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tv   The FOX Report With Shepard Smith  FOX News  July 18, 2013 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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wrong sport anyway. thank for inviting us into your home tonight. that's it for this "special report," fair, balanced and unafraid. >> harris: this is the fox report. tonight: a super city goes bankrupt. what could it mean for the american auto industry? retired workers and hundreds of thousands of others. and a guy who was on the witness list against accused boston mobster whitey bulger will not be talking to anyone he claims whitey bulger held him up at young point in front of his young daughters. now he just turned up dead. >> i'm a hugger. >> harris: there is word for women are accusing san diego's mayor of a lot more than hugging. >> i have failed to fully respect the women who work for me and with me.
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>> harris: now the mayor, who is not allowed to be in a room alone with a female staff is set to speak at a benefit for victims of sexual assault. also, also, calorie count for cocktails? >> might as well know what you are putting in your body. >> i don't want to know what's in my drink, how many calories. i want to have it and relax. >> harris: like it or not your next drink could come with a nutrition label. i'm harris talkner in for shepard smith. former owner had waited for decades to testify against accused mob boss whitey bulger. he was on the list for the prosecution. tonight he is dead. the man's body found on the side of the road. as of yet, we still don't know how he died. it is a trial that has taken several that dramatic twists and turns. whitey bulger took part in as many as 19 murders in the 70s and 80's.
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faces extortion and money laundering charges among other things. two years after the fbi finally caught him in southern california, jurors have heard from a number of people who claim they were among bulger's closest allies. the kind of testimony that's triggered emotional outburst and all sorts of drama inside that courtroom. a former partner who said bulger informant for the fbi took the stand and said this. we killed people that were rats and i had the two biggest rats right next knee. to that, bulger screamed out, well, you suck. the witness shouted back blank you. okay. bulger replied blank you, too. then the witness jumped to his feet yelling: what do you want to do? deputy u.s. marshals were ready to intervene when the judge shouted hey and the witness stat back down. that was reportedly the second time in as many weeks bulger cursed out a witness. his attorneys deny he was an fbi informant. today on "studio b" former establishment director for the fbi in new york called
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this the most complex confusing case you can imagine. >> everybody is testifying against everybody else. not only criminals by john in boston. this is a mess. >> harris: now a man on the witness les is dead. the boston newspaper reporting this comes days after prosecutors called him they did not plan to call him to the stand after all. molly line on fox top story from boston. what do we know about this man. >> we know his name was stephan rakes. 59 years old. his body was found off of a roadside in lincoln, massachusetts. that's a community about 30 minutes west of the city of boston. he had formerly lived in south boston. and he has accused whitey bulger, james whitey bulger who is on trial right now of extorting him way back in the 80's. rakes claimed he was one of bulger's victims. accusing bulger and his partners of extortion. saying the men threatened
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his life and forced him to give up his liquor store the one he was riding in 1984. the middlesex district attorney's office put out a statement today regarding the autopsy that was performed saying no signs of trauma were found. the autopsy results are pending toxicology which generally takes several weeks to complete. identified as rakes. authorities said it appeared that he may have been out for a walk and had suffered possibly a medical episode. harris? >> harris: molly. i understand he had been a regular at federal court recently. >> absolutely. rakes was there very, very often. he was looking forward to his chance to testify. he wanted to tell his story. it's pretty powerful words over the course of the last few weeks outside of federal court. take a listen. >> i just can't believe that we're listening to this lawyer say that he had carte blanche to do whatever he wanted. he has a day up on the stand i will have my day. then we will see what the difference is compare them. it's not a problem. >> 30 years ago, i have never look at it now i
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can't wait to look at him right in the eyes. and',xñ now his day has come. it took a long time, but there is good triumph over evil. >> rakes had reportedly received word just earlier this week that he would not be needed to testify and had expressed disappointment to some of the other alleged family members of james whitey bulger's victims as well, harris? >> harris: molly line, thank you very much. it was once the hubble of great invention in our nation. cars, various industries, and some of the most soul something music of our time. tonight, detroit is a statistic. the largest city in u.s. history to file for bankruptcy. detroit's emergency manager kevinor requested the status and michigan governor rick snyder approved the request just a few hours ago. it is clear that the financial emergency in detroit cannot be successfully addressed outside of such a filing it is the only reasonable alternative that is available.
