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tv   FOX and Friends First  FOX News  July 19, 2013 2:00am-3:01am PDT

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>> it is july 19th. rolling stone gave the boston bomber the rock star treatment. but what does the real face of terror look like? a massachusetts police photographer was so outraged with the magazine he exposed it and then was pulled off the streets. we have the photos you have never seen before. >> it was an intense exchange over the hill of the irs scandal. the inspector general and his credibility on the report. even democrats saying stop whining. >> don't get assaulted. you should be grateful we came back to clarify. >> more on the show down in the nation's capital.
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>> hundreds of airline passengers stranded on a runway for hours and temps fall well into the hundreds. it got so tire one passenger sent this message to her parents. >> she said on the plane remember whif i die i want my organs donated. >> fox and friends first starts right now. ♪ >> good morning. you are watching "fox & friends first" on this friday morning. >> i am ainsley earhardt. >> i am patti ann browne. thank you for joining us. we have brand new photos showing the moment the fbi caught the accused boston bomber in april.
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>> an outraged photographer from massachusetts police released them in response to the controversial rolling stone cover. moments ago we find p found out the 25 year veteran was suspended for at least a day and will be the subject of an internal investigation. in this chilling photo you see a bloody dzhokhar tsarnaev lay there while his forehead has a laser on the forehead. he wanted people to caesar neve not as a rock star but as a terrorist saying quote this guy is evil. this is the real boston bomber not someone on the kor of rolling stone magazine. >> nine people struck by lightening in colorado. the victims were working on a car near fort collins two taken to the hospital with critical injuries another four in serious condition. zimmerman will not get his gun back.
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the justice department may not be done with him yet. the fbi told police to hold off giving evidence in the trial including zimmerman's gun. he was cleared on all charges in trayvon martin's death on saturday. they are considering a civil rights case. law enforcement says the hold on the gun is standard and not an indication of whether the doj will press charges. >> we will learn how a chinese student on a flight actually died. police and fire officials are confirming the 16-year-old was hit by a fire truck racing to extinguish the boeing 777 after the crash landing. it is still unclear if that is what killed her. the coroner's department will announce what caused her death. house hearing on the irs controversial targeting of conservatives turned heated.
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taking a stand against democrats who refuse to assess his findings. >> try to suggest that it could have been done differently. this is unprecedented, sir. this is unprecedented. >> please don't get assaulted. i think you should be grateful that we asked you to come back to clarify. you didn't. >> elizabeth pran is liprann is in washington with mer more. >> you see the professor turning the tables on their attacks as he took considerable heat they accused him of ignoring sign that is liberal groups may have been targeted as well. he is disturbed the irs never gave the documents during his audit and suspended the work of his team. >> i have to admit i am a little concerned that this type of forum could have a chilling
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effect on the operations of inspectors general. i have been around for a while and so i have seen this before. but not to this extent. >> george also said the evidence mostly pointed at conservative groups receiving the brunt of the scrutiny. the lawmaker wants nothing but the whole truth while claiming the attacks are not directed at the inspector general himself. >> people say ig don't answer my questions, don't question -- no, no, no, no. that's not how it operates. they focused on two other figures a recently retired veteran of the irs who said his handling of the tea party application was us led by an
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obama appoint tee. washington was very involved in her work on tea party applications as well. back to you. >> elizabeth prann live in washington thank you. a fox business alert. the largest city to file for bankruptcy. >> good morning ainsley and patti ann. the motor city is now the broke city. detroit is the largest municipal bankruptcy in american history. detroit's finances had been in decline and unable to pay its bills. they left nearly 20 billion in debt owed to 1,000 creditors. he told us what went wrong on special report last night. take a listen. >> in detroit there was a lack of contribution there was multiple cases of mismanagement that went on for a long period of time with respect to pension liabilities in detroit. >> some credit tors were asked
