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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  July 19, 2013 1:00am-2:01am PDT

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>> the o'reilly factor is on. tonight: >> i'm tired of this administration having to keep having these hearings. >> does the gentleman yield? >> yes. >> i want to answer your allegation. these are not just talking points. >> bill: more hearings about the irs scandal. now some democrats in congress are attacking the investigation. we will show you what happened today. >> would the gentleman yield for just five seconds? >> that is absolutely not true. >> this is a person who -- of our ears. to his pier group seemed like one of them. >> bill: "rolling stone" magazine under intense pressure because some believe they are glorifying the boston terrorist. geraldo will weigh in on that. donald trump, mania over the royal baby and jesse
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watters investigating a new tax on strippers. >> that's absolutely ridiculous. >> bill: caution. you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. ♪ ♪ hi, i'm bill o'reilly, thanks for watching us tonight. america's power in decline, that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. while stories like the zimmerman trial, the irs scandal and obama care are important. they do not define the nation. but the economy does. by far the most important story in america today is our declining economic power. yesterday, i said that on the cbs morning program. >> do you believe we have moved in the last five, six years to a nanny state? do you live in romania? of course we have. >> what's your best example of that? >> food stamps. look at the explosion of people receiving benefits
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from the government. more than 50% of american homes doing it. compared to 20 years ago. we have got a 17 trillion-dollar debt. okay? i mean, if we continue this, i'm going to have to move to switzerland because this thing is going to collapse. you can't continue to do. this that's the most important issue. >> bill: america's outstanding debt and the fact that we cannot provide jobs for millions of people who want to work is a direct threat to our power. all over the world folks know it according to a new pew research survey which polled 38,000 people in 39 different countries, 33 of those say china has either replaced or reoust america as the super power. overall it break down like this will the u.s. as super power already has. eventually 33% never. 33% don't know 21%. no question it is decline. russian president putin has no problem jabbing us over
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snowden. putin is not afraid what the u.s. might do to russia. same with iran that country doesn't fear us. china does pretty much what it wants although it's beneficial to the chinese to have a good economic relationship with the u.s.a. there is no way that america will remain the most powerful nation in the world if we continue to promote weakness. the nanny state mentality embraced by the democratic party is a direct and dire threat and the reason that the democrats have been able to do so much damage to the economy is because the republican party didn't solve key problems when it was in power. illegal immigration one of the billing examples of that. dangerous speculative bank investments another. the g.o.p. failed to deal with those situations. so the country elected barack obama. and his liberal philosophy has taken deep root. the result as i told the cbs crew, economic chaos and the change in the most important mind set this country once had. self-reliance. and that's the memo. now for the top story
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tonight. more hearings will the irs targeting conservative groups as you may know. organizations like the nra, planned patient hood and other strong lobbying operations effect how the country works. in 2010 the tea party on the rise and it threatened the democrats. so the irs started illegally, in my opinion, targeting tea party and conservative groups giving them a hard time over tax exempt status. that's what the irs deal is all about. now, today, there was testimony that the anti-conservative operation was directed out of washington. >> the former commissioner, irs commissioner miller blamed all this targeting on two rogue agents. >> correct. >> i would suspect that you would be one of those two rogue agents. >> they would infer that i was one of them. >> is that true? were you -- >> -- no, i was not. i was following directions from management and they were aware of what i was doing. >> bill: with us now to analyze monica crowley and alan colmes. what's the most important thing to come out of the hearing to you.