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the chapter nine bankruptcy petition seek protection from creditors and unions. renegotiating nearly $20 billion in debt and other liabilities to. give you an idea what kind of shape the city is in. 40% of streeft lights do not work there are nearly 78,000 vacant homes and businesses. and it takes nearly an hour for police to respond to any kind of help. while that is going on. it's interesting to note the police chief and assistant emergency manager reportedly earn some $220,000 a year. now the white house releasing a statement tonight saying president obama's administration will continue to closely monitor the situation mike tobin live in chicago. dramatic afternoon in detroit. >> you ended one a race to get the paperwork in front of a judge. according to a spokesman for the emergency manager. key elements of the debt is the dramatic underfunding of the city employee pension.
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so while negotiations with representatives of these pension funds and with representatives of the unions to bargain down that debt were going poorly. you had some of these representatives trying to restrain the city from filing bankruptcy. the emergency manager was forced to rush this paperwork in and get it into the courthouse which did he this afternoon the real dispute unfunded portion of the liability. until they are funded those benefits continue. comes downtown funded portion and for detroit contribution, cases of mismanagement that went on for a long period of time with respect to pension liabilities in detroit. >> now the city waits to see if a federal judge will accept the chapter 9 filing. meantime, a stay get issued against any lawsuits against the city. harris? >> boy, i will tell you, this is stuff if they are trying to retire those city employees those that happen to have a job. does this mean they won't get their pensions? >> no. the pensions still have value, but the amount of that value is still to be
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determined. the amount that they are underfunded could be as much as $3.5 billion according to the spokesman for the emergency manager. that spokesperson also stressed that key services like fire and police will continue despite the filing for bankruptcy. harris? >> harris: yeah. i mentioned it takes over an hour to get a police 911 call answered. scary stuff. mike tobin, thank you. meanwhile, companies are posting higher earnings. that news hit wall street today. fewer people are filing jobs claims for benefits. factories are busy in large part across a huge chunk of the nation. all of this news pushing stocks to new records in trading today. the dow up nearly 80 on the session. the s&p 500 up 8. the nasdaq up 1. movement in the irs scandal. in search of audited the irs says, he is very disturbed. he told congress today the internal revenue service never originally gave him documents showing agents also may have targeted
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progressive groups not just conservatives. he says he just received those documents last week. >> they were not provided during our order, even though similar documents that quote tea party, unquote, but not progressive were. i am very disturbed that these documents were not provided to our auditors at the outset and we are currently reviewing this issue. >> so far, no response from the irs. democrats now pushing the inspector general to turn it over those documents to congress. mike impanel live on capitol hill. mike, a key witness today was a long-time irs employees who talked about what happened. >> that's right. harris. a civil servant who worked for 48 years irs. worked here in washington. says a 2011 meeting with the chief council's office only added to it the review process. >> we got a lady who has been at the irs four months. never dealt with this area, who now gets the two
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infamous test cases. they take them from a guy who has been there with 48 years stellar evaluations and give them to this individual, correct? >> so. >> >> okay. fine. here is-what i want from your testimony. they everywhere taken after you made recommendations on how to deal with the test cases. is that correct? >> that's correct. >> hall says in his vast experience, taking applications out for extra review was rare. there is also the issue of the blame game and you may remember the initial story line was this was all the fault of a couple of rogue agents in cincinnati. >> ms. hougheric how did you feel about that when you knew that was not the case it was rogue agents in cincinnati. >> sir, i was deeply offended. i mean, it impound my reputation and the reputation of other agents and basically all federal employees. >> and hofacre says she was
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frustrated after being micromanaged and then ultimately blamed, harris. >> harris: wow. lawmakers did g understanding about possible political motive. lawmakers are trying to figure out who united stated the targeting and how high all of this goes, a key democrat demanded answers. >> did any -- did anyone from the campaign either a political appointee, a volunteer, a bystander, or an employee ever give instruction or direction on how to process tea party applications. did anyone interfere in the process, mr. hall? >> no. >> ms. huffing? >> no. >> it was a marathon hearing about six and a half hours up here on capitol hill. >> harris: mike emanuel, thank you very much. critics of a big city mayor say he is unsafe for women. he is accused of grabbing
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and groping colleagues. ny he is set to speak at a benefit for sexual assault victims and at the same time more aciewfersz are coming forward against the mayor who says i'm a hugger. and people in one town say it should be legal to shoot down drones for money. and now that proposal is coming up for a vote. stay close. people but a friend under water is something completely different. i met a turtle friend today. avo: whatever you're looking for, expedia has more ways to help you find yours. [ whirring ] [ dog barks ] i want to treat mo dogs. ♪ our business needs more cases.