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to take pension. they slunk from the peak of nearly 2 million 1950 to 700,000 today. the stays unp employment rate has nearly tripled since the year 2000 and it is more than double the national average. detroit's homicide rate is at the highest level in nearly 40 years. they have fwhanled one of the most dangerous cities in the u.s. for the past 20-years. detroiters wait almost an hour for police to respond compared to the national average of 11 minutes. 78,000 buildings abandoned. officials including the governor and kevin ore assure detroiters it's business as usual now. services will continue and the white house says this. the president and the -- members of the president's team continue to closely monitor the situation in detroit. they have to. detroit's fight is the same site going on in cities across the country. the way detroit feels with this
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one can very well set the precedence here. back to you. >> thanks so much lauren simonetti live from the business network. the national security agency creating new guidelines in light of nsa leaker edward snowden. the agency implementing a system requiring two system administrators to be present before any sensitive information can be moved. the organization is also looking to better monitor workers who have access to classified information. officials say the new policies will be part of a pilot test program before being implemented at other intelligence agencies. >> new overnight fresh concerns that the state department may be trying to silence the survivors of the benghazi terror attack. republican congressman frank wolf sending a letter to secretary of state john kerry. sources tell him many if not all of the survivors of the benghazi attack including state department ploy's and/or contractors have been asked or
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directed to sign additional nondisclosure agreement. kerry confirmed whether that is true and if so who has been asked and why. >> a federal grand jury indicts 6 columbian nationals for kidnapping and murder of drug enforcement. he got in a cab driven by one of the defendants. one used a stun gun the other offended him. they lured victims who they perceive as wealthy. >> now to an extreme weather alert. as the heat wave in the northeast continues brand new statistics prove we are in the hottest stretches of history. >> last month global temperature was the 5th highest on record. >> the average temperature 61 degrees. maria molina has more on the mercury rising.
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>> want to make sure everyone understands what this mean. what the global average temperature includes is every place across earth. you are looking at the entire world the temperatures there. there were some areas cooler than average in the month of june in 2013. it is the 5th highest on record in terms of the month of june in the past. temperatures reaching 61.05 degrees fahrenheit. four hottest junes on record including 1998, 2005 and also 2012. relatively recent in our history. we are talking records being kept since the year 1880. this also marks the 340th consecutive above average month in the world. so ongoing across the earth and we will continue to monitor those temperatures as we come in over the next several months. high temperatures today well above average. take a look at some of the highs we are expecting today. in new york city the high temperatures today in the afternoon expect to reach 98 degrees.
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97 in dc. you factor in the humidity. it will feel like 105 in new york city, 106 dc. 101 degrees will be the heat index value coming up. we will slowly begin to see some relief coming up into this weekend with a cold front across some areas in the great lakes, midwest and northeast. we will be low average monday, tuesday in new york city. >> some relief. >> thanks so much. >> thanks maria. >> it is time to brew on this. it is friday. so here's a recab of the week's viral videos. >> first up a military homecoming that will make your heart melt. oh my god. oh my. uh-huh. i know. i know. >> wow. that's lieutenant gary daughterty reunited with his dog after a six-month deployment. next the guy has his girlfriend
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arrested and it's all part of his wedding proposal. the cop was a close friend. the boyfriend had him arrest his girlfriend for over due fines. as she cried in the back seat she came in and popped the question. >> you remember this man wrestling that 7 foot shark. he was out fishing when he noticed that shark was biting the catches off of his line. he decide to do real in the shark instead. once he was on the line he charged in the water dragged by the tail dragging it to the shore. after snapping a few pictures he released it back into the ocean. >> which video is your favorite in tweet them to us at foxfriendsfirst at you can vote in our poll at 12 after the hour, still to come a plane stuck on the runway for hours with temperatures soaring into the hundreds. it got so bad one passenger sent this desperate messages.
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>> more than 150 passengers stranded on a hot plane for hours. one passenger even texting her parents, quote, donate my oregons other organs if i die. >> allegiant flight 1002 from the phoenix messiah airport finally landed around 5:46 p.m.