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>> two things. targeting originated out of washington, d.c. not out of rogue agents in cincinnati thrown under the bus. enough to we come. second point that came out today is carter hall who has been with the irs for nearly 50 years testified that lois lerner, one of the big villainous here of the scandal ordered him to send the reviews of the religious and conservative groups under scrutiny send those files to the irs's chief counsel office. the reason that's important is because the irs chief counsel is one of only two positions in the irs that the presidents of the united states appoints. the chief counsel of the united states is one of two political ayointees at the irs. >> bill: and you respond how. >> i would say the woman you just showed liz hofacre it was a cincinnati initial directed this not somebody in washington and also another thing that happened today was that jay russell george, the investigator
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general said that he was quite disturbed that he was kept -- information kept from him by the irs about the targeting of progressive groups. we heard at the beginning this was just tea party. now we are hearing it was occupy. we are hearing words like israel and progressive were used and we also know that issa did not give full information. >> bill: are you saying that the first witness lied today she was under oath in front of congress. that's a crime. >> i'm not going to say a liar. it's been reported in the past that she said directed from cincinnati. >> bill: i'm going to throw that out what you just said because that would be a crime if she didn't tell the truth today. so, do you want to get to the bottom of this? >> sure, absolutely. >> bill: do you? you believe it's an important story. >> i believe it's important. i initially thought it's politically motivated as everybody thought. >> bill: you want to get to the bottom of it elijah cummings in my opinion doesn't want to get to the bottom of it. >> i don't agree. >> bill: not looking out for the country. >> he was not given complete information.
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>> bill: elijah consumption has done everything he could to block the investigation and attack those who are aggressively involved in it everything he could. i just want to go on record, colmes. this man you are looking at right now is not looking out for the united states. doesn't care to know what happened. and will try to keep the folks from learning what happened. >> he is the one who released all the information after darrell issa withheld documents and wouldn't release the information it was consumption who actually. >> bill: i don't know what you are talking about. >> about what groups are solved. this was selectively chosen. >> bill: isn't anything on the record as far as i know, mondayca. any progressive group that was denied tax exempt because of the political reason. >> correct. >> bill: is there anything on the record there. >> no. in fact, a number of progressive groups were actually fast tracked for status. this equivalence that you heard from alan that you heard from the left how progressive groups were targeted is totally flatly untrue. progressive groups and as far as we know six were
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singled out were never subjected to the same delays, harassment, and unconstitutionally intrusive questioning that the conservative groups were. >> bill: if they had been, look, i'm not going to get into he said, she said. >> only group denied status was emerge america, a progressive group. >> bill: if that is true that's just as wrong as the tea party. if the irs is using its vast power in a political way to deny legitimate claims so that the people can advocate for what they want to, that's a crime. >> and completely wrong, right? but the moral and practical equivalence which the left has been trying to draw doesn't exist. >> bill: it may. if it comes out we will report it accurately. >> zero evidence. not a single progressive. >> that's not true. progress america was denied tax exempt status. >> bill: i don't know that i don't think we can say that until we study the
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case. do i know this but you are dead wrong about elijah cummings, he is he disgraceful in these hearings. >> that's your opinion. my opinion is i am right about elijah cummings. >> bill: he is attacking those who want to tell the truth. >> why did issa withhold information. >> i'm not singling out one or two men. i'm saying elijah cummings doesn't want to know and is attacking and disgraceful. >> bill: can i make a big point here? >> that's a big point that needs to be made. this is the most dangerous scandal in u.s. history because in the past when we have seen abuse of the irs, it's been elites, two elites linden johnson against the. >> bill clinton against o'reilly. what makes this different is that the irs targeted broad swaths of the entire society. >> bill: the folks. >> regular americans. >> bill: get to the bottom of it elijah gentleman. get to the bottom of it. man. i'm watching you. next on the rundown, rolling stone magazine taking massive heat over pudding much the boston terrorist on its cover.
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donald trump on how he would provide more jobs in america. factor will be right back.