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party? san diego, apparently that's where it ended. mayor filner says he wants his accusers to come forward so he can face these allegations head on and even so donna the woman who once blew the whistle on him agrees. listen. >> until an employee is willing to come forward, these attorneys are drumming up a lot of anger, a lot of emotion, but they are not presenting the evidence that would be needed for either a civil or criminal conviction. >> trace: democrat leaders will meet tonight in san diego to discuss whether or not they should recommend that mayor filner resign. harris? >> harris: yeah, well emotions are racking up and so are the dollars. i understand the scandal could cost taxpayers a bundle. >> yeah. because the city of san
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diego is obligated to defend mayor filner. if these lawsuits come and if they are successful, it could end up costing the city millions of dollars and now the city of san diego is no longer saying that any female employee is allowed to be alone with the mayor. now they have to meet with him in public. one city councilman says the fact that the mayor needs a babysitter is ludicrous. listen. >> we have talked about separate work environment and those type of things. but the real issue is here is, you know we can't be in the position of looking after the mayor and trying to control his urges. the mayor should do the right thing and resign for the good of the city. if this was a private sector job, he wouldn't be employable. he wouldn't be here if the mayor proposes refuses to resign they will start a recall effort tomorrow. >> harris: shoot down a drone and pocket cash.
4:18 pm
that's a proposal in the town of deer trail, colorado. the man who came up with the idea says he does not want drones in his town. they fly in town, they get shot down, he says. local officials say they have never actually seen a drone in the skies over deer trail and that it's against the law to destroy federal property. they call this a symbolic measure. according to local reports, a drone hunting license would set you back $25. and for any hunters who are interested, deer trail is about an hour east of denver. texas now has one of the strictest abortion laws in the nation. it's the bill state senator wendy davis blocked last month with her one-woman 12 hour filibuster. governor perry called lawmakers back for a special session and they passed it. then today he signed it. critics claim the law includes new restrictions that will force most of the state's abortion clinics to shut down. supporters say it will improve clinic safety and the quality of women's healthcare. people who watch what they
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>> harris: exactly what is in a beer? we could soon find out with the nutritional labels on beer, wine, and liquor. the treasury department issued a new temporary rule and so far it's voluntary. that could change with beverage companies being
4:23 pm
forced to add labels like we see on food packaging. some companies join consumer advocates saying it's a good thing because the labels would promote transparency while others are against the idea. adam housley with the news live in car vista, california. who likes the rule and who doesn't? >> we have all seen nutrition value labels you can find on packaging. of course the theme on everybody in the theme on just about everything you buy. you you see it on that box. potentially be on this bottle or for example this bottle. that's what some, well some federal agencies are looking into. right now it's just voluntary. potentially could be mandatory. it basically would allow or would potentially have beer, wine, and spirit companies putting labels on bottles including everything serving size calories, cautious, fat protein content. voluntary could make it mandatory. talk to people who go to restaurants, frequent bars. the reactions are pretty mixed about the idea. >> some people make their
4:24 pm
decisions based on their diets and what they want to consume based on those numbers. it is important for them to be able to get that information. for brewers they can add it there if they want. they don't have to but they can and so, you know, it may make a difference on their sales and may not. >> the idea to make these labels mandatory actually came back out in 19 -- back in 2007. it never happened back then. that's why it's voluntary now. liquor companies somewhat like the ruling because they want to advertise the fact they have lower calories and cautious. they tend to support a little bit more. breweries and wineries. the owner says he doesn't want to see nutrition label on a bottle like this. harris? >> harris: adam, thank you so much. i think i feel about when they put labels on snicker bars years ago it just depressed me. >> you just don't want to know. >> harris: new york city mayor michael bloomberg is continuing war on obesity with another public health initiative. this one urging new yorkers to take the stairs. you will remember first it
4:25 pm
was forcing fast food chains to post calorie counts and eliminating transfats at restaurants. failed attempt to limit 16-ounce sodas. no big goips for him. issued executive order requiring city agencies to promote the use of their stairways. according to mayor bloomberg another one of his proposals would force businesses to post signs near the elevators tell people to take the stairs. another member of the george zimmerman jury is speaking out about the verdict. and trayvon martin's parents make their first oncamera comments since jurors found zimmerman not guilty. also, pentagon leaders tell congress the u.s. is considering military action in syria. and they say president bashar assad may be winning the civil war there. hi, i'm terry and i have diabetic nerve pain.