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22-year-old megan was greeted by her parents karen and david peterson. they are visiting emergency room nurses visiting for the summer. they tell me her daughter texted her from the plane. on the plane she said remember if i die my organs donated. >> it was near 106 degrees at the airport today. >> any time your body gets over heated you have a risk of heat stroke. it was probably around 100 degrees. it was like being in a hot car. >> megan a nurse herself tells us she was especially concerned for the elderly and the children on board allegiant airlines tells us there were 157 passengers on board and that the delay was caused by maintenance issues including a broken microphone. >> we are notable to run the engines at tof the aircraft as s
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sitting if at the gate. so the ac from the ground power is not adds strong as you would get from an engine aircraft. >> another passenger tells me the flight crew was accommodating and did what they could. they apologized gave us water and kept us as comfortable as possible. they gave us food, a drink of our choice. >> they are good prices and everything but i don't know if it's worth it. >> the parents of a 12-year-old boy who was hit in the head by a line drive are now suing little league baseball for $1 million. she says her son emmit is still suffering from headaches and eye twitching more than two weeks after being drilled by the baseball. the family says the bat used during the incident was altered and should have been banne they claim it was legal. his recovery could take 6 months. >> more controversy for facebook this morning. in the latest instance the web
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site going after kirk cameron. >> god is good and he is a god of love and he is powerful enough to stop evil and pain and suffering, why did he? >> that's the trailer for the actor's new faith based movie "unstoppable." it blocked fans from posting links to it. they said the web site was abusive and unsafe. they lifted the ban without saying why. this truck driver isn't drunk. he's drowsy. he's not alone. why getting behind the wheel exhausted a is as dangerous as driy drunk. what you can do to stay alert. >> it may not be happily ever after for barbie. why the classic doll could be left brokenhearted.
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>> the sun coming up over 6th avenue here on another hot day in new york city and through out our wider area. it was breath taking video an unmanned russian rocket exploding and crashing to earth. we are learning it was faulty sensors that caused that rocket to erupt into a paball of fire seconds after it launched. they control the station when it is in face. the sensors pasted mandatory testing. hackers reveal the e-mail addresses and pass words of hundreds of capitol hill staffers. they were posted on-line in a mixed bag which means it was
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hard to connect the two. the group "of last resort" took responsibility we mean it this is a pivotal moment in america they want changes to privacy. >> many questions about a death of a man eager to have bombshell >> nearly every day the 59-year-old came to the federal courthouse to attend the trial of james whitey bulger. he long held they extorted a liquor store from him at gun point during the early 80s. after the protege called him a liar in court he told us he looked forward to taking the stand. >> he has his day on the stand then i will have my day.
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see what the difference is. compare them. not a problem. >> he was cut from the witness list no doubt a tremendous disappointment for a man who has been waiting years for justice. >> then wednesday around 1:30 in the afternoon a body with no identification was found on mill street in lincoln. some 30 miles away. right now his car is missing. police are looking for it. the brother of alleged bulger victim says he usually meets for coffee every morning. he was nervous because he didn't answer his phone. he believes his death is suspicious. >> he is murder. he is not suicidal. do i know what the autopsy is? yes. i don't want to go back to agent one again. >> in other news who cares about calories. a new study says people will eat
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fast foods even if they are labeled unhealthy. it tastes best over what's best for them. >> it requires over the country a dog resembling vampire over barbie sales. sales of this iconic barbie doll fell 12 percent in the second quarter. the monster high dolls they scared us at 23 percent sales increase. the got barbies have been a huge hit since their debut three years ago. >> i just don't get that. >> it is 26 after the hour. still to come the tsa already looks into your luggage and scams your body. you could have access to your car while sitting in the parking lot. image going to check on your dog while you are away and seeing this, a burglar in your house. whoa. first this day in history on this day back in 1946.
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>> rolling stones gave the bomber the rock star treatment. what does it really feel like.
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they were so outraged with the magazine. he exposed it and pulled off the streets. >> unprecedented heated exchange over the hill in the irs scandal. >> don't be insulted. i think you should be grateful we asked you to come back to clarify. >> the indetespector general as him to clarify on the abuse. 60 percent of drivers admit to doing this it is just as dangerous as drinking and driving. we are talking about driving drowsy. in the last installment of our series how you can prevent yourself from falling asleep behind the wheel.