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>> bill: impact segment tonight. rowling stone under massive pressure because it put boston terrorist on the cover looking like justin beiber. >> this is person same age as many of our readers to his pier group seemed like one of them. that's what made this story so powerful and disturbing to no way glorify what he did. the opposite is trying to understand it and explain it. >> bill: with us now to weigh in fox news anchor geraldo rivera and you say? >> it's not -- first of all it is creepy and in bad taste and they used a photo that made him look, you say justin beiber, more like jim morrison from a famous cover of "rolling stone." it's not unprecedented. you had in 1970 charles
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manson was on the cover. "time" magazine has had hitler and usama bin laden on the cover. >> bill: can i stop you right there? that's a menacing cover. that's not justin beiber. okay? nobody has any problem with that "time" magazine's man of the year not a good or bad person. person who influences the world the most. hitler would be in context there and so would usama bin laden. this is on attempt be warm and fuzzy with with this guy and that's why so many people are angry. >> it's an attempt to sell magazines frankly. it is a bold merchandising ploy. >> it's not working. >> when you read the article it's pretty good. it shows the young man, you know, adrift,. >> bill: nothing new in it we already knew that it's not well reported but it's not glorifying him. all of the cancellations that "rolling stone" is having. >> c.v.s., 7/11 just joined. they are boycotting. stop and shop is boycotting.
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>> this is people have had enough. >> bill: well, that's how you indicate your dislesh in this country. just boycott it. hurt them. >> bill: i'm not advocating that by the way. >> i suspect it will have the opposite effect. i think they will sell more news stand copies. >> bill: i don't think so at all. >> otherwise why would we care about the background of this young man. you dismiss it off handily. 20,000, failing his courses and adrift. >> bill: i think to know who these people are is important. >> very important. it is the article homegrown. >> bill: article put out clip job. they didn't do any reporting. they took clips from everywhere else. nothing new in that article. i am not calling for boycott of this magazine. i only call for boycotts when it's really really serious. i don't think this is serious enough. >> deeply effective weapon and disary one. you have to wield it with caution. >> bill: people have had enough that this is getting traction. you know who else they have had enough of?
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al sharpton, roll the tape. >> until we can overturn stand your ground. we risk other trayvon martins and what we must do is stand up and deal with a civil rights investigation and the end of stand your ground at the same time. >> bill: so you have known him for a long time. didn't he go to your wedding or something. >> he did. and engagement party. i have known him for 30 years. al sharpton is not dzhokhar tsarnaev. >> bill: i have been watching his numbers. is he not getting anything out of this other than making people not like him because they deem he is not fair. he is not a fair guy. he is he a selective cherry picker who is doing this for his own self-aggrandizement. that's the perception of sharpton i believe, am i wrong. >> you are asking perception. may i answer reality? i think al sharpton really is the premier civil rights activist of the 21st
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century. can you dislike his position. >> bill: is he a fair man? >> fairness is in the eye of the beholder, bill. >> bill: for you. that's why you are here. is he a fair man? >> al sharpton fairly express the fear felt by minority parents about the danger, the peril, their children faced when he they are encountered by the cops. >> bill: you are a no spin zone. this is gobbledygook. hold it. >> to his constituency he is fair. >> is he exploiting? that's not the answer. is he exploiting trayvon martin's death or is he analyzing it in a fair way? >> if you accept my premise that al sharpton is the premier civil rights activist. >> give me a name that you put in that slide. >> no, i don't. i don't think he is the leader of anybody. >> he is using a case that has touched a nerve among college aged students, among many minority parents. >> bill: why are you dodging? why are you dancing? here is the issue. is he exploiting it or is he covering it fairly? for geraldo rivera?
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what? >> he is exploiting it in the sense that commercially using an effective high profile case to bring attention to the civil rights movement. >> bill: not for his own self-aggrandizement? >> no, i don't believe that. >> bill: you do not? >> i do not believe that. >> bill: his motives are pure. >> it is a much more difficult motive than black on black crime. i believe his motives are much more purer than you give him credit for. >> bill: you want me to sit here and believe that he wants to solve black-on-black crime? you really believe that. >> bill, please, i have been with him in his church telling young minute to pick up their pants up. >> bill: where is his church. >> harlem. he does his telling kids to pull their pants up. he wants fathers to be responsible for their children. there is more to this than you characterize -- caricature of him. >> bill: you believe that al sharpton's motives in the trayvon martin case are
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pure. >> his motives are as pure as "rolling stone" or anybody else getting involved in this story. >> bill: it's very hot. >> he is not the stereotype. >> bill: very hot in new york city. directly ahead trump on how he would turn the u.s. economy around. also, whether he is being too mean to it a beauty contestant. then an amazing story. the accused fort hood terrorist major nidal hasan still getting paid by the military those reports after these messages.