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>> harris: protest turned violent injured dozens more in a demonstration. our top story as we go around the world in 80 seconds. >> india, angry mob flooded the streets of a northern city throwing stones and shouting antigovernment slogans. this after word indian border guards had desis he grated copies of the holly book koran while militants. government forces then reportedly fired on marchers who were
4:30 pm
protesting that incident. china, heavy rain triggering landslides in a northwestern province. more than 100 homes destroyed. hundreds badly damaged. but for the human toll, nobody hurt. iraq, government officials declaring a public holiday in baghdad and surrounding areas as temperatures sore to nearly 120 degrees. is some people try to cool down by swimming in the tigris remember. others setting up showers in front of their shops. romania, a museum official says ash from a woman's oven may be the remains of paintings worth worth millions of dollars like artists like picasso. monet. the woman's son is accused of stealing those art works from a gallery in netherlands. mom said she hid the paintings and then burentd them to keep her son from being caught. investigators still working to verify her story. that's a wrap on oif this
4:31 pm
fox trip around the world in 80 seconds. i'm harris faulkner in for shepard smith tonight. alternate agrees with the jury's verdict even though he wasn't in deliberation with the other jurors and wasn't allowed to talk with them about the case. the alternate said the defense team did such a good job presenting the case they would have all wound up on the same page. murder of the killing of killing of trayvon martin. here is what the alternate juror told our fox station in orlando, fox 35. >> i would like to have been in the room with those five ladies and had a chance to talk about it and, you know, you couldn't talk about it the whole time we were together. sit down and get their thoughts. i supported the verdict. >> harris: described the events which helped make up
4:32 pm
his mind. phil keating in our south florida newsroom. what was that key piece of evidence? >> harris, crime scene video and photos of a preshooting beatdown. specifically those bloody photographs of george zimmerman's injuries combined with the 911 tape screams which he feels were george zimmerman, not martin, plus zimmerman's initial police call led him to conclude zimmerman had the law on his side. >> he was trying to keep an observation and communicate to the police and was not being confrontational. he had the right to be where he was. and, you know, i don't think he had to go back to his car. >> during the three weeks of trial testimony, he never felt that the prosecution presented a convincing argument that zimmerman profiled martin, harris? >> well, for the first time on camera today, we saw the parents of trayvon martin talking about the verdict
4:33 pm
absolute shock and disbelief were their actions. stunned. this was the first day they spoke on camera. they of course attended every day of the trial. the parents of trayvon martin said late saturday night when that verdict came, in at a minimum they thought it would for sure be at least manslaughter. today his father says he believes had his son been white, zimmerman never would have looked at him and thought suspicious. they wholeheartedly disagree with the first juror who spoke to absolved zimmerman for triggers the events. >> instead of placing the blame on the teenager, we need to place the blame on the responsible adult. there were two people involved. we had an adult that was chasing a kid. and we had the kid who, i feel, was afraid. >> today, florida democrats again calling for a special session in tallahassee to re-examine the stand your ground law. while tonight for the third straight night, students up in tallahassee are occupying the governor's office. harris? >> harris: phil keating, thank you. president obama is defending his healthcare overhaul after the house
4:34 pm
voted for the 38th time to undo all or part of it the latest bill is going nowhere. they say like the previous 37. republican leaders point out the white house itself is delaying part of the law. the president insisting obama care is paying off millions of americans. rest of it takes effect. wendell, the president invited follow families over to make his case. >> harris, there were people were washington, d.c. and the suburbs who had gotten rebaited checks from their insurance premium much of the president making the point that the affordable care act is not just about expanding insurance availability in the future. it is already delivering benefits for the 8 a% of the country that already has insurance because of the requirement of the law that insurance companies not use more than 20% of the premium these charge for administrative cost.