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>> a crowd started to gather outside of the studios in mid town manhattan for the cody simpson concert. welcome back to "fox & friends first". >> no surprise they are teenaged girls. >> dramatic brand new photos showing the moment the fbi captured the accused boston bomber in april. we want to warn you the images are graphic. the outraged photographer releasing these in response to the controversial rolling stone cover. moments ago we found out the 25-year-old veteran was suspended for at least one day and will be the subject of an internal investigation. in this chilling photo you see a blood yie dzhokhar tsarnaev raising his hand while the laser glows red on his forehead. he turned over these tophotos because he wanted the police to
2:33 am
show him as a terrorist not a rock star. this is the real boston bomber not someone buff for the cover of rolling stone cover magazine. severe weather sends six people to colorado. nine men on a farm near fort collins were struck by lightening. two suffer critical injuries. another four in serious condition. >> while you were sleeping protestors camped out in florida rick scott's office it have their voices heard in stand your ground. >> they want the governor to hold a session to repeal the law. late last night scott met with leaders of the group for about an hour. he told us he supports stand your ground and does not plan to call a special session. he will call for a day of prayer
2:34 am
on sunday for unity. surprise not only does the tsa give invasive pat downs you search the car at the airport. they found this note inside the car. she is furious she was never told it would be inspected. the tsa claims there was a large sign alerting customers. near capitol hill it happened at the latest hearing investigating the irs targeting a conservative group. inspector general pushing back after democrats say the report is not valid and they refuse to accept it. >> it could have been done differently, this is unprecedented, sir. this is unprecedented. please don't get insulted. i think you should be grateful that we asked you to come back to clarify and you didn't.
2:35 am
>> doug luzader is live now in washington with the latest. good morning, doug. >> the irs investigation, one of the irs employees caught up in the blame game has called this nothing less than a nuclear strike. it became known conservatives and tea party organizations were given extra scrutiny in the 2012 election irs officials and even the white house blames it on lower level employees at the irs cincinnati office. one of the employees fired back. >> you and other people in the office say you are being unfairly blamed with this political activity going on in the washington office. >> i can't comment on others but personally i felt like they were planning this. >> a former irs employee said an
2:36 am
obama appoint tee was blamed for the delay. the agency inspector general for not mentioning it early. >> a political appoint tee i expect this dispute. i don't know if i deserve it. i expect it. my career people neither deserve it nor should they have to expect it. >> that inspector general in turn blames the irs for not providing documents to that extent last week. until last week. this investigation is going to continue. >> doug luzader live in washington, thanks. >> a couple watching their dogs they end up catching a cat burglar in the act. >> everybody laughed at me that we had web cams.
2:37 am
how much does it work and how much does it cost? >> the thief eventually dropped the couple's stuff and ran off through a back door. they hope the video will lead to an arrest. >> as the unrelenting heat wave heads to another day in the midwest and northeast zoo keepers of the chicago zoo were getting pretty creative to keep the earliest animals cool. >> they have huge blocks of ice in their closures. they had fun diving. when the humans will get to. >> they are so cute. >> still need the icebox for today. go outside get ice cream drinks a lot of water and get as much ac as you can across parts of the northeast and midwest and the same areas that had been hot for the next several days. they will be hot at least for today. we have one more day out here.
2:38 am
98 degrees in new york city. it will be a hot one. 91 in north carolina 95 in chicago. kansas city 98 degrees. then you factor in the humidity. this is what it will feel like when you head out the door. in new york city with it will feel like 105 degrees feel like 101 degrees in the city of chicago. another scorcher out here. we are going to be seeing relief as we head into this weekend as a cold front moves on through. coming up saturday we are expecting showers and storms. there is a slight chance we could be seeing severe weather from that front. otherwise i want to point outtake a look at new york city monday, tuesday they will be low the average. talking high of 82. >> don't normally these move west to east. this is different it is going the opposite way. >> this is responsible for the heat wave high pressure system moving from east to west. we are in the middle latitudes of the united states. typically we see storms move from west to east. this is the other way because it's summer it is further off to
2:39 am
the north. >> thanks so much. >> it is the final day of our sleep series and if you didn't get enough sleep last night you may want to think twice about driving to work this morning. >> that's because according to triple a one out of every 8 crashes that require hospitalization are due to drowsy driving. how can you prevent a roadside tragedy? here's what i found out. >> 60 percent of adult drivers admit to doing them. about 1500 people will die each year because of this. we are not talking about drinking while driving. >> she fell asleep behind the wheel. >> or even texting while driving. >> nodding off before she crashed. getting behind the wheel while drowsy it can be a killer. >> how big of a problem is this? >> one-third of americans have fallen asleep and 13 percent have been found to fall asleep
2:40 am
at least once a month. >> this is staggering. >> very staggering. big problem. >> nobody knows just how big of a problem is more than the shaw family. >> the last thing i remember is going to sleep the night before and then i woke up three months later in a place unknown to me i was starting at square one having to learn how to talk, breathe, everything all over again. >> that is mora being pulled from her friend's wrecked vehicle. she was 17 years old when a drowsy driver struck her on the highway. >> i have to push myself every day just to be at the normal level. >> the national traffic and highway administration says 100,000 accidents each year here in our country are caused by fatigue. aaa says if you go 24-hours without any sleep you are just as impaired as a drunk driver. what can we do about this problem? >> there are a number of things someone can do to help reduce the risk of drowsy driving.