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>> bill: personal story segment tonight, once of the most successful entrepreneurs in the country donald trump. outspoken critic of president obama's economic policies including obama care, mr. trump joins us now from midtown, manhattan.
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how many jobs do your provide. >> thousands. i know all about obama care i also know about good healthcare. >> bill: when you look at your core business, is it helpful to you that we have this affordable healthcare law? is that helpful to you, donald trump? >> >> well, i take a lot of really good care of my employees. i pay them a lot and i take good healthcare. they get great healthcare. and it effects me to a certain extent but not to the extent that a lot of other businesses are affected. many businesses are closing up. many businesses are hiring part-time workers as you know. they are hiring fewer than 50 workers. there are are a lot of tricks to obama ha care that frankly people have becoming in obama care. it's very unfair and unfortunate. it is affecting unemployment and certainly effecting other businesses
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very very seriously. >> bill: your business, because you provide a higher level of compensation doesn't hurt you directly but you believe that it is hurting the economy because the smaller business people are cutting back. what would you do -- >> -- it has less effect on me, yes. >> bill: say you were appointed czar of the economy, how would you get the employment up and the wages up and everything like that do you have a strategy? >> i certainly. would there are a lot of strategies. if you look what's going on with china and other countries, they are making our product. they are doing everything. they are making what we sell. they are making a lot of things. now they are going to start their own airplane companies to compete with boeing. we send our cars. we send everything over there. they take them and by the way these companies are signing agreements that they have to give away their technology to china. otherwise, you can't do business in china. china charges taxes to these companies that do business in china. so, we have to get back to
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china. and it's not only china. it's china and other countries. it's also opec. if you look at what's going on. there is so much oil. there is so much energy around and yet it doesn't go down. it's setting up new records and setting new records. opec is laughing at us how stupid we are, bill, how stupid we are. so, you have to attack china and other countries economically. you have to go back to making product. our real unemployment number is much higher than the 7.5%. they have 7.5. it's probably 17 or 18%. because people. >> bill: stopped looking for work. >> stopped looking for jobs and that's not included. >> bill: the weak economy here and the huge debt is taking -- robbing our power. but when you say you are going to it attack china, that means you are going to get into a trade war with them. that could very very severely effect the american economy, could it not? >> bill, we have all the power. believe me. you know, it's one of those
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things they supposedly lend us money. what are they doing? lending us our money. if china ever thought that we were going to tax their product coming into this country, which stupidly we don't, if they ever thought that we're somebody that was really going to do it, they would stop manipulating their currency which is the biggest thing they have on us. not cheap labor. they manipulate brilliantly better than anybody has ever manipulated before, their currency. and if they would stop doing that, we would be able to compete with china in terms of manufacturing. they don't believe that we're serious. >> bill: let me dumb it down. when they manipulate their currency, that means they get more dollars and we get less dollars because their money ♪ worth anything in the open market. >> that's right. it means it costs us a lot more to manufacture our goods. >> bill: right. another subject just for a minute here. there is a woman named sheena monan she was ms. pennsylvania and in your miss universe contest. she sued you because she said the contest was rigged
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and she lost and the judge is ordering her to pay $5 million. she doesn't have that money. are you going to let her off the hook? what are you going to do? >> well, bill, she said terrible things about me. now, i know you don't like it when people say bad things but. she said terrible things about the miss u.s.a. and the miss universe pageants which are stellar. which are fabulous. which are really properly run and doing great. and i thought it was inappropriate. so we brought a lawsuit. she lost $5 million. i don't know quite what i'm going to be doing at this point. but i will certainly let you know. >> bill: all right. cut her some slack. make her -- this is my suggestion. cut her some slack but she should pay something and then give that to wounded warriors or something like that. that's what i would do. >> well, i love doing that. and there is nothing better than wound thed warriors. no better cause. interestingly she went on the today show, bill. i thought they were interviewing the winner. they were interviewing her. what's she doing on the
1:28 am
show? she said bad things she paid a big price. >> bill: as the factor moves along this evening, why is the terrorist major nidal hasan still being paid by the military? we will find out. gutfeld mcguirk on the baby. and apple suing over
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in the small town of elmira, new york, a boy was born into an all-american family. the odds of him opening his own clothing store at the age of 18? 1 in 138,000.
