weekend, it was fantastic. >> two baseball games, two parties and fox business also sponsored new york city triathlon. over 1,000 people turned out over the course of two days to attend the event at yankee stadium. i just happened to be hanging out on the field in the dugout when joe girardi stopped by.
4:49 am
>> steve: do you have a sound bite? >> we do. let's take a look. >> the fan base here is unbelievable. and it's not just here. it's wherever we go. we have a ton of yankee fans. for that we're very appreciative. but the support that you get wherever you go is special and i'm glad they're being recognized for what they do. >> steve: brian, do you have a problem? he just did the sports. >> brian: i'm angry, disillusioned, hurt. outraged. >> it was so not in my wheel house. >> brian: he's probably so glad you're not asking about a-rod or their record this year. >> steve: allall right. thank you. >> brian: it was great meeting all those people. every one of them. meanwhile. >> steve: jay carney says there is no evidence obamacare is costing jobs. but we've got the proof. a doctor who has been in the business for 40 years now forced to close up shop because of obamacare. >> brian: the great roman empire flourished for hundreds of years
4:50 am
before crumbling and john stossel says we could be on the same path. yep. he's here with the stunning not so upbeat news. thanks, stossel. just depressed me it fills you with energy... and it gives you what you are looking for to live a more natural life. in a convennt two bar pack. this is nature valley. nature at its most delicious. crossing an ocean with your body as the motor, it hurts. so my answer was advil. [ male announcer ] paul ridley chose advil. because nothing is stronger on tough pain. real people. real pain. real relief. advil. relief in action.
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4:53 am
>> steve: 2,000 years ago, rome was the super power that ruled the planet. the roman empire flourished for hundreds of years, but ultimately rome crumbled. so could the same thing be happening to the united states? john stossel set out to find out at last week's freedom fest in las vegas. >> in our 250 years, we've accomplished amazing things, amazing prosperity. we just can't take it for granted because free and
4:54 am
prosperous is not the natural state of things. in human history, it's rare. we now are starting to look a lot like rome and we ought to worry about that. >> steve: john stossel, the host of "stossel" on the "fox business" network joins us now. how are we becoming like rome? >> we're expanding government. rome wasn't ended by the barbarians. it collapsed of its own weight, of its own growing promises, big welfare state to keep the masses happy. they started raising taxes, giving out free grain and free olive oil to people to keep them happy. they had great spectacles. we don't quite kill animals and people in a coliseum. but currency was devalued. they got involved in foreign wars. government grew. leaders got arrogant. rome collapsed. we're a lot like that. >> steve: it does sound familiar. but there are a few differences.
4:55 am
>> fortunately big differences. >> steve: our taxes are actually higher than rome's. >> our taxes are actually higher. rome couldn't raise taxes that much, so it devalued the currency to spend. near row issued a silver coin 95% silver. the next emperor said we'll make it 85%. then it was down a few years later and vast inflation from that. we may soon see that. >> steve: you say that if we continue on our current socialistic course, we could become like rome. we have become socialistic in many ways. >> we are making promises to people as the emperors did, that we can't possibly fulfill. we don't have the money. on the other hand, the emperorrer's arrogance was well beyond anything our presidents do. they had orgies in the palace. they brought in children from around the world to defile, as one poet put it. they brought in thousands of animals from all over the world and the emperor killed them himself in a two-day show in the coliseum. we don't have that.