2:41 am
>> shelby harris is a specialist in behavior sleep medicine. she knows how to rid the road of potential danger. >> if you can take a nap, 20, 15-minute nap. before that have a cup of coffee you will get refreshed. right when you get up the coffee will hit your bloodstream. >> they don't work really well it may thimake you think you ar doing something but on the road it doesn't help. >> when it comes to lengthy road trips crunch the numbers. >> make sure after two-miles you stop to take a quick nap, walk around. >> finally when it comes to keeping your eyes open on the open road dr. harris says bank it up. >> if you are going to be driving at night at the up coming future try to make sure you are banking up as much sleep as possible.
2:42 am
>> she and her family continue to fight to stop sleep at the wheel initiating legislation to establish a drowsy driving prevention week. >> you have to think how it impacts other people. everything was affected so much from someone else's dumb mistake. that is one big thing that i think should be changed. >> only new jersey and arkansas have drowsy driving laws on their books. similar bills are being considered in massachusetts and in the state of new york. >> is joe biden getting ready to make a run for the oval office in 2016 in he's talking about his political future this morning. tell you what he said. >> talk about living on the edge one swing taking daredevils to new heights. all business purchases.
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>> a city once known for the booming auto industry has suffered a huge decline. detroit the largest city to file for bankruptcy in history. >> bankruptcy filed for chapter 9 after they failed a host of pressures to for give a lot of the city's debt in order to pass sill tate a massive financial restructuring. kevin ore was hired to lead detroit out of a fiscal free fall. rick snyder says based on the negotiations the filing is the city's one feasible pass that offers a way out. >> in detroit there was a lack of contribution and multiple cases of mismanagement that went on for a long period of time with respect to mention liabilities in detroit. >> since the year 2000 detroit's unemployment rate has tripled and more than doubled the
2:47 am
national average. roughly 78,000 were abandoned and it was estimated to be 71,000 down from 1.8 million during the 1950s auto boom. the filing leads to a 30-90-day period that will term whether or not the city of detroit is eligible for chapter 9 and the white house even issued a statement on this saying quote the president and members of the president's senior team continue to closely monitor the situation. they expect long-term liabilities close to $20 billion. detroit officials say for the short term at least everything there will seem normal. schools are going off and making new lunches. up state new york schools are making hundreds of thousands of dollars by selling junk food. 16 school districts brought in more than $5 million last year.