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excited to be a part of pop culture, he packed for the big city. the odds of finding someone to invest in his vision? 1 in 4.5 million. the odds of him achieving his dream in the fashion industry? 1 in 23 million. the odds of having a child diagnosed with autism? 1 in 88. i am tommy hilfiger, and my family is affected by autism. learn more at early diagnosis can make a lifetime of difference. bill will factor follow up tonight. trial of fort hood killer. as you may know major nidal
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killed 13 and injured others. he has pleaded not guilty. here is something else hard to believe. since the day he pulled the trigger, hasan has been paid $278,000 by the u.s. military. with us now to explain why. judge jeanine pirro, author of the big new novel "clever fox." why is this killer being paid by us? >> because under the code of military justice, he has to be paid if he is found guilty, then there will be a suspension of his pay. >> bill: does he have to pay us back if he is found guilty? >> you know what? i think we should sue him. here is the bottom line. it's not so much about him. it's about the individuals that he shot. >> bill: no, no. it is about him. it's about the military code of justice. everybody knows he committed these crimes. this, you know, he has a right to plead not guilty but it's a farce. >> bill, you make too much sense it would make perfect sense if he had to pay us back for the money that we are giving him. >> bill: i have never been in the military.
1:33 am
isn't there is a conduct unbecoming or something like that? isn't there a way to suspend payments to the military when they do something so outrageous or egregious like this man? $278,000 since he pulled the trigger. come on. >> right. but the problem is unless they change the code of military justice and there is talk. >> bill: shouldn't they. >> i absolutely agree they should. is he given every benefit of the doubt. he is the shooter. it's not like we don't know it's him. >> bill: right. so they should change the code somewhat that there is a power to suspend pay and then if he were acquitted, he could get the back pay. >> or as. >> bill: you just don't pay it because we're never going to get that money back, ever. it's outrageous. the military code of justice should re-examine that, i believe. >> right. >> bill: on the same topic. zimmerman's lawyers say they haven't been paid. roll the tape. >> you have guys been paid? >> no. no. i would like to be one day. i truly would.
1:34 am
>> with all these george zimmerman defense funds, et cetera where did all that money go. >> it went to fund the defense. >> what does that mean fund the defense that means pay you, right? >> no, no. we haven't gotten a penny. >> bill: the zimmerman defense fund. do you know how much money they have taken in? i don't know. >> i think in the beginning it was. >> bill: they got a lot in the beginning. >> over 100,000. >> bill: let's assume it's in the six figures and he says just the defense alone bringing in the expert witnesses you have got to pay for them. >> yes. >> bill: and then doing all the paperwork and all of the depositions and all of that, that costs money. that these guys haven't been paid. >> um-huh. >> bill: but it's worth it for them is it not for the publicity? >> mark o'mara should thank george zimmerman because the publicity that he got and i will tell you, bill, the judge watching him, he is one smooth lawyer. he is comfortable in a courtroom. he knows the law. he is respectful. and i also think that he truly believed that his client was not guilty and the jury agreed with him.