4:35 pm
if they are not spending premiums on health care, they have got to give you some money back. last year millions of americans opened letters from their insurance companies but instead of the usual dread that comes from getting a bill. [ laughter ] they were pleasantly surprised with a check. >> they average about $100. they will be dwarfed by new taxes in obama care. >> harris: new fox news polling are a lot of americans are concerned what their healthcare will look like under obama care. bipartisan view. it's not just republicans who have concerned. >> west virginia democratic senator joe manchin is afraid that employers might look for creative ways foo void requirement if that they provide health insurance if they have more than 50 workers. limiting some of their workers to part time. that could cut paychecks and shift insurance costs to the federal government. they are saying if you have 50 or fewer you don't have to belong no penalties.
4:36 pm
if you have larger unions belong to corporations and companies. are they putting more people on part time now because the penalty is not going to be passed on and the government is going to pick it all up taxpayers? there are a lot of things that aren't answered. a lot of questions people have been asking and it's got to be addressed and fixed. >> teamster union leaders have expressed concern as well. and republicans are optimistically break the democrats. >> wendell, thank you. the senate confirmed two more of president obama's no, ma'am me. thomas perez for labor second. gina mccarthy for e.p.a. administrator. this is part of a deal senators cut earlier this week to avoid the so-called nuclear option. republicans agreed to stop blocking the votes and democrats dropped their threat to end filibusters for some presidential nominees. the g.o.p. can still block nominations with just 41 votes. senator john mccain says he will block the nomination
4:37 pm
of general martin dempsey for a second term as chairman of the joint chiefs of staff. that's after a testy exchange between the two over the civil war going on in syriaened at role that the united states military should play. >> the decision on whether to use force is the decision of our elected officials. you know, i just ask the chairman just asked you if you would give your personal opinion to the committee if asked. you said yes. i'm asking for your opinion. >> about the use of strikes. that issue is under deliberation inside of the -- our agencies of government and it would be inappropriate for me to try to influence the decision with me rendering an opinion in public about what kind of force we should use. so that was a. no general dempsey did acknowledge the conflict in syria is turning in favor of president pa share assad. jennifer griffin at the pentagon. it's not the first time senator mccain and general
4:38 pm
dempsey have butted heads. >> that's right, harris. the tension goes back to the iraqi surge. >> would you agree that we have recent experience where until we understood how the country would continue to govern and institutions of govern wouldn't fail situations can be made worse by the introduction of military force? actually general dempsey you and i went through this in 2006 when i said it wasn't succeeding and that we had to have a surge and that only a surge could succeed in reversing the tide of battle and you disagreed with me then, way back then. and i think history shows that those of us who supported the surge were right and people like you who didn't think we needed a surge were wrong. >> senator mccain could hold up dempsey's nomination while he seeks answers. >> harris: he was in a syrian refugee camp earlier
4:39 pm
today. jennifer, we watched him take questions from the refugees. they were asking him for help. >> those syrian refugees, harris, told him stories of rape and torture. they told the u.s. secretary of state that the power of the u.s. military could turn things around in 30 minutes for them. senator lindsey graham asked the chairman and vice chairman of the joint chiefs about assad during today's reconfirmation hearing. >> is assad winning? >> currently the tide seems to have shifted in his favor. >> is the winning or not. >> if i had to pick who is winning it would be the regime but not by much right now. >> okay. >> both military leaders told the senators that the flood of refugees, 600,000 to date in to jordan from syria could destabilize the jordanian regime and could lead to the overthrow of the king of jordan, harris? >> harris: that's when that has been the concern all along this would spread like wildfire. jennifer, thank you.