4:56 am
>> steve: yeah. but you do see parallels with welfare and taxes and inflation and spectacle. and you talk about that in your special tonight. >> we do. front of 1,000 libertarians who debate that. a lot of them are optimistic and say, we got the tea party. we're fighting back. rome didn't have that. >> steve: regood. it all kicked off in vegas. mr. lucky. >> appropriately. >> steve: yeah, indeed. john stossel, anchor of "stossel" on fbn. watch the program tonight. thank you. coming up, we've heard from the zimmerman family and some jurors. now the parents of trayvon martin speaking out this morning for the first time since the verdict. hear from them at the top of the hour. and then nearly a week after overdosing on drugs, "glee" star cory monteith's final message to fans has surfaced. we'll bring it to you right after this. >> stay out of trouble and stay
4:57 am
in school. hey, i'm cory.rl i'm makinotg this video
4:58 am
4:59 am
5:00 am
>> gretchen: good morning, everybody. that's thursday, july 18, 2013. hope you're gonna have a great day. thanks for spending part of it with us. i'm gretchen carlson. remember when rolling stone magazine took down a decorated united states army general with that article when he had to end his career? now it's putting up a terrorist on the cover and some say that's fine. michelle malkin is here to react. >> steve: plus, the juror has spoken and so has the zimmerman family. now for the first time since the verdict, the parents of trayvon martin are speaking out about the jury. hear from them straight ahead. >> brian: remember when the vice president said this? >> joe, if there is ever a problem, just walk out on the balcony here, walk out, put that double barrel shotgun and fire two blasts outside the house. >> brian: right. now a man who actually did it is using the vice president as his
5:01 am
defense in court. will it work? "fox & friends'" final hour unless you found out hemmer overslept again, starts now. ♪ ♪ >> brian: the men in red and the women in red are the warrior army and the bike riders in the biking outfits are wounded warriors themselves. those who have been in battle and are back. they are biking to promote awareness and let you know how you can help the wounded warrior project get back into life and get the help they need. to do that, they're backing on a
5:02 am
four-day journey and as usual, it starts on arriver randa. >> steve: it was back in 2004 on our plaza, a fellow named chris carney came by on a single bike and he launched what has become a massive national movement and today they're going to kick off the soldier ride right here on "fox & friends" as has become tradition. we are so proud to host them. >> gretchen: we certainly are. we look forward to that coming up in 50 minutes from now. we'll be outside with all of them. thanks for sharing part of your day with us. let's start with some headlines. trayvon martin's parents speaking out now for the first time since hearing the not guilty verdict in the george zimmerman trial. >> my first thought was shock, disgust. i really didn't believe that he was not guilty. >> as parents, understanding how they reached a verdict, i'll never grasp that concept and
5:03 am
just as loving parents and god fearing people, we continue to pray that whatever was in their heart was their intention to do. but we feel that -- >> gretchen: that as an alternate juror and the george zimmerman trial breaks his silence as well. although he didn't deliberate, he said he did agree with the verdict. >> you hear witnesses, the ones that heard the noises, which way the noises were going, they helped me fill the gap and then the eyewitnesses. i think the one thing that stands out the most is the pictures of mr. zimmerman. >> gretchen: that juror speaking to our fox affiliate in orlando, says that the most convincing evidence came from the head wound zimmerman received in his struggle with trayvon martin. new video of "glee" star cory monteith during his last
5:04 am
days. listen to the final message he gave his fans. >> hey, i'm cory. i wanted to record this video for you guys, let you know that if you're having trouble, then stay in school. >> gretchen: the 31-year-old has been cremated in vancouver. that happened after a private viewing with his family and girlfriend, lea michelle. he died apparently from an overdose of heroin and alcohol last saturday. the president set to tout his health care reform bill today as a money saver for americans. but last night the house voting to delay the individual mandate. will a move have any traction? house majority leader eric cantor was on a short time ago with his thoughts. >> affordable care act is not ready, it is flawed. we've been saying all along, brian, that this is not a law that we want for this country. it is going to be bad for working families. we've got common ground now between democratic union leaders, between the white house who says that this thing is not ready, and republicans. so let's move forward with this
5:05 am
common ground. >> gretchen: the white house says that if republicans got their way, premiums would stay higher and americans with preexisting conditions would be discriminated against. the royal baby now five days late and no one is more eager to meet him or her than grandma ma. yesterday the queen urging the heir to the throne, hurry up. she wants to go on vacation. >> do you want to see a boy or girl? >> i don't think i mind. very much like it, i'm going on holiday. >> gretchen: reporters from around the world have camped outside the hospital in london waiting for the baby to arrive. it was due, according to many reports, on july 13. but you never know. maybe they didn't tell us the real due date. those are your headlines. >> brian: steve, this has just come through on the twitter there. this is from michelle malkin. >> steve: oh, my goodness. michelle malkin joining us from colorado springs. the coffee machine is broken?
5:06 am
>> waaa. >> brian: you have no caffeine? >> that's right. i'm gog have to rely on my natural wake-up. >> steve: this story is going to wake you up. rolling stone magazine has put on the cover a rather glamorous shot of the surviving boston bomber. there are a -- people up in new england and across the country are absolutely -- >> brian: makes him look like a sex symbol! >> steve: a couple of stores have gone ahead and boycotted rolling stone, including cvs and others. you feel suddenly there is the hologram mitt. you say rolling stone has become the tiger beat for terrorists, hasn't it? >> it really has. i think people need to understand the context, the subtext and the pretext here because there are -- there is now a backlash to the backlash. i think what people have to see is this is a remarkable cultural
5:07 am
milestone, i think, because it's not just right wingers who are trying to quote, unquote, manufacture outrage. you've got democratic politicians, as you mentioned, in massachusetts, duval patrick and the boston mayor who wrote a letter to rolling stone expressing his disgust at what is clearly the celebrification of the boston bombers. you got country stars and rock stars and pop stars in hollywood stars all rushing to make clear that they do not condone this obvious cult of celebrity -- >> brian: guess who does back it. politico. slate, "washington post." they say, come on, get over it essentially. >> yeah. the thing is that if you actually read the article and i did take the time to do that, it's thousands and thousands of words of the same kind of moral
5:08 am
equivalent that we get every time america is attacked by islamic jihaddists and they have all sorts of excuses. they want to humanize him. they want to make clear this is a deeply complex issue. i think that they need to do what a lot of readers did yesterday and recommended, which is why don't you put eight-year-old martin richard on the cover? why don't we have some profiling of the humanity of the victims who are living with the consequences of this? >> gretchen: or maybe richard donahue, he was one of the police officers shot in boston and he just did an interview and he discusses this cover. here is his thoughts. >> there is a number of people they could have picked for a rock or entertainment magazine besides an alleged bomber. i hope it doesn't glorify him and make it so other people follow his foot steps. >> gretchen: michelle, my question for you is why? is it as simple as have we
5:09 am
gotten this simplistic that it's all to sell magazines? >> yes. it is. just do a search for rolling stone cover. you'll see that that is prime real estate for celebrifying causes. a big obama supporter, big time cultural lib, of course, whoever they put on the cover there is to get eyeballs and get people to read the magazine. they know, look -- they mention it in the article that this comes in the context of all of these young women who have formed a groupy fan girl club and are standing there at the courthouse with their free dzhokhar tsarnaev sign. they know the guy in many eyes is a quote, unquote, sex symbol. america's next heart throb. that's the headline they used when they put justin bieber on the cover. they might as well have used it
5:10 am
for this. >> steve: i just got a tweet from somebody saying waiting on and then they've inserted the name of the store they go to, to announce they won't sell the magazine anymore. they were so quick to dump paula deen and she didn't kill anybody. >> yeah. good point. the double standard here are overflowing. >> gretchen: let's talk about attorney general eric holder because he's been talking a lot about the trayvon martin-george zimmerman case and stand your ground situation. some people are saying should he go forward with any kind of a civil rights case? what are your thoughts? >> well, he opened it up last year, quietly they've left it open as their option in case what actually happened happened. but i think it's more significant that he went down there to florida to address naacp leaders who already had their ducks all in a row demanding a federal intervention. what did he do? he name dropped the stand your ground laws which have been sort
5:11 am
of a hobby horse for the far left and your far left organizations, predating the zimmerman case. i think that's what's significant here is that they'll use any excuse to try and limit their political opponents' free speech and political activity. i think it's important to note the background that many of these groups were going after political and conservative organizations for supporting things like the stand your ground law. it really isn't about stand your ground. in my column today, i quoted prosecutors who said, this isn't about stand your ground. stand your ground had nothing to do with this. it wasn't invoked. zimmerman had waived his rights to the process involving stand your ground. >> brian: it's a fake? is this a head fake? >> yes. it is a squirrel. that's what i called it. i think it's a very useful metaphor. this is a weapon of mass
5:12 am
distraction. i think people have to understand this is a political tool to go after their enemies again. >> gretchen: what's interesting, last night on "special report," bret baier talked about the statistics in florida with regard to race, since that's been the discussion with the last week with regard to stand your ground. it turns out that more african-americans actually used that defense and used it successfully than caucasians. so if we're going to really discuss this down into race and the differences, the department of justice maybe should look into those stats as well. in the meantime, should the united states boycott the russian olympics over edward snowden if he is actually going to get asylum and stay in that country? >> this is a proposal by lindsey graham and essentially my reaction is i think it's time for the voters of south carolina to boycott lindsey graham. i think at this point it's a ridiculous proposal. he hasn't been granted asylum yet and i think there are a lot of lindsey grahams own
5:13 am
republican colleagues who think this would be a punishments of olympic athletes in the united states. and i also think that it's an opportunity for the u.s. to examine its own stupid asylum policies that have endangered americans. we ought to look inward first. >> brian: just for the record, i differ there. i think senator graham is a good friend to the show. but what about september? hey, we're not doing our summit in september. we're not going to moscow. that's a bigger deal than staying home and not going to the olympics. >> good point. i wouldn't punish all the hard work athletes. there are good reasons to boycott russia and the olympics. i don't think this is on my list. >> steve: michelle malkin, i told you these talking points you wouldn't need coffee. am i right? >> that's right. made it through! >> brian: we are your can of jolt. thank you very much. coming up, our brand-new segment, legalese. bob massi enters your -- answers your most frequently asked
5:14 am
questions about the law so you don't have to ask a lawyer. bob is up next and he's free eris has oats that can help lower cholesterol? and it tastes good? sure does! wow. it's the honey, it makes it taste so... well, would you look at the time... what's the rush? be happy. be healthy. check out huge savings during the storewide clearance sale this weekend at bass pro shops. and bring the kids for our pbr family event july 27th and 28th. where you can meet a real rider or see a real bull in select stores. plus kids' activities, all for free.
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there's no time like beggin' time! >> gretchen: 17 minutes after the top of the hour. the stats are sad. nearly half of all marriages end in divorce and what's worse, many of those couples never signed a prenup. a prenuptial agreement leading to a long legal battle over who gets what. what exactly is a prenup and who needs one? fox news legal analyst bob massi here to explain in our segment legalese. good morning, bob. >> good morning. >> gretchen: so first and foremost, what are they? who needs one? >> it's a contractual agreement between two parties that intend to get married that basically sets forth how they want their assets to be distributed if there is a divorce. generally when it happens, gretchen, are people who have gone through divorce. their second marriage, or many times people who waited later in
5:18 am
life to get married, they've acquired assets. although they love one another very much, they are very protective of the effort they've put in and so they enter into these agreements. >> gretchen: so what are the basic requirements if you're interested in doing something like this? >> the most important thing in prenuptial agreements is total disclosure of assets and liabilities. and both parties should always get their own lawyers. as a matter of fact, many states in our country actually has laws on the books that gives the guidelines for prenuptial agreements. so when you go to a lawyer, if you intend to get married, what's very important, by the way, is prenuptial agreements have been set aside by people who wait 'til like the day before they're getting married to do this because it becomes a rushed document. when you go to the lawyer, you give them all of your assets, all of your liabilities. it actually becomes an exhibit or part of the actual prenuptial agreement and if one of those assets or material that's left out and you get divorced and the other spouse finds out, they can actually set that aside. courts have set it aside for
5:19 am
eliminating a very material asset as relates to that contract. >> so you got to be truthful up front. >> absolutely. >> gretchen: what's a sunset clause? >> sunset clause basically means this, it's an event that happens in this agreement that says, the agreement terminates. for example, we've been married for more than five years or ten years, or upon the birth of our child, the prenuptial agreement basically becomes null and void. i have seen people actually put the sunset clauses in prenuptial agreements and then, believe it or not, they come into an inheritance and in a lot of states inheritance is separate property. not community property, whatever it may be. and they do what's called a post-nuptial agreement. one of the things that you can never put in a prenup that's enforceable is child support where you eliminate child support. that is basically a provision against public policy. it will not be allowed. >> gretchen: all right. so folks learned a lot about this if they're interested and you can visit
5:20 am to e-mail bob your legalese questions. you never know, maybe we'll do an entire segment on it. have a fantastic weekend. >> thanks. take care. >> gretchen: thanks. jay carney says there is no evidence that obamacare is costing jobs, but do we have the proof? a doctor who has been in the business for 40 years now forced to close up shop. and a basketball trick that will put the harlem globetrotters to shame. look at this. we all want our kids out being this creative. slam dunk. [ dad ] so i walked into that dealer's office
5:21 am
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announcer: you're on the right track announcer: to save big during sleep train's triple choice sale. for a limited time, you can choose to save hundreds on beautyrest and posturepedic mattress sets. or choose $300 in free gifts with sleep train's most popular tempur-pedic mattresses. you can even choose 48 months interest-free financing on the new tempur-choice with head-to-toe customization. the triple choice sale ends soon at sleep train! ♪ sleep train ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ >> brian: quick headlines. a small colorado town is
5:24 am
considering printing a license to shoot down government drones. on top of the 25-dollar license, the town of deer trail would also issue $100 reward to anyone who shoots down a drone owned or operated by the government. sounds a little hostile. basketball trick putting the harlem globetrotters to shame. watch this. several teens making seven passes and then the alley-oop dunk. the fisher price hoop is the victim. we'll recreate it in the last hour. oops, we're out of time. steve? >> steve: hash tag awesome. thanks. today president obama is scheduled to speak at the white house to tout the benefits of his signature health care law, the affordable care act. but would doctors across the country agree that it's working out? according to a recent survey, 62% of doctors plan to retire early in the next one to three years. one of those doctors joins us right now, dr. robert mcwilliams is closing his practice after 40 years serving the people of texas.
5:25 am
he joins us from houston today. good morning. the health care act goes into effect in january. what are you doing in february? >> i will retire after 40 years of medicine. >> steve: why? >> the bureaucracy of the government today has prevented my ability to continue to provide my patients with the excellence of health care that they expect out of me as a physician and they demand from me as a physician. as long as the costs go up and the reimbursements go down, i cannot continue to provide the excellence of care i have been allowed to provide for the last 40 years. that's really a shame. >> steve: it is a shame. so what sort of reimbursement reduction are doctors looking at come january? >> well, let me start first, steve, with for 15 years we've seen a reduction in insurance reimbursements based on governmental decline in medicaid, medicare
5:26 am
reimbursements. so it started 15 years ago. so we've got a decline in our revenue and an increase in our overhead. it's just forced us to see more and more patients, which has limited the excellence of care our patients demand. the average office visit today in the united states is seven minutes. i don't believe i can provide my patients with the excellence of care and educate them toward them understanding that care in seven minutes. i just can't do it. >> steve: let's get personal for just a minute. since 2010, i am led to believe, that's when the last time you took a salary was because all the rest of your money, you've been living off your personal savings, operating as a medical doctor and everything you've been putting back into your practice, right? >> yes, sir. i haven't taken a paycheck home from my practice since october 2010. i've remained in medicine because it's what my life is all about. it's my desire.
5:27 am
it's my love. i love my patients. i love my office staff. i love my lord in jesus christ. but you know, this is tearing me up because it's something i really, really consider a privilege in this country to do and i have spent about 200,000 out of my personal savings to continue this practice of medicine. but i'm to the point where i'm bleeding so badly, i can't continue to bleed any longer. >> steve: i understand you told one of our producers you made a pledge to give excellent care or no care at all and that is what's going to happen in february, isn't it? >> absolutely. i think -- to be honest, all physicians desire to give their patients the best of care. when that is taken away from us, steve, then the desire, the joy, the satisfaction we get out of our profession is gone. when that's gone, we don't feel good about compromising care if that's the reason we're in medicine in the first place. >> steve: i'm sure it's been a
5:28 am
heart breaking decision and we can tell by your passion -- >> it has been. it has bothered me for a number of years. >> steve: good luck to you. dr. robert mcwilliams joining us today from houston. good luck, sir. >> thank you. >> steve: all right. meanwhile, switching gears. remember when our vice president said this? >> joe, if there is ever a problem, just walk out on the balcony here, walk out, put that double barrel shotgun and fire two blasts outside the house. >> steve: you know what? now that is being used in court as a defense. we'll tell you about it. plus, breaking news, nicole petallides is live where brand-new jobless claims are about to be released. what are we expecting? >> we'll see. we're looking at the numbers coming out in just moments. we'll bring that to you live. we've had a great stock market so far. futures are looking to the upside. these jobs number, could make or
5:29 am
break our trading today i can't always keep my kids' socks clean. but at least i can help keep their underwear clean. that's why there's charmin ultra strong. i'll take that. go get 'em, buddy! it cleans so well and you can use up to four times less than the leading bargain brand. [ female announcer ] charmin ultra strong has a duraclean texture that's soft and more durable to help your kids get clean while still using less. and its four times stronger than the leading bargain brand. wow, you cleaned up a lot! you did too, pal! [ laughs ] we all go. why not enjoy the go with charmin ultra strong?
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5:32 am
>> brian: fox news alert. brand-new numbers, jobless numbers just released. nicole petallides from the "fox business" network joins us live from the new york stock exchange to do something we do not or not able to do now. that's tell you those numbers. start walking and talking,
5:33 am
nicole. >> we got them. we got the numbers for you. that's what we do here on the business network. that's why we cross over and bring them to you. the jobless numbers, 334,000 claims. so that was down 24,000 from the week prior. it's also worth noting the estimates were 345,000. they came inter than expected. i should note over the last couple of weeks, there were the auto plant shut downs and anybody who really follows these jobless claims knows that auto plants traditionally shut down and they begin to retool and get set up for the new model year. so areas such as ohio, michigan, pennsylvania had higher claims over the last two weeks. so it has seen an improvement and the four-week average was something that is a little less volatile, is also showing some promising numbers. slightly better. >> steve: so that's a number that they kind of had in mind because things happen this time of year. plus you add the fact we're in a heat wave. a lot of people don't feel like
5:34 am
going out and looking for work. >> brian: think so? >> that's true. i think it's part of it. sometimes weather really does play a part of anything from jobless claims to retail sales, for example. even coca-cola said that they had weaker sales because the weather had been so wet and chilly. >> brian: that i get. but can you imagine not going for a job. i'd like to look for a job, but it's raining out. >> steve: people are looking for any excuse. >> brian: no kidding. what kind of gumption you going to have if you get the job? >> it's raining. i'm staying on my couch. i'm not going to look for a job. i have some news for you guys. here at the new york stock exchange we have a lot of traders here. we got some people who look exactly like you, brian and steve. so take a look. i'm sorry i couldn't bring them in the flesh, but if you ever come down here, we could do a side by side. eddie looks like brian. okay? and scott looks like steve.
5:35 am
and louise looks like gretchen, but i don't know if we managed to get a picture of her. what do you think? do you think i'm crazy or on to something? >> gretchen: come on! >> steve: side by side comparison with brian. let's see the photo again. let's see the brian guy again. >> let's see. >> gretchen: that's quite entertaining. >> i think yes. look up a little bit, brian. look up. it's a big trade, big trade. are you buying or selling, brian? >> brian: selling? >> buy low, sell high. >> brian: selling? >> i think you guys are a shoe in. you come over here and we'll do it for real. >> brian: i think you have to come back to the office and take a breathalyzer. >> gretchen: all right. thank you for saving me for doing the side by side.
5:36 am
>> brian: louise, you got a pass. [ laughter ] >> gretchen: thanks a lot. >> she's beautiful. you would have been exactly the same. >> gretchen: another juror is speaking out in the trayvon martin-george zimmerman case. an alternate juror, it's a he. remember it was the six-person jury all female who came up with a verdict, but he agrees with them. >> the ear witnesses, the ones that heard the witnesses, they helped me fill the gap and then the eyewitnesses. i think the one thing that stands out the most is the injuries to mr. zimmerman. >> steve: yeah. and he also said that he does believe that the voice screaming on the 911 tape was george zimmerman. we heard from george zimmerman's family and now for the first time we're hearing from trayvon martin's father, tracy, about the verdict. listen to this.
5:37 am
>> as parents, understanding how they reached their verdict, i'll never grasp that concept and just as loving parents and god-fearing people, we continue to pray that whatever was in their heart was what they intended to do. but we feel that the verdict, we didn't feel it was fair. >> brian: they acted with class all the way through this, through the incredible pain. it must have been tough for the jurors 'cause they were a few feet away from the family the entire time. >> gretchen: so we'll continue to bring you that story probably for the next coming days because the department of justice continuing to look into whether or not there will be a civil rights case. >> steve: 23 minutes before the top of the hour. headlines for you on this thursday. senate foreign relations committee expected to approve samantha power as susan rice's
5:38 am
replacement for ambassador from the united states to the united nations. the hearing yesterday was not without drama. here is senator marco rubio of florida asking her to explain some comments from 2003. we need a historical reckoning with crimes committed. this is something that she wrote back in an interview, reckoning with crimes committed, sponsored or permitted by the united states. at her confirmation hearing. now the sound bite. >> which one did the united states commit or sponsor that you're referring to? >> i think is the greatest country on earth. we have nothing to apologize for. >> okay. so you don't have any in mind now that we've committed or sponsored? >> i will not apologize for america. i will stand very proudly if confirmed behind the u.s. plaque. >> i understand, but do you believe the united states has sponsored or committed crimes? >> i believe the united states is the greatest country on earth. i really do. >> well, that's -- so your
5:39 am
answer to whether we've committed or sponsored crimes is that the united states is the greatest country on earth? >> steve: it was dodge ball. nomination goes to the full senate on tuesday. >> brian: did she ever answer the question? >> steve: no. >> brian: there is other quotes, to. intern asking jay carney the question no one else would about the safety of george zimmerman and his family. going to take any action or are they on their own? >> well, i think i would refer you to florida authorities. i'm not aware of that story. certainly would oppose any violence of any kind. >> are they on their own? >> you can editorialize and i have no doubt that you will, but that is a ridiculous statement. >> brian: that daily caller intern joined us earlier on "fox & friends." >> i stand by my question. i think it was a good question, but it's really crazy. i was just walking back to the office. i thought i would be just a
5:40 am
minor office celebrity. but i never expected this, the twitter followers started piling up. >> brian: he's just in 11th grade, right? >> steve: yep. >> brian: it's rare for interns to ask questions at the intern briefing and rarer for a 16-year-old to get a question in, but he did. >> steve: jay carney called him ridiculous. >> gretchen: washington state man accused of illegally firing a shotgun to scare people off his property, invoking the biden defense? saying he was just following the vice president's advice. remember what it was? >> if you want to protect yourself, get a double barrel shotgun, have the shells of .12 gauge shotgun and i promise you as i told my wife, we live in an area that's wooded and somewhat secluded. said jill, if there is ever a problem, just walk out on the balcony here, walk out, put that double barrel shotgun and fire two blasts. >> gretchen: the man faces one count of illegal aiming or discharging of firearms.