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on the other hand, don west is -- didn't come across as well as mark o'mara did. he was a little more testy, the joke ruined it right from the start. he was very combative with the judge. didn't show a lot of respect. but i think mark o'mara has been catapulted to the national scene. >> bill: it's worth it for him to do this gratis so he can profit in the future. going forward though, zimmerman is going to have to do a civil suit defense. again, i guess he will get a lawyer that is going to defend him and take some money, i guess, out of the defense fund if that's up and running. >> right. >> bill: then there might be a civil rights beef, right? >> there is a lot more coming down the pike. and i don't know what, if any, money zimmerman has. apparently none at this point. >> bill: well, he wouldn't. a lawyer would wipe you thought two weeks. >> right. any of us. >> bill: then there is finally a case in. >> tennessee. >> bill: tennessee. middle school teacher put her face up there, there
1:36 am
having sex with a 16-year-old student and a 17-year-old student. she gets six months. what do you think? >> outrageous. outrageous. i prosecuted these cases. i would never let anyone in my office take a plea bargain like this. what you have got is 15 counts of statutory rape then you have got 15 counts of sexual battery. she could have faced a minimum of three years and multiply however many rapes there were. but this prosecutor says, you know, it was really a good resolution six months. are you kidding? six months in jail. >> the prosecutor says she has a clean record and the ages of the boys were, you know, 16 and 17. some states 16, that's the age of consent. >> yeah. not in this state and that's the point. she is being treated differently because she is a woman. >> you judge jeanine pirro would have given her. >> i would have done at least multiplied the minimum several times by at least the number of victims and six months is hogwash. >> talking 15 years? >> i'm talking at least 10
1:37 am
years. why are men punished more severely than women. if we want equal justice, which seems to be the topic of the day these days, it should be the same for women as it is for men. >> bill: all right. the book -- what's the name of the book again? >> "clever fox." about danny fox. >> bill: that's the character that the judge has created. it's a good book. i give you a blush -- blurb for it when we come back gutfeld and mcguirk on the royal baby and apple suing over porn. hide the kids. factor returns in a mome
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>> bill: thanks for staying with us. i'm bill o'reilly in the what the heck just happened segment tonight. america is the land of phony lawsuits where thousands of sleazy lawyers run wild, try to shake down corporations and wealthy people. in nashville, tennessee, 33-year-old chris severe says apple is for his internet porn addiction. is he suing the company. here now greg gutfeld and bernard mcguirk. when is enough enough? when are we going to change these laws? this guy is off the chart insane. this guy is severe. >> yes. >> bill: some sleazy lawyer grabs it hoping apple will throw 100 k recommendation it is outrageous when people start suing a piece
1:42 am
of fruit. >> bill: apple computer company. >> i have been reading the wrong thing for the last hour. because it's easy to sue, there are no repercussions. that's why we have this problem. >> right. you need to have this guy pay apple ''s lawsuit legal fees. that's what you need to happen. this guy what is he the accidental pervert this guy? listen, first, you don't get addicted to pornography, you don't get addicted to beer or donuts. you get addicted to heroin. even then it's self-inflicted. there is some responsibility. your mother always told you what would happen to your vision, which is why gutfeld and i wear glasses all the time and you wear contact lenzs, bill. if you are this undisciplined and selfish enough to do this all day long to the exclusion of everything else and your wife leaves you, you deserve this. >> bill: this is how absurd this really is if this ever came to -- which i don't think it will. it will get thrown out. this guy has a long rap sheet of other cleaz stuff. not like is he walking in
1:43 am
and he is a sincere men. he has got a restraining order against him. he has got this. he has got that it's just a play by an attorney. >> right. >> to shake down apple and we allow this in the united states when all they would have to do is pass a law like they have in england that if considered a frivolous lawsuit. you know the word frivolous, gutfeld it's directed at you many times. then as mcguirk suggested you had to pay all the court costs. >> the weird thing is when you sent me this topic and you said it was about a porn suit, i was like cool. >> bill: frivolous is what we are talking about. >> poker war in the 70s. >> bill: talking about frivolous. martha maccallum and other people over on royal baby watch. the royal baby. i like prince andrew and kate middleton. they look like nice folks. they do some charity work. i have no beef with them. england and some people in the united states are obsessed with the baby now,
1:44 am