2:48 am
they are selling snack foods like french fries nachos and doughnut sticks. more regulations go into effect next year. >> is joe biden trying to make a run for the office in 2016. he tells gq magazine it all depends whether he has as much energy as he does now. he doesn't feel he needs to be the president but that doesn't mean he won't try to make a run. >> it is time to make a ride on the wild side. >> thrill seekers strapping in for a 50 mile per hour ride over a 1300 foot drop. the ride is so terrifying the designer says he has only tried it once. still ahead, a golfer really landing in the rough. the bad shot that costs dollars. you can run but you can't hide especially if you are fleeing
2:49 am
from police in the buff. steve doocy, luckily he is clothed. tell you what's coming up. >> didn't that look like it was brian kilmeade walking in long island? i doubt it. dr. mark seigel is in the house separating fact from fiction when it comes to staying cool in hot weather that we have got. plastic surgery gone hey wire when your doctor should not be doing it. summer concert series cody simpson will be on that stage today live. it is a big show. join the fox and friends 10 minutes from now. my name is mike and i quit smoking. chantix... it's a non-nicotine pill. i didn't want nicotine to give up nicotine. [ male announcer ] along with support, chantix (varenicline) is proven to help people quit smoking. [ mike ] when i was taking the chantix, it reduced the urge to smoke. [ malennouncer ] some people had changes in behavior, thinking or mood, hostility, agitation,
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depressed mood and suicidal thoughts or actions while taking or after stopping chantix. if you notice any of these, stop taking chantix and call your doctor right away. tell your doctor about any history of depression or other mental health problems, which could get worse while taking chantix. don't take chantix if you've had a serious allergic or skin reaction to it. if you develop these, stop taking chantix and see your doctor right away as some can be life-threatening. tell your doctor if you have a history of heart or blood vessel problems, or if you develop new or worse symptoms. get medical help right away if y have symptoms of a heart attack or stroke. use caution when driving or operating machinery. common side effects include nausea, trouble sleeping and unusual dreams. it feels wonderful. i don't smoke. i don't smoke. [ male announcer ] ask your doctor if chantix is right for you.
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>> time to take a look at the good, the bad, and the
2:53 am
ugly. first the good. a boston woman has been leaving these stickers on cars for local veterans. the stickers thanking the military men and women for their service and sacrifice. she says it is her way of honoring her father, a world war ii veteran who recently died. next the bad, this sign taken down by miami police after taking them on a high speed chase. he allegedly tried to run over a police officer. finally the ugly. a golfer finds himself in the raft during the first round of the british open. he tries getting out of the high grass but hits the ball into an $80,000 camera. he double bogeyed that hole. >> earlier in the show we showed you these viral videos from this week. a serviceman being reunited with his dog. a man has his girlfriend arrested and then proposes to her. or the guy wrangling that shark in nantucket. we asked which was your favorite. annie says this brings
2:54 am
tears to my eyes. the bond between man and dog is the strongest. that's the epitome of man's best friend. >> thomas e-mails he was definitely thinking outside the box but he's lucky she didn't have a heart attack by the time he proposed. >> kathy wrote that guy's nuts. hasn't he scene jaws? lucky he lived to talk about it. >> that was a risk. let's look at who won our web page poll. is it the soldier reuniting with his dog? yes. that got 68% of the vote. the police proposal came in second followed by the man wrestling that shark in third place. >> which one would you have picked? >> the military one, the reunions, whether it be with a pet or a person, they never get old. >> what about that proposal? would you say yes? she's crying as she's getting arrested. >> she was devastated.
2:55 am
then the cop had to say to her i'm willing to throw out these charges if you accept a marriage proposal from the friend. that phaeubs it -- that makes it all better. >> stick around. what you need to know when you leave the house including when we're going to get a break from all this heat. ♪ ♪ >> rca: a name you can trust for the latest innovation in hearing better: the rca's symphonix personal sound amplifier. >> the rca symphonix. >> symphonix!
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♪ ♪ >> cody simpson will be singing on that stage during "fox & friends" and all the little teenagers are lining up to see that concert. >> looking forward to it. about a minute till the top of the hour. here's what's happening today. a massachusetts state police sergeant suspended for releasing new photos of the accused boston bomber the night he was captured. the sergeant was outraged with "rolling stone" magazine and wanted to expose the real terrorist, not a rock star, in his words. the motor city made history for the wrong reason. detroit becoming the largest municipality in american history to file for bankruptcy.
3:00 am
it is $18 billion in debt. relief is on the way for millions. one more day of record-high temperatures expected to be followed by cooler weather this weekend. not a minute too soon. >> we look forward to that. "fox & friends" starts right now. >> good morning. tgif. it is friday, july 19. i'm gretchen carlson. fox news alert. an officer furious with that "rolling stone" magazine cover featuring the boston bomber pushes back by releasing gritty pictures of the accused terrorist when he was getting out of that boat. remember that? this morning he's been suspended. should he be in trouble for defending a victim. >>steve: new bombshells in the i.r.s. political targeting investigation. what we learned on capitol hill yesterday. for instance, did you know this? reverend jeremiah wright is tied into the whole thing. details coming up. >>br


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