5:41 am
so far no comments from the white house. and happening live right now, the 2013 emmy nominations are being announced. television's biggest night. could netflix steal the show? all the talk is centered on how many nominations their streaming series "arrested development" and" house of cards." many others are in the mix. those are your headlines. >> steve: all right. meanwhile, the headline here, new york city, hot! that's why we sent maria molina outside to witness firsthand the sweatiness. >> thank you. good morning. yes, you're right. we're talking very hot temperatures out here over the next couple of days. still expected -- we've already had hot temperatures into the 90s. triple digit heat index values, especially as we head into the afternoon hours. but we have the soldier ride about to kick off any minute now, any time between 8:45 eastern time to about 9 a.m so good luck out there. you're going to be riding for about 17 miles today and then i
5:42 am
think 30 miles on saturday. got a pretty long ride kick off from new york city all the way to the hamptons. otherwise, expecting hot temperatures out here. we're not going to be seeing relief across parts of the northeast or the great lakes until we head into this weekend and then we can be below average in new york city coming up monday, tuesday and wednesday. highs in the low 80s. >> brian: yeah. thanks. by the way, if anyone can handle the heat, it's those veterans because afghanistan and iraq, this is basically winter. >> steve: good practice for them. >> gretchen: rolling stone magazine facing backlash for this cover shot propping up a terrorist. is this the latest example of terror worship in popular culture? peter johnson, jr. with what you can do about it. >> steve: fives salt, then soda. now mayor bloomberg strikes again. this time he's targeting elevators. walk, he says what makes your family smile?
5:43 am
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bacon! bacon! who wants a beggin' strip?? me! i'd get it myself but i don't have thumbs!! mmm mmm mmm mmm mmmm it's beggin! mmm i love you... (announcer) beggin' strips...made with real bacon. there's no time like beggin' time! >> gretchen: 46 minutes past the top of the hour. mayor michael bloomberg is at it again. he wants people to take the stairs instead of the elevators. new legislation would require all new buildings and renovated ones to put signs near elevators pointing to the closest stairs. in some cases, it's a good idea. charlie sheen has a new title this morning. grandpa. his 28-year-old daughter just gave birth to a baby girl. sheen tells tmz, it's impossibly a most wondrous day. congratulations. >> brian: brothers accused of detonating the bombs that killed a child and injured hundreds
5:47 am
more. glamorized on the cover of rolling stone, creating a national fire storm. it's got ovated and me aggravated sitting on this chair. is this just the latest example of terror worship in popular culture? what can we do about it? let's bring in peter johnson, jr. >> this is about the sickest example of bad journalism we've seen in american culture in a long, long time. sometimes in american journalism, we have a predielection to linize, to make heros out of terrorist, bill heirs, kathy bodine, go get a che guevara shirt. it's this new terrorist chic. so now we have the typical liberal name in the media that says, it really wasn't an honor student and he went wrong because he was failed by his family. this is a typical honor student
5:48 am
who kills a cop and then we find out that he has three prior convictions for assault and drug dealing. this is ridiculous. what it does is send a really bad message to young americans that this rebel without a cause notion that somehow culminates in the deaths of four people, including a child, the maiming of 300 people, is somehow acceptable as part of some post-adolescent confusion and angst. this is sick! rolling stone now says well, this is part of our tradition of journalism. they don't have a tradition of journalism. what are they advocating? >> brian: you know who disagrees with you? politico. the "washington post" blog, and slate. they defend rolling stone's use of that picture. >> i don't know. that's kind of head case behavior. it's not fundamentally understanding journalistic principles and i read 19 pages of this garbage. every line, talk -- this could
5:49 am
be submitted by the defendant's lawyers at the time of sentencing to mitigate his sentence and say, oh, he was promising all his friends thought he was chill. he smoked a lot of dope. we don't know what happened. it was his family. they made him do it! post a hero on your facebook page today. a great american. there is two sets of images you will never see. this is one of them. this is wounded warriors on our plaza today. people who have given and suffered and died and now these people are the living proof of who we are in this country. them and young martin richard, the eight-year-old boy who was destroyed by this bombing. glorify these young people. not animals. >> brian: yeah. cvs, walgreen's. >> i don't want to get angry, but there are some things we need to stand up for in this
5:50 am
country and this is one of them. this is not journalism. it's terror chic. >> brian: thanks a lot. we're going to go out with those very guys in just a moment. the annual wounded warriors soldier ride kicking off right from our plaza. it is packed. first let's check in with bill hemmer for what's going on at the top of the hour. better yet, i prefer to go to london and find out what martha mccallum is doing because she's on baby watch. are we ready? any news? >> no. we're not ready. but i'm going to fill you in on what's coming up at the top of the hour. then i promise we will get to that. first, the so-called rogue agent from cincinnati is going to get her say today in front of congress. darrell issa joins us to tell us what he expects, he thinks her testimony will prove that this scandal went much higher in washington. watch for that. then we'll talk to senator joe manchin. he will join us with his take on the unions' stunning turn about on obamacare. all that and i promise, brian, 'cause i know you're on tinder
5:51 am
hooks, the latest from london when bill and i join you at the top of the hour.
5:52 am
5:53 am
5:54 am
♪ and i'm proud to be an american ♪ >> steve: live from new york city, we've got a really big traffic jam today, but we've got a really good reason. since 2004, soldier ride has kicked off in front of the "fox & friends" program and once again today we've got the guy who kicks it off every year, the director of soldier ride, dan. >> how are you doing today? >> steve: beautiful day, isn't it? >> unbelievable.
5:55 am
nice day for a ride. let these warriors get out there and inspire us, have a good time. >> steve: where are we going today? >> over the brooklyn bridge to fort hamton where we'll do a little swimming, bowling v a good time. >> steve: tell us who they are. >> warriors from walter reed, bethesda, all over the united states coming here, just doing a little rehabilitation to get out there and have a social event and fun. >> steve: it's social, it's fun, but at the same time, you're raising money for wounded warrior project. >> absolutely. yes, sir. we try to get individuals out here that can help to inspire these individuals, inspire them. we inspire the crowd. it's really a community event. it's unbelievably great. >> brian: we also have aaron brady here, miss usa. >> good morning. >> brian: why was it important for you to be here? >> this is my first time here and it's great to see these men and all of the sacrifices they've made and to see how far they've come and all the accomplishments they have made. >> we're about to start now at the heart of new york city, right? >> we are. just about ready to go. >> steve: we're ready if you're ready. >> erin, you ready?
5:56 am
>> ready. >> brian: on your mark. >> let's roll! wooo! [ cheering ] >> brian: by the way, they stop in every county and let everybody go through. >> steve: very, very nice. good luck, guys. gals. [ applause ] ♪ >> steve: they are off, soldier ride 2013, live from new york city! good luck, folks! we'll be right back my name is mike and i quit smoking. chantix... it's a non-nicotine pill. i didn't want nicotine to give up nicotine. [ male announcer ] along with support, chantix (varenicline) is proven to help people quit smoking. [ mike ] when i was taking the chantix,
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>> gretchen: kicking off the soldier ride here. tomorrow, all summer concert series, cody simpson will be performing. >> brian: the wounded warriors might have left, but didn't leave without first making their logo on the cement. >> steve: miss usa in the after the show show. see you back here tomorrow. bull * is the irs scandal tied directly to the white house? that's what republicans will try to prove today. you will hear from the two irs officials for the first time under oath when they go public and we are waiting for that. good morning. martha: i'm martha maccallum in london. but first what could be an uncomfortable hearing for the white house today. one current and one former irs employee will tell ameri


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