i know you don't fall into that category, mcguirk because you despise babies. >> i hate babies. by the way. [ laughter ] >> these babies should be named -- i know they are not norwegian or for instance they should be named owe love and paris. loaf. paris short for a parasite. >> bill: in the royal family they don't work recommendation that's what i'm saying. can't put nothing past bill o'reilly. we seriously hope the kid doesn't get grandpa's ears we don't want a jug eared baby after all this hype. this is akronistic. the queen got a raise to ride around in a gold plate the horse drawn carriage and sip tea. it's ridiculous. at least when people in our country have babies we focus on people of accomplishment like kim kardashian and snooki. not these idiots. >> bill: right. >> i disagree. i'm extremely thrilled. i hope it's a boy or a girl. [ laughter ] i love it though -- i
1:45 am
really love it when the media says why does the public care about the royal? the public can actually ask the same question? why does the media care? >> bill: edmedia reflects the public. they are not going to do it it and there is a big, big interest. >> among women. >> bill: primarily women. >> you have to turn in your man card if you ared from in this nonsense. >> bill: olaf and paris. >> slick rick after my favorite hip hop artist. >> bill: slick rick. >> even if it's a girl? >> especially if it's a girl. how awesome would she be hey slip rick. >> bill: again the word frivolous comes. i think the baby should be named diana if it's a girl. >> that's nice. >> if it's a boy it should be henry the ninth. >> very good. kermit hermits we love that. >> favorite band. >> bill: it is. is he a genius. >> strange insight into your life, bill.
1:46 am
>> bill: it's lennon, mccartney and peter noon. what's wrong with you. >> what about the turtles? >> bill: i love the turtles. >> of course you do. >> bill: all right. happy together. >> one great song. >> the royal family needs more of that. i'm married to the woman next door she has been married several times before because they are getting boring. >> bill: haven't had a scandal. >> harry ripping his clothes off. >> bill: we are ready for one. >> good news. >> bill: jesse watters up next. taxing everything these days including strippers. watters ahead. we'll be right back. hi. i'm henry winkler. and i'm here to tell homeowners that are 62 and older about a great way to live a better retirement. it's called a reverse mortgage. [ male announcer ] call right now to receive your free dvd and booklet with no obligation. it answers questions like how a reverse mortgage works, how much you qualify for, the ways to receive your money, and more. plus, when you call now,
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as you know, the government is trying to steal our money. with many states and local
1:50 am
governments broke, they're taxing everything. with maryland, theory taxing the amount of rain that's falling on some properties. colorado, theory taxing nap kins. illinois, they're tacking 5% on candy and in philadelphdelvphil they're taxing strippers if they give individuals attention. jesse waters is demanding to find out why. >> they're slapping strip clubs with a lap dance tax. >> with a lap dance what? >> who's that? >> the city of philadelphia. >> that's absolutely ridiculous. >> my wife's happy. >> i'm furious. >> they need to be left alone. >> that's poetic. >> i wish you hadn't put it that way. >> you've got moms who should be
1:51 am
at home, girls trying to get through school and on top of this, the city wants their hard earned money? that's ridiculous. >> that's absurd. >> you don't have a problem with lap dances do you? >> i'm not sure i know the term. >> it's a faye meal who dances provocatively on the lap of another man. >> oh, my. >> close your mouth, dear. >> there's actually no such thing as a lap dance tax. there's an amusement tax. >> the assessment is an amusement tax on lap dance that the city thinks took place in the last five years. >> thing it's politics. >> does the mayor have a -- >> it's a got of expression. >> they're going to look carefully to see if what you're really try dog is bridge or
1:52 am
sensor that form. >> i think they need to stay a little further away as it snies you've never been to one of these places. >> i actually have not, no. >> right. >> how much money can you make dancing? >> on a good night? you can walk away with $500. >> $700. >> $700. for one night. maybe i should be a stripper. >> you're not worth $300. >> i don't know if i'm built for that. >> you're cool. >> i'm cool? >> yeah. >> take that to the bank. >> a star is born. >> did the founders have that in mind. >> i think so. >> we the people. it's not we the people. it's they the people. >> we formed the country to form a more perfect europe on. >> you're just trying to make a guy a little bit happier and have him go home in a slightly better mood than he was. >> you're like the betsy ross of
1:53 am
strippers. >> it's refreshing to talk to a stripper like you. >> have you ever seen bill o o'reil o'reilly's show? >> he sounds like a leprechaun. >> what show is this? >> this is cable. we're good. >> i enjoy your segment too. it's hilarious. >> for the record, i'm no trick. >> tax and everything, waters is on vacation, which is just as well. back with your tip of the day. how to protect yourself against a lethal wreck. the tip, two minutes away.