4:40 pm
a federal judge has just told the owners of the world trade center they cannot sue the airlines for billions of dollars in addition for damages from the terror attacks of september 11th. the owners were arguing the airlines should have to pay for allowing hijackers to take over the planes that crashed into the original towers. world trade center properties has already collected about $5 billion in insurance money. they claim that does not cover the entire cost of the reconstruction the airlines insist fair value for the buildings that fell and anything more would be double compensation. the judge agreed. the owners say they plan to appeal. >> a lot of angry college students earlier this month. when the rates on their school loans doubled. now a deal in washington. first, fox weather alert. a pun 'issue inning heat wave in the northeast. and one little guy doing his best to stay cool. he is super cute. a lot of people though. heeding the health warnings
4:41 pm
to stay indoors and no doubt cranking up airconditioning units because new york city officials now say they expect it to be a record breaking day for power usage. the last time new yorkers used this much electricity was back in august of 2006 temperatures popped to 100 degrees and beyond. rick with the first alert forecast from the weather center. rick? >> yes, taps very long prolonged event and widespread event as well. hot omaha and new york city and everywhere in between. it's just the temperatures and then as you said you factor in that humidity out there and it feels worse. it feels like 108 degrees in washington. we're going to warm up more and get humid tomorrow. that's not good news but it is what is going to bring us relief eventually. this is what we are dealing with. threat for severe weather tonight parts of minnesota and wisconsin thsmght is a front that's going to move through tomorrow more severe weather around the great lakes and saturday a
4:42 pm
big stormy day around much of the northeast. the good news you see that green, that will be across much of the area by sunday and monday. so a big break gets here but we have another couple more days. latest from the weather center. fox report will be right back. share the same dream ♪ ♪ ♪ at the dark end of the street ♪ ♪ ♪ you and me ♪ you and me ♪ you and me ♪ american express credit card, every purchase earns you 2% cash back, which is deposited in your fidelity account. is that it? actually... there's no annual fee and no limits on rewards. and with the fidelity cash management account
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restore lower interest rates on college loans, savings students thousands of dollars in the process. the rates doubled for the first time in many months earlier this month when they failed to agree on a plan. this new bipartisan deal retroactively reduces those rates. it does leave open the possibility that the interest rates on students loans could rise again. james rosen following that from d.c. james? >> the catch here, harris, is that the newly announced credit rates for student borrowers are tied to the financial markets and likely rise as the economy approves. the gang of seven senators from both parties announced the break through this afternoon. it will be voted on next week.
4:46 pm
it overrides the rate hike that went into effect on july the 1st. and which stood to double borrowing cost for students taking out subsidized stafford loans. under the terms of the deal, undergraduates will pay 3.9% interest rates. graduate students will pay a 5.4% rate. and parents 6.4%. we're certainly not asking on the first 3500 and overcharge them on the next 2,000 to help cover what we subsidize i think to the american people that's insane. >> they said for quite some time that the sides were not all if a far apart and there was a way to do this that was not going to try to cut the deficit by 16 billion, for example, which was the senate republican proposal. >> the federal government estimates outstanding student debt now exceeds $1 trillion. that's up 20% since 2011. all in all i am glad i gave up education a long time
4:47 pm
ago, harris. >> harris: stop. you are one of the smartest people i know. a trillion dollars in debt. that is frightening. james rosen, thank you. >> thank you, harris. >> harris: a lot of us don't know where we will be in the next few years some people behind new software can tell you exactly where you are going to be at any given time. really? researchers with microsoft and google. the software uses g.p.s. to track users and learn their routines. the science is and tech editor for explained it on "studio b." >> basically everyone does more or less the same things all the time. we go home. we go to work. we go to the same store. then but it's to a movie the same theater. and you f. you put all that information together they have g.p.s. they put on a bunch of people to walk around and figure that out. basically we can predict we are going to do the exact same things. >> harris: wow, tomorrow night's fox report at his house. not really. the software can react to changes in jobs and big moves. the software could be useful for social networking and advertisers and marketers.
4:48 pm
well, too bad it can't predict when the royal baby will arrive or what its name will be. that sort of information could make somebody a lot of money. jonathan hunt reports on that next. store, it's really not about you. they say, "well, if you wanted a firm bed you can lie on one of those. we provide the exact individualization that your body needs. oh, yeah! once you experience it, there's no going back. don't miss the final days of our summer closeout, for the biggest savings on all sleep number memory foam and iseries bed sets. only at the sleep number store, where queen mattresses start at just $699. sleep number. comfort individualized. the beach on your tv is much closer than it appears. seize the summer with up to 50% off hotels at travelocity.
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>> harris: former south africa president nelson mandela -- took time to honor him. his legacy of course knocking out the racism known as apartheid in this country. he remains hospitalized tonight with a lung infection. ♪ ♪ ♪ nelson mandela ♪ nelson mandela. >> harris: amid the celebrations people throughout south africa performed 67 minutes of community service for mandela's 67 years of public service. his grandchildren also taking a part on capitol hill.