1:54 am
back to tip of the day. how to protect yourself against. first of all, i want your vote. i need your advise. here's what's going on. we have a big summer sale. erring is marked down. yet the bill o'reilly people are giving an additional 20% off if they sign up or re-up. that means all our gear is pretty much being girn away. that's insane. in addition you become a premium member and re-up and get killy lincoln, killy kennedy or killing jesus coming up. i'm surprised to agrees with george stephanopoulos when he declined to answer your question on whether america holds black men in contempt.
1:55 am
sometimes it invites contempt. karen, george was afraid to answer your straightforward question, bill. what is going on? stephanopoulos was in a difficult spot there. he depends on a diverse audience to drive the ratings on "good morning america." he doesn't want to alienate anybody and he's not a commentator. i wanted to ask the question because it was valid and newsworthy but i understand why he tnlt want to answer. bill, next time tell george wear his big boy journalist pants. he's a standup guy for coming on the show, mark. many in his position will not. bill, you say the rolling stone did not glam orrize the boston killer but the cover shot did. have the freedom to do that but the free market will also speak on this. mike maps, omaha, nebraska, we went on the rolling stone website and canceled our
1:56 am
subscription. $19 is headed our way. it reminded me of the famous don't block the shot incident. sometimes you have to confront, andrew, but remember i move my cameraman away from obama's body man in new hampshire twice, but the guy persisted in standing in front of the camera, so i had to remove him. i had to do it. care lip kin, benton, kentucky. my husband and i are proud holders of tickets on the bolder-fresher show in nashville. on november 15th they're going to sell out as well. if you want to see us, get your tickets. this tip of the day is dedicated to helping you, making your lives safer and easier. one of the biggest animal threats in america is a bear because they're big and they can get big if you annoy them. in providence, rhode island, a
1:57 am
reporter named julia trimle had this. >> we here at nbc 10 figure we should put together a few tips from the experts to help protect yourself should you come across a curious bear. according to experts you should avoid direct eye contact with the bear. don't run awa. instead back off slowly. wave your arms to let the animal know you're human. don't yell, stay kwee yet unless the bear attacks. if the pear attacks curl up in a ball on your side or lie flat and above all stay calm. >> so if the bear attacks you, stay calm. factor tip of the day. okay, julie, we will stay calm. that is it for us. police check out the five tip factor website. go to o'reilly @fox,
1:58 am
name and town, if you wish to opine. word of the day, do not be mountebank when writing to the factor what i'm going to do when i'm attacked by the bear is give the bear the words of the day. confuse the bear. and then run -- but i can't run, i have to crural up on my side. again, thanks for watching us. i'm bill o'reilly. please always remember that the spin stops right here as we are definitely looking out for you.
1:59 am
2:00 am
>> it is july 19th. rolling stone gave the boston bomber the rock star treatment. but what does the real face of terror look like? a massachusetts police photographer was so outraged with the magazine he exposed it and then was pulled off the streets. we have the photos you have never seen before. >> it was an intense exchange over the hill of the irs scandal. the inspector general and his credibility on the report. even democrats saying stop whining. >> don't get assaulted. you should be grateful we came back to clarify. >> more on the show down in the


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