4:52 pm
lawmakers held a ceremony. celebrating mandela's life in legacy and in times square a billboard wishing mandela happy birthday. south after infantry caps current president said the former leader's health is steadily improving, that he remains in critical condition though. and in the u.k., royal baby bump watch say that three times. still no word from prince wills or the duchess of cambridge on when we can expect the arrival of the new little prince or princess. reporters have been camped outside the london hospital where we are told kate could give birth at any time. fox chief correspondent jonathan hunt with the news in our new york city newsroom. baby? >> i do need the baby. didn't want to arrive on the 18th. it's now the 19th u.k. wouldn't be overshadowed with sharing a birthday with nelson mandella. william and kate as evil as they are. >> aren't giving us any clues at all. suspense filled public
4:53 pm
betting on names. most of them seem to think it will be a girl alexandra is at most popular name followed by victoria historical president, of course. charlotte and two emotional ones elizabeth the name of the grandmother and diana, the name of william's mother. of course as for boys james seems to be the favorite and all those boring names, george, francis, philip, alexander but a 33 to 1 shot i'm told by the betting agency is jonathan. i think that's a pretty good bet. >> oh, with those odds you have got to go to vegas, i guess. >> what really threw me for a loop this happened in london. >> we told this yesterday on "studio b." a lot of the media around the world now picking up on this idea. that's because kate is currently hanging out as we understand it. at her parent's home in the lovely picturesque victim of buckle berry. that is right next to the
4:54 pm
city of redding where the royal bark sharier hospital is. if you want to travel from there to london, that's about a 50-mile journey on the m-4 freeway. there is a lot of traffic on it even a chopper ride to london. maybe it's going to be out near mummy's home. i talked to elm mow jean lloyd weber about. this she said the couple may have other reasons for trying to trick the media, too. listen. >> that would be hysterical. william has smiling hatred of the media he does slightly believe they helped contribute to diana's death. he will find it hysterically funny if she gives birth. >> could they be doing it deliberately. >> oh yes they could be doing it deliberately. quite funny. if all of us are hanging out outside of st. mary's hospital in london and born
4:55 pm
out at the bark sharier and that is how you say it properly. >> harris: you are the only one who could explain what that map said. >> it's not berkshire it's it bark sharier. >> harris: it's jonathan. >> jonathan or queen jonathan. >> harris: this just in to fox now. new upclose photographs of police captures and arresting the suspect in the boston marathon bombing. why are these pictures going public now? it has to do with that controversial "rolling stone" magazine cover. stay with us. man: the charcoal went out already? ... forget it. vo: there's more barbeque time in every bag of kingsford original charcoal. kingsford. slow down and grill. mhandle more than 165 billionl letters and packages a year. that's about 34 million pounds of mail every day.
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4:59 pm
the the killer's arrest and comes from a photographer that was there with the massachusetts state police department. he said he was upset about the "rolling stone" photo and wanted to show the real face of dzhokhar tsarnaev and that's why he has released the pictures. we're told they show tsarnaev at the end of a day long manhunt back in april. a day which investigators say started when he carjacked a vehicle with his brother. then got into a shootout with police, drove over his dying brother to get away. then hid in a dry docked boat in someone's yard. this apparently is a sniper's true of that boat the photos show how they head as they emerged from that boat. another picture shows medics attending to him after police arrested him. he pleaded not guilty last week to charges which included using a weapon of mass destruction. investigators say the two brothers set off bombs at the boston marathon finish line which killed three people, wounded more than 200 and 60.
5:00 pm
so that photographer so upset over that "rolling stone" magazine that he is letting the world see now what we have never seen before. that's how fox reports this thursday, july 18th, 2013. i'm harris faulkner in for shepard smith. now the factor. >> the o'reilly factor is on. tonight: >> i'm tired of this administration having to keep having these hearings. >> does the gentleman yield? >> yes. >> i want to answer your allegation. these are not just talking points. >> bill: more hearings about the irs scandal. now some democrats in congress are attacking the investigation. we will show you what happened today. >> would the gentleman yield for just five seconds? >> that is absolutely not true. >> this is a person who -- of our ears. to his pier group seemed like one of them. >> bill: "rolling stone" magazine under intense pressure because some believe they are glorifying the boston terrorist. geraldo will weigh in on that. donald trump, mania